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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  June 13, 2018 8:00pm-8:59pm PDT

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denuclearize a display that is good news. that is it for us tonight. we'll be seeing you tomorrow, bringing you all the details of the ig report, which is dropping in about 18 hours or so. shannon bream andhe "fox news @ night" team is nex >> shannon: not that anyone is counting, laura, but but we are on it. thank you so much. we begin with the fox news alert. tonight the beltway is buckling up, awaiting the justice department inspector general report the handling of hillary clinton's emails, that investigation. the stages that. we'll tell you what we know so far and what you can expect tomorrow. plus president trump said he and kim jong un understand each other. new details from an exclusive air force one interview with bret baier about what the leaders a to at the historic singapore summit and we just heard from secretary of state pompeo, who is now tasked with hammering out the details, his comments straight ahead. on the trump administration takes another step in prioritizing religious liberty is the attorney general says he will not tolerate discrimination
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against people of faith. hello and welcome to "fox news @ night." i'm shannon bream in washington. breaking tonight, there's a brand-new letter from our central committee chair devin nunes and several other republican members, to deputy attorney general rod rosenstein demanding that the fbi and justice department give them full access to documents they "lawfully subpoenaed" to sing anything short of providing the records is obstruction. the letter comes as a number of fbi and justice department officials are facing a day of reckoning tomorrow. a report by the doj inspector general into how the hillary clinton email investigation was handled finally going to go public. it could be a bombshell. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is here tonight with a preview as we wait. >> shannon, the investigation that began nearly 18 months ago began with allegations of mionduct by fbi and justice department officials into the handling of the clinton email case. based on fox's reporting, there will be a series of closed-door briefings tomorrow to include president trump as well as congressional committees of
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direct oversight of the justice depa and fbi. cobob goodlatte is the republican chairman of the house judiciary committee. >> because i think it's going to shed light on how the federal bureau of investigation mishandled this whole investigation with regards to former secretary of state and presidential candidate hillary clinton and then when you contrast that with the way they have handled the investigation into the so-called drum-russia collusion, i think people are going to be astonished that there was this kind of bias inederal bureau of investigation. >> may begin in january 2017, democrats or as part of the indepeent review because they blame former fbi director james comey for derailing hillary clinton's campaign when he reopened the criminal case about ten days before the election. republicans thought clinton should have been prosecuted for mishandling classified information but they accused comey of giving her a pass by the justice department's internalg, inspector general michael horowitz, cannot bring criminal charges. but he can make what's called a
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criminal referral for a u.s. attorney review of the evidence and consider whether a prosecutor is justified. the reporters are to be more than 500 pages in length and should be available to the public later this afternoon. >> shannon: we are waiting, as you are. ths report to take aim at the folks at the very top of the justice department and fbi. who should be nervous tonight's? we'll it with former u.s. attorney, harry litman and constitutional attorney robert barnes. welcome to you both. >> good to be here. >> shannon: already this is what we are being told, as managing expectations. ed morris writes, "don't expect to find sweeping condemnations of corruption unless he come of the inspector general, find specific and can do my convincing evidence. the report is more likely to cite specific actions and allow the readers to reach their own broader conclusions." ki for what are tomorrow? >> i think the ig is really a fact finder, a very thorough
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one, and not a policymaker, but i think there is going to be similarly stern taking to task of a former fbi director comey, especially for his public announcements about the clinton probe. we already know that andrew mccabe will come in for some criticism. loretta lynch, i think, will not emerge unscathed either. there will be a series ocriticif the clinton probe. what i don't see, or don't look too, this is in response to the comments by the judiciary chair, is anything that reflects really way on the bona fide of the mueller probe, the probe in general, that involves president trump, for that, there needs to be some kind of connection that i don't think will be drawn in this report. >> shannon: it looks likee will just get a look at how the senior officials at doj and fbi handled like a hillary clinton investigation, whether they
