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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  June 12, 2018 3:00am-5:59am PDT

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brian brian straight through a fox news alert and here we go. overnight norean dictator agreeing to quote denuclearization following bheeghts president trump in singapore. >> two world leaders signing that document right there with the world watching. it happened around 1:45 a.m. eastern time president trump just moments ago wrapping up a news conference and he says the summit is just beginning. >> our unprecedented meeting the first between an american president and a leader of n korea proves that real change is, indeed,
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possible. the past does not have to define the future. yesterday's conflict does not have to be tomorrow's war. ainsley: the president wil now head back to washington, d.c. as the u.s. president to come face to face with the leader of north korea. steve: now we understanding air force one just took off from singapore. meanwhile, somebody else who came face to face with the president. sean hannity, host of hannity. is he live in singapore. sean, just before the preference that the president wrapped up about 45 minutes ago. sean: good morning. -- good evening to you there. steve: before he did the press conference, he sat down with you. when he walked into the room, have you known him for a while. what was your impression how he felt about what he had accomplished? >> it is interesting. our room right now is the room where they first met meaning the president and kim jong un. to my left is the dining room where after their initial meeting they went in
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founch and to my right is where the balcony is. honestly, he walked in. did i see the secretary of state. i saw john bolton. i saw the chief of staff, all of them, it was obvious this had exceeded all of their expectations. if you remember, before the president left for the g-7. he was saying, okay, we're not signing anything, very unlikely. this saget to know you session. and in all likelihood there is going to be two, three, four, five meetings. want to go fast great, if you want to go slow, great. it was very obvious everybody felt really good about it. especially the president mentioned at his preference, prs conference. he mentioned in interview with g he threw in at the end that he was really happy about and he went into more detail in our interview is that there are still the remains of americans and their families desperately want those remains repatriated
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back to the united states. the most -- i think it's the biggest take away in all of that is in lead-up to all of, this there were certain cons and the president went through this. if kim jong un didn't stop firing missiles over japan. if he didn't themz. h wasn't willing to talk about denuclearization. if he didn't break down that missile site that he broke down, none of this would have happened. and, you know, it's interesting you watchome the o media, they are saying well, the president gave up a lot. the president gave up nothing. there wasn't a penny paid like bill clinton when he made a bill with kim jong un's father. there wasn't cargo planes with 1.5 billion-dollar in cash like the iranianeal obama made there t. i clear there was hope. cautious optimism. look, cautious -- trust but
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verify. everything that led up to this. and i think everything that they have going forward as mike pompeo said the hard work is now beginning. ainsley: yeah, you are right. i'm if they hadn't had the meeting yesterday. if had been cancelled thiscounte from it, sean. he got those three american hostages to come home safely, which was wonderful u i know you talked to him about the denuclearization process. let's listen to a little bit of that interview and get your reaction o back end. >> i just think that we are now going to start the process of denuclearization of north korea and i believe that he is going back and start virtually immediately. he has already indicated that you look at what he has done. so we have groton our hostages back. they have blown up one of their testing sites, primary testing site. some people say their only testing site to get rid of a missile which isn't in the document that was done afterwards. they are getting rid of a missile testing site. done so much now.
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it's really moving rapidly. ainsley: do you trust kim jong un that he is going to allow our international inspectors to go in and make sure he is actually doing this? >> >> it's a great question because, in many ways, i see a lot of parallels between president trump and ronald reagan. president reagan talked about the evil empire. the world was shocked. the world was talking about predicting that ronald reagan would start world war iii or some type of nuclear holocaust. the president, even against his own advisors then reagan said mr. gorbachev sedentary down this wall. he walked away from reykavic. little rocket man. our button is bigger than yours and ours works better. when you think about all the loops kim jong un jumped through and america gave nothing except we got the
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hostages as you mentioned. why got kim jong un crossing the dmz. missiles haven't been fired since december. these are all significant things that no one would have predicted six or seven months ago. i think it really comes down to philosophical difference that exists between the left and right. that is do you believe in peace through strength, trust but verify or do you believe that somehow the best way to somehow make a deal with a dictator is to bribe them like bill clinton tried to bribe kim jong il's father or what we know happened in the case of barack obama and we talked about the worst deal probably in the history of mankind and that's giving up $150 billion. there's hope but there should be caution. there should be caution on the side of everybody. we know that a lot of these regimes lie. but the average monthly
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salary for a family in north korea, these families are starving. brian: $2,000. sean: at risk because the people have nothing. they are isolated and they ever cuth cut off. the pressure from china, the pressure from japan, the pressure from the united states, eve the world community it seeo be all coalescing at a good time and the president, to his credit, saw an opportunity and was willing to take a chance and moving at the speed of trump, things are very hopeful, think. a lot more hopeful, you know, than they were 48 hours ago. brian: sean, i notice the president will no go over the line and talk about maximum pressure. what will happen if they back out of this? he says i'm not going to get into that. he was not restrained when he first got the job because president obama briefed him on how bad the situation was after a certain detonation in 2016. he the president telling you about his tough rhetoric and how it led to this moment. listen.
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sean: a lot of people, critics, quickly saying when you said little rocket man or fire and fury or, you know, when he said oh, i have got a red button on my desk. you said mine is bigger and it works better than yours. how did it evolve from that to this because he did say at the very beginning we're going to basically start over and what that has been building behind the scenes. >> well, i think without the rhetoric, we wouldn't have been here. i really believe that we did sanctions and all of the things that you would do. i think without the rhetoric, you know, other administrations, i don't want to get specific on that, burr they had a policy of silence if they said something very bad, very threatening and horrible, just don't answer. that's not the answer. that's not what you have to do. so i think the rhetoric, i hated to do it. sometimes i felt foolish doing it but we had no choice.
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steve: so little rocket man got him to the table, sean. sean: you know what's really amazing about that is -- i had a folloup question with him on that and i said so this was strategic? he said i even felt a little embarrassed about having to go out there so aggressively. clearly the president, and i would assume this is part of the -- part of what the president did in his business life is that he went right at them. he went at them hard and he didn't back down. and it's, i think, those things coupled with the things he was saying. coupled with a show of military force. he was sending navy striker brigades right off the coast of north korea showing a sign of force. obviously the sanctions have played a big part in all of this. and i also think that the president's relationship, it's under reported story. the president's relationship th the president of china
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has played a big part. and i asked him about that, because, remember, when the chinespresident came to the whie house. they were supposed to have meetings a couple of minutes and they would goal along with four and a half hours. a real bond of a relationship was built there. it led to historic moment that i don't think anybody really saw coming. this is fascinating. what makes this president so far transformative in terms of being unlike any president we have ever seen in our lifetime. the only closest parallel i would see would be ronald reagan because obviously it's peace through strength. it's trust but verify. strongtoric being used. you know, but if you really think about the magnitude and the possibilities here, again, being cautious. nothing is finished until it's done. this is a process as the president pointed out. once that process of denuclearization begins, you
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can't go back so, i think this is going to happen in short order and i think the president deserves a lot of credit for being willing to talk to somebody that everybody thought would be a bad idea. but he did it from a position of strength that i think really brought to us this point. ainsley: did this just get him reelected or help the republicans in the mid s? >> you know, ainsley, when you really put it all together, what do you have? you have okay, the best economy in 500 days. you compare it to the obama economy. 13 million more americans on food stamps. 8 million more in poverty. the worst recovery since the 1940s, lowest labor participation rate, doubling the revs. what do we have now 14 states with record low unemployment. records, record low unemployment for hispanic americans, black americans, women in the workforce. you know, that today in america we have more jobs
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available than we have people on unemployment consumer confidence at a high. i do think success for this president economically and what's hning here? i do think this will have impact on all important mid terms? >> once the campaign gets started probably after labor day in ernest, what, the democrats want to impeach him. they want to say russia, russia, russia. they have said they want to take back the tax cuts. what nancy pelosi called crumbs which is $2,000 a family. they want open borders. and they want to keep obamacare. i think that's a pretty strong comparing and contrasting election that i have got to believe that probably the republicans would win, the blue wave seems to be turning into a trickle if you will. steve: of course, the
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president went there for one thing that walls for them to get north korea to pull the plug on their nuke program and he got that assurance. they signed that there in that suite of rooms you are in right now in singapore. you are live at the. okay so you were describing the location what was it like with tru a jong un? you asked the president, and this is what he said. >> in the room alone and then the subsequent talks with your team and their team, how honest, how brutal? what was said? try to bring people into the room. >> so we got along very well. we got along from the beginning. we started off he and myself and two interpreters. and from the beginning we got along. i made the statement and i have said it before. i said it about a lot of different kinds of relationships. you can almost tell right at the beginning. sean: did you tell at the beginning? what was that first minute? >> i felt very good at the beginning.
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i tald about we have two denuke. this country has to be denuked. he fully understood it. he didn't fight it. steve: the president sizes somebody up in one minute and in that first minute he liked him. sean: i think we all, in a way have certain gifts in life. the president all the years he has been negotiating deals, he is sizing people up very quickly. and i think right away, i think and it probably surprised the president a little bit although there has been a lot of preparation obviously leading up to this. the secretary of state did a phenomenal job. he deserves a lot of credit as did john bolton and everybody else. it really, i think, came down to how well would these two men get along? i mean, there was communication. there was a pullout at one point. clearly north korea, i think, needs this deal a lot more than the united states
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does but the world needs it more than he does, if you really car this is why everybody should really be cheering and pulling for the president to be successful here, because if you care about your kids and you care about your grand kids and you got a possibility of denuclearization of the entire korean peninsula and going to stop flying over japan and threatening of guam and continental united states. they have nuclear weapons. get intercontinental ballistic missiles. then talking about reaching the west coves the united states, boston, new york. now we have a much bigger problem. and the idea that this could be a win-win, that they will have an opportunity to join the world community, an opportunity economically for their children and grandchildren and a safer world, i just don't see how anybody can hearing intelligently that
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everything we got leading up to this and all the possibility surrounding this isn't good for everybody. brian: one of the questions was hey did he get what he wanted by sitting next to the president of the united states? he said i have just saved -- if i could save 30 million lives i will go anywhere. the president talked to you, bue from the very beginning from when he met the 34-year-old. listen. sean: you didn't think coming in here you would sign an agreement you said maybe it takes three, four, five meetings. you were committed to going as fast as he wanted. >> we got a lot more done today than i ever thought po and he is going back. he is now headed back. and i think he is going back to get this done. he wants to get it done. you hear the whole thing about his father and other administrations or his grandfather the fact is and he brings that up. they weren't dealing with me. they were dealing with other people. they never got very far.
