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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  June 12, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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god's love is truly boundless. >> george h.w. bush now officially the oldest president. our story continues tomorrow. tu is up next. ♪ >> tucker: fox's catherine herridge is reporting tonight that rob ros threatened to subpoena email and phone records from the house intelligence committee in january. it'sstory and we will ask the attorney general about it in just a minute. good evening and welcome to tucker carlson. the first ever meeting between a sitting american president and the north korean leader has finished. at president trump and kim jong un met one another in singapore and put their names on a new deal which seeks to reduce tension. for that, go to chief correspondent ed henry who is in singapore right now. >> reporter: president trump
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came, he saw, and he got a dea to tale possibilitysayers trying american success before, during and after these talks. the president tonight in fact is going to go on offse and try to sell this deal on hannity next hour, telling fox that kim jong un will start denuclearization virtually immediately with the documents that they sign here, which he said could save millions of lives by preventing nuclear war. remarkable, coming justeeks after north korea again threatened a nuclear conflict. during one of their walks together, kim was overheard through his interpreter telling the president that these pictures were so surre that an the world will quote think of this as a form of fantasy from a science-fiction movie movie. democrats like chuck schumer tonight are warning that this may be an actual fantasy since kim made no specific commitment to get rid of his nukes while the president promised to end joint military exercises with south koreand that has some of
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our allies concerned. republicans like senator john kennedy think that on balance, this was a good agreement. they say working with kim is like hand feeding a shark. you can do it, but you have to do it very, very carefully. tucker? >> tucker: great metaphor. thanks, ed. is the new deal with north korea actually a deal that is good for the united states? can we trust the united states to follow it? doug mcgregor is here, the representative of the state of nebraska also joins us tonight. congressman, first to you. is this a deal that americans ought to be happy about? >> the best word that i could use to describe the last few days is stunning. it's almost unimaginable given where we were just six months ago where we were on the precipice of some type of even potential nuclear exchange. the president has leaned into
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something pretty radical here and perhaps it's a new architecture for 20 per century diplomacy. he has said to kim jong un, we will deal with you for good or for ill. if it's for ille will hurt you. if it's good, it will create the space for perhaps authentic dialogue and friendship and i think he accomplishedt. he has rejected the norms of ossified procedural is him and stagnation tt govern so many international affairs and he took a bold risk and delivered something very important. it's an important and good first step. >> tucker: ossified procedural realism. that's a phrase i'm stealing. colonel, are you as optimistic? >> extremely, i think this is donald trump's finest hour, and i'm serious. donald trump has recognized something that others have refused to seat for a very long time in washington. it's not simply that north korea isn the ropes, it is.
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it's on the verge of collapse. donald trump understood that and he also went to great lengths in ings with th president she xi, treated them as equals. i think donald trump understand something that was not well understood in the pentagon at this point or in many other places in washington and that our competition with china is essentially technologic and not military. that was the key development because without china none of this would have happened. >> tucker: and heat it clearly stand wit what he said about trade from china. congressman, there's been a lot of trade stomach criticism of this deal from the left, with the idea that the president has been giving away things in exchange for nothing. speak out this is the combination of foreign policy
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realism and entrepreneurial diplomacy. as i said, this is not just tentially pr a conflict and rejecting a stalemate of the last 65 years with north korea, but it also could signal a new way, a new architecture for diplomatic relations moving forward. the world is screaming for some type of new interpersonal echo system both in our homes and communities, as well as between nations. what that means is you have to have the ability to reach out and provide authenticity and dialogue and create some space. the world is racing towards destructive technology, and then what? civilization itself is at stake and we have to find a way towards mutuality, well-being and mutual security. otherwise we don't have much hope. >> tucker: colonel, liberals and some conservatives by the wayd that you meet with someone who is morally
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out-of-bounds, like kim jong un. going ard, should we be willing to meet with anybody? >> absolutely. donald t is a disruptive force, let'se frank. it's disrupting the status quo. lots of people in this town are upset because i change the distribution of cash. it threatens the cash, it threatens its support structures. other things he recognized early on when he was campaigning. south korea is a powerful state, infinitely more powerful than norta and he recognized that japan is in t same position. if japan raises its investment in the military power by just 1%, japan will be number three in the world in terms of defense budget. he understands that what northeast asia wants and needs is stability, order and prosperity, not war. he has the agreement of everyone who counts in the region. >> tucker: that's an amazing
