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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  June 13, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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the kid and parents are grateful the boy is safe, uninjured and that is our hero. most grateful you en evening with us, good night from washington, i am shannon bream. heather: it is june 13th and this is "fox and friends first". on the east coast of fox news alert. putting the plan in motion. secretary of state mike pompeo arriving in south korea to talk denuclearization. democrats pounce on the pres.'s progress. >> this is the weakest communiqué i have ever seen come out of engagement with north korea. >> what are the next steps to diplomacy? live in washington the president returning home this morning. a chilling clash between
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congress against the doj as the fight for transparency turns personal, bombshell evidence that rod rosenstein doesn't want you to see and talk about a baby boom, the far different welcomed 9 new additions. "fox and friends first" starts now. . ♪ live shot from new york city. i think that is a shot downtown in the big apple. a little dark this morning, thank you for joining us on this wednesday morning. let's get our top story. we have a lot happening again. fox news alert, donald trump on
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his way back to the us after his historic meeting with kim jong un. look at that image. mike pompeo heads to south korea to explain the outcome of the summit. griffin can live in washington dc as the administration fires back, there are always critics. >> gone are the days politics endedt the waters edge. chuck schumer arguably the most powerful democrat in america already concluded the historic summit has fallen short. >> when a country like north korea with a leader as ruthless as kim jong un is has nuclear weapons and icbms that can threaten the us, photo ops will do and donald trump has given away the major things kim jong un wanted, a meeting, the flags
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next to each other, delay of exercises without getting anything in return. >> defended the dramatic breakthrough which could save millions of lives, this was the beginning of the process. >> we are now going to start the process of denuclearization of north korea and i believe he is going back and started virtually immediately. >> ceasing military exercises with south korea. >> we will not be doing the wargames as long as we are negotiating in good faith. that is good for a number of reasons in addition to which we save a tremendous amount of money. >> reporter: secretary of state pompeo going to seoul and beijing, working hard building the team to achieve
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denuclearization. the president is expected to arrive back at the white house in a matter of hours. the pentagon responding to those wargames. our alliances remain ironclad. heather: gordon chang will talk about the outcome but we appreciate your insights, great to have you with us. the main media joining mo hammering donald trump for making the world a safer place, media reporter for the hills is the instinct has always been to criticize the president regardless of the fact. >> think of where we were in august when donald trump said north korea will see fire and fury like the world is never seen it if you read those headlines we were on the precipice of world war iii. we had actual maps of what nuclear missiles could hit chicago or new york, think of
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where we were then and now in terms of talking to this leader, having them agreen broad strokes around denuclearization. that has to be seen as progress except it is not presented that way because there's always a reflexive the negative even in the most obvious situation wn there really isn't much negative things to complain about in the full context. heather: donald trump slamming the hypocrisy of media coverage, a year ago the pundits and talking heads, couldn't do the job before begging for peace. please meet, don't go to war. now that we meet and have a great relationship they shout out you shouldn't meet, do not meet, can't make everybody happy. breaking right now, 3 people reportedly in custody after a police officer is shot responding to a callear pittsburgh. another have a head injury but both expected to be okay. it is unclear what led to the
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shooting or if police are looking for any other suspects and we are hearing they may have taken hostages and we follow that story as well. 5 es hng crucial primary elections that wilape the midterms. vdonald tmp ory stewart securing the nomination to challenge former democratic vice president tim chain. in south carolina congressman and donald trump critic mark sanford loses his first race ever, the first he has ever lost, the second house repuican to lose the primary stanford defeated by state representative katie arrington thanks to a last-minute endorsement from donald trump and nevada sen. dean heller, the only republican up for reelection in a state hillary clinton won in 2016.
