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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  June 15, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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[laughter] >> i want to know who said that. meeting after the show with hr. >> hey greg. payback. that's it for us, we will see you back here next monday. special report is up next. >> president trump stays on the attack against what he calls his opponents in the fbi. house republicans pump the brakes on immigration reform, plus the sights and sounds from america's national championship of golf. this is special report. good evening, i'm bret baier. we are coming to you live from shana kok hills golf courts. we will have plenty of golf talk for you tonight and a gorgeous on-site, sunset.
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in the white house where president trump played through on the north lawn this morning. president use some pretty pointed language to keep up his attack on some current and former members of the fbi following the release of the inspector general report. that was part of a wide-ranging off-the-cuff interview here on fox this morning. good evening, kevin. >> the president's pension for the unpredictable was taken to a whole new level as he engaged journalists in a pretty spirited conversation right here on the north lawn and then quickly made news that traveled around the globe. >> president trump: if you go to the fbi and take a poll of the real fbi, not the scum on top. >> it was as freewheeling and bombastic as it was remarkable. president trump today held an impromptu news conference on the north lawn following a lengthy
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exclusive interview with fox and friends. while the conversation covered a wide range of topics from the north korea to the economy, mr. trump zeroed in on yesterday's release of the bombshell inspector general report on the clinton email investigation. >> president trump: i think the report yesterday may be more importantly than anything, it totally exonerates me. there was no collusion, there was no obstruction, and if you read the report you will see that. >> while the report did not exonerate the president did criticize former fbi director jim comey saying he had been insubordinate during the probe and deviated from well-established department policies. >> i think that james comey was unfair to the people of this country. i think he goes down as the worst fbi director in history. >> he also vented about the one-time lead investigator of both the clinton and russia inquiries, peter strzok. a discredited fbi agent whose behavior was concluded as biased and antithetical to the core
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values of the fbi and doa. >> president trump: peter strzok should have been fired a long time ago. >> later almost in passing the president made what amounted to a passing announcement about the largest trading partner, china. >> we are putting tariffs on technology and other things. we have to come up we've treated unfairly. >> the retaliation said the president for unfair trade practices. and democratic chuck schumer called actions on the money and calling them the rail trade enemy. >> we will immediately respond and take necessary measures to defend our legitimate ranks and interests. >> also getting the president's attention today, although perhaps unwanted attention was his epa administrator, scott pruitt.
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the subject of numerous investigations and controversies including a report in today's "washington post" that an energy p.r. executive helped him score rose bowl tickets. >> and looking at scott and he has done a fantastic job at epa. but, i'm not happy about certain things. >> the embattled epa chief is under fire for allegedly wasting taxpayer money and violating ethics standards, as well as asking some government employees to run personal errands. but at this point he still has a report of the president himself. >> bret: kevin corke live on the north lawn. we have news from a fall out in the release of that inspector general report. he was catherine herridge. >> at least two campaign aides have pleaded guilty to the violation of u.s. 182001. the report about fbi personnel dismissed the idea that anyone
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would be prosecuted for misleading investigators. in an effect on mike unidentified agent we rolled hillary clinton aid about access to security at the clinton home known as a skiff which is proven to be off clearance. agent one, awesome. lied to his blanket off. went from never alone looking at the skiff at rest, to removing the trash twice come to troubleshot the fax with hrc a couple times, to come every time there was a secure fax, i did with hrc. ridiculous. it would be funny if he was the only guy charged in this deal. even if he said the truth and didn't have clearance when handling the secure fax, no one will do blank. the inspector general takes this insertion. >> the fact is that nothing that i sent or received was marked classified and nothing has been demonstrated to contradict that. >> fox news first reported that
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a handful of clinton emails contained classified markings. the c stands were confidential. in an fbi interview, clinton repeatedly speculated with a reference to paragraphs rank in alphabetical order. witnesses told the ig proclaimed that she did not understand the significance of the c marking strained credulity. the justice department and spector general also referred to five fbi employees for investigation for politically charged texts revealing in its report that more bureau officials beyond peter strzok and lisa page exchanged anti-from text messages. after a month of negotiations, you may not be able to avoid answering questions under oath much longer. >> we have been asking for peter strzok for quite some time now and we have advised the department that if they do not produce him shortly a subpoena will be issued by me, very
