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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  June 15, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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with spike and all of his adventures. head to there's jennifer and spike there right now. he's precious! thank you for joining us. and spike too. i'm shannon bream in for dana. here's trace in for shep. >> from the campaign trail to jail, president trump's former campaign chair paul manafort locked up ahead of trial after prosecutors accused him of trying to influence witnesses. this comes as president trump blasts robert mueller's russia investigation and goes off on a wide range of topics on an unscheduled visit with reporters. >> i think the report yesterday may be more importantly than anything totally exonerates me. >> i think comey was the ringleader of this whole den of thieves. here's the good news. i did nothing wrong. there was no collusion, no obstruction. i think that the mueller investigation has been totally discredited. just announcing very big tariffs
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on china. i have a good relationship with kim jong-un. that's a very important thing. i got elected to make america great again. very simple. that's what we're doing. >> ahead, the president's words and the responses. also the white house now saying the president misspoke on a key issue this morning. ahead what he meant to say and sorting out the confusion it caused. plus, after president trump slapped new import taxes on china, china threatens retaliation but wall street is starting to shrug the worries off. that and the day's news coming up on "shepard smith reporting." >> i'm trace gallagher in for shepard smith. a federal judge ordering president trump's former campaign chairman to jail while he awaits trial. she accused him of abusing the court's trust and revoked his bail. the decision comes after manafort was accused of trying
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to get witnesses to lie about the work they did on behalf of ukraine. obstructing justice or, in other words, witness tampering. prosecutors say it went down as manafort was under house arrest for tax evasion, bank fraud and money laundering. manafort has pleaded not guilty to those charges and the obstruction charges. others have pleaded guilty to lying to investigators. they include manafort's former associate, rick gates. president trump tweeted saying the judge was harsh on manafort. earlier today, the president tried to distance himself from his former campaign chairman and criticized investigators for digging up things years ago. >> i feel badly about a lot of it. some of it is unfair. some of it goes back 12 years. like manafort has nothing to do with our campaign.
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i feel badly about it. they went back 12 years. paul manafort worked for me for a short time. he worked for ronald reagan, john mccain. he worked 49 days or something. >> researchers say manafort worked for the campaign for nearly five months, including three months as the campaign chair. the judge said she struggled with her decision to send manafort to jail but she couldn't come up with another way to stop potential tampering. she told the court this is not middle school. i cannot take his cell phone. we have caroline here with us, a criminal defense attorney. the bottom line here, the judge made it clear this is not about, you know, robert mueller. it's not about politics. the bottom line here is paul manafort is going to jail for the summer and could be longer.
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if there's information that he has that could be detrimental to the president, now is the time for a deal? >> putting him in jail will put the heat on him in terms of flipping. but this is a hugely c consequenti consequential decision. she didn't have another choice because she had reprimanded manafort before. we here about constantine. he tried to help manafort with this op-ed. she took him to task on that saying look, you're not allowed to do this. you're violating the gag order. he's witness tampering, trying to tell these two associates of his that look, guys, we didn't do lobbying work in the united states. right? everything that we did was in europe. that's just not going to fly.
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manafort's attorneys did a good job of saying that manafort didn't know who the potential witnesses would be so he couldn't witness tamper. she was not buying that. i'll say that this is really going to affect his ability to prepare for the two trials coming up. one in d.c., one in the eastern district of virginia, this is a very big deal. >> if you go back, the president makes a decent point. this goes back 13 years. you have a lot of legal experts saying that's the reason there's a problem with the special counsel. the scope is so wide. the question would be, how does all of this lead back to president trump? so far there's no connection to collusion or obstruction. >> yeah, it has nothing to do with president trump at this time. of course, you know, the additional superseding indictment with constantine is a russian, obviously, with ties to the russian government, it's presumed.
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you're right. it should be clear that manafort actually, you know, challenged these charges against the special counsel saying he overstepped his boundaries. that's what prompted the government to turn over that report by rob rosenstein that laid out in perfect order the scope and this fell under that mandate. so you're right. it has to do -- these are money laundering transactions, wire fraud, mail fraud. things of that nature. having nothing to do with the election. the reason he's being put behind bars now and the judge made it clear in court, this does not go to his underlying guilt or innocence on the underlying charges, the charges in the indictment. he would have to be found guilty of those by a jury. this is just a matter of public safety, this is a matter of pretrial detention. she wanted to be clear on the that point. >> you know, hear tale from those asosated with manafort, he thinks he will be convicted on some of these charges.
