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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  June 13, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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island yankees, renamed the staten island pizza rats, the name chosen by fans, inspired by viral videos of rats in the new york subway system. then the squirrel eating avocado in new york. that wraps up this hour of jason chaffetz. "fox and friends first" continues right now. >> i just think we are not going to start the process of denuclearization of north korea and i believe he will start immediately. rob: fox newalert, donald trump expected to return home from the historic summit with kim jong un and the steps mike pompeo is taking to ensure nth korea follows through with
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denuclearization. jillian: the spot on the november ballot, trump bashing candidate is ousted. the primary results pouring in overnight. rob: the major win for veterans organization after they were told to remove an american flag bench. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ rocking the free world ♪ ♪ keep on rocking the free world ♪ >> so quiet at 5:00 in new york city, sky starting to break up a little bit on wednesday morning. good morning to you. you are watching "fox and friends first," thanks for joining us. rob: thanks for getting up early with us. donald trump expected to touch down in the united states after
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that historic meeting with kim jong un. jillian: mike pompeo will explain the agreement. griff jenkins live the very latest. >> reporter: so much for politics and to get the water's edge, chuck schumer, arguably the most powerful democrat in america has already concluded the president's historic summit failed to produce anything. >> donald trump seems to have given away two or three of the major things kim jong un wanted to. a meeting, flags next to each other, now no delay of exercises with south korea, without getting anything in return. >> reporter: he is not the only naysaying the credit. >> probably the weakest communiqué i have ever seen out of and engagement with north
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korea over several administrations. rob: the president defending the trip evitable medic breakthrough which could take millions of lives saying this is just the beginning. >> we are now going to art the process of denuclearization of north korea and i believe he is going cknd start it virtually immediately. >> reporter: the decision for suspending wargames with south korea. >> we are not going to be doing the wargames as long as we are negotiating in good faith. that is good for a number of reasons in addition to which we save a tremendous amount of money. >> reporter: the pentagon reacting to the news saying our alliances remain ironclad to ensure safety and peace in the region is secretary of state pompeo says he is working hard to achieve denuclearization. the president is expected to arrive any minute touching down at 5:30 at andrews air force base and back to the white
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house. jillian: breaking news, a manhunt is over and police believe they have a man accused of shooting an officer responding to a collier bubba bubba. another officer have a head injury but is expected to be ok it is unclear what led to the shooting. the suspect may have taken stages. rob: bipartisan effort on the daca vote is dead. paul ryan announcing overnight congress will consider two immigration bills next week instead. the decision moments after an attempted discharge petition shall two signatures short that would allow the house to put the vote on the floor without ryan's approval. next week will mark the first time the house is considered legislation to protect illegal ignorance who into the united states as children. jillian: 5 states holding
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crucial primary elections that will shape the midterms. in virginia donald trump supported corey stewart securing the gop nomination challenging incumbent sen. and former vice president candidate, congressman mark sanford loses his first race ever becoming the second house republican to lose a primary this election cycle. stanford is defeated by katie arrington to a last-minute endorsemt from dald trump. nevada sen. dean heller cruises to a primary win, the only republ ufor reelection in a state hillary clinton won in 2015. democrats hoping to harness hollood star power and of the midterms which according to politico dnc officials are holding strategy meetings with tinseltown a listers in 2016 and campaign manager for the 20/20 reelection run, the left will never learn from their mistakes. >> hollywood elites are not connected to the american
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people. these are the guys that take showers after work, not just before wor dra and liberal elites are not connected to the american people. what he is saying i think america has moved on, donald trump has connected with the people in a way previously these people have not done. liberals and democrats try to connect with hollywood and do these things and are out of touch of the problem is donald trump is communicating with people, tax cuts and all the things he has done making the average american life, personal economy, personal security getting better. look at what he did in north korea. jillian: hillary clinton received endorsements from celebrities likeeyoncé, katy perry and lady gaga. rob: the department of justice denying claims deputy attorney general rod rosenstein
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threatened to subpoena lawmakers over records in the russia probe. jillian: jeff sessions coming to his defense. todd pyro joins us with the fox news bombshell. >> reporter: if the committee, litigars, we will subpoena rordsnd emails. summarizing a quote from rosenstein during a january 2018 meeting coming to light. the deputy ag reporting the on the house republican until committee and repeated demands for doj documents related to the russia investigation and reviewed by fox news, committee staffer rights watching the deputy attorney general launch a sustained personal attack against the congressional staffer in retaliation forusveis astonishing and disheartening. having the nation's number one to these matters, law enforcement officer threatened to subpoena your calls and emails was downright chilling. atty. gen. jeff sessions went on
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tucker to defend his deputy. >> anfent depu nste28 years and that the pr justice did not improper threaten anyone on that occasion. but we do believe we tried to be cooperative with him. >> reporter: that didn't sit well with house oversight committee member jim jordan. what is the atty. gen. thank you rod rosenstein complied with devon nunez's subpoena, caught them hiding information in the stzrok text message, friends with one of the fisa court judges and we learn in this report the head of the justice department, rod rosenstein, was threatening members of the house intelligence committee for doing their job, trying to get answers for the american people and the atty. gen. says that is okay. b:ordan fellow oversight
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member mike meadows filing house resolution today compelling the doj to turn over the documents they have been requesting like next level pressure on the doj. we don't know when we will see those documents. rob: a republican lawmaker demanding answers about text messages between anti-trump fbi officials who were also levers, ron johnson claiming several messages between peter stzrok and lisa page were rejected for no reason, they were involved in the clinton email probe. johnson gives examples of the rejection including this message from stzrok quote currently fighting with blank. the supervisor said currently fighting with do for this fisa. it withholding critical information like names to protect the fbi and doj from embarrassment for the handling of the clinton email probe.
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jillian: donald trump economic boomitting another milestone, enrollment and food stances dipped to its lowest l eight years. as of march, 40 million people were enrolled in snap, the least amount since february 2010, 2 million people discontinued food stamps during the pres.'sirst full year in office. rob: basis has threatened to use dronop bombs on at the world c a n there is a brand-new warning for anybody attending those games. >> we will be stopping the wargames which will save a tremendous amount of money. jillian: negotiating with north korea, donald trump pledging to end wargames on the korean peninsula but our next guest says this is a dangerous move to make, gordon chang is here live. rob: a young boy greeting his mom on return from a business trip. a hilarious welcomeome sign going viral. ay tuned.
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because safety is never being satisfied and always working to be better. diane: negotiating with north korea donald trump pledging to end wargames on the korean peninsula as part of the deal for complete denuclearization. >> we will be stopping the wargames which will save us a tremendous amount of money unless and until we see future negotiation is not going along like it should. but we will be saving a tremendous amount of money plus i think it is very provocative. rob: some say that could be a dangerous move to make. gordon chang agrees, the author of nuclear showdown, north korea takes on the world, joins us now. thanks for being here.
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that was the bone of contention, people say he gave away too much. sen. tom cotton is on the committee of armed services and had this to say last night. >> we just had the biggest single exercise each year, won't happen for another time -- 9 or 10 months. we have a pretty good read on whether kim jong un will keep his commitment. secretary mattis supports the decision. regular every day trainin exercises. rob: he is a veteran on the armed services committee, he is not worried about this. >> there are two exercises we conduct each year on the korean peninsula. in march, key resolve and foul legal, a lot of troops on the ground but at the end of north
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korea's summer training cycle, freedom guardian, a combined us south korea headquarters exercise which is critical. we need to have our generals, their generals, our platoon leaders understag each other and knowing what to do in war. the next big exercises are not until march,t e end of the summer. jillian: still to be determined if kim jong un follows through with his end of the bargain. can we stop these exercises and just to play devil's advocate say he doesn't follow through where does that leave us? >> we would resume them agn. kim jong un does it hurt us to have appear go without them? >> it does because it erodes readiness and if these negotiations take a long time, they are moving in the right direction to take a long time that means our readiness gets to the point we become a hollow otr thing that is important is nor korea if it didn't have nukes would still
2:17 am
have chemical and biological agents and an estimated 14,300 artillery north of the demilitarized zone which separates the two correias and that put south korea at risk and the north koreans didn't s they would stop the winter training cycle and summer training cycle, they are not taking forces deployed on the dmz so until the north koreans that we should continue our exercises. >> from a pragmatic point of view about north korea invading south korea if we pull away from these exercises? it has been a long time since we had conflict on the korean peninsula. will they move in and invade? >> they practice all the time and keep their forces on the dmz. if you look at the pyongyang line, 70% of the korean people's army is forward deployed south of that linethe dmz close to
2:18 am
south korea. i don't know what their intention is. i suspect they wouldn't invade but they have the capability to invade. every march is the perfect time for north korea to do so, when the land in south korea is frozen, great for north korean tanks and mean south korean farmers haven't pled their fields yet which makes it difficult for north korea. i don't think they would but this is not up to gordon chang. i don't decide when they invade. jillian: a statement on the areas today when it came out the two leaders signed. it talks about commitment to complete denuclearization but doesn't specify verifiable. how do we go about verifying? >> this will be put a formal agreement that will be negotiated between the two sides. what we need is not only
2:19 am
commitments to give up nukes and the rest of it. what we need is the strictest inspections regime on earth. donald trump did the right thing, pulled out of the joint conference of plan of action, the iran nuclear deal and part of it was the inspections regime in that deal wasn't very good. the uranium's were saying you can't look at our military bases. what we need to do is anytime -- we not only can go to where they declare a nuclear facility but can go anywhere in north korea. rob: critics say he is jumping in without verification, he wouldn't have signed into some stupid deal here. >> this is a broad framework that will be filled in. rob: a fox news alert, cold-blooded killers on the reet where hundreds of jihadists were set free after fighting side-by-side with isis. jillian: he wants flirted with the senate run himself and kid rock is on the senate stage, he is helping rock the boat.
