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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  June 14, 2018 12:00am-12:59am PDT

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will not is sanctions until the north denuclearize is. that is it, we will see you back here tomorrow and bring you the details of the ig report which is dropping in 18 hours or so. shannon bream is next. >> we are on it, thanks so much. we begin with a fox news alert, the beltway is buckling up awaiting the justice department inspector general report on the handling of hillary clinton's email. that investigation, the stage is set. we will tell you what we know and what you can expect tomorrow. donald trump says he and kim jong un understand each other. new details from an exclusive air force one interview with bret baer about what the leaders agreed to at the historic singapore summit and we just heard from secretary of state pompeo was tasked with hammering out details.
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his comments straightahead and the trump administration takes another step in prioritizing religious liberty as the atty. gen. says he will not tolerate discrimination against people of faith. welcome to fox news at night. i am shannon bream in washington. a brand-new letter from houston to the miniature devon nunez and several other republican members. deputy attorney general ron rosenstein demanding the fbi and justice department give them full access to documents they have, quote, lawfully subpoenaed saying anything short of providing the records is obstruction. the letter comes as a number of fbi and justice department officials are facing a day of reckoning tomorrow is a report by the doj inspector general how the hillary clinton email investigation was handled finally going to go public, could be a bombshell. catherine herridge is here tonight with a preview as we wait. >> an inveation that began eatinggo, allegations of misconduct by f justice
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department officials over handling of the email case. there will be a series of closed-door briefings tomorrow to include donald trump and congressional committees with direct oversight of the justice department and the fbi. congressman bob goodlottery is republican chairman of the house judiciary committee. >> it will shed light on how the federal bureau of investigation mishandled this whole investigation with regard to hillary clinton and when you contrast that with the way they have handled the investigation of the so-called trump russia collusion people are going to be astonished there was this kind of bias in the investigation. >> when it began in january 2017 democrats supported the independent review because they blame james comey for derailing hillary clinton's campaign when he reopened the criminal case 10 days before the election. republicans thought clinton should have been prosecuted for mishandling the information but they accuse comey. michael horowitz did not bring
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criminal charges but he can make a criminal referraere a us attorney reviews the evidence and considers whether a prosecution is justified. the report says 500 pages in length and should be available to the public later tomorrow afternoon. shannon: we are waiting is your. this could take aim at folks at the top of the justice department and fbi so who should be nervous tonight? we talk about it with former deputy assistant attorney general harry littman and constitutional attorney robert barnes, welcome to you both. already this is what being told, ed morrissey writes don't expect to find sweeping condemnations of systemic corruption unless he finds specific and convincing evidence of it, the report is more likely to cite specific actions and allow readers to reach their own broader conclusions. what are you looking for tomorrow? >> that is right, the idea is a
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factfinder, a very thorough one and not a policymaker but there will be some really stern taking to task of the former fbi director especially for his public pronouncements about the clinton probe. willome in for some ew mccabe criticism. loretto lynch i think will not emerge unscathed either but there will be a series of criticisms about the handling of the clinton probe. what i don't see, or don't look to come in response to comments by the judiciary chair, is anything that reflects in any way on the mueller probe or the probe in general that involves donald trump. for that there needs to be a connection that i don't think will be drawn in this. >> we get a look at those senior officials handling the hillary
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clinton email investigation, those kinds of things. a reminder for folks inspector general horowitzerred criminal chargesgainst andrew mccabe. an internal referral, we know about the page text, will be inspector general recommend charges agaithose big names like comey, lynch or mccabe which is done in a different situation? >> i think he will criminal referral amccabe and maybe against comey. most of the criticism will be focused on lack of leadership, dereliction of duty, failure to follow the protocol, and fbi procedures, which will reveal discrepancy and double standard
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which will go to what the congressman was saying that the only explanation for the discrepancy and double standard between the clinton administration and trump investigation where there was a real crime that was covered up and the other one, there was no crime or an attewh it didn't exist and everyone has been prosecuted to the max with attorney-client privilege and everything else that the only discrepa standard,that is the of the department of justice, the fbi and national security intelligence apparatus by the obama administration of which comey is handling of clinton reflects, clear differences between what comey sayand what mccabe says about who authorized the leaks and if the horowitz conclusion that it is comey who lied, he also referred criminal prosecution. >> do you think there is any chance the underlying investigation of hillary clinton as handling servers and emails and classified information gets reopened?