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he could spend the rest of his life in prison and also counting on a pardon at the end of this. >> obviously the president has authority to pardon who he feels should get one. you know, yes, you're right. the question then may become whether or not there are underlying state charges, which as we know, the president does not have the power to pardon along those federal charges. you know, this move by placing him behind bars, it's not going to help him in terms of, you know, staying stroke and not flipping on the president. >> president trump says michael cohen is no longer his personal lawyer and he's not concerned about him flipping and working with the feds. it comes after reports that cohen may be about to split with his lawyers, the lawyers handling the criminal investigation in new york city.
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watch. >> are you worried that michael cohen might flip? >> look, i did nothing wrong. i did nothing wrong. >> have you spoken to michael -- >> is he still your lawyer? >> he's not my lawyer anymore. but i always like michael. he's a good person. and i think -- >> have you -- >> do you mind if i talk? you're asking me a question -- >> are you worried he's going to cooperate with federal oh. >> no. i did nothing wrong. >> today is a key deadline in cohen's effort to keep prosecutors from using evidence that the fbi seized from his office, hotel room and home in april. david lee miller has more. >> trace, cohen's attorney had until the end of business today to present to a court-appointed examiner, materials seized by investigators that they believe is protected by attorney client privilege. now that deadline could be changing because new material has become available. the judge in the case appointed a review by a special master in
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april in response to claims by the defense that some of the items seized contain privileged communications. the government has seized multiple cell phones, computer hard drives, ipads and eight boxes of documents. one of cohen's lawyers says 3.7 million files were taken by authorities. according to a letter from the prosecution updating the court on evidence that was just released a short time ago, material seized by investigators say among the materials seized, they were able to reconstruct 16 pages of documents recovered from a shredder. the letter from the prosecution to the court says the fbi captured 731 pages of messages and call logs. the fbi says they're trying to extract information from one of his blackberries. the prosecutor's letter asked the court to give the defense until june 25, ten more days to
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review this newly acquired material. prior to today, the most recent court filings that said out of 639 paper documents the special master was asked to preview, 14 would be kept from prosecutors. out of 290,000 files, only 148 are considered privileged. so now it appears the special master whose tenure was supposed to end today could be extended, but no word yesterday from the judge about how these latest developments will actually affect the appointment of the special master in this case. >> yeah, david lee, michael cohen was spotted by reporters. >> that's right. about an hour ago, he was last seen leaving the manhattan hotel where he's living. he did not respond to questions. the court filings today are electronic ones and no court appearance is slated to take place. president trump however spoke out in defense of his former
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attorney telling reporters that the search warrant was not fair. >> i don't think it right that they burst into a lawyer's office on a weekend and early in the morning. i never heard of that before. can you imagine if they burst into barack obama's lawyers office? it would not be acceptable. would not be acceptable. i mean, that is really a terrible thing. >> if the defense disagrees with the findings here of the special master, the defense will have until one week after a final report is written. trace, the thing to be mindful, it's the federal judge that will have the final say. >> indeed. david lee miller live in new york city. let's go back to caroline, a federal and white collar criminal defense attorney. michael cohen made it clear that he's angry for the president for lack of a better team distancing himself from michael cohen in
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recent months. >> that's right. there are reports about maybe there are some arguments over who is actually footing the bill. one of the surmised reasons that michael cohen is looking for new counsel as has been reported is that the legal bills are just getting to be astronomical. even for a man of means, as he is, that could do anybody in. i mean, you know, at the last court hearing, michael cohen's lawyers got up to say they had worked tirelessly throughout the memorial day weekend. so you have an idea of the level of work required. there are some pretty high bills. i would say also that it's not crazy to me that he's looking for new counsel. he's had these attorneys since before that april 9 raid. so they were along for the ride. now he's looking for a different
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space, the preday. . >> so what we know? he knows about the stormy daniels payments. maybe business deals, conversations. what else is it that somebody might be looking for from michael cohen, quickly? >> we don't know what we don't know. that's what this case is. remember, this is -- we're not in an indictment yet. we're just going through the mounds of documents that the fbi seized on that april 9 raid on his home office and hotel room. only they know at this point and trump and the trump organization when has intervened in that case. >> yeah that is a problem we don't know what we don't know. you're right. people are saying, look, a lot of conversations he was involved in. he could have insight that even he doesn't know that he has. thanks, caroline. >> thank you. >> president trump blasting former fbi director james comey
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>> what he did was criminal. what he did was a terrible thing to the people. what he did was so bad in terms of our constitution, in terms of the well-being of our country. what he did was horrible. should he be locked up? let somebody make a determination. >> president also disputed part of the justice department's watch dog report. the inspector general called comey insubordinate but said he found no evidence that political bias affected the investigation. the president calling that conclusion wrong and ridiculous. peter doocy is live at the white house. you were there for this morning's wild press appearance. >> the president said he believed the inspector general blew it by concluding there was no political bias at the fbi or the justice department because there's 500 pages worth of findings, including the new texts from peter strzok where he said we'll stop trump from
12:18 pm
becoming president. other than that, the president says he thinks it's a good report. >> i think that the report questioned may be more importantly than anything, totally exonerates me. there was no collusion, there was no obstruction. if you'll read the report -- what you'll really -- wait, wait. what you'll really see is bias against me and millions and tens of millions of my followers that is really a disgrace. >> the inspector general's report didn't deal with president trump or members of his campaign in the run up to the election. it was an investigation of the clinton server investigators. many of the same players at the justice department are parts of both orbits so the president is using yesterday's report to bring back up the mueller investigation and to say that he thinks what he sees as bias at the fbi and on the special counsel's team has credited
12:19 pm
muller's team, trace. >> trace: yeah, both sides are dug in on their opinions in this report what are democrats saying about the report, peter? >> trace, they're mad just like the president, at james comey. but for a different reason. >> there's no political bias and two, the actions of the fbi director more than one time absolutely benefitted mr. trump's campaign and his election chances. >> so democratic lawmakers on capitol hill are echoing the excuse that hillary clinton has been making or the points she's been making for several months that if james comey would have been more discrete or handled things differently when it came to the e-mail server probe then the election may have ended differently too, trace. >> trace: peter, thank you. a lot of new information coming to light out of the 500-page report. it's not only peter strzok and lisa page whose messages are under the microscope but more
12:20 pm
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>> trace: more on the 500-page report on the fbi investigation, including new details about agents assigned to the case. catherine herridge has been at the justice department where she's been all over this report. catherine? >> thanks, trace. it's more than 500 pages and it's worth doing a deep dive into some of the details. this one issue in particular that looks at this issue of lawing to federal agents, a violation of 18 usc 1001. the inspector general found fbi agents on the clinton e-mail case appeared to joke about the
12:24 pm
issue and how those that misled investigators wouldn't be prosecuted. the agents are not identified by name in the report, so it's difficult to identify their statements. but one agent was grilled -- grilled a clinton aide over access to a facility that you see in new york state. he asked questions about what is a skif, a secure information facility and supposed to be off limits without a security clearance. this is what they said.
12:25 pm
>> so you can see that in the texts, they're making it the very least off-hand remarks about what is a very serious statute that's been used by the special counsel to prosecute the former national security adviser and other trump campaign aides, trace. >> other texts also revealed catherine? >> people talk about agent strzok and the fbi lawyer, lisa page. if you dive into the inspector general's report, what you'll see there's a number of bias issues that appear to be in the text messaging system used in the fbi. what we know from the inspector
12:26 pm
general's report is a half dozen employees were referred for administrative action within the fbi. that's the office of professional responsibility. the key thing with agent strzok, congress has wanted to talk to him for months and based on what we heard from a lawmaker today, he may not be able to avoid answering questions for much longer. >> we have been asking for peter strzok for quite some time now and we've advised the department if they don't produce him shortly, a subpoena will be issued by me very shortly to require him to come in and testify. >> this is really only the first chapter in this story. monday and tuesday next week will be huge days in terms of the news that we expect. monday, the inspector general, michael horowitz who wrote the report and christopher wray will testify publicly on capitol hill before the senate judiciary committee. that is the lead committee for this investigation and then
12:27 pm
there will be subsequent testimony on tuesday. we expect horowitz to defend his findings on political bias at the fbi and we expect christopher wray to defend the bureau and the recommendations that were made. >> trace: thanks, catherine. >> you're welcome. >> trace: there's word that president trump has changed his position on an immigration bill. a few hours after his comments caused confusion. we'll explain where things stand now. we're also watching wall street. you looked this morning, stocks took a tumble. they were back up. now they're back down again. all of this over new trade tensions with china. that's coming up. liberty mutual saved us
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office killing a boy and wounding four others. the child's mother and brother badly injured. this happened in westminster outside of denver. cops arrested the suspect but they say he has no relations to the victims and they don't know the motive. pollution is so bad in india's capitol, that they stopped all construction for two days there. smog and dust covering new delhi. there's reports that pollution levels are six times higher than what health experts consider safe. two tractor trailers in arkansas colliding and spilling mini bottles of fireball whiskey. transportation officials are looking into what caused the crash. one cab caught fire but everybody will be okay. the last year, frozen pizzas and pasta sauce have all spilled on the roads in that state. we'll be back. and rx 350l awd for these terms. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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12:33 pm
that's according "the hill." they report that the president misspoke on live television when he said he wouldn't support the immigration bill. the bill would stop the feds from separating undocumented children from their parents at the border. republican house speaker paul ryan had said he scheduled votes on two immigration bills next week. after the president's comments, the speaker called for clarity from the white house. the president lashed out at democrats for splitting up parents and kids even though jeff sessions announced the new policy last month. the president said the democrats are forcing the break-up of families at the border with their horrible and cruel legislative agenda. any immigration bill must have full funding for the wall and catch and release, visa lottery and chain and go to merit-based
12:34 pm
immigration. go for it and win. nancy pelosi has called the position barbaric and the president could stop them immediately. mike emanuel is live for us on capitol hill with more. hello, mike. >> trace, good afternoon to you. this is the line from president trump on fox news this morning that absolutely positively stopped many house republicans in their tracks. >> i certainly wouldn't sign -- >> what does the bill -- >> i need a bill that gives this country tremendous border security. i have to have that. >> a key house moderate sounded stunned saying lawmakers thought they were giving the president everything he wanted. >> we're awaiting the president to clarify his comments. we have negotiated the four pillars deal, his deal. we accepted the dhs' own recommendations on this. we're waiting for him to clarify. >> the confusion was a devastating blow with a member of house leadership saying they cannot go forward with immigration reform without the
12:35 pm
president's endorsement. trace? >> what about democrats, mike? how are they respond something. >> they noted that at this time of the week every week, the house leaders get on the floor and talk about the week ahead. they noticed republican leaders were not taking to the floor to talk about next week. >> we discuss the college for the week to come. my suspicion is they don't know what the schedule is for the week to come. >> other democrats sounded frustrated. they were working with moderate republicans on a bipartisan proposal and sounded frustrating that didn't go forward. >> i went out on a limb and told my colleagues that with have some folks that are willing to work with us. i don't know if i can go to that well again. >> a number of republicans were waiting on day on clarification from the white house. now perhaps immigration reform may be on again.
12:36 pm
it may be a different week next week after a lot of confusion on capitol hill. trace? >> trace: indeed. mike emanuel live on capitol hill. thanks, mike. if there's one immigration issue everybody agrees on, parents and children shouldn't be separated at the border. republicans, democrats and the president coming out against the practice. but it is still happening. in fact, this associated press reports that figures from the department of homeland security shows the government separated nearly 2,000 children from their families over six weeks. casey stegall has been following this controversy and is live in dallas. casey? >> trace, the numbers you just speak of in fact are growing, which is why the department of health and human services is actively looking at other locations to open temporary housing facilities. we learned that hhs just announced the texas port of entry in the coming days will
12:37 pm
accept 360 children in what sounds like air conditioned tents. in brownsville on the opposite side of the state, this is a look inside a former walmart shopping center turned child housing facility filled with about 1,500 boys. the video of this is more than 200,000 square feet facility. but the video was given to us by hhs. all of the accompanied minors here are those who the feds say broke the law by crossing into the u.s. illegally, usually with their parents. they're separated from their parents under this controversial zero tolerance policy. now adults are sent in to the criminal justice system right away so that children then are turned over to hhs custody where they are cared for in the
12:38 pm
meantime. >> yeah, casey stegall live in dallas. thanks. china quickly retaliating against new u.s. tariffs slapping their own taxes on more than 500 american products. that according to the "wall street journal," which is our corporate cousin. the tariffs will hit farm products, cars and seafood. the dow was down earlier, about 200 points. you can see it's down 96 points. president trump said this morning officials in china were happy with his handling of north korea but may not have the same reaction to the new tariffs. >> they may not be as happy today because of what i'm doing with trade. you probably heard that. i assume it's been announced by now. but we're putting tariffs on $50 billion of technology and other things because we have to. we've been treated very unfairly. >> trace: let's bring in ken brown, a senior columnist for the "wall street journal." it's fascinating when you lock at the dow. it was down 200 and then up.
12:39 pm
we started up and now down 95. seems to be a collective shrug. every time the president does something like this, it's the sky is falling and the markets are down. but wall street is a good barometer of this time. they're like eh, let's see how this plays out. >> yeah, people are just waiting for the rhetoric to play out. the stock market investors always have trouble dealing with policy things. everybody is just trying to figure it out. >> yeah, the truth is, if you go back to gary cohen, the former economic adviser of the white house, which is why he's the former, because he said look, this is terrible. these are terrible tariffs on china. it's a trade war already. they're retaliating, we'll retaliate back, this could eat up the president's tax cuts. this could lead to inflation. what are your thoughts on gary cohen's comments? >> look, the conventional wisdom
12:40 pm
tariffs are taxes on an economy. the trump administration cut taxes, so this is a tax increase, which slows the economy. now, it's hard to say how this plays out. it's still a tiny portion of the economy. but now we raise tariffs, china raises tariffs. goes back and forth. what is interesting, everybody agrees there's a problem with intellectual problem in china. but there's areas that china feels that they need to continue their growth. it's important to china's future. those are just going to invite more retaliation and goes back and forth. >> you talk about new technology and so forth. china agreed to pay a half billion or $50 billion fine for that. it's interesting because now you're getting down to the people that support trump. the technology people different. the people that support trump, the farmers are affected by this. they're concerned. midwest farmers are very concerned this is going to hit
12:41 pm
them where it hurts. those are trump supporters. >> yeah. you know, think about what we export to china. it's food, technology and then it's like manufactured goods like air planes. bowing is down today. caterpillar is down. those are areas that employ a lot of people and some blue collar people that are trump supporters. the problem with tariffs, it's a blunt instrument and you don't know how it's going to play out in the economy. you're seeing the effect of it now with people being anxious about it. >> trace: what is your take on this? china will put tariffs on goods coming from the u.s. now. does it go back a few more times or does china say this enough is enough and let's just end this or the u.s.? >> china gets there's an issue. they were willing to give, we're going to buy $70 billion of u.s. products, going to balance out trade a little bit. but when you talk about china's
12:42 pm
future, the technology that they feel they need to grow, china is a huge country and they need to keep growing. that's why they've done so well. that's why the government has stayed in power. if they feel like they're under threat, they have to fight back. it's intrinsic to the needs of the country. it's not like one product here. it's core to them. >> trace: it is. the last time we did this, it shut down their biggest telecom company. so clearly they're dependent on what the u.s. does. good to see you, ken. >> thank you. >> trace: meantime president trump calling a again for russian to be added back into the g-7. the group of some of our closest allies. at the sam time, his own defense secretary was sounded off on russia's intentions. that's coming up next. hasn't left my side. with the right steps, 80% of recurrent ischemic strokes could be prevented. a bayer aspirin regimen is one step
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>> trace: president trump says he gave the north korean
12:46 pm
dictator a direct phone number so they can talk whenever they need. >> i have a good relationship with kim jong-un. that's a very important thing. i cannot -- wait. i can now say, well, we have a problem. i told him, i gave him a direct number. he can now call me if he has any difficulty. i can call him. >> the president says he has good chemistry with kim jong-un. president trump, the first u.s. president to meet with the north korean head of state. in an interview on "fox and friends," the president said if he didn't meet with kim jong-un, it would risk nuclear war. kim is known for locking up and starving his own people. when reporters asked about his human rights record, he said he didn't want a nuclear weapon to destroy families. president trump insisting that russia and vladimir putin should be let back in the g-7, a group
12:47 pm
of some of our closest allies. >> it's better to have them in than out. because just like north korea, just like somebody else, it's getter if we get along with them than if we don't. >> president trump's defense secretary sent a strong warning about president putin today. jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon. hello. >> defense secretary mattis speaking at the naval war college and did not mince his words. >> for the first time since world war ii, russia haas been the nation that has redrawn international borders by force of arms. putin seeks to shatter nato and aim to diminish the democratic model and attempt to undermine america's moral authority. >> while joint training is
12:48 pm
expected to halt on the korean peninsula, it's underway in the baltic sea. today is the last day of the drills which involves more than 40 warships, 60 air crafts an an amphibious landing. >> trace: and what about a drone strike killing a taliban leader? >> yes. american troops have not been able to make positive identification on the ground following the strike because the missile completely destroyed the vehicle the leader was traveling in. the strike took place wednesday two days before the muslim holiday in eastern afghanistan close to the border with pakistan. the state department had a $5 million bounty on him and had him designated a global
12:49 pm
terrorist. he was involved in an assassination of a young female. she spoke in march having returned to pakistan for the first time since she was shot by the taliban six years ago. >> it's been the most beautiful day of my life. it's been the most important thing in my life. i had never been so excited for anything or so happy before. >> in december of 2014, her operatives carried out the most lethal terrorist attack in pakistani history killing 151 people including more than 130 children during an attack against a military school in pakistan where many of pakistan's top generals sent their children. she helped plan the failed bomb attack in new york's time square, trace. >> jennifer griffin live at the pentagon. thank you. the biggest gains so far in the world cup is happening this hour and living up to the hype.
12:50 pm
we'll give you the latest out of russia where two power houses are going toe to toe and where one lawmaker is warning russians not to get too close to certain fans next. have the chills! because of all those miles? and because ice is cold. what's in your wallet?
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12:53 pm
>> trace: the russian president vladimir putin encouraging folks going to the world cup to meet new friends. calling his nation an open and hospitable place. a russian lawmaker warned women not to get too friendsly with foreigners. jonathan hunt is here with more. >> i'd tell americans not to get too involved with the russians. paul manafort can tell you the trouble that gets you in. >> oh! >> fox sports is carrying it
12:54 pm
all, including what is turning out to be the most extraordinary game of this world cup so far. portugal against spain. >> they're about to blow the whistle. looks like it will be a tie. two power houses of soccer really going toe to toe in this one. spain you'd call the better all-around team. when you have a player like ranaldo, he turns things on their head. it's been amazing, trace. to anybody that is not sure about soccer, go find a replay of this game and watch it. you'll five in love >> when you have a game like lebron or ranaldo -- >> i'd sit on the couch and don't move. if you have errands to run,
12:55 pm
first of all saturday, france against australia. france will be in the mix at the end of this. then you have one of the soccer power houses, argentina playing little iceland. that's a little trace like the new york yankees playing the wing nuts in the world series. how iceland got to the world cup, i don't know but they'll be everybody's favorite underdog. and then sunday, you'll see two of the teams that i predict will absolutely be in the semifinals. may play the final against each other. first up, germany. world champions. they're playing mexico. a great game. the other team that i believe will make it all the way, brazil. they're playing switzerland sunday afternoon. 2:00 p.m. eastern. brazil play the beautiful game, probably more beautifully than anybody. i wouldn't be surprised to see a germany brazil matchup in the final. i feel those germans might win it. >> your fears could be accurate.
12:56 pm
>> did housley play for the wichita wing nuts? >> i don't think he got that high up. >> fox has you covered for the entire world cup match. you can watch all the matches on fox tv, fox sports 1 and and the fox sports app. check your local listings and sit there on the couch. a tribute for one of the world's most famous scientists and that is coming up next. about what i eat. this new beneful select 10, has 10 amazing ingredients! (avo) with real beef, plus accents of sunflower oil and apples, suddenly your dog's a health nut. (vo) the old me woulda been all over that. (avo) new beneful select 10. 10 ingredients. 1 thoughtful recipe i'm a tin can tied to your bumper, cause.... i don't think enough people heard about your big day.
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1:00 pm
reads "here lies what was more tall of stephen hawking" 1942 to 2018. i'm trace gallagher for shepard smith. "your world" with neil cavuto is right now. >> neil: thank you very much, trace. i'm neil cavuto. this is "your world." man, oh, man, they say this president does not conduct formal press conferences. what do you call this? >> were comey's actions unfair to hillary? >> no. i think james comey was unfair to the people of this country. his investigation has been totally discredited. you're asking me about peter strzok being fired? i'm amazed that peter strzok is still at the fbi. >> are you worried that michael cohen might flip? >> i did nothing wrong. do you mind if i talk? >> he has