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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  June 14, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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there today, bill. we'll have more of you tomorrow. >> bill: right. you have the bug, too. so we share that. we have that in common. >> sandra: i need the time to play. >> bill: i don't need more work. more time. >> sandra: thank you, bill. "outnumbered" starts now. >> this is a fox news alert. we're waiting for the release of the justice department's report on the handling of the hillary clinton e-mail scandal. it's expected to be extensive and will mark the most definitive accounting of the probe to date. right now bloomberg is reporting the inspector general found james comey broke from procedure in handling the investigation. this is "outnumbered" and i'm kennedy. here today republican strategist and senior fellow for the independent women's voice, lisa booth is here. along with elizabeth mcdonald. we have julie banderas and joining us the first time on the couch, the chairman of the
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american conservative union and former white house political director for george bush. and he is out numbered. welcome! >> a big step. >> a big step and a huge day. >> but no pressure. >> immense pressure. the justice department's inspector general report in the hillary clinton e-mail investigation is expected to be released soon. president trump is being briefed on it first. bloomberg reporting the i.g. found james comey broke from procedure and handling of this probe into clinton's server. the report expected to scrutinize loretta lynch and former director andrew mccabe. meantime, attorney general jeff sessions defending the firing of comey and warning there could be more firings after this new report comes out. watch. >> i think it was the right thing to do. the facts were clear on it.
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he made a big mistake. we felt like there was a serious breach of discipline within the department if we allowed him to continue. if anyone else shows up in this report that requires termination, we'll do so. >> chris van holland this morning with his take on how republicans may use the report. >> they've been trying to argue that if there's any misconduct shown in the hillary clinton e-mail investigation, somehow that should taint the mueller investigation. the mueller investigation is a completely independent investigation and has nothing to do with that original e-mail. let's not spin this to undermine the very important independent mueller investigation. >> he's spinning so hard, i'm dizzy. matt, what do we know about this report?
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to his point, is there anything in here that could reflect or have an impact on the mueller investigation? >> this is all to be determined, right? this will come flowing out in the next couple hours. i'll make a prediction. as the hill gets briefed on this, we'll all know. that's how congress works. there's no secrets in congress. there's a couple of take-aways. the to have an fbi director and a deputy director be canned is historic. everybody acknowledges, a republican and democrats, a lot of wrong doing. these texts between strzok and page, that will get the i.g.'s attention. they're saying we have to stop trump in different words. that makes americans believe that there's something wrong with the fbi when it's being that political. finally, i think the other thing they'll find is that james comey thought he was an island to himself. he was the czar of the fbi. he reported to loretta lynch. he had an obligation to keep her in the loop. he didn't do that. >> that is true that could be problematic and difficult for him to explain. you can't claim to adhere to and
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respect the chain of command, but then feel that you have to go rogue because that completely violates the chain of command. but does that mean even if james comey is labelled insubordinate in this final version of the report, not the draft, what does that mean? are there any legal charges that follow? is it a wrist-slapping? he's already done with the government part. >> it's really damaging to james comey's credibility, which he damaged on the book tour. he's been attacked for his statements there. the report will say that he deviated in dramatic fashion and put the bureau in a very bad light. so you know, there is a link to the mueller problem. james comey is a witness in the mueller probe. you can imagine the president will tweet and attack the credibility of james comey, which will seek to undermine the
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mueller probe. >> and he's the impetus for the special counsel. he said before congress that he leaked information and those memos in order to spur the special counsel. >> exactly. if that's what robert mueller is looking at as obstruction of justice and president trump's firing of james comey and then the inspector general lays out the case for james comey and how he failed to do his job, he did it and broke government protocol, that strengthens president trump and his legal team's defense against obstruction of justice charges. honestly, we don't need there report to see that. rod rosenstein, deputy director of the doj laid out the case for firing james comey. we know james comey has lied mull time times. whether it was the time line of why he released those memos in the first place. he lied before congress about even leaking the memos as well. the case is already strong against james comey. >> i want to get you in here, this could complicate matters. if this isn't a black or white
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right versus wrong report and if there isn't some gob of red meat for each side, it's only going to further politicize the divide in washington. >> first of all, the whole james comey thing is a joke. he says he can't open ly prosecute that in the first place. >> nor democrats, that's not the job of the fbi. >> no, it's not. james comey screwed that. andrew mccabe knew he would name names. the president is very excited for in gift. he is waiting for this. it will justify why he fired james comey. james comey was a liar. he's been caught. >> a leaker and a liar. >> lying james comey. all right. another gift the president received today, he's responding
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to the new york attorney general's announce meant they're seeking a lawsuit against the donald j. trump foundation and its directors including the president and his children, eric, ivanka an donald trump jr. attorney general barbara underwood served as a piggy bank for the trumps. it was stated -- >> president trump tweeting --
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>> all right. what do we have here? are these new york state political axes being ground or is there something to this that could ultimately damage the president? >> my wonderful wife often tells me, enough! how much more of these -- >> that is michael avenati. >> the point is, when these liberals keep going after trump. he has a special counsel for almost every moment of his presidency. the democrats don't want to support his agenda items, even those that are popular. now you have the new york attorney general going after the clinton foundation. by the way, i had to talk about it over and over again throughout the campaign. enough is enough. even the people -- >> you mean the trump foundation. >> you said they were going about the clinton foundation. >> i'm sorry.
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yes. i love to talk about that. slip of the tongue. the american people do want us to solve our problems. this plays into trump's hands. i love the tweet. >> so let's talk about the contrast between the trump foundation and the clinton foundation. the clintons had a brilliant money laundering scheme in the clinton foundation. it's no surprise that any other politician would want to do the same thing and concentrate money and power. now the cat is out of the bag. because no misdoing was pinned to the clintons formally, are they now going to go after the trump foundation? >> only president trump and their legal team know what the defense would be and if it's worth fighting or not. the a.g. is asking for $2.8 million in restitution and dissolving the trump foundation. that doesn't seem like that big of an ask if you're president run the and the trump foundation. that's a path of least resistance. we know president trump likes to fight back.
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you know, i leave it to him and his team if it's worth the fight or not. >> the trump foundation released this response. >> these are really serious charges. you're not supposed to use your foundation for your own personal debts. and now the children may be barred from other nonprofits from serving on them. it's being referred to the irs and the federal elections commission. this is a scathing rebuke of a sitting president and his foundation. i'm curious why the president is continuing to fight it. this has been under investigation for years now. when the evidence that is
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mounting about this -- i'm not sure it would be wise to continue to fight it. i think he should settle it and move on. >> that's in his nature. he wants to fight things. he wants to win when he feels that he's innocent. >> your points are well-taken about the clinton foundation. the sitting -- looking at the trump foundation, there's issues being raised. >> there's times the president says he's going to fight something and it moves down. the news cycle moves so quickly, we'll forget about this by the end of the day. >> by the end of the show. >> and the new york attorney general knows this. the president can't pardon anybody for state crimes. >> that's right. it's interesting when you talk about the clinton foundation. who is investigating them and their wrong doing? this is political. i know what you're talking about. >> i hear you. >> it's all a political -- if you want to call it witch hunt or whatever. it's nonstop attack on the president. you look at the poll numbers.
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it's having the opposite effect of what the democrats want. don't let to me. it's a bad strategy. >> we'll see if this or any of the other stories stick. some republican congressmen seem to have lost their patients with the justice department. they want to hold a.g. deputy general rod rosenstein in contempt. plus, vulnerable democratic senator heidi heitkamp releasing her willingness to vote with president trump on several issues whether that will help her going forward and what it says about the power of trump! we'll be right back. give you the protein you need with less of the sugar you don't. i'll take that. [cheers] 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. new ensure max protein. in two great flavors.
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>> a top republican ratcheting up his attacks. he wanted to hold rod rosenstein in contempt of congress about withholding documents. this as all 13 intel gop members have sent a letter to rosenstein claiming the doj was limiting today's briefing to the gang of
9:17 am
eight, which they claim does not satisfy a subpoena issued in april. the respect said they find doj's response unacceptable. chairman nunes tells hannity that the public should be alarmed what's going on in the upper echelon of the justice department. >> how do you mislead congress? taking this information that we've been asking for, trying to enforce and you move it upstairs and you say no, no, this is super top secret information that we're only going to give to the gang of eight. people in america should be alarmed. this is a way to hide information, not only from the american people and to their congressmen. >> the chairman saying that he's been ready to hold rosenstein in contempt. >> i already wanted to move to contempt months ago. the speaker of the house believes that he can work with the doj and we're going to
9:18 am
continue to try to work that path. my patience has run outs. i have none left. now it's up to the leadership of the house and the president of the united states in order to make sure that our subpoena gets complied with. >> critics say that devin nunes is just working at the president's behest, finding a way to get rid of rosenstein. what is going on here? >> you have the separation of powers. congress is mad at eric holder. they want to see this information. we're doing this the wrong ways as a country. we should have done what we did after the iran contra scandal. he picked a three-person panel and they reported to the american people. the problem with the gang of eight, this is beyond all of that. the american people have a right to know what exactly happened in their elections, should they worry about the results. i don't think they should. and what happened to the fbi.
9:19 am
was there spying? what happened with these outrageous fisa warrants? it's time for us all to know. i know devin nunes is the chairman of the house intelligence committee. he has a right to see it. it's beyond him. all of us have a right to see what went down. we don't get clear answers. this has gone on for 1 1/2 years and time to put it in the rear view mirror. >> and the back and forth gets confusing. it's hard to know what people's motivations are and what they ultimately want. what we ultimately need is more transparency. we deserve to see some of these fisa applications. >> the root of it is using raw politicized intelligence, right? >> and lies. >> that was christopher steel. even he doesn't stand by in court what he turned up. >> he was fired. >> yeah. he was retailing this -- these claims by third removed sources and he was paid for.
9:20 am
so the point is, that this fisa court is thought -- you're not supposed to know what they're doing because security is paramount and lives could be put at risk. when you lift the lid off of this story, if a republican was president was doing this, it would be about transparency. your point is well-taken. i'm not sure there was an informant or spy in the campaign. there was an individual looking at things. but let's be clear about the facts. now we have a gang of eight leaking to the media at whim -- >> they're all in political gain -- >> instead of one panel saying here is what happened. >> people forget that congress is an investigative body and this is their i don't remember and to hold agencies like -- >> and they are a political
9:21 am
body. >> the fbi and the doj have redacted serb things like names, initials to try to throw off and impeed congress's investigation. they're not playing fair. it's not just devin nunes. it's senator lindsey graham who put forward legislation or was thinking about putting forward legislation that would make it more difficult for president trump to fire robert mueller. lindsey graham has raised concerns about the fact that rod rosenstein laid out the case against james comey and then appointed a special counsel. it's not just devin nunes here. it's senator graham. >> and he's running the department by some accounts. >> yes, he's the attorney general because his recusal is so vast. >> and nunes says it's a problem we have here. who will investigate the investigation. that's been the case through all of this. who is investigating the investigators? quite frankly at any point the
9:22 am
president could say release the documents. what are we waiting for? we've been waiting a year? >> yes. >> it's ridiculous. >> and he does have that power to declassify. >> he can step in right now. he's allowing them to take their time. they should be thankful they've had this much time. it's time to turn it over. like a hair ball. >> we have so much more on the show down between house republicans and the doj over documents related to the russia probe and whether that moves the needle. president trump signals his support for his still to be written compromise bill on dreamers. will it be enough? we'll debate and discuss.
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>> this is a fox news alert. we can confirm that rod rosenstein is at the white house as we speak and he's briefing the president ahead of the official release of the doj i.g. report. who knows what is being said
9:27 am
behind those closed doors and what questions the president might have for the deputy attorney general. they have been in there for some time. they've been in there for about 40 minutes. then it's off to congress for a congressional briefing and then we will get our eyes all over it. when we know, indeed you will know. all right. tensions continue to rise between the doj and congressional republicans over the russia probe. you heard of it? yeah. it's been going on awhile. the house freedom caucus chair, they're crafting a nonbinding resolution that demanding the doj to turn over documents surrounding the 2016 presidential election. it also takes a job at rod rosenstein, accusing him of threatening lawmakers and staffers. deputy attorney general
9:28 am
rosenstein appears to have threatened to subpoena the calls on staff for requesting documents. the doj pushing back saying rod rosenstein never threatened anyone and saying the deputy a.j. was making a point after being threatened with contempt, as an american citizen being charged with contempt of congress, he would have the right to defend himself, including requesting production of relevant e-mails and texts and calling them as witnesses to demonstrate that the allegations are false. that's why he put them on notice to retain relevant e-mails and texts and he hopes he did so. did you get all of that? all right. first of all, you say this has no teeth. >> yeah. if it just a resolution, it's basically just making a political point. i do think the noise that congress is going to make is ramping up. it's not just devin nunes and the house.
9:29 am
it's people like senator lindsey graham raising concerns. clearly the doj report today, once we have it, we'll got to the bottom of it. that is also going to create more noise. the "washington post" is reporting that peter strzok and the report said it will stop president trump from becoming president. that's what the post is saying. that will create more fodder for congress and president trump. so we're going to be hearing more. >> matt, what do you make of the alleged accusations of rod rosenstein alleging the threats which he denies? >> first of all, i'd like to make a prediction. i think mr. strzok won't have a job by the end of the day. >> i hope not. >> when they talk about heads rolling -- >> yeah. a text saying we're going to stop trump. second of all, if you're over there at the fbi or you're at doj and you're being accused of putting a spy in the trump cam page and you listened in on the
9:30 am
trump team's phone conversations left and right, do you think it's smart to go running out there and say we're going to now get the e-mails and texts of a co-equal branch of government? does he not understand they're using the police powers of the state that looks overtly political and we're disgusted by this? i don't care whether it's symbolic or real, it has to stop. it's not appropriate by anyone in the executive branch. >> there's people in the meeting that said yeah, rosenstein threatened them saying he was as the acting attorney general going to subpoena their e-mails and phone calls. >> and think through the conclusion. what would he do with that information, rod rosenstein? >> leak to it "the new york times." >> so why do all of this now? what is the point of doing it now? >> sessions came out and said no, he said exactly that. >> right. then this also calls into question, why did jeff sessions
9:31 am
really need to recuse himself if there was no crime charged and he was in a corner there. >> why should jeff sessions recuse himself and why rod rosenstein won't? >> that's why the mueller investigation looks like they can do anything they want. rod rosenstein is in this awkward position where he was involved in this decision making. he did sign a fisa warrant. >> and he laid out the case for firing comey. >> that's right. it goes back to the same thing. we're not thing this right. we're not going to get to a resolution this way. the only way we get to a resolution, a blue ribbon panel of experts that the american people will trust. >> and who trusts anyone any more? everybody is so divided into teams, they just assume -- robert mueller was supposed to be trustworthy. just you wait and see, depending on what the report says, one side is going to say that
9:32 am
michael horowitz is a schill for bush or obama and the other said say he's objective. >> i trust him. i'll say i trust him. i go out on a limb and say peter strzok is not. i do say i trust him. he has a history of going after government abuse, whether it's the atf and he laid out a case -- >> and we find out about these texts and that's why andrew mccabe was fired. >> he was picked by obama. >> he was. and he also worked for george w. bush. so much craziness. president trump signalling support for a compromise immigration bill in the house. this is between moderates and conservatives. the bill being drafted would reportedly offer illegal immigrants a pathway to citizenship. the house should vote on it next
9:33 am
week. there are questions over whether the compromise bill would get enough support amid opposition from conservatives over given what appears to be amnesty to illegal immigrants. tom perez blasted the effort saying "these republican proposals aren't to provide relief for dreamers. they're for massive deportation and stoke fears in communities." mike pence responded when he spoke at the national hispanic prayer breakfast. >> despite what you've heard, the democrats just don't want to make a deal. they don't want to security our border. they don't want to close loop holes. they don't want to close the loop holes that serve as a magnet drawing vulnerable families to our certain border and they don't want to solve daca. in fact, the dacas have abandoned daca. >> strong words. >> it doesn't seem as though
9:34 am
republicans haven't figured it out yesterday. you have coalitions within the republican party and they have vastly different ideas on what immigration polly should be. so what do we do? >> that's right. it's one of our biggest problems. the immigration system is not as broken as it appears but the way it's executed and implemented it's broken. this is something the left and the right and the democrats and republicans should come together on. the president has taken a huge step towards the democrats. they have to ask themselves, do they want the political issue or solve the problem. what they decided with trump as problem, they want every political issue. they want to be a part of know solutions. i don't think that's going to work out in november. >> if democrats acquiesce and come to terms with what compromise looks like and find something acceptable enough, would they do it if that means there's a perceptual win for the president this close to mid-terms? >> no. compromise, a funny word there.
9:35 am
that's not something that they do. they want this daca program to be considered. they want to compromise meaning they want to grant amnesty but they want to protect dreamers. so the republicans now need to put their foot down. immigration control, immigration reform. and the democrats pushed hard under president obama. now under this president, they're not so interested in immigration reform. they're interested in protecting illegal immigrants. >> the failure to pass something is a nuance. this bill hasn't even been written. we don't know what -- >> there's push back from democrats and they don't know what the legislation says. >> and conservatives as well. there's a republican study committee, a bigger block of conservatives than the house freedom caucus have expressed
9:36 am
concern as what has been discussed. in february in the senate, they considered four different proposals. none of them passed from very conservative to democrat to in the middle. i don't see anything getting done until after the election. >> the question is, are they trying to do too much at a time? is this something that should be taken apart -- >> a great question. taking on daca before the mid-terms? it's been a problem a long time and both sides have punted on it. notably the democrats. the vice president is right there. it needs to be fixed. i'm not sure they'll do it any time soon. >> all right. we'll see. so much more to discuss here, including a democratic senator that is facing a tough re-election fight in a state president trump won, releasing a campaign ad touting the number of times she voted for the president's agenda. will that work? what does that tell us about the president's impact on the mid-terms. we'll debate next. >> i don't think either party has all the right answers. that's why i voted over half the
9:37 am
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>> welcome back. democratic senator heidi heitkamp is considered vulnerable in the mid-terms. she released an ad touting her willingness to vote with president trump on issues. watch. >> when i ran for the senate six years ago, i said i wouldn't vote the party line because i don't think either party has all the right answers. that's why i voted over half the time with president trump. that made a lot of people in washington mad. but when i agree with him, i vote with him. >> president trump is questioning heitkamp support on big issues, tweeting about her opponent last night saying congratulations to kevin cramer on his huge win in north dakota. we need him in the senate and i
9:42 am
support him. heidi voted no when we need her. kevin is big on cutting taxes and strong on the boarder. matt, you're paying attention to the state of play. more largely speaking what is the state of play for the senate races? >> basically you read all about the big blue wave and the fact that trump is so toxic and all of these republican house members fled because they were scared about re-election. that blue wave didn't materialize. it crashed. the fact is republicans are looking -- are in a better position every week that goes by. if the election were today and it's not, we would pick up two senate seats and we wouldn't lose the majority in the house. heidi heitkamp, god bless her. this is the best path for her to be re-elected. but how pathetic the say i'm with the president 50% of the team. the people in north dakota want
9:43 am
somebody that will vote with him all time. this is a losing strategy. they want the economy to grow at a quicker pace. i think you can kiss heidi heitkamp good-bye. >> it's amazing. i don't understand. this is not our parent's democrat party anymore. to try to campaign when you didn't vote for the tax cuts and things are working -- i like how nancy pelosi said consumer confidence will get hid because of whatever. consumer confidence is at a 17-year high. it's amazing the rhetoric coming out. >> and kennedy, even watching the ad, it's not just heidi heitkamp. joe manchin said he made support president trump in 2020. you also have john testner montana. his first ad was touting bills
9:44 am
that president trump signed. will the ads be effective? >> if that's the most important thing to them, they're going to look -- if voting was president trump, if that's the most important thing for the voters in these states, whether it's west virginia or north dakota or montana, then they're going to look for a conditt that will consistently vote for the president and his agenda most of the time. the strategy is weird and desperate. >> how so? >> because they're saying that they're for a republican president. what are the ramifications for these individual senators if they're in fact re-elected and they go back? how does chuck schumer feel about this? all nancy pelosi and chuck schumer do is feel out ways to resist the president and pull out talking points for the faithful to follow. looks like people desperate races fighting for their lives
9:45 am
are no longer of the deck tick faith. >> to kennedy's point, these pathetic ad, do that give you the vulnerability of these senato senators? >> if you want to strengthen your party -- the democratic party lost the presidential election. they have to get their you know what together. if they have democrats actually supporting the president, that is great. they're doing it because their districts were won by the president in the 2016 election. so just follow your gut. i can't stand when politicians don't have a backbone. if you're a democrat, fine. you're voting against tax cuts and then you're saying you're going to support the president. senator joe manchin, what? he voted against him on half of the issues and then he says he might vote for him in 2020. huh? >> nobody likes the ad to summarize. >> it's so weak for a republican to play a democrat. >> we have to move on. >> all right.
9:46 am
>> secretary of state mike pompeo is meeting today with officials in china. one of the big topics is north korea. whether president trump is on the right track after that historic summit and what is next. stay tuned. >> i think china would like to see no nuclear weapons, if you want to know the truth. if you're semi friendly with a nation or not, when they have nuclear weapons and you're that close, can't be a positive feeling. can't be. managing blood sugar is not a marathon. it's a series of smart choices. and when you replace one meal
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>> we have more "outnumbered" in just a moment. but where is she? we must touch base with harris who is in our nation's beautiful capitol today. she will tell us is what is coming up on "outnumbered overtime." >> the big news is the justice department watch dog releasing his report this afternoon, a short time from now on the fbi's handling of the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. already we're hearing reports that it finds james comey "broke from procedure." i'll ask why from several members on the hill who will join me here on the set. we'll have reaction from republican senator john kennedy and a u.s. attorney appointed by president obama. also joining me here on set, how
9:51 am
majority leader kevin mccarthy on signals that president trump supports a compromise immigration bill due for a vote next week. can he get it over the finish line? that and much more "outnumbered" from d.c. big day. see you soon. kennedy? >> thanks, harris. >> a fox news alert now. secretary of state pompeo meeting with officials in china after the president's historic summit with kim jong-un. the secretary saying sanctions on north korea will only be lifted after all denuclearization. meanwhile, the pentagon is expected to officially announce the u.s. will cancel joint military exercises with south korea scheduled for august. president trump spoke to bret baier aboard air force one about his talks with kim jong-un. listen. >> people are really happy about it, even i would say non-trump fans. people are happy.
