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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  June 15, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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thanks so much for being here. for all the breaking news and big stories and our heroes on the homefront series, too. have a great weekend. here's shannon. >> shannon: paul man fort being sent to jail. federal judge revoking his bail after new charges attempted witness tampering. hello, everyone. i'm shannon bream in today for dana perino. and this is "the daily briefing." the former trump campaign chairman taken into custody after accusations he tried to contact witnesses in one of the federal cases against him. mana fort is facing two charges on money laundering, tax evasion and conspiracy to obstruct justice. fox live team coverage today. peter doocy at the white house. we begin with doug mcelway at u.s. district court live in washington. doug, describe the scene for
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nuts courtroom as that bail was revoked. >> reporter: shannon, after the judge announced she was going to be revoking the bail of paul manafort mr. manafort stood motionless. no overt signs of emotion. he was surrounded by three u.s. marshals who took him to an ajoining room. moments later, one of the u.s. marshals returned and handed to mrs. manafort her husband's maroon tie, his belt and his wallet. it is unclear where mr. manafort will be incarcerated. he's undergoing processing into the federal prison system as we understand it right now. and it's unlikely he'll be held in the d.c. jail which is generally reserved for local prisoners. there is a minimum security federal prison prison in nearby pennsylvania. his defense lawyers want him to be nearby so they can prepare for his trial coming up in middle september. in revoking mr. manafort's bond,
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judge jackson said she struggled with the decision. she said she couldn't turn a blind eye to the allegations if these allegations prove true she said it shows obvious intent toward witness tampering when he was ordered not to do so. she chastised manafort's filings in court on friday. he was treating this whole thing as just another marketing exercise as she said. that's basically what led to his being revoked -- having his bond revoked at this point. a stunning, stunning development. shannon, back to you. >> shannon: all right, doug, so can you tell us more about the details of charges of alleged witness tampering? that certainly seems to be the biggest problem for him now that likely led up to today. >> reporter: yeah, yeah, sure. here's the gist of what that's all about. for a five-week period beginning in february of 2018, manafort is alleged to have called or texted or made some sort of communications through encrypted devices with two members of what's called the hatsburg
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group. this is a european lobbying group whose mission is to support ukrainian politicians with close ties to the kremlin. victor is very close to the cremlynn and mr. putin. the government said today mr. manafort made several calls to one man with the hatsburg group while that man was on holiday in italy. he apparently didn't pick up the first phone call from manafort. he picked up the second phone call. he was unable to identify where the call came from. the man says, who is this? he says it's paul. the man hung up the phone and alerted authorities. mrs. manafort made no statement at all today upon leaving the courtroom with his attorney but she must be stunned, recalled this entire event for her began when she was awakened in the middle of the night in her bed in her bedroom by f.b.i. agents that had ended today with the
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u.s. marshals handing over her husband's tie, wallet and belt. shannon, back to you. >> shannon: doug mcelway live tonight at the white house. earlier the president dropped in on "fox and friends" on the white house lawn. peter doocy was there. peter, has president trump been talking a lot about a pardon for his former campaign chairman? you know that topic is likely to come up. >> reporter: a asked the president about a possible pardon for manafort this morning. he said he didn't want to talk about it. now that the sentence came down, we do have a tweet where the president said, wow, what a tough sentence for paul manafort that represented ronald reagan, bob zoll many other top candidates in the campaign. what about comey and crooked hillary and all the others? very unfair. the president also had a gaggle after that half hour long interview this morning discussed
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manafort's general situation at length. >> i feel a little badly about it. they went back 12 years to get things he did 12 years ago. paul manafort worked for me for a short period of time. he worked for ronald reagan, bob dole, john mccain, or his firm did, and he worked for many other republicans. >> reporter: president trump doesn't think it's fair for manafort to be ensnared for nonelection tampering offenses for investigators who are said to be investigating possible election tampering. >> shannon: what does the president think about the inspector general's report? he's a lot to say. >> reporter: he's using the findings as an excuse to call james comey, the former f.b.i. director, the scum at the top of the f.b.i. >> so here's the good news. i did nothing wrong. there was no collusion. there was no obstruction. the ig report yesterday went a long way to show that, and i think that the mueller investigation has been totally discredited. >> reporter: now, by comparing
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the mueller probe to the inspector general's report on the clinton e-mail investigation, president trump is doing something democratic lawmakers said they feared. >> so what does this all mean going forward? we know that in the days ahead, the president and his allies will try to twist themselves into pretzels and try to use this report to undermine the special council in the russia probe. unfortunately for them, nothing in this report lays a glove on special counsel mueller or the ongoing rushia probe. >> reporter: the president said today he would like to talk to mulefer he had the opportunity. he thinks the special counsel's office is biased against him. shannon? >> shannon: peter doocy live at the white house thank you. let's bring in paul rosen, a former senior counsel of the ken starr investigation and senior fellow at the institute. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> shannon: he's led away.