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shortly, to require him to come in and testify. >> on monday inspector general's 14 and director ray will defend his findings against political bias. >> bret: we will follow that all. president trump's former campaign chairman is in federal custody tonight. a federal judge has revoked the house arrest of paul manafort. the judge slidingly without obstruction of justice charges. prosecutors accused him and a long time associates of witness tampering. he's pleading not guilty. may the he will remain in jail for the next two trials. he now faces seven felony charges related to his ukrainian political work and money he allegedly funneled through offshore accounts. today president trump tweeted his disapproval of the judges move saying he did not know that paul manafort was head of the mob and asked what about comey
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and clinton and all the others. president trump said it kim jong un is always just a phone call away. the president talking more about his summit with the north korean leader. >> i have a good relationship with kim jong un. that's a very important thing. i can now say, we have a problem. i told him. i gave him a very direct number. he can now call me if he has difficulty. or i can call him. we have communication. >> back home after the singapore summit, president trump is taking a victory lap, highlighting the negotiation and, people are shocked that trump was going to get in and start throwing bombs all over the place. >> now convinced he is defying his critics expectations, and,
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he said the biggest problem that the united states has come and by far the most dominant most dangerous problem, and at what he said to me that we ever had, is north korea. >> own secretary of defense echoes that sentiment just a few hours ago. >> the past does not have to define the future. but while a possible new avenue, we remain vigilant in pursuit of weapons. >> president trump is also taken the opportunity to deflect blame on his nemesis. >> when it's my fault i will tell you. president obama by not going across the redline in the sand that he drew, i went across it with the 59 missile hits. but president obama when he didn't go across the redline, what he gave away, nobody even knows. >> but according to president trump, obama is not
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only responsible for the nuclear program and the syrian war. >> president obama lost crimea, lost crimea. >> in his eyes, kim jong un doesn't have. >> i want my people to do the same. someone who definitely admires kim's leadership style is vladimir putin. he issued a warm invitation for kim to visit russia just yesterday. when president trump was asked about having a meeting of his own, he told a reporter today at the white house, it's possible. >> tonight house republicans are trying to put the finishing touches on a plan for immigration reform. after being blindsided by president trump earlier in the day. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is in washington to tell us what happened, and may be what's
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next. >> a chaotic day as president trump nearly spiked a carefully negotiated immigration warm compromise. >> what does the bill have to have? >> i need a bill that this country border security. and a senior white house official later clarified saying the president misspoke about the legislation. and catch and release and the visa lottery system. and it would allow the so-called dreamers to apply for a six year renewable besides. >> i think it's a very good bill, very good compromise. and this can make a law. >> house g.o.p. leadership has been planning votes next week and a more conservative plan
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from judiciary chairman, bob goodlatte. they seem to enjoy that chaos. >> you mean the president complicated the situation with a comment? i just don't find this shocking. >> they complain about being separated from their children on camera continuing the war of worlds. >> i hate the children being taken away, that's their loss. that's the democrats law and we can change it tonight, we could change it right now. >> late today, a white house
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spokesman that went on the record to say president trump fully supports both bills the house is expected to consider next week. the official concluded the president will not sign either bill into law. >> mike emanuel, live on the hill. do you think congress can come up with an immigration reform bill that will satisfy the president? let me know on twitter, you can use the hashtag #specialreport,orinfacebook.demt heir2020nominatingconvention. theywilltakeanopponentpresumably torunagainstpresident trumpthewe ekof july13to16. through16. thenasdaqwasdownfortheweekandthe dowwasdownalmostapercentage.,the s &p 500virtuallyunchanged up next, i will talk about the future of golf with ceo mike davis. fox 47 in lansing's michigan-based catalog which voluntarily recalls more than a million cases of its honey smack cereal after a salmonella
