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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  June 14, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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her at music festival in minnesota. she did it to see if her head would fit inside. also cited for as you guessed underaged drinking. brilliant. jillian: that's your lesson in don't do this at home. have a good day. ♪ ♪ >> the all important inspector general's report is coming out. >> i think it will be devastating to the higher echelon of the fbi. i think they misused and abused their power. >> earlier this year rosenstein threatened to emails of staffers. too aggressive in the mueller investigation. >> attack me all i want. i'm used to it. when it comes to attacking staff, that's when you have gone too far. >> today the pentagon expected to cancel upcoming exercises with south carolina. >> as president trump was leaving singapore, i talked with him aboard air force one. >> i think we have done something very historical in one way but to me a success is when it gets done.
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>> the congressional baseball team will take the field tonight, exactly one year after the shooting that nearly killed steve scalise. >> earl rarely in life do you gt a chance to change history. let's make tomorrow about -- >> 1, 2, 3, win. brian: my kinda party is the name of the song but as ains any would say any party is her party. ainsley: birthday party in d.c. today. it's the president's birthday. 72. >> todd: mr. steve doocy is live in nationals park ahead of tonight's congressional baseball game held on the one-year anniversary of the attack on house majority whip steve scalise and other republican lawmakers. good morning, steve. ainsley: good morning, steve. steve: good morning, todd, ainsley and brian. it's his 77th birthday. how is the president going
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to spend it? a good possibility he is going to be here at the game at nationals park at 7:05. just don't tell anybody, but they are doing another security sweep which is generally what they do before the president attends any particular event. and todd, as you mentioned just a moment ago, it was one year ago today, just a couple miles from where i'm sitting that crazed gunman came out with that semiautomatic rifle and tried to kill as many republicans as he possibly could. it was a targeted assassination attempt. steve scalise was desperately injured. he is going to be with us in about an hour. actually both teams are going to have batting practice this morning. coming up one hour from right now. the democrats are going to take the field and then at 8:00 eastern time the republicans will as well. we are also going to have roger williams, member from the great state of texas. he and a staff member were here that day a year ago staph member was injured
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remember we had him on the program a couple days later. even though he was shot in the leg he went to work the next day. also, we're going to have ron desantis join us because there is a lot of other news. the ig has a report that's going to come out a little later on today. i would look for this town to feel like an earthquake went off. brian: steve, i'm getting reports that the security sweep was because of you. it's not the president can you confirm or deny that? steve: well, you know what? they are going around the other side, too. maybe they are checking all the channels. no, i'm pretty sure the president is going to be here tonight. stay tuned for that. ainsley: the coach. congressman roger williams said he talked to the president a month ago and the president said oh yeah, i will be there when reporters asked the white house, they didn't ever get a response back. we will see. is that game normally at nationals park or just because -- because i know the shooting happened you said a mile away. were they just practicing there? steve: they were practicing over in alexandria a virginia, famously, and they
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have had the game here at nationals stadium for the last couple of years. so, tonight, they are going to take the field once again. i have talked to a number of members of congress. it is still a very raw event in their lives. there is a lot of emotion involved in it. it's going to be a great game. last year they raised over a million dollars for washington, d.c. area charities. brian: no doubt about it steve scalise's life was saved by david bailiffly and crystal brenner who took out the killer while steve scalise was bleeding to death at second base. if the capital police weren't able to take him out, that guy would have wiped out maybe most of the republican side of congress and i believe david bailey is still with steve scalise today. he has recovered from an ankle. he got shot in the ankle. steve: that's right. one of the members of congress' staff member, zac bartbart is going to be with us in half an hour. zac's life was saved by him
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taking off a belt and putting it on the leg. steve scalise, keep in mind, a number of members of congress who are doctors, they leapt to his rescue. is he alive today. we are looking forward to talking to him live from nationals park in 90 minutes. ainsley: that's great. thank you so much, steve. brian: that's an exclusive. ainsley: that's right. brian: guess what's happening this afternoon. ainsley: big day not only the president's birthday and baseball game it's the day thig report will come out. todd: the president is going to get a briefing earlier in the day and around 3:00 i think is the proposed time that we are going to be receiving the inspector general's report. again, keep in mind, this report is going to focus on the clinton email scandal. we do not expect you to go into the russia investigation. but can you believe that there are going to be overtones that most of us here on this couch and throughout the media are going to apply the russia investigation. in the crosshairs today,
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james comey, andrew mccabe, loretta lynch and peter strzok. ainsley: well, the ig has been league into why there was so much mishandling of this information. hillary clinton, it was proven she violated the law. she destroyed classified information. she deleted 33,000 emails. she acid washed hard drives with bleach bit and her aides destroyed cell phones with hammers. many people are saying why did she get away with all of this and why was the exoneration letter written in may and then they didn't interview her until july and then three days remember later, we remember that famous press conference with james comey when he went through the list of all the things she did wrong and at the very end said we are not indicting her. brian: james comey put loretta lynch. he knocked longer go to the department of justice as loretta lynch goes on a plane with bill clinton while his wife was being investigated. he was chairman of the committee. jason chaffetz providing insight, who has also got
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lines into the inspector general to give us an idea of what to expect today. listen. >> i think it will be devastating to the higher echelon of the fbi. i think they misused and abused their power. i think they were outside the normal protocol. mr. horowitz was unanimously confirmed by the united states senate. he was appoint by president obama. should be widely accepted by anybody and everybody on both sides of the aisle as the closest as we are going to get to the truth. ainsley: could be very embarrassing for the doj for rod rosenstein. and the question is could rosenstein alter any of this information? he's the one that's going to be briefing the president. so he gets this report before, obviously he tells the president. brian: what's kind of interesting is you know in the middle of may they gave him the overview to the department of justice and to the fbi. and they said take a look at this. and we didn't get it for another month. people wondered would we have two virgses the versions before michael horowitz gave up and the second one. he will be testifying and
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expand on his 500-page document and as well as the overview. going to talk to tom fitton at 6:15. unless he oversleeps, he will be live telling us more insight into that. theatrics going on in congress in reaction to what the president has been doing in terms of not only north korea, but as well as tariffs. ainsley: bob corker announced last fall is he not seeking re-election. his term ends in january. is he lashing out against the president saying the g.o.p. has become almost like a cult in its support of president trump. listen to this. >> we're in a strange place. i mean, it's almost, you know, it's becoming a cultish thing. it's not a good place for any party to end up with a cult-like situation as it relates to a president that happens to be purportedly of the same party. brian: so the senator who at
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one point was going to be secretary of state, was in the running to be secretary of state as well as vice president has been at times a critic of president trump. but they are on speaking terms now. he says this morning, he said what i'm trying to get across is leadership is blocking a vote on a bill that he has. this is the president in negotiation with tariffs, should include congress. that according to section 232. and when he was telling other leadership he wanted to do that he said why are we going to upset the president? we are in the same party. ainsley: they are not allowing the vote on that. he is upset about it and president's son don jr. tweeted this. not a cult at all. maybe they like somebody who actually fights. not just someone who talks about it and folds every time like they have seen for decades maybe they enjoy having a conservative at the helm who actually likes to win. todd: somebody talking about it yesterday was rush limbaugh. here is what he said taking down bob corker. take a listen.
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>> senator corker, this isn't a cult by any stretch of the imagination. donald trump does not have a hold on these people. in fact, senator, you want to know the truth? donald trump is not the cause of all of this. donald trump is the beneficiary. donald trump has the ability to understand where a majority of republican voters were and what they were thinking and how fed up they were about certain things. and donald trump came along and he spoke their language. he validated what they were thinking. and he has become their champion. nobody else in your party stepped up. brian: that is rush limbaugh. if we have a chance we should book don jr. todd: 8:00 today? brian: put him on at 8:00. i don't remember any democrats going against president obama. i don't think it's
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necessarily bad to go -- to go with president trump. his ratings now are above where president obama's were at this point in his first administration. they disagree. senator bob corker is being true to his school saying i want to vote on this just like i want to be able to vote on north korea when we finally get a treaty in front of us. ainsley: look what happening in south carolina sanford lost his seat because he was against the president. the only other president had this approval rating higher than this at this point in the presidency was president bush after 9/11. brian: right. by the way, go ahead. todd: i was going to say can i do the awkward toss to jillian today? i have been dreaming about it somebody who is not part of a cult jillian mele. jillian: exactly. it was wonderful. thank you very much. let's start with a fox news alert and get you caught up on this story. overnight, secretary of state mike pompeo arriving in beijing, china. it comes on the heels of his trip to south carolina where
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he briefed his counterparts about the agreement with kim jong un. today the pink is expected to cancel upcoming military exercises with south carolina. president trump says north korea is no longer a nuclear threat. manhunt underway after four cars are shot near a busy airport. bullets hitting windshields and driver's side doors on a highway just outside of seattle tacoma international airport. >> we are all still standing, you know. we are still alive. jillian: incredibly, no one was hurt. washington state police believe the shooter was positioned just off the highway before getting away. sarah sanders is shutting down rumors she is considering the leaving the white house. does cbs news know something i don't but my plans and my future. i was at my daughter's year end kindergarten event and they ran a story about my plans to leave the white house without even talking to me. i love my job, and i'm honored to work for the president of the united
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states. deputy press secretary raj shaw has considered leaving. both are weighing future options. that's a look at your headlines. i will send it back to you. brian: pick up the phone and ask her. ainsley: isn't that amazing they did this whole report and don't even confirm it with her. nancy pelosi hopes for a blue wave in the mid terms, of course, one democratic candidate says he won't follow her lead. >> congressman hill opened his campaign by attacking me, knowing full well that i have said from day one that i won't vote for nancy pelosi. we're better than that. the truth is. ainsley: new campaign ad nannies is not going to like. brian: one liberal city sounding the alarm on climate change saying it will be worse than world war ii until you hear their solution. i can't wait. i'm going to wait here. ♪ ♪ en the guy in front slams
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brian: today the blockbuster report of the handling of the clinton probe to be released. next guest predicts this will not be good news for james comey and other fbi ranking members of their leadership past and president. tom fitton has played a leading role in covering the clinton email scandal and joins us now with more. tom, a couple of things that
3:18 am
you think that will come out today that even you didn't know about are? >> well, i'm sure we are going to get details about peter strzok and lisa page and their text messages because the ig has reviewed all those text messages. we're going to find out more about the fbi and the doj and the polarization of the clinton email scandal. for instance, loretta lynch said that her meeting with bill clinton cast a cloud over the email investigation. my guess is the ig is going to agree with her. brian: yeah. she should have recused herself. james comey came out clinton people will tell you he hurt so much and exonerated at the end of the press conference. you have a different on james comey listing everything hillary did wrong and say there is no reason to pursue her criminally. what do you think? >> james comey and leadership of the fbi along with the doj knew that the investigation was wired. they had long decided not to prosecute hillary clinton. we're just going through the motions. so rather than justifying
3:19 am
defend that corrupt investigation, they tried to distract from that by throwing hillary clinton under the bus a little bit. so she will be vind indicatevindicated alittle bit. we have confirmation the clinton email investigation really destroyed the credibility of the department of justice and the fbi. and, recall, the individuals involved in this email investigation, comey, mccabe, struc strzok, page, leading fbi agent on the clinton email investigation all concurrently were going after donald trump. so you can't say they did the wrong thing on hillary and i don't think it's credible to say they did the right thing with respect to targeting the trump campaign and spying and such. brian: we know mccabe stop his neck with criminal referral and problems. who else do you think could be looking for a criminal referral from the horowitz investigation? >> that's the big question. we know james comey is under
3:20 am
investigation for the mishandling of the donald trump fbi files. did the obstruction rise to the level of a rhyme as we know with peter strzok targeting donald trump and protecting hillary clinton in those text messages. and comey breaking the rules in order to distract from fbi corruption in the clinton investigation. brian: this afternoon there will be overview and 500 pages. a lot of this stuff, even for people like you, since there are so many redactions is going to be brand new. >> that's right. and it's going to be quickly, brian, a vindication for president trump. we will see that comey did so many terrible things while fbi director. and it confirms and reconfirms why he should have been fired. brian: rod rosenstein put it in a letter and recommended it. that got buried. tom fitton, thanks so much. we have you on pretty much every day to evaluate this. appreciate it? >> thanks, brian. brian: coming up straight ahead, congress battling it out over immigration. we just learned the latest draft could include the biggest amnesty deal ever.
