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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  June 13, 2018 11:00am-11:59am PDT

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their town. also tomorrow nine rules of engagement. a military's brat's guide success. policy center the heritage foundation and national press club over tonight and i'mlessed it all.ays. m happy. i'm harris. here's dana. ♪ daveon deign u.s. and north korea get ready for phase two of nuclear talks while the secretary of state makes it very clear u.s. war games with south korea will resume if north korea stops negotiating in good faith. hello, everyone, i'm dana perino andhi the daily briefing. ♪ ♪ >> dana: prurch is back in the white house following his bold move to reshape geo politics in east asia. we have fox team coverage bret baier with exclusive preview of his interview with president trump. but we begin with greg palkot. is he live in seoul, south rea. greg. >> hi, dana. secretary of state mike poeo on mop-up patrol in
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the region following the singapore summit involving president trump and north korean leader kim jong un. he arrived earlier on wednesday in seoul. he was greeted by the commander u.s. forces here general vincent brooks. he will be meeting on thursday with south korean president moon jae-in and others from south korea and from japan. in fact, probably top on the list is the commitment made by president trump at the summit to suspend all u.s. south korea joint military exercises, at least as long as north korea continues to negotiate. i can tell you this has caused some consternation here 28,500 troops in south korea. 50,000 in japan. those troops widely seen not so much of a force. lwark in the region others in the region as well. meanwhile north of where we are right now the residents of north korea have been taking in the state media spin on the summit the regime also noted suspension of military exercises and
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also referred to a possible lifting of sanctions against it and what they call a, quote: step-by-step denuclearization of korea a again, this is their take, again, those are pnts generally that were touched ony the presint dana, following his visit here in seoul, secretary pompeo will go on to beijing and explain things there. and then the really hard part begins, more talking and putting this forward. back to you. >> dana: he might not be home for why the a white. all right, greg, thank you. before the president left singapore he sat down for one-on-one interview with my next guest on air force one. it's bret baier. is he anchor of ""special report"." it's good to have you here to interview that i know that interview will air 6:00 p.m. tonight and everyone is going to want to watch that what did you get out of that interview? >> it was interesting. it came up late in the trip. there was some talk back and forth whether we were going to actually get it or not. in the final day they said well, if you can get to air force one before we leave we
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can do something, you know how that works. we hustles to get there and there you see him boarding air force one from the inside. you know, it was pretty restricted to north korea. got some other questions in there as well. but it was interesting to ar him specifically on i asked him whether china has a good perspective here his deal and whether they are really getting the best of the deal. take a listen. >> do you think china looks at this and says well, this is kind of what we want. north korea that's under control. a u.s. that's disengaging from the region? >> no. i think china really would like to see no nuclear weapons you want to know the truth. look, whether you are semi friendly with a nation or not, when they have nuclear weapons and you are that close, it can't be a positive feeling. just can't be. china has been very helpful. other the last two months maybe less so. the border got a little bit more open. now, it didn't effect
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today's negotiation but i think the border open a little bit mor china could be a little bit upset about trade because we are very strong clamping down on trade. >> bret: how strong. >> you will see over the next couple of weeks. they understand what we are doing with that being said, i have a very good relationship with president xi of china. >> bret: h hted there are more trade kind of bo bombardment back and forth that may be coming in coming weeks. >> dana: do you think the president might have been surprised or disappointed that there was this range of opinions about the summit? there are some people thinking this is amazing and actually we are going to talk to dennis wilder next who is an expert in the region who is realistic but bullish on it victor chab, the expert in the region who is going to be the ambassador to south korea wrote an op-ed in the "new york times" really very positive about it. but then there was criticism from all sides of this issue from the left to the right. it's not like in north korea
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where we said that there was a state media report. it's probably better just to say this is the government's complete and total spin on it. there is no media there. you are thinking how he is approaching the next stepping after that summit. >> bret: yeah, i think you are seeing evidence of what he thinks about the media corage today in his twitter feed. and he looks at it as a total success, as can you imagine. but i really pressed him on the verification part of it some of the things that secretary pompeo is talking about today and moving forward and you hear from secretary pompeo that they would like to have something very significant and substantial by the end of the president's first term. well, that's a little bit different than the situation that we heard going into the summit. i also asked about russia and putin, the midterm elections. so i snuck in a few other questions there that didn't fall under the north korea. >> dana: that everybody is going to want to hear.
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one thing going into this, president trump seems to want to -- and to agree that a treaty would actually need to be done if this is going to stick. take a listen to senate majority leader mitch mcconnell on that. >if the president can reach a significant agreement with the north koreans, i hope it takes the form of a treaty. that's what the founders of our country anticipated and that's why it's in the constitution. we obviously have precedent for things less than that. but which route the administration takes will be up to them but i do belief they will need to come to congress in some form. >> dana: bret, i think senator mcconnell was referring t the iran deal that the obama administration signed. it was not put forward to the congress. it was not a treaty and president trump was ableo pretty easily t walk away from that deal and i think senator mcconnell is saying if you are going to get this done, let's do it in a way that has more teeth so that it can be a lasting
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achievement and part of thelega. >> bret: that's right. everything i hear from the ministration is that they really would like to do that even as tough as it is to herd the cats on capitol hill to get the votes needed to put something like that through. that's their intention as of now. there is a lot of variables re, dana, and a lot o if this doesn't happen we're not doing. this so we're in the early stages of this and as the president said, there are probably going to be multiple meetings as this kind of gels. >> dana: kind of an interesting time for any administration actually. summer and the fall before the midterm elections of that first term. and i say that because now have you your team in place the team that he wants especially on foreign policy. have you lots moving parts not just in asia b iran. president sent a delegates to the middle east. we know things are happening in south america as well unfortunately there for venezuela, et cetera. and then you have a big legislative agenda that the president wants to try to get done and republicans certainly want to get done
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before the midterm elections. and you have, you know, the muller investigation which is sort of like this cloud that follows tmun but it is one of the most exciting times of any presidency this summer before the first midterm. >> bret: it's truly amazing. usually here as you know in washington, august is a very tired, sleepy time. i don't think there has been one of those weeks since this president has taken office: and i expect that all the way to the mid termswery have that kind of drinking from the fire hose news cycle. >> dana: going to be one of those summers, a good one indeed. good time to be in news. bret baier, thank you. congratulations on the interview. e to catch bret's sitdown with president trump tonight on "special report" at 6:00 p.m. eastern. dana: f alert on word president trump's long-time personal attorney is parting ways with his legal team. reports indicate michael cohen will be changing lawyers after a deadline ein fbiek to review which raid should be subject t
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attorney-client privilege. rick leventhal is live with mo twists and turns on, this rick, what do you know? >> late-breaking, dana. it does appear that president trump's long-time personal lawyer is now looking for new lawyers himself. we are working to confirm reports that his current legal team plans to stop representing him in that fbi investigation into his business dealings. th comesust day a big deadline in new york deral court. at least one report suggests e is is pri over payment of lal bills for one of cohen's attorneys. lawyer steven ryan has been working with cohen since 2017. todd hatersson joined after fbi agents raided cohen's apartment, hotel room and office back on april 9th. we have reached out to cohen as well as his lawyers and are waiting for a formal response. it's important to point out cohen had not yet been charged withnything. cohen brought the case to court in an effort to keep some of the information gathered in those raids private under attorney-client privilege. a special master has been appointed to oversee that process and cohen'seamas until this friday to
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complete their review of those materials. the lawyer is reportedly going to see that through before stepping aside. cohen, of course, is also facing a civil sui for defamation porn star stormy daniels who claims she had a brief affair with donald trump back in 2006. coneportedly negotiated a nondisclosure agreement with daniels who received $130,000 payment described as hush money just before the 2016 election. her attorney, michael avenatti weighing in about the rough road ahead for conweeting today: i wonder how much mr. ryan and his colleagues at mcdermott will and emery soaked mr. cohen before before they jumped ship. i estimate 350 to $500,000 a week. not a typo. i ess that wasn't enough to buy loyalty to their client when the going got tough. that michael cohen wasfaced worried he would be arrested any day now but he tells foxne t true, dana. >> dana: all right. rick. thank you for that report. we appreciate it china's
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yet. >> thank you, dana, i appreciate thenity: i wod say sal things. this is historic summit but first step in a process to get to where we want to get to, which is obviously the end of the north korssile and nm and peace on the peninsula. i think that one of the things that people a missing is that kim is now locked in a process. the president took his pressure in singapore. kim had to fire three generals about 10 days before this summit to let it happen. he has been telling his people now that he has gotten something at the summit. but that locks kim in so all this talk that kim didn't give up very much, they are not reading the north korean press right. kim h nutself in a sition where if this don' goorward, he looks bad to his own people. i think there are things as pompeo has said that have been discussed in private that we don't know about yet. i'm not too worried about the fact that the document
11:16 am
wasn't too specific. but, let's remember, this was chance to see if kim was different from his father different from his grandfather. he certainly was different in style. his father would never have gone to singapore, certainly never would have gone to the infinity pool at the top of the hotel in singapore. there's a lot here that is very positive. and iagree with those o think that somehow this summit dn't live up to expectations. i think it does live up to expectatio >> dana: dennis, i'm curious why you think he is so different from his father. you studied the family, the region. is it because is he younger, studied in switzerland. got a taste of pop culture and saw a little bit of outside of north korea that he is maybe thinking that he could be a different kind of leader? like is that the kind o thinking that would go through h head? >> right. one thing that's very different and we know this from what pompeo has told us is that this leader of north
11:17 am
korea is on socialedia. he is watchinghe world. is he connected to the world in a way his father and grandfather never were. i think theleehowe in singapore, his ease with going out into the world is from his experience switzerland so i think we really need to think that now, sea bruta dictator? absolutely. and those who are writing about that are right to remind us that that part of him is like his father. but there is another side to this man that needs to be explored and i think the prest is right explore it. >> dana: let me change to a different topic while i have you. that is china plays such a big role in everything in the region it is the region and everyone else is the satellite around it. this buildup of the south china sea. it h continued and, in fact, it almost seems like china is kind of getting away w it. your thoughts on that? >> >> well, i think secretary mattis was right the other
11:18 am
day in calling out chinese on the intimidation in the south china sea. certainly, i think you are right, dana, china right now is gettingwayith it and the united states needs to get allies more involved in this issue. i understand secretary mattis is going to beijing at the end of this month i don't know that it's been announced yet but is he he is certainly planning to go some time soon. he should make a strong representation to the chinese. remind the chinese that xi jinping told obama he wasn't going toilitarize those islands jet military sailsization is moving forward. what going on in t south china sea. >> dana: last question to you. we don't have much time. i saw you written in one of the reports several questions that have be taken care of now and super complicated. what are the top three issues you think that the
11:19 am
president and secretary pompeo and john bolton and natial security adv have to deal with in the next few weeks? >> first, they have got to pick a negotiator. they have got to have somebody in the lead on this. and i'm not sureho that's going to be. secondly, they have to figure out what it is that you want befor have you another summit. you can't have another of these summits without min some real substantive progress. and as you know, both sides are talking about summits in washington and pyongyang. i think the third thing is, of course, coordinating with our allies. and the fourth thing is making surety chinese are not taking the pressure off north korea. you saw in the president's interview that he was concerned about the last two months, i am, too. i think we need to make sure the chinese don't get out ahead of their skis on this, that they maintain the pressure that we maintain the pressure that all our allies maintain the pressure because that's the only way we're going to get to the solution that we want in this situation. >> dana: all right. dennis wilder, thank you for
11:20 am
your expertise, we appreciate it? >> thank you. >> dana: you may think those nigerian email scams are a thing the past. but it turns out the hackers are just targeting bigger fish and raking in big bucks. now the fbi is cracking down. plus paul ryan thwarting an effort to force an ationy promising to take up legislation next week. our panel will weigh in on what we can expect. you do all this research
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>> dana: you have no doubt heard of those nigerian cyber scams. many of us are savvy enough to ignore those suspicious emails.
11:24 am
the scammers have adapted and swindling businesses out of billions of dollars. just this week the fbi arrested more than 70 hackers from cries around the world. and gillian turner joins us live. gillian, i thought this was behind us but apparently not. >> apparently not, dana. if you ever received email out of the blue nigerian prince asking for bank info in order to help them transfer money out of country, you are definitely not alone. the fbi confirms that web based email scams developed in nigeria in the 1990s are alive and well and actually on the rise. they have increased by about 1300 percent in the past three years. and spread to nearly every corner of the world. and they are costing americans billions of dollars each year according to fbi figures $275 million in losses in 2015, 675 million in 2017. and in the first quarter of 2018, a reported $685 million in losses. all tolled, the bureau estimates american
11:25 am
businesses have lost over $3.7 billion: now, on monday officials announced the arrest of 74 people worldwide including 29 nigerians and 41 americans all of them allegedly involved in web-based crime syndicates. i statement reads in part. operation wire, wire which also included the department of homeland security, the department of the treasury and the u.s. postal inspection service resulted in the seizure of nearly $2.4 million and the disruption and recovery of approximately 14 million in fraudulent wire transfers. now, the scammers often spend months studying businesses and their employees. they will tend to target people who transfer large amounts of money, transfer money frequently, or transfer sensitive business or personal records in the course of doing business. these scammers are equal opportunity hustlers, they target businesses of all sizes a impersonate everyone on the chart from ceos to the hr staff. as ridiculous as these
11:26 am
schemes sometime sound dana, they are no laughing matter any longer. dana. >> dana: i love the operation name wire wire pretty clever. hand it t fbi on that one. all right, gillian, thank you. >> thanks, dana. >> dana: special counsel robert mueller warning russian intelligence agencies are trying to meddle in the upcoming midterm elections much as they did two years ago. mueller making the claims in a court filing y as part of a case against more than a dozen russian house are facing criminal charges for interfering in the 2016 presidential election. mueller is asking a judge to protect evidence in that cases. the fed hiking a key interest rate moments ago. we'll explain the impact on the economy and the market. plus a freen ccf the president going down in his g.o.p. primary last night. our panel will weigh in on that race and others. up next. >> it's time for a true citizen legislator, someone who comes from the private sector whoill stand with the people.
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♪ >> dana: fox news alert. interest rates are going up. federal reserve chairman jerome powell making the announcement just a few minutes ago and collin mcshane from the fox business network joins me now to explain what happened and what it means. >> most of it, dana, is what we expected. the new fed chairman is starting this news
11:31 am
conference in washington now which may give us some of the unexpected. we will see what he says to reporter questions. they raised the overnight banking re. we basically knew that was going to happen. was debate about how many interest rate hikes the fed will have in total this year. this is the second. now, the median forecast, if you look at all out committees together is for four total this year it had been three. basically, if you read into that, you look the economy has been doing well. interest rates have been going up as a result of that the economy continues to do well and interest rates ntinue to go up. for those reasons, it's all good. stocks have moved a little bit lower since then. treasury yields which we would expect have moved a little bit higher since then. see what powell has to say and there will be headlines coming out of this. a lot going on. trade tensions and everything else. >> dana: nothing dramatic really. >> no. >> dana: people were aware of it explain to me then, this means that they are trying toee inflatin check. >> exactly. >> dana: people don't have to spend more money to buy things that they need. >> exactly. inflation is a big concern
11:32 am
right now if there is a concern in the economy. in other words, things are going so well that you don't want them to be going too well. and if prices start to go up, that would be a sign of that. that's one of the fed's mandates is to keep inflation in check and they are trying too that theyangednen theirment people look through these things to try to pick it out. economic activities rising at a solid rate rather than a moderate rate which they said the last time around. we could put it up on the screen but this is a larger part of the statement. job gains stronger than average in recent months. unemployment rate has declined. again, all good news. recent data suggests growth of household spending has picked up grow strongly. they look at all of this and size things are going well we just don't want them to go too well. we don't want overheating economy. >> dana: are they concerned about the fact that unemployment rate is so low that businesses are going to say we can't find workers to actually get this going? >> we are already at that point i think many parf the country. data shows us we are at what
11:33 am
economist also tell is you full employment. that is basically the challenge now and now, you know, it's one of those things, it's like one of those good problems to have until it becomes a bad problem to have. if the federal reserve can manage this, which is easier said than done. a lot of people would argue they kept rates low too long in 2008 and fell behind the curve. this is if not more challenging on the way back. things are going well you ve toanage that you don't want things to overheat. >> dana: so glad you were here. connell mcshane, everybody. primary in five states last nightroducing interng outcomes in maine. voters refuse to delay ranked choice voting the controversial system used there. voters in november will get to rank candidates in order of preference instead of just choosing one. pl a bit of an upset in south carolina where incumbent congressman mark sanford l his primary hours president trump tweeted support for his g.o.p. challenger katie
11:34 am
arrington. josh holmes is a former chief of staff to mitch mcconnell and adrienne elrod is former director of strategic communications for hillary clinton. good to have you both here. >> thanks, dana. >> dana: josh, tell me a little bit about what you think of thishoh, all of that news is happening and this poll out today from suffolk university in the ohio senate race with sherrod brown the incumbent senator at 53.4%. jim ree'sy the challenger a house member right now only at 36.6%. one of the things that renacci had told mitch mcconnell and ohio could be actual republican pickup. how is that looking right now. >> look, it's a competitive state. it's always been a competitive state. we are at the stage of the senate race in ohio. just through the primaries, got ton pint where that electorate hasn't redefined itself. i think when you see trump vors come home and support the republican ticket, that's going to tighten up pret considerably where it's currently at. >> dana: adrienne when you look at primary results katie arrington winning
11:35 am
against mark sanford in that primary. because she said he was not supportive enough of president trump. listen to senator bob corker on what he said about republican senators being ent. of scared of the >> united states sate right now on june the 12th is becoming a body where we will do when we can do. not do anything that might upset the president. >> dana: i feel this is somewhat similar if you go back to 2010 and thinking d who were weary of, you know, upsetting the popular president at that time, barack obama. >> yeah. well, i think what you are also seeing here is that there is simply not r for moderate republicans in the republican party. i mean, look at mark sanford last night in south carolina. somebody who has been -- who has governed moderately but also spoken out against president trump you are seeing mor merate republicans who are losing
11:36 am
their primaries to very conservative republicans who trump endorses. not always happening but been happening quite a bit. i think the republican party has a lot of soul-searching to decide are we going to be the party of trump or are we going to actually be able to govern moderately and represent moderate republicans. >> dana: josh, you think this is a no-brainer, the president is super popular with the republican party and so this is the way it's going to be. would you say moderate democrats are endangered species as well. >> morning sanford is no moderate. extremely conservative governor from south carolina. i think the problem is voters don't have any patience for those who make anti-trump sort of their identity. they want republicans to pick up their lunch pail and go to work and try to get this agenda done. of course, sanford spent inordinate amount of time criticizing the president. i don't think voters have any patience for that at this point. >> dana: adrienne, let me also ask you something about something democrats are proud of. they have some numhe
11:37 am
n point numberen candidates who are running for the -- as a part of the dtic party, they are winning big time. cook political reports david wasserman tweet you had, this remarkable. after tonight dems hav nomina wen in3 out 150, that's 49% of house races, excluding dem cumbents on the republican side. 16%. 18 out of 112. do you think those women will ultimately win in the general election as well? >> yeah, i do, dana. thank you for letting me talk about my very favorite topic to talk about which saul the women who are winning at record amounts in the democratic party. if a woman is running ainst a man or several men in a primary on the democratic party side, the chances of her winning are something i think around 90%, 92% at this stage of the cycle. emily's list, for example, one ever the primary organizationst helps recruit women to run for higher office, 36,000 women have contacted emily's list
11:38 am
this cycle with interest in running for office. compared to, i think, something like 950 in 2016. so it just shows that women are fired up. they want to take back their country. they realize the only way we can really have an impact is to get involved. a lot of them are getting involved by running for congress or running for any office. it's really making a huge difference. >> dana: josh, the republican party has -- i had sve stivers on, he is the nrcc chairman this year. they do have better numbers than they have had in the past. your thoughts? >> well, look, can i name two more women candidates that are going to be winning in 2018. arizona with martha mcsally a great candidate for senate down there. she is definitely going to win and marsha blackburn in tennessee. i agree with adrienne it's going to be a great year for women. not just a great year for liberal women. it's going to be a great year for women across the board and i think republicans are excited about that, too. >> dana: let me ask you one last question. i will give you a chance each. paul ryan announced that next week there is going to ves on two immigration
11:39 am
bills. dealing with daca, the dreamers, a border security. and this is as mcclatchey is reporting that president trump is look to erect tent city to house unaccompanied children separated from their parents as they cross t josh, i bring that up because i do think because that issue is getting a lot of attention, people feel very strongly about it and points on both sides. is that going to fuel a lot more interest in these immigration bills next week? >> well, i certainly hope. so and, y know, i think what speaker ryan is trying to do is get to an outcome here and what we see too much of last couple of years is particularly on the democratic side they want the issue. they don't want it resolved. and, when president trump came out and made some accommodations to say, you know, we will go ahead and do daca if we can also build the wall, have some border security and do some modest reframing of the -- of chain migration, democrats said no. and so, you know, my hope is that we can get beyond that sort of partisan corners
11:40 am
outlook of this and actuay get to a solution here. >> dana: adrienne, do you think next week if the legislation looks like sothing that could help solve the problem but maybe take away the political tool that the democrats would want to use in the fall that that would be worth it? >> look, i'm goingo reully disagith my friend josh here. democrats have made it very clear from the very beginning of this debate that we will come to the table. we will negotiate on this. you actually just said, josh, that we would allow for border security funding. some sort of funding for the wall in order to create a path of citizenship for so, you know, the real loser here are the dreamers. the people who are living in limbo in this country who don't know if they're going to be deported or not. i do hope democrats and republicans can come together and find a solu democrats have made it clear all along we're willing to play ball. we want to find a solution to this issue. >> let's not forget democrats shut down the government over this issue in february. >> dana: that's true. >> get a compromise. >> dana: chance to vote on it next week in the house. we you have come back, josh,
11:41 am
and tell us what mitch mcconnell plans to do with that in the senate which might be nothing. josh holmes and adrienne elrod. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> dana: the trump tariff threatening to negotiate large part of tax cuts. the president's foreign policy is in motion everywhere north korea, iran and trade. so when will we see the payoff? i will ask dan let henning gear from the "wall street journal" next. >> we did discuss it today pretty strongly. knowing what the main purpose of what we were doing is denuking but discussed it pretty good length. we'll be doingomething on it. ♪ come on dad!
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11:45 am
safe only when kim jong un's weapons are gone. and they're not. top of the hour, shepard smh reporting. we'll see you then. ♪ >> dana: well the trump-kim summit may be over but of state pompeo says tal with north korea will resume next week amid some concerns about the agreement. the "wall street journal" editorial board writing: there is no excuse for a nuclear deal that doesn't entirely eliminate the program with on demand inspections everywhere. this is what mr. trump is insisting for iran and he can't adopt a lesser standard on north korea. daniel henninger, deputy editorial page director of the "wall street journal" and a fox news contributor. he joins me now. always a treat to have you program. >> good to be here, dana. >> dana: the president also today tweeting he was very frustrated about the press coverage and the fake news is our number one enemy now in the united states. >> even on north korea. well, ion't know, he got a lot of sort of straightforward coverage of his trip in north korea. i mean, the cameras were
11:46 am
simply on him and kim jong un the whole time. and i watched most of the coverage. and i think the commentary was fairly circumspect, hopeful as we would say. >> dana: cautiously optimistic. >> cautiously optimistic. the question is whether they will be able to put this across the goal line. secretary pompeo said today it's going to take two and a half years of negotiations. that's a lot o negotiating, dana. it sounds to me like we're in the foothills of this issue. the same way that, you know, george w. bush was or bill clinton. it is a heavy lift. no one should doubt the that negotiating nuclear disarmament with north korea is complex. i guess my question is how improvisational is the u.s. side at this point? donald trump famously likes to sort of make things up as he goes along. leave to his principles afterwards. i wonder just how much of a plan they have going forward. >> dana: in the meantime, they are dealing with crises kind of all over the world. also just changing things like with the trade issue
11:47 am
with europe, dealing with the iran deal, possibly other places hothat we don't even know about. >> well, that's exactly the point. i mean, president trump has a lot in motion. he withdrew from the iran nuclear deal. a lot of us thoughthat was a good thing to do. the trade feuds going on with canada, mexico, the europeans, we all know about the details of that. now this big north korea summit. but, foreign policy is the most complicated thing there is for a president, as you well know. and i think the big question is at what point are we going to see some payoff from all these disruptions? we have not gotten a victory yet on the trade front. we have a lot of fighting. but, really no agreements. and the iran deal withdrew from the iran deal, what comes next? and same question about north korea, what is going to happen? we need to put some winds out there. >> dana: meantime other editorial in the paper today talking about how the tariff issue could actually effect domestic politics and writes
11:48 am
erika owe rosenbacher crunched numbers showing president trump's proposal for 25% tariff on imported trumps could eliminate half of the income gains tax reform for millions of americans. those in the lowest income could lose 49% of their tax gains which seems like quite a lot. >> well, for instance, if you just a as an example double the standard deduction $100 for a couple making $43,000 a year. they, because of these tariffs, could lose about 49 or $50 of that tax benefit. i mean, 25% tariff on autos is pretty significant. the presisa it -- president trp doesn't say it too often but he does acknowledge there could be some pain from these tariffs. but. >> dana: they have also said like wilbur ross most famously with the campbell soup cans nobody will notice few cents for food. if you are in lowest quintile you might. >> "wall street journal" reporting manufacturers of steel, automakers people who
11:49 am
use steel and aluminum say their prices are going to rise. it's going to be more than a couple of cents. i think the president is probably running the risk out there if the tariffs do take effect and start hurting people, middle class people out in states like iowa, ohio, virginia, michigan, that the political support for him could begin to erode a little bit because this is a pocket-to-pocket issue. >> dana: people who support the president like farmers say okay we are trusting you but we have got to get this done soon. they are worried. they have to get seed planted in the ground. >> as i was suggesting, i think they would like to see a finish to this trade spute wh the canadians and the europeans. they want to see what their prices are going to be going forward so they can plan. it just cannot go on indefinitely. >> dana: all right. dan henninger, thank you. >> good to be with you, dana. >> dana: american soccer fans have a reason to celebrate. the world cup is coming to our turf in 2026. we look at the political implications and the cities that may host the matches. ♪ ♪
11:50 am
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alifornia voters will get a chance to break up w each other and split the state into three parts when the go to the polls in november. a drive funded by billionaire investors tim drap garnered enough signatures to get on the ballot. the proposal would create the states of northern and southern california while leaving six counties surrounding los angeles as california. the plan faces long odds and even if passed by voter it would still need proostles from the state legislature and then they would have to get it through congress. the royal cup gets underway in russia tomorrow. but here's big news for the united states fans who are bummed about not making this year's tournament. >> we have a winner. for the 2026 fifa world cup.
11:54 am
the member associations of canada, mexico, and u.s.a. have been selected by the fifa congress to host the 2026 fifa world cup. thank you. [applause] >> dana: i'm joined now by jared max fox news reporter 24/7. this is exciting. i'm looking forward to this. it feels like a long way away though. >> it's eight years away. it's almost part of a new american dream as carlos, the president of u.s. soccer appointed to today. this is really an opportunity for a lot of youth, 10-year-old kid today has the opportunity to look ahead and say 8 years from now i can playing in the world's cup. >> dana: so then how does it work? now the united states -- it's canada, the united states and mexico. as i recall, president trump early on in his presidency supported thisdea endorsed it and maybe helped to get it over the finish line. what's next? figure out where all these games will take place. >> there will be 80 matches
11:55 am
total in the 2026 world cup. that's because there wl be an increase from 32 nations to 48 that year. so we're going to have 80 games. 60 probay in the united states. 10 in canada and 10 in mexico. you look at these cities. the united states one of the great reasonshy they got this bid along with mexico d canada is because so much infrastructure is in place. you are looking at cities where we have nfl stadiums. so it's not so much of investment or fear are they going to be able to survive after this? do they have the infrastructure to survive because they certainly d what's s important about this bid while it's a first for canada, canada has never hosted. >> dana: i didn't know that. >> any 34567s in the world's cup. as johnny, the president of fifa spoke about today, this is really a lot of transparency finally because there are all these closed back door meetings. we will give you guys the cup. who is walking away with the fattest wallet. >> dana: can you see who has voted for who. north korea voted for morocco. that's not cool. >> i wonder when that vote
11:56 am
got taken place. >> dana: probably before the summit. final is going to be new jersey. >> looks like new jersey. metlife stadium home of the new york giants and jets football teams. they have hosted a lot of large soccer events before. so the infrastructure is there. great day for america. >> dana: to havdeign >> dana: glad toave you. russia will play saudi arabia in mass cowomorro h all the action on f station and fox sports 1. peter mcmahon let my husband know that is happening. standing up for bullying . what they did to help a young girl up next. ♪
11:57 am
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12:00 pm
and her family were at yankee stadium yesterday. she got to meet the players and played a little kick ball in the outfield. thanks for joining us. i'm dana perino. here's shep. >> shepard: you can sleep well, america. the president says there's no longer a nuclear threat from north korea. of course, north korea's leaders have proven in the past they're willing to go back on their words and that's all we have without any concrete promises, are we really safer? we'll go to the pentagon and the korean peninsula where the north koreans a saying the summit was a win for them. secretary of state mike pompeo with the talk of a timeline for north korea to lose their nukes. theepublican senator bob corker rippg to his own party for not standing up to the president. the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein accused of threatening lawmakers. the justice department calls


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