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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  June 12, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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exciting to be here. we are back here tomorrow at noon eastern, here and now is faulkner. to be is what's coming together. president trump on his way back to washington, d.c., after that course of history.change the as we go "outnumbered" over time. i'm harris faulkner. president trump is celebrating that historic sit down with north korean leader kim jong un. the two leaders signed an agreement that made a broad commitment for the united states to provide north korea with security guarantees in exchange for denuclearization of the korean peninsula. the president says will halt joint military exercises with south korea. and at the n had agreed to destroy a major missile testing site. the president also open the door for kim jong un to visit the white house as he expresses optimism that the dictator is committed to peace. watch. >> chairman and i just signed a statement in which he affirmed his unwavering commitment to complete
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denuclearization of the korean peninsula. we also agreed to vigorous negotiations to implement the agreement as soon as possible. he wants to do that. chairman kim has told me that north korea has already destroyed a major missile engine testing site. peace is always worth the effor effort. >> harris: of course the effort back home sometimes involves politics. democrats say they're not impressed with the president's deal. watch. >> worrisome, very worrisome. that this joint statement is so imprecise. with the united states has gained is of a vague and unverifiable at best. what north korea has gained however is tangible and lasting. >> i have to be honest with you, this is the weakest statement i have ever seen come out of any
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engagement with north korea. >> harris: a very sour there. a chief white house correspondent john roberts joins us from singapore. >> it should be pointed out right here at the top that the democrats back to some other deals with north korea that might've looked wrong on the surface but eventually fell apart when north korea decided to cheat on at the president insisting that he is goi to hold sanctions and other actions over kim jong un's head to make sure that he does comply with the spirit of this agreement. some seem some criticism, we've also seen some skepticism of what happened here in singapore but from u.k. foreign minister boris johnson just a short time ago, a statement of praise. johnson saying this is an important step towards the stability of the region vital to global economic growth. to some people out there seem to appreciate with the president did. the president pointing out that this is just the beginning, it's a very general document, the president said he didn't really have enough time during the
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summit itself to get into a lot of specifics. if those dls are to be worked out in the weeks and months ahead by a team led by the secretary of state mike pompeo and he'll have his first meetings with the north korean delegation sometimhin the next couple of weeks. the presideg me blowback from a member of his own party on the military front. lindsey graham critical of the president stated desire to one day, not necessarily now remove u.s. troops from south korea. listen here. >> i want to get our soldiers outcome i want to bring our soldiers back home. we have right now 32,000 soldiers in south korea. and i like to be able to bring them back home. that's not part of the equation right now. at some point, i hope it will be but not right now. because you mentioned at the top of this at the president does want to end these joint u.s. south korean military exercises saying that they're very provocative and that they were expensive as well.
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the president believes that if he can get north korea to denuclearize, if he can bring north korea into the light in the president had a very interesting video that he played for kim jong un. he had that produced where it showed north korea coming into the light and then a question of what is the north korean leader going to do? but if the president believes that he can do all of that, there may not be a need for as many u.s. troops on south korean soil. we will see. we are just at the very first hours after this, still a long way to go. >> harris: maybe this will help. we had congressman lee is alden who sits on the house foreign relations committee from new york here. on "outnumbered," our first hour and he lsant to know that you could ramp those exercises right back up pretty quickly saving the money is very helpful but it is something that he says that if they needed to put it back on the table, it would not be a difficult thing to do. so i thought i pass that along, it was interesting. he had a lot more detail than we have time for now.
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but just to augmenthat you were saying, i appreciate it. thank you very much, john roberts from singapore. for more, let's bring in michael fuchs, served as deputy ary of for east asia and pacific affairs under the obama administration and you heard there john roberts talking about the very strong words now, and i had set it up with strong words from democrats bei very critical of this process. but a reminder from john roberts that we've seen north korea lie and back away from things that they promise under democrats and that may be in his first few hours, democrats are not really giving the summit a chance. >> i for one am very happy that the president has decided in recent months did engage in diplomacy with north korea. as is the only way we're going to make any progress. that being said as you pointed out with past agrh north korea have all fallen apart so when it comes to north korea, we can't trust, we have to verify.
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and unfortunately, the statement, the agreement of the two leaders came out with just hours ago is very low on trust and short on details and verification and that's my concern here is that the reason the past agreements have fallen apart sometimes is because not enough paid to be want to point this out. seems we are pointing out a lot to march other. it is a in the past, we put a lot on the table with countries that we have dealt with and got not a lot back and in this instance, and is not how this is working. there was a threat a few days ago of the president actually walks away from any table or deal, we're going to put on 300 additional sanctions on north korea. he said just in the last couple of days, this is a one-shot deal. but it may take some time for all of it to come together. in some confused by what you say, this impatience the democrats are showing because it's just the beginning.
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>> i very much hope the negotiators on both sides move very quickly to hammer out concrete details of an agreement because we didn't see very many here. cern here is that wut the cart before the horse. president of the united states gave away something that no other leader of the united states has ever given away before and that was a face-to-face leader with the world's most brutal dictator. this statement that they agree to a few hours ago was the same, was less then the statements that working level negotiators of two countries have come up with numerous times in the past. in the president welcomed kim jong un onto the world stage and swept aside concerns about all the aggressive activity and the human rights. that is the concern i have paid >> harris: that is not true and in fact, we know that he has been so keep in on certain elements of human freedom and human lives because you even had
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japan's shinzo abe asking our presidents help, can you get my hostages home? is a president who has spoken up about human freedom and human life. he was asked about in a news conferencernight. but again, this is a first nversation. you say he's given away a face-to-face. i want to remind you that when you come out of one of these summits and you know this from having worked with e state department, it is very unusual for a communiqué be stepped on the way her friends in canada just stepped on one with president trump. we're a few hours old from the summit, let's see what happens i guess is what i'm saying but also going to ask you what is the norm? how much time was the clinton presidency given when certain promises were made? >> you canada and the g-7 and i think that again, one the other disturbing things we saw from president trump during his meeting with kim jong un during his press conference was actually criticizing the defensive
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military exercises that we and south koreans conduct together as provocative. that is exactly the language that kim jong un and china's leader use when criticizing our alliance defensive, routine in order to deter and defend american citizens in our interest. but all of that aside, i agree that what we need to be doing is making sure we can hammer out some concrete steps forward here because unfortunately, i didn't see that out of this summit. i very muchopehat secretary pompeo in the negotiators can actually get some of those specific commitments. >> harris: last quick question for you. our secretary of state has gotten accolades from both sides of the political aisle. i'm curious as a former state department employee if you look at him as someone who has the ability to do what you're asking? to believe in him? >> i am pleased with secretary pompeo's willingness so far in
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his few weeks of secretary of state to rush headfirst into diplomacy in particular with north korea and going to pyongyang twice. so i am very open and hopeful that we will see him rushing head forward and using the expertise that he has, we saw ambassador there at his side, i'm very happy about that. >> harris: formally of the obama administration state department, thank you very much. let's bring in senator james risch, sits on the senate foreign affairs committee. he is from idaho, a republican who will chair the senate working group on north korea negotiations along with democratic senator dianne feinstein. great to have you today. at first, i don't know if you can hear too much of my previous conversation. >> i heard it. >> harris: let's start there and get your response. >> the naysayers can't say nay enough. if barack obama had accomplished
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what donald trump just accomplished, they'd be calling for the stonemasons toet out to mount rushmore and put off his head on mount rushmore. this is a historic occasion. and it shouldn't be lost in all the hand-wringing about how they didn't walk out of there and it was over. these things take some time. this is an incredible mplishment that other people have tried and tried and failed and we all can agree we have a unique president and he uniquely got this done. >> harris: i think it's interesting that michael fuchs and other democrats that i've talked with just in the last few hours, there come back for we don't think the president got enough, they want more of a summit apparently. >> they know better than that. these things don't happen in just a shake. they take some time. this has been decades in the making. he has two generations behind, his father and his grandfather who handled things very
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differently than how he is handling them. the president of the united states has behind hymns and people who handled it differently. these two people caught in her room, strong personalies, two things need to happen. if they agree on an objective that both can agree on and if they both work in good faith to meet that objective, this can and it will great thing for america, for the world, for the korean peninsula and everyone else. everyone in america should be praying for the success of this and talking about positively how we can make this happen. >> harris: are so many questions i have for years i'm first of all, the definition on both sides for denuclearization. >> obviously the president discussed that but more importantly, you have secretary of state pompeo dealing with his counterpart on the other side, plus we have some people that are very good in the white house on this i have been dealing with us for both republican and
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democrat administration. they are sitting at the table talking about exactly what the details mean and with what's happening, everything so far has been positive. let's focus on this. >> harris: full verification is what the president says we will get in this deal, something we certainly didn't get with iran. so how do we get that exactly? >> obviously the devil is in the details always. what we know is what we don't want and that was what happened with iran. they had all kinds of oddball ouija board types of things where they would have to give notice of three weeks, then show up at the gate facility, the iranians would take pictures to bring them out to the gate. that's not good faith. if the parties are acting in good faith, we know how to do verification and we can get it done in the president absolutely is committed to see that we do that. with had a really bad experience with iran. we know what that looks like.
