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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  June 15, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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instantly improve your workout if you are willing to get shot. a fitness class in new york city uses shock muscles. 30 minute class three hour workout. no thank you. we'll see you later. three doors down today. have a good one. >> the justice department inspector general says then fbi director james comey was insubordinate during the hillary clinton email investigation. >> and now we know a top investigator vowed to stop donald trump from becoming president. >> the consequences are that your fellow citizens question whether or not they can have confidence in the world's premier law enforcement agency. this was a bitterly disappointing report. >> new immigration legislation that includes $25 billion to build the wall would increase the number of immigration enforcement agents and end the controversial practice of separating families detained at the border. >> sara, you're a parent, don't have you any empathy what these people are going
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through. >> brian, god. settle down. >> lawmakers lacing up their cleats for the annual congressional baseball game. the star of the show was steve scalise. >> hit right to scalise. got it wow. there we go. ♪ ♪ britain brian last time heard three doors down at the inauguration. you will hear them today. they will play that song, i guarantee you. exciting day as always. summer concert series. all-american summer concert series produced and put together by kissinger. ainsley: if you have a kissinger team doesn't it save your life? genius. >> coffee saves my life
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every morning. sit on a couch when washington news is front and center. brian: guess what else is front and center? that and that. ainsley: the ig report. bine brian i know a lot of people are having trouble digesting, 15-page overview which is also intriguing. jason chaffetz, former chairman of oversight was up to his eyeballs with this before he decided to join us. congressman, is this unbelievable it? >> is unbelievable. hats off to michael horowitz doing a thorough report that wasn't leaked in advance. this is one of the most damning rebukes of the fbi that i think we have ever seen and an attack on their integrity and their objectivity: it is sickening and disgusting at the approach that they took and hopefully this is the beginning of fixing it because it is a mess. ainsley: for people waking up, obviously people are not going to read 500 plus pages. >> geeks like me read it,
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yes. ainsley: tell the folks at home what some of the take aways are from the ig report. horowitz says comey -- he describes comey as insubordinate. he didn't follow the chain of command. he didn't follow what his boss. >> remember, did that because he didn't belief what -- he couldn't believe what barack obama was doing as a president, saying things that weren't true and when loretta lynch the attorney general is actually meeting with bill clinton, the spouse -- the subject of the investigation. he couldn't go upstairs. he decided to go rogue and that, again is, a breamp of bref protocol. >> they did it in the context of thinking hillary clinton is going to become the president. it's okay. we have got to show we did some things. that's the belief. that was in the report. brian: all because loretta lynch lost her credibility when she met with clinton on the tarmac. all because the president of the united states says there is no corruption with the email. >> which was not true. brian: so then comey does the bizarre thing of calling that presser and says she did everything wrong but i'm
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not going to move forward. insubordinates least offensive thing. out of touch as well. comey broke procedures. no political bias. i don't necessarily see political bias with comey. people below comey i see. >> that is 562 pages of nothing but bias and animus. every sings gel one of those those texts and emails is anti-trump, pro-hillary clinton. and it demonstrates this widespread at the top level. not the rank and file. at the top level, these people had a level of animus that we have never seen before. they definitely wanted hillary clinton to be president and they wanted to stop donald trump. griff: you had 500 pages plus. no biases that colored his decisions. irrefutable bias at the leadership and, you know, if we look back over the last year, we see andrew mccabe rising to comey's job and
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strzok andy mccabe now is under indictment. strzok would be at the leadership in the cradle of impartiality of justice. jump ago little bit forward, jason, does this now draw into question the mueller investigation? >> it does. because these were the senior most people that were at the beginning of the front end of the mueller investigation. some of them had to be pulled back. but anything that mueller is doing with this investigation is tantsed by the fact that you had these people who had a political objective to take down donald trump. they documented in heir interaction on text messages. brian: anything peter strzok touched is contaminated. >> it is. brian: put right into the russia investigation. just because they kicked him out doesn't mean have an agenda. talk about idiot moves? hypocritical moves? james comey using his own g mail account for his work and also president barack obama using an alias interacting with hillary
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clinton on her private email when he told -- when he actually said the first time he found out about her using a private server. was on news reports. >> the irony, yes. ainsley: hillary clinton thinks that james comey is the reason that she lost the election because he reopened the email investigation a few days before the election. meanwhile, is he using his own g mail and so she tweeted yesterday. she tweeted but my emails? she has a good point. >> she does a point with that all of this starts though because hillary clinton, on the very day that they started the senate confirmation just coincidently, no intent, according to comey, coincidently sets up her own server. all of this goes back on hillary clinton. she's the one that started this whole chain of events and she can only look to herself for screwing this up and creating this disaster of a mess. ainsley: the worst text message between strzok and page this is just unbelievable. he said we're going to stop it. she said do you really think, this is what she writes: trump's not ever going to become president,
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right? right? and he says no, no, he won't. we'll stop it. >> and done in the context of other text messages where they said they were going to have an insurance policy and you have this mysterious attorney that also had a really aggressive email out there. i have think when they get to the hearings on monday and tuesday, some member will ask them to unmask this person and we'll know who that person is. brian: number one, this person, what are you doing? what is your plan to stop them from getting elected and after elected what is that plan? has peter strzok been questioned? when are we going to get that guy to explain himself? >> so, there were referrals. i wants to decipher what that means. a referral means that it's going to go to the office of professional responsibility. it could go to a prosecutor. and you still could see people prosecuted. because, not only are they just going over the top and sending a little text message, but i really do question, is this treasonous? this person was not working for fish and wildlife.
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this was the person who is in charge of counter intelligence for the united states of america. ainsley: guess who is paying for his paycheck taxpayers. >> we all pay for this. brian: russian investigation. he pivots over and then he -- in the middle of that, they find out about huma abedin and anthony weiner's laptop. he discovers that while doing the mueller investigation. he might have we don't know yet, sat on it and not told james comey and andy mccabe for three weeks. >> if the fbi had done a serious investigation of the clinton email. they would have known that their assistant had hundreds of how far to sands of messages on their machine. but they didn't. they didn't go seize these machines. they didn't do a dive in and do a serious investigation of clinton's email. griff: jason, let me bring in this report. the president was ridiculed for anti-trump bias. now we have 500 plus pages that irrefutably prove it not just strzok, is he at
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work having coffee. there is five other reports this report has five agents who say absolutely despicable things about trump supporters. brian: let's take a look at that right now. let's take a look at next change employee number one. is it making you rethink your commitment to the trump administration hell no laura viva la resistance after he won the election. also call a horrible name to trump and to trump supporters. ainsley: let me read some other ones: more from the lawyer. one the lawyers working on the mueller probe writes viva le resistance. i'm so numb and stressed about what i could have done differently. another person, there are five unnamed fbi employees under scrutiny for anti-trump bias, one of them is that lawyer. another one writes i can't stop crying. you promised me this wouldn't happen. you promised. >> these people need to be unmasked.
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held accountable. the american taxpayers who pay their bill ought to know who they are. the incestuous nature of the fbi and the media. remember, we had a report earlier last week and last week about somebody who was sleeping with the security official and the senate intel committee. but now this report comes out. i see over 330 indistances of documented time unauthorized that they're communicating with the media. they are giving up golf trips and meals. >> tickets to game. >> if i had been in congress and done that the fbi agents would have come after me. griff: as americans wake up and read this and see, this what can you give them confidence that they're going to regain their trust in the nation's premier law enforcement agency? >> fortunately michael horowitz did a wonderful job. anything that was fisa abuse, anything that was russia. that's a separate investigation that the inspector general is doing. this is sort of the precursor or chapter 1 of
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flushing out the animus and bias of the top echelon of the fbi. they need to flush that out of their system. they have to unmask to congress. when you see devin nunes and trey gowdy and john ratcliffe whining to see these materials. remember, so many of these materials were redacd, not because they were classified but because they it were embarrassing and illuminating. that has to happen. brian: senate judiciary committee 2:00. >> on monday? brian: on tuesday they willable in front of the house oversight and judiciary committee. >> third one will be a classified briefing. remember, there are still more emails and stuff we haven't seen because they are legitimately classified. brian: going out there and telling us how great recruiting is was an embarrassment yesterday. it's about what these adges agents did. not about the ones doing it right. he should have been outraged. instead tried to soft peddle it i found that unacceptable. >> rank and file, men and women out there in oklahoma and utah, they're not the
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problem. cabal at the top of the fbi. that was problem. ainsley: jason, thank you for joining us. jillian is behind you. jillian: haven't seen new a while. just kidding he was on the 5:00 a.m. hour. horror on a boardwalk when a roller coaster derails sending people plummeting three stories to the ground. other riders left dangling from the ride in daytona beach, florida. >> we heard a loud crash and the car was facing down and we just heard everybody screaming so, we ran over there and there were two people laying on the ground and two were trapped. jillian: emergency crews walking stranded riders to safety. two people fell and six people were rushed to the hospital. it's not clear yet what caused the accident. service is mike pompeo returning home overnight from china. pompeo flying to south korea and china following the singapore summit to discuss terms of the u.s. agreement with north korea. he vowed to keep sanctions in place until kim jong un completely denuclearizes.
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the summit giving president trump a ratings bump a new monday moth poll shows the president at 43% approval rate. communities clean up the damage. this is all that's left of a home after winds up to 130 miles per hour ripped through. six people hurt in the storms. but none seriously. now, people all around the country are preparing for another weather threat this father's dated weekend. extreme heat. that's a look at your headlines. send it back to you. ainsley: thank you, jillian: the media attacking the trump administration over a shelter for immigrant children. the left hasn't seen this place helping kids go to school, even giving them haircuts. isn't this the exact opposite of those cages and all those pictures of the kids in cages? brian: steve doocy finally found his keys to the white house. steve? steve: it took a minute. i'm here at the white house early. i have actually met the guy
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come on, sarah, you are a parent. don't you have empathy. have nothing and come to the border with nothing. and you throw children in cages. you are a parent. you are parent of young children. don't have you any empathy. ainsley: that guy is a correspondent for playboy. also the white house correspondent for that magazine. accusing the administration of throwing migrant children in cages. check out the converted walmart in southern texas, down in brownsville and it helps go to school, get haircuts, play video games. they get to sleep in safety. isn't this a far cry from the cages we saw under the obama administration? here to react for this is the exrernght for immigration policy center jessica vaughn. jessica, thanks for being with us. >> good morning. ainsley: while we interview you we will show viewers at home what the place looks like, shelter looks like for migrant children. critics on the left say it's horrible and separated from their parents and the conditions aren't good? >> right. no question. the media wants this narrative of trump the child
3:19 am
catcher throwing kids in cages but, in fact, they are putting them in shelters run by professional child welfare agencies where the conditions are more than comfortable for these kids while their parents are being prosecuted for illegal entry they are going to school being fed well. they go on field trips. they are well-cared for. and this is an alternative to releasing them, which was the policy under the obama administration to almost anyone who would come forward, whether it was labor traffickers or whatever taxpayers are spending quite a bit of money for these shelters. they are appropriate for these kids and they are safe and comfortable reilly sheltered and helping them with the trauma of this dangerous crossing that they have made with their parents. so, it's -- the trump administration is doing the best that it can within the constraints that the courts
3:20 am
and the law puts on it. and they are trying to put a stop to this phenomenon of endless arrivals of families coming from central america because they have been told that they can stay here. and you know, that's got to be turned around, but, in the meantime, they are not using the kids as pawns. they are keeping them in a protected, safe environment that, frankly, is probably superior to some of the situations you see in our cities and towns. you know, it's a real nice improvement over some of the boys and girls clubs that i have seen. ainsley: even some of the dangers that they are trying to leave down in mexico or in central america. all right, jessica, thank you so much. thanks for being with us. we appreciate it have a good day. >> thank you. ainsley: nancy pelosi might want to be house minority leader once again. a leader of her own party called her aloof and misguided. mark zuckerberg admits facebook messed up by calling diamond and silk dangerous do. they accept his apology? we will ask diamond and silk next coming up.
