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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  June 12, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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can anybody be certain? we are going to be certain soon because negotiations continue. thank you very much. go ahead. >> you mentioned the issue of human rights. i wonder what you would say to a group of people who have no ability whatsoever to hear or see this press conference, in a network. have you betrayed them by legitimizing the regime in pyongyang? >> things will change. there is nothing i can say. all i can do is do what i can do to stop the nuclear is asian. at a certain point hopefully you can ask me a much more positive question, not much i can do. at this point i believe he will do things about it. they are one of the great
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winners today. the group of people you are talking about, they will be one of the great winners. go. >> would you ever consider removing sanctions without significant improvement in the human rights situation? >> one significant improvement. i want to know that it won't be happening. once you start that process there will be a point even if you're not finished, it can't happen scientifically or mechanically but you won't be able to go back. once we reach that that i will give that serious thought. go ahead. go ahead. go at w first. >> the cost of denuclearization and crippling sanctions. >> south korea and japan will help them very greatly. they are prepared to help them. i think they will help them. we won't have to help them.
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the united states has been paying an a lot of places but south korea which obviously is right next door and japan which is essentially next-door they will be helping them and doing a very generous job and a terrific job so they will be helping. >> i would like to follow up with regards -- what does it mean? >> when you say a long time, we will do it as fast as it can be done scientifically, as fast as it can be done mechanically. i have read horror stories, 15 year process, if you want to do it quickly, i don't believe that. whoever wrote that is wrong. there will be a point at which when you are 20% through you can't go back. i had an uncle who was a great
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professor for 40 years and i used to discuss nuclear with him all the time. he was a great expert, a great billion she is, dr. john trump at mit. he was there 40 years, head of mit. we used to talk about a very complex subject, it is not just let's get rid of the nukes, it takes appear go of time. the period of time is the first. go when you medicine point you can't go back, very hard to go back. >> how long will it take? >> i don't know but it will go pretty quickly. >> thanks, mr. pres. please i want to ask on the sanctions campaign. you alluded that the chinese are not doing as great a job securing the border that they were before, you expressed some doubts when kim went to see
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pres. xi jinping, and there shouldn't be any sanctions when negotiations are underway and this south koreans talking about restoring a form of trade. with all of those players appearing to be moving toward eroding sanctions, how can you keep the sanctions regime in place? what leverage do you have? >> a lot of leverage. we have tremendous leverage. i do believe china despite my relationship with pres. xi jinping, matt i told you i have great respect for and like also a lot, we are having tough talks on trade and that probably affects china somewhat but i have to do what i have to do and over the last two months the border is more open than when it first started but that is what it is, we have to do it. we have a tremendous tremendous deficit in trade commonly known as a trade deficit. we have tremendous deficit in
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trade with china. we can't continue to let that happen. and in terms of the border, i don't think it has a relationship or affects my relatiship to pres. xi jinping but when we first started we were not ready to go that route and as we started preparing and getting ready, i don't think that had an impact on the border which is a shame but i have to do it. south korea will do whatever is necessary to get a deal. we can't trade, they won't trade. if they think and do this with our concurrence if they think they can do some work because we are very far down the line we are very far. that document when you read it today is far down the line. it is not something that just
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happened to be put together, this was done over months and the rhetoric is important and sanctions were important. i don't know which was more important. >> i wonder if you could give us a sense whether chairman kim took how many nuclear weapons he believes he made, whether he is willing to turn those over first and whether in your mind you need to do more than was done in the iran deal or dismantling the uranium and plutonium processes and whether you had a sense that chairman kim understood what that involved and had a timetable for setting that. >> he understands. he understands it so well, doing the work for him. that is an easy one.
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what he has is very substantial. the timil go quickly. you will see good action. as an example, you will probably be surprised, the missiles, i really believe it will go very quickly, it will go very fast and it is a substantial arsenal. it is all talk and no action but we have pretty good intelligence into that the less than any other country. you understand that better than i do. less there than any other country but we have enough intelligence to know what was substantial. this shouldn't have taken place 8 into the press. would it have been better 5 years ago or 20 years ago or 15
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years ago and didn't have to worry about not having a successful meeting today? i love my first interviewith you. still have that interview. thank you. >> chairman -- where you working on? >> we haven't set that up. we probably need another summit or meeting, we can use a different term, we probably need another one. much further along than i would have tho. i told people i don't want to build up hopes too much, i thought this would be a successful meeting if we got along, we developed a relationship and could have gotten to this point three or four months from now but a lot of that the foundation that was
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put down before we met. a lot of things happened very fast but we didn't have as an example bringing back the remains, that was not one of the things on our agenda, brought it up at the very end because many people tame about it, i brought it up at the very end and he was very gracious. instead of saying let's talk about it next time, he said it makes sense, we will do it and they know where many of those incredible people are. buried along roads, along highways, long pants because our soldiers are moving back and forth very rapidly. but he knew and that was brought up in the very end. really great that he was able to do that and a lot of people will be very happy about that.
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go ahead please. >> congratulations. >> thank you for the nice way you treat us, very good, really beautiful what you do. and now i will probably get this killer question. >> i want to talk about the future of north korea specifically people, warning of a brighter future with prosperity for his people yet we know they lived under oppression, showed him this video what the future could be like but do you have an idea specifically of the model he would like to go towards. economically, if you opened more economic freedom. >> you saw a tape today that was done at the highest level of future developments. i told him you may want to do a much smaller version of this, you may want to do a smaller version, you may not want that, trains and everything, super everything.
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and maybe you won't want that. it will be up to them and the people what they want. that was a version of what could happen, what could take place. they have great beaches. you see that when they explode their cannons into the ocean. look at that view. would that make a great condo? instead of doing that you can have the best hotels in the world right there. think of it from a real estate perspective, you have south korea, china, they own the land in the middle, how bad is that? is great. you may not want to do what is there. you may do a smaller version of it and that could be. although i tell you, he looked at that tape, he looked at that ipad and i am telling you they really enjoyed it i believe. go ahead. a couple more.
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we will do three more. go ahead. >> time magazine. >> i on the cover again this week? >> you announced kim jong un as an equal? >> in what way? >> you just showed a video that showed you and kim jong un on equal footing and discussing the future. >> i don't use it that way. i will do whatever it takes to make the world a safer place. if i have to say i am sitting on a stage, i sitting on a stage, that will get us to save 30 million lives, i'm willing to sit on the stage and traveled to singapore. other than the fact that it is
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taking my time, they have given up a tremendous amount, they have given it up even before and even at the olympics to the question, they went to the olympics, took analytics that was going to be a massive failure that maybe wouldn't have even opened and made it a tremendous success by agreeing to participate. add that to the list of things they have done. if i can save millions of lives by coming here, sitting down and establishing a relationship with someone who is a very powerful man with firm control of the country and that country has powerful nuclear weapons, it is my honor to do it. >> are you used by kim as propaganda? >> know. we can use that video for other countries. >> in the year 2000, kim
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jong-il. >> got impressed? >> to meet him. sent secretary of state albright. >> thanbillion and got nothing and making nuclear weapons. >> got the request and right away went to meet him and illegitimacy, ongoing process as a us president and leader of the free world shake hands with leader of north korea perceived to be oppressing brutally his own people. >> we answered the question. i understand much better than you do. go ahead. thank you very much.
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>> with politico. specific remains returned and the nuclear sites. >> and much more. >> you said the last was an add-on and the agreement, he gave you his word, what are you prepared to do in response and will you lose faith in this process? >> it was really the engine testing site in addition to all the things they agreed to do. they have a powerful engine testing site we are able to sit.
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honestly i think he is going to do these things which i may stand before you in 6 months and say i was wrong, i don't know that i will ever admit that. go ahead. thank you. >> i would like to know, will you call the chinese president back to dc, and what is your expectation about china's role long-term? >> my expectation is china is a great country with a great leader and a friend of mine and i really s happy we made this progress and will be calling shortly before i land
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and i have to say the united states is a great country and we have st records economically, a network addition that we have and we are twice the size of the economy of the united states, nobody talks about this because you hear a lot about china rightfully so but the united states is twice the size of the economy of china, we are not correct path. one mo and that is it. south korea, where is south korea? you deserve one. >> two questions for you. you mentioned, you are going to talk to south korean pres. moon over the phone. >> i want to tell him about the meeting, very much involved in the final negotiation, a very
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fine gentleman and i look forward to speaking with him and about what happened. and all the details behind the documents. i will talk to him shortly. >> in signing a peace treaty, you work this out with north korea's chairman, what do you think about south korea and china? >> i would like to have them involv. there is a question whether we are supposed to but we have china involved and south korea. >> was a private conversation? >> they probably have a rough transcript,f you have one. i don't think they recorded it.
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are there any recordings of it? i wish they were. we probably have some notes but they have detailed notes. and it was a very heartfelt conversation. don't have to verify, and don't have to. >> what have you seen? >> i don't want to discuss it. what we did is we had numerous discussions, we have had very important relationships established on other levels, couple people here from north korea. a few people in the back also. when we went into this final
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agreement, we went in with tremendous relationship and got it done. and it has been a long time since i have taken it easy. now we can take it a little easier than the work begins again and i appreciate everybody getting here. thank you very much and congratulations to everybody because this to be is a very important event in world history and to be true to myself i have to add i want to get it completed. the whole team has to get to work and get it completed because otherwise we have done a good job and if you don't get the ball off of the goal line it doesn't mean enough. thank you and sort of congratulations to everybody in the room. appreciate it. >> you have been watching the president of the united states live from singapore with the press conference wrapping up his
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historic summit with kim jong un. he said it was a great conversation was highlighters north korea agreed to complete denuclearization as soon as possible. further details from the fox news channel along with analysis on "fox and friends". we return to your regular programming. jillian: you watched a historic moment, the historic handshake, dramatic document he signed and moment for the history books. rob: something that started at 9:00 yesterday eastern time last night, went through the night. talked for about 5 hours and the press conference started at 10 after 4:00 eastern time and distended. all questions were welcomed for around the world, and four main principles they said they
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accomplished, laying the heard before seen before.never jillian: north korea agreed to denuclearize in the korean peninsula. >> and signing that agreement and they had the release of what the president did hold up. john roberts is live in the room, was asked a question by the president involving his hair and other things and joins us. >> my wife asks me the same question. in the last 36 hours in singapore, one for the history books, an extraordinary series of comments, donald trump arriving here, and the 1-on-1 meeting between the two of them, the expanded -- this agreement,
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united states security guarantees agreed to denuclearization of the north korean peninsula, an extraordinary moment in history. the devil is always in the details. what this denuclearization means. when the president said he heard timetables of 15 years which he thinks is too long. the idea of verification. what will the verification regime be to make sure new north korea is doing what it said was going to do. we have been here before with kim jong-il. and the plutonium reactor and at the same time started enriching uranium. and the verification is
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extraordinarily important. verification is the most important aspect of this and what about security guarantees was will be entailed with those? stop the joint exercises between the united states and south korea? or the way north kea begins the process to denuclearize or after it is complete. the pres. dismissively shrugged his shoulders and said we didn't have time and they didn't have time to go through the details but a lot of details we need to know about. rob: a lot of those details will be worked out in further meetings with mike in the front row. mike pompeo has to figure it out. >> and the chief of staff, expanded bilateral meeting. a lot of work ahead. a lot of meetings yet to be had
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and more meetings between donald trump and kim jong un. talked about going to pyongyang, and you will see the president said another couple or 3 meetings between the ree leaders and dozens of meetings between mid-level staff in the united states and north korea who will do the hard work nailing down these details and most importantly getting the verification process in place so we can see what it is kim jong un is doing. >> four things they accomplished the united states and nort kotablw relations with the desire of the peoples of thentry, the united states will join a lasting peace regime, reaffirming the declaration north korea commits
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toward denuclearization and the united states, recovering pow mia remains. he got that. a lot of questions, what about the irreversible verifiable? we didn't get that verbiage. he was going quickly to say we got enough. >> they reallyhave time to get into that. when you have a summit like this, for a grand total of 26 hours. this work is done ahead of time and teams from the united states and north korea have been meeting as preparations were made for the summit, those are details that will be worked out in the future. talked about the repatriation
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and remains issue but over and above that, this issue of human rights for people in north korea, tens of thousands of people held to labor camps. this is an authoritarian regime notorious for repressing its people. what will the president ask kim jong un to change the situation? they discussed it not at length, the president does expect to see movement from kim jong un but there is one other piece of the puzzle that is not intractable but very difficult to address and that is the pres. keeps talking about the possibility of a south korea or singapore style economic miracle for north korea and a robust democracy, singapore more than autocracy, a project of the lee family over the decades and a brutal
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dictatorship, not just change overnight but what type of economy you adopt? do you adopt a democratic capitalism like in south korea or do you have a communist type of economy likdo in china? those are the details that are yet to be worked out and those are the most difficult to work out. heather: so many highlights to talk about. we will get into the otto warmbier topic. people were asking how can you sit down with a guy like this who has done this to otto warmbier and others in his own family members, the president says this is just the beginning, trying to establish fees and have a relationship and to close the missile engine testing site, you know where this is because it gives off a lot of heat and incredible equipment to determine where they dislocated and kim jong un agreed to it, that is what north korea is giving to us. and they are asking a return to
2:29 am
provide sety guarantees, what does that mean exactly? >> those are the details that remain to be seen. back to otto warmbier, this is a significant part of the press conference we just sat throu with the president. donald trump said without the tragedy of otto warmbier we likely wouldn't be where we are today. he thought that was a turning point. the president has become very good friends with otto warmbier's parent had mentioned otto warmbier often in relation to dealing with north korea but the fact that donald trump think the tragedy of otto warmbier was the turning point that help to bring north korea around and change the paradigm of relations between the united states and north korea really is an important thing. rob: i totally agree with you
2:30 am
but for four hou, do you feel you will witness something you will never forget, historic top five things that is was unfolding, cannot believe i am here. >> when we first heard being at the white house when the national security adviser said kim jong un has invited the president r a meeting of the president said yes, we were stunned by that and then the promise of this meeting happening in the present withdrew the invitation and said it won't happen and that got back on track because we knew it was a negotiating tactic and everybody in this room and the assembled press who work in this room, dignitaries from singapore and south korea were so looking forward to this as a potential historic moment but always the chance going to fall apart when the two leaders got together and it looks like it is pretty strongly worded and the fact this is the beginning of a
2:31 am
process really does make this a memorable moment. another memorable moment was in 1994 when the nuclear agreement was signed between north korea and the clinton administration, that is the thing everybody has to watch for. rob: north korea got a lot of money in that deal and donald trump made it clear he is not going to fall for that this time. >> reporter:ere is the thing if i could. here is the other piece of the puzzle i have not been able put together. kim jong un races to develop an intercontinental ballistic missile and warhead on that missile and brings us to the brink of confrontation and all of a sudden turns around and says i will give it all up. did he race to get the finished product to get a better deal or did he just say this isn't worth it? was at leverage or something
2:32 am
else? >> one answer could be for the first time theuld turn to china and russia, a legitimate threat of 48 states and now we have a reason to strike with rationalization and nikki haley doing an incredible job relating that, getting four resolutions in new york city at the un from the security council led to that. they are accelerated to get the multistage rocket in a way to put them into a corner. >> why build up so fast and turn it off? >> on, it is about money and the relationship we have with china. >> you have done a great job, i am sure you will take a big nap on the ride home. >> i thought you wanted to be back. >> wait until the show is over. >> so you don't mess up that hair. you did a good job even before.
2:33 am
and the president went 25 straight hours. >> he said he hadn't slept in 25 hours. >> before that long press conferene sat down with sean hannity. you will see that interview tonight at 9:00 eastern time. you see the president of the united states heading out to get on air force one and start the process to qualm and hawaii and andrews air force base. >> you cannot have a more intense four days, he leaves our g7.ntry, goes to canada with the anything bh, hop on a plane, finishes the next 18 hours in the air, land, has a few hours to walk around, then has a historic meeting into a one on one, a joint meeting and the two our press conference but before that, most importantly,
2:34 am
an interview with sean hannity. >> the full interview at 9:00 but a few clips we are going to show you, one of the soundbites from that interview and sean will joius at 6:00 to tell us what the interview was like but here's the pres. talking to sean. >> i just think we are now going to start the process of denuclearization of north korea and i believe that he is going back and this started virtually immediately and he has already indicated that and what he has done. we got our hostages back but they up one of their sites, one of the testing sites, their primary testing site, some say they're only testing site, getting whatever missile which isn't in the document, getting whatever missile test site and doing so much and it is moving rapidly. >> it is the process and a great
2:35 am
start in addition, the united states agreed to provide security guarantees. we assume that means to make sure what happens in the future to kim is not the same that happens to qaddafi in libya and it sounds like the press conference said the last moment they would return the remains of pows. >> so many things. >> some sort of registry they can start, and most importantly the sanctions with the united states and the world community are imposing stay in place until that place is completely denuclearize. >> anyone can make war but only the most cougeous can make peace. the current state of affairs cannot endure forever. the people of korea, north and
2:36 am
south, are profoundly talented, industrious and gifted. these are truly gifted people. they share the same heritage collingwood, customs, culture and destiny but to realize their amazingness, to reunite their national family the menace of nuclear weapons will be removed. in the meantime, the sanctions will remain in effect. >> one question people have, the president admitted china has loosened up the border, also says russia is on the record saying, they are looking to break him. to rush this process to alleviate the sanction pressure by throwing in money and take the pressure off the regime. it is important behind the scenes to make sure things stay