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todd: latest g.o.p. deal could be the biggest deal for am necessar amnesty in hist. the deal could allow nearly 3.5 million daca enrolled and daca eligible illegals to enter the u.s. as long as they meet work requirements. 159 illegals found in stash houses in the texas rio grande valley area. agents say the illegals, including children are from mexico and central america.
3:25 am
they all face deportation. ainsley, over to you. ainsley: thank you so much. a trustee of the university of pennsylvania. and he decided to resign in protest of the school's treatment to another professor amy wax. she a law professor who lost her first year classes. there's her picture, after speaking out about black student performance. in a new op-ed about his resignation, levy says this points to a bigger problem across college campuses. writing, quote: nobody in the university community has incentive to speak out. and everyone seems afraid to do. so professors fear retaliation. students worry about social as ter schism. paul leavy the professor joins us now to explain. thank you for being with us. you were on the board. >> i was on the law school board of oversearses and university board. i was a full trustee and then i became a trustee
3:26 am
ameritis so i resigned. >> i apologize. >> that's fine. i resigned because i thought professor fax poorly treate treated. concerned about the performance of her black students and this became a catalyst for disciplinary action it struck me as unfair. thereof sun willingness at the law school, i think there is unwillingness at universities generally lately to entertain competing ideas. she was basically referring to the performance of affirmative action students. her view, her experience was that they hadn't done particularly well over the years. all right. and that's what she said. ainsley: who did she say that too? >> she said it to a black professor at brown university glen lowery who agreed with her. this is in the public record. it's a blog. you can go look at it and it's not about whether one
3:27 am
agrees with her about affirmative action, it's about her ability to express a point of view, to have an open intellectual debate on a campus about a serious social issue. i can see people being genuinely supportive for good reason of affirmative action. and i can see people taking opposite view. ainsley: what do you say to the critics? because the critics would say it's offensive, it's negative. >> well, first of all, you have to put it into context. if you read amy wax's book called the race wrongs and remedies. which is a spectacular book. very carrying. lays out arguments about affirmative action and talks quite directly about how. abby: how to fix the problems? >> the problems are mostly intractable. she talks about the problems in a way that are -- that is
3:28 am
caring. ainsley: um-huh. >> there is no scintilla of racism on her part. she is deeply caring individual. she has received university teaching awards from the university people said perhaps there was prejudice in her grading system except they didn't report the fact that her exam for years has been multiple choice exam graded by a computer. she has nothing to do with the grading of it people are not going to be mistreated in the grading. ainsley: i see. we did ask for a comment from the school and the school says the professor, amy wax, has not been sanctioned in any way because you write in the op-ed that she lost freshman class because of it they say that's not true. this was a curricular decision they said. the professor's status, tenure and seniority on the faculty remain the same. she is full load of courses next year. what's your response. >> it's a falsehood.
3:29 am
there is no experience in decades, ever. the teacher being deprived of teaching privileges because students would, perhaps, feel uncomfortable in that professor's class. it's just not true. all right. this was not an accommodation to scheduling. this was done specifically because the university said the law school said that first year students did not have a choice in taking civil procedure and consequently, they didn't want them to feel uncomfortable in the classroom. okay. well, you know, i don't want anybody to feel uncomfortable for any reason if possible. but we live in a world that is contentious. we live in a world that has any number of important difficult issues on which people differ. ainsley: okay. paul leavy, thank you so much. other professors or other individuals on campuses are scared to speak out. so, you can read your op-ed in the "wall street journal." thank you for joining us and being with us. >> you are very welcome.
3:30 am
ainsley: hours away from the first pitch of tonight's congressional baseball game. steve is there live nationals park congressman roger williams and his staff who survived last year's shooting. they are going to talk to us coming up next. plus, one liberal city sounding the alarm on climate change saying it will be worse than world war ii. wait until you hear their solution for it. but, first, we want to wish a happy birthday to the president, to the 45th president of the united states of america, president donald trump. he is 72 years old today. happy birthday. ♪ i love this land ♪ god bless the u.s.a. ♪ re-align yourself with align probiotic.
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ainsley: the congressional basic team is ready to take the field tonight exactly one year after the shooting that nearly killed steve scalise. brian: it's going to be emotional. the house majority whip suffered life threatening injuries and still in the process of building himself up after left wing activist opened up fire on his team. todd: aide and lobbyist were also hurt. steve is expected to start at second base at nationals park in washington. how awesome is that? brains ains the g.o.p.'s manager and coach roger williams and his staff zac barth who was shot during practice last year. they are live as you can see with steve at nationals park. steve? steve: all right. ainsley, thank you very much. roger, zac, thanks for coming early. i know batting practice for y'all starts at 8:00 eastern time. how hard is it to put on your cleats today, roger, knowing what happened a year ago? >> we think about it, but it actually was fun to put the cleats on today knowing what happened a year ago it just seemed like it was yesterday. here we are at the ball
3:35 am
park, ready to play baseball. and it's an interesting moment because all of us reflect back on what happened last year. it affected all of us in certain ways. steve: when the guy started shooting over in alexandria, he was over by the third base dugout. and you, zac, were out in the outfield. >> right. steve: doing what? >> i was out there shagging balls and helping out with the practice. you know, never something you expect. steve: sure, what happened? >> so i hear this loud crack and everything is going through your mind and i think to myself what is this? but then i hear somebody say shooter. he has got a gun, run. and i can see him the whole time. so i try to, you know, put the most distance between myself and him as possible. steve: so you did what? you ran? >> so i ran. so i ran, you know, but then i had nowhere to go. i ran to the right field corner, just got. steve: you were wide open there. >> i was wide open. got on to all fours and then he started shooting at me. he probably shot at me 5, 10 times and got me in the leg.
3:36 am
steve: right. >> at that point i decide he is getting pretty close. i'm not going to let him keep taking shots at me. so i ran down to the dugout. steve: when you got to the dugout, you were bleeding badly and another member of congress took off his belt. >> right. i was already in the dugout and mo brooks. steve: you jumped in the dugout and you messed up your ankle. >> i messed up my ankle. mo brooks was there and he took his belt off jeff flake was across from me. jeff helped put the belt on his leg. we were doing everything weekend. the guy is firing at everybody. everybody reacted appropriately. everybody did their thing. steve: they did. and then while you are tending to zac, who actually jumped into your arms and you are in that dugout right there, over there was steve scalise. and he was down. he was pinned down and you guys couldn't get to him. >> we couldn't get to him. we knew he was down and and it was happening so fast. a lot of prayers were going on. when it finally stopped. brad wenstrup was able to
3:37 am
get out to him and begin to save his life. steve: thank goodness the capital police was. >> there totally. if they hadn't been there it would have been a different story. steve: there bass steve scalise was a member of leadership. had leadership not been there, this would have been a much different story. >> the day before there was no leadership there. we had no security just the day before. steve: and, zac, you and i were talking a little while ago, it was a political assassination attempt because what did the guy say to some passersby? >> yeah. absolutely. he asked them i think it was jeff duncan. he asked them if these were republicans practicing. you look at the rhetoric he was spewing online he was there to kill republicans. steve: terrible. fast forward to today. today is the -- this has been going on since 1909. i know it's a bitter rivalry. actually, i'm being funny, because this is the one partisan issue in washington that is fun for people. people love to come to this game. >> well, it's a big deal. steve: it is. >> last year we had about 30,000 people here.
3:38 am
i'm sure we will have about the same amount tonight. the game is pretty clothes to being even over all this period of time. we have been working out since the middle of april every morning from 6:00 to 8:00. we are ready to go and win the ballgame. steve: did you invite the president of the united states. is he going to come? >> i don't know. he is a busy man. everybody would love to have the president come, but i don't know if he is coming or not. steve: let me ask you real quickly, emotionally. it's been one year. if something like that happened to me where, you know, you are pinned down by a gunman who is shooting 60 rounds over 10 minutes, do you ever wake up in the middle of the night right back there? >> well, we all have a different story. i think about it a lot. it's affected me. when i hear a loud noise, i do jump a little bit. steve: last week one of the members just told me. >> last week it affected me when a loud noise went off. we were even in a hearing and the gavel went down and i went down with it. and so but i don't profess as i tell people. i'm not a warrior. i just was there.
3:39 am
but it's affected all of our lives in one way or another. steve: absolutely. in this last year as well. since the shooting, you guys were on that train to the greenbrier, the retreat, the republican retreat that hit the garbage truck and immediately people thought it was terrorism aimed at the republicans again. >> well, that's exactly right. and when you hit a truck in the middle of the road with a train going 70 miles per hour. that's another thing that makes you wonder if you are in the right place at the right time. steve: the day after he was shot, congressman, he went back to work. >> yes. steve: he's a special kid. >> this is a special young man. i told the story in that dugout, as i told you earlier, we had 24-year-old zac. we had 12-year-old jack barton. we had 68-year-old roger williams. even those generations we have that bond now together that will never leave that we were under fire. we stayed together. god was with us and he took care of us. steve: it's a pleasure.
3:40 am
good luck tonight, congressman, zac. >> thank you. steve: now get back to work. ainsley, brian, todd, back to you. ainsley: our hearts are with all of them. those stories. so glad everything is okay now. brian: steve scalise still walking with crutches he will be on with us later here. jillian mele hats news. >> i have a fox news alert to get to. just moments ago a terror attack stopped in germany. a to you to your tunisian man sh deadly poison. finding ricin inside the suspect's apartment in cologne. no evidence of a connection with an extremist organization. exposure to ricin causes organ failure and could kill someone within 48 hours. we will keep you posted when we get new information. the wife of a police officer is begging for prayers as her husband fights for his life. >> my boys need a daddy. and i need my husband.