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what is life going to be like for him now as he awaits trial? >> it won't be as comfortable as it was beforehand. jail is not a pleasant place to be, and it's pretty likely that he'll keep him somewhere nearby and not in one of the club prisons up in pennsylvania, so i'm -- if i'm paul manafort, i'm looking at a difficult transition in life, at least for the next few days. >> shannon: obviously, none of the crimes he's charged with have any direct connection to the campaign, although a lot of folks want to muddy the waters about that. to be clear, these aren't tied to anything dealing with the campaign, but the president is doing his best to distance himself a little bit from mr. manafort. here's what towed say when asked about -- what he had to say when asked about this morning before the bail was revoked. >> he worked for me for what? 49 days or something. a very short period of time. i feel some badly for some people because they went back 12 years to find some things about somebody and i don't think it's right. >> shannon: only a short
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amount of time in the campaign but now he's behind bars. he'll be sitting there and have a lot of time to think about this. is there a chance he has anything that would be helpful to mueller and the investigators? >> that's the $64,000 question, isn't it? it's clear this effort to potomaniaknotter jail -- to put manafort in jail is to put pressure on him. now he'll be asked to come forward. now is when the reality of his situation has been brought forth to him. if he's got nothing to trade, if he continues to fight, he's looking at spending the rest of his life in jail and that can't be comfortable for him. so i don't know what manafort knows. no one does. but if there is something in his past that's relevant to president trump's campaign and the allegations of russian collusion, now it's likely the time he's going to come forward with it, unless, of course, the president pardons him. >> shannon: well, and the president has said there's nothing he can give up on him because he did nothing wrong. there was no collusion.
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he feels confident whether it's manafort or michael kohn or whatever was close to him. he feels badly for him but there's nothing that would impact him. >> if that's really the case, if we accept that as true, then it really is an unfortunate thing to have been in the president's orbit in the last year, because there are half dozen people, manafort, cohen, who are now facing significant jail time for other unrelated criminal acts that they probably, you know, there's -- well, a lot of substance to a lot of the allegations against them would not have to come light but the fact that they've chosen to throw it in with the president. they'll be in a very difficult situation under scrutiny but without anything to share. >> shannon: he seems like he's gravely concerned about a number of those people because of the connection that now brought this to light. i want to talk to you about the inspector general's report as well. peter struck. this one about the president said trump is not going to become the president, "we'll stop it," that kind thing.
