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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  June 15, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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it's only day two. i could not give curtis strange on tv because of the breaking news. >> sandra: enjoy your weekend. >> bill: save it for another day. >> sandra: thank you for joining us for the first week in studio "j." "outnumbered" starts now. this is a fox news alert. president trump loading on the d.o.j. internal watchdog report calling it a horror show and accusing the f.b.i. of total bias. this is "outnumbered." i'm kimberly guilfoyle. here today co-host of the "fox & friends" weekend, abby huntsman. senior huntsman. republican strategist and senior fellow for the independent women's voice, lisa boothe, jessica tarlov and chris is outnumbered. >> happy friday. >> busy man. >> and nothing to talk about.
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>> another slow news day. >> a news alert off the top. happy to have you here. >> great to be here. >> love the podcast with dana perino. it's fantastic. >> i'm carrying her. she's okay. >> i feel for her. >> yeah. the truth is out. indeed. great to see you. abbey we'll be on "the five" together. president trump lashing out after doj inspector michael horowitz said james comey's actions and hillary clinton's actions were extraordinary and insubordinate. the president slamming comey this morning. >> what he did was criminal. what he did is a terrible thing to the people. what he did is so bad in terms of our constitution, in terms of the well-being of our country. what he did is horrible. should he be locked up? let somebody else make the determination. look at the dishonest things that crooked hillary did.
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look what's gone on. >> the commander-in-chief criticized the reports conclusion that bias within the fbi ultimately did not impact the bureau's investigations. >> the end result is wrong. i mean, there was total bias. when you look at peter strzok and what he said about me. when you look at comey and his moves. i guess -- it's interesting. a pretty good report and then i say that the i.g. blew it at the very end with that statement. when you read the report, it was like comey. he goes point after point how guilty hillary is but we're not going to do anything about it. the report, the i.g. report, is a horror show. i thought that one sentence of conclusion was ridiculous. >> kevin corke is live with the latest. kevin? >> kimberly, good to be with you on "outnumbered." an extraordinary morning at the white house as the president answers questions for the better part of an hour if you want to add up the time that he spent
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with steve doocy on "fox and friends" and the unprompted gaggle here on the driveway this morning. quite extraordinary. the president having the wide-ranging conversation with members of the press corps and others that are here frequently. north korea, immigration, the economy, china and of course the recently released i.g. report among the topics discussed. on the report which as you pointed out found misconduct and instances of bias but not widespread bias in the bureau, the president seemed to take particular interest in its assessment of the former director of the fbi, james comey. the i.g. said he was insubordinate and violated bureau rules during the clinton e-mail probe. asked whether or not he thought comey should be in prison for his conduct, the president demured a bit. he said he should be criticized roundly. >> i think that james comey was unfair to the people of this country. i think what he did is a
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disgrace. he goes down as the worst fbi director in history by far. there's nobody close. i think i did the country a tremendous favor by firing him. >> tough words by the president on james comey. this is interesting for me, too, because kimberly, if we're talking about $50 billion in new tariffs on china, that's the story of the day. not so much after the president talks an hour. interesting conversation. back to you. >> quite extraordinary. never a dull moment, right? >> indeed. >> great to see you. now around the couch. really interesting news today. you can see the president come out and address these matters on the heels of that report being, you know, released and saying that he felt that it wasn't fair and accurate in terms of how they describe of misconduct at the highest levels and putting the blame squarely with james comey. >> absolutely. also, i don't know if anybody else was able to watch the press
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conference -- >> who didn't? it was outstanding. >> i was watching it. >> and the other networks were watching it. >> one thing to pick up, jonathan turley said this on martha's show, horowitz wasn't saying there was bias. he said there wasn't evidence -- conclusion of bias that was determine thattive. he said i'm making this in a text because i want to help hillary clinton. that is something that horowitz couldn't find. there's bias without the report. christopher wray wouldn't be instructing the fbi to have basically training on bias if he wasn't worried about the way that this report outlines the behavior of fbi agents. look at peter strzok talking about we'll stop president trump and other agents saying that trump supporters are lazy poss. another fbi agent saying they're worried about president trump stopping the past eight years of
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president obama. you have another doj employees trying to get a job for his son on the hillary clinton campaign. so you cannot look at this report in its entirety and not find bias. that is a blatant lie from democrats out there in trying to make that talking point. it's not the case. >> to your point, the media bias wasn't in james comey's decision making. i don't think anybody can argue the fact that there was total bias when it comes to the top fbi agents handling the russian probe. it wasn't just peter strzok and page. page, 412 in this over 500-page i.g. report -- >> impressive stack of papers. >> i haven't read it all. >> it's like chris, you read the texts exchanges between these fbi agents and they say horrible things not just about the president but his supporters. gives you a clear sense. listen to trey gowdy. he said what you can say is moving forward, it will tainted.