3:41 am
and this community needs a real hero. jillian: orlando police officer kevin valencia is in a coma after being shot in the head during a standoff. the gunman killed four children before taking his own life. a go fund me page is raising money for officer valencia's family. he has two young kids and started dating his wife when they were just 12 years old. the berkeley city council declaring a climate emergency saying it holds more significance than world war ii. the california city thinks the solution includes renewable energy infrastructure and population control. the city says residents should also avoid consumerism and narcissism. they want people to come together lake they did in the war to launch a political movement to save the environment. a democrat, running for the house is, making sure voters know he won't support nancy pelosi. >> congressman hill opened his campaign by attacking me, knowing full well that i
3:42 am
have said from day one that i won't vote for nancy pelosi. we're better than that the truth is -- jillian: the ads coming amid attacks by u.s. representative. tucker is trying to unseat him in arkansas. a look at your headlines. back to you. ainsley: thanks so much, jillian. hand it over to january dismiss who has weather for us. janice: good morning. we had severe storms across the interior northeast today. things are clearing up. yes, even the report of a tornado in parts of pennsylvania. there is your future radar. looking good for the u.s. open in the hamptons, we do have the potential for stronger storms across the northern plains today. large hail, damaging winds, flash flooding is possible. isolated tornadoes, too. and let's take a look. this is tropical storm bud. this was a hurricane at one point. yes, it's bud. brian: bud? janice: what's that. ainsley: as in budweiser? janice: weakening bud right now moving up towards the baha of california. it is going to bring much needed relief to the
3:43 am
southwest and we love buds for much needed relief. ainsley: todd had a good question is it a bud light or a full bud? janice: it was a full bud and now it's a bud light as it's weakening. ainsley: thanks, janice. brian: all right, janice, we will see you outside. todd: democratic senator corey booker has a message for all of us. >> tell me if this country hasn't broken your heart you don't love her enough. if you are not deeply disturbed by what's coming, you got to check your own love. todd: does that sound like is he running for president? question mark? brian: all right, plus, james comey expecting to be slammed for insubordination in the doj's inspector general's report. judge napolitano usually stands by a flag painting and says not so fast ♪ i want to ride it ♪ all night long ♪
3:44 am
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3:47 am
fears misses the real concerns about the fbi's handling of hillary's email probe. brian: maybe it's just the beginning. fox news senior judicial analyst andrew napolitano once standing downstairs upstairs. judge, your thoughts about what you are most intrigued about this release. >> so, of course, we haven't seen it we don't know what's in there. some of our colleagues in d.c. have reported little snippets of leaks. and the leak thus far is that comey is going to be slammed for insubordination. meaning disobeying the orders of his superiors, to which i say big deal. we are looking for unlawful activity and we are looking for serious errors of judgment. intrample, did they exonerate hillary because they didn't like donald trump? did they exonerate hillary because they thought she would win and she would be
3:48 am
their boss? did they exonerate herrell exxoy because they wanted her to believe or exonerate hillary because they believe no case was there the fourth of these is not a serious argument. we know there was a serious case there. so that's the type of thing we are looking at. why did jim comey exonerate hillary when it's not the job of the fbi director to do so? it's the job of the fbi director to pass evidence over to the prosecutors in the doj and they decide whether to try the case or to exonerate. what role did mccabe play? did he make decisions for political reasons? did he make decisions and not tell jim comey? these are the things that we're looking for. ainsley: it could be very embarrassing for the doj. is is there a chance that rod rosenstein, who is going to read this report, already has because is he going to be briefing the president before it's release to the public. is there a chance he could alter the information? >> that would be horrific in that happened. i can't imagine anyone would
3:49 am
think they can get away it. the author of the report. ainsley: horowitz. what kind of guy. >> appointed by george w. bush and reappointed by barack obama. is he going to testify about it he will know if somebody altered his report. todd: judge, even if there is something that rises to the level of accurately. the ig is not the individual that prosecutes. >> correct. todd: there would still need to be another body that prosecutes. which body would that be? sessions and rosenstein one and two at the justice department. >> good question, todd from. them to the united states attorney for the district of columbia chief prosecutor and examining andrew mccabe and whether or not he should be prosecuted for lying under oath. brian: are we going to get to unwind what bruceor did with lisa page, and strzok did? >> i hope. so never know the answer unless one of them is tried for something. brian: unredacted. they have seen the unredawcketted. >> a lot of people have seen the stuff so far. one thing the ig does --
3:50 am
mr. kilmeade, if you are in the report. here is the quote from you we wanted to make sure we quoted you correctly can you change it if it's incorrect quote. you can't change it if you didn't like what was said. he has done that from comey to the other folks. brian: so they know what's coming in they got that question. >> the people ripped apart are preparing for it. brian: some are hiding in the woods hoping not to get called: judge napolitano working 25 hours today. ainsley: like the president. all right. thanks, judge. 10 minutes to the top of the hour. we are celebrating the army's 243rd birthday today. here's the army band performing stars, stripes and eagles fly ♪ ♪ where the stars and stripes ♪ and the eagle fly ♪ there's a lady that stands in a harbor her salon was booked for weeks,
3:51 am
until her laptop crashed this morning. having it problems? ask a business advisor how to get on demand tech support for as little as $15 a month. this week get boise case paper for only $29.99 at office depot office max.
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♪ oh ♪ and these are the moments when we shine ♪ when we know if we've done something right ♪ that's america's beautiful ♪ brian: how great are they? fantastic. ainsley: that's the army band. they have been on our show a bunch. we love them so good. they are performing that's when america's beautiful. they are here to help us celebrate the army's 241st birthday. [cheers and applause] todd: all about honoring our army heros from world war i to present day. brian: here we are on the present day with colonel mark viger.
3:55 am
west point chief of staff and private first class alexis hicks: thanks so awful you. and thanks for serving. colonel, what are your thoughts why the now on the army's 243rd birthday? what does it mean to you. >> sir, what it means to all of us is an opportunity to celebrate to celebrate our service to the army and to our great nation and to celebrate the information of our veterans that have come before us. >> private first class alexis hicks is in the middle what does it mean to you. >> it's a great day to celebrate and gives us time to think about the people who served prior to us and the amount of time that came for, you know -- brian: a rich history. >> a rich history, yes. todd: quickly, what's it like being at west point? >> a long day every day. we wake up early. and then towards the end of the afternoon we start
3:56 am
playing sports and we get all our study in and sports and do our best to prepare. brian: today is like no other day finance your birthday, the army. if you wouldn't mind private first class hicks or colonel cut the cake with the sword. ainsley: cut the cake. some branches it's the youngest and oldest. i do stand back? >> wow, right? 1, 2. [laughter] ainsley: we want to thank the cake boss for this. brian: i have a prediction all all you cadets are getting cake for breakfast. happy birthday, thanks for being the finest fighting force in the world. celebrating that and flag day and the president's birthday all day. coming up candace owens will be with us.
3:57 am
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brian: today the blockbuster report of the clinton email probe to be released. >> in the end, we have confirmation the clinton email investigation really destroyed the credibility of the department of justice and the fbi. >> i'm telling you right now if this country hasn't broken your heart you don't love her enough. if you are not deeply disturbed about what's coming you got to check your love. >> expected to cancel upcoming military exercises with south korea. >> as president trump was leaving singapore, i talked with him abored air force one. >> i think we have done something very historical in one way but to me a success is when it gets done. >> there is going to be a big birthday party in d.c. today because it's the president's birthday. >> there is a good possibility that he is going to be here at the game at
4:01 am
nationals park at 7:05. >> the congressional baseball team will take the field tonight exactly year year after the shooting that nearly killed steve scalise. >> rarely in life do you get a chance to change history. let's make tomorrow about -- >> 1, 2, 3 ♪ ♪ ♪ keep on rocking in the free world. todd: you are looking live at nationals park in washington, d.c. listen to a kneel younneil young. annual but historic baseball game. brian: yankees playing the nationals, you might as well use the stadium because they are not using it. ainsley: as you can see steve is live there at nationals park. steve, today carries just great emotion, right? steve: it does, ainsley, because it was one year ago
4:02 am
today, just a couple miles from where i'm sitting over in alexandria, virginia where that crazed gunman came out with a long gun, semiautomatic and tried to kill as many republicans as he possibly could. remember, it was just before he started shooting he asked the passersby now, those are republicans, right? and they went to his car and got the gun and you know what happened. five members of congress, staff members and a lobbyist, in fact, a lobbyist just walked past us, they are serving breakfast for the congressional teams right over in right field right now they are all here today because this is so emotional. so many of them almost -- keep in mind, this guy could have killed all of them. by the grace of god, steve scalise, who is in leadership was here at the practice a year ago he had extra security. had he not been there, the capital policemen would not have been there because ultimate lay male and female officer saved the lives of
4:03 am
all those members of congress. todd: unbelievable to think about that. obviously it was a significant day and we followed steve scalise's recovery. imagine in that individual wasn't there to subdue the shooter. we would be looking at june 14th not as flag day or anniversary of amazing recovery bu. so many have tried to heal emotionally and done a good job of it. a couple months ago many of those same republican members were on that amtrak train going out to the greenbrier, and they hit a garbage truck. initially they thought it might be terrorism. parts of the train did derail couple of members of congress just like a year ago leapt to the aid of the guide who was driving the dump truck and tried to save him. ultimately though it, comes down to this is a partisan event. it's the republicans vs. the
4:04 am
democrats. right now we understand the republicans have a two game edge in the history of this event, which started back in 1908. and the crazy thing is, there are a number of members of congress who used to play professional ball. in fact, roger williams who was with us a little while ago played for the braves. ainsley: really, i didn't know that. steve: yeah, exactly. i have tried to convince them at 8:00 when the republicans take batting practice and ask very kindly if i could actually be in the cage and they could throw some balls at me and they said they might allow that to happen. ainsley: must be hard to be there and not participate. i hope they let you. maybe can you throw out the first ball tonight. steve: yeah, right. todd: play for the mets team. nobody can hit on the mets. maybe can you play for them. brian: thanks, steve. bottom of the hour. steve scalise that exclusive interview just with "fox &
4:05 am
friends." ainsley: when i read that roger williams was going to be the coach. i was like what makes him the coach he just explained it he played for the braves. brian: for muns now after the top of the release of the ig report after the president gets briefed. we know this was dropped and michael horowitz the inspector general in mid may and they gave it first to the department of justice and fbi. michael horowitz was supposed to testify two weeks ago. this was delayed. they had the summit, they waited i imagine. now it's going to come out today. after the president gets briefed we're all going to get it how do you get through 500 pages? there are summaries. the focus will not be about trump, russia, will not be about the clinton case itself. it will mark the definitive account of the email probe it will look into what the doj did, what the fbi did. and didn't do. ainsley: they are going to be looking into what really happened? was there mishandling by high ranking individuals within the obama administration. apparently the focus will be on james comey, andrew
4:06 am
mccabe, loretta lynch and peter strzok. todd: we had judge napolitano on a few minutes ago. really a breakdown, what is the crux of today? what are reultimately going to be looking for. here is what he had to say on the topic. >> the leak thus far is that comey is going to be slammed for insubordination. meaning disobeying the orders of his superiors to which i say big deal. we are looking for unlawful activity and serious errors of judgment. for example did, they exonerate herrell because they didn't like donald trump. did they exonerate hillary because they thought she would win and she would be their boss. did they exonerate hillary because they wanted to help her win or exonerate hillary because they really believed there was no case there? brian: the question is, too, they got a chance to see the unredacted text messages. what we already saw about this would be plan, we have to have an emergency plan should something happen like donald trump win. we also see some redacted things just to let you know
4:07 am
they see it a lot differently than we see. senator ron johnson, chairman of this committee whose job is to look at this said why do you keep redacting. understand what these text messages mean i see a big redaction. he was finally able to go in without notes and seat unredacted things. it's pretty explosive. for example he used the term bo. who is bo bruceor. what i bruceor doing? >> another one reads just cranking at them for bad choices about bo. that's bruc bruce ohr who playsa major role and wife is who is conflicted. i'm wondering how deep this goes and why people are preventing us from getting to the bottom of this investigation? ainsley: just watch fox the rest of the day because as soon as this report drops it's going to be all over the news. people are wondering also why james comey exonerated hillary clinton in may and then wrote the exoneration
4:08 am
letter in may and then that press conference he comes out and looks like telling us everything that she did wrong from bleach bit, wiping, destroying classified information, violating the law and he says oh wait but she is not going to be indicted. keep in mind, none of this would have come to light if hillary clinton had won. brian: right. 8 minutes now after the top of the hour. change gears and talk about the democratic messaging how did they get one besides donald trump is horrible and samantha bee is genius do. they have a message? senator corey booker who wants to run for president has an interesting message for americans from his perspective. >> i'm telling i right now if this country hasn't broken your heart, you don't love her enough. if you are not deeply disturbed by what's coming, have you got to check your own love. some people call it patriotism. patriotism is love of country, you cannot love your country unless you love your fellow country men and women. love is struggle. and we know what a great
4:09 am
leader frederick douglass said if there is no struggle there is no progress. let me tell to you all the faithful here, i'm a big believer. before you tell me about your religion, first show it to me in how you treat other people. [cheers and applause] todd: relationship advice from corey booker on your relationship with our great nation. look what we just did outside a few moments ago. we celebrated our country. we celebrated our army. and for corey book tore say this comment, you know, if you are not struggling right now you don't love your country. again, we touch upon this all the time there is a segment of the liberal elite the democrats as well that don't understand there are so many people in this country that are doing well right now, really enjoying their american experience don't paint all 330 million americans by the same brush. ainsley: what does that even mean? i'm telling you right now he says if this country hasn't broken your heart you don't love her enough. this country has never broken my heart. this country has given me every opportunity under the
4:10 am
sun. both of my grandfathers fought for this country my dad fought for the army reserves. this country has never broken my heart. i have my dream job because of the opportunities that this country affords us. but i love her more than anything else other than my god and my family so i don't really understand what that means. brian: he believes the country is heading in a terrible directions and he thinks it has to be stopped. only thing heading in the direction is the president wants approval ration. it's higher than president obama's were two years ago. remove your opinion from what's going on in the country. somebody is happy with what's going on basically the envy of everyone economically and we're just punching $700 billion and dispersing it throughout our military to defend us like never before. he has a different view. we will see in that message resonates. i'm guessing it should not. tell us we should be afraid of what has happened in our country, yeah, we were afraid. saw what was happening and
4:11 am
we all voted for president trump. ainsley: kelly says sorry to disappoint your #politics a lot of us love america and disagree with you. todd: if you can't appreciate living in the greatest country in the world there is plenty of other ones to move. to say. brian: i mean, look, he has an opinion. i do know. this the prison reform that came out two weeks ago support by the president that's making its way through congress was supported by van jones. i think the north korea situation moves in a positive direction, you will see democrats like chris coons who could be level headed on foreign affairs, he will come along with it, too. if you see ben carson starting to do things in the inner city like he promised and go out and talk about what hud is doing. that will further bring things together. ainsley: corey has joined us before on our show. very nice guy. is he smart. you know he has obviously been successful in his career. let us know whether you agree or disagree with him. todd: go to jillian with a fox news alert. what's the latest on that
4:12 am
terror attack in germany? jillian: this a story we are following right now. get you caught up on terror attack noild germany. prosecutors say a to your knowledgen man made the deadly poison ricin and plotting a biological attack in germany. causes organ failure and kill a person within 48 hours. investigators say he bought the ingredients online. right now there is no evidence he is connected to a terror organization. stay with fox news for the latest. breaking overnight. secretary of state mike pompeo arriving in beijing, china. it comes on the heels of his trip to south korea where he briefed his counterparts about the denuclearization agreement with pentagon. today the pentagon is expected to cancel upcoming military exercises with south korea. president trump says north korea is no longer a threat. president trump's chief economic advisor could soon be back to work following a heart attack. larry kudlow now discharged from walter reed americans. in a statement, white house press secretary sarah sanders says, quote: doctors say larry's recovery
4:13 am
is going very well. the president and the administration are happy larry is back home and look forward to seeing him back to work soon. that's a look at your headlines and we certainly wish him well. todd: absolutely. brian: is he making his way back. certainly missed already. meanwhile, 13 minutes after the hour. a manhunt underway this hour after border patrol agent is ambushed and shot several times. latest attack and disturbing trend of violence against security. and our next guest says this is more proof that border security is national security. ainsley: plus, this picture will make you sick. american flag thrown in the trash. the outrage now boiling over in one community. brian: and it's flag day. ♪ let's see how far we've come ♪ the lincoln mkx, more horsepower than the lexus rx350.
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brian: all right. the search for suspects intensifying after u.s. border patrol agent is shot multiple times in southern arizona. that happened this week as part of an alarming trend. in the last year alone, there has been 847 assaults on border officers. this, in particular, agent is in stable condition expected to survive, thankfully. this attack highlights the many dangers border agents face every single day. joining us right now man in the eye of the storm acting deputy commissioner of u.s. customs and border protections.
4:18 am
ron, can you tell me the condition of the officer? >> well, we understand he is going to be released from the hospital today. so we're grateful that his injuries are -- he is going to make a full recovery from. brian: you told me personally that there is almost an acknowledgment among those would be border crossers not to mess with you guys. because they know if they do that there is going to be hell to pay. what's changing? >> well, i think, you know, there is a renewed emphasis on securing the border. we have got more resources in arizona specifically. we have some of the best technology that's available. but, the job requires us to be out like this agent was in the middle of nowhere to protect that border. and unfortunately he got assaulted but, because of his training, because of his ability to rescue himself for a couple of ours anyway and then we sent help there. there are people in custody, the fbi is investigating this as an assault on officers. but, yeah, the border is -- you know can be volatile place. it's our men and women out there helping to protect it. >> because you are because
4:19 am
you are on front foot instead of back foot. are we expecting more clashes? >> we have seen a marked increase in assaults on agents all the while we have seen fewer uses of force -- use of force by agents. so the border can be at times a volatile place. get the right equipment to our people. give them the right training and obviously we have a renewed enthusiasm by this administration to secure the border, which the border patrol always has wanted to do. brian: now you are going to be involved in the political fray in this sense. nancy pelosi heading to the border, front page of the "new york times," showing a separation of families from their parents because they are coming here illegally, violating the law. what's the reality at the border now? >> so, the attorney general asked us to refer all cases when people cross the border illegally between the ports of entry. whether they are a family or not, the secretary has said there are no classes that are going to be exempt from
4:20 am
prosecution if they cross the border illegally. these same families can go to a port of entry and report that they want to claim asylum. they don't have to cross the border in between the ports illegally. so we're prosecuting those who choose to do that. and if they are a family, just like any other arrest that's made in the united states, if you arrest a bank robber who has children, he gets separated from his family. that's what's happening at the border now. brian: right. ron, thanks so much. i wish we weren't reporting the negative news but you guys are ramping up the pressure and there is a response from those looking to sneak into our country and reek havoc. >> thanks for having me. brian: steve scalise just took the field ahead of tonight's congressional baseball game a year after he was shot and nearly killed. steve will join steve right after this. a victory for the first amendment. another state passing a law to protect free speech on campus. candace owens says this is a win for all americans. she will join us next from dallas.
4:21 am
♪ ♪ she was an american girl ♪
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4:24 am
♪ todd: 24 minutes after the hour now. time for news by the numbers. first 100. that's how many grams of marijuana most suspects can now possess in st. louis, missouri, without facing charges. prosecutors want to focus their resources on more serious crimes. next, more than $450,000. that's how much money the interior department wasted on a cancelled study about coal mining. according to a watchdog report. federal officials say they ended the research because there weren't any findings.
4:25 am
uh-oh. finally, one foot. that's the size of the biggest dorito in the world. this foot long jurassic chip is upcoming sequel jur jurassic world fallen kingdom. doritos launching a contest to win them online. i have one here it is beautiful it is my dream. and i'm going to eat it -- don't drop it? it's mine. ainsley, i'm eating this. ainsley: as long as have you daytona brush and toothpaste with you. todd: i do. ainsley: conservative son soreship becoming too common on campuses across our country. a handful of states is doing something about it louisiana latest state to pass laws actually protecting free speech on college campuses. our next calls this a major win for not only conservatives but for all americans. candace owens is the communications director for turning point u.s.a., and has had her fair share of interrupted campus speeches and she joins us now. so why do you say this is a big win for everyone,
4:26 am
candace? >> because it's really important regardless where you stand politically that students are introduced to different ideas. only way that they can learn and think critically if they are exposed to different ideas. not always ideas they agree with otherwise, college campuses are just indoctrination camps. ainsley: louisiana joins nine other states, kentucky, tennessee, colorado, utah, georgia, and arizona. do you think other states will pass similar laws, too? >> i hope so. i hope this is a wave that is catching and people understand the importance of this. they don't understand how bad it's actually gotten on college campuses. and this feels like a major win for us at turning point u.s.a. this is what we fight for every single day because we truly believe it. ainsley: what exactly does it mean? it means you can't protest. when you are trying to speak, other people can't stand up and shout things at you? what are the details? >> i'm hoping it means that when charlie and i visit college campuses, we don't have students that are playing music outside, boycotting, making it difficult for us to get inside, say our ideas.