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while the ultimate conclusion of the report was the political bias of the people involved didn't impact their decisions in the hillary clinton e-mail investigation, it's seen the ig -- it seemed the ig left the door open with respect to the russia part of this saying this in part "we did not have confidence that struck's decision to prioritize the russia investigation to the mid-year investigation -- the hillary clinton one -- discovered on the wiener laptop all the e-mails they found was free from bias." they're saying when it came to the russian investigation, we're not jumping in and making. [ indiscernible ] on that free of bias. that's still pending. >> if today's results of manafort was a bad day for the president, yesterday's ig report i was good day for the president. for one thing, as you've said, it does describe what at a minimum is gross lack of professionalism on the part of more than one f.b.i. employee. we've now now got three agents
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and two attorneys exchanging e-mails with their personal thoughts to the president. there was a thought some of that infected that -- affected their ability to conduct the investigation free of bias. later on top of that the ig's conclusions that jim comey's actions were extraordinary and insubordinate and the president's decision to fire comey actually looks a little better now, right? he was firing an insubordinate subordinate. >> if that factors into whether mueller is considering obstruction charges against him, he can point to this ig's report and say even they think he went rogue on a number of things. they're not flattering in their assessment of mr. comey as f.b.i. director. there's a new one now. we'll see how he does. thank you for coming in. >> thank you for having me. >> shannon: president trump considering a face-to-face meeting with vladimir putin this summer. michael allen joins us to talk
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>> shannon: the white house imposing new tariffs aimed at china as economic tension rise 23 the two nations. china vowing to match them. it's set to go into effect july 6th on the list, 1,100 products mostly used in machinery as the white house reviews a second list of products for new tariffs. president weighed in earlier on a possible trade war. >> there is no trade war. they've taken so much. last year, $375 million in trade deficit china. we had overall over $800 billion over a period of years. each year, close to $800 billion in losses on trade. it's not going to happen
11:16 am
anymore. it's not going to happen. it can't happen. >> shannon: i'm joined now by michael allen of beacon global strategies and former member of the national security council. great to have with you us today. >> thank you. thank you. >> shannon: ok. what do you make of this? china said, listen, whatever you give us is coming back to you. they'll retaliate. they have said this president is damaging and undermining the world global trade situation as it is. this guy is a disruptor. he told us in the campaign this is what he was going to do. >> he told us he was going do this. the china has a plan to take over the united states in military critical technology. we all agree this is a big problem. the united states others that do something. trump's formulation to get leverage over the chinese is to do more tariffs. we can try something else but this is the way that the president is going after it, and so he hopes to get some level over them so we might have real negotiations later. >> shannon: ok, there are real people at the end of this now china says we're going to go after the people that love you, the heartland, the farmers, the
11:17 am
midwest. it's going to hurt someone in the long run. we have monmouth poll. they asked about how do you think the tariffs would impact the u.s. economy. 25% said think it'll help. 40% said they think it'll hurt us. >> i think putting tariffs on soybeans and farmers in the midwest may cause us jobs in the long run. president bush tried tariffs early on. the reports came out later that you ended up costing more jobs than you saved in this instance. we have to be careful. the president others that play it right. he does have the cushion of an amazingly strong economy which probably gives him a little bit more confidence to try this, but, yeah, he's got to watch it here. >> shannon: let's talk about this possible meeting now between the president and vladimir putin. here is what he said about the possibility that they will meet this summer. >> are you planning to meet with putin this summer? >> it's possible that we'll
11:18 am
meet, yeah. i thought you know, this all started because someone, one of you, asked some putin be in the g7? i said, no, should be in the g8. a few years ago, putin was called in what was called the g8. i think it's better to have russia in than to have russia out. just like north korea, just like somebody else, it's much better if we get along with them than if wedon. >> shannon: my in -- than if we don't. >> shannon: my understanding is russia is intertwined with us on everything else. if they're not at the table, what good are the discussions? that seemed to me to my interpretation of what he was saying there? what do you think? >> i think so. he knows about syria and ukraine. he's making the calculations, like you said, better to have him at the table. i don't know if we're all there yet because of the russian behavior across the board in the middle east. they are trying to thwart the united states everywhere we go, but i get it. he's the president. he's got to maintain the big picture in mind. he's trying to salvage some sort of a relationship with russia,
11:19 am
even as the congress and others are aggressively going after him. >> shannon: when you look back on things include crimea and ukraine, there are serious issues. as you said, it's basically a proxy war when it comes to syria and a lot of what is going on in the middle east. the president said, yeah, i may sit down and talk with this guy but the u.s. has been tough. the sanction that has are levied. -- sanks that are levied. other things that go on that aren't in the media every day but it's a schizophrenic relationship? >> yes, president trump put on serious sanctions on the russians, definitely more than president obama. because the president seems like he's ready to meet, he sends the conflicting messages, as you say. some gets trampled over. i don't know if i'm ready to let them back in the g7. i get what he's trying to do he wants to maintain a relationship >> thank you for coming in.