9:52 am
it's something i'm proud of. with that being said, i want to get it done. i believe that chairman kim wants to get it done. i consider it successful if it gets done. we've done something historical but to me a success is when it gets done. >> so norwegian lawmakers have nominated the president for the nobel peace prize for his summit. one frequent trump critic, former director of national intelligence, james clapper is offering praise. but hedging it with criticism. listen. >> just struck me how stuck on their narrative they were and how stuck we were on narrative. the only way this narrative was going to change i think is if the bigger partner, meaning the united states, changed it. the president trump's credit, he's done that. so we're in a much better place. remember, kim jong-un is not term limited. he's in it for the long game and i think president trump is more
9:53 am
in it for the immediate seven gratification. >> okay. matt, the fact that the president has said that he's not going to lift sanctions until he sees denuclearization a strong stance there against kim jong-un to say look, we had a great summit but it's not over yet. you haven't given up your nukes. what do you think and make of these military exercises that have been cancelled that were supposed to take place in august? that is giving him a bit to kim jong-un before he actually gives back. >> it's very interesting. i'm obviously a partisan republican. it's interesting to hear these democrats come out of the wood work defending war games and the funding of war games. i've never heard that before. it's a silly thing. the fact is we're going to do whatever we need to satisfy our national security needs. everything that has happened with north korea can all be scrapped if he doesn't fulfill his promises. nobody should worry. everything can change. i guarantee you the president will do in the interest of the
9:54 am
interest. and it's interesting to hear james clapper. the experts have lost their luster from my point of view. >> are we giving in to kim jong-un? kim jong-un doesn't like the military exercises in south korea. so we're stopping them in exchange for what? that is the question. what are we getting back? >> i don't think we know that yet. a lot of people are making a lot of generalizations about details that we don't have right now to be honest. the wait and see to that point. we also -- kim jong-un also has a constituency to think about back home in north korea. there's reports ahead of the singapore summit that he was worried about a potential military coup while he was gone. perhaps president trump needs -- >> the past 50 years, they executed hundreds of thousands of people. since kim jong-un took over in the last six years, he's ordered 340 executions including his
9:55 am
brother and uncle. we're talking about a tyrant that will stab you in the back. he will stab the president in the back, too. the question is are we giving up too much too soon. >> there's horrific human rights abuses. i've read the details. it's horrifying. the economic sanctions matter. keeping them in place matter. that is the strategy. you don't fix a problem by doing the same thinking that created the problem in the first place. their economy is half the size of vermont. they're in dire straits right now. so i think -- by the way, people are talking like one summit will fix everything. reagan had five summits with gorbachev and take obama two years to do the iran deal. >> this is just the beginning. >> it is the beginning. the human rights issues have to be addressed. but this step and talking diplomatically and talking about peace and talking openly about
9:56 am
denuclearization, this is so much better than the threat of nuclear war. that's where democrats were convinced we were a few short months ago. >> that's right. >> this is where we are right now is more -- >> more "outnumbered" in just a moment. we'll be right back. so i'm not happy unless my hands are dirty. between running a business and four kids, we're busy. auto insurance, homeowner's insurance, life insurance policies. knowing that usaa will always have my back... that's just one less thing you have to worry about. i couldn't imagine going anywhere else. they're like a friend of the family. we are the cochran family, and we'll be usaa members for life. save by bundling usaa home and auto insurance. get a quote today.
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test? >> lots of stories still unraveling so much more to discuss. harris will take the baton now, live from d.c., harris faulkner, take it away. to be one of fox news on what could be a day of reckoning for former top obama officials. and at the upper echelons of the fbi and justice department. let's go out numbered overtime live from d.c., i am at harris faulkner. we are in the nation's capital as this big news is breaking. deputy attorney general rod rosenstein is looking at the agency's handling of the hillary clinton email investigation. michael horowitz's findings are intended to criticize james comey, loretta lynch and andrew mccabe. he reported concluded that comey, for instance quotes broke away from standard fbi procedures in his handling of the probe


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