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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  June 13, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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korea, briefing allies in south korea and japan and head to beijing, china, the possibility for bad weather, donald trump traveling by motorcade instead of marine one. jillian: mike pompeo on monday, >> president landing on board now at joint base andrews coming back from what has been an historic sitdown with one of the most feared leaders in the world. >> what struck me the most is how much the president appreciated how deficit sphaght a war would be. >> i think the media all caught completely flat-footed with the success of this meeting. >> deputy attorney general rod rosenstein threatened to subpoena lawmakers over records in the russia probe. >> i'm here to tell you we are fed up with it. >> the dnc and some members of congress reportedly quietly consulting with actors on messaging. >> democrats and liberal elites are not connected to the american people.
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>> kid rock hopes his endorsement can catapult this candidate to victory. >> the next senator from the great state of michigan, john james ♪ these are the days of america ♪ brother, to brother hand in hand. steve: after a long flight, you don't need a necktie. we start with a fox news alert. moments ago the president touched down in joint base andrews in maryland, after that historic summit with north korea's dictator kim jong un. the president is back. ainsley: that's right. he just tweeted as he was landing. he said a long trip but everybody can now feel much safer than the day i took office. there is no longer a nuclear threat from north korea. meeting with kim jong un was an interesting and very positive experience. north korea has great potential for the future he says. brian: griff jenkins is live, going to recap all from washington, d.c. unless he refuses. every once in a while he says no.
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>> i will comply. good morning, guys. the president traveled the 23.5 hours with two layovers with guam and hawaii. he still found time also to tweet to the american people on the way home saying the world has taken a big step back from potential nuclear catastrophe. no more rocket launches or nuclear testing or research. the hostages are back home with their families. thank you to chairman kim our day today was historic. this one addressing nay sayers, a year ago people were begging for conciliation and peace. please meet, don't go to war. now that we meet and have a great relationship with kim jong un the same haters shout out, you shouldn't meet, don't meet. chairman kim is heading back to north korea to start the denuclearization process virtually immediately. this as secretary of state pompeo has touched down in seoul as we speak. continue beijing working
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peace process. gone are the days of politics ending at the water's edge. chuck schumer arguably the most powerful democrat in america has already concluded the historic summit failed to produce anything. >> president trump seems to have given away two or three of the major things that kim jong un wanted. a meeting, the flags next to each other. now no delay of exercises with south korea without getting anything in return. >> the motorcade is in route to the white house. expected to pull into the driveway any moment now. we will bring you those photos. we will find out whether the president is going to get some much needed rest or whether he may take to twitter again to address critics like mr. schumer. steve: you know what? he went on twitter one minute ago, griff, while he is there in the suburban. he says before taking office, people were assuming that we were going to war with north korea. president obama said north korea was our biggest and
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most dangerous problem. no longer, sleep well tonight. brian: but, for the most part he thinks we are not going to know anything for about six months. how sincere they are going to go to the next step. how sincere with ambassador bolton and mike pompeo which they will meet as early as next week. kim jong un came back. he said positive things about our president and said he got a lot of concessions. he got the meeting and the end of the military exercises. by the way, the reality to military exercises, there is two a year we did one already. the next one is coming in the fall. should they start backing out of this we ramp up. the word from the pentagon is we haven't stopped preparing no. one has told us about it yet. ainsley: media is having a hay day with this. lindsey graham was on the story last night with martha. he talked about having a phone call with the president from air force one after that meeting right there with kim jong un. and this is what he says. >> i think it's a good first step. he felt good about it he said he had a good meeting with kim jong un.
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and what really struck me. he said, listen, this has got to come to an end. we can't live with this kind of threat. he has to give up his nuclear program. a war would be devastating. i don't want to go down that roovmentd he felt good about the initial meeting. we have a long way to go. what struck me most is how much the president appreciated how devastating a war would be but it would be even more devastating to walk away from this nuclear threat. he is going to end it on his watch is what he told me. steve: lindsey graham is exactly right. it's a good first step. the president of the united states himself said, you kn it's a good first meeting. i may stand before new six months and say i was wrong. nonetheless, it's a step in the right direction away from atomic war. mainstream media, a lot of people's hair is on fire. watch. >> after all the pomp and circumstance what comes next? how does the u.s. hold north korea to its commitment, to denuclearize after its
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broken nuclear promises in the past? >> how county u.s. be sure? a key missing ingredient no requirement that kim jong un disclose how many weapons he has or where they are hidden. >> to believe that kim jong un is going to give away his nuclear arsenal, which really gives him the power, i think we went too far and, perhaps. >> nothing has really happened yet. >> can we take kim jong un at his word and can we take the guy in the white house at his word? >> are we going ahead with just some hopeful, wishful thought? and i find that incredibly worrying, incredibly depress depressing. ainsley: some of the points are true. can we trust this guy we saw what he did to otto warmbier some of the concerns are valid. this is a great first step. brian: the ambassador of south korea until us his nomination got derailed my
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sense a lot more going into the meeting in terms of specifics, including a declaration of nuclear assets. some reference to a time line. so far we haven't gotten those things yet. but, hasn't stopped marco rubio from pointing out the hypocrisy in the media. he said the president's meeting with #kim jong un exposed incredible hypocrisy of many in the media. when obama did these things he is described as enlighten. when trump does it he is reckless and foolish. one year ago they attacked trump for leading us towards war now attack for being too quick for peace. ainsley, when he went to cuba, no one even met him on the tarmac. he was by himself. steve: much different reception. and there you see some of the images from back in 2016. meanwhile, rush limbaugh says the political left, mainstream media caught off guard. >> expert after expert condemning it ridiculing it.
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no chance, no way. trump doesn't know what is he doing. we're on the verge of a potential disaster. i think they were totally caught off guard. what was really going on is they were hoping it was going to blow up. they wanted it to blow up. they wanted kim jong un to humiliate and embarrass trump. >> so when that didn't happen, i think that they were caught completely flat-footed with the successful of this meeting. especially the signing of the declaration which reiterated the north's pledge to get rid of nukes. brian: kind of interesting, too. among the people complimentary to the president bernie sanders. he said this meeting is a positive step to diest can a rating tensions and addressing the threat of north korea's weapons. it was brought out too to ainsley's point earlier. if president obama came out and said kim jong un if he was in power then praised
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the dictator as a very talented man, very worthy, and smart negotiator, a lot of people would have been critical to him. that did come out over the hour plus press conference the president had. ainsley: if he denukes north korea and that peninsula, it prevents a potential war down the road. so the media has to decide what they want their narrative to be. they can't say no war and then criticize him for getting rid of the nuclear weapons. steve: three presidents could have done this and three presidents did didn't. donald trump has done it and he has taken a step in the right direction most people feel. meanwhile a problem at the department of justice, there is a showdown between congress. they want some of the documents to figure out what is going on behind the scenes and the department of justice simply will not reveal them. and, in fact, there is a story out that apparently before the inspector general's report, which is coming out tomorrow on donald trump's birthday, apparently the deputy attorney general was angry
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that the requests from congress were that they respond in writing. because they didn't want it in writing, essentially, with the paper trail. so, all of congress' requests were on paper, and they didn't like that. and apparently there was a blowup where reportedly rod rosenstein threatened to subpoena members of the intel committee to get their records and they felt it was simply intimidation. brian: so the deputy attorney general was threatening the intelligence committee for investigating -- just asking for paperwork. said you keep asking for this in writing, i'm going to ask -- i'm going to subpoena all your records and all your email. can you say they are not getting along? that's safe to assume. that's this is the same party a republic republican appointed deputy and republican controlled house can't see eye to eye? ainsley: the doj are denying this and they haven't commented on it. steve: they say it didn't happen quite like that. you would think as an
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attorney you would want requests on paper. you have a paper trail. they don't like it. it's washington. and the so mark meadows and jim jordan it sounds likes a early as today are going to file a resolution to compel him to turn over some of the documents. they were on last night with laura. look. >> i'm here to tell you, we are fed up with it. we have been working on a resolution. it's all about compelling doj to turn over documents so that we can do proper oversight. if they have nothing to hide, turn over the documents. brian: and the redaction. also, what really bothers me too is what ron johnson wrote. i am finding out you are redacting things just for no reason or to make the story we are trying to put togeer, the puzzle we are trying to reconfigure impossible about peter strzok and other people. when they finally unredact it to a degree they say what are you doing? steve: they are taking out embarrassing stuff for the department of justice. brian: incredible. steve: we did hear from
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catherine herridge. ainsley: she said the deputy attorney general after being threatened with contempt as an american citizen with the offense of contempt of congress he would have the right to defend himself, including requesting production of relevant emails and text messages and calling them as witnesses to demonstrate that their allegations are false. steve: one of the people that told catherine in her report having the nation's number two law enforcement officer threaten to subpoena your calls and email was down right chilling. brian: meanwhile, always great to see jillian. great job this morning as you handle the tarmac duty air force one landing. >> good morning to you guys and to you at home as well. get you caught up. we have a fox news alert. breaking news. police now believe they have the person responsible for shooting an officer outside pittsburgh. another officer's head was grazed by a bullet. they are both expected to be okay. a suspect opening fire as police responded to a call sparking a manhunt overnight. now, we're also hearing the suspect may have taken hostages. no word yet on the motive.
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results of crucial primary election unless five states will now shape the mid terms. in south carolina congressman and president trump critic mark sanford losing first race ever after president trump endorsed his opponent. the commander-in-chief congratulating winner katie arrington. my critics didn't want me get involved in the mark sanford primary. with a few hours left i felt katie was such a good candidate and sanford was so bad. i had to give it a shot. congrats to katie arrington. jillian: he has been busy tweeting up a storm. brian: when did he sleep? steve: we don't know. we think he will be hopping out of motorcade to the white house. if he has anything to say. ainsley: he had a 20-hour plus flight. hopefully he got some sleep. steve: senator cory gardner here to discuss that coming up next. brian: senator claire mccaskill living it up on a private plane while on the
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the first survivor of ais out there.sease and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen. but we won't get there without you. visit to join the fight. brian: it's the start of a deal with north korea. president trump's work with north korean's dictator kim jong un has just begun. what are the next steps in
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diplomacy and are the critics right to sound off. here to discuss is senator cory gardner republican from colorado. senator, your thoughts on first blush, the key term, working toward -- both sides, north korea and the u.s. agree to work towards deplete denuclearization is that enough for you? >> this denuclearization was the goal of the summit. getting president trump and kim jong un to agree on denuclearization had to be the goal. this is the first time we have seen kim tell a united states president in person that he supported denuclearization. we have a ways to go. but that's historic achievement. brian: some people are upset at some of the words the president used. he said one point honorable. he said he was smart. great honor, special bond. excellent relationship. some are uncomfortable with that language. are you? >> two years ago people were complaining that the president's language was too nice, too harsh, too nice. here is what we know, at the
3:19 am
end of that theend of the obama administration we were at the brink of war because had a fully program with a dozens and dozens of nuclear weapons that might reach the homeland of the united states. what we know now is we have backed away from that precipice of war. we have a ways to go. we should remain cautious in terms of the ability of kim to actually keep his word because we know there is a family tradition of breaking their word. this is a 34-year-old leader who has 40 years to run. does he really want to lead a hermit kingdom or is he actually looking at something different? we will never know unless we pursue this path of diplomacy. no higher everything of diplomacy than the president of the united states, and that's exactly what we saw in singapore. brian: praise is coming from the japanese leader and south korean leader, arguably the most effective. next, the thing most controversial to some is the second military exercise of the year so far is on hold or out. does that bother you? are you okay with that? >> yeah, you know, i have
3:20 am
actually been in south korea in cp tango, commands post tango during freedom guardian one of the major exercises. i think the exercises are important. i would like to see them continue. but, perhaps, the president believes this is a way can he move forward with president kim. the bottom line is, this we will know that we have an agreement that is working with and toward denuclearization. we are going to know that soon. we have more follow-up meetings. this will be tested regularly. it should be tested. the resolve of kim should be tested regularrably on this and the president made it clear this will continue if there's not the progress made towards denuclearization that was promised. the pa these are important steps we have got to learn more as we move towards denuclearization. brian: senator great to see you especially this early. >> thanks, brian. brian: if sanctioned are going to be loosened that
3:21 am
will be key. the president doesn't want to do it. support for the death penalty now on the rise believe it or not. what is behind that spike. what does it tell us about our country. remember when facebook called diamond and silk dangerous? >> (butch barks at man) butch is like an old soul that just hates my guts. (laughs) (vo) you can never have too many faithful companions. that's why i got a subaru crosstrek. love is out there. find it in a subaru crosstrek.
