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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  June 15, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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don't know how much you can see with that shirt on his life was the ugly, you can interest the improve your work out if you're willing to get shocked, a fitness class in new york city needs a special bodysuit, the 30 minute class is so intense, it is subject to a 3-hour work out. that wraps of this our of "fox and friends first". "fox and friends first" continues right now, have a great weekend. goodbye. rob: friday, june 15th, fox news alert, one of the biggest sporting event on the planet targeted by terror, isis with chilling calls to mobilize loanable ciardi's to wreak havoc at the world cup. >> who is going to investigate these guys. jillian: corruption in the fbi. to keep donald trump out of office and the accusations go all the way to the top.
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>> our jobs are cleaning this country. they are going to mexico, they are going to china. rob: time for a curtain call on saturday night live's political playbook, "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ where have you been hiding out ♪ until you spend a lot of money ♪ everybody is talking about ♪ still rock and roll to me ♪ jillian: both of us bobbing our heads a little bit. a successful friday. rob: a very new york artist every new york song. jillian: a live look outside the building at the plasma were 3 doors down is going to be performing for the summer concert series so stop on by. good morning, you are watching
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"fox and friends first" this friday. rob: thanks for getting up early this friday. the bombshell inspector general report has been released finding fired fbi director james comey was insubordinate in the clinton investigation. jillian: a top investigator vowed to stop donald trump from becoming president. doug luzader is live with more on this gazing report. a lot to comb through. >> reporter: there is. be careful what you text because the texts this report uncovered are really extraordinary. among them we have folks within the fbi calling the president an idiot using the word retarded to describe trump supporters and then this exchange between peter stzrok who worked on the clinton and trump investigations and lisa page. this is before the presidential
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election in 2016, they wrote trump is not ever going to become president, right, right? no, no he won't a we will stop it. the inspector general says messages like these have cast a cloud over the investigation into hillary clinton's email you sent some republicans have taken this a step further saying it draws into question the russia probe. >> of 5 people have been kicked off the campaign, off of the mueller team, how is it possible if you look at the rest of the people, they are all clinton donors so i don't know how this is going to end up. >> reporter: democrats are quick to point out the ig says there were no documents or witnesses to prove that this bias affected any decisions. meantime the other began line, james comey, this takes them to task on a number of decisions he made accusing him of insubordination when he decided to bypass the justice department and he would not seek charges against clinton and then turned
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around and reopened the investigation. here is comey's response, i respect the doj ig office which is why urged them to do this review the conclusions a reasonable even though i disagree with them, and unprecedented situation. i pray no director faces it again. thanks words the best choices. rob: we dive into all of this with jason shafer it's. jillian: the hillary clinton email investigation testing more down the russia probe. >> rudy giuliani says it is more of the same corruption. >> this whole thing has made fools of all of us.
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we supplied 1.5 million documents, 32 witnesses, no privilege arguments and who are we supplying them to? to frame donald trump, agent who started a phony russia investigation, that is the core of this, the investigation should be suspended. i'm talking for myself, not the president. i believe he would agree with this, very serious investigation has to be done of fbi agents at the very top by fbi agents who are honest. >> to date the mueller investigation has taken 13 months and $17 million of taxpayer dollars. >> fox news alert isis renewing its calls for deadly lone wolf attacks at the soccer world cup, chilling posters circulating online inserting this one showing a stadium engulfed in flames. another call on terrorists to, quote, kill them all and a third
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poster shows a militant with the caption terror will begin. the world cup kicks off in moscow. >> man is behind bars after threatening to turn the happiest place on earth into a killing field. sheriff deputies say derek posted in a facebook group, quote, 5 likes and i go should of disney and hang myself. he admitted to writing the message before two people reported him to police. he lives with his parents who told deputies he does not have access to their guns. >> house republicans mulling and immigration compromise bill including daca fix and funding for the border wall. jillian: they are focusing on illegal immigrant children being separated from parents at the border. rob: robert gray has details on this. >> reporter: it is a product of weeks of closed or negotiation
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between house leadership, moderates and conservatives featuring four pillars approach outlined by donald trump including protections for dreamers or children brought to the us illegally by their parents, increased border security including $25 billion for the border wall, new limits on family migration and a end to the diversity visa program. house speaker paul ryan is hopeful he can get it to donald trump's desk. >> we now have a bill that represents a compromise brought to the floor so members can vote on legislation tackling this issue and this has a chance of going into law. last thing i want to do is bring a bill out of here i know the president won't support. >> reporter: democrats and many in the media focusing their attention on illegal immigrant children separated from their families at border. the trump administration policy under fire during the white house press briefing. >> the separation of illegal alien families is a product of the same legal loopholes
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immigrants refuse to close and the laws are the same that have been in the books for over a decade. the president is simply enforcing them. >> these people have nothing. >> i know you want more tv time. go ahead, jill. >> reporter: today republican look over the draft bill, democrats marked the sixth anniversary of the daca announcement under the obama administration. >> reporter: always interesting at the press briefings. jillian: mike pompeo returns from china, he flew to south korea and china following the singapore summit to discuss the terms of the us agreement with north korea, he vowed to keep sanctions in place until kim jong un completely denuclearize is, the summit giving donald trump a ratings but, a new poll shows the president at 43% approval rating. rob: the vice president hitting the roads to participate in any
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event for michigan atty. gen. bill schooley running for governor before visiting a construction company later, then head to columbus, ohio for a tax-cut to put america first event and the fundraiser for state sen. troy balderson. jillian: lawmakers lisa give their cleats for the annual congressional baseball game. the star of the show is steve scalise making a big come back after last year's shooting for nearly killed him. >> it right to scalise. got it. there we go. rob: that is a good player, looking really good, gets a lot of support, house majority whip mobbed on the field after snagging the ground, the crowd going wild national park in dc,
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tweeting i've still got it. jillian: he was one of four shot during gop practice last year. democrats won the game against republicans, 21-5. don't look at that. look at that picture. that is the take away from last night, incredible. 9 surgeries over the course of the last year. rob: back on the field a year later. 10 minutes after the hour. a discussing act caught on camera and the hunt is on for these two men can't burning an american flag outside high school. jillian: the ig report exposing a culture of corruption within the fbi. i the american people starting to see a so-called whitewashing of hillary clinton's case, jason chaffetz with the bombshell findings. ♪ using drones and robots offshore so engineers can stop potential problems before they start.
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rob: the bombshell inspector general's report slamming leadership over their handling of hillary clinton's email pro. jillian: they are vowing to fix the culture of political bias exposed within its ranks which are to react is former chair of the house oversight committee and fox news contributor jason chaffetz. you had 12 hours to go over this and think who wins and loses. >> the american people have been losing because the most trusted law enforcement agency in the world where my grandfather served in the fbi, they have been engaging in behavior that is totally unbecoming. the lack of objectivity, lack of integrity for the seniormost people in the fbi is one of the saddest things we have seen and they have to fix it. somebody needs to be held accountable, they have to prosecute some people within the
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fbi and change the culture, bringing a fresh set of eyes, people who don't have this integrity problem. rob: they say hillary clinton got special treatment, democrats say james comey and the fbi cost hillary the election. what do you make of that? >> you have a lot to dislike about the way things were handled. you have an fbi that went rogue, director comey was insubordinate according to the report but if you read it, 600 pages, every single text and email is anti-trump, it shows a bias and animus they have not seen in the fbi for decades. jillian: you say anti-trump, that includes the conversation from august 2016 between lisa paige and peter stzrok and lisa said trump is never going to become president, right? right? stzrok says no he won't, we will stop it. that is insane.
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>> that is so over-the-top. in a series of these texts we see, the other thing to be concerned about his oversight, i used to be chairman of the oversight committee, in congress, also in the intel committee, they have rejected that not because it was classified or was going to give away state secret but because it was embarrassing, it was illuminating to the true intentions and background of what these fbi agents were thinking about. rob: talking about politicizing fbi and doj, there was a lot of talk about sally yates, comey goes around them and get slammed in this report. is he going to say i couldn't trust loretta lynch because i thought she was in hillary's parker compromised? >> yes because in the heart of the report it indicates these people all thought hillary clinton has become the president.
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they did a few cursory things but comey did not trust what loretta lynch did on the tarmac, did not trust barack obama, a public statement saying hillary clinton had done nothing wrong so comey felt he should take it on himself and do things that were unprecedented and outside the line of protocol. heather: a lot of people are upset, nunez in a battle with rod rosenstein to have documents turned over to his house and diligently on the russia probe and a lot of people saying we saw and rejected versions of a lot of this stuff and before this came out to the public a lot of people should have seen 100% of the documents. what happens now? >> the same people who were part of the mueller probe some of whom have been fired but when mueller has nothing but democratic donors engaged in
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support with him nobody that is a republican or made a donation over there, they are all curiously donating to democrats it undercuts the credibility and effort of mr. mueller. i don't think they have any degree of credibility to go after any case. jillian: thank you for joining us. it is 18 minutes after the hour. another democrat has had enough of nancy pelosi's nonsense. >> the crumbs that they are giving, a bowl of doggie do, put a cherry on top and call it a chocolate sundae. jillian: the house minority leader losing more support, the liberals who just said enough is enough. rob: now is not the time. the great moments in a baseball game. look at that ball. ♪
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>> another democrat wants voters to know he will not support nancy pelosi for house minority leader. in a local interview brian higgins says, quote, she is aloof, frenetic and misguided. i'm giving voice to a frustration i hear every day. jillian: clark tucker slammed nancy pelosi saying, quote, we are better than that. i was trying not to make it obvious. former pres. barack obama returning to the spotlight to rally for democrats desperate to
2:23 am
regain control. democratic strategists telling the hill, he is the best option because bill clinton is toxic and jimmy carter is too old. a source close to the former president says he's looking forward to reading the campaign trail ahead of the midterms. more than a decade in the making, finally blasting into theaters today. >> we need to change people's perceptions about superheroes and elastic girl is the best place. >> better than me? rob: mrs. incredible jumps back into the action as a full-time superheroine. jillian: kevin mccarthy is here to tell us if the movie is worth your box office bucks. >> good morning. i'm happy with the clip you use, we hear saul from breaking bad, the character you saw on screen,
2:24 am
an amazing actor, 14 years since the first incredibles film in 2004. i have my original ticket $6.50 back then. bread bird is directing the sequel, back of the filmmaker. he directs like he directs live-action, the animation is gorgeous, craig t nelson, holly hunter, samuel jackson, elastic girl's character trying to change the perception of superheroes in the world because they have been banned, they are in hiding. it is a beautiful film, pixar has great balance working for adults and kids, they understand adults are paying for these tickets and they want to be entertained as well. the short before the pixar film is very well done and a cool fact about this movie, bread bird the director is the voice
2:25 am
of the character of edna which i love. edna and jack jack are the best characters in the phone, jack jack is the baby and has the greatest moments in the movie. i love that, it is as good as the first incredibles and that is a hard thing to do, 4.out of 5. my favorite is still wall-e. jillian: you look different, the beard and glasses. >> i am waiting for my wife to say shave the beard. i was growing get for the stanley cup. >> 30 seconds, how about your view of tag? >> i don't know if you are following this but he broke his arms on the third day of filming this movie and throughout the majority of the movie they had to manipulate his arms using
2:26 am
cgi. it is based on a real life story of a group of friends playing tag since they were little kids so in the film it is 30 years later, they are adults still playing the game and the character has never been tagged by his friends. the movie does a good job telling this crazy story and having a cool action premise. a joke went too far for me throughout the film but i gave it 3.5 out of 5, the original art for these gentlemen appeared in the wall street journal, 9 or 10 guys, still about 5. rob: looking good. >> i went to look like you. rob: you are looking good. 36 after the hour, ice arresting
2:27 am
200 illegal immigrants and nearly all of them already have criminal records. the feds say this may only be the tip of the iceberg. jillian: live look outside, 3 doors down is setting up to rock the all-american summer concert series this morning, happening in a couple hours, stop on by in town coming right back. ♪ having it problems? ask a business advisor how to get on demand tech support for as little as $15 a month. this week get boise case paper for only $29.99 at office depot office max. your digestive system has billions of bacteria but life can throw them off balance. re-align yourself with align probiotic. and try new align gummies with prebiotics and probiotics to help support digestive health.
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heather: welcome back. a scathing inspector general's report just released, finding james comey was insubordinate but not biased with handling of the case. comey disagrees with the findings. the report unveiling a conversation between agent peter stzrok and lisa page who wrote trump is never going to become
2:31 am
president, right, right? and stzrok typing back no, no, he won't, we will stop it. christopher ray takes the report seriously. >> the report does identify errors of judgment, violations of or disregard for policy and decisions that at the very least in the benefit of hindsight were not the best choices. there are some sobering lessons and we are going to learn those lessons and act on those lessons. jillian: democrats point out the report did not find political bias in the fbi's decision to clear hillary clinton in the investigation. despite the findings director ray is taking a page out of starbucks playbook by vowing to train his employees on how to avoid bias. it is not clear when this training will begin or what it will entail. rob: the neighbor who attacked rand paul will be sentenced today, renee boucher pleaded guilty after toggling the kentucky lawmaker in his own
2:32 am
yard last year over lawn debris. paul left with 6 broken ribs and a long road to recovery complicated by recurring pneumonia. boucher could face 21 months in prison for the assault. jillian: a 3 day ice sweeps legals with 162 illegal immigrants in handcuffs. the operation targeting convicted criminals around los angeles considered to be risks to public safety. ice has 90% of those arrested, some convicted of rape, manslaughter and crimes against children, they ate arrested 560 illegal immigrants in california since march. rob: two tornadoes confirmed in pennsylvania as communities clean up the debris after winds up to 130 miles an hour, 6 people hurt in the storms, nobody seriously injured. people around the country preparing for another weather threat this weekend, extreme
2:33 am
heat. jillian: easy to are your favorite t-shirt, but nor hat when you vote in minnesota. rob: the supreme court ruling on the balance between keeping polling places free of politics and voters first amendment rights. shannon bream looks at what the decision means. >> reporter: things may look different at polling places across minnesota and voters cast their ballots for the primary elections in august. thanks to a 7-to ruling from the supreme court. at issue with state law banning political badges, buttons or other insignia at or about the polling place. that restriction violates the first amendment. >> this is a court that strongly respects the first amendment and they are going to say although states sometimes can attempt to limit speech, even political speech, the supreme court will hold them to the constitutional maximus to what the state can do. jillian: in election day, november 2010 a number of voters ran into trouble when they were
2:34 am
please id me, buttons and tea party patriot or don't tread on me t-shirts, chief justice john roberts characterized the law is ill-defined and applied in a haphazard manner, quote, the state must be able to articulate a sensible basis for distinguishing what may come in and what must stay out. officials argue they have an interest in maintaining peace, order and the coromandel polling places, protecting voters from confusion and influence and intimidation in preserving the integrity of the election process. in her dissent joined by justice breyer, sonja soda mayor said she would have sent the case back to the minnesota supreme court for a definitive interpretation of what the word political means, the chief justice was clear the majority does believe states have the right to regulate issues around polling places. according to california and texas as examples of getting it right but ultimately found minnesota's law lacks sufficient
2:35 am
clarity. jillian: snl political jokes are getting old. >> our jobs are fleeing this country, they are going to mexico, they're going to china. >> leslie jones telling the rat in part, quote, i do hope next year will be a lot more funny funny based stuff, more comedy based stuff instead of political stuff and most of you agree it is time for snl to change. >> robert rights it might be a step toward being funnier, been a long time since they were, joe tweets just do funny jokes. what all you do is political skits it loses its appeal. jillian: enough is enough, just some comedy please. 35 after the hour, a brand-new lawsuit in the battle against opioids and this time a popular
2:36 am
drugstore being targeted. >> fired of the eye top boss went viral for his response to the bombshell inspector general report that was just released. carly shimkus here with reaction flooding social media. ♪ brad's about to find out if his denture can cope with... a steak. luckily for him, he uses super poligrip. it helps give him 65% more chewing power. leaving brad to dig in and enjoy. super poligrip.
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rob: james comey slammed in the bombshell inspector general's report. jillian: carly shimkus with serious xm 115 here to explain. >> reporter: republicans and democrats are infuriated for very different reasons. the report finds james comey made serious judgment errors regarding the hillary clinton email investigation and he posted this picture that shows him standing next to a large gnome writing comey's gnomey.
2:40 am
the report finds he used a personal email account to conduct official business, that is similar to many including hillary clinton who tweet my emails. a lot of reaction on this. republican congressman tweets it has become clearer with time that comey violated policy and damaged the investigation's credibility. his behavior exhibited a pattern of unprofessionalism and misconduct that validates donald trump's decision to fire him. the report finds fbi employees have tickets, went to golf outings, treated to drinks after work, donald trump junior waited on that tweeting totally normal, and mark warner tweets the release of the inspector general report confirms what has been clear for some time, fbi leadership made errors in
2:41 am
judgment in the run-up to the election. those actions were not influenced by political bias and anything helped donald trump's candidacy. a wide range of reaction coming in on this report. >> the least pc person in the world, i love this next story. >> a new fox news poll finds 68% of people say political correctness has gone too far. also more than half of people polled know that politicians make bad political decisions because they are worried about being politically correct. don on facebook says people are too sensitive today, take things too literally, don't know how to laugh at themselves. mark also tweets too far is an understatement, just plain ridiculous. robin says it has been going on way too long. i'm sure you agree with that,
2:42 am
can't say anything today. did i offend somebody? so sorry. hand out some interesting -- >> one of donald trump's most outspoken critics which is why she tweeted this yesterday, the president celebrates his 72nd birthday today and on this auspicious occasion, in order to make trump's birthday great again each member of our family has donated $72,000 to the aclu. doug teagan doesn't like the president of the trumpet ministration's policies on other things which is why she donated to the aclu to begin with, bob tweets oh snarky, more of the so-called elite entertainment class, agendas and like that she did the saying why couldn't they give it to the homeless or children's organization instead
2:43 am
of acting like spoiled brats, shirley saying all your money should have been shared before trump was president. american citizen suffering for a long time, doing for publicity shows that it is not from the heart, hypocrites. some people applauded her, depends on how you feel. >> i saw that on instagram and thought the response is going to be interesting. >> he put her money where her mouth is, got to give her credit. am i getting hit by lightning? a minor-league baseball game, wanted to play fetch. can you blame him? this german shepherd breaking away from his owner and running after a ball at the park at the park event. >> he dropped the ball at the feet of one of the athletes, eventually snagged by the leash and tried to get away.
2:44 am
>> someone on the field gave his owner a ball to keep, the adorable moment now going viral. apple stonewalling the fbi after the san bernardino attack raising privacy versus security and apple wants to take it a step further, the tech giant privacy excuses are not working in this case. >> live on the plasma, what is going gone on "fox and friends"? >> gave you the rundown. good to see carly in a good move for a change. and rudy giuliani, jason chaffetz, kevin mccarthy could
2:45 am
be the next speaker of the house talking immigration and the ig report, 3 doors down played at the inauguration for the president of the united states, the all-american concert series, griff came in today, steve got an inside look at the congressional baseball game last night at national stadium and went behind-the-scenes with steve scalise and others, waiting to get in the white house, turns out he left keys to the apartment, he can't get into the white house waiting for trump to come in, ringing the bell so he will be with us shortly. that report yesterday is explosive. i will talk a little louder. that report, don't you hate when the snare drum guy starts playing when you are talking. the report, the 15 page, we will talk to mark levin and what it means, why these text messages
2:46 am
equally offended both sides were all anti-trump, hillary clinton was treated unfairly, everything that was looked at was because of her actions, and the former president of the united states, barack obama, his private email was used for the private email of hillary clinton, told us about hillary clinton's emails because press reports, that is how he found out, that is not true, that shows you what is going on. i will play outside until the show is about to start. the show begins. jillian: you filled up all our time, thanks, brian. ♪ gary: i've been making blades here at gillette for 20 years. i bet i'm the first blade maker you've ever met. there's a lot of innovation that goes into making our thinnest longest lasting blades on the market. precision machinery and high quality materials from around the world. nobody else even comes close. it's about delivering a more comfortable shave, every time.
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rob: holding them accountable, a new lawsuit in the battle against the opioid epidemic, tracy carrasco here with the
2:50 am
drugstore that is being targeted. >> reporter: kentucky's atty. gen. suing walgreens for its role in the opioid epidemic, and kentucky had one of the highest overdose deaths, 1400 of them you can see on your screen, walgreens with massive opioid orders in large sizes and great frequencies. when it comes to being a distributor of shipping drugs, they failed to report suspicious orders to authorities so that is why the atty. gen. is going after them. this is the atty. gen. going after manufacturer or a corporation for their role in this crisis. >> thank you, appreciate it. >> california senate approving a proposal to abolish daylight
2:51 am
savings time. supporters claim it can be bad for your health and cost traffic incidents. of the governor signed to the proposal will be put on the november ballot, 16 other states have proposed legislation to get rid of daylight savings time. what is the key to living a long and prosperous life? a new study, the answer is your face. researchers at ohio state university looked at 1000 obituaries published across the us and found churchgoers appeared to live four years longer than atheists. it could be because religion tends to promote stress reducing practices like meditation and restricting things like alcohol and drugs. it is 5:51. two little girls get a big surprise from dad right for father's day. >> there he is. jillian: the heartwarming moment that will make your morning.
2:52 am
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♪ ♪ only when i'm here ♪ help me when i'm scared ♪ love me when i'm gone ♪ everything i am ♪ and everything in me be the one you wanted me to be ♪ i'll never let you down. rob: i still get a kick out of that like a big kid. jillian: yes, you are a big kid. good morning to you. taking a live look at our plaza right now in new york city where the stage is pretty much set up for three doors down. a huge concert later on this morning. i love some of their songs. some of their old songs like cryptonite. going to be a fun morning.
2:57 am
>> beautiful morning here as well. jillian: we want to talk about something that happened in the d.c. area. lawmakers lacing up cleats for the annual congressional baseball game the staff of the show was house minority whip steve scalise back on the field after last year's shooting on rob we showed that you clip earlier lead off batter knocks one to scalise and he gets the out. chad pergram hats highlights from the game. >> all eyes were on second base at nats park just blocks from the capitol. >> steve scalise was shot. >> steve scalise was playing second base at the g.o.p. baseball practice a year ago when a gunman tried to murder him and his republican teammates. >> i was hitting balls to scalise when the shot went off. immediately dove into a dugout real dugout about 6 feet deep. >> scalise nearly died.
2:58 am
crystal griner and bailey along with. >> mike: can a and zac barnes were wounded. before the game bailey and griner threw out the first pitches at mic canned barth as mates. not only were they there but steve scalise got a standing ovation and second base. last year's game was about who wasn't there. this year it was about who was. only expect the unexpected in baseball. no exception in-to-that rule in tonight's game. >> you can't make this stuff up. on the game's first pitch. democratic leadoff hitter raúl louise hate sharp grounder to second. shades of joe morgan scalise yielded it. democratic ohio congressman tim ryan sliding pete rose style into home a little league inside the park home run by the louisiana democrat. and california democrat anete getting into not one but two arguments with the umpires. first over catcher's interference and then saying
2:59 am
she was hit by a pitch. she lost both arguments. chad pergram. fox news. >> awesome to see. so awesome to see. however, despite steve scalise the republicans got some work to do on baseball game because they lost 21-5. scalise looking fantastic out there. jillian: amazing the progress he has made five surgeries last year since the shooting happened. now time for the good, the bad and ugly. little girls get a huge surprise in time for father's day. >> there he is. daddy. hi, baby. that's army sergeant first class gram bolin returning home after deployment to south korea. >> two men caught on camera trying to burn a state flag. vandals burned off when they couldn't get them to light
3:00 am
off. instantly improve your workout if you are willing to get shot. a fitness class in new york city uses shock muscles. 30 minute class three hour workout. no thank you. we'll see you later. three doors down today. have a good one. >> the justice department inspector general says then fbi director james comey was insubordinate during the hillary clinton email investigation. >> and now we know a top investigator vowed to stop donald trump from becoming president. >> the consequences are that your fellow citizens question whether or not they can have confidence in the world's premier law enforcement agency. this was a bitterly disappointing report. >> new immigration legislation that includes $25 billion to build the wall would increase the number of immigration enforcement agents and end the controversial practice of separating families detained at the border. >> sara, you're a parent, don't have you any empat


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