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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  June 13, 2018 9:00am-9:59am PDT

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>> bill: it's nerve-wracking. >> sandra: by the way, the president is on with bret baier tonight. tune in for that. safe travels. we will see you tomorrow. "outnumbered" starts now. >> harris: fox news alert on the new reaction to president trump's summit with kim jong un. the president is back in washington, d.c. celebrating his historic meeting. saying everyone can now feel safer that the day he took office and that north korea is no longer a nuclear threat. and now we are getting brand new details from the secretary of state mike pompeo, who is in south korea. so this is coming together. this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner here today, host of "after the bell" on fox business, melissa francis. town hall editor and fox news contributor katie pavlich. host of "kennedy" on fox business, wendy. joining us for the first time in the center seat is david tafuri. the foreign policy adviser for the obama campaign and state
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department official under president bush. doing the bipartisan dance. he is "outnumbered." you and i have gone back and forth on "overtime." you said it might hurt today. i hope you didn't mean that. avid: i'm honored to be on but it is a little intimidating. i asked the producer if i could have a white flag to raise up and surrender. >> melissa: take your shirt off. >> harris: oh, >> kennedy: hump day sizzling indeed. >> harris: let's rock and roll. welcome. >> david: thank you. >> harris: he looks scared. president trump is home after the historic summit with north korean leader kim jong un. he tweeted about the unprecedented meeting calling it interesting and positive. saying there is no longer a nuclear threat from north korea. then he wrote this -- "before taking office people were assuming we were going to warh north korea. president obama said north korea was the biggest and most dangerous problem. no longer. sleep well tonight!" the details of what was agreed on still not clear. north korea is claiming the
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president is willing to lift economic sanctions. but president trump hasaid they will stay in place for now. north korea is also claiming president trump agreed to a step-by-step denuclearization process. national security adviser john bolton and secretary of state mike pompeo are planning to continue talks with north korean officials in the next week or so. i mentioned pompeo right now is in south korea talking with the foreign ministers of both the south and japan. the meeting was planned but it's taking on a greater significance since president trump's comment about suspending joint military exercises with south korea. pompeo told reporters that north korea understands there will be in depth verification of the nuclear commitments. the u.s. wants north korea to take majorisar steps by t of the president's first term. meanwhile, counselor to the president kellyanne conway responding to the critics of that meeting with this.
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watch. >> what this president, his moxie on the world stage cannot be overstated. unlike the one-sided iran deal, cuba deal, where we gave up everything and got nothing in returte embarrassingly, this president has made clear that he is the one looking for kim jong un to denuclearize and stabilize. you cannot under estimate what it means to have a leader who makes good on the commitment to keep everybody more safe. arris: republican lawmakers say they want any final deal reached with kim jong un to be voted on by congress. while senate minority leader chuck schumer is blasting the summit. >> three things are clear. first, chairman kim achieved far more than president trump did. second, our adversaries, russia and china have gained while our allies like south korea and japan have lost footing and some degree of
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faith in america's reliability. third, the summit was much more show than substance. what the texans call all cattle, no hat. >> harris: i thought chuck schumer was from new york. >> he got the quote wrong. all cowboy, no -- all cattle no. >> it's no cattle. >> no cowboy. >> harris: all we know that -- >> all hat, no cattle. >> harris: it's just wrong. no matter what. >> he got everything wrong. >> harris: you are in a unique position worked across two different administrations from different political parties. republicans say and i thought democrats wanted this, too, this has to go by congress. yet, you hear senator schumer, where he got the cat in the hat and whatever going on right. how do you bridge the gap on north korea? >> david: look, what happened yesterday was incredible. president trump and his new national security team bolton and pompeo deserve a lot of credit for making that happen.