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deviate different policy, those kinds of things. already tonight, just a reminder for folks, inspector general horwitz is the one who did refer criminal charges potentially against andrew mccabe. it is because of an internal referral of his that we know about the page-strzok pet texts that went public. robert, my question for you, do you think that the inspector general will recommend a referral for any charges against the big like comech, or mccabe, which wasdy done in a dferent situation? >> i think he will make a criminal referral against mccabe, i think he may make it a criminal referral against comey -- >> shannon: you do? >> most of his criticism will be focused on the lack of leadership, will be focused on his dereliction of duty, failure to follow doj protocols, failure to follow fbi procedures, which will reveal a discrepancy and double standards, which will go to the justice committee congressman was saying, that the only explanationor this discrepancy and double standard between the clinton investigation at the trump
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investigation, where in one case there was a real crime that was covered up with the fbi and doj, and the other, there was another crime to attempt one that did not exist, everyone has been prosecuted to the max with s.w.a.t. raids and attorney-client privilege record rates and everything else, the only reason to explain that is e double standard, the weaponization and picization of the department of justice, fbi, the nationalurity intelligence apparatus by the obama administration, of which comey's handling of clinton reflects. the key aect is, there is clear differences between what comey says that mccabe said about who authorized certain leaks end of the horwitz concludes that it's comey who lied, then it will be mey who is referred for criminal prosecution. >> shannon: do you think there is any chance that the underlying investition into hillary clinton's handling observers, emails, classified information, that gets reopened? harry, to you first. >> i think very unlikely. it's a whole galloping away into
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the trope land. there is a political kerfuffle abe probe itself. it really doesn't shed any light on the comey er probe. i don't think there will be in the reopening. dard to make ait is pretty referral from the ig report. >> shannon: very quickly, robert? >> i think if we winspire integrity and the department of justice, that investigation needs to be reopened. comey did such a terrible job in terms of chain of custody of the server and the immunity he handed out like candy, it will be difficult to prosecute the case. >> shannon: we will see tomorrow night, gentlemen. thank you for the preview, harry and robert, thank you to you both. fox news alert. a senior administration official confirms to fox news the pentagon is expected to cancel the next major joint military exercise between the u.s. and south korea that has been scheduled for august. if marshall says the pentagon will likely make that formal
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announcement, the cancellation, d a press release tomorrow. kristin fisher is tracking everything tonight, breaking down what we are learning, about the u.s.-north korea new relationship, and the new relationship of of the preside. >> president trump has already litary off guard by announcingan that he agreed to and the joint military exercis he called tonight, and an interview with bret baier, he made clear they would not be second surprise, he would not be drawing down the number of u.s. troops in south korea. >> i would love to get the military out soon as we c because it costs aot of money, a lot of moneyor us. we have 32,000 soldiers and soutrea. i would like to get them home. i would like to. it is not on the table right now. >> what was on the table where those joint military exercises, which are now on hold. >> we will be stopping war games, which will save us a tremendous amount ofoney. >> president trump says not only are they expensive, they are also provocative. it's a loaded term that has been
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used for years by the north koreans and the u.s. has always rejected it. for senate minority leader, chuck schumer, says president's use of that term is just one reason why he believes kim jong un is blocking away the winner. rantee you, our military men and men were squirming when president trump called our joint military exercises provocations. they are not a provocation, president trump. adopting the north korean view on american military exercises, which president trump dead, is nothing short of a public >> president trump believes the entire world won, after landing at joint base andrews, president trump tweeted, "everyone can feel much safer than that he took office. there is no longer a nuclear threat from north korea. sleep well tonight." the president s applauded for dpting the status quo. now that's good in agreement. we should be under no delusion that it will be fast.
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>> especially since the one and a half page statement signed at singapore was light on detai it's both on the specific commitments from north korea aside from working toward the complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula. a promise the regime has made and brokeince the 1990s. president trump was confident that this time is different. >> chairman kim wants to resolve the problem because he knew that we weren't playing around. i wasn't playing around. he's not playinground. >> now comes the har part. nailing down those details. the secretary of state says the next meeting with the north koreans has not been set but he expects that could happen fairly quickly, shannon. >> shannon: kristin fisher, thank you very much. secretary of state mike pompeo is on his way to brief top officials in china about the singapore summit. he says his confident negotiations with north korea will happen very quickly, as a kristin said. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot is live in seoul, south korea. it is morning for you.
