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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  June 13, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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>> now he's apologizing to justin trudeau. that's all the time we have. shannon bream takes things from here.e fo ere.e fo >> thank you so much. we begin tonight with a fox news alert. brand-new comments from the president on north korea answering his critics over the deal with kim jong un we would hear from sen. john barrasso who just got off the phone with the president following the historic summit plus an exclusive from chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge. the dop and house gop clash of the claims deputy attorney general rod rosenstein threatened house investigators and new tonight and mccabe's attorney is suing the doj. also it is primary night across
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the country. another litmus test for pro-and anti-trump candidates, the reports coming in fast and furious. welcome to fox news at night. donald trump telling sean hannity his tough rhetoric on kim jong un paved the way for the singapore summit. also shitting the on joint military exercise with have a factor and take it to it henry live in singapore, good evening and good morning to you. >> good morning. despite all of the naysayers the president came, saw and got a deal despite critics trying to talk down the possibility of american success before, during and after these talks, the president going on offense talking to sean hannity trying to sell the deal telling him kim jong un is going to start denuclearization virtually immediately with a document they signed just hours ago.
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the president says this will save millions of lives. >> we had a good feel from the beginning and were able to get something important done and some things happened after it was signed, getting rid of certain missile testing sites, gettingt. >> on one hand the a because it comes just weeks after north korea threatened yet again nuclear conflict during one of their walks. kim was overheard for his interpreter telling the president these pictures were so surreal many in the world, will think of this as a fantasy from a science-fiction movie. democrats like chuck schumer are warning this may turn out to be a fantasy noting the president promised specifically to end joint military exercises between the us and south korea that kim did not have to directly promise
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specifics beyond the broad promise of how he is going to denuclearize. there are some republicans on the hill admitting they have qubut saying this is a good deal. chris matthews of msnbc tonight admitting a lot of people reading for this to fail. >> we have a long way to go but what struck me the most is how much the president appreciated how devastg the war would be but it would even be more devastating to walk away from this nuclear threat, he will end it on his watch. >> i can understand north korea because you butter up somebody to get them to the negotiating table and if he succeeds god bless him, in reducing the nuclear threat th korea -- you have to hope your president succeeds in that. >> this is not just lunch. it is not going to work. >> republican sen. john kennedy
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as a way with words. he is saying dealing with kim jong un is a little bit like trying to hand feed shark. you can do it but you got to do it very carefully. >> safe travels back ho, thank you. republican sen. marco rubio calling out media coverage of the singapore summit saying the meeting, quote, expose incredible hypocrisy of many in the media. of about to do these things he was described as enlightened, when trump does it is reckless and foolish. howard kurtz looks at whether there is a double standard. >> reporter: donald trump got the pageantry and photo ops which he described as a getting to know you session with kim jong un but the historic summit also drew sharp criticism from liberal journalists and commentators. nikki kristof said it looks like trump was hoodwinked and some pundits said msnbc and cnn
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couldn't either does taste. >> these are awful people and he wants to become best friends with them. >> i found it incoherent, i found giving away more than having got. >> a summit is not an accomplishment for the american president, the spectacle is the american flag along with the d prk flag is somewhat disgusting. >> reporter: some from the right as well. liberals along called a nothing summit the conservative the standard call to the summit about nothing. some conservatives highly critical of the pres. offered kinder words. >> when i seehese two shaking hands i feel a sense of relief. >>eporter: there is room for legitimate criticism, the statement is vague, saying g about inspections, verification of deadlines, north koreans have a long history of breaking agreements and the nature of kim's regime. >> kim jong un has killed family members, start his own people,
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beenthe deaths of otto warmbi, why are you calling him talented? >> he is very talented. >> when obama negotiated a deal with iran's leaders, the president sounded -- >> i do to trust him. come back to you in a year when you interview him and say i made a mistake? that is always possible. >> reporter: there is no way to detailed in fry bible agreement but some journalists denounced trump when exchanging nuclear threats seem unwilling to give him a chance. >> thank you very much. one of the pres.'s first cause after the summit was to our next guest and somef his colleagues on capitol hill. john barrasse senate fores committee and you chatted with the president as he was coming off the summit. how did he sound? >> optimistic, hopeful, my hat
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is off, congratulations to the pres. this was a historic first step in ongoing discussions to nominate nuclear weapons from north korea but the president felt he made progress, very clear about this. we will see what happens. pompeo will be meeting with north koreans next week to take the next step. we need to have something verifiable, enforceable and accomplishes what we need for america's security and safety at home which is north korea with no nuclear weapons. heather: there is not the inspections and all the things critical to th, one of your democratic colleagues, chuck schumer, had this to say. >> the bottom line is this. the united states has gained is vagud unverifiable, what north korea gained is tangible. we hope this doesn't continue.
