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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  June 12, 2018 6:00am-8:59am PDT

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>> that concludes our four-hour telecast. >> what wonderful guests we had today. a bews day. >> if you have to run from the tv run to the radio. that's where i'm going. [♪] >> bill: 9:00 in new york city. good morning. a ground-breaking move that may change the course of history. 25 hours in singapore, north korea agreeing in principle to ged -- get rid of the nuclear stockpile. i'm bill hemmer. how are you. >> sandra: i'm sandra smith. president trump and kim jong-un taking part in an historic meeting and working towards complete denuclearization. one thing appears clear, change
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could be coming. >> it's my honor to address the people of the world following this very historic summit with chairman kim jong-un. this is complete denuclearization of north korea. and it will be verified. in the meantime, the sanctions will remain in effect. the sanctions will come off when we are sure the nuke are -- nu nukes are no longer a factor. >> there's one problem in north korea and another huge problem is the horrible record they have on human rights. was that discussed at all? >> yes, it was discussed. it will be discussed more future. we've gotten a lot so when i hear somebody in the media say that president trump h agreed to meet like it's not a big deal to meet. think we should meet on a lot of different topics not just this one and i really believe a lot of great things can happen.
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>> bill: we have a lot to get through in the next three hours. the two leaders holding several meetings and questions what is next after the summit. and for that let's begin live in singapore. he >> reporter: good morning, bill. the president of the states and leader of north korea have met. that's the first time that has . a 40-minute discussion between the two today and their translators and later they brought in senior staff for several hours of discussions. that and previous months of diplomacy produced a framework and mike pompeo and other officials will leave what the president calls vigorous negotiations with north korea to implement the orth korea will work to completely demantle the nuclear program and return mission american service members from the korean war.
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it leads to future discussions, specifics on how and when it will surrender their weapons. the president said it's worth taking the opportunity. >> our eyes are wide open but peace is always worth the effort. this should have been resolved a long time ago but we're revolving it now. chairman kim has the chance to seize an incredible future for his people. anyone can make war but only the most courageous can make peace. >> reporter: in change, the president said the united states and south korea will suspend joint military exercises and said he would like to eventually bring home military forces from the region though that's not part of these discussions. the president has also invited kim jong-un to the white house and said there will likely need to be another summit to resolve other issues. >> bill: thank you, rich. sandra. >> sandra: meanwhilresident
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ump announcew about his agreement with north korea include pause in joint military exercises in neighboring south korea amid negotiation. a spokesperson for u.s. forces tells us no orders have be issued yet. luc lucas tomlinson is live. >> reporter: the pentagon has all called the joint exercises with south korea defensive in nature and president trump says for now all the u.s. military troops will remain in south koro hold. >> we will be stopping the war games which will save us a tremendous amount of money unless and until we seehe future negotiation is not going along like it should. but we'll be saving a tremendous amount of money plus, i think it's very provocative. >> reporter: in a statement, a u.s. spokesman for u.s. forces
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in korea said, quote, they've receive nod -- received no updated guide in coordination with south korean partners we'll continue with our current military posture untile receive updated guidance. they'll continue in japan where the u.s. military has roughly twice as manytroops, roughly 50,000. the navy has 70 war ships and home to the seventh fleet. long-range b-52 bombers will continue training flights from guam. potent the potential any withdrawal of the troops will be an issue between president trump and southnt moon. and we learned president trump has spoken to his counterpart in south korea, president moon and he said in the press conference in singapore he wants to bring the u.s. troops home from south
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korea. the pentagon will be work the white house on next steps, sandra. >> sandra: lucas tomlinson at the pentagon, thank you. >> bill: and steven hayes a fox news contributor with us in new york. what a night it has been. haven't shut off the tv all evening and morning long. size it up. >> i'm skeptical to start off. i think the president used a lot of language to declare, kim jong-un, unlike his predecessors is serious and will denuclearize and he said in interviews and didn't provide much backup or tell us why we should believe this is different than what we have seen from north korea over the past three decades. >> bill: this is the sound bite about having a good feeling and from the news conference at
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atch. president trump in w ant tmake aeal. that's what i do. my whole life i've done deals. i've been great at it. that's what i do. i know when somebody wants and deal and some politicians don't. that's not their thing. i just feel veryy. my instinct or ability or talent, they want to make a deal. >> bill:hateal begins today. and this is the first agreement in the deal. if you read this communique by justin trudeau over the weekend, what it expresses to me, i believe -- and i'll talk to newt gingrich about this, they're scared of the u.s. military. you watch for a while and tell me how i'm doing and if you're okay w to the next step. i believe the conn in singapore comes down to that idea. >> yeah, look, these military
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exercises the president is talking about weren't scheduled until next spring anyway. in that sense it's not the concession it may seem. i was disturb language the president used though. he called the war exercises games provocative which is problematic. >> bill: and you can argue when the exercises will happen. one was scheduled a month ago and was carried out to a degree and curtail by the fly-overs by u.s. capable nuclear bombers could be happening 24 hours a day but we don't know it but chairman kim may know it. he came to the meeting thig the united states military has me in their osshairs i'm going back off that pressure. >> there's in doubt the military inhis along with the ed ae
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president's rhetoric in bringing kim jong-un to the table. we didn't see much to make us think we should treat this differently from the promises north koreans have broken now going back to the early 1990s. >> bill: so you're not convinced much has changed in terms of his posture? >> i'm not. look, the president said this is different, he trusts kim jong-un. he's given us little reason to trust him. >> bill: any relationship, even upon you and me meeting for the first time begins with a handshake and conversation and you size me up and i size you up and we continue our relationship or not and that's what they start. >> and we can feel good that mike pompeo is now in charge of the details and bring inning -- bringing inspectors to the
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peninsula. fit can be done -- if can be done mike pompeo can do it. >> bill: thank you, sir. sandra. >> sandra: and president trump recalling the death of ohio student otto warmbier after his detention in north korea saying his plight helped bring a new focus to the regime and ultimately led to the historic summit. >> bill: i think without otto, this would not have happened. something happened from that it was a terrible thing. it was brutal but people start to focus on what was going on including north korea. i really think otto is someone who did not die in vain. >> sandra: warmbier's parents have not commented publicly on the summit and had already filed a lawsuit against north korea over the death of their son. >> bill: they've gone through
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too much for any family to handle. the president's right about that. it seemed to be the focus of the world went back on this issue. >> sandra: and with his parents prior to the president heading out to the summit and echoed similar statements. >> bill: we have peter king, former house speaker newt gingrich followed by the former team insiders cory lewandowski and former hillary clinton adviser and then louisiana congressman steve scalise will be our headliner. we have a lot of to talk to about him in being grateful in the past year. >> sandra: and he's heading out to the ball field later in the week since the shooting one year ago. >> bill: and other news, the justice department hits a deadline on the fbi's alleged informant looking into the trump
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campaign. more coming up here. >> sandra: and a health scare for the president's top economic adviser. we'll update you on larry kudlow's condition after he suffers a heart attack. >> bill: pulling for you. and president trump defending his imposed tariffs on allies. rnc chairwoman coming up live. >> the picture with angela merkel where i'm sitting there like this, that picture is we're waiting for the document because i wanted to see the final dont as changed by the changes i requested. it was friendly. i know it didn't look friendly. you're turning onto the street when you barely clip a passing car. minor accident-no big deal, right? wrong. your insurance company is gonna raise your rate after the other car got a scratch so small you coulda fixed it with a pen. maybe you should te that pen and use it
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>> bill: the white house giving an >> sandra: thete house giving an update on larry kudlow saying he suffered a mild heart attack. officials say kudlow is in good condition at walter reid medical center and doctors expect a full and speedy recovery. >> i had a very good meeting with the g-7. i'll be honest, we're being taken advantage of by virtually every one of those countries. canada does have big advantages over us in terms of trade deficits and it's very unfair to our farmers and the people of our country and we have to have a little balance. >> bill: that was in singapore where president trump was taking questions on the g-7 feud from over the weekend express how
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long he's trying to level the playing field and ronna mcdaniel. i want to go through this and i want your reaction to north korea and talk about primary states. we have a lot to go through. here's the president talking about justin trudeau and their little public spat. watch. >> i left it was friendly. when i got out to the plate i think justin probably didn't know air force has about 20 televisions and i see the television and he's giving a news conference how he will not be pushed around by the united states and i say, push him around? we just shook hands. it was very friendly. >> bill: 20 tvs give or take a few. how do we resolve this? >> the president is right in asking for fair trade and ocal trade w each is dealt with fairly. we have been running trade deficits with countries across the world including canada. this is something he campaigned
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on. i'm not going to let america enter into deals any longer that aren't benefitting our people and country. >> bill: okay. do you have 20 tvs in your house? >> no, thank goodness. what are we >> bill: what are we to make of singapore? >> historic, unprecedented and shows our president is a true leader. president trump came in to a world in disarray under president obama we became weaker. president obama did not deal with north korea. he didn't deal with syria when he set the red line and then didn't act when syria crossed the red line and we looked at the iran deal and many things coming out now with the obama administration trying to funnel currencies through american banks and president trump said no more. i'm going to show the world what america is again.
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we're not going to be taken advantage of and we'll be tough but try to diffuse the situations happening across the world. and north korea become nuclear power was a huge issue. and what happened yesterday was amazing. >> bill: it was extraordinary. you think about where the leaders were four or six months ago and the language exchanged. critics are going through the language and parsing the language of the communiquey signed and said there's not enough specifics. are we to accept that for now and the two shook hands, they met, it was cordial and neither one stormed away from singapore. your view on that. >> everybody should be championing what happened yesterday and hoping for a continual good relationship between the united states and north korea and obviously south and north korea. it's interesting to see democrats already criticizing the president.
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they were sure thrilled when president obama dealt with fidel castro. i think there's some hypocrisy from democrats but it's good for the world and our country and the president got here because he was tough. because of tough sanctions. because of talking to north korea in a way they knew the united states meant business we're now in a place where we're brokering peace and it's a historic time andshould all be applauding president trump. >> bill: you have a primary in maine, north carolina, south dakota and virginia. >> we've seen good turnouts. i'll look at turnouts in nevada. north dakota we'll set our field. kramer will go against hitecamp and it's a best chance to flip a seat in the senate. >> bill: ronna mcdaniel.
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thank you. >> sandra: speaking of the primaries, there are five states voting today so how will today's historic event shape the critical midterm elections come november. >> bill: and the handshake seen around the world. the grip, there it is. why the president said he believes north korea will follow through with the words that were shared. >> the ultimate objective we seek from north korea has not changed the complete, verifiable and irreservable denuclearize is the only outcome we'll accept.
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>> bill: new information we're learning what happened inside the singapore summit. president trump speaking earlier today with sean hannity telling
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him what it was like it sit down with chairman king. >> howhonest, how brutal? what was said. try to bring people in the room. >> we start offered he and myself and two interpreters and from the beginning we got along. i made the statement before and i said it about different relationships you can tell at the beginning. >> did you tell at the beginning? >> i felt very good at the beginning and i talked about we have to denuke -- the country has to be denuked and he fully understood it. >> bill: there's a lot more in the interview you'll see tonight in prime time with sean in singapore. >> sandra: he said all along he'd know in the first minute or two how the meeting would go and the handshake alone last about a minute. >> bill: then have you the thumb shot. >> sandra: the thumb's up.
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meanwhile, voters in five states are heading to the polls and the gubernatorial race stealing the spotlight especially in nevada where two democrats are duking it out. jonathan hunt is live in las vegas. good morning to you. >> good morning, sandra. very tough fight on the democratic side. two leading candidates one 63-year-old former teacher chris june tilioni the more progressive and in a bizarre subplot she recently revealed she's the survivor of sexual abuse having been accused as being soft on sexual predators by her opponent and can understand ordinary voters. listen here. >> if you want to governor people you have to know where
6:27 am
they live, where their sidewalks or churches or tes and mosques. what makes their community. i'm the only one out there doing it. >> reporter: her primary opponent is steve sisilac and touts himself as the experience to get things done and like every candidate he is also trying to figure out how to deal with the specter of the trump presidency. >> i'm not arguing against myself or my opponent. it's >> reporter: it's a tight race but whoever comes through will win the governorship for the democrat for what would be the first time this century. >> sandra: not as much response on the republican side, right?
6:28 am
>> reporter: no response at a and the attorney general is confident getting through the primary he'll go on to win in november. he's dismissing all the talk you're hearing of the so-called blue wave. listen here. >> there is no blue wave here. it doesn't exist. in fact we're looking forward to a red wave. >> reporter: confident you'll be the next governor of nevada? >> we feel confident about the race. >> reporter: there's one other credible candidate on republican side, dan schwarts, currently the state treasurer and he's not given up yet. >> i think my opponent is a weak candidate. he's raised a ton of money. we've raised a fraction of that. i'm not saying it's a lock but i think we stand a pretty good
6:29 am
chance. >> reporter: and the polls open here in just about 30 minutes. they'll close 12 hours later, 7:00 p.m. pacific time and we'll bring you the results with shannon bream later. >> sandra: five states heading to the polls today. thank you. >> bill: the big story of the day president trump sayg he wants to unify the north and south. what's the reaction from seoul on the deal reached in singapore and what could it mean for them. we'll look live. >> sandra: and emotional reaction from former nba player dennis rodman, who also was in singapore during the summit. >> bill: something else. we'll play it for you. and mike pompeo saying they want congress to have a role in a lasting deal. peter king reacts coming up . >> chairman kim has the chance to seize an incredible future for his people. anyone can make war but only the most courageous can make peace.
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>> bill: 9:33 in new york city. president trump saying he wants to see the unification of north and south korea and questions over what it will mean for the south and siging a potential for a new era in relations. >> we dream of a future where all koreans can live together in harmony and families are reunited and hopes are and where the light o peace chases away the darkness of war. people thought this could never take place. it is now taking place. it's a very great day. >> bill: so secretary of state mike pompeo is next set to visit tomorrow and peter king but first greg palkot is live in south korea. what's been reaction from
6:34 am
government officials there to the summit. hello. >> reporter: hello. the official world we're seeing from the south korean's president's office is heartfelt and glowing and they describe it as an historic event. south korean president moon had a lot to do to the run-up to this diplomatic meeting and there was some grumblings disrupting military exercises and we get get indication from the government they didn't have too much advanced word on this and stressed the importance of the drills from a symbolic and practical nature and hopefully it's not set in stone. the other concern from experts regarding the outcome of the summit not too much advancement
6:35 am
regarding denuclearization except for the destruction of the one test site we reported. and no word on movement towards the end of the k war. one positive note though coming out of this, though, the word from north korea it will assist in recovery of remains from soldiers 7,700 still remain unaccounted for 65 years later. >> bill: i wonder what the people think there. reaction there. >> reporter: we went out to the seoul version of grand central station and people were glued to the tv screens watching president trump and kim jong-un emerge and shake hands and there was applause. one person said it's better to be face to face than on phones or paper or war. we heard from another individual he said that communication is key. we heard from a young lady and she had a simple message.
6:36 am
i want peace on the korean peninsula. i can tell you, bill, our team has bee multiple occasions in the past few months and we've been closer to nuclear war than peace. it's a bit of aetter feeling here on the peninsula. >> bill: great to have you on the ground there in seou thank you, greg palkot. >> sandra: let's bring in pete king of new york a member of the house homeland security committee. congressman, thank you for joining us this morning. we're all left wondering wh the promises from north korea and the president sounding optimistic, what role congress will play in ensuring the deal lasts. >> first, at this moment it's important all the american people andongress stand behind the pre and not be nitpicking each step along the way. it's a long way to go and i don't trust north korea for a second but i do have faith in the president's overall negotiating ability and we should stand with him. having said that, congress has a
6:37 am
role to play and i hope it's a constructive role. as the situations develop as different provisions may be coming out, i think congress has the right and the obligation to make constructive criticism and offer alternative proposals. that's all positive. what i've seen so far is no matter what the president says and does, there are people on the congress and democratic side that want to tear it down. all it does is tear down kim jong-un. congress has to show it stands with the president in the overall goal and if there's an any differences along the way they'll be expressed in a constructive way not just a knee-jerk partisan reaction. >> sandra: if congress steps in and finds out a way to enforce this and ensures the deal lasts, how do we enforce denuclearization? the president was asked this by reporters and here's how he responded to that? >> how do you make sure he
6:38 am
denuclearizes? >> w have to check and we'll check it strongly. it's a ban total and complete. >> and you trust him? >> i do. the answer is i do. >> sandra: the president there, congressman, to be clear, he was asked and you trustim and he said i do. you know, as i told you at six months the answer is i do. you just said you don't trust him one bit.>> no, trust but ve. i don't trust him to keep his word unless we keep the pressure on him. the only reason kim jong-un is at the table is because of president trump's diplomatic skills and his pressure and rhetoric and upping the ante is what forced him to the table. the sanctions were unprecedented. i trust kim jong-un will do what he has to so long as we keep the
6:39 am
pressure on and as long as president trump keeps the pressure up. i do think he realizes for the survival of his country he has to comply. having said that we have to have robust inspections and verify and i don't trust if he can get away with sometime -- something he will and by congress making sure there are inspections and there are ways toerify what's being said and promise this can go forward. again, at any given time the president has to be ready to leave the table. last night was a very positive start and i don't think we should look to all the details right now because it's right now so in the formula stage. again, i give the president tremendous credit for what's occurred. >> sandra: i want to ask you about devin nunes
6:40 am
he set a deadline for the doj to hand over documents with the alleged fbi informant. have you heard anything on that? >> we should have gotten documents an along time ago. i give him credit. we have to go forward with subpoena and do what we have to to get the documents we should. why is the justice department being so difficult if they have nothing to hide, show us what they have. there's real questions whether or not this investigation should have been started of the president or of his campaign. what the premi and what the predicate was and whether there was sufficient information to be done or was it done improperly and they should show us what they have. >> sandra: and the i.g. report. congressman, last word. >> i think it will show devastatingly improprieties by director comey and how he
6:41 am
proceeded and andrew mccabe and the two love birds. >> sandra: congressman king. we appreciate the time. thanks for being here. >> bill: quickly, here, former nba star dennis rodman was in singapore getting rather emotional while the summit was underway. >> i believe -- i came to go home. for 30 days i couldn't even go home but i kept my head up high, brother. new things would change. i knew it. it's a great day for everybody. tokyo, china, everybody. it's a great day. >> bill: he's making the case that chairman kim wanted peace for a long time and clearly emotional in the statement last night. he said he's the only one who thought it was possible. >> sandra: so how do we get to this point today from fire and fury to rocket man.
6:42 am
why president trump said all the rhetoric was part of helping make history. newt gingrich joins us with his reaction. >> bill: looking forward to that. and what would be a first look at chairman kim's selfies. >> i think he's very smart and very good negotiator. wants to do the right thing.
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your digestive system has billions of bacteria but life can throw them off balance. re-align yourself with align probiotic. and try new align gummies with prebiotics and probiotics to help support digestive health. >> quickly saying when you said little rocket man or fire and fury, how did it evolve from that to this? >> well, i think without the rhetoric we wouldn't have been here. i really believe that. other administrations, i don't want to get specific on that, but they had a policy of silence. that's not the answer. that's not what you have to do. i think the rhetoric -- i hated to do it, sometimes i felt foolish doing it but we had no
6:46 am
choice. >> bill: interesting response to sean hannity saying the rhetoric was necessary and with me now, mr. speaker, it's great to have you back today. thank you for your time. you're a historian also. size this up. what's it mean? >> first bill, i can't imagine a much more historic day then the meeting in singapore the way it came down and the size of the world coverage. i think what trump figured out was that the north koreans have been pretty good at lying for a long time. they've lied to president clinton. they lied to president george w. bush and lied to barack obama and never suffered any consequences. and so he wanted -- i think he felt he was in a position where he had to apply so much pressure both verbal and pract --
6:47 am
practical pressure that for his regime to survive the game had to be different. i think that's why the trump constant pushing back of being aggressive, of using very strong language while at the same time they were steadily increasing the sanctions and getting the chinese to help and japanese and south koreans and the result is i think we have no way of knowing what's going to happen right now, literally no way, but my instinct is kim jong-un reached a conclusion his regime was more likely to survive in cooperation with the united states than in all-out competition and he may be taking steps now that literally open the country up in ways that are historic and even from my perspective would have been unthinkable six months or a year ago but you can feel -- remember, everybody in north
6:48 am
korea knows he went to singapore. everybody knows he met with president trump. the fact the president has designated secretary pompeo, graduated first in his class at west point anded very high at harvard law, very thoughtful our lea negotiator. well, pompeo is not going to be soft and i think it's obvious neither will be soft. i think we have a real chance here to see it unwind. >> bill: let me -- if you read the communique, they talk about tearization of the korean peninsula, which is north and south. what i take away from what was achieved in singapore is that chairman kim is scared to death of the u.s. military. that's very real in his mind, whether it should be or not. so what president trump did was he took down that military pressure, tookt away from him to let him row lax -- relax for
6:49 am
a moment and essentially saying we'll see how it goes over the coming weeks and months and if you're satisfied what we have done in connection with the south korean military, we can move to the next step and that's denuclearization and checking out the sights but you don't get to take step two take step one first. i think that's what singapore was about. what do you think? >> part whatever singapore was about was getting these two guys in the same room and getting them to interact as human beings and as a guy who's negotiated a lot of deals, he wanted to shake hands, look him in the eye. that 30 minutes they spent with only a translator, which by the way is parallel to reagan and gorbachev. what trump's trying to do is a, i have -- what trump's trying
6:50 am
to do is say i have to help this guy. when i talk about denuclearization on our side we have missiles i middle the united states capable of reaching north korean in 29 minutes and we have a capacity on our nuclear carriers and capacity out of guam. the u.s. side denuclearizing is irrelevant because if we start seeing the north korean's pull back on nuclear missile threaten seoul. let's see if there could be confidence building measures that me is down the road and the announcement they're taking down the missile engine test site is a huge step. there's going to be a lot of useful steps. we ought to be -- reagan used to
6:51 am
say trust but verify. with them it's trust but verify, verify, verify but i think we will. i think kim jong-un knows they're dealing way guy -- >> bill: we're out of time. back after this.
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6:54 am
>> sandra: the city of seattle back off a business tax for large companies after approving a measure to combat homelessness. dan springer is live in seattle with more on this story. >> reporter: the city council voted 9-0 to approve what critics called a tax on jobs and the mayor happily signed it and now later on today, all but two of those members say they'll
6:55 am
vote to scrap the whole idea. the council may have realized there was a group gathering signatures dubbed the amazon tax because the online retailer with 45,000 employees in seattle would have been on the hook for $12 million of the $47 million raised per year. amazon threatened to stop construction on a new office tower and sublease another one costing jobs but the outcry was more than just amazon but a city council that lost touch with the average voters who seemed eager to kill the head tax and detw t detweet -- defeat the council members. >> i feel they're listening. >> don't have much trust so it's just they're doing that to save them to be re-elected.
6:56 am
>> reporter: after the head tax was rescinded at the council meeting this afternoon, city leaders said they'll start working on an original solution d start working something out with the state legislature to address the homeless crisis. right now only los angeles and new york city have more homeless people than seattle despite a huge increase in spending programs over the last several years. thousands of residents said it's not about the amount of money they have but how they're spending it. >> sandra: dan sprier, thank you. >> bill: we have a big hour ahead. our a-team's ahead and reaction all live in a moment. then our headliner, house majority whip steve scalise. what a year this man has had. do not go anywhere coming up. and with twice the detail of other tests... can show dad where he's from ...and strengthen the bonds you share. give dad ancestrydna
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just because of an accident. switching to allstate is worth it. >> sandra: we are watching closely this historic moment as president trump and kim jong-un come face to face for the very first time. >> here we go, the handshake o down in history. >> sandra: in what could be a defining moment in their legacy.
7:01 am
>> watch as may meet. >> anybody could make war but oath the most courageous can make peace. >> two people throwing rocks at each other and now shaking hands and being cordial. >> north korean dictator completing to quote, complete denuclearization following meetings with president trump in singapore. >> we learned a lot about each other and our countries. i think we are now going to start the process of denuclearization. >> bill: here we have cory lewandowski and also wrote the best seller "let trump be trump." and our adriene and michael,
7:02 am
i'll start with you. you said folks, take your time. this will be a series of meetings over months if not years. it won't be in one shot. what do you think about where we ar now? >> we're in a great place now. we'll see where it goes. if they're serious and want the pressure off they'll allow inspectors in quickly and we're at the point because this level of pressure has never been placed on the north korean reg. they've never faced this level of sanctions and oil imports and everything that keeps the economy going and the economy is weak and fragile. they need help from china and currency and need oil. they can't produce it on their own. the pressure on them in the past
7:03 am
year since the trump administration has been high and that's why we're at this point. >> sandra: cory, as meone who wrote the book, "let trump be trump." did you see him accomplish what he wanted to? >> i thi been ableo accomplish a serious discussion way world leader to denuclearize and the only reason we're in this position is what michael said, the maximum pressure campaign has brought kim jong-un to the table. i heard other networks we have now legitimized him as a world leader. we know he's a world leader so sitting down with president trump for the good of the world for denuclearization is what this president said he would do and has taken the first and important step. >> bill: go ahead to fdish the round-up.
7:04 am
>> i think it's too ear to give anybody credit. we want diplomacy to succeed and we have to see what happens. toour point, this long process and won't take shape overnight and we diplomacy to succeed but everybody has the right to view it sceptically. >> sandra: we heard preside obama would be willing to sit down with any world leader and ate and this president has sat down with him and the promises are on the table and peter king talked about congress's role to make sure the deal is long lasting. how do we get that assurance with a deal like this? >> this president did not come into office saying i want it sit
7:05 am
down with kim jong-un putting down a strategy in the face of provocations. north koreans hadn't tested a missile mae -- in a while and reassumed and we had to respond and we did respond. he got them to the table on his terms and that makes a difference. they never felt this level of pressure before. what matters to north koreans is regime survival. they just want to stay in power. they made a calculation. they built a nuclear program and their calculation was it will rememb a nuclear program is very expensive they now have to wonder maybe it doesn't ensure our survival our economy could collapse from the program. >> bill: he said if you don't like the military exercises i'll
7:06 am
pull back. it's not to say they're done and overwith -- over with becse he flip a switch and turn them back on. >> the next one is sed pretty far out. it looks good. it was a brilliant negotiating tactic on the president's part. it looks good optically but he di the pressure off that much. >> this president and this administration has done more in 18 months to denuclearize the peninsula than in 30 years. secretary pompeo had gone to north korea early and met with kim jong-un prior to the meeting. the president had been briefed and ready and knew what the game plan was waning -- walk in but they hold car andntil we verify they're denuclearizing the peninsula we still hold the
7:07 am
cards in north korea. >> bill: i'll play a sound bite in a moment and then play a comment from president trump earlier. the moment john bolton met chairman kim, first he parted his commentary during the meeting. >> bill: wow, leave the past behind the world will see a major change. >> how can we trust him. he's one of the most ruthless dictators we've seen on this planet. i hope this works out. regardless of being a democrat ca it's an american issue. we want the denuclearization of the korean peninsula to take place but we have every right to view this with a lot of skepticism because we're dealing
7:08 am
with somebody negotiating with somebody who's not and allie of the united states and where presidents had issues and concerns meeting with a north korean leader for these reasons. i'm optimistic. i'm not a foreign policy expert. i'm an american who doesn't want to live under the threat of a nuclear weapon. >> sandra: what's the president's next move here? he indicated maybe another summit's needed but he's further along than he anticipated he would be. >> bill: he is and the united states has to go back to what ronald reagan said which is trust but verify. we don't have to trust him but we need to verify and when ronald reagan made that statement a few years later the berlin wall fell. what we need to do is make sure we're having inspecters go in and the united states is getting what they bargained for which is denuclearization. if we can't do that there's no reason to stop maximum pressure campaign we have on north korea. you have to verify this is
7:09 am
taking place. that's what the president wants and all the american people and what south korea wants and guam and everybody else and kim jong-un said he has the capability to wipe off the face of the earth. >> bill: do you see chairman king coming to the white house? anything is possible. >> i would think something like that extraordinary were to happen it would be at the end of a process that's completed, verified, a deal ready to be signed and done. to me, you played a clip -- the most important thing i heard yesterday is when the president said the pressure campaign's staying on. he shook hands and said good thgs and said i feel good about this and said nice things about kim jong-un and his critics are beating him up over that but the one thinghe korean leader wanted to hear is getting u.n. resolutions repealed and lift the sanctions. we're going let the oil flow back into your country. he didn't hear that. he heard the opposite.
