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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  June 12, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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>> a lot of goodwill went into this, a lot of work, a lot of preparation. we are starting that process very quickly, very very quickly. >> what a night, tuesday, june 12th, this is an early breaking news edition of "fox and friends first". breaking overnight all kinds of news and the latest.
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kim jong un agreeing to complete denuclearization, quote as donald trump signed a historic agreement. the world bearing witness to the first major step on the road to a nuclear free north korea. really amazing. the historic day. we are covering it live nonstop on the fox news channel. good morning to everyone. that handshake seen around the world, reaction coming in from everywhere. if you look on social media, comments running the gamut from massive support to the pres. to of course his detractors. donald trump is expected to address the world less than an hour from now with new details about the groundbreaking discussion he had with kim jong un and what exactly is in that quote very important and comprehensive document that the two world leaders just signed. from singapore, let's get to our reporters in just a moment.
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i am just reading this, some of the details slowly trickling in on the document they signed, talks about an upcoming meeting that will happen soon between secretary of state mike otto warmbier with one of the leaders of north korea. they will continue the negotiation that has gone on will be though this meeting. and ready to sign. as we have been telling you and reporting to you these meetings have taken place all along, three different separate locations last week. i believe we are going to go to lauren blanchard who is live in singapore with the latest. it was remarkable to watch all of this unfolds, glued to the tv. >> these two leaders spent 5 hours today, donald trump saying
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he and kim jong un had a special bond and the meetings went better than anyone could have predicted. the pres. teasing a document both leaders signed calling it comprehensive. getting more information about that. the historic day starting just after 9:00 in singapore, the two blue blue walking to a handshake in front of the us north korean flags in the backdrop, what could become push during the first meeting of its time. we are waiting for more information from the white house, we found more photos of that document and what we are seeing is donald trump committed to security guarantees to north correia and kim jong un reaffirmed his firm and unwavering commitment to complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula and it also establishes new us north korea relations in accordance with the desire of the two countries so
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that is just coming in moments ago, the president sang during the signing ceremony the denuclearization process will begin very quickly. and through a translator, he and donald trump have decided to leave the pashind. having a little difficulty, many wondering how the two leaders d barbs months ago would get along from the initial handshake today, two smiles from the two men, multiple photo ops of them walking around the grounds. donald trump leading chairman kim to the armored car the president uses to get around, donald trump called him a worthy negotiator, a talented man who loves his country very much and he absolutely will be inviting kim jong un to the white house
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promising more meetings between him and the north korean leader. we are awaiting a press conference from donald trump, expected to begin in about an hour. we will see how he believes this summer went today and get more information on exactly what the president signs, how he thinks that will roll out and what it mean to t countries. >> some of those details we do know now, south and north korea affirmed the principle of determining the destiny of the korean nation on their own accord. they agreed to bring forth the watershed moment for improvement of inter-korean relations by fully implement all existing agreements and declarations adopted between the two sides thus far. south and north korea agreed to completely seize all hostile acts against each other in every domain including land, air and sea that other source of
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military tension and conflict. in this vein the two sides agree to transform the demilitarized zone into a peace zone and a genuine sense as of may 1st this year all hostile acts including broadcasting through loudspeakers and distribution of leaflets, south and north korea reaffirm nonaggression agreement that pursues use of force of any form against each other. we will continue to go through this, that is what john roberts is doing as well, really once again a remarkable day as we watch this unfold referring to this document and you see the signing there which was entirely unexpected as a joint document and as i mentioned at the top of the show one of the main things it does mention, full denuclearization and it says the secretary of state mike pompeo and security official from north korea will hold a follow-up talk as soon as possible. reaction pouring in from all around the world, donald trump
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making history. richardstanding by with some of that reaction from all arod the world and what is being said about the summits. we saw pictures of south korea specifically, all around the table just glued to the levision set. >> reporter: a lot of it has to do with the efforts of south korea. president moon who was recently elected push this movement, he has been pushing better relations with north korea and trying to get the united states involved so he watched with great interest and the south korean government wanted this meeting, wanted better relations and to reach the type of agreement between the united states, south korea and north korea to resolve this nuclear issue. it is a historic day, first time the president of the united states, ing president has met with the leader of north korea but there are a lot of details that still need to be worked out.