2:37 am
tight with progress. >> and he is optimistic they will end the north korean war. tens of thousands of americans were killed in the body battle 68 years ago and optimistic that hopefully they can officially end that war. >> let's bring in former cia station chief, you are joining us, good evening there during singapore. it is a good starter is a great start? >> we will determine that down the road when we look at this date in history, that is to be determined. what this was today was a broad statement of intent. not exactly the playbook we usually follow. i never served evitable that. i pretended to be one for many years but usually what we do is a lot of the nitty-gritty work and when we sit down for a summit, it is a lot of pages and details and in this case just
2:38 am
looking at our targets and goals, the president has to meet kim jong un and establish a personal relationship for any opportunity, any chance of success going forward. >> how to the president do what past presidents have not done which is sit down with the leader of north korea and get him to ao denuclearize? >>had a tremendously bold initiative to mount what was a bilateral initiative with north korea was one of the problems we had in the past in my view was two of the parties in the 6 party talks, china and russia, never had our best interests at heart. brian was talking about the foreign minister visiting pyongyang and ratcheting down sanctions, that is what russia is trying to do. they middle in elections and our efforts to secure peace for the
2:39 am
korean peninsula. first thing the president did was engage north korea bilaterally. and took a chance with the bold initiative to meet kim jong un. that gives us the best chance of success. whher we succeed or not will depend on the north koreans. they have a long history of doubledealing. i loved your debate about whether north korea is serious about cashing in their nuclear and icbm capability for food and energy and integrating their economy into the region. the jury is out. intelligence selection will be important, to know whether kim jong un is serious about assuming the steel for all of us. >> what do we know about what they have? the foremost experts in the world say they have 15 nuclear sites, others say they have 39. what is the truth? any idea where it is?
2:40 am
>> the truth is donald trump was asking mike pompeo and director of cia gina haspel what the number is because we need to go in and verify thnuclea sites, the uranium enrichment facilities but beyond that are thousands of north koreans employed at these facilities and in the event we do achieve denuclearization we could be looking al for a b drain like we sa soviet union collapsed. less than we wanted north korean scientists flowing to other places like the middle east to build nuclear capability for our other enemies. there's a lot of intelligence work to be done on the site and the scientists. that will be key for us going forward. >> it seems we know a lot more than we imagined based on what the president said except there is a missile engine testing site, we know where it is because of the heat it is giving off and we have incredibly quick and that can find these testing
2:41 am
sites. >> i think the president did justifiably careful about reviewing too much but we want to protect our sources and thods and part of it is to test the north koreans. 26 sites, we know there are 30, that is evidence of their doubledealing and great concern to us. the president is carefully and justifiably so about what he is discussing publicly. >> what he was discussing publicly a moment ago when the press conference is they had a great conversation and this is what we get from a president who in his last job was a businessman. it is transactional in that way and the secretary of state who in his last job was the cia director. unique character across the negotiating table where if north koreans say we are not doing that, mike pompeo can say give me a break. i know what to do.
2:42 am
>> reporter: he does. another benefit of this summit is it induces a reaction not only in pyongyang but moscow and beijing and mike pompeo as dir. of cia, understands the value of reflections of kim jong un's assessment of donald trump, whether he really does plan to denuclearize. those are key intelligence requirements that i am sure our intelligence community particularly the cia will be pursuing diligently. >> do you think what the north koreans got was a photo op? got a photo with the president of the united states, the most powerful man in the world, with the trade-off worth it? >> i'm not sure i understand why the president is being criticized for that.
2:43 am
pres. obama during his campaign center without preconditions with dictators from north korea and iran. in this case the president sat down with kim jong un and he did get something for it and didn't give up anything. as we discussed there is a lot s enefit f meeting. i don't see cause for concern. >> great job, thanks so much. coming up on this early addition of "fox and friends," donald trump says sanctions will remain in place despite his agreement with kim jong un. stuart varney with what this means for negotiations moving forward as coverage continues after a break. ♪
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if history has proven over and over again, adversaries can become friends, honoring the sacrifice of forefathers by the horrors of battle with the blessings of peace and that is what we are doing and what we have done. >> he wants prosperity for all the people, stuart varney is the host of varney and company and joined us to react to this. >> i look at this as a political win for do trump and i think investors on wall street will like that. investors when the economy to keep booming, they want to be on the road to prosperity, don't want to reverse that in november or 2020 so i said this is a political win for donald trump and that is good news for investors because it means in all likelihood we will continue growth program donald trump put in place. >> it will be a process.