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>> harris: before i let you go, the working group, bipartisan senate working group, tell me what you can about that. >> is a group that's been around for some time. diannend i leave that on the two sides. we have on an informal basis talked with administration because we have a specific rule to play in this fun oversight role because everybody wants to see this as a treaty. if it's going to be a treaty, we need to have hands-on at the beginning and as it goes along, not to interfere but to assist any way we can to make it work so we can get a treaty. that will be good for everybody. >> harris: part of that treaty language we know would be to end the korean war because we are basically in a hit pause button right now for many decades. so good to see you, always great to have you on a program, thank you very much. coming up, we will dig deeper into president from steel with north korea and with the potential military consequences could be if kim jong un reneges
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on the agreement. retired u.s. colonel will talk the military aspect of it with me coming up. today is a deadline, house intelligence chairman devin nunes that for the justice department to turn over more documents related to the russian investigation. will they comply? former polk and congressman jason chaffetz weign. close. get the recipes at
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>> harris: negotiations continue with north korea. the commander in chief also expressing a desire to eventually bring home the thousands of american troops stationed on the korean peninsula. but admitting you're not quite there yet. here are some of what the president had to say earlier today in singapore. >> we will be stopping the war games which will save us a tremendous amount of money unless and until we see the future negotiations is not going along like it should. plus it's very provocative. >> harris: lucas tomlinson is live at the pentagon with details on the details. good to see you. because the pentagon calls these joint exercise of the south korea defensive in nature.
10:20 am
the term provocative is likely to raise eyebrows here. president trump says for now, all u.s. troops in south korea will remain despite his calls to suspend the drills. >> i'm doing some of that i wanted to do from the beginning. we stop playing those war games that cost us a fortune. every month we are doing war games with south korea. i said what is this costing? we are flying planes and from guam and bombing anti-mountains for practice and i said i nt to stop that and i will stop that and i think it's very provocative. especially s we are getting along. >> in a statement, spokesman says "u.s. forces korea has received no update to include this summer fall scheduled freedom guardian. in court nation with our south korean partners, we will continue with our current military posture until we receive updated guidance from department of defense. officials say the u.s. military
10:21 am
will continue drills in japan but has twice as many troops. long-range bombers will continue training flights from guam. yesterday defense secretary mattis that any decision about the potential withdrawal of american troops in south korea would be an issue president trump and south koreans president only. the two leaders spoke hours ago. the next exercise comes up in august for more computer-based training. if the annual spring drill for north korea. they were canceled in the mid-90s when other agreements were made with north korea. and it's notable each year thailand hosted an even larger annual jnt training aan allies. >> harris: thank you very much. let's bring a retired u.s. army lieutenant colonel michael waltz, former green beret commander, great to see you. thank you for being on the program. i want to start with the use of the word provocative when you talk about these exercises that we been doing for years with south korea. my earlier guest with the state department under obama
10:22 am