7:10 am
all te -- the good feelings are great but all the pressure's still on. >> bill: he's ready a little bit now and he needs to keep that going in order to stay in power. >> sandra: do you give the credit to the president for the team he has around him, mike pompeo has been a rock star behind all the this and setting all this up from go back before he was even secre of state. >> sure, mike pompeo is an experienced foreign policy leader and in congress for a long time -- >> bill: this guy emerged eight years ago. >> one of the concerns i do have is all these vacant positions we still have at the state department yet to be filled by the trump administration and a lot of those positions are foreign polic position that
7:11 am
could be filled and dealing with this issue right now. he has a fine person policy team around him at this moment but why doe ve so many vacancies at the state department with experts -- >> bill: maybe we get to that another day. here is on abc george stephanopoulos president trump explaining the introduction of john bolton. remember on his tough words john bolton has had for a long time, he was at the table. >> today we introduced them to john bolton which was an interesting thing. >> his lips are moving. >> by the end of the conversation it was good. i think they have good trust. >> i like john bolton in his new role. we are praying for larry kudlow to keep that in mind as the president's adv but this foreign policy team rivals one ever assembled.
7:12 am
this is not weak these are people who understand consequences and former u.n. ambassadors and secretary pompeo the director of the central intelligence agency. they understand not only foreign policy implications but they understand this president and what he wants to accomplish. this notion we have to have all these people at the state department and bureaucrats doing the same failed leadership we've had for 30 years doesn't work under this administration. this is a president who leads from the top and putting his team in place to implement what his policy ideas are which is very different from previous administrations. >> sandra: when you think of how far the president's come from little rocket man. it wasn't that long ago and to see those two leaders meeting, shaking hand, thumb's up from the president. just even the body language from last night was something to watch. >> as the president said and believe he's right, we're here because of little rocket man because of the re.
7:13 am
that includes the rhetoric. we're here because the regime clearly feels something has changed, their patron in china, the only thing that can keep them alive at the float, wants them to be at the negotiating table. you played the clip of the president quoting john bolton saying the north koreans have lied in the past. that's right. that's their track record and why we have to be skeptical but we'll see if things change. >> sandra: there were a lot of pho photo ops and they warned president trump to be careful of all the photographers. >> bill: there was a camera in every hallway. chris wallace was on the air yesterday and talking about this moment from 33 years ago, reagan-gorbachev and this is what he remembers. >> i harken back to
7:14 am
reagan-gorbachev and met in november, 1985 and things were on a positive track and went negative and rauussians took a joli and gorbachev called president reagan and said let's meet in rey and i don't think you can under state the importance of the meetings these two men and there'll be differences and striking to me and moving to see them say good-bye after the brief summit in singapore. >> bill: what he said in the beginning was important, things seemed positive and then turned negative before they came back around. >> there's no substitution for face to face communication. you can understand somebody and look in their eyes and all the
7:15 am
other rhetoric we have seen has been through twitter and media and now the two men sit down and have a conversation and under their respective priorities and the artf the deal is both sides walking away with something and kim jong-un gets the suspension of military practice over north korea. what we're getting and the world is getting is the denuclearization of the korean peninsula. >> sandra: you said it's only going to go as fast as north korea wants it >> the key to understanding the reagan second meeting with gorbachev is reagan got up and walked out so if they have a second meeting and the north koreans are lying or something's not going right he'll walk away. >> bill: stand by. secretary pompeo has been critical in getting to where we are now and steve scalise will weigh in on his role and former
7:16 am
colleague mikepompeo. >> sandra: and charles payne is here and we've got him on deck. >> i had a very good meeting with the g-7 and i left the meeting and i'll be honest, we are being taken advantage of by virtually every one of those countr and being taken advantage of on trade. this scientist doesn't believe in luck. she believes in research. it can take more than 10 years to develop a single medication. and only 1 in 10,000 ever make it to market. but what if ai could find connections faster. to help this researcher discover new treatments. that's why she's working with watson. it's a smart way to find new hope, which really can't wait. ♪ ♪
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7:20 am
>> sandra: charles payne is here and we're talking money with the host of "making money." >> bill: how are you doing? >> great, thank you. >> sandra: looking great, by the way. >> bill: i'm talking about dru dough and this whole trudeau and the dust-up and whether they can get to a resolution from singapore. >> the united states because of bad management at the top and because of presidents that didn't care about trade or understand it or whatever reason, for many years with china being obviously the most successful at it and the
7:21 am
european is second $151 billion we lost. >> sandra: what do you think? >> i believe we're going get something done. i know the headlines are always focussed on president trump's demeanor and the approach he goes by and not diplomacy we're ed to but i think we'll get resul we're not accustomed to also. the e.u.'s a large market but a lumbering giant becoming less relevant and asia's much more important. i think it's an important movement for european leaders and even canada frankly, to reassess where they are economically because they spend eight of time protecting their industries. trudeau for all the phoniness he put out last week, when america left tpp he hijacked the whole process and took advantage of it and protected industry under the guise of cultural industries. that's fine if you want a 27%
7:22 am
tariff on beef and tariffs on dairy that's fine but don't be a critic but their economy is still old based on lumber and poult try -- poultry and stuff like that and china and asia have taken over and their economies are on fire. >> sandra: you say that and you dig into the numbers yourself. you don't rely on what other people are telling you. you get right in there and figure out what's going on, meanwhile, talk about trudeau and talking tough which he did after the president got on air force one and here's the president reacting. watch. >> when i got onto the plane, i think justin probably didn't know air force one has about 20 televisions and i see the television and he's giving a news conference how he will not be pushed around by the united states and i say push him around? we just shook hands. it's going to cost a lot of
7:23 am
money for the people of canada. you can't do that. >> sandra: trudeau didn't know 20 tvs. >> he could have figured it out earlier but there's a certa way you talk about things going into the meetings not unlike a boxing match. both fighters talk a lot of smack but after the boxing match you hug it out and it was a great fight, one won, one lost and the rhetoric went on and that's what got president trump u upset and trudeau is talking to his audience in relative and this is relatively small stuff we can get fixed and he should look forward to where the economies of the world are going. >> bill: do we have time for this? wasn't to play clip number three. this is the president talking about the scenery on the beaches of north korea. [laughter]
7:24 am
>> i've heard it. >> bill: he characterizes it. the way he sees the world in term of a developer. watch. >> they have great beaches. you see that when they're exploding things and i said instead of doing that you could have the best hotels in the world right there. think it from a real estate perspective. you have south korea and china and they own the land in the middle. how bad is that, right? it's great. >> bill: i was one of the first independent travellers in vietnam 25 years ago when they opened up the country. you geto the coast and there are no physical structures. there weren't 25 years ago. you think look at this beautiful shoreline. you can't find this anywhere in the world. that's what he sees on the eastern coast. >> he sees economic opportunity and the more articulate knowing
7:25 am
kim jong-un is listening. how far behind is north korea? we got radio in 1922 and they got it in 1977 and they got tvs in 2000. 1985 in america, 2008 in north korea. the u.s. has them far behind. right now of the countries of the world holding the most catch, six of their neighbors are in the top 10. you have china with $3 trillion, japan, taiwan, hong kong with half a trillion and singapore, $6 trillion. that's cash that will come pouring in to help revitalize and grow that country. there's a lot out there and people say what does kim jong-un ha have to gain -- >> bill: i get it. you did your homework. >> sandra: he does, doesn't he? i was fascinated.
7:26 am
thank you, charles. well, the clock is ticking as the deadline for documents on the fbi informant. >> a lot good will and preparation. i want to thank everybody on both sides, secretary pompeo and all of his counterparts. they were absolutely fantastic. >> bill: lots of praise for mike pompeo. what is next after the epic meeting and what role will he play? steve scalise is a good friend. we'll talk to him coming up next about him, pompeo and a very important week.
7:27 am
7:28 am
7:29 am
7:30 am
>> sandra: fox news alert on what seemed unthinkable two months ago president trump and kim jong-un committing to
7:31 am
complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula during the first-ever meeting between a u.s. sitting president and north korean leader and in return the president putting military drills on hold for now showing president kim showed a commitment in the lead-up to the meeting. >> they secured a commitment for complete denuclearization. that's the big thing. they secured the release of three americanhostages. they already gave them to us two months ago. these people now living happily back in their homes with their families. >> sandra: the joint agreement called for negotiations to ntinue led by secretary of state mike pompeo. the president also saying he wants congress involved into making the agreement into an official treaty. no time line or specific steps were addressed. meanwhile, secretary pompeo playing a major role helping the
7:32 am
u.s. and the north korean summit come to fruition and will now push to establish a landmark treaty. we turn to our headliner, house majority leader steve scalise who happens to be good friends with mike pompeo. goodmorning, congressman. >> good morning. >> sandra: he's been the big mind behind the meeting in the first place, right congressman? >> yeah, mike pompeo is doing a great job as secretary of state. we were on the house energy commerce committee and i'm proud of the work he's doing in representing our country and the president and got the release of the three hostages in the meeting with kim jong-un and helping negotiate a denuclearization of the korean peninsula which is historic. the president embarking on this where no president has done it before because we don't want
7:33 am
north korea or iran to have nuclear weapons and he's taking steps. >> bill: sound bite number two is on the security assurances with north korea. we'll frame it. . >> it is the case we are prepared to make security assurances necessary for the north koreans to engage in the denuclearization. we're prepared to take action to provide them sufficient certainty they can be comfortable denuclearization isn't something that ends badly for them and leads to a brighter, better future for the north korean people. >> bill: are you able to characterize what those assurances are. how do you tell chairman kim you can stay in power but you have to give up something your grandfather first sought 70 years ago. >> if they want to become part of the world economy there are still strong sanctions against north korea still in place even
7:34 am
after the meeting but all that is on the table because what we want to see is a denuclearization and that's what isolated north korea and they talked about human rights abuses as well but denuclearization is the top priority and i think when you saw secretary of state pam -- pompeo with tools to ensure that happens. first of all we have imposed the sanctions president has been using and congress signed in law sanctions being used to pressure and increase leverage against north korea that hopefully have helped lead to this but if there say resolution as president trump alluded to, i think it's important for congress to play a role in that and have it presented as a treaty. not an agreement with what president obama did with iran something that's reversible and because it wasn't a treaty it
7:35 am
could be reversed but that's do a treaty to it's permanent. >> sandra: do you think you'll get bipartisan support for that? >> i would hope we'd get bipartisan support. if there's an agreement that allows for verifiable denuclearization for north korea it would be historic and ought to be bipartisan because it's important for the united states national security and korea and japan and other allies of america. >> bill: two topics. pompeo is becoming an mvp like nik nikki haley and look at the way he's elevating through the administration. it's impressive. and now devin nunes had strong words for the department of justice this week and you'll get a report. what do you think americans will
7:36 am
learn? >> i've been supportive of chairman nunes and his committee of pushing to get the facts out. look, the department of justice and the fbi i think in this area have been incredibly slow in giving congress the tools we've asked for. being traparent, letting us know what they know and what the american people ought to know and we'll continue to push to make sure this isn't a witch hunt but cet the facts the public deserves and i commend chairman nunes for the work he's done. >> bill: do you think when it goes public it will change the course of the story? >> i haven't seen what they'll produce so i'm looking forward to the report and i'm sure once we see it we'll make decisions where to go from there. >> sandra: something so incredibly important it the congressional baseball game. chairman scalise, it's hard to believ year ago it was when the shooting took place and you have gone through multiple surgeries and will make your
7:37 am
triumphant come-back. thursday night's the big game, huh? >> it's going to be wonderful to go back a year later. i was going play and start at second base and then with the shooting it's been a tumultuous ride the last year but many positive have come out of it to see the warmth and support and prayers from so many of my colleagues and people around the country. it's helped me get through this recovery and i've been through a lot and my family's been through a lot but we've seen so much of the good in the american people and being able to walk out onto the field on thursday night in my uniform will be special. >> bill: you'll be in uniform, huh? >> hopefully they don't need me a lot but i shouldn't be the main base runner. >> bill: how much can you do physically on the baseball field? >> it's limited. i still need crutches to walk around. i practiced fielding and can field a ball if it comes to me
7:38 am
but i can still make the throw first but i they don't need to use me a lot but it will be a great moment to go back out in uniform after the last year we've been through. >> sandra: i and know you'll be wearing some purple and gold proudly. go tigers. >> you know it. >> sandra: our second headliner in our new studio and going to three hours this week. great to have you, congressman. see you soon. >> bill: enjoy the game. there's been a major breakthrough in global diplomacy and some outlets are trying to talk down the historic achievement. have you heard what folks are saying?
7:39 am
7:40 am
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7:42 am
it's just a burst pipe, i could fix it. (laugh) no. with claim rateguard your rates won't go up just beacuase of a claim. i totally could've... (wife) nope! switching to allstate is worth it. >> sandra: what a day. president trump laying the
7:43 am
groundwork for a historic peace and many in the media painting his accomplishment in a dim light. check out the headline on huffington post, president trump said the summit agreement f more comprehensive than it actually is. back with our a-team. michael, your reaction to the media's reaction. >> the quote you just made, i didn't hear the president call the agreement comprehensive. he knows we haven't. he said he made more progress old the communication level than he expected going in. that's a positive but made it clear he left singapore knowing there's more work to do and more discussions will have to be had and the north koreans will have to open their sites up and missile sites up and we need to wait and see if they do that.
7:44 am
>> bill: it was interesting watching the other media outlets. it was paining them to say something positive. no new commitments, no timetable, no definitions. glad they met but no breakthroughs. christopher hill has this to say about the statement drafted. it's none too positive, watch. >> i think it was drafted in haste, maybe even dictated. they said -- they talked about work towards complete denuclearization. they could have said verifiable denuclearization. it's very clear this document in and of itself really can't go forward. there needs to be a companion action plan. >> bill: you want to take that one on? >> what i will say is andrea mitchell is one of the most credible foreign policy journalists we have so i would
7:45 am
look to her comments and reaction to this with -- >> bill: point in question, are you glad they met? >> i'm glad they met but i hate to sound like a broken record but i'm very skeptical we'll see something come to fruition. >> sandra: on that point, listen to the president addressing the skeptics sayg sometimes the deals -- in reference to back to his business days, the deals people are most skeptical of tending to the best ones. >> i've done a lot of deals and sometimes the people you most distrust turn out to be the most honorable ones. we're starting from a big relationship. it's a big day in terms of the world. maybe a lot of people are saying it's historic. even my enemies are calling it historic and the fact is we've done something that's very unique. nobody's met with the family. nobody at a high level.
7:46 am
no president has certainly and it's a strong document. >> sandra: that appeared to be the president saying if the media's not going give me credi and democrats won't, i'll let you know, i'm patting myself on the back. >> the heh -- he deserves it and when you sit down with george stephanopoulos and he doesn't criticize you that's a win. 90% of the coverage has been negative and the american people are smart. they're saying it's a great thing we can potentially denuclearize and it's a great thing we can end the korean war and get the remains back of the 7,700 soldiers and servicemen and women but the media has such animosity towards this president. they hate this president more than they love the president. >> sandra: you would think they'd come around on this issue don
7:47 am
donna brazile tweeted our thoughts are with the president. we wish him well. l: are you happy they met or not, adrienne. >> this is real life. the repercussions of this not working out have dire consequences. of course we want t to work out. i saw donna brazile's tweet. i agree with her. there's a valid degree of skepticism. >> bill: what do you think about the commentary? >> i think chris hill, along with a lot of other people, i don't want to just single him out, lots of people are worked on this over the past 30 years and produced failure after failure so we should look to other commentary rather than listen to people who couldn't make progress on this before.
7:48 am
there's a certain level of expertise but the effort put forward but the prior institution experts didn't get out anywhere. >> bill: thank you. the a-team. >> sandra: please come back. thank you. >> bill: lots of americans celebrating the historic summit but not as muchs dennis rodman. why the nba greats crying tears of joy today. oh, yeah, come on back. experi the 18us nx thybd with a class-leading 31 mpg combined estimate. lease the 2018 nx 300 for $339 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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7:52 am
>> bill: the former nba star, dennis rodman, getting quite emotional. watch thi interview. >> i believe the talks are real. i couldn't even home. i had to hide out for 30 days. i couldn't even go home but i kept my head up high, brother. i knew things were going change. i knew it. i was the only one. i never had anyone to hear me or see me but i took those bullets. i took all that and everything
7:53 am
that came at me and i'm still standing. it's a great day for everybody. >> bill: that just went on. and wha youee? >> so dennis rodman had been to north korea six times and aside from maybe mike pompeo know both president trump and kim jong-un and i'm of the opinis summit would have happened whether or not he was part of the picture but wants to take a victory lap. >> it seems as no kim jong-un ally lik western culture. really appreciates the celebrity of it all. listen, if that's what cracks the door open i don't see the
7:54 am
problem. >> if we played trivia and multiple choices and you asked what basketball hall of famer may have brought together the u.s. president and north korean lead -- former senator bill bradley, magic johnson and bill russel and dennis rodman. >> o course. his whole thing is he cares about kim jong-un and wants to bring sports to the people of north korea and he describes kim jong-un as a big kid who likes to have fun and that's where dennis rodman loses everybody because that description is ridiculous. he did go to singapore wearing that potcoin t-shirt which nobody knew about yet another crypto currency. >> sandra:
7:55 am
>> bill: he may have a few screws loose but i think he's sincere when he talks about world peace. >> who doesn't want that to happen but this is really all about dennis rodman. he's always been a look at me guy when he played basketball and now -- >> he also went against the howling mob and he said for 30 days i couldn't come. >> sandra: there he is when he landed at the airport. do think that was an all about me moment. >> wearing the potcoin t-shirt and make america great again hat. it has something to do with marijuana. >> it's arypto occurrenc for the exchange of the legal marijuana industry. >> bill: that's why we keep you around. [laughter] . >> bill: thank you, 24-7 crew. you have bill bradley and dennis
7:56 am
rodman. >> he's the first one you think is the joke one. eliminate him. >> sandra: history is in the books. a live report from sing amore is -- singapore is next as our coverage connues.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
>> sandra: it is 11:00 a.m. here at fox news headquarters in new york city. reaction still pouring in to the historic deal with north korea. president trump sharing how we reached this dramatic agreement.
8:00 am
welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith. >> bill: and i'm bill hemmer. how are you? >> sandra: i'm all right. >> bill: cooking with gas. the president headed to guam. kim jong-un committed to complete denuclearization and building a lasting peace on the peninsula. while president trump said sanctions would remain in place for now, he agreed to stop joint military exercises with south korea for now. >> we dream of a future where all koreans can live together in harmony, where families are reunited and hopes are reborn and where the light of peace chases away the darkness of war. this bright future is within -- this is what is happening. it's right there, it's within our reach. it's going to be there, it's going to happen. >> bill: john roberts live in singapore for the latest from there. john, great to see you.
8:01 am
hello! >> good evening to you from singapore. really was a historic moment earlier today when the president and kim jong-un sat down and signed that joint communique. the devil is in the details. it was an aspirational document. kim jo pledging to the complete denuclearization of the peninsula in exchange for american security guarantees, including an end to joint u.s.-south korean military cis which the president termed war games. not in the document, what denuclearization means. secretary of state mike pompeo said the two sides have come closer together in what denuclearization means but there's still a little daylight there. also, what is the verification process. how do you make sure that kim jong-un does what he promises? the president said he does believe that kim will follow-through. listen here. >> i don't think they've ever had the confidence in a president that they have right
8:02 am
now for getting things done. he was very firm in the fact that he wants to do this. i think he might want to do this as much or even more thanme. because they see a very bright future for north korea. >> in thatress conference this morning, president trump said -- early this morning new york time, this afternoon here in singapore, president trump said he believed that kim jong-un wi almost immediately aer touching down in pyongyang begin the process to denuclearization. a lot of the details about verification will be worked out. mike pompeo will be having meetings in the next week with his north korean counter parts to work that out. >> bill: we've been watching here. you asked the president about human rights. what did he say about that? >> this is a very b iss wh north korea. its abysmal record on human rights. if north korea and kim jong-un want to join the community of
8:03 am
nations, they need to do something about that. the president in response to my tion sa it did come up in their meetings. listen here. >> it was discussed. it was discussed relatively briefly compared to denuclearization. obviously that's where we started and where we ended. they will be doing things. i think he wants to do things. >> one thing that really is tangible in that communique that both leaders signed yesterday, an agreement by north korea to recover and repatriate the remains of americans that are missing in action in north korea. there's some 5,300 americans who fought and bieved to have died in the korean war whosemains are still believes to be in north korea. there could be more meetings in the future as well. president trump said he would like to travel to pyongyang to meet with kim jong-un and one day to extend an invitation for kim jong-un toravelo washington and meet him at the
8:04 am
white house. bill, it' still the early hours. a lot to be worked out. on the surface at least, looks promises. >> bill: after watching it, john, anything is possible. quite literally. thank you. travel well. >> exactly. >> bill: thank you, john roberts, live in singapore. >> sandra: the landmark agrent on north korea's denuclearization seems to fit into the trump doctrine and what the president sees as his strong suit. negotiating, which includes knowing how much pressure should be applied to get a deal done. >> what trump figured out is that the north koreans have been good at lying for a long time. they never suffered any consequences. so he wanted -- i think he felt he was in a position where he had to apply so mh p herbal pressure and practical pressure that kim jong-un would reach a conclusion that for his regime to survive, something had to change.
8:05 am
>> sandra: joining us now, congressman max thornberry from texas. i'd love to get your reaction to the former saker there. >> i think he's largely right. part of what i believe brought kim jong-un to this point were the economic sanctions, the diplomatic isolation, the president's unconventional rhetoric and probably mos importantly the clear movement of the united states to strengthen our military, including missile defense to show that we could shoot down any missile that north korea chose to launch against us. so i think it was a combination of those things that at least convinced kim jong-un that he had to change his image. he had to look like he was trying to negotiate. >> sandra: what were your thoughts, mr. chairman, as you looked on at the president. many people waking up and seeing them for the first time.
8:06 am
this historic moment where the president does seem to have laid the ground work for a deal for peace. >> bill: yeah. i think it's perfectly reasonable for all of us to hope that we have witnessed the beginning pross that will lead to the permanent verifiable elimination of a nuclear weapons capability in north korea. at the same time, i think it's perfectly reasonable for us to all be skeptical. as newt just said in that clip, they have a history of lying a deceit. so the key is, what do they really do in the next step? secretary pompeo will be sitting down and fleshing out this agreement in terms of next concrete steps on a timeline. i think that will be the key thing that tells us if this is real or if this is atmospherics. >> sandra: there's the
8:07 am
skepticism. i hear it from you. how can we trust this guy? the president responded addressing whether or not this is all talk and perhaps no action on the part of north korea. listen. >> you can't assure anything. all i can say is they want to make a deal. that's what i do. my whole life has been deals. i've been great at it. that's what i do. i know when somebody wants to deal and when somebody doesn't. a lot of politicians don't. that's not their thing. it's my thing. this could have been done easier a long time ago. >> sandra: that's really it, right? he saw what -- what the president saw is that north korea wanted to make a deal. he said i'm the guy to make the deal. that brings us to today, mr. chairman. are you hopeful for wha is next with the president's plan here? >> yeah, absolutely. that's why i say, it's think it's perfectly reasonable to have these hopes that the next steps will be significant, they'll be transparent and they
8:08 am
will be on this road towards eliminating a nuclear weapons capability. but doing it with our eyes wide open. the secretary said and pompeo said we see the track record here. something has to be drastically different this time than before. so for me, i think the most important things are keep the sanctions on, stay tight with our allies in south korea and japan. don't let china, north korea or anybody else drive a wedge between probably most importantly, we to continue to strengthen our military so that there's no question that militarily we are determined to defend ourselves however -- whatever course these negotiations may take. >> sandra: it's something as we're talking here, mr. chairman, the images of them gathering around the table. the president's team, mike
8:09 am
pompeo that orchestrated a lot ofthis. he was sitting there with the president. final word. >> pompeo goes into this with his eyes wide open. he knows the facts, knows how hard this will be to translate these goals into reality. but he is capable of holding their feet to the fire and saying, okay, if you want to do this, here's what it takes. >> sandra: we'll see where it goes next. chairman, great to have you on the program. please come back. >> thank you, ma'am. >> bill: i was watching my tv closely. i know you were. we were texting each other trying to figure out what comes next. what about the images we're watching. here's one image that i think captures this moment when -- right there. see that with the thumb? that was the moment -- how these guys going to react to each other? >> sandra: you said we were texting. you took a picture of that on
8:10 am
your tv. >> bill: i did. i took a picture of the handshake. i call it the grip. i took a picture of this, the thumb. kim's eyes are not meeting his eyes there. that's what i notice. we didn't know how -- >> sandra: he's looking at the thumb. the u.s. president giving me a thumbs up. what was also difficult which you can never fully anticipate heading into this and i imagine how difficult it is, to hav this conversation with two translators. every word exchanged had to be translated and a as they walked down the colonnade, every single thing had to be translated. a lot of the things we did, rewind five times -- >> bill: you had a great one. >> sandra: just to say what he was saying -- >> bill: you captured a phrase. the other thing, chairman kim going out in the night. he's taking selfies. you won't see that in pyongyang.
8:11 am
>> sandra: we've never seen that from the north korean dictator. that was on his evening stroll. he left the hotel and wanted to see the sights of singapore. >> bill: we made this point earlier. there were numerous photo opens. that was really laid out on that island. that's the one thought. i thought kim showed lot of sophistication who has not been in the international limelight. we've had guests being critical. we have to applaud what has happened here. they have taken a step away from the nuclear crisis and try to forge a better future for them and for the world. we applaud that. we can be critics of if there's a deal or not. for the moment, this is something else. the twoen getting together, talking. >> sandra: chairman thornberry gave the president the same credit. >> bill: we can pick apart the language. we should. we'll see how things go from
8:12 am
here. >> sandra: lots to come. south korea played a big role as well in setting up the meeting with kim jong-un. how is the summit playing there? we'll take you live to seoul. >> bill: the justice department slamming the university of michigan for a policy that it caused an attack on free speech. is this setting up a show down in the u.s. supreme court? >> sandra: one top gopawmaker wants answers today on an alleged fbi informant in the trump campaign. we'll speak to a former top justice department official about that next. . >> we'll do whatever we have to do to get the documents. why is the justice department being so difficult on this? stuck down here between your seat and your console, playing a little hide-n-seek. cold... warmer... warmer...
8:13 am
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8:16 am
>> hopefully we get more facts out about what happened. i've been supportive of chairman nunes and his committee pushing to get the facts t. the department of justice and the fbi have been incredibly slow in giving congress the tools that we have asked for. >> sandra: that's steve scalise in the last hour on the deadline said by devin nunes, the house intelligence chairman giving the doj until today to turn over documents related to an alleged informant in the trump campaign. congressman dupree is a former
8:17 am
assistant attorney general under george w. bush and joins me now. thomas, good morning. what are your expectations this morning on the documents getting turned over? >> i guess i will not be holding my breath if i were chairman nunes that he will get everything he wants. we have seen that this is a justice depar and consistent with typically the way the justice department handles these situations, they're reluctant to turn over documents about investigations. they're reluctant to give congress these types of records and information. so my best guest is that nunes might get some of what he wants but i'm confident he won't get all of it, at least not today. >> sandra: jonathan turley has something to say about that. he says this is why it's so important these documents get turned over. listen. >> the fbi and the department of justice has a long and checkered history of classifying things that are embarrassing. i don't know what will come out of this. it may be a great yawn. the important thing is that the american people need on both
8:18 am
sides, the trump investigation and this investigation, to see the facts. we don't need -- that goes beyond just showing it in a classified setting. >> sandra: the american people have heard enough about it. they want answers. >> that's right. i agree with the professor. this is not new for the justice department. this is the way that the doj is hard-wired. it doesn't want to be transparent or share information. they have legitimate reasons for doing that. we're in an unusual situation right now where i think serious questions have been raised about what went on behind the scenes. i'm hopeful that doj and congress will find a way to negotiate and get the answers that we're interested in finding. >> sandra: so the i.g. report, the inspector general report is due out thursday. there's so much anticipation. why is this so crucial and is this going to be a game-changer? >> i think it could be, sandra. look, i.g. reports are normally not at the top of the amazon
8:19 am
best-seller list. they're not anticipated the way this one is. the eyes of america are on the i.g. at this point. we've been waiting so long to find out what went on behind the scen i the 2016 campaign. we've seen this is an inspector general that is not afraid to throw punches. he's not afraid to put his findings and the evidence on the table, critical as it may be, of otr of his colleagues at the justice department. i expect this report will be thorough, comprehensive and provide a lot of the answers that we've been looking for for some time now. >> sandra: but we're talking about the clinton e-mail investigation when it comes to this i.g. report. james comey and loretta lynch already through a series of leaks we know will be a focus of it. >> that's what we're hearing. it won't surprise me. one thing to see is what is the inspector general's recommendation is. none of lust be surprised if there's critical words about comey's performance and attorney
8:20 am
general lynch's performance. what we'll be interesting in seeing whether he does what he did in the mccabe report. does he find grounds for making a criminal referral to prosecutors if he uncovers evidence of criminal conduct. >> sandra: you think it will, criminalhaes for james comey? >> i don't know. he will have strong grounds to criticize comey. but looking, making a criminal case is a high rdle. it's not something this inspector general or any inspector general will do lightly. >> sandra: thanks, thomas. a lot of deadlines to keep track of. the documents are expected to get turned over today and the i.g. report out thursday. thank you, tom. >>hank you. >> bill: look out for the traffic. it's part time in d.c. the out your window. the capitals parade through the streets is now underway. >> sandra: chicago has enjoyed a few of these recently.
8:21 am
>> bill: turn the knife a little bit. the first stanley cup championship for our nation's capitol. they love this. the caps got close cple times and slipped away. not this time. >> sandra: party in the streets. >> bill: b in washington d.c. have a look at that. we'll be right back. ♪ they're all going in the same direction but in very different ways and pampers gives all of them our driest best fitting diaper. pampers cruisers with three-way fit. they adapt at the waist, legs and bottom with up to twelve hours of protection for all the freedom to move their way in pampers cruisers only pampers diapers are the number one choice of hospitals, nurses and parents.
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8:24 am
>> bill: the department of justice is filing suit against the university of michigan saying their biassed response policy violating the first amendment right to free speech. guy benson, co-host of benson
8:25 am
and harp. good day. >> hi, bill, congratulations on the show. the studio is awesome. >> bill: come on up. bring a scrabble board. we have plenty of time. what is the bias response policy at ann arbor? >> the argument that the doj and free speech groups are making, it's a hopelessly vague policy that says that there's this bias response team or office that can be contacted about any potential incident or event that could indicate some fort of bias. something that critics say as small as hurt feelings. then they get on it, they look into it. it's very vague. that's part of the challenge in court right now. >> bill: as a student, how do you interpret that? doj said this. the university is failing to list up to the laudable prinple instead of protecting free speech, they impose
8:26 am
arbitrary censorship for a cons constitutionally protected speech. >> so the university of michigan is pushing back. what s this tk force, if you will, does not have the power to punish. however, they have the power to investigate and refer for punishment. so i think that's a distinction without a difference. these organizations backed by doj that are upset about the policy are saying your point, bill. what are student supposed to think or say when anything ships through their lips that could be the subject of an investigation with no clear cut guidelines for what is acceptable or why. >> bill: this is like a culture case. you can put it in that category of a culture war when people look at developing policy in different parts of the country trying to dictate what you think, how you need to react, how you respond to words. >> there's a culture war element
8:27 am
to this. there's no question about that, bill. what the doj is arguing and i'm sympathetic, there's a constitutional question here as well. got involved inberkeley, doj has also, that is a possible university. so is the university of michigan. if these schools are trampling or infpon free speech, free expression rights of their students and invited visitors to campus, that is a compelling state interest to get involved and protect fundamental constitutional liberty. >> bill: very interesting. does this go to the supreme court? that path? >> i would be surprised. i'm not a legal expert. i'd be surprised that the michigan case did. the berkeley case is more interesting because of the aggressive harm. that seems like a case that might have legs. i'm glad the doj is weighing in across the country vis a vis public universities, this silencing culture is going too far and this is needed push back. >> bill: so much of this is
8:28 am
interpretation. there has to be some of that. i don't know how you create hard and fast rules. i don't know how you do it. last word. >> i agree. it's sticky and difficult and that's why given our constitution and the free country that we are, these public and state institutions should always err on the side of more speech, free speech. >> bill: first amendment. thanks, guy. see you in new york. >> sounds great. >> bill: thanks so much. back to sandra. >> sandra: nuclear talks with north korea set to continue after the historic summit in singapore. the two world leaders work towards a complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula. but what is the role of congress? what role should it play? illinois congressman adam kindiger joins us news. >> we had a really fantastic meeting a lot of progress. really very positive. i think better than anybody could have expected. truecar is great for finding new cars.
8:29 am
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>> sandra: president trump now flying home after his historic summit with kim jong-un. reaction pours in from around the globe. one big concern from some critics was the president's offer to halt military drills between the u.s. and south korea. >> i get our soldiers out. i want to bring them back home. we have right now 00 soldiers in south korea. i'd like to be able to bring them back home. but that's not part of the equation right now. at some point i hope it will be, but not right now. we will be stopping the war games, which will save us a tremendous amount of money, unless and until we see the future negotiation is not going along like it should. >> bill: greg palkot is live in seoul, south korea. what are officials saying there today, greg? >> hi, sandra. yes, the word from the south korean president here overall is
8:33 am
positive. we heard from his office after the summit was wrapped up.they congratulations. they welcome the success of the summit involving the president and kim jong-un, describing it as a historic event. south korean president moon had a lot to do withhe event. there were some grumbles of a suspension of joint exercises involving the u.s. and south korean forces. we got indications here on the ground from south korea that they didn't have a word of this happening. experts talked about the importance of the drills and the hope is still out there that maybe they're notely gone. we heard a few other concerns, too. among those we spoke with, including lack of detail about possible denuclearization by north korea of its regime, of
8:34 am
its arsenal. we did hear something about -- from north korea, the destruction of a test site of a missile engine. we reported on that. we didn't hear any about the end of the war. there was speculation about that. we did hear assurance, which should be pleasing to the u.s., that north korea will continue to assist on the recovery, the remains of u.s. service members still lost fromhe 65 years ago. 7,700 still remain unaccounted for. >> sandra: greg, what is the reaction from the people? we understand you're speaking to a few people. >> exactly, sandra. we went out earlier tuesday. we decided we needed to speak to the people that had so much of a stake in this event. here's of what we s and what we heard. take a look. >> amid the busting of seoul's central train station. history is being made elsewhere.
8:35 am
president trump and kim jong-un meeting in singapore. >> better than face to face rather than paper to paper. >> face to face is good? >> yes. >> i want to keep the republic of korea. >> communication. >> you wish they had communication? >> yes. >> after a lot of tough experience here, the fox news team can confirm talking is better than fighting. >> sandra: interesting reaction. thanks, greg. >> bill: got this reaction at home. fox news alert, congress weighing in on the korean summit. chuck schumer calls it worrisome. he added that president trump gave up substantial leverage to chairman . bob corker, republican, says that -- his quote is i'm glad they met.
