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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  June 14, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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evil act. to me. , all i remember are the thousands of acts of kindness and warmth and love that came out of this and kept me going through all of it just reemphasized how wonderful most people are. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." a big news day. maybe a pivotal one. the doj released its long awaited internal review written by the department's inspector general and it's packed with information. in a few minutes donald trump jr. will join to us respond to it. first, what is in the report in the document is more than 500 pages long and parts of it are complex. and, yet, within minutes of its release, the hair spray geniuses of cable news had it neatly summarized for the rest of us. it was a tough day for the fbi, they said. here's the bottom line. a month's long investigation found no evidence that political bias played any role in this high profile criminal investigation. that's almost verbatim what they said on the other
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channels. we watched. and they repeated it nearly word for word at the top of every hour all day long. almost like a talking point. which, of course, is what it was. keep this in mind, if you looing to understand what's actually happening in this country, always assume the opposite of what they are telling you on the big news stations. and that's certainly the case here. they are lying. in fact, today's ig report is a virtual catalog of political bias and abuse of power. it is true that investigators found no evidence at all that jim comey was trying to sabotage hillary clinton's presidential campaign. no surprise there. comey is a partisan democrat as he has explained repeatedly on his book tour. the bias, and there was a lot of it, was against donald trump and his campaign. and there is an enormous amount of that on display in this report. trump is a loathesome human fbi lawyer lisa page wrote to her boyfriend fbi official peter strzok. he is an idiot. awful, enormous douche, a disaster, he simply cannot be president.
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is he not ever going to become president. right? right? she wrote to strzok at one point? no strzok replied, no; no he won't. we will stop it. keep in mind these are the people running the investigations into donald trump and hillary clinton in the middle of a presidential race. it's almost unbelievable. but do you know what's even more unbelievable? peter strzok still works at the fbi. the man who promised to stop a presidential candidate from getting elected is still collecting a salary at our most powerful law enforcement agency. if you are looking for evidence of political bias, there you have it. and if you don't believe it, imagine this headline, for example, say 10 years ago, barack obama simply cannot become president, we will stop him, wrote fbi agent peter strzok who still works at the bureau. can you imagine? no, you would be fired immediately, first amendment be damned. and by the way strzok and page were not alone. they are not even the standout cases in this report. the document quotes another fbi attorney, wondering, quote: what i could have
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done differently to stop donald trump's election as president. that same official later describes himself as part of the anti-trump resistance. for some reason the doj is hiding that lawyer's name from the public. weave do know he served on the mueller team until february of this year. of course he did. and there's a lot more in the report. hundreds of pages of it. it turns out jim comey used a personal email account to conduct government business, just like the woman he was in the process of investigating for doing the same thing. irony alert. hillary's secret server, by the way it did indeed have classified information on it. some of that information was obtained by a foreign intelligence service. at least one. remember we suggested that very thing and they scoffed derisively? it turns out it's true, like so much. the report goes on to reveal that fbi agents routinely took bribes from journalists jos in return for leaking information. people gone to jail for things like that in washington. of course nobody noe one at fbi was seriously penalized for it. it goes on like this.
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the fbi is out of control. the current director chris wray acknowledged as much today at the press conference. luckily wray has a solution. going forward, he said, fbi employees will receive professional antibias training. now, that might not make the criminal investigations less corrupt, but it will definitely bring a heightened sense of sensitivity to questions of transgender bathrooms and toxic masculinity. that might make you feel better. fox chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has been on this from the very beginning and joins us now with a report. what would you say is the sum of the impression that you get of director comey from this report, catherine? >> well, this is the report right here, tucker. and it's as you mentioned over 500 pages long. and the bottom line with director comey is that the inspector general found that he was insubboard nant when he made that july 2016 public statement about the clinton email case where director comey recommended against criminal charges for
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the mishandling of information and the inspector general said that comey deliberately hid what he was going to say from his boss, the attorney general loretta lynch, and her deputy sally yates. and there was no other way to describe it but it amounted to insubordination. i think that's important because, for comey, rather, it's part of his legacy, right? he has done a book about loyalty. he is touring the country talking about leadership. and this really is sort of a footnote or a book end on his legacy, tucker. >> tucker: one of the headlines of this report which we just quoted at some length was the text message from peter strzok to lisa page. >> right. >> tucker: promised we will stop him. >> right. >> tucker: mr. strzok still works at the fbi. has there been any indication of whether there will be consequences for him? >> right. so, what we learned today from the fbi director is that they're going to refer some of the employees for administrative action. and i just want to kind of decode that for you a bit.
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administrative action is not criminal prosecution. and for many of these people who are, you know, implicate you had in the report, they have already left the bureau. they have retired out. >> tucker: right. >> they have just left on their own or they have been, you know, reassigned. strzok is still there. and based on what we read in the report today, there seems to be evidence, as you mention you, of this political bias. and if i could just say one thing, i think it's so important to pay attention to the language in the report. what they say is that they didn't find testimonial or documentary evidence. so no paperwork and no witness testimony that political bias infected the decisions of the clinton email campaign investigation, pardon me. that doesn't mean it didn't happen or it wasn't there. >> tucker: right. >> they are saying they didn't find evidence of it, right? i think that's an important distinction. >> tucker: it certainly is and thanks for pointing that out. catherine herridge, appreciate it. >> yep, see you later.
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thanks. >> tucker: today's report reveals as we just said that if james comey, no matter what you think of his politics repeatedly and demonstrably broke protocol and engage engaged in insubordie behavior. tom fitton is the president of judicial watch and he joins us tonight. tom, you are make a living filing requests, foia requests for government documents. you have a sharp eye for what's been deleted from documents. are you confident these 500-odd pages are the whole story of the investigation into the clinton email scandal? >> well, it's the beginning of the story in the least because, obviously, there is this connection between peter strzok, clinton emails and the russian investigation, which is yet to be analyzed by the ig. judicial watch uncovered the clinton email scandal. it's upsetting to see documented evidence of the fbi and doj bending overbackwards to protect hillary clinton. and deferring to her on virtually every issue and deciding early on not to prosecute her and just go
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through the motions of an investigation despite all the evidence that we had uncovered that she knew what she was doing was inappropriate, she was warned by her national security team and security team not to do it. and that she did it to avoid disclosure and accountability. all of which goes to the heart of guilt in terms of trying to figure out what her intent was for mishandling classified information and other government documents. it's incredible. i think -- your viewers need to look at the report themselves. don't trust the media analysis of it because. >> tucker: that's for sure. >> the documents shows that justice department that was desperate to protect hillary clinton while at the same time as these texts indicate was gearing up to go after donald trump at the very same time. so, when you compare and contrast what happened with mrs. clinton, with what was going on with hillary-boy president trump or then candidate trump, these same people were working with the clinton campaign, fusion gps
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to target and spy on the man. >> tucker: that's an excellent point. we are leading with the subjective analysis but the data are in this report and worth reading. tom fitton good to see you. >> you're welcome. tom tom the former assistant director of the fbi joins us tonight. mr. hosko, thanks for coming on. i want to read to you exchange between fbi employees on election night. i can't stop crying says one. i'm numb says another. i'm so stressed about what i could have done differently. i think the fbi's influence may have had an effect in this. i don't know, we broke the momentum. meaning the momentum of the hillary clinton campaign. here have you unnamed fbi employees lamenting the fact that they couldn't help a specific political candidate become president. what's your reaction to that? >> you know, it kind of sickens me, tucker. i think those employees, those mentioned in this report have failed the organization. they have failed out expectation of the highest degree of professionalism.
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they have left their biases intersect with an investigation. so it's deeply concerning. and i think christopher wray is determined to take some action on that. >> tucker: i'm confused though as to why we don't have a right to know who these people are and what they are doing now. i mean, if you write in an email and apparently this is real, we broke the momentum, we hurt hillary. we shouldn't have done that i'm heart-broken that she lost, don't i have, as a citizen, a right to know what you are doing now? who are you? who wrote that? these are public employees. >> well, they are public employees. there is also a public process. there is an internal disciplinary process. it sounds as though a number of employees have been referred to that process. and so, just like the director says in his press conference today, is he going to hold off on that and follow standing policy until those issues are resolved. now, we may learn who that is later, quite clearly we have seen and heard some of the text messages and im's
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back and forth with strzok and page. they are very, very concerning. and, trust me. the workforce is hurt by that and they are offended by it. >> tucker: yeah. all the other people investigated by strzok and page and the rest of these have grounds for reopening cases, i would think. anyway. ron hosko, thank you, great to see you. >> you too. >> tucker: hillary clinton took to twitter today to suggest she was annoyed by out revelations in the ig report. responding to the news that jim comey also use audit private enile conduct government business. clinton tweeted this quote but my emails. richard good stein advised both of hillary clinton's campaigns and he joins us now. richard, i'm thought a hillary voter, as you know, can i sympathize with her point that here was jim comey investigating her for using private email while using it himself. what's your reaction to that? >> look, tucker, this whole analysis in my humble opinion is twisted. it's perverse. the fact is, peter strzok,
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whose public enemy number one could have easily leaked out the fact that donald trump -- people around him were consorting with russians who claimed they had dirt on thoirl affect the campaign. >> tucker: oh, come on. don't embarrass yourself, richard. >> let's talk about what's not embarrassing. >> tucker: before we go off into trump conspiracy land. >> we know don jr. he loved it tuck particular is he working for putin too, of course. take off the tin foil lawsuit and respond just to today's ig report which is really interesting. so we learn that there were, in fact, classified emails on that server, which i think you personally assured our viewers didn't exist. and that in fact, that server was penetrated by a foreign intelligence service. hillary clinton did that now, you are gravely concerned about the effect of foreign intel services on our government. dots it bother you that hillary clinton, your former boss, allowed that to happen? >> so, let's talk, if we can for a second, there are two statutes. and people -- this report says there was nothing prosecutable. people on this network are saying no that's a mistake.
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two statutes, one required her intent to disclose classified. >> tucker: i'm not calling for prosecution of anybody. >> okay. >> tucker: i'm actually against most prosecutions. >> good. >> tucker: as a general matter. i'm just saying that we were told by the left, including you, there was nothing classified on the server and no chance of foreign intel agencies broke into it. both of those things turned out to be untrue. kind of a big deal, no. since you are worried about foreign penetration of our government, right? >> i'm really worried that donald trump gave classified information to the russians in the oval office after kicking out the u.s. press. >> tucker: let's not be gheented. have you had a chance to express concern about that. does it bother you at all that hillary clinton's server we learned today was penetrated by a foreign intel service. >> actually, what we learned, tucker, what we learned is not actually the information came from her server but there were hillary clinton emails that apparently were hacked. we don't know frankly. >> tucker: shall i read it to you. >> please do.
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>> tucker: this? the report classified information was compromised by individuals to include foreign governments or intelligence services by a cyber intrusion, pardon me. >> no reference there to her server. look, she was sending emails all over the place right through the official channels. so you are laughing. you just read me. >> tucker: i'm laughing. >> your position there is nothing on there about her server. >> tucker: i don't have a position. i'm merely repeating what the ig report says, which is she had classified material on the server as we. >> except it doesn't say about her server. that's my point. >> tucker: if it wasn't a server than where was it? >> there is nothing about her server that's in that report. >> tucker: okay. so where do you think that information resided? >> well, maybe we could ask people. go to the ig and ask them to find out. but if it was her server. >> tucker: nice try. nice try. that's where the information sits it's called a server. we're out of time unfortunately. >> state department. >> tucker: we have plenty of
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future opportunities to walk through this much more slowly. richard, good to see you. >> thank you. >> tucker: for more detail on the ig report drop today, we are joined by fox news trace gallagher. hey, trace. >> and, tucker, as expected, democrats and republicans had a different read on the ig reports with democrats saying the fbi's actions helped donald trump become president. democratic congressman elijah cummings and jerry nadler wrote quoting here director comey had a double standard. he spoke publicly about the clinton investigation while keeping secret from the american people the investigation of donald trump and russia. the top democrat on the house intel committee adam schiff focused on the ig's finding of no political bias. watch. >> director comey and others made serious errors of judgment. and while these serious errors of judgment were not driven by political considerations, they were nevertheless serious mistakes. >> republicans strongly disputed the assertion of no bias, point guilty to text messages that bear repeated
5:16 pm
between fbi agents peter strzok and lisa page where page asks if trump is going to become president and strzok says no he won't. we will stop it. here is house oversight chair trey gody. >> peter strzok, the fbi agent who was on hillary clinton's investigation and arguably the lead russia investigator, not only wanted to stop his campaign but once he won, got on the mueller probe because he wanted to impeach him. >> gowdy went on to call it a level of animus and bias everyone should reject. tucker. >> tucker: trace gallagher. thanks a lot for that. today's report is damning. could it have been worse with the original finding softened up prior to release? congressman jim jordan republican who represents ohio. he has introduced a resolution calling for the doj to release more documents on the decision-making at the fbi in 2015. he joins us tonight. congressman, thanks a lot for coming on. >> you bet. good to see you, tucker. >> tucker: you suspect this
5:17 pm
is not all there is. >> we have been asking for all kinds of documents. >> we have caught them hiding documents. how about the fact, tucker, we have seen all these text messages, thousands. the attorney general said, i forget, 50,000 text messages between strzok and page. the one most telling was the one that says we'll stop trump. we don't see that one until today? so, yeah, they haven't complied with subpoenas from chairman goodlatte, subpoenas from chairman funds. we have caught them trying to hide information from us. they kept this text message until today. of course we want the information so we can do our job. last thing i would say is just remember it was a couple days ago that we learned that rod rosenstein, who in essence runs the department of justice right now was threatening staff members on the intelligence committee. so when you put all this together, of course we need a resolution saying give us the information so we can do our job and get answers for the american people. >> tucker: so unidentified fbi lawyer number two in this document is quoted lamenting the fact he didn't try harder to gets hillary
5:18 pm
clinton elected and bragging about himself as a member of the anti-trump resistance and he goes to work for mueller. why don't i as a citizen have a trite know who that is and what is he doing now. >> i agree with you. in fact we tweeted how the who is lawyer number two. we want to know. lawyer number two just like strzok and just like page was on the clinton investigation. he was the lead lawyer primary lawyer on the trump russia investigation. all three of those individuals went on the mueller team. subsequently kicked off the mueller team because of animus they had against president trump. it's interesting. the three people that come over from the fbi to mueller's team all were on the clinton investigation. all were on the russian investigation. abdomen all hated president trump. that's interesting to me. so, yeah, we need to find out who this individual is and bring him in. plus, also what is interesting, we'll stop trump. remember when this happened. this is a text message from august 8th. so peter strzok opens the trump-russia investigation on july 31st, 8 days later, we'll stop trump. six days later we have the text message. we have an insurance policy to make sure -- if that
5:19 pm
doesn't show where these guyguys were at. i don't know what does. >> tucker: tells you everything, exactly right. congressman, thanks for everything. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> tucker: a few weeks ago we see how james comey sees himself. knight at the round table. much better person than you could ever hope to be. and yet today's ig report reveals the true jim comey and very different image. jonathan ratcliff represents texas and he joins us tonight. congressman, thanks for coming on. >> you bet, tucker. >> tucker: knowing what we know now about comey reading this report today my first thought was how could barack obama have kept this man in place? >> yeah. i think, you know, i think the conclusions of a lot of folks looking at this report today was that jim comey was a really, really bad fbi director. and i think was that underscored by the unfortunate spectacle that we just saw his successor, jim wray hold a press conference -- chris wray hold a press conference where he had to apologize
5:20 pm
for everything that jim comey had done and promised to do better. so, you know, i think that when you look at the errors of judgment, the insubordination. you really had the fbi's own umpire, michael horowitz essentially confirm what we have been saying all along is that in every story, jim comey is the star and the hero in the end. but the ig found that that really isn't the case. >> tucker: are you confident, director wray announced today that the bureau will be getting professional antibias training. is that going to solve the problem, do you think? >> you know, i'm glad that director wray held the press conference. i think it's on a very terrible day for the fbi. i think it was the step that he could take. i don't think training his announcement of training is going to imapproach joe q. public, the man on the street. they will don't feel better about the fbi or the department of justice today than they did before. they certainly have less
5:21 pm
confidence as americans in their ability to do the job. he was dealt a difficult hand, again, by jim comey's actions as fbi director. and i think it really underscores that even though barack obama didn't take the action to remove jim comey it was appropriate for donald trump to do that. >> tucker: in defense in retrospect. congressman, thank you very much. >> you bet. >> tucker: we will have continuing coverage of the ig report. democrat who thinks the report is not as bad as it looks. pretty good. donald trump jr. here to respond when we come right from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy. everything. and that 2% cash back adds up to thousands of dollars each year... so i can keep growing my business in big leaps!
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♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: we are continuing our coverage tonight of the palm shell report by the doj inspector general. it exposes rampant misconduct at the fbi. everyone seems to agree with that. misconduct by jim comey, peter strzok, rank and file agents who gave reporters information in return for tickets to the nationals. not everyone thinks it's such a big deal though. epstein joins us tonight. julian, here have you at least three of the central figures in this report who are exhibiting political bias that's so flagrant and over the top that i think democrats are even shocked by it who went on to work for the mueller probe. so you had strzok and have you page and you have this as yet unidentified fbi lawyer the one who said and we have the text right here. he wish he had done more to get hillary clinton elected. why should we not be
5:26 pm
concerned about that? >> we should. and that's outrageous and that's an abuse and that is a big deal and nobody should belittle that you should never have in the course of any criminal investigation including to elected officials somebody who has bias against any of the targets. i think it's outrageous and there should be protections put in place. that said, i don't think you should exaggerate the way many people do the significance of that peter strzok was not the person that was going to be making a decision as to whether hillary clinton's use of email violated a criminal law. that was way above his pay grade. all of the decisions in mueller's case we have had now 20 indictments, five guilty pleas over 100 charges filed. peter strzok in none of those cases would have been making the call as to whether to proceed with an indictment or not. i agree lying investigators should be free from bias, but i think the power of these individuals is greatly exaggerated. >> tucker: hold on. just point in fact, he was more than a lying investigator. he was one of the fbi's
5:27 pm
chief russia experts who was quarterbacking a lot of the russia investigation. in fact, in this report it says, undercoverred part of it, we believe that his political bias may have led him to focus on russia rather than the hillary clinton email investigation. >> correct. >> tucker: that's what the ig has determined. my only point is for weeks and months we have heard that it is somehow unpatriotic to impugn the motive of anyone attached to the mueller investigation. here you have three people on the investigation who are full-on partisan lunatics who have contempt not just for trump but his voters. why should we not be really upset about that? >> they have no place in the investigation, particularly with the kind of views they have exhibited. let me remind you most of the decisions about and the leadership in the trump investigation on russia have been republicans. bob mueller is a republican. jim comey was a republican. the current mr. christopher wray, the head of the fbi is a republican.
5:28 pm
>> tucker: i'm sorry, i need to correct you. comey -- hold on. i mean, comey, i have no idea what mueller's -- first of all it's irrelevant. >> they are republicans. >> tucker: civil war in the republican party and some of the virulent bill crystal is a republican. it's a meaningless distinction. i would just say -- of course it is. i would just say look around sincerely. i know it is. i have been on the right my whole life it doesn't mean anything. what does mean something is when you have people who clearly have no self-control and an ax to grind and why is the left, which used to care about cill liberties making excuses for this crap? i don't understand it. >> i don't think anyone on the left is i think what the left is saying is that comey, which is the principle focus of the report, acted inappropriately in a way that hurt clinton and helps trump by making the announcement in july of '16 and then october of '16 about things he shouldn't have been talking about. the decision whether or not to prosecute, things that were all above his pay grade in a way that inneurod
5:29 pm
against president trump and against hillary clinton. that's point one. point two -- >> tucker: by the way i have attacked comey for doing that i'm not partisan and i don't think he should have done that to hillary. >> that's very fair-minded of you. >> tucker: worried about this russia stuff because it was started by people who thought that trump should be stopped. and the rest of us should say whoa, you should never have a criminal investigation run by people who want to achieve political ends by the investigation. >> and i agree with that and i would make -- i wouldn't differ with that whatsoever. and i don't think people that have a political agenda ought to be anywhere close to an fbi investigation. they have been purged from the fbi. as they should have been. >> tucker: no they haven't. we don't even know this guy. we are out of time. >> individuals in this case have been. and as a matter of fact. >> tucker: we don't know that we don't even know their names. why don't we know their names? i can't be trusted with their names? i pay their salaries. >> i think peter strzok will be fired and other five will be removed. >> tucker: it should have
5:30 pm
happened it? >> should have happened before that i mean, there is so much more. >> tucker: i'm sorry to cut you off there is a lot more and i hope you will come back. >> we will do it another night. >> tucker: good to see you. today's report shows that bias at the fbi was form widespread. shocking online. look at it yourself. don't believe what the other channels are telling you. they are lying. mark steyn will be here next. ♪ ♪ fix it. (laugh) no. with claim rateguard your rates won't go up just beacuase of a claim. i totally could've... (wife) nope! switching to allstate is worth it. and with twice the detail of other tests... can show dad where he's from ...and strengthen the bonds you share. give dad ancestrydna for just $69- our lowest father's day price ever. for just $69- with recurring constipation and belly pain if you feel like you spend too much time in the bathroom
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all five of my kids wanted hillary clinton to be the first woman president. i know my amazing spouse did. >> i wanted a woman president really badly and i supported hillary clinton. a lot of my friends worked for her and i was devastated when she lost. >> tucker: today's ig report says there was no evidence that politics played a role in jim comey's actions in 2016. and they expect you to believe that because they believe you are stupid. it is clear a lot of people in his life were deeply hostile to donald trump and now we know the fbi was filled with the same kinds of people. today's report reveals even more text messages to and from peter strzok and his gifford lisa page including this damning exchange from august of 2016. page texted strzok trump is never going to become president, right? strzok's reply no.
5:35 pm
no, he won't. we will stop it. strzok and page aren't alone either. thanks to today's report we know one other official was anti-trump in outlook. mark steyn is an author and columnist who joins us tonight. of all the quotes here is my two favorites. they reveal so much about the underlying assumptions of the fbi. here i you have peter strzok to his girlfriend, quote. just went to a southern virginia walmart. i could smell the trump support. and then this. on election night from an fbi employee. trump supporters are all poor to middle class. uneducated, lazy pieces of human feces that think he will magically grant them jobs for doing nothing. they probably didn't watch the debates. aren't educated on his policies and stupidly wrapped up in his unmerited enthusiasm. these fbi employees see themselves looking down ruling class looking down at the country they are supposed to be serving. >> what does that tell you. >> absolutely extraordinary. this is the chief of the fbi counter espionage division and sounds like some ranting idiot. and what's interesting to me
5:36 pm
about this is that the bias only goes one way. you can bet if there had been one single email any fbi are department of justice figure saying oh, you know, i'm a bit sick of hillary. i hope trump wins in november, they would have put that. >> tucker: exactly. >> there isn't a single email here from any of these so-called policemen expressing anything other than not just the normal preference that people have for democrats or republicans, but, in fact, hyper partisan -- hyper partisan fervour that is actually preventing them from acting as policemen. and that's what's extraordinary about it i fell off my chair laughing. maybe it's because, as you can see, i'm in a foreign country tonight, tucker. i'm not like sean hannity just hanging out in singapore. i'm in america's sworn
5:37 pm
enemy, the dominion of canada and come down and relaunch the war of 1812. [laughter] >> tucker: lots of luck. >> me and justin have been planning it. we were shocked by the inspector general's report. justin's other eyebrow fell off and he says we have go to gown down there and burn the white house all again. >> tucker: it's going to be a very tough pillow fight. >> that's right. christopher wray today at his press press conference when he was asked why wasn't he fired? peter strzok said going to do this by the book. what this report shows is that there is no book. you have the director of the fbi, who thinks that he is not only the investigative detective, but he is also the prosecutor and the judge. that's not a small mistake. that's devastating. then have you people like -- people like strzok who are -- who are investigating a crime. the crime of doing government work on personal
5:38 pm
email servers. and there, even as they are investigating that, they are doing government work on email servers. you have the most lavishly funded police agency in the world, and the director is the only guy in washington who doesn't know that anthony weiner is married to huma abedin that's absolutely extraordinary. the reason he sits on the anthony weiner pedophile laptop for a month is that i had no idea she was married to huma abedin is it widely known? is it in the papers? they were married by bill clinton. you are the fbi director. this is -- why don't you just -- you know, as i said, we are going to come down and relaunch the war of 1212. they should be reduced to the budget of some police department and then they might be able to figure out where the huma abedin is married. to say. >> tucker: out great mark steyn improved even by your
5:39 pm
presence in canada. you are helping that country by being there. mark steyn, great to see you. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: donald trump jr. joins us next to discuss the ig report and the new lawsuit of the attorney general of the state of new york against the trump foundation announced today. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ before you and your rheumatologist move to another treatment, ask if xeljanz xr is right for you. xeljanz xr is a once-daily pill for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well enough. it can reduce pain, swelling and further joint damage, even without methotrexate. xeljanz xr can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections, lymphoma and other cancers have happened. don't start xeljanz xr if you have an infection. tears in the stomach or intestines, low blood cell counts and higher liver tests and cholesterol levels have happened. your doctor should perform blood tests before you start and while taking xeljanz xr,
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5:44 pm
corporation, right? they're not really there to protect the individuals. they are there to protect the corporation. >> as damning as it was. >> it probably doesn't go far enough as it relates to what was really going on. i think real america, and what i have been saying for weeks and last time i was on with you, real america sees what's going on here. they see that these phony players at the top of the fbi, not the rank and file. not the boots on the ground. the guys doing the real work. they said these lawyers that never went through those things, had never started down at the bottom. these lawyers at the top were trying to influence an election and then undermine a presidency. i look at james comey. it's like the liberal version of a sorority sister. like it's pretty ridiculous at this point. when i see what's gone on, i think i see what everyone else in america is seeing and they should be disgusted. >> tucker: if you are a right of center person not you specifically any person and you were caught up in an fbi investigation, wouldn't you want to know that the man identified as fbi lawyer number two wasn't on your investigation? >> i think that would be
5:45 pm
kind of important. >> tucker: why don't we know his name and shouldn't we know his name. >> that's what i don't understand. all of this stuff going on. when you look at the stuff and i have talked about it with you on your show. the stuff i have gone through over the last 18 months, whether it be about the russia investigation. it's the biggest deal 25 hours of testimony in front of congress. hillary clinton does 10 for benghazi and, guess what? when she and the dnc team up to pay a foreign agent to work with russia to compile a fake dossier and spend millions of dollars to do this thing, all of which has been debunked. none of it proven. chasing this thing for two years. nothing. literally nothing happens. so i think it just slows the flagrant double standard. if you are even center let alone right of center you would be getting the same thing. if you are the uber left, you can get away with and do with whatever you want because there is no accountability there. i think real people, again, are starting to see it they should be disgusted. >> tucker: snew york attorney general announced a suit against the clinton
5:46 pm
foundation for -- i'm sorry, i got that wrong against the trump foundation. >> right. >> tucker: and you are named in it. >> of course. >> tucker: what's your reaction to that. >> listen, it's nonsense. in the end this is a charitable that was funded 50% by my father's own money to go into good deesdz. it's something that eric sneiderman before he went down in a ball of flames as one of the leaders of the original me too movement, you know, was working on for years where is he right now? he couldn't follow through. they do this on the day the ig report to be able to dominate the news cycle. guess what? most of the media will carry baggage and run with it like it's a big thing. it really isn't. this is a money that went to good and charitable causes. half of which was funded zero expense ratio. didn't have employees. wasn't sending people on g-5s all over the world like the clinton foundation at 90% expense ratio. that's the standard and the double standard by which we have to live and we'll keep doing that and keep
5:47 pm
fighting. we will do what we have to do. but i think what my father is doing is doing an amazing job in washington, d.c. he is showing this flagrant double standard. is he highlighting it to the people. they are seeing it. they are fed up. and they are watching him win despite all of the noise. despite all of the obstruction. despite all of the hysteria about anything that donald trump is. i mean, i watched last week coming from singapore and watching all these people. there are people on the left i almost feel as though they were hoping for a nuclear war because then they could say see, trump failed. it's really ridiculous, tucker. it's gone too far. >> tucker: so just to go back to the suit. i just want to get my head around it. is the implication or the claim that you got rich because you're named in it, that you got rich by your affiliation with a nonprofit? did you get rich. >> i'm not sure what the claim is the claim is there is somehow mismanagement. in the end there were no salaries paid. there is no expense. there are no paid members of this thing. we're sitting there as essentially a board to see
5:48 pm
that the money that he is putting in there is going out to other charitable causes. that's all it is. this isn't the clinton foundation where they are taking money from foreign governments who are then giving to their friends to fly around on g-5s for projects that never materialize. you know, it's real a lot different. you can see a list of all the charities i went. to say half of them are veterans charities. >> tucker: to be clear, you never took a salary. >> i have never taken a cent from it, no. neither about d. my brother, did my sister and neither did my father. >> tucker: i'm even more confused. >> as am i. we are used to it by now. >> tucker: good luck with that. >> yeah. it will be fun. >> tucker: appreciate it? >> my pleasure, tucker. >> tucker: more on the ig report and long-term fallout after the break. we'll be right back. -here comes the rain. [ horn honking ] [ engine revving ] what's that, girl? [ engine revving ] flo needs help?! [ engine revving ] take me to her! ♪ coming, flo! why aren't we taking roads?! flo. [ horn honking ]
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>> tucker: blockbuster ig report indictment of justice, a lot was revealed but one o what the most importat take aways. byron wright writes "the washington examiner" one of the most fact based correspondents we have on this show. we trust him to answer this question. byron, what do you think the most important take aways from this report are. >> a lot of people in the past few weeks were disappointed when they were told that this ig report would concern the clinton email investigation and not the trump-russia investigation. what we found out today is that it's really kind of both. this report is kind of the prequel to the trump-russia report because there is one on the way or if you will it's volume one in a two-volume history of these politicized fbi investigations and i think the biggest point about this is that political bias just infected this entire investigative process beyond
5:54 pm
peter strzok who certainly plays a starring role in that but to include other people who played key roles in both of those investigations. remember, when the trump-russia investigation began, they simply chose the same cast of characters as those who had been in the clinton email investigation. >> tucker: that is exactly right. they are tied together. i wish we had more time, byron but i know you will be back to further impact this for us. thank you. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: we'll be back right after the break. ♪ ♪ maybe you should take that pen and use it to sign up with a different insurance company. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. liberty stands with you.
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what's in your wallet? >> tucker: did you ever notice how the most environmentally friendly cities seem to be the dirtiest filled with garbage and needles and scattered debris of homeless encampments?
5:59 pm
irony. some of the people who most wildly proclaim sensitivity turned out to be the most racist. making the movie four weddings and a funeral tv show one rule as she does that fewer people of a certain skin color. she says she wants her version to be, quote: less white. in fact, she says works of fiction must be at least 30% nonwhite or else it's, quote. a hostile act. now, making decisions based purely on a person's race is of courses textbook definition of racism no matter what the race is noble ever says that but they should because it's true. that's what we specialize in here. thanks for joining us for the hour. that was fun. final exam was preempted for a night of big breaking news. have no fear it will be back tomorrow. tune in every night at 8:00 that's the show sworn enemy of lying pomposity, smugness and group think. we're glad to have you and we will see you tomorrow. good night. the great sean hannity still in singapore improving that city by his very presence.
6:00 pm
>> sean: i wasn't coming home and missing the ig report on a 22-hour flight, tucker. great show. and. >> tucker: thank you. >> sean: welcome to hannity, welcome to singapore. it is 9:00 a.m. here. 9:00 p.m. in washington, d.c. and the long awaited inspector general's report is out. we have been waiting 18 months for this. and, in fact, we have the full report that the inspector general has put out. these findings, this is a serious night in some ways. they are so important and so consequential, there is no way i was going home and potentially being in the air when they were released so we're at the equator in order to bring you our comprehensive coverage that nobody else in the media frankly will give you instead of getting stuck on that flight. now, look, here's what we did tonight. it's over 560 some odd pages. we enlisted a team of experts to review every one of them. that is michael horowitz' review into literally what is disgusting misconduct, insubordination taking place at the highest levels of the fbi and department of justice and


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