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that is why they outlined more diplomacy and a lot of regional players here who have a lot at stake here, south korea as we mentioned wants to change the dynamic on the peninsula. there is also china. china would love the type of agreement, pushing for the type of agreement that takes away the issue from north korea but then on top of that also make sure the us presence in the region is reduced. china doesn't like the fact the united states has such a large military presence so close in that region so that is something secretary of state mike pompeo will be addressing. he has met and spoken after this conference with two of the closest american allies, japanese foreign minister to give them an update according to the secretary of state. china has said it is good the two countries can fit together and have equal talks. it is important and positive and is creating new history. after this the secretary of
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state will travel to south korea to give an in person update to that government and after that it is off to china to have a discussion with the chinese government about what has gone on here but it is clear despite the details now coming out about this document, what they have signed there is still a lot of details, a lot of very important details all thiona players care about that need to be worked out. >> and everyone pouring through any details we can get right now as they come in. we appreciate it. from singapore to social media. comments as we mentioned pouring in about this most high profile handshake on the planet. carly shimkus with fox news headlines 24/7 serious xm 115 with what people are saying about this historic meeting, very interested to see what donald trump's detractors would say as this was happening and what his supporters would say. >> body language says a lot. on social media, laser focused on the summit and it started off
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with a historic handshake, folks describing that moment in no uncertain terms, maggie said i remember my heart beating so fast in my entire life, caleb saying it shouldn't matter where you stand politically, what is happening right no incredible. a lot of folks are focused on this picture from cbs news white house correspondent who tweets can't recall ever seeing an arrangement of us and north korean flags side-by-side like this and also get a reaction from inside the korean peninsula with the caption remarkable shot of moon looking at the handshake, line from the blue house in seoul and for a lot of people the summit is personal. when twitter user posting this text message that their father sent them to just think, 50 years ago this very evening i was on the dmv in korea. 5 days later i lost my best
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friend. now summit. switching gears quite rapidly. abc interrupted the latest episode of the bachelor last night to cover t summit which is why shauna tweet did that the congratulations to kim jong un on getting the final road. the north korean dictator had little fun in singapore, taking some selfys with singapore officials. he doesn't leave his home country very often so this was a very big moment for him and now we know there's a promise of complete denlearization, so many people didn't think it was possible and the fact that we are getting the news at 3:00
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eastern time is unbelievable. >> usually there is a significant delay for people in north korea to get news as to what is happening at immediately getting information on this meeting that was going on, images of kim jong un taking selfys with people smiling, shaking hands and that was a concern for some people, that alone is a win for kim jong un. >> he wanted people to know what is going on because he thinks this will help his legacy. he is all about him. this is trickling in around the world this morning. >> what does everyone at home think of this historic summit between donald trump and kim jong un? on facebook, twitter and instagram, send an email to and we will share those at the end of the show. kim jong un committing to complete denuclearization after signing his name beside donald trump on a historic document. dr. rebecca grant joins us live to analyze, more details coming in on that document, stay with us. >> singapore, tokyo, china, a
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new depend fit-flex underwear is guaranteed to be your best fit. >> taking a look at a live shot from singapore where everything happened and potential be the world has changed, history in the making, unexpectedly. kim jong un and donald trump a short time ago a couple hours at this point signing what they refer to as a joint document which clarifies future steps ward complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula. details of what is in the
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document continue to come in. both leaders signing the document and here to break down major developments is rebecca grant. thank you for joining us. lots of breaking news. >> reporter: great to be here. >> i'm going to take a look at some of this as it rolls in which parts of what are in this document, talks about the united states and the prk commit to establish new relations in accordance with the desire of the population of the peoples of the two countries for peace and prosperity, goes on to talk t joint efforts to build a lasting and stable peace regime on the korean peninsula but most importantly as we mentioned it