11:20 am
great to see you. the taliban leader behind attack on activist molalla killed in say drone strike. what his death could mean for a new peace treaty with the taliban. plus, cyber attackers putting a bull's-eye on singapore earlier this week as president trump sat down there with kim jong-un. not surprising. we'll tell you who was behind all of those hack attacks. experience the 2018 lexus nx and the nx hybrid with a class-leading 31 mpg combined estimate. lease the 2018 nx 300 for $339 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. give you the protein you need with less of the sugar you don't. i'll take that. [cheers] 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. new ensure max protein. in two great flavors.
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>> shannon: the afghan defense ministry confirming the death of pakistan taliban chief dmaulana fazlulla. national security correspondent jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon with this story.
11:24 am
hello, jennifer. i'm a senior u.s. official tells fox american troops haven't yet been able to make positive identification on the ground following the drone strike because the missile completely destroyed the vehicle the taliban leader was traveling in. just moments ago, afghanistan's president confirmed the taliban leader's death in a tweet and relatives of the wanted leader have already begun public mourning rituals. drone strike took place wednesday, two days before the muslim holiday in eastern afghanistan's cunnar province close to the bored we're pakistan. the state department had a $5 million bounty on the head of maulana fazlulla. he helped plan the failed bomb attack in new york's times square in 2010. in december 2014, his operators carried out the most lethal terrorist attack in pakistani history when its operatives
11:25 am
killed 151 people including more than 130 children during an attack against a military school in pakistan where many of pakistan's top generals sent their children. he was responsible for the botched assassination attempt of malala yousafzai, young pakistani girl who received a nobel prize for her work to advocate for female education. >> it has been the most beautiful day of my life. this has been the most important thing in my life and i had never been so excited for anything. i had never been so happy before. >> reporter: the drone strike comes as afghanistan's taliban chief repeated his demand for direct talks with the united states before negotiating with the afghan government. until now, washington has refused. the afghan government announced a nine-day cease-fire earlier this week. shannon? >> shannon: jennifer griffin
11:26 am
live from the pentagon, thank you very much. a tech company says singapore was the top target for cyber attacks earlier this week. as president trump was there for his historic summit with king jungeun. five networks say -- kim jong-un. five networks say the attacks came from russian ip addresses. still unclear how many attacks were successful and what information may have been compromised. controversy over detention centers for illegal children, separating them from their parents. the feds are considering more sites. we're live in dallas with details on that report. plus, lawmakers have some bigboats votes next -- votes next week. we'll tell you what they're doing to change the immigration laws, if anything. >> this is inhumane. do you agree? >> we don't want kids to be separated from their parents. i just made that very clear. we believe because of the court
11:27 am
ruling, this'll require legislative change.
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>> shannon: federal authorities now considering several military bases in texas to sheltered children caught crossing the border illegally. even if some were seeking aylem like many does have -- asylum like many have done in recent years. casey steagall has more. >> reporter: the department of health and human services
11:31 am
confirming to fox a new location to house immigrant children has in fact been selected. it's not military. more on that in a moment, but this is in. [ indiscernible ] point of entry there. look at the map very far east out near el paso in a newly announced spot that will accommodate up to 360 chirp in the next few days. it's 796 miles from brownsville, texas, out west. you see essentially there on the other end of texas' shared bored we're mexico. here is video give -- border with mexico. here's video given us to by hhs because media hasn't been let inside this former wal-mart store in brownsville turned child housing facility filled with about 1,400 boys. all the unaccompanied minors here are those who the feds say broke the law by crossing into the u.s. illegally, usually with a family member or a parent. that's where this controversial zero tolerance policy comes up we're hearing a lot about, separating kids from their
11:32 am
parents because adults are now being sent straight into the justice system. u.s. attorney general jeff sessions has said it is about enforcing the law and not many "mean to children" but a growing number of people and groups have denounced the sudden enforcement including now medical professionals like the american college of physicians and the american psychological association who are now saying that the trauma and fear these children are experiencing regardless of nationality translates into both medical and mental problems for these people for life. >> it is really unamerican to weaponnize children to stop unlawful immigration. using the separation of children from parents is a threat deter immigration is harmful and inexcusable. >> reporter: now fort bliss and two other military installations here in the lone star state also being considered now for additional temporary
11:33 am
housing units. that also from hhs. but we have not been able to get a clear answer on whether some of these new detention facilities will actually be more like tent cities. this is not actual structures like we've seen at that wal-mart super center but tents. hhs spokesperson saying some will be soft-sided structures with air-conditioning but wouldn't elaborate any further. shannon? >> shannon: all right, casey stegall for us live in dallas thank you. meanwhile, house republicans going back to the drawing board these consider two immigration bills after president trump said this. >> i'm looking at both of them. i certainly wouldn't sign them. >> what's the bill have -- >> i need a bill that gives this country tremendous border security. i have to have that. we have to get -- >> does that meant wall? >> we have to have the wall. if we don't have the wall, there's no bill. >> shannon: a good friend, former staff secretary to president bill clinton, liam donavan is a national review
11:34 am
commentator. welcome to you. >> thank you. >> shannon: what's in the compromised immigration bill by the g.o.p. they're working on two things. they have the good lap bill which is considered good will. $25 billion for the border wall. it ends the diversity visa lottery system and limits chain migration. david, not only is the president not a fan of this and says he's not going to vote for it a number of lawmakers are saying we need to fully brief him and let him see what's in it. i think he'll like it. democrats are saying this is way too conservative. sounds like this has no chance either way. you have to have democratic votes in the senate to move things. >> if you look at the story we just saw on your network about what is going on at the border, a major issue now is the separation of chirp from families and i fact, the u.s. attorney for the southern district of texas just this morning said on a national newscast the law doesn't require the separation of children from their parents. that's a policy decision by the trump administration so any legislation that congress considers that fails to address
11:35 am
that crisis that the trump administration i would argue has created is not going to win democratic votes is probably not going to win some republican votes. plenty of republicans are up for reelection right now that have to rely on latino borders in their states where border issues are major issues in their states and feel it's unamerican to separate children from their families as you heard in that decision. >> shannon: that's motivating everybody on the hill -- because they see this and know it's heartbreaking. the president was asked about this morning. he said repeatedly, "i hate it. i hate it," he's saying this is not something that should be happening either. liam, he says we need democrats to come to the table so we can solve this. so who is at fault? is everybody at fault? >> this just goes to show you what the dynamic is that's very tricky. republicans have about a 10% of their conference, 30 members or so for whom any solution is really important for them to get. another 10% probably won't meet for any solution. the rest need cover from the president for anything they're going to do. i don't know that there's a solution that gets 218 votes among republicans alone.
11:36 am
bipartisan solution is going to have to be where this goes ultimately if they want to solve the problem. >> shannon: getting 218 in the house and getting to the senate where you have to have 60 which means you have to have democrats vote for it there. then for it all to be together to get to the president for him to sign it, it seems like a tough needle to thread. >> i'm an outside observer when it comes to the republican caucus. there is, as you just heard described, significant division within the republican caucus. forget about winning democratic votes for a second. could you get a majority of the republicans in the house or a majority in the senate around any proposal? that's my first question. as much as i'd like to argue the democrats are necessary for everything, we're not. can republicans coalesce around a solution that then you can bring just a few democrats along. you don't need all. that still seems elusive. i think one of the reasons why speakerine has had such a devil of a time with this is that he's wanted to pull together parts of his own caucus and has failed to do so. we'll see when the open voting patterns start, like, they'll put the bills out for a vote. we'll see.