8:36 am
it's difficult to determine what concrete nature has occurred. illinois republican adam kinzinger is on the foreign affairs committee. what corker is saying he would like to have secretary pompeo testify soon before the hearing. where are you on what we have watched over the past 24 hours? >> i think i'm overusing the term now. it's historic. something thae will look back on. we say that is the beginning of something great or a process that led to probably fighting between the two nations. the president should get credit for bringing us to this point, and should get credit for meeting with him under tough sanctions and a legitimate military option that compelled kim to the table. we hear little things, the suspending games, we'll feel uncomfortable. any time we have to give up anything, you say what are we
8:37 am
getting in return. the play by play is days of ups and days of downs. ul what the deal looks like. bringing congress into it is good. it's something that the obama administration never did with iran. as we see, there's wide support for pulling out of the iran deal. so it would behoove the administration of bringing congress in on this. >> bill: you won't want to hear this. this is bob menendez. >> i have to be honest with you, this is the weakest statement i have ever seen come out of any engagement with north korea. much less at the highest ranking of the president of the united states meeting with kim jong-un. it's amazing. >> bill: i guess you can say he's not a fan. >> well, just a year ago, they were complaining that he's too fiery and going to get us into war. now they're saying he's too
8:38 am
weak. the days of politics ends at the water's edges. they have a right to an opinion on this. i think no matter what would have come out of this summit, you'll have naysayers. the best thing we can do aion americans is say look, we can be a little uncomfortable saying a reduction of troops, suspension of exercises but that may be a part of minor concessions to get a big concession, which is denuclearization for infiniti on the peninsula. that will be up and down days. democrats won't like when he makes -- i don't want to say that. they were cheering for the success of the country, but there's naysayers in this. ultimately we'll see what the proof in the pudding looks like. i trust secre pompeo as well. >> bill: as a military man, are you okay with the suspension of military activities with the south koreans? is that a big deal or a flip of the switch matter? >> i want to put it somewhere in between. i'm not overly c with it.there's a benefit to doing
8:39 am
these. it's teaching us with the south koreans how to act together in a very intense session, which would be a war with the north. at the same time, there major exercises scheduled for a while. so it's a minor concession. i would love to reduce troops everywhere around the world but it will take a utopia. it's the details. >> bill: last point. you're right about that very important. at a minimum, you hav an open dialogue, an open channel, i should say, between the president of the united states and the man who has led a hermatic kingdom the last 7 1/2 years. the single most closed society in the world. last comment. >> yeah, it's huge. it will get information to the society. we didn't get kim to the table
8:40 am
by begging him to meet us. we compelled him, which is different that's the past. we have to be cautious but we're going into this in a much better position with a stronger hand. >> bill: thank you, sir. adam kinzinger with us. appreciate it. >> sandra: attorney general jeff sessions announcing a big change in thelu policy. who the policy will allow in and who it won't and why. >> the percentage of asylum claims found to be meritorious by our judges has declined signific that's because the vast majority of the current asylum claims we're seeing are not valid. let's ta look at some numbers:
8:41 am
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8:43 am
>> bill: the country of spain offering safe harbor of more than 600 migrants at their ship turned over. about 123 unaccompanied minors,
8:44 am
seven pregnant women and dozens of migrants believed to be on the ship running low on food and water. the sail to spain expected to take three more days. >> the asylum system is being abused to the detriment to the rule of law, sound to public policy, public safety and to the detriment of people with just claims. >> sandra: attorney general jeff sessions explaining why the justice department is changing the rules on asylum seekers. the new policy means only victims of state sponsored crimes would qualify. not victims of domestic or gang violence. so bill, this is certainly caught the attention of both sides of the aisle and democrats certainly responding to all of this. we're going to get reaction in a couple moments to the new limits.
8:45 am
meantime, question is, what jeff sessions is arguing here, the u.s. cannot make individual asylum judgments based on unsafe conditions in a given country. he's saying "we can't abandon legal discipline and sound legal concepts invoking the rule of law here in this decision." so we are getting some reaction that's been pouring in from that. >> bill: a gentlemen that usually joins us on this topic is arto has had a lot to say about this. as you can tell between the debate over this topic for some time, this is an issue that will continue. this administration has tried to cut through that. they've been met with, one could argue, marginal success trying to define the policy for the future>> sandra: democrats incl nancy pelosi are slamming the new policy. here she is. here's what she said.
8:46 am
the trump's administration humanity and heartlessness knows no bounds. republicans have just condemned innocent women to a lifetime of violence and death. score political points with this base. the act of staggering cruelty sours our history of hope and freedom for those fleeing pain and percent contribution at home." not mincing words there, bill. >> bill: what is interesting is how the american people come the mid-terms, especially in california. they have the sanctuary city laws and other laws. different parts of california, san francisco, l.a., san diego, people in orange county, they react in a unique way. california is a massive place with millions of voters there. just to see it on primary results, it's anybody's guess right now to see how the rest of the people of california react to what is happening and what is changing in their state. the policies in california are
8:47 am
really -- they've become national stories, not just state stories. >> sandra: and thousands will be affected by this. the problem with the jt it's the partment, they've been struggling with this backlog of more than 700,000 cases in the immigration court system. the vast majority sessions says, current claims not valid, says jeff sessions. we'll get more reaction on this. >> bill: and we have this coming in. fox news alert. we're getting word from singapore that president trump's trade adviser, peter navarro in a fox news sunday appearance with chris wallace talked about a special place in hell for justin trudeau after the g-7 meeting over the weekend. he has now apologized and apparently in an interview with the "wall street journal" in singapore, he's apologized for the comment that was directed to canada's prime minister. that is an ongoing matter here. navarro going public with that. got a lot of attention when you
8:48 am
think that navarro, yeah, he was at the white house wth chris wallace on sunday. sandra: that was one of the fiery responses that we saw. >> bill: yeah. and larry kudlow, now recovg from a minor heart attack in washington d.c., saying similar conments on cnn at the time. they had an approach, a strategy. speaking of larry kudlow, our best to you. hope you get better soon. good man. >> sandra: all right. let's get over to that "outnumbered" tease. >> bill: we shall. here's harris. >> i love when they forget about it. >> sandra: our best wishes to larry kudlow as well. a good friend. >> such startling news last night. huge reaction continues to the president's historic summit with kim jong-un. now big questions over what was accomplished and where we go from here. meanwhile, democrats are divided with some praising the president and others slamming that meeting. >> plus, the mainstream media up in arms and going so far to say
8:49 am
president trump and kim jong-un are liars. so we'll never know what happened in that meeting, whether they're crossing a line in their criticism. we'll debate that. >> and plus,ur man in the middle. "outnumbered" at the top of the hour. back to you. >> bill: you think there might be some leaks? the circle is small. >> i think so. >> bill: see you in ten. businesses like amazon not happy about the head tax to help the homeless in seattle. we'll take you there live to check that out.
8:50 am
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8:52 am
>> bill: a heart breaking story out of california. an olympian's daughter
8:53 am
accidentally drowned in a swimming pimm. bode miller's 19-month-old daughter drowned over the weekend after paramedics were not able to save her. miller is the most decorated male u.s. skier with six olympic medals. he has three other children and the family is asking for privacy at this time. >> bill: so this afternoon, seattle city leaders will vote on repealing this controversial head tax that will raise funds for the homeless. it passed unanimously. now amazon and starbucks want to fight it. dan springer is in seattle to bngus up to date. at you got? >> businesses were united against the head tax. the key was the opposition coming from the citizens of seattle. this tax on the most successful job creators struck a nerve and there was a big backlash. the tax of $275 per employee
8:54 am
passed on a 9-0 vote and the mayor signed it. businesses launches a referendum campaign. as the group called speak out seattle said they got more than enough signatures to be put on the ballot. amazon would have paid more than $12 million a year. the company said they wouldn't add 7,000 planned jobs. residents got so outraged with the tax that they talked about ousting the city council. >> i wasn't disappointing. i felt well, they're listening. >> i don't have much trust. so it's like they just are doing that to save them to be re-elected. >> the $47 million that was supposed to be raised was going to build homes for the homeless. bill? >> bill: so what happens next? >> once the head tax is repealed, the council says it will go to work on a regional solution. seattle has the third most peopleless behind only new york city and los angeles.
8:55 am
two members of the council oppose the head tax repeal including socialists that tweeted yesterday, "this is capitulation to big biz." the special meeting is set to -- at noon today to repeal the head tax and expects sawant's supporters to show up incourt. >> bill: thanks, dan. >> sandra: president trump hammering out a landmark agreement with north korea. so what needs to be done make sure that kim jong-un denuclearizes? we'll have more on the dramatic break through next. people would stare. psoriasis does that. it was tough getting out there on stage.
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8:59 am
strikes out one of his best friends. there's the moment, win the game, wins a title but instead of running over with all of his teammates, what does he do? he walks over and gives a hug to his best friend on the opposing team. just an amazing story of sportsmanship and you know all about that. >> just to be a line right to the batter. congratulations the winners, a great season there. well done. >> good wteright there. because of j.t. was in the books. how do you feel about today? >> i was going to ask you first. there still some glitches but we are looking it. >> to our viewers, trying to use certain muscles and try to figure it out, doing a dance in tandem with everyone around us.
9:00 am
>> is a jam-packed three hours, huge "newsweek," so much happening in a beautiful new home. i have nothing to complain abou about. because of his wings and some as is but will be back tomorrow. >> "outnumbered" starts right now. >> harris: a fox news alert, a storic handshake is that long anticipated some of between president trump and kim jong un is now in the history books. president trump says he believes the leader of north korea wants to do the right thing and will make good on his promise to denuclearize. this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today, host of after the bell on fox business, melissa francis. from a national security analyst morgan ortega's. if the democratic state a just and fox news contributor jessica tarlov. in the center seat, republican congressman from new york, please eldon, member of the house for an affairs committee. "outnumbered" today but with so much for an committee staff today, we feel it's pretty


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