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nobody has ever come close. sean: did he talk aboutast administrations. >> yes. but i can't say that i don't want to be the one saying it. at some poi i'm sure he will say it. they never got it done. ver to a point they were like we are. steve: times have changed. brian: sean, final thoughts? sean: yeah, in many ways if you really look at this could be a transformative moment for the entire cy and what i mean by that is america consciously did not elect an establishment figure, either republican or democratic. america elected an icon iconclastic disrupter. works at the speed of normal business people and wants to get things done. i really can't think of any political figure on the world stage today that would have started this back in
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march, is sitting here in june and telling us, again, where it all started. little rocket man, fire and fury, and telling that's kim jong un is probably going back to north korea and he has every belief and confidence that the process of denuclearization is going to begin immediately. that, to me, is transformative. making decisions faster is transformative. and i think the biggest thing t we're going to learn about the president's donald trump's success is rooted in a very simple, fundamental, very basic principle that a lot of politician don't get. if you make promises to the american people and you follow through, and you check off your list, one by one, that's good politics. you will be rewarded for keeping your word. that's why, as a conservative, i was so disappointed in so many republicans that said repeal, replace for seven
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years and they didn't have the character to keep that promise. and they didn't even have a plan ready after seven years. after, you know, 20 years of talking about health savings accounts. healthcare cooperative. what's transaffirmative is, i think the president, the american people will now come to expect their president to smoof faster. expeditiously to take risk and mean what they say. a lot of hope coming out of this. we have to be cautious but certainly there is no downside to what's happened here at all, only a win on every side as far as i'm concerned. ainsley: sean, do you know if he asked kim jong un why did you do what did you to otto warmbier? >> you know, it's interesting, that's a really good yes. he went into detail. i know you guys have had the family on the show. he talked about the family as close friends. and he said i don't even think this would have
3:20 am
happened but for wha happened in that particular case. that, to me was -- he also said he didn't think this would happen he had not used the rhetoric that he used. those are pretty interesting insider sategic. put you into the strategic tactical mind of the president. brian: we'll watch you 9:00 tonight. i don't know how you are going to do it. sean: you are going to be sleeping, brian. brian: no, no way. i'm watching your show tonight. sean: you are saying you are ste: we'll be up. be nice. sean, thank you too much. sean: i go to sleep when you guys get up. steve: we know. we pass in the night. great interview. we will be watching tonight sean hannity live from singapore. sean: thanks, guys for having me. brian: here is what we have a lot. what happens now that north korea promises to complete denuclearization? we have a panel here to discuss what's next. ♪ ♪
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jillian: good morning and welcome back. we will have the very latest on the singapore summit in just a moment. first, other stories making headlines this morning starting with a fox news alert. president trump's chief economic advisor is recovering from a mild heart attack. larry kudlow is in good condition at walter reed medical center and is expected to make a full recovery. also breakin right now, four children are dead after aay long standoff with a gunman who shot a cop. orlando police say gary wayne lindsey also shot and killed himself. is he believed to be the father of two of the children. a police officer shot responding to the initial call is recovering. deadline day for the justice department.
3:25 am
house intelligence committee demanding the handover documents prior to the russia probe. if the doj does not comply it will be considered obstructions of the investigation. steve? steve: thank you, jillian. this is a fox news alert. just within the last hour. president trump making america's message to north korea very clear. >> we are now going to start the process of denuclearization of north korea and i believe that he's going back and will start it virtually immediately. steve: that sounds good. here next with a panel discussion a former spokesperson for the u.s. mission to the united nations. morgan o ortegas centers square and david tafuri worked under former president obama. good morning, everybody. thanks for getting up so early. first question, ask all of you this. on a scale of 1 to 10, how big a deal is this? agarr? >> i'm going to put it ought
3:26 am
a 10. steve: is it? >> yeah. listen, at the end of the day, this is historical. regardless of how you look at the deal that came out of this, right? because you have two leaders. first ever sitdown meeting between the leader of the united states and the leader of north korea. regardless it's positive. even though i do think there are a lot of missing details there is a lot to work out. at the end of the day, it's incredibly significant. steve: ultimately, they did agree to a complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula which is a big deal. so on a scale of 1 to 10, how big a deal is it? >> that's a lot of words to say this morning, steve. steve: right, a hard one. i agree aga certainly it's a 10. normally what you see in the diplomatic process is you will have a year of negotiations for example leading up to a meeting like this and then the principles meet at the end. the president, like he does with many things decides to that tradition and meet at the beginning. cutting through layers and layers of diplomacy that normally happens. this isn't a final end
3:27 am
product today this is a commitment by two leaders. i think the president is right to try something new. what we have really done over the past 20, 30 years is done negotiations here or there honestly, we have tried to ignore north korea many ways because we have been focused on iraq or ago. we can't ignore it anymore. it's a nuclear state. you have to try something new and unprecedented. steve: we have two tens so far, david, on a scale of 1 to 10 how big a deal is this? >> i'm going to give it 7 or 8. steve: not a shocker. >> president trump did this really well. it way sounding to watch. most of americans missed it because it happened so early here in america. the bottom line is they signed an agreement with broad details a agreed to denuclrization. that agreement was reached with the president of south korea. we need to see more details on what is going to happen. kim jong un is still a ruthless dictator. you can't put lipstick on paying. you haven't made any real changes yet. we need to see actual
3:28 am
results and change before we can be really excited. steve: agarr one of the reasons probably will. going to go and start dismantling things right away when he goes back to north korea. the sanctions are going to stay in place until their ogram is toast. >> rig absolutely. in fact, first of all more be and i can both attest having worked at the treasury department. the treasure i have prepared extra targets to roll out or extra sanctions policies in the event that things don't go as planned. right? and that north korea pursues deceptive behavior which they might. the fact of the matter is during the six party talks the point about sanctions is -- it was a sticking points for the north koreans. they wanted to see sanctions lifted. that's a really big selling points. very big bargainin chip we have. steve: morgan? >> i think what we need to see happen now. we should seize bipartisan consensus supporting the president and his team. the president is very smart
3:29 am
to have mike pompeo continue to lead these negotiations. he clearly is the closest to the north koreans in terms of having met with them while he was cia director. and i think pompeo has shown to be an incredibly toughed and skilled negotiator. there still, as david said. there is still devil in the details. this, steve, is the challenge of our generation. the three of us here are foreign policy nerds. we all worked in government together in iraq and afghanistan. dealing with asia. the pivot to arab shah presidenasia thatpresident obamd about. deal with korea. this is my generation's challenge. i'm encouraged we are making progress today. still a lot to go. steve: david, the tough thing is to make sure this time they don't cheat like the last couple of times. >> that's right. steve: ultimately, how do you figure out a way to verify they are not cheating? >> that's party of the details that needs to be worked out. steve: i understanding. work it out right now. how would you do it? >> president trump was right to acknowledge his n. his answers to the questions today. there is a long horizon for
3:30 am
true denuclearization. it's going to take 10 to 15 years. one of the problems. steve: i don't get why it takes so long? >> if you look at a map and look at north korea there are missile sites all over the country. you have to go into each of those sites. you have to first of all disarm the nuclear weapons have you now. take out all of the equipment, right? you have to have inspectors to do all of that. steve: he is not going to wait 15 years. >> also, kim jong un does not want to wait 15 years. he wants return on this right away. he needs the relief right away. so that's one of the problems. is he going to -- he is not going to be patient about this. but we need to be patient and sanctions relief. steve: great discussions this morning david, morgan and hagar. thank you very much. >> thank you for having me. steve: most of the attention is on denuking. there is another party of president trump's agreement that is important to many american families.
3:31 am
listen. >> i must have had -- just countless calls and letters. they want the remains of their sons back. i asked for it today and we got it the remains will be coming back. steve: that is big. ed henry says this is a very big deal. is he going to join us live from singapore with details. you are watching a special edition of "fox & friends." ♪ i'm very proud of the fact
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3:35 am
scripted comments from the president, but then he went and took an hour of unscripted questions after going five hours with negotiating with north korea prior to that flying 21 hours in a plane. he has been up quite a while as has ed henry. fox news chief news correspondent anchoring a lot through the night. ainsley: great job by the way, ed. brian: and through the morning. >> thank you. brian: seemed to us that the president was quite pleased with what took place. what else the mood on the ground? ed: mood on the ground white house staff is pretty jubilant. if you followed our coverage step-by-step overnight, the president was hearing about some of the coverage back in the united states 12 time zones away. and if you listen to some other channels, they were saying that this whole thing was falling apart. why? because of one little detail that in the end did not matter one whit kim jong un told the white house staff he wanted to leave this afternoon just a few hours
3:36 am
after they first started meeting. the president who originally said he was going to fly air force country back tomorrow said okay i'm going to fly back today as well. this set off frenzy of media claims this is falling apart. they are going home early there is not going to be any victory here. instead, it was just the idea that the president believed all along that within a few hours' space had already done a lot of the groundwork before they ever met behind closed doors. he knew he could get the deal done and got it done. still critics saying this is no big deal. seeing nancy pelosi and chuck schumer say nothing in terms of statement and social media. i'm fascinated. if you look at the "new york times" twitter feed about 14, 16 hours ago, they had a story up there saying that they are still miles apart the u.s. and north korea. international editor sent out a tweet saying something to the effect of a few hours ago, kim jong un has already won a lot. what are you talking about?
3:37 am
kim jong un has won? it's the polar opposite. ainsley: ed, when we were going to bed and our viewers were going to bed we knew the meeting was 9:00 eastern time and we expected to have some sort of a press conference at some point. i went to bed with the tv on. i was watching your coverage and just waking up periodically because i wanted to keep up with it. 1:30 i happened to wake up and i'm watching the screen and you see that table where they sign the document and we see a man come out with white gloves and he puts a pen in front of each of thetwoiy come out together and they sign this document. did you guys get a heads up about that? was that a shock to you? ed: yeah what happened in the middle of the night. trying to follow every tea leaf that might tell us something. after working lunch, president trump just came out and said we're going to sign something. we're going to sign something. he didn't say what. a document, a peace deal. an agreement.
