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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  June 12, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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the hermitage. >> thank youmy friend. do you want more? here's chris wallace from singapore. hi, chris. >> hey greg, and i want you to know i'm bringing you back a singapore sling. president trump and kim jong a deal aimed at denuclearization of the korean peninsula. we will have details and reaction. plus, another busy day for primary elections and a big victory for at&t in court. this is "special report" from singapore. ♪ >> chris: good evening, i'm chris wallace info bret baier, who is traveling back from here right now and will have an interview tomorrow with president trump aboard air force one. both the president and kim jong un have been gone from this island nation for several hours but the process set in
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motion at their historic meeting here could play out for decades. after roughly five hours of talks, the two leaders agreed to "complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula." what exactly that means is still unknown and president trump is already taking some criticism for getting too little and giving too weave fox team coverage, greg palkot in seoul, south korea, with reaction there, but we start with chief white house correspondent john roberts on the summit and what comes next. good morning, john. >> good morning to you, chris. to hear president trump tele, the next app he hopes is that m jong un will start tearing down the nuclear program he just spent billions building. but the president's critics doubt this new relationship will ever pay off. >> it was a moment for the history books. the first time a sitting u.s. president has met with the leader of north korea. the road to get here was a long one. >> we will have a terrific
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relationship, i have no doubt. >> there will be obstacles on the way forward but we overcame all ofm. >> white house officials told fox news the entire summit was dependent on how the first 101 between the leaders would go. after decades of political and rhetorical conflict between the two nations and personal insults they relet each other, president trump says he and kim jong un formed a personal bond. >> we are prepared to start a new history and we are ready to write a new chapter between our nations. >> the summit ended with a joint communiqué, kim pledging to work towards the complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula in exchange for u.s. security guarantees. >> the world will see a major change. >> but missing from the document, any language about verification, the nuts and bolts of how the u.s. will ensure that kim is making good on his pr. president trump insisted that we'll all be worked out. >> is going to be achieved by having a lot of people there,
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and as we develop a certain trust and we are going to be working with them on a lot of other things, but this is complete denuclearization. >> democrats jumped on the communiqué as vague and toothless. >> kim jong un and north korea have made commitments in the past that they have not followe . more specific commitments than we have heard during this summit. so you can't take his word for it. >> president trump also heard criticism for his pledge to end u.s.-south korean joint military exercises, along a thorn in north korea's side, the president calling them provocative and expensive. >> number one we save money, a lot, and number two, it really is something that i think they very much appreciate. >> trumps eastwood giving away two or three of the major things that kim jong un wanted, a meeting, the flags next to each other, now no delay of exercises with south korea without getting
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anything in return. >> but president trump also found praise from british soren dominic foreign secretary boris johnson who said in a statement this is an important step towards the stability of a region vital to global economic growth. senator lindsey graham said he would have given him the security guarantees also so. >> i'm a pretty hawkish guy, but i'm willing to give him security guarantees and economic opportunity i don't think i would have given a year ago. >> president trump the tales of denuclearization, verification, and enter the the war and possible normalization of relations with the u.s. will all be worked out in meetings with kim. the republican colleagues are urging him to proceed cautiously. >> working with kim is like trying to hand feed shark. you can do it, you have to do it very, very carefully. >> democrats also criticized president trump for giving kim jong un the legitimacy of a one on one meeting with the
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leader of the free world. president trump to give up nothing other than a couple of days travel and says he was happy to sitn with kim if it would go some distance to saving the lives of the millions of people president trump says would likely be killed in a nuclear confrontation between the united states and north korea. chris. >> chris: thank you. and again, joining us for "special report" tomorrow for bret baier's interview with president trump. the president says negotiations with north korea might not have been possible without the tragic death of american student otto warmbier who died after being released from a north korean prison one year ago. today his parents tweeted this. we appreciate president trump's recent comments about family. we are proud of otto warmbier and missing. hopefully something positive can come from this. now to world reaction. no other country has more at stake tonight from this summit in south korea.