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>> very unlikely. the whole galloping way seems off to me. there is a political kerfuffle about the probe itself, it doesn't shed light on the mueller probe and i do not think there will be any reopening. pretty low standard to make a criminal referral if there's any >>ny chance the investigation reopens? >> the department of justice, that investigation does need to be open but comey did a terrible job with the server and the imty handed out like candy, it will be difficult to prosecute the case. shannon: we will see tomorrow night, thank you for you both. a senior administration official
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confirms the pentagon is expected to cancel the next major joint military exercise between the us and south korea scheduled for august. the official says the pentagon will make that announcement on the cancellation of that in the press release tomorrow. kristen fisher is tracking everything breaking down we are learning more broadly about the new relationship in an interview with the president. >> donald trump, us and south korean militaries off guard by announcing he would end joint military exerces, wargames as he calls the man tonight in inra clear there would not be a nd surprise, he would not bring down the number of us troops in south korea. >> i would love to get the military analysis we can because it costs a lot of money and a lot of money for us. we have 32,000 soldiers in south korea. i would like to get them home but it is not on the table r now. >> what was on the table were joint military exercises which are now on hold. >> we will be stopping the wargames which will save us a tremendous amount of money.
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>> reporter: not only are they expensive but provocative. a loaded term that has been used for years by the north koreans and the us rejected it. the sentiment leader chuck schumer says the pres.'s that term is just one reason he believes kim jong un is walking away the winner. >> i guarantee our military men and women were hen rump called our joint military exercises provocation. they are not a provocation, donald trump. adopting the north korean view on american military exercises which donald trump did is nothing short of a public relations coup for chairman kim. >> donald trump believes, he tweet did that everybody can feel much safer than the day i took office. no lonreat from north korea adding sleep well tonight. >> the president should be applauded r disrupting the
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status quo. let's get an agreement. >> especially sinc statement signed in singapore was so light on details, spelling out no specific commitment to north korea aside from working toward complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula, a promise the regime has repeatedly made and broken since the 1990s. dona trump is confident this time is different. >> chairmam once to resolve the problem. i wasn't playing around, he is not playing around. >> the hard part is nailing down those details. the next meeting with the north koreans is not been set but he expected could happen quickly. shannon: thank you very much. secretary of state mike pompeo is on his way to brief top summit confident negotiations will happen very quickly. greg is live in seoul th an
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update. good morning. >> that is right. secretary of state mike pompeo is on a reassuring mission following the summit in singapore between donald trump and kim jong un. he is here in seoul right now, he met with south korean pres. moon who has been critical to this process here and in south korea and japanese force and sinister came over as well and a major talking point by donald trump to suspend us and south korea military exercises and that has critics around the world and here in this region wondering if donald trump has made a major concession. pompeo said again this would
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only happen as long as north korea was involved in substantial substantive negotiations with the united states. years more of what he said a short time ago. >> the world should rest assured the united states and the republic of japan are committed to the complete verifiable and irreversibleearization of north korea. the us alliance wh eastern countries are absolutely ironclad. we have developed a close friendship and we will continue to closely coordinate with respect to north korea as we move forward. >> secretary pompeo went on to say kim jongcording to donald trump understands the urgency of the need to denuclearize. andre would be noemov sanctions until that denuclearization happens. talks will resume as soon as next week. pompeo has said they could see
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substantial disarmament in the next 2years and goes on to beijing this afternoon korea time, china time in a meeting with officials including chinese >> thank you very much. our nextst was a bit surprised with regard to the joint military exercises with south korea and how they are dealing with tonight. my grounds sits on the senate armed services committee. you said you were surprised he went that far. pompeo has said it is only premised on the facthat good negotiations continue otherwise the exercises are back on do you have clarity? >> more than what we had earlier. tha not what it was. he said we will take a break and for north korea this is a big deal. basis and it is our practiced
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invasion of north korea and we do that with south korea and participate with japan as well. this is what we were looking at. these can be reinstated quickly, the president could step back and say the deal is off, we are not going to have the summit and once there was additional negotiation we could put the deal back on and have on the same date. the same thing could occur here. let's give the president the opportunity to succeed. everything starts with a first step. it was a very good first step. let's give the president the opportunity to negotiate something besides going to war. >> the top senate democrats, chuck schumer, where we are now. >> russia and china have gained
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while our allies like south korea and japan have los footing and some degree of faith in america's reliability. >> pompeo insta china now. do you agree with mr. schumer's assessment? >> i disagree with his assessment. china clearly had a role to play, they participated. south korea wants this to happen. japan does not want to be in the middle of an armed conflict. they have multiple types of ons. chemical weapons and so fo south korea would feel the brunt of it, japan is in the target as well. they went to see this peacefully resolved, they don't want to give them something they would not otherwise have but allow this president the opportunity to take more than one step. allow him the chance to find a way to get out of the mess of the last couple decades.