said the president echoing the dictator's words. tell me, what words to the president have used and what's important about all of this? speak of these exercises highly symbolic to both sides, the north kores ha issue with them and the south koreans find them highly symbolic of the u.s. south korean alliance. there is also a practical side in terms of maintaining readiness particularly for our allies and maintaining with them military called interoperabilit interoperability. everything from radars to radios to different types of equipment that both sides put in the field and making sure in the event of hostility that they can work together. but i think really the devil is in the details here. just like this moving forward from the verification regime to the military exercises, are we talking about just a big annual exercise and we have a lot of these smaller ones i continue? does that extend naval exercise
10:23 am
is way off the coast? these computer-based simulations? what does that extend to is still unclear and that's guidance at the white house. we will have to work with passing down tohe field and find out in consultation with our allies the south koreans, the japanese, and everyone else in region. >> harris: what military did we have in place outside of our men and women who were on the korean peninsula, what military would we pull i if weeeded to? the president said i'm going to take this person at his word. and paraphrasing the president. six months from now, it turns out that we can trust this guy and we will go forth with what we said we would do. those were the president's words. because there's a big difference and let's draw a distinction between moving or withdrawing any military from the region and then conducting joint exercises. again, those exercises are
10:24 am
conducted from the very small tactical to the very large and strategic. where draw that line is stl unclear. i think the focus should be on the president putting on the table the potential withdrawal of u.s. forces, 28,500 that are on the peninsula and that being on the table as part of an eventual deal over the horizon is what really folks should be talking about and discussing whether we are willing to do and we have seen some feedback from congress on that that would have to vote on it as part of the treaty. and in that sense, that's the real security guarantee that nokorea is looking for. that's certainly what china wants. they're absolutely a part of this and i think that is what is eventually going to move the needle so to speak in getting north korea to fully denuclearize. >> harris: 's of the president talked about military consequences. let's watch andisten then i'll get your response.
10:25 am
>> i don't want to talk about that because i don't want to be threatening. they understood that. and you've seen what was perhaps going to happen and still has 20 million people. we think we have big cities. he looked at new york that has 8 million people. we think that's a big city. still has 20 million people. think of that. >> harris: the president says he doesn't want to be threatening. they all believe we will do what we will do. yes or no. >> absolutely. that's the only reason that we are here is as president knows the credible use of military force is what helps diplomacy and frankly, if we are candid, i don't think the chinese or the north koreans believe that previous presidents predecessors would go there so that's why we are there in the first place but i think this president is a master at dialing up and then dialing back the rhetoric as the situation suits and what i hope happened in that one-on-one
10:26 am
meeting was that he made it very clear to kim jong un that if you play us, if you pull a page out of your father and grandfather's playbook, achieving this program and threatening the united states will mean the regime's destruction. then let's figure out a deal somewhere in between. >> harris: is interesting as i hear you say those words, i hearken back to the news last week for the week before were kim jong un took his three top people out and replace them with people he thought had his back more because when you're going into an agreement like this are negotiation, you have to know that no one is going to be backpedaling against you. that's with the military teaches us. somebody's got to watch your six. because that's absolutely right. kim jong un has a domestic audience as well. and that the north korean military that is built its entire existence around justifying its existence with potential war was at south korean america and around his nuclear program.