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and i was here in studio and i got to watch it. i felt privileged to see it happen. nobody thought it would happen six months ago but we shouldn't over-sell what happened. the meeting itself was important that it happened. a president met with a leader of north korea. but what the p came back wits just a commitment by kim jong un to denuclearize the korean peninsula. that is the same commitment the president of south korea got a few weeks before. that is all we have right now. we are still at the beginning stages. i don't like president trump tweets out saying america, you are safe now. were not safe yet. north korea still has nuclear weapons and he is a leader who is ruthless. he killed his uncle with an antiaircraft gun. he has killed tens of thousands of his own people and he uses starvation against a tool of his own people. we have to be careful not to over-sell what happened. >> melissa: all of that is true. absolutely true. at the beginning you said all we got is a commis t
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but it's different than the rhetoric we are hearing elsewhere that it's useless, that there was nothing gained by this meeting. that all of this back and forth is so destructive in the wake of the meeting as it went on. can't people just sit back and see what develops? >> david: i agree. sena schumer should haven't said what he said. he sounds like he didn't support president trump. >> harris: do you think he meant something else? >> david: he struck the wrong tone in that speech on the floor of the senate. >> harris: kellyanne conway, adviser to the president, counselor to the president rihis tone. watch this. >> this is going to consulted with congress, unlike the one-sided iran dealre he gave up piles of cash and got very little in r president obama didn't have the courage to bring it to the senate to ratify it. at least this president will consult with the senate. in fact did yesterday.
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>> harris: kellyanne conway making the point that the president is willing to take this to congr again, to you, tateie. -- katie. i saw you nodding as david is talking. ratifying this in congress is something both sides want but do you get there? >> katie: the administration has to drive the train on this one and come one aete plan and a cron -- concrete treaty and show it to congress and debate what they can work with and what you is best. we had the senate democrats detail what they think should happen with north korea the same page. secretary pompeo had been saying. looking at chuck schume ears there -- chuck schumer's language there. he says the adversaries gained more than allies did that is hard to square the circle on. ye china and russia have an interest in getting the united states off the peninsula. they like the idea wegoing to tr permanently halt the military
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exercises. they don't want the u.s. military in the region when china is building their islands. but when the allies benefited from a promised denuclearization which has to be followep with, are no longer facing an existential threat. so for schumer to say the adversaries gained more than the allies, that is not accurate. >> harris: you got three americans home mmit. you don't even hear that. the issue of human rights is one that is still rearing its head as something people don't think on the left side of the aisle, k got enough in north korea.the president weigh in on that. : is in fact the first and gravest threat to the globe was nuclear because -- was north korea because of the nuclear weapons and that is an important first step. we cannot lose sight of the million of people who starved and the hundreds of thousands who died under this regime. they are still imprisoned in labor camps.
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families are split apart. anyone who is seen as going against the state is considered an enemy. and their lives are ruined or shortened murderously. wean't sight of ats used to be the party of peace. if ultimately we want peace this is something that you shouldn't be lambasting from senate floor. you should be applauding part of it that might bring us regional and globalafety. that is a tremendous first step. >> harris: i agree with you. >> david: president trump said something in the long press conference yesterday morning that he will not start ratcheting dow sanctions until there is improvement on human rights. it's important to say that but i'm not sure he is realistic. i donhink north w improve the human rights situation. >> harris: he is calling their bluff. >> david: he is but i don't think he can follow up on that. >> kennedy: john bolton will make sure -- i'm not a huge fan of bolton's hawkishness
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but he is in the administration. he has the president's ear. he is going to make absolute certain that north korea makes good -- my gosh, is my earring. >> harris: you look gorgeous with one or two. >> kennedy: you're very kind. >> harris: melissa, we are at a point that docrats have to ask are they going to take ownership asricans rather than a sepe party? if there is one thing that the world will look at is they look how together we are on the issue of breaking apart north korea. it makes us look weaker we are not together. it's a question that looms. >> melissa: i'm glad you heard him talking about human rights. as i watch coverage so many people -- granted it was the middle of the night but they did not hear that. he did say it. but it has to be followedp. o n that. fox news learning the department of justice plans to brief president truwmp on the d.o.j. inspector general michael horowitz's report on the f.b.i.'s handling of the hillary clinton e-mail case before it