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rob: nancy pelosi may get a chance to put her immigration plan into motion. >> people can't be smuggled through the grass. rob: one of the more interesting lines. house minority leader leading a group of democrats near san diego next week to meet with border agents and visit at least one facised for housing immigrant children. jillian: kid rock hopes his endorsementsatapult this candidate to victory, appearing at an event for republican john james in michigan, looking to
2:24 am
replace democrat debbie stabinnow, confident james can win. >> he understands we need to make family stronger, communities more involved and help our neighbors first. john is the best candidate. the next senator from the great state of michigan, john james. jillian: we are going to hear "fox and friends" at 7:20 on eastern. rob: brian can probably pull that off. caving to big business. jillian: tracy carrasco here with how seattle is backtracking on a tax the city past. >> reporter: a conoversial new amazon tax. it was repealed at month after it was passed by city council unanimously. the new tax which would collect
2:25 am
per fl-time employee, and a lot of big news specifically amazon and starbucks, a lot of back lash, response to a pressure business backed referendum on the campaign called no tax on jobs. we will see what happens. had gone through it would have been enacted next january. rob: if you hate taxes you love that story. jillian: facing some back lash. >> people still talking about it. and why they became the international house of burgers. and hope to talk talk trash on twitter. as much as we love our pancakes we never changed our name, moon pie worked hard for 100 years to
2:26 am
remember our brand name. we are going to stick with moon pie. pop tarts had a tweet that they are not having an identity crisis. rob: what do they know about burgers at ihop. >> apparently they are good. everyone said they are good. >> i can make a good burger too. 26 after the hour. i like ihop. the tragic story of otto warmbier leading to the historic sit down with kim jong un. >> this would not have happened. something happened from that day. did not die in vain. >> they are responding --
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jillian: we have a fox news alert, donald trump expected in washington any minute. this is a look at joint base andrews where air force one will touchdown after the historic summit in singapore. the commander-in-chief has been away since late last week when he travel to canada from the g7 summit, the possibility of bad weather in the area, he is expected to travel by motorcade instead of marine one when he departs for the white house. we will keep you posted. democrats going nuclear over the singapore summit accusing the president of conceding too much
2:31 am
to kim jong un but mulling hemingreminding the critics that months ago they were blaming the president for bringing us to the brink of nuclear war. >> a year ago we were told we were on the brink of nuclear war because of the approach donald trump had taken, he would never walk away from a summit, that we couldn't hit a june 12th meeting. time and time again the foreign policy experts have been wrong about what would hn with donald trump's very different approach from the bipartisan consensus we have seen leading up to this. we have not like previous meetings we had had to give cash money to get them to the table. we didn't have to do that this time. it is a very promising step. we have a long way to go to see is that this accomplishes the piece we hope for. rob: breaking news, air force one, with the president on board, landing at joint base andrews outside washington dc. the president should be in a fairly good mood coming back from a historic sit down with
2:32 am
one of the most feared leaders in the world, kim jong un. what a couple days it has been. jillian: a long journey packed into a couple days for donald trump. he has been away from the white house since late last week when he travel to canada, landed in singapore sunday ahead of tuesday's meeting. donald trump expected to get off the plane and head to the white house, he is expected to travel by motorcade because of the weather conditions in the area. we will keep you updated. a busy couple days. he should be a happy man this morning. rob: the beginning of something special is what he seems to believe and everyone is hoping for. secretary of state mike otto warmbier jumped on a plane and headed to south korea where he will meet with the leaders of china and south korea. does this give thean update on
2:33 am
