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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  June 14, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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hashtag to show love when he hands meal to the homeless folks. he is our hero tonight and hope he is yours too. most-watched, most trusted and most grateful you spent the evening with us, i am shannon bream. heather: it is thursday, june 14th of this is "fox and friends first". ready for a reckoning, the blockbuster watchdog report on the clinton email probe being released to the american people today. who is in the hot seat? live in washington was wargames over the pentagon canceling upcoming military drills as donald trump says north korea's nuclear threat is no more. the move being made to solidify the denuclearization deal. >> morrison has missed the last three birthdays and a special
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surprise. heather: a surprise that will make your day. "fox and friends" starts right now. ♪ >> today's the day to honor the american flag. it is flag day across the country, shining bright over new york city in anticipation of the day ahead. thanks for joining us on thursday morning. the wait is nearly over. the bombshell inspector general report we have been following in the clinton email probe released
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to the public. the 18-month-old investigation if the fbi acted out of line. griff jenkins live in washington with more on this. today is the day, is it going to be released? >> we believe michael horowitz began this in january, and 500 pages, it is expected to be critical of key members of the fbi and doj, and loretta lynch and fbi agent peter stzrok. its release was expected last month but house judiciary chairman bob goodletter will said what happened. >> it will put a lot of missing pieces in a giant puzzle together. most important the american people see this report because
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it will shed light the federal bureau of investigation mishandled with regard to former secretary of state hillary clinton. >> reporter: republicans and democrats supported the independent review, key questions like what role comey's disclosure might have played and whether he lied to investigators, and the court documents, the anti-trump texts between peter stzrok and lisa page, drawn the i are of other members. >> the lawful investigation is underway, they should not let their personal opinions get in the way, 90% of law enforcement officers don't. >> reporter: there will be closed briefings with key
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congressional committees. >> a lot of fallout to come. >> a mother living in the us accused of trying to help isis, using social media to call for terror attacks. and suggest that they dump it in a reservoir after facebook alerted authorities to post detailing how to make a bomb vest. she's originally from israel and living in wisconsin and faces 20 years in prison if convicted. we now know chemical weapons were likely used in deadly attacks in syria. village of the hospital in the north side of the country was attacked with chlorine and the nerve agent sarah and, 3 people were killed, 32 others injured.
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who was behind the attacks and it was the syrian government, syria denies using chemical weapons. expected to cancel military exercises, as donald trump says north korea, jackie ibanez joins us live as the secretary of state works overseas to strengthen our new relationship with the rogue regime. >> reporter: days after the historic singapore summit the pentagon is expected to announce cancellation of military exercises with south korea scheduled for august. it is not completely unexpected to stop wargames and the denuclearization deal with come with certain circumstances. >> we can't have a deal and has
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to be verified. >> reporter: democrat tammy duckworth and chris murphy, introducing a new bill, helping the president from making a rash decision about true productions on the korean peninsula that impact our national security. those lawmakers introduced a bill before the summit to prevent donald trump going to, quote, war and chuck schumer is speaking out blasting the summit. >> the summit was much more show than substance, what texans call no hat. the pomp and circumstance, it is cleared chairman kim walked away the victim. >> reporter: mike pompeo is hard at work following up on agreements meeting with his counterparts in south korea. >> eyes wide open, it could be the case our effort will not
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work and will determine to set the conditions so that we can write this failure of decades and reset conditions for north korea's participation in the community of nations. >> reporter: negotiations would resume in the next week or so. he now heads to china to continue to work there. what a busy guy. when does he sleep? the thing is a lot of the details of the deal have to be worked out. people speaking against it saying nothing came from it, hopefully -- thank you. democrats still refusing to acknowledge the pres.'s historic step saying he gave up too much but former deputy assistant to the pres. sebastian gorka has a reality check for the left, this president cleaned up the mess left by the past several
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administrations. >> donald trump could not have achieved more in the 25 hours he was away. what more could he achieve? at the end of the day he is solving the problem of the people of for him, not just about the obama administration but the last 25 years from bill clinton onward. the situation in this part of the world was getting worse by the year. they detonated nuclear warheads, launched missiles over the sea of japan, a range of 2000 miles, and donald trump, the facts. >> past administrations tried to work with north korea starting with bill clinton in 1994, the bush administration in 2003, 2007 and the obama administration in 2012. none were successful. the latest gop immigration deal
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could be the biggest amnesty for illegals in us history. a leaked draft by paul ryan said the deal could allow 3.5 million daca eligible to enter the us as long as they meet educational, work and criminal requirements was congress can vote on the proposal as early as next week. sarah sanders is shooting down rumors she's considering leaving the white house, the president very tweet researching the cbs news something i don't about my future? my daughter's years end kindergarten event running a story about my plans in the white house, i love my job and honored to work for the president of the united states. the report says the deputy press secretary has considered leaving his post. sanders and shaw are waiting, quote, future options. the congressional baseball team will take the field tonight
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exactly one year after the shooting that nearly killed steve scalise. the house majority whip suffered life-threatening injuries, opened fire on a teen practice. capital police officer and aid and lobbyist were injured. scalise is expected to start at second base in national park in washington. congressman and coach roger williams asked donald trump to attend the event, the white house is not said if he will be there. he will be on "fox and friends" a little later. donald trump's chief economic advisor could soon be back to work following a heart attack, larry kudlow just discharged from walter reed medical center recovering at home. press secretary sarah sanders says doctors say larry's recovery is going very well, the president and the administration are happy larry is back home and look forward to seeing him back to work.