11:37 am
you never know until there's a vote. >> shannon: exactly. >> i think there's going to be an awful lot of tension within the republican caucus for all the reasons that liam just described. before you can even get to whether or not democrats could be brought further. >> shannon: many hurdles. here's what nanci pelosi, the top democrat in the house is saying about this. >> this is the first time in this era that we've had a president that has rejected newcomers to our country. >> shannon: liam a lot of people will say that's not fair. he's not rejecting people coming here illegally. is there any way to make this less divisive and less partisan so there could be a solution? >> part of thish sioux congress doesn't do comprehensive very well. they keep it narrow, keep it simple, come up with a border solution and a daca solution. that's the only way you don't get into tripping other things that end up -- you know to build a coalition that gets to 218 or gets to 60 in the senate, you need to keep it simple. >> shannon: sounds like one of the moments from years and decades ago when you have a tip o'neil and ronnie reagan trying
11:38 am
to sit down and hammer this thing out. it doesn't seem we have a lot of people right now on the hill who have those kinds of relationships because everybody agrees what we saw in that story is not ok and they want a solution. the tough thing is, how do we get there? um, but you would think and hope that good men and women of the hill will rise up and figure this out. >> i'd like to think that the super majority of senators, democrats and republicans alike, who first passed immigration reform -- this was a couple congresses ago, but they did it -- i would like to think that bodes well for a similar vehicle coming together this time. what stopped it then was the freedom caucus in the house. i think that's what is stopping it now as well. but i'd like to think there's still room for bipartisanship on this issue. >> shannon: we're out of time. we'll say though the president has campaigned very clearly he wouldn't have anything to do with amnesty and he was going to take care of this problem. he's got to think about his base. the freedom caucus is thinking about their base who sent him there as well and the promises they made. david and liam, thank you both have a great weekend. supreme court is set to issue several rulings monday morning, 10:00 a.m. eastern. who is counting? i am.
11:39 am
our panel will break down the closely-watched cases we're still waiting for. fans around the globe lining up for world cup action. ahead, how fans in this country are reacting even though the u.s. didn't qualify this year. we're still interested.
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so allstate is giving us money back on our bill. well, that seems fair. we didn't use it. wish we got money back on gym memberships. get money back hilarious. with claim-free rewards. switching to allstate is worth it. a wild morning at the white house. president trump speaking on a bunch of topics including the russia investigation, north korea and his former fixer michael cohen. i'll speak with a lawyer who says there's a clue that could indicate which way cohen could go. the president weighing in on his former campaign chairman is now heading to jail. that's coming up on "shepherd smith reports." >> shannon: there are key rulings we're waiting on before they end their term on a couple of weeks. for some of the cases we're going to talk about, we're joined now by elizabeth from the
11:43 am
constitutional accountability center and. [ indiscernible ] two of our greatest watchers. great to have you both here today. >> great to be here. >> shannon: what are the biggest cases? the last one they argued was the travel ban. what are you watching for? >> the travel ban is a big one. one i'm curious about finally to get it off the table was public employee unions case. it was set to be decided when justice scalia died in 2015. they were going to overrule a 47-year-old case that said public employees could be forced to subsidize unions. they said it was violating our first amendment rights because this was basically political speech. i think the court, it looks like, will finally get agrouped to overruling that case and finishing the work of 2016. >> shannon: is that one of the cases where the newest member of the bench didn't say anything? he made zero comments. everyone is watching him. this is a public school teacher in california says he doesn't want to have to pay toward the
11:44 am
union dues or fees because he may not always agree with their political activities and those kinds of things but elizabeth, the courts have always been worried, too, about free writers or people who get the benefits of the free union even if they don't pay into it? >> the existing system now, you don't have to join a union, you don't have to subsidize the political activities, the legislative lobbying, etc., but you have to pay a fair share fee that covers collective bargaining that benefits everyone whether it's workplace safety, making sure there's not wage theft, that there are fair pay conditions. that's really what a lot of the states are fighting to keep. and in fact, my organization, cac, filed a brief on behalf of republican state legislators who say look, this is an issue of federalism. it's our decision how to interact with our public sector employees. >> shannon: all right, we'll watch for that one. also, i don't know about you, ladies, but i like to internet shop. that's how i do all of my shopping. shop for groceries, clothes, anything. it's so easy. there's a big case out there