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statistic about japan, by the way. co congressman, thank you very much. >> tnk you. >> tucker: what effect will this have on the rest of asia? a meaningful question for the rest of the world and michael pillsbury is the director of may be the single best book called "the 100 years marathon." dr. phil sperry joins us tonight. what effect, michael pillsbury, this have on the rest of asia right now? >> it doesn't have much effect until more is revealed by president trump on the what next steps. he has sent secretary pompeo to beijing. i myself have heard from the chinese already that they taki credit for this. they are a little bit hurt that president trump did not give them any credit when he was in singapore. they feel that they sent the b,
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they voted for the security council resolutions three times and made the top for sanctions and history. they all but pushed chairn kim into this, and here is their friend donald trump not tipping his hat to them. but the president, as k is not finished talking about this. >> tucker: to think of the chinese bureaus having a heart and with his feelings hurt, that's interesting. y, tuckee to be carefult irrow bu the reaction in asia depends on how much concern they had about any given country that had about any weapons in nor north korea. this is not really a topic, they are much more concerned about the south china sea. as the u.s. really going to have some ships that go inside the 1e
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helicopter operations or swerve around and not request innocent passage. under the law of the sea, if you do that, i'm going to dispute that claim. we don't do swerving turns her lunch helicopters. so we are recognizing the chinese claim at the same time we are mildly challenging. in taiwan, we are still waiting for the f-16 replacements. they asked for 55 f-16 fighter is abo ago. and they let up to deputy secretary of state, to give these jet fighters -- they are for sale, not fully gifts. so what is the future? and japan, they have a ser of issues they want to hear more so the north korea issue, as you
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know well tucker,s about the usual estates feeli to kind of a crazy person with h bombs and that seems to be taken care of. so americans can be happy. we can admire president trump, something for us. the rest of asia is awaiting a broader asia strategy and president trump is working on not, that's what his team has been telling me. >> tucker: i would be worried if i was in taiwan. thank you very much. the press was upset about president trump's overly of aggressive posture toward north korea, others claim he is too friendly for north korea. try to make sense of that, next.
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>> tucker: it was just a few nths ago that president t was fear to start a war. yesterday summit, president was friendlier and so was msnbc. >> it is not knowable that we ll ever know. >> because both men are known and established liars. >> i would say is somewhat disgusting, it's actually a debasement of the american flag. >> donald trump can relate to an authorit as a former businessman, he likes absolute control. >> >> tucker: and the friends he continued over washington host
5:15 pm
over at the washington host. pro activist max boot dismissed it as somethin u.s. prior resident could have achieved, although none did. damon linker said that even a successful summit would be bad because it would improve trump's approval ratings and that quote could only be considered positive if you think it's a good thing for our mendacious, hapless, impetuous, racist president to enjoy an unprecedented boost to his popularity. in other words, if itks, that's bad because trump will benefit. so you have been watching the coverage, joe, sum it for us. >> >> joe: that last line is interesting because it sounds like bill marr on friday night. bring on the recession even if it cripples families across the country because that would be the only thing that could keep trump from being reelected.
5:16 pm
and by the way, mar is worth something like $100 million and gets 10 million a year. so when trump is gone, who cares if we go to war, as long as liberals triumph, that's all that matters. i noticed that montageery inte it played nicole wallace, she was the communications director. i heard jeremy bash who was in the obama administration. what do all these people have in common. they failed miserably in stopping their north korea nuclear program. if you have to ask yourself this very question, why are we listening to these people? failed in iran. depending on the administration, and they are depended upon as experts because they have an agenda and want to protect the legacy of their bosses for themselves. it would be like turning to jack kevorkian to teach a class in the heimlich maneuver.
5:17 pm
it's a complete contradiction. [laughter] >> tucker: could not be said in so many issues where analyst on televisions are failing on policies projected by voters. why with their contempt be baked in? that's actuay exceeding in this case. i can't say whether it's success or not, because it's very broad strokes. we are in the first out or of the first inning. to your point earlier, with another guest, think of where we were in august when president trump said that north korea will see fire and fury like the world has never seen. if you go back and read those headlines, you are on the precipice of world war iii.
5:18 pm
walmart was being threatened. we had actual maps of what nuclear missiles could hit los angeles, chicago and new york. think of where we were then and where we are now in terms of talking to this leader. that is progress, no matter how you try to spin it. that has to be seen as progress except it's not presented that way because there is always a ex to the negative even in the most obvious situation where ere wasn't many negative things to complain about when you put it into full context. >> tucker: very quickly, is there any indication that any of these self-described experts know anything about north korea at all? >> joe: i don't know if many people know much about north korea. how many of them have actually been there? any journalist or any expert in this regard? i would say no. when you have a clinton, bush and obama administration that failed over 25 years doing the same thing in terms of nice talk and appeasement and somebody else comes in and does something different, you are in no position whatsoever to complain
5:19 pm
about these things. and that's a final point i want to make, tucker. we are good in this business about complaining about stuff and that's all i've heard over the last 48 hours. when you are watching this coverage, listen for this. is anybody offering an ive orolution as what they would do as opposed to what they have witnessed over the last 48 hours? because i haven't seen it yet, tucker. >> tucker: how about stand back and be amazed? because it is amazing. >> you are a guest used stunning, and that's correct. >> tucker: jeff sessis just reversed an obama era policy that promoted immigration. he also responded to a remarkable new story. fox news is reporting that rob rosenstein, deputy ag, threatened republicans on the house floor. that's next. from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy.
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take this left. if you listen real hard you can hear the whales. oop. (vo) our subaru outback lets us see the world. you hear that? sometimes in ways we never imagined. >> tucker: attorney general jeff sessions occasionally under his twitter criticism from his boss, that has not frozen him into inaction. just yesterday, the attorney general will reverse an obama policy that granted asylum to migrants who feared gang violence or domestic violence in their home countries. it turned out that the majority of those applications were false. mr. attorney general joins us tonight. so, i want to ask you this. but first i have to ask you about a piece of breaking news.
5:24 pm
catherine herridge just said that in january of this year, january 10, deputy general rosenstein went up and met with members of the house intel committee, had a dispute with them and threatened them with a subpoena of their emails and phone records. this is what one of them said it, i read it as a not so veiled threat to release full prosecutorial power of the state against us. the doj background has confirmed that something like this did happen. what was that about? >> i don't know that they have confirmed that exactly. in fact, the fbi director, the senior effects committee say that is a mischaracterization, really, of what occurred. also, i think it indicates that there has been a breakdown of relationships, when in fact, since january, a great deal of progress has been made. we understand in this department that we are accountable to congress and we need to be
5:25 pm
cooperative with them, to produce as many documents as rationally, legally and properly as can be procing them, and we have made dramatic progress in that regard really. >> tucker: did the deputy attorney general threatened to a subpoena on the email or phone records of members of the house intel committee? i was not in the room and i cannot speak to what occurred. all i can say is that the people -- the director of the fbi at our senior ethics attorney was there and others and they did not see that in the same fashion. >> tucker: so as a factual matter, you don't think that happened? >> i'm confident that deputy rosenstein after 28 years and the department of justice did not improperly threaten anyone on that occasion. but we do believe that we have tried to be cooperative with them and made progress in months, as the months have gone
5:26 pm
by. in fact, we have had some good relationships with the members of congress. it's >> tucker: okay. so you have made news r by undoing an obama era rule about asylum-seekers. give us the overview. i think most americans like the idea that this can be a haven for people suffering around the world. lots of people claim asylum, what do we know about the veracity of their claims? >> that's a good question. seven years ago, 5,000 people applied for asylum claiming a credible fear of being at home in their he country, and they needed to flee that country. that number jumped to 94,000 in just seven years. it is overwhelming our system. over 80% of those claims are being denied by the immigration judges as being not meritorious. so it is a big problem for us.
5:27 pm
each one of those is requiring trials and factual decisions by our judges. we are going to add 100 judges, and that may yet not be enough judges to handle the cases. we need to get the judge is better guidance, go back to the fundamental principles, laws and rules of the immigration and nationalization act. if we do that, then we are in a position where some of these cases can be promptly decided. we do not get to come to america if you have a private threat or someone personally attacks you. you do not get to have asylum for that,race, religion or nationality, that you are part of some special identifiable group that has been persecuted in your home country. that's what it takes to have asylum and i think it will help us. at the decision i made, i
5:28 pm
believe it's right legally and i'm totally confident it's consistent with the intent of the drafters of the ina, our law. i believe it will help us manage our caseloads better and give more foc to people who deserve to be given asylum and help us eliminate those who are not worthy of the asylum. >> tucker: with over 80% ofe ap, there's obviously a problem. so they have also cently weighed in with the question of speech on campus. what can the department of justice do to ensure that people's first amendment rights are protected? and why has it taken until 2018 to get the doj involved? >> it's one of the big challenges of our time, i have come to believe, and it's almost unbelievable that major colleges and universities will be taken action that restricts the right of free speech on a college campus. we have the authority oe law to file a statement of interest
5:29 pm
in ongoing litigation. so cases are being filed against the universities by students who complain. if we think the complaints are meritorious, then we can file a statement of interest joining with them, and explain why we at the deparent of justice think these concerns are real and appropriate.nd court relief is we have had some success. we have had two cases where there has been a major change in the college and university's actions, and two cases where the judge has dismissed or rejected a motion to dismiss these cases by the universities, and allowing the trial to go forward. we think it is a very important thing. students should be participating in robust debate, they ought to not bentimidated, they ought to not be driven by political
5:30 pm
correctness, to where you can't even speak up in class or on campus. >> tucker: it does -- what an upside down world it is when the attorney general is defendingag. thank you. >> thank you, good to be with you. medicine kids in schools.ers why are so many determined to defend them? that's next. there are multiples on the table: one is cash,
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>> tucker: less than 10 miles from thehite house, a middle school is being terrorized by ms-13. itled a william work middle school in maryland. it's one of many that has had a mass settlement of unaccompanied minors enteringountry from latin america. according to
5:35 pm
"the washington post," ms-13 members in the school start fights, sell drugs and assault fellow students. teachers say they fear being alone with some of these kids and also fears saying anythingtt could cost them their jobs. the tragedy can almost be traced entirely to the immigration policy but, most crushed the conversation by screaming "racist." jose rist a wrist irmer dnc press secretary. thank you for coming on. what i found ironic about the story was, this is the third iteration of the ms-13 story. first we were told it was a figment of their imagination. then we were told to attack t and call them names is immoral. and then are we allowed to acknowledge they are terrorizing
5:36 pm
the students or are we bigots for doing so? >> if you are undocumented in this country, if you are a criminal including being a member of ms-13, we don't want you in this country and you should be deported. part of the issue here is people like yourself and some republicans want to pinpoint and simply say, because your first name is jose, or you are latino, like me, you are automatically and ms-13 gang member. >> tucker: you are a ridiculous person for saying that, i have never suggested anything like that and it's appalling that you should say you are speaking a lie, and not for the first time. what i said was what i read in "the washington post" which is self identified members are destroying the school. i bet you never send your kids to thatl. but you have no problem with those people being in this country because it fits in that demographic that you approve of. the truth is, it's a disaster. >> if you are and ms-13 gang
5:37 pm
member and you are undocumented, you should be deported. >> tucker: then have you consistently attacked anybody -- yeah right, nobody has said that criminals or bad, i don't saye that and i don't think it. >> the president has said that. >> tucker: he has not said that. you are lying for political gain as always. what i have said is that we don't know anything about the people coming in. there are 20 million of them living here, we don't know the background, and some of them are bad people. >> would pass comprehensive immigration reform, we legalize it the majority of people and it will be a whole lot easier, tucker, to look for the real criminals after we legalize the good ones, don't you think so? >> tucker: it's hilarious that that solution comports exactly your political goal. >> give me a break. >> tucker: you tell me
5:38 pm
rationally, how, if illegal immigration, the inability of the u.s. government to show who is living within its borders is the problem, how encouraging more of it which is what amnesty would do is the solution? that's not something they are interested in solving. >> soour answer and many republicans answer is to deport the immigrants in the country. >> tucker: we are guessing at that number. some people think it's 20 million. >> okay, 20 million deported. >> tucker: when wage growth has been stagnant and the cost of everything is growing much faster than the wages, you need to stop the abiliti employers to hire cheaper people because they are here illegally >> we can't afford to keep them here. >> tucker: if you took this seriously, and you were bigger than the political issue -- >> i am telling you, we have cice
5:39 pm
to make. >> tucker: you know nothing about it. >> i know more than you. >> tucker: why would an employer in this country be allowed to hire someone illegally, depressing wages for american citizens? >> you want to fix tham? reform the system and legalize the people that are already here. >> tucker: you could do it tomorrow. why should employers be allowed to hire illegal aliens? tell me why they should be allowed to do that. >> we have two choices. the point of 14 million or 20 million or whatever the number or we legalize them and get them into the system so we can get them out of the shadows. >> tucker: i don't have time for conversations with people who don't know what they are talking about and haven't thought it through and want to come on and spew more talking points and call anyone who disagrees, a racist. which is what you did in the first segment. thank you. you are pathetic. bill clinton was one of the savviest politicians in american
5:40 pm
history, but he can't stop destroying himself with his own mouth. hilarious about what he said recently. we will be right back say no to this because of my bladder, not today thanks to tena intimates with proskin technology designed to absorb so fast, it helps to protect and maintain your skin's natural balance so you can feel fresh and free to get as close as you want
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>> tucker: in rec rview with pbs, clinton pointed out it's a lot harder to sexually harass people these days than it used to be back then, and of course he would know. watch. >> i think the norms have really changed in terms of what you can do to somebody against their will, how much you can crowd their space, how much you can make them miserable at work. >> tucker: tammy bruce is a new york radio show host, and she joins us.
5:45 pm
it has changed, i guess you used to be able to do a lot of things against people's will. >> hillary may be sharing the chardonnay with her husband, i'm not sure. have remarked on the most people for bill clinton it was normal to do things to people against their will. this is a news flash. unless you are back in the bronze age, maybe not even then, the american revolution kind of made it that everybody had some rights and we became a better country. at the end good news is at the recent modern era, we have learned that we can't do anything to people against their will. it's a concept of course of law and order. so we have managed to achieve that and it was applied when he was president. apparently he wasn't aware of that. but it tells you, and this is what is revealing about bill clinton. it started as a compulsion to
5:46 pm
confess. the fact is, they knew then that they really couldn't. the difference was, they got away with it and they protect each other. i t both he and his wife, they want that era back. they want the times back, the good old days, when in fact they could do whatever they wanted. i think this -- it was much more comfortable and controlled for very few of the top. it's very nerve-racking for those who cultivated that era to have this cult of islam arise where the american people, women and people of color and's, we want the constitut to be clear. we want that conservative ideal. a lot of people don't realize it's a conservative ideal, to live lives that best suit us without having -- without being
5:47 pm
attacked and without needing to deal with people like harvey weinstein and bill clinton. >> tucker: i think that's exactly right. it has been at least the bronze age. so it's not a modern thing. so you may have seen the rant at the tony awards by actor robert de niro. he followed up by apologizing to canada. i just want to make a note of apology for the idiotic behavior of my president. it is a disgrace and i apologize to justin trudeau. and the president tweeted that
5:48 pm
in response. many shots to the head byealbox. i guess he doesn't realize that our economy is at its best, and many economies pouring back into our country. i got up, punchy! >> tammy: is like that in between north korea tweets. the world is changing, he is bringingeace and jimenez to get that thing in there about uncle punchy. i think you have gone from raging bull to whining grandpa at this point. it is a shame, fabulous actor and an american icon that has really declined, and it seems like with a lot of people there is jealousy that is rooted in the attacks on the president. there you got with that thing he is doing there with his arms, this is a man who is not secure
5:49 pm
within his own manhood. and for the american people in general, we appreciate the success. saving lives and, if we can save 30 million people, of course you can stand on the stage with this guy. it's ironic and they accused the president of being indecent, and they show every day their indecency. the american people see this for what it is, i think. >> tucker: everything is ironing, for sure. tammy, great to have you. up next, a follow-up to what was a pretty amazing story out of the faa. the faa last week has created a new test for selecting air traffic controllers that gives points for relevant criteri it turns out that the faa has been cavalier about cheating on
5:50 pm
that test. our investigation of their dangerous hiring practices continues, after the break. you've got a good record and liberty mutual won't hold a grudge by raising your rates over one mistake. you hear that, karen? liberty mutual doesn't hold grudges. how mature of them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance.