3:38 am
and so that sent us up on a frenzy. because we were starting our live broadcast and we're trying to figure out what are they going to sign? they went behind closed doors, talked about it and then as you say, ainsley, you are exactly right. they put out two chairs, two pens, north korean official with white gloves laying it all out very carefully. then they had u.s. and north korean flags. again, critics are saying why is a u.s. flag next to the north korean flag. do you want to burr your head in the sand and say we are never going to talk for another 60 or 70 years? here is a another nugget you might have missed while you were sleeping. our cameras and our audio mikes at one point picked up kim jong un's interpreter saying that kim told president trump, something to the effect of many people in tld wil think of this as a form of fantasy from a science fiction movie i found that particularly fascinating. kind of thing we are thinking on the outside, th 34-year-old dictator with almost 72-year-old
3:39 am
president, his birthday is thursday. generations apart. it almost is like a science fiction movie. o weeks ago this summit wasn't happening it had been called off. now it all came together. steve: ed, clearly it was a made-for-television event the way things were staged kim's car came up and trump's limousine was there five minutes later and we saw them shake hands and they went over there was a tv camera in the other room and they broke off. they came out, they signed something. what would you say were the -- were there any unscripted awkward moments? because from what we saw it seemed like it all went off without a hitch. ed: one negative, one positive. one awkward moment did i see there is a video online where the president told a little joke about getting ready for one of the many photo op.s they had. and he said to the photographers make sure you get a good angle. make us little skinny and really good. and he laughed and then they panned the camera to kim
3:40 am
jong un answered looked like -- i don't get the joke. it's a funny video if you search for it on twitter. inny.eah, we want to look the other thing that worked was while they were going back and forth. at some point the president said have you seen my limousine in we got this wonderful video of the president bringing kim jong un out to see what we call in the united states the beast, that massive general motors vehicle that the president goes around bullet proof and all the rest. and you saw kim jong un almost like a kid in a candy store. wow. look at this limo. look at those tires. esident was worki it. was the president working him a little at the idea. look at the toys i have. hey, you want to open up your economy, maybe you will get a car like this. brian: did get a video to image what it would be like if north korea opened up to a market economy. ainsley: here is the video. brian: here is the moment when the president said hey,
3:41 am
do you want to go see my car. steve: opened 800-pound door. don't show too much. that's what i was thinking too, brian. >> i got to say something i want to go -- one quick thing where he slips up. at the news conference where he was talking about this wonderful video and took out the ipad and at one point the president said we had this thing on cassette. was tre an 8 track in there, mr. president. brian: here are the four things. take a look together. people just waking um or weren't able to stay up last night. four things included in the document that they signed. establish a new relations. let's start anew. forget about the past. build a stable peaceful regime on the peninsula. number three, is reaffirming the april 27th, 2018 declaration that north korea commits to work towards. this is key. complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula.
3:42 am
recovering pow-mia remains. including immediate rre repatriates. that wasn't in these documents. he says that's to come. ed: yeah. and the delve as i have heard you saying is in the details. that's true. we need to be skeptical. this is not a clear victory. he had a good day. he have to follow up and so will secretary of state mike pompeo. let me tell you something else that might have gotten doss in all the breaking news. mike pompeo who has played a pivotal role had that one secret meeting over easter weekend that got all this going. bottom line is he said until we have that clear path to denuclearization, we are not taking the boot off the throat. we are not going easy on the u.s. sanctions and, in fact, secretary pompeo told reporters here in singapore we have more sanctions we
3:43 am
can roll out. maybe it's just a threat. but they are not letting the boot off the throat. by the way that pow-mia issue is itant. not just a throw away. got that as a late concession. there are thousands of our fellow americans who n learned wha what happened to their loved ones in the korean war. the president said they are going to get those remains. it's a big deal. steve: it is. ed henry joining us from singapore where he looked hand some and thin at 6:43 in the evening. ed: thank you. steve: thank you very much, ed. still ahead on this historic tuesday-anthony scaramucci, department odinesh d'souza. brn
3:44 am
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jillian: good morning to you. we will get back to the latest on the singapore summit. first, other stories making headlines. accused leaker james wolfe expected in federal court today. th former senateinteence staff e charged with lying to investigators about meetings with reporters. he turned himself in to the fbi as part of an ongoing investigation into government leaks. also happening today, millions heading to the polls for primaries in five states. this will be maine's first election using a ranked choice voting system. it will take about a week to determine the outcome. and the city of seattle voting today on the controversial head tax. less than a month after passing it. it requires large companies to contribute $275 per employee every year to raise money for homeless services. companies like amazon and starbucks oppose the tax.
3:48 am
ainsley? jillian: thanks so much, jillian. president trump signing his name next to kim jong un's name in that comprehensive document right there following the historic summit. steve: but, without congress involved, how much significance does it hold? is it legal? let's talk to fox news senior judicial analyst andrew napolitano. okay. so the two world leaders signed it. >> right. steve: is it legally binding? >> no, it's not. it's what we call an executive agreement. so kim jong un or the people that he answers to whose names we don't know and may never know could abrogate it and president trump think of this as the iran deal that john kerry negotiated for president obama, which president trump decided is grossly unfair. is harmful to the u.s., is harmful to israel. steve: it's not a treaty? judge: right. because it's not a treaty. what is a treat j. a treaty is an agreement like this sent to the senate and ratified by two thirds happens, the treaty is the law of the land.
3:49 am
and everybody is bound by it. until that happens, it's just an agreement between two human beings. often treaties begin with these executive agreements. you kno the president himself said it's a long journey and this is the first couple of steps. ainsley: congress will see this and will either pass it or not. judge: i doubt it i don't think the president will submit i to congress until he has something more final and complete and that depends on secretary pompeo and former colleague ambassador bolton. brian: clearly just the beginning. one thing ambassador chris hill tried to do this deal a while ago and failed. he said there needs to be an action document along with this. one thing they said they drafted. didn't put the word verified in there. that would have helped. judge: also would have helped if they agreed to end the korean war. you can't get everything. you can't get everything all at once. we are talking during the break, i could not agree with sean hannity more. donald trump looked more
3:50 am
presidential this morning than i have ever seen him look. this may very well be transformative for him as a person. and for the office that he occupies. brian: shows you he can d whatever he wants. he doesn't use action language that wouldave blown this up deal at any point lastonth. even his letter -- judge: i heard you about an hour ago characterizing this this s. the way business people operate. they don't have the patience the politicians. they want it done and wants it donna short period of time. i think he understands that this is nowhere near the final agreement. whatever goes to congress, if at all. it's up to the president. he doesn't have to send it to congress. but and it's not congress. it's just the senate. if he doesn't send it to the sena he exposes it to whatever his successor, whoever that person may be in two years or six years may wan to do to it. whatever goes to the senate will be more comprehensive and will have the action aspect to it in it as well. ainsley: this just the
3:51 am
beginning. steve: this is why is he on retainer. judge: all the best, guys. ainsley: as the world reaction to historic summit. the next guest calls this the third great diplomatic fall in our lifetime. dinesh d'souzatu is here to explain. wgreat tasting, heart-healthys the california walnuts.ever? so simple, so good. get the recipes at and with twice the detail of other test.. can show dad where he's from ...and strengthen the bonds you share. give dad ancestrydna for just $69- our lowest father's day price ever.
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steve: president trump wrapping up in singapore after signing his name next to kim jong un's in an historic summit that the next guest is calling the third great diplomatic thaw in our lifetime. here to weigh in with new movie death of of a nation out august 3rd. dud. goodinesh d'souza. >> we see in our living memory that history
3:55 am
sometimes offers these openings. openings for leaders who are able to seize them. we saw it in the 1990s with south africa canned a appar advertise regime that collapsed, disappeared almost overnight. we saw it with reagan and gorbachev. seeing trump and kim reminded me of that the historic opening with the soviet union the relationship between reagan and gorbachev initially an intermediate nuclear forces agreement. but eventually something much more spectacular, the collapse of the soviet system and regime itself takes element of luck to prevent historic opportunities. takes leadership to step to the front and know what to do with the wh a stunning contrast between obama's so-called leading from behind and the way that trump kind of jump into the forefront, takes things lie the horns and
3:56 am
bends them to his will. steve: we ran the interview with sean hannity 45 minutes him as little rocket man and fire and fury got him to the table. and that because is he a disrupter and doesn't do things the way normal politicians do that's what got him to the table. >> if we think back to reagan it's the same thing. reagan with a massive military buildup, announced a strategic defense initiative. all aimed at provoking the soviet union and inviting him into an arms race they believed they couldn't win. in a second term reagan in a sense pivoted and developed this incredible relationship with gorbachev. i was moved to tear as reagan's funeral gorbachev kissed the casket. this kind of thing can happen. it can happen and we should be open to it. steve: no doubt it is historic. what happens next, stay tuned. dinesh d'souza joining us today from texas. thank you very much. >> thank you.
3:57 am
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with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish, prevagen is the number one selling brain-health supplement in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember. steve: 7:00 in new york city. straight to a fox news alert. that handshake will go down in history because overnight north korean dictator kim jong un has agreed to denuclearizing the korean peninsula following meetings with president trump. brian: you got two world leaders signing this document with the world watching. president trump says the summit is the start of a new chapte both nation nations. >> today is the beginning of an arduous process. our eyes are wide open. peace is always worth the effort. especially in this case. ainsley: he is now on his way back to washington, d.c. from singapore first u.s.
4:01 am
president to come face-to-face with the leader of north korea. rich edson is live in singapore with what is next after this historic meeting. good morning, rich. >> good morning, ainsley, brian, and steve. and much more work is upcoming. president trump and kim jong un agreeing to a framework here in singapore. and now the president says it is up to the negotiators to vigorously begin to implement this agreement. the president says north korea has agreed to dismantle its nuclear weapons program. he says kim jong un says he will destroy a missile engine testing site. and then return american service members remains from the korean war. the president says the u.s. will maintain sanctions, that will not add additional sanctions. the u.s. and south korea will suspendoint military exercises and eventually the president says he wants to remove u.s. military from the region. though, that is not part of this agreement, according to the president. all of this is possible, he says, because kim jong un is prepared to start a new history.
4:02 am
>> yesterday's conflict does not have to be tomorrow's war. and as history has proven over and over again, adversaries can indeed become friends. >> secretary of state mike pompeo and other senior security officials will continue negotiations with north korea. the president says it may ke another sum to finally achieve this full deal. he acknowledges that it does take a long time to officially pull off denuclearization. steve: all right. 7:02 p.m. in singapore. rich, thk you. ainsley: when people were asking questions at the press conference that the president had this morning 4:00 a.m. people were asking did you talk about this? did you talk about this? he said we didn't really have time. this was our first meeting. as rich was just saying there will be more summits. i know mike pompeo will be meeting wi the north korean counters part a lot. brian: some things that jumped out number one, they didn't put verifiable and irretrievable but they are working towards that they
4:03 am
didn't talk about weapons inspectors and who on the ground but working towards that he understands that he believes there is going to be more things done relatively quicknd one will be this engine facilitythae taken down. did he not -- the president did not commit to ratcheting down any of the sanctions. he did not say he is moving out 32,000 troops. war games will stop.ilitary however, lucas tomlinson at the pentagon said they have not gotten t message yet. which doesn't mean hasn't gone down the pike. steve: right. came from the commander-in-chief, i think he i the boss over there meanwhile during the press was asked what did kim sayt that you believed you could trust him? and he said that he seemed to want this as much as we do. so, going forward, when you look at what they agreed to, they got the big stuff. the denuclearization of the core peninsula. the sanctions are going to
4:04 am
stay in place. and something they worked out at the last minute and that is the bottom line right there. a number of sets of remains of pow's and mias and korean war will be returned to their family. the big thing is the denuking. sean hannity before the press conference, actually sat down with the president hour. think in excels of a that was the topic he spoke of here. >> i just think we are now going to start the process of denuclearization of north korea and i believe that he is going back and will start it virtually immediately. he has already indicated that look at what he has done. so we got our hostages back. but they have blown up one of their sites. one of their testing sites. their primary testing site. in fact, some people say their only testing site to getting rid of a missile, which isn't in the document that was done afterwards, getting rid of a missile testing site. they are too long so much
4:05 am
now. it's a process and really moving rapidly. brian: you got to figure, too. both sides don't trust each other. steve: we have a reason. brian: and china and south korea will play a role and so will japan. he was asked at one point hey, what about those abductees? north korea actually went into japan and grabbed 13 people. we never even found out what happened to them. brought them up and got some answers on that. ainsley: so many things he didn't get a chance to talk to him about and he says he will in the future. highlight was denuking, three american hostages were second home safely. u.s. and north korea are working towardseace. the remains of the pow-mia coming home now. all these families saying we lost our loved ones in the korean war. tens of thousands of americans were killed in that bloody battle 68 years ago. the president says we are going to bring those remains home. kim agreed to close the engine testing site. our president says he knows it's there because we have great equipment that can determine whether the heat
4:06 am
is and we can find out where their testing sites are and then the president says is he optimistic that the korean war, they will end the korean war officially. in the middle of the night when there was that big table and they got ready stint documents. that's what a lot of journalists speculating they thought they were signing maybe the end of the korean r. they were signing that document for peace and denuclearization and bring the pows and mias home. steve: the president was asked did you talk to them about human rights? he said yeah, we did discuss it. not extensively, not as much as denuking. that's a conversation for later. sean hannity was on with us one hour ago, talking a elizabeth about tonight's interview you will see 9:00 p.m. eastern time on hannity. he said, regarding the president, making the trip to singapore, this is really big.
4:07 am
ronald reagan obviously peace through strength, trust but verify. strong rhetoric is being used. if you really think about the magnitude and the possibilities here, again, being cautious, nothing is finished until it's done. once the process, as the president pointed out, once that process of denuclearization begins, you can't go back scientifically. i think this is going to happen in short order and i think that the president deserves a lot of credit for being willing to talk to somebody that everybody thought would be a bad idea. but he did it from a position of strength. brian: whole denuclearization process most extensive nuclear program going to be dismantled. ukraine four years. libya took a couple of less years. that was a cooperative country. they said, listen, we don't want these. south africa said come and take these. libya says if you establish
4:08 am
relations with them and they did. ukraine paid the price. wows the nukes the russians walked right in and they are still there one of the most telling moments, i thought one of the poignant momen was the question from one of the reporters about otto warmbier. and the president put it in perspective what otto sacrificed like but it wasn't for nothing. >> otto warmbier is a very special person and he will be for a long time in my life. his parents are good friends of mine. i think without otto, this would not have happened. something happened from that day, it was a terrible thing, it was brutal. but a lot of people started to focus on what was going on, including north korea. i really think that otto is someone who did not die in vain. i told this to his parents. a special young man and i have to say, special parents, special people. otto did not die in vain.
4:09 am
he had a lot with us being here today. today. ainsley: exactly that's why his parents said they were coming on "fox & friends" to give us one of the few interviews they gave the media. they want you at home to understand what this man is capable of and what happens in this country that brought attention to north korea. all of us started paying attention when you heard a mom and dad describe the torture that their son went through. that pulled at all of our heart strings and we felt so badly for them. when i talked to his dad. recently his dad said i'm so glad these three hostages came home safely. we do wonder why they did what they chose to do to my son. steve: we were focused on north korea, ultimately that's when the rhetoric started getting ratcheting up. they referred to him as a little rocket man there was the fire and fury. there was the back and forth. and kim referred to the president as a dotard, political dotard or something like that.
4:10 am
but, nonetheless, look how far we have come in the last year. they just signed an historic agreement that puts us on the roulling the plug on the nukes. brian: instead of saying this is the final day you sign it with two world leaders signi after doing years of negotiation. he said this is going to be a get to you and then we are going to get out the details. we will be hearing about this story maybe for a year or two as they get closer to closer to getting rid of their nukes. i love that john bolton was there he is the ultimate hardliner. he would be sitting on this couch and telling us what to look out for. instead he is in that room. i think it works out good for the country. ainsley: hand it over to jillian who has more headlines for us. jillian: let's go to a fox news alert now. president trump's chief economic advisor is recovering from a mild heart attack. larry kudlow is in good condition at walter reed medical center. is he expected to make a full recovery. also breaking right now. four young children are dead after day linger standoff with a gunman who shot a cop. orlando police said gary wayne lindsey shot and
4:11 am
killed himself. is he believed to be father of two of the children. a police officer who was shot responding to the initial call is recovering. deadline day for the justice department. the house intelligence committee demanding they hand over documents related to the russia probe it concerns an alleged fbi informant who collected information on the trump campaign. committee chair devin nunes says refusing to allow members of congress to review the documents is obstruction of a lawful investigation. a look at your headlines. send it back to you. steve: the department of justice will talk about the documents but they won't necessarily show them. and t congress, wants to see them. all right. 7:11 now in new york city. president trump hagel his agreement with kim jong un but dr. sebastian gorka says he won't get any credit from democrats. sebastian joins us next. ainsley: plus, anthony scaramucci says the president is mirroring what ronald reagan did 31 years ago today. he joins us live coming up. ♪ ♪
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i want to see.
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♪ >> today we have historic meeting and decided to leave the past behind and we are about to sign the historic document. theorld will see a major
4:16 am
change. i would like to express my gratitude to president trump to make this meeting happen. ainsley: fox news national security strategist and former deputy assistant to president trump is dr. sebastian gorka he is live actually there in singapore. he joins us now with more. what is your reaction to what has happened in the last 24 hours, dr. gorka? >> stunning, absolutely stunning. this is a dictatorship. you always have to be very cautious. but the fact that within one day -- less than a day, the heads of state have not only met but have actually signed a joint statement on the full denuclearization of north korea to include other issues, such as the mias from the korean war. it's beyond all expectations. it really is history in the making. we have to remember the
4:17 am
korean war never ended. it was a cease-fire and now we have a chance to put that conflict to bed after 65, 68 years. steve: right. exactly. sebastian while you call it 'm examining the online. no big deal. can't verify anything is going to happen. don't quite get the hal hullabaloo. >> as oppose from the last 25 years from bill clinton on ward where we threw cash at this regime. we didn't ratchet up the sanctions like we have done in the past 500 days. what happened they went from not having nuclear weapons to having nuclear weapons, to detonating their eads. to not having missiles to actually launchingm over our ally japan. you know, you couldn't be -- have a starker difference
4:18 am
between theast 25 years of handling this problem and the last 500 days. brian: the whole way it started with the president arriving second. kim jong un arriving first. them shaking hands and walking through. we understand there was a 41-minute one-on-one. then they went four by four session. and they came out with this agreement. dr. goo good morning carks look at this as a standing point. whatever is there is going. going to grow in intensity as far as what the inspections and overall undstan the pr wants tot this as a treaty to be verified. is that your understanding? >> i think and i spoke to the president but we didn't discuss that. i think that's a good option
4:19 am
i think it's a nuclear weapons agreement. it has to do with nuclear weapons. that should raise to the level of treaty. it puts the senators on the spot. what is your attitude to the denuclearization of north korea and the results that mike pompeo and the president have put on the table in just the last, you know, few hours? so, yeah, i think that's the way to go and it is such a good turn of fate that we have the former director over the cia in the front seat at the state department to make sure that this isn't just a piece of paper. this isn't just pa blem we have the most rigid when it comes to w.m.d.s. ainsley: mike pompeo has only been in that seat for six weeks got a lot done in
4:20 am
a short period of time. if rex tillerson was still at the state department, would this still have happened? >> having seen rex operate up close in the oval office and now that he has left his 'mable in saying no, ainsley, absolutely not. look, there is something i call the speed of trump, like the speed of light. mike pompeo moves almost as fast as the speed of trump. look at what happened just six weeks ago. i was filling in for a radio host on a big national radio show. and i just had been handed the update. secretary pompeo has been confirmed by the senate. the next break i have to update it with oh, by the way, he has already been sworn in by justice leith, and as soon as i hay update what did i have to read into it, oh, is he already on his way to andrews air force twice fly to the middle east and to
4:21 am
belgium. brian: that's the speed. dr. gorkou tonight with sean hannity. north korea promises deplete denuclearization working towards it the president says he is going to make it t. if yor crohn's symptoms are holding you back, and your current treatment hasn't worked well enough, it may be time for a change. ask your doctor about entyvio, the only biologic developed and approved just for uc and crohn's. entyvio works at the site of inflammation in the gi tract and is clinically proven to help many patients achieve ptom relief and remission.
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wgreat tasting, heart-healthys the california walnuts.ever? so simple, so good. get the recipes at
4:24 am
good morning to you and welcome back. we will have the latest on the singapore summit in just a few moments. first, taking a look at other stories making headlines at this hour. russia is vowing to back following fresh u.s.s. sanctions. the trump adminisation slapping penalties on several russian companies and individuals in response to cyber attacks against the u.s. and its allies. it's unclear exactly how russia will retaliate. and homeland security secretary kirsten nielsen first cabinet member to hold a meeting at the ambassador
4:25 am
in jerusalem. she met with her israeli counterpart calling the opportunity a distinct honor. brian? brian: thanks a lot, jillian from. fire and fury to this historic summit to president trump weighing in on important rhetoric that finally brought kim jong un, he believes, t the table. >> other administrations i don't want to get specific on that they had a policy of silence. if they said something really bad, horrible, threatening. just don't answer. the rhetoric, i haighted to do it, sometimes i felt foolish doing it, but we had no choice. brian: what happens next? we are back with esteemed panel hagar chemly. morgan o ortagus and david tafuri working the state department under president obama. david, for you, there is four principles that they have agreed on, working towards denuclearization.
