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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  June 15, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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>> you say you want to get something done, limit chain migration, bring down immigration in the country and say we are not going to do it. >> this would fuel more illegal immigration, will it work? >> the president will look hard at this. >> no committee hearings. tune in, shannon bream and the fox news at night team is next. shannon: there is a ton of breaking news with regard to the inspector general, extensive coverage on the doj bombshell report that came out today about the handling of the hillary clinton email investigation. let me tell you who we have on tap, catherine herridge, former assistant us attorney andrew mccarthy, fox intelligence committee member chris stewart is going to be here with long-term watcher peter schweitzer who has been tracking the clintons for years and tonight you heard laura talking
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about me here in immigration package coming together and republicans putting this together after much debate over the separation of children who come here illegally. a small group of reporters, a converted walmart area where children are being housed, we will look at those things and when you later congressman steve scalise back in the game, that is your feel-good story tonight. and shannon bream in washington. 568 pages a thorough examination of political bias and missteps by top fbi agents and officials yet the doj inspector general concludes there was no evidence that political bias tainted their investigation. the language is very important here so tonight we are examining
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the claims and comprehensive coverage of the wide-ranging ig report on the clinton email investigation release late today, we begin with chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge who has been pouring over this. we are hearing no evidence of this but what does that really mean. >> the language matters in the inspector general's report. if you look at the section in the executive summary it says we did not find documentary or testimonial evidence, we didn't find paper or witness testimony that there were any improper considerations including political bias so if you actually read between the lines and i know you are doing that with your legal mind what you see is they never found paper or witnesses that spoke to it to make that connection but not to say it didn't happen in this case. >> new text revealed from peter stzrok about stopping trump from becoming president and that was previously redacted. >> we learned today they have been going through a forensic review with the stzrok and page cell phones and it is an ongoing
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process. whenever they didn't recycle new text messages would come to light and this text message from august 2016 only came to light last month. that is how new it is and the inspector general based on what we learned today makes a pivot in his conclusion say we felt before january 2016 in that public statement about the clinton email we couldn't find evidence of political bias but after that we think in the latter stages there may have been political bias and agent kim jong un was prioritizing the rush investigation about the clinton email investigation. >> the ig said much of these textss were about the russia investigation and leading you to think is going to be more of that conversation. >> what he was communicating is
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i'm not making judgments about all these investigations, just the clinton case, wait for chapter 2 whether there was political bias at play in the decisions on that case. >> that maybe another layer. the question about whether any foreign entity was able to hack into hillary clinton's emails. >> a lot of reporting about the likelihood there was a compromise of the clinton email server or classified email and that is important because it would be a strong indicator there should have been criminal prosecution and in the ig report we see documentary evidence that the fbi knew some of hillary clinton's emails were compromised by foreign nations or foreign intelligence services and this is an important quote from 2017, when an fbi inspection team did a review of how the clinton email case was handled classified information was improperly stored and transmitted on clinton's email
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server and classified information was compromised by unauthorized individuals to include foreign governments or intelligence services via cyberintrusion or other means so that is in black and white now. we know that there was a breach or compromise of clinton emails, that is a very high level of classification. what it doesn't say is the server itself was compromised. in terms of criminal prosecution that doesn't matter. what matters is classified information fell into the hands of hostile adversaries. >> talk about the draft the comey exoneration letter went through and at one point there was mention that pres. obama was one of the people she communicated within an area that may have been potentially compromised and talking about the foreign influence but they took pres. obama's name out of the report and said senior high level officials so his name was scrubbed from the draft as well.
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>> and do as i say but not as i do, what we learned is everyone at senior levels of the government is counseled against using personal emails because of classification issues but what you saw throughout the report as directed comey was using a gmail account for his work at the fbi and president obama also used it with his highly secured blackberry. what matters for folks at home is you have in some cases the crown jewels of the us intelligence community that are very vulnerable or exposed and evidence that some of them fell into the wrong hands. >> you have been a trooper today and for months and years on this case. a lot of our ongoing reporting shown to be accurate by the inspector general's report because we took a lot of
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pushback from some of the reporting and a lot of it was vindicated. the inspector general concluded texts between fbi agents implied one of them, quote, might be willing to take official action against then candidate donald trump yet key players are at odds whether that means there bias impacted their investigation. >> this report does not find any evidence of political bias or improper considerations impacting the investigation under review. >> you are wrong, there are consequences. this was a bitterly disappointing report. >> let's turn to brand-new fox news contributor andrew mccarthy, former assistant us attorney, tracking this for a long time along with all the mueller stuff and everything else going on. so let's talk a little bit more about what we learned today.
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i start with this comment from trey goudy earlier tonight on special report. >> peter stzrok, arguably the leader is investigator not only want us to stop his campaign but once he won got on the mueller probe because he wanted to impeach him. that is a level of animus and bias everyone should reject. >> the conclusion of the inspector general as if there was political bias they didn't see evidence that factored into the decisions made on the investigation. to set sell it for you? >> it doesn't. the cow carefully they are learning this. i don't like it when they say there is no evidence because that means there is no suggestion in the record that bias could have been a factor and what they are saying here and it is very carefully done is what the ig was evaluating were
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a series of judgment calls and they were not going to second-guess people's discretionary judgment because their metric was, was the decision made rational not whether they agreed with if it was the only decision that could have been made under the circumstances. of that is where you're coming from and you are saying at the same time there is pervasive evidence that they had bias, they can't rule out the fact that bias may have played in and been decisive. what they are saying is we don't have evidence here from which we can conclude for certainty that bias was the driving factor but they can't discount it and for them to continue to say there is no evidence that bias played a role is preposterous. it is not what the report said. >> feels a little bit like the day james comey outlined the case, what happened with hillary clinton and then at the end said
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but there's nothing prosecutable here and we are going to decline to move forward with any recommendation on that line but something i learned for the first time today is there were 5 different fbi employees they found texting messages they were concerned about, we heard about peter stzrok and lisa page but there are other people we don't have a name yet for. we get those? >> eventually we will get a lot more information than we have now particularly in the congressional hearings and i think where we will get a lot of information is when we get the other half of the story. if you think about what happened here the fbi and this is evidence from the text messages of stzrok and page, they consider the clinton email investigation and the trump rest investigation as a single continuing to the point that went and cruz dropped out of the race and it was clear trump was going to be the nominee, the first thing these two say is in reacting to trump being the
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nominee we got to get visibly clinton email investigation done. it ratchets up the pressure to end midyear what they call this. in the minds of the agents this was one series of investigations that impacted the election and this is important because you can look at all the different decisions that got weighed by inspector general horwitz advocate them in isolation of the clinton emails and say that looks reasonable. might not have been what i had done but okay. but what you don't get is comparing how they handled the email investigation to how they handle the trump russia investigation so if you look for example at the decisions they make to give a guy immunity even though they had i'm glad evidence that he had lied to the fbi and was involved in the destruction of evidence they
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make a case for why it was reasonable to give the guy immunity and if you look at that in the abstract and say maybe not what i would have done but reasonable you don't get to compare that to the five guys that mueller has investigated where the lies that were told were not near the core of what he was investigating and yet having them over the barrel he prosecuted every single one of them for false statements and got them to cooperate in that fashion. >> a lot of people putting the side-by-side have those same questions tonight. thank you for your excellent analysis always. newly revealed text messages lemminglike tonight including the one in which peter stzrok tells lisa page, quote, we will stop at talking about trump
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becoming president. and other evidence of an anti-trump deep state, democrats say no. republican congressman from utah chris stewart sits on the health intelligence committee, joins us live, great to have you with us tonight. one of your counterparts across the aisle, congressman adam schiff, top democrat on the intel committee said no deep state, no secret society, no anti-trump cabal at the fbi, no evidence of political bias in the clinton probe, no indication comey's errors of judgment did anything but help the trump campaign, no vindication for the president. >> has been living on mars for the last 18 months? i heard that before from mr. schiff, cover my ears, close my eyes. mr. mccarthy earlier said well you can't have these examples of the animosity towards this president and visceral hatred towards this president demonstrated with some of these senior fbi officials and then just presume none of that was
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manifested in their work for the way they do their different cases especially when they are working on clinton's emails at the same time they work on the donald trump russia investigation. it is a stretch to imagine those personal feelings would not affect their work. shannon: peter stzrok's attorney says the ig concluded there is no evidence the political views of special agent stzrok and others in the fbi impacted the handling of the clinton email investigation. that is repeatedly what the inspector general says throughout the 568 pages here but you are saying common sense tells you otherwise. >> how could he know that unless he could crawl inside their minds and examine the mental process? i want to complement the inspector general for something we have been looking forward to, brought forth information on the intel committee, trying to get them from the fbi of the department of justice, we are glad he has done it. some of it is important but we
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will disagree, to presume know whether it impacted the outcome of their work when it seems extraordinarily unlikely. one thing worth mentioning from those who directed comey for many years, it shows obvious lack of leadership. how is it the senior people around the fbi we know our political hacks, not just a coincidence. the inspector general calling insubordination and pointing out that he was doing the same thing he was investigating hillary clinton for. the number of leaks, had no business talking to the media accepting gifts from media representatives, culture and the fbi under that leadership hadn't changed. >> he says it has and it will. the one question you want answered because the inspector general will be before the senate and house. >> one of them would be did you report change or pressure to
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change your report, don't know that we have evidence of that but it is a fair question. otherwise i would love for him to continue this work for the department of justice. >> he has other investigations you are interested in as well. great to have you. a lot more on the fallout from the ig report including political outcome with both sides claiming vindication. this was an investigation into the investigation of the clinton email probe. >> this report shows that there was special treatment given to hillary clinton in the investigation. >> investigative journalist peter schweitzer joins us next with what the report dug up on the clinton connection. it took a whole lot more. that's why i switched to the spark cash card from capital one.
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>> shannon: fbi agents aren't the only ones feeling the hea >> fbi agents not the only one feeling the heat. the inspector general fossil former doj official for sharing information about the clinton email probe with campaign chairman john podesta and says the former atty. gen. demonstrated poor judgment failing to recognize the
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appearance of conflict of interest, tried to get his son a job with the hillary clinton campaign, let me know if you need assistance. my son is ready for hillary rodham clinton. let's bring in best selling author of clinton cash. great to have you with us. let's start with peter who had personal relationships with the clinton campaign and others. what do you make of that? there was a connection but not enough to take this. >> it raises the question of why he was interacting the way he was and why was he sharing information with john podesta? the report points out he tipped off john podesta was hillary clinton's campaign chairman about the release of the emails in 2016 at the same time he is
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trying to get a job for his 25-year-old son. it looks bad. this is the swamp's behavior people don't like and if you say it didn't break any laws that is not the point. this is the department of justice, we expect impartiality and don't expect them to be sharing information they shouldn't be sharing and getting favors for family members and that is what he is trying to do. shannon: a lot of folks were not expected to feature so prominently, terry mcauliffe very close to the clintons, key political player with them. there is talk of his connection in donations to andrew mccabe's wife. we have been in that territory before but there's a lot of admonishment here that there were sizable donations and the recusal happened, maybe it
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wasn't fully respected by mccabe once it was in full play. >> he was told to recuse himself and not be involved in the clinton investigation and he was anyway. this is the way the clintons have operated for more than 40 years in politics and that is they have a network of relationships and friends and it makes it difficult as far as a legal standard is there of proving quid pro quo or some kind of collusion because often it is a third-party involved in the transaction so in this case, hillary clinton is under investigation by the fbi, has no connection with andrew mccabe but one of her close political allies, the governor of virginia, sending hundreds of thousands of dollars to the campaign of andrew mccabe's wife, it is tangled into direct and harder to prove but leaves the same stench and that is the problem. people will say why is there an obsession with hillary clinton
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and bill clinton? she's not in office, the bottom line is this is not about the clintons but rule of law, impartial justice and the ig report shows that is not what we got in the clinton investigation. >> a lot of folks looking at this report say hillary clinton got all kinds of passes she shouldn't have, it is clear there were findings a number of fbi agents were supportive of hillary clinton and anti-donald trump but here is what the top democrat had to say today. >> director comey's his handling of publicity around the campaign proved to the benefit of than candidate trump. trump benefited. from all these mistakes so it hardly reflects deep stable bias
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against. >> every democrat on the hill and email inbox didn't help hillary, it hurt her, helped donald trump, there was no bias. they are trying to link this to discredit the mueller investigation, no proof of a deep state and jim comey went public with hillary clinton email investigation but silent on the russia investigation on and on. they say it was bad for hillary clinton in the end. >> i don't think that is the case but if you look at the investigation, at every turn whether it was the interview with her, the interview with her colleagues and special concessions they were granted, the fact they didn't subpoena the devices but simply asked for them. in each of those cases the benefit was to hillary clinton.
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the one case they argue it hurt hillary clinton was the comey announcement of later they were reopening the investigation. he had to do that because he told a congressional committee there were no emails out there and that was no longer the case so he was forced to do that not out of political calculation but because he faced the real possibility of being accused of lying to congress. they take one incident in a longchain of events and say this proves there was no bias come you can't look at this in a systematic way and come to any other conclusion then hillary clinton got extensive favorable treatment in this investigation. shannon: thank you for joining us. what is the political take away? editor of the halftime report chris steigerwald, good evening. both sides claiming i was right, i am vindicated, there is no
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deep state, conservatives saying look at all the bias of these people making decisions that benefited her. where do we go from here? there are some threads with this report that bleed into the russia stuff? >> when partisans are talking you can have a little soundtrack, whatever music you like, just turn the background music up while partisans are talking because obviously democrats say this is proof hillary was ruined by the terrible fbi and republicans who are trying to help the president will say it is proof the fbi so corrupt they can't even investigate the president now. and stzrok and his texting partner it was comey himself, they know better than everybody
12:28 am
else, they come to things with a strong sense, comey's assumptions were based on the fact that hillary clinton was going to win the presidential election. is the ruination of j comey. you see why he wanted to get his book out into aggressive publicity. this is horrible for him and here is robert mueller, not a spring chicken who had to come out of retirement to save this agent, to undo a lot of the damages successor did. shannon: a law and order guy.
12:29 am
gowdy, a longtime defender of the fbi, he is a law and order guy, former federal prosecutor and here's what he said.d. >> most of my fellow citizens would say i want to know what russia was doing to us in 2016 but went the person finding out, investigating it to be free of bias and free of taint. shannon: his worry as many peoples, the fbi, he said 99% of people, these are great es hard-working patriotic, sacrificing their lives but worried the agency has attained on it. >> it is clear the comey regime and mccabe is part of it. these folks -- this report is important for the fbi, reclaiming its reputation from the harm comey did to it. trey gowdy went on to say now is the time they got to prove it. they have a new director.
12:30 am
when mueller comes out with his report this will be the test. i do say this., the doj acquitted itself in doing such a thorough reporting pretty unflinching about failings inside the agency. shannon: there has been praise on both sides of the aisle for the inspector general. even comey. when we returned the trump foundation in the spotlight, new york atty. gen. goes after the charity, the president fighting back, the panel will way and.wi >> current acting new york ag stated battling the white house is the most important job she has ever done. that sounds outrageously biased and certainly problematic.
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>> shannon: new york's attorney general's has money from the trump foundation that was supposed to go to shannon: money from the trump foundation benefited donald trump's businesses and political campaigns, velocities the trump foundation is little more than an empty shell that functions
12:35 am
with no oversight from the board of directors and mr. trump ran the foundation according to win rather than law. in his tweet of denial of allegations he pointed to these comments barbara underwood made last month. >> by the current federal administration we believe violates the law and will harm new york. and this is the most important work i have ever done. shannon: josh swearingen and charlie clerk, welcome to you both. and the ig inspectors report on the pres.'s birthday, more about what the atty. gen.'s office is
12:36 am
saying, this pattern of illegal conduct includes improper and expensive political activity, and willful self-dealing and failure to follow fiduciary obligations or elementary corporate formalities required by law. the president says this is nothing but sleazy corrupt new york democrats coming after. >> nothing more than a political tool with highly politicized atty. gen. which admits their goal is to resist the white house. estate based atty. gen.'s office being used as a political operation against a sitting incumbent president. if we want to get to the foundation discussion another foundation called the clinton foundation merits true investigation from the atty. gen.'s office. 100% of the expenditures from the donald trump foundation went to actual charities, 0%, the
12:37 am
clinton foundation 93% went to expenses, travel, overhead, salaries and only 6% went to the programmatic spending. and the atty. gen.'s office highly politicized. >> there were expenditures on political things, paying off creditors, and with the trump foundation is saying. $1.7 million in which the atty. gen. has been holding hostage for political gain. it is unconscionable because the foundation announced its intention to dissolve more than a year and a half ago, the atty. gen. forced to resign from office in disgrace made it is stated message to advance his own political goals and his own political fundraising. they wanted to disband and haven't been able to. >> a few things that were false, the clinton foundation as fat
12:38 am
team -- kellyanne conway said does good work, they are more like the red cross for people on the ground endless like the gates foundation to give donations. that is a talking point that is widely used and debunked. going back to the trump foundation they don't spend money on charitable giving. pam bondi's campaign is not a charity. donald trump and this came out today and the lawsuit has a handwritten note demanding or directing $100,000 from the foundation go to fix a problem. shannon: i have questions about that. and document he said $100,000 which people know is a military related charity, had to do with cleaning up, confusing at best, based on the handwritten document.
12:39 am
>> this was reported during the campaign. and if trump had done that with his own money, totally fine. and using the trump foundation. >> the president is claiming they paid out more than they had on hand and see where the lawsuit goes. >> he paid more than that, they want to destroy this president. schneiderman wanted to do everything he could to do it again and refuse to think there was enough evidence. it is a broader strategy, imploding against them.
12:40 am
and russia coalition, the only thing they found is we are the ones colluding. and do everything they can to create distractions and they would love nothing more than power of discovery against don junior, eric and ivanka. >> i have yet to hear one person explain why donald trump's campaign manager is directing funds to be spent from the trump foundation in iowa while campaigning before the caucus. blatant politicization and that is the problem. >> we will wait to see because we all agree innocent until proven guilty so we will watch with great attention. thank you. late breaking news on immigration republicans rolling out a new proposal, chris gallagher has details, they are calling absolutegate, the equivalent of residence obama bowing to the saudi king. we will separate fact from
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the first survivor of ais out there.sease and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen. but we won't get there without you. visit to join the fight. >> shannon: white house briefing getting test your than usual over immigration. house republicans take another stab at immigration, republicans take a stab at a new immigration proposal. >> republican leaders circulated copies of the draft of new legislation that includes $25 billion to build the wall,
12:45 am
increase immigration enforcement agents and give 1.8 million documents, so-called dreamers, the legislation would visa lotteries, the visa program would favor immigrants with skilled anddt end controversial process of separating families detaineded at the border which paul ryan says he strongly supports. species we don't want kids separated from their parents and we believe because of the court ruling this will require legislative change. >> nancy pelosi thinks paul ryan is posturing issuing a statement that reads in part, quote, if he about ending the barbaric mass separation of vulnerable families he would call on donald trump to end this inhumane policy that his administration adopted immediately. steve scalise will gauge support for the bill tomorrow but negotiators are not ready to endorse the bill. the subject of separating
12:46 am
families detained at the border has angered human rights groups and immigration advocates and it became a hot point during today's white house briefing which sarah sanders was pressed on why the administration continues to shelter immigrant parents in different locations. >> because it is the law and that is what the law states. it doesn't have to be the law and the president called on democrats to fix those loopholes, democrats failed to come to the table,e help the president close these loopholes. >> it is unclear which loopholes she is referencing but the alien transfer exit program which 08 started in 2008 was aimed at separating immigrants on the border, the goal was to stop illegal immigrants from crossing the border time and again but often resulted in thousands of separated. >> thank you.
12:47 am
a video of donald trump saluting a north korean military official causing a bit of controversy. kristen fisher is here to bring us the facts. >> by definition a military salute. is assigned of respect. and it is raising eyebrows since both countries are technically still at war. the first video the salute was released by north korean state media showing donald trump shaking the north korean general's hand but instead the general salutes him and donald trump salutes him back. military analysts said they have never seen this but the official protocol on how pres.s shouldar meet for leaders is murky. barack obama took some heat for bowing to the saudi king, the
12:48 am
current president criticized him for it but the white house is defending donald trump's decision to return the salute. >> a common courtesy when a military official from another government salutes that you return them. >> the north koreans are getting it back to him throughout the country. no longer are they calling him a donor, just trump, they are calling him the president of the united states of america or even supreme leader yet despite this newfound respect for one another secretary of state seemed to contradict north korea's interpretation of the agreement that sanctions are reciprocal and not contingent on complete denuclearization. >> sanctionsns and economic relf will only happen after full denuclearization of north korea. >> reporter: secretary pompeo
12:49 am
defended the decision to end joint military exercises answers of north korea fails to negotiate than the us will restore those drills. >> they are calling our president supreme leader. in their country that is standards and honorific. thank you. he was shot and almost killed nearly a year ago. congressman steve scalise stars inse. his return to second base the highlights from the congressional baseball game next. simply enter your destination and dates... and see all the hotels for your stay! tripadvisor searches over 200 booking sites... to show you the lowest prices... so you can get the best deal on the right hotel for you. dates, deals, done! tripadvisor. visit
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>> shannon: the blue wave. >> the blue wave took over nascar but the star of the show was a republican at second base. the highlights from the congressional ball game. >> all lies on second base at nascar. >> the majority whip was shot. >> steve scalise was playing second base at the baseball practice a year ago when a gunman tried to murder them. >> i was hitting balls when the shot went off and it was of real dugout. >> scalise nearly died, us capitol police officers along
12:54 am
with matt, mike and zach were wounded. before the game bailey and greiner pulled out the first pictures. not only were they there but so was steve scalise who got a standing ovation at second base. >> last year's game is about who won. always expect the unexpected in baseball. there was no exception to that rule in tonight's game. >> on the game's first pitch democratic leadoff hitter raul louise hit a sharp rounder at second, shades of joe morgan, nailed him at first. lawmakers take the game seriously. tim ryan sliding pete rose style into home by louisiana democrat and california democrat nanette barragan getting into the one between 2 arguments with the umpires, first over catchers interference and then saying she was hit by a pitch, she lost
12:55 am
both arguments, and she fared better in the game-winner with a hit and rbi is a rookie. >> to get an rbi was amazing. on the field i have been playing baseball since i was a little kid. i know how to run the bases and before i got to bat i told the coach if i get on base don't put something in for me. >> it was not for ritual. >> district 44. >> reporter: the game was quintessentially washington. >> who wins the race tonight? democrats or republicans? you never win. >> look at this. there are actual congressional baseball cards. the democrats won 21-5. >> when we said. wave that was the truth but serious hits out there. congressman richmond had a home
12:56 am
run and steve scalise too. >> and jeff flake from arizona. >> most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington. i am shannon bream. everything. and that 2% cash back adds up to thousands of dollars each year... so i can keep growing my business in big leaps! what's in your wallet?
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heather: it is june 15th and this is "fox and friends first". damage control in the wake of a bombshell report on the hillary clinton email probe. >> the report makes clear we have work to do. >> what inside the inspector general's report that has the fbi scrambling to weren't back the trust of the american people. thrill turns to fear as people plunge 30 feet from a roller coaster, the terrifying accident that will have you rethinking


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