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that's where senior foreign affairs correspondent cake, greg palkot is right now. >> the ink wasn't even dry on the declaration president trump and north korean leader kim jong and signed at their historic summit in singapore promising complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula before the global naysayers zeroed in. iran, which recently saw the trump administration back out of its nuclear deal, had a warning for pyong. >> the u.s. administration's failure to honor its commitments makes us watch mr. trumps behavior with pessimism and i think the north korean government should handle this with full vigilance. >> china showing signs of backing out of international sanctions against the north thinks their grip should be eased. >> the u.n. resolutions say that act in accordance with the resolution and sanction measures could be adjusted which could include pausing or moving in. >> in south korea, the country with the most at stake, president moon jae-in admitted he had been nervous before the
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summit and wish for the best. >> i snt a sleepless night. i sincerely hope that it will open a new era of denuclearization, peace, a new relationship between the two koreas and the united states. >> they might be losing more sleep after president trump's suspension of the u.s. and south korean joint military exercises. they had to figure out the exact meaning of the trumpledge. experts who see the trolls as a defensive bulwark against north korea are edgy. >> south korean -- >> practical. >> still, locals who have had the piece hopes raised before, watched the summit closely. they, will the daily under the threat of war, seemed happy to see president trump and north korean leader kim exchanging pleasantries, not barbs. >> better than paper to paper. >> face to face.
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>> i want to keep the republic of korea. >> it's wednesday morning here in seoul. secretaryte pompeo arrives here later today to explain the results of the summit, especially perhaps the decision president trump to suspend those military exercises here in south korea and then to plot the way forward, including more talks withorth korea, and then some. chris. >> chris: thank you, greg. now let's get reaction to the mmit from republican setor tom cotton of arkansas. the iraq war veteran is a member of the senate armed services' committee and he joins us from capitol hill. senator, from the very start you have been in your own words deeply skeptical of north korea's intentions. now that it's over, what you think of the summit and the agreement that president trump and kim jong un signed? >> chris, first, thanks for
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having me on to discuss this incredible day. i think this was an important first step but we have to remember it was only a first step. i am skeptical kim jong un's commitment to denuclearizing north korea. i know secretary pompeo has artie left for south korea and then he will be in china tomorrow. now it's time to negotiate the nitty-gritty details of veriably and irreversibly the nuclear rising north korea president trump himself said, it may not work out but they had to sit down and have disagreement face-to-face before we could move onto the next stage of our negotiations. >> chris: in the agreement, kim commits to "the complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula." we will have to wait and see what he does in terms of north korea, but are you concerned that he is demanding that on our side we fold the nuclear umbrella we have had for decades protecting south korea and japan.
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>> no, i'm not concerned that the president would withdraw that umbrellarom any of our allies. kim jong un hol the nuclear weapons that are on the peninsula and that is one thing that is such a threat not only to south korea and japan and the erican citizens, but to the united states now that kim jong un has missiles that can reach the united states. part of the long-standing american policy is that we have a nuclear arsenal part to protect ourselves and our allies so they d feel the need to obtain nuclear weapons. i fear that south korea and japan and taiwan would want to obtain nuclear weapons if we weren't working towards the denuclearization of korea. >> chris: thought, senator, as part of the deal, you know that president trump announced that he is going to end joint u.s. military exercises with south korea. do you think that's a good idea? >> the president said they were pausing them for the time being.
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we just had the biggest single exercise each year occurs in the spring that probably won't happen for another nine or ten months until the spring of 2019. i think we will have a pretty good read on whether kim jong un is going to keep his commitment until then. meanwhile, secretary mattis has said he was aware of the suspension and he supports the decision. regular, everyday training exercises will occur. secretary mattis wouldn't have supported the decision if you weren't confident that our troops would be fully ready to defend our interest on the korean peninsula.>> chris: press that he may start easing sanctions on north korea, even before it ends its entire nuclear program, completely denuclearize, offering this explanation. take a look. >> i think we will do it as fast as it can be done scientifically. as fast as i can be done mechanically. i don't think -- i mean, i've read horror stories, it's a 15 year process. assuming you wanted to do it
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quickly, i don't believe that. i think whoever wrote that is wrong. but there will be a point at which when you are 20% through you can't go back. >> chris: as a member of the senate armed services' committee, can you explain what that means when you are 20% through you can't go back? >> i don't think that we should relax sanctions in any way until we are far down the path if not at the end of the road of north korea's denuclearization. i think the president was using that number as an example. he will have to open his country to weapons inspectors. he will need to make a complete declaration of his nuclear program and they will need to develop steps to remove those nuclear materials and certified and denuclearize. the president is right that once you get far enough down that road it would be very hard to reverse those steps. we should not relax sanctions up front. that's one reason why i was opposed to deal with iran, because we were relaxing sanctions, giving concessions on
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the front end an easily reversed promises as opposed to getting concrete action from our adversary and then taking action into that process. >> chris: in the meantime, t president says that he i going to maintain his sanctions regime, although he's not going to call it maximum pressure anymore, but he did say that since the negotiations had started, china has eased up on some of its tight controls on activity across the border. it seems that south korea is anxious to begin trade with north korea and the question i have is has by normalizing things, appearing here, meeting with president moon of south korea, meeting with china, as kim jong un already succeeded to some degree in weakening the maximum pressure campaign? not necessarily by the united states, but by the rest of the world? >> no, i don't think he has. china has always displayed a double game when it comes to
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north korea on the one hand saying they want to denuclearize north korea but on the other hand propping up the regime economically, financially and politically. they really only came to the table over the last 18 months because of the president's approach since last january. the south korean administration that took office earlier this year simply had a different approach than previous administrations. the president has done a good job of developing a rapport with president moon of south korea arying to keep a close alliance structure between south korea, japan and the united states to ensure that that pressure campaign continues. the president may not want to say it after the summer, i will say it, we need to continue maximum pressure on north korea until they denuclearize. >> chris: finally, president trump had a number of very optimistic things to say about where things stand now with north korea. here are a few clips. >> it's a very great day, it's a very great moment in the history of the world. i have i think a very good
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relationship with chairman kim right now. i really do. you can't ensure anything. all i can say is they want to make a deal. >> chris: senator, do you share president trump's optimism? >> we split up certainly broken out of the rut of 25 years of failed u.s. policy towards north korea. i donif kim jong un is going to keep his commitments were not the president has spent hours with him now and very few of us have the benefit of that experience. i hope the president is right. but because the kim regime, both kim jong un and his father and his grandfather had a long history of duplicity. we need to continue our pressure aign, we need to hold ki un to his commitments. i think we will find out in a matter of months whether he's willing to to keep those commitments. >> chris: senator tom cotton, thank you for your time today. >> thank you, chris. >> chris: stocks were mixed today. the dow lost 2, the s&p was up
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five. nasdaq gained 44 for a recordis recordish. after the markets closed today in federal court approved at&t's $85 billion purchase of time warner. the justice department filed a lawsuit to stop the deal sayin that at&t's ownership of both directv and time warner would give an unfair leverage against rival cable providers. at&t argued the merger would allow it to gain information about viewers needed to target digital advertising much like facebook and google already do in the court sided with at&t. up next, the department of justice versus house republicans over how the rush of collusion probe has been conducted. first, here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 2 in the oakland bay area and fox 5 in d.c. with parades for their world champion sports teams. the golden state warriors were honored today after their four-game sweep of cleveland in
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the nba finals and washington capitals fans jammed d.c. to celebrate their stanley cup win over las vegas. q13 fox in seattle as the city council voted 7-2 today to repeal a tax on large companies like amazon and starbucks. the about-face comes just one month after the council backed the measure to help pay to combat a growing homeless crisis. business is about to put a repeal effort on the november ballot. and this is a live look at a remembrance ceremony at the sight of what was the pulse nightclub in orlando from fox 35. the big story there tonight, survivors and victims relatives marking the second anniversary of the shooting at that night spot. 49 people were killed and 53 injured when a gunman opened fire in the early morning hours of june 12th 2016. last month, a memorial open to the public at the sight of the massacre. that is tonight's live look outside the beltway from
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♪ >> chris: president trump's trade has apologized for saying there is a special place in hell for canadian prime minister justin trudeau. peter navarro says his language was inappropriate. the comment came after president trump and trudeau disagreed over trade policy. also tonight, the white house says the president's top economic advisor is doing well after a mild heart attack. larry kudlow is said to be in good condition at walter reed medical center in maryland. the number two official in the justice department is playing
3:22 pm
hardball with congressional republicans who are investigating the russia collusion probe. chief intelligence correspondence catherine herridge is in washington tonight to tell us about it. hello, catherine. >> the emails by fox news were sent to document the january closed-door meeting that included rod rosenstein. christopher wray, their senior advisors as well as the republican house intelligence committee chair devin nunes and his senior staff. the account claim rosenstein quipped on my threaten to turn the table on the committee regarding the russian troll. the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein criticized the committee for sending a request in writing and was for the critical of the committee's request to have doj do the same when responding. going to far as to say as if the committee likes being litigators, then we, the justice department, too are litigators and we will subpoena your records and your emails referring to the house committee and congress overall. the emails reviewed by house -- backed up the account.