4:26 am
this is just a starting point. but you are skeptical still in what respect? >> well, i'm not skeptical in the sense of what happened today. what happened today was historic. but, we still don't know if actually kim jong un is going to change. and just like his father, who did alear agreement with president clinton in 1994, that broke down over the details. in part because north korea didn't follow the denuclearization plan. so we have just the first step in a very long process. now, president trump candidly acknowledged that to actually denuclearize. we have to help them denuclearize. meanwhile kim jong un wants sanctions relief right away. he's not going to be that patient. brian: you know he is not going to get it the sanctions stay in place right now. morgan, if we start seeing satellite images ofhem
4:27 am
moving different plants we are able to see pretty clear something goes on. we don't know exactly. then there will be a problem. things get derailed again. >> president was exactly right. the reason the summit happened today and north korea came to the table is because of combination of tough rhetoric where he made it clear that he, you know, that there would be a military option. combined economic sanctions. what would be really important on the economic sanctions front and hagar can speak to this having been u.n. we need the chinese to keep those in place. the russians as well that will be a very challenging effort. the president is going to have to continue to hold his feet to the fire. i think this was historic day. the only way they stay at the table is when they know that the president is not going to get distracted by something else as past administrations have done. instead, that the president is going to hold on this. he is going to keep their feet to the fire and not as happened in the past. he has someone very clear-eyed in john bolton and mike pompeo. brian: john bolton needs a left convincing to get to
4:28 am
this point. he also indicate you had it's all going to hinge on the one on one meeting 41 minutes as opposed to the four by four which lasted another four hours. hagar, first off, when you look at where we are at right now, the leader, kim jong un said we have agreed not to talk about the past. let's start anew today. does that mean anything? >> of course. you know, i don't think it's surprising when you have two former adversaries or still current adversaries, i guess, meeting to say somethg like that, to start a new page, to start afresh. listen, while i do think it's important, at the end of the day, as david and morgan have mentioned, verification, follow through, enforcement this is what this is all about, right? in the past negotiations that have taken place, a lot of the reason why they broke down was because of lack of follow through or lack of enforcement. north korea is going to try to be deceptive. they are going to try to have their cake and eat it, too. that's not surprising. i believe that president trump also knows that he is aware of that. which is why the sanction
4:29 am
are so important. brian: lightning round, david, in particular, the president was able to through nikki haley to get four u.n. resolutions passed. three of which are unprecedented in the strength of the sanctions. because of the blast that happened during the obama administration 2016. it got everybody's attention. so, that bad thing might have launched a good thing. >> that's correct. and also, another bad thing that might have launched a good thing is what happened to otto warmbier which was very tragic and tragic for his parents. as the president mentioned that might have helped. north korea got so many criticism over that supposed to intimidate us and convinced the world we had a legitimate threat and military option might be the only option. right, morgan? >> we have been kick the can down the road waiting for them to have the capability us. the chicken have come them roost and capability is there people have been asking me why now? why do we have to deal with north korea now? because now there is a direct threat to the homeland and there is no more waiting, right? we have to pivot and deal
4:30 am
with this issue. brian: no one says this is done like the iranian deal. this is just the beginning, hagar, so even critics say you just judge this incident. don't act like this d is done. >> the deal is not done. in fact, frankly, they have gone farther than we have expected today. certainly it has laid the framework for a long time negotiations. we can't jump and say that it's a victory just yet, but it is absolutely historic. it's absolute positive step. brian: seven months without a rocket. every week that goes by without a rocket going by over japan or guam is a plus. thanks, guys. coming up straight ahead, what impact could the president's summit have on the midterm elections. dr. larry sabato is peering into his crystal bawl. anthony scaramucci says president trump is what ronald reagan did 31 years ago. we will ask him to expand on that because he told us to write that in the tease. ♪
4:31 am
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4:34 am
sean: in the room alone and then the subsequent talks with your team and their team, how honest, how brutal? what was said? try and bring people into the room. >> so we got along very well. we got along from the beginning. we started off he and myself tw. and from the beginning we got along. i made the statement and i have said it before and said it about a lot of different times of relationships can you almost tell right at the beginning. steve: right at the beginning. fame mullsly he said this past week he will know within the first one minute if things were going to go well and they did. anthony scaramucci knows that perspective. is he former white house communications director he was there for 11 days. 11 long days thank you for getting it right. some of the fake news media says 10. thank you for getting it right. steve: speaking of the fake news, before coming over you were watching some of the other channels. >> a little bit of hate watching.
4:35 am
i think it's so dishonest the way they are portraying it. at the end of the day, the president is breaking new ground ground. breaking history he will denuclearize the peninsula and likely go on to tackle iran. i find it fascinating that people can't give h t credit is he due as a result of his negotiating tactic and style i admitted to ashante last night that the beosity of the rhetoric actually helped force where it is and that's been true four year negotiating style ainsley: how can they say nothing good came out of this. we didn't have to give any bribes. no money exchanged. everything that happened even if they hadn't had the meeting and signed the documents. four americans came home. we saw the president of north korea go to the dmz line. so much has happened as a result. so much good has happened. >> that's why the pendum, ainsley has swung so far now where the american people are like going a little tone
4:36 am
deaf as a result of that rhetoric. they are saying this is big publicity and propaganda stunt for the north korean dictator and nothing is going to come of it i really believe that just given what i know about president trump and secretary pompeo. brian: reminds me of sports. i don't like their training camp and method but if they keep going out and winning and winning and winning they will say where is this going? this is the beginning of the negotiation. in the end if it keeps going forward and verification goes there and nuke starts up and tractors start pulling out that will be the answer. if you thought what kim jong un thought through a translator. this was interesting when they all made statements about this moment before they signed the document. here is what kim jong un said about the president. >> todaye have historic meeting and decided to leave the past behind and we are about to sign a historic document. the world will see a major change. i would like to express my gratitude to president trump to make this meeting happen.
4:37 am
brian: they acknowledged, the president said he acknowledged in the meeting they didn't get off to good start with clinton what went wrong with his dad and how this might be different. >> by the way throw dennis rodman in here for a second. he was trying to throw an olive branch three or four years ago. brian: six. >> six years ago to see if he could reset the table there as well. reside wouldn't give him the time of day. that was his quote last night. >> how disruptive and adaptive president trump is as a leader and international statesman. one thi being left out of the conversation today that i want to bring up is the trade deal with south korea you will see they have done magnificent job on behalf of the united states, our companies and american workers in reframing the trade deal with south korea. that will be template for future deals around the world. brian: first one redone, wasn'tt? >> that's correct. the point being you can tie all of this together. the president is sitting there speaking about fairness, trade parody, community of nations, global
4:38 am
peace, and global prosperity. i know that may be a little tough to take for some of his opponents, but that's his game plan that he is executing it brilliantly. steve: let's see if canada is watching. there is that famous handshake. got the signed documents under his arm. you know what, anthony, it was 31 years ago today that president reagan told mikhail gorbachev mr. gorbachev tear down this wall. and fast forward to today president trump is picking up reagan's mantel in doing things differently. >> absolutely. i tweeted it out before i went to bed. steve: that's why i brought it up. >> looking at the historical stuff from last night. this is another point to bring out against state department protocol, the ambassador didn't want him to say that they wanted him to stick with the standard rhetoric and protocol. the president rejected all of that. steve: he is an ad-libber. >> sent that gigantic message.
4:39 am
writing in the limousine those lines back into his speech on the way over to the brandenburg gate. you have to think about the symbolism and recognize how powerful the country is, 17, 18 months into the job. the president of the united states recognizes the leadership capability and the skill set that we have inside the united states to help force the world towards greater community. got to give the president credit for that same as reagan. ainsley: is that why the president chose this date to do it. >> i don't know. ainsley: he never mentioned it. >> i think it may be a coincidence but wish him an early happy birthday. is he going to be 72 years old. steve: on thursday. >> lesson for young people, don't drink, don't smoke and travel around the world and not sleep when you are 72 years old. energizer bunny lesson to people don't drink, don't smok steve: lesson we have seen. >> i just sounded like mormon evangelical there like mormon missionary i will tell you it works. steve: all good start what happens over in singapore.
4:40 am
>> no question about it. very exciting. great to be here guys. ainsley: great to have you here. >> great to share it with you. steve: 20 minutes before the top of the hour. jillian you have got some news? jillian: that's right. fear is growing as the violent gang ms-13 infiltrates a middlechool. teachers and parents in maryland calling the situation a ticking time bomb. "the washington post" reports william morton middle school has become battlefield drug dealing and fighting and attempting to recruit young children every day occurrence. officials are denying any problem with gang activity. in a few hours accused leaker james wolfe will appear in federal court. former federal staff will be charged with lying to investigators about his contacts with reporters. wolfe turned himself in to the fbi as part of an ongoing investigation into government leaks. the city of seattle voting today to repeal the controversial head tax less than a month after passing it. it requires large companies
4:41 am
to contribute $275 per employee every year to raise money for hoursing and homeless services. companies like amazon and starbucks oppose the tax. that's a look at your headlines. send it back to you. steve: sounds like now it may actually fail that particular head tax. thank you very much, jillian. ainsley: president trump says north korea can lead the past behind to achieve peace. history proven over and over again, adversaries can indeed become friends. ainsley: county country learn from this and finally unite? steve: plus, what impact could the president's summit have on the midterm elections come november. larry sabato peering into his crystal ball. you will see him next. ♪
4:42 am
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4:45 am
♪ i was born free ♪ i was born free ♪ i was born free. jillian: good morning and welcome back. kid rock campaigning for republican congressional candidate in michigan tonight. the rocker joining senate hopeful john james at an event in his home state. james is seeking the republican nomination to challenge democrebe stabenow. and president trump is taking his message to the midwest when he holds a rally in duluth, minnesota next wednesday it will be the president first trip to minnesota since taking office. steve? steve: president trump wrapping up historic summit in north korea. americans sloping optimism with president trump with 52% saying they approve of the way of the way the president is handling the economy. will these major accomplishments, the historic summit and booming economy, could they possibly impact the midterm
4:46 am
elections? that guy right there, larry sabato, director of university of virginia's center for politics probably has a thing or two to say about that and he joins us now from virginia. larry, good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. steve: first of all, let's just start, your general observation about how the president has conducted himself in singapore? >> this was a transformational moment for donald trump. you know, i don't know what thets are, the communique and what's going to happen in the future and what north korea will do, but i will tell you what will have a political impact is donaldrump and kim jong un crossing that stage in front of all those flags and the reason it was transformative is if you go back to the campaign and first year-plus of the trump administration, what was the complaint you heard frequently from trump critics? he was bellicose. he would get us into a war. we were going to be fighting north korea. guess what? that's over. whatever happens in the future, i don't think it
4:47 am
will be as bellicose. so, he has changed his image in a way that sticks in the average person's mind. they're not going to listen to all of this analysis of, you know, every word in the communique. that's not what busy people do who live normal lives. unlike you and me. they are going to focus on that image. steve: sure. although it is interesting. he did tell sean hannity in an interview that's going to be on tonight on hannity that he felt that the rough rhetoric, calling him little rocket man actually got him to the table, which is interesting. our bigstiough is how does this iact the november election? does it help congressional republicans who are running for re-election? i think this plus the foreign policy. people will connect with. and then the economy is golden and what is very useful to republicans is first that they pass the tax cut bill. steve: right.