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good good morning, greg. >> good morning, shannon. secretary of state pompeo is on a follow-up, a reassuring mission throughout the region following the summit in singapore between president trump and north korean leader kim jong un. he is here in seoul right now. he met a short time ago with south korean president moon jae-in, who has been so critical of this whole process, met with his counterparts here in south korea, japanese foreign minister came over as well. yes, major talking points, that decision may president trump to suspend u.s. and south korean military exercises. that is got critics both around the world and here in this region wondering whether president trump has made some kind of a major concession. he secretary of state pompeo said again that this would only happen as long as north korea ws involved in substantial, substantive negotiations with the united states. he is a bit more of what he had to say a short time ago.
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>> the world should rest assure that the united states, the republic of korea, japan remain committed to achieving the complete, verifiable, irreversible denuclearization of north korea. two countries are absolutelye ironclad. the ministers and i have developed a close friendship and togeth wl continue to closely coordinate with respect to north korea as we move forward together. >> secretary pompeo went on to say that kim jong un, according to president trump, understand the urgency of a need to do nuclearize as quickly as possible, and that there would be no removal of sanctions until that denuclearization happens. these talks are expected to resume with north korea may be as soo he has also said, secretary of state pompeo has said that they could see substantial disarmament or expected within the next two and half years.
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yes, shannon, he goes on to beijing this afternoon, korea time, trying to time, meeting with officials they are, including, hhat, chine president xi. a lot of work ahead. >> shannon: thank you very much. our next guest was reportedly a bit surprise pre bold step with regard to the joint military exercises with south korea. how is he feeling tonight? republican senator mike rounds said on the senate armed services committee and he joins us live. >> i appreciate the opportunity. >> shannon: you said you were surprised he went that far. secretary pompeo said, to be clear, it is only premised on the fact that a good negotiations continue, good faith negotiations on both sides. otherwise, the exercises are you have clarity on it tonight? >> more than we did before. it wasn't canceling. what he's doing is, we'll take a break. and for north korea, this is a big deal. for us, we on a regular basis, it's our practiced
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invasion of north korea. and that with south korea. >> shannon: well, when you put it that way... >> we participate with japan as well. for north korea, this was something they were looking at. you got to remember, these can be reinstated veryand it's jus e wereblems of developing the summit to begin with, the president could step back and say, the deal is off, we want to have the summit. once there was additional negotiation, we could put the deal back on and have it on the same dates. the same thing can occur here. let'give the president o to succeed. everything starts with a first set. this was a first step. it was a very good first step. lots allow the president to some leeway, let's give him the oppounity, try to negotiate something besides going to war. >> shannon: i want to play a little bit of what one of your colleagues across the aisle, top senate democrats chuck schumer had to say about where we are now. >> our adversaries, russia and allies like south korea andare
8:15 pm
japan, have lost footing. and to some degree of faith in america's reliability. >> shannon: we know the secretary pompeo has talked to the counterparts in south korea as he heads to china now. do you agree with mr. sumer's assessment? >> i respectfully disagree. number one, china clearly had a role to play here. they participated. south korea wants this to happen. japan does not want to be in the middle of an armed conflict right now. they are closer to north korea than w they recognize they have multiple types of weapons. north korea has more than just nuclear weapons, they have biological weapons, chemical weapons and so forth. south korea would feel the brunt of it. japan is of a target as well. they want to see this peaceful-ally resolve. they don't want to give in or give them something they wouldn't normally have. this president, the opportunity to have more than just want to have come allow him a chance to get out of a mess that has been created over the last couple of decades, that is with this president is trying to do. i think america should be
8:16 pm
supporting the president in terms of, let's find a way to peacefully get around this. america just does not go out and look for wars. we try our best to resolve them. sometimes, by having a very, very strong off and a very strong defense, you can sometimes convince some of your adversaries that it's better to find a peaceful solution then to continue to poke at. >> shannon: you been involved with something under the radar, this news about china, hacking into information allegedly involving our submarine program. i want to read you something from "the washington post." "chinese government hackers have compromised the computers of a navy contractortealing massive amounts of highly sensitive data related to undersea warfare, including secret plans to develop a supersonic antiship missile for use on u.s. submarines by 2020." you now ask the navy to explain at h h are you getting a briefing? what's the next step? >> we asked for the briefing. i serve as a subcommittee
8:17 pm
chairmen on cyber security for the armed services committee. i asked to find out what happened why we haven't been advised early on what this looks like. so like this hasrst time happened. we had information on the f3535 breach. we had on a regular basis people trying to get into our systems. it i not just within the pentagon, it is within the contractors, within the critical infrastructure. there are five different domains in which you can go to war. air, land, sea, space, and cyberspace. when it comes to cyberspace, we are being attacked every single day, thousandsimes per day. our systems can't simply withstand that type of an attack all the time without responding. we are working out not only strengthening our defenses but as the actually suggested a year ago last february, we have to have a very prompted offense but we are not afraid to go after theseolks whe constantly trying to get inside of our systems. number one, gotta find out what damage was done. second of all, gottad out
8:18 pm
how they got in and what we can do to respond accordingly, not just this time come but in the future as well. >> shannon: a reminder this is happening all the time. whatever you can tell us, let you know what you find out. senator, thank you so much. new tonight, calls for democrats to "play dirty" this november with a number of provocative proposals aimed at ensuring they get and keep power, extreme stuff like, check it out, putting california into seven different states? trace is on the story. leslie marshall and larry o'connor weigh in on the president's optimistic predictions about the midterm and why is the house intelligence committee's top democrat, adam schiff, planning to go after jared kushner and ivanka trump? details next. >> importantly we would also be doing oversight again and making sure that the country is being run for the benefit of its citizens, not for the benef nald trump or iv or jared kushner or anyone else in the family. ♪
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>> shannon: it is not fake news. a proposal to split california into three different states has gotten enough signatures to get onto the november ballot. there is a mountain of political strategy behind this whole idea. trace gallagher is honored from the west coast bureau. trace, you could have three
8:23 pm
states to choose from come fall. >> where would you live? the cal three initiative would work like a big, ugly sports with three -- divorce. would have to divide up all the assets and liabilities like the college or university systems, persons, power grids, even water rights. southern california currently getsh of its water from northern california and you can bet that would spark a major all of this is predicated on voter approval. a recent poll by survey says 72% of registered voters oppose the split, only 17% to support it. ev if, for some reason, voters say yes, it then has be signed off by the state legislature, and the u.s. congress. the measure was backed and funded by billionaire investor ken draper,his same man who spent millions to split
8:24 pm
california into six dates back in 2012 in 2014. he said the state government has rotted. >> in california, we can't do worse. we pay the highest taxes and w get the worst service. we have the worst education, the worst infrastructure. >> many critics agree california does have big time problems, like taxes on housing costs, but they say dividing the stated you three would lead to chaos and cost tens of of dollars. the group opposing the split called one california says "a split in california into three new states will triple the amount of special interests, lobbyists, politicians, and bureaucracy. there are political ramifications. we would gain four u.s. rs, but kee thee number of congressional seats. the new california and northern california would likely stay democratic. southern california would likely become a swing state. david farris, a political scientist at roosevelt university, argues that
8:25 pm
california should be split into seven states. he said big states like california, which are largely democratic, are simply too big to be fairly represented in the senate. by dividing up the state, you could get a dozen more democratic senators. farris, very anti-trump, says republicans have been fighting dirty for years, and it'sime for democrats the favor starting with breaking up the golden state, there we should note, since california became a state back in 1850, there have been 200 attempts at splitting up california. none have succeeded. >> shannon: so far it's a hard pass. all right, trace, thank you very much. we'll watch. speaking of electoral politics, president trump is not afraid, he says, of the alleged midterm blue waves. >> i think the economy iso good, i think the tax cuts have been incredible, even night -- better than i with that they would be. the regulation cuts have been good. i have done more in 500 days
8:26 pm
than any president has ever done in their first 500 days. history, for whatever reason, you win the election, and then you lose lots of seats. i think we areoing to do very well. i really do. i think the economy is doing so well, we are doing so well as a nation, i think we are going to surprise people. >> shannon: joining us not to talk about it, fox news contributor, syndicated radio talk show host leslie marshall. and larry o'connor, radio host in washington and associated opinion editor at "the washington times." welcome to you both. >> hey, shannon. >> shannon: the president feeling very optimistic. he knows histories against them because only once it recent decades has this work for the sitting president. the first midterm after his election. i want to talk to you through some recent polls, brand-new from fox news. let's start with this. which party would do a better jo on a number of different topics, when it comes to the economy? the republicans are plus five on that front.