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bipartisan effort to force a daca vote is dead paul ryan announcing congr will consider two immigration bills, the decision coming moments after an attempt at a discharge ti, o signatures short. that would allow the house to put a vote on the floor without ryan's approval, it will be the first time the house considered legislation to protect illegal immigrants who entered the us as children. department of justice denied all claims deputy attorney general rod rosenstein threatened to subpoena lawmakers for records in the russia probe, jeff sessions coming to his defense, todd pyro joins us with the exclusive fox news bombshell. >> of the committee likes litigators, the drg are litigators and we will sen your records and your emails, the threat summarizing a quote from rosenstein during a january 2018 meeting about
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coming to life, deputy ag referring to those of the republican-led house until committee and repeated demands for doj documen relatedo the russia investigation. the committee staffer writes watching the deputy attorney general launch a sustained personal attack against the congressional staffer, retaliation for vigorous oversight. and having the nation's number one for these matters, law enforcement officer threatened to subpoena your calls and emails was downright chilling. atty. gen. jeff sessions went on tucker to defend his deputy. >> i'm confident deputy rosenstein did not improperly threaten anyone on that occasion, but we do believe, tried to be cooperative with him.
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>> that didn't sit well with jim jordan. >> what is they. gen. saying? rod rosensteinad to comply with the subpoena, we can't them hiding information in the abca 23 text messages, they tried to that and that the head of the justice department was threatening members of the house intelligence committee for doing their job, trying to get answers and the atty. gen. says that is okay. >> mark meadows expected to file a house resolutionompelling the doj to turn over the documents they have been requesting for months, a next level pressure on the doj. the back and forth continues. it is what litigators do in adversarial litigation but we are on team america and it is sad we are at this level.
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>> republican lawmaker demanding answers about redacted text messages exchanged between anti-trump fbi officials and levers, ron johnson claiming several messages between peter stzrok and lisa page were rejected for no reason. the employees were involved in the clinton email pro. in a letter to the fbi johnson gives examples of the reductions including this message from kim jong un, currently fighting with blank but a supervised review finds it currently said fighting for this fisa, this withholds cortical information like names and could be meant to protect the fbi and doj from embarrsment for their handling of the clinton email probe. we will talk about thisoming up. canadian prime minister justin trudeau following donald trump's lead on iran, he and his liberal
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party voted with conservatives against restorative dramatic relations with the middle eastern country. it was a staple of his campaign. last month donald trump pulled the us out of the controversially ran nuclear deal. 10 minutes after the top of the hour of fox news alert, hundreds of isis jihadists will be walking the streets, the legal loophole blamed for letting killers slip through the cracks. >> we will be stopping the wargames to save us tremendous amount of money. the futu negotiation is not going along like it should. >> donald trump under fire for pulling the plug on wargames with south korea, north expert gordon chang is here to explain why this is a dangerous game to play, and the move to create utopia in california may pay off big time for the gop. and the alzheimer's association
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is going to make it happen. but we won't get there without you. visit to join the fight.