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shannon: state department and other locations getting something done. how do they go about that in a way that will satisfy the president as critics or can they? >> some critics of the president you will never satisfy. when the president set up the summit in the first place they criticize demand when he canceled the summit they criticized him and when he went ahead with the summit again they criticized him still. what we talked about was when he came into office barack obama said we are on the verge of war with north korea. at that time we were. we saw north korea's sophistication had increased dramatically. now look at where we are today. as a result of this summit the world is a little more safe, a little more secure, a little more stable than it was before. we are not there, we have a lot of work to do. i went something that can be a treaty where the iran agreement fell apart, a terrible agreement in the first place, never brought to elected members of
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the united states under article 2 section 2 paragraph 2 of the constitution. instead, they took it to the united nations. i went something with north korea we can take to the united states senate and get confirmed as a treaty. that is how you have lasting relationships between countries. >> reporter: the president saying that is what he wants to do it his goal is to get something that will be binding that has backing by members of the senate. we talk about the media bias and reference marco rubio, this is another his tweets, i too have concerns how this will turn out izing obama when he went to the brutal dictator in cuba who oversaw a police state and killed in jail his opponents. >> we worked closely together on the foreign relations committee,
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he is very thoughtful on all the issues, significant amount of time on it, the president gave up nothing, pushed the positive button on military exercises but only two a year, we have done the one in the spring, this one isn't for months to come so it would be easy to put those back on. we have a lot of what we have shown, the maximum pressure wos, tough talk by the president works. we are in better shape today than we were the day donald trump took office with regard to all these issues of international security and focus specifically because we know nuclear weapons in the hands of e of north korea specifically kim jong un makes the world less safe and less stable and less secure. shannon: there is much more to come. thank you for coming in tonight. breaking tonight you heard lindsey graham on this program press deputy attorney general rod rosenstein whether he should
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recuse himself for robert mueller's russia investigation. the number 2 at the doj is playing hardball with congressional republicans. catherine herridge has the exclusive report tonight. >> the emails, the office of general counsel to document the meeting that included deputy attorney general rod rosenstein, christopheck, senior advisers and republican house intelligence can be chairman devon nunez and senior staff, they turned the tables on the committee regarding the russia probe, quote, deputy attorney general rosenstein criticized the 20% request in writing and was critical to have doj, fbi, committee investigator wrote going so far as to say, the justice department to our litigators, we will subpoena your records, and congress overall. and backed up the account, many
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add watching the deputy attorney general launches sustained personal attacks against congressional staffer in retaliation for oversight with astonishing, and the nation's number one for these matters law enforcement officer threatened was downright chilling. the fbi and justice department disputed the -- roatened a criml investigion writing the deputy attorney general is making the point after being threatened with contempt that as an american citizen charged with contempt of congress, the right to defend himself requesting text messages. the official went further saying the deputy attorney general will request the house general counsel conduct internal investigation of congressional staffers conduct leading chairman nunez did not complain after the meeting at dinner with rosenstein. in a statement chairman nunez
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said they take staff concerns seriously and referred the matter to the speaker's office. and the justice department inspector general. the justice department said no formal complaints were filed at this time. >> fbi director andrew mccabe's lawyers suing the justice department and fbi claiming they will not get files related to mc's filing. the doj is denying access because they are concerned the documents could be used against them. mccabe was fired in march just 5 his retirement after an internal report found the leak the self-serving sword to the press and lied about it. talk about with depu attorney general tom dupree. so many stories to talk about. his attorney says this, the doj and fbi, to publicly disclose
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the documents and fulfill statutory obligations, defendants deprived plaintiffs of theortuni who should have advanced legal rights and you have to turn over these documents and have a duty to do that. >> seems like a stretch to me and what legal arguments are, if there comes a point mr. mccabe is facing criminal charges and needs these documents to defend himself or exonerate himself i'm confident the judge might well say he owns the documents to defend himself. i'm not clear, he is interested in it or lawyers interested in what is in their file doesn't give them a legal right to get them. >> another fight between the doj and rod rosenstein and members of the house gop, the
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intelligence committee staffers, we had access to emails outlining the nuary meeting where they felt threatened. here is what we heard from congressman gates who is ting, for refusing to produce documents to aperly rejecting document to threatening our staff it is clear rod rosenstein will use every tool at his disposal threaten congressional oversight. erine noted a doj official said the deputy attorney general never threatened anyone, and let's talk about the distinction. what happened, we don't know. >> we crossed a line from unusual to extraordinary with these revelations in the point about criminal investigation is it sounds like what doj is saying is the deputy attorney general made a point about his subpoena power not in an offensive sense, the criminal investigation but more in a defensive sense, but if you guys are going to come after me, i