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the early days of this russian investigation. the question is where does it go now? rudy guliani saying we're not going to cooperate moving forward. we're not going to talk to mueller because of exactly what we're seeing in this report. >> they're going to try it. they're definitely going to try to use this as a means to not participate. we're going to try to use this as their excuse to not do it. the president's former campaign chairman is going to jail today because he -- the judge found that he tampered with witnesses, that he was breaking the rules. we have a lot of rule-breaking going on in washington. a lot of people not respecting the process, not respecting the rule of law. we have a lot of people doing the wrong things. in this case, you have a circumstance where james comey, mccabe, his deputy or mccabe, his counter part, you have these two fbi agents, others that are saying well, we have to circumvent the system. we have to draw outside the lines here because we need to
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rise to this occasion. comey is arrogant. he said i am going to be in the tank this way or i'm going to change this this way or do that because i know better. the problem we have now, people are not respecting the system, not respecting the rule of law. >> jessica? >> i want to say there's two types of bias here. the political bias in james comey's decision to, you know, reopen the hillary investigation, which every one agrees my have cost her the election versus the bias in the texts that we saw. i want to lay it out. they're separate. >> setting up the server hurt her as well. >> yeah. >> and this is a fox news alert. a judge sending former trump campaign manager to jail to await trial after he was charged with witness tampering. the president saying on manafort earlier today. >> manafort has nothing to do
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with our campaign. i feel -- i feel badly about it. they went back 12 years to get things that he did 12 years ago. paul manafort worked for me for a short period of time. he worked for ronald reagan, he worked for bob dole, john mccain, his firm did. many other republicans. he worked for me for 49 days. >> doug mckelway is outside the court in washington. doug with the latest. >> hi, kimberly. what we're looking at here is a slow motion evolution resistance. we're looking at a massive collision and it's happening before our very, very eyes. first of all, it's highly unusual as you know in a white collar crime case for something to be sent to jail in advance of his trial. very rarely does that happen among white collar criminals. that's what happened here this morning. paul manafort taken in to detention in advance of his trial date here in washington, which will be happening in mid september.
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he faces another trial in the eastern district court of virginia in mid august. that means he has to report to that trial while he's in detention here in the district of columbia. it's an indication of the absolute determination of robert mueller to put more scouts on his wall here and he is seeking one out in mr. manafort. you heard from president trump and how he has been embolden by the i.g. report yesterday. while that is very separate from mr. mueller's investigation here, there's a lot of crossover and a lot of that crossover is manifested in the person of peter strzok who as you will recall was the lead investigator in the mueller staff. for the first three months as that investigation was forming as the seminal elements of that investigation were being put in place. peter strzok was at the centerpiece of that before they
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uncovered his texts and sent him on his way. although he's still employed by the fbi in the h.r. department, which has a lot to do with ethics as we have known. not exactly a clear practitioner of the policy of ethics at the fbi. in addition to that, it's important to note when we're looking at this mammoth collision underway right now, what rudy guliani recently said. there's been a shift in the trump defense away from defense to offense. you saw that with the president's embolden statement this morning. he's trying to shape this investigation in whatever he can by going after robert mueller. i'm reminded of a statement a boston lawyer by the name of harvey silverglate that said about mr. mueller. he's a defense attorney, law professor in boston. runs a website or instrumental in creating the website "fire", the foundation for individual
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rights of education. he had many meetings in regard to robert mueller with defendants he was representing. he was struck by somebody that mr. mueller said. he was gathering with his associates that any criticism of the fbi is a nonstarter. that is a quote from harvey silverglate. he said any criticism of the fbi is a nonstarter. mr. silverglate's mindset, it's a statement as to the nature of the upper echelons of the fbi. mr. trump is trying to penetrate that line of thinking right now and he's going to be going after mr. mueller in a big way, especially emboldened by this i.g. report that came out yesterday. as it now stands -- i forgot his name now. the man just sentenced to jail is going to be in jail as of now, today. he's not coming out of the
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courtroom. there is a gag order in effect right now. so his attorney won't be speaking either. but he's in jail and he won't be coming out until his trial. >> excellent. doug, thanks so much. so you know, doug making the point this is, chris, pretty much unprecedented, at least highly unusual that someone would have their bail revoked, this allegation of witness tampering, which could be problematic for paul manafort. the judge believing that there is some credibility in terms of effort proffered to suggest that he might have done that and therefore in an abundance of caution bail took place here. he's going to have to stay in there absent some other extenuating circumstances until this goes to trial. he has a separate legal matter as well in the eastern district. >> it's just as rotten -- the conduct is just as rotten as you can imagine to have a federal judge -- as you know, to put a
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white collar defendant into jail prior to no violent crime having occurred, that he's not considered a bodily danger to others, putting somebody like that in jail is not unprecedented by it's like a whoa nelly. the whoa nelly is you have a guy the judge found reason to believe that this is a guy that is tampering with witnesses in his own case, this is sleaze, this is corruption, the worst kind of stuff. everybody knew paul manafort was a guy that played on the edges. when donald trump hired paul manafort to be his campaign chairman, when he brought him on board, everybody knew his record for working with unsavory people overseas and doing bad stuff. here we see the fullest fruit of that bad reputation. >> isn't this, lisa, a day -- it's a sad day for america. the i.g. report gives us a better sense of what happened in the fbi but then you see paul manafort and the corruption
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there. the bigger picture here with everything going on -- so many breaking stories today -- how do we learn from this, how do we move forward and better the country? >> and how do we bring credibility back to various institutions? that was the big take-away from the i.g. report. obviously, manafort, good lesson. don't violate the terms of your bail. bad. but you know, regarding the fbi, that was one of the big take-aways from the i.g. report, how it damaged the fbi. christopher wray felt the need to address the american people to try to bring credibility back to that institution. doug talked about an emboldened president trump. we'll see a ramped up fight from trump and his attorneys based off of his report. how can comey be a credible witness or have any credibility? it wasn't just texts showing bias of the i.g. the i.g. talked about, it wasn't just a bias state of mind but applied willingness to take
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official action to impact the election. that is damning and used by president trump and coming more ward. >> jessica? >> and you can see the attorneys, like guliani saying mueller should go to the new york fbi, the agents susrespected of leaking to him that the clinton probe would be reopened. we know why rudy guliani would want that i am no peter strzok and lisa page defender but he said he didn't think the russia thing would go anywhere. he said yeah, it would be great if it was but this is a bit of a nothing burger. so bias? that's fine. he was a john kasich supporter when this started, by the way. i'm not saying it was appropriate -- i like john kasich but i'm a liberal. anyway -- >> you proved the point. >> and the president pushed back on prior occasions and other
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interviews saying he was aware of paul manafort's background. you can google it. but he's made that case. we're going to have more on president trump's reaction to the i.g. report and whether or not the bias in the hillary clinton investigation bled over into the mueller probe and what it means going forward. stay with us. >> what they did during the election was a disgrace. it's probably never happened in our country before. that's just the tip of the iceberg. what will happen when we go further? and there was total bias. total bias. it's a series of smart choices. and when you replace one meal or snack a day with glucerna made with carbsteady to help minimize blood sugar spikes you can really feel it. glucerna. everyday progress. like nothing you, ncy or she, has ever seen. filets of 100% real natural chicken or seafood. handcrafted, and served any way she wants.
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>> mean while, more reaction to how that doj internal watch dog report could impact robert mueller's russia investigation. president trump's lawyer, rudy guliani, sounded off this morning on "fox and friends." >> they should end it. the i.g. report tells you th that -- the problems with the corrupt mueller investigation. the reason for the investigation, not muller. let's take a halt to the mueller investigation. let's stop it. let's get rid of the agents
9:22 am
doing the mueller investigation. mueller has a guy that donated $36,000 to hillary. he has one that cried as hillary's losing party. they're just as bad as strzok. >> president trump had this to say. >> looking 13 angry democrats, 13 -- i call them 13 angry democrats and other that worked for obama for eight years. you have no republicans, no -- it's a very unfair situation. the i.g. report totally exonerates. >> chuck schumer tweeting just yesterday, i've now seen the inspector general's report. it contains no evidence to make any reasonable person conclude the mueller investigation is anything other than independent, impartial and just as important today than before this report was issued. jessica. so the president calling it out, feeling very partisan, idealogical in nature. he's referred to it as a witch
9:23 am
hunt in other instances. rudy guliani quite frankly calling for it to be shut down saying enough is enough. >> he's been doing that since president trump hired him. that's what he was hired for. there were a bunch of lawyers that were there before not willing to go as far as rudy guliani and guliani is playing his part. what the president is doing this morning, conflating the i.g. report. we have president trump on tape with lester holt admitting that he fired james comey because of this russian thing. it was within his rights to fire the fbi director but gave cause to want to investigation to why he did this and what went on there. so far this morning with paul manafort marching in there to go to jail until his trial that mueller has very good reason to be suspicious and a number of people in the trump campaign had inappropriate relationships with russians that there were financial crimes and may very well have been obstruction of justice at the highest level.
9:24 am
so the president is again trying to confuse people or maybe he doesn't understand himself that the i.g. report and the mueller probe are separate issues. >> i do think -- >> why? >> i do think what came out of the i.g. report gives republicans the argument of can we take this as credible? can we take it seriously and things are not good for president trump because of what we read about the fbi agents? what i will say though, mueller doesn't seem like the type of guy that will be pushed in the corner or he will be -- >> and horowitz either. >> i ask you this, chris. do you think that robert mueller -- obviously he's read this report, gets a sense of what's going on. will that impact his decision and what he's doing behind the scenes with the mueller problem? >> robert mueller was a very good director of the fbi.
9:25 am
he was picked by two parties. he has a sterling track record. he fired strzok from his investigation. he said nope. if you have this out there, we can't deal with this, we have to be cleaner than caesars wife here. >> and strzok still has a job. still getting paid by taxpayer dollars working in the h.r. department in the fbi. >> he shouldn't be there. >> so mueller fired him from his investigation. mueller proceeds. what is happening here, the president is trying to avoid to having to talk to mueller and rudy is trying to prevent the president from talking to mueller. they're going to put as much fire on mueller now because they figure if they can topple this thing this summer and the president won't have to talk to him. mueller is in a bind. he can't conclude the investigation if the president won't cooperate. so mueller is stuck there. while they have him pinned down, they're going to try to smear him. >> so he can't conclude until he talks to the president? >> no way.
9:26 am
he can't finish until he talked to the president. >> he can make a request but the president is not under a legal obligation to speak to him. he can request it or provide questions for the president -- >> and he can make mueller subpoena him and go there that. he can say he won't supply with the subpoena and we go to the supreme court. this can be as bad as we want it to be. >> how can comey be a witness in mueller's investigation now that he has no credibility left? trey gowdy pointed out concerns with the same investigators with hillary clinton investigating treating her around her people entirely different in the way the trump individuals have been treated? two overlaps right there. >> all i say is they investigated trump but didn't say anything but did about hillary. >> and comey told him three times he wasn't under investigation. hillary clinton was the subject in the criminal investigation. different things. >> all right. confusion on capitol hill after president trump says he will not support the gop's new immigration proposal.