8:27 pm
ll it translate for , leslie, come fall? >> i don't think so. what has to translate is what people are saying right now with this legislation, show me, and other corporations, the mon there are some corporations that are doing some great things, but that is not the majority of them. trickle-down economics has not worked in the past and it will be, what d theoters feel. it is not just that, shannon. not just about money. what are seeing, and democrats are rprised that they are talking about health care. health care is a big issue for both democrats and republicans coming into the midterm and that is an area where they look at publicans failing them, not only with increased cost, but with last coverage going forward, and what we are seeing in some states, in the state legislatures, we are seeing some areas that drop wonn double digits, 20 percentage points, we are seeing democrats take some of those ove there. i don't think we will see a blue tsunami but i do think we will see a blue waves. >> shannon: another poll last week, how are you feeling about the u.s. economy?
8:28 pm
across party lines. 59% say optimistic, 35% say pessimistic for a 4% lead for folks who think that the president is doing well, larry. >> i think the president's right f t beinge indication that this is not going to be the blue wave, even without lesli suggests. in 2010, they were huge gains for the republicans, they flipped 60 seats, took the majority, and inrointo the senate,sens the majority, then in 2014, they took over the majority. i think this time around, republicans will gain, the seats are in their favor, this eats it up for grabs her in their favor. they will gain seats in the senate. they may lose seats in the house but as of now, i don't think they will lose the majority. so he will actually overcome expectations. as what is uly done, he's overcome expectations. it is all about the economy right now. despite what leslie says, it's not just about corporations. the overall economic feeling in this country is positive.
8:29 pm
>> shannon: how unpleasant do you think things would be for presidt trump if he loses house? >> i think the way the president is, he'll tweet a different stance of reality, shannon. i don't think it will bother him. i have to agree with larry a tiny bit, yet again, i think this is twice this year, the reason being, we can't trust the polls. we saw that in 2016 with regard to the midterms and this is a president, quite frankly, has turned history around politically. i thi that we could possibly, you know, see that happen, although as a democrat, i would like history to stand with the president losing a seat for his party in both the house and senate. >> shannon: a poll that may make leslie happier, a more generic poll, who would you vote for congress in their districts? deats at 48%, republicans at 39. larry, plus sign for democrats on the generic ballot. >> it will be a real problem if
8:30 pm
the democrats get the majority. in the last six weeks of the midterm campaign, i guarantee you, the biggest talk on both sides of the aisle will be about impeachment. >> shannon: the lette word. >> this will be a bad final two of this term for the president because it's all about the impeachment wo all they got for the democratic platform is get drunk, removed from, impeach trump. the only message they've got. if they do get the majority of the house, they will have impeachment hearing. it requires the government to get something done and not just focus on russian collusion. >> shannon: they have been doing much, the american people ink. they are behind -- >> i think the media is worse, shannon. that's not your fault. >> shannon: we try. we aim to please. we tried to do our job every day. the truth is, the polling is really terrible for congress, people don't care what party is in charge. we'll see what have happens.
8:31 pm
always great to have you both. a north carolina town reportedly tells a church, you are not welcome here. a maryland city says, stop were worship services or leaves. as religious freedom under fire and is the trump administration doing enough to fight it? attorney general sessions says he is laying down the law. leland vittert investigates the next. >> in recent years, the cultural climate has become less hospitable to people of faith and religious belief. many americans have felt that their freedoms to practice their faith has been under attack ♪ fishtments avoids them. some advisers have hidden and layered fees. fisher investments never does. and while some advisers are happy to earn commissions from you whether you do well or not, fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better.
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maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. tnow introducing aleve back and muscle pain. clearly better money management. on aleve targe tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. aleve back &uscle. all day strong. all day long.
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8:36 pm
story. story. >> evangelicals will say promise may become a promise kept. they view this as a step to keep the president's promise to protect those from religious discrimination. they say the obama administration did a lousy job of enforcing it, a sentimentthao agree with >> in recent years, the cultural climate has become less hospitable to people of faith many americans have felt that their freedom to practice their faith has been under attack. >> justice department ruled out a program called t place of worship initiative, complete with pam phillips and -- pam forbesnd website. with it came a fresh lawsuit by the justice department on behalf of a synagogue in new jersey that claims the town is using and other laws to keep it from building any facility. religious freedom verbs viewed it as a welcome change from the obama administration.