what exactly this does for kim jong un, so relevant to r lives and speaking with the leader of japan in south korea and they have a lot on this. it all hinges on everybody getting along. china has their sanctions implemented right now in north korea and there has been word they might be relieving those sanctions which could spell trouble for any kind of a deal. jillian: interesting to see how this plays out. this will not happen over night. over the course of the next few months, years, depending how long it will take north korea to completely denuclearize, has been agreed to on tuesday between the two leaders. rob: kim jong un saying he's willing to leave the past behind and the world will see a major change. there have been empty promises
2:34 am
from north korea in the past. the administration got some criticism for not putting anything in this very brief deal that was signed yesterday regarding verification of denucleazation. critics quick to pounce all over that. the president fired back saying that has not been discussed yet but it will be coming. one of our favorite analysts said the president pulled out of the iran nuclear deal, no verification that he could trust in the deal and the conclusion was no way the president would be going into a deal, the didn't have the strictest and most verifiable -- >> reading from this joint statement the two leaders signed, donald trump committed
2:35 am
to provide security guarantees and kim jong un reaffirmed his denuclearization. it does not mean verifiable. that in itself will not make war talks to figure out the details of everything. >> sity to the leader of north korea, this is a country ruled by fear and this is a regime that has been going on for generations and wants to stay in power and egregious human rights violations coming out of the country, the un report from four years ago highlighted how vicious the leaders of north korea rule their people. i read about a man falling asleep in a meeting and he was killed for that. this is not somebody that deserves the respect of the
2:36 am
united states and there was another of the criticisms, the president legitimized this leader by meeting with him but at the end of the day when you are trying to make a deal, get somebody to fork over nuclear weapons you can sit by and watch them obtain weapons to kill millions of people or go in and put your best smile on and make a deal and the president is trying to make a deal, a stronger deal than the iran deal, trying to get a better deal. jillian: and mentioned human rights aspects, the way they run their country, treat their own people and look at the fact the president has mentioned it, it has been mentioned multiple times over the course of the last few months, otto warmbier who died a week after being released to the united states and he was in custody over north korea and he was tortured and the president yestersaid without otto warmbier this would not have happened because i
2:37 am
think a lot of people started to focus on how north korea was treating people, their own and outsiders once the situation rob: the family were quick to send they hope the death of their son, a story we all remember because it was so terrible to see, will lead to some kind of change in this regime and something positive will come from it as we look at air force one and we will wait to see the president come out at any moment. jillian: three hostages in north korea were released and brought to the united states and this within the last few weeks, this was a sign of goodwill from kim jong un leading up to this meeting and we will see what promises he keeps, how long this will take and use the everybody just getting set. rob: the first time a sitting us
2:38 am
president ever met with the leader of north korea. a nation that has been technically at war with south korea sincerely 1950s, this could mean a final end to that and remains from soldiers killed in that fight supporting south korea will be returned to the united states, chuck schumer saying we got nothing for this. three americans back home with the family released a couple months ago and is part of the deal as well as hopefully denuclearization. and as far as politics go, that was not necessarily fair. >> just looking, one minute ago
2:39 am
donald trump landing on twitter so i will read this to you. it is, quote, my political representative didn't want me involved in the mark sanford primary thinking sanford could easily win but with a few hours left i felt katie was a good candidate and stanford was so bad i had to give it a shot, congratulations to katie ton. hat story earlier. he is already at work and in his speech just after the show yesterday, he said i have been away 25 hours, i am awake and still busy. >> in south carolina, a critic in mark sanford who had done a lot of trump bashing and the woman who won the race came from behind and a lot of credit goes to the president, her over the . >> the summit is overcome a lot of meetings will be had.