9:27 am
where lawmaker goes from here. >> i need a bill that gives this country tremendous border security. i have to have that. >> does that mean the wall? >> we don't have the wall, there's no bill. experience the thrill of the moment with the lexus is. lease the 2018 is 300 and is 300 awd for these terms. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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>> welcome back. house republicans are seeking clarity from the white house. they consider a pair of new immigration bills. one is being touted as a compromise that would extend protection to dreamers and include $25 billion for the border wall. but leadership has stopped counting votes for that proposal after president trump appeared to suggest it would be dead on arrival. listen. >> i'm looking at both of them. i wouldn't sign the more modest one. i need a bill that gives this country tremendous border security. i have to have that. >> meanwhile, democrats are slamming the republican bills while accusing president trump of playing politics. >> they'll be doing a disservice
9:32 am
to the nation by crafting a political dog and pony show that presents us with two appalling legislative options. this is the first time in this era that we've had a president that has rejected newcomers to our country. this president uses this as a political tool. that's what this is about. and he's using these young children. >> fortunately we have chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel who is live on capitol hill to break this down for us. mike? >> lisa, good afternoon to you. it appears president trump has killed or severely hampered the efforts:0 house republicans to pass a compromise immigration reform package with his comments today. a key moderate says lawmakers thought they would give the president exactly what he wanted. >> we need to fix current law. current law with the court decision has created an una tenable situation with the
9:33 am
border. we have to keep children with their parents. >> chief deputy patrick henry of north carolina says not measuring support on immigration. mchenry telling house republicans that they won't take on immigration without the support and endorsement of the president. that's a devastating blow to paul ryan and his leadership team who has been negotiating with moderate republicans and conservatives trying to find a bill that could earned 218 yes votes. the compromise would create a special visa program that would give young immigrants a chance to become citizens based on education and employment. >> we want to give members their ability to express their positions and i do hope this passes. i think it's a very good bill. i think it's a very good compromise. and this can make law. that's what we ought to be doing here. >> today house democratic leader nancy pelosi could not resist taking this swipe. >> the legislation has been
9:34 am
described by our colleagues. i touched upon -- it's totally unworthy of america. it's a bad bill to begin with. so when the president says he's not going to sign it, it just goes to show you how low his standards are. >> also the president blamed democrats for illegal immigrant parents being separated from their children. >> no, i hate it. i hate the children being taken away. the democrats have to change their law. it's their law. they were forced -- quiet, quiet. that is the democrat's law. we can change it. >> speaker paul ryan would not guarantee that the immigration compromise would pass the house next week. now it may not even come up for a vote. lisa? >> thank you, mike. chris, can you just really briefly summarize how the house got here and once again addressing the immigration issue with the discharge petition and how they got to where they are
9:35 am
today? >> so the freedom caucus is 30 or so members of the house of representatives. that is enough. when the republicans have a 23-seat majority in the house, that is enough to blockade any bill that comes through. so ryan and company tried everything that they can think of to get the freedom caucus on board to vote for something on immigration. no, not unless it was a hard line bill. so they were stuck. so moderates were frustrated. the freedom caucus holding everybody hostage, the moderates say what can we do about it? they started circulating a petition, let's get something out there. in the house, which is a place where if you can get members to sign on the line, you can get it out on the floor. ryan said don't, i'm begging you, don't. i promise you we will have legislation, a vote this week or next week. it's going to happen. the president walks out today and in the process of feeding a
9:36 am
bunch of stuff in the wood chipper and says oh, not that heather. i listened to it. i have no idea that he has any idea about which bill was being referenced there. i don't know that he was up to date on the ryan bill or on anything. he was throwing stuff out there. so it may be the white house does come back and say he was talking about the old bills that were out there and not these bills. >> yeah. he wants to make sure that his bad is happy. immigration is the toughest thing we're trying to figure out, that and healthcare and an issue that divides this country more than anything else. it's an emotional one. the democrats are putting it on the republicans. we saw that exchange yesterday with sarah sanders. many people thought that was horrifying. the reporter said you're a mother, you have no heart. i thought that was inappropriate. we need to find a way to have this conversation without being you don't have a heart, you
9:37 am
don't care about the people that come into this country. it's more than that. >> i think it's complex. that's why congress throughout different administrations has not been able to address it. it's not just republicans. it democrats. henry cuellar from texas said he won't vote for anything that doesn't have border funding. what do you think? >> i think both sides have been lying for decades about what they want to have happen. >> preach it, sister. >> i'll keep going. there are people from states that rely heavily on illegal immigrant labor that don't want to pass something that is more hard line and taking out people that makes sure their economies tick. there's people that have voted for things that they are ashamed of. there's democrats on record saying yeah, we should have a wall like joe biden and hillary clinton and president obama. that's not looking good. now the senator from hawaii is saying it's really not hard to have like a one-line bill, which is just about these migrant
9:38 am
kids. maybe if we took it apart -- comprehensive immigration reform is a campaign pipe dreams where everybody says we're going to do it this time. i don't think that you can. so fix the migrant situation. take daca on individually instead of putting it in as part and parcel. maybe you can move somewhere and help everybody out at the mid terms. americans are paying attention to how their representatives are voting on this. >> obviously this has been a very intractable issue. many well-intentioned administrations have tried to do this. i think this really is president trump's gop right now. he has the capital, the wherewithal and the support in terms of his numbers, what he's put up with the economy. it's been a game changer. he shouldout that political capitol to put something forward that is his own idea for immigration, for daca that would be amenable for all sides and maybe he would get some of those coalitions to come together in a successful way. >> that's 100% right.
