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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  June 13, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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wonderful weekend. raccoons. there's no debate there. should news break out, we'll break in. you know.vuto isoming up. >> neil: we were down today. why down? because we're doing too well. the economy is almost hyperventilating today. the federal reserve chairman said not only am i hiking interest rates today but i might hike them more. that is good news, deemed bad news. we'll get into that. now i want to get into this. a case of a good cop versus bad cop on the north korean initial talk. the president playing the role of good cup, of course. today secretary of state in north korea, and on north korea staying in seoul just south, wait a minute. we want action and we want detailedposes and we want to see denuclearization. so a case of just thehite
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house reminding who is boss and whose messa i right? they're both right, or are they? kevin corke with more. >> secretary of state mike pompeo says washington wants to see major disarmorment of north koa's nuclear weapons during the president's first term. this is circumstantial. the president is trying to advance the agenda of the american people and for that matter the world's agenda. mike pompeo makth comments as well as the president trying to re-assure our allies that if the talks stall, for example, the joint military exercises that we heard about with south korea, they would resume if the talks break down. let me take you to twitter and show you what president trump said. he said the world has taken a big step back. no more rocket launches, nuclear testing or research.
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the hostages are home. thank you to chairman kim. our day together was historic. it's important to point out, we have about 32 south korea. the president has said he would like to get them home as soon as that possible but that's not on w. their presence and the cessation of joint exercises is garnering a great deal of attention with members on both sides of the aisle onitol h expressing skepticism that the meeting in singapore did as much as the president said. >> we should be under no illusion this will be fast. this will take time. we have to make sure that we have irreversible comprehensive denuclearization of north korea. >> president trump seems to have given away two or three of the major things that kim jong-un wanted. a meeting, the flags next to each other, now no delay of exercises with south korea without getting anything in
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return. >> there's that skepticism there. before i let you go, i want to pass this along to our viewers. that larry kudlow is backhome.e he's out of the hospital. you may recall last week he suffered a heart attack and obviously i'm sure i speak for a great many americans when we say we wish him a full and speedy recovery, neil. >> we do. no matter where you come from, he's a decent human being and we wish him well. very much. the bottom line is that this north korean situation is bound to boost the president's poll numbers. it wasn't long ago that a lot of people even with the president's party were kind of avoiding him like the plague. now to avoid him for them could be the plague. the numbers that are stacking up in the president's favor if, if, if you, well, say you like him and support him. and better yet, he supports you.
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chad pergram, our capitol hill producer. chad? that's an unmistakable connection. >> absolutely. that's why in this primary in south carolina last night, you had the second sitting house republican member to lose. mark sanford against katie arrington. president trump is popular in south carolina. a big trump state. so far there's nine candidates in ohio, pennsylvania, nevada. that's what caught mark sanford off guard. katie arrington was out there associating herlf with president trump. sanfords behind the 8 ball. he was running defensive. thatuggested that he didn't read this. she learnly had his differences with president trump. but to assert, this is trump country in south carolina. the real test is in a swing state like nevada. danny tarkanian, the son of the basketball coach, he won the nomination for a house seat there. he's been close with president trump. that is a swing state, a
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battleground state that hillary clinton won by 2.5 points. both candidates were held under 50%. danny tarkanian has run for federal office but hasn't been successful. if he can parlay that in nevada, that tells you a lot about the power of president trump in the mid-terms. chris collins from western new york indicated the president is popular in republican districts so you should get behind him. there's a counter argument to this from bob corker, the republican senator from tennessee. he's concerned about tariffs. he had an amendment to try to make sure that presidents go through congress if they cite national security concerns when it comes to tariffs. he was blocked. in a remarkable speech yesterday, senator corker basically berated his colleagues. he said many senators have spoken with the president about how the tariffs may affect their