4:27 am
it just means that conservative speakers are allowed on campus without all the barriers they put in place to stop them. it's tremendously difficult to even allow conservative speakers on campus. so, it should be an all-encompassing law that gives people to stay back when the administration tries to shut down conservative speakers. ainsley: i got it i know you are joining us live from dallas, today because you are going to be speaking at turning point's young women's leadership summit. i know the group is 15 to 27. >> i'm really excited about this event we are doing here at turning point u.s.a. my main message is always the same. be able to think for yourself. be independent. identity is okay. okay to be a woman and be black and celebrate all the differences that we have. but these differences should not be politicized. you should still maintain your individuality. ainsley: i thought of you yesterday when i was seeing the video of kim kardashian meeting alice maria johnson. she was the lady in prison
4:28 am
for life. she served 22 years. and the president pardoned her and they got to meet for the first time and they were hugging. and i thought of you because i know you are friends with kanye. what are your thoughts on this? >> i'm just really proud of kim kardashian that she was able to do this. that she was willing to go meet with the president and that she really pushed this issue despite, you know, some of the awful things that were said about her for meeting with the president. she still continued and she pushed on. and i can't watch these videos without crying. you can feel the passion and heart and pain this family had gone through thinking they would never see her again freed. i'm really excited that this happened. by the way, the unspoken heroes here. ivanka trump and jared kushner, the amount of heart that they have put into this cause cannot be overstated. i am so proud for them. they don't do it for attention, but they deserve some. ainsley: what is their mission? what do they want to do? they served their time but then once -- i mean, this lady has served 22 years. she was like the middle man
4:29 am
drug operation and she never put her hands on the drug. she was just doing the deals. everyone else got off except for her. and she got life in prison. >> that's correct. look, there are a lot of black individuals that are locked up, not just black individuals. americans locked up for crimes that don't really necessary fit the punishment. can you look back to bill clinton and his crime bill of 1994, a lot of this. the three strikes rule did a lot of this. i think it's time to visit those and take a look at those cases and say did this person fill their sentence? perhaps they did. perhaps they are ready to be reintroduced into society. tremendous effort that donald trump has taken on. i'm really proud of my president. this administration. ainsley: just needs to be fair. we need to get rid of the corruption. we saw what happened to dinesh d'souza. thank you for being with us. good luck there in dallas. >> thank you so much, ainsley. ainsley: you are welcome. thank you. do you remember this moment from one of president trump's rallies? [chanting] >> that's very nice, thank
4:30 am
you. ainsley: new push to get donald trump that prize after singapore summit. wait until you hear until who is making that push. steve is at the nationals baseball park. steve: it's steve scalise, ladies and gentlemen, how good does it feel to be back. >> you can't describe it, to walk around and know i will be able to walk out there again maybe with a little bit of help but actually be able to play. steve: you are going to start on second base. i will tell you how i know he is back, because he was just trash talking the democrats as they were walking by. it's the big game. it starts less than 12 hours from now. we'll have a live report with this man next on "fox & friends." ♪ thanks to new tena intimates overnight with proskin technology for two times faster absorption so you can have worry free nights, and wake up feeling fresh and free for a free sample visit
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4:34 am
steve: steve scalise has been shot. aides say he was practicing baseball this morning in virginia. >> round fragmented and did substantial damage. >> two capital police that were part of steve scalise's detail. >> baseball player supposed to start second base today. >> tonight we are all team scalise. >> congressman scalise is a friend. he's a patriot. and he's a fighter stow steve and steve scalise joins us live. >> steve, good to be with you. steve: one year ago today that at a ball yard a couple miles from where we are sitting you were right back there at 7:08 in the morning and then a guy who was trying to kill as many republicans as he could, started shooting. >> yeah. it was a surreal moment. the first shot not think ago gunshot but by the second one and kelly is over at
4:35 am
third. that was the first person he tried to shoot at. trent is running yelling shooter. at that point we are all moving around and then i got hit. >got. steve: you did get hit. just right past second base. and you were conscious and you were crawling to save your life. >> yeah. just started crawling then my arms gave out and couldn't do anything at that point. i just started to pray. i said a lot of prayers. and through the grace of god and marvels of medicine i'm here. steve: your teammates, a lot of them -- everybody was scattering trying to get as far as away as possible. a number of them were in the dugout. they saw you, you were pinned down and there was nothing they could do. >> for a while there was a shootout. my capital police, security detail. david bailey and crystal were there. they engaged with the shooter and that took him away from shooting at us. they kept at it. three virginia police officers showed up and between the group, they took
4:36 am
the shooter down and as soon as the shooter was down my teammates, especially brad wenstrup came out and saved my life again by applying a tourniquet and getting me ready to get to the emergency room. steve: a year ago, people were surprised to learn that there were so many congressional baseball practices where there were no security guards by the grace of god you, a member of the leadership were here and capitol police officers whose hat you are wearing right now. >> yeah, i'm going to be wearing their hat tonight and just pay tribute to the great men and women of the capital police who risked their lives just like all of our law enforcement across the country that don't get enough credit for what they do. i got to see it firsthand. if dave and crystal didn't literally risk their lives while being shot at, none of us would be here today. i wouldn't as well as all my republican colleagues. steve: had you a rough year though. you know, i remember the reports from george washington hospital, they didn't think you were going to make it. >> yeah, you know, the first
4:37 am
few hours, there were at least two times that my surgeons add medicine star said they didn't think i would make it through the night. luckily i did. next few days i started to getting infections which raised the temperature and really threatened to take me down again. so, you know, in and out of surgeries. i have had nine surgeries total. but hopefully they are all done and been successful at putting me back together. steve: when you -- months after the shooting, you were able to come back to congress. how much did it mean to you -- they didn't think you were going to make it not only did you make it, you went back to work. >> i mean, one of the most special feelings in my life was when i was able to walk back out on the house floor. steve: a hero's welcome. >> and see all my colleagues, republican and democrat, and, you know, the warm standing ovation they gave to me. and for months i had been seeing some of them at the hospital and getting text messages of support. but to just be there on my own and to be able to participate again like that,
4:38 am
i didn't think i would have that day. there were times when i wasn't sure if i was going to be able to do it. steve: it was a year ago today that nancy pelosi was right up there being interviewed and she and the speaker were talking about how everybody was on team scalise. >> yeah, you know, they all wore lsu hats, my alma mater. saw the picture of everybody, republican and democrat saying a prayer at second base before the game. steve: right. >> that really was another warm, special thing that was done. steve: right. you have been over the last year, working your best to get back to a good state of health. and you are able to walk now. you are going to start at second base. >> i earned the starting job back again. look, that was great. but tells you how bad the talent level is that a guy like me who can barely walk out there right now can make it. can i field balls and still make the throw to first. steve: right. how hard though is it to go back to the field where so much bad happened a year ago today? >> you know, i really closed that chapter a long time ago. and luckily i have been able
4:39 am
to focus on all the good. you know, just the prayers, the warmth of people all across the country. back home at my district in southeast louisiana. the prayer vigils that people held. but then they hear stories from my colleagues around the country of people that were praying for me that i don't really know. i got a chance to speak with president trump yesterday. we talked a little bit about this. and he was wonderful throughout the whole thing. just, you know, coming to the hospital. calling to check on me. to just to see that kind of outpouring of people all around. benjamin netanyahu called me from the hospital. a great friend, a great leader. steve: right. >> a leader of israel. he cared and called and checked on me. bono from u2. steve: bono has your phone number. >> i don't have his but he has mine and he called. he said prayers for me. just to see that kind of warmth it lifts you up through dark and tough times. for me and my whole family. it was a rough period. we also got to seat good in people. you know, all across
4:40 am
america, this is great country. it's great people. you usually see the bad. and the focus is on the food fights and the things that we disagree on. but there was so much good that i got to see and experience that helped me get through it. steve: you know, talking about the food fight. over on the third base side are the democrats. and, you know, during the week, you know, you guys did not get along so much. except at this game. this is a one partisan event every year where people actually love to come. >> it really is. steve: it's fun. >> we pass this great historic tax cuts bill. it's working. they should vote for by the way tax cuts. steve: a little louder. i don't think they can hear you. >> not one of them voted for the last one. now it's actually working maybe they have seen the light. i don't know if they have the ability to. tonight we have got to beat them. we will raise over half a million dollars for local kids' charities here in d.c. it's a great event that brings republicans and democrats together to compete against each other. but, to really show that we can actually unite.
4:41 am
steve: i think through out history of the game, the republicans are up by two. so you do have a two-game margin. you mentioned the president of the united states u today is his birthday. >> and happy birthday, president trump. he's a great friend. he's a great leader. look at what he just came off of. historic talks with north korea's leader and the fact that trump was able to get an agreement for north korea to denuclearize. clearly a lot of work to be done to ultimately make that happen. but, the fact that you a president of the united states get that kind of agreement from kim jong un is truly historic. and so, you know, to be able to talk to him and, you know, about this game and some other stuff. steve: did you invite him. >> i invited him. we will see if he can come. he probably has jet lag. i know he is like nonstop. never sleeps. steve: he has been kind of bizy. >> i hope he has a happy birthday celebration this evening. steve: speaking of the -- what about the immigration bill. >> working to get agreement. secure the border, fund the
4:42 am
president's wall. by the way, happy birthday, mr. president, we have got to get you that $25 billion for the wall. but then close the loopholes. there are so many interior loopholes where secretary nielsen of homeland security can't deport somebody who committed a felony in america when they get out of jail. they have to get permission from the country they came from. those are the things we have got to fix. fix daca but get rid of chain migration and these visa lotteries. there is a way we can do it. we are trying to get that done. steve: okay. i know some on the political right go we don't like that suggestion, seems like a big amnesty give away. >> there is no amnesty. one of the things we are doing. there are legal parts of our immigration system that are deeply broken. and i referenced that lottery system. i mean, right now, legally, america plucks names out of a hat 55,000 a year that we let in from countries in many places that don't like us. let's end that program and go to a merit based system where you are completely shifting away from the visa lotteries and chain
4:43 am
migration system which is one of the most broken systems of legal immigration and go to a merit based system. if you want to come to this country come to actually contribute and make it better. >> good morning. steve: it's rand paul was here a year ago. >> he was here last year at the game, too. steve: when the shooting started. it's hard to believe he is back. >> we are glad to have steve back. what a miracle and god bless america. >> rand is a doctor. he knows how bad it was. and appreciate your support. >> absolutely. it's great to have you back. and none of us will ever forget that day. it was a real tragedy. steve: all right, guys, thank you very much. >> griff, thanks for being with you. steve: right back.
4:44 am
4:45 am
4:46 am
jillian: community is outraged after dozens of american flags are trashed
4:47 am
in a cemetery a woman posting this photo on facebook saying at least 50 flagflags were dumped at the cemetery in new jersey. the american flag is supposed to be disposed of properly during a flag retirement ceremony. the cemetery has not commented it's unclear where the flags came from. president trump to win the nobel peace prize on the heels of a summit with kim jong un. [chanting nobel] >> that's very nice, thank you. two norwegian lawmakers nominating president trump for the honor a month after a group of you republican lawmakers did the same. they think he has earned the prize for his efforts to disarm north korea. todd? todd: jillian, thank you very much. our brave men and women in blue are under attack. ainsley: these this week those two florida officers were shot in the line of duty. one of them, the guy on the left is now fighting for his life. he is in a coma. brian: amanda mckenzie is with fox affiliate over in orlando. she has the latest.
4:48 am
amanda? >> this is just the latest officer-involved shooting here in central florida over the past three days. both men are being treated here at the orlando regional medical center both for very different injuries. police officer kenneth toler responded to gunman at auto zone store. he was shot in the leg and is expected to be okay. but it's a very different story for orlando officer kevin valencia. he remains hospitalized in a coma. he was shot in the head while trying to save four children who were held captive in a deadly standoff. yesterday, valencia's wife meghan sobbed as she talked about her husband, saying he is a fighter and is asking for prayers. >> my boys need a daddy and i need my husband. and this community needs a real hero. >> meghan valencia also
4:49 am
expressed sorrow for the killing of the four children by gary lindsey jr. who holds up with a children in 21 hour standoff that ended late monday. children range in age from 1 to 11 years old. now, officer kevin valencia remains in a coma and in critical condition. it will be a long road to recovery, but a trauma surgeon tells us he has shown some signs of responsiveness. live in orlando. i'm amanda mackenzie. brian: so sad, amanda. thanks so much. ainsley: to seat pictures of those little kids, my gosh, who could do that. brian: still ahead, could the golden state become three states, maybe even seven. it's on the ballot in november. next guest says it will only make liberal california worse. ainsley: plus, donald trump jr., dana loesch and congressman ron desantis. they are all here live in the next hour. brian: and we're bragging. ing. todd: yes. brian: you got it ♪ me and my gang ♪
4:50 am
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
♪ ♪ todd: an initiative to divide california into three states will officially be on the november ballot. the golden state would be split into northern california, southern california, and, wait for it, california. so why divide? well, the main argument is that los angeles and the bay area essentially forgot about the rest of california. joining me now is los angeles based attorney and columnist for town kurt schlichtinger. kurt, thanks for being here. let's basically break this down again if we could put that map back up. northern california and california would basically be liberal enclaves and southern california, which incap suinincap sue lates.
4:54 am
why does this matter and will it happen. >> i don't know if it's going to happen. that map needs to be adjust you had, todd. we need to stick los angeles and california into the same state. that way we can bailed giant wall around it on the border and seal it off from the rest of the united states so it can stop doing so much damage. todd: not animated at all on this topic, kurt. in reality, there are a r. a lot of steps it has to go through. first the california legislature and then court challenges because nothing gets through this day and age without court challenges and finally congressional approval. i don't think congress as it's constituted now going to want to add a lot more democratic senators which under this plan it would. >> well, todd, i have a great answer for that let's divide a great patriotic state like texas into four. that way we will get a bunch of new conservative senators. you know, but seriously, here's the problem, todd,
4:55 am
you've got -- it's almost like a futile government here. overlords living in silicon valley in los angeles. they are ruling over this vast, vast nation. it's kind of like game of throwns excepthrones where the p isn't quite as attractive. the people out in the valley or up in the mountains or out in the desert, they are not getting represented. they are getting overrun. they are getting treated like garbage. they are being ignored. this game is being run for the sort of people who live in silicon valley and west side los angeles. that's just not right. todd: kurt, smaller is better. how did we get here, kurt? >> i wish i knew. look, i came here in 1972. we had governor ronald reagan. california was full of opportunity. and not full of homeless people you have to step over on the sidewalks and highways that were falling apart. but somewhere along the line we lost what made california
4:56 am
great. right now california still has great weather. and we still have in-n-out burger, but we have lost everything else. todd: honestly with in-n-out burger that cures everything else. in the time we have remaining what cures california? >> california is like a drunk, todd it has to hit bottom and get some sense again and reembrace free enterprise instead of this venezuela nightmare we are going down. todd: kurt, as long as i don't have to take another bar exam did i that 15 years ago in california. i do not want to do it again. kurt is here with us: inspector general report on the clinton email scandal is expected out today. so, what does donald trump jr. expect to hear? he is walking up the steps. that is him right there. he is hugging ainsley. he is live on the couch next. ♪ we hanging around ♪ everything on the radio ♪ whoa, whoa ♪
4:57 am
. . ♪
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>> today the blockbuster watchdog report of the fbi handling the clinton email probe to be released. >> we're looking for unlawful activity. we're looking for serious errors of judgment. >> prosecutors say a tunisian man made the deadly poison ricin, was plotting a biological weapons attack. >> cory booker who wants to run for president has interesting message for americans. >> if this country hasn't broken your heart you don't love her enough. if you are not deeply disturbed you have to check your own love. >> it is the president's birthday. steve: a real possibility he will be here at the game at nationals park at 7:05. >> con congressional baseball team takes the field here one year after the shooting of steve scalise. >> i've been able to close that chapter, all to the good.
5:01 am
♪ steve: what is that? all right. >> put him in coach. he is in the cage. because steve insists on playing. need the right elbow up. steve: we are on the air. how was that. >> pretty mediocre. steve: rand paul. do the batting practice. 7:05 tonight, answer sy and
5:02 am
brian, democrats take the field here one year after famously crazed gunman just a couple miles from where we're standing came out and tried to kill as many republicans as he possibly could. it is a very emotional day. steve scalise a lot of people didn't think would survive that day. he did. he was with us 30 minutes ago. and he is ready. but, it is also about the fun of the game and the fun of politics. politics is so toxic so often these days. this is time when republicans and democrats get together to have fun, see how far they can hit it at the great big wall. ainsley: thank you, steve. brian: steve doocy exclusively from the field. they had steve scalise before who was struggling for his life. he is working on rehab to walk on his own. >> that's right. we have another special guest with us. donald trump, jr., executive vice president of the trump organization. son of president donald trump.
5:03 am
thanks for being with us. >> good to be with you guys. brian: when the president goes to the white house, do you get a promotion? >> upgrade myself, right? really big raise. brian: ask him if you can get a raise. >> eric and i can do it to agree to each other's raises. ainsley: mom said i want to get paid more none any. finally sat her down, mom i would like a raise. she said okay. i've been complaining about the amount you're paying me all these years. why are you giving me a raise now. because you asked. >> i got that from my father. learned the hard way. you have to ask for yourself. >> ig report coming out all day. it will be indictment, not actual one, met at that physician called one of the email scandal. what are you expecting? >> i look what i see from the outside bureaucracy, i look as
5:04 am
hr for the big corporation. they're not there for the little guy. they are there to protect the big corporation. i expect both sides will say, see, i told you so. i'm hoping it is good because what has gone on is a disgrace. when you see the things we've seen in our government. if you saw those things happening in our banana republics, you would say that is terrible. but when you see it happening, the people loud a few weeks ago are suddenly quiet. they realize are on to them. they know what has been hag. it is really disgusting. brian: hard to marginalize as political document, when he was appointed by president bush and reaffirmed by president obama. looks like politics could be out of this and a year investigation into this. when they present the case, comey, mccabe, peter strzok, lisa page, maybe bruce ohr, according to some unredacted things have been released could have their credibility
5:05 am
questioned. what does that mean in the big picture? >> if you want to question their credibility, look at they have done on their own. look at the double-talk and lies. these are public statements they made. their credibility is shot. shame to see this happen to great institutions like the fbi. the people working. the lawyers at the top. never carried a gun, pure bureaucrats, they put a blight on those institutions. it's a shame. hopefully we get some credibility back eventually. ainsley: there is old saying it all comes out in the wash. hopefully we'll find answers if there was mishandling in the investigation. things to the executives in the obama administration, hopefully it will all come to light. >> i've become a cynic what i have seen over last couple years. brian: robert mueller investigation, robert mueller approval at 34%. rudy giuliani on with laura ingraham, we'll decide
5:06 am
next couple weeks whether the president sits down. if your dad asks you what he should do, what would you tell him? >> i don't trust these people as far as i can throw them. i don't trust them. ask the questions, 50 hours, 100 hours, oh the comma is different here. now we got you. the greatest investigative bodies of the world have been looking for two years, two years, they have come up with nothing. by the way only come up with what they themselves were doing to try to set this up. i wouldn't do it. think it would be stupid. i don't any proper would say you should do it. it is not about collusion. can we get him to say something interpreted as somewhat after and inaccurate, after 50,000 questions you make a mistake. that is how we get you. that is not what this is b we're not talking about russian collusion. they have given up on that. it is constant attempt to try to find something to undermine this president, this duly-elected president and again, for me as an american. when i'm around other parts of
5:07 am
the country, people coming up, what is going on is disgusting. brian: you had the experience with yourself. >> i did. by the way -- brian: how many hours have you testified? >> 25 hours in front of various congressional bodies. millions in legal fees. i can weather the storm. most of the other people can't. they're working on campaign. they beat them down. it is not really fair. brian: costs them a lot of mon niches don't they? >> what is nice bit. the mess i went through was, say needle in the haystack that created the precipice for all this other discovery we found out hey, look at what they're doing. it is other side. it is democrats funding these things. it is the hillary clinton campaign spending millions of dollars to foreign agents coming up with the nonsense dossier that is still unverified. the other networks run around like this is the magna carta. >> big issue require to today, that is the north korean summit. when you saw your dad shaking
5:08 am
the hand of kim jong-un, there is a picture of it right there, for those who weren't around this week, what goes through your mine when you see that? >> that is incredible. i know the guy. i understand how he works. when they pulled out of the summit this is exactly what will happen. he will play hard ball. they come back to the table. they will get this then done. he understands how to do these things. when i watch the government pundits, i've been dealing with issue for 30 years. for 30 years you couldn't get in a room with the guy. you couldn't have a meeting. i'm not saying he is a nice guy but you have to have the dialogue. i see the other side, they're almost upset we're not at nuclear war with north korea right now. because it means trump was actually effective. guess what they have been doing for 60 years since end of that war which never really ended, totally ineffective. someone comes in, take as different approach. bring as business mentality to the thing, guess what? you have more progress in 16 months than they had in 60
5:09 am
years. they continue to knock it. what he did this week is incredible. this is textbook trump. he knows how to get people on his side. he knows how the breach the gaps. he has done it for his entire career. ainsley: well the left, mainstream media, they had a heyday with that, wanted to turn it negative. you can't have it both ways. you say no war and your dad is taking nuclear weapons from the dictator, they're complaining, i don't understand it. cory booker was talking about how basically, if you are not deeply disturbed by your father and your father's era, then you need to check your own love. listen to this. we'll get your reaction. >> telling right now, if this country hasn't broken your heart you doesn't love her enough of the if you're not deeply disturbed by what is coming, you got to check your own love. some people call it patriotism. that is a fine word, but understand paid treat system love country. you can not love your country unless you love your fellow
5:10 am
countrymen and women. [applause] love is struggle. we know what a great leader frederick douglass says, if there is no struggle, there is no progress. let me tell you to all the faithful here. i'm a big believer, before you tell me about your religion, first show it to me how you treat other people. [cheers and applause] ainsley: very charismatic, but does not like your father. he said at beginning of that, i'm not sure what this means, i'm telling you right now if this country hasn't broken your heart you don't love her enough. >> listen, that is ridiculous. we're used to seeing cory booker, histrionics, everything is drama. two weeks ago we put forth prison reform legislation he has been fighting for since the beginning of his career. all of sudden he is against it. because anything that trump does he will be against it. so something he championed, that he has done, all of sudden not for it. he realizes that is a mistake. that is the problem with the other side. if donald trump walked across the hudson river to new jersey,
5:11 am
they would say trump can't swim. if he came out for oxygen, they would be against it. they would hold their breath. that is noise. looks like he is auditioning to be a tell van gel it. we get that. we see overdrama and facial expressions in the hearings. this doesn't play well with real people. he think it probably does. he is a terrible actor. brian: democrats are trying to get message across, to find the right one t has been effective before and seems like the president's numbers are going up. >> if you're a democrat what matrix are you running on? are you running on jobs? are you running on the economy? i can't think of a single matrix which their policies proven successful and trump's haven't. he is winning. that is what he is doing. brian: hear what bob corker said yesterday, up for secretary of state, up for running mate, at times a critic of the president. he is calling out what he told me leadership yesterday in saying this. >> we're in a strange place. i mean it is almost, you know,
5:12 am
been, it is becoming a cultish thing, isn't it? not a good place for any party to end up with a cult-like situation as it relates to, to a president that happens to be of purportedly of the same party. brian: he says no one wants, leadership doesn't want to buck the president, they're a cult. >> i think that is ridiculous. if it's a cult, they like what my father is doing. you see real americans actually winning for a change. conservatives actually getting things done. i saw this. i saw this during daca when schumer folded initially, multiple congressman call me, don, what happened? what do you do you mean? what happened, don? we won and i quote, we don't win, we give up of the because the other side calls us a name. so i think americans, i addressed this yesterday on my twitter to corker, americans want someone with conviction,
5:13 am
not just talk about it with great sound bites. when it comes game time they sit there and fold. they want someone like my father and fight. actually want to win. how about actually want to win elections? brian: how do you feel about adam schiff saying the other day, if he gets the majority in the house they will investigate jared and ivanka? >> that ridiculous. adam schiff never met a tv camera he didn't love. he says all these things. it will be nonsense. 99% he is the guy leaking these things. i dealt with him in testimony. every time i go to bathroom break, i read about it on cnn seven hours later. that is what it is. other side have platform of hate and nonsense. nothing else. i think they're panicking. ainsley: don, your dad's birthday. what is your message for him? >> i imagine he is. happy birthday, dad. i love you very much. you're getting absolutely no grandparents and five grandchildren is enough. what do you get the most powerful guy in the world. anything is a let-down.