9:39 am
>> and unsurprisingly, there's more to discuss. with democrats calling on the president obama to stay on the sidelines. will it help our hurt democrats as they try to take back congress? we'll debate it. stay tuned. (♪) i'm a four-year-old ring bearer with a bad habit of swallowing stuff. still won't eat my broccoli, though. and if you don't have the right overage, you could be paying for that pricey love band yourself. so get an allstate agent, and be better protected from mayhem. like me. can a ring bearer get a snack around here?
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>> democrats have reportedly pushed former president obama to take a more active role ahead of the mid-terms. the report that democrats are frustrated that mr. obama has stayed on the sidelines. the hill has cited fatigue as why democrats see mr. obama as their own option. the desire for obama to take a more leading role in the mid-term fight and party building is just getting stronger, particularly with the lack of alternative.
9:44 am
a lot of people think he's play too little of role in fund-raising and does jack in getting people to donate to the party. this comes amid reports this week that mr. obama has been meeting with key democrats ahead of the 2020 presidential election. big call on the president here. jessica, i'll begin with you. to get more involved, people are frustrated. you see clinton fatigue. problems with statements that former president clinton made as related to the me too movement, monica lewinsky and hillary clinton not wanting to go way, still out there making statements. >> i think the next few months will tell a different story of president obama's public role in this. he's doing a lot behind the scenes, not just meeting with the nine hopefuls but in terms of fund-raising and ensuring that his legacy, he has to build his life and do things that most
9:45 am
presidents get to do and he needed a break after what went on in the 2016 election. i understand the frustration. joe biden and president obama are probably the only democrats that are welcome at every single democrat rally. any candidate would want them there. >> they don't want bill clinton? >> i'd say no. we had some tough talk about that. >> he needs to take a nice bow and walk off that stage. he's doing only a disservice to the democratic party. >> obama will be out there more. he has a big fund raiser for the dccc. so hopefully this will be alleviated. >> he's helpful when he sticks to the issues. whether or not you agree with what barack obama did as president, many people disagree, the democrats will lose if they go against donald trump and their hate for him. you win off of issues. chris, you know this. people go to the polls based on the issues, not based off of hatred. that's where barack obama can be helpful. >> did you not watch the 2016
9:46 am
election? i remember you were here most of the time. people vote over hate. of course they do. >> hate with the hope that whoever they're voting for can make a real change. >> i love your heart. i do love your heart. american politics in 2018 is an open sewer. it's a rough place out there. >> you think democrats will win if they stick for the hate for donald trump? you think that is a winning strategy? >> i think that -- well, we don't know. i think that for democrats, they need to key in on an issue. for republicans -- >> that's the point i was making. >> i know. i was lightly teasing you. the problem that democrats have is they don't have -- they're starting to find it with healthcare. they're starting to come back around on healthcare. in 2010, they had an advantage. they took the indigenous hatred for obama, all of the reach wretched stuff that was down
9:47 am
there simmered in the bottom of the pot and then they attacked obama which was so unpopular and said we hate this and we're going to stop obama. democrats thought it was enough against trump. >> you made the point that it was obama's issues that were rejected. president trump ran a campaign about eradicating the entire agenda of president obama and the 2010-14 mid-term elections were about the issues. they're about the issues and the obamacare, about things that happened under president obama. so i don't know if it helps to sort of resurface some of those things during this upcoming mid-term election. to jessica's point, i think president obama could help the democrats raise money. i think people looking at obama is more of a product of the democrats not having a leader and searching for a direction. >> the president weighing in on the new nfl requires requiring players on the field to stand during the anthem.