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it is flag day, happy birthday, donald trump. he turns 72 years old today. he received an early birthday cake in singapore during a working lunch before the summit with kim jong un and having a special dinner tonight to celebrate the big day. the time is 11 minutes after the top of the hour and one of the pres.'s biggest campaign promises, keep the doors to gitmo open. >> loaded up with some bad dudes, we are going to load it up. >> major step the administers and took to keep gitmo will. the countdown is on, the release of the doj watchdog report, several obama era officials could because in the crosshairs which our next guest is breaking down who the targets could be and of criminal charges could be coming. happy baby daddy day, the store under fire for this father's day card.
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visit to join the fight. >> the fbi and justice department bracing for a bombshell from the inspector general's often handling the hillary clinton email probe. that report set to be released today. here to weigh in his legal affairs, alex sawyer. thank you for joining us. what do you expect, who expects to come out of this ig report? >> we are supposed to get around 3:00 pm today, rumored to be 500 pages which is extremely large and my experience, there are four names that stand out, james
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comey's name thrown around is leader of the fbi at the time of the hillary clinton probe, andrew mccabe, his deputy director and andrew stzrok and atty. gen. loretta lynch. we expect, we heard reports the ig referred andrew mccabe for criminal charges because of an alleged leak that favored him. we don't know about james comey. >> and her mccabe is anticipating what is coming out in this report, and the doj, this is what jeff sessions is expecting from the ig report. >> a lengthy report and careful report, 6 any problems we have and assure the american people summary concerns are not true.
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>> what do you think of what he had to say? >> it is interesting, if there was any misconduct, there will be committal charges and the atty. gen. is safe and not guaranteeing the department will go after someone at this time. what we know about the ig's former officials don't sit down for an interview. when talking about criminal referrals the level the atty. gen.'s office would prove in prosecution is much higher. they have to be safe and not promising anything especially given at this time there hasn't been a response from lawmakers or the public. heather: the response from the public, no criminal referrals, what is the point of this? a lot of people especially from the right think action needs to be taken, that is where a lot of
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criticism has come in terms of jeff sessions. >> exactly right. and the ig report, and with robert mueller and alleged russian collusion in the trump campaign and russian officials, this could be used, and found on behalf of james comey and fbi officials they could say this is what is going on in the clinton probe that led to the election, and questions about what is going on with robert mueller and the findings of his team and whether they are acting appropriately. >> that answers who should be held accountable and what should be done to these officials and what can be done. moving forward, what you are talking about, any indication of what you read in this report as to what will happen in terms of mueller and his investigation?