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will defend myself by going after your documents to exonerate what i have done. it is a fine line. >> they characterize it, both sides felt threatened, screw their weight around during the conversation, i will subpoena you, and coequal branches of government. >> the fact is there is always going to be tension between congress and the justice department but rarely if ever does it deteriorate to this level. what it is is analogous to litigating against an opposing party and both making subpoena threats, both demanding it be done in writing. what do you do that? you don't trust the other side. >> a federal judge told robert mueller's team they have to turn over the names of a number of
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people outlined allegations against paul manafor it and by friday, that -- >> a small but significant victory for the defense team, the judge is saying you have to identify anonymous people in the indictment. my guess is manafort already knew these people but it does box the special counsel in, they have to put their cards on the table and disclose who these anonymous people were. a small but significant victory. heather: could be key european officials too. the judge will know by friday how long it will take. great to have you with us. donald trump calling the one candidate nothing but trouble, the primaries close as the president simpson to primary fights between republicans. breaking down winners and
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losers, primary results in. another blow for an obama era rule, jeff sessions, what is really behind the controversial move. >> the asylum system is being rule of law with public policy and the detriment and just claims to asylum. >> been counterclaim a major american city, find out if your hometown is on top or the bottom of that list. it took a whole lot more. that's why i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy. everything. and that 2% cash back adds up to thousands of dollars each year... so i can keep growing my business in big leaps! what's in your wallet?
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>> shannon: this is a fox news heather: candidates backed by donaldld trump scoring wins, so devoted corey stewart, defender of confederate statues, the senate nominee against sen. tim kane and another upset incumbent south carolina gop congressman mark sanford trailing katie arrington in the bitter house primary election, donald trump ripped sanford today saying he is betin argentina, a refe his affair, told the crowd i am going to lose this race. >> it cost me an election but to disagree with the president.
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heather: getting more primary results in key races tonight. let's start here because mark sanford never lost an election before. you would know better than i. >> he was a winner after appear go, totally blue up south carolina politics, this was a guy on track to run for president. he would have been a great pick if looking at the field for 2012. he woue a great pick until he exploded his career, then he came back with a lot of humility, a lot of difference and sincere apology, voters gave him another chance. he had a very short leash. any iticism of the president or bucking party line, it is
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very conservative, mark sanford is mega conservative and guys in the freedom caucus like him. and the libertarian leaders like him. the verdict here, an hf ar and scandal, she went after that in addition to that. heather: donald trump to get into a race where corey stewart, and in the fall, here is what the ap described the wind tonight. stuart campaigned preserving virginia's confederate monument and an immigrant hardliner, who has been deported from his county. a lot of folks loved him for that. that is why they voted for him lining up with where the president is very supportive of the pres. got immortal when cochairing the campaign because he decided to have a
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demonstration. he is very trumpy. a lot of folks saying they wonder how this will play more broadly. taken in virginia as well. >> the republican turnout in virginia was substantially below where it was last year when corey stewart took on ed gillespie. corey stewart is a big part of helping turn virginia blue. about making it that way. if you look at where his support came from, heople turned out to vote, if you look at his message and his performance in northern counties in virginia he is out of step and what democrats will try to do they are not worried about tim kane but to make corey stewart the base of the republican party in nevada and other places and there will be a split step because they don't want to say we disavow corey stewart unless
12:26 am
he gets crazy crazy. they don't want to say we disavow him. >> do you think it will happen? >> i he no idea what is going to happen. i wouldn't have told you he would have a bilateral summit in singapore with kim jong anythissible. shannon: several races we are watching. we love having you on so come back. polls close in a short while ago is sharp the contested nevada primary, voters making the choices into the midterm but all kinds of important races. jonathan hunt with results coming in, he's taking away with work to do. >> reporter: difficult staying away. we are at the headquarters of steve, campaign watch party. one of two democrats locked in a close battle for the party's
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nomination to be next governor, the crowd crowding around the open bar rather than the state sis a la-sisolck is optimism. holding, the chair of the commission, tags himself as the candidate with the experience to get things done and like every candidate in the election cycle he has asked how the trump presidency is going to play in november's election. like every candidaten nevada he says this is an election that will be about nevada, not donald trump.
