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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  June 15, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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ladies on the couch, will be back at noon eastern if you can kindly join us at 5:00 p.m. eastern, it will be fabulous and now to my favorite, harris faulkner. >> harris: thank you. fox news alert, breaking developments in the russia investigation. a judge has ordered former trump campaign manager paul manafort to jail. ahead of his trial. i'm harris faulkner. let's go out numbered over time on this friday. a judge has revoked his bail. it happened a short time ago. after special counsel robert mueller slapped him with new charges of witness tampering. doug mckelway live at the u.s. district court in washington no now. what was the judge's reasoning for revoking bail and detaining him at this point? >> our supreme court reporter -- producer i should say was in the courtroom at the time all this happened and provided me with some of his copious notes, knows what he's doing and we will read
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from some of his notes as is transpired. he told the court that she really struggled with this decision to revoke paul manafort's bail. she said she could not turn a blind eye to the allegations if these allegations proved to be true. she said that it shows obvious intent towards witness tampering when he was ordered not to tamper with any witnesses and to chastise manafort's filings and court that were delivered the last friday when his indictment was first handed up. he's been treating this whole thing is if it were just another marketing exercise. she said that she was unpersuaded by the defense argument that there was current or future witnesses that he could not contact. that's what argument the defense made today. after the second sitting indictment, she allegedly made calls to several potential witnesses. want to delve a little bit more into that because it's absolutely key to this case. the indictment which was delivered on friday reads that
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mr. manafort and his codefendant knowingly and intentionally attempted to correctly persuade another person with intent to influence, delay, and prevent the testimony of any person in an official proceeding. a little bit more detail on that, very convoluted and deeply into the weeds but it's key to paul manafort being held in a jail cell as we speak. he is accused of witness tampering. he accused the two of calling, texting and using encrypted messaging to contact to people from an organization called the habsburg group, european lobbying group that mueller alleges was trying to unite united states politicians to promote the interests of ukrainian politicians who had close ties to russia. that's basically it. in a court finding last friday,
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manafort's defense attorneys at these new charges lacked any merit and said in the court filing the text messages cited by the special counsel do not establish any witness tampering. and that manafort limited communications cannot be fairly read either factually or legall legally. to reflect an intent to corrupt and influence a trial witness. the judge didn't buy that. revoke his bail immediately, sent him to some detention center. we know not where of but that's where things stand right now. to be what i know you're reading those court documents for the first time and we are going to pull away to really get into it so we can simplify some things. doug mckelway, thank you very much for the latest on paul manafort. now this, president from making big headlines on this friday unloading on the heels of that bombshell doj internal watchdog report calling it a horror show and accusing the fbi of bias. as he spoke with reporters outside the white house just this morning. the president also reacting to
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the news that the inspector general uncovered new text messages or more text messages between the infamous fbi agents peter strzok and lisa page. who were also part of special counsel mueller's russia investigation, also having an affair and also perhaps having some bias in their text messages against the president. he says the inspector general dropped the ball by concluding bias did not ultimately impact the fbi's investigation. watch. it's because you look at peter strzok and what he said about me, when you look at comey. it's interesting, pretty good report. and then i say that the ig blew it at the very end of that statement because when you read the report, it was almost like comey, he goes point after point about how guilty hillary is and he said but we are not going to do anything about it. the report, the ig report was a horror show. that one sentence of conclusion was ridiculous. >> harris: peter doocy live at
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the white house with more. big a president trump told us that he believes the results of this investigation into the clinton email investigators shows that there was a culture of political bias within the fbi that was created to help the clinton campaign and hurt his own. >> i think the report yesterday more than anything totally exonerates me, there was no collusion, there was no obstruction and if you read the report, you will see that. what you'll really see is bias against me and millions and tens of millions of my followers that is really a disgrace. >> this inspector general's report did not probe the trump campaign with the run-up to the the election, over the top democrat in the senate chuck schumer believes the 500 pages of findings will be used as a springboard by the white house to advance the stor