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actually uses the word complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula. what are your thoughts about the day in general and signing this joint document? >> a great day, trump and kim have really clicked, the joint document, people want to see more details but the substance is there. north korea has reaffirmed they will denuclearize. it took four years, denuclearization means eventually we have to see some spent uranium fuel rods, north korean nuclear scientists and missile engineers getting different jobs but we are on track to do that. pompeo and probably kim jong chol will talk about the next steps. >> earlier we were reading from this document that was from april , 2018, that was signed. they were reaffirming some of the things talking about north and south korea agreeing to peaceful relations and talking about the united states and the prk commit to recovering pows including immediate repatriation
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of those already identified. >> absolutely huge and every word is important. commit to recovering remains. we may see teams go in on the grounds of the north korean war pows. a lot of terrain to look for. and wrapping up -- and human rights violations and that would not be broached in the specific conversation, that would come further down the line. >> trump has been quite consistent for a few weeks. we expect to see this later on. there will be a lot of other
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details. i'm looking to see the north korea south korea military talks, they will come to those. that will be happening before long, that is a significant next step. >> i mentioned that earlier when i was reading from the document on april 27th talking about alleviating the military tension and practically eliminating the danger of war on the korean have troops stationed in soutrea. we do those military drills annually but what would this mean for all of that? you don't know yet. >> 28,000 us forces stationed in south korea. all the fighter pilots just took a deep breath. we are talking denuclearization but we must also over time decrease military tensions. kim jong un retains a very large army, lots of artillery,
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stunning cyberweapons, the long-term posture of security is something that has to be worked out. we have to get that under control. >> what a remarkable day. much more after the break. thank you for joining us, we appreciate it, lots to talk about. we will be right back. you do too, but not in time. hey, no big deal. you've got a good record and liberty mutual won't hold a grudge by raising your rates over one mistake. you hear that, karen? liberty mutual doesn't hold grudges. how mature of them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> you are watching an early hour of "fox and friends first" on the east coast, half past the top of the hour but that is a live shot from singapore where a historic meeting hasaken place. no sitting president has ever met or spoken on the phone with a north korean leader until now. donald trump has not only met with kim jong un but they have signed a joint document agreeing to complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula.
12:25 am
we are back with that fox news alert, north korea agreed to that following a high-stakes summit with donald trump. nikki haley being praised for her role. a lot of people involved in this behind-the-scenes before him leading up to yesterday bringing the rogue regime to the negotiating table. todd pyro with a closer look at how we got here. lots of people working on it. >> reporter: haley played a key role in achieving what we just saw. specifically all 15 members of the un security council including china and russia to deliver crippling sanctions the left north korea with little choice but to negotiate. >> three resolutions passed unanimously by the security counsel that cut off 90% of trade, disband their labor
12:26 am
force, they say sanctions don't work, this is an example of where they do work. >> following north korea's testimony to continental ballistic missile they said could reach the us those resolutions nikki haley mentioned caused unprecedented economic hurt on the north koreans and the obama administration got china and russia to agree to new sanctions in 2016, it was ambassador haley who refused to, quote, accept the structuralist position of her recalcitrant russian and chineseounterparts according to her former spokesperson and made it clear the us was prepared to end the north korean threat on its own which forced aging and moscow to finally act. according to senior white house officials in a statement of fox news ambassador haley's diplomacy behind-the-scenes, in particular with the chinese ambassador here and the russian ambassador made it very clear we were not kidding around. we were literally just one more provocation away from some kind of military action that would
12:27 am
bring great harm to the entire region and the threat we perceived was no longer theoretical by any means. thereafter, mike pompeo -- mike pompeo had his meeting with kim jong un followed by another meeting to set up the summit and secure the release of those hostages and despite donald trump canceling the talks a few weeks ago they were back on a few days later and here we are. >> it has happened very quickly when you talk about when all of this began and little rocket man and all that began and a lot of people very concerned about donald trump's rhetoric but now we have this agreement. >> years of fits and starts in today start. >> we were looking to see details of what the united states is promising and the details of that not included in this joint agreement. all it says is donald trump committed to provide security guarantees to the d prk.