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is released to the public. lawmakers are also set to be briefed around that time. the highly anticipated report is expected to foorneyeral loretta lynch, former f.b.i. direor jam comey and former deputy f.b.i. director andrew mccabe. house judiciary committee chairman bob goodlatte weighing in earlier today on "america's newsroom." the cha this report may have far-reaching implications impacting the russia investigation. >> they mishandled this information regardless of thefod esidential candidate hillary clinton. the way they handled the trump-russiaorusio which i have yet seen people will bestonished that there was aias. >> melissa: former f.b.i. director andrew mccabe is now suing the bureau and the justice deptment claiming
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they refuse to provide him with documents related to his firing. r gets me. thnly want to talk about the documents. >> katie: they knew that andrew mccabe would probably sue. he has federal employee protection and we knew he would come up against the firing to say it was unlawfully. he has said after he was referred for the criminal prosecution to the attorney in d.c. they have been talking. and he doesn't think he will face any kind of consequences. when the president gs this report tt's interesting to see if he starts to tweet about this. before it's release and i hope not so the american people can look at it for themselves. look through it. and then we battle it out about the political implications and evething else in terms of we me forward, the i.o.g. report we have waited for since february patiently. the question is goi to be if there are criminal wrongdoings in the report as alleged in
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the andrew mccabe report about l federal agents. all of these people were named doing the things the wrong way. ted in the iminal b as part the cover-up. now there questions if people are going to be e for actions. >> harris: to me this boils down to whether or not we can pause and look at it for yourselves. we have a senate hearing moments after all of this with horowitz.
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they are calling on the president to help us get the documents and he is like no, i'm g back and let it go. he hasn't tweet that but we know that is what he has done. >> kennedy: you know who else is stepping back to let it go? jeff sessions. attorney general in absentia. >> harris: recusal now is a gymnastics move. ann they get on the beam it's dangerous and scary. >> kennedy: it is a code for extended vacion. we have not seen him in the bounds of this recusal go far and wide but it goes to show eone whohe number two person at the f.b.i., if he has to file a f.o.i. lawsuit to get papers that directly correlate to his firing, what other -- >> harris: why is it happening, dav ere the most important thing. this is what the audience should care about most. that the rule of law is followed. with respect to the inspector general report tomorrow, that is fwing the rule of law.
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throper to investigate this. i don't think it has what republicans wants to have in it. it has facts about the misjudgments but not havesmun ae republicans are looking for. >> what is that, though? >> david: republicans want this report to come out and say that the department of justice to say this is a for to prevent trump to get elected. and if elected to get him impeached. that is not going to happen. >> harris: i don't think that is what they want. they just want to know who was biased and can there be accountability. they are not holding the entire justice department or the f.b.i. -- is attacking the entireump department of justice and the entire f.b.i. >> harris: he knows there are thousands of people who did not act the way that some did. >> david: he attacked the
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institution and they protect us. >> melissa: there are people up high who turned political -- >> harris: there are 30,000 of the f.b.i. who a not part of this. >> david: you would not know it from the tweet >> kennedy: he differentiated from those who have the power and run investions and made dubious suggestions from gross neigence to extreme carelessness. >> melissa: this is fun. we have much more time. it looks like barack obama may not be on the sidelines longer. there are reports of the former president is huddling the democrats a thedvice to 2020 presidential race. whether this is helpful and shows democc party still searching for its new star. we'll debate. plus, outspoken trump critic goes down in the republican primary. the trump sweet that may have him -- trump tweet that may have done him in. and the sign that t president is putting his big stamp on the g.o.p. >> it may have cost me an election in this case but i stand by every one of those
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>> katie: a fox news alert. president trump making the influence felt in a big way in the primaries. trump critic mark sanford losing his pri fight.befohe pole
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president tweeting mark sanford has been unhelpful to me in the campaign to make america great again. he is m.i.a. and nothing but trouble. he is better off in argentina. i fully endorse katie arrington for congress in south love. show is tough on crime and will continue our fight to lower taxes. vote katie. that is a dig at the sford extramarital troubles. he lost to state katie arrington, the first term state representative who branford "a never-trumper." and tom cole says crossing the leader of your own party in the primary is a bad idea. hen you are in primary season again it's usually a good thing not to be at odds with the most important elected official in your party. that is a rule of thumb no matter which party you are in. >> katie: in meantime, chris stewart winning the primary -- corey stewart winning his primary fight. the president tweeting