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story. >> what does this all mean going forward? we know that in the days ahead, the president and his allies will try to twist themselves into pretzels and try to use this report to undermine the special counsel in the russia probe. unfortunately for them, nothing in this report lays a glove on special counsel mueller or the ongoing russia probe. >> democrats are also using this report to beat up on james comey, the former fbi director who was found to be insubordinate when handling the clinton email probe. lawmakers on the hill are saying his actions help give president trump elected and comey says on twitter "i respect the doj, ig office which is why i urge them to do this review. the conclusions are reasonable even though i disagree with some. people of good faith can see an unprecedented situation differently. i pray no director faces it again. next to ig's people for hard work." this morning, president trump to draw a line between comey's fbi
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which he said plotted against him and the fbi in general which he says that a lot of excellent people working for him. speak when he went on to say as well that he had faith in the man that he supports in that job, christopher wray, for taking the bureau forward in a much better fashion. peter doocy, thank you very much. i want to bring in republican congressman bob goodlatte, the chairman of the house judiciary, always a great time to see you. right now, let's break into the breaking news if we can. i read your statement after the report came out and you said that it confirms former secretary of state hillary clinton received special treatment from the obama justice department. during its investigation. how does this -- first of all, i want to get more words from you on that. >> first, it's great to be with you and your viewers. the fact of the matter is, this report is laced with a recounting of how this investigation was conducted by director comey and others in the
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borough that show a number of times where they bend over backwards and certainly did not keep treat her the way they would a normal average citizen who is being investigated for crime including the astonishing practice of having her top aides in the room with her when she was interviewed by the fbi. people who are also potential witnesses in the matter. so it's a serious problem, i'm glad the inspector general has confirmed what a number of us have been saying for a long time, that the contrast between -- she didn't say it this way but i'll say it this way. the contrast between how the fbi handled this case and how the fbi has handled the so-called trump-russia collusion is striking in his difference. you look at the bias of peter strzok and lisa page, peter strzok being one of the lead investigators in both of these
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matters for a time, truly set that out and we didn't get until yesterday the full text of peter strzok saying to lisa page about trump's election, this is in august of 2016 when no one thought he was going to be elected. we will stop it. >> harris: stopped him from becoming president. that was among the batch that revealed new text messages to the rest of us and the ig repor report. chairman goodlatte, you mentioned, he feels that the indications of bias and so much that was learned from the ig report indicates the difference in that investigation. perhaps exoneration is the way he sees it. what impact do you think the ig findings have on the russia probe? >> i don't know if they have a lot directly on the russia probe. there's a definite contrast between how that russia probe began and how the clinton
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investigation ended. remember, that probe began based upon a lot of very spurious information about so-called collusion. including documentation that came from democratic sources. not as close the fisa court the warrants to surveilled some peripheral characters in the trump campaign who had an interest in russian policy, still to this day no evidence of collusion between the the trump campaign in the russian government and it goes on. the people have been charged with crimes and those crimes can be proven, they should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. any attorney can handle those matters. they do not go to the core assignment of mr. mueller which is to look into whether there was collusion between the trump campaign in russia. to be want to dig a little bit
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deeper because of report has text messages going back and forth among at least five other agents at the fbi who never pulled into this investigation. and one of those, just to tell you how incendiary some of these text messages are and you know from reading the report, apparently one of the agents called the president's supporters "retarded." this is nasty stuff. i know you're going to have a meeting with the inspector general. talk to me about where you think we are by now it's widening. they were in your people, not just peter strzok and lisa page. >> we are going to continue to pursue this until we get at the truth and i am pleased that the current fbi director outside can see what president trump said today as well. it's important for everybody to recognize that there are tens of thousands of great men and women in the fbi who every day work hard to keep us safe, fight crime and keep us and prevent
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terrorist attacks. they've been dispersed by relatively a small but growing number of people who have been identified and we need to follow that to their source and the fbi needs to continue to clean house. some of that has already been done. the director is gone, deputy director is gone, a lot of people gone. the ones we've identified, we are going to continue to question. we've been asking for peter strzok for quite some time and we've advised the department that if they do not produce him shortly, a subpoena will be issued by me very shortly to require him to come in and testify. >> harris: there is so much to talk with the ig house judiciary and oversight committee meets on monday, that's when your meeting next week. it's tuesday. you for that. let's talk immigration. president trump's comments earlier today because at least some confusion some are saying for a house g.o.p. leaders looking to hold votes on two
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separate immigration bills next week. we know one of them spearheaded by you and the other considered a little bit more moderate measure. here's the president on the matter. >> we are looking into both of them. i need a bill that gives his country tremendous border security. i have to have that. >> got to have a wall? >> we don't have the wall, there is no. >> harris: immediately after the president spoke this morning that you might take another look at that before you put it in front of him. what's happening with immigration? >> first of all, i'm obviously a fan of the bill that i've introduced along with mike mccall, the chairman of the homeland security committee and chairman of the immigration subcommittee, chairman of border security subcommittee. it's a very good bill but it didn't get to 218 votes after months of work on it so i been very heavily involved in this second consensus bill that brought together people from all
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the corners of our conference to negotiate a very good bill. i'm expecting to see clarification from the white house, maybe even from the president himself regarding what he said this morning because that consensus bill, we been working with the white house on it but i don't think it's been fully vetted with him yet and it contains all the things that he mentioned in that interview that were important to him. including a better provision regarding the funding for the wall and border security because it has a trigger mechanism. the daca of provisions which are fair and reasonable do not move forward of the month funding for the wall does not move forward. >> harris: chairman, is there too much amnesty on the hill? >> i don't think so. both bills allow people who have been brought here unlawfully by their parents to remain here legally and the circumstances of
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both are very, very similar for that. in the first bill, we allow existing pathways to citizenship meaning if you married a u.s. citizen, they could potentially for you and so are. no special pathway but there is also not a special pathway in the second bill but there is a new program that we use the elimination of the visa lottery program, 55,000, very, very detrimental program in my opinion we use that to create a new merit-based program which people are allowed to apply for, the daca recipients but also other people in similar circumstances who are legally present in the united states but don't have an opportunity to move forward. brought here by their parents so we don't think it's a special pathway. we think it's a very fair solution to this. >> harris: were you surprised by the president's comments? do you think you'll get this done will quickly? >> i must say, i was not expecting to hear that when i got up this morning, but i do think that further dialogue and further discussion will move us
10:16 am
forward to finding a solution to the problem stomach problem. we have to shut off his discharge position which is a very bad way to move forward and would result in a very unbalanced bill that the president and i would definitely not want and in addition, we need to address this problem before the supreme court comes back with a decision later this year and this is the time to do it. >> harris: chairman goodlatte, thank you very much, appreciate your time on several topics, as always, have a great weekend. so we know what republicans are saying, you have the chairman there. what are democrats saying? i'm going to bring in a lawmaker next after this commercial break to talk all about the news that's breaking this hour. you heard them talking about immigration, here but the president tsai when he got up this morning, stay close. no. with claim rateguard your rates won't go up
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>> harris: a fox news alert, more from president trump earlier voicing support for christopher wray saying he's doing a better job than his predecessor james comey >> christopher wray is very different from comey which is what you need. the opposite. and he is moving step-by-step, and you are going to see a new very proud fbi. i think comey was a ringleader
10:21 am
of this den of thieves. >> harris: the president did not stop there. he had plenty more to say about james comey. >> what he did was criminal. what he did was a terrible thing to the people. when he did was so bad in terms of our constitution, in terms of the well-being of our country, what he did was horrible. should he be locked up, let somebody make the determination. look at all the dishonest things that crooked hillary did. look at what's going on. >> harris: minutes ago, i talked with house judiciary chairman bob goodlatte who will question michael borowitz on tuesday. let's bring in democrat congressman, a member of the house intelligence committee now. great to see you. i think when you look at this report, i haven't heard a lot of democrats say that there is a political ground to stand on, the facts are what they are. what do you make of the facts that we've now seen more text messages between two agents that not only were having an affair at the fbi, but certainly had
10:22 am
some thoughts about this president not adding up in the white house? >> first, we have to step back and just give thanks for the fact that there is an inspector general's office. the fact of the matter is, we are all very well served by having an independent cop on the beat who doesn't care what i think where you think a president trump thinks, that cares only about getting out the facts. secondly, i think when we look at this ig report, all 500 number pages of it, there is plenty of something in there for everyone. president trump obviously as he is want to do and republicans celebrating the fact that it was acknowledged that director comey engaged in missteps and insubordination and therefore gave him a basis for discharging him, a rationalization and a justification. democrats on the other hand can look at it and the conclusion is they found zero, absolutely none evidence that bias affected the
10:23 am
investigation and its conclusions. so i think there's something for everybody. i think we got to move on. >> harris: i know you want to move on. >> i want to complement the president if i may. who sent up kimberly reed to be chair of the export import bank this week to the senate so we could have a fully functioning bank and create and exports. >> harris: i love dancing myself but we are not going to dance right now. we're going to go back to the fox top story on the story all over the place right now, the inspector general came out and now not only are there the two people, the agents who were there at the time going back and forth with text messages having bias against this president according to text but not you have a widening circle of people and the president was careful not to impugn everybody at the agency at the fbi but he said look at the bias in this. he cannot deny when you call president from supporters and this is in the report, not my
10:24 am
word, "retarded." while they found no evidence that it affected the specific investigation action, reviews july 2016, he doesn't have the same confidence in this report, saying that anthony weiner laptop emails. so you say there's something there from everybody, but there is bias there anyway. >> the bias was found not to affect the investigation. you say this is the top story. if you turn the channel to a couple of others, you'll be seeing the top story about paul manafort being sent to jail. >> harris: we started with that, you didn't catch the top of our show. speak at the bottom line is this report finds there is no evidence of bias affected the investigation. >> harris: what think affected this at investigation were motivated james comey to be insubordinate? then candidate trump to be in the white house? if it wasn't bias, what was it?
10:25 am
>> i'm glad you brought up the issue of what motivates james comey. i will acknowledge freely that i'm not entirely sure. i'd like to know what in god's name motivated him in october of 2016 to go public and indicate in contradiction to the norms of the fbi and department of justice that he was reopening the clinton investigation as a consequence of that computer. i like to know what motivated him to do that. there are a lot of people, a lot of political scientists who believe that it actually made a difference in the outcome of the election but donald j. trump as president of the united states. it's where we are, it's where we go from here, period. >> harris: thank you very much, we appreciate your time. we will see what happens with all of this. thank you. speak of the trade were restarted many years ago by them in the united states lost. we lost $500 billion in trade deficits last year.
10:26 am
we can do that. >> harris: president trump earlier defending his decision to slap tariffs on goods from china. china will immediately pose penalties of equal strength. stocks under pressure, the dow dropping triple digits amid concerns about a trade war perhaps. let's bring in love the show making money, we can at skagit on the fox business network. so where are we with the dow right now? we are down about 202. is this because of the idea that we are going to slap those tariffs on china? because some of it is. there were other things going on, the strength of the dollar, yesterday's biking, central-bank accommodations, the federal reserve's slowing down the economy. you have two schools of thought. a lot of people that it would be done a whole lot more. by the same token, we knew it was coming. >> harris: so it's kind of baked in. >> it should've been for sure.
10:27 am
i think they keep making a mistake. >> harris: so we been looking at canada and the e.u. but china is actually is a direct line with where the president might want to be because we are dealing also with north korea. because that has played a major role. >> harris: intellectual property that china has been known to do. because they've been able to grow their economy dramatically in part because they have a country, tariffs already in place that are significantly higher than ours. they've been able to protect industries, hold of our biggest companies. they've stolen hundreds of billions of dollars of intellectual property so there are two parts to this tariff. one part covers about almost half of the things president trump talked about early on. it's the other part a mother still investigating so it's not $50 billion yet. on july 6, it will be $34 billion but the other part is more interesting and a sense that it comes from that section 301. these are things that go directly towards china's goal of
10:28 am
dominating the world including the united states. if we are looking at aerospace information, communications, robotics, industrial machines, new materials, those are the things we are looking at it we will probably know more in mid-july, late july where we go with that. this is certainly a two-pronged thing. we've already been in a trade war, president trump keeps telling people that we lost that trade war. this is a way of trying to get rebounds, get china to open their markets and get them to stop stealing our stuff. >> harris: i cut you off, there were two things, what are they? stick with a market reaction has been in. so that's good news and i also think this whole thing with china retaliating, i just think it's all part of a negotiated process. i think we took a big step closer to getting this thing ultimately resolved today. >> harris: has our viewers like to say, making sense, they quote me on that because i say it. good to see you. fox news alert now, the president is defending his
10:29 am
historic meeting with north korean leader kim jong un saying that regime has been making progress. >> you haven't had knee rockets shut up in the air for seven months, no research, they just blew up a test site, they're blowing up their engine test site for ballistic missiles. he gave us back our hostages. >> harris: christian right and as a former trump state department senior advisor under president trump and a senior fellow at the center for the national interest. with interest income of the still talking about why it was a good idea to have the summit and we are moving on. secretary of state pompeo was having having new meetings, south korea, your thoughts. stick of the american people and all of our allies have said this is a great thing. it's just frankly trumps irreconcilable opponents who think it was a bad idea. the results are already showing as the president mentioned, they stop testing nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles, they returned three american
10:30 am
hostages, stopped testing rocket engines. still a lot of things that have to be resolved and worked out. clearly, this is a different path for north korea looking pretty good. >> harris: the timetable becomes really critical because i don't know if people will remember about less than a year ago, it was then cia director mike pompeo who told us how close north korea might be to those nuclear weapons. when we talk about denuclearization, what is the timetable right now? >> right now, he has telegraphed he wants is done in the president's first term and that is good and realistic. if you look at other times that countries have disarmed, those come back programs, they have a complex uranium and newtonian . that's going to take time to work out all of that. but that's a pretty good timetable to be on. >> harris: what you see as may be the biggest obstacle right now and going forth in terms of our allies?
10:31 am
because there's not a problem with our allies specifically, but people who have to face this threat most directly, japan, south korea, australia, our key allies are supported. you do have a left-wing government south korea which in the past has been very prone to appeasement and believing north korea when they shouldn't be believed but so far, the president has managed to keep them on side. >> harris: real quickly, if kim jong un and he says he's accepted the invitation, comes to the white house, what is that due to the negotiation process in terms of legitimization? >> i think it moves it along. that's the key part that differentiates it from the failed adventures of previous administrations, this engagement at that senior level so that keeps it going and make sure there still remains a meeting of the minds between the leaders which is crucial. >> harris: always great to have you on the program, thank you very much. the doj inspector general taking james comey to task for his handling of the hillary clinton email investigation. much more on this story today, stay close.
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>> harris: president trump saying he disagrees with the conclusion of the justice department's ig report, that there was no evidence that political bias effect at the fbi decisions in the hillary clinton email investigation. the president also voicing support for fbi director christopher wray. saying he's doing a better job than his predecessor james comey who the president has characterized as a ringleader of the "den of thieves." joining me now, the president of judicial watch and of course judicial watch is known for trying to get things like those text messages and you been all along. we have new information. what stands out for you and that ig report about bias at the fbi? >> when you have the lead investigator in both the clinton email investigation and for a time the trump russian investigation saying that he wanted to stop donald trump from being president, it doesn't get much worse than that. in terms of showing bias by the
10:37 am
fbi and now the circle has expanded into additional fbi investigators and lawyers on that team both in the clinton email and trump russian investigation. what both investigations have been irredeemably compromised by that bias. just because there is no direct evidence that the ig was being careful and lawyerly here, is plenty of circumstantial evidence that bias affected the analysis, bias affected the steps taken and what steps they chose to take both aggressive against donald trump and very careful with hillary clinton. it's just magical, all these decisions that prosecutors and the obama justice department and that obama fbi came up with that fell down on the side of hillary clinton while at the same time operating a spy campaign against the trump administration. literally in league with clinton
10:38 am
dnc paid for fusion gps. unbelievable, the same group making decisions in both cases. >> harris: let me step in. he know how much of a field day the attorneys will have with the phrase that you used over and over, circumstantial evidence of this. the thinking is look for the actual evidence and isn't there some? have it we just learned that they're calling them agents one through five now? is other people they want to look at at the fbi who were text messaging things as incendiary politically is what we saw between peter strzok and lisa page. because this is not a legal thing, they should look at this report, see how they bent over backwards to protect hillary clinton and then look at these text messages and draw their own conclusions as to whether they are anti-trump pro clinton bias impacted their decision-making. they didn't want to go over his emails. they didn't think much of the fact that people had lied to
10:39 am
them repeatedly at least one i.t. official lied to them at least twice. but said it was okay because he told the truth the third time. can you imagine getting some deference? >> harris: i want to step and adjust quickly say, chairman goodlatte on a little while ago said that basically echoing what you're talking about, there were special treatment for hillary clinton in in the email investigation. the democrat that i had, congressman said there's something in here for everyone and he has no idea what other reason james comey would have, wasn't bias, must've been some other reason. your thoughts? stick is there something in there for hillary clinton to the extent that james comey was willing to throw her under the bus a little bit in order to send his reputation and his institution from the obvious charges of corruption that were going to be leveled as a result of trading. so while hillary clinton was ultimately protected because of corruption in the justice department and the fbi, james
10:40 am
comey in order to make himself look good violated her rights by attacking her in the press conference. >> harris: a vet to bring it back. democrats and republicans agree on those last few words you spoke, nobody is in favor of james comey. thank you very much. >> it shows that president trump was right to fire james comey because of the way he was treated. >> harris: you get last word, thank you. with the immigration debate reignited now on capitol hill. he is exploring new options for detaining migrants who have crossed the border illegally. the president is speaking out about it. the power panel will weigh in on all of it. stay, close. for as little as $15 a month. this week get boise case paper for only $29.99 at office depot office max.
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>> if you notice when i came over, they're all talking about separating the families and that is a democrat. i hate the children being taken away. the democrats have to change their law. that's their law. >> harris: the president they're talking about democrats having the policy separating
10:45 am
children from their parents after they illegally cross the southern border into the u.s. meanwhile the president also causing confusion for house g.o.p. leaders who want to hold votes on two separate immigration bills next week saying today that he will not vote for the compromise bill. the text of which they release last night. he said they are taking another look. a power panel, lawrence jones the editor in chief of campus reform. jessica tarlov's research director read and author of america in the age of. great to see you both. i often just nickname you from texas. i want to start with the president taking a look at and we can do it in reverse order, look at immigration and causing a bit of a stir on capitol hill. >> i think the president has been willing to compromise on these issues, he offered amnesty.
10:46 am
that something that a lot of republicans, a lot of strong conservatives were against but i do think with this situation, it's a tough position. we don't want kids to be this way. but there's kids in america that suffer because of the crimes of their parents. they put in difficult situations. >> harris: you're hearing about these detention camps, would he think of that? >> it sucks, it looks bad. i don't know how to say it. it's a bad condition. i think this administration can find a place for these children. that doesn't mean giving them amnesty we can take care of them in a responsible way. >> harris: this brings up the question of if we can quell at the border the flow and we did because the threat of policy changes were keeping some people from coming in at least that's been the estimation of the reason why. piercing a bit of a take up. so why wouldn't democrats take a look at a little bit more conservative of the bill that says now we are going to attach money to the wall, we are going
10:47 am
to look at our visas situation? >> i think they should've they can get a bill to them for what's going on right now is g.o.p. siding with the freedom caucus having 30 members which i think they can only manage 23 seats. so they're not going to be able to get something through which is why he said please get a compromise bill out there which had funding for the wall and a pathway for daca and paul ryan said yesterday in a press conference they want to look at the separation of families which is fundamentally a law that was started a while ago. it was bush and then under obama but the new zero-tolerance policy under jeff sessions is actually what has caused a spike in this. i think that both parties should focus on the reunification of these families and if that means are getting kicked out of the country, that's one thing. they did cross the border illegally but it doesn't look good for anyone and it's not how we do things. >> i totally agree but i don't like the children being used and i think that's what republicans the problem with.