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what's in your wallet? >> tucker: we told you repeatedly over the last couple of weeks that the faa, which is in charge of your safety when you travel by air as alter its merit based hiring testing for air traffic controllers, adding in a bogus biographical questionnaire to the process. the new test is not enough, they are seeking out the unqualified intentionally. but even more worrisome than that is the fact that the faa apparently didn't care if people cheated on their already watered-down test. in 2016, the department of transportation found that the national coalition of employees had given their members guidance on how to answer the questionnaire. in other words the group help them cheat by giving them the
5:55 pm
correct answers ahead of time. despite that no one was ever charged, and in fact one union member connected to the cheating appears to be still employed by the faa. michael pearson is a former air traffic controller, he's an attorney, and he's involved in litigation surrounding the faa hiring practices. he joins us tonight. michael pearson, thanks for coming on. this is such a strong allegation, how do you know that it's absolutely true. >> michael: i have been involved in this sense it actually began compass as i heard about it. with the merging of the folks that were watching your show, you remember you had thousands of people on the list that were qualified including with military experience and aviation experience. it all of a sudden was purged, and the faa's words and they were forced too through this biographical questionnaire. so for the last several years, including litigation of my firm,
5:56 pm
we have been able to dig up information through the freedom of information act process as well as the litigation process. not only do we have internal people tell us this was going on, but they were afraid if they cameorward the faa would penalize them. now we have actual documentary evidence that substantiates our worst fears. >> tucker: so the union helped people cheat on the test. again, just to put this in context, to become air traffic controllers and control aviation, millions use it every year. and yet no one was ever charged for that, why? >> michael: it wasn't a union, it was an employee group. the national black coalition of federal aviation employees, that certainly did that. it was a process started from early 2012 through 2013.
5:57 pm
there was a group within that organization who determined that the makeup of the workforce was too white and they wanted to get a more diverse workforce. they lobbied through the political force, which they are allowed to come up but then they then crafted this exam. the scoring group actually penalize people with aviation experience. and to make it worse, they had folks stand in line for this test and they coached other people how to pass the test. not only were the best and brightest actually bridged stomach purged off of the list, they were then forced through a screening process that discriminated against them. so most if not the great majority of them failed that exam. people were given the answers on how to pass the test and even more important, recent documents
5:58 pm
show that when this individual was interviewed, he gave a written statement saying that he didn't do that. then he went to a verbal interview with the d.o.t. investigator. the d.o.t. oig investigator allowed him to see witness statements contradicting that, and then allowed him to go out of the room with his attorney and changed his story. that is not done. anyone in law enforcement or the law from a legal side knows that that is beyond unusual. that's crafting an investigation to meet. members of congress on both sides of the aisle that were concerneabout this process, and the d.o.t. oig investigator's final result are basically his suggestion or recommendation was, this not be
5:59 pm
forwarded to the department of justice for criminal u have all people and ironically enough, the architects, and, into mentals don't like implementers and facilitators are still at high levels of the faa. >> tucker: i never say this but these are people that should be in prison. >> michael: at the do ga along with the fbi should investigate what went on and what really occurred and the due process of law should really be followed. the folks in the faa at the highest management levels should be brought tustice. it's both civilly and criminally illegal to do what happened her here. >> tucker: the air traffic control system in the country. if you are basically third world at that point. if you can't maintain quality at
6:00 pm
that point, you are in trouble. that's it for unight. tune in at 8:00 p.m. for the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and groupthink. up next is sean hannity. >> sean: welcome to hannity. 9:00 p.m. on the east coast of the united states and 9:00 a.m. tonight we are less than 24 hours out of the president's historic summit with north korean dictator kim jong un. i had the opportunity to sit down with president trump in the very room where he and kim jong un kicked off their bilateral talks. take a look. >> sean: i think most people like me want to know what was going on in that room, one on one-on-one. >> president trump: the big thing is this is


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