9:48 am
this is brand new fox polls showing what americans think about the rule change, whether they're siding with the president or whether the players. >> when you're in a stadium and they broadcast the national anthem, you have to stand and be proud and have a hand up and do everything that is right. high protein to help get us moving. and help you feel more strength & energy in just 2 weeks. i'll take that. ensure high protein, with 16 grams of protein and 4 grams of sugar. ensure®
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>> welcome back. president trump once again weighing in on the controversy over nfl players protesting the national anthem. the president this morning a wide ranging impromptu interview with "fox and friends" saying that athletes should not get involved in politics. take a listen. >> they're all saying oh, it has nothing to do with the flag. it's the way we've been treated. meantime, they're making $15 million a year. i'm all for the athletes. i love athletics and sports but they shouldn't get the politics involved. when you're in a stadium and they broadcast the national anthem, have your hand up and do everything right and play tough football. when you leave the stadium, do whatever you want to do. >> the fox news poll shows over 60% agree with the new role that the nfl players must stand during the national anthem. the poll shows a deep division along racial lines with 50% of
9:53 am
black voters disapproving of this nfl new anthem rule. no surprise there on the racial division. but what is not surprising there as well, lisa, is that people just want to watch sports. they don't want politics to be part of watching football. >> you can't have anything nice anymore. like everything is tainted by politics, award shows or the nfl. what is really interesting, whether you like president trump or not, he wins fights. look at the nfl's approval rating. it's 42%. it used to 62%. and look at cnn. they had a facts first campaign. look at the fight in congress over daca. president trump won it over democrats trying to shut the government down over daca. republicans never win those fights. whether you like him or not, he wins fights.
9:54 am
>> chris, i want your thought. a disconnect on the media and celebrities that have millions of followers. many of them support colin kaepernick and you see that and you think the majority must be on their side as well. that's seems where the popularity is. and then you see the poll numbers. you see a disconnect where the country is. >> it's all just fad. it's as a sad of a thing that i can think about that our anthem, these moments have become a battleground and exploited by people on both sides for their own political benefit and to advantage themselves in this situation. this week was flag day. we had flag day this week. it grew out of the son of a civil war veteran that wanted to see the flag honored. it took 60 years. it's now a divisive thing and people are taking advantage of
9:55 am
the old beliefs to drove people further apart and breaks my heart. >> it's sad. >> it's true. >> a lot of people believe with that. why do we have to politicize patriotism? >> can you imagine that? a shift of a variety of different viewpoints people saying they kneel for this cause or that cause. they should go and show up. we're not taking a knee while we're doing this show. if they want to engage in the first amount rights and social activism and get involved, do so. in a positive way and possible that forward. you talk about the disconnect. it's such an important point. when you look at the polling numbers in the nfl, it's a business that needs to be run and conducted accordingly and not in a disruptive manner. think they need to keep that in mind. the president, the president of the united states, the commander-in-chief of the armed forces and the brave men and women that serve so he wants people to pay respect to the flag like so many americans. >> the president made it very
9:56 am
clear where he stands. >> absolutely. but the president winning fight, he lost this fight. his number 1 job is to bring americans together. this issue has divided them generally and along racial lines. it's a massive failure. >> we have more "outnumbered" in just a moment. be right back. ahh. where are mom and dad? 'saved money on motorcycle insurance with geico! goin' up the country. love mom and dad' i'm takin' a nap. dude, you just woke up! ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides.
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because thanks to chris stirewalt. of what a pleasure to be with you. love having you today and to the
10:00 am
ladies on the couch, will be back at noon eastern if you can kindly join us at 5:00 p.m. eastern, it will be fabulous and now to my favorite, harris faulkner. >> harris: thank you. fox news alert, breaking developments in the russia investigation. a judge has ordered former trump campaign manager paul manafort to jail. ahead of his trial. i'm harris faulkner. let's go out numbered over time on this friday. a judge has revoked his bail. it happened a short time ago. after special counsel robert mueller slapped him with new charges of witness tampering. doug mckelway live at the u.s. district court in washington no now. what was the judge's reasoning for revoking bail and detaining him at this point? >> our supreme court reporter -- producer i should say was in the courtroom at the time all this happened and provided me with some of his copious notes, knows what he's doing


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