12:28 am
>> we disagree on some issues but i am stating my case, not arguing against my opponent. want people to understand what i stand for and where i want to go. >> reporter: his primary opponent 63-year-old former teacher chris g who paints herself as the more progressive, has the endorsement of hillary clinton and says she is the candidate who can best understand ordinary voters. >> if you want to govern people you have to know how they live, where they live, their churches or sidewalks or mosques, what makes their community. i'm the only one doing that. >> reporter: on the republican side, the current state atty. gen. has already locked up the nomination for governor, already looking ahead to november saying he can beat whichever democrat wins tonight because both choices for democrat are too liberal for nevada. >> a huge choice, a great rugged
12:29 am
individual, libertarian leaning state of california and the two of them are competing who can turn nevada into california fastest. >> reporter: there is obviously an important senate race in november as well. democrat jackie rosen will be taking on incumbent republican sen. dean heller, that is a vital race, could determine the balance of power in the senate but we are at sisalack headquarters, of two democrats on the democrat side, a tight race, holding about a 15 point lead over his primary calendar. we will keep you posted. heat another big state with important races.
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an internal audit says philadelphia has the worst accounting practices of the 10 largest cities, 924 million last year alone. the city is listing $33 million from its main bank account, officials have answers by november. we have a fox news alert, life pictures, this is from san antonio, texas. 40 to 50 suspected illegal immigrants were found after poned over a tractor-trailer, justice department officials cracked down on smuggling, it is incredibly dangerous to the people who put their lives in the hands of these smugglers, they looking into this. we don't have an update on the health condition of these folks.
12:31 am
some medical personnel on site as we learn more about the case. we will you know but you are looking live at texas was the resistance supports donald trump, at least part of it. we will explain what is. stick arou for a prominent democrat's reaction when pressed for answers about allegations the obama administration was not so kind to illegal immigrants. >> i don't believe it was to the extent that it is today. candidly, i didn't really know enough about it. still a chance here. it's willingham, edge of the box, willingham shoots... goooooooaaaaaaaallllllll! that...was...magic. willingham tucks it in and puts the championship to bed. sweet dreams, nighty night. as long as soccer players celebrate with a slide, you can count on geico saving folks money. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. pressure, what pressure? the players on the...