2:40 am
mike pompeo had a huge role in making this happen and the negotiations leading up to this were smooth and landing in south korea to keep us going. rob: and china as well. a lot of credit to nikki haley, a critical part of getting china to go along with the sanctions. 90% of the trade comes from china so it is difficult to squeeze north korea. nikki haley has been doing a fantastic job at the united nations with the administration and was able to make that happen and a lot of people say the squeeze on north korea, without them being thirsty and needing money, not being able to take care of their people is the reason kim jong un decided to come to the table and tweets going out, nervous people wondering if we were on the
2:41 am
brink of nuclear war with north korea or some kind of conflict at the very least and an analyst on yesterday, north koreans finally had gotten word the white house and the penta and mattis where considering a conflict with north korea and that is the first time the united states after the era of strategic patience under the obama administration was ready to go in and do something about their behavior and that fear led them to this. >> some people argue we gave up too much, that the wargames should not be stopped,ome people argue just having a meeting in itself, seeing that white two flags next to each as propaganda, they have ing it
2:42 am
sanctions on them. we may have given a little bit but in totality, if we confirm and verify denuclearization of north korea that is going to be huge not just for the united states but rld. >> a lot of criticism came from legitimizing kim jong un, smiling at pictures and things like that but how else do you make a deal? you can walk in insulting and scowling with somebody. this is ason that has run a reg same thing, hundreds of thousands of their own people died in prisons for saying things against the regime, killed his own brother, members of the family aren't even off-limits so these are brutal people the president is dealing with and much better to have photos smiling than a nuclear war is the opinion agenda of the white house at this point.
2:43 am
>> someone who criticized the president is robert they niro and in front of a crowd the other day. can't say it on the air but trump, reacted on twitter and he said, quote, robert ey niro, very low iq individual received committee shots to the head by real boxes in movies was i watched him last night and truly believe he may be punchdrunk. he doesn't realize the economy is the best it has ever been with employment, pouring back wake-up punchy.y. another nickname. >> getting verpolitical,taxidri movie. a shame people have to be so disrespectful to the office. doesn't matter what your opinion of the president is, it anges with time and a lot of people
2:44 am
don't like certain pres.s and a lot of pres.s are controversial but you have to respect the office and the fact he is the leader of your country and representing your country and went to canada yesterday and apologized srassed by the president, there he is, about to walk out and here he comes. walking down the steps. you talk a couple minutes ago about the fact you can't -- you have to go into a meeting the right way with a dictator like kim jong un and this is one of donald trump's things he is good at, he is a negotiator, businessman, this is where his background is coming to life. rob: maybe the media will get a rd in, he likes to talk when things are going his way. he might be tired and jump in the motorcade but this was the difference in foreign-policy between the obama administration
2:45 am
and the trump administration. we are not going to get anything out of that. the difference between patience and apologist attitude and being more forceful with the evils of the world and try the same maneuver with iran, squeezing through sanctions, european companies do business with iran after we pull out of the deal, the administration hopes will more value america's business interest that iran's business interest with them and have to appease the sanctionsnd if that works iran will be the same way north korea has been and see if he can get a similar outco out of that and potentially hopefully quit these malicious ways. >> it has been a long couple days, it started with donald
2:46 am
trump leg for the g7 and spent time there, he flew over to singapore and had a busy coup you see the motorcade leaving to take him back to the white house. >> back at the white house, we assume waiting very early in the morning in washington dc, a nice quick drive to get to the white house and storms in the area are keeping him from using marine one, taking a quick 3-minute shopper over the white house. >> let's get you caught up on the fourth bullet point on this joint statement the two leaders signed on tuesday. the united states and the prk commit to new relations in accordance with the desire for peace and prosperity. the united states and the d prk will look for lasting and stable piece regime on the korean
2:47 am
peninsula, and work toward complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula and the united states committing to recovering pow mia remains. >> thousands of soldiers nev ba. the president is back in washington dc, singapore summit officially over. mike pompeo is updating our allies on what has transpired with north korea and we will be right back.