4:48 am
>> they can link what's happening now to that and second the economic data can be localized. you can give specific data about employment and about wage growth and almost any state. and so when the president goes to hold a rally, that's what leads the ticket. can i just add one personal word? >> sure. you mentioned one factor in getting the korean summit underway. i was really pleased to see the president give credit to our late university of virginia student otto warmbier. you may recall that he was tortured to death by the north koreans. effectively. he got a week with his family here. but he was already essentially dead when they sent him back. it's a remind of how brutal this dictatorship is. but the president was good enough to give to otto's legacy some credit for what happened. and that's much appreciated around here. steve: in fact, the president was talking about how the warmbier case
4:49 am
actually focused eyes on kim jong un and the rhetoric started and fast forward to today, and here we are. larry,eal quickly, you re talking about how the economy is golden and how this is goodresident trump as well. so, a lot of people are looking in, wondering thousand all translates into the mainstream media. you know, for the most part, they like to use him as a piñata. is this going to be a turning point or will they at least give him one day of good press? >> well, my instincts say no. based on everything i have seen. but, i think, again, the image overrides the words. you know, at a certain point, the torrent of words, except, of course, from you. unow, can go in one ear and out the other. and, but you remember those pictures. that's what people are going to be talking about today. because it was an incredible sight. steve, was there one person in the country actually
4:50 am
thought the day trump was inaugurated that he w be meeting with jong un? i mean, seriously. somebody o there, let me know bause i want to recruit them for the crystal ball team. steve: no kidding. >> when something shocking happens it sticks. steve: we saw quite an image in that picture right there. larry, thank you for joining us today from the commonwealth of virginia. >> thank you, steve. steve: meanwhile, straight ahead, president trump says north korea can leave the past behind to create peace. >> history has proven over and over again as investor adversaries can indeed become friends. steve: county country learn from this and finally unite? we are goingo talk about that. >> plus former trump campaign manager davi david bossie is going to join us. we have a busy hour right here on fox news channel. her salon was booked for weeks,
4:51 am
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and as history has proven over and over again, adversaries can indeed become friends. ainsley: president trump and kim jong un coming together committing to lasting peace as they sign their names on historic document. the civility a shining example to a divided america. so what county country learn from this to finally unite? hear to weigh in on this is executive director for unhyphenated america is christopher harris. christopher, great to see you. thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me, ainsley. ainsley: what can we take away from this if you could have the president of the united states meeting and becoming friends with the leader of north korea, even though we know what he is capable of what can we as a country learn from that unite. >> we are talking about the past. i'm old enough to remember the cold war. i actually grew up year seas
4:55 am
in germany during the cold war. i looked across the wall, the berlin wall into east germany. those were our hated enemies. we knew they were wanting to destroy us, but then you fast forward and here we now have a unified germany. of course germany was our enemy in world war ii. japan, used to the be our enemy. some of our greatest friend. germany and japan are the number three and number 4 largest economy in the world right now? and, you know, the same thing can happen with north korea. north korea and south korea, i think south korea is the 11th or 12th largest economy. they can become unified and they have more peace there. here's the thing. you have a very ugly past that you can get over, right? and the same thing can happen here in the united states of america. that's what we believe in with unhyphenated america. we don't believe that you should be held back by your past. you recognize the past, and even like president reagan said you trust but verify. we understand the past of
4:56 am
north korea. we are going to go forward with a little bit trust but verify everything they say before this friendship can really blossom. ainsley: i agree with that what grade would you give him. a lot of nay a critics sayin he is not very presidential. new read some of his tweets you will hear negative comments about that. what he did over the last 24 hours. he was very serious. what grade do you give him? do you think he lood presidential? >> absolutely. i'm on record as having not been someone who was a trump supporter. but here's the thing. i did say that when he was elected i said there is a couple things i hope he will do, one of them, of course, being to work with -- continue to crease national security. i mean, essentially that's -- and that's what he has done. i mean, everybody talked about oh he is so bellicose he is this or that. he is going to get us into a war. they said the same thing about ronald reagan. he became one of the greatest. do you know what? president trump is on track to become one of the greatest ever. so i ge him a solid a-plus. ainsley: all right. thank you so much, christopher, for joining us
4:57 am
have. a good one. >> thank you. ainsley: president trump sitting down with our own sean hannity for his first interview since the summit. we have that coming up next and plus david bossie and ben shapiro live. ♪ for adults with advanced non-small cell lung cancer, previously treated with platinum-based chemotherapy, . . . . who wouldn't want a chance to live longer. opdivo (nivolumab). over 40,000 patients have been prescribed opdivo immunotherapy. opdivo can cause your immune system to attack normal organs and tissues in your body and affect how they work. this may happen during or after treatment has ended, and may become serious and lead to death. see your doctor right away if you experience new or
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5:00 am
ainsley: straight to a fox news alert. that handshake is going to go down in history. overnight north korean dictator kim jong-un agreeing to complete denuclearization following meetings with president trump. steve: the two leaders signed the document with the world watching. there he is actually signing it. president trump says this is just the start. >> real change is indeed ssle. we're prepared to start a new history and we're ready to write a new chapter between our nations. brian: all right. he now is on his way back on air force one. the first u.s. president to come face-to-face with the leader of north korea. rich edson is live in singapore with what's next after the
5:01 am
meeting. rich, what is left behind? reporter: good morning, brian, steve, and ainsley. after this even more negotiations. the president and kim jong-un signed a framework. now the president said vigorous negotiations will continue to try to implement that agreement. president says north korea will move to completely dismantle its nuclear program quickly even though he acknowledges fulling doing so will take time. the agreement followed a 40 minute meeting between kim and their translators, hours of discussion with enzoo i don't remember staff and hours of negotiation. they promised to destroy nuclear missile sites and return servicemembers from the korean war. and sanctions will remain for now. >> sanctions will come off when we are sure that the nukes are
5:02 am
no longer a factor. sanctions played a big role. they will come off that point. i hope it will be soon but they will come off. as i said, the sanctions right now remain. at a certain point i actually look forward to taking them off. reporter: as for what north korea gets, the president says the united states and south korea will suspend joint military exercises. he also says he would like to eventually bring home the u.s. military forces from the region though he says that is not part of this discussion. the president has also invited kim to the white house. he says they may require another summit to complete this agreement. back to you. steve: thank you very much, rich. there was some suggestion a embassy could soon open in north korea for the united states. rich mentioned while they just signed that document, calling for the denuking, there was a lot of legwork done, diplomacy over the last couple weeks a fellow by the name of son kim, a
5:03 am
veteran diplomat, currently our ambassador to the philippines led five sessions with north korea over two weeks i the dmz. his legwork and legwork others got those two to the red carpet yesterday. ainsley: there was a reporter in the press conference at 4:00 a.m., asked him, what happens, mr. president, if they don't denuke, if they actually don't follow through with their promises, he said, i thought this was presidential of him and diplomatic toay, i don't want to go down that road. i don't want to impose threats. let's not think negatively. i truly believe we will work together and get it done. brian: don't have theord irrefirstable. don't have the verification system yet. working to commit towards complete denuclearization. unlike other sessions like this with major international impact, this is the beginning where there is a formal signing. this is not the end. even if you see some video of
5:04 am
gorbachev and reagan signing things, or bush and gorbachev signing things, there are huge books. this is a start. both sides don't trustach other. a whole country told their entire existence that we are the evil empire. so it will take a lot of deprogramming on their part. i understood when kim jong-un left his country, that was the first time his country was informed where he was going and what he was up to. ainsley: a lot of analysts to your point, brian, say, i hope he doesn't smile a lot shaking hands. because he could use that as propaganda in the country. the president didn't smile, very stoic. very measured. sean hannity before the press conference at 4:00 in the morning he got a one-on-one interview first time since they signed that. he talked about that a little bit. he sent clips over. he will run the full interview on his show tonight at 9:00.
5:05 am
here is one of the clips from the interview talking about the president and denuking of north korea. >> just think now we'll start the processf denuclearization of north korea. i believe he wilo back and start it virtually immediately and he already has indicated that. you look at what he has done. we got our hostagesk,hey have blown up one of their testing site, their primary testing se, some people say their only testing site. and document, which isn't in the document, getting rid of a missile testing site. 's aross and moving rapidly. steve: one of the things the president was asked during the press conference in the at 4:00 hour, why should we trust them because we've done deals with north korea in the past? they wound up faking it, taking money and running, still brewing up those things. he said this time it is different, a different process an different leaders.
5:06 am
the president also said, famously, in the last 48 hours that he can sight somebody up in the first one minute. and clearly he did with kim jong-un when they stepped together. they went behind closed doors. here he is telling sean hannity what happened. >> in the room alone and the subsequent talks with your team and their team, how honest, how brutal, what was said? o bring people into the room. >> so we got along very well. we got along from the beginning. we started off, he and myself and two interpreters. and from the beginning we got along. i made the statement, i said it before, i said it about a lot of different kinds of relationships, you can almost tell at beginning. >> could you tell at beginning? what was the first minute? >> no, i felt very good at the beginning. i talked about we have to denuke. this country has to be denuked. he understood that, he fullied
5:07 am
into it. he didn't fight it. brian: the problem we don't know exactly what he has. it will depend on candor on north korea's part neither which they are known more. i think we've been, more americans have been on the moon than have been in north korea. there is a lot they have to discover. the other thing they have the ability to enrich plutonium and uranium and a bunch of people know how to do it. if they legitimately stop doing it, you wonder what will happen to the scientists, where do they go? as they export workers to work around tld at menial jobs, maybe they could export scientists to get paid a lot of money to bring that money back. these are some of the fears down the line. there are a lot of craters in our way but at least we're on our way. ainsley: our intelligence community i think knows what they're leading on based on what the president said last night. he asked kim jong-un to close the miss sell engine testing site. we know exactly where it is.
5:08 am
it gives off a lot of heat, we have excellent equipment to determine where these facilities are. >> keep in mind at the negotiating table, you have mike pompeo, current secretary of state, last job he was top spy in the world. he knows where all the stuff, knows what the conventional wisdom in the intel community is regarding where these things are. the other thing the president of the united states was very clear talking a little bit about otto warmbier and he apparently, they did talk a little bit about him, otto, with kim, and that particular case really focused the world's attention on north korea and what a brutal dictatorship it was. this is what the president said regarding otto who died when he came back to the united states. >> otto warmbier is a very special person and he will be for a long time in my life. his parents are good friends of mine. i think without otto this would not have happened.
5:09 am
something happened from that day, it was a terrible thing, it was brutal, but a lot of people started to focus on what was going on, including north korea. i really think that ott is someone who did not die in vain. i told this to his parents, a special young man. have t say, special parents, special people. otto did not die in vain. he had a lot to do with us being here today. brian: he was tortured and basically brought back in a coma and died a couple weeks later. the, world whether you like the united states or not, everyone knows this is college kid that didn't deserve to be in prison let alone to lose his life to a brutal regime who had no problem doing it even though we're a superpower. that is where where the rubber hit the road with many. ainsley: if president sits down
5:10 am
with him or mike pompeo sits down with his counterpart in north koa, i hope they ask more questions. you are wondering these three hostages came home safely, why didn't otto? what did they do over there? brian: the other thing about human rights, the president said we did bring it up, didn't dwell a lot on that, if they do something like that to somebody from another country imagine what they're doing to their own people. 200,000 people, i imagine like the killing fields when you open the cover on that coury. steve: the headline this morning is they have agreed to pull the plug on the nuke program. we don't know a lot of the details but nonetheless it is historic because our president sat down across the table from somebody who runs north korea and that is a first. ainsley: another reason why we're glad to live in this country where it is safe. let's happened it over to jillian who has more headlines fos. jillian: good morning to you, let's start with fox news alert.