12:28 am
>> we will find out more in the next couple hours. >> laying the framework to denuclearize north korea. should we be optimistic? kim jong un will follow through? we will debate. live team coverage from singapore is donald trump is a short time wave speaking to the press. we will have that for you live right here at the top of the hour at 4:00 am on the east coast, easton, 4:00 pm in singapore, we will have it all for you. stay with us. that chevy won a j.d.power ed tu dependability award for its midsize car-the chevy malibu. i forgot. chevy also won a j.d. power dependability award for its light-duty truck the chevy silverado. oh, and since the chevy equinox and traverse also won chevy is the only brand to earn the j.d. power dependability award across cars, trucks and suvs-three years in a row. phew. third time's the charm...
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>> fox news alert, donald trump set to speak in half an hour after wrapping up a historic meeting with kim jong un in singapore. the pres. getting the rogue nation to commit to complete
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denuclearization. john roberts live in singapore where the pres. is getting ready to speak, what new information do we have? >> good afternoon from singapore, good morning in new york of the pres. relaying some details of what he and kim jong un agreed to in this historic summit and that communiqué we saw them live on television, the key phrase from that is in exchange for security guarantees fromted stes the chairman of north korea firms his commitment to the complete denuclearization. >> we are having problems with that shot but he is a world away in singapore where the world has possibly changed on thursday. a historic moment. i could not turn away from the tv as the started to unfold last night at 7:30, 8:00, we started
12:33 am
to see kim jong un and his train of people who are with him arrived on the scene and then we saw donald trump, pompeo, john bolton and all of them arrive on scene and then the handshake seen around the world, it really was remarkable, smiles all the way around. a lot of people saying that handshake alone shows kim jong un won but a lot of other people saying otherwise because now we have this agreement, this joint statement agreeing to complete denuclearization as john roberts was just going through. some other details, four key points beyond complete denuclearization, the two countries, the united states and north korea agree in accordance with the desire of the population of the peoples of the two countries, establish some new relations between the two.
12:34 am
the united states and north korea will join their efforts to build a lasting and stable piece regime on the korean peninsula, reaffirm the details of that april 27th agreement and finally they agreed to recover pow, mia remains including the immedi patriation of those already identified. joining me to debate is philip wegman and democratic strategists, thank you for joining us, what a day. really unbelievable. and i will start with you, and one. what do you think about what happened, your general overall feeling as you watch this unfold. >> is an american citizen i am proud of the progress we made is a country. this did not happen because donald trump took office, the seventh over time. there have been a lot of people behind-the-scenes laying groundwork for years for this moment to happen.
12:35 am
so as an american citizen i am proud. i'm very cautiously optimistic about what the future may hold and with any proposal, any policy change, any long-term strategic policy change the dewill be in the details to see what happens next. i cautioned trump kool-aid drinkers who will say it is only because of trump. >> but philip, in all honedo you think this would have happened had donald trump not been in the office? i said all along i think one of the deciding factors, he wanted to meet donald trump. in some way respect him and wants to be like him. >> we saw a lot of saber rattling when it came to denuclearization.