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infects 73 people and 31 different states. the company says no other kellogg products are impacted by the recall. fox 32 in chicago, city schools will run background checks on thousands of employees after a newspaper found students have been sexually abused by workers with criminal records. the district checks backgrounds of new teachers, volunteers and some others, but people have already been employed, and the ceo of that school districts that school employees will now return in the fall if they don't go through that check. and this is a live look at orlando from our affiliate at fox 35. florida officials say state inspectors approved a roller coaster only hours before it derailed. it sent to writers plummeting to the ground. daytona beach fire and rescue say two writers fell 34 feet from the sandblaster when their car derailed and was dangling from the track. they were hospitalized, along with four other people who had
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been on the ride thursday evening. that's two nights live look outside the beltway from special report. we are outside the beltway, also, at the u.s. open at shinnecock hills golf club in new york. >> on the driving range, jason day getting ready for his roundup at the u.s. open here at shinnecock hills. all the players are getting ready. this is one of the toughest courses in the world and one of the toughest parts is the green greens. special report continues after this. the best simple salad ever? heart-healthy california walnuts. the best simple pasta ever? california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? great tasting, heart-healthy california walnuts. so simple, so good. get the recipes at
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>> bret: welcome back to shinnecock hills golf club in new york. today was whitson's last day on
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the job. she spent more time off the planet than any other american. 665 days spanning three space stations and the space station missions. the second round of the u.s. open golf championship underway right now behind me. you can see all of the action this weekend on the fox broadcast network joining me now to talk about golf in the future of golf is the united states golf association chief executive officer mike davis. mike, thank you very much for being here. we have a special guest. this is the trophy? >> this has the trophy that has been around since 1895. >> that's fantastic. to hear the cheers coming from the golf course, everyone is trying to make the cut right now. this has been an interesting two days. this is a tough place. >> it is one of the five founding clubs of the usga, and it truly is a great test of golf but it was the tale of really
3:20 pm
two days. yesterday some of the highest winds we've ever had at u.s. open and players were just hanging on. yet today, really good scoring for the conditions. very light wind and some soft conditions and they can go low when that happens. >> so did you feel like you had to set it up tougher because last year was 16 and under? you didn't get to 16 other this year? >> in so many cases, mother nature has a big seat at the table. last year she was very calm to the players but she's doing a few different things this year. i think in some ways you try to set this golf course up, and any u.s. open golf course, so you are testing every element of the player's skill. so the course management skills, even the ability to handle their nerves. this is a great golf course and a great test of golf. >> what do you say about golf as
3:21 pm
a game and where it's going? >> very healthy game. we have more junior golfers in the united states and other. so in a sense, and the game is glowing globally. it's a game of a lifetime, it's like other sportswear players of differing ability can play on an equitable basis through the handicap system. but at the same time golf has its challenges. one thing that golf continues to focus on is how long it takes to play the game. then there are even long-term issues, and it will be a bigger issue in the decades to come. it is about the long-term health and enjoyment of the game for all those who play at. >> bret: for someone who doesn't watch golf religiously, why should they watch this weekend? >> this is our nation's national
3:22 pm
championship. it's the oldest championship in this country, it's been around since 1895. this week is truly unique in the sense that, this is the ultimate test of golf. this is unlike other weeks of the year where we are testing every element of the shotmaking skills. for well over a century, these golfers know that the u.s. open tough test to golf, but at the end of the day we will hand of trophy out right here and at the jack nicklaus gold medal to the low 72 hole score. i can promise you, it's going to be somebody that has worked their way around this golf course and done a great job in terms of thinking their way through. >> bret: right now dustin johnson is leading. he has these guys that are hitting gargantuan distances and it's changing the game? >> the game has evolved. it has innovated itself.
3:23 pm
when we played this championship well over 100 years ago in 1896, the course was only 4400 yards. now it's about 7400 yards. courses have had to expand over those periods of time, but distance is only one element of the test. you know, it's your ability to be accurate with the ball, distance control, your ability to when you get in trouble, recover. and ultimately, think you are way around the golf course. >> back in 1896, that winter got a a few blocks, basically $150. and in first place this year, 2.1. second place gets more than the 2,000 for winter. i'm >> i wonder when he was playing, if you looked at that
3:24 pm
from an inflationary -- somehow i don't think $150 would equal what the winner is going to make this week. >> bret: all right, thanks, we appreciate it. up next, why turkey's presidential race is no longer a sure thing. we will go overseas and beyond our borders tonight. palestinian protesters burned tires today. several thousand worshipers knelt on prayer rugs near the fence. they are marking the holiday that caps the fasