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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 12, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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tune in at 8:00 p.m. for the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and groupthink. up next is sean hannity. >> sean: welcome to hannity. 9:00 p.m. on the east coast of the united states and 9:00 a.m. right here in singapore. tonight we are less than 24 hours out of the president's historic summit with north korean dictator kim jong un. i had the opportunity to sit down with president trump in the very room where he and kim jong un kicked off their bilateral talks. take a look. >> sean: i think most people like me want to know what was going on in that room, one on one-on-one. >> president trump: the big
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thing is this is not my 25th hour of being up and negotiating. we want to denuclearize that whole situation. you know what's been happening for years. we had no choice, we had to. >> sean: we have the full interview with the president coming up in toto, including some historic insight. without a doubt, for some it was a tremendous success and irreversible, denuclearization of the entire peninsula is in the works, and a lot is certainly hanging in the balance, including a safer world for your kids and future generations. plus, we will compare the presidents diplomacy surrounding north korea to that of president reagan's strategy. there were remarkable
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there, but no one on the left, no one on the left, no one on the mainstream media, and very few in the democratic party saw this coming. they have blind pathological hatred for the president, and it seemingly knows no bounds. many are actively rooting for the president and in the end, country world stage because it doesn't benefit them. regardss of all the potential danger and the consequences on the road. we will show you the petulant coverage which will probably shock you but not totally surprising. now onto the president's the world is changing for the better, in spite of the predictable, bitter partisans. leadership. guess what, it's time to get on board. you want a safer world, you want a better eco, you want jobs? that's tonight. peace on the peninsula, inspiring open monologue from singapore. it happened after months of doubts, speculations and negotiation while president trump made history and made the
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first president in history. by all accounts the summit went very well exceeding expectations. the meetings between president trump and reportedly productive. a solid first step in negotiating what is the kim jong un were complete, verifiable, irreversible denuclearization of the korean peninsula. trump and kim even signed a bilateral agreement. the two points agreed to establish new relations. next, the countries promised to work towards peace on the korean peninsula. third, kim jong un reaffirmed his commitment to the complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula. and if this is not really widely reported, north korea agreed to recover and return the remains of american soldiers that were killed during the korean war. president trump and kim jong un
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had this to say after signing that joint resolution. let's take a look. speak to the letter we are signing is very comprehens and i thk both sidesre going to be ve impressed with the results. a lot of goodwill went into this, a lot of work and preparation. we are very proud of what took place today. i think our whole relationship with north korea and the korean peninsula is going to be a very much different situation than it has in the past. we bot and we have developed a very special bond. people will be very impressed, very happy and we are going to s problem for e wod.big and very >> sean: today the positive reaction continued and the president reported quote the world has taken a big step back from potential nuclear catastrophe and more rocket launches, nuclear testing, or research.
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the hostages are back home with their families. thank you, chairman kim. r day together was historic and at least talks occurred only after the release of three ges afan agreement from kim jong un to halt nuclear tests and icbm tests and firing missiles over japan. of course north korea's .estruction of one of their key and remember he crossed the dmz into the arms of the south korean all of this is without any president. concession. in my interview with president trump, they even indicated that north koreans concessions will go much deeper than their what they said openly. >> president trump: we look at what he has done, so we got our hostages back, but they have blown up one of the primary testing sites. some people say their only testing sites.
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so it's the process andt's really moving rapidly. >> meanwhile shortly after signing the agreement or wrapping up the talks, president trump held a very lengthy news conference giving immediate reaction to his historic meeting. i got to sit in the second row. jim acosta was four seats down. fake news, cnn, take a look. >> president trump: chairman kim and i read just completed an agreement in which he reaffirmed his commitment to complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula. he was very firm and the fact that he wants to do this. i think you might want to do this as much, if not more than me. we see a very bright future for north korea. the sanctions will come off when we are sure that the nukes are no live. i noticed that some of the people are saying that,
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the president has agreed to meet, he has given up so much. i give up nothing, i'm here. i haven't slept in 25 hours but i thought it was appropriate to do since we have been negotiating literally around the clock. otto warmbier is a very special person and he will be in a long time -- for a long time in my life. his parents are ve good friends of mine. he did not die in vain, he had a lot to do with why we are here today. >> the president had more to say about otto warmbier in our interview. have contrasted trk differences between a strategy of peace through and a strategy ofry and appeasement through dictators. now the weak and feckless leadership from jimmy carter, that was left to do with the world and massive turmoil.
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and at the same can be said of obama's efforts. both trump and ragan had very tough talk for their international adversaries. ragan alling the former soviet union and evil empire with many in the media freaking out that the california cowboy, ragan, was leading us toward a nuclear war. let's go through history. >> they have preached the supremacy of the state. declare its omnipotence over individual man and predict its dominance over they are the focus of evil on all people on the earth. the modern world. so in your discussions, i urge you to be aware of the temptation of pride and temptation of lively declaring yourselves above it all and label sides equally at fault. thereby remove yourself from the struggle between right and wrong and good and evil. >> tucker: just months ago
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president trump also engaged in tough rhetoric calling kim jong un, little rocket man. just like reagan, he went into a complete meltdown once again predicting a nuclear meltdown. remember these remarks from ident trump. >> president trump: north korea does not make any threats toward the united states, they will be met with fire, fury and power, the likes of which the world has never seen before. frankly, the people who were questioning that statement, maybe it wasn't tough enough. they have been doing this to our country for a long time for many years and it's about time that somebody stuck up to the people and other countries. of this country what they have been getting away with is a tragedy and can't be allowed. if anything happens in guam, there will be big, big trouble in north korea. he does anything with respect to guam or anyplace else that is an
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american territory or american ally, he will regret it. are next compari surrounds military military spending, military strategy. they ramped up drills and military presence and reaffirmed commitments to shield r allies from hostile adversaries. one way or similarity comes from the two presidents' willingness to walk away from the table. and before ultimately negotiating the end of the cold war, president walked away from talks with mikal gorbachev. a few weeks ago president trump canceled the summit over a dispute and has frequently asserted his willingness to walk away from a bad deal. and a bonus, both reagan and trump oversaw a booming economies, both implementing significant tax reform, tax cuts, removing birding some
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-- burdensome bureaucracy. and despite what we knew through history, peace through strength works. the media saw this coming, we shouldn't have been surprised. but these were the same people. they wg about donaldp winning tn primary and laughing when he got into the race. and at the same people who were wrong about trump and russia collusion in the so-called scandal. it turns out that the only one colluding with the russians was hillary cln. of course, they are completely obsessed with anything tabloid. >> this could be the last nail in the coffin. >> stormy daniels claims president trump broke the law and had her bullied. >> does stormy daniels have the president's number? it seems that way. >> how his stormy weathering this? >> stormy speaks.
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>> it's not clear what he meant by [bleep] our country. >> are you shocked or surprised by this? >> i'm not surprised, in one way i am proud of. >> we are not all created equal, at least not if you are born in as the president put it, a [bleep] country. >> is there a different, if the president said [bleep] hole and [bleep] house? are they ever going to learn? >> apparently not. listen to how the cnn fake news panel covered the summit. >> i want to bring it back the menu not because i'm hungry but because typically the white house releases this kind of details after for example the french president comes to the white house or another head of state comes for a state visit. so by releasing the details of the menu, this is a legitimizing kim jong un. >> one particular thing, the
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north korean people, if they knew what was being dished out there, they can't even imagine the types of foods that you have rolled off of your tongue. >> right. it's a poor country, because of kim jong un, himself and his country. but you are right, beef short ribs, a combination of crispy pork, i mean, that is -- it sounds really yummy and very expensive. >> it sounds yummy and expensive. that's news? and of course, that's only the tip of the iceberg. a summit is not an accomplishment f the american president. it's a major accomplishment for kim jong un and the spectacle of seeing this american flags is really jarring actually to see and witness. in fact i would say it's somewhat disgusting and it's a
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debasement of the american flag. this is a despotic regime that murders its own citizens and so we are putting them on the same stage as the american president. i don't think we should discount the idea, it's not a coincidence that is precisely what put desires. it's not realizing that countries have interest. kim jong un did a very good job of representing the interests of his nation and his own personal interest and he snickered donald trump. >> he may be okay in the real estate business but it's odious and disgusting when he's fawning over one of the most vicious dictators on the planet. it's really interesting because the more we are talking about north korea, the less we are talking about russia. the less we are talking about issues at home. >> tucker: this hatred clearly borders on psychosis. if this wasn't robert mueller and his witch hunt,
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every anchor would be here 24/7 and they would all be -- they would travel 50 hours in the air for that. by the way, you can always count on msnbc. they weren't here. rachel maddow, chris hayes, jolie mika? too long on the plane for you. plus it doesn't fit your faults narrative, your caricature and the lies you manufacture every single day. while the mainstream media was busy trashing the president and his push for peace in north korea a few years ago, they were stepping all over themselves to praise president obama and his horribly flawed and defunct iranian deal, h is the dumbest deal in world history. $150 billion to radical mullahs in iran, and chantg death to america, death to israel? burning american flags and israeli flags? it doesn't get any dumber than this.
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but they all in the media love it. take a look. >> of the u.s. and world power is reaching a major agreement with iran. watching one of our biggest rivals from developing a nuclear weapon. >> the president is about to deliver a statement on this historic nuclear deal reached with iran overnight. disagreement is supposed to freeze that country's pursuit of a nuclear weapon. >> has the u.s. and its allies successfully blocked the nuclear bomb for now? the united states is entering a new era and its relationship with iran. >> i think it begins to change the dynamics of a tense relationship of 36 years between washington and tehran. i think the deal provides more than the united states anticipated and it could prevent an arms race in the region that would be detrimental to not just of the least but the whole world. >> tucker: it seems like they all had that chris matthews thrill running up and down her leg. obviously this media is incapable of covering this president, president trump in any fair and unbiased way. and in that sense, his success was their failure.
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he would have to admit they were wrong. in doing so, if they were correct, the world would be left faith. so far, betting against president trump has not been working out particularly well for any of them. they are getting everything wrong. maybe it's time for them to start asking themselves, what is in the best interest of th people of the united states and maybe they should just keep pushing their radical leftist agenda. the media said trump would be an unmitigated disaster. look at your screen, and as we pointed out many times this was especially true on the economy. they generated wealth like never before and that is why tonight we are hopeful that progress will happen on the korean peninsula. it's good for everybody and good for the world. progress must have been look at the map right there on
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on your screen. it merely tops 10 million people the korean making it more populous than peninsula. even new york city. soul is only located 35 miles away from the dmz, well within striking distance of kim jong un and only miles away from tens of thousands of american soldiers who were tasked with protecting south korea. one nuclear weapon could wipe it off the face of the planet. and tonight everyone in the world should be rooting for the president's success here in the region. it's a worthy cause, necessary cause and, a few hours ago i had the opportunity to sit down with the president. >> it's a historic day. i think most people likely want that room, 101.s going on in speak to the big thing is, this is not my 25th hour of being up and negotiating and we have been negotiatry hard.
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>> this is about the complete verifiable irreversible denuclearization of the entire peninsula. >> though without that, we could not have had a deal. we want to do you nuke the entire peninsula, we want thatwa hotbed. and the relationship was really good. it was built. i talked about early on in the relationship and the feeling, we had a really good feel right from the beginning and we were able to get something very important dond actually some things happened after that was signed, where we are getting rid of certain missile research areas and certain missile testing sites, we are getting rid of a. >> in the lead up to this, a this is ing.
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obviously i'm a pretty strong critic of our news media in this country. a lot had happened. he had dismantled a nuclear test site. he crossed over the dmz, three hostages were released, the missile stopped being fired and he would not have come here if he was not willing to talk about the denuclearization. so all of that happened before you walked in. now i don't remember that he sent cargo planes of cash or did anything before the lead up. why do you think he's interested in doing this? >> i'm interested because i noticed some of the press. and i'm not even knocking them, because why treat them badly. and some of the press would say, he's meeting with them, and he's got a major loss. i said it, since when? others want to do and it never worked out, it probably never could have worked out. we really have gotten a lot. you haven't seen missiles going up in seven or eight months,
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you haven't seen research, nur tests,e importantly. japan is very happy because they were being encircled, and, there was a period of time going over the middle of japan. we got our hostages back and you are right, we didn't pay for at. he did such a smart thing, and i feel so badly about otto warmbier, that was the one thing. he did not die in vain. i actually believed, and i've gotten very friendly with his parents. they are incredible people, great parents, he was a great young man. but devastated as you can imagine. i think without him, this whole thing wouldn't have happened because it crystallized when he came back in that condition. it crystallized so much to so many people will come maybe even to the other side, quite frankly. i think that he truly did not die in vain. >> tucker: i've known you for a lot of years and i think one trait that i could say is a brutal honesty.
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in the room alone and subsequent talks between your team and their team. w honest, how brutal, what was said? >> president trump: we g very well, ot alfrom beginnind we started off. he and myself, and twointerpret. from the beginning, we got along. i made the statement, and i've said it before, you can almost tell right at the beginning. >> i felt very good at the beginning. i talked about, we have two denuclearize that. and he understood that, he fully understood it. we are doing some great things for his country, and south korea will be involved very much in helping and japan will be involved and president xi of china has been really terrific on the border. i think less of the last couple of months, unfortunately. >> tucker: is a big part of these meetings, which was
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scheduled as i recall for like 15 minutes, didn't some of them go on for four hours? >> he wanted to meet at , and he had a 15 minute schedule. we were going to go into breakout rooms and had many people waiting for us, and it ended up lasting four hours. 15 minutes, president of china, great guy, it ended up lasting for four hours. we just got along, and we had gotten along. i wanted to treat us better in trade. >> it's one of those things, it's a tough thing. they are doing so well and have made so much progress against us. for so many years it's awfully tough for them to bring it back. we will see how that all works out. we will do something, definitely do something. they offered us $80 billion in purchases of agricultural products but there is not enough. it's 80 billion, i never thought i'd turn down $80 billion.
10:24 pm
she but we have to do something with intellectual property, and just with trade. anear we lost $500 billion with china. >> tucker: when we come back, my one-on-one interview wi president trump as we continue here from singapore. -and we welcome back gary,
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>> tucker: welcome back to hannity. we are live in singapore as we continue with part two of our interview with president trump where i asked him how his rhetoric with kim jong un and evolved and how important a role that rhetoric played it.
10:29 pm
take a look. >> this goes to the beginning. there were lots of people, critics, quickly saying when you said little rocket man or fire and fury, or, when he said, i have a red button on my desk, he said, my it's bigger and it s better than yours. how did it evolve from that, to this? because he did say from the very beginning, we are basically going to start over. that has been building behind the scenes. >> without the rhetoric wee wouldn't have been here, i really believe that. we did sanctions and all the things that we would do but i think without the rhetoric, other administrations, i don't want to get specific on that. but they had a policy of if they said something very bad, very threatening and horrible, just don't answer. that's not the answer. that's not what you have to do. i think that rhetoric, i hated
10:30 pm
to do it. sometimes i felt foolish doing it. but we had no choice. >> so strategically you were doing it? >> yes. and i think he gained respect. he was a strong guy, he has a very good personality, he's funny and he's very, very smart. he is a great negotiator and a very strategic kind of guy. >> one of the things i think that surprised everybody, i think every american should be very happy about this. the korean war which has gone on for so long, more importantly, there are still american remains there, and they will be repatriated? >> president trump: they are coming back. a we havsome things thatren't even in the report, that we signed. missile sites that they use for the launching of missiles and missile research areas, that will be gone. we made a lot of progress, a
10:31 pm
tremendous amount of progress. so one of the things that i'm happy about, we will not play the war games anymore. you know how expensive that is when we have bomber practic from guam? i said it, how far away is that? six hours sir. that's a long time. so we are not going to be doing the war games as long as we are negotiating in good faith. so that is good for a number of reasons, in addition to which we save a tremendous amount of money. i hate to sound like a businessman, but i kept saying, what is this costing? i look at them coming in from the sea and bombs exploding, and i said what does this cost? i don't want to tell you, but it's a lot. as long as we are negotiating in good faith, which i think we will be. >> sean: so you thought coming in here you would sign an agreement is that it might take more or five meetings but you
10:32 pm
are open to going as fast or slow as you wanted. >> president trump: got along better than i assumed we would at the beginning, and we got more done together than i ever thought possible. he's going back to get this done, he wants to get it done. you are the whole thing about his father and other constrictions for his grandfather, but the fact is, and he brings that up. nobody has ever come close. >> talk about the difference between past administrations and >> president trump: i can't say that at some point i'm sure he will say it, but they never got it done. he was never to a point where they were like he they are. >> is there a history lesson to learn here? i think in one since we could talk about past administrations rate, the evil empire, mr. gorbachev carried out his
10:33 pm
wallet, his own advisors wanted to take the words out of that speech. kim jong un gave bill clinton's father of 3 million energy subsidy. >> and, that was the worst deal i have ever seen. worse than the wto, the wto. and that is in addition to the money that we have given all the time. i would say that the iran deal was one of the worst i've everer seen. we never had it approved by congress. >> sean: it must be approved by congress. >> president trump: i wanted approved by congress, otherwise it doesn't mean very much. since we took out of that deal, i think iran is a much different place. i don't think they are looking so much to the mediterranean and
10:34 pm
syria and yemen, they are starting to pull people out of yemen. they are starting to pull peoplt out of syria, it's a whole different thing. i did it for a nuclear but one of the side benefits, you take a serious look and cerin sas big part. i think at a certain point honestly, i know the iranian people. i really believe at some point they will come back and want to negotiate a deal. >> sean: it when we come back, much more to get to with president trump. and let not your heart be troubled, we have some deep a state breaking, a showdown between the doj and some republicans are trng to do their constitutional oversight. this is getting interesting in the lead up to the ig report released on thursday. we will have the latest. latest. her salon was booked for weeks,
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>> tucker: as we continue hannity from singapore, the final part of my interview with presiden >> tucker: as we continue hannity from singapore, the final part of my interview with president trump and talked aboub the likelihood that kim jong un would visit the white house, or maybe mar-a-lago. take a look. did reunification come up, did humanitarian issues come up in the meeting? >> president trump: yes it did, and one of the things that i will to you that i'm most happy about, and as you know is a big sticking point, it's bringing back the remains of thousands of soldiers that were killed. and this was sort of last minute. i said, would it be possible? i get letters all the time from families who lost a son, lost a brother, lots of father in korea. that was a rough fight. they were buried along the roadways, they were buried as soldiers went back and forth
10:40 pm
into battle, and bearing them along with the roadways. i get so many letters from people who lost a loved one in north korea, and i would say, i will try. and i brought it up. i tell you what, it was almost immediate. now in the past, you couldn't talk abt it. but itas really a nice response. >> sean: how quickly did talk about a trip to the united es? >> president trump: i think at the right time he will absolutely be coming to the white house. it has been a very intense relationship. it's been short and very intense, and of course before that, it was pretty rhetorical. it was not a pretty thing. without that, i don't think we would have been here today. he wants to get something done, i want to get something done and it started off a strong document. i think people were surprised to
10:41 pm
see it, they were shocked to see it. and then, add some more things that we got after that. >> sean: could you give us a glimpse into what you are referring to, things that may be coming? >> president trump: i think that we are now going to start the process of denuclearization of north korea. i believe he is going back and will start virtually immediately. he has already indicated thated and, you look at what he has done. and, some people say they are only testing site for getting rid of a missile, which wasn't in the document, this was done afterwards, it would be getting rid of a missile testing site. so it's the process and it's really moving pidly. >> sean: last question, i know you have lots to do. obviously he wants something on his end, he wants the sanctionsr lifted, he wants economic opportunity.s
10:42 pm
his people need it desperately, there are people starving there. so i guess my question is, the order. what would he have to do to get the sanctions lifted to get the economic opportunity opened up for people? >> president trump: what he wants his security, and i understand that and he will get that. and he wants to see if they can make that incredible location. it is incredible. it's incredible, it's between china and south think out that, i'm in the real estate business. how good of a location is that? you have china and south korea, and he is right and the middle of both of them surrounded by water. okay. there couldn't be anything better than that. it's also beautiful land. incredible land. i think he underdshat, i told him about that today and i think he really understands it. >> i think -- china can't be thrilled about a very strong
10:43 pm
group of people with great capability right next to him. i do believe they are. they were very, very helpful. nothing is going to interfere with my relationship with president xi, because i have great respect for him. he's a great man, in a true >> that's one of the best stories you tell, and it's an interesting story historically speaking. you are having dessert with him. >> president trump: that's right, at mar-a-lago, chocolate cake. >> sean: and this was after hassad had used chemical weapons on his own people, and you had launched the first strike? >> president trump: and he said, they are hitting a certain target. and he said, please say it again, through his interpreter. every one of those missiles from 700 miles away, shifts in the ocean. 58 missiles, 58 hits, it's incredible technology.
10:44 pm
not that we want to do it, but it was so lethal. that was done because syria assad used chemical gases on children, and we had to do that. at president obama got over the, i think you may be would have had a different story in the middle east, i really believe that. but he didn't do that. but we did. so i told him sitting at mar-a-lago at dinner, i said either he will leave or he will be friends. but he did understand. i think he really did because he really did a lot of people and a lot of children were killed by gas. and he fully understood. i know you have t to do, mr. president, tha you for your time.
10:45 pm
>> president trump: thanks, i appreciate it. >> tucker: still to come, henry, daniel kaufman, and sebastian gorka. and a showdown emerging between rob rosenstein, the doj and freedom caucus members, and devin it's getting ugly. we will tell you all about it coming up.
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>> tucker: at moments ago, >> tucker: at moments ago, >> tucker: at moments ago, president trump responding to those rooting for failure ina. north korea. this is what he tweeted. one year ago, the pundits, the talking heads come of the people who couldn't do the job before were begging for reconciliation and peace. please meet, don't go to war. now that we meet and have a great relationship, the same haters are shouting, you shouldn't meet, don't meet.
10:50 pm
also we are following a developing story according to a report from catherine herridge. back in january, the deputy ag, the one i say is conflicted, roy rosenstein, actually threatened ena documents and emails from the house intel committee members. really? it's actually the opposite way around. we continue in singapore withret fox news' chief correspondent ed former deputy assistant to president trump, sebastian gorka. dr. x news contributor, investigative reporter sara carter. retired cia 30 plus years and senior intelligence officer, patrick hoffman. let's get to the president and then breaking news. it is ironic, there is no winning if you are a democraaree left-wing media. you don't want the president to succeed. the media looks bad andcr democrats have no shot at 2018. >> in north korea, diplomacy is engaged and tension is down.
10:51 pm
i'm not sure what there is not to like. it's not following the traditional script from which we might negotiate for months and months, then put a briefing package together and sign loads and loads of documents, but in this case, the president had to have that initial meetin set the stage for everything else. >> it was predicated by all of these concessions on his part. which we have given a lot of attention. he broke down the nuclear test site. and the hostages. >> that is so important. the administration has taken such a dramatic turn from the obama administration, i think it was so significant. syria was a lesson to the whole world, it was a lesson to iran and korea. he was making a statement saying, when i draw a line, i mean it. and the rest of the world knows that. >> i think that's the great point about iran.
10:52 pm
the world is watching. look, the president said i'mg ta iranian deal, and he did. he is also very smartly saying o it will go through congress and proper channels. so the next president can't wipe it out with a wave of the pen. >> everything the president has done in just over 500 days is bigger than the specific eventsk so the crew was missile engagement in syria, that sends a message for the racemic. if that's the reassertion of american leadership and that sends a message to north korea and iran, even to other countries such as russia. l so every single act has a large strategic message to the world and that's why this presidency with his team, let's not forget. it's a pale and bolton. >> the president, you called
10:53 pm
you would be proud of these at the of your second term as president. he's not even halfway through his first e term. >> sean: i would argue there is a moment of history emerging in the middle east as well. >> i would argue that there is a moment in history emerging to the middle east, also. the jordanians, egyptians, saudis, emirates and is real, and the u.s. >> if i may, all of this is the geopolitical restructuring globally, whether it's the middle east, here in asia or europe. and america leading the front. because what is the key message? for eight years the white house said it, we will not leave. and what happened to come up the world was in flames. one data point under obama,ye thanks to the syria and everything else, we have 65 million displaced people. >> we have our own catherine herridge reporting, and rosenstein, on january 18th, a closed-door meeting involving
10:54 pm
the senior fbi direct director, literally talking about subpoenaing them. when they are the ones thare obstructing. this fight is now getting real. >> yes, it is. i have talked to senior people in the house intel committee pr that ve told me that yes, rob rosenstein was threatening a senior aide to devin nunes, the chair of the committee and he was going after his emails on his text messages and his phone calls, which would violate the separation of powers and sort of turns on its head the idea that the house intell committee and other panels in congress have oversight power over the justice department and the executive branch. so this is remarkable. it comes in the context of the president trying to change the narrative frankly and saying we should also be looking not just a similar investigation and what we are looking at with the trump campaign and the trump administration, but the investigation of the
10:55 pm
investigator is, whether it's just us or fbi. andrew mccabe is in hot water as well. >> tucker: i've got reports that rosenstein has a vicious temper behind the scenes. you know the source of catherine hege, you think you know where it is? >> of course, and they havesc outed him now. these are leaks coming from the department of justice obviously from robert rosenstein. he's the lead investigator for the house intelligence committee, and this is howin vicious rob rosenstein is, is threatening him over and over again. >> tucker: we will have a lot a lot more tomorrow and we will have more from singapore tomorrow. we will have a lot more hannity, after this break. baby boomers,
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11:00 pm
coming out thursday, so we will be heard till the end of the week. alsow some follow-up to the big summit, so we hope you will be joining us all week. we will give you a big preview of that tomorrow and the big fight that is emerging. let not your heart be tled, standing by in washington, d.c., takesaway. laura ingraham.yo >> laura: hannity, nice job. you don't look fatigued at all, you look like you've been going out for runs and mixed martial arts. >> sean: i'm still doing my mixed martial arts. in my bands and i'm s a pool right behind me, we are on the roof of the building. >> laura: you are sticking to your exercise regimen, good for you. good interview, and i'm jealousl >> a >> sean: