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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  June 13, 2018 10:00am-10:59am PDT

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>> it was fun. i thought i would b dismembered at the end of outnd. >>sa: it was fun. >> kennedy: it was good. all right. thank you we are back here at noon eastern tomorrow. here's harris. >> harris: this story coming togetherow. new fallout amid word that the deputy attorneeral trend to turn the tables on e republican inquiries regarding the russia investigation. we go outnumbered overtime. i'm harris faulkner. fox news has learned that rod rosenstein threaten to subpoena emails, phone records and other information from members of the house intelligence committee earlier this year after a tense meeting about the panel's oversight of the the doj's russia probe. one staff described the comment as down right chilling. a justiceartment official says rosenstein never threatened anyone. these new developments are not sitting well with house judicial chair boob goodlatte. watch. >> it is deeply concerning. instead of having a cooperative relationship with this agency, respectful
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of the importance of the congress having access to documents regarding matters that they're investigating, that they have oversight responsibility for, and this is not the way to conduct that. it's not about getting testy with members of congress. it is about making sure that the documents hav areperly oduced in a timely fashion so that the congress can do its work. >> harris: rod rosenstein's boss attorney general jeff sessions is confident that he has done nothing improper. >> i'm confident rod rosenstein 28 years in office did not threaten anyone on that occasion. we do believe that we have tried to be cooperative with them and made progress in months as the months have gone by and, in fact, have had some good relationships with members of congress. >> harris: how do they see it so different have any
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somebody is not telling the truth. chief intelligence correspondent cat herridge has more from washington. catherine? >> thank you, harris. the emails reviewed by fox news were sent to the house office of general counsel the house's top lawyer to document what felt was a very significant meeting in january that ided the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein, fbi director christopher wray, theirors as ws the republican house intelligence committee chairman devin nunes and his senior staff. the acone count claimed rosenstein threatened to turn the tables on the committee regarding the russia probe. quote: the deputy attorney general rosenstein icized the committee for sending a request in writing and critical of the committee's request to have the doj/fbi do the same when responding. investigator wrote going as far as to s like to be lit gators than we, the justice department too are lit gators and we'll consider your records and your emails reto the house committee and congress overall. the emails revealed by fox
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second staff at the meeting backed up the account having the nation's number one for these matters law enforcement officer threaten to subpoena your calls and emails was down right chilling. both the fbi and justice department dispute the characterization. the justice department official says rosenstein never threatened a criminal investigation. writing the deputy attorney general was making the point after being threatened with contempt that as an american citizen with the offense of contempt of congress he would have the right to defend himself, including requesting production of relevant emails and text messages and calling them as witnesses to demonstrate their allegations wer false. jim jordan reacted to the attorney general's public support for rosenstein. >> rod rosenstein was threatening members of the house committee for doing their job for trying to get answers for the american people. the attorney general says that's okay. we're doing just fine? i didn't know he had said that when you just played
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that. i'm like are you kidding me? >> justice deptment official added that rosenstein will request that the house general counsel counsel conduct general investigation of the staffers. it's important to note the legal expert we spoke to this morning said rosenstein can make the request but he doesn't have the power or the authority to demand an investigation of congressional staff. harris? >> harris: catherine, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> harris: republican congressman jody heights of georgia sits on the house committee and we want to get your perspective on this. first of all, welcome to the program and thank you for being here. i started with catherine herridge saying somebody is not telling the truth in all of this. and either a meeting happened in january where this threat was leveled or it didn't. >> yeah, that's right. and, you know, i frankly don't share the confidence that sessions shares. i think there is every reason in the world to believe there is some improper activity taking place here. and we need to get to the bottom of it.
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>> harris: what is the significance of the doj, deputy attorney general saying, you know what? i have every right to subpoena and i'm going to go after house membe. why is that important? bottom line for the american ople? >> it's intimidation. it is -- it just reveals more and more of the corruption that tryingto get to. we have authorization. we have the duty to do our investigation, to get to the bottom of this. and for him to com back and threaten with retaliatory type comments such as this, is absolutely unacceptable. it's time to get to the bottom of this. he needs to turn over the documents and quit stonewalling. quit the slow-walking that he has been doing and do what we are asking him to do. and it's time for him to quit. now he is just with another stunt to try to -- through intimidation stop the
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process from moving forward. >> harris: congressman, we will move on from this point. the question is it's not a rorschach test. either something happened or it didn't. if there is a threat here, then the question becomes is rosenstein abusing his power? >> absolutely. i think that's exactly the issue. and we have got to get to the bottom of it what happened? what did not happen? let's see the documents. let's get to the bottom of it absolutely what you said is correct. >> harris: all right. so you have 2 points of view if you will. either there's a push to stop the house intelligence investigation and you'll have to speak to whether o not you are saying that's the case, or there's a push for the house intelligence committee to go too far to overreach. your thoughts? >> no. listen, it's to do our duty, which, in this case, is to have oversight. that's what we are here to do. and at this pnt, atte oversight has been stonewalled or he is digging in his heels to . this has been going on for
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months and months and months it is time to quit t stonewalling and let's get to the bottom of it and allow us to do our job of oversight. >> harris: you know, it's just a matter of time, tick tock before somebody maybe can come forward and say whether or not these threats from the doj happened independent of some of the opinion that we are hearing out there it will be interere facts t us. meanwhile, former fbi deputy director andrew mccabe is suing the bureau, the doj and its naacp inspector general for refusing to turn over documents related to his firing. he waswron terminated. the fbi's former number two was dismissed. people may remember, just hours before he planned to take retirement in march for allegedly lying to vestigators. and now mccabe's attorney is arguing the documents could help them build a larger case for that wrongful rmination. i want to get your perspective on this lawsuit that's looming. >> yeah. listen, it's just another attempt to muddy the water. mccabe was fired for lying to the fbi. he was -- had a criminal
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prosecution referral. he can try to hire every lawyer. he can try to do everything he wants to. but it will not do away with the facts he was fired for lying to the fbi. and now he is just trying to confuse the facts with the process as to how he was fired and that type of thing. the question is not how he was fired, what the process was. the question was why he was fired. and that is the issue, and he was fired for lying. harris: you know, in the very last days of his employment, that thing about his retirement pay, and pension and all that kind of stuff came up. but the bottom line is he is a government employee. so he will get some of that cash. why deal with it this way with the lawsuit? what is the end goa >> i t the end goal is probably to try to get everything. i don't know what he will lose. what he will not lose. at's not really my wheel house. he is trying to confuse and
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muddy the water with this thing. and i do not see any way for him to be successful in this. the facts are the facts. and is he just simply trying to confuse the process with the facts of the case. and that is why he was fired. and it wasor lying. >> harris: well, when you look at those text messages where the two parties who had bias against the president of the united states at the time and their text messages kept mentioning a guy named andy. and it has been long thought that that was andrew mccabe, their boss in those text messages as they were professing bias. >> just disconnect the dots. you are exactly right. >> harris: great to have you, congr heights, thank you for your time. >> good to be with you, thank you. >> harris: all right. now let's get reaction from the othere of the political aisle. first renowned jothan turley says it wassor really reckless for rod rosenstein to threaten to subpoena lawmakers and staff. watch. >> i think the threat, even one for a civil subpoena was really reckless, he
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shouldn't have done it. he is subject to the oversight of the hse and senate committees. these committees have a history of rather poor oversight. this is for those of us who have argued for years that these committees need to exercise real oversight, demand documents and not back down, this is actually refreshing trend. you can disagree with the merits. but they have a right to see this. the allegation that one party used the fbi to investigate the opposing party is one of the most serious matters for oversight in our system. itoes to the very heart of our electoral system and our governmental system. so, there is every reason for the members to want to see these docts. >> harris: that really bottom lined it, didn't it? one party used the fbi to investigate the other party. that's kind of what we're talking about here. joining me now, congressman eric swalwell, a member of the house intel andiary committees. great to see you today. thanks for joining us. >> you too, harris.
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thanks. >> harris: i was talking previously and i don't know how much can you hearith eist of georgia. we were talking about this there is going to be some proof of whether or not the doj, the head the doj deputy a.g. threatened members of congress with subpoenas. so i want to getour take on it some people are talking about it like it didn't happen. some people are saying it can je are waiting learn what happened. but i know the reputation of rod rosenstein and that is one of impeccable character. and i know the reputation of devin nunes and that is one of misleading, obstructing, attempting to intervene in an investigation, has made claims that have routinely been proved false. so, i go just with the credibility of mr. rosenstein on this one. >> harris: yeah. i think we should follow the facts on it i mean,. >> credibility matters, you know. like. >> harris: facts matter, too. and they don't care about
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your feelings. it will be interesting to see what comes forth. talk with mf you can -- i'm curious to ask someone from your side of the political aisle how do you look at those text messages between peter strzok and lisa page? again not a rorschach test. >> i hate them. >> harris: they were professing bias against the current president. go ahead. >> no, i hate them, harris. it pains me to look at them because a lawful investigation is under way. there is a lotf evidence that shows, you know, concerning contact that the president and his team had with russians. personal opinion get in ther way. 99% of law enforcement offi they are allowed to have personal opinions but they don't threat intersect with their work. now, we want to be clear, there is no evidence that they have manipulated or perverted any of the evidence to fit their own opinion. >> harris: the presence of those text messages is sticky. >> i don't like it. i don't like it. >> harris: legally compromising potentially. we will again follow the facts on that. andrew mccabe says he was wrongfully terminated.
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do you think that's the case? >> you know, i don't know enough about that. i listened to him for about 8 hours. i asked him questions along with my republican and cratic colleagues. i found him to be very credible. but we didn't talk to him about the hillary clinton email investigation we talked to him about the russia investigation. i think he should at least be able to pursue the documents he is seeking to pursue from the doj and the fbi around his firing. what makes, again, harris, going back to you just want them to keep their head down and follow the law. what i tricky about andrew mccabe's firing is that the presid the united states was involved from what he said when they m about andrew would tweet out to thehe public. so whether that influenced how mr. mccabe was viewed by the inspector general, i don't know. but i don't like that the president did that either. >> harris: wow. that's an interesting place you just went. because i would have guessed that the facts prove that what's tricky about andrew mccabe is that he lied to investigators and that's a crime. >> can't lie -- you can't
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lie, you know, harris. and if that's what he did, you know, then charges would be brought by the district where it was referred. i will tell you, i found him to be credible. i think the president's involvement has muddied this up. and that's why presidents traditionally put a big tall wall between themselves and what their investigators are doing at the department of justice. >> harris: you said 8 hours and i remember that with the hearing that was going on. 8 hours with andrew mccabe. did you ask him at all about why he lied? >> well, no. we focused on the russia investigation. we didn't go into, you know, the hillary clinton email stuff because that wasn't relevant to us. i know a lot of people think ise russia investigation. we just wanted to know what the russians were doing and what the fbi was doing to counter it. arris: eric swalwell, great to see you. >> you too. thanks, harris. >> harris: wow it, seems like people look at one thing and everybody sees something differential. brings us the facts. president trump touts his
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summit with kim jong un upon returning to the white house. and declaring korea is no longer a nuclear threat. is that true and what we can expect going forward. >> i think that if you nuke rise the korean peninsula no doubt is a benefit to everyone. this is a global issue. this is not an american issue. it certainly isn't just about north korea and south korea. this benefits everyone. ♪ ♪ honk if you likeint ass. now you're so busy soaking up all this attention, you don't see the car in front of you. and if i can crash your "perfect day", imagine what i can do to the rest of 'em. so get allstate, and be better protected from mayhem. like me.
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>> harris: fox news alert. secretary of state mike pompeo is in south korea right now briefing our allies on the details of president trump's north korea summit. insisting the united states will resume military exercises with seoul if the north stops negotiating in good faith. meanwhile, the president is touting his progress with north korea upon returning to the white house this morning. he tweeted this: just landed. a long trip but everybody n now feel much safer than the day i took office. there is no longer a nuclear threat from nor korea. with kim jong un was an interesting and very positive experience. north korea has great potential for the future exclamation point. kevin corke is our guy at the white house covering all of the news as it develops this hour. the latest, kevin? >> harrisays good to be with you. secretary of state mike pompeo saying that the u.s. is hoping for "major disarmament" of north korea's nuclear arsenal before the end of president
10:20 am
trump's first term in office. he also added as you just pointed out a moment ago that the u.s. will resume military operations, those exercises with south korea if the talks stall. mike pompeo making those comments as he was our allies in seoul on the heels of the talks in singapore. president on twitter added this the world has taken a big step back from potential nuclear catastrophe. no more rocket launches, research. the hostages are back home with their families. thank you to chairman kim. our day together was historic. here's part his conversation with our bret baier. >> is the military drawing down in south korea? you kind of hinted at that and is there going to be this kind of tit-for-tat? >> no. it's not drawing down at all. in fact, honestly never discussed. i'm sure he would like that. it was never on the table. we sort of understood that was never on the table. with that being understood and, you know, you asked me a question like that, i would love to get the military out as soon as we n because it cost a lot of
10:21 am
money. a lot of money for us. >> a lot of money indeed and, of course, we expect to hear much more from the president during his conversation tonight on "special report" with bret baier. that comes your way tonight at 6:00 p.m. eastern time. on capitol hill, harris, lawmakers are looking for a lot more than just sort of promises and platitudes from pyongyang. here is speaker of the house paul ryan. >> the presidency should be applauded for disrupting the status quo. now let's get an agreement. we should be under no delusion this will be fast. it takes time. we have to have irreversible, comprehensive denuclearization of north korea. so, that's what we need to get out of this. i'm pleased the president has gotten us to the position we are in. time will tell how this ends. >> the president, as i said, is optimistic and he needs to be. he is the guy negotiating and he needs to make the other side feel like he is serious about getting something done. but, for the rest of us, who are watching and know the history of north korea, we should be skeptical. this is the country that's
10:22 am
made promises before and has broken them. >> high stakes indeed and wide skepticism on capitol hill there? paul ryan and marco rubio. by the way, we have learned within the hour, harris, that larry kudlow the president's chief economic advisor is now out of the hospital. is he recovering from a mild heart attack suffered last week andertainly we w him a speedy and full recovery. >> harris: we learned that just moments before the summit from the president's own twitter account. great to hear that larry kudlow is out of the hospital. kevin corke i said you had all the news outside the white house and i was right. thank you. >> thank you. >> harris: let's talk more about north korea. great to see you. first of all, do we actually down to zero face no nuclear threat from north korea after the summit. >> i think we are moving in the right direction. i have think the president feels very strongly that this was a good first step. i think he is trying to send a message back to north korea that we're moving in the right direction and that he will give them credit for the actions that they have done so far.
10:23 am
but it's only fir step. we are going to want to be able to verify that we actually eliminate those nuclear weapons, that they are no longer a threat to the united states. but this is not going to be a one-meeting event that's going to be taking care of all the problems here. but, you have to start some place. i think the president had a very good day. i think he had a very good summit. i think his message is one that's positive. and i think you are going to find out that the rest of the world is going toind of agree with him that hey, we are moving in the right direction. we are no longer talking about having war. we are going to do this diplomatically, if possible. but that takes north korea to also clearly understand what our expectations are. and, those expectations are not changing. >> harris: you know senator rounds, you just drew attention to something. i think purely looking at the words that the president has tweeted out there, could be a thought well now there's no nuclear threat, but what you are saying is that the audience just isn't about america. that he is also speaking to that wider audience. i was reading today that north koreans areetting a littleit moreevision coverage than they have seen
10:24 am
in a very, very long time. his is a wider message. what are we looking for as messaging coming back from north korea? >> well, i think they will respond back and as long as they feel they're making headway with our president, i think they will continue to forward as long as they feel safe in doing so. part of the concern always has been that it is regime change. and they fear regime change. if they think that the regime can be saved, then they are more interested in saving their country from -- by --- >> harris: may i step in for just a second? because you said regime change. the president even previous to the st promised protection, if you will for kim jong un. how do we promise that? what is his verification that we can keep him not just in place but alive? >> i think what we have to talk about is our position that wuld not actively go in and change the regime. and that in doing so,
10:25 am
there's nothing that's ever going to stop internally other people from trying to do so. >> harris: right. >> we havo provide him with assurances that it would not be the united states intentionally trying to change the regime. look, this is not a regime this which is innocent of anything. this is regime which is very, very capable of doing some terrible atrocities. we have to remember that in the middle of these negotiations. but, once again, this is a case ofrying to eliminate nuclear weapons, and making our borders safer. that's what the president is doing here. and he would prefer to do us without us being in a shooting war. if he can do in this t. would be accomplishment. >> harris: not whether north korea would fire on those people and that would be enough and south korea waffle our troops there americans there. and their 28 millio people. i mean, seoul is huge. but it's also the wider thought that they could sell what they have as well. and just taking those nuclear -- that nuclear power out of their hands deals with that situation because we know we have
10:26 am
other enemies that they are friends with like iran. real quicklyefore i let you go. so the next step in all of this, we have mike pompeo, secretary of state over in seoul right now, south korea explaining kind of what happened out of the summit. what is next step? >> well, i think they continue to do negotiations hind the scenes. i think they have to reiterate what our expectations are. they have to continue to build confidence that if we tell them we will do something that we would do it. but there is also repercussions if they fail to honor their deals. and, once again, one big word up here verify, verify, and reverify abo what they tell us we are doing. no question about that. and so, look, i don't think this administration goes in with their eyes closed at all. i think they are going in with their eyes wide open. this is a good first step. everything starts with a good first step. this is not easy or it would have been done a long time ago. >> harris: reports kim jong un has said he would accept the invitation to come to the white house. good idea not? real quickly? >> i'm acceptable to it if the president is i think the president is going to want to see some actual activity
10:27 am
going on before that would ever happen. but most cerly that can be a reward for good behavior. >> harris: senat great state of south dakota. beautiful place. >> we like it. >> harris: i like it too. thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> harris: watch bret baier's entire interview with the president on board air force 1 today. that's today on "special report." never miss it. paul ryan says compromise legislation is in the works on immigration and it has a chance at becoming law. the latest on a deal that push for mates to force votes on dreamer bills. we will talk with one of the lawmakers who is behind that push the compromise. stay close. ♪ ♪ managing blood sugar
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♪ >> harris: this is huge news on immigration. republicans are getting ready to bring a pair of
10:32 am
immigration bills to the floor next week. sinking that push for moderate republicans to force votes on dreamer bills sed by g.o.p. leadership. house speaker paul ryan >> an effort to bring our caucus together, our conference together on immigration. i'm very pleased with our members. what happened was our with one another and, spoke compromised with each other so that weekend find a way forward without exercise ago harge petition which would mean we would never make law. so now what we have in actual chance at making law in solving this problem. >> harris: doug mckelway now from capitol hill. doug? >> hi, harris. after meeting well into the night last night the house republeadershipmanaged to get as discharge petition. it fell two votes short of the necessary 218otes. instead what they will do now is that next week they will introduce two bills dealing with immigration, one of them is sponsored by the house judiciary committee bob goodlatte.
10:33 am
it is designed to appeal to house conservatives and it would legalize dreamers and the diversity visa lottery program it would require employers to use e establish a guest worker program. meanwhile a second bill designed to appealo g.o.p. moderates will be introduced and put on the floor next week it is said to meet mr. trump's four pillars of any immigration legislation that he would sign. it would reduce chain migration it would secure the border, end the visa lottery program and provide a pathway to citizenship for up to 1.8 million dreamers. here is speaker of the house paul ryan again. >> last thing i want to do is bring a bill out of here that i know the president won't support. well, we have been working hand in glove with the duration on ts to make sure that we are bringing a bill that represents the president's four pillars so that we can come together. >> trouble with republicans is that neither of these bills will pass muster with
10:34 am
democrats. they are absolutely feeding it to house republicans for their failure to get through discharge petition which democrats maintain would have passed. here is joe crowley, the chairman of the house democratic calcula. >caucus. >> those didn'te the leadership to allow for bipartisan bill support of overwhelming support of democrats, obviously. and a healthy support from the republican party to put that bill to 218 sponsors to get it to the floor. >> it remains to be seen how conservatives will get on board of this more moderate proposal. the house leadership is attempting to per swage them telling them they will take up the immigration again in july with other programsdesignee e-verify and the guest worker program. that's where it stands right now, harris, back to you. >> harris: doug, thank you very much. now, there is a person who was in those meetings last night in negotiations last night. one of the leaders of that so-cd discharge petition, which was looking
10:35 am
to force the issue of dreamer bills onto the floor of the house, and i thought it was interesting. you just saw the democrat joe crowley saying that republicans don't have any bone on this issue. republican from california, jeff denim is about to join us. i want to ask him about that. that's really throwing gasoline into the fire because it's going to take everybody at this point. and let's bring him in now. congressman denim, you actually have had a little bit of a journey on this issue. because you first were let's force this to the floor and now what do you say about this new compromise bill? >> it accomplishes our primary goal making sure that sweet dreams are protected from day one. that we actually have a path forward for not only those that signed up for daca but those that were daca eligible and those that have aged into it we are doing it with border security. something the american public has been asking for.
10:36 am
i'm confused. chuck schumer senator of new york shut the government down trying to protect the dreamers earlier this year. it sounds a little bit like amnesty. >> yeah, it is certainly disappointing as there is going to be a lot of rhetoric out there. this should be a bipartisan compromise. i wou like to ways to get democrats on board on this. this does do away with the diversity lottery as well as $25 billion on the wall. but, the gang of eight bill three years ago had every single democrat, including the congressional black caucus and hispanic crawx that all supported $42 billion in wall funding and got rid of the diversity lottery. look, we have got to stop talking past each other as parties and actually start focusing on an american solution. this is not how i would have written this bill but it does protect our border and it does solve our issue with
10:37 am
dreamers. >> harris: sounds like democrats won't take a yes on some of these issues. you mentioned at least two of the four pillars that i know that the president of the united states has said that he wants. so the goal is to get them to sign something. do you think either of these two bills that you are about to put forth are something that he would sign? >> i do. you know, do i believe that the judiciary bill, the bob goodlatte bill deserves a vote. we're confident it doesn't have 218 votes, which is why we have got to compromise in place. and i think that's the best way to not only move out of the house. t i think it's something the senate will take up immediately as well and something the president will gn into law to fix this once and for all. >> harris: you kind of whipped through there. did you say $25 billion for the wall and i want to stop there because is that something democrats consider a nonstarter? >> again, democrats had $32 billion a few years ago that every single democrat started. this has more to do with
10:38 am
dislike for our president than border security. >> harris: congressman den ham, what changed between them besides who is in the white house? >> nothing. i would hope to get bipartisan support if we're going to have a real fix for dreamers. compromise. >> harris: the dreamers, typically, when you kind of look at the landscape of electorate, kind of look to democrats for this issue. and we saw former speaker nancyelosi get bum rushed during the leadup to the lead up to thend of 2017. it was by some dreamers and audience who felt like democrats weren't doing enough. now have you republicans offering this legislation. what happens going forward in terms of aually reaching across the aisle? >> you know, i think the great thing about elections is it's kind of a score card for what you accomplished. i think this is one of those major issues it is time to get it done. the president gave us a march 5th deadline.
10:39 am
congress failed to act on march 5th deadline. now we are picking up the ball and running for it. it's time to get this issue done once and for all. let the american public decide who should get reelected. >> harris: i don't know if people know how big a story it is. you are about to put out what you consider to be bipartisan legislation on immigration. congressman denham from t great state of california. great to h the program. thank you. >> thanks for having me back. >> harris: new reaction to fox news reporting that deputy attorney general rod rosenstein threatened to subpoena members and staffers of the house intelligence committee. how lawmakers are responding and what we can expect going forward. the power panel weighs in. they are already fighting. what? ♪ ♪ (vo) we came here for the friends.
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layers hairs fox news alert on the growing battle between the doj. fox news has learned deputy a.g. rod rosenstein threatened to subpoena records from the house intel committee during a tense meeting earlier this year in january. staffers say they felt personally attacked.
10:44 am
but justice says rosenstein was just responding to a threat of contempt which is slightly different than those earlier in the program let's bring in the paneled. zac, the former senior advisor of the dnc head of the rapid response team for hillary clinton 2016 campaign. kevin mccullough, a radio talk show host for salem media. great to have you both. >> thank you. >> harris: let's start with the -- i don't even want to go down the road whether it happened or not. they have a lot of people who say they heard this happen. so they can shake that out when the facts come out. it shouldn't be that difficult. but, the bottom line in all of this is where we are wthese g ball with the house intelligence committee. why? >> it's pretty clear, harris, the congress has oversight. and if they ask documents, which they have been asking for for months, tough give them to them. and if you walk into a congressiorsight and you say you keep pushing this button, and i'm going to subpoena you and i'm going to threaten to go up your emails and everything
10:45 am
else, this is such an abuse of his position. >> harris: all right. >> it was off the record or behind closed doors for a long period of time. >> harris: did it leak? a lot of stuff is leaking these days. we should track that down but we should track that down and follow the fax. the word is spine. republicans pushed on this, where are they? that committee has some power, kevin. >> well, mr. turley made comment of it earlier, there has been a lot of people oversight comttees have never real lid exercised their authority. this one has. it's consistently tried to with really good intention, i think to get to the truth. >> harris: you are shang your head. other republicans have argued, too, zac, that know they haven't done all they can do now you are saying acting request good intentions they are not acting with good intention. they don't have the right to subpoena part of ongoing investigation.
10:46 am
they don't have a right to out fbi sources and putting their life in danger. >> harris: who is outing fbi sources. >> we just had an entire fight. >> harris: informant to be looking inside. it was legal you said to be looking inside the trump campaign so who is outing what? you have already said it existed. >> this is after the house intelligence committee lehe person who eed in that. that is not something they have the right to do. rod rosenstein is protecting an ongoing criminal investigation. >> harris: so you like rod rosenstein now. >> of course i like rosenstein. can i finish the point before i get interrupted? >> harris: yes. >> you said witnesses backing the house staffers. actually three witnesses in the room who corroborate rod rosenstein that is the trump is the doj senior ethicsthat adsor and that is also the assistant attorney general for legislative affairs. there is enormous evidence to suggest that rod rosenstein was simply responding and defending himself against a bogus contempt complaint against him by saying that i will ask for documents that show
10:47 am
you are liars. >> harris: here would be my follow-up. why would staffers lie? >> can i answer that? >> i don't know that that is even significant? >> harris: that's what zac is saying. calling everybody else in the room other than three people a liar. >> you are calling rod rosenstein a liar. >> put everybody under oath and make them testify to what happened there. >> harris: is it that critical? is it that important? >> i'm not sure. i do know this. the doj has not been responsive to oversight from the congress they don't have a choice in this. they have an obligation and moral responsibility. now, new need to put the congressional committee under oath not to reveal anything that is discovered in that process, can you do that. >> harris: that's an interesting thought. >> privacy about an allegation and swear nerve that room. >> harris: zac's head is about to explode on that suggestion. >> they leaked documents within an hour of receiving them last time they got a q house republicans do not have any credibility. >> doj leaks have been far more numerous than the congressional committee. >> that is complete bologna.
10:48 am
>> harris: mark sanford losing his primary last night to opponent who attacked his fre critic of president trump. has loyalty to the president become a test for g.o.p. voters? the power panel stays right here. ♪ ♪ originally discovered... in jellyfish. inlinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to member.
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>> dana: hi, everyone, i'm dana perino, our own bret baier is fresh off air force one where he sat down with president trump. bret joins us with an excluse look of the president's trip and what is he now saying about china. plus, new reports about trump's personal attorney michael cohen and whether he plans to the split with his current legal team. there is a new email scam that could be stealing millions from companies. all that and more on the daily briefing. ♪ ♪ >> harris: a busy primary election night last night results appearing to show republican voters remain loyal to president trump. in south carolina trump critic mark sanford lost congressional race to katie arrington who made sanford's criticism of the president the centerpiece of her campaign. in virginia, trump supporter and conservative fire brand corey stuart edged out his primary pointe in that opponente race. some trump supporters are facing set back. henry mcmaster was forced into a runoff and democrats reportedly flipped their 25th republican held
10:53 am
district since the president's inauguration. let's bring back the power panel. zac, i'm going to start with you. success on that part with democrats why? >> look, democrats are very enthusiastic and republicans are generally very deflated. what we found out last night from the nucleares is that republicans showed up lower numbers than previously. more republicans showed up were supportive of donald trump. somehow high support amongst republicansho s up in lower nbe that doesn't spell good news for republicans that spells very good news for democrats. >> harris: why is that, kevin? or do you agree? >> i don't agree, and i think that you can't look at any of the primary nights, this o from last night or the fifth last week or any of the others so far and say there is a definitive wave coming one way or the other. the president has the strongest suppoind of lockhold on his base of any president in our era. it's going to be interesting who gets the additional -- who reaches out beyond what they are already expecting. and until you put up swung
10:54 am
who has a real vision for what the democrats are going to offer, i think they are still going to struggle. i think you will see wins u last night was an example. democratic wins, trump wins, a handful of republican wins. overall it's going to be race by race, district by district. you will see more targeting of money and strategy than have you ever seen before. >> harris: what is the strategy for republicans against that 25-district flip? >> 44. >> you try to take other districts back like the fifth in new jersey. you want to make sure you hold onto the donovan seat. >> harris: do you that with president trump or is there also. >> if you are in a republican district, you embrace him big time. even if you are in democratic states that carry trump and have you got democratic -- people sitting ho seats, you bring trump in for it. >> harris: one thing people may be missing on your side of the aisle as i see it, zac, is now that you cannot separate this president from an economic message. in the past that hasn't always been the case. so now have you got some winning going on. look, we can go into the low rates of unemployment for
10:55 am
all americans, particularly those who are ininority groups. and you can look at some of the strides and accomplishments in the economy notepate them from this president. so, it isn't just resisting president trump's personality type stuff, it gets more complicated for democrats. >> that's just thought showing within the numbers. if you look at the seat that switched in wisconsin, the state senate race, that was a 20-point swing to the democrats from where it was when donald trump won in 2016. and the reason is that, yes, the numbers, the wall street numbers, the stock market. >> harris: no, no. not just the wall street numbers. dig deeper in how people are feeling. >> i am. and when you look at it, people are not feeling it personally because they are seeing rising gas prices. they are seeing rising premiums. they are seeing a rise in prescription drug costs. these are things that people are feeling on the macrolevel the economy doing well. in people's households it's hurting. >> harris: quickly, last word. >> you have got the president who has made tax reform the issue. people are bringing home more money inir paycheck u that's going further in an
10:56 am
economy where the fluidity and even lateral job changes are happening with greater occurrences. watch for african-americans to support donald trump more in 2018 and 2020 than the republicans have ever done. [laughter] >> harris: interesting and zac is laughing. great to see you both. we will bring you back. we'll be right back. high protein
10:57 am
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the first survivor of ais out there.sease and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen. but we won't get there without you. visit to join the fight. >> harris: very special outnumbered overtime from washington, d.c. we talked onto some newsmakers on capitol hill every day. it will be great to be in
11:00 am
their town. also tomorrow nine rules of engagement. a military's brat's guide success. policy center the heritage foundation and national press club over tonight and i'mlessed it all.ays. m happy. i'm harris. here's dana. ♪ daveon deign u.s. and north korea get ready for phase two of nuclear talks while the secretary of state makes it very clear u.s. war games with south korea will resume if north korea stops negotiating in good faith. hello, everyone, i'm dana perino andhi the daily briefing. ♪ ♪ >> dana: prurch is back in the white house following his bold move to reshape geo politics in east asia. we have fox team coverage bret baier with exclusive preview of his interview with president trump. but we begin with greg palkot. is he live in seoul, south rea. greg. >> hi, dana. secretary of state mike poeo on


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