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states adversely economically. when it comes to doing something about it, they're aaid to take on the president. the power of the president and where he plays and where he doesn't will be key. i would look to those stes where he did well and those states t didn't do so wellwhere we head into the mid-term elections. >> neil: thanks, chad. oe should democrats be worried about this? the president has gotten at least nine candidates who he deemed worth supporting elected or nominated. let's go to ashley pratt, democrat strategist richard goodstein and crtv host, allie stuckey. what do you think, >>well, i th interesting case, especially as the one that we're seeing in south carolina. we have someone that voted with trump the majority of the time, but like the monologue said, he was very defensive. his criticism of donald trump and maybe not voting with trump
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as much as he originally thought. i think arrington capitalized on that as well as his past scandals to say he didn't just cheat on his wife, he cheated on the republican party. whether or not you like what he's done personally, look what he's done politically and it's just not enough according to trump supporter rd >>eil: i d want to break in this with news but i do. as expected in light of the at&t time-warner announced merger, comcast has gone ahead and offered $65 billion for the same assets that disney wants from 21st century fox. that is upping that bid to $65 billion. that will put disney on the defensive here to try to come up with equal that. that is significant above their $52 billion offer. we'll have charlie gasparino on this in a moment. just to update you. we were talking and predicting this would happen after this announcement yesterday. butomcast joining the frey for
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fox. that stock was up are today. comcast is talking about al is meant to sort of put the pressure on disney to do something more than just like a largely stock deal. we're on that. i would be remiss if i waited a minute more delaying that to you. richard, let's go back to the backdrop for these deals here. this economy and things picking up speed and this notion this is a great environment. not being missed in polls, not being missed in numbers. maybe not being missed by average americans that might take from democrats that so-called blue wave. what do you think? >> neil, i hope you get your fair share o that $65 billion or whatever the anybody is. look, the republicans are in a bind. yes, you have to tow the trump line or you run the risk of going away like mark sanford. on the other hand, ask rick
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saccone, ask roy moore who lost to doug jones how much donald trump does for you in a general election when there's democrats and independents voting, not just people that are smitten with donald trump. >> neil: you're right. they're more the exception than the rule. you can go with corey stewart and lou barletta in west virginia. there's many positions, governor, senate, house, it's unmistakble that the president carries some weight a influence in these elec >> in a primary, yes. ask barbara comstock. she won a primary against a fringe right wing candidate that said she wasn't conservative enough in a district that hillary won by 20% in 2016. and corey -- >> neil: no, i'm noe to
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argue politics with you. i don't care. i look at the numbers and trends. i've seen and say it's better if you're running for office to have his blessing and he has yours, right? >> only i a primary. >> that's the power of twitter. everybody knows that. carety arrington yesterday getting the support around 4:00 p.m. auge boost for r, especially in a state like south carolina where he was widelyopularing the primary he won there in 2016 so i think again, it depends on the state. moving forward, i don't think democrats will spend time in states like south carolina. they're going to be going for states that can swing, that are purple. trump's support may not be that helpful. if you're on the republican ticket and you want his support, it would be more hpful than getting tweeted against you, which we have seen that work against people in the past working on the republican ticket.
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at the end of the day i cere democrats are willing to spend money, those republicans are in jeopardy supported by the president. this will be again, a very anti-trump democratic platform going to the mid-term. >> neil: and i think richard would agree. but allie, i'll ask you first. it's the economy. invariably it's the economy. i' not sayingther eventshen it comes to controversial character that they weigh on people. but with the economy picking up, markets picking up, not that every one participates in the big mergers or otherwise, this frenetic activity that has clearly picked up is to republican's benefit for the time being. what do you make of that? >> exactly. because it benefits them immediately. there's instant gratification. they can feel the money in their pocket or see the money in their bank account. it affects their everyday lives. north korea, great.
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getting tough on immigration, great. it might not effect someone's life or paycheck in the way that economic issues do. they see the economy booming a hopefully tariffs don'teverse that. but for now, the economy is doing well and hard for people to vote against their pocket books. that's what we're seeing with these candidates. >> while it may be about the economy and that's what will turn out the vote in november, the important thing to remember here is that it is a mid-term election with a republican majority. so that does mean that this tide will potentially go against republicans. >> neil: i don't doubtt will. here's where my -- >> it could helpful or may not be. >> neil: and my predictions could be wrong. i have no doubt the republicans will lose seats in the house. i don't think that's lose 23. lose enough to tip the house seat the other way. richard? >> so the facts of the economy is doing as well as it is and the generic ballot in fox news
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poll has democrats up by nine. has the president in the low 40s. that's shocking. >> neil: you think the basic dynamics haven't changed much. >> we're seeing no evidence in the polls. peleanuibble whether the polls -- >> neil: you're right. they bounce around. but my thought on that is you for house or senate to change or the -- to behing that is a shift of that -- you need a lot of anger, not just a little bit of anger out there. >> i think again, if the generic holds and it's 9 orhere abouts where the fox newsoll is now, that's wave stuff. you're seeing like in that arizona special election in april, trump wins by 21. the republican winning the house race by five. every republican -- >> neil: all right, guys. understood. i don't mean to jump on you with the breaking news. want to thank you very much. as i mentioned earlier, ever since tat at&t deal to finally
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land, almost a two-year hunt time-warner, we knew it's a matter of time. you can look at a stop watch before others would jump in the pool and see what deals were out there to be had. disney had had a $52 billion deal to buy a good many of 21 century fox's assets, the parent company here, would not include any of our cable news or business channels, but would include a lot of other big pieces from movie and big offerings ad that was an allure to disney prior to this. now comcast has joined the frey with an offerhat is higher. $65 billion. it's all cash. charlie gasparino on that. what do you make of this, charlie? he a big old fashioned bidding war here, neil. as we reported on fox business 3:45, we got the world that comcast would make their offer for the fox entertainment
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assets. that's everything but us. movie studios, other channels. make that bid after the bell literally. we reported at 3:45. after the bell, the bid came in. above $60 billion, all cash. on paper. it's above what is on the table with disney, whichis a $52.5 stock offering. the question is, do thecks have to take this seriously? do they want the deal with disney that they ignore this? what we've reported in the past, they have to take this deal seriously aill take it seriously. they will act in the best interests of shareholders. the one fly in the ointment of comcast's past attempts is the justice department and the fact that the justice department hates these companies like comcast that mix big distribution of cable tv contact
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with said content. that's why they went after at&t. on the at&t deal, the judge alloed it to go without conditions. so he gave his blessing to this. one fly in that ointment -- would -- has a green light here and we have to accept it, 21st century fo not so fast. as i've been regarding all day, the doj may indeed appeal, delay this ruling and this could throw all of this into anoth -- thi is a huge chess game where there's some degree of uncertainty but -- >> neil: jumping on you here. fox's shares are up after running up 7% today, an additional 1.25% here. comcast was dipping a little bit after hours. but not as much as you would think. obviously the view seems to be they're going to continue the back and forth because there's
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such a differential between an all-stock off of $52 billion and an l-cash offer at $65 billion that it begs for a return salvo here. could any other return players enter the frey? >> about we've heard silicon valley players are interested. one name is apple. we've gotten direcon from apple that they're not interested in our assets. that leaves netflix, amazon, a lot of other players that way want to jump in and buy them. there's not a lot of media content that is good out there. we have good stuff. time-warner has good stuff. trying to merge with at&t. cbs is considered good there's not a ton of it. so there's a scarcity value and a need to expand as traditional capable looks to compete against the technology companies. they believe by merging with content, they're better able to compete. we'll see.