3:23 pm
writing "let me just add that watching the deputy attorney general launched sustained p attack against a congressional staffer in retaliation for vigorous oversight was astonishing and disheartening." also having the nation's number one for these matters, law enforcement officers threatened to subpo your calls in your emails was down like chilling. both the fbi and the justice department disputed the implication. rosenstein never threatened a criminal investigation writing that happy attorney general was making the point after being threatened with contempt that is american citizen charged with the dash he would have to right to defend himself. including relevant emails and text messages and calling them as witnesses to demonstrate that their allegations are false. the official wentaying e deputy attorney general "will further request the house general counsel conduct an internal investigation of this congressional members conduct adding the chairman did not complain after the meeting.
3:24 pm
and then statement to fox news they said they take the stuff seriously. they have encouraged the committee to work through the justice department inspector's office. they said no formal complaint has been filed at this time, chris. >> chris: thank you. up next, we will tell you what is at stake in several states to meet. our borders, israeli police have begun evacuating jewish settlers from 15 homes built illegally on private palestinian land on the west bank. dozens of settlers protested the evacuation with some throwing stones and bottles at police after the eviction, israeli forces are expected toemolish the structures. italy's new government is claiming victory after spain offered safe harbor to a private rescue ship denied permission to land in italy. the ship had been stuck in the mediterranean sea since saturday when italy demanded malta take
3:25 pm
the 600 migrants on board. malta refused and spain accepted the ship and the migrants on monday. britain's justice minister resigned today so he could vote against his own government on legislation supporting country's exit from the european union. conservative lawmaker lee who voted to remain in the eo in the british referendum in 2016 is cain for brexit to be delayed. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we will be right back.
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♪ >> chris: voters are going to the polls right now for primaries in nevada, north dakota, virginia, maine, and south carolina. republican congressman mark sanford is a vocal critic of president trump. he is facing pro-trump state legislator katie arrington buried in maine, 11 candidates are trying to rep term
3:29 pm
limited republican governor paul lepage. voters there use the ranked choice system for the first time in a statewide election. northern virginia republi will choose between incumbent congresswoman barbara comstock and retired air force pilot hill. and in nevada, democrats are slugging it out to get the party nomination for governor. chief correspondent jonathan hunt is in las vegas tenant. >> i'm running for governor. how are you? >> what's her name? >> it's the toughest race in nevada. two clark county commissioners seeking to rally the democratic base in a year when the party believes it can win the governorship for the first time this century. >> on the best candidate because i got the experience. >> i've been in progress and before it was a word. >> hillary clinton is also waiting to boost her credentials. >> i've known chris for many years annexing how she has been an extraordinary progressive leader for nevada.
3:30 pm
>> single-handedly protected perverts. >> she was accused of being soft on predators. she respond by r that she herself is a survivor of abuse. >> that was me. >> i don't want people to vote for me just because i'm a woman, but i do believe that that's an added value. >> but she doesn't argue with the contention that nevadans are more focused on each candidate's policies rather than gender. >> what they stand for, where they've been and what their plans are moving forward. they don't vote for someone in nevada based on their gender anymore than they do based on their height or their weight. >> on the republican side, nevada attorney general is expected to breeze through the primary brushing aside the challenge of state treasurer dan schwartz, and he is already focused on november and the predictions of a so-called blue wave for democrats.
3:31 pm
>> there is no blue wave here. it doesn't exist. in fact, we are looking forward to a red wave. >> confident you will be the next governor of nevada? >> we feel very good about this race. >> and this afternoon adam lacks all got the presidents endorsement mr. trump tweeting adam is smart, works hard and knows how to win. he will be a great governor. polls close here at 7:00. we will likely know the republican result immediately. the tight democrat race will probably take a good while longer for uto be able to call. chris. >> chris: jonathan hunt reporting from las vegas. jonathan, thanks for that. senate leader mitch mcconnell correspondent peter doocy tells us how. >> mitch mcconnell became senate republican leader 11 years five months and ten days ago and now he has had the top spot a day longer than former senator bob dole making him the
3:32 pm
longest tenured g.o.p. leader ever. >> he understands the senate better than anybody else here. >> former senator trent lot had the job for five years. >> i think it was the toughest we are shipped out, political job in the city. >> mcconnell says he plays the long game. failed to repeal obamacare. in 2010 he took it for outlining a different priority. >> our top political priority over the next two years should be to deny president obama a second term. >> six years later when outgoing president barack obama merrick garland to the court, he declined to consider him. >> the american people need to weigh in and decide who's going to make this decision. >> democrats criticized him for making this decision. >> we are setting a dangerous precedent. >> mcconnell later helped confirmed neil gorsuch. >> he is reasonably able to control his people. that in itself is something to be credited with.
3:33 pm
>> he's also the rare republican who dares to share laughs in public with his democratic counterparts. is cards close his chest b h just sit there and listen and listen and listen. >> sometimes republicans break ranks, like senator ted cruz who once called mcconnell out about the export-import bank. >> i cannot believe he would tell a flat out lie. >> there are also republican candidates who try to capitalize on anti-mcconnell sentiment. >> one of my goals as u.s. senator will be to ditch cocaine mitch. >> in d.c. there's not much of an appetite to remove the republican leader. >> he's been right so many times so it builds confidence. >> but on this, the day that mcconnell finally broke the record, his own members aren't le republican senato have told me that today at lunch mcconnell implored republicans to stop blocking republican amendments and multiple republican senators proceeded to leave lunch and block each other's amendments.
3:34 pm
chris. >> chris: peter doocy on capitol hill. thank you. when we come back, the panel weighs in on the historic trump-kim summit. ♪ n gardening. at least we don't have to worry about homeowners insurance. just call geico. geico helps with homeowners insurance? good to know. been doing it for years.eal. i should clean this up. i'll get the dustpan. behind the golf clubs. get to know geico. and see how easy homeowners and renters insurance can be.
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special bond, so people are going to be very impressed. people are going to be very happy and we are going to take care of a very big and very dangerous problem for the world. it worked o for both of us far better than anybody could have expected. >> chris: president trump talking positively as he and kim jong un signed a joint statement at the end of their singapore summit. it let's bring in our panel back in d.c. mollie hemingway of the federalist. more eliasson from national public radio. and byron york of the "washington examiner." byron, your thoughts about the summit and that agreement that we just showed that president trump and kim jong un signed? >> i think the most reasonable assessment you can make it it is that we don't know if it's going to work out or not. in the joint agreement that the two leaders released, kim pledged committo denuclearization but previous leaders have pledged the same
3:39 pm
thing i'm not done it, so you can't say. there are also other issues. talk about the u.s. military exercises, whether that's really a big concessionr not since m cotton earlier on this program said the next big military exercise is next spring. so if kim is operating in bad faith, we will certainly know that by then. my sense was it's a net plus because of the relationship between the two leaders and what has been said, but you just don't know what's going to happen. >> chris: i want to pick up, mara, on byron's first point because kim in the joint denuclearization.ed to that's the quote. but he did the same in his first meeting with south korean president moon back in april. do you see anything more here? do you see any more details, any more meat on the bones? >> not yet, but that's why secretary of state pompeo is now going to pick up the ball and see if they can do that, flush
3:40 pm
it out. to the u.s. and it meansne thing something different to north korea. i think they see it more as a freeze. but the one thing you can say is this is so much better where we are now than when t were threatening to blow each other up and as long as they are talking, they are not going to war, and even if this ends up with only a freeze and not complete, other denuclearization, that still better than what we've got now. i think the only danger for the president is that it's going tos regime because that really depends on china and as long as kim jong un is talking to the u.s., it seems like china is already beginning to bac from enforcing sanctions. >> chris: let's pick up on that point, molly, because the president says he's going to keep the sanctions up, he's not going to call it maximum pressure anymore, but he thinks -- he says that's what it's going to be, but he also complained that china is easing up on patrolling and enforcing its border.