12:36 am
donald trump has an unconventional approach to foreign relations, something we have never seen before and had the entire world stage on its toes. when it comes to denuclearization this agreement is new but the details aren't clear. one thing we know for certain is the fundamental character of the north korean regime hasn't changed, this is north korea where they think their leader is a god, that he has a divine mandate to reunify the peninsula optimistic, this is a historic meeting but until we see what those details are and have a clear definition of what denuclearization means there's reason to be cautious. >> we also -- >> no sitting president has done this before, no sitting president has met with a north korean leader, no sitting president has talked to one on the phone and now have this meeting, a lot of work went into
12:37 am
getting us to this point, we have them shaking hands and a signed agreement that other meetings are moving forward. it talks about secondary pompeo having a meeting relatively soon to come up with other details. >> that is fine but i also call out the hypocrisy for some on the right because i'm old enough to remember when pres. obama talked about the possibility of having meetings with certain officials particularly dictators in this country, the thought of crucifixion of barack obama for doing so, so i cautioned again the kool-aid drinkers of donald trump about where we are but as an american citizen i'm very proud of this moment. >> both flipside is the left giving donald trump a hard time, meeting -- >> rightly so because this, the
12:38 am
handshake you mentioned that will be seen around the world would have been a campaign ad a few years ago if that was barack hussein obama having a handshake. >> like when he went to cuba. >> what is the statement, a reagan -- there is no limit to what we are capable of doing if we don't care who gets credit in the end. obviously these talks are a continuation of decades long policy. we have been here before. during the clinton administration, moving forward trying to get an agreement with kim jong un's father. they cheated on that agreement, denuclearize, enriched uranium on the side and the united states cut aid and now we're in the position we are today so it is a continuation not just of what donald trump is the pres. obama has done but decades long
12:39 am
and something fundamentally new that donald trump has brought to the table and anytime you have an irrational actor like north korea acting somewhat rationally at the negotiating table that is a bit of a win. >> bill clinton was not able to get it done. he did not have a meeting with north korea. at this point some of the concessions donald trump has gotten, north korea agreed to halt nuclear and missile tests as part of the talks prior to this meeting today, we will see what happens moving forward, details definitely matter. thank you for joining us. the time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour. the road to singapore has been months in the making, sarah sanders taking us along for the ride. we will show you the press secretary's firsthand account as live coverage of the historic summit continues up next. ♪
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>> pouring in his history is made overnight in singapore, kim jong un's longtime friendennis rodman. did you see this, weeping on live tv praising the meeting between the two world leaders but first sarah sanders gave an inside look at donald trump's arrival to the psalmist. carly shimkus with serious xm 115 with what is going viral from singapore. what a night. >> almost feels like people were moving in doubletime. check out this video sarah huckabee sanders just tweeted out, the pres.'s journey to the hotel, the summit took place, and then sent these pictures in the last hour that showed kim jong un of the pres. leaving the
12:44 am
summit together, you could see smiles on people's faces, so this summit was pretty well documented by the trump administration, so much reaction coming in on this as you can imagine, nancy says this is so exciting, god bless donald trump praying for an exllent outcome and rick says there comes a time all parties involved need to put aside their petty political agendas and give praise for this epic moment, donald trump job well done. a lot of praise for the president on social media. hesitant praise because kim jong un is so volatile we don't ally know exactly what his future agenda might be but all signs are positive. >> didn't look very volatile with his handshake, smiles all around, ice cream and short ribs for lunch. >> dad quite a day of it. someone else's had quite a day. dennis rodman, crying.
12:45 am
>> very strange twist in this story. dennis rodman arrived in ngore weara t-shirt, like marijuana crypto currency company whatever that is. he appeared on cnn last night and openly weep during the interview wearing that make america great again hat. take a listen. >> protecting everything. i believe in north korea and i couldn't even go home but 40 days, obama didn't even give me the time of day. a great day for everybody, ngapore, china and everything, a great day. >> it on twitter says i just listen to dennis rodman speak for 10 minutes on a trump dim sum at, why do i feel like i just ran a marathon backwards
12:46 am
and lauren says dennis rodman need some credit for making this happen and some kleenex and maybe a hug. >> the distinction of knowing both personally, donald trump and kim jong un. >> he is part of the story and will be potentially part of the history books narrative of this whole thing. >> we would love to have you on the show. thank you so much. time is 15 minutes until the top of the hour and donald trump and kim jong un turning a historic turn, vowing to move forward and leave the past in the past. is vladimir putin next? you're turning onto the street when you barely clip a passing car. minor accident-no big deal, right? wrong. your insurance company after the other car got a scratch so small you coulda fixed it with a pen. maybe you should take that pen and use it
