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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  June 12, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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the week. just to let you know. we also have follow-up of the big summit. we hope you will be joining us. ig on thursday. we will give you a preview tomorrow in the fight emerging. let not your heart be troubled. standingn washington, d.c., our nation's capital. she takes it away, laura ingraham. >> laura: hannity, nice job. you don't look jet-lagged. you look likeou've been going over runs, getting sleep, mixed martial arts. i saw that. >> sean: i am doing my mixed martial arts. i am working out. there's a pool right behind me on the roof of the building. 3 miles before the show every day. lra great interview, great guests. i'm very jealous but i love you so i'm rooting for you. >> sean: you could have flown 22 hours with us. i can't get home till the end of the week.
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>> laura: fantastic job. be careful. have a great show. we miss you here. take care. good evening from washington. i'm laura ingraham. this is "the ingraham angle." what a fantastic show we have tonight singaporeenon. big news we are here tonight on the doj's relationship with congress. tonight we're going to break down how trump that fold the experts going from the brink of war to a standing diplomatic triumph. we will show you some hilarious moments of the big summit that may might've gottent you. we'll break it down. exclusively, mark meadows and jim jordan are here to break some major news, as i said sain the doj document production. what may be coming for rod rosenstein. but first, pride, bitterness, and the refusal to give peace a chance. that's the focus of tonight's "angle."
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remember when the left was all about love, peace, and understanding? >> ♪ all we are saying is give peace a chance ♪ ♪ ♪ >> laura: you remember those great musical numbers at those nukes concert in the late '70s, early '80s, jacks brown. the left thought we should stop being so belligerent towards the soviet union, we should engage with the soviets all for a better world. some even admired the castros in cuba and they forward with marxist ideology here at home. so one would've thought that many of the same people and their ideological offspring will view presidentmp's summit with kim jong un as a moment to savor, a real chance to create a
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more peaceful planet. but no. and you know what? because the man is doing the outreach in negotiating is donald j. trump before, during, and after his whirlwind trip to singapore for theim meeting come his critics and both parties kept revealing themselves. their narratives kept shifting. six months ago, it was this: : >> a lack of strn my view has asked sliding toward war by next summer. >> trump's comments about nuclear weapons have experts worry he could literally inadvertently trigger a catastrophe. launch the nation on the path world war iii. >> laura: you are all wrong. everyone of you. we don't have enough time to list you all, you are wrong.
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but they tear any of being wronged by the experts is nothing new. but they were wrong abo the election of donald trump, the ald pro-life commitment of donald trump, and the trade policies of donald trump, just to name a few. naturally, as they summit began, the error caucus offered this trenchant analysis. >> donald trump can relate to authoritarians. as a former businessman, he likes absolute control. >> is he a wannabe desperate? >> i've conceded that for years. >> the marked where -- more we are talking about north korea, the less we are talking about russia. >> this is not just about ut donald trump -- >> laura: that's all they've got, says the woman who brought us the winning campaign of john mccain in 2008?
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oh, okay. record low unemployment, thriving economy, tax cuts, destruction of isis and a policy coup is all they've got. even after trump brought kim to singapore, even after he squeezed concessions and at least a commitment to denuclearize the korean peninsula, the left still will not give him a shred of credit. >> donald trump, the real estate developer. and he doesn't realize that this dictator doesn't want beach condos. he wants nuclear weapons. >> empty words from a potentially words. flags and ceremony. doesn't necessarily need to the consequences that we hoped for. >> are we going to head with hopeful wishful thoughts? i find it incredibly worrying
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and depressing. >> no knowledge of history. it is staggering to realize how on self-aware and the lack of knowledge. >> laura: the lack of knowledge. i don't recall most of these media elites griping about embracing dictators when barack obama restored ties with the castros in cuba or when he gave hundreds of millions of dollars to the dictators in iran. bogus denuclearization deal. when he held a steak dinner for the chinese dictator. the selective moral outrage here is galling, predictable, and so blatant. when trump talks tough, they say he is a warmonger taking us to war. bu when he gets down guys to sit at the negotiating table and begin to hammer out a piece framework, he is savage for embracing a dictator.
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which is it? they beat him up for saying he trusts kim, that kim wants to make a change. but trump himself said, listen carefully, he could be wrong. >> i think honestly ihink he's going to do these things. i may be wrong. >> laura: he set all havecome b. i would like it. even with the high-stakes involved, really serious, possibly deadly consequences of failure, president trump makes geopolitics fun again. months and say hey, i was wrong. i don't know that i will ever admit thaut i will find some kind of excuse. >> laura: the doubters had to laugh a little. have some fun. it's a great time to be an american. like, who else could have gotten us to this point? >> he said openly to a couple reporters with him that he knows no other president ever could have done this.
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>> laura: well, okay, so he's got a big ego. what president doesn't? big deal. isn't trump's path better than the alternative the elites were warning us about six months ago? a north korea that is so isolated it might think to do the unthinkable, hit an american city with an icbm? i say let him distract us all, t them keep going slapping their lips, let them lie and contradict their own analyses. while their audience and ship shrinks and they do in out, more americans i think aren through the media manipulation. trump, at home and abroad, is undeterred by their static. he is too busy winning. is "the angle." joining me now for reaction here in washington is christian wyden, former state department senior advisor in the george w. bush and donald trump
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administrations. the "washington examiner"'s byron york who is also a news conttor. you were swaying back and forth that "give peace a chance." '79, you are at rfk stadium, jackson brown. christian, you were there too. it isn't it, this is the -- we have to lower the temperature with the soviet union. they didn't like reagan's tough talk. they didn't like bush's evil empire. now you have a god, we will see how it goes. but it's an amazing first step that he will never, ever, ever get an ounce of credit for. i think shouldn't expect it. >> what they fail to recognize. you played these sound bites of them reacting when he was talking tough, talking about little rocket man talking about fire and fury. i think with a have not recognized or maybe want to acknowledge is that that kind of provocative talk lead to the
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summit. as a matter fact, the president talked about in the sean hannity interview. he said in the past when north korea did something ative, american presidents were too silent. het was the wrong way to pretty is that sometimes he felt a little foolish going over the top with this stuff but he wanted to get to a place where they felt ft they hado talk. aura: hannity asked about the rhetoric. let's watch. >> well, i think without the rhetoric, we wo't have been here. i really believe that. we did sanctions and all the things he would. without the rhetoric, other administration, i don't want to get specific, but they had a policy of silence. if they said something very bad and very threatening and horrible, just don't answer. that's not the answer. that's not what you have to do. i hated the oolish doing it but we had no choice. >> laura: christian, to hear
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him admit that he ripped up the old diplomatic playbook and he decided to do it a totally different way and all the elites, the foreign relations, bricking institutions, their educational pedigrees. trump says this can't be that hard. i know it's completed with this guy has got to want something from us. what could we give up that won't bementalo.s. interests in the end? we will see how it goes. >> so many liberals think diplomacy is telling foreigners what they want to hear and telling the truth, what donald trump did, reagan got heat for saying that the soviet empire was an evil empire and lling for gchev to tear down the wall. the expe the bellwethers that the experts in foreign relations that you can say that. dictators underst truth can play an important role. >> laura: an interesting analysis at cnn today. >> there would be a call for
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impeachment, and it would be the worst thing in the world at the democratic president not just sat down but gave all the pomp and circumstance, that diplomatic bells and whistles, that president trump gave to kim. not just rhetorically but the flag, placed on equal footing to the american flag, things like that. >> laura: byron. that. president obama opened relations with cuba and he was not engaged. on thec, there thing we to remem which is the rhetoric was actually backed up with a credible threat of force. remember how we heard some people say or on the korean peninsula was not an option, that it was impeccable. >> laura: they made a calculation. >> they wer going through military options they had to have kim jong un believe that they were seriously considering those military options before kim would move to this point. 50 wasn't important in the end
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for this president to make it cd by the old way of doing things. it's what i call the angle, a lot of it is about pride. pride is one of the sins we all have to work on, but the pride of the experts being shown up by a guy theyught, is so unsophisticated, not as educated as we are. he has plenty well educated. he doesn't read. he doesn't study the turns out he has a street-smart sense that is unlike frankly anything i've seen in politics. maybe reagan is the closest one. clinton had a good sense. he has anncanny ability to read someone or lisette i read them pretty fast. it's wild but it promises point. it's far superior to the alternative. >> has brought common sense of the equation, something any
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american who has bought a used car understandsgotiation. if the person who is selling it knows you can't take no for an answer, you're going to buy the matter what, donald trump's willingness to walk away. says they shouldn't meet with kim. but he shouldn't cancel it. if you're getting a bad deal, walk away. he did that and he is still willing to do that. that's the key difference between this set of negotiations and the clinton and bush negotiations that failed. >> laura: donna brazile said -- chuck schumer was not impressed today. they're not giving him a moment. i think they do think it's going to be a plus for him come the midterm election. >> he also had a simple insight that is hard for people to come to witches he saw that north korea was an intractable problem. presidents of both parties have not been able to figure this out. he had the amazing idea perhaps he should try something
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different. doesn't necessarily mean it's going to work. there are questions. we don't know if kim is going to do what he said he's going to do. we'll see what happens. but it was very clear that you had to try something new. >> laura: i'm going to keep saying eyes still, i can't believe. it's a stunning development. everyone is throwing a wet blanket on i cautiously optimistic. but it's better than the alternative, and they said he would do the opposite, the so-called expert class. fa guys. let's get some insight from someone with unique perspective. cia director in 1994 when president clinton struck a deal that was supposed to end north korea's nuke program. jim, it's great to see you. what mig be different this time given everything you've witnessed over the last seven or eight months, this president's child from his approach and what you saw from kim yesterday. >> i thinkresident has
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put the north koreans under pressure in a way that they did not remotely expect. he sort of played good cop-bad cop and that he has taken both roles. sometimes he's a good cop and he is saying friendly laudatory things about kim jong un and other times, he's talking about fire and fury and so forth. keeps him off balance. i don't think they had a very good idea about how to deal with his style of negotiating, which iust admit, did initially attract me. but a lot of people who were not initially attracted to it are beginning to see it work and scratching their heads and saying hey, maybe i was wrong on this maybe he was right >> laura: leon panetta was very concerned about a month and a half ago in mid-april about what he viewed the president to be in terms of provocative.
7:17 pm
way too provocative in dealing with this dangerous power. let's watch. >> the words from the administration are creating even higher volume in terms of the provocations going on. i think we've got to be careful here. we shouldn't engage inprecitous. there's a reaso no u.s. president in recent history has pulled the trigger on north korea. >> laura: that was i april of 2017, to be clear. it's a year after plus a month or so and here we are. the beginning of a framework that was reconfirmed in another brief message that came out a few hours ago thaty are committed to doing this. what are the pitfalls about this administration going forward, the ability to obviously do inspections and so forth. how do we verify? >> verification is tough on
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undertakings like this. we could probably do it if we have the right kind of cooperation from kim jong un his people. they haved het to undertake serious inspections before the north koreans. the iranians were extraordinary duplicitous in steering people away of anything that was interesting to look at. their agreement was signed happily and then taken apart by president trump. the one situation i am the most concerned about, not because i'm really worried about it because it is so important, is china. with a cooperativehina, will work this out. but with a china that believes
7:19 pm
that they have to stand up to us in the south china sea or what, we could stumble here. but so far i've got to say my wife's prognostication that president trump was going to get elected and rule the way has come i couldn't believe it. she had it right and i had it wrong. >> laura: [laughs] well, that's a man we like. all we women love to hear that. [laughs] thank you for your thoughts, so important to get them tonight. in the wake of yesterday's summit, trump critics won't give the president a break. >> we have this debate this morning. is american exceptionalism dead in the era of donald trump? >> laura: oh, my gosh. a history lesson from chuck and many critics, next.
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>> laura: some say democrats are in full-blown denial of the singapore summits. they are refusing to concede president trump did something kind of good. any success at all, much less a potentially historic breakthrough with north korea. >> what the united states has gained is vague and unverifiable at best. what north korea has gained however isgible and lasting. we have legitimized a brutal dictator who starved his own people. >> i have to be honest. this is the weakest statement i've ever seen come out of any engagement with north korea. >> laura: bob, it's called the beginning of the process of peace. look at rean and gorbachev. i worked in the rogan reagan
7:24 pm
administration. i remember seeing the car pull up. it was unbelievable. they help four summits. let's get some big picture perspective. richard goodstein and republican congressman sean duffy. great to have you on the panel. richard, your take on this. there's a lot of concern on the part of democrats. my theory is the concern is they are worried the guy they said that was going to blow up the world is perhaps going to maybe save the korean peninsula. >> every democrat worth their salt gives the president credit for trying to do something here. the problem they have is not for trying. it's for what he's done. heally got a nothing burger of a deal, something korean leaders have agreed to for decades. and he's called kim, who starves and murders and puts his people in labor camps and so forth,
7:25 pm
he's called him very talented and funny and trustworthy. the problem is, that hurts the u.s. around the world when the president can't observe and call out what somebody is. >> laura: did obama do that with the chinese presideliterale red carpet literally. >> the chinese president -- >> laura: hundreds of thousands of people in reeducation camps. you know what they do to the churches in china, the women in china? we had him to a state dinner. i didn't hear most democrats give -- >> republicans, whether it's nixon, reagan, they were trying to deal with china. the latest with obama is a bit
7:26 pm
much. >> laura: double standard. >> we are suspending our military exercises, something kim and his father and grandfather and the russians and the chinese were pleading to get done. >> via hypocrisy, from democrats right now. barack obama goes to cuba and has a baseball game with raul castro, a ruthless dictator. he says billions of $ on pallets full of cash to the iranian mole eyes. you can't get that money back, richard. the double standard here, donald trump, this is the first of nine innings. this is the first foray into peace. democrats, when donald trump said fire and fury in my button is bigger than yours, they were like him he's a warmonger. but he has a peace summit and they are freaking out that he is weak and going to give this doorway. >> crag, you are a reagan bipher extraordinaire.
7:27 pm
susan glasser of the new yorker today i on msnbc if my memory serves me right. she was talking about the reagan comparison. let's watch. >> reagan did exactly the opposite of what we are talking about with trump. he was able to find to negotiate with the soviets to be extremely tough with the soviets and also to preserve a line a vision of human rights and democracy. >> laura: trump obviously -- >> she is exactly wrong. speech would tl us why. >> both trump talk tough and engage the enemy they ud you have to do it for a position of strength but that doesn't mean you don't negotiate or don't talk. reagan and gorbachev had four summits collect two of which were basically photo ops.
7:28 pm
in moscow, reagan met with human rights dissidents, gave an importance feat at moscow state university and in washington where they signed an agreement to limit intermediate range nuclear missiles. sometimes you have t talk in o to reach an agreement. >> laura: and a lot of people, crag, and sean and richard, were upset that the president didn't spend more time on human rights. let's watch what the president said to sean hannity. >> did humanitarian issues come up in the meeting? >> yes, he did. one of the things i will tell you i am most happy about that, as you know, is a big sticking point is bringing back the remains of thousands of soldiers that were killed. >> this came up last minute. >> it came up kind of last minute. would it be possible? i get letters from families who lost a son, brother, father in korea.
7:29 pm
that was a rough fight. >> the president said in a different interview talking about human rights abuses and north korea, he says well, there's human abuses and other places which is reminiscent of what he said about putin. do ba. frankly, his equivocating on charlottesville. there's a problem here. why can't he call out -- nuclear is an existential issue, no question. if you can solve it, kudos to him. he deserves a nobel prize. but what he did to the western alliance to undo that frankly i think kind of will hurd's nobel prize application. >> human rights are important. the nuclear threat to the world is increblangerous. ra: how many people would die if an american city was hit by a long-range nuclear missile. >> the first threat is nuclear weapons. condly, human rights. you can't say we've dealt with human rights -- >> laura: you can't do everything at once.
7:30 pm
>> let's take it off the table and deal with the bigger issues. >> laura: craig, you can't do everything at once, although it is tempting. we want to get it all dow yesterday, yesterday. trump is very impatient for change. i say this all the time i mean it in a good way. you have to give someone a graceful way out even if it's a horrible person. you have to give them a way of going back to his people to say i wasn't completely humiliated there. i think that's what thinking. your reaction. >> laura, don't you find it ironic that the left is burning donald trump for showing good matters in singapore? it's hilarious to me. when reagan gave his speech at the berlin wall, none of the three networks lead with it. new york, washington media did not report it. thereas a speech -- they said it was a speech written by amateurs. it became important because three years later, the berlin wall did fall.
7:31 pm
at trump did today or what he's done in singapore, it might not be historically important in the long run but it depends on what happened now in the days, weeks, and months ahead. if north korea de nuclearizes, if traders opened opened up, if a new era of freedom is ushered in, something like that, people will look at this and say it was historic. >> laura: it will reveal all. great to have you on. spirited, great conversation. in a moment, mark meadows and jim jordan are turning me to bring news on their effort to make the doj turn over documents to congress. we will bring you the funniest, yes funniest moment of the summit with raymond arroyo.
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call your doctor if you have worsened breathing, chest pain, mouth or tongue swelling, problems urinating, vision changes, or eye pain while taking anoro. ask your doctor about anoro. ♪ go your own way get your first prescription free >> laura: a stunning report from cathene herridge.
7:35 pm
rod rosenstein threatened to subpoena emails and phone records and other documents of members of the house until committee. attorney general jeff sessions came to rosenstein's defense earlier tonight. >> i'm confident deputy rosenstein, 28 years and the department of justice, did not properly threaten anyone on the occasion. we do believe we have tried to be cooperative with them and made progress as the months of gone by. in fact, have had some good relationships with members of congress. >> laura: with a war between the dear jan congress heating up, two lawmakers tries to make a major announcement exclusively on "the angle." mark meadows and jim jordan. >> what is the attorney general saying? rod rosenstein hasn't complied
7:36 pm
with devin nunes subpoena or bo. redae fact that peter strzok was friends with judge contreras. today we learned that the head of the justice department, rod rosenstein, was threatening intelligee for doing their job for trying to get answs to the american people. the attorney general says that's okay? we are doing just fine? i didn't know he said that. i'm like, are you kidding me? the report is unbelievable. rod rosenstein say he's going to go after staff members, emails and communications. >> laura: he wants your blackberry. >> we are doing our constitutional duty. >> laura: congressman meadows, what i think he's saying is that if you guys hold him in contempt, he's going to have to defend himself. part of the defense will be he wants discovery. he wants to know who you've been talking to, who you've been
7:37 pm
talking to, wants to know your text messages. maybe they won't redact your documents like they did the page and strzok texts. >> they don't have the right to do that unless we are coming under a criminal investigation. for the attorney general to say he is confident rod rosenstein i did everything right. i'm confident he doesn't know what he's talking about. i'm here to tell you we are fed up with it. we've been working on a resolution. we have a resolution smite that we're putting the finishing touches on. we plan to file it tomorrow but the really -- >> laura: what is it? >> it's about compelling doj to turn over documents so that we can do proper oversight. if they haveothing to hide, turn over the documents. jim is right. it's inexcusable. >> laura: what happens? resolution to compel the production of documents? >> we have subpoenaed them
7:38 pm
already. putting together a resolution that we would like to bring to the full house and have them vote. it's one thing for us to say. it's another thing to say if the house of representatives would go on record as a mr. rosenstein, the majority of the houses you're not giving us the information we need. frankly, now that we have found out you were threatening members of the committee staff, a standing committee. >> laura: he's going to defend himself agaiyou are threatening to call him in contempt. how does he defend himself? >> let's come on tomorrow night. let's let rod rosenstein come on with jim and i. >> laura: i have invited them on the show many times. >> they would rather do private press releases to spin the narrative at midnight and t to act like they are complying. we've had a document out since november 3rd of last year asking for documents. we have less than 60% of those documents. >> laura: this draft you have,
7:39 pm
is it going to call for his removal? >> it calls for them to release the documents. >> the house is spoken and say we want this information. >> laura: then what? >> everything is still on the table. contempt and those remedies are still on the table. let's have the house take a vote and send a message that the majority of the house agrees. we are entitled to get answers. >> laura: are we talking impeachment? >> that is something we have in our toolbox. we will have a vote. i'm here to tell you and your viewers are going to have a vote on the house floor one way or another. we are going to have a vote and were going toe that we get those documents. laura: rod rosenstein called this extortion. he will not giving to these demands. >> how about when your threatening members of a
7:40 pm
standing committee of the house of representatives. i know who these guys are. these are guys who helped put together the memo which talked about what went on at the fisa court and the fact they didn't tell the fisa court who paid for the dossier or that christopher steele had been fired by the for leaking information. they are being threatened. it's as wrong as it gets. >> laura: what's your general thought of the constitutionality of this investigation. we've talked about this generally before. there's a lot of scholars believe in dershowitz's and a bunch of us have been talking about this for months, that this entire special console seems like an unconstitutional undertaking. there is no real oversight.theya limitless budget, seems like they do. >> they do. >> the president supposedly can't remove him. is there any executiveranch oversight if rod rosenstein is conflicted? >> he should recuse himself. based on the facts we've seen, you should recuse himself.
7:41 pm
but that aside, in this country, you investigate crimes. you don't go in and start to inveand see what you can find and help to come up with a crime after you've instigated. that's not the way the special console doing it and i think it's wrong. >> laura: didn't he say he would make the documents available to the so-called gang of eight? >> that are supposed to happen tomorrow. we will see. >> their press release that they were going to do today. >> laura: today, tuesday. >> now it's going to happen thursday. >> laura: what are gowdy and ryan saying? >> we had discussions with them. the facts are on our side. how long is long enough? i am saying today is long enough. aura delayed is justice denied. thanks for coming on. appreciate it. at least the doj is doing something encouraging. we're going to tell you the new
7:42 pm
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7:45 pm
to our policy with an immigration attorney and a former immigration judge let's go to alan. i know there's a lot of people who are waving their arms, oh, my gosh, this is a persecuted people. they are not going to get any relief. they will be shut out of the system. i think what he's referencing is an 872% increase in applica for asylum since 2009. in the united states. that's a massive increase with not i think a correlating fact banner that would indicate we have that many more thousands of people who have legitimate claims. >> right, but i don't think the number should affect due process and justice. that's not how we handle due process and justice by numbers. it's a process. what sessions has done goes with the narrative you set about making wrong decisions because it is undoing 20 years of law of
7:46 pm
other judges in the immigration system. i am happy to be here with art because he's one of the outliers he says this is a good decision. 16 others say it's the wrong decisions for the reasons you've enumerated. each case is a case by case judgment. it doesn't send a message to the current officers of the port of entry to say please start denying these claims for persecution. >> in 2005, congress made it clear that in order to be granted asylum from of the persecution that you allege has to be at least one central reason for the harm you fear. that's a huge change and quite frankly it's taken 13 years for actually apply that to these crime based -- >> laura: has to be one central reason. >> one central reason for the harm you fear has to be one of the five characteristics of
7:47 pm
asylum. in this instance, membership in a socialroup, thatcular so group in the attorney general's decision was people fearing crime in their home country. >>s not w traditionally think of. you think of persecution, you know, having a horrible husband is beating you up or a wife was beating you up, that doesn't -- that seems like regular garden-variety crime. >> persecution is harm generally inflicted on you by the government. unfortunately the membership in a particular social group is amorphous. there have been many years of law that law was applied properly by jeff sessions to individuals who feared crime in their home countries. frankly they don't have asylum fear. they have a crime fear. >> laura: one question. the other thing i haven't heard of is the defensive use of
7:48 pm
asylum claim. i talked about this this morning on the radio. when people are about to be deported, sometimes, oftentimes they say wait a second. i have an asylum claim. now it's defensively used against the government in those situations which is also -- numbers don't matter but it's some kind of empirical proof that someone is getting information from a smart lawyer to make this kind of claim when you're already a deportable alien under u.s. immigration law. >> that's part of the problem. a lot of people are robbed without having lawyers. they might've heard things from people across labor many - if you are a battered female or battered woman or battered mom with her kids and you're having this legal confrontation trickle conversation, you can see that
7:49 pm
problems. that's why it's a case-by-case analysis. ions has removed the whole case by case analysis and said i don't think anyone coming here, private actor, this isn't persecution. that's not what the case law says. it's the inaction, the governments not stepping in and allowing this to happen and participate in the system. >> laura: a lot people around the world. >> if we are talking about the number of cases. 2% of the total population. >> i disagree with what he's talking about. the attorney general is not closing the door to these claims but he saying these claims need to be assesse way every other particular social group. >> laura: how do you assess it? when someone comes from guatemala says my brother beat me up for my husband, do you go to the local sheriff in guatemala? i've been to guatemala many times. you can't get records.
7:50 pm
>> rely on their statements of the alien in order to establish claim. >> laura: we will have you back. love both of you. by the way, they were making history in singapore yesterday. finding some hilarious moments of comic relief. stay right there and we will share them in in the moment. raymond arroyo.
7:51 pm
7:52 pm
7:53 pm
>> laura: high-stakes trauma can have laughs. the president's candid quips. here is raymond arroyo. comments about physical appearance. speak with the president gets up and they are taking photographs
7:54 pm
and he says this to kim jong un. watch closely. >> very nice. getting a good picture everybody so we look handsome and thin? laughter >> laura: he looks thrilled. >> kim jong un is thinking did he say this to theresa may? it's an example of trump, throughout this entire back and forth, dominating kim jong un. the handshake, the way he embraced him, showed him the way. there you see it again. >> laura: hilarious. there was a lot of conversation about the luncheon. >> i am delighted to see cnn, even with bourdain's passi they have a culinary sensibility.
7:55 pm
just look. >> by releasing the details of the menu, this is legitimizing kim jong un. >> the poor north korean people. if they knew what's being dished out. they can't even imagine the types of foods. >> it's a poor country. because of kim jong un himself and his family. beef short ribs, sweet and sour crispy pork, fried rice, soy-braised codfish. that sounds really yummy and very expensive. [laughter] >> laura: what are they os to serve? >>amen noodles or frozen tv dinners? >> laura: i told them t bring in-n-out burgers. i'm sorry but that would be really tasty. >> how did it turn into a "parts unknown" segment? >> laura: i like how don don lemmon takes his glasses off.
7:56 pm
quail eggs on the menu. we love the body language. >> cnn has their own body language expert >> the person was left the picture, kim jong un in that moment, has the position of power. the person on the left, left a picture will always be seen as the person in the power position. for trump, as their shaking hands, takes 13 seconds. he will do an upper arm grab on kim jong un. >> i want to point out i am on the left side of the screen and i am more dominant and i'm going to give you therm what does being on the left or right have to do with dominance? it's ridiculous. i get that grabbing a new control by grabbing somebody's arm. but why -- how does the left become a more powerful position? i don't know what it means. >> laura: stay there because robert to -- robert de niro.
7:57 pm
will we have the hotline? eczema. it's fine. hey! hi! aren't you hot? eczema again? it's fine. i saw something the other day. your eczema could be something called atopic dermatitis, which can be caused by inflammation under your skin. maybe you should go to to learn more.
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7:59 pm
>> i'm going to say one thing. [bleep] trump appeared no longer down with trump. >> you know it's heartbreaking
8:00 pm
about robert de niro, great actor, this was about tolerance and inclusivity. that didn't look like tolerance or inclusivity. >> laura: now he is apologizing to justin to trude. >> shannon: thank you. we begin with the fox news aler alert. brand-new comments from the president on north korea. answer his critics over the deal with kim jong un, we are going to hear from senator john barrasso who got off the phone with the president. plus an exclusive from chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge. the doj and house g.o.p. clash of new claims that deputy attorney general rod rosenein house investigators. new tonight, former fbi official andrew mccabe's attorney is suing the doj. also it's primary night across the country. another litmus test for candidates. the results are coming in fast and


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