10:48 am
the children being used to further this amnesty conversation to grant citizenship. it is obvious why the president was disturbed by saying anchor babies. why did they do that? i think the democrats if they really want to see this done, they would go with the president's bidding. >> harris: i'll bring you guys back, thank you. coming up, our special weekly series called heroes on homefront. where we honor the brave men and women who serve our nation and their families who also serve your home. stay close. sugar spikes you can really feel it. glucerna. everyday progress. like nothing you, ncy or she, has ever seen. filets of 100% real natural chicken or seafood. handcrafted, and served any way she wants. purely fancy feast filets.
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>> i'm shannon bream in for dana perino. a big news of the day, paul manafort is going to jail. what happens next? we will explain. plus peter doocy joins us from the white house without wide-ranging and credible interview with president trump this morning, a very big case coming up monday at the supreme court. of my legal panel will tell you everything you need to know. i'll coming up next on the daily briefing. >> harris: part of our show now we look forward to it on fridays until the july 4th week called heroes on the homefront where we spotlight the men and women serving our nation and their families here at home. we asked them to share their
10:53 am
stories as proud americans and today, we introduce you to a young woman engaged to a staff sergeant in the u.s. marine corps who is currently finishing his 11th year in service started when he was 18. he has been deployed in bahrain for the last six months and has about a a month and a half lefo go home. christina anderson here with me now. she and her fiance are set to get married in september. wonderful to have you. you are about to marry into the military life. and already getting a taste of that, i understand. >> absolutely. >> harris: how so? >> i didn't expect deployment so soon on our relationship, we've been together two and a half years and actually got engaged. the next month, he said i'm going to be deployed and i didn't expect it so soon but i learned a lot really quickly. with him being away, how things work, and really learning the strength that's within me that i didn't know was there to do what
10:54 am
i need to do when he was away. >> harris: 's ear about to become what i call the family that serves along with a mariner and that is of tremendous responsibility and you and i were talking off-camera about how quickly you grow up and we are looking at some of these pictures. you both suffered a loss right before or during his deployment and that maturation process was quick. you didn't have each other to get through the desk that you both had on opposite sides of your family, grandmother and grandfather. >> it was very challenging. he lost his grandmother, i lost my grandfather and it was hard not to be able to rely on each other's presence to console each other in that time, very fortunate that i had his family close and of course, mine. >> harris: we are looking at some of these pictures, there's one in particular. let's talk about the lighter side of life now but it's gotten complicated. you had a sign of that said 100 days until the big day and
10:55 am
you're planning this with him being gone. that is the norm for military families. somebody's deployed. >> absolutely. i learned that i'm not alone throughout this whole process. there are other people that are experiencing the same thing as me. that's why i posted that pictur picture. i've seen a lot of other couples online which is very helpful and supportive, girls who were through deployment like i am. so knowing that i'm not alone is really helpful. if he went on to ask you real quickly but it is you love about military life? >> i love the camaraderie. the strength, i've learned a lot about strength and resilience and it's taught me a lot about how to be adaptable to life. life there is a lot of things that you and this experience
10:56 am
really taught me that. to be you are engaged to a staff sergeant in the u.s. marine corps, currently serving his 11th year as i mentioned. if you guys are going to "new chapter, get some special forces in your life, those people around you who have that commonality because i know you're living off base right now. he'll need that. christina anderson, thank you. you'll be part of our proud american campaign on social media of course and share pride with our video, photo, and status on facebook so we want to hear from all of you. stay close. in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. . rs claim last year so allstate is giving us money back on our bill. well, that seems fair. we didn't use it. wish we got money back on gym memberships. get money back hilarious. with claim-free rewards. switching to allstate is worth it.
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thanks so much for being here. for all the breaking news and big stories and our heroes on the homefront series, too. have a great weekend. here's shannon. >> shannon: paul man fort being sent to jail. federal judge revoking his bail after new charges attempted witness tampering. hello, everyone. i'm shannon bream in today for dana perino. and this is "the daily briefing." the former trump campaign chairman taken into custody after accusations he tried to contact witnesses in one of the federal cases against him. mana fort is facing two charges on money laundering, tax evasion and conspiracy to obstruct justice. fox live team coverage today. peter doocy at the white house. we begin with doug mcelway at u.s. district court live in


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