10:27 am
as a reason that his father and grandfather rarely left north korea because as a pakistani president learned, sometimes i don't want you will lay on the plane coming back. i think he was exactly checking his sticks. but as a signal that maybe there's a strategic shift here a foot. hopefully. >> harris: always great to talk to you. thank you. president trump again going after canadian prime minister justin trudeau amid the show down over tariffs that broke out after the g7 summit. former white house press secretary sean spicer will join me next. and the growing battle between house intelligence chairman devin nunes and the justice department. he is demanding more documents related to the russia investigation be turned over today. a live report. ancestrydna told my dad he comes from the
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department to turn over the additional documents he has requested on the alleged fbi informant who met with tre campaign officials in 2016. in a letter to deputy attorney general rod rosenstein, he is warning failure to turn over the information would be obstruction of a congressional investigation. doj officials say fbi director christopher wray and director of national intel dan coats will brief the gang of eight again on thursday. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge his life for us in washington. this feels like it really just heated up. >> that's right. the back and forth between the justice department and capitol hill over access to these fbi records about alleged confidential the russia case has intensified with the new deadline to produce the records. the republican chairman of the house committee devin nunes said that he was rejecting a justice department offered to brief congressional leadership known as the gang of eight calling for the records to be available to
10:33 am
committee members as well as designated staff investigators. the letter to the deputy attorney general reads in part "your continued refusal to permit members of congress and designated staff to review the requested documents is obstruction of a lawful congressional investigation. any response falling short of this request will be considered an effort to conceal material information from congress. earlier today on fox, republican chairman peter king heard from him and he's got an important voice in this because he sits on the house intelligence committe committee. >> why is the justice department being so difficult on this if they have nothing to hide, then come out. to show us what they have. these are real questions about whether this investigation should have been started the president of this campaign. whether or not there was sufficient evidence, sufficient information to go forward, always done improperly. if they have nothing to conceal, they should come forward and show us what they have.
10:34 am
>> senior justice officials said the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein, mr. ray, and the nations intelligence chief who was oversight of the 15th agencies, the director of national intelligence dan coats have offered and look forward to briefing congressional leadershipn thursday which of course is passed is newly imposed path deadline. >> harris: thank you very much. from republican chairman jason chaffetz of utah joins now. so a deadline and an expectation. what you make of it? >> i expect everybody on the republican side of the aisle and the democratic side of the aisle to get behind devin nunes. congress has a responsibly for oversight. a constitutional duty. the oversight function was founded in 1814. e dent of justice was founded in 1870. congress appropriates the money, congress authorizes the department of justice and there is no reason why people with properly duly issued security clearances, duly elected members
10:35 am
of congress should not be able to see the actual document. not another briefing, that doesn't cut it. >> harris: the last hour, he was on with me. he said we need jason chaffetz back. you could smile at that, but that also indicates that thi fight is really hard. how hard is it? >> there's a reason why rod rosenstein doesn't want the american people and the duly elected representatives to see this document but that's precisely why this country does the oversight. that's why you go in and look. he don't want to see every single document but when you have a suspicion, they need to go in there and see it. that's what separates the united states of america. we are open and transparent, we look at these things but rod rosenstein in a republican administration have got to admit has been the biggest obstacle to actually providing that openness, that transparency and accountability. the deep stages does not want it. to be heard you use that term, deep state. critics have said this is not deep state, this is a situation where a man is doing his job.
10:36 am
and you say? >> absolutely not. where the democrats on this? the going to want to see some trumped documents. >> harris: is an interesting question. >> they are absolutely no this stuff. they need to come clean and support every member of leadership, steve's police, all th committee chairman, every member of congress ought to be standing behind devin nunes, very important work and is the only way we have true checks and balances on his government. >> harris: if rod rosenstein does not capitulate to this new deadline, what happens? >> congress have got to show some guts, got to hold them in contempt of congress and then they've got to follow through with it. they ought to demand that the department of justice, this is the tough part, what needs to change, the only way to enforce contempt of congress for a duly issued subpoena is to go to the department of justice. so until congress gets a backbone in the house, the
10:37 am
senate, the appropriators, the leadership and until they actually stain unified, it isn't going to change. they're going to just stonewall and hide these documents, which is fundamentally at the core of this nation and who we are as a nation just wrong. >> harris: i see why he wants you back. you call every out on this. four let you go, you mention the democrats and their role in all of this. and you say that that's critica critical >> shame on the democrats for not standing up and sing in principle we want to see these documents. just because it happened in the obama administration is no excuse for them to stand on the sidelines and just see what happens. when it comes to the purity of them wanting to see trump-related documents, i guarantee they're going to be pounding their fists and yelling and screaming but some of us no matter who was in office think that this is the way that our government operates, congress gets to see these materials. >> harris: jason chaffetz, not going back to congress as far as
10:38 am
we know, with fox news now and we appreciate that, thank you. president trump is going after canadian prime minister justin trudeau again saying his comments at the g7 were a mistake. that will cost him a lot of money. we will talk with sean spicer about it next. afr month, the clock is ticking on irreversible joint damage. ongoing pain and stiffness are signs of joint erosion. humira can help stop the clock. prescribed for 15 years, humira targets and blocks a source of inflammation that contributes to joint pain and irreversible damage. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common,
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>> harris: president trump once again going after canadian prime minister justin trudeau over comments he made in a news conference about president trump's terrorist threats. if after the president left the g7 summit. watch. >> i think that justin probably didn't know that air force one has about 20 televisions and i see the television as he is giving a news conference about how he will not be pushed around by the united states. i say push him around? we j shook hands. it was very friendly. countries cannot continue to take advantage of us on trade.