11:45 am
involving wayfair, a popular home goods site where we'll find out something potentially about internet taxes which would impact just about everybody? >> yeah, this is a huge case, because it has to do with whether state can charge their state taxes to those companies. you know, amazon tends to often have to pay in-state taxes but you have groups like wayfair and a lot of other companies that don't. this is something that justice gorsuch wrote on before he was on the court suggesting there were issues on the way we were analyzing. it'll be really interesting because it could have a huge impact. i think that's what the justices are scared of. they're hoping to decide a case a point of law but not to overhaul an entire industry. when you're in the supreme court, sometimes the decisions huge impacts -- decisions have huge impacts. >> shannon: my husband is hoping it'll slow down my internet shopping, regardless of the outcome of the case. what other ones are you watching? there's several. one is about police using cell tower information to get people
11:46 am
without a warrant. >> the issue of privacy in the digital age. whether you need a warrant before using the cell phone tower data that could pinpoint your location. i think the two most important cases that i'm looking for are the partisan germanderring cases which are -- jerrymanering cases on whether or not you can draw districts such you're so likely to get a person elected in a particular party, basically allowing politicians to choose their voters rather than the other way around and of course, as you mentioned, the trump muslim travel ban case. i think we really in this moment are particularly focused on this, you know, we're dealing with the horror we see every day of the trump administration's policy of tearing families apart at the border, and so everyone is going to be looking very closely to see whether or not the supreme court strikes this down as being the unconstitutional and unlawful program that it is that harms families and refugees and people wanting to come here to build a better life for themselves. >> you know of course the white
11:47 am
house doesn't call it a muslim ban. it doesn't target the most populous muslim countries. there are certainly countries on this list we have concerns on whether or not we can verify data before people could come in for immigration. this is travel ban 3.0, the third version. it's got a lot to say about executive power, what the court decides. >> i think of what we look at what the court said about the previous versions, there's no question in my mind that the court will find this absolutely constitutional. >> shannon: wow! >> how? >> even the previous versions which didn't have as much analysis going into it -- yes, the government didn't make the analysis yet of the ability of those countries to guarantee that the people who are who they say they are, um, the court looked like they were ready, even many of the liberal justices to uphold those ones. the president has a huge amount of authority when it comes to national security. that's simply the case here. >> i don't -- you know, he's got authority but it's caverned by the constitution and other
11:48 am
statues. >> in this case it's pretty clear. >> shannon: one thing we all agree on, we love our constitution. i'll see you at the court on monday. thank you for being here. tom brady talking about the anthem protest in nfl players in a new interview with oprah. we'll tell what you he's saying. world cup fever heating up. several teams heating up as they take to the pitch today. how are the fans responding, jonathan hunt? >> they're having a ball, shannon! the biggest game so far at the biggest sporting event in the world is underway. bars across america are packed. we'll teletake you inside -- we'll take you inside and give you your world cup weekend schedule after the break. simple goodness
11:49 am
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>> shannon: super bowl champion tom brady speaking out
11:52 am
on nfl players kneeling during the national anthem. the patriots' star quarterback stood arm in arm with teammates before a game last season while other players took a knee. brady saying he understands where his teammates come from. >> i've been in it for a long time. i've been with guys from all different parts of the country, every color, race, belief, and -- >> background? >> -- yeah and you know what? you respect what other people -- you know, i do. i respect why people are doing what they're doing. and they're doing it for different reasons. >> shannon: that interview airs sunday on oprah's own network. world cup fever heating up. already there's been some dramatic wins. oath uruguay and iran pulling through with lone goal victories. right now, spain and portugal are going head-to-head. jonathan shunt with fans in santa monica. jonathan, the portugal/spain game is that the highlight of the first round? >> reporter: oh, absolutely! this is a real highlight of the first round. we're here in the legendary sports bar, the king's herd in santa monica.