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that is what this president is trying to do. america should be supporting the president to peacefully get away with us. america does not look for wars, we try to resolve taving a very strong offense and defense, you can convince your adversaries is better to find a peaceful solution than to continue to focus. >> it has been under the radar but tht china, hacking into information involving submarine program. i want to read something from the washington post. the report says chinese government attackers of compromi the computers of the navy contract dealing massive amounts of sensitive data related to undersea warfare including secret plans to develop a supersonic anti-should missile for use onbmarines by 2020 acrding to american officials would you ask the navy to explain what is happened.
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you get a briefing? >> i serve as subcommittee chairman on cybersecurity for the armed serves committee. i have asked tut wha happened, why we haven't bee advised earlier what this looks like. this is not a first time something like this is happened. we had information on people trying to get into our systems and it is not just in the pentagon but in our contractors, within our critical infrastructure. there are 5 different domains you can go to war, air, land, sea, space and cyberspace. when it comes to cyberspace we are being attacked every single day thousands of times per day. our systems can't simply withstand that type of attack all the time without responding. we are working normally strengthening our defenses but as the dod actually suggested a year ago last february, we have to have a very potent offense
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that we are not afraid to use to go after these folks who are constantly trying to get inside our systems so we have to find out what damage was done and how they got in and what we can do to respond accordingly not just this time but in the future as well. >> the reminder this is happening all the time and whatever you can tell us let us know what you find out. thank you so mh. new tonight calls for democrats to, quote, play dirty this november with a number of provocative proposals aimed at ensuring they get and keower like putting california into 7 different states. and leslie marshall weighing in on the optimistic predictions about the midterms and why the house intelligence committee top democrat adam schiff planning to go after jared kushner and ivanka trump. details next. >> we are dealing with oversight again and making sure the country they run for the benefit of its citizens and not the benefit of donald trump or ivanka or jared kushner or anyone else.
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>> shannon: it is not fake news. a proposal to split california into three different state >> it is not fake news, a proposal to the california into 3 different states has gotten enough signatures to get onto vember ballot and there's a mountain of political strategy behind this idea.
12:23 am
trace gallagher on theest coast bureau. you have 3 states to choose from in the fall. >> where would you live. the initiative would work like a big ugorce with 3 spouses, northern california, southern california and counties from los angeles through santa barbara would make a new california and divide the assets and liabilities like the college and university systems, prisons, power grids and water rights. some of california gets its water from northern california and that would spark a major legal battle. all this is predicated on voter approval and a recent poll by survey usa says 72% of registered voters oppose the split, only 17% supported and even if for some reason voters say yes it then has to beig
12:24 am
off by the state legislature and the u.s. congress. the measure was backed and funded by billionaire investor tim draper, the same man who spent millions trying to split california into six dates in 2012, and 2014. he says the state government has rotted. >> in california we can't do worspae ghest taxes and get the worst service, the worst education, the worst infrastructure. >> medical disagree california has big-time problems like taxes and housing costs but they said dividing the state into 3 would lead to chaos and cost tens of billions of dollars, the group opposing the split called one california says splitting california into 3 new states will triple the amount of special interests, lobbyists, politicians and bureaucracy. there are political ramifications, we would gain for new us senators to keep the same number of congressional seats. the new california northern
12:25 am
california would likely stay democratic, southern california would likely become a swing state. david ferris, a political scientist at roosevelt university argues california ould be split into 7 states, stes are largel democratic are too big to be fairly represented in the senate and you could just a dozen democratic senators. he is very anti-trump and is republicans have been fighting dirty for years and it is time for democrats to return the favor starting with breaking up the golden state. we should note since california became a state in 1850 there have been 200 attempts at sping up california. >> so far it is a hard task. thank you very much. we will watch. speaking of electoral politics donald trump is not afraid of the alleged midterm blue wave. >> the economy is so good, the tax cuts have been incredible.