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there's some regulatory concern on this, even with this deal going through. i'll say this though, if you watch fox business and you traded after my report at 3:45, you made a few bucks. >> not that people would be so selfishly -- >> they should be. that's what i'm here for. >> neil:ov money. thank you very much. just toollow up what charlie said here, some of the other affected stocks -- i apologize for showing you th -- but disney fhed up about 2% today. after hours, down .5%. comcast wasn't moving much despite this is down .5%. as we speak, the lady at the dance is getting all the attention right now. that is 21st century fox is up even more after hours here as the run-up continues. across the media spectrum with
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fast opportunities on the buying or the buyee side of things. we'll keep you posted. big development for what you get and what you watch on tv and elsewhere. on all of that, the read now from house minority whip steny hoyer. steny, good to have you here. this is a backdrop if you'll indulge me on the economy and the environment and whether big deals are back followed by lower taxes what do you make of this? enetic activity herea lot of >> i'm not sure exactly that i'm the expert to say what this frenetic activity means. there's continuing concern about the continuing merger of very large enterprises and what that means to competition and consumers right to have choices,
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having choices. so i think clearly we need to look ahese things carefully and whether or not they serve competition, which is the bottom of the free market system. >> neil: without getting in the weeds and nor should i ram this on you here, but there's been talk that washington symptoms dilly-dallying on this asjudge and time-warner for 20 months missed the fact that technology was going on as we waited this out. netflix was getting bigger. the streamer players were getting bigger. technology and free markets were running ahead of, this maybe it's best that washington stay out or what do you think? >> you have to do best. you have to watch and the free market is after all what we think made this economy so great. on the other hand, we know the free market left to its own devices may destroy itself by continuing mergers and
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eliminating competition. that's not good for the consumers or the free market. so you have to watch and you also have to have significant antitrust and oversight to make sure that we have theinds of competition and the open access to information that we need. >> neil: are you wondering whether a lot of this activity, a lot of the market run-up, a lot of the better than expected economic numbers that we've seen from jobs data, retail sales, that sort of thing, not so consistently but enough that the environment has changed so much so that a numbe republicans saying this blue wave that steny hoyer and nancy pelosi is talking about won't happen. even if it does, it won't mean the house changes party rules. that they got ahead of themselves. they got to cocky? what do you think? >> we're not cocky. it's going to be a tough election. every week these primaries
1:22 pm
occur, in wisconsin, we won ott seat that the republicans have held for 40 years. straight through. there's something happening out there. we had one congressional district where there's 10,000 more people that help republicans, 10,000 demo voted than republicans voted. >> neil: so you're seeing anything that gets in theay of at this time way things stand now? >> that would be too strong to say. i won't say nothing in the way but see nothing that has not been consistent over the last 12 months in terms of conor lamb's victory, victory in arizona. we lost the election but picked up 17 points. wisconsin last night. wisconsin four months ago where we won a senate seat t trump won by 20 points. i don't see anything that has stopped that trend. i think that trend continues. i think the american people are very concerned. history, of course, is with us.