5:14 am
we love you. look forward to seeing you soon. i don't get to see him that much. brian: buy him one of his ties. >> he doesn't have enough of those. brian: don, jr., thank you very much. for fox and friends right after thisot. i could feel the barb wire was just digging into the paint. man: two bulls were fighting, (thud) bam hit the truck. try explaining that to your insurance company. woman: another ding, another scratch. it'll just be another chapter in the story. every scar tells a story, and you can tell a lot more stories when your truck is a chevy silverado. the most dependable, longest-lasting, full-size pickups on the road. (dnice, candace, but this time bold. did someone say "bold?" (gasping)
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5:18 am
very historical in one way but to me success is when it get as done. brian: as trump promises denuclearizationed north korea his secretary of state mike pompeo says that will happen but the end of president trump's first term. is this timetable really possible? here to break it down, harry kazianis, center of national interest. his insight is fantastic through the entire process of the harry, first time i talk to you since the president left singapore. you think that is the biggest thing, finding out how big the arsenal actually is. >> yeah, brian. the big question we don't really know the size of north korea's nuclear infrastructure, we don't know how many nuclear weapons they have. there are reports in the summer time they could have as many as 60 nuclear weapons. we don't know. we don't know how big the nuclear weapons are. heck, we don't know how many nuclear scientists they have working on the program or where the facilities are. they are very good hiding them
5:19 am
underground. first thing the north koreans need to do is give accounting that would be a big trust-building measure from the north koreans. brian: it can't be like saddam hussein, where we send weapons inspectors in and they send things out the other door. no cameras or access to military sites. it has to be closer to ukraine and south africa. from what you know are they ready for that type of access? >> look, brian, i hope they are. what the president tried to do here he made an historic step forward. he literally reached his hands out, look, i'm willing to do big things to welcome your country into the international community. let's face it, he put up a lot of political capital do that. he took a lot of flak from critics saying that is mistake. what he is i think is trying to do is open the door to the north koreans. there is a way to do it, that makes sense of the a lot of people criticize the step by step approach. north koreans need to make adown payment, offer up one or two nuclear weapons, iaea, drop a
5:20 am
little bit of sanctions. we can build trust and see if the north koreans are serious about this. brian: we're done with blowing up the towers that would be wrecked any way or sites already destroyed and not allowing western journalists. it has got to be different. my sense is, the president doesn't usually say things without any substance behind it. he says something could happen right away. what would impress harry causey ahn necessary to say we're in a place we're not before right away? >> if the north koreans want to build trust and move forward, offer up one to two nuclear weapons and one icbm. these are the things that brought us to a crisis last summer. we were talking about nuclear war. i think if they did that, that would make a lot of sense and build a lot of truth. brian: right. mike pompeo goes to south korea, going to china, coming back here with bolton to north korea. this is just the beginning if it is going to work f it end here, not good, just the beginning.
5:21 am
i have my fingers crossed. harry, thank you very much. >> thanks, brian. brian: changing gears. one says chivalry is dead because of feminism. >> this idea of holding the door for a woman because she is woman, i have a trouble with it. with tripadvisor, finding your perfect hotel at the lowest price... is as easy as dates, deals, done! simply enter your destination and dates... and see all the hotels for your stay! tripadvisor searches over 200 booking sites... to show you the lowest prices...
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todd: check this out. live with fox news alert. live look in outer space. how cool is this. two american astronauts stepping outside of the international space station for a spacewalk. they are installing new hd cameras today. that spacewalk expected to take nearly seven hours. what an awesome shot. ainsley: that's cool. brian: that is ted, cameraman. we sent him into space to get that. ainsley: look at clouds you see different images. looks like rocks on the left.
5:25 am
laguardia runway on the right and just some snow. brian: i thought i mattered. then i saw that shot. 24 minutes after the hour. >> lawmakers shutting down streets outside the border and protection offices. ainsley: there was actor and trump critic, john cusack, tweed the out the legend, representative john lewis called for silence at today's action. we obeyed him. as he has true moral authority. we will not obey a governor that tears children away from parents, demonizes, humiliates and tortures immigrants. we are all immigrants. this is fascism. brian: that is not accurate but go ahead, your ann actor. you must know everything. hear to weigh in is syndicated talk show host dana loesch. hey, dana. ainsley: is he insinuating he was acting, dana. >> he must be. good to see you guys. good morning to you. curious first off where was the
5:26 am
outrage when you had democrats held house and senate. that is not putting it off. immigration was supposed to be one of their top issues. even, let's not forget, during a portion of former president obama's first term, they held a supermajority. so they could have prep run roughshod over any objections that republicans had. they wasted that opportunity. where it comes to cusack's statement that somehow we're torturing and demonizing immigrants, i would love to see some examples of torturing immigrants. i've been to the border. i talked with border patrol agents. i was there under previous president obama and there were individuals, teenagers, kids, put into detention facilities, all the pictures everyone is sharing now blaming on the administration took place under the previous administration. there was no objection by john cusack then. brian: you insulted hundreds of border patrol agents who are not there for the money. doing it to protect the country. they're not there for the money, that is for sure.
5:27 am
brian: they don't get paid a ton. they have to live right in the area. there are not the best schools in the area but they sacrifice it in order to do it. we have finally money to give more. switch gears to talk a little bit about politics. senator bob corker, sometimes friend, sometimes critic of the president, went to the senate floor to express hess frustration at the party that seems to be firmly behind the president and for leadership who refused in his words, to buck the president. >> we're in a strange place. it is almost, you know, it is becoming a cultish thing, isn't it? it is not a good lace for any party to end up with a cult-like situation as tell raos to, to -- if relates to a president that happens to be of purportedly of the same party. brian: so your reaction? is it cult-like? >> well, who are they supposed to support? hillary clinton? it is kind of shocking to me
5:28 am
that anyone would be at all raising an eyebrow over republicans supporting a republican agenda from a republican president in the white house but further, to corker's point, i have seen plenty of times on this very network speaker paul ryan strongly disagreeing with president trump on a number of issues including tariffs. i've seen republican leadership speak out against it. they are behind the president's agenda but they also will give criticism and try to guide in the right direction the agenda when they see fit. brian: ben sasse, jeff flake. he was expressing -- >> exactly. brian: i asked him this morning, i'm frustrated at leadership that won't accept these tariffs for example, where he doesn't feel as though they had a say in the president's tariffs. my feeling is, the president is using it as wedge in order to get a better deal for the country. he can't be checking with congress every time he wants to raise the price of aluminum. >> well, and i think it is a negotiating tactic. i'm willing to give, this is
5:29 am
what every time, i think the administration does something and president does something. everyone freaks out about it. i think it is window approach. walks it back. we arrive at a place everyone is comfortable with, including members of congress. north korea is perfect example. where it concerns tariffs and discussions with canada and other g7 nations, the president walked into this, why don't we remove these trade barriers. get it a more free and fair trade area. countries that don't want to do that, maybe we'll talk about imposing tariffs this is president openly talking about having fair trade. yet he is the one presented as aggressor, which i do find interesting as free and fair trade supporter. ainsley: dana, i don't know like it when you get on airplane a gentleman helps you put heavy luggage in the upper barrel or gentleman open as door. daily show had a guest on who made a interesting point about schiff rally. listen to this. >> this idea of holding the door for a woman because she is a
5:30 am
woman, i have trouble with it. i'm quite happy for people to hold the door. i hope they're not doing this idea of chivalry. chivalry is idea somehow women are weak and need protecting. ainsley: dana, she wrote the book, feminist manifesto. chivalry is dead. feminism killed it. she is happy about that. what is your reaction? >> go points. i do not think she understands chivalry a code of conduct for gentlemen and supporting and empowering women during medieval times. modern era greatly abused. with all due respect to the speaker, i'm far lar with her, luxury of third way feminism to complain about holding doors open to people, nigeria ranks top in the world for fee mall genital mutilation, far more disservice to women and open press sieve than someone courteously opening the door for someone else. brian: wow. ainsley: good point. todd: with that, dana loesch, thank you very much. ainsley: excellent point, dana.
5:31 am
>> thank you very much. >> enjoy your cheerios. todd:ing into you can really say. ainsley: 8:30. parent are outraged because books on the summer reading list are anti-police. todd: that is wild one. of the plus steve doocy live at nationals park. he was hitting before. now he is like judging the hitters. steve: not exactly, todd. i was hitting earlier. look who is in the batting cage right now. that is steve scalise. what a year he has had. and man who is itch pitching to him, is mat mica, the lobbiest, who nobody who thought he would make it out alive. what a day. what a game. what hope. ♪ ancestrydna is only $69 for father's day. and with twice the detail of other tests... can show dad where he's from ...and strengthen the bonds you share.