10:43 am
he assumed i was in an airplane and i wasn't watching. he learned that's going to cost a lot of money for the people of canada. >> harris: sean spicer, former press secretary for president from joins me now. i see that beaming smile on your face come i have to that's bee you're not surprised about the president's words but were you surprised to see a canadian prime minister sign a communiqué, agree to something and come after the president like that? >> in light of north korea, it's pretty obvious that president trump has made it clear that relationships matter. how he gets along with somebody, his ability to lead them to develop friendship and trust hem helps him get better deals, m things along inhis particular case, i think he's developed a very close and trusting relationship with the prime minister in canada. and felt betrayed by that, here is a prime minister who has spenwith him discussing the issues that were important on the agenda at the g7 and had never really according to president trump brought this
10:44 am
concern up with him. then once the president left the summit, he then went out and did a press conference sort of hitting at the president and the policies when he wouldn't bring it up to his face. that's not something the president tr going to take lightly. as ientioned, relationships matter to him and trust matters to him. so to see that under mind is something that i don't think he will forget anytime soon. >> harris: so how does this work? does everybody kind of discuss what the flow back will be? or not? this was when you look at the leverage that the united states has come a 20% for canada's gdp exports to us, that's their economy. 1% for what they are sending to us affects our economy. clearly when the president says it's going to cost them money, he means it. >> market access to the u.s. economy is what most other countries the world hates again. they have been very robust back-and-forth as you correctly
10:45 am
point our market is much bigger than important to their economy than theirs is to ours. so these disputes are important to our economic well-being but more so to candidates. i think the prime minister has probably learned that that mistake may have cost their marketplace, their market access and ultimately their economy by doing in that manner. for days.: so this has gone on did they get together now at the white house because you were there and you know as a former press secretary and you craft something about canada? or do we just not? what happens next? >> i've learned in most people have learned of the president is the lead communicator when it comes to this so you're following the suit. you're seeking his guidance trying to figure out how far he wants to push this, how far he wants to echo it. he may want to take the ball and carry it himself and in this case, he may want the team to back him up on it. it's going to be his decision how he wants this strategy
10:46 am
crafted in terms of canada, with a frequency is, what the tone and tenor is. we will continue to see. your job at this point if you're in the white house is to get a read on what the president wants to do. i think based on the success that he just had in korea and the world and global implications that that decision had, i would assume that the team is more focused on trying to make sure that that success is the paramount discussion right now. >> harris: i love to get that behind the scenes as a tha you much, always great to see you, sean spicer. president trump pointing to his tough rhetoric as the reason north korea came to the table as us unprecedented summit. the president also slamming previous presidents or a policy of silence. when it came to the regime. the power panel next.
10:47 am
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>> to the chinese foreign ministry announced that president trump would suspend the u.s. war games in south korea before trump even made the announcement this morning? will tell you about that report, plus now that the big singapore summit is over, what are the next step to the military and state department? got some great guests who will discuss that and five primaries today in five states. going to break those down for you on the daily briefing.
10:51 am
>> north korea best not make any more threats the united states. they will be met with fire and fury. like the world has never seen. the united states has great strength and patience. but if it is forced to defend itself or its allies that we will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea. >> harris: remember what cornel watts told me a few minutes ago that north korea believes the president when he is as the milit would get engaged. the president is pointing to that tough rhetoric as the catalyst that brought north korea to the negiating table for the stork summit. he says without it, they never would've gotten as far as an sanctions alone were not working. the president also criticized his predecessor's decision not to respond to the north's. watch. >> other administrations, don't want to get specific on that but they had a policy of silence.
10:52 am
if they said something very bad and very threatening and horrible, just don't answer. that is not the answer. isot what you have to do. so i think the rhetoric, hated to do it, sometimes i felt foolish doing it but we had no choice. >> harris: i like some power in my power panel. "wall street journal" deputy editorial page editor. judy miller, pulitzer prize winning investigative reporter and author. both fox news contributor's. can i start with something a little different? so we lookt president trump and a criticism that he's getting today from some, democrats thinking he didn't go far enough, maybe they wanted a nine hour summit. but you look at that and i look at the criticism that president barack obama got in ant was at the same he was doing the wave and that communist nation. >> i say that there are two standards for what
10:53 am
president obama did that was questionable or not effective usually got a pass from a lot of mainstream media reporters and president trump because he has chosen to go to war with the media is not getting a pass, will not get a pass and we are seeing that to some extent in the reti to the summit. >> harris: it is very early in these hours. i had a democrat on earlier who was served at state department under barack obama, and he said it is early, but they were still huge expectations the democrats have. >> most of the commentary i've seen has been helpful on this and the president is correct that the previous models deployed by presidents from clinton onward with north korea simply did not work. >> harris: and bipartisan. >> the president is trying a new approach. they were not too many alternatives and i think he understated the value of the sanctions which he had the u.n. impose in september of 2017
10:54 am
after north korea's six nuclear tests, their largest tests that precipitated some of that rhetoric by the president but i think those sanctions were squeezing and hurting north korea. >> harris: we have an indication of that because the latest rhetoric from the president although you might not call it rhetoric, might just call it a promise, he said if he ends up walking away from the deal at any point, it's 300 more sanctions on north korea. interesting number. because that's a lot and i agree with dan. i really think a maximum pressure worked. it was a welcome change from our previous strategy but it wasn't really maximum. we have yet to see what maximum economic pressure can do because some korea analysts have said again and again until the united states is prepared to go after china, we won't actually know whether or not kim is feeling economic pressure but i'm not sure that offering him condos, the prospects of condos in pyongyang is considered bringing him around. i do think a lot of the credit
10:55 am
should go to president moon jae-in. it wasn't just the harsh rhetoric and in the turnaround. it was president moon jae-in of south korea mr. nice guy to mr. trump's no more mr. nice gu . nice guy. >> harris: they had a hand shake early on which was considered rather historic. as you look at this total situation and a timeline and going forth, would you see based on other summits that you have covered in things that you have seen come together and fall apart? >> you put your finger on the biggest issue here timeline. what makes the situation different is we know south korea is getting to the point where they may be able to attach a nuclear warhead to an icbm. mike pompeo when he was cia director said maybe a handful of months. so the clock is ticking here. we don't have an indefinite amount of times to negotiate with north korea. i think the administration is going to have to be showing some
10:56 am
bigger results, more positive results and showing them very quickly. >> right now we just have vague declarations of intent. i think the proof is in the going to see wheer or not north korea very quickly is willing to have verifiable what we didn't see andhat communiqué. >> harris: the president said full verifiable, he knows that that's kind of the split with what we saw with iran. great to see you both, thank you. we'll be right back. get on demand tech support for as little as $15 a month. this week get boise case paper for only $29.99 at office depot office max.
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>> june 12th. a day weaited for months to get here between our summit and the dictator oforea in he history books. thanks for watching us all be witness to it. i'm harris. here's dana. >> dana: a whirlwind summit at peace on north korea. the u.s. and north korea open the door to a new future. i'm dana perino. this is "the daily briefing." president trump now heading home with stops in gua and pearl harbor after a historic meeting with kim jong-un. he's carrying a signed document pledging to work towards complete denuclearization. john roberts is live in singapore. he's still up, still awake and joins us now. john? >> i'm not sure how awake, but we're still up. no question about that. dana, good morning to you from singapore. it's just touching 2:00 a.m.


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