8:37 pm
>> finally, 40 some cases during the obama administration and a six year period is nothing compared to the kind of discrimination we are seeing on an everyday basis. we filed two lawsuits alone and just last week under this law. >> sessions ruled out the program as part of a speech highlighting the ministrations f religious freedom, heralding the doj's recent win in support of the colorado baker who refused rovide a cake and gay wedding, changing femurs -- crg down on hate crimes. >> president trump said during the campaighat he would make religious freedom is top priority and we have seen that on the number of occasions. >> today'souncement on this new program and allow the inclusion were inclusive increased enforcement but a push by the doj to educate religious leaders about their tell local gnment officials what they can and cannot do under the law.
8:38 pm
>> shannon: feels like a change. >> they certainly feel that way. >> shannon: thank you for digging into this. good to see you. ireland's prime minister says catholic hospitals must perform announcement comes just weeksfter the voters decided to repeal the country's eighth amendment which protected the rits of unborn's. there is lislation in the works which would reportedly aw individual doctors or nurses to opt out based on religious ictions but not institutions as a whole. up next, we'll hear from a conservative who calls herself a never trump or until the resistance came to town. what does she think now about senator bob corker's warning for his fellow republicans? >> it's not a good place for any partp with a cul situation as it relates to apree purportedly of the same party. ♪ .
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>> shannon: if democrats would make the house this fall, the first order of business could be a probe of first family members jared kushner and a bongo drum. garrett tenney explains why. hello. >> democrats are taking aim at new n released financial disclosure forms showing that ivanka trump and jared kushner made more -- >> in this case, the first family, which has an important policy role in the administration is not a rested, not fully. >> most of the income cane
8:43 pm
broome real estate, and $3.8 million from her stake in the trump international hotel and d.c. for the couple stepped away from day- from the company last yea to records unpaid advisors to the president but they did not completely divest themselves of their businesses. >> with the first family unwilling to divest, we are left questioning whether the policy is driven by their financial interests and not the interests of our country. >> democratic lawmakers want more information about those business dealings to ensur there aren't any ethical or legal violations related to deals with foreign governments. an attorney for ivanka and jerrod responded to those criticisms saying, since joining the administration, mr. kushner and ms. trump have h the rules and restrictiset up by the ethics. if democrats to retake the majority, that will be just one of many issues they plan to investigate. >> one of the issues we have now is with the republican majority in congress unwilling to do any oversight of this, we simply
8:44 pm
don't know whether the foreign policy of the united states is up for sale. >> unwilling to wait till november, two 200 democrats are behind a lawsuit the white house effacing, alleging the president is violating the emoluments clause of the constitution. the lawsuits claim that the presidents of d.c. hotel's property from foreign officials staying there. separately, more than 60 democratic lawmakers are demanding the government ethics office investigate president trump's ties to china, pointing to beijing's investment in an indonesian theme park featurtrump branded properties just a few days before the president's trip to save the chinese tv company. >> shannon: thank you very much. requiring g.o.p. senator bob corker is fiber another salvo a. >> not a good place for any party to end up with a cultlike
8:45 pm
situation as it relates to a president that happens to be of purportedly of the same party. >> shannon: corker adding he believes top congressional leadership is fearful and weary of upsetting me president president. joining me now to discuss that, bethany mandel. thank you for being with us tonight, bethany. >> thank you for having me. >> shannon: he says they don't want to do anything to run afoul of the president, it's not good for them. he went on to say, it's about the next election. what you make of his comments today? >> he has this is political calculus01. you have to be able to keep friends of the white house and make sure that you are able to pass things that do so, they sort of have to keep on going. it's frustrating because there are things of the white house is doing that there should be pushed back on marco rubio today provided some of that pushback with north korea. at the end of the day, they are
8:46 pm
of the same party and they like they need to play nice. sometimes, they shoul not be playing nice. >> shannon: david wasserman of the cook political report says "if you are a republican member of congress he wants to speak out against trump, y a couple of choices. retire or lose your next primary," talking about congressman mark sanford losing his republican primary last night. we've seen pro trump candidates do very well. >> mark sanford also had a lot of issues with running to argentina with his mistress. >> shannon: [laughs] there's also that. >> it wasn't just because he was anti-trump. he was a really, really problematicandidate. the better example would be in virginia, theally disappointing to see virginia make that decision, and i think it's going to be another alabama situation where it -- alabama was an easy seat we lost to the democrats but i think that we are going to see a democrat take the virginia senate seat as well because of that.