12:26 am
better than even i thought they would be. the regulation cuts have been great. i have done more and 500 days than any president has ever done in their first 500 days if not history because history for whatever reason, win the election and lose seats. i think we're going to do very well. i really do. the economy is doing so well, doing so well as a nation, we will surprise people. >> joining us to talk about it, syndicated radio talkshow host leslie marshall. and larry o'connor radio host of wmal in washington and associated opinion editor at the washington times, welcome to both. the president feeling very optimistic. he knows history is against him because only ones in recent decades has this worked, the first midterm after his election. i want to talk you to some recent polls from fox news last week. which party would do a better job on a number of topics when it comes to the economy the republicans are plus 5 on that
12:27 am
front. ll transte for the come fall? >> i don't think so because it would have to translate where people are saying right now with this legislation show me, not the corporations, the money. there are some corporations doing great things but not the majority of them. trickle-down economics hasn't worked in the past and it is what do the voters feel, not just that because it is not just about money, democrats are very surprised they are talking about healthcare. healthcare is a big issue for both democrats and republicans in the midterms and that is an area of a look at republicans failing them not only with increased costs but less coverage going forward and what we are seeing in some states, some areas trump won and double digits even 20 percentage points
12:28 am
democrats take some of those over i don't think we will see a blue soon army but i think we will see a blue wave. >> another poll last week and how you feeling about the us economy after cross party lines, 59% say optimistic, 35% say pessimistic, that is a 2d for folks who think this president is doing well. >> the president is right in terms of there being some indications this is not going to be the blue wave leslie suggests. in 2010 there were huge gains for the republicans, they put 60 seats i think or something in the house, took the majority and made inroads into the senate, listen the majority the democrats had it in 2014 took over the majority of the senate. gog to gain, the sreor grabs they will ga seats in the senate, they may lose seats in the house but as of now i don't think they will lose the
12:29 am
majority. he will overcome expectations, he has usually overcome expectations and it is all about the economy right now despite what leslie says it is not just about corporations, the overall economic feeling in this country is positive and will continue to be so. >> unpleasant would things be for donald trump if he loses the house? >> the way the president is he will tweet a different spin to the reality. i don't think it will bother him but i have to say i agree with year.a tiny bit, this is twice the reason being we can't trust the polls. we saw that in 2016 with regard to the midterms and is is a president who has turned history around politically so i think we could possibly see that happen although as a democrat i would like history to stand with the president losing seats for his party in both the house and senate. >> a poll that may make leslie happy about larry is a more
12:30 am
generic, who would you vote for congress in uristrict, asking voters where they are now, democratsot 40%, republicans got 39. that is plus 9 for democrats on that generic ballot. >> will be a real problem with democrats get the majority in the n the st 6 weeks of the midterm campaign i guarantee you the biggest talk on both sides of the aisle will bempeachment. if they get the majority this will be a bad final 2 years of this first this president because it will be about the impeachment hearing, that is all they have got. the democrat platform is get trump, removed from, impeach trump, the only message they have got and their voters if they do give them the majority in the house are going to expect impeachment hearings and this country requires the government to get something done, not just focus on donald trump and russian collusion. >> the american people think, the worst rating in the country, behind dennis and terrorists. >> the media is worse. but that is not your fault. >> we and to please, try to do our jobs every day but the truth is polling is realble for congress and peoe don't which party, they generally
12:31 am
hate it. great to have you both. the north carolina town told a church you are not welcome here. maryland city tells another church stop worship services. 's religious freedom under fire and is the trump administration doing enough to stop the? atty. gen. jeff sessions says he is laying down the law. we investigate next. >> in recent years the culture has become less hospitable to people of faith and religious beliefs. many americans have felt their freedom to practice their faith has been under attack. ♪
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including postage and a digital scale go to and never go to the post office again >> shannon: attorney general jeff sessions says he is taking >> atty. gen. jeff sessions is taking the fight for religious liberty local and moving aggressively to protect places of worship from discriminatory local authorities. he has been digging into the
12:36 am
store. what have you found out tonight? >> evangelicals will you promise made promise kept, a big step in keeping the president's campaign promise to fight back against discrimination. the religious land use act has been around two decades but religious liberty activists say the obama administration did a lousy job enforcing it, sentiment the att gen. seems to agree with. >> in recent years the climate has become less hospitable for people of faith. many americans have felt their freedom to practice their faith has been under attack. >> reporter: justice department without a program called place of worship initiative complete with pamphlets and that the website to encourage more claims of discrimination under the law. with the program came afresh lawsuit by the justice department on behalf of a synagogue that claims the town is using zoning and other laws to keep it from building new facility.