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history shows us that most second-year incumbent presidents, particularly incumbents at the levels that trump is in terms of popularity and favorablety, the opposition party, us, picks up seats. now you'd say, well, yes, they're g to pick up seats but not 23. you think, i think we'll get more than 23. >> neil: okay. good enough to get the control. i do want to go to some other stuff, congressman. one has to do -- i know policy and politics. republicans were rallying about overtures and normalized relations with raul castro and cuba. at the time democrats were bragging about that and praising that. now the same republicans that condemned that move in and overture to a mean guy are extolling the virtues of
1:24 pm
president trump. your party is silent on it. there's hypocrisy everywhere. >> i don't know about that. i don't know about what o say. i was very concerned what happened this past ten days. we had a president of the united states that dissed our closest allies and leaders of free democracies on this continent, canada and in europe. invited putin, who clearly has become almost a totally authoritarian figure in his cotry, to come back into the g-7 and embraces kim jong-un, one of the most heinous dictators -- >> neil: no doubt. but congressman, raul castro wasn't exactly the pope. >> am, brother. i agree with that 100%. having said that, our policy of 50 years plus wasn't making much
1:25 pm
progress. >> nor was our policy doing things with this leader in north korea, his father and father before that. that wasn't working, right? larry- >> neil: i'm neil, by the way. >> excuse me, neil. not by the way. you're n and i know that. >> neil: i've done far worse. go ahead. >> in any even we didn't get anything out of kim jong-un. nothing. >> we just started. >> well, that's -- but yes. this guy deals from the seat of his pants. maybe it works, maybe it doesn't. >> neil: have we gotten anything with raul castro and the changes since the new leader? >> raul castro is gone. >> neil: i don't see great advancements with the new leader like i didn't see them afterwards with raul castro like dn them wit fidel. i don't know what is changing. >> neil, what did anybody think we would get from cuba? there wasn't a --
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>> neil: you can say the same about north korea. no, no. you could not. they're not a nuclear power. frankly they were going to become a missile power -- >> neil: all the more reason to talk to north koreans. i'm not trying to tke sides here, steny. i'm trying to say if you look at this from the consistency perspective, you'd think your party would welcome talks, which been very open, the communication is best, to sit down with the other side, it's worth aneffort. a party that extolling the virtues of talking. it seems odd now that all of a sudden to a man or woman you guys are saying no, no, no. not this guy. >> no, we're not. i'm not saying that. i think sitting down, getting some -- making progress with north korea is important for the safety of the global community. he's a dangerous dictator he he and his father and grandfather -- >> neil: are you saying the president risks getting
1:27 pm
snookered? was he snookered? >> we don't know yet. the answer is he at risk? yes. who won out of this meeting? >> neil: so when mike pompeo was in south korea today, do you think that the conditions that he demanded again that they should be forth coming with the north koreans, jive with what you want to see? >> i'm not sure what you said south koreans -- >> neil: he was in south korea today demanding the north koreans start making practical actions and measures that would be towards the goal of denuclearization. >> what he ought to be demanding the north koreans. the south koreans -- >> neil: no, he was in south korea, steny. >> saying to the north koreans. of course. and if that occurs, that will be progress. it will be a positive effect. if that occurs is the operative language. kim jong-un said nothing more
1:28 pm
and there was nothing more in the communique than the north koreans say in 1992. they've been doing -- what happened in this event? kim jong-un became a major nash name player on the world stage because he got to meet with the president of the united states and gave nothing in return. noing in return. so we made him a big deal. whether that pans out or not, we'll see. i don't think that we got anything from the deal and the only thing -- >> neil: we don't know. reallyon know. >> tragically, we backed away from the south koreans without even talking to them in terms -- and using the chinese long that training exercises were somehow hostile actions. which was never the case. these have been consistently so we were ready and let the north koreans know that we're ready if you take any action that puts at risk our south korean allies. >> neil: all right.
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we can belabor that. i do want to talk about domestic issues. you started out with that. i want your thoughts on healthcare right now. >> hold on. >> neil: a number of states want to reinstate- can you hear us? >> yeah. we have a vote. they're talking to me i have to get to a vote soon. >> neil: on the healthcare thing, a number of states are reimposing the healthcare tax on their own. but your thoughts on the healthcare battle right now, where it stands. >> we want to fix the affordable care act and make it work as it hoped to work. orked very well. it hasn't worked perfectly. we want to fix it. niration has been is the stealthily because they couldn't onegislavely undermining the aca, which is driving up premiums, putting protection of pre-existing conditions at risk, puttingge tax at risk, putting women's health costs at greater than
1:30 pm
male health costs. all sorts of things are adversely happening. not through legislation but through administrative action. the justice department most recent action about not deinthe aca is another effort to undermine indirectly what they can't undermine directly. why? because the american people have gone from 42% support to 56% support because they saw what they were going to lose and they want to keep it. >> shepard: i know you have to get to that vote. a pleasure. sorry for the confusion here. steve hoyer. steny hoyer. i got you! >> see you, neil. >> neil: very good having you. steny hoyer. thanks very much. house minority whip, me after this. the dow down 119 points. th back and forth with north korea in play. it was supposed to end quietly and softly what happened to that? after this.
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>> neil: it's a liberal city with liberal ideas that liberals superintendepor supported. the homeless tax is dead.
1:34 pm
>> neil: you're famous for saying it's you. if you don't want your privacy, get over that. you said much the same about how customers of facebook and other concerns wrestle with that, the convenience and the ease with
1:35 pm
which they can communicate with their loved ones and the risk that some data can get out there. explainr position on is. faceok and twitr customers. ion't pay twitter anything. i'm not a customer. i'm a product. i have no belief system that i have any privacy. i tell my boys, anything you put on the internet is a digital tattoo. the fact that they're out selling advertising and matching buyers with sellers using personal data, it shouldn't be a surprise to anybody. >> neil: it's an interesting read. i'm not a customer, i'm a product. i should expect it. well, facebook has a new privacy policy requiring advertisers to tell you their personal data was supplied by a broker. it's among many efforts that companies like facebook are taking that you don't feel your
1:36 pm
data is being compromised. but scott says it's going to be compromised. your life will be an open book. john, what do you think of that? >> i think it's ridiculous that fabook would cave so easily like this. scott mcneill is right. it's the fact that facebook shares our data with business that's want to serve our needs. this isn't something sinister. facebook is paying for improvements, sells data to businees that want to meet our eds. it's natural. why would facebook pretend like they're doing something wrong here? >> neil: if you're selling a lot of stuff to customers and it's nefarious or not, should customers know it? maybe it's in that two-point ariel fine-print type that is already on record there. that doesn't bug you? >> no, not at all.
1:37 pm
the customers don't know the reason they get this amazing service for free that somehow their data is reaching other businesses, i can't help them. the reality is that unless their heads are in tsand, they know their data is being sold and it's a positive thing. if they want to pay for a social network, they should do it. may not be facebook that offers it and it's something that they'll have to accept. >> neil: so when companies like apple and say oh, this is wrong, we won't do this. come to find out that device manufacturers re among those device makers got their hands on this stuff, what do you make of it? >> apple like anyone is always going to play politics with other companies like this and try to stick their fingers. the reality is, any successful company is constantly looking for ways to understand about customers. we know this at the grocery store. we get lower prices because they
1:38 pm
swipe our card. they want to know what we're buying, how we buy it. the notion that politicians are trying to turn this into something sinister is so odd an they understand about how the commercial world works. >> neil: so we' too fixated on privacy? >> without question. scott mcnealy said if you're going online, you know it's a digital tattoo. everyone has known for years e-mails can stay with you forever. pictures can stay with you forever. we understand this. if you don't know it, there's nothing -- there's no law that will save you from your own foolishness. , good seeing you. so far weave got no indication right now out of disney whether they will up their bid after hearing that comcast up their bi the key as sets of 21st century fox, which wouldn't
1:39 pm
include fox news or fox business. it's going to make it hard for disney to ignore that rival offer from coms that now has a $13 billion better off on the table and it's all cash. and disney's is all stock. there's rupert murdock in the middle kind of happy. more after this. i'm in the kitchen. i need my blood sugar to stay in control. i need to shave my a1c. weekends are my time. i need an insulin that fits my schedule. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ (announcer) tresiba® is used to control high blood sugar in adults with diabetes. don't use tresiba® to treat diabetic ketoacidosis, during episodes of low blood sugar, or if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. don't share needles or insulin pens. don't. the most common sit is low blood sugar, which may cause dizziness, sweating, confusion, and headache. check your blood sugar. low blood sugar can be serious and may be life-threatening. injection site reactions may occur. tell your prescriber about all medicines you take and all your medical conditions.
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>> neil: you know the economy is huge. that's great. the bad news, because it's doing so great, they raise interest rates to keep up with the potential of inflation. that's what the federal reserve did today. raising interest rates. what rattled investors down 119 points was the notion that maybe they're going to hike more than we thought. susan lee with more. what happened? >> interest ratesre going up for the seventh time in three years. a second time this year. wall street, and this is the reason why we saw stocks selling
1:43 pm
off into the close, were predicting four more interest rate hikes or four in total for 2018. that's more than what they expected heading intthis year. that's a good sign that the federal reserve believes the economy is moving with theest be jobs market in 50 years. the question is how does it impact you? let's start with the good news. if you have money in the bank, you get a higher savings rate. that means you're paying more for mortgages, for credit card debt and auto loans. not a lot more. for auto loans, if you have a $20,000 car, yourayment may be $30 more a month. it's a bit concerning that we're looking at the highest number of household debt. $13 trillion. that's more than 2008 and that number grs. one thing that caught wall street's attention and a concerning sign that might indicate a economic slow down is coming. you see this chart here, this is
1:44 pm
what we call the spread between the bond and the longer ten-year bond and the rates on both. you can see it's narrowing. you can see the red line at zero. you don't want to go below that red line because that is a very, very bad indication which has preceded the last seven recessions. that's being closely watched by the markets right now. back to you. >> neil: did you get any se susan, that the federal chairman is worried about the trade tariffs? if it comes to fruition it messes up the game plan? >> at this point he's deflecting and points to the strength in the u.s. economy. of course, as federal reserve speak goes, they talk about outliers and variables and factors that they can't control like government factors that is something that the federal reserve says they will review when the times comes. >> neil: susan li of fox
1:45 pm
business network. when we come back, charles payne with the ramifications on this, especially at a time when companies are flushed with cash and more money to spent are apparently planning to do that and started with a little old judge in wasngn d.c. who approved a big old merger between at&t and time-warner. all of a sudden everybody is in play. look at me. i'm in play. i have no idea what that means after this her salon was booked for weeks, until her laptop crashed this morning. you never know what the day's going to bring when you're running a small business, it might even bring a blue screen of death. having it problems? ask a business advisor how to get virus and spywe removal, and 24/7 tech support. office depot now offers on demand tech support for as little as $15 a month. ♪ this week boisr for only $29.99 at office depot office max.
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>> neil: are we back to big de bec corporations are backing to paying taxes they neff thought possible or tax rates they never thought dreamable? let's go to charles payne. makes money for you. making money. that's what it's about. charlie gasparino will be
1:49 pm
joining us sharply. i want to get first of all, charles payne's view on this. stepping back from the media deals and the battle post at&t isney for 21st censutury omcast fox's assets, it's companies having more money to spend and lower taxes. what do you think of it all? >> i agree. we're going to see a major wave of a whole lot of deals. not just in the media area. across all sectors. cross-country deals. you see deals that involve american companies buying european companies and asian companies buying american companies. it's like a wild west. we have the feder reserve and rates are going up so cheap money is starting to fade. notice the comcast deal is all cash. when i see all cash deals, i like that. tells me that a companies
1:50 pm
believes their stock is more valuable than cash. if i have to give you something, i'd rather give you cash because i believe my stock will appreciate. >> neil: and we're showing fox is up in excess of 7.5% today. comcast hasn't budged me. this is since the close of trading here. what is interesting about that 7. 7.7%, it's interesting about that is the market sort of -- disney was up today before this, down after this. it's as if the markets are confident these guys have the wherewithal to do what they go to do. whatever it is.