3:41 pm
south korea is eager to begin trade with north korea and i guess the question i have is with chairman kemp now at the end of this summit a much more respectful, normalizede in the world diplomatic channels, is it going to be harder to keep up the international sanctions? >> it's important to remember that the success we've had thus far has been due in large part to this very strict sanctions regime, and so to abandon that or to ease up on that without something solid in return might not produce results that we would like to see. and what i think president trump and mike pompeo have been talking about is the importance of north korea choosing a new way of being very seeing that it's in their interest to have a different course of action than the one that they have taken. sanctions are key to helping them see that it is in their best interest to have a new approach, a less bellicose approach, one where there is more freedom in terms of free
3:42 pm
enterprise and individual liberty for their people, and so i would hope that everyone would understand the importance in keeping this together. we might need to ramp up our pressure on china and other countries to ensure that that does take place. >> chris: mollie, your general thoughts about the summit? there are some critics who are saying that the president gave too much considering what he got. do you think that's fair? >> it's kind of funny. with that so many pundits be so wrong for so long. a year ago we were told that we were on the brink of nuclear war because of the approach that president trump are taken, that we would never get to a summit, that he would never walk away to a summit, that we couldn't hit a june 12th meeting. time and time again the foreign policy experts have been wrong about what would happen with president trump's very different approach from the bipartisan consensus that we have seen leading up to this. in fact, we have not like previous meetings that we had, we actually had to give cash money to get them to the table. we didn't have to do that this time. we have a lot of leverage. they also are a nuclear power,
3:43 pm
which it puts them in a different position than they have been in previous scenarios. this is a really good first step is byron and mara pointed out, the word commit is in disagreement i think eight times. the devil will be in the details. this is a first step, a promising step. we have a long way to go to see that this actually accomplishes the pe we all hope for. >> chris: i want to go back to the issue of denuclearization, because the way it is stated in the joint agreement is the complete nuclear is denuclearir the korean peninsula. for the u.s. that means the north koreans get rid of their nukes. for the north koreans it means that all nuclear weapons are gone, that we don't have nukes in south korea, but we do have bombers with nukes. we do have ships with nukes. we do have submarith nukes nukes. given the fact thats calls for the complete denuclearization of the peninsula and the president
3:44 pm
agreed to end the joint military exercises with south korea, and a concern on your part that there is a danger to u.s. will fold its nuclear umbrella, which is a nuclear guarantee t protect south korea and japan? >> i don't think that's contemplated and i think the president actually specifically did address that, that that is not in the definition of denuclearization. one additional thing, talking about the sanctions and whether they had -- what effect they had on this, yes, i think tough sanctions on top of ious sanctions did have a big effect but also the threat of war had a big effect. i don't know how many analysts we have heard over the year saying that war is not an option on the korean peninsula or war is unthinkable in the korean peninsula. the current military team was thinking about it. they were working through scenarios and i think that north korea's knowledge that this seemingly unpredictable man
3:45 pm
who had become the president was actually working through plans for war in korea. i think that really caught their attention. >> chris: we have to take a break here. next up, the optics and standout moments from the summit here in singapore. ♪ everything for his well-being. but meningitis b progresses quickly and can be fatal, sometimes within 24 hours. while meningitis b is uncommon, about 1 in 10 infected will die. like millions of others, your teen may not be vaccinated against meningitis b. meningitis b strikes quickly. be quio talk to your teen's doctor about a meningitis b vaccine.
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♪ >> chris: that was the signature moment from the
3:49 pm
singapore summit, the 132nd handshake between president trump and kim jong un on, the first time the leaders of the two countries have ever met and we are back now with our panel. let's start with a handshake and with president trump saying to kim it's a great honor to be with you. your thoughts? >> appearing on this same stage legitimate kim jong un. my sense was you consider this in its entirety, this was a net plus for the united states. also, this is the way donald trump talks. when he lays the flattery on somebody, maybe this wasn't appropriate here, but when he's trying to get something out of someone he lays all sorts of flattery on them, and that's what he did throughout in his public appearances with kim. >> chris: president trump said
3:50 pm
that he did bring up north korea's horrendous human rights situation. here's how he described it, president trump did in his news conferen >> it's a rough situation over there. there's no question about it and we did discuss it today pretty strongly. knowing what the main purpose of what we were doing, but disgusted at pretty good length. it's rough in a lot of places, not just there. >> until the end. >> chris: your thoughts about both of the comments from president trump and do you really think there's any realistic possibility that kim is going to change his brutal ways? >> absolutely not in the president was pretty clear, denuclearization is the most important priority. it's an existential threat and he does care about human rights but he wasn't going to make that the top priority and then at the end he qualified it by saying
3:51 pm
there are other bad actors too. he seemed to not want to criticize kim jong un at all. >> chris: someone who covered the reagan-gorbachev summit, he did bring up human rights but it really wasn't until the fourth summit when they were in moscow and president reagan met with the dissidents that he really pressed on human rights. i don't know that it ever had any impact. it did after the fall of the soviet union, but obviously these presidents seem to keep their eye on what is the biggest ball, and i this case it's denuclearization. >> absolutely. >> chris: let me go to you, mollie. the u.s. side it turns out put together a video showing what the economic potential -- and this is the video prepared by the white house government showing kim and his team with the potential economic development of north korea could
3:52 pm
be. here was president trump afterwards at his news conference continuing to make his pitch. >> i said look a that, wouldn't that make a great condo? and i explained, instead of doing that, you can have the best hotels in the world right. think of it from a real estate perspective. you have south korea, you have china, and they own the land in the middle. >> chris: i have to say i kind of enjoyed president trump returning to his roots as a w york real estate developer. your thoughts about that? >> there really is something about the united states having excellent exports of economic freedom, rule of law, individual liberty. these are things that are good for people, they are good for countries and i think this video was about showing the north koreans that there is a new approach that they could take, that there is a different path that they could be on, and it is true that country sometimes choose to take different paths. you just mention reagan and gorbachev having meetings.
