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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  June 15, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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heather: it is june 15th and this is "fox and friends first". damage control in the wake of a bombshell report on the hillary clinton email probe. >> the report makes clear we have work to do. >> what inside the inspector general's report that has the fbi scrambling to weren't back the trust of the american people. thrill turns to fear as people plunge 30 feet from a roller coaster, the terrifying accident that will have you rethinking
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your summer themepark plans. to the baseball diamonds, one year after a gunman shook congress to its core. "fox and friends first" starts now. ♪ heather: live shot from new york city this friday, we made it to the weekends. and another busy day, thanks for joining us. let's get to our top story. the house of cards, the bombshell ig report finding james comey was insubordinate, a
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trump investigator vowed to stop donald trump from becoming president. doug lose 8 or with more on the scathing report. >> the voluminous text messages among a number of folks in the fbi that clearly show political bias. and between fbi agent peter stzrok who worked on both investigations and lisa page. this one is new. before the presidential election in 2016 they wrote trump is never going to become president, right? no, no he won't. we will stop it. the inspector general says messages like those cast a cloud over the investigation into hillary clinton's email user there is anger among republicans, took so long for
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that exchange to surface. >> why wasn't that given to congress? these are text messages that were pertinent to our investigation to fisa abuse and the russia investigation was whether or not there was collusion. >> reporter: democrats are quick to deck out the report does not find any documents or witnesses to prove bias impacted actual decisions made within the fbi. this report takes to task former fbi director james comey, and announce it would not seek charges against hillary clinton and to open the investigation. that amounted to insubordination. comey that he disagrees with some of these findings and faced with an unprecedented situation. heather: that report will not challenge the outcome of the
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hillary clinton email investigation. tom fitton is hitting against that investigation saying this is far from over. >> the beginning of this story, this connection between peter stzrok of the russia investigation which is yet to be analyzed. judicial watch, documented evidence of the fbi and doj bending over backwards, protect hillary clinton deferring on every issue and deciding early on not to prosecute her and go through the motion of the investigation despite all the evidence we uncovered that she knew what she was doing, the national security team, and did it to avoid disclosure or accountability. >> president obama was in direct contact with hillary clinton's account and that
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should put sensitive executive office information at risk on her unsecured server. stay with us with more on that coming up. this fox news alert, renewing its call for deadly loan will for tax at the soccer world cup, circulating online, engulfed in flames in the host city in russia. another called on terrorists to, quote, kill them all and a mass militant with a caption, quote, the terror will begin, the world cup kicks off today in moscow. a man is behind bars after training to turn the happiest place on earth into a killing field. derek posted in a facebook post 5 likes and i shoot up disney and hang myself. he admitted to writing the message before two people reported him.
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he lived with his parents who told deputies he does not have access to their guns. the neighbor who attacked sen. rand paul will be sentenced today. he pleaded guilty to assault after tackling the kentucky lawmaker in his yard last year over lawn debris. paul left with 6 broken ribs and had a long recovery with recurring pneumonia. he could face 21 months in prison. two tornadoes in pennsylvania cleaning up the debris, this is all that is left. this was a home after winds of 130 mph rip through, six people injured in those storms but none of them seriously. all the people around the country are preparing for another weather threat this weekend talking about extreme heat. much more on that later with janice dean.
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after weeks of skewing ash and lava the kilauea volcano is shooting green crystals into the sky. and olivine scattered across the big island. and that lava is still flowing into the motion creating new land. the geological survey says it has created 250 acres of land in the ocean. secretary of state mike pompeo returning home from china. flying to south korea and china following the singapore summit to discuss the denuclearization deal with north korea, keeping sanctions in place until kim jong un denuclearize is. giving up ratings bump, the president has a 43% approval rating right now. today the white house is expected to announce tariffs targeting $50 million in chinese
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goods. a surprise list, the president threatening tariffs against china for months as retaliation for intellectual property theft. the chinese government says it is prepared to respond. lawmakers, the annual congressional baseball game. the star of the show, an amazing moment back on the field, one year ago yesterday, senior capitol hill producer jack program has the highlights. >> reporter: all eyes on second base blocks from the capital. steve scalise, the majority whip. >> reporter: steve scalise was playing second base at the gop baseball practice a year ago when a gunman tried to murder him and republican teammates. >> the shot went off, dove in
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the dugout and 6 feet deep. >> reporter: scalise nearly died. us capitol police officers crystal and david bailey and matt, micah and they were wounded before the game bailey throughout the first pitch, with micah as a battery mate. not only were they there but steve scalise got a standing ovation and started at second base. >> it was about who wasn't here. this year's game is about who was. always expect the unexpected in baseball and no exception to that rule in tonight at game. >> reporter: you can't make this stuff up. on the game's first pitch, raul louise of california hit a sharp around the second. lawmakers take the game seriously, democratic ohio congressman tim ryan sliding pete rose style into home. a little way by louisiana democrat sen. richmond and
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democrat nanette very can getting into not one between 2 arguments with the umpires, first-ever catchers interference and hit by a pitch. she watched both arguments. heather: great to see them working together. democrats won the game against republicans 21-5. and an abuse of power from the top to bottom. scrambling in the wake of the scathing ig report. a former prosecutor on what needs to happen now to erase the culture of corruption. >> hard for you to understand even short sentences i guess but take my words out of context. heather: the question heated exchange between sarah sanders and cnn's jim acosta.
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bill: inspector general's report slamming fbi leadership, the hillary clinton email program, the bureau vowing to fix the culture of political bias within its ranks, here to react to the explosive report former prosecutor, thanks for joining us this morning. a lot to go through here. 500 pages of material the most significant thing you find in this report. >> the most important was comey gave his press conference, two press conferences, he is the law enforcement side in the federal government, he is not the person supposed to be making decisions
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to prosecute or not prosecute, and all the way down the local police agencies. and a civilian that is in charge of these very things. when come said no reasonable prosecutor will put this forward that may be true but that wasn't his decision to do that. i can add one thing to this. it is striking in the law enforcement community if you give a press conference, there are ethics rules. you either indicts or don't invite, there's a case or there isn't. heather: you don't give a case for indictment and know that she did all this but we are not going to. >> this is outside the criminal -- let's assume mueller stands up and give the press conference, that is not his job, that is rosenstein's job, let's say they say donald trump did
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lead up to collusion which is possible. however, i -- donald trump was a bad guy because he did xyz, completely inappropriate. >> it was really scathing in reference to him and loretto lynch and his unilateral july 5th announcement was inconsistent for department policy and insubordinate for comey -- we concluded comey made a serious error of judgment. and right there, talking about the problems, his decisions, loretto lynch, her decisions with the tarmac meeting. what can possibly happen? no criminal charges moving forward. no suggestion of that or anything. >> comey you saying the tarmac
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meeting with lynch which she should never have done and should have accused herself, let jim comey do these things, i don't think that will rise to the level, i see problems no one is talking about and it is a footnote in the report and that is where apparently people were leaking this shows me a culture of something really bad going on. heather: that is not supposed to happen in the fbi.
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there is a graphic that shows reporters and fbi agents getting kickbacks to give information but let's move into that. how does become president, right? no, he won't, we will stop it. that is amazing. there were five other fbi agents, like this. >> other people were on the other side making commentary about donald trump. bottom line is i can't imagine being in a room, people talking negatively about the person they are investigating.
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talking about their conduct, the idea this is going on and no one is stopping it tells me there is a massive cultural program. you can't live in a glass house and throw stones when you are a prosecutor or investigating, your responsibility to not do as i say, do as i do, your responsibility is to be higher than that, better than the people you're prosecuting. >> moving to the mueller investigation, several people involved in that, we will have you back and a lot to go through. we are out of time. the time is 20 minutes after the top of the hour. james knowme, the response the bombshell inspector general's report was released, carly shimkus with reaction flooding social media. ♪ is as easy as dates, deals, done!
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bill: james comey slammed in the bombshell inspector general report but his reaction is going viral on social media. carly shimkus is here to explain. >> republicans and democrats are infuriated for different reasons, one saying it is cleary made serious judgment errors regarding the hillary clinton email scandal in the mid-this political fallout james comey posted this picture showing him standing next to a large gnome writing comey's gnomey. this finds he used a personal email account to conduct official business. hillary clinton responded with
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this 3 word tweet, writing but my emails. the political reaction pouring in, chuck schumer tweeting his mishandling of the publicity around the clinton email campaign worked to the benefit of candidate trump, not the other way around. democrats that it than any inspector general made that clear now. florida sen. marco rubio saying i strongly support the great americans at the fbi but the conduct of the senior officials outlined in this report has done tremendous damage to the bureau. leaks to and gifts from reporters, agents talking about how they are going to stop trump from winning. that is his take away. the take away we are seeing from conservatives, very interesting. the same report republicans and democrats are seeing and they see in a completely different way. the 20 hillary clinton's response about my emails reminds
1:25 am
me of children, he did it, doesn't mean you did it. fox news paul about political correctness. >> 68% of people say political correctness has gone too far and nearly half of people polled think political leaders make bad decisions because they are worried about being politically correct. a lot of folks weighing in on this. are to points out boy scouts now called scouts, so ridiculous, russell tweets absolutely political correctness has gone way too far so he agrees and carol says it is irrational and out of control. heather: it is. thank you very much, appreciate it, have a great weekend, happy friday. nancy pelosi waging a war on words. the house minority leader saying
1:26 am
we should be careful what we call someone in the us and we call someone in the us illegal. >> using terminology like illegal aliens entering the country is not viewed as constructive. the fact is -- heather: the comments about whether illegals were hurting american wages. press secretary sarah sanders firing back at a reporter in a tense briefing, cnn journalist questioning her about the atty. gen.'s bible reference earlier in the day about illegal immigration. >> i won't comment on specific comments. that is not what i said. i know it is hard for you to understand even short sentences i guess but don't take my words out of context. the separation of illegal families is a product of the same legal loopholes democrats
1:27 am
refuse to close. heather: sanders went on to say it is a moral policy to follow and enforce the law. the time is 26 after the top of the hour and an islamist extremist planning to unleash a deadly chemical attack as europe refuses to admit it's open migration policy is failing. a national security expert says it will only get worse. a live look at our plasma were three doors down is sitting up to rock the all-american summer concert series. if you are in the area stop by for a free show, it is going to be great, and great weather today. ♪
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bill: it is for:30 on the east
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coast. the scathing inspector general's report on the clinton email probe just released finding former fbi director james comey was insubordinate, not biased, with his handling of the case. at details legal of the presidential election saying he disagrees with some of the findings and unveiling a conversation between peter stzrok and lisa page, page writing trump is never going to become president, right? right? stzrok writing back know he won't. we will stop it. christopher ray says he takes the report seriously. >> disappointed. the report does identify errors of judgment, violations of or disregard for policy and decisions that at the very least with the benefit of hindsight were not the best choices. there are some sobering lessons and we will learn those lessons and act on those lessons.
1:32 am
heather: democrats point out it did not find political bias in the fbi decision to clear hillary clinton in the investigation. disagree with that, read it for yourself. bill clinton was actually offended when he was criticized over his tarmac meeting with loretta lynch, sparking controversy with a 2016 conversation with ben atty. gen. just days before the fbi announced no charges against his wife. an interview with the inspector general he said i don't know whether i am more offended that they think i'm crooked or that they think i'm stupid. the ig report called it an error in judgment, you decide on that as well. there are concerns the fallout from the report will do serious damage to more row among rank-and-file fbi agents, the former fbi assistant director says agents need to know this was about james comey, not them. >> and fbi investigation, this
1:33 am
is james comey's investigation, he hijacked the investigation, they were not influenced by pressure or fear or politics, through his own office and never let the fbi do it. this was james comey deal with his minions that stopped to influence an investigation and not doing it. whether the director didn't have the courage to go forward with the proper investigation i don't know. but it is not our job to make an opinion. >> senators will get the first chance to question michael horowitz about his report on monday. we will have that with you on fox news of course. house republicans mulligan immigration compromise bill including a daca fix and funding for the border wall. democrats are focusing their attention on illegal immigrant
1:34 am
children being separated from their parents at the border. robert gray joins us with those details. >> the draft bill is the product of weeks of closed-door negotiations between house leadership, moderates and conservatives. it features four pillars outlined by donald trump including protections for dreamers and children brought by their parents can increase border security including $25 billion for the border wall, new limits on family migration and the end to the diversity visa program. paul ryan remains hopeful he can get it to donald trump's desk. >> a builder represents a compromise brought to the floor so members can vote registration, tackling this issue and this has a chance of going in the wall. a bill out of here that i know the president won't support. >> democrats and many in the media focusing on illegal
1:35 am
immigrant children separated from the border. the policy under fire during the white house press briefing. >> it is the product of the same legal loopholes. and enforcing them. >> we get a lot more than that. go ahead, jill. >> reporter: democrats marked the sixth anniversary of the fisa announcement. heather: thank you. let's talk about immigration issues. lots to carry out, a biological terror attack has been foiled in germany. chancellor angela merkel continues to take a stand against stronger borders. will europe ever admit their
1:36 am
open migration policy has failed? terror and national security analyst, thank you for joining us. this failed attack, islamic terrorism plot, launched this deadly attack using the tocsin ricin, was reportedly thwarted on thursday. you hear this report, is germany learning from this? talking about making any changes? they are not. if not, why? >> angela merkel is committed to the path she is taking. and need to stress an important moment in europe. and a biological weapon european soil and infamous terrorists
1:37 am
trying to for decades. and they thwart this, and a change in angela merkel, politically wedded to the current cause and that is a big mistake. heather: he was not able to get the materials, in mid-may, to move forward and create the tocsin. let's look at the numbers here. they sought asylum, and 9 terror attacks in germany since 2015, 6 of those were thwarted attacks in germany since 2015. in december 2016 where the truck was hijacked and went through killing people one after another and injuring them, it was really
1:38 am
horrific. one of the things angela merkel wants to do is take these immigration protecting borders, not unilaterally, a state-by-state basis. will that help? >> it depends on implementation and part of the problem is angela merkel, a coherent response to this issue, what the european union must fix. a very hard needle for her to thread because the views on immigration are very different as you go state-by-state within europe and this country, like greece and italy and part of the balkans, having federal strain placed on them, an overwhelming amount of that, it has to
1:39 am
involve slowing down numbers. and the german police union, essentially have no idea who is in the country. how can you maintain security if that is the case? heather: the latest plot that was foiled, part of how it was foiled was with us intelligence agencies and one of the points you wanted to make is they need to increase funding for intelligence agencies as well? >> absolutely. the numbers in terms of the amount of people on the terrorism radar and the suspect they have to track is enormous. in the uk alone 23,000 and countries that have nothing like the resources to meet the threat, they have to be appropriately bonded and the intelligence agency talking to
1:40 am
each other in this case sharing information and stopping these cataclysmic attacks we have seen in recent years? >> we are glad this attack was awarded. thank you very much for joining us, great insight this morning, have a good day. 20 minutes until the top of the hour. a day of fun taking a horrific turn, riders plunging 30 feet after a roller coaster falls off the tracks. imagine, the dramatic rescue caught on camera. get out those make america great again hat's, a brand-new ruling on what you can and can't wear to the polls. a look at your weather across the country. ♪
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heather: an urgent manhunt for the gunman who shot cars near busy airport, flying bullets shattering the windshield and hitting driver side doors, more vehicles hit on the highway outside seattle international airport, washington state police believe the shooter was positioned just off the highway before getting away. no one was injured. horror on the boardwalk when this roller coaster derails, sending people plummeting 3 stories to the ground. this is unreal. other riders were left dangling from the ride in daytona beach, florida. >> we heard a loud crash, we heard everybody screaming. we ran over there and two people were lying on the ground and two were trapped. heather: emergency crews walking stranded riders to safety. as you heard, two people fell, six people were rushed to the hospital. holding them accountable.
1:45 am
a brand-new lawsuit in the battle against the opioid epidemic, tracy carrasco here with the drugstore being targeted. >> reporter: state atty. gen. suing walgreens for its role in the state's opioid epidemic as a pharmacy chain and the drug distributor. the complaint says 1400 overdose deaths were contributed to opioids in 2016 in the state of kentucky. that is the third most in the country as of 2015. walgreens fill massive orders of these drugs in unusually large sizes and quantities, very frequently. that is why the state atty. gen. is bringing this lawsuit against walgreens. heather: people need to know this, serving kids breakfast, serial recall for salmonella.
1:46 am
>> kellogg's is recalling 1.3 million cases because of the potential salmonella contamination. they are tracing this potentially to a third-party manufacturer, they are investigating that but this so far has been linked to 60 illnesses and when you look at your boss, use by dates of june 14, 2018, if you have that serial in your pantry or your home, check it out and get rid of it. heather: we are doing more stories about salmonella related to different things. kale and now serial. >> yes. we had several of these stories recently, very scary to think about. heather: the time is 15 minutes until the top of the are, democrats putting former pres. obama back in the game saying he is their only option.
1:47 am
our political panel to debate it. say cheese, hilarious moment the burglar realizes he is caught red-handed. ♪ take the money and run ♪ come on ♪ take the money and run ♪ helped put a roof over the heads
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>> we know hillary clinton's email server was infiltrated by, quote, foreign actors with access to a trove of sensitive emails including one marked secret. shouldn't every american the upset by this? joining me to debate is senior policy analyst patrice leon and robin byron, thank you for
1:51 am
joining us, really appreciate it. i will start with you and get your thoughts on this report. shouldn't we all be concerned about it? >> absolutely we should be very concerned that foreign agents got access to her email. what it looks like, what classified information is revealed and how it could be used is what we don't know yet and we are not going to know unless something breaks or something sinister occurs. the overall ig report, both sides can find solace in something to be upset about. republicans can point to the fact the fbi demonstrated significant levels there's a cloud of suspicion around how they reviewing donald trump's candidacy and what they might have done in a sinister motive to stop it. heather: wrapping up that want to focus on the mueller investigation. what we are talking about, this house memo documents provided to the committee show foreign actors obtained access to some
1:52 am
of mrs. clinton's emails including at least one email classified secret and that email has come from pres. obama. >> i can guarantee, the recipe for creamy risotto -- i am concerned, every american should be concerned. they should be concerned we haven't learned our lesson. james comey was investigating hillary clinton for having a private email server he himself had one. the current ministration continues to do the same. that is not okay. we haven't learned our lesson. every american should be concerned. heather: let's look at this stzrok email, it is more accurate to say we know foreign actors obtained access to some of her emails including a secret one the a compromises of a private email accounts of some
1:53 am
of her staffers. that is a good point robin makes. are there lessons to be learned from this? are we paying attention? >> absolutely. when it comes to it, what our government official doing, how they conduct business and doing it from a professional standpoint instead of using their personal emails, it may be for good reason, to use their gmail account over there official account but that opens them up to scrutiny because the level of security is not the same. of the 20 we mentioned president obama involved in this back and forth, former pres. obama's returned from the sidelines is overdue, why is that? is it a good idea? there's no one else out there? >> i will cut to the chase. joe biden is on a 50 state book tour. all optics art he is going to be running in 2020. i do think this is obama
1:54 am
propping up that inevitable campaign. we know he regretted not running in 2016 but he was a grieving father grieving the death of his son who died in combat. that is what is going on here. it makes sense to me. heather: you have a comment on it? >> americans did not want pres. obama's legacy to continue another four years. if biden is the next candidate i don't think he will win with obama campaigning on his behalf. heather: we are geared up for the midterms, thank you for joining us, appreciate it and we will be right back, stay with us. sleep support. number one sleep doctor recommended remfresh. your nightly sleep companion. available in the natural sleep section at walmart. with tripadvisor, finding your perfect hotel at the lowest price... is as easy as dates, deals, done!
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♪ of the mountain is too hi ♪ if the ocean is -- heather: live shot of the plasma at the avenue of the americas where we will be rocking with 3 doors down. if you are in the area it is a free concert, you should not miss it. it will be lots of fun. we have barbecue every friday. the summer concert series. voters in minnesota can wear their favorite political attire next time they head to the polls. a state law bans voters from wearing clothing that features
1:59 am
political views, justices say it violated the first amendment. parents are outraged over transgender students when a girl's state championship launching a petition to make athletes in connecticut compete based on their gender at birth, the current connecticut interscholastic athletic conference rules on transgender eligibility are obsolete. they compromise fairness of the sport. and exception would be made for teens who have undergone hormone therapy. now it is time for the good, the bad and the ugly on friday. first the good, a stranger pushes a woman all the way home when earl electric wheelchair breaks down in georgia. >> you are supposed to help, p ago. heather: this act of kindness is going viral. the bad, a burglar staring at a security camera while ransacking a home. this video posted online in hopes of catching the culprit.
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don't know how much you can see with that shirt on his life was the ugly, you can interest the improve your work out if you're willing to get shocked, a fitness class in new york city needs a special bodysuit, the 30 minute class is so intense, it is subject to a 3-hour work out. that wraps of this our of "fox and friends first". "fox and friends first" continues right now, have a great weekend. goodbye. rob: friday, june 15th, fox news alert, one of the biggest sporting event on the planet targeted by terror, isis with chilling calls to mobilize loanable ciardi's to wreak havoc at the world cup. >> who is going to investigate these guys. jillian: corruption in the fbi. to keep donald trump out of office and the accusations go all the


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