9:22 am
congratulations to stewart for his great shick torrey. now he runs against a total stiff tim kaine who is weak on crime and borders and wants to raise the taxes through the roof. don't understimate cey. a major chanc so this idea that the pro-dump candidates are winning isn't surprising to me because the r.n.c. made it clear this is the party of trump now and interested in passing his agenda. >> melissa: this is interesting. we heard a rule of thumb don't go out and cross the most highly elected person in your party. there are a lot of democrats distancing themselves from so i don't know that is necessarily a rule of thumb. i think what it is a rule is that president trump is more popular than a lot of democrats think. and some republicans think. and that the never-trumpers are sort of the ones who are pretty much getting results they wanted and denouncing the means by which it's gotten. i don't know. that seemsmall and petty. >> harris: the president is doing what he said he would
9:23 am
do. he said he wanted his kind of republicans after the tax reform bill passed because those who created a head wind for him, he wasn't going to forget about that. he hasn't. >> david: the important take-away. this is republican primary victories so the pro-trump candidates winning but it's not necessarily good for republicans in the general election. >> harris: look at pennsylvania. >> david: of course. >> harris: we saw conor lamb for the democrats had to lean right. i don't know about that. >> david: if you look at the primaries last week as well it's the pro-trump candidate n. but the democrats got their candidates in primaries as well. donald trump still has the lowest approval ratings of almost any president in history countrywide. >> he is in the same spot obama and bush were in the first term at this point. >> david: i don't think it's true. obama was above 50% at this point. >> harris: i believe it's a
9:24 am
real clearitics average. >> katie: i want to get backirg. virginia is across the river from washington, d.c. tim kaine is someone who trump is familiar with but corey stewart can tie kaine to hillary battling for virginia. >> kennedy: this is a state tind very close. to your point, this is something that ron emmanuel tried to impart to -- that this is a local race. this has to be about your state and your constituents and what they want. i don't think that tim kaine isnbeatable. i think a lot of the senate seats that the democrats feel comfortable with, if you run them the right way, then a lot of these candidates are very vulnerable and hillary clinton still marvels at things that come out of her mouth. what an unlikable temp tres
9:25 am
she is. >> david: stewart is a far right, p-confederacy candidate. he would be better off if the n beret won. now we have corey stewart. he is never going to beat senator kaine. kain republicand the rep the crossover voters like him in virginia. stewart has no chance. >> harris: let me ask a question. from your background in all of this, do you think that there is something that republicans are missing inerms of their candidates? what you are saying if it's pro-trump is it too far to the right? i don't know. from looking at it and going state by state are there some places where something might be missed? >> katie: i don't think it's fair tossify the green beret as a republican who is not interested with what grassroots has the to offer. he gave the amazing speech in the legislature about the
9:26 am
second amendment and defending it. >> harris: so why not back him? >> katie: a close rate. 1.7% difference between him and stewart and freitaj. it's not like stewart won in a landslide. it was close. >> harris: if you're the president why pick stewart? >> katie: he's loyal. he was the campaign manager in virginia for president trump. he believes in the loyalty and he believes that stewart can win. >> kennedy: what will be interesting, one thing that president obama wasn't able to do, he was charismatic and beloved in the democratic party. within the democratic party, popular two-term president. but he couldn't get the candidates elected. the president seems to be coming from the recent midterms hav wind in his sails but that is different than the primary fights versus the general in november. >> harris: are the democrats going to come one that overarching message too? >> katie: the lawmakers
9:27 am
setting up debate on pai of immigration bills. can they get a bill to pass before the or is there a gap from mod kate and conservatives too wide? and new reaction to rod tein threatening to subpoena members and the staffers of the house intelligence committee. how lawmakers respond and what we can expect moving forward. since my stroke, he hasn't left my side.
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>> harris: new reaction to fox news reporting that the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein threatened to subpoena e-mail, phone records and other documents from house intelligenceember and staffers. this follows a tense meeting between the two parties in january. attorney general jeff sessions was asked about this just last night on "tucker." he said he is confident rosenstein would not make an appropriate threat. and defends the relationship between the d.o.j. officials and top members of congress. republican congressman jim jordan says this.
9:32 am
>> you are almost flabbergasted. what is the attorney general saying? rod rosenstein hasn't complied with devin nunes' subpoena and chairman goodlatte's subpoena. we heard them hiding information in the strozk/page text messages. we are learning that the head of the justice department rod rosenstein was threatening members of the house intelligence committee for doing their job, trying to get answers for the american people? and the attorney general says that is okay? >> harris: chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge who broke the story live for us in d.c. with more details. >> thanks, harris. the e-mails reviewed by fox news were sent to the house office of the general counsel, the house's top attorney to document the january meeting that included the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein, the f.b.i. director christopher wray, their senior advisers as well as the republican house intelligence committee chairman devin nunes and his senior staff. the account claims rosenstein threatened to turn the tables on the committee regarding the russia probe. "the deputy attorney general
9:33 am
rosenstein criticized the committee for sending our request in writing and was further critical of the committee's request that the d.o.j./f.b.i. do the same when responding." the comee investigator wrote going so far to say if the committee likes being litigators, we, too, are litigators and we will subpoena your records. the e-mail reviewed by fox indicate a second committee staffer at the same meeting backed up the writing ving the nation's number one for these matters, law enforcement officer threatened to subpoena your calls and e-mails was downright chilling. both the f.b.i. and the justice department dispute the characterization. justice department official said rosenstein never threatened a criminal investigation. writing the deputy attorney general was making the point after being threatened with contempt that as an american citizen charged with the offense of contempt of congress he'd have the right to defend himself. including production of e-mail
9:34 am
and text messages to demonstrate the allegations are false. rosenstein is asking the house general counsel to investigate staffers. this morning a legal expert and others put it this way. >> it's deeply concerning instead of having a cooperative relationship with the agency respectful of the importance of congress and having access to documents regarding matters they are investigating that they have the oversight responsibility for. this is not the way to conduct that. >> justice department official said they are asking the general counsel to investigate the congressional staffers but the legal expert told fox news that rosenstein can make that request but he doesn't have the authority to demand an investigation because of the separation of powers. >> harris: thank you very much for all of that great information for the discussion. david, i'm not threatening you with a criminal but i am threatening you. when that comes from the d.o.j., it has a lot of weight.
9:35 am
>> david: look, catherine herridge is a great reporter t i also watch tucker carlson's interview last night with attorney general sessions. he said he spoke to people who were in the room from the department of justice. they said this simply did not happen. this is theublican attorney general speaking to other republican department of justice officials who were there. it didn't happen apparently. what you have now is if you have congressman jordan and nunes doing the bidding of the president. they averyhey can to interfere with the ler investi and to try and label the department 't think t right. i think the congressmen -- >> harris: did you see the texts? >> david: they should represent the constituents, not president trump. >> harris: so david, what you are saying witho the evidence and that is what you are saying. there are text messages. >> melissa: this goes to release the documents.
9:36 am
someone is lying. the text we have seen showed a bias that sounds like you don't think exist. now we aret the point i was in the room. they said this. only thing to set this release documents so we can see what happened. >> kennedy: absolutely. the government needs to get in the habit of dng that from congress or department of justice. maybe he knows he will out of a job he is loyal to the president and no longer loyal to colleagues in the senate and he feels tha rod rosenstein only friend he hast in that is fine. this looks like they have something to hide. that is not how the government should operate or how this department should operate. it's not difficult to put forth the documents they have requested. how hard is that. the
9:37 am
president can tide whatever they want. >> harris: you watched tucker last night. there was the denial that this ever happened. but for you tismiss was being able to get to bottom of this i'm concerned about. as kennedy and melissa is pointing out. there is a way to figure out who is lying. let's look to see what we have. turn it all over. >> it sounds like this is personal. he as a private citizen needs to defend himself. >> f.o.i. request. that is also the federal government in general. it's specifically bad in the d.o.j. if you look what is happening here, the justice department has shown congress millions of documents. they have been asked to come over and look at them. to sayy haven't turned over anything to say is unfair
9:38 am
and not reflective of the facts. when it comes to congress and what they want to do and the frustration with the subpoenas not enforced. okay. you have had subpoenas out since last year. enforce them. if you are going to hold rosenstein in contempt -- >> harris: so why aren't they? >> they threaten this all day and they don't follow through. if you w documents, do it. >> harris: called upon by lee zeldin. he sat in your seat a few d ago. he said i wish chaffetz would come back so we could all fight. but it takes a concerted effort. justice is lower on the wrung than the re-election. >> that is so sad b we are operating in highly
9:39 am
politicized power. >> american people can make decisions around the first week. ey want to hold rosensteint if in contempt, do it. >> it's strategic patience. feckless. >> harris: these republicans narrowly avoiding a messy floor debate on immigration. house lead earns now reached a deal to bring a vote next week on the dueling legislation and w democrats are stepping up their calls for the solution to protect the so-called dreamers from deportation. they are only a few months late on that. how will it play out with the mid-term elections looming? a lot rides on the first week this is not just a yard.
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it's where memories are made. and you have the best seat in the house.
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9:44 am
petition which would have gone around the house leadership and forced a vote on d lawmakers will vote on two bills. conservative proposal that is not expected to pass. and apromise bill between moderates and conservatives still being drafted. >> we have been working hand in glove with the administration to make sure we bring a bill to represent the president's four pillars so we can come together, have the votes that everybody is looking for, but more importantly this represents a consensus between the members. >> it will protect all dreamers those that signed up for daca, those that did not and eligible and aged in. our goal is to have a permanent fix for the dreamers. give them the certainty that they need. >> do you think tt the compromise has any chance? >> katie: it depends on if the democrats can get on board. i'm not sure if it has a
9:45 am
chance because we are a few months from the election. this congressman is more relevant and he probably has people calling his officesayings as the voders. people are frustrated with the fact of the illegality of the issues is addressed first before streamlining the legal side of this when people are waiting in line to get here legally and get american citizenship and the focus is on the people who broke the law. whether it's the parents bringing them in as children or bringing them here illegally. i think the idea they are getting the precedent and the priority is frustrating to a lot of people. >> kennedy: but who canix to you point, who can fix it? congress can fix it. congress has to pass laws of the immigration policy. if they don't do that, then the states do whatever they want the federal law. it becomes very confusing for people who are trying to get
9:46 am
in this country and it is a time-consuming expensive process to immigrate legally into the united states. congress has to do a much better job ofhat. they will not do it here. they will continue to drop the ball. crats, ihey are obstructing on north korea, they are not going to give republicans a win on immigration. both sides have to bend. neither side wants to be gumby. >> harris: gumby. great hair, by the way. representative denham we heard of i have on "overtime" in the next hour and he is saying that this kind of cpromise legislation does touch on the four pillars that the president wanted. i mean you do have to eventually put something on the president's desk that he is going to sign. they can go around and around certain part of the country happy and certaints not but at the end of the day the optics of the children now -- we know the pictures are from 2014 with the kids in cages. but the optics get tougher in the summer because we know
9:47 am
numbers balloon. we are seeing increase on the hern borders. although they fell to the lowest point ever a fun -- a couple of months ago. so you know there isptic pressure leading to first week in november and the mid-term election. the president wants it done, schumer said he wanted to get it done when he shut down the government. maybe he moves back to new york and works on this. come up with a compromise. >> david: more than 70% of the people wan a solution and now members of congress want it. congressman denham has been a hero for daca people and he almost got majority to do this getting thisoved forward this week. t now there is a compromise. this should pass the house. they support the solution for the daca. everyone president trump wants solution for daca.
9:48 am
>> if they don't get it done it will hurt the republicans in november. >> obama may look to 2020. the report he met with the top democrats ahead of the next race for the white house. whether this is helpful and what it says about the democratic party. we debate.