12:37 am
ligious eedom groups review it as a welcome change from the obama administration. >> 40 some cases during the obama administration gives nothing compared to the discrimination we are seeing on a regular basis which we filed two lawsuits in the last week alone under this law. orter: ssions rolled this out highlighting the administration's work on behalf of religious freedom, the recent win in support of the colorado baker refused to provide a cake in a gay wedding changing the policy to houses of worship and helping a montana couple who wanted their child to attend a religious scg down on hate crimes. >> donald trump said he would make religious freedom his top priority and we have seen that a number of occasions. >> this includes increased enforcement has a push by the doj to educate religious leaders about their rights and try to tell local government officials what they can and cannot do
12:38 am
under the law. shannon: feels like change. thank you r digging into it. island's prime mr. says catholic hospitals must perfo abortions. the announcement comes weeks after voters decided to repeal the country's eighth amendment which protected the rights of unborn, there's legislation which would reportedly allow individual doctors and nurses swapped out based on religious convictions but not institutions. up next we hear from a conservative who called herself never trump until the resistance came to town. what does she think of sen. bob corker's warning for his fellow republicans? >> not a good play for anybody to end up with a cultlike situation relating to a president that is reportedly of the same party. ings on this tru. they all got a story about what happened to 'em.
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>> shannon: if democrats would make the house this fall, the first order of business could be a >> of democrats when the house the first orusiness could be a probative first family members jared kushner and ivanka trump. garrett explains why. >> democrats taking aim at newly released financial disclosure forms showing they made $80 million in outside income last year while working at the white house. in this case the first family which has an important policy role in the administration is not divested. >> most of their income came
12:43 am
from the state earnings but they also received $5 million from the trust oversee with ivanka's clhing brand and trump international hotel, they stepped away from day-to-day operatio t workid advis t president but they didn't completely divest themselves of their businesses. >> with the first alien willing to divest we question whether policies driven by their financial interests and not the interests of our country. >> reporter: democratic lawmakers went to make sure there aren't any ethical or legal violations related to deals with foreign governments. and attorney for ivanka injured responded that at this point in the administration they have complied with rules and restrictions set out by the office of government ethics which ad schiff says if democrats retake the majority this fall that will be just one of many issues they plan to investigate. >> one of the issues is with
12:44 am
republican majority in congress and willing to do any oversight of this we simply don't know whether the foreign policy of the united states is up sale. and willing to wait for november 2, '00 democrats in congress are behind one of 3 lawsuits the white house is facing alleging the president is violating the mru and clause of thtution. barring federal officials from accepting gifts the rewards from foreign governments without congressional approval. the lawsuits claim the pres.'s dc hotel is property before official staying there. 60 democratic lawmakers are demanding the government ethics office investigate donald trump's ties to china pointing to beijing's investment in indonesia feating trump brandon properties a few days before the president struck a deal to save the chinese telecom company. shannon: thank you very much. retiring gop sen. bob corker firing another salvo at the present d s followers. >> not good for any party it
12:45 am
with a cultlike situation as it relates to a presihat happens to be of reportedly the same party. shannon: top congressional leadership is fearful and wary of upsetting the presint. joing me to suggest that and more bethany mandel, thanks for being with us. so he says they don't want to do anything to run afoul of the president, it is not good for them. they have to run for reelection, it is about the next election was what do you make of his comments? >> he has a point. there is a political calculus, u ve to be able to keep friends in the white house and make sure you pass things so they have to keep go and it is frustrating because there are things the white house is doi there should be some pushback. marco rubio provided some with
12:46 am
north korea but at the end of the day they are of the same party and feel they need to play nice and sometimes they shouldn't be playing nice. >> david wasserman says if you are republican member of congress who wants to speak against trump you have a couple choices, retire or lose your next primary, talking about mark sanford losing his republican primary last night. we have seen pro trump candidates do very well. >> mark sanford had a lot of issues running to argentina with his mistress. just because he was anti-trump -- he was a problematic candidate. with cey stewart.e is virginia that was disappointing to make that decision and going to be another alabama situation where alabama was an easy seat we lost to a democrat but we will see a democrat take the virginia
12:47 am
senate seat as well because of this. >> we have internal struggles in the gop whether or not to support the president. he wrote an interesting piece, there are people on the outside of the gop and progressive and the left who are absolutely flaming people left and right for any support of the president. americans are told they should not, cannot support this man under any racist, the cardinal sin to do of our generation. instead of trying to understand americans and their choice for president anyone voice even a modicum of support for the administration is bullied into apologies and silence, you ne the most recent examples, if you say something in support of the president or not openly defying him you are a racist and bigoted and any number of things. >> americans are faced with a choice, join the mob or be attacked by the mob. that is not where the resistance
12:48 am
should be going but that is what the resistance is doing. they decided that any amount of support for the president even when he does good things, there was a criminal justice reform package wiheupport of van silent about it and for me as a moderate republican i was never trump and now i call balls and strikes, it would be nice for them to say this is good, you have done a good thing, dre of that and when he does something they don't like they have some standing to say i am not anti-trump, not hysterical but this is something he they cide to ignore thestuff, to warp ms3 example is one of the best, the fact that he called ms 13 animals and so mainstream media decided to misconstrue and they are feeding
12:49 am
into his 2020 reelecti the hysteria, i don't see him not being reelected because your choice is join the mob or be attacked by it. >> the more people come after vadates the concern some people have that there was, maybe he was right about the media being completely unfai and conservatives and their viewpoints being openly mocked. a very interesting piece, great to have you with us. as she leaving? sarah huckabee sanders ready to leave her job at the white house but what is she saying tonight? is a case of fake news? just the facts, that is how we bring you in the real news roundup in half an hour. it lets you know where your data lives, down to the very server. it keeps your insights from prying eyes, so they're used by no one else but you. it is... the clo. the ibm cloud. the cloud that's built for all your apps. ai ready.
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>> time for your real news roundup, former head of security for the senate intelligence committee was in court today charged with lying to investigators about his contact with reporters including neuroscience or poor allie watkins with whom he had a romantic relationship, pleaded not guilty. he will file a motion to limit publ officials including the president from commenting on the case to the media. >> we are going to vigorously
12:54 am
defend mr. wolf against this unfair and unjustified prosecution. i want to emphasize there is absolutely no allegation in this case that mr. wolf leaked classified information. >> the new york times says it is investigating watkins's relationship with wolf and disclosed it to her former employer. white house chief of staff john kelly revoking west wing access the rudy giuliani's son andrew who served as junior white house staffer reporting kelly revoked his blue pass because of issues in the workplace he wasn't happy about in this debate over media coverage of donald trump's summit with kim jong un. the new york times editorial board opining one of the reasons the president seems comfortable with kim was because he could lord over him. the times writing he is taller than mr. kim and for this president size does matter and s secreta sanders firing back at reports she's
12:55 am
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♪ >> shannon: you're going to love tonight's shannon: you will love tonight's midnight hero, he is a superhero. osten of birmingham, alabama. and when he first learned people didn't have food or place to live he told his parents let's take my allowance. instead of buying toys i went to hand chicken sandwiches to the homeless. restaurants are donating money and food to help boston. there is a go fund me page. osten's superhero name is pres. osten. stranger things have happened.
1:00 am
hashtag to show love when he hands meal to the homeless folks. he is our hero tonight and hope he is yours too. most-watched, most trusted and most grateful you spent the evening with us, i am shannon bream. heather: it is thursday, june 14th of this is "fox and friends first". ready for a reckoning, the blockbuster watchdog report on the clinton email probe being released to the american people today. who is in the hot seat? live in washington was wargames over the pentagon canceling upcoming military drills as donald trump says north korea's nuclear threat is no more. the move being made to solidify the denuclearization deal. >> morrison has missed the last three birthdays


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