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>> we don't know yet. a lot of the question marks, in terms of those memos and leaked to his professor if it gave him to the new york times and that was in relation to the investigation into russian collusion, not the hillary clinton probe. we expect that to be a subject in the report. we expect this just about his handling of hillary clinton's probe and when he came out in july 2016 he acted insubordinate to the atty. gen. that was her responsibility. in terms of peter stzrok, we learn james comey drafted the press conference from grossly negligent to extremely careless. that is something we could see mentioned in the ig report as
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well. heather: it will be interesting if we see new names are everything we expect it to be. the time is 20 minutes after the top of the hour. free speech under fire, students protesting against conservative speakers demanding safe spaces nationwide, the brand-new law that brought them a reality check. >> incredibly painful and i can't see anything. >> the political ad that has everyone asking why did this congressional candidate prepper spray himself? carly shimkus with comments burning up the internet. ♪
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heather: it seems things are slowly getting back to normal after a power outage disrupted one of the country's busiest airports. travelers in las vegas left in the dark for eight hours. hundreds of passengers frustrated by flight delays and flow arriving luggage, another outage plant overnight for maintenance. a faulty wire blamed for that problem. one person is dead after two small planes collided in midair. the first slamming into an alaskan river killing a 56-year-old man, the only person on board. the second pilot made an emergency landing at airports despite heavy damage to the landing gear. he was not injured. here is something for you, alice marie johnson getting a chance to thank kim kardashian west for her newfound freedom and that is not all. the reality tv start teaching the community convict a thing or
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two about snapchat. carly shimkus with serious xm 115 with reaction to the meeting. >> they met for the first time at johnson's home in memphis yesterday and appear to have hit it off with an nbc camera crew catching all the hugs and smiles and kardashian relived the moment she told johnson she was going home. >> you don't know? know what? i was like you are going home. we cried on the phone. >> donald trump commuted johnson's sentence at kardashian's request and the reality start show the road on social media teaching her how to use snapchat during their sit down.
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and reactions in social media, rose tweets thank you for listening and giving this beautiful woman a second chance in life. brandon says this is the sweetest thing ever, this made me cry. kim did a wonderful thing. and make the president proud and out of prison. >> good for kim k, having a conversation, the difference that can make. the candidate who sprayed himself in the face with pepper spray. >> reporter: the candidate running for congress in colorado, a shocking campaign ad where he pepper sprayed himself to prove a point on school
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safety. take a look. >> incredible he painful and i can't see anything. >> tough to watch. tillman is encouraging teachers to use nonlethal self-defense tools instead of guns to defend themselves and their students. social media is reacting. darla points out any attacker will stand there and let you spray 10 seconds worth of pepper spray in their eyes. conservative usa, i will need to see him do it again before i make a decision. who would vote for someone who would do this. i hope it doesn't encourage kids to start doing that. >> i hope not but give people credit, hammering his point home and being committed to it. heather: half past the top of the hour, vote katie, last-minute endorsement by the president pushing the gop candidate across her finish line, anti-trump opponent
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accepting his fate. >> it reduced to who was more trump versus not and i lost that race. i don't believe it is the party of donald trump. >> katie arrington feeling the full effect of the trump bump and joins us live next. ♪ ♪ most people come to la with big dreams. ♪ we came with big appetites. with expedia, you could book a flight, hotel, car, and activity all in one place. ♪
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>> we are going to load it up with some bad dudes, we are going to load it up. >> the trump administration trying to fulfill the promise to keep guantánamo bay open. the plan is getting pushback on capitol hill. >> detainees at guantánamo bay praying during the holy month of ramadan, 40. the remain locked up longer than a decade, the joint task force
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that oversees the prisoners is being given a new mission fulfilling one of donald trump's signature campaign promises finding a way to keep the facility open indefinitely and that means it moas getting an aging population. >> have the ability to have a hospital bed. >> it won't be cheap. the white house asking congress for more than $300 million to upgrade the facility at a time when many democrats and a growing number of republicans are pushing detainees to the us but the man responsible for housing them says they are the worst of the worst. >> people we have here now are accused of executing, planning events become americans. >> that will not satisfy groups challenging gitmo's legality in
1:33 am
court for more than a decade. they say security is not an issue in politics is the only reason the facility remains open. >> the shoe bomber, underwear bomber, boston marathon bombers all houston federal prisons, not a single security incident. >> reporter: it is not clear if or when congress plans to consider the administration's request to fund the upgrades at guantánamo bay for the soil aging group of enemy combatants. at the pentagon jennifer griffin, fox news. heather: we will see the bombshell inspector general's report into the hillary clinton email probe. it is expected to slam james comey, loretta lynch and fbi agent peter stzrok for their handling of the case as house republicans column the doj to provide documents related to an fbi informant placed in the 2016 trump campaign. >> there are two ways.
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we can hold this to rosenstein and others in contempt and impeach. the other way would be for the president of the united states to demand them, order them to give us the documents. heather: donald trump will be briefed on the report before it is released to the public. with the primary season in full swing donald trump is optimistic about midterm elections saying republicans are on track for success this november. >> history is against me because for whatever reason you win the election and the lose seats. i think we will do very well. i think the economy is so good, the tax but have been incredible, far greater than even i thought they would be, regulation cuts have been great. i have done more in 500 days than any president has ever done in their first 500 days. if you look at the numbers and the turnouts like texas, how many republicans showed up to
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vote, people are surprised. heather: donald trump will rally americans to get out and vote next week in minnesota. republican congressional candidate crediting the president and his last-minute endorsement for beating out her republican counterpart. in a tight race katie arrington winning 50.6% of the vote as mark sanford loses his first election ever. >> reduced to more trump versus not and i lost that race. my opponent said this might her words were this is the party of donald j trump. i don't believe it is the party of donald j trump. >> is your career over in politics? >> that would be my take. heather: is it safe to say voters side with the president? here is the woman who secured her name on the november ballot, state representative and congressional candidate kate barrington. thanks for joining us,
1:36 am
appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. heather: i love the video of you, so legitimately excited to win. that was great to see. you are also excited about donald trump and his agenda moving forward about the folks saying that is key to people like you running, the support of donald trump is key. do you agree with that? >> yes, i think the fact that we the people elected the president. as a no and if my opponent, mark sanford, feels
1:37 am
he is not trump enough, i don't think he gets it. if you are not republican enough. we are conservative. we want to have our conservative agenda implemented in washington and it is something we are intent on doing. have a tweet from the president came out at 4:00 pm. a good share of voters had already gone to the polls. the president getting involved, coming out that late was positive, sent more people to the polls to remember if we want to change, if we want our voices heard in washington we need to vote and exercise that right. heather: look at that we you are talking about. this is the one that came in last minute, mark sanford has been very unhelpful to me in my campaign to make america great again, his nothing but trouble, better off in argentina, i endorse katie arrington, tough on crime, we will continue our fight to lower taxes, vote
1:38 am
katie. and the reference to argentina, a reference to the personal issues sanford had in south carolina. he has a lot of things going on with him but donald trump doubled down on it yesterday, my political representatives didn't want me to get involved in the primary, that sanford would easily win but for the few hours left i felt katie was such a good candidate and sanford was so good had to give it a shot, congratulations to katie arrington and perhaps that pushed you over the edge and made you win but also you have a significant background. people say you are a newcomer to politics, 2016 you became state representative. another example of someone who is not a career politician, had real-world experience. >> absolutely. that was resounding. we sent a businessman to
1:39 am
washington because we were tired of career politicians in washington, tired of not getting results. i went to the statehouse in two years, i shook it up. that is what we are supposed to do, get what we need done for our constituents. i'm intent on doing that in washington. i will he go eight years, four terms, if my constituents bring me back every two years, and that is part of the problem in the career politicians, the political elite, they feel somehow they are entitled to these positions and things we need to work hard for every two years. that is why the house, the workforce of the legislative body, that is one thing i plan to encompass and be for the next two years at a minimum. a lot of work between now and november, but donald trump's conservative agenda is something that resounds with the republican party in south
1:40 am
carolina. jillian: his successes we heard the president talking about, the economy, the latest summit with north korea and to be part of those. appreciate you joining us. good luck, have a great day. time is 20 minutes until the top of the our, get out of jail free, the second most dangerous city in the country is trying to toss out 1200 committal cases. berkeley, california, says the world is in the midst of a climate emergency and it is america's duty to fix it. their solution, have fewer babies. ♪
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>> $15 for an unlimited plan of talk, text and data sold off in a week.
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tracy carrasco here with how sprint is reversing course on their latest offer. >> reporter: sprint was trying to lure customers from other networks. this plan may have worked too well because that $15 a month unlimited talk, text and data plan, they are not going to be offering it as of this friday, 11:5:09 pm eastern time. they say you have until then to take advantage of this if you're switching networks over to sprint. demand has been so high, so many people interested in this they had to cut it off. they have not said how many people signed up but it has been a very popular. heather: people love to take pictures of their food and send them out on social media. >> reporter: boston steakhouse, they have a custom-built, $10,000 instagram table to take beautiful pictures of your meal. it has movable arms, adjustable light intensity and adjustable
1:45 am
color temperature settings. it is a many photo studio to take pictures of the meal. they had to do this because they want to make sure when social media influences are posting these pictures online because they see this as a marketing tool to get people into the restaurants. >> hopefully the food tastes as good as it looks. low-level marijuana going up in smoke. they will no longer pursue charges, less than 100 g a part. they will focus their resources on more serious crimes. louisiana passing a law protecting free speech to stop violent protests on college campuses, it requires colleges to develop free-speech rights
1:46 am
making it clear students cannot expect to be shielded from opinions they disagree with. louisiana is the 10th state to pass a college free-speech law. do you think more should be done? send your responses on twitter, social media or email? and unexpected friendship with a real bear going viral and 5-year-old ian at the national zoo, his dad said they did that for 10 minutes straight. a new exercise class on the horizon. so cute. 15 minutes until the top of the hour. caffeine and courage, the coffee company designed to get firefighters and veterans, the man behind the ban joins us with the critical mission next.
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heather: a mother pumping gas runs after a teenager who stole her car with her toddler inside, the shocking moments caught on camera, watch the left of your screen. you can see everything unfold as a teenager slides into the driver's side and takes off. the panicked mother sprints after the car. it was found blocks away abandoned in the middle of the georgia street with the little boy thankfully unharmed and police arrested the suspect. border agents nabbing 159 illegals found in stash houses on the southern border, the raid carried out by local law enforcement and the feds in the texas rio grande valley, agents
1:51 am
say the illegals are from mexico and central america and they are all facing deportation. looking to serve those who serve. luke schneider on a mission to give the nation's firefighters all the support they can get, schneider launching the company called fire department coffee, the illinois firefighter and paramedic specifically for the hardest working men and women with every order donated to charity benefiting the fire department, first responders or military members and joins us live this morning to talk about it, thank you for joining us. >> good morning, thank you for having me. heather: this is great idea, you are firefighter, paramedic, teamed up with another combat vet turned firefighter and decided to do this. tell us your initial reasons coming into it.
1:52 am
>> we wanted to create a company that was built around service and giving back and we wanted to provide our nation with great coffee to hard-working men and women that can relate working long hours and long shifts. >> you need that coffee when doing overnight shifts, you have to be ready to go and firefighters know that beyond all others. brewing coffee, roasting your own coffee and bringing it in. >> my wife got me hooked on drinking good coffee. and it started from there. >> such a great idea, and the
1:53 am
portion of the proceeds, going to firefighters and vets. >> we are doing 413 helping wit campaign and forming our own charitable foundation as well. >> if people want to purchase the coffee, fire department >> okay. does the coffee taste good? >> absolutely. >> dark roast or lighter roast for different kinds? >> we have different kinds.
1:54 am
donut shop blend, a spirit infused line with bourbon, rum, tequila, recently released irish whiskey. heather: you don't have the irish whiskey when you are heading to work. >> it is safe to drink on the job, similar to cooking. heather: thank you for joining us. hopefully you will log online. thank you. thanks for having me. the time is 6 minutes until the top of the hour and happy baby daddy day, customers outraged over this father's day card. the store pulling it off the shelf. melatonin is the body's own sleep ingredient.
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simply enter your destination and dates... and see all the hotels for your stay! tripadvisor searches over 200 booking sites... to show you the lowest prices... so you can get the best deal on the right hotel for you. dates, deals, done! tripadvisor. visit heather: the good, the bad and the ugly. the first the good, military dad gives his on the best birthday surprise and milwaukee brewers game. >> col. morrison's last three
1:59 am
birthdays. a special surprise. returning, reuniting with his family for the first time in a year. heather: j morrison surprising his family, the first time celebrating his birthday in three years, a good old time for sure. let's talk about the bad, the berkeley city council declaring a climate emergency calling it worse than world war ii. the california city thinks the solution includes renewable energy infrastructure and population control. the ugly, target under fire for selling this father's day card, it reads baby daddy, some
2:00 am
shoppers calling it racist. they will stop selling the card. thank you for joining this hour, "fox and friends first" continues right now. jillian: june 14th it happy birthday to our president. the fbi and doj bracing for a bombshell from the inspector general's office on the clinton email case. who is in the crosshairs, live in washington. rob: donald trump claims north korea no longer poses a nuclear threat. the end game the military put on military exercises conducted with south korea. jillian: a negative light on law enforcement, the reading was that has parents outraged.


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