5:11 am
president trump's chief economic advisor is recovering from a mild heart attack. larry kudlow is expected to make a good recovery. four young children are dead after a day-long standoff with a gunman who shot a cop. orlando police say gary waned lindsey also shot himself. he is father of two of the children. a police officer who was shot responding to the initial call is recovering. deadline day for the justice department. the house intelligence committee demand they hand over documents related to the russian probe. it concerns a fbi informant who collected information on the trump campaign. devin nunez says refusing to allow congress to review the documents is obstruction of a lawful investigation. those are you headlines. head back to you. steve: thank you very much. brian: president trump said he had tough talk to bring north korea to the negotiating table. >> other administrations, i don't want to get specific on that they had a policy of
5:12 am
silence. the rhetoric, i hated t do it, but we had no choice. brian: david bossie here to react. ainsley: will the left or the media finally give president trump credit for this historic meeting? we'll debate that coming up. ♪ security: thank you. ♪ uh! ♪ can we fix this phone tonight? it's really slow. you can turn off the performance management feature. battery throttling. or you could just upgrade it. ♪ the super fast galaxy s9. available now.
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brian: from fire and fury to this historic summit, president trump weighing in on the tough rhetoric that finally brought kim jong-un to the table. >> other administrations, i don't want to get specific on that but they had a policy of silence. if they said something very bad, very threatening and horrible, just don't answer. so i think the rhetoric, i hated to do it, sometimes i felt foolish doing it, but we had no choice. brian: fox news contributor dad bossie, former deputy campaign manager with the president. been seeing him pretty regularly lately. could author of, let trump be trump, joins us right now to react. first off the president's mind-set going into this, i know he likes big moments, watch him during the debate and things like that, the inauguration, that moment when he shakes his hand, pull up second, almost like heavyweight fight, caulk down the colonnade and sit down for 41 minutes have a
5:17 am
one-on-one. can you talk about what may have come up about the president's mind-set going in and what you saw going out? >> first of all this president is the biggest game-time player i have ever been around and ever seen in my political life. he is a man who rises to the occasion, whatever that is. whether it is debating "crooked hillary" during the campaign, or since. and by the way, the g7 was another time where he rose up to say america first. so he has a pattern and practice of being a strong leader. that is what helped him get to the table with president kim jong-un last night. brian: so we have, we really have a broad statement of intent, which is fine, the united states will commit to establish relations in accordance with the desire of the people of the two countries. the united states will jon efforts to enable a lasting, stable, peace regime with north korea. work towards complete
5:18 am
denuclearization and of course work to find the pow/mia remains from the korean war from 1950 to 1953. broad statement. now, how much pressure on the president, how much pressure on his people to work from here? >> first i jus want to say that nikki haley and secretary pompeo clearly did an amazing job and needs to be recognized as the preparation, the groundwork that was laid for yesterday's summit was clearly down to the detail and done incredibly well. so that's first and foremost, and those are the people, secretary pompeo leading, will be the person who isoing to be responsible for moving forward. our peace through strength now becomes reagan's trust but verify, right? we're going to see what they do and act accordingly. and i think that's, that's where we're headed and the president said this is going to a rapid
5:19 am
secession of movements and activities on their part and we're going to see in a matter of weeks and months, i think very quickly what president trump was talking about in our victory, meaning what we're trying to attain, world peace. peace in north korea, peace on the korean peninsula. brian: right. >> and through its denuclearization is a uncredible achievement. and i'm incredibly optimistic but i'm cautiously optimistic. brian: right. so real quick critics who were criticizing this, if it ends here they're right, but if they criticize now and it continues now on the up ramp towards and agreement they will have egg all over their face. that is their risk. >> they already do, brian. barack obama was handed the nobel peace prize for having done exactly nothing. he did nothing before he got the peace prize. he did nothing in the seven 1/2 years after he got it. this president doesn't care about those things. this president cares about
5:20 am
results and securing america's future. so, look, whether it's ben rhodes on another network who just completely, you know, looked like an incompetent - d last night it isoge yeste embarrassing for them. they hate, ben rhodes and his counterparts hate this president more than they love this country and it is proven day after day. brian: i'm starting to think robert de niro doesn't like the president either, i have a source that has a tv and watched the tonys. david bossie, thanks so much. >> thanks for having me. brian: historic, exciting time. straight ahead will the left or the media finally give president trump any credit for the meeting coming off or they continue to rip him? ben shapiro joins us live to talk about that coming up. ♪ we had long deployments in iraq. i'm really grateful that usaa
5:21 am
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♪ of the. >> hope you're having a good morning so far. welcome back. we'll have the latest on singapore summit in a few minutes, here are some other stories making headlines. house lawmakers begin voting on series of bills aimed on fighting the nation's opioid crisis. they address the distribution of prescription drugs, speed up research on non-addictive painkillers and make treatment more red -- readi available. a judge set to rule in a doj lawsuit over the 85 billion-dollar of merger of at&t and time warner. the justice department says the merger would hurt consumers by raising prices. ainsley. ainsley: thanks, jillian. first sitting president ever to meet with a north korean leader but will president trump finally
5:25 am
get credit for the historic milestone. >> some of the press say he is meeting with them, a major loss. i said since when? others wanted to, it never worked out. it probably never could have worked out. but we really have gotten a lot. ainsley: here to debate this is rnc spokesperson kayleigh mcenany and fox news contributor jessica tarlov. thanks, ladies. you're welcome. kayleigh, what did you think? >> this is a historic night, ainsley. you mentioned you kept waking up every few hours to see what was happening. abc interrupted their prime time coverage t was exciting thing to watch and history was made. it is incredible that the mainstream media can always find a way to sink to new negative lows. if i flipped over to some other networks that there is no way they could possibly put a negative spin on this but they did. and it's wrong. if you're rooting against this deal and appears some in the media were by their coverage, you're not only rooting against
5:26 am
america, you're rooting against peace, you're rooting against the free world. this president deserves credit. he made history and the world is safer for it. ainsley: do you agree with her, jessica, new lows for the network? >> definitely not new lows. i was bummed out "the bachelorette" got interrupted. we have that in common, kayleigh. every network, every journalist, reporter, agrees history was made. the concerns are what actually is going to happen. if you look at the nuts and bolts what we've seen so far, this is watered down version what we had in 2005 with george w. bush. there is a lot o hypocrisy going on certainly about president obama who wanted to normalize relations with cuba, many people, even people on this panel for instance, were critical of him for going there and meeting with a murderous dictator. now this is apparently just fine to be meeting with kim jong-un calling him a very talented man, et cetera, after you just finished bashing justin trudeau who is one of our greatest allies up there in canada. there is cautious optimism.
5:27 am
i think we need to see what north korea is actually going to do and commit to. right now we don't have anything formalized at this point. we know what we're going to do in stopping military exercises with south korea or war games as president trump likes to put it, but we need to know exactly what nuclear site, if it is one they already blew up, that doesn't do us any good. what steps t denuclearization they're going to take, historic indeed. ainsley: kayleigh, what does it mean for midterms and 2020 for the president? >> it means a lot. i think republicans will soar to victory and president will too in 2020 he is achieving history at record rates. those of us critical of president obama and president clinton, we were critical because they showed weakness on the world stage. president obama planting a flag in cuba, getting nothing in return. barreling over 1.8 billion in cash to iranians, getting nothing in return, a very weak deal. north korea, paving way for them to get nuclear weapons.
5:28 am
compare that to this president, in three months he announced the meeting on march 8th, three months we have release of three u.s. has damages, destruction of a nuclear test site. now the vowing to destroy a missile test site.return of their lives in the korean war. that is history, three months. this president is unstoppable. >> first of all three prisoners that were returned two taken under president trump's watch. that is talking point doesn't count. >> that does count. >> we don't have any actual concessions from the north koreans at this point. kim jong-un got his photo-op. president trump got his. he admitted i don't know if he is telling the truth. we'll find out in six months. i'm not sure if i will tell you i really thought it was going to work what was to happen. wishy-washiness we're used to hearing from president trump. he wanted this i'm hopeful we can reach a diplomatic solution, history made, case closed, this is done, better than obama is just unfair. >> it is better than obama. guess what we didn't not barrel
5:29 am
over 1.billion in cash it north koreans. >> we gave them legitimate photo-op. can women women. more than 1.8 million without any -- ainsley: all right. thanks, ladies. thanks for being with us. >> you're welcome. ainsley: sanctions will stay in despite the agreement with kim jong-un. how will markets react when they open about an hour from now? ben shapiro was skeptical about this historic meeting. what does i think of it now that it is going to happen? he joins us live next. ♪ ubstitute for real ones. feel the clarity. and live claritin clear. your hair is so soft! did you use head and shoulders two in one? i did mom. wanna try it? yes. it intensely moisturizes your hair and scalp and keeps you flake free. manolo? look at my soft hair. i should be in the shot now too.
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try head and shoulders two in one.
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5:32 am
>> i think we're now going to start the process of denuclearization of north korea and, i believe that he is going back and will start it virtually immediately. and he already indicated that. you look at what he has done. so we got our hostages back but
5:33 am
they have blown up one of their sites, their testing sites, their primary testing sites. in fact some people say their only testing sites, to get rid after missile that wasn't in the document, afterwards they're getting rid of a missile testing site. they're doing so much. it's a process and really moving rapidly. steve: rapidly is good. that is an excerpt from sean hannity's exclusive cable interview you see 9:0 tonight eastern time. let's bring in ben shapiro, editor-in-chief of the daily wire, syndicated columnist, host of "the ben shapiro show." >> how are you? steve: we saw history. first time an american president ever exchanged words with any leader from north korea. now they start the detail-light process of denuking north korea. what's your major concern? >> major concern is that if you thought of the flag that was next to the america flag, as
5:34 am
nazi flag asth korean flag, everybody would see concern. this is slave state with 25 million prisoners and gulag system. the president is praise for the dictator of north korea is disquieting. here is reality, diplomacy a tactic, not an outcome, triumphalism so many places everybody is excited president trump met with kim, that is not justified by the outcome yet. maybe it will be. maybe president trump got serious concessions out of the kim familyt the first time, virtually every other president failed that. the piece of paper that was signed is frankly weak. it was not a strong piece of paper. if what trump said in interview with sean we'll all be celebrating. i want to see if that ends up being correct there. is no history of this family not ever lying to the west. ainsley: he wants to make fired three of his dad's hard-liners, seems to be taking advice from other people, instead of the people that ran the awful regime before.
5:35 am
clearly this guy has killed family members. you're right about the 25 million. what does the president need to do to try to change his mind-set so that he takes all of these people out of capvity and treats them fairly and feeds them? >> frankly i think best thing the president has done thus far all of the strength leading up to this particular summit, not the actual summit itself. when president trump was demonstrating full-scale he was willing to do whatever is necessary to order to denuclearization the peninsula, to insure north korea eventually translates into a place with human rights that is better than patting kim jong-un back. i don't know why we have a summit with the president of the united states shaking hand with a dictate or and thumbs up, we're the freest country in the history of the world, putting flag of freest country in the history of the world next to evil dictatorship. this guy is tin pot dictator, treating him as a leader is
5:36 am
wrong. i'll be happy to admit i'm wrong on your air as soon as all the things president trump promises come to past. brian: the tradition is, you go ahead, you have your secretary of state and undersecretary of state work out this deal. when you show up, you have a huge book, they open it up, and sign it. it is the last day. this president doing everything different from day one. i don't think i have to explain that to his biggest fan or his biggest critic. one thing he is doing different, break the use of 70 years, start with the meeting work our way backwards. >> a lot of this faith based. if president trump done this i would be crushing him today. president trump has done this and we'll have to see how it comes out in the wash because the fact is that president trump has not been as weak in negotiation, not nearly as weak in negotiation as president obama was. the outcome will determi whether was historic turning point or whether this was a debacle. steve: after his press conference he was ask heed if you can't fair vie, they might cheat, what are you going to do.