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>> the media and capitol hill reaction to the historic summi with donald trump and kim jong un is mixed it appears the president has unlikely allies from the far left. >> reporter: another sign donald trump has upended traditional
12:36 am
political alliances 15 from of democratic house members wrote a letter dripping with praise for the just finished summit, they are, quote, encouraged and stand ready to provide historic progress in the broad popular mandate for this diplomatic approach. the letter is signed by two cochairs of the progressive caucus, of arizona and wisconsin. it stands in contrast to the deep skepticism expressed by some in the democratic party's leadership. >> donald trump has given away two or three of the major things kim jong un wanted. the meeting, flags next to each other, no delay of exercises with south korea, without getting anything in return. >> reporter: in a statement joe biden added, quote, talking to dictators is one thing. embracing them is another. so far this is not a deal that advantages the united states or makes a safer. the respect trump showed kim
12:37 am
jong un is rattling the president's own party. marco rubio tweet the dictator inherited the family business from his dad, he is a total weirdo who would not be elected assistant dogcatcher in any democracy. frequent trump ally sen. tom cotton said not a pretty sight. the summit's endorsement by 15 house progressives is all the more remarkable given that this is an election year where democrats hope to win back the house potent impeachment proceedingt the president they praised today. this political positioning may be short-lived. there is near unanimity, that kim jong un's pledges to denuclearize mean nothing unless there's concrete progress made in subsequent meetings resulting in unfettered verification and inspections, a process that may take months if not years. sessions's move to restrict ff
12:38 am
asylum status for certain immigrants. kristen fisher joins us with tails. >> reporter: what the att gen. has done is narrow down who qualifies for asylum in the united states. if you are victim of domestic or gang violence it is not enough. it has to be state-sponsored government persecution. a controversial decision that could affect tens of thousands of immigrants fleeing violence in their home country but tonight the atty. gen. explains why he is standing by it. >> you do not get to come to america if you have a someone personally attacking you. you don't have asylum for that based on your race, religion, nationality, you are part of a special identifiab group being persecuted in your home country.
12:39 am
that is what it takes to have an asylum and we need to get this straight. >> the stems from the case where a woman from el salvador whose formerusband raped and beat her for 15 yylum but yesterday e atty. gen. issued this decision overturning it saying a group of immigration judges, he believes the decision was t correct interpretation of the law and here is why. >> many of those crossing the border illegally are leaving difficult, even dangerous conditions and all our do proper respect and proper legal process but we cannot abandon legal discipline and legal concepts. >> reporter: immigration attorneys and advocates argue women and children will die as a result of these policies and the atty. gen. argues only so many cases these immigration judges can here.
12:40 am
the backlog of 700,000 immigration cases, 200,000 of those cases involve asylum petitions and from illegally entering the us, the trump administrationed that 0-tolerance policy which includes separating parents from children, that policy has led to widespread outrage on the left even among republicans and signing a new light on obama era policies, dianne feinstein on cnn about why there wasn't more activism during the obama years how undocumented immigrants were treated. here is what she said. >> i don't believe it was to the extent that it is today. candidly i didn't know enough about it at the time to focus on it. i do know enough about it now. >> back to the ag decision those asylum cases can ultimately be appealed and immigration
12:41 am
attorneys say they will appeal but no doubt the burden of proof for asylum has gone up substantially. shannon: thank you very much. robert they niro made headlines with vulgar language regarding the president at the tony awards, the president firing back. democrats calling on hollywood for some help in the midterms and beyond in 2020. we ask our experts, they join us live next. you won't see thfolks at the post office
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>> the dnc and members of congress consulting with actors, writers and producers in la to collaborate on messaging and voter turnout. members of the group -- let's talk about it. dog show in, former advisor to bill clinton and editor, welcome to you both. they are having meetings, conference calls, a sitting sen. has gone for advice on things like guns, one of the producers says it is a moment of soul-searching in the we lost to an insane person and that was more appealing than what we had to offer.