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hey, ladies ♪ it's too late to apologize ♪do i said it's too late
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griff: taat&t finalizing deal of takeover with time warner. judge ruled against the doj which argued the deal would reduce competition and increase prices. the doj could still appeal that ruling. and ken keep hitting walgreen's with a lawsuit over the state's major opioid crisis. accuses the pharmacy change of overfilling drugs. kentucky want walgreen's to pay back the money it earned from those sales. the chain did not comment on the lawsuit.
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brian? brian: 24 minutes after the hour. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg now admits the mishandling of the controversy surrounding conservative super stars diamond and silk. never seen apart. when his platform labeled them as, quote: dangerous. ainsley: zuckerberg in newly released testimony from senate hearing said we mishandled communication with diamond and silk for months. their frustration was understandable and we apologize to them. griff: social media stars and trump supporters diamond and silk are here on this friday. good morning, ladies. ainsley: hey, ladies. griff: what say you? ainsley: do you accept their apology? >> well, here's the deal. you can't take the knife, stastab us in the back and apologize for it and then when you get mad when you don't like what we say you twist the knife when no one is looking. you can't do that. if he was really apologetic for it he would take those algorithms off our page so our followers and fans can
3:26 am
see our posts. our posts can reach our fans. >> that's right. >> he not is apologizing because he got caught. ainsley: the problem still exists. >> it exists not just with us but other conservatives. we have 1.6 million followers and fans and we are still getting tons of complaints where people can't see our posts. they can't see our videos. >> that's right. >> we're not coming up in their news feed. you know, this is not tyranny mark zuckerberg is not a dictator. he don't get to dictate to people what they can and cannot see. >> that's right. >> he don't get to bull pull out the bully censorship because we don't go along with the liberal ideology. >> that's right. >> he don't get to do that to us. brian: well, i guess we don't know. so he has apologized and you pretty much don't accept the apology. are we going to need some type of intervention? some type of counselor? what would. >> it don't have to be
3:27 am
expensive. he needs to fix it remove these algorithms from conservative voices' page so our voices can be heard. >> and the same tests they use to put these polls in place called algorithms, remove them from our page so people can see our content. remove it and all of these bloggers called the host and said that diamond and silk was don lemon and chris cuomo. they need to apologize to us for their lie and retract their lie. >> that's right. griff: ladies, do you want to see action taken in washington? if so, what do you want to see happen? >> i want to see if you are censoring any voices you need to pay a big heavy price for it. >> that's right. remove the algorithm. i want to be able to see my president's post when he posts something. i want to reach our posts to reach our 1.6 million people and other conservative voices. >> and another thing, mark
3:28 am
zuckerberg what he should do is hire diamond and silk because we can tell him what's wrong with his own platform. >> is he scared to come to the table and sit down with us. i guess he thinks we too dangerous for him. griff: there you go invite out to mark zuckerberg. we will see if he accepts it. ainsley: diamond and silk, thank you so much. have a great weekend. brian: coming up straight ahead. james comey slammed his insubordinate among other things in the inspector general general report. mark levin says there should be a special counsel just for comey. he will be joining us coming up. griff: it was the play of the day, steve scalise making a diving catch to return to the congressional baseball game. steve doocy is in the dugout. he is live at the white house this morning. steve? steve: good morning, griff. absolutely. if you would have told somebody ahead of last night's game steve scalise would make the big play you would go that's not going to happen. it happened. and it was wonderful. that behind the scenes look at steve scalise return to baseball coming up next on
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♪ ainsley: it is a white house. do you know the address. brian: that's where the president lives but more importantly right to the left of the west wing is steve doocy only one up right now so he was asked to whisper. ainsley: not the only one up except for yard guy you talked to that's always in the background. steve: you know what? i finally saw the guy. i took a picture of him. next time i am on and is he blasting away we will put the picture up. ainsley: i love it. steve: listen, the reason i am here is yesterday all morning long we were over at nat's park in anticipation of the congressional baseball game. last night i went to the game. keep in mind, the year
3:33 am
before, one year before, steve scalise and four others were shot just a couple of miles from the game at the baseball practice. over the last year steve scalise and the others have not only had to learn thousand walk again but had to learn in steve scalise's case play ball again. so for last night, everybody was so excited about him taking the field and as it turns out, the play of the game, not making it up, walls steve scalise. here. let's take you back about 24 hours. [beep] >> we need medics, victim down in the baseball field. steve: steve scalise has been shot. aids say he was practicing baseball early this morning when 50 shots were reportedly fired. >> congressman steve scalise is a friend is he a patriot and a fighter. steve: yesterday, steve scalise returned to a horps welcome. >> i'm definitely a living example that miracles really
3:34 am
do happen. steve: you have been over the last year working your best to get back to a good state of health. and you're able to walk now. you are going to start at second base. >> i earned the starting job back again. >> it looks like you have had a costume change. >> you know, i had the yellow shoe uniform for practice got to wear team u.s.a. for the game. steve: time for a little batting practice. steve is not only about to hit the ball but hit the ball hard. the amazing thing about steve scalise is it's almost 7:00 at night and he gave blood earlier today. when you were walking out that tunnel, it kind of had that field of dreams thing going. >> it really was. you saved his life. >> well, a lot of people did. but i was able to get him-to-him in time thanks to capital police. >> if he didn't put the tourniquet on me my trauma surgeon told me that i wouldn't have made it to the
3:35 am
hospital. steve: a year ago, did you think he would be able to do this? >> not really. steve: there is something special in the air, isn't there. >> this is what is great about america. baseball past time but the come back story. steve scalise. steve: no pressure on you but if you as a pitcher don't do a good job, steve scalise is going to have a word with you later. >> yes. it's tough enough to get past the whip on a day-to-day voting process. >> well, republicans going to win in this one? >> well, we just win by being on the field. when you think about where we were last year on this day, i was sitting in a hospital. prayers were answered. you know. it's not about what the score at the end of the day. it's the smiles. not just on the republican side or democrat, everyone else. i think all of america is excited. >> this is a much different game than last year. you were up in the booth with nancy pelosi talking about how america was steve scalise. >> america is still team steve scalise. our prayers were answered. look at him a year later to the day is he out there playing second base.
3:36 am
>> god performs miracles. no words. got no words. steve: i hear the public announcer. it's time to play ball. >> and for the first time to second base. [cheers and applause] we are underway. a ground ball to second and scalise throws him out at first from his knees. the entire infield, the entire field goes over to congratulate him and give him a big hug. >> i was wondering how you were going to do in the game. and what happened? the first play. >> first batter hits right over to second base and i had to go back hand the thing i said man, i cannot miss this play. steve: there wasn't a dry eye in the place. >> i mean, if you don't believe in miracles and that god has a piece to this action, i mean, that was just unreal. unreal. how much difference a year makes, huh? and we come full circle.
3:37 am
steve: welcome back. >> it's great to be back. back in the game. steve: how cool was that? by the way, when he was escorted to second base those two capitol police officers who escorted him were the two who were injured a year ago and a day ago. and i will tell you what, for steve scalise to get the big play on the first play, that's a miracle. ainsley: also unbelievable how far he has come in such a short amount of time. it's only been a year and he is already walking again and climbing those stairs with a little bit of assistance but out there on the field too, steve. steve: not only that ainsley. but i spent the day with him. he had a whip meeting. he met with leadership. he was going from, i think he got up at 5:00 yesterday morning and last night at 8:00 he was beaming, you know, across his face because he was back -- he has worked for a year to get back to a good physical state. but to be able to play baseball, and hit the ball and catch the ball and make the out, fantastic.
3:38 am
ainsley: is he a survivor. brian: we don't talk about the final score if you were a republican. steve: final score, this someone of those games where the score really doesn't matter. ainsley: everyone is a winner. steve: keeping score 21 to 5. the democrats won. the democrats won. griff: oh boy. steve: the republicans had their star player steve scalise back in the lineup. brian: that was a blue wave. ainsley: thank you, steve. brian: good job. jillian mele is in another disclose you had location she promises to bring the news. jillian: i'm hiding from you, brian. get you caught up on headlines we are following. now hearing the chilling call for help made moments after an alligator suddenly snatched a woman walking her dogs. >> i think an alligator got this lady. >> you think an alligator got the lady? >> yeah. she is nowhere to be found. i watched her go in and i didn't see her come out. >> police in davey, florida have recovered the gator and the woman's body. a deputy forced to open fire
3:39 am
when he is attacked by a suspect. the tense moments caught on surveillance camera in washington state. the man approaching and fighting the deputy who was responding to a disturbance call. the deputy then shooting his gun to stop the suspect. he was taken to the hospital. no word on his condition. the deputy was not seriously hurt. another democrat wants voters to know he won't support nancy pelosi for house minority leader. local interview new york representative brian higgins says, quote: she is aloof, phrenetic and misguided and givings voice to a frustration that i hear every single day. this week congressional candidate clark tucker of arkansas released an ad doubling down on his position against pelosi. when technology fails, humanity prevails. a stranger pushes a woman all the way home when her electric wheelchair breaks down in georgia. >> when god calls you to help, you are supposed to help, period. >> the man originally asked if he would call for help.
3:40 am
as you can see he took matters into his own hands and pushed her for a mile. the act of kindness is going viral and rightfully so. props to you this morning, guys. ainsley: i love that story. that's sweet. that's a good one. thank you so much, jillian. it's 20 minutes until the top of the hour. james comey slammed as insubordinate in the inspector general report. mark levin says there should be a special counsel just for comey and is he going to join us coming up. brian: plus, controversy erupting at one high school after a transgender student dominates a girl's track and field event. one parent fighting for change will join us live. a supr absorbent core that quickly turns liquid to gel. so i feel protected... ...and pretty. always discreet boutique.
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3:44 am
nearly 30 years. according to deadline the cw just struck a deal to air reruns but they could order more shows in the future. political jokes getting old even to the actors. >> our jobs are fleeing this country. they are going to mexico. they are going to jina. >> telling the rap in part i do hope next year will be a lot more funny, funny based stuff, more comedy based stuff instead of a lot of political stuff. stay tuned. we'll see. >> life, liberty and levin is the name of the show. mark levin is the host. mark, stunning revelations emerge on thursday about this ig report. 500 pages. even for you is tough to get through. looking at the executive summary, what stands out? >> first of all, i haven't each finished printing this thing. this is a very, very serious document. a couple of things stand out. number one that donald trump
3:45 am
was 100 percent right to fire james comey. in the report, the ig makes several recommendations. he says we recommend that the department and the fbi consider developing guidelines or guidance that identifies the risk associated with the alternatives for permitting a witness to attend a voluntary interview of another witness. and he's talking about what comey and company allowed in the hillary clinton investigation. you don't allow a witness to participate in a witness interview. you don't even need to recommend that. the fbi doesn't normally do that. they did it for hillary clinton. we recommend he says that the department consider making explicit that except in situations where the law requires or permits disclosure an investigating agency cannot publicly announce its recommended charging decision prior to consulting with the attorney general, deputy attorney general and so forth. that is current policy at the department of justice. so he is making recommendations that are already policy because comey and company violated.