1:51 pm
we're seeing that wall street sees it coming. everybody is bracing for a bidding war. remas to be seen what happens here. you think about this today for instance. electronic arts was up big time. netflix is up. and now they're saying hey, this content thing has to include gaming. gaming is the hottest area in our country. the average gamer is like the 35-year-old male with a good paying job. so now we're seeing this whole content play on the media side even bringing gaming as well. so it's like the wild, wild west. these old businesses that control the pipes, they're creating disruption. they're trying to survive. meantime, you know, if you've got the content, you're king right now. >> neil: would we see any of this activity or as much
1:52 pm
activity or frenetic discussions back and forth if tax rates weren't slashed to the degree they were if for corporations a lot? >> absolutely not. a lot of money was heading offshores to avoid paying taxes. we've seen the announced money coming back into this country absolutely mind boggling. that money will go to worknd has to go to work. you're going to see deals -- i'm shocked ibm hasn't spent a lot of money. they have to get into this game quicker. you're going to see technology deals, biotech companies. a lot of it will involve the cash that was sitting offshore for a long time. neil: i think charlie gasparino is good with us. can you hear it. we always have problems with you. >> i'm a problematic person. >> neil: you e. i'm wondering whether we're reading too much in the green light, judge richard leon gave
1:53 pm
to the at&t deal, if it's a green light for all deals that would not pass regulatory scrutiny or pass some type of legal scrutiny. play this out going forward. >> a good question. i disagree with you and charms on the impact of the trump tax cuts and deregulation on the media sector. maybe everything else you'll see lots of deals everywhere else. remember, they pent up demand for media deals going back to the obama years. the obama justice department after that all the comcast deal to go through four years ago, five years ago with tremendous conditions that are about to end in a couple months, they killed a lot of other deals. at&t trying to buy sprint and more. i can't remember half of them. a lot of them that were killed. there was pent up demand. when trump came to office, it was thought that deregul would translate into an anti trust climate on media deals.
1:54 pm
that didn't happen until you got the judge's ruling. >> i think this started off because part of this time-warner deal with at&t was cnn. i could be wrong. i don'ts think hees cnn. >> yes, he doesn't. but if you speak withead he antitrust division, he makes a case about distribution and content and how that could squeeze the consumer. now you have this ruling. here's the one fly in the ointment. the ruling seems to be a green light to a lot of thin, by the way. the one fly in the ointment obviously does doj appeal and make it much -- put a line in the sand and say we may lose this, we're going to appeal and we're doing to go after comcast because we don't like the deals and try to stop them from buying fox. >> you think that happens? and does it have success? >> i could only tell you this. this morning i spoke to a senior official in doj who is saying they were active -- there were pushing for an appeal. through
1:55 pm
whether they -- maybe cooler heads prevail and they say no, because there was that discussion. they hate these deals. they predicated their attacks on at&t-time-warner on what they feel were the inequities created by the comcast deal with nb that they -- >> neil: i'm sorry to jump on you. a quick take then. you think deals speed up now? regardless of the reason or rationale that we're doing to see a lot more deals or people will feel this is an environment for more deals? >> here's what i'm going to say. if this ruling is allowed to stand, yes. if d opposes at&t, it's going do you really want to go to court every time you do a deal. >> neil: even though that might be a uphill legal battl to make. what do you think? >> what we saw today with the fed, as interest rates go up, that puts pressure on these guys. we have cheap money sloshing around. so the answer is an emphatic yes for me
1:56 pm
>> neil: wouldn't that propel more stocks deals, fewer cash deals? >> maybe -- i haven't seen a lot of them recently. the interest rates have been zero. so we'll see how the dynamics change. also, you know, a strong consumer, a companies want to bulk up for that and changing dynamics and sinesses. a lot of t plling these deals. the ability to do them, that window could be closing. >> neil: have we heard from the white house, its thoughts, the merger that went h? including cnn? >> well, we put a call in. my producer put the call in. we asked them about the appeal. whether it's coming. >> neil: you knoww that call goes. this is charlie gasparino. press the pound key. >> that's why i put lydia on the phone. they did get back to lydia. they said no comment. we have five days to appeal and we have no further comment.
1:57 pm
>> neil: thanks very much. >> here we are. >> neil: and here we be. i want to thank the two charles, gasparino and payne. they're not related. i want to let you know, we'll follow this story. "the five" is now. lease the 2018 es 350 for $339 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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