2:48 am
not a pull the plug thing. this will not end next week, they will meet again next week, not the two leaders but mike pompeo and senior north korean officials will meet next weekend on from there. >> the president rolled out a tape, the potential their country could have, their economy could flourish, and they have great beaches, you could sell condos on those beaches and there's a model for this was we don't like the model but the economy of china and vietnam has been success and we have better relationships with our old war those in china and russia. >> could be the start of a new relationship between the united es and north korea and if it is the start of a brand-new relationship north korea can look forward to a degree of prosperity and thinkable just a
2:49 am
few months ago. sanctions stay in place until you have the denuclearization program often running and completed so the sanctions would stay which means denuclearization will probably speed up because the north koreans surely want those sections off. >> russia and china and south korea breaking those sanctions. >> i doubt they will break them intentionally and completely but an effort to get them a little help. >> what does it mean for the market today? >> i think investors will like this. we expect the stock market to open pretty flat. nice game yesterday but flat today. investors digest what is happening and if this is as i think it is a political win for donald trump i think the market will react favorably in the long-term. >> stuart varney joining us in a
2:50 am
special 5 am addition of "fox and friends". i don't want to tell you how to produce your show but i want to cover this on your show. >> donald trump and kim jong un wrapping the historic summit in singapore heading home already, was it donald trump's tough toxic brought the dictator the table? he is next. -here comes the rain. [ horn honking ] [ engine revving ] what's that, girl? [ engine revving ] flo needs help?! [ engine revving ] take me to her! ♪ coming, flo! why aren't we taking roads?! flo. [ horn honking ] -oh. you made it. do you have change for a dollar? -this was the emergency? [ engine revving ] yes, i was busy! -24-hour roadside assistance. from america's number-one motorcycle insurer. -you know, i think you're my best friend. you don't have to say i'm your best friend. that's okay.
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historic summit, kim jong un. let's bring in state department senior advisor under president bush christian whitten joins us from the nation's capital. what did you think of what we saw from the president in the last half-hour? >> this is a big deal but also the combination of efforts that have taken place in the last year and a half or two years that have been fundamentally different with this administration than the clinton administration and bush administrations did to try to denuclearize north korea. a couple big differences, what is the maximum pressure campaign which began in the earliest days of the trump administration. basically a shift in talks, not a lot of talk about unifying the korean peninsula but more pressing issues like the security of the united states, protecting the mainland and giving security assurances to north korea so they realize this is going to be an improvement of their security rather than something that makes them
2:55 am
weaker. >> he said i've done something no other president could do including pres. obama and president bush and other pres.s in the past, it is not a slight on obama but this is what i do, the art of the deal. whatid he do that got us to this deck a? >> wo engage personally in a high risk high reward approach. previously you had these discussions between people who couldn't make decisions. had to conduct condoleezza rice, wendy sherman of the clinton administration, the same person who negotiated the disastrous iran nuclear deal with iran. very different from the trump administration with the president putting his own skin in the game. the only two people who can fundamentally change course north korea is on, donald trump and kim jong un and his willingness to do that. >> how about we for un resolutions, three of which were
2:56 am
unprecedented in the drastic consequences are legitimate military options china and russia thought we were willing to implement? that was put forward by nikki haley. how important? >> very important and goes back a long way, important resolutions for the bush administration and john bolton when he was un ambassador but haley, fundamentally important part of that where you have the united states working in unison with allies and japan and south korea which switched in this process from right-wing to left-wing government. >> we have sean hannity's exclusive interview with the president at the top of the our. >> a recap coming up in the next 3 hours. remember sleep before smart phones? new! zzzquil pure zs is here to help. .
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brian brian straight through a fox news alert and here we go. overnight norean dictator agreeing to quote denuclearization following bheeghts president trump in singapore. >> two world leaders signing that document right there with the world watching. it happened around 1:45 a.m. eastern time president trump just moments ago wrapping up a news conference and he says the summit is just beginning. >> our unprecedented meeting the first between an american president and a leader of n korea proves that real change is,


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