8:47 pm
>> shannon: we have a lot of internal struggle within the g.o.p. about whether to support the president. you wrote a very interesting piece where you talk about the fact that there are people on the outside of the g.o.p. cover more of the progressive and left, who are absolutely flaming people left and right for any you wrote this. "americans are told they should not, they cannot, support this man under any circumstances. to do so is racist. the cardinals in a power generation. americans and their choice ford president, anyone voicing even a modicum upport for the administration is bullied into apologies and silence." you not some of the most rent examples. basically if you say something support of the president or if you are not openly defining them, you are a racist, bigot, any number of things. >> americans are faced with a choice basically. during the mob or be attacked by the mob. that is not where the resistance should be going, but that is exactly what the resistance is doing.
8:48 pm
they've decided that anything, any amount of support for the president, even when he does good things, there was a criminal justice reform package that has the support of van jones. they have chosen to be silent about it. for me, as a moderate republican, i was never trump, now i call balls and strikes, it would be nice for them to say, this is good. you've done a good thing. do more of that. when he does something that they don't like, they have some sort am not anti-trump, i am not hysterical, but this is something that he has done badly. but they have decided to ignore the bad stuff, to warp the news stories, the ms-13 example is probably one of the best. the fact that he called ms-13 animals and so much of the mainstream media decided to just -- >> shannon: misconstrue. >> totally misconstrued. they are really feeding into his 2020 reelection, and the
8:49 pm
hysteria, i don't see him not being reelected at this point because your choices either join the mob or be attacked by it. >> shannon: the more that people come after him, it validates the concern that some people have that maybe there was -- maybe he was right about the media be completely unfair and about conservatives and their viewpoints being openl mocked. we'll see. it was very interesting. bethany, great to have you with us. is she leaving? in the report claims that sarah huckee sanders is ready to leave her job at the white house but what isn't she saying tonight? is case of fake news? it is just the facts, that's all we bring you an "the real news roundup," and that's next. it was raining, there was only one way out. i could feel the barb wire was just digging into the paint. man: two bulls were fighting, (thud) bam hit the truck. try explaining that tour in. woman: another ding, another scratch. it'll just be another chapter in the story.
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>> son: time now for the real news roundup. the former head of security for the senate intelligence committee was in court today. james wolf is crged with lying to investigators about his contacts with reporters. including "new york times" reporter ali watkin's, with whom he reportedly had a romantic relationship. he pleaded not guilty. his lawyer said he will file a motion to limit public officials, including the president, from commenting on the case to the media. >> we will vigorously defend him against this unfair and unjustified prosecution.
8:54 pm
i want to emphasize that there is absolutely no allegation in this case that he leaked classified information. >> shannon: meanwhile,"the new s investigating the nature of watkins relationship with wolfe and what you disclosed about it to her former employer. tonight, white house correspondent jo john kelly revoking the white house access of rudy giuliani's son ann, andrew. ask he reporting he revoked t blue pass because of issues in the workplace he was not happy about. adding this to the debate over the media's coverage of president trump's summit for north korean kim jong un, "the new york times" editorial board opining that one of the reasons the president seemed uncomfortable with kim was because he could lord over him. at times writing mr. trump is way taller than mr. kim and fors matter. white house press secretary sarah sanders firing back at reports that she's planning to leave. "does cbs "cbs news" know someg
8:55 pm
i don't about my plans and future? "adding that she loves her job in his honor to work for the president. you will meet a superhero. up next to my tonight midnight hero. stick around. ♪ does this map show the peninsula trail? you won't find that on a map. i'll take you there. take this left. if you listen real hard u the oop. you hear that? (vo) our subaru outback lets us see the world. sometimes in ways weever imagined.
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he warms our heart, he's our hero tonight we hope he is yours too. most-watched, most trusted most grateful you spent the evening with us. good night from was i'm shannon bream. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." it turns out the doj failed to dictate the final result of the 2016 presidential ection, but a year and a half into the trump administration the justice department still seems to at times be operating as a shadow government, a place that s considers itself beyond the reach of normal oversight. a back in the real world, congress has the explicit constitutional power to oversee the fbi and all other executive agencies, lessea that's the way supposed to work.


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