12:46 am
do you think they get why they lost? >> i don't think they get it at all. if they are looking to find out why they are losing elections looking for the soul of the democratic party is not in la and hollywood. i left at the portion of the store you brought up when a midwestern senators going to hollywood screenwriters for advice how to talk to conservative voters and midwestern voters, everyday americans working to earn a living on things like gun-control. why don't you spend more time in people a gun control and eal other issues rather than spending all this time with hollywood elites. the idea they will find their answers on the left coast as we like to say or hollywood bubble where everybody agrees with them in the president has nothing to offer, everyday people who voted for him, democrats who voted for him show they haven't learned much. >> rush limbaugh talked about this, explain what he had to say about this idea. >> doesn't hollywood do this
12:47 am
every year? didn't hollywood run some objective to convince electoral college voters to not vote the way they were supposed to? don't they already do ads for various democrat candidates? >> he goes on to say george clooney, this isn't a new concept. >> it is a failed concept. i am a centrist democrat, i worked for bill clinton, we lowered the debt, the deficit, balance the budget, did welfare reform. basically working-class voters katie was talking about, centrist policies. i would tell you is a democrat who wants democrats to take the house, they should 86 hollywood, go out and pursue centrist
12:48 am
policies, listen to people in the swing districts who voted for obama and voted for trump in places like pennsylvania, ohio, michigan, minnesota. thats how to win elections, not going to hollywood. i can tell you by taking trump and denizing him that is a recipe for disaster. >> these are people who are good at shaping culture, messaging, changing the way people think about things. one thing they talk about his donald trump had a make america great again slogan, what hillary was about was much tougher to articulate. they do realize coming up with concepts and phrases is important and maybey are good aat. >> slogans are worthless without actual economic plans that benefit real people and make it so real people have more money to spend on things they choose, they feel confident in the choices they have for their families, individuals and their
12:49 am
kids. slogans are very important, donald trump is one of the best branding experts the world has ever seen, democrats can learn from that. i don't want to discount the ability for celebrit an impact but ultimately it comes down to the candidate. barack obama was able to bring in a lot of celebrity support, it didn't work well for hillary clinton and it comes down to different candidates who can speak to the people. this might work in places like california with a couple republicans retiring in various district hillary won but this is not going to work in the rest of the country. >> i wish we had katie on our side oe divide because she is right. i have been fighting the progressive side in the democratic party which is a recipe for disaster.
12:50 am
we need to pursue policies that will create jobs for all, expand the social safety net in a fiscally prudent way and try to work with republicans where possible particularly on immigration and not jus demonize the republicans and the president. we could use her. shannon: come to our side. >> i don't think tis going to happen. shannon: we are back after this. from the nyeri highlands, 6,000 feet above sea level. but how do you really know that the beans journeyed to the port of mombasa and across the pacific? that you can trust they're 100% authentic? ibm blockchain. a smart way to track every step, ensuring this coffee did indeed come from 6,000 feet above sea level. and not a foot lower. ♪ ♪
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i'm 85 years old in a job where. i have to wear a giant hot dog suit. what? where's that coming from? i don't know. i started my 401k early, i diversified... i'm not a big spender. sounds like you'reoi a but i still feel like i'm not gonna have enough for retirement. like there's something else i should be doing. with the right conversation, you might find you're doing okay. so, no hot dog suit? not unless you want to. no. schedule a complimentary goal planning session today with td ameritrade®. >> shannon: time for "where in
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>> time for where in the world, immigration when european union members after italy of the government closed its port worship during hundreds of migrants. attorneys announced the 629 immigrants, 11 children afloat inhe middle of the mediterranean sea since sunday to the spanish port city of valencia. israeli police questioning benjamin netanyahu over his involvement in a $2 billion sale of german -- the first time netanyahu has been questioned about the deal since last year. his personal lawyer also represented the german manufacturer. a hostage situation in paris tonight, a man who demanded to be in touch with the iranian embassy down one of his captives with gasoline. and we are told the hostages are
12:55 am
safe. norway plans to ask the number of marine stations to 700. moscow warning in relations, norwegian officials say the move is not targeted -- a midnight hero next. it took a whole lot more. that's why i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. with i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy. everything. and that 2% cash back adds up to thousands of dollars each year... so i can keep growing my business in big leaps! what's in your wallet?
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patty: 1 we salute sgt. anthony menino of the olympic police department, - kim footage caught him driving on a busy highway, he spotted a young child running in the road as traffic spread by. he pulled over, stop the traffic, scooped up the youngster, the child escaped his mother's watchful eye. was uninjured and reunited with the family. and was awarded the lifesaving award. i sathis isn't what the award would be for. he sees a little boy about to run into serious traffic, gets
1:00 am
the kid and parents are grateful the boy is safe, uninjured and that is our hero. most grateful you en evening with us, good night from washington, i am shannon bream. heather: it is june 13th and this is "fox and friends first". on the east coast of fox news alert. putting the plan in motion. secretary of state mike pompeo arriving in south korea to talk denuclearization. democrats pounce on the pres.'s progress. >> this is the weakest communiqué i have ever seen come out of engagement with north korea. >> what are the next steps to diplomacy? live in washington the president returning home this morning. a chilling clash bet


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