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>> kennedy welcome back a the democrats continue the search for a candidate to challenge prent trump. politico reporting that former president obama met with hopefuls ahead of the election. some are elizabeth warren, bernie sanders, joe biden and duval patrick. "the hill" writing unlike the runup to the 2016 am pain when the ready for hillary super pac served to stoke her entry in democratic political race there are no candidates specific pacs forming this time around. either lay the groundwork for e campaign or to create a sense of anticipation. david, it makes us wonder aloud what are the democrats doing? they don't seem to have a candidate. >> david: i agree. the democrats don't have a national figure. barack obama is the only national figure they have. they don't have a front runner presidential campaign
9:53 am
candidate. they also don't really have a platform. so if you listen to congressman kennedy he gave the democratic response to the "state of the union" in january. it was a good speech. but it was -- >> we were distracted by the car in background. >> david: yeah. a little strange and it looked a platform. other than those two things the democrats are doing great. >> it sounds awesome. >> kennedy: they also have very familiar and the well-worn names. is that enough to inspire passion from some of the younger, independent-minded democrats? >> melissa: i feel you wanting to do the nancy pelosi impression. >> kennedy: she is not going to run for president. i'm talking about biden, sanders and if you add their ages together int equals the -- equals the distance to the sun. miles, not kilometers. >> melissa: that is strew but i -- true but you can't discount them. i remember sitting on the couch when they said bernie sanders was going to run and we joked that hillary paid him
9:54 am
to come out and run. >> they said the same thing about trump. >> melissa: right. and i think the candidate ends up being it's officially a cult of personality. >> kennedy personality to break throughand? does anyone? >> melissa: i don't know. no one would have better beny sanders could get as far as he could. i interviewed elizabeth warren at another network when she was still a professor. slow-moving interview and i was worried we lost viewers because she didn't speak in a dynamic way. i never wouldet she is someone who has a passionate following now. you don't know who can come out and be a personality. >> kennedy: who is the president molding here? who does he want to take the party over? >> katie: to see barack obama coming back in the fold for the presidential election. he is clearly frustrated with his legacy completely being destroyed by the administration which is fine with me. but looking at who is in line whether he can actually shape
9:55 am
the par and whether elizabeth warren or sanders is left of barack obama and whether the country is willing to go there as a whole. i say the answer is no. the problem with the democrats they are choosing the far left candidatessing on the west coast and the east coast and they are ignoring counties that voted for obama in 2008 and 2012. and then flipped to trump. so maybe obama can give them some advice about how to get back those counties. but given the benefits that people have seen there for the trump agenda on taxes and other things -- >> kennedy: who should the democrats pick? >> david: i don't think they sh pick a socialist. i don't think a socialist can win. >> so no harris kamala harris -- >> she is progressive. >> david: 2020 in democrats is for the 2016 for the republicans. there are 17 candidates. none of them are a front runner at the beginning and someone hopefully will emerge. what the democrats do have is
9:56 am
i think president trump is a very weak candidate. he will be substantially weakened going into 2020. >> kennedy: we'll see how the economy does. we have more "outnumbered" in a moment. stay right here. people would stare. psoriasis does that. it was tough getting out there on stage. i waed to be clear. i wanted it to last. so i kept on fighting. i found something that wor sand keeps on working. now? they see me. . . ople with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... ople with moderate ...find clear skin that can last. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting cosentyx, you should be checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms. or iifou have inflammatory vacbowel disease,o. tell your doctor if symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur.
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>> melissa: thank you so much to david tafur you sued. might you come back again? >> i would love to come back if you will have meet. >> wasn't it fun? your suit is great.
10:00 am
>> it was fun. i thought i would b dismembered at the end of outnd. >>sa: it was fun. >> kennedy: it was good. all right. thank you we are back here at noon eastern tomorrow. here's harris. >> harris: this story coming togetherow. new fallout amid word that the deputy attorneeral trend to turn the tables on e republican inquiries regarding the russia investigation. we go outnumbered overtime. i'm harris faulkner. fox news has learned that rod rosenstein threaten to subpoena emails, phone records and other information from members of the house intelligence committee earlier this year after a tense meeting about the panel's oversight of the the doj's russia probe. one staff described the comment as down right chilling. a justiceartment official says rosenstein never threatened anyone. these new developments are not sitting well with house judicial chair boob goodlatte. watch. >> it is deeply concerning. instead of having a coop


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