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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  June 13, 2018 12:00pm-12:59pm PDT

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and her family were at yankee stadium yesterday. she got to meet the players and played a little kick ball in the outfield. thanks for joining us. i'm dana perino. here's shep. >> shepard: you can sleep well, america. the president says there's no longer a nuclear threat from north korea. of course, north korea's leaders have proven in the past they're willing to go back on their words and that's all we have without any concrete promises, are we really safer? we'll go to the pentagon and the korean peninsula where the north koreans a saying the summit was a win for them. secretary of state mike pompeo with the talk of a timeline for north korea to lose their nukes. theepublican senator bob corker rippg to his own party for not standing up to the president. the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein accused of threatening lawmakers. the justice department calls itself defense. plus, are voters ready to split
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up california? and a fleet of reports about the president's personal fixer, michael cohen from talk he's losing his lawyers to rorts that he's about to flip. let's get to it. we begin with the news about president trump's fixe according to the "wall street journal" and others, lawyers for president trump's long-time attorney michael cohen are set to bail on him by the end of this week. the jou reports that cohen has not decided whether he will cooperate with prosecutors. the split is reportedly going to happen after his lawyers finish reviewing millions of documents that the feds seized a couple months ago. cohen's lawyers are deciding which documents they believe or they're insisting should fall under attorney client privilege. the judge set a deadline for this friday. cohen's lawyers are out once the
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review is complete. so far, cohen has not commented on any of this. at the moment, he's not charged with any crimes. there's word he has some serious financial problems. analysts say his next attorney could help decide whether he criminal investigation here in new york or the special counsel investigating russian meddling with team trump. rick leventhal has more. >> one support the primary issue is over payment to one of the attorneys. the payment said to be substantial. i reached out to michael cohen. i have not heard back from him. he could text me back. the u.s. attorney's office thanked us for inquiries but said they won't answer any questions either. cohen went to court in april to use the attorney client privilege to shield the documents that the fbi seized from him. he's under investigation for
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bank fraud. stormy daniels said she had a brief affair with donald trump in 2006. cohen handled the payment o sh money bef 2016 election. today her attorney released a statement saying "this is terrible news for mump. as i predicted, mr. cohen is going to flip on the president and he knows where all the bodiesre buried." cohen's lawyers face a friday deadline to complete the review of the millions of documents in the case to see what would be privileged. a couple hundred have been declared. he's not been charged any crimes. the question is will he flip? other networks are saying that he might. all this trouble with his legal team could lead to him cooperating with prosecutors. cohen's possible bank fraud charges could stem from using a
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home equity line of credit to pay daniels. he could be in hot water over millions in fees that he collected after the election. the biggest could be possible campai violations. the amounts far eeeeral limits and would have had to be reported to the federal election commission. apparently they were not. moving forward, no word on who cohen might ask to represent him. if these other lawyers do walk away. apparently he's looking for someone with close ties to the u.s. attorney's office >> shepard: thanks, rick. the president is declaring victory on twitter claiming the north korean nuclear threat is over. even though the president and the dictator kim jong-un left out all the details on how that will happen during their historic summit and their nukes are still wherever they were
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three days ago and just as dangerous as they ever have been. america's top diplomat is hopeful that north korea will take major steps to completely give up their nukes before the end of president trs first term. mike pompeo talking with officials in seoul today. u.s. allies in the region were parentally surprised when president trump said that he was stopping u.s. war games as he put it with south korea. more on that in just a moment. first, the president tweeted this morning about his roughly five-hours of talks with the north korean leader. just landed a long trip, but everybody can now feel much safer than the day i took office. there's no longer a nuclear threat from north korea. meeting with kim jong-un was an interesting and very positive experience. north korea has great potential for the future. we, obviously part of that is not right. the nuke threat is very real. the joint statement both president trump and dictator kim jong-un signed yesterday failed
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to lay out how north korea will give up their nukes or how the u.s. and its allies will check to make se that north korea is keeping up its end of the bargain the north koreans haven't admitted what they have much less when and how they supposedly get rid of them. a clear reading of the facts indicate the president made concessions in fornothing co palkosiv inseoul. greg, what else did secretary pompeo say? >> hi, shep. secretary state mike pompeo is following the summit involving president trump and kim jong-un in singapore. he arrived a short time ago her in seoul. he was met there by general vincent brooks, the commander of u.s. forces in korea. speaking with reporters on the way up, he says he expects to tart meeting a again with thert. he says while the president is in the lead of negotiations, he will be driving them forward.
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the secretary pushed back against critics that said that there was no mention of verifiable or irreversible in the communique. he said he was confident that north korea understand complete denuclearization. and soon mike pompeo will meet with men and then move to beijing will he will speak with theder china, president xi. >> shepard: what's state-run ia in pyang saying abot is summit? >> fascinating stuff, shep. yeah, about 35 miles north of where we are beyond the dmc , they're laying out the vision to theresidents. they get it out there across the propaganda newspaper. four pages, color pictures. president trump standing next to kim jo-un. they are not going to let this moment pass for their locals.
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in their version of the summit, the possibility of lifting sanc against north is raised. as for their version of denuclearization, they call it step by step with complimentary moves by the other side. this is not ho it's been described by the u.s. different strokes, different folks. finally, shep, a possible visit from theeaders t either capital pyongyang and washington d.c. that is raised as well. seems like this diplomatic love fest will continue for the foreseeable future. back to you. >> shepard: thanks, greg, live in seoul. after president trump announced the u.s. military would halt military exercises with south korea, a spokesman for america's forces told fox news they hadn't received any orders to call off anything. jennifer griffin with the news live at the pentagon. any word from the pentagon o whether the exercises are as the president said cancelled? >> not yet, shep.
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there's been a great deal of confusion here at the pentagon. the military is awaiting guidance from the white house. bret baier had an exclusive with president trump on board air force one on the way back from singapore. >> is the military drawing down in south korea? you hinted at that. is there this tit for tat? >> no, it's not going down at all. it was never discussed. we have 32,000 soldiers in north korea. i would like to get him home but it's notice on the table right now. at the appropriate time it will be. >> the president has brought up in the past few days the cost of these large scale training exercises, especially the flight of b-52 and b-1 bombers based in guam. >> where do the bombers come from? guam. nearby. i said oh, great. nearby? what is nearby? 6 1/2 hours. 6 1/2 hours? that's a long time for these big
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massive planes to be flying to south korea to practice and drop bombs and go back to guam. iw a lot about airplanes. it's expensive. >> in the mid 90s, the u.s. military dpend training exercises with south korea during previous attempts to halt north korea's nuclear program and had to reverse that decision. >> shepard: nt one series of exercises a year. the united states carries out a few different military exercises with south korea. there's one i think scheduled for late summer, right? >> that's right. there's basically four major exercises with south korea, including a large exercise slated for august, which involved 17,500 troops and an additional 3,000 troops coming from the united states. that exercise is mostly done using computers. the big three are in the spring. all eyes tomorrow will be on the nfirmation hearing of the president's next ambassador to
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south korea, admiral harry harris. he's a well known hawk regarding noth korea and a harsh critic of kim jong-un. >> i think that he's after reunification under a single communist system.e's after what grandfatailed t do and his father failed to do. >> that was testimony from february. you can watch bret's complete interview with the president tonight at 6:00 p.m. eastern, shep. >> shepard: thanks. our troops are not in south korea solely to protect south korea. they're there to protect the united states and its interests as well. that observation from gordon chang. misunderstands our role oversees and suspending the training exercises is extremely ill-advised. i'll ask him about this on this wednesday afternoon from the fox
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>> sherd mor on what is next for the north korea situation. gordon chang is here, author of "nuclear show down, north korea takes on the world." they had a good week. >> north korea had a good week. we had the summit. kim jong-un got legitimatization. that was important for him. pro