11:53 am
it's packed for what's the best game by far so far in this world cup. 2-1 at halftime. 2 portugal over spain. in the natural order of things, spain you would consider the better team all around, but when ronaldo is playing, one of the great stars of this sport, he plays for portugal, the natural order tends to get turned on its head. that's what happened so far in this game. ronaldo with two goals to put portugal 2-1 up at the half. as for the games to come, they're all on fox sports, of course. this is what you want to do over the weekend. you should just sit on the couch and watch them all. if you have to run some errands, here is the can't-miss games. france/australia first on saturday. france, one of the teams likely to be in the mix at the very end of this tournament. then, mighty argentina, one of the powerhouses of soccer against tiny iceland. kind of like the yankees playing the wichita wing nuts in the world series. then sunday, germany, reigning world champions, up against
11:54 am
mexico. that'll be an extraordinary game and then also brazil, one of those i think will be in the final. germany and brazil could be the final itself. brazil plays switzerland on sunday. nobody plays the beautiful game more beautifully than brazil when they're on song. that's my prediction. for the final, it'll end up in a month's time, shannon, being brazil against germany. i'd like to say brazil will win it all because they play such great soccer. sadly, i think that far away from home in russia, brazil might diminish a little bit and the efficiency of the germans might win out. i say that as a very heavy heart as an englishman, shannon? >> shannon: a spent a summer in brazil. they're beautiful soccer players and beautiful people. >> reporter: just watch every game. it's all on fox sports. don't miss a minute. don't leave the couch this weekend! >> shannon: that's right. sounds like a good plan. just relax and watch fifa. all right, thank you so much, jonathan.
11:55 am
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>> daily briefing executive producer jennifer williams and spike meeting new friends this past weekend while enjoying a beverage. >> spike and i are at old york summers. it's a winery in new jersey. we're having a fun event with k-9 companions. it's a great way for puppy raisers to swap stories and a great way to meet graduates and have some fun. >> they hold the event once a year to help build the community. the attendees keep coming back. >> i have raised puppies for nine years. we have several dogs that are
11:59 am
service dogs. we have a skilled companion dog and a dog that is a ptsd dog. >> puppy raisers say they learned just as much from the dogs they trained. >> i'm a teacher and now take them into the classroom with me. i also get to show my students what it's like to raise a puppy. >> what webster does for me is picking things up, if the counter is too high, he can pay for me. if it's too far for me to push, he will pull me. >> when you see the difference they make to the people that receive them, it's just so rewarding. >> he's really changed and -- i don't know i'd be without him. >> while spike may have been a little sleepy today, he has a very exciting future ahead with k-9 companions. >> i feel like i would pass out there with all of that cuteness. the great news, you can keep up
12:00 pm
with spike and all of his adventures. head to there's jennifer and spike there right now. he's precious! thank you for joining us. and spike too. i'm shannon bream in for dana. here's trace in for shep. >> from the campaign trail to jail, president trump's former campaign chair paul manafort locked up ahead of trial after prosecutors accused him of trying to influence witnesses. this comes as president trump blasts robert mueller's russia investigation and goes off on a wide range of topics on an unscheduled visit with reporters. >> i think the report yesterday may be more importantly than anything totally exonerates me. >> i think comey was the ringleader of this whole den of thieves. here's the good news. i did nothing wrong. there was no collusion, no obstruction. i think that the mueller investigation has been totally discredited.


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