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heather: negotiating with north korea donald trump pledging to end wargames on threan peninsula as part of the deal for complete denuclearization. >> we will be stopping the wargames which will save us a tremendous amount of money unless and until we see the future negotiation is not going along like it should. we will be saving a tremendous amount of money. plus i think it is very provocative. heather: say that could be a dangerous move to make. gordon chang is the author of nuclear showdown, north korea takes over the world and he joins me. i asked about this thing to be the only concession being made at this point, adamantly not a
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good idea. >> it is not a good idea because our exercises keep us at a high state of readiness. we need to be at the high steak, to defend south korea. all this will he wrote very quickly. these negotiations on denuclearization take years, then we could have a hollow force tempting north korea to invade. heather: just a pause, delaying them, suspending them and there has already been one this year. >>at these two, we have two sets of exercises. the important one, meant to coincide with north korea's training cycle and a high state of readiness we are at high state of readiness, these exercises take place in march,
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march is critical, that is what north korea would attack, the ground would be frozen, great for tanks and the south koreans haven't flooded their fields yet so this is a good time for north korea to attack the problem is i don't think donald trump got a commitment to end their winter training cycle. >> that would be the key to find out, if they are going to stop their training cycle. listen to what tom cotton had to say. listen to him. >> we just had the biggest exercise each year in the spring, probably won't happen for anher 10 months until spring of 2019. we will have a pretty good read on whether kim jong un will keep his commitment. secretary maupon, regular every
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training exercises. >> during the year you do have a level of training, and exercises that coincide with when the north koreans do. even if north korea didn't have nukes they still have chemical and biological agents, still have an estimated 14,300 artillery tubes north of the demilitarized zone which separates the two correias and that doesn't change, north korea's forces, 70% are deployed on the dmz below the line. that has got to change if we suspend our exercises, north korea has to make a corresponding commitment to pull back. >> we have continuing meetings going on next week. what happens next in terms of steps for diplomacy? >> donald trump is doing the right thing. we have secretary of state
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pompeo to explain what occurred, we need to coordinate with our allies. donald trump did not wasim and that is the right way to proceed and pompeo and national security adviser john bolton talking with north korean officials as early as next week so donald trump is right, this is got to occur quickly. heather: terms of everything laid out before key priorities, the initial joint document, not enough details at this point. we are looking at a preliminary document and people criticize it and defend it. we won't know if these proceed and figure out where they are. we know the north koreans are declaring this to be a victory for themselves, propaganda is very corrosive and undercuts our message they want to give up the
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nukes because they are not talking about that but they are talking about the end of the exercises and all the concessions donald trump made a that is a list solidifying kim's regime. in retn.okay if we get something heather: it was so amazing, really excites. appreciate it. 20 minutes after the top of the hour, blue state backfire, the move to create a liberal utopia in californimay pay off for the gop. kid rock back in politics. the critical senate race. ♪
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heather: you are watching "fox and friends first," 55 illegals sound packed in a hot tractor-trailer overnight. san antonio police making that discovery 200 miles from the texas mexico border, 5 people treated for minor injuries after running out of the truck, the others facing deportation, not exactly clear if the driver was arrested or if the truck is part of human trafficking operation. california in the meantime being split into 3 different states. it is on the november ballot, a northern california, california and southern california. if past and cong it would add fouew us senators and southern lifornia would likely become a swing state. we asked if yowould support splitting of the liberal state. ken on twitter says no, no way, the people running the state should get more senators so they can take over these failed ideas
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that ruin the rest of the country, elizabeth says yes. at least conservative voters would get representation and marie on facebook says depends how the electoral tes ar continue to give us your comments. and just weeks after and acting it, companies like amazon h would have been forced to pay hundreds of dollars per employee every year. and robert gray live in los angeles, activists slamming the decision. >> in a special meeting seattle city council making an abrupt user and on the head tax voting 7-2 to repeal the tax on the 30th largest employers, the measure just passed a month ago,
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had really become controversial. it required companies with annual revenue of $20 million or more to contribute $275 per employee toward efforts to combat widespread homelessness raising $50 million after other services for the homeless between to the city's biggest corporate names, amazon and starbucks opposed the measure, a referendum to repeal the tax. it would have cost amazon more than $12 million a year. both companies said they were happy with the decision, made a report indicating 40,000 people signed a petition to vote on the tax. and its wheat seattle's mayor says it avoids and expensive political fight that would do nothing to tackle the homelessness crisis but as you mentioned activists were outraged. >> they were going to get
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serious about tax any quality and weren't going to tell for people they had to fund their own programs by increased sales tax. >> critics say the tax would discourage investment in the city and put bigger burdens on companies paying a large amount of taxes already, backer the tax argue the big employees should pay more since they are driving up the cost of living. microsoft, nordstrom, boeing and other big companies in the seattle area did not comment publicly. >> the time is half past the top of tour, dreamers may be forced to face reality, house republicans teeing up a vote o containing daca bills but is congressa rush to get a bill passed? political panel on deck next.