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steve: it is 6:24 in new york city on this june the 13th. here are headlines for you. the department of justice now weighing legal options after a federal judge has cleared the way for at and t's 85 billion-dollar takeover of time warner. the court ruling by the judge yesterday against the government's argument that the merger could stifle competition resulting in higher prices for people who use their products. and mark zuckerberg now admits facebook messed up by calling social media stars
3:25 am
diamond and silk dangerous. in a newly released response to a senate committee, the ceo says in part, quote: we mishandled communication with diamond and silk for months. the message they received that characterized their page as dangerous was incorrect. the duo avid trump supporters claiming they were censored. ainsley? ainsley: thank you so much, steve. support for the death penalty is rising among americans. according to a new poll, 54% of adults in the united states this year are now in favor of the death penalty while 39% opposed it in 2016. 49% favored and 42% oppose. so why the spike and what does this tell you? here to debate this is attorney elliott who served as a prosecutor in the manhattan d.a.'s office of homicides and major cases and we have keisha heaven a defense attorney and former prosecutor. thanks, guys, for being with us. for, against, and why? >> for. thousands of years across
3:26 am
multiple cultures one of the reasons we have a criminal justice system is to incapacitate those who have demonstrated through heir their actions they pose a danger to others. there is no more revocable way of incapacitating a dangerous individual than through imposition of the death penalty. ainsley: becoming a parent changes how you feels changes if this happened to my child. >> of course the horrific child we read about. ainsley: kish sharks for, against or why. >> against it for spiritual and constitutional reasons. i don't feel the human being has the right to take the right of another human being. a lot of people against abortion but for the death penalty. it's another thing taking af a lot. also find it's being applied unfairly and unjustly amongst different races, different classes. not everyone can afford a good attorney. and also from statis particulars that i have seen, it does not necessarily deter criminals from committing these heinous crimes. ainsley: why do you think that the statistics have
3:27 am
changed? why do you think more americans now are in support of this, elliott? >> it tends to track with the crime rates. ticked um in recent years. when people read about 10,000 ms-13 gang members and connect it to ms-13. ainsley: mutilating teenagers. >> pretty horrific crimes. law enforcement is holding back or politicians are forcing law enforcement to hold back that makes people rebel and want to see more aggressive action. what else perceived as more aggressive than the imposition of death penalty. ainsley: why do you think the numbers have gone up. >> i feel our country has been so divided politically right now. a lot of compassion has been absent in my opinion. i agree that a person who commits a crime murdered someone, raped someone should be punished. i think the death penalty is actually giving them a break. like they should suffer and sit in prison. so i think a lot of people are just going, you know, with hard on crime, prosecute and kill them. instead of saying you know what? let them suffer. let the victims see or the
3:28 am
victim's family members see them suffer in prison instead of putting them to death and that it. ainsley: if people are put to death, elliott. i don't know if you are familiar with the innocent project. proven guilty of their crime and then later science disproved that. we need hard clear evidence to make sure these people did the crime. >> a lot of those exonerations happened alluded to advanced technology d.n.a. that same technology can make sure convictions going forward are more integrity. use d.n.a. to more definitively connect the guilty parties to the crimes. two sides to that crime. sure, we have had high pro-full-time exxonnerations. convicting the right people and imposing the death people on people truly guilty. >> it also goes to get legal representation. someone who may not be able to afford a private attorney and has a public defender who is overworked. they may not push for we
3:29 am
need more evidence. and a lot of times the demographics has a role in it as well. you know, some states are more conservative. they are more like live to prosecute certain individuals. so, i think all that goes into whether the person is going to get the hardest or strongest defense as possible. ainsley: thanks so much for being with us. let us know what you think about it. very interesting topic. send emails to us and we'll read them in the show. ainsley: democrats calling on hollywood to help them win the mid terms. >> yes, i have thought an awful lot about blowing up the white house. >> i'm going to say one thing, [bleep] trump. ainsley: well, does this prove that they're out of touch with real americans? plus it, walls supposed to be an rv tour among the people in the midwest. >> so why was senator claire mccaskill living up on a private plane instead? we'll tell you about that story. first, happy birthday to mary-kate and ashley olson
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>> yes, i have thought an awful lot about blowing up the white house. >> when was the last time an actor assassinated a president? [cheers] >> i am going to say one thing] >> [bleep] trump. it's no longer down with trump. it's [bleep] trump. brian: you hear some of that brilliance among the famous people that you go pay money to watch movies and you say to yourself, why do they seem so angry and what is the magic behind their message so magical that the
3:34 am
democratic higher ups think they want to tap into some of that promotion and marketing? steve: they do indeed. there is an item in politico who talks about how the dnc has been meeting with various writers and actors and producers trying to get holiday help them with messaging not only for the mid terms and the presidential but also to turn out the vote. they are trying to find some young actors and celebrities who will tape themselves going in to register to vote and things like that. when you look at the messages and little montage summarized effectively. so crazy points of view that have been out there. keep in mind after robert deniro said that about the tonies a couple nights ago. those people in attendance gave him a standing ovation for close to a minute. ainsley: talk about hypocrisy. what if conservatives did this? what if conservatives had said that about president obama. it's just distasteful. it's angry and mean, mean-spirited. you can disagree you don't have to say things like that so far. brian: good that the president was giving robert
3:35 am
deniro the m&m treatment of ignoring him and then last night these tweets came rolling in from air force one. steve: good. brian: robert de deniro a very low iq received too many boxes to the head. i watched him last night and truly believe he may be punch-drunk. i guess he doesn't believe the economy is the best it's ever been. wake up, punchy, and that will be 45% of the country that supports president trump will be calling robert deniro as he walks the street of new york. ainsley: don't you want your message heard? his message was bleeped the entire thing. you didn't know what the message was if you were watching it. brian: what the wisdom of tapping into that. one thing with al gore and hillary clinton is a dozen celebrities. they show up, the crowds come out. jay-z, beyonce, they come out. but doesn't convert to votes. ainsley: you hear people in the middle of the country, they say we don't care about these celebrities. they don't relate to us. let them all come out
3:36 am
because it backfires on them. steve: if you are a republican yeah, hollywood, keep it up. clearly they have been so out of touch with mainstream media, -- mainstream america. does hollywood reflect your personal political point of view and do you listen to them? that's what robert deniro really matter? i mean punchy, does that really matter what punchy says? brian: if i'm a producer and i have a movie i want robert deniro in it because is he a great actor now i don't. 45% of the country sen enraged by the way he talked to the president. ainsley: you are not leaving sleep: i watched the tonies i saw it okay. brian: raging bull too. ainsley: i don't like those movies. i want amy adams and reese witherspoon. brian: meet the parents 9 would you go to that with robert deniro. ainsley: don't put me on the spot. i haven't seen a movie since before i became a mom. steve: i would like to see
3:37 am
ben stiller that guy is in it. i'm going to save my 20 bucks. let us know. brian: producer does. the financiers do. steve: all right. meanwhile. jillian joins us with some headlines? if rockie balboa did this, would you change the name of your dogs? brian: you mean rocky balboa the fictional character? >> sylvester stallone. would you change the name of his dogs? steve: if he became super political? brian: rocky and apollo i would consider it and consider a dog lawyer. steve: do you know a dog lawyer? brian: my other dog apollo is deaf. i could change his name every single day answered wouldn't know. he is a hand signal guy. ainsley: brian has no more money. he can't send his kids to college they have had 5 trillion operations poor apollo. $6,000 in operations. brian: meet them on take your dog to work day coming up soon.
3:38 am
jillian: i can't wait. let's talk about the news. while you guys talk about apollo. a search for suspects intensifying after a border agent is shot in southern arizona. the agent shot several times in an area known for drug smugglers near the mexico border. it's part of an alarming trend. the agency reporting 847 assaults on officers last year alone. this particular agent is expected to survive, thanks to his protective vet. multiple people have been questioned. a judge blocks a ban on assault weapons hours before it was set to go into effect. the mayor of deer field, a suburb outside of chicago initially proposing the measurable in the wake of the school shooting in parkland, florida, violators would face possible conification and fines up to $1,000. supporters of the ban say they will appeal the ruling. democratic senator clair mccaskill confesses to misleading voters. the missouri representative admits she used a private plane to travel between
3:39 am
stops on what was bill youed as rv tour last month. she came clean in washington free beacon that questions the movement of her private jet. she claims it was only used to make additional stops and it was never kept a secret. it was the biggest story on twitter yesterday. and it's not over yet. people across the country watching this raccoon climb up a 23-story building in minnesota. jamie tweeting, quote: i never thought the fate of a raccoon would keep me from sleeping but it did. congratulations, very happy you made it debby writing quote if the raccoon can climb the side of a 24-story building i can probably get the pile of laundry washed today. i feel you. i have a pile on my floor. firefighters trying to catch him on the roof. brian: i understand if you can climb up, why can't you climb down? jillian: maybe is he afraid. steve: a little more complicated going nose down because the claws are the other way.
3:40 am
steve: is he on the top of the roof. brian: good news is we are almost out of raccoons. ainsley: there are plenty around. check your trash cans outside. steve: meanwhile, it is exactly 20 minutes before the top of the hour. you know what? the temperatures are nice out there. janice: i don't believe that raccoon went up the side of the building. really blurry photo. steve: you are saying we made that news up? janice: i want to see more proof of the raccoon scaling the building. brian: is he not a fit raccoon. he has a gut. you would think he would be ripped. janice: that's blurry. see if we can get on to that current temperature 66 in new york. 70 in chicago. 74 in memphis. here's the past 24 hours. showers and thunderstorms in the forecast across portions of the central u.s. and the interior northeast. we have a big u.s. open happening this weekend in the hamptons so here's your severe threat through tonight. mostly the interior northeast. but.
3:41 am
so coastal areas could get scattered thunderstorms today. we are also watching hurricane bud moving up towards cabo saint lucas it is weakening. good news not only is it weakening but bring much needed relief to the southwest which is burning, it's on fire here. heat advisories. well over 100 degrees. so we have extreme heat warnings in effect for all of these areas. and, if i could, we are watching one area of concern in the gulf of mexico over the next couple of days, it is hurricane seasonal so we will keep you up to date and up to dated on the raccoon whether or not it actually scaled the building. steve: we believe it did we just don't know what it's doing right now. janice: i want to see it. steve: critics predicted the economy would collapse when trump became president. the american people are more confident than ever. will the left finally admit putting america first has made us first? brian: plus, pretty astounding. a police sergeant runs into the road to save a wandering toddler from oncoming
3:42 am
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dray, when he was younger, he loved to smile; and we knew he would need braces because his teeth were coming in funny. this is the picture that was on the front page of the newspaper. all you can notice is the braces! then, once he got to michigan state, he broke the retainer! my bottom teeth, they were really crooked, and i just wasn't getting braces again. then i discovered smiledirectclub. it's
3:45 am
easy to just grab it and go and i can change it on the road. i did photoshoots with my aligners in and you can't see them. a smile is a first impression, that's why i think having a great smile is so important. >> goomorning to you and welcome back. here are new headlines. safety standards for baby high chairs just announced. comes after reports of 18,000 high chair injuries since 2012. chairs will soon be required to include a 3 point restraint system and more stability. the changes take effect next year. from pizza to pavement. dominoes is now stepping in to help repair our nation's infrastructure. their paving for pizza campaign is filling potholes around the country making sure your pies make it home in one piece. the company is asking people to nominate their towns to have their potholes filled. if they would like to bring the by sixth avenue i would be glad to check it out.
3:46 am
steve: some critics on the political left are running out of excuses for first economic policies have caused a boom rather than the bust that they predicted. turns out, the american people are feel confident about the economy under president trump 59% optimistic. here for the international trade commission and international business professor at the university of maryland in college park maryland peter mor more more mo. economists calling for a rate of growth for the united states 4% for the second quarter of 2018. for those on the political left who said it would be a big mistake to elect president trump, they don't have a little egg on their face. they have a whole omelet. >> absolutely. it's really not putting america first. it's putting americans first. getting the government out of the way so we can solve our own problems.
3:47 am
you know, people focus a lot about the things we need to fix at home. lord knows we have got to fix a lot of things. but do you realize in the rankings of global compitiveness the united states comes out now with donald trump in office first among all the industrialized countries and well ahead of china. the world economic forum, look at their rankings, simply getting the government out of the way instead of running a french state as barack obama did is the key to success. steve: peter, what's going on. a lot of people have credited, a lot of republicans have credited the tax cuts to help people feel like they have more money in their pocket. but then, president trump has made it very clear for every new law passed we are going to cut -- or regulations that is. i think rather than for every regulation passed they are going to cut two. i think he is cutting something like 2 it 8 or 29. >> the deregulatory boon has been very helpful. especially in the oil patch. have you noticed a very
3:48 am
steady growth in manufacturing jobs? steve: right. >> really hard for folks to focus on it because it's under the radar. each of these new factories and the expassengers of factories heavily regulated by the obama administration. you know, it walls hard to move a machine from one side of the shop to the other without either negotiating with a union or negotiating with barack obama or barack obama calling up the union and telling them to go in there and negotiate. steve: right. >> now can you get stuff done reasonably. not recklessly but reasonably. everybody wants a safe workplace. the safe workplace in barack obama's world was no work place. we have opened up the factories again. isn't that great news? steve: it is especially for the americans who need jobs. right now we have more job openings than americans who are looking for work. peter, you mentioned the word reckless a moment ago. i was watching tv earlier in the week a lot of commentators were saying that the president was reckless in leaving the g-7 summit up in quebec not
3:49 am
signing ton their communique. you say the president was right to walk away. >> my feeling is the communique simply ran counter to what our fundamental objects tifs are that is to reform the global trading system so the american worker gets a fair deal. the europeans would like to bog us down in negotiations about how to reform the system. what i want is the europeans to reform. they are blocking our exports. they put on higher tariffs. it's high time the gerns re called to account for running big trade surpluses that victimize american workers and frankly victimize workers in places like italy, greece, spain, portugal, france and so forth. steve: shouldn't surprise what donald trump did. when he was running for president he said when i'm in the room with those people i'm going to make it clear america first. >> yeah. steve: he did and here we are. peter, thank you for joining us live. >> take police sergeant will run
3:50 am
into the road to save a wandering toddler. that's kid alongside the road that hero cop live with us coming up next. .
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
hey, hey, hey. come here. you're okay. you're okay. ainsley: incredible moment as you can see caught on camera. that hero cop saves a
3:54 am
toddler's life as is he wandering into oncoming traffic. brian: this illinois officer is a hometown hero no doubt. sergeant anthony has been on the job 25 years been on patrol 12. and congratulations, officers. i cannot imagine what was going through your mind as you saw this unfold. can you bring us back to that day as you are driving on that road and see that child? >> sure. it's the middle of the day on route 59, which is a heavily trafficked area in our town main thorough fare. just conducting normal traffic enforcement. looking for distracted drivers, et cetera. something caught my attention out of the corner of my eye off to the right. initially i thought it was an animal. possibly a small dog about to run into traffic. and as i got a little bit closer i noticed there was a young toddler, maybe one or two years of age. ainsley: my word. how did the toddler get away from. he was with his mom i understand and flipped out and she felt horrible about
3:55 am
it tell us that story how did he get out. >> apparently watching the child. in the home with the child. in a fleeting moment the child just ran out of the house. they lived within a couple blocks of where we ultimately came to a stop with that child. and she ran to the scene. she ran outside the house looking for her child. she saw the police lights on and figured it must be related to her child. and she was just running towards us and overwhelmed with emotion. steve: sergeant, when we look at the video, it gives you goose bumps because that kid was so close to getting run over by all that traffic. >> yes. brian: as an officer, what is the procedure i understood you got as close as you could you blocked the car and blocked that lane and got physically out of the car because i know if you are about to go into a crime, you know, have you certain type of adrenaline. is it a different type of adrenaline when you are going to save somebody? >>
3:56 am
>> this situation was very fluid. there were obviously a lot of concerns that we h my goal initially was blocking that lane of traffic, activating my emergency lights. getting out of the squad car and trying to corral that kid. if you look at the video at one moment he looks like is he about to make a left where all the traffic was going. once i saw that that obviously raised that sense of urgency even more and when i'm shouting for the kid, hey, hey, stop. at that point he actually runs further away to a full sprint. steve: sure. ainsley: time is of the essence here you saved that child's life. the future of that child is completely different than it could have been. i'm sure the mother was panicked when she saw the blue lights. probably so relieved when she sees the child alive and in your arms. thank you for what you do, you are a hero. >> i appreciate that. steve: we know your town gave you a certificate of recognition as well. thank you for joining us live to tell us your story. >> thank you. ainsley: thank you for all that you do. saving lives.
3:57 am
steve: no kidding. brian: father of two 14-year-old twins so he definitely can understand. meanwhile this. ainsley: president trump back in washington after summit in singapore. he is also tweeting about north korea. that's next.
3:58 am
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steve: moments ago the president touched down at joint base andrews in maryland after that historic summit with north korea's dictator kim jong un. >> first time we have seen kim tell a united states president in person that he supported denuclearization. that's an historic achievement. >> the deputy attorney general was threatens the intelligence committee for investigating just asking for paperwork. >> a member of the executive branch which is what rod rosenstein is shouldn't be able to bully the legislative branch. >> a bipartisan effort to force a daca vote is now dead. but it was close. >> house speaker paul ryan announcing that congress will consider two
4:01 am
immigration bills instead. steve: critics predicted the economy would collapse when trump became president. american people are more confident than ever. >> it's really not putting america first. it's putting americans first. getting the government out of the way so we can solve our own problems. ♪ i want some more of it ♪ i tried so hard ♪ i can't rise above it ♪ i don't know what it is about that little gal's loving ♪ but i like it ♪ i love it ♪ i want some more of it. steve: hi, everybody, welcome to the show. brian has breaking sports news. brian: this means a lot to me and the world. the world cup is coming to the u.s. in 2026. soccer. thank you chris chulo. expanded tournament 46 teams. guess what? they will call it the nafta world cup mexico, canada and the u.s. will combine to promise 11 billion-dollar profit. the most profitable world cup ever was here in 1994. enabled us to start a professional league with the
4:02 am
revenue we gained. the mls is now thriving, fastest growing in the world. after getting screwed out of cutter, screwed by moscow because we wouldn't cheat and pay off fifa officials. blow up fifa, reconfigure and believe it or not morocco was the only contend tore stop us. so this is huge news. steve: why would they. brian: world's biggest sport and biggest tournament comes to north america. steve: now americans have got to fall in love with soccer. have you got 8 years. why would they call it the nafta world cup if there is no nafta? because right now it looks like it's going t there's not gg to be nafta. brian: my story. we have plenty of stadiums. we don't have to do any corrupt build go ahead they are doing in moscow. 500 percent over budget. ainsley: where would the game be. brian: televised by fox because we have the rights. ainsley: where would the game be. brian: in the u.s. you know it's going to be in los angeles or new york or
4:03 am
chicago. steve: moves around. brian: nonstop. this country through this party in 1994 when we weren't even thinking about soccer. ainsley: congratulations, i'm glad they plan that far out. steve: they need to build stuff and pay off politicians historically. brian: hopefully not. our fbi blew this up and they thought they were going to be back at us by not giving utes the world cup. steve: you knew so much now about soccer. brian: steve doesn't want to know. steve: i was a soccer coach many years i retired. we have a fox news alert. president trump back at the white house after a wind chill wind summit. remember, it started in canada that didn't go so for the rest of the world. went okay for him. look, i have got to walk out. we are talking america first and went over to singapore. and they signed that agreement to denuke the korean peninsula, and it sounds like the sanctions are going to stay in place until mr. kim can prove that he has done just that.
4:04 am
ainsley: there he is. no tie. hopefully he got some sleep. he said in the presser yesterday he had gone 25 hours without sleep. he did have 20-plus hour plane flight. hopefully he got sleep. is he tweeting this morning just landed a long trip. everybody can now feel much safer than the day i took office. there is no long ear nuclear threat from north korea, meeting with kim jong un was an interesting and very positive experience. north korea has great potential for the future. brian: what is interesting the north korea newspaper has covered it this way and obviously looked at their leader. they knew once he left they announced when he left and where he was going. korean state news eminent domain reporting president trump and kim met agreed to adopt a step-by-step approach to denuclearizing the country. north korea government told the north koreans they are going to denuclearize. i think that's important. steve: absolutely. the president also tweeted before taking office people were assuming that they were going to war with north korea. president obama said that
4:05 am
north korea was our biggest and most dangerous problem. no longer. sleep well tonight. he also tweeted this out. and this is big. the world has taken a big step back from potential nuclear catastrophe. no more rocket launches. nuclear testing or researches, the pose hajjs are back home with their families. thank you to chairman kim our day together was historic. ainsley: think about that how far we have come. three hostages backs home safely they are getting rid of missiles and testing sites. saying they are going to denuke. if they did not denuke that could lead to a war. many lives have been saved if we don't have to go to war. brian: four elements in it a lot of people expected more it is just the start. a lot of people are saying wow, i'm so disappointed. other people are high fiving. i think the best or the worst is yet to come. all come out in six months. steve: good first step. brian: senator cory gardner joifnsd us last hour. is he on the foreign relations committee. he talked to the president.
4:06 am
here's what he said what he knows and what he thinks will happen. >> the first time we have seen kim tell a united states president in person that he supported denuclearization. we have a ways to go. but that's a historic achievement. the bottom line is this: we will know that we have an agreement that is working with and towards diewkdz. we are going to know that soon. we have more follow-up meetings. this will be tested. the president made this clear this will continue if there is not the pro-progress made towards denuclearization that was promised. steve: a lot of details flushing out in the days and weeks and months ahead but it is a good first step. let's talk little bit about this. you know that congress has oversight over the executive branch. right? they have been try for a very long time to get documents involving the mueller investigation. a number of months ago, back in january, i understand, there are a couple of committees, in particular the intel committee up on capitol hill, and they asked the deputy attorney general
4:07 am
to go ahead and provide some documents that they need. and they wanted to establish a paper trail. so we're going to request these in paper on paper so that there's a record. well then he came back, rod rosenstein, and he was angry that they had sent requests for documents in writing. and then he was critical of the request to then have the department of justice and the fbi respond in writing as well that turned out in the estimation of a couple of people who were in the room sounded like he intimidating these congressional staffers, threatening them with subpoenaing their records and their phones just to push themack. ainsley: they are saying we want to tell the american pe what's really happening in this russia investigation. we want oversight. we want to see what's happening. give us those documents. give us those records. if you north trying to hide anything you won't care. you will give them over to us. according to people in the room on this committee, they said rosenstein came and threatened them and said you want these records, then i
4:08 am
want to see all your phone records and i will subpoena them. steve: doj said that didn't happen. he was just protecting himself if he was going to be held in contempt of congress. brian: alan dershowitz weighed in on the legality of this so-called intimidation. >> this is a classic dispute between separation of powers. the legislature has the power, obviously, to oversee and investigate the executive branch. and a member of the executive branch, which is what rod rosenstein is, shouldn't be able to bully the legislative branch. he should be transparent. he should turn over the documents. he should be cooperative and congress should be cooperative. the executive branch. you know, we have so much dispute today, partisan dispute. legislature and executive branch. all republicans. they shouldn't be fighting with each other. ainsley: doj says no one in the room was ever threatened with a criminal investigation. this information is false and we have the right to defend ourselves.
4:09 am
steve: mark meadows and jim jordan were on with laura they said they have a resolution coming out very promently, probably today, compelling the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein to provide these documents that they say they are entitled to because congress has oversight over the department of justice. brian: going to be interesting on thursday because rod rosenstein will be briefing the president on the ig report, which is 500 pages long to find out and give the president a concrete idea of what the ig report says about what was the -- what was done and not done in the hillary clinton email investigation. ainsley: all right. brian: that should be interesting to read what the president tweets after that is fascinating. steve: it's the president's birthday tomorrow. brian: that's what he wants. ainsley: andrew mccabe involved in. this is he now suing the doj and fbi. you remember him. a few days away from retirement and he got fired because he was leaking information to the press and then lying about it to investigators to the intel committee and lied several times. fired didn't get his
4:10 am
retirement. brian: fascinating to see how andy mccabe ends up going after james comey because they both can't be telling the truth. is he actually having his legal team sue. this is fascinating. because one point he was all focused on the president. now he realizes his problems are much deeper. ainsley: he says i want files. i want the files connected to. this. steve: i want to seat inspector general manual on how to discipline people who are in big trouble because right now the department of justice is not providing that to mr. mccabe who used to be part of the department of justice ironically. ultimately, mccabe's lawyers say they are just trying to clear his name. stay tuned for that. ainsley: i think they are trying to get his retirement money, too. brian: somebody's name who is always clear jillian mele. jillian: exactly. brian: background check crystal clear. fox news alert now. police believe they have the person responsible for shooting an officer outside pittsburgh. one of the officers was hit in the arm and bullet-proof vest. the other suffered a head
4:11 am
injury. they are both expected to be okay. a system opening fire as police responded to a potential abduction sparking a manhunt overnight. no word yet though on an official motive. the fbi agent who accidentally shot a man after doing a back flip in a bar is now charged with assault. chase bishop turning himself in to police in colorado. he is expected to face a judge today. prosecutors say bishop could face even more charges, depending on the results of a blood alcohol test. he was off duty at the time of the shooting. former president george h.w. bush celebrating his birthday surrounded by family. his son president george w. bush posting this picture calling himself a lucky man to be with his father. granddaughter jenna sharing this sweet snap of her daughter and her gramps as she calls him in the anchor
4:12 am
of the family. that's cute. george h.w. bush is thought only former u.s. president to turn 94 years young. that's a look at your headlines. ainsley: they are the cutest family. so sweet. steve: spending their summer at kennebunkport at walker's point. ainsley: that's what he wanted. can you go there and it's on the point can you stand on the street the public area and take a picture with the house in the background. steve: it's way over there. ainsley: not aloud on there. there is secret service everywhere. steve: jillian, thank you so much. middle school being threatened by ms-13 now called a ticking time bomb. one local sheriff says there is not much police can do to stop it. he will join brian next. ainsley: plus a little boy greets his mom at the airport. she did not expect this kind of welcome home ♪ how do you like me now. steve: from prison? ♪ how you like me now ♪ how do you like me now ♪ how do you like me now ♪ how do you like me now ♪ remember the time
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♪ ♪ brian: all right. glad you are up. 16 minutes after the hour. get this, a ticking time bomb is how teachers described a middle school in riverdale, maryland threatened by ms-13 gang
4:17 am
violence that says "the washington post." according to the doj there is 10,000 ms-13 gang members in the country. including 3,000 in the d.c. metro area alone. what can local law enforcement do about it. here to give us his take is jeff jenkins sheriff of the neighboring county in maryland. sheriff, how did we get here? >> we have gotten here, brian, from years of not doing anything, years of knowing this problem was coming at us and now we're stuck with the problems of ms-13 in our neighborhoods, our communities, our schools. they brutalize, intimidate, torture. we have got to find a way to clean this up. brian: some of these so-called more affluent districts are complaining that ms-13 is bleeding into theirs. so they're putting these kids into working class schools that often are underfinanced. but they are not staying there. >> no. they are not. they are infiltrating other schools, other communities. again, teachers are afraid to teach. our students and children
4:18 am
shouldn't be afraid to go to school to learn that should be a safe place. feeling impact of years of gang infiltration and get worse until we do something. brian: virginia, long island and boston. when they flood across the border unaccompanied minors picked up under the daca provision and scattered in these communities but not to rich schools. you have schools that are struggling and they make these classes which are already too big even more unwe wouldy and they don't even speak english so they need even more support. >> that's right, brian. and, listen, prince george's county, montgomery county, this part of maryland now in to frederick was targeted area for relocation for some reason. we know the ms-13 population in this part of maryland that i'm talking about is well over 5,000. brian: so teachers in some cases afraid to teach. kids afraid to go to school? >> very much. so i can tell you in my jurisdiction a couple years ago we had a problem in one of our high schools where ms-13 owned the second floor. that was their touch.
4:19 am
18th street turf on the first floor there were fights every day there was constant problems in the school. and, again, teachers can't do their job so they can't learn. brian: when a kid comes across refugee but has neck tattoos that might be the first clue. >> that is a clue. brian: nearly a dozen parents told the post they were worried about gang activity at their school happens to be 10 miles from the white house. >> how can it be anywhere in the united states, brian? how could we have let this happen? brian: how could it have happened again? what have we done to change things. >> we haven't done enough yet. what we need is a push from this administration from the justice department to declare this organization a terrorist organization and clean them up, get them out of here and get the o of this country. ian: what kind of support are you asking? do you need m? do you need people? >> we need a declaration from the white house from president trump from the department of justice to allow local law enforcement to be effective, get in there and clean these pockets of crime out. brian: you don't have to dig
4:20 am
out the next nic lal nicholas cruise. they are sitting in front of you daring to you quick them out. you are the sheriff saying give me the power to do. so thanks so much. it takes outraged parents to push the government to do things locally and on up federally. thank you, sheriff, appreciate it all right, meanwhile, coming up straight ahead. caught on camera, a mom attacks a school bus with a hammer. her own daughter was on board. wait until you hear what sparked that wild scene. plus, kid rock hits the campaign trail but not for himself. he is backing an iraq war veteran running for senate. that candidate, john james will join us live next. ♪ born free ♪ what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? great tasting, heart-healthy california walnuts. so simple, so good. get the recipes at
4:21 am
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ainsley: time for news by the numbers. first 400, that is how many isis fighters are believed to be walking free in the u.k. after returning from syria. only about one in 10 are being prosecuted because of a lack of evidence. next, eight years. that's how long it's been since food stamp enrollment has been this low. about 40 million people are in the program right now. the lowest number since february of 2010. and finally, 9. that is how many babies this florida fire department has welcomed in the last 10 months. they marketed the occasion with that special photo shoot posing on mom and dad's fire gear. steve, down to you. steve: that is great. thanks, ainsley. you know kid rock for big hits like born free and last year he was rumored to be mulling a senate run in michigan his home state. instead the singer is putting his support behind senate hopeful john james and even campaigned for him last night.
4:25 am
watch this. >> he understands we need to make our families stronger, our communities more involved and help our neighbors first. >> i truly believe that john is the best candidate to lead us on this journey. the next senator from the great state of michigan, john james. steve: what a great setup. here right now is that iraq war vet and michigan republican senate candidate john james. john, good morning to you. >> good morning. thanks for having me. steve: how did you get bob richie, also known as kid rock, to endorse you? >> well, in my very first news interview i was actually watching. and i believe that you made the connection and we started talking and we began connect ago number of shared values, our love for this country. our love for the state of michigan and doing everything we possibly could to give a voice to those who don't have a voice for themselves and the fight for those who can't fight for
4:26 am
themselves. kid rock is a patriot who loves this nation and who is serving in his own way. and i spoke the first time about how when i was deploying to iraq the first time, in november 2007, this was when his song all summer long came out. and while i was fighting for iraqi freedom, he was raising morale among the troops. so, just excited to get the momentum. and if you want to seat rally. go to john james for and we'll have a post for you. steve: that's right. he was watching this program. saw you on tv. reached out to us and our producers and we were able to give him the information on how to get ahold of you. here's the thing. i understand last night at this event, he actually apologized because kid rock said i had this promotional stunt last year and people thought i was really serious for running for senate. i apologize if i let any of my supporters down. >> well, i will tell you what this just shows you where kid rock's heart is. it's not about him.
4:27 am
it's never been about him it's been about using his platform to be a blessing to others. whether it's raising morale or awareness in getting this. this is quite frankly something that got out of his control. when people hear about somebody who is not inoculated by the liberal fake news somebody who is see above all the crap. he is one of those entertainers who is spouting off the progressive nonsense that's tearing our country apart. is he willing to think for himself. he understands we are independent thinkers. sometimes people get excite president that and carried away. he too close to call responsibility for his part and apologized and continued to endorse my campaign. steve: absolutely. he is not one to throw his support behind a bunch of candidates. tell us a little bit about your personal story. tell us about your military service and your family business. >> sure. well, i graduated from west
4:28 am
point in 2004. i became a ranger qualified apache pilot and flew 750 hours combat in operation iraqi freedom. i came back because i was shocked not only by what i saw in combat but during the great recession what i was seeing piped back to me on the armed forces network, areas of pontiac, detroit, benton harbor some areas of my beoff loved stateooks worse than the combat zone i was flying. in after years and years of strule too many people did not have the access to economic opportunity. i came back to join the family business, automotive supplier in detroit and able to help grow the company to 137 million and added 100 jobs in michigan east of the mississippi. i'm only the only conservative in this race endorsed by john bolton, marcmarco rubio and now kid rock. i have the understanding national security and critical facing this nation. i have done it of about.
4:29 am
i'm a businessman and understanding how to grow a company and create jobs and i'm the only one who can beat debbie stabenow in november. steve: businessman who wants to get in to politics that sounds kind of familiar doesn't it. john james is republican running for the u.s. senate seat in michigan. thank you for joining us today from detroit. >> thanks for having me. steve: you betcha. what do you think about that? let us know. a veterans group is told to take down this bench honoring our flag or they could be fined. we have kwru7 date coming up next. seattle thought it was good idea to attack companies like amazon to help the homeless. then the backlash came. stuart varney here with the message for west coast democrats. stu's next. ♪ ♪ still a chance here. it's willingham, edge of the box, willingham shoots... goooooooaaaaaaaallllllll! that...was...magic.
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it's where memories are made. the john deere x350 select series with the exclusive one-touch mulchcontrol system. nothing runs like a deere™ save $300 on the x350 select series™ tractors with the purchase of a mulchcontrol™ kit. >> i just found out that the
4:33 am
seattle city council is going to tell homeless people dying on the street that the pain of jeff bezos is greater than your pain. >> i want seattle to be a vibrant, beautiful city just like everyone else. this head tax is not the right answer. taxing businesses, businesses that have thin margins that are not amazon will impact prices, impact jobs. ainsley: in fiery seattle council meeting seattle repeals amazon in order to help the homeless. brian: stuart varney is here host of varney and network. how significant is this? >> receipt jection of this tax is very significant there is a message here for west coast democrats. if you tax workers, jobs, and employers will leave. if you raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour, then
4:34 am
jobs will leave town. that's what's happening up and down the west coast. higher taxes on employers. higher minimum wage that the employers have to pay. in seattle, that is the classic example. seattle on may the 14th, seattle city council unanimously voted for $275 per worker tax per year on big businesses in the city. they were trying to raise money to build affordable housing. on june the 12th, less than a month later, the city council voted to repeal that tax. amazon and other big employers have said you do that, we leave. and they can't handle that kind of thing. steve: it was a stupid thing to do in the first place where they didn't understand the needs of big business and it's kind of like hey, seattle, we can go some place else. you want had a head tax, fine, you will lose thousands of people from amazon if you do it? >> deliberately punitive.
4:35 am
city council is run by far left. they wanted to punish business. it was a punitive tax. and finally employers said led by amazon and this is unusual for amazon going very public. don't do that we leave. don't do that they have 45,000 people. ainsley: what does it say in washington state in seattle is doing. this liberal state they would have voted in favor of this. when they don't, what does that tell you about the liberal left? >> listen up. >> it tells you that the left does not like business and blames business for the homelessness problem up and down the west coast. wait a second, there is a message here for other cities as arica which are trying to attract amazon and second headquarters. amazon is not going to move to a city which is likely to impose a tax on them just for moving there. brian: just because jeff amazon is loaded doesn't
4:36 am
mean people who work for him are. california always want to be north and south. new proposal, i think proposition three split it in threes. this is a proposal that's going to be on the ballot. tell me what it would mean. >> they have the signatures. so it is likely to be on the ballot. this initiative would split california, which is a gigantic state, split it into three. california, northern california, southern california they want to do this. steve: stuart, you can see the map right there, and right along the gulf coast that is los angeles on up north. so, politically, the north is very left. southern california we are seeing with the sanctuary city stuff is to the right. >> drifting to the right. steve: then along the coast. >> that's the coastal elites no comment, okay? brian: i think one of those at least would be a battleground state, right? >> yes. but it's not going to happen. this has to pass congress if we're actually going to be split into three there will be a legal challenge which
4:37 am
would go on forever. don't expect this to happen in any time in the next decade, hrble we say. brian: i challenge you to bring up the name trotsky on any other show today. he got an ax in the head. that's how he died. >> sat upon by stalin's assassins in mexico city. brian: stalin holds a grudge. i think it's interesting you brought of trotski. >> prominent member of the seattle city council. her idea to punish amazon. ainsley: could you imagine if it split into three. new elections. steve: a new flag. >> four more senators that would be interesting. steve: 52 states. >> would they be all democrats, probably not. in california right now, uniformly democrat. but if it splits this three might not so. brian: don't be surprised in
4:38 am
stuart varney does his show today on fbn nine to noon. brian: highest rated show ever you and happy days. >> one of the best promos i have had. thank you, brian. ainsley: jillian has more headlines for us. jillian: hello, how are you. a family's boat sinks at sea and frightening 911 calls were just released. >> we're taking in water. we are sinking. we are taking in water. we are going under. please help us. please help us, we are going over. please help us. >> okay. we're coming now, ma'am. jillian: six family members on that upon to an boat near the bridge. sheriff's deputies able to reach them before their boat went completely under. nobody was seriously hurt. a mother smashes a packed school bus with a hammer. the terrifying moments caught on camera.
4:39 am
>> this woman has a hammer at my door. she is crazy. jillian: here is the back story. started when two girls got on the fight on the bus each called their moms. one of the moms tracking down the bus and banging the windows. the driver initially refusing to open the door. she eventually got off. no one was hurt. the arizona woman is charged with disorderly conduct. don't mess with mom. a victory for the red, white, and blue, an american flag painted on a bench outside of a veteran's club in new york can stay. the city doing an about face after initially ordering the american legion to remove it or face a fine. some had complained the bench encroached on the sidewalk space. officials say that order was a mistake and the bench can stay. this is hilarious. welcome home from prison, mom. a little boy going viral for this hilarious sign at the airport. he and his dad came up with the joke before picking up mom from a week long business trip. the oklahoma woman was a good sport and posted it online it has been shared
4:40 am
nearly 100,000 times. ainsley: people in the airport probably saw that what inmate coming off the flight. steve: poor little boy's mom was in prison. ainsley: boss is probably like oh, really? working for me in prison. steve: thank you very much. 20 minutes before the top of the hour. janice dean is outside our world headquarters with a cup period of time folks passing by. janice: good morning. the rain has stopped. hi, ladies where were you from. >> kansas city area. janice: you are all together. >> yes we. >> celebrating birthdays or anniversaries? >> birthdays. janice: what are you doing. >> we are getting ready to come home today been hire since saturday. janice: all on tv where are you from. >> louisiana. >> we are from texas. are you having fun so far? >> yes. >> take a look at the maps so quick because it stopped raining we love that rain in the forecast here in the new york city area. there's where we have the rain across the ohio valley, parts of the mid-atlantic.
4:41 am
we are not talking about a big severe weather outbreak. we could see some large hail and/or damaging winds. it's going to be hot across the south and southwest and that's the weather story. okay, wave to everybody at home. thank you for coming, ladies. >> thank you. janice: make sure you get into trouble for me, okay? >> always. steve: call you for bail money. brian: listen. let me tell you what's coming up straight ahead you are counting on us to tell you because i don't want your surprise. president trump firing back at justin trudeau who some find dreamy after he called new tariffs insulting. one dairy farmer says the president is on the right track. he joins us next. ainsley: which one do people find dreamy. ainsley: democrats are calling on hollywood to help them mid terms. one says the joke is on the left and he will join us next ♪ only in america ♪ red, white, and blue ♪ only in america ♪
4:42 am
♪ ♪ ♪ i love you baby applebee's 2 for $20, now with steak. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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4:45 am
jillian: good morning to you and welcome back. just because you live in the woods doesn't mean you have to lock up. take a look at this momma bear caught on camera sliding a door open and inspecting a minivan in upstate new york. moments later her four cubs join the party. they didn't cause major damage but they did leave paw prints. and a squirrel caught red pawed shoplifting in disney world. you can see the thief help himself to a bag of m&ms and run out of the store in the magic kingdom. is he still on the loose. if you have any information, i don't know where you should call, ainsley? >> thank you so much, jillian. fallout from the g-7 summit continues. canadian prime minister justin trudeau called u.s. tariffs insulting. president trump vows to keep fighting for fair trade and for the american farmer. >> canada does have very big advantages over us in terms
4:46 am
of trade deficits. they don't take our farm products, many of them. it's very unfair to our farmers and very unfair to the people of our country, the people, the farmers. ainsley: dairy farmer for nearly four decades, he owns south mountain creamery, which is located in maryland and he joins us now. thank you so much, randy, for joining us. >> thank you for having me. ainsley: you are welcome. as a dairy farmer, were you please with the president's message to canada to justin trudeau and putting tariffs on canada? >> certainly was, yes. ainsley: tell me why. >> canada has a system where you buy -- produce milk in canada you have to buy a base and then you produce milk on that. they are trying to keep their milk supply, you know, in check so they can -- dairy farmers up there can make good money. but if they have the extra
4:47 am
products, they send them into this country and we accept them with pretty much nothing attached to it. where in this country we are supposedly overproducing milk all the time which i'm not sure i believe. but most of that milk they say is dumped they really take that fat off of it first, the fat is worth a lot of money. one of the heavier tariffs to go back into canada is butter if you can get it in there. ainsley: how is this going to affect your life. >> it's a start. dairy farming is not easy business to be. in dairy farl farmers are falling over. many reasons. dairy products coming in from other country. if we have too much why would we bring anything in? we ought to be like canada and not bring anything in. i understand the trade have you got to keep things moving.
4:48 am
and i don't know what the outcome or the answer is for dairy farmers. i'm not sure the program that the government set up right now that is supposed to pay us a little bit money to try to make it better profitable for us. i'm not sure that would work. ainsley: i know you said american dairy farmers are in dryer straits and american farmers are doing this trying to make a living and put food on the table for their families. are you happy for the president at least standing up for the american worker and say hey i'm putting america first? because he has been critical for other administrations for going on apology tours and doing what's best for this country and this president says i want to put america first and put families like you first. >> i agree with everything he is trying to do. i think he is really on the right track. i guess time will tell. i don't think it's going to hurt anything. i'm not worried about it. i think being a businessman like he is, he understands what we're going through a
4:49 am
little bit but farming is different. farm something something that this country ought to be concerned about because if people like me that are willing to work 16, 20 hours a week, seven days a week can't do this anymore for a lot of the different reasons and big corporations take over, people are going to start paying more for their food. in the united states we pay like 7% of our income to food. and i think the closest country to that is twice that much. i mean some people paying 50% for their food. if they had to pay me wages like you work for big corporations and pay me double time and all of that kind of stuff for everything over 40, you can see how expensive it would get. ainsley: randy, thank you for what you do. we have a lot of milk in our house and we are grateful for the product you are putting on all of our tables. >> thanks for having me. ainsley: president trump back at the white house this morning after historic meeting with kim jong un. what comes next in the talks with north korea? we will ask democrats bring in a
4:50 am
new team to help them win the mid terms. >> yes, i have thought an awful lot about blowing up the white house. >> i'm going to say one thing [bleep] trump. ainsley: one comedian says the joke is on the left. is he going to join us next ♪ won't you please, please [ director ] action! k9 advantix ii kills fleas, ticks and musky...toes? through contact. [ director ] cut! not musky toes. mosquitoes - like the bug. riiight. that makes more sense. k9 advantix ii from bayer. wise choice. (burke) so we know how to seen cover almost anything. even a "cactus calamity". (man 1) i read that the saguaro can live to be two hundred years old.
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4:53 am
>> i have thought an awful lot about blowing up the white house. >> when was the last time an actor assassinated a president? [laughter] >> i'm going to say one thing [bleep] trump. >> all right, hollywood has been very clear. crystal clear in their
4:54 am
message to the white house. brian: democrats instead of running from are turning to. they want some of that marketing genius. steve: comedian michael joins us from tinseltown. good morning to you. >> hey, good morning. thanks for having me on, guys. what could the democrats help what kind of help could the democrats get from hollywood that they can't figure out on their own? first of all finally democrats finally, that's all they ever do is help the democrats. i find that it is hilarious that the democrats have to turn to hollywood for their messaging, how horrible are you as a political party. if you don't wake up knowing what it is you want to do the democrats have blamed everybody, they blamed the russians. they blamed women convinced to vote for trump by their husbands.
4:55 am
they blamed the flyover people. and now they are blaming oh we had a bad motto. no, it's not the motto. america doesn't dig what you are selling because you are selling -- brian: here is the big thing. hillary clinton had huge crowds when jay-z was there and the celebrities marched out and lebron james showed up but they didn't convert to votes. i don't understand how they couldn't understand that that's not going to be their key to success? >> i think americans are so smart they realize the democratic party. there is no there there. hillary was like some kind of robot. i got hot sauce in my purse. why am i not ahead by 50 points you may ask? ainsley: i remember that. >> they are in the business. the democrats are in the business of convincing everyone that it's not fair and they can make it fair. and they can only make it fair if they can take that guy's money and give it to that person. it's socialism. they're selling socialism. that's why they need a new
4:56 am
motto. ainsley: some are melissa who arme his-lyto are their pic. does it back fire on the dnc. you hear conservatives or even independence in the middle of the country so out of touch they don't understand they are gazilliogo.>> it's completely go back fire. very talented actors. hollywood is full of very talented actors, writers, producers all that stuff. yeah, they are living up in the hollywood hills in the lap of luxury and they are going to tell someone in flyover country someone like me from ohio how i should live like i'm somehow ripping someone off and someone needs to take more money to me and give it to that? no, no my friend. it's so eerily close to socialism and america can smell it they can smell it. i want them to explain to me what the difference is between a democratic party and socialism? they are the same?
4:57 am
steve: they can get the word out all the democrats need first is a message. michael joining us from l.a. thank you. brian: is he a great comedian. and guess what kellyanne is going to be with us and she looks like that. your hair is so soft! did you use head and shoulders two in one? i did mom. wanna try it? yes. it intensely moisturizes your hair and scalp and keeps you flake free. manolo? look at my soft hair. i should be in the shot now too. try head and shoulders two in one. there's nothing more important than your health. so if you're on medicare or will be soon, you may want more than parts a and b here's why. medicare only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. . .
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ask a business advisor how to get on demand tech support for as little as $15 a month. this week get boise case paper for only $29.99 at office depot office max. ♪ steve: president trump is back in the white house after a whirlwind summit. ainsley: he is tweeting this morning. just landed. a long trip. everybody can feel safer than the day i took office. >> as a result of strategic patience we were at the brink of war. we backed away from that precipice. that is historic achievement. brian: the deputy attorney general was threatening intelligence, just asking for paperwork. >> i'm here to tell you, we're fed up with it. steve: seattle thought it was a good idea to tax companies like amazon to help the homeless. then the backlash came. >> they wanted to punish business t was punitive tax. >> the next senator from the
5:01 am
great state of michigan. john jay. >> kid rock is patriot who loves this nation. serving in a patriot in his own way. while i was fighting for iraqi freedom, he was raising morale among the troops. ♪ ainsley: go online, buy tickets to a concert this summer. i love, that is jake owens. is that right? steve: yep. ainsley: i saw him in concert his first song came out. the video when he was on the boat in the water. people very popular with all people on the boats. it is summertime. it is summertime. buy some tickets. steve: come to the all american summer concert series. we wouldn't have to buy a ticket. make it much easier. we'll have kellyanne conway with us in just a moment.
5:02 am
the very latest, it was 6:30, 5:30, this morning president trump in air force one landed out at joint base andrews. after he came down the stairs, he got into an armored suburban for the 20-minute ride to the white house. he started doing some tweeting. ainsley: he didn't have his tie on. hopefully got sleep. he hadn't had sleep in 25 hours. the summit has come and gone, which is hard to believe. when he went over he talked to kim jong-un. there was edited video what north korea could look like if you did denuclearization your country. steve: that's right. ainsley: we have a little bit of video. brian: he just landed after a long trip. everyone can now feel much safer than the day i took office. there is no longer a nuclear threat from north korea. what you're watching, is some video, that the president handed out in korean as well as english. during this four hour meeting
5:03 am
when they were with the four-by-four meeting, kim jong-un, and your delegation, look what north korea could become? they did it by destiny productions. wants to visualize impoverished nation, hermit king doming. doesn't have to do that. steve: come on over to our side. whose idea was that? go to kellyanne conway joins us from washington, d.c. kellyanne, that video, it is now available, some people love it. some people think it is kind of crazy propaganda. whose idea was it? >> it came from our national security counsel and you characterized quite well. kim jong-un has a decision to make. he can either continue to be nuclear capable or he can swiftly move towards, complete verifiable, irreversible denuclearization of the korean peninsula. stop the economic self-isolation that marked his country so long with the suffer of his people.
5:04 am
this is somebody, 34-year-old man imbibed western culture. people report he is very aware of all the privileges that attend to western civilization and i'm sure that some people even in north korea know that as well. look, this president, his moxie on the world stage can not be overstated. unlike the one-sided iran deal, cuba deal, where we gave up everything and got nothing in return, quite embarrassingly, this president has made clear that he is the one looking for kim jong-un to denuclearization and to stablize and this president also engaged allies in the region, mr. abe, mr. moon. he force ad great relationship with mr. xi on a number of big issues. so he has been bringing along leaders in that region the entire time. mr. abe was here last week, for example but i think you can not underestimate what it means to have a leader who makes good on the commitment to keep everybody
5:05 am
more safe. don't give too much attention to the angry people. don't give too much credit to the critics frankly. almost who cares. they're skeptical, they're cynical. last year i sat two seats away from the president when he said fire and fury and everybody exploded. he will bring us into -- now he is de-escalating and denuclearization korean peninsula, they're still not happy. the company sees the president, social media platform. they saw his leadership unfiltered on the world stage. steve: kellyanne what did mr. kim say when looked at video? later showed him the ride of my cadillac here. >> i have spoken to the president this morning but i haven't spoken to chairman kim. what did he say? yes, but again, this president reads people, like no one i have ever seen. he is a master deal-maker and negotiator. that is all very important because so many people are trying to fit into an old, stale framework what just happened. folks you have to throw out the
5:06 am
playbook. for three years now, almost three years to the day that president trump announced his candidacy for the president, he has been really turning the tables over and trying things in a different way. he was sent here to washington to do exactly that he has taken that all across the world. those look, denuclearization korean peninsula no doubt is benefit to everyone. that is a global issue. this is not an american issue. certainly isn't just about north korea and south korea. this benefits everyone. look what happened with iran. this president hates those deals. we gave up so much and got so little. we shoveled over pallets of cash. this president is on the world stage for everyone to see unfiltered, holds forth for media for an hour, gives four different interviews. bilateral is covered by thousands of credentialed press, this is the president i think we should all see more of. the more we see of president trump, the more we hear from him the better. brian: you brought up something
5:07 am
interesting. the president said this twice now, iran is a different country since we tore up the deal. do you what he means by that? >> i think he means he has gone in and undone what the last president did. the last president didn't have the courage to bring the iran senate to the senate. brian: he said iran is acting differently. i don't know, are they reacting differently? >> i'm not going into what the president discusses with diplomatic and national security team what it comes to iran and other countries. they did react differently. responded immediately. there were "death to america" chants from some folks over there, when the president took action. made good on the promise. why? this country whether it comes to trade, whether it comes to tariffs, whether it comes to iran, cuba, now north korea, stop with the one-sided deals that also screw america, american workers, american interests. this president really he has shown leadership and skill but he also has shown will in a way
5:08 am
on the world stage, here domestically that has our economy booming beyond what anybody even expected and anticipated. you can not overstate the effect of the trump economy on the workers in this country. 6.7 million american jobs available exceeding number of people looking for it. it is hess moxie. this is a process. i really hope people saw president trump in full, in singapore, when very humbly said, it's a process. i may come back in aear. this doesn't wor out. out.yay, hey, it didn't work but at least we tried. as secretary pompeo said this is mission of peace. peace and prosperity should be everybody's goal. everybody should get on team america for that. ainsley: kellyanne, this headline will get your attention, click on it, watch, cnn's jim acosta interrupts historic signing ceremony, shouts at trump. that was their headline. if you click on it, this is the video you see. >> this president, did he agree to denuclearization, sir?
5:09 am
>> starting that process very quickly. very, very quickly. absolutely. >> did you talk about otto warmbier, sir? ainsley: there are critics, kellyanne, he was choosing the wrong moment, a historic moment to throw out questions to the president. the 2020 campaign manager for president trump, badbrad parscale he is calling for acosta to lose his press credentials. he thought it was inappropriate. what are your thoughts? >> some people in the white house press corps do that routinely. i'll not giving any names. they make it about me, myself and i. on twitter they're a hot mess, snark and bark, including people that work for him. things that would not pass editorial muster? newspaper, i call it social media muscle, cable news cajon.
5:10 am
this is not about that correspondent or another correspondent. the president didn't make it about himself. he made it about a process. he made it about doing something great for the world. look, the last president was handed nobel peace prize. this president will earn it. steve: right. >> that is all we need to know about this, his moxie. i said from the beginning as pro press person here, i said from the beginning the press and the presidency have joint custody over the country for the next eight years, next six 1/2 years and beyond and people need to really figure out how to cover this president in a respectful manner. they can be skeptical. they can, but there is time and place. he a white house guest. steve: like you said earlier you have to throw out the playbook with this president. you talked about the last summit but the summit before earlier this week when the president left canada, the world community
5:11 am
we can't believe this donald trump guy. he is walking away from the western civilized economies. what's up with that? it is not surprising this is exactly what donald trump said when he was running for president. >> that's right. you can draw a straight line from how canada trump campaigned and what he promised the american people to getting elected on those promises, elevating issues like unfair trade deals and wanting to renegotiate them and make them more fair and reciprocal. this is not a president who ripped up trade deals and walked away this is a president who said let's renegotiate ones more fair and more reciprocal. to whom? to american workers. he is president of this country. he is protecting his workers, american industries. the president said if we don't have steel, we don't have a country. look at the results. look how people are end abouting to the will of president trump whether they want to admit it or not. by the way a lot of consensus building was gone at g7. they agreed to things not getting as much coverage because
5:12 am
we always go to the heat and not the light. look at the results. willingness, ability to renegotiate trade deals, multilateral trade deals, taking us out of tpp days into office. renegotiate chorus and nafta and the rest. all that put together, increase in number of new construction jobs. 300,000 new manufacturing jobs. manufacturing, timber, mining, all of that, those industries were left for dead, many of them, they were like this flat-lining. he will continue to do that. he is going to lead but he is not going to capitulate. brian: kelleyian, let me ask you. being advantage of friendlier and fairer with our allies, has the president expressed to you any willingness to speak again to justin trudeau or anybody else from the g7 summit to smooth things over or start, restart talks about rebalancing trade? >> the president speaks to many people including world leaders routinely as you know.
5:13 am
and frequently. so i'm sure that he will, he will continue those conversations as will his trade team and his economic advisors and the rest. let me just make clear though. anybody thinking he is going to change his mind from the campaign promises and his leadership as president has not been paying attention. folks, for three years now. what are they waiting to change? they just expect that he is going to bend to the existing framework. he is here in washington to change all of that. and anybody who thinks it is just a matter of time until he exceeds this war of attrition, the war of attrition will be won by him because it is working. steve: there you go. >> he is renegotiating trade deals. putting tariffs. carving out exceptions for countries and industries certainly. he is making good on promises the sheer velocity and volume the president works -- steve: he had a very busy week. >> half of june, look at it. it is crinoideaable. thank you so much.
5:14 am
steve: coming up -- ainsley: primary results coming in from five states overnight, one of president trump's big it critics just lost his john. we're live in washington. ♪ that's confident. but it's not kayak confident. kayak searches hundreds of travel and airline sites to find the best flight for me. so i'm more than confident. how's your family? kayak. search one and done.
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ainsley: the results of crucial primary elections in five states will now shape the midterms.
5:18 am
brian: all right, it was a great day for candidates who support president trump and not so good for those who made a habit of bashing president trump. steve: what does that mean? fox news's griff jenkins in d.c. with election results. reporter: guys, it means shockers last night, not one more so than the one coming out of palmetto state. mark sanford, republican, outspoken critic of president trump, never lost a race in south carolina, was defeated, president trumped in, mark sanford has been up helpful to me with making america great again. he is mia. he is better off in argentina. i full did i endorse katy arrington in congress in south carolina. a state i love. she is tough on crime. continue to fight to lower taxes. vote katy. dig at his extramarital affair and disappearance from the state
5:19 am
in governor in 2019. resulting in his resignation. sanford stood by his convictions. >> it may cost me an election but i stand by everyone of those decisions to disagree with the president. reporter: voters casting ballots in four other states, nevada, north dakota, maine and virginia. president tweeting congratulationses in commonwealth for cory stewart, after landing this morning applauding him for a great victory for senator. he runs against a total stiff, tim kaine, weak on a crime and borders and wants to raise your taxes through the roof. don't underestimate corey. a major chance of winning a race to wage with nevada and north dakota. dean heller only republican seeking election in state where hillary won and heidi heitkamp, ocsially favorable to the president where trump ran away 3points. brian: president told tarkanian not to run to let heller glide
5:20 am
to the nomination. steve: cautionary tale. what is coming up. ainsley: the european union firing back at president trump putting tariffs on bourbon. but our next guest says is it will actually help distilleries. the ceo joins us next. brian: drink up. a story driving the internet wild. a raccoon climbing a skyscraper against all odds. there is a problem. he has to get down. ainsley: there is the video. janice. it is real. steve: told you. l over doozeldo, doozles are dozing.
5:21 am
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5:23 am
♪ >> good morning, welcome back. time for some quick headlines. massachusetts suing the maker of
5:24 am
oxycontin, becoming the first state to name company executives. the lawsuit accuses 16 leaders of perdue pharma of lying to boost profits. the attorney says the company downplayed risks and went after vulnerable patients resulting in hundreds of deaths. the company denies the charges. one of the priciest zip codes in america is banning for sale signs. board of realtors in new canaan, connecticut, voting to take down the signs by july 1st because they're, quote, ugly. some neighbors also say signs are unnecessary since so many people shop for homes online. brian? brian: jillian. european union striking back, kind of telling me off with that introduction. the european union striking back against president trump's tariffs on imported steel and aluminum by announcing the its own round of tariffs on products american bourbon, exclamation point. could europe's tariffs end up
5:25 am
hurting some of its own companies. our next guest says it may help small owned american distilleries like his. he is ceo of american bourbon. he joins us right now. derek, we're in the bourbon wars. how can they help you? >> well, i think, right now a lot of the larger bourbon brands such as wild turkey, bullet, are actually owned by foreign companies. some of these companies are part of the eu so i'm not sure once they do that export where that tariff is going to be paid. i don't know if that will be passed on to the american consumer, in turn help smaller distilleries and breweries such as myself. brian: right. i hope someone stops that barrel. i think it is coming right this direction. the bourbon jim beam, makers mark, they're american companies but owned by e.u. companies. if we're buying them to bring them in, the price will be up
5:26 am
because i'm paying a tariff. that brings that price up and yours doesn't budge because you're an american company that doesn't export, right? >> that's correct. we sell strictly domestically. so, you know, we don't have to, we're not at a place and time right now where we really need to worry about those kind of tariffs but obviously it is going to affect companies that you just mentioned and somebody will have to pay for those tariffs somewhere down the line. i don't know if that is passed on to the american consumer. like i said, if that is the case, it will certainly benefit smaller distillers such as myself selling domestically. brian: so american companies, made in america, as the tariffs go on european union, our friends, if they send a message to us, your message to the american consumer is, come try my american bourbon, right? >> absolutely. really proud of the quality. veteran-owned, made right here in the good ol' usa, south carolina. made by american citizens and,
5:27 am
get out an try it. i think it is a fantastic product along with other smaller craft domestic disi willers out there. >> derek, you know money is money and sometimes business is tough. when the president takes a hard-line on america's allies, when it comes to trade, do you think that is a good or bad move? >> i think he has done a fantastic job. i think we've gone basically two decades, unfair trade. obviously we vane been charging the tariffs and duties they have been charging us to export. i think he is doing a great job trying to even out the playing field. brian: congratulations on your business. best of luck. go get merica bourbon while everyone fights out who gets what tariff on what product. >> thanks so much for having me. brian: coming in straight ahead. democrats bringing in a new team to help them win in the midterms. >> yes. i have thought an awful lot
5:28 am
about blowing up the white house. >> i'm going to say one thing. [bleep] trump. brian: right. that wasn't in the prompter. doesn't this prove they're out of touch with real americans? ask that amongst your family. then email us next. the video incredible a police sergeant runs into the road, he see as wandering toddler walking into traffic. what would you do? we'll tell you what he did and why he is a hero today. the powe5 turbo-charged horses. the lincoln mkx, more horsepower than the lexus rx350. and a quiet interior from which to admire them. for a limited time, get 0% apr on the lincoln mkx
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♪ >> i'm going to say one thing. [bleep] trump. [cheering] it is no longer down with trump. it's [bleep] trump. [cheering] steve: how do you think america
5:32 am
felt watching those image as couple nights ago at the tonys, where robert de niro, one of the greatest actors in american history said that about the current president of the united states? he is out of line or that is just reflective of how hollywood regards people on the political right. brian: what if you were in the tv truck, saying yourself, it is tony's, america is watching. by the way the world is watching too. think how embarrassing that is. are you embarrassed a football player take as knee in wembley stadium in another country to protest his own country? how about robert de niro on the tony's doing that, apologizing to canada the next day for our president. ainsley: truly makes him look bad. that is disrespectful. that is disrespectful. brian: the audience loved it. ainsley: of course they do. it is hollywood. you didn't even know what he said. i knew it was something negative about the president. he had a history of doing this. i was watching it was just, beep. steve: after the beeped message
5:33 am
i think he said it more than once. robert de niro, very low i.q. individual received too many shots in the to the head with boxers in movies. i watched him. he may be punch-drunk. i guess he doesn't realize the economy is best it has ever been, with employment being all-time high. many companies pouring into our country. punchy is the new nickname for robert de niro. ainsley: brian asked me if would go to robert de niro movie. you would have to boycott every movie. brian: not the liberal beliefs. the cursing and anger. those people that voted for donald trump also go to the movies. why would you alienate them. it is bad business. michael loftis made a tough decision. he came out as a donald trump supporter. can not belief the derision he felt. we asked him earlier what he thinks about hopwood helping out democrats. >> finally hollywood is helping
5:34 am
the democrats. finally. that is all they ever do is help the democrats. and i find it just hilarious that the democrats have to turn to hollywood for their messaging. how horrible are you as a political party if you don't wake up knowing what it is you want to do? it is not the motto. america doesn't dig what you're selling. steve: so what michael mike loftus is referring to. dnc and members of congress on political left, reaching out to actors, directors, stars, to help them with messaging for the upcoming midterms, the presidential, getting people to vote. so we asked all of you whether or not you thought that they had a message that you would embrace. brian: michael loftus is a comedian. i wanted to tell you that. steve: you had many things to sa elier. ainsley: he came out for donald trump. brian: wanted to finish that. >> got it this is the tweet from terry. i think it's a great idea.
5:35 am
they are helping the republican party win again. steve: sue tweeted this, we rejected the elites in 2016 and will gladly do it again she tweets. brian: doug wrote this. on facebook, if you need hollyweird to relate your message you're out of touch. ainsley: hollyweird. steve: for the most part hollywood supports people on political left. we did a story with john james running out of u.s. senate out of michigan, kid rock, one of the biggest stars in entertainment is supporting his candidacy on the republican side. brian: the thing is, hollywood, on the positive side, hollywood knows how to market and sell. the people behind the scenes can sell a handball. people in front of the camera, are acting or producing. steve: they need a message. come up with a good message, democrats. then hollywood can take over. right now it is hollywood has taken over and we don't have a message. brian: number one message, people care about health care, number one, but the problem is, democrats are associated with
5:36 am
obamacare, which didn't work. so they don't know what to do. how do we embrace health care when we tried and it failed? ainsley: isn't there a new message, make america great again, according to nancy pelosi. brian: that's right. ainsley: jillian has headlines. jillian: good morn r morning to you. the ex-wife after air seen serial killer saying she is speaking out grateful to be alive. >> i really have been on high alert for the last nine years. i knew that one day we would be in a situation where he was trying to kill me. jillian: connie jones believes she was the eventual target of ex-husband dwight jones. her current husband, a former detective helped crack the case after jones killed six people, all linked to their divorce. jones killed himself as police closed in. search for suspects intensifying after a border agent is shot in southern arizona. the agent shot several times in
5:37 am
area known nor drug smugglers near the mexico border. part of an alarming trend. the agency reporting 847 assaults on officers last year alone. this particular agent is expected to survive thanks to his protective vest. multiple people have been questioned. a hero cop saves a toddler's life after he wanders away from mom, right into oncoming traffic. >> hey. come here. you're okay. you're okay. jillian: my goodness. that illinois officer, napierville police sergeant joined us earlier. >> my goal initially was blocking that lane of trafficking, activating my emergency lights. getting out of the squad car, trying to corral that kid. jillian: the sergeant reseized a life saving award from the department. the child was not hurt. biggest story on twitter. now everyone can breathe a sigh of relief we just learned the raccoon that climbed a 23 story
5:38 am
building has been captured. [applause] a round of applause. people across the country have been tracking the critter since it started climbing the minnesota tower yesterday. it made its way to the roof early this morning. lee tweeting quote, i could barely sleep knowing the raccoon still isn't safe. de, writing listen, wildlife i don't need this stress in nye life. steve tweeting, now the raccoon is on the roof, i can enjoy the humor of the situation. amazing the things we get caught up in. ainsley: i was amazed he could climb the wall. steve: people were live tweeting it. goes up the side. brian: put the raccoon in a zoo or let him go? ainsley: if the circus were still around. jillian: i don't know, brian. steve: outside of town. let him loose. ainsley: ask janice, she might know. steve: janice, if they let a wildlife critter on loose in
5:39 am
new york city, there are a lot of taxky sys and cars. janice: we have a lost rats, they are the size of raccoons. do you believe the raccoon climbing the building. >> no, no. i'm with brian. he has to be jacked. he had to be jacked. janice: big muscles, right? talk about weather. introduce you to my new friend. northeast, we have potential for some showers. it is cloudy right now. we like it a big golf tournament happening in the hamptons, the u.s. open. we'll watch potential for showers. maybe for some hail, maybe damaging winds across interior northeast. we'll not talk about severe weather outbreak. there will be highs today. real hot in the northeast this weekend. talking about 95 degrees on monday. who is here from north carolina? who is here from south carolina? who is here from everywhere else? all right! look at my wonderful friends, this beautiful team here today.
5:40 am
ainsley: tell everybody we said hey. janice: yea. brian: janice dean is nice. ainsley: i know her personally. she is. steve: meanwhile after meeting kim jong-un, president trump says there is no longer a nuclear threat with north korea. can the president use this playbook to make a deal now with iran? brian: ainsley. ainsley: plus a powerful new documentary tells the story of veterans returning from the battlefield and the dog saving their lives here at home. the producer and stars are in the green room. they will join us live. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ no matter when you retire, your income doesn't have to.
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ito take care of anyct messy situations.. and put irritation in its place. and if i can get comfortable keeping this tookus safe and protected... you can get comfortable doing the same with yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it. ♪ ainsley: hope you are having a good morning thus far. time for quick headlines. nancy pelosi is heading to the u.s.-mexico border after suggesting this to deal with illegal smugglers. >> mowing the grass so people
5:44 am
can't be smuggled through the grass. that is something. jillian: house minority leader and group of democrats planning to meet with border agents near san diego. they will visit a facility with immigrant children. claire mccaskill blue rv has wings. she admits she used a private plane to travel between stops what was billed as a three-day rv tour in the last month. mccaskill coming clean after the report in "washington free beacon" questioned her plane's movements. steve: steve she need ad plain rv i think. president trump meeting with north korean dictator kim jong-un and now he is setting his sights on iran. >> i hope at the appropriate time, after the sanctions kick in and they are brutal, what we've put on iran, i hope that they're going to come back and negotiate a real deal. i would love to be able to do that. steve: can what donald trump did
5:45 am
with north korea work with iran? let's talk to fox news contributor and senior editor for the federalist, molly hemingway, down in d.c. >> great to be with you. steve: he make as good point. they're putting the screws to iran. will they wind up with a similar result getting kim jong-un in the same room with them? >> these are two very different situations not just because north korea has the nuclear capabilities and iran does not have yet the same level of capabilities, there are two very different regimes. both brutal, both authoritarian, with idealogical motivation somewhat scarier. they're both really scary regimes. the problem with the iranian deal was not the deal to keep nuclear proliferation from happening, it is that the deal was not transparent. the american people never knew what they signed on to and it was never ratified by the senate. a lot president trump can learn from the failures of the iran
5:46 am
deal to make sure we have a better deal with north korea. steve: the iran deal didn't become treaty there were not enough people in the u.s. senate, to say, yeah, that is a great idea. >> right. to his, in his defense, maybe if president obama had actually sold the case to the american people they would have gotten on board. he didn't do a good job selling that. so nobody quite knew what was going on. they kept finding out new additional things about the terms of the deal that weren't favorable to the united states. this was all because president obama, yeah, president obama really wanted to build up iran as regional superpower. part of his vision for the area. it wasn't one that the american people necessarily bought on to. steve: sure. regarding the north korea de, there are still so many details we don't know about. it was kind of vague. but that apparently was buy design. much like the iran deal. for, what is interesting is, for the people who loved and these are mainly people on the political left, the people who
5:47 am
loved the iran deal with president obama really hate this north korea deal. we have got some sound bites from then and now. first here are a couple very famous politicians loving what barack obama did. >> the agreement offers the best long-term way to stop iran from building a nuclear weapon. this is a diplomatic masterpiece. they stayed at the table and came to the conclusion that they did. >> i want to give tremendous credit to president obama for his work on this issue. all fair-minded americans should acknowledge the president's strong achievements in combating and containing iran. steve: so, molly, they loved what president obama did, but watch this. fast forward to today. schumer hates this trump deal. >> we need follow-through. we need to see that that danger is removed.
5:48 am
vague and unfairfiable, what north korea has gained is tangible and last. steve: that shouldn't surprise you, should it? >> so interesting a year ago we had everybody telling us that president trump's approach was certain to lead to nuclear holocaust. now that diplomacy is turning out to be something he is much better at than a lot of people anticipated people are still angry. there are reasons why people on the left and right should both be pleased with this first step. senator schumer has a point, we don't have the details yet. steve: right. >> we don't know what teeth will be added. it is very important to add teeth because north koreans have a history of lying, promising, doing things they won't follow through. nobody should expect in one-time, first-time summit you will hammer out timeline and end results. we have a good start. people should understand we have a good start. it is pretty transparent relative to what we saw with the iran deal. steve: exactly right. there weren't a lot of details regarding the iran deal, yet
5:49 am
senator schumer, he loved that one. molly, thank you very much for joining us live from the nation's capitol. >> thank you. steve: all right. meanwhile straight ahead, a powerful new documentary tells the story of veterans returning to the battlefield and the dogs saving their lives at home. the producer and as you can see right there, three of the big stars join us next. ♪ i was wondering if an electric toothbrush really cleans better than a manual. and my hygienist says it does but they're not all the same. who knew? i had no idea. so she said, look for one that's shaped like a dental tool with a round brush head. go pro with oral-b. oral-b's rounded brush head surrounds each tooth to gently remove more plaque, and oral-b is the first electric toothbrush brand accepted by the american dental association for its effectiveness and safety. my mouth feels so clean. i'll only use an oral-b. oral-b. brush like a pro.
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♪ >> after coming home i was a changed person. there was not one thing that left me battling ptsd. it was all the pieces together put my life in danger on daily basis.
5:53 am
then i met you star. i was scared and anxious what might happen. but the minute i met you, i knew my life would be different. ainsley: that is called a "a new leash on life." leash because of the dog. a new documentary following our veterans that come home from the battlefield, fighting for you and your family and freedom. getting back into the normal life routine with help of rescue service dogs, with a program called k-9s for warriors. the founder, sherry duval and the producer of new film, nick man ton. three graduates of the k-9 program and service dogs featured in the film. you might remember adam who is standing next to janice. he was on the other day. introduced us to his dog molly. told us about sherry on the very end who started this wonderful organization down in florida, is that right, sherry? how do you start the organization? >> it started eight years ago. my son was a independent contractor in iraq and he had two tours.
5:54 am
he came home very badly broken and, just in an effort to help my own son, and being that he was a k-9 handler, i felt that service dogs would be of benefit and little did we know that eight years later we have over 420 now that we've saved. ainsley: incredible. what is it like to produce the film? >> amazing. i notice there are some people doing great job raising awareness of problem of veterans suicide, push-up challenge or anything but i didn't notice anyone creating awareness for solution. when my friend james introduced me to k-9 warriors, i was amazed and they are amazing. ainsley: introduce us to the beautiful dogs. >> this is star. ainsley: tell us a little bit about yourself and your dog and what branch you served in. >> i was army. i worked at psychological operations and military police
5:55 am
officer. and then star is, was kept in the military. star came from a veteran that was donated to the k-9s for warriors. she was sponsored by eastern star masons in new york here. that is how she got her name. >> beautiful little coat there too. ainsley: yeah. shiloh, tell us about your story and your dog. >> i'm shiloh. this is javelin. we've been together almost three years now. i was air force, air national guard, deployed a couple types. i was an aircraft mechanic for, like 10 years. and then went to maintenance operations coming in. so just came back and was very different. so i have this amazing family. we have two sons that serve. one in iraq right now. ainsley: wow. >> and so just given us our family back. ainsley: a new leash on life. >> absolutely. ainsley: adam. >> thank you so much for having me back bringing my whole family
5:56 am
here. of course molly. molly and i got paired up cyber monday of 2015. i couldn't be happier. i got my life back. ainsley: she saved your life, didn't she? >> yes. i have a great girlfriend here in the studio watching. without k-9s for warriors i certainly would not be here. having extra family really helps especially 3:00 in the morning we always talk about. ainsley: sherry, where we can see the movie and how do we donate to the organization? >> go to k-9s for you can find stuff. new leash on life sign up to watch it for free. ainsley: what is your son's name, we can pray for him. >> caleb. ainsley: pray for caleb serving our country overseas. thank you so much for being here. god bless you all. thanks for starting the organization. more "fox & friends" coming up.
5:57 am
ahh. where are mom and dad? 'saved money on motorcycle insurance with geico! goin' up the country. love mom and dad' i'm takin' a nap. dude, you just woke up! ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides.
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after the show show for more information. >> k-9 warriors. it's wednesday. >> run to the radio. [♪] >> bill: it's 9:00 and president trump officially back home after the historic trip overseas and now facing congress on a potential treaty to seal the deal. good morning. day three. new studio, new format. i'm bill hemmer. >> sandra: just as exciting. i'm sandra smith. the president returning to washington this morning declaring north korea is no longer a threat and defending the plan to scale back u.s. military operations there. the president tweeting, quote, we save a fortune by not going war games as long as we're negotiating in good faith


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