3:46 am
one more, real quick. and there are several. we recommend consider guidance agents and prosecutors concerning the taking of overt investigative steps overt investigative steps, indictments public announcements or other actions that could impact an election. that's current department of justice policy. what i'm saying here is the firing of fbi director comey was not only warranted, it has now been defended. it also raises the question why in the world didn't barack obama fire this guy? these violations were out in public. we all already knew about it when comey had his public pronouncements in the middle of an election saying i wouldn't bring the charges but look at all these violations and so forth. well known in advance. but barack obama, of course, did not fire comey and should have. one last thing and it's been said all over the place. the smoking gun. there is a smoking gun. and that is that exchange
3:47 am
between page and strzok. that text from august 2016. page, trump's not ever going to become president, right? right? strzok, and strzok is not just some fbi agent. he's like the man in charge. brian: number two. >> no. no, he won't. we'll stop it. now, i don't understand how the ig says nothing here is political. if that's not political, i don't know what it is. brian: if you look at james comey and i watched almost all his interviews, he seems remarkably in the dark about so many things. that he actually didn't know christopher steele who he was or who paid for the dossier. he wasn't familiar with the affair that was going on between two very important people underneath him. what was he doing just a bunch of speeches every night? was he just a figure owed in this organization? >> i don't believe so. i believe he knew everything that was going on. he is able to play rope-a-dope we don't have a special counsel investigating the fbi. we don't have a special counsel investigating the
3:48 am
department of justice. amazes me the greatest threat to our electoral system still remains and our greatest threat to the electoral system in the last cycle was not a foreign government. they are always trying to screw around with us and we always have to step up to that it was our own government and the idea that we don't have a special counsel number one to look at the real criminal activity and number two we don't have a special submission to look at this and figure out what we need to do to make sure it doesn't happen again is absolutely appalling to me. brian: mark levin, watch him sunday at 10:00. we will repeat him whenever we want because we have rightso his show. mark levin, thanks so much. >> god bless. brian: man, is he so smart. still to come, rudy giuliani, he is outside left. playing center forward is kevin mccarthy. he might be the next speaker. andrew mccarthy is now a fox news contributor. that's why is he smiling. brian: is he the keeper? >> he is. brian: father's day is two days away.
3:49 am
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check them out. good stuff. brian: i love what you already set up here. tell us how we can get it?
3:53 am
>> yes. this year the trend is like outdoor entertaining. basically like giving dad his man cave but bringing it outdoors. what better for a man cave than a bar. of this is a great bar. this is from way fair. they have awesome selection of tons of great bars. this is a cafe. hardwood all construction wood construction with bamboo chairs. it's nice because it's portable. light weight. put it any side of the patio or the deck. can you even bring it inside. gives it like portable bar option any time you want it put the california umbrella over it and kind of sets the whole scene. mate trex dzeko scene behind it like whole bar area. brian: usually have to go on vacation to feel like this. >> exactly. ainsley: only thing is griff is like the bartender serving coffee. >> what are we doing here, guys? outdoor bar. what would an outdoor bar be without a tv to watch the game, right? this thing is absolutely amazing. 65 inches of awesomeness. this is a sun brite outdoor
3:54 am
television. what's so cool about this it's completely outdoors. bring it out in the cold, the heat, the sun, the rain, the snow, the sleet. doesn't matter. you leave it mounted right on the wall. 4 k ultra high depth. quality of indoor television. you don't have to take it off the wall every year. it can be in the rain and any kind of weather. ainsley: no glare. >> no glare. sizes 32 inches up to 75 inches. 4 k. you get that amazing picture. brian: do you want to mount it. they have some that go into the pockets or just put it on. >> have the electric coming up -- listen, this thing is so cool can you mount it anywhere in the yard. put it up on the tree. i have seen people mount them on the trees and leave it there all year long. comes in three different models, full sun, partial sun and for full shade. so if you are in like a shaded area, it's a different tv. three different models that will give now glare. ainsley: can you watch "fox & friends"? griff: didn't mind a little heat. >> guys, after we get done
3:55 am
watching the sunbritetv i'm talking about this is the mac daddy of all grills. this is trigger. this is pellet fire. check it out. hardwood pellets inside of it. coolest thing about this grill unlike any other grill in the world, it's so cool. it's computerized totally run automated. this is wi-fi controlled. you program it to an app. on your smart phone. you stick the thermometer in the meat that you are cooking and this will actually do everything to perfection for you. it will tell you what the temperatures are on your phone. send you notifications. you can go on the cloud and get recipes and cooking instructions. say you are doing a brisket. you put this in the brisket and go online and find the brisket and cook it because it senses the temperature cook it perfectly and let you know on your phone when it's done. brian: where is the gas. >> no gas. brian: plug it in. >> no. wood pellets. auger inside that feeds wood pellets in no gas or flame inside. smoke convection oven.
3:56 am
fan blols it through here. griff: i like everything have you out here. drink at the bar, watch tv. i don't want to do yard work. >> this is dad's day. some dads love to do yard work. if you have a dad who loves tools and take care of the yard. battery operated multitool. the coolest thing about this is you buy one tool and then get separate attachments for it at separate times or all together. everybody can chip in and get dad different tools. clip this in string trimmer. you push the button and pull it back out. edger, saw. three attachments coming out. one tool takes up less space, less time. >> where do we get it. >> skip don't forget this vacuum. brian: thanks, skip. ainsley: happy father's day. griff: rudy giuliani says the mueller probe should be
3:57 am
success suspended after the ig report. rudy giuliani joins us next. ainsley: performing live out on our plaza. brian: they do yard work. like flag t-shirts for only $5. and an igloo 120 quart cooler for under $50.
3:58 am
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4:00 am
brian: the ig report. ainsley: describes comey as insubordinate. brian: comey broke fbi procedures but no political bias. >> this is one of the most damning rebukes by the fbis we have ever seen. that is 562 pages of nothing but bias and animus. >> new immigration legislation that includes $25 billion to build the wall would increase the number of immigration enforcement agents and it would end controversial practice of separating families detained at the border. >> sara, you are a parent, don't have you any empathy for what these people are going through. >> brian, gosh, settle down. >> hit right to scalise. got it.
4:01 am
[cheers] >> thousand, where we go. steve: there wasn't a dry eye in the place. >> i mean, if you don't believe in miracles and that god has a piece to this action, i mean, that was just unreal. ♪ ♪ brian: very exciting the "fox & friends" all-american concert series. and we are on the plaza with three doors down and dave's famous barbecue. you know that famous dave's. we will be giving that away. sometimes ainsley will charge some of the fans and make some profits because her kid's got to go to college. ainsley: we is a long line on the sidewalk waiting to get into our concert. we are excited three doors down is here. you probably heard them them at the inauguration or remember them from the inauguration. griff: we have ribs, a kid from memphis i can't to wait get those ribs.
4:02 am
ainsley: keurig sponsored it too. grateful for them. brian: steve, that's his philosophy one cup at a time. steve dooce at the us what because he has been steve scalise for a couple of days. steve: i know now why having spent an hour at the white house so far this friday. i know why the president gets up so early and tweets. not only is it the leaf blower who goes by all the time. there is a guy with a great big vacuum truck and then there are forklifts. this place is a behive of activity and it's just 7:00. listen, when you think about what this president has done and been through in the last week, there was the g-7 summit. he went to all the way to singapore. he went to north korea deal. yesterday we had the ig report. so much going on and, yet, in washington this morning people are talking about the big congressional baseball game. i got a behind the scenes look with steve scalise. spent the entire day with him. you know, it was just a year ago he was shot.
4:03 am
nobody thought he would make it back to the baseball field. he did. and he made the play of the game. we're going to show that you coming up real shortly. brian: thanks, steve. we'll be back with you in a second. we're also trying to deacon structure the ig report. and the ig report 500 pages. look at this. and even the overview is full of intelligence about 15 pages long. ainsley: that's right. let's bring in rudy giuliani who is the president's attorney and he is the former mayor of new york city. we wanted to get mr. giuliani, wanted to get your opinion about this ig report and what you think should happen now in the mueller investigation. >> they should end it. i mean, the ig report basically tells you that both prongs of the mueller investigation are either corrupt or answered. the second one, the obstruction of justice, i mean, this report is a complete and absolute explanation of why comey had to be fired. so how can it be on destruction of justice? every reason for firing him
4:04 am
is laid out here. he usurped the power of the attorney general. he leaked information illegally. he had a department that was leaking like a sieve at the higher level, please, not the agents in the new york office. not the agents in the washington office and the lawyers and agents around him leaking information in exchange for gifts. that's called bribery. you know, that's what the commission was about for the new york city police department it wouldn't be the entire fbi. it would be the people around comey. this thing has to change from an investigation of the trump administration for collusion, which is a made-up charge by peter strzok who said i'm going to get trump, i'm going to stop him, i'm going to get him out of the white house, should become an investigation of comey, those fbi agents who should be fired today and imprisoned next week. brian: i just don't understand why peter strzok still has a job. everyone has to take a moment and look at his bias, his disdainful comments and there are three other
4:05 am
unnamed agents on there. agent 1, agent 2, agent 3. they say said stuff just as horrific and biased. i don't know about their action yet. but what their thought pattern is condemning enough. while you are speaking rude, the president the united states just tweeted. ainsley: fbi agent peter and strzok who headed fbi investigations tweeted to his lover lisa page will stop president trump from becoming president. doesn't get any lower than that he says. disaster for comey. his minions and sadly the fbi. comey will now officially go down as the worst leader by far in the history of the fbi. did i a greatselves to the people in firing him. good instincts. christopher wray will bring it proudly back. griff: rudy, crystal clear comey doesn't -- is it your opinion then that this irrefutable 568 pages of bias in this document is
4:06 am
coloring and should be drawn into question for the mueller investigation? >> absolutely. let's look at it this way. this is the preface to the mueller investigation. the next chapter is the corrupt mueller investigation. not mueller, but the reason for the investigation. peter strzok was running the hillary investigation. that's a total fix. that's a closed book now. total fix. comey should go to jail for that and strzok. but then what does comey do? he takes strzok, how just see right there. wanted to get trump in any way possible. he puts him in charge of the rickenbacker investigation. the -- russia investigation. how come they are not finding any evidence of collusion? because the president didn't do anything wrong and he is being investigated corruptly. griff: do you think strzok should be prosecuted? one part of this report shows that there could be and horowitz says he can't say that the bias didn't possibly play a role that strzok delayed calling in
4:07 am
the anthony weiner laptop which ultimately proved that hillary clinton had classified information. >> absolutely. i mean, actually, ended up hurting hillary clinton but not -- he wasn't trying to. he hoped he could -- he hoped he could kill that thing for the entire election. however, the agents in the new york office, we all know this rebelled. they had a revolution. and comey made two attempts to quiet them down. and then realized i can't do that. i'm going to look terrible here if she gets elected i will look teenager. if she doesn't, so he goes ahead and does something completely unprecedented. a completely against justice department policy. singular reason for firing. reopening the investigation of the pervert weiner and his wife uma dea i'm uma dean. that's a challenge for ray.
4:08 am
this stuff. stop with all this nonsense about collusion which didn't happen. obstruction of justice based on a report that says he should be fired. let's investigate the investigators. let's take a to the mueller investigation. let's stop it and get rid of all the agents doing the mueller investigation. i mean, mueller has a guy with him that donated 36,000 to hillary. he has one who cried at hillary's losing party. they are just as bad as strzok when you take a look at them. ainsley: in this report five unnamed fbi employees not including peter strzok and lisa page anti-trump bias. one of them worked on the mueller probe. whhe was the one tweeting out sending messages viva le resistance meaning i'm going to resist. so numb after the election so stressed about what i could have done differently. >> the reality is somebody like that shouldn't be working at the fbi he has
4:09 am
emotional problems and probably needs valium or something like that. heck of a thing for the fbi. please i want to emphasize on behalf of the president and myself. i worked for the fbi for 40 years. i'm talking about the honest decent ones, wray owes it to them to now uncover these people. the guys who got gifts, brian, they are immediately prosecutable. i will do that case. brian: mr. mayor, i will define that. there were hundreds of examples of the press buying tickets and dinners and events and golfing and tee times for fbi agents what do they get in return? maybe some leaks and some stories. if i went out with a lawmaker -- if i want to buy them lunch or dinner, they are not allowed to take a meal. they are not allowed to take a drink. they can't get a cup of coffee from somebody in the media.
4:10 am
if you offer to pay they recoil. you know the legal thing and i know you want the president this whole thing to end. i get that. but so far we just have words. we don't know what peter strzok did we don't know what lisa page did. we don't know what agents 3, 4, and 5 did. are words enough. >> absolutely. words are the makings of a conspiracy. i mean, if i say you are going to have to see follow through action. for example, i want to symptom trump. russia investigation. that's why there is no evidence of collusion. i want to stop trump. obstruction of justice based on firing comey when any president in his right behind would have fired him on day one the actions are the corrupt -- the investigation that we have been reading about for a year and a half was given birth by all of these corrupt acts by peter strzok, comey. how about comey's leak? why does he have a department leaking? because he leaks. admittedly he leaked a memo
4:11 am
to the professor. that's the basis of this entire investigation. brian: this is all about the voters and the american people. that's what the show is about. that's what the president is doing and not doing it for the money. and look at what these fbi agents think of trump supporters. this is a quote. trump supporters are all poor to middle class, uneducated, lazy, i think i know what that means pos. magically grant them jobs for doing nothing. they probably didn't watch the debates. aren't fully educated on his policies and are stupidly wrapped up in his unmerited unenthusiasm. also talk about words we don't use anymore. mental handicap that donald trump has and so do the people that voted for him. that's the utter disdain. how do you an investigation if you feel this way? >> about all of us? that would apply to me it would apply to the people that support him in his administration. all the witnesses they are
4:12 am
talking. to say and everybody listening to us today who supported him. and the relate is that that kind of disdain shows their inincredible elite bias. that spills over to mueller's people, 13 angry democrats working for mueller. people who donated over 35,000 to do so hillary clinton. people who were there at her party crying like the fbi agent was crying. crying? come on. so, they should not be involved in the investigation. more importantly, there should not be an investigation. mueller should make a report, everything he has got. no interview of the president. he shouldn't be bothered about it why we get interviewed in a corrupt investigation? brian: this makes you feel less likely to interview than did you on sunday before this dropped? >> the attorney general, the deputy attorney general, the appropriate officials in the justice department with mueller's consent should say enough is enough. we have wasted $20 million on a corrupt investigation
4:13 am
engineered by comey and his goons and the idea that this is a witch-hunt. the idea that this is a frame, which president trump has said from the beginning. now turns out to be documented by the ig. now let's turn to investigate the corrupt investigators and clean up the fbi. and it's not going to be hard. it's only the top. not all those good agents. most of them are with us. they are poor, stupid, dumb. because they -- most of them voted for donald trump. they didn't vote for crooked hillary. griff: all right. mr. mayor, certainly a lot of trust to be earned back from the american people that this report has brought out. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. brian: 500 pages to look at and explain. ainsley: all right. it's 13 minutes after the top of the hour. this video is going to make you sick. two men caught on camera burning the american flag. what is being done about that? it's next. brian: president trump promised it on the campaign trail. >> it's time to establish a national goal of reaching 4% economic growth. brian: this morning, one step closer to reaching that
4:14 am
goal. stuart varney always seems to be walking when i introduce him. he is going to thank the president's tax cut for that ♪ rocking into the night ♪ o o family members, including your grandchildren babies too young to be vaccinated against whooping cough are the most at risk for severe illness. but you can help prevent this. talk to your doctor today about getting vaccinated against whooping cough. because dangers don't just exist in fairytales. ♪ now that i'm on my way ♪ do you still think i'm crazy standing here today ♪ ♪ i couldn't make you love me applebee's 2 for $20, now with steak. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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duck: quack! call to request your free decision guide now. because the time to think about tomorrow is today. ♪ time to establish a national goal of reaching 4%
4:18 am
economic growth: we're bringing g.d.p. from really 1%, which is what it is now up to 4%. i actually think we can go higher than 4%. >> i say 4% because i really believe it we are saying 3% but i say 4%. >> i see no reason why we don't go to 4%, 5%, even 6%. griff: president trump's promise of historic economic growth may be coming true. ainsley: jp morgan growth 4% touting the president's tax cut as the cause. brian: what needs to happen to hit that magic number at the end of the month. let's ask stuart varney because he told me to ask that question. you told me to ask the question because you have the answer. >> we are there now. current growth is april through the end of june. we are in that quarter right now. i'm quite prepared to-to-say we are already at 4% analyzed growth. look, we have returned to
4:19 am
prosperity. prosperity is not a statistic. feeling of confidence, optimism. the money is flowing. that's exactly where we're now. prosperity has returned to america as president trump forecast just six months ago and a year ago. now, this is all the result of deregulation, tax cuts, bonuses, rising wages. and unemployment rate at 3.8% at a generational low. very low rates of unemployment for minorities. we are an expanding economy. welcome to the new world of prosperity in the trump era. we're there. ainsley: at this point in the trump ear remarks he has the highest approval rating of any other president except for george bush right after 9/11 at this point in the presidency, even president obama. why is that? is it because of the economy or is it because of north korea? >> i firmly believe that the economy is the key to the november's election and to 2020. it's what people react to do
4:20 am
you have money in your pocket? do you have disposable income? do you want to go out to eat tonight as opposed to staying home and eating out of the grow grocery store? that's where we're. that's why the president's approval rating is going up. griff: nancy pelosi says hip hip hooray, crumbs, that maybe democrats should get on board and recognize the truth of this. brian: phase 2. >> they should but they won't because they don't have a growth plan. if hillary clinton had become president of the united states 18 months ago, we would not now be growing at 4% rate. we would not. what the democrats want is tax increases. they want more government spending. that's not the way to growth. that's not the way to prosperity. brian brian what america wants is more varney and company and start you up at:00 and have did you go to 12:00. >> you got it. brian: on fbn. griff: prosperity is here, thanks, stu. transgender student dominates a girl's track and field event.
4:21 am
one parent fighting for change will join us next live. brian: some nfl players are fired up about the policy may go to court. good job. those details coming up. keeping this tookus safe and protected... you can get comfortable doing the same with yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it.
4:22 am
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4:24 am
♪ jillian: good friday morning to you. we are back with a fox news alert. park stan's most wanted terrorist is dead. killed in an american drone strike. our military successfully targeting taliban leader during a mission in afghanistan. he, along with four other terror commanders died in the strike. is he believed to be the terrorist who ordered the shooting of education activist in 2012. she survived and later won the nobel peace prize. horror on the boardwalk when a roller coaster derails sending people plummeting three stories to the ground. other riders left dangling
4:25 am
from the ride in daytona beach, florida. >> herd a loud crash and the car was facing down. we just heard everybody screaming. so we ran over there and there were two people that were laying on the ground and two primary voters were trapped. ainsley: emergency crews walking stranded riders to. two people fell and six people rushed to the hospital. not clear what caused the accident. griff? griff: all right. thank you. one parent in connecticut has launched a petition to change the policy on transgendered team participation in competitions after transgendered students dominated a girls track and field event. ainsley: the current connecticut scholastic rules on transgenders eligibility are obsolete and compromise the fairness of the sport. griff: here with more of the parent who started that petition the mother of celina the member of the
4:26 am
track team. good morning. we are just trying to lay this out. why are transgender students running in your daughter's competition? >> currently in connecticut, under the ciac rule, which is the connecticut interscholastic association, the justice center policy is that they will watch the gender identity listed with that athlete's school. and that has raised some concerns recently because schools are obligated under title 9 to change the athlete's gender identity without any medical records or any other requirements. the form needs to be filled out. and needs to be changed in the school portal and that
4:27 am
athletes will now have to go into that new gender identity according to ciac. and that has created an uneven playing field recently since it's biologically known -- it's known biologically male athletes vs. female athletes are different. ainsley: i know your daughter is on this track team and there are two transgender students on the team with her. and i understand they are winning number one and number two consistently. so what would you like to see different? how can it be fair? how county playing field be fair so that everyone still gets to compete? >> after doing a lot of research, i realized that the current ciac rule is actually unfair to both transgender athletes if we look at it from an overall perspective as well as the
4:28 am
gender with female athletes. and what that really means is that you have a biological male competing a biological female. and once again, there is that physical "special superior. at the same time have you another transgender male female to male now they are forced into a category of competing against males. and they probably will not have possibility to compete in basketball or volleyball. griff: bianca so we can put up on the screen to be clear from the ciac we have this quote about their policy they say the school district shall determine's a student's ability to participate in a sports team based on the gender identification of that student in current school records and daily life activities in the school and
4:29 am
community. in the case of your daughter, she came in sixth place. is she upset by this? >> yes. and it's not so much about upset because she came in the sixth place. it feels to her as it is to most of us that it's an unfair playing field and once again if she would have been in the seventh place she would never have had the chance to advance and the places would have been taken by biological male. ainsley: well, bianca, thank you so much. please keep us posted. >> sounds good. thank you. griff: thank you, bianca. send us your emails at, a very interesting story as the father of two daughters, i'm not sure i would be okay with that. ainsley: when scholarships are involved it's such a tricky thing because if your child would have been number one but you want everyone to have a chance to play. send us those emails and let
4:30 am
us know what you are thinking. happiest place on earth chilling threats several new details coming in. griff: the play everyone is talking about, steve scalise making a diving stop in his return to the congressional baseball game. steve doocy was in the dugout. he's live at the white house. hey, steve. steve: hey, griff. that's right. this is not the game ball but it is a ball that i found at the game. what a game it was. it's one of those things where the score at the end doesn't matter who won. everybody, steve scalise is back. you are going to see his amazing recovery over the last year coming up next on "fox & friends" live from washington, d.c. ♪ another day to celebrate ♪ another day of living ♪ i just want to celebrate ♪
4:31 am
do not mistake serenity for weakness. do not misjudge quiet tranquility for the power of 335 turbo-charged horses. the lincoln mkx, more horsepower than the lexus rx350. and a quiet interior from which to admire them. for a limited time, get 0% apr on the lincoln mkx plus get $1,000 bonus cash.
4:32 am
4:33 am
♪ ♪ oh, oh ♪ this is going to be the best day of my life ♪ brian: if you are the american authors you don't have to write another song. ainsley: that's a great song. brian: puts ainsley in a
4:34 am
good mood for a change. ainsley: we minds me of the day my daughter was born. your wedding is amazing. steve, steve, it's father's day this weekend. having a baby is just such a special event. isn't it? was that the best day of your life? steve: listen, three times. got three kids. that's right, ainsley. i'm sure steve scalise yesterday felt that it was one of the best days of his life because after what happened to him in alexandria, virginia, a year earlier, for him to go back and be able to play in the congressional baseball game, starting at second, probably a dream come true. watch this. >> we need medic. victim down in the baseball field. steve: steve scalise has been shot. aides say he was practicing baseball early this morning when 50 shots were reportedly fired. >> congressman scalise is a friend. he's a patriot and he's a fighter. steve: yesterday, steve scalise returned to a hero's welcome. >> i'm definitely a living example that miracles really
4:35 am
do happen. steve: you have been over the last year working your best to get back to a good state of health. and you're able to walk now. you are going to start at second base. >> i earned the starting job back again. steve: it looked like you had a costume change. >> i had the yellow shoe uniform for practice and wear team u.s.a. for the game. steve: time for a little batting practice. steve is not only about to hit the ball but hit the ball hard. the amazing thing about steve scalise is it's almost 7:00 at night, and he gave blood earlier today. ♪ ♪ steve: when you were walking out that tunnel, it kind of had that field of dreams thing going. >> it really was. steve: you saved his life. >> a lot of people did, but i was able to get to him in time thanks to capital police. >> if he didn't put the tourniquet on me, my trauma surgeon told me that i
4:36 am
wouldn't have made it to the hospital. steve: a year ago, did you think he would be able to do this? >> not really. steve: there is something special in the air, isn't there. >> this is what is great about america. baseball past time but the come back story, steve scalise. steve: no pressure on you but if you, as a pitcher, don't do a good job steve scalise is going to have a word on you later. >> tough enough to get past the whip on a day-to-day voting process. steve: well, republicans going to win in this one? >> we just win by being on the field. when you think about where we were last year on this day, i was sitting in the hospital. i just think the prayers are answered, you know. it's not about what the score at the end of the day, it's about the smiles and not just on the republican side, democrat, everybody else. i think all of america is excited. steve: this is a much different game than last year. you were up in the booth with nancy pelosi talking about how america was team scalise. >> that's right. america is still team scalise. our prayers are answered. look at him. a year later to the day, is he out there playing second
4:37 am
base. >> god performs miracles. no words. government no words. steve: i hear the public announcer it's time to play ball. >> and returning for the first time to second bas base. [cheers and applause] >> we are underway. ground ball to second. scalise throws him out at first from his niece. the entire infield, the entire field goes over to congrats lit him and give him a big hug. steve: i was wondering how you were going to do in the game and what happened? the first play. [laughter] >> first batter hits over to second base and i had to go back hand the thing and i said man, i cannot miss this play. steve: there wasn't a dry eye in the place. >> if you don't believe in miracles and that god has a piece to this action, i mean, that was just unreal. unreal. how much difference a year makes, huh? we just come full circle.
4:38 am
steve: welcome back. >> it's great to be back. back in the game. steve: is he back in the game. i got choked up, i got to tell you. at the end the score though 21 for the democrats and 5 for the republicans although i think a lot of people would probably say that it was a great game. the score really didn't matter, so, it was a good day. >> we have a special guest for you, steve. steve: i look so short. >> it is father's day and we got very busy here in washington. i didn't have a ton of time to shop. i got you something you could only get here at the white house downstairs. this is so cool. it is a whole -- >> you couldn't wrap it. >> hold on. steve: let me open it on tv for the folks. >> yes, please. >> no other dad is getting this right now. >> is the ig report? >> it's a whole sleeve of john roberts' business cards. >> it's john roberts business cards. >> so now have you got his
4:39 am
cell and office numbers and his email. >> you know, peter. that is great. i'm hoping sally and mary do a better job on the father's day gift. thank you. >> look how tall he is. brian: have you enough ties. >> and i still tie his neckties. ainsley: you are a clone of your daddy. steve: what are you doing today? >> i'm working. steve: at the white house. >> you leave at 9:00 and i will pick up the rest of the day. steve: peter was born five blocks from the white house at george washington hospital. so i guess you were destined to work here. >> enjoy. ainsley: do you have any words for your dad. >> yes, dad, thank you for doing everything that you can to make sure me and my sisters have everything we need and always have to do well. steve: thank you, peter, i love you. i would like to give you this remote to the tv. >> thank you. griff: steve, i'm going to leave my tie for you in new york. i think pete and i may have the same tie on.
4:40 am
that way you guys can match. steve: thank you very much. ainsley: you are terrible gift givers but you are great people. happy father's day, steve. brian: peter no longer has to come home sunday. he just hand habledz his father's day gift there jillian mele is somewhere. ainsley: what are you going to do on father's day. >> have brunch with my dad. don't you feel like christmas would be super exciting in the doocy household if that's what they give as gifts? brian: whatever is around they wrap. jillian: good morning, get you caught up on your news right now. man is returning to bars after turning the happiest place on earth to a killing field. derek posted in a facebook group, quote: five likes and guy shoot up disney and hang myself. myself he admitted to writing the message before two people reported him to police. he leaves with his parents who told deputies he does
4:41 am
not have access to their guns. vandals caught on camera trying to destroy our symbol of freedom. take a look. can you see the suspects pull the american and california flags down and then try to set them on fire at a high school. they ran off as the flags were still burning. the school's principal says they retired what was left of the flag and replaced them. a potential legal battle is brewing over. the league's player association has reportedly hired multiple law firms to find ways to fight back against the rules. the policy requires all players to stand for the national anthem or stay in the locker room. if they don't comply, the team will be fined. the rule changes response to players throughout the league kneeling for the star-spangled banner to protest social injustice. this dog is melting hearts all over the internet. see him there patiently waiting for his owner outlines of a cafe at google office. according to the signs, dogs aren't allowed in that area. so he was simply following
4:42 am
the rules. the woman who posted the pictures online say he only had to wait a minute or two before his owner came back. i wonder if the owner came back with snacks though. that's the question. ainsley: oh, yes. always. ainsley: thanks so much, jillian. brian: meanwhile, coming up next, in a few hours facebook executives will head to capitol hill to answer some questions about censoring conservatives diamond and silk. i will stop now. >> mark zuckerberg is not a dictator. he don't get to dictate to people what they can and cannot see. brian: house majority leader kevin mccarthy will meet with elm. this he joins us now with a preview. he will also talk about that new immigration bill. ainsley: three doors down hanging out in the kissinger ke. a great gift for your father for father's day, a keurig machine. brian: and 3 doors down cd. ainsley: and their music ♪ot ♪
4:43 am
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brian: lots to cover here house republicans unveiled immigration funding the border wall 25 billion. will the bill get passed? speaker paul ryan thinks so despite the fact that chain migration will be untouched. kevin mccarthy. we have 25 billion for the wall. what are we doing for chain migration? what are we doing for the lottery? what are we doing for daca? >> one thing have you got to know about the wall, too. we tie the wall funding to you tie anything you do with daca to the wall being built. so the daca provisions cannot go forward unless that wall is built. that is a provision that i think is very strong. we end catch and release so we're not back into daca like we before. we go to the merit based system. these are the four pillars that the president laid out. those are the things that we are looking at.
4:47 am
remember what we are dealing with here. we are on the verge of having a discharge petition that was going to turn the floor over to nancy pelosi to deal with immigration. brian: i hear you. >> we are in a very good place about moving forward. brian: did you talk to the president. did you talk to senate leadership to see if this thing is going to get through if you get it through? >> well, you know, in the senate have you schumer over there who needs 60 votes for everything. he is trying to stop appointment and everything else. i don't know what the democrats are going to do here. here is an opportunity to find common ground, to protect the border end catch and release to put a secure system now on merit base going forward. we will have to see what the debate ends up going. brian: facebook, diamond and silk nothing has changed what do you know. >> they have to stop the bias. today i'm having a meeting, facebook is coming in to meet with the chairman of the trump campaign brad par scale. the chairman of the rnc and
4:48 am
myself. if you look at what has transpired one, google, right before the elections in california, if you googled the california republican party, they said our ideology was naziism. not the party of lincoln. not the party of reagan. you watched what happened to donald trump jr. on instagram if you searched his name they gave you a warning that this was a site that could even cause death. and then you watch what amazon has done to charity giving. stop alliance for defending freedom. they said they were an organization that was a hate group even though they just won a supreme court case 7-2 for the baker in colorado. this stuff has got to stop what they are doing to conservatives and the conservative voice. brian: hopefully make progress today. not fair to anyone on any side. ig report, hard to summarize 500 pages. what do you think? >> well, simple three things. the bias is what has happened to the fbi. the top level. they will have to rebuild their reputation. secondly, hillary clinton's investigation was never
4:49 am
taken serious. they never really looked at it but the most damning of all of this is that the person they had in charge, the most biased person there is, the peter strzok, he wanted president trump to lose 100 million to 1. he told his girlfriend that he was going. brian: peter strzok? >> yeah. he was in charge of this investigation nine months before mueller was ever put in charge of it he was getting the information. if this was in a court of law they would throw the case out. i think the mueller investigation has got to stop. brian: when is he going to get questioned? when is he going to be fired? what's going on? >> he should be more than just questioned in the process of what he used his position you for to try to dictate what would happen at election and what his own bias this isn't coming from the hillary clinton campaign. this is the inside of the fbi, the highest level and those in charge of an investigation that should end after the millions of dollars they have already spent. brian: leader mccarthy, thanks so much. have a great day. >> thank you. brian: coming up straight
4:50 am
ahead 3 doors down is warming up on the plaza for the summer concert series. we will talk to them live next. ♪ ♪ kills fleas, ticks and musky...toes? through contact. [ director ] cut! not musky toes. mosquitoes - like the bug. riiight. that makes more sense. k9 advantix ii from bayer. wise choice.
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♪ ♪ >> three doors down has captivated audiences since 1996. powerful lyrics and smash hits like kryptonite and here without you. brian: we 3 doors down to come to our plaza. round of applause for these guys? [cheers and applause] brian: so, brad, thanks so much for coming down. >> thank you. brian: the last time i saw you, what i thought was live, it was live as we watched was inauguration. why was it important for you to be there. >> that was such -- looking back on it, it was
4:54 am
monumental. i was talking to my wife about it the other day can you believe we were standing on that stage? she was there with us as all of our wives were. it was the proud moment to do that for any president. but for trump, it was a special -- it was a special moment for us. it was awesome. brian: he appreciated it. i know that. >> we appreciate him. we love what he is doing for our country and we are proud to be there. cheers. griff: these guys love you. brad, you guys also support the military. that's very important particularly in this day and age. we have nfl players won't neil, kneel. what do you guys think of the support that 3 doors down gives to the military. [cheers and applause] griff: write your songs about them. >> they deserve all the support we can give them. we have always had a close relationship with the military. my fathers was in the air force. my brother was in the air force. we all have military background. they all deserve our
4:55 am
support. ainsley: we all agree with you on that. how did you form as a group? >> we got together in mississippi in 1996. and just got together and started jamming. a couple of us played together and we just kind of very simply got together in the living room and started jamming and making songs and it just kind of went from there. brian: i have got to say it's working. 30 million albums sold. iconic hits. and you are about to start a brand new tour? >> we are. we are going to be all over america this summer and out with collective soul and soul asylum. great tour and people come out and have a great time and hear a lot of songs they know. brian: what are you going to play for us today? >> mainly older songs and couple new ones too. start out with not my time today. ainsley: what is it like when you heard some of your most popular songs on the radio for the first time. >> it was surreal. ainsley: do you remember
4:56 am
where we were. >> first time we were on a way to play our show in albany, georgia. just made the record and doing weekend runs and out in 15 passenger van and came on the radio and i'm pretty sure we almost wrecked the van. brian: what does three doors down mean? >> it's really just came off the side of the billboards. people in the band looking for a name. having a show that night and didn't have a. someone said 3 doors down and it stuck. brian: so cool. griff: chris, thank you for your service and to your family's service as well. do you ever play for the military? do you do the uso tour. >> we do. play for shows around the world bahrain and out in the middle right next to the persian gulf. played on the deck of the u is s george washington and guam and japan a few times. brian: i will take that as a yes. guys, thanks so much for being here. we will be streaming everything you are playing from here on in. 3 doors down in moments. ainsley: thank you, guys. god bless you. fox news alert. the inspector general ripping the fbi for his
4:57 am
handling of a clinton email scandal. former u.s. attorney andy mccarthy says that it all boils down to one thing. and he's going to join us live to explain. griff: meanwhile, we're just going to jam. i am all about living joyfully. the new united explorer card hooks me up. getting more for getting away. . pier. l over doozeldorf, doozles are dozing. their eyelids so heavy, they're drooping and... even heroes need incredible sleep. closing! introducing the new sleep number 360 smart bed. the only bed that actually senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. and snoring? does your bed do that?
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which may cause kidney problems. change the course of your treatment. ask your doctor about victoza®. ♪ brian: the ig report -- >> describes comey as insubordinate. brian: comey broke fbi procedures but no political bias. >> this report is complete, absolute explanation of why comey had to be fired. the president didn't do anything wrong and he is being investigated corruptly. brian: ceo mark zuckerberg controversy surrounding superstars "diamond & silk" when his platform labeled them, dangerous. >> i don't think he apologizing because he was caught. i don't think he is actually sorry. >> hit to scalise. got it. there we go. steve: there wasn't a dry eye in
5:01 am
the place. >> if you don't believe in miracles and god has a piece of this action, that was unreal. ♪ ♪ brian: there you go. three doors down, playing one of
5:02 am
the most famous successful songs. they have probably the most fervent fans you're ever going to see. griff: they're killing it. ainsley: they played at the inauguration. they love the military. from mississippi. isn't that so cool? i love to hear stories, born in small towns, come together as friends. next thing you know they're touring all around the world singing to our military. they're good people. brian: steve doocy had a opportunity to go around the world with his band but he wanted to do weather and news. it was a good move, steve. steve: yes it was. we're here on the north lawn of the white house. last night was the big congressional baseball game. i spent all day yesterday at nats park. today we figured, go to the white house, just essentially do introduce the packages. as it turns out, ten minutes ago the president of the united states who apparently is in the mansion wrote, wow, the highest-rated, by far morning show at "fox & friends" is on
5:03 am
the front lawn of the white house. maybe i'll have to take an unannounced trip down to see them. brian: wow. steve: wow. he tweeted that out. he has been retweeting our program this morning. he tweeted that out. you can not see this, just about 50 feet over that way there are about 100 members of the washington press corps hoping that the president makes history by coming out to actually talk to one of the cameras on the north lawn of his house. brian: biggest question, steve, a little philosophical, can you have unannounced visit to "fox & friends" and announce it on twitter? steve: no. seems like it was just announced. so the president, if the president's watching, we're off at 9:00. we have the big band coming up at 8:50. he better come out. ainsley: would be one heck of a day. you had your son behind you surprised you. steve: for father's day. will the president photo bomb me
5:04 am
on the north lawn of the white house? stay tuned. you will find out in the next hour. griff: the president has been tweeting all morning long, talking about that huge, there you go, 568 page ig report, which does not have documented evidence that james comey's decisions were influenced by bias, but more than 500 pages of irrefutable bias at the fbi with agent peter struck. here is one of the president's tweets earlier, fbi agent peter strzok who headed clinton and investigation will we'll stop candidate trump from becoming president. doesn't get any lower than that. there is another one actually. the ig report is total disaster tore comey, his minions, for the fbi. comey will go down as the worst leader by far in the history of
5:05 am
the fbi. i did a great service for firing him. good instincts. christopher wray will bring it proudly back. that is pointing to the nation's lack of trust. ainsley: we'll get into all the details what exactly is in this 500 page report. let's give you some. take wais. comey described as insubordinate. he broke fbi procedures but not political bias. comey used gmail account for fbi business even though he was mad at hillary clinton for using hers. peter strzok says i don't president trump to become president. we'll stop it, he says. five fbi employees referred for investigation, five additional fbi employees. brian: they had horrible things to say about president trump and his supporters and voters. i don't even want to use some of the terminology they used. it is printed out even in the overview. i thought this was big deal, we found this written on august 15.
5:06 am
i would like to think there is no path out there in consideration of donald trump win the election. i'm afraid we can't take that risk. it is like an insurance policy, in the unlikely event you die before you're 40. if you put that on the newest tweet, that was just discovereds trump will not be president, right? struck responded, no, no, we'll stop it. i have a question, who will ask peter strzok what the plan is? who will ask peter strzok how are you going to stop it? if you didn't stop it, did you try to screw up his first two years that was own going investigation and would weigh on -- ainsley: peter strzok and lisa page and his girlfriend, there are five unnamed fbi employees under scrutiny for having anti-trump bias. some of the things they said, including a lawyer that worked for mueller probe, said, viva
5:07 am
resistance. i'm numb what i could have done differently. another fbi employee said, i can't stop crying. you promised me this wouldn't happen, you promised. meaning like you would do whatever it took to make sure this didn't happen. griff: to brian's point and to other agents, rudy giuliani, president's phone saying in earlier hour he wants to see strzok prosecuted for this. brian: anything that strzok touched is contaminated. he did the russian investigation, led it. he did the hillary clinton investigation, he led it. he started with the mueller probe and was outed and kicked out. but he still has job and security clearance. former oversight chairman jason chaffetz on this couch an hour ago. listen. >> this is one of the most daming rebukes of the fbi i think we've ever seen and an attack on their integrity and their objectivity. it's, really is sickening and
5:08 am
disgusting that the approach that they took. and hopefully this is the beginning of fixing it. they did it all in the context thinking hillary clinton will become president. it is okay. we got to show we did some things. that was the belief and that is in the report. griff: it is stunning really. jason was telling us there is going to be additional hearings here. brian: monday. griff: his old committee, oversight and government reform and house judiciary will have it. ainsley: question horowitz. griff: what upsets american people, after horowitz meets with senate and house committees, he will do a closed-door committee on specifically texts that pertain to strzok and page no one has yet seen. the damning evidence as chafe fet says is out there, redacted. there is still more we haven't seen. brian: just to go over it again, there is proof that the media is taking out, giving gifts to fbi
5:09 am
agents in terms of leaks. tee types at elite positively courses. going out to dinner. i'm talking about tickets. there are over 100 examples about this talk about coordination and collusion, the media coordinated with the fbi to leak certain things. could i please, if you can find one fbi agent isn't in support of text messages of donald trump bring it forward. is there one person saying positive about him? ainsley: think about what is going on, they didn't try to hide. these were on government issued cell phones, text-messaging each other, all the terrible stuff about the president. they never thought they were going to get caught. they thought, it appears when you read this, they would be able to turn the election in favor of hillary clinton. therefore you wouldn't even know about any of this. rudy giuliani was on with us earlier. he is the president's attorney. you know him, mayor of new york city, he said this mueller probe needs to end now because it is tainted.
5:10 am
listen. >> there should not be an investigation. mueller should make a report, everything he has got. no interview of the president. why would he get interviewed in a corrupt investigation? deputy attorney general, appropriate officials in the justice department with mueller's consent should say enough is enough. the idea this is witch-hunt. the idea this is a frame which president trump said from the beginning turns out to be documented by the ig. now let's turn to investigate the corrupt investigators and clean up the fbi. brian: by the way, the president of the united states then, barack obama first time he fund out about hillary clinton's private email and server from news reports. not true. they have private email exchanges with each other, with his private pseudo name email account and with her. he wasn't candid with us. who else used private email? james comey himself used his gmail account. important to bring up her server was acted by a foreign agent. we don't know who. we know it was soft pedaled when
5:11 am
it was announced. so it was comply mizeed. one of the emails compromised was classified as secret. ainsley: fbi does amazing job. field offices are great. a few bad apples. hopefully they get their reputation back and clean. brian: i thought christopher wray's press conference was embarassment. he should have condemned the people in that report and still built up people working for him. he should have been more outraged than anybody else. that happened with the fbi built decades for their reputation. it all fell apart yesterday. he is telling me about recruiting and how elite they are. ainsley: these fbi agents that have just tarnished the fbi, they are there to make sure that the law, everyone follows the law. yet, they are acting above the law and they're doing all of this, didn't ever think they would get caught. they're still on the payroll. you're paying for it. griff: you know whose reputation will never be tarnished?
5:12 am
jillian mele. jillian: i don't know. depends. it is only friday morning. let's get you caught up on the news starting with a fox news alert. pakistan's most wanted terrorist is dead killed in an american drone strike. our military successfully targeting taliban leader, successfully in afghanistan. he along with four other commanders died in the strike. he is believed to order the shooting of education activist, malala. she won the nobel peace prize. this is all that is left of the home after winswinds of 130 miles per hour ripped through. six people were hurt in the storms. none seriously. people around the country are preparing for another weather threat this father's day weekend, extreme heat. weather a big factor at the u.s. open, how about it. dustin johnson leading the pack after a blustery start to the tournament.
5:13 am
johnson finished one-under par in a four-way tie. winds blowing away some of golf's biggest stars. tiger woods. rory mcilroy, jordan spieth, phil mickelson finishing way over par. coverage continues today on fox. i know i'm not going to go. golf tournaments are so much to go to if you've never been to one. ainsley: they're the best. brian: andy mccarthy says the inspector general's report boils down to one thing. he will join us to expand on that and more. feel the clarity and live claritin clear.
5:14 am
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visit to join the fight.
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brian: fox news alert. the bombshell doj inspector general report is out. the fbi's handling of the hillary clinton email investigation has been released but our next guest says it boils down whether you believe hillary acted with criminal intent. really? fox news contributor as of today, andrew mccarthy. welcome aboard, you're on the team. you're coming to the christmas party of the first things first. earn your money. make sense of this. what stands out after 568 pages of hillary clinton's status and intent? >> making sense of this, brian, is probably above my pay grade
5:18 am
no matter how generous you guys are. you know, look, they rewrote the espionage act statute to try to make a path to not charge her and the whole framework of this investigation hinges on what you think of the ig investigation, hinges on what you think where they're coming from on intent. so if you buy the fbi's theory that the intent statute doesn't mean what it says, that you have to prove that she had this intent to harm the united states, which isn't? the statute, that they can argue every decision that they made was reasonable. in fact they can argue that the reason that they didn't scorch the earth like mueller has done to gather evidence is because they realized they didn't have a case anyway. so it was reasonable to do things like not use the grand jury and give people immunity after they had committed crimes. brian: right. >> on the other hand, if you
5:19 am
believe what i believe they completely distorted the law and that everything else was for show, if you believe what i believe, is that president obama publicly in april said he didn't want her charged, and that the obama justice department was never, ever, in a million years going to charge her, then everything else that the fbi did from that point forward was just to essentially make it look like a very thorough investigation was done here. brian: right. >> at the end she would be exonerated. brian: you are the professional. real quick. i'm looking at all the hatred they have for trump, disdain they have for his supporters, knowing they're leading the investigation, how does that affect what we think about the chance of justice and the mueller probe because a lot of these guys laid the groundwork for that? and peter strzok for some reason is still employed. >> yeah, well, this is why this is such an artificial exercise, brian, because you can't consider what horowitz considered in this report without laying it next to the
5:20 am
russia investigation and comparing how the two things were handled by the very same agents in each case. so in one case they basically give the kid gloves treatment, that's the clinton case, and in the other case, the very same guys are scorching the earth to try to make a case on trump even when there appears not to be one. and it is under circumstances where it's the same people treating both cases. i don't think it can be justified and i think that is why you got half the story in this report. brian: that's why we both agree chris wray missed opportunity to condemn these people and separate from the other people and nothing to do with him and he blew it yesterday. andy mccarthy. thanks so much. >> thanks, brian. brian: i will talk to you on the radio. president trump is expected to make a guest appearance with steve doocy on the white house lawn in just a moment. how do we know? he tweeted it. here is three doors down
5:21 am
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driven griff welcome back. quick headlines starting with a fox news alert. moments ago the white house announcing a 25% tariff targeting $50 billion in chinese goods. president trump has been threatening the tariffs in retaliation for intellectual property theft. the chinese government says it is prepared to respond. remember this. the neighbor of senator rand paul is sentenced today. he tackled the senator in his yard over lawn debris.
5:25 am
boucher could face 21 months in prison. ainsley? ainsley: thank you so much, griff. in 2013 our next guest made national headlines when he stood up in front of his church and he begged his congregation, to someone please adopt him. in 2015, his caseworker, made his dreams come true by adopting him into her family. and now he has reached another lifestyle stone, graduating from high school. >> mr. davion going. [cheering] ainsley: he and his mom connie going join us now with more of their incredible story. thank you for being on "fox & friends." congratulations on graduating. you have had quite a life. you have finally got the family. tell us about the experience, when you got up in church. why did you do that? >> essentially i wanted a family. ainsley: who doesn't, you know?
5:26 am
>> you know i was told i had no family. so you know, i'm like, man, i don't really want to be alone, but, after i stood up in the church i found my family. ainsley: how did that happen, connie? how did you get involved? >> i have davion since he was 7. i was his caseworker and administrator over the program. he decided he was with our family. he knew my other son i had adopted. let's try church. and that's what we did. ainsley: was it about davion really stood out? you see some children looking for families. what was it? what was so special, clearly he is a special guy, but what was it you said he has to do this? >> his heart. every child deserve as family, someone to love him. every time i saw him i would get the big hug. i couldn't understand why he didn't have a family. it didn't make any sense.
5:27 am
[no audio] ainsley: i'm grateful you did get it. what was the experience when connie adopted your mom? >> when i was a kid i didn't understand. i asked a lot of questions. and why didn't anyone love me? but you know, as the years go on you accept it in the sense. you, whatever, this is me. this is my life, you know. then you just basically prioritizing surviving. you just want to survive. ainsley: you looked for your biological mother, she passed away, right? >> i remember, i got a copy of my birth certificate. i looked up on the internet, it said she was deceased. it was funny, she died on the last day of my school year that year which, you know was, that kind of hurt. ainsley: i'm sure. davion, you have a bright future ahead of you.
5:28 am
you have a mom who loves you and brothers and sisters now. what does your future look like? what do you want to do next now that you graduated high school. >> i'm going to p-tech for culinary. ainsley: technical school? >> yes, ma'am. i plan to go to the college in america for nap at that pa. i want to own my restaurant. ainsley: thank you so much. god bless you both. >> thank you. ainsley: coming up next. we'll check in with steve live at white house. steve? steve: ainsley, you are about to see something on the fox news channel that has never happened we believe in the history of white house reporting and that is, you know, the president of the united states is just outside the press room, and it looks as if he is enroute to our location. he had tweeted earlier that he saw that we were on the front lawn. he was going to make an unannounced stop. and you know what?
5:29 am
he is now, looks like, looks like they stopped him. looks like they stopped him for a moment. they did is him a couple questions. this is crazy. the president of the united states is coming up the driveway in front of the west wing, and i have got a feeling this is going to be really noisy as everybody has a question. and there is, oh, good, peter doocy who made a cameo earlier, is bringing him this way. that's awesome. every single reporter here at the white house is now heading to the fox booth. all right. hi, mr. president. mr. president? whoa. over here! hi. [shouting questions] >> this is great. you've got some excitement on your lawn today. hello, mr. president.
5:30 am
what brings you here? >> are we on already? steve: we're live. we're on every channel. >> exciting trip over here, i have to say. that was good. how are you? steve: doing good. was here about the baseball game. how about steve scalise? >> i think he is great. how about the first play of the game. courageous. courageous. like you, huh? steve: sure. having you stop by live. i have some questions. >> i was mugged by the media. steve: they have questions for you. i hope i ask a lot of questions. >> very nice people. steve: the ig report came out yesterday. the fbi looked bad. >> very bad. steve: your fbi. >> it was comey. talking about comey. not my fbi. the people of the fbi are incredible. i would bet if you took a poll in the fbi i would win that poll by more than anybody's won a poll but the top people were horrible. you look at what happened. they were plotting against my election. probably never happened like that in terms of intelligence
5:31 am
and in terms of anything else. they were actually plotting against my election. steve: headline right now -- >> i'm actually proud because i beat clinton dynasty. i beat the bush dynasty. now i guess, hopefully i'm in the process of beating very dishonest intelligence because, what they did was incredible. and real insult to millions of people that voted in that election, on both sides of the. steve: the headline right now from the "wall street journal," doj, clinton report blasts comey and agents, finds no bias in conclusion. >> the end result was wrong. there was total bias. look at peter strzok what he said about me. look at comey all his moves. it was interesting, it was pretty good report. then i say that the ig blew it at the very end with that statement because when you read the report, it was almost like comey. he goes point of a point how guilty hillary is. and then he said but we're not going to do anything about it. the report, the ig report was a horror show. i thought that one sentence of
5:32 am
conclusion was ridiculous. steve: what about apparently the lovebirds talking about you, we will stop it? >> they said they will stop me. meantime the economy hit an all-time high this morning. never been better. jobless rate, the lowest, the best in 44 years, just came out. we're going to have some incredible things. we're just announcing very big tariffs today on china because china has been, you know, look, he is my friend, president xi, he is a great man and a wonderful guy but at some point we have to straighten it out. we lost $500 billion in trade deficits last year. we can't do that. steve: 25% tariff. >> it will be announced. maybe you have the first announcement. steve: what do you know about the tariff. >> you just beat "the wall street journal," beat "the wall street journal" by a lot. we'll do $50 billion, on $50 billion of high technology equipment and other things coming into the country because
5:33 am
so much of our secrets, we have the great brain power in silicon valley and china and others. steal those secrets. we'll protect those secrets. those are crown jewels for this country. you read so much about china, you read so much about other countries, we have the great brain power right in this country. i'm proud to say. you're certainly a member of that group. steve: i am an american. what about the fact that there are the love people who say, what is he doing, he will start a trade war? if he slaps 25% on 50 billion for china, that is going to be bad for americans? >> the trade war was started many years ago by them and the united states lost. there is no trade war. there is no trade war. they have taken so much. so last year $375 billion in trade deficit. we had -- with china. we had overall, over $800 billion over a period of years each year close to $800 billion in losses on trade. not going to happen anymore. it's not going to happen.
5:34 am
can't happen. steve: a week ago you were up in canada and you met with the gp people. >> i was. steve: that didn't end so well. >> it end well for the united states it ended well. steve: well the world community thinks the united states is turning our back on them. >> no. steve: your opinion, you got elected to represent america and america need help. >> we need protection. everybody is taking advantage of us. the european union made $151 billion on us last year. if you look at, i told you about china, you look at japan, you look at south korea, we help these countries militarily on top of everything else. at what point does it stop? when i left china it was absolutely a fantastic meeting. we left. we hugged, we kissed. everybody was leaving. we get on to air force one, prime minister up there, trudeau, didn't think we have any televisions on air force one. we have 21 televisions or some ridiculous number. steve: you saw it. you hit the roof. >> we're hugging.
5:35 am
we're saying good-bye. everybody is happy. i made changes to the agreement because i wanted it to be much better for the united states. i made changes. we're all happy. he got up and started saying he doesn't want to be pushed around by the united states. well, they charge us almost 300% on dairy products. so we can't do that. steve: have you heard from any of the g7? >> they called me to wish me happy birthday yesterday. steve: how was that? not your birthday but the message from the other side? >> i took it very well. steve: right. >> they all called. i have great friendships. new prime minister of italy is great. got to meet him. very strong on immigration like i am by the way. seems strong on immigration wins now. the democrats by the way are very weak on immigration. if you notice when i came over they were all saying separating families. that is a democrat bill. that is democrats wanting to do that. and they could solve it very easily by getting together but they think it's a good election point. i think it is a horrible election point for them.
5:36 am
steve: ultimately congress has to change the law. but at same type, mr. president, you rip the families apart, it is heartless and it is the law. >> that is what the democrats gave us. we're willing to change it today. if they want to get in hand negotiate but they just don't want to negotiate. they're afraid of security for our country. they're afraid of a you will with. i tell you most people really want the law. they want to stop the drugs. they want to stop a lot of people coming in that shouldn't be heres like ms-13. steve: a lot of, i was up on capitol hill yesterday with steve scalise. they are having a leadership meeting. sounds like they take a vote on a couple different bills on immigration probably next week. one is the goodlatte bill. something more moderate. would you sign either one of those? >> i'm looking at both of them. i have wouldn't sign the moderate bill. i need a bill that gives this country tremendous boarder security. i have to have that. >> we have to have the wall. there is no bill. we have to have
5:37 am
catch-and-release. we catch a criminal, real criminal, a rough, tough, criminal. we take his name and we release him. steve: right. >> we say please show up to court in couple months. you know what chances of getting him to court are? like zero, okay? it's crazy. then we have the lottery program, right, called lotter visa. steve: diversery lottery program. >> everyone of them has lottery. you know what a lottery is? you pick names to come into the country. when a country gives us name they're not giving us their finest. it is not good. we have to end a couple of them. we'll be so secure as a country. with all of that being said we're doing a great job. i.c.e., we're getting ms-13 out by the thousands. but we shouldn't have to be going into towns in long island and other places and getting them out. you know it is almost like we are liberating towns, it's incredible. steve: you mentioned court regarding a legal proceeding,
5:38 am
robert mueller investigation we touched on that a little while ago. rudy giuliani is out this morning. he said the investigation should go away. time to fold up the tent. or it is time to investigate the investigators. are you on the same page? >> 13 angry democrats, there are 13, i call them 13 angry democrats and others worked for obama for eight years. you have no republicans. it is very unfair situation but the ig report totally exonerates, if you look at the results, if you look at the head investigator is saying we have to stop trump from becoming president. well trump became president. we have the best economy today we've ever had. steve: right. >> we have much greater border security than we ever would have had. when we do it, when we have the laws changed it will be perfect perfecto. steve: rudy says you shouldn't talk to mueller given the ig report. >> they're giving people saying something a little bit off. is it a nice day? well, no, it is not a great day.
5:39 am
he lied. he has got problems. people are afraid of that. i would like to talk but it seems to be very biased. >> one of, some of the texts, we're not going to quote them, were very -- >> vicious. steve: vicious regarding people that support you. >> vicious. i have the greatest supporters in the world. by the way they're the smartest, they're the hardest working, they pay taxes. they're incredible. they're loyal. i have the bikers, i have the construction workers, i have them all. i have, by the way, i have the fbi. you go into the fbi and take a poll of the real fbi, not the scum on top, not comey and that group of people that are total thieves. steve: most of those are gone. >> i don't know how peter strzok is still there to be honest. steve: he is in hr. >> that is worse. steve: this is your fbi. >> you know what i've done, so involved. great new secretary of state. i have a fantastic relationship now with north korea.
5:40 am
there were missiles being thrown about. people aren't thinking about it anymore. i said on the department of justice, i would stay uninvolved. now i may get involved at some point if it gets worse. i'm saying i'm staying uninvolved. i'm letting this report go through. i did nothing wrong. there was no collusion. there was no obstruction. steve: but, mr. president, i was on capitol hill, there are a number of congressional republicans trying to get documents from your department of justice. your fbi. >> i tried staying uninvolved. i may not stay uninvolved. they have to get the documents. steve: your fbi is stonewalling. >> i think rod rosenstein you have to get the documents. i really believe that i saw him yesterday. gave me a briefing. i think i believes you have to get the documents. steve: what did he say about the ig report? >> you can't be thrilled about it. if you're in there now. it is talking about the past. talking about before us. talking about the election.
5:41 am
what they did during the election was a disphrase. it probably never happened in our country before. that is probably the tip of the iceberg. what will happen if we go further. there was total buys, i mean total buys. steve: what you've seen so far should james comey be locked up? >> i would never want to get involved in that. certainly he, they seemed like criminal acts to me. what he did was criminal. what he did was terrible thing to the people. what he did was so bad in terms of our constitution, in terms of the well being of our country. what he did was horrible. should he be locked up? let somebody make a determination. look at all the dishonest things that "crooked hillary" did. look what's gone on. it is very sad. steve: sound like he was using private email too. >> of all the things, to me that was maybe the most interesting but it was probably the funniest thing -- steve: she got in big trouble for her private email. oh, james comey is using one
5:42 am
too. >> that was a little bit of a surprise i must say. steve: what we've seen regarding the ig report sounds like comey made bad judgments but nothing criminal? >> if you look what happened, don't forget all of these people like strzok, what he did was criminal. strzok and so many others mccabe is now up -- steve: biased? >> they all work for comey. comey knew everything. you think mccabe didn't tell him everything? mccabe told him everything. mccaib is up for criminal. he is now suing it is a total mess. they're all going against each other. no, i think comey was the ringleader of this whole den of thieves. its with a den of thieves. steve: are you confident that either through the congressional investigators or the ig report or new management at the fbi things are going to work out, things are cleaning up and we'll get to the bottom of all that stuff? >> i do believe so. i think it's happening. it's happening slowly but it is happening. i think christopher wray is very different from comey, which is
5:43 am
what you need. you need different, you need the opposite. he is moving step by step. and you're going to see a whole new, very proud fbi. i think that the justice department will end up being, it is all going to happen. it will all work out. i tried to stay as much uninvolved as i can. steve: you were very involved going to singapore, negotiating with kim jong-un. >> right. steve: when you finally met him, sat across the table, we heard a lot of bad things about "rocket man." suddenly you guys seem best friends. >> we got along. very good chemistry. i don't know if that is popular or politically correct to say. we had good chemistry. you haven't had any rockets shot in the air last seven months. haven't had any research. they blew up their test site. they're blowing up the engine test site for ballistic missiles. he is giving us back our great heroes who died as you know. we're getting remains back. i had some people, so many parent, so many fathers and daughters and sons asking me,
5:44 am
please, please. steve: right. >> this is during the campaign and after. i say, i don't have exactly a good relationship any way. during the meeting, we hit it off, good chemistry. steve: you have since used friendly word regarding him. you have taken heat. >> i've taken heat. what am supposed to do, walk out and say terrible? we got along very well, good chemistry. i said the remains i would like to get them. he said yes, we will do that they are already starting to produce remains of these great, young soldiers who were left in north korea. we're getting the remains. nobody thought that was possible. steve: the way you described things, it sounds like you feel that he is on the road to denuking -- >> absolutely. it is in the agreement. it says he will denuclearization. it is funny, funny when you see the fake news, you guys aren't fake, but i signed an agreement where we get everything, everything, but they say trump lost because he agreed to meet. trump agreed to meet.
5:45 am
steve: got the picture. >> funny, watch cnn, what a fraud it is. they go -- steve: they're listening. they're right behind you. >> that's fine. you hear me. trump agreed to meet. i agreed to meet. of course you have to agree to meet. if you don't agree to meet, you know what you will have? you will have nuclear war, that's what you're going to have. i have a great relationship. he gave us back our hostages. i didn't pay anything, i paid nothing. smart he did it. he gave us back our hostages. giving us back remains of probably 7500 soldiers. steve: really? >> tremendous number of soldiers. tremendous number of mias, just folks that never, they have never been found. and they, by the way they know where many of these bodies are. steve: what the is stage of the meetings now? i know you -- >> mike pompeo is just leaving there. he was in south korea. steve: any developments. >> getting along great with south korea. we're getting along great with
5:46 am
china, probably until this morning until we did a big tear rave. that is okay. we have a wonderful relationship with president xi. he understands it is unfair. steve: right. >> they can't believe they got away with it so long, steve. they can't believe they got away 25 years. i'm not just blaming obama. i'm blaming many presidents and leaders. steve: sure. -- >> should have never happened. steve: what point sanctions come off from north korea? >> when we can be sure there are no more nuclear? >> how close are we to that. >> we're close to getting it started. he wants to do something great with this country. he wants to make his country great. steve: you are saying you will relief sanctions once -- >> once we know -- steve: that stuff doesn't work anymore? once we know it can't happen. i'm telling you right now, with the relationship i have it will not happen. hey, you haven't had a rocket test in seven months. i was with prime minister abe, another good friend of mine from japan. i said when's the last time you
5:47 am
had a rocket flying over japan? he says it has not happened. it won't happen. don't worry about it. steve: are we close to seeing mr. kim here at the white house? >> it could happen, yeah, i would, yeah i think it is something that could happen. yeah. hey, he is the head of a country and i mean he is the strong head. don't let anyone think anything different. he speaks and his people sit up at attention. i want my people to do the same. steve: just before you met with him, he cleaned house. three of his top generals, some of the hard-lines he fired. then you go over there. you took some heat over saluting one of the generals. >> i think he fired at least, when you say he fired -- steve: three we know of. >> fired at least, fired may be a nice word. that's right. i met a general he saluted me. i saluted him back. i guess they're using that as another sound bite. i'm being respectful to the general. we have a very good relationship with north korea. when i was talking to president obama he essentially was ready
5:48 am
to go to war with north korea. he felt you almost had to go to war. i asked him, have you spoken to him. he said no. do you think it would be a good thing to speak to him, maybe? if you go to war there, you're not talking about 100,000 lives which is a lot, you're talking about 30, 40, 50 million lives. seoul is 30 miles off the border. they don't need nuclear weapons to take out seoul. they have thousands of cannons, they call them cannons, they have big guns, thousands pointed right at seoul. we have a really great relationship for the first time ever. no president's ever had this so i get hit by these fakes back here. not all of them. some are fa nam -- phenomenal. i get hit, i went there, i gave him credibility. it is great to get credibility. here is what we got, everything. point of a point of a point. steve: at one point i think in the last week, 10 days, things are going fast here in washington. just saying. >> you're having a lot of fun, right? suppose hillary got elected instead of trump, you think it
5:49 am
would be so exciting? your waiting would be way down. number one show in the morning. steve: in cable news, that's right. >> beyond cable news you're doing pretty well. steve: thanks for dropping by. >> i study ratings. steve: you mentioned nfl players some taking a knee. would you like to hear some of the stories of people who you should pardon. you mentioned professional athletes. have you heard from any of them? >> no, i haven't heard. they are all saying it has nothing to do with the flag. the way we've been treated. meantime they're making $15 million a year. i'm all for the athletes. i think it is great. i love athletics, i love sports, but shouldn't get politics involved. when you're in a stadium, broadcast national -- you should be proud and have your hand up, do everything that is right and play really tough football. once you leave the stadium, go do whatever you want to do. run for office, do whatever. but i did say, you know i have this tremendous power of pardon
5:50 am
and kim kardashian came in and woman 22 years in jail. steve: people can't believe you would be listening to kim kardashian. >> i did. i don't know her. i met her. she is really nice i have to say and very capable. but she came in and she said this is very unfair situation. i looked at her. i agree. she is in there for 22 years. she got another 20 years to serve. you have drug dealers doing big stuff and they get two month sentence. it was just unfair. and i thought it was a beautiful scene when that woman left prison and ran over to, looked like her grandkids. a couple of big strong guys, big strong guys. some wonderful women. they're all hugging, kissing everyone is crying. to me that was a beautiful scene. she thanked but you know, thank kim because i wouldn't have known about it. i told the nfl players indirectly, i said you have somebody -- they're saying people are aggrieved. let me know about it i will look at it. if they're aggrieved i will
5:51 am
pardon them. steve: i'm shock you haven't heard. >> maybe they called the staff i have not personally heard from one. i don't think it's a real issue. i don't think it's a real issue. steve: sarah huckabee sanders, your press secretary took a lot of heat from heem behind you. >> she did? i didn't know that. steve: suggestion she would be leaving the white house. >> i don't think so, at a certain point everyone has to leave. i'm like a ship keeping going but sarah loves this job. and she's announced not with me. i read the same report. i think cbs she said it's a false report. it is fake news. at some point she will leave like everybody leaves. we'll get somebody else. sarah has done a fantastic job. i don't think she was leaving. in fact she was very insulted they came out and said that. i don't think she is leaving. steve: what do you make of back and forth between her and the press? >> i think the press treats
5:52 am
sarah very unfairly. that white house correspond kims dinner. steve: some feel she is not answering the question so they will -- >> i gave a press conference in singapore. that was hour 1/2. that was biggest press group. i answered he have single question. i answered every single question. that is not supposed to be my job. i am here with you today. you're giving me a lot of interesting questions. steve: thank you very much. >> steve, i think sarah is good person, a nice person, very capable. she has a lot of her father's genes. our father is great. steve: mike huckabee. >> he got up on the debate stage, nobody will beat trump. he was right. i decided to wear a trump tie. i said i love that guy. i loved him. mike is a very talented guy. of. sarah is very talented person. they treat her very badly. what they did to sarah at white house correspondents -- only difference i would have done. i would have walked. i thought she should have walked out instead of sitting there.
5:53 am
steve: she hook the high road. >> sometimes you don't take such a high road. steve: we have stuart varney on our air -- >> i think he is great. i love stuart. he is right. he knows what he is talking about. steve: he suggested next quarter gdp could be 4%. >> they're predicting, atlanta fed predicted 4.8%. it's a lot. don't forget when i get elected i took this thing over it was 1.2. each point is $3 trillion and 10 million jobs. a point, people will sit home, it's a point, what difference does it make? it was 1.2. did was going down. you probably saw this morning i put, they would have raised your taxes instead of cut your taxes. they would put on more regulations, last thing we need is regulations. i actually think my regulation-cutting had more of an impact on the economy than the tax cuts. steve: when you were running you said for every regulation we enact i will cut two. >> right. >> but you didn't cut two.
5:54 am
you're cutting a much bigger number. >> 22 it turned out, 22. and by the way you need regulation. i want the cleanest water in the world. i want the cleanest air in the world. i want that air to be so perfect. and our air now is better than it was two years ago with all of the talk and all of the nonsense. clean, crystal clean water, clean air but i also want our companies to be competitive to so they can go around the world an compete. we were shutting down companies over the environment and they weren't doing anything wrong. that's jobs. steve: there are some who say look, the epa is relaxing a lot of rules out there to protect people. >> only rules that don't mean anything or rules that are duplicative. steve: there is a lot of those. >> not only that. some of them nine different times you have to get the same thing approved by different agencies. to build a highway this country, takes 19 years of approvals. i have it down to two years. you will get rejected if it is wrong, if it is environmentally
5:55 am
bad. i have it down two to years. i want it down to one year. that is indicative of everything else too. a company comes in from china, japan, they want to spend tremendous. of money to build a plant, takes themself year to get a permit. they don't do it because it is too long. i have it down to one year and even faster. if they're wrong we know immediately. you don't have to wait seven years. how about doing through the process seven years getting rejected? how about a highway spend 19 years getting approved, in the last vote they get 3-2 vote no? that happens often times. they spend hundreds of millions of dollars on approval. not going to happen anymore. steve: saw a head line on drudge this morning, unemployment 44-year low. >> drudge is great by the way. matt drudge is a great gentleman, he really, has ability to capture stories that people want to see. that was the number one story on drudge. 44-year low unemployment. i saw that in very big letters
5:56 am
actually. and i said that makes me very proud. steve: another story out there was this past week was, while you did meet with kim jong-un, it sounds like you and mr. putin may be sitting down sometime soon. what can you tell us about that? >> we may. it started because reporter shouted to me, should putin be in the g7? i said he should be in the g8. it used to be the g8 a few years ago. president obama didn't like him, even though they gave advanced notice about the election to obama, people forget about that. obama was told by cia or somebody, fbi, about russia. he didn't do anything about it. how come he never gets blamed? in september just before the election, my election. he should have done, maybe i would have won by more. steve: right. yesterday, big day, not only ag report come out but it was your birthday. >> that's right. steve: any good presents? >> i got a lot of good kisses. i got a lot of phone calls for people i would have never gotten
5:57 am
phone calls from. steve: who did you get kisses from? >> beautiful wife. she is doing really great, she is doing great. and my kid. steve: speaking of your wife, we saw a story as you were heading to the chopper, you said she can't fly for a month. >> one month. the dr. said don't fly for a month. she will be able to shortly. she is in great shape. perfect. she, somebody said did she have a face-lift? no. did she have this, have that? the speculation, even after the doctors gave -- these are white house doctors. they give really straight stuff, no, she is doing fantastically well. steve: we had your son, don, jr. on our show, was not getting anything for your birthday because you have got everything. >> i just want to have a successful country. to be honest, this is so intense we've done more, i don't say this in bragging way, some of the haters say, we have done more 500 days, now 510 days than
5:58 am
any 500-day president first term by far. and that is what i want to do. i want to really -- you know, i got elected to make america great again very simple, make america great again. that's what we're doing. we're respected around the world. you look at iran. not talking about iran taking over middle east. i gave them that crazy deal. iran is not looking to the mediterranean. they had to go through a lot of territory. they're looking to survive but i will tell you, some day soon, they will come back and they want to negotiate a deal and we'll make a deal. but they were nasty. they were very, very nasty. they had to be stopped. i took away the deal and i think they have been treating america with much more respect. i have to say that you don't see the little boats circling our boats anymore. notice that? remember with obama. you had this beautiful, destroyer, you had had this annapolis captain on the boat. he could see, he is boiler waiting to explode because was given order. they were circling us with though boats, right? he wanted to shoot the hell out
5:59 am
of them. they were harassing our guys. and he wanted to shoot the hell out of them and you don't see that stuff anymore. by the way, when they captured our 10 sailors and made them get on their knees, you will not see that anymore. steve: hear bells in the distance. coming up on 9:00 in the east. how will you celebrate father's day? >> i will work. calling north korea. right now i have a call from your friend from france, emanuel. steve: what will you tell him? >> i will tell him treat us bitter on trade. european union need to treat us better on trade. trade has been my things, 20 years ago talking to you. trade is always my thing. trade -- i'm getting a lot of credit what we're doing foreign, i think my best thing will be trade. we have to straighten out our trade. we're doing well despite our bad trade deals. after we do the trade deals. see the numbers. steve: mr. president, anybody ever know the sitting president come out on the north lawn? never, never happened.
6:00 am
>> secret service is thrilled as i stand here. look at these guys. they're ready to. steve: feel very secure. [shouting questions] >> this is definitely your son. by the way i looked at him. i look at him. no question. that's your son. steve: very kind of you mr. president thank you very much. .


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