3:53 pm
that was obviously a dramatic detour that the soviet union took. there used to be and east germany and a west germany and now they are united. people can make decisions to change and is unlikely as it might seem with kim, it is still good to put that other vision fourth and have him consider the possibilities of not having to brutally oppress your people in order to continue to be in power, buthaving opportunity for everybody that that would be a new way to have strength. and if people are open to it, there is so much that we need to be done to make this happen. it is very unlikely, but it is worth making the pitch. >> chris: i was going to say, it's awfully hard to get a brutal totalitarian regime to change the way it goes. i want to go to one last point and that is a comment that president trump made almost at the end of his press conference. here it is. >> i think he's going to do these things. i may be wrong. i may stand before you in six months and say hey, i was wrong. i don't know that i will ever
3:54 pm
admit that but i will find some kind of an excuse. >> that was pure trump. >> chris: it was. it was quite charming. let me go quickly down and i really want you guys to go quickly, byron first. where do you think we will be in six months? >> i foresee some progress on this simply because the events that led t the summit, the threats and all of this stuff were a different series of events that led to previous failed efforts so i think there's a possibility for progress here. >> chris: and mara, your thoughts? where we will be in six months? >> in six months i think they will still be talking. i think there won't have been another test by north korea and it won't be threatening to blow each other up, so i think that's progress. >> chris: i think we should point out, going back to reagan and gorbachev summits, everybody talks now about what a great success it was. in fact they had made absolutely no progress after two summits and two years it was only when i got to washington in 1987 that
3:55 pm
they signed the inf treaties. even with the best of intention intentions. these things don't go quickly. where we are at six months? >> it's important to keep that perspective that it can take a very long time to find out whether today was a very first day of a successful summit. it is also true that change needs to happen pretty quickly. we need to see some indication that north korea is serious awfully within a month or two they have put down some real deliverables so that we can know whether we are moving forward or dealing with the same old kim regime that makes high promises but doesn't back it up. i think that this negotiating team thate have currently is not like ones that we have previously, they are looking for more deliverables. >> chris: thanks so much. when we come back president trump shows kim jong il and the. ♪ fibromyalgia may be invisible to others, but my pain is real.
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♪ nor when you retire, your income doesn't have to. see how lincoln can help ensure you still have income every month of your retirement, guaranteed, at ♪ >> chris: finally tonight, kim jong un got a look at president trump's heavily armored limo after their lunch. cameras spotted trump and kim approaching what is known as the beast. a secret service agent opened the right passenger door so the north korean dictator can take a look inside. kim was seen smiling as he checked out the vehicle. but while trump may have the bigger little, kim still has a hardy group of running bodyguards in the sweltering heat and humidity here in singapore. a reminder, tomorrow right here
4:00 pm
on "special report," bret baier will have his interview with president trump and that's "special report" for tonight. i'm chris wallace, we are headed back to d.c. right now for "fox news sunday" and "the story" with martha maccallum is up next. hey, martha. >> martha: hello there, chris, have a good trip back. breaking tonight from new york, the president as we speak on air force one heading back to america. good evening, i martha maccallum and tonight the story unfolding is what happens now? because as of last night, the status quo were north korea is concerned is now over. the president spoke a short time ago with our first guest tonight, senator lindsey graham. we will also ask senator graham about the story that is bubbling surrounding deputy attorney general rod rosenstein and the threat to subpoena people on the house g.o.p. committee in a meeting that was described as chilling. we will get to that as well. first the president tweeting this in mid air about the big summit. anyone can