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♪ o say can you see, by the dawn's early light, what so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming ♪ ♪ who's broad stripes and bright stars, through the perilous fight ♪ ♪ o'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming ♪ ♪ and the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air gave proof through the night that our flag was still there ♪ ♪ o say does that star-spangled banner yet wave ♪
5:36 am
♪ o'er the land of the free, and the home of the brave ♪ [cheers and applause] ainsley: that is your shot of the morning. isn't that beautiful? that flag is 30 by 50 flag representing patriotism out our plaza. our army band is performing "the star-spangled banner" in honor of flag day. todd: that giant flag from annon, making flags in the u.s. since 184. brian: it is anniversary of the flag. it is held by some of our veterans, wounded warriors, first-responders and members of the sons of the revolution. singing was emily jurgens. she has been on before. i don't need to tell you before, what a voice. ainsley: bring in steve doocy who is live down in d.c. at
5:37 am
nationals park ahead of tonight's congressional baseball game. it has been one year since the attack on steve scalise and other lawmakers. steve: with ron desantis, congressman from florida and running for governor. everyone of the republican players said, you're not playing tonight? you're busy running -- >> running for governor takes up a lot of time. we only got four hits. i got two of the four. they need an extra stick in the lineup. steve: who is shooting over there. that is your team. the republicans. just missed it. year ago today when the shooting happened, 7:00 hour. just a couple miles from where we're sitting. you are an important part of that particular story. >> i was playing third base, throwing balls to steve scalise, me and the shortstop jeff duncan, we decided to cut out practice a few minutes early.
5:38 am
we were getting into the car to leave, the guy we now know the shooter, we didn't know, came up to us whether republicans were practicing. we said yes. we pull away. he walks to his van. we now know takes out the rifle, takes out the third base side of the dugout, started shooting. if jeff and i had stayed there we would be first in the line of fire. steve: i remember a year ago, heard your account. that was a weird thing to ask. >> as soon we got word there was shooting, jeff and i connected, we have to report this guy. steve: it was that guy. >> sure enough it was. of the turns out he had a list of names in his pocket, five republican congressman. jeff duncan was one of the names. he had him point-blank range. it was chilling experience. steve: they played the game, famously without steve scalise who is back tonight. he will start at second base. very emotional a year ago. shocking that you could even go back out there after what happened. >> well, steve, is really a warrior.
5:39 am
for him to fight back with all the surgeries, he really, most people probably would have died there. i think that is testament to steve's fighting spirit. there is a lot of groundswell of support for him. you know really is an inspiration to people in the congress now. steve: now one year later, last year they raised about a million dollars. they had close to 28,000 people in the stands. this has become a big deal. they want to see, not everybody is a good player. you're a very good player. it is all about fun. that is something you don't see much in washington. >> exactly. to have 20,000 people, we outdrew a lot of major league teams that day. the product they saw was not up to snuff but still. steve: yeah. today there is possibility the president could be in attendance. today is his birthday. something else happening in the news. the big ig report is coming out with the inspector general lets everybody know what he observes. what are your concerns.
5:40 am
>> mccomey, mccabe, strzok held accountable. i want the ig to nail foam in for conduct. for leaking, lack of candor to congress, what peter strzok did. i think comey will get hammered, how could you have a special counsel involving obstruction for firing comey? the ig report will say comey had no business being the fbi director. woe be a terrible witness. mueller needs to wrap it up if this report does in fact nail comey. steve: i know a number of congressional republicans have been trying to get documents from the department of justice and it looks like rod rosenstein and company are slow walking this stuff for whatever reason, you're not getting what you need. >> rosenstein needs to recuse himself from this. his conduct is at issue with fisa, all this stuff, he can't be a judge in his own case. reports he may be threatening people in the congress to his
5:41 am
his authority, subpoena power, we're investigating them potentially misusing that. you're trying to investigate, you're threatening to misuse it some more, give me a break. steve: complaining to members of the intel committee about, how dare you ask me, how dare you a make a request in writing. why would i have to respond in writing? is that because he doesn't want a paper trail? >> i think it is just bureaucratic arrogance. they have been so arrogant about this. when they redact things, don't let the american people see the truth on so of this stuff, there is no basis for a lost redactions. yet they do it. they don't believe the american people have the right to conduct oversight over their activities. that is wrong. steve: you have confidence once the mueller probe comes out, once we see the ig reports, we'll know what happened? >> i think we'll have a good sense but we're still digging for more. ig will not get into the spying on trump's campaign, all collusion investigation. there are huge questions with all of that, we want answers to. steve: ron desantis, running for
5:42 am
governor, great state of florida. >> thanks for having me. steve: busy day at park, answer sy, brian, todd. things get started 7:05 this evening. >> thank you so much, steve. secretary of state mike pompeo wrapping up a news conference in china. we're live in beijing what he said. todd: they serve up ribs, pulled park and more. of course with a side of patriotism. we are working with our friends at mission barbecue. do not go anywhere on this very special flag day. ainsley: will our vegetarian jillian eat any of it? >> that is a question. ♪ rence. at some point, we are going to be able to beat als. because life is amazing.
5:43 am
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jillian: good morning we're back with a fox news alert amount terror attack foiled in germany. prosecutors say a tunisian man made the deadly poison ricin and was planning a biological attack
5:46 am
somewhere in germany. it causes organ failure and could kill a person within 48 hours. investigators say he bought the ingredients online. there is no evidence he is connected to a terror organization. a community is outraged over a summer reading list considered by some people to be anti-police. two of the four books recommended for students taking a high school english course are focused on racism and police brutality. the school in charleston, south carolina, is now reviewing the material. president trump slamming democratic senator claire mccaskill for use private plane what was billed as an rv tour. the president tweeting quote, senator claire mccaskill of the great state of missouri flew around in a luxurious private yet during her rv tour of the state. rvs are not for her. people are upset. so phony. josh hawley should win big, has my full endorsement. those reports come in the "washington free beacon" which mccaskill says is riddled with
5:47 am
inaccuracies. todd? todd: fox news alert. secretary of state mike pompeo arriving in china overnight briefing officials on the singapore summit. brian: wow, this trip comes on the heels of meetings with the japanese and south korean counterpart. ainsley: rich edson live in beijing with the latest. rich? reporter: hello. real aggressive trip here for the secretary of state mike pompeo. he is soon going to meet with chinese president xi xinping in a short time here at the chinese foreign ministry. he has been meeting with other top officials from the chinese government here including their foreign minister of the secretary says that china has committed to maintaining sanctions against north korea until kim jong-un fully surrenders his nuclear program. >> china has reaffirmed its commitment to honoring the u.n. security council resolutions but we have made very clear that the sanctions and the economic relief that north korea will receive will only happen after
5:48 am
the full denuclearization, the complete denuclearization of north korea. reporter: secretary pompeo began day in seoul. he was meeting with top officials from the south korean and japanese governments. there pompeii -- pompeo addressed criticism of suspending military exercises with south korea. if north korea stops negotiating in good faith, then the united states and south korea would resume the military exercises. the secretary says likely continue discussions with north korean counterparts next week. we have no insight who exactly will meet with the u.s. and north korea. part of those discussions, according to the secretary, is learning the size and scope of north korea's program. the secretary says that the united states has a reasonable incite and intelligence into what north korea has but part of this exchange is to figure out what exactly they have. back to you. brian: wow. rich edson, staying on the road because he lives on the road. rich edson, thanks so much.
5:49 am
now to china and no knows. could end up in north korea and maybe big news. ainsley: we'll see. 48 minutes after the top of the hour. they serve up ribs and pulled pork and more with a side of patriotism. janice is out there with them. they're cooking with friends with mission barbecue. brian: first the mission of sandra and bill is to work for three hours all week. doing incredible job with the brand new studio. sandra is this live show or is it taped? >> it's a live show but a split show, brian kilmeade. he is out at shinnecock hills. brian: really? what? >> next three hours. tough assignment for hemmer. can you imagine? coming up we have a bunch of live events including a meeting with mike pompeo and chinese president. speaker of the house paul ryan expected to hold his weekly news conference. we wait the highly-anticipated inspector general's report. it could be out just a short time from now. jonathan swan, alan dershowitz, jason chaffetz, judge
5:50 am
napolitano, all on deck to react to that. plus my cohost, bill hemmer as i mentioned he will be live from the u.s. open in shinnecock hills. we will see you live at the top of the hour. see you in a bit. her salon was booked for weeks, until her laptop crashed this morning. having it problems? ask a business advisor how to get on demand tech support for as little as $15 a month. this week get boise case paper for only $29.99 at office depot office max.
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♪ brian: they are known for serving up patriotism alongside their delicious food right here. ainsley: every day at noon, this is awesome, the restaurant, they play the national anthem, at one of our restaurants, right? >> at all of restaurants every day, because we can. todd: they're cooking for us. cooking with friend. bill krauss, steve noonan, the founders of mission barbecue. thank you for being here. you are not just serving up good
5:54 am
food but patriot system. >> more importantly we love our country. we build a business with purpose and meaning and significance. we opened our first one in maryland, on september 11, 2011. damn right we did that intentionally. 10 years after the world changed as we knew it. we'll try to change it back. we'll remind people how fortunate we live in the great country and what makes the country great are our heroes. brian: steve, do you believe in any of that? >> abs absolutely every bit of it. >> as you mentioned the best two minutes every day, every mission barbecue, is that at 12 noon, when we shut our kitchens down, everything comes to a halt. we make announcement. we play the national anthem because we can. ainsley: how did you decide to open restaurants together? >> we love our country. humbled by our heros. what is never lost on us, with he feel like we get the really easy job. we serve food and say thanks to these wonderful folks willing to do so much for all of us. ainsley: how many restaurants do you have? >> we have 65 locations now
5:55 am
across 13 states, coming soon now to the state of connecticut, the state of michigan, as well as the great state of wisconsin. >> i can attest this barbecue is delicious. brian: who do we bring in right now? ainsley: bring in elaine rogers from the usa. >> hi, guys. ainsley: how are you? >> doing great. >> knowing the mission of mission barbecue, serve, honor, thank our heroes. we serving try to do our part by giving back. through the hard work of our teammates, the wonderful support of our customers, the sale of our american heroes cups, we're proud to be here today to donate a check to the usa in the amount of 914, $504. >> i'm taking this right now. i didn't know what the amount was. ainsley: almost a million dollars. >> thank you so much.
5:56 am
they are our force behind the uso forces. this is so exciting because you know, father's day is coming up. so on sunday at bwi airport, before our troops get on the plane, and leave the united states of america, the last thing we're doing for them is they're going to have mission barbecue is coming serving lunch to them. ainsley: great. brian: you know what the first thing we're doing now after we go to break? they're all getting some of this behind us. >> we are proud and humbled at mission barbecue to be able to serve organizations like the uso. morse important the heroes, families and friend, we get to provide the food and say thanks. todd: more "fox & friends" moments away. ainsley: thank you very much. >> this is amazing. ♪ what makes these simple dishes the best simple dishes ever?
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