5:37 am
he said i'm not going to talk about that right now. he said i'm willing to do anything to save the lives of 30 million people. so, his heart is in the right place but you're right, the verification thing is, is still a vast gray area that we do not know how that will work. >> exactly. my feeling here is that. again, the president could have said all these things without necessarily going and being so kind to kim himself but, maybe the president is right. you know, it is possible. he obviously bases these sorts of negotiations on personal relationships. he forged a good personal relationship with kim jong-un. i'm deeply skeptical of kim jong-un and president trump will be bestties, that this will suddenly change the world. i'm happy to be wrong. for the thousandth time with president trump happy to be proved wrong but i can't be super optimistic seeing what i'm seeing, president is praising on the stage this guy who is evil as this guy. ainsley: what do you think happened to otto warmbier.
5:38 am
that he didn't die in vain, if the world had not seen what happened to otto. what do you think happened to him? >> he was beaten to death by north korean prison guards. the north korean is a brutal dictatorial slave state. ainsley: the other three came back safely, now his family, they're left to wonder why did you do that to our precious child? >> yeah, i mean, i wish i had some sort of vision why that happened but if the president really wants to make sure otto warmbier didn't die in vain, it is incumbent to be harsh as humanly possible on kim regime rather than hand-holding, giving thumbs up. i don't think he deserves the trump thumbs up yet. brian: they're a bizarre country in north korea the president always said, lindsey graham backed him up, one way or another this will get solved in the first term. hire it will be peaceful way or through conflict, this current situation can no longer exist. the -- status quo doesn't work. they need to understand the military threat.
5:39 am
do you buy that? >> they certainly need to understand the military threat which why i hope the president's word in the last 24 hours ratcheting down military exercise and he made comments in the press conference pulling troops off the peninsula, that is exactly opposite what we ought to talk about with regard to north koreans. the reason they're coming to the table because president trump is a fist inside the velvet glove. if you take away the fist all that is left is empty glove. steve: he s war games would korea will stay for now. south >> yep. steve: thank you very much. >> thanks.rom l.a. ainsley: hand it over to jillian with more headlines for us. jillian: good morning to you. two teens are underarrest after police foiled plans to carry out deadly attack at a high school prom. 18-year-old, michael kohlmann and insidefied 1-year-old found with semi-automatic rifle where the prom was taking place. they have no affiliation with
5:40 am
the bayside high school. police started watching them after they watch bought prom tickets. former senate intelligence staffer will be charged with lying to investigators about his contacts with reporters. wolfe turned himself into the fbi as part of ongoing investigation into government leaks. former president george h.w. bush will celebrate his 94th birthday. relaxing at his home in maine days after being released from a hospital where he was treated for low blood pressure. several of his children are in town to celebrate including former president george w. bush. wish him a happy birthday. ainsley: always do. thank you. steve: coming up on this tuesday, president trump says sanctions will stay in place despite the agreement with north korea's kim jong-un. so how will the markets react when they open this morning? we'll find out next. brian: our panel is back to share their final thoughts on the historic summit and what developed since both leaders left singapore.
5:41 am
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5:44 am
>> the people of korea, north and south, are profoundly talented but to realize their amazing destiny, to reunite their national family, menace of nuclear weapons will now be removed. in the meantime the sanctions will remain in effect. steve: got president trump j about four hours ago making america's message to north korea very clear, sanctions, in place, until the nukes gone. ainsley: here to weigh in on this kristina partsineveloss from the fox business network. she joins us. just joined the fox family a few >> 2 1/2 months ago. ainsley: eight weeks ago. >> good morning. ainsley: what is your reaction to the sanctions, that will stay in place? >> these sanctions have been in place over a decade.
5:45 am
you have a population of 25 million, the size of pennsylvania. a lot of people say they are in dire, poverty, famine. the economy is doing a little better because kim jong-un t up slightly. think of market stalls everywhere. there is no selling of markets online. they do have stalls because of porous border with china. you have goods going into the country, but economic sanctions, definitely, definitely, hit the country hard. they're not able to bring in as much oil. they are not able to export as much coal and other products. so that has been hurting the country. going forward, president trump said today, he is going to keep those sanctions in place until the nukes are dealt with. so that's the clarification part that we needed, how will they go through the verification process with getting rid of missiles, nuclear tests. steve: that is to the president's credit. that is the incentive for north korea to denuke as quickly as possible. otherwise they continue with
5:46 am
onerous sanctions clamping down on them although you said porous border with china, that really means china is kind of cheating. >> china, there is officials came out today, they may ease off on international auctions that came out today too, that is china taking a step back, we'll open up our borders again possibly. that is a big deal, 90% of trade, 90% of north korea's trade is with china. that is huge opening. steve: sure. >> however talking about north korea, it's a positive they're signing the agreement, at same time go back in history. north korea, its track record is not very good when it comes to signing deals. they have broken a lot, went ahead with miss till tests. matter trust. steve: gotcha. world reaction, markets? >> muted. not many details in the agreement signed. they're expecting a positive hand sheikh. they are expecting a meeting. there weren't as many details when the denuclearization process would happen.
5:47 am
overall markets we saw futures down this morning. covering this all morning. right now. mo, swings that will happen, we have the federal reserve meeting today. results tomorrow, whether we'll see hiking interest rates. if we see hike in interest rates, that could affect cost of your car loans, that could affect cost of your mortgage. ainsley: will that happen? >> big consensus right now -- ainsley: buy a house today. >> going up a quarter of a percentage point, ever so slightly. that is helping cool down the growing economy. steve: kristina, thank you very much. welcome to the couch. >> thank you. steve: coming up on this tuesday, our power panel is back with their final thoughts on today's historic summit. brian: let's check this with bill hemmer find out what is coming up on his three-hour show. >> great morning. i know you guys have been on since 2:00. well-done. what a morng we had. what did we give, what did we get. newt gingrich and cast of
5:48 am
thousands analyze. ronna mcdaniel is here. day two for new studio, new format. great group today. our headliner is steve scalise. come join sandra and me in ten minutes. we'll see you then. 9:00 to noon coming up.
5:49 am
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5:51 am
>> we got a lot more done today than i ever thought possible. and he's going back, he's now headed back and he, i think he is going back to get this done. he wants to get it done. you hear the whole thing about his father and other administrations or his grandfather, the fact is, he brings that up, but they weren't dealing with me. they were dealing with different people. steve: we are back again with our panel. a former spokesperson for the u.s. mission to the united
5:52 am
nations. she is right there screen left. morgan ortega, go ahead and wave, is a former state department press officer. there she is. figure that out. state department under president obama. start with you, while there are a lot of gray areas regarding the details, what is your main concern regarding this? >> my main concern the details haven't been worked out yet. this is important move. it's a big deal. it is significant. it us historic but we don know totally what we're getting in exchange. we've done this backwards, right? president trump approached this like a businessman, not a statesman. he made a commitment as two ceos would, and let the experts hammer it out. i think that will be fine. between that, and fact i don't think north korea will hoed up their end of the bargain -- steve: you don't? >> they haven't in the past.
5:53 am
i think kim jong-un will try to have their cake and eat it too. that is not unlike syria, iran. united states can slap more sanctions in a moment. brian: morgan, think the president is under the impression that kim jong-un will do something right away so, to relief the sanctions or they have a wink and a nod dial, do you sense there will be something there that will be a big pull out or tractor? we've seen explosions. we're not impressed. we're not buying it. we have to see something dug up. libyan, ukraine or south african style, do you agree? >> i totally agree. we need a good faith action before we make any concessions. the north koreans are ones that made concessions to get to the table, bringing back hostages and stopping testing i think has been around seven months. so i think, you know, some of the things the president put on the table like potentially scaling back our military activities in south korea or even our troops that part is concerning for me, not as it relates to north korea but how
5:54 am
it relates to china. everything is about nuclear capabilities. brian: they would love the exercises to end. >> the big battle will be over the south china sea continually. the thing we're not talking about which we alluded to, steve, early this morning we're not tal abohe biggest thing, even than nuclear weapons, what happens in cyberspace. north korea is incredibly sophisticated. i'm worried about nuclear weapons. i'm more worried about the cyber impact. ainsley: david, i want to ask you, the president said, i know you worked for president obama's campaign, and he said last night or this morning, i was watching last night and this morning, this morning in the press conference the president said i'm doing what no president before me was able to do. this is not a knock specifically on obama, because past presidents were not able to do this either. what is your response to this, president obama, president clinton, president bush, what are they thinking this morning? >> this amazing year if you
5:55 am
think about it. one the president trump's best moments when he highlighted a north korean dissident, walked out of north korea, the dissident brought the crutches, head them up, recognized him in the audience. we've come a long way since then. there have been ups and downs some of presi t's tweets were not helpful. the leader of north korea did missile testing. he also tested a nuclear weapon. those were low points. we're at a high point right now. i agree with you, president obama, past presidents didn't quite get here. they probably could have met with the north korean leader but i don't think there would have been as much goodwill as there was coming out of this meeting. we just have the north korean leader coming out of the fold, coming back into the tinner national community coming out into the open. that is positive. we need real reform bit north korean leader. we haven't seen that yet. steve: ultimately people are waking up this morning, they're wondering am i safer today than
5:56 am
i was yesterday? >> i think so. it is a positive step, right? you were talking about seven decade of animosity and situation of war, right? so, my simple answer is yes. but again, i'm going to go back to trust and verify. i will lean even more on the verify part. brian: what people have to understand, there is no tomorrow. back to the old way is not going to work. if he doesn't do anything, president trump is alienated politically and internationally. they're back to living in poverty. >> we kicked the can down the road for decade on this. we've had other pressing national security things. we've been fighting al qaeda. we've been fighting isis. i'm not blaming past presidents for their other focus. now it is here because they do have the capabilities to head the homeland. hit us into cyber space. steve: this has been a great panel. thank you very much. they all came to work yesterday. ainsley: go get some sleep. brian: more "fox & friends" in just a moment. ♪
5:57 am
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6:00 am
>> that concludes our four-hour telecast. >> what wonderful guests we had today. a bews day. >> if you have to run from the tv run to the radio. that's where i'm going. [♪] >> bill: 9:00 in new york city. good morning. a ground-breaking move that may change the course of history. 25 hours in singapore, north korea agreeing in principle to ged -- get rid of the nuclear stockpile. i'm bill hemmer. how are you. >> sandra: i'm sandra smith. president trump and kim jong-un taking part in an historic meeting and working towards complete denuclearization. one thing


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