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>> in under an hour donald trump set to address the world after signing his name next to kim historic document st clas shows a level of sophistication no one was expecting. foreign policy expert, senior fellow at the heritage foundation joins us to explain. thank you for joining us, you have been working around the clock. i have been watching your analysis as this continues to unfold, remarkable stuff, no one expected this to be signed this evening. >> if you put the korean experts in the room they will tell you what is on that piece of paper is largely a nothing burger we have seen before and i wouldn't diute that but put it in context. if that piece of patop
12:51 am
of we remain committed to the pressure campaign which protect our vital us interests, the united states remains committed to the goal being verifiable and irreversible elimination of north korea's nuclear weapons and this only gets wrapped up in a treaty process than there is a lot under there that makes this different than what we have seen before. >> those a good points i brought up a short time ago with todd pyro, scanning through this live on the air and seeing about sanctions or anything about all the elements you just mentioned, none of that is included in this. >> that is important. there is no compromise on sanctions, no agreement to reduce us forces, no formal end to hostilities between the two powers. these would have been major concessions and compromises so the united states hasn't compromised the things that protect us. the maximum pressure strategy of nuclear deterrence, missile defense, conventional deterrence to south korean and japanese
12:52 am
allies in sanctions, to get them to come to the table and negotiate but prevent building out the arsenal. there is no sign of pres. will mise on that. as long as that safety net is in place and our goal remains fixed and we do this in a formal treaty we will put down in black and white we are okay here. >> a formal treaty being important because the iran nuclear deal was not in that way, what allowed donald trump to move forward and pull us out of it but if it is a treaty we cannot do that. is that >> it is not just that is more of a commitment but in a treaty you spell everything out. for example we say what do we mean by the korean peninsula, north korea means you can put a bomber on quam, that is part of the korean peninsula, we are like don't do this, the nuclear weapons in north korea, that get
12:53 am
spelled out in black and white and that is important. >> i want to ask about vladimir putin. what if anything from vladimir putin's north korea negotiations could give donald trump an upper hand if he was to sit down with the kremlin which we heard in the last week they are asking for a sitdown with donald trump. >> the short answer is no and here's why. unlike north korea vladimir putin has to be willing to put something substantive on the table and we have seen that would be a gabfest like the g7. here -- how this new national security team is working and how they are implementing the strategy trump put together in the first year of his presidenc iran decision, a clear, firm decision and strategy and path forward, the second was the north korean meeting. we have seen a very clear strategy, the third is the nato
12:54 am
summit. the g7 is a gabfest, who cares. the nato summit is where trump needs to cement his leadership on the way forward on transatlantic security and then to know what kind of team we have. >> that is the thing, the word team you are using because clearly a lot of work was done prior to this meeting to get us to this point by secretary pompeo, bolton, a lot of people. we appreciate it. nikki haley as well. you are looking live at singapore, we are awaiting donald trump, we will carry that live. supposed to be the top of the hour at 4:00 eastern on the east coast and 4:00 pm in singapore a world away. it took a whole lot more.
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these live look at singapore where donald trump is about to speak at any moment, a historic day. we asked what you thought of the world leaders coming together. praying for lasting peace, history in the making and we are seeing it firsthand. this man has done more for the us than ever before, promised
12:59 am
what he campaigned on, other like other politicians, signed, sealed and delivered, it has been done, "fox and friends first" continues right now, thank you for joining us on this breaking news day, more to come. >> really fantastic meeting. a lot of progress, very positive, better than anybody could have expected, top-of-the-line, really good. >> tuesday, june 12th, fox news alert, new day for relations with north korea, while you were sleeping kim jong un agreeing to complete denuclearization as donald trump and the leader of the rogue regime sign a historic document. >> hours earlier history made with a single handshake as donald trump becomes the first sitting us president to become face-to-face with the leader of
1:00 am
north korea. heather: single sitdown with worldwide consequences. what happens next? live in singapore, "fox and friends first" continues right now. rob: what an evening it has been. you are watching "fox and friends first" on tuesday morning. shannon: thanks for starting the day with us. donald trump will speak at any moment from singapore after his historic face-to-face with kim jong un. we will bring that to you as soon as it begins. first let's get to this time fox news alert, north korea agreeing to complete denuclearization as donald trump and kim jong un sign a historic agreement just hours after their first face-to-face. rob: richardson live in singapore,


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