2:48 am
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2:50 am
jillian: a ticking time bomb is how teachers describe the middle school in riverthey'll friend by ms 13 game violence to the
2:51 am
washington post. >> 10,013 gang members including 3000 in the dc metro area alone? >> what the local law enforcement do? private investigator vincent hill, thank you for joining us. how much of a threat is this and why maryland? >> it is a huge threat not only to maryland but across the country and when i was in middle school, we were worried about being recruited by the military. now they are worried about being recruited by the most dangerous gang in this country, drug dealers, robbers, murderers, rapists, this is what ms 13 is in no wonder we are in a situation because the mass media has projected this false narrative that if you are black or brown police don't care about you and give you are an
2:52 am
immigrant this administration doesn't care about you so join forces with us. we have a huge problem on our hands. de wasngton dc, some rough neighborhoods in dc, an influx of kids from central america, this is the other side of the argument, the country seems to be pretty understanding of the situation, they want a deal on daca, they don't have good families or a father but very vulnerable to this recruitment because everybody wants to the long to something. >> you have hillary clinton telling people it is okay to join a game, being a part of a family but that is not a family unit i would want my son or daughter to be part of. we have to have more constructive ways to take out their aggression and feel they are part of something, the boys and girls club, the military,
2:53 am
these institutions in the community for that reason but when you hear ti and again that it is okato join a gang, if you are an immigrant you are not wanted here, that is the issue here. >> what are police doing it was can folks in the community who are scared what can they do? >> leave that to law enforcement, go to battle with gang members, have faith in your law enforcement and law enforcement needs the support of the community and the government. we have an administration that wants to combat ms 13 and we have the backing we need not only for manpower but the equipment to combat ms 13 because a lot of times law enforcement is "outnumbered" outgunned when dealing with
2:54 am
these organizations. rob: immigration is at the forefront in congress and we are looking at a vote any day. what should happen with daca? >> i don't want to talk politics but under the obama administration when talking about illegal gang members you see this influx of immigrants in this country. outside of immigration we need to focus on getting illegal gang members under arrests to see a reduction in crime, schools ming safer like they should be. jillian: conservatives in california, fed up with liberals running their state one step closer to breaking away and forming a new one, a split into 3 separate states, got enough
2:55 am
votes for the midterm ballot. gop strategist and former obama campaign advisor david morey. does this happen? should it happen? >> this has been date since 1859 and rightfully so. when you look at california it does not have adequate representation in the senate, to have 4 to 20,000 votes, if you look at the way the map is drawn, it will break down into 3 large liberal ups, horrible conservative voices. i'm not sure the way it is drawn is fair but it is fair to give it a look. >> do you agree? >> it is fair to give anything a look almost, california is california, a unique way of governing themselves, they have to jump over and has to win a
2:56 am
popular vote in california and has to pass the california legislaturd go through the usourts an pass the u.s. congress which will allow a tripling of senators from california so i don't think this is going to happen. jillian: you heard this would not be good for conservatives. what is your take on that? >> it would help democrats because california is virtually a country and we honor the political leanings of california. just think of the idea of congress which can't agree on anything agreeing on splitting california into three states, good luck on that. jillian: former pres. barack obama still trying to get involved i guess you could say in the 2020 election meeting with 9 potential president ondii them including bernie nders,
2:57 am
joe biden. is this a good sign for democrats leading into 2020? even right now imi >> he was a winner but look at the names, sanders, warren, patrick and biden and those are the candidates they put forward i'm very optimistic about 2020. they can't hold a match to trump in a debate. i have to say pres. obama working on his memoir, people should let him be in peace. imagine being in office for eight years and not accomplishing close to what trump is accomplished in two years, he has got to feel pretty bad and they should leav alone. jillian: he is the one having these meetings. >> i don't agree with kimberly on that. obama did an awful lot coming from the worst recession in the history of recessions. he has to help and they need helpthats lose the transition for him will be
2:58 am
moving to the front leadership position as a candidate, to the back room strategist position and bill clinton did that will. hillary clinton would be wise to listen to his counsel in 2016. a great political strategist. he could have been that for a living and obama has unique talents, incredible political instincts and as kimberly said inedce. pties i lost. one only reacts to trump, that is the democrats, the other only agrees with trump, that is the republicans. there is something in the middle, a vacu t demoats to fill and obama be helpful helping guide them to fill the vacuum. i don't know if those are the candidates going against trump, trump is a favorite for reelection, no question. >> we don't disagree with trump, we have a great economy, got back from north korea, we are
2:59 am
winning and all lies, not just agreeing at this point. >> i don't see many republicans disagreeing. jillian: running out of time, thanks for joining us this morning. rob: going to wrap things up, the president back in washington landing moments ago, air force one returning to joint base andrews after the summit in singapore when the president sat down with kim jong un. jilln:hesint tweeting just landed, long trip, everyone safer than the day i took office, no longer a nuclear threat with north korea, meeting with kim jong un was interesting and positive experience. north korea has great potential for ture.b:ot oements to be worked out in this deal. mike pompeo is in seoul, south korea, briefing allies in south
3:00 am
korea and japan and head to beijing, china, the possibility for bad weather, donald trump traveling by motorcade instead of marine one. jillian: mike pompeo on monday, >> president landing on board now at joint base anews comi back from what has been an historic sitdown with one of the most feared leaders in the world. >> what struck me the most is how much the president appreciated how deficit sphaght a war would be. >> i think the media all caught completely flat-footed with the success of this meeting. >> duty attorney general rod rosenstein threatened to subpoena lawmakers over records in the russia probe. >> i'm here to tell you we are fed up with it. >> the dnc and some members of congress reportedly quietly consulting with actors on messaging. >> democrats and liberal elites are not connected to the american people.


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