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military. we now the tp three officers being changed ands had problems at the bottom as well. he created expectations. everybody wants a better life. we know he had an excellent week. north korean propaganda -- we'll see the pictures as long as kim is in charge. >> shepard: if you back it up farther, you've saidhat this esident handled that situation very well. we were in a better position. >> yeah. ten days ago, i think trump being tmpts in a good position. it was the north koreans that re making concession. >> shepard: what did they concede? >> they gave up the three americans. they made pledges. they said they would give up all of their arsenal in exchange nor ending the korean war and a pledge not to attack them. that's not too bad a deal. especially if they get
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everything that -- give up everything. theoints at that summit we got a enjoyment statement but the enjoyment statement was vague. i know it's not the end of the deal. it's like a term sheet as negotiators would say theoint is we should have gotten something more. >> shepard: we gave up the handshake, right? >> we gave up th handshake. one other thing. >> shepard: securi. a securityomise. >> and the joint statement, yeah. we said we would give a security promise. they said they they would go for complete denuclearization of the peninsula. they said they would return remains. that's a good thing. it was good for president trump it was not something that people were talking about. the psident gets credit for that. the point is then the president turns around to the press conference after his meeting with kim and he says, look, we're goio stop the military exercise. >> shepard: he called them war games, which has been going on for 30 ar>> war games is a term
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jong-un. he didn't hear it from the pentagon. he said the "war games" were provocative. that's north korean and chinese talking points. they're not provocative. they're defensive. the point here is that wre not only defending south korea, we're defending the united states. >> shepard: did he say that because he knew that's what the north korea wanted to hear? he just heard it from them. they always called them provocative. why wouldn't they call themprov? if he agrees with that, maybe he will get something else. i was wondering if that was the thinking but -- >> we don't know. >> shepard: why would he say today the north korea threat is over? i mean, saying something like that is a -- just make you wonder about everything. >> north korea on monday had enough fissile material for 20 to 60 war heads. srd: who is in charge of that stuff? >> the military.
12:18 pm
>> shepard: do multiple people have control? i meow -- are they guarded in a way that other nations nukes are guarded? >> we don't know. >> shepard: we don't have a clue. >> we've worked closely with pakistan to put links on their nukes. even though our relations with ladetimes'teen good but we have not had the same relationship with north korea and securing loose nukes. >> shepard: so there's a real worry of a misstep or a rogue acr doing something that could start a conflict that could quickly escalate. >> that would be the case if the military was so unhappy wi that the got rid of him. then you'd see the military divide. you'd have china in there as well. it would be a situation which we would not be able to figure out. that is our nightmare scenario and probably china's as well. china does have links into the north korean military. they've had them for decades. the kim family has hadinks
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with china and then china buys more generals. it's a very interesting process. the point is, we're on the outside. we don't know. >> shepard: gordon chang, thank you. >> thanks, shep. >> shepard: a new show down between the justice department and republicans on the house committee. devin nunes says rod rosenstein threatened to subpoena gop phone and e-mail records. but the justice department officials say rosenstein was just defending himself. fox news was first to report on this story. the update and rspectivahead. ancestrydna is only $69 for father's day. and with twice the detail of otr tests...
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>> shepard: president trump's top economic adviser is out of the hospital after he had a minor heart attack. the white house says larry
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kudlow is back home two days after what is called a very mild heart attack. according to the white house, doctors say kudlow's recovery is going very well and the president looks forward to seeing him back at work soon. some house republicans are now accusing the deputy attorney general rodenstein of intimidation. this comes after fox news reported that he threatened to subpoena records from the house intelligence committee. a justice department official says rosenstein never threatened anyone. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is live in washington d.c. cat? >> the e-mails documented the january meeting nor the house office of geral con -- counl. the meeting including rod rosenstein, christopher wray, senior advisers and devin nunes and his senior staff. theccounts made rosenstein threaten to turn the tables on
12:24 pm
the committee regarding the russian probe. rosenstein request ed records i writing. he said so far to say that if the committee likes being litigators, then we the justice department too are litigators and will subpoena your records and e-mails referring to the house committee and congress overall. the e-mails indicate add second staffer at the meeting backedp thting the nation's number 1 for these matters law enforcement officer threatened to subpoena your calls and e-mails was down right chilling. this morning on fox, thechairma committee weighed in. >> it's deeply concerning that instead of having a cooperative relationship with this agency, respectful of the importance of the congress having access to documents regarding matters that
12:25 pm
they're investigating that they have oversight responsibility for and this is not the way to conduct that. >> house committee chairman said they took the allegations seriously and referred them to the speaker's office, shep. >> shepard: the justice department issued a strong statement. >> the fbi and just it's the department dispute the characterization and e-mails. they say rosenstein never threatened a criminal investigation. he said he would have the right to defend himself and calling them as witnesses to demonstrate that their allegations are false. on tucker carlson last night, the attorney general backed up rosenstein. >> i'm confident that deputy rosenstein, 28 years in the department of justice, did not improperly threaten anyone on that occasion. but we do believe that we have
12:26 pm
trie to bperativeith them. >> the justice department official said that rosenstein will request that the house general counsel, the group that got the e-mails earlier this year, conduct an internal investigation of the congressional staffers. legal experts told fox that rosenstein can make the request but he doesn't have the power or the authority to dand an investigation of the staffers, shep. >> shepard: thank you. catherine herridge in d.c. a big night for primaries across the country and a republican congressman that took on the president is paying the price. first, more headlines from today just two minutes away. this is fox news channel. her salon was booked for weeks,
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>> i'mrielle with the fox report. law enforcement officials in texas say they found dozens of immigrants, including dren,
12:29 pm
in a tractor trailer in an alley. that's according to local news outlets. investigators say they think they came to the u.s. illegally. they're now in custody. the fire chief says five people have minor injuries and they were all hungry. they ordered them pizza. a massive dust devi outside of phoenix. the woman that caught it said it was the biggest one she had seen in the area. the dry warm weather helps the dust devils form. the difference duststorm on mars causing a nasa rover to go so i length. flight controllers tried to reach opportunity last night. the storm has beenorming since may and now covers a quarter of the planet. the newses continues with shep after this.
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>> the trump administration will try to stop congress from blocking its deal to save the chinese telecommunications company zte. that's what a white house official told our corporate
12:32 pm
cousins at the "wall street journal." republicans and democrats said they were concerned about national security agreements. the pentagon banned the company's phones from military bases warning china could use them to spy on our troops. peter doocy has the news live in d.c. what is the white house saying? >> the white house thinks the commerce department is already doing enough by telling zte that they can continue doing business in the united states. they just pay a $1.4 billion fine for that business that they did with north korea and iran violated sanctions. the white house explains why theyon't think congress needs to do anything else to put the screws to zte with a statement that we just got from hogan gidley. heaid the pas penalties are part of a historic enforcement action taken by the department of commerce. this will ensure that zte pays
12:33 pm
for violations and gives our government complete oversight without undue harm to american suppliers and their workers. the adminisation will work with congress to ensure the final ndaa conference report reflect of separation of ers. the ndaa is the defense bill coming up later on this week. republican lawmakers along with democrats want to basically put in language that would make it the law of the land that zte cannot do business here and marco rubio explains why with this. he says important to remember, zte is about two separate issues. one, sanctions violations. penalties are okay. two, the risk they pose to national security, this is the focus of our proposal. we should nothing to keep the national security threat in business anywhere. republicans met behind closed doors with wilbur ross. he's been in charge of punishing zte so far. when the lawmakers left the meeting, they didn't think they would get any push back from the
12:34 pm
trump administration when they tried to go further and punishing zte and banning zte. but as it turns out, shep, they were wrong. >> shepard: why is the white house being sopful to this chinese company? >> it's interesting. you listen to wmakers. democrats and republicans are trying to really highlight the nationalecreat. on the democratic side, that's starts at the top. >> we seem to have a great deal of bipartisan support and we democrats feel very strongly and i think a lot of republicans do as well that that should stay in the ndaa bill and become law. it has a darn good chance that that will happen. >> democrats and republicans on capitol hill consider this defense bill a must-pass measure and it's due on the senate floor in the next couple days, shep. >> shepard: peter, thank you. a republican senator slamming wmakers in his own party
12:35 pm
accusing him of blocking his bill because they're afraid of the president. he said the gop is acting like a cult. senator bob corker tennessee has been pushing to limit te president's power over trade after the president slapped taxes on s and aluminum imports from our closest allies. senator corker claims 95% of his fellow republican senators would support the bill but they're worried about upsetting the president. >> we might poke the bear is the language i've been hearing in the hallways. we might poke the bear. the president might get upset with us as united states senators if we vote on the corker amendment. so we're going to do everything we can to block it. >> shepard: of course, senator corker doesn't have to worry about re-election because he's announced he's leaving the senate when his term is up. he's pushing back. president trump is celebrating after the latest primary election results. he congratulated coreyrton twit
12:36 pm
virginia's republican senate primary. stewart is known for defending the president and confedera mbo. says he has of a vicious campaign against tim kaine who was hillary clinton's vice presidential nominee. in south carolina, the republican congressman mark sanford will soon be out of a job. he lost the gop primary last night. he openly criticized president trump in the past and that may have done it. the president tweeted an endorsement of sanford's opponents hours before the polls closed. and state legislator katie arrington pulled out the win. mark sanford responded to questions over whether he supports the presiden >> it's fairly unusual for a president to tweet in a congressional race. i don't know the last time that happened in a republican primary. but it happened today. i'm neither for nor against him. m for ideas that i have long
12:37 pm
stood for over the my te in government. >> shepard: he was once the governor of south caa. i the then governor went missing for days, got the nickname the love gov when his staff said he was hik part of a reality, he was having an he survivedt this. jonathan srie is live with more. jonathan? >> in this race, loyalty to the president was front and center. mark sanford is a personable campaigner. you mentioned that he survived the affair, he got back into congress, the very seat that he held before he became governor. it was his criticism of the president that came back to haunt him in the campaign. >> to go and bash the president on cnn isn't helpful. we need to go up to washington >> the republican strategists say that this -- the outcome of the south carolina race should
12:38 pm
be a wake-up call to gop candidates, showing loyalty to the president is key, shep. >> shepard: jonathan, mark sanford says he has no regrets about this. >> no regrets whatsoev he pointed out the fact that 90 of the time or more, he agreed and supported president trump's agenda. but in those rare instances that he disagreed with the president, he felt it was his responsibility not to remain listen. it may have cost me an election but i stands by every one of those decisions to disagree with the president because at the end of the day i didn't think it was concurrent with the promises when fir ran for office or the voices of the very people that i represent. >> he said american politics are in general are at a point of inflection. he said don't elevate person over the principles of democracy.
12:39 pm
shep? >> shepard: jonathan serrie live in atlanta. also in south carolina, the current governor forced into a run-off in june. governor henry mcmaster did get the necessary 50% of the vote to automatically win. president trump endorsed him, but analysts say a corruption scandal involving a political consultant overshadowed the campaign. in nevada, a state that clinton won, the republican dean heller trying to hang on to his seat. now he faces off against jackie rosen that sailed through her primary. analysts are predicting this will be one of the tightest races in november. also in nevada, a pump won a republican primary for the state legislator, a straight-up pimp. dennis hoff owns half a dozen legal brothels. he's the start of the hbo reality series "cat house." he beat a three-term lawmaker t
12:40 pm
become the gop nominee. this just , the former senate aide accused of lying to the fed about his contacts with recorders has pleated not guilty. his name is james wolfe. we reported president trump praised his arrest. well, wolfe's lawyer asked the judge and others to keep from commenting on the case. we repted that wolfe had been dating ali watkins from "the new york times." the feds seized her phone and raising questions over national security versus the first amendment. voters will deside whether california will split into three states. what would that mean in the big picture? big picture, is it a real thing? that's ahead.
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>> shepard: wild fire alert! the fires have turned to an area known for ski slopes and snow into an inferno. this is a view over the rocky mountains 60 miles west of denver. flames forcing folks to evacuate. here's a look at another fire further south. officials say it's the fifth largest fire in colorado state history. more images in the slide show. flames tearing up the trees. one man said he was shocked how the fire spread. here two women ready to play fires not just in colorado.hem. the crews in california cle brush from a hillside overlooking l.a. finally here, the red sky, all red as the sunsets around denver. california could become three separate states plan came to cut it up in three different pieces
12:45 pm
and it got enough support to go forward. it's called the cal three plan. here's the three different states that they would have. northern california, southern california and thenlifornia ba five counties around it. supporters say breaking up the state will lead to b infrastructure and education, lower taxes. one critic says it will cause political chaos and greater inequality. that would be three blue states last check. trace gallagher has more. >> hey, shep. you can think of it as one big ugly divorce with three spouses. once you split it up, you have to divide up the assets and liabilities. the college and university systems, prisons, power grids, pension benefits and the list goes on. first thi first, voters would have to approve the split. right now a p by survey u.s.a., used for tv stations,
12:46 pm
says 72% of registered voters oh poe the split. 17% support it. if for some reason voter as prove it, it has to be signed off by the legislature, is u.s. congress and the courts. the measure was backed and funded by billionaire investor tim draper that says the state government has rotted. watch. >> in california, we can't do worse. we pay the highest taxes and get the worse service. we have the worst education, we have the worst infrastructure. >> draper is the same guy that in 2012 and 2014 that spent millions trying to split california into six separate states. shep? >> shepard: the critics are screamin about trace. >> right. for example, you have a lot of chaos that could happen. for now, southern california gets a lot of its water fm northern california. that would likely end or be tied up in the courts for years. then there's the political ramifications. we would gain four new u.s. senators and keep the same
12:47 pm
number of congressional seats. the new california and northern california would likely stay democratic. southern california might become a swing state. it's unclear. the group opposing the split called one california said splitting california in three new states will triple the amount of special interests, burocracy. >> and coming up, the world cup. while the us is not in this year's tournament, there's plenty of reasons for american fans to get excited. like i said, it's on fox. this is synergy. it's important.
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>> shepard: the most popular sporting event on our planet is coming back to the united states and canada and mexico. which should be interesting. the 2026 world cup will be in north america. the announcement came a day
12:52 pm
before this year's tournament came in russia. the first game is tomorrow, 11:00 a.m. eastern time. you can catch all of this year's matches and extras on fox, the fox broadcast network or fox sports 1, the fox sports app or check your local listings. jonathan hunt will be watching. he's in vegas. exciting news for u.s. soccer. >> yeah, it is, shep. it's impossible to overestimate how important this news is for the game of cc in the united states. las vegas, unfortunately, despite building a new stadium, is not going to be in the mix come 2026. but 17 cities across the country still have a chance of staging games. that will be whittled down to 10 u.s. cities tely. it's a huge boost for soccer here given that the men's national team did not qualify for this year's tournament.
12:53 pm
it really does keep soccer on the map front and center for everybody for the next eight years. a slight irony that this is a joint bid with canada and mexico given president trump's relationship with both of those, of course, by 2026, mr. trump won't be president inless he changes the constitution. anything is possible, shep. >> shepard: i suppose. this year's tournament, we're not in it. but aside from that, give me reason to care. >> yeah, i tell you, this is going to be the most exciting world cup in living memory. for a start, the kind of players we might not see again on the world stage. ranaldo probably won't make another world cup.
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