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vojimmy uting): james!on has been jimmy's longest. he's survived record rain and a supplier that went belly up. so while he's proud to have helped put a roof over the heads of hundreds of families, he's most proud of the one he's kept over his own.
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brand vo: get the most out of your money, whether you're using quickbooks smart invoicing to get paid twice as fast or automatically tracking your mileage. smarter business tools for the world's hardest workers. quickbooks. backing you. heather: hundreds of terrorists free to roam the streets after fighting with isis, 400 slipping through the cracks and returning to the uk. only one in ten are prosecuted due to lack of evidence. a growing concern that more are on the way following the fall of isis in syria. border agents, bad guys after one of their own is shot along the southern border. that agent taking several bullets in an area known for drug smuggling near tucson, arizona. part of an alarming trend, the
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agency reporting 847 assaults on officers last year alone. this particular agent is expected to survive and they say that is due to his protective vest. multiple people have been questioned. another fox newsalert, donald trump expected home within the next hour, scheduled to land at joint base andrews at 5:30 eastern time, reporting from the historic summit in singapore. air force one making a brief stop for refueling in hawaii before heading back to washington. donald trump has been on the road since late last week arriving in singapore for his meeting with kim jong un on
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sunday after attending the g7 summit in canada. he does not sleep and neither do a lot of our correspondence in singapore as well, democrats are fusing to concede that donald trump had a successful summit with kim jong un reaching a possible breakthrough with north korea. >> what the united states is gained is vague and unverifiable at best. what north korea has gained is tangible and lasting. would legitimize a brutal dictator who start his own people. >> this is the weakesttement i have ever seome out of any engagement with north korea. jillian: sean duffy has a reminder about pres. obama's tenure in office when he sent billions of dollars to iran and became buddy with a ruthless dictator. >> the hypocrisy from democrats, barack obama goes to cuba and has a baseball game with raul castro, and sends billions of dollars to the irani and mullahs, opens american banking systems, you can't get that money back but the double standard, donald trump, the first of 9 innings, the first
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quarter, democrats, fire and fury, my gun is bigger than yours, he's a warmonger but all of a sudden has a piece summit and their freaking out that he is weak. patty: 1 of our guests trying to do that. we pointed out cuba to him. those were not the only scandals that plagued the obama administration, four americans killed in the benghazi attack in 2012 and the fast and furious operation that puts thousands of guns in the hands of criminals. kid rock hopes his endorsement can catapult this candidate to victory. the rocker appearing at an event with john james of michigan. the veteran is looking to replace democrat debbie stabber no in november. he is confident james can win. >> in this country we do the hard things. in this country we do the right thing. we need combat veterans on the
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floor the senate who understandow to keep america safe because they have done it before.her: we will hear from candidate john james on "fox and friends" at 7:20 eastern. speaker paul ryan housing a bipartisan push to force immigration votes announcing the house will consider two bills on daca and border security next week marking the first time it is taking of legislation to protect dreamers but is congress rushing a vote for the sake of passing a bill. boyd matheson and johns hopkins university professor, thank you for joining us this morning, appreciate it. i will start with you. a question whether or not they are rushing th but we ha been hearing about daca, immigration, these votes for a while now. for people at home this is the first time they are voting on it comes as a surprise. >> it does feel rushed at this
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point in the program but it is long overdue and one of those where i believe we can get immigration done on the floor of the house and senate but there are too many people on the left and the right who want to use it as a political issue to raise countless millions dollars, campaign funds to win elections. i'm get it is getting to the floor and i hope it sparks a bigger debate so we can get immigration done and everybody agrees. heather: something a lot of folks did agree on was the new discharge procedure position. it was going to force a vote on something that was a more popular version by some republicans, all democrats. what do you think of that failing and moving forward with these two possibilities next week instead? >> absolutely. with that position moving
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forward and the comments that were made this is long overdue but where we have to be cautious is to use the lives of millions of individuals as a political pawn before the midterms has to be a red flag for indi t or the left side othaisle. what we are looking at is the question becomes will this even go to the senate floor and will senate take this up? more importantly will this be something the president if it gets to his desk will sign? it seems this is rushed, a political move because the dterms areoming up and people want to gets but not sure this will have long-standing effects for those people. heather: i am glad she mentioned this was left and right, both using this as a political pawn approaching the midterms. neither side wants to actually
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vote on the floor because they want to use it. if it gets to donald trump's desk he will sign it? >> you have to force the issue. people on both sides of the aisle, the senate is the real problem and they keep telling us this person won't sign it and can't get through the senate so the president will veto it, force the issue, that is what they were sent to washington to do debate, amend, compromise and get the people's business done and that is the message all voters should send their members of congrs. we are not going to settle anymore. don't tell us thishard and is is just the way it is or a vote to have a vote. force the voted of the pres. is going to veto it let's veto it and amend it and send it back and have the debate in front of the american people. heather: wouldu like to put off your responsibilities at work until the next year and the next year? thank you for joining us,
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appreciate it. the time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour and he is notorious for taking aim at donald trump. >> ours are fleeing this country, going to mexico, going to china. heather: alec baldwin can't get enough of our commander-in-chief. how the trump hating actor wants to be him. and tim tebo firing back at stake news setting the record straight about this photo being used for political protests. carly shimkus has the reaction online. ♪
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heatr: he has been out of the nfl for 6 years, kneeling during the nagan two years ago. are people taking aim at tim
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tebo over this picture. carly shimkus, how the former nfl stars firing back at the and some protesters, teason he kne. t up in the national and controversy after this inaccurate meme went viral online saying let's not forget about tim tebo, kneeling in protest of abortion during the national anthem in 2012. it was shared by rep or t i and mallory, but it is not true. he responded saying sometimes people will try to create something that hth, i never did anything during national anthem bedstand and support my country. folks on social media, we know why you knelt during the game,
1:44 am
thanking god for his blessing. brenda tweets it is crazy is stupid this low. we all knew why tim was kneeling, it is okay to stick up for your rights but not how the nfl went about it, wrongly disrespectful and a class act having to defend his beliefs against classless acts. tim tebo a religious guy, he was praying during the game, not kneeling in protest. >> the amount of coverage that received you would think everybody would know. you can't believe everything you read on the internet. heather: donald trump responding to robert they niro who has more to say. >> robert they niro turned the tony awards into an r-rated roast of donald trump. >> i will say one thin
1:45 am
[bleep] trump. it is no longer down with trump. itep] trump. >> yesterday on his way back from singapore the president responded saying robert they niro, very low iq individual, received too many shots to the head by real boxes in movies, i watched him last night and truly believe he may be punchdrunk. he doesn't realize the economy is the best it has ever been, and many companies pouring into our country, wake up. we have crooked hillary, crying checking out punchy they niro. i love how trump comes up with a name for people, punchy will stick for a long time. he started the argument by using vulgar language against trump. the president was just defending himself. heather: robert they niro has no idea whait is like in middle america supporting yfami every day.
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so finally alec baldwin wants to beat donald trump. could the presidential election be the tale of two pres. trumps? alec baldwin plays donald trump on saturdalive recently said this on howard stern's radio show. >> i can only think of a couple people who could beat trump. alec baldwin. >> if iran i would win. >> why don't you run? heather: peter says roberty niro will be the vice president. >> hard to tell if he was kidding or not. >> he had to be kidding. >> if he does think -- >> stran happened. the time is 15 minutes until the top of the hour. loretta lynch's tarmac travels may be over thanks to new emails the obama administration does
1:47 am
not want you to see. was hillary clinton allowed to walk months before she was interviewed? judicial watch's president will explain what he found.
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heather: a foxbusiness alert, major merger just approved, a federal judge giving the relay for at&t to purchase time warner cable. tracy roscoe with what it means for customers. >> reporter: this after a 6-week trial, a federal judge didule allow at&t $85 billion purchase of time warner, a deal
1:51 am
that will give at&t ownership of cable channels like hbo, cnn and film studios like warner bros. creating a media giant with these movie studios, the television channel, satellite, fiber-optic cable. last year the department of justice did suit to block this merger out of concern for what it would do for competitors and what it would mean for cuom the fe was this could mean higher prices for customers but the judge did rule to allow this tie up to go forward so it could mean we could see other telecom communications companies merging together like this. the doj could appeal this decision but the judge urged not to. heather: the other mergers that could be impacted our 21st-century fox, cbs antna. thanks, appreciate it.
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newly released emails from anti-trump fbi agent peter stzrok throwing a wrench in the official timeline for the hillary clinton probe, loretta lynch's tarmac meeting with bill clinton and recusal, stzk notes this has been under discussion since april suggesting the fbi discussed the conclusion of its hillary probe months before interviewing her. those emails obtained by judicial watch's president, thank you for joining us and all the hard work you guys have been doing to get this out in the public because we wouldn't know about it if it wasn't for you. tell us out the latest emails yodiscovered. >> we began asking for materials as soon as the tarmac meeting happened and it took a lawsuit to get this. the fbi said there are no records but they did have records and here is another batch of records. this email from peter stzrok,
1:53 am
they didn't want to turn over any records and as the email show the fbi, peter stzrok was upset about the idea of the tarmac meeting influencing the fbi doj investigation of hillary clinton because already made the decision at least in april. that hillary clinton would not be prosecuted. this was before hillary clinton was interviewed by the fbi. bill: heard excuses, this was just a bullet point version, two versions, triela at would happen so we did this in preparation. cly this is evidence that was not the case. >> that is true and if the fbi was making prosecutorial decisions in april it had nothing to do with the tarmac meeting as james comey suggested. he decided long ahead of time he
1:54 am
was going to let hillary off. heather: talking golf and grandkids anyway. >> into the next topic the justice department is withholding the talking point miss lynch was using to defend her tarmac meeting so this justice department is defending corruption of the justice department. heather: this deadline passing for the doj to hand over documents to devon nunez on the alleged russia probe so they were supposed to do that and what happens now? >> the justice department has contempt for congress in matters like spygate and russiagate, this is confirmed by fox news that rod rosenstein threatened the intelligence committee with subpoenas. i am not a that it was happening before.
1:55 am
i can't imagine a scenario in these circumstances it would have been appropriate. jeff sessions needs to apologize, donald trump has interviewed once to get the records at issue today to congress. justice department summed its nose at him. he needs to intervene again, order the records to be released. the justice department can't be left to their own devices. heather: jeff sessions needs to do something. he has been absent. thanks for joining us. ig report allegedly tomorrow. thank you. we will be right back, stay with us.
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>> time for the good, the bad and the ugly. of first the good. this fire department has its hands full welcoming tween 9 babies in ten months, they are coming together for this special shoot and posing on mom and dad's fire gear. now we have this, the bad. a raccoon stuck on a roof after scaling a 23 story building. they watched him climb the minnesota tower for hours. firefighters trying to catch them on the roof. you can see him climbing up. finally the ugly. of famous internet rodent now has a minor-league baseball team named after him. remember this rodent, the staten
2:00 am
island yankees, renamed the staten island pizza rats, the name chosen by fans, inspired by viral videos of rats in the new york subway system. then the squirrel eating avocado in new york. that wraps up this hour of jason chaffetz. "fox and friends first" continues right now. >> i just think we are not going to start the process of denuclearization of north korea and i believe he will start immediately. rob: fox newalert, donald trump expected to return home from the historic summit with kim jong un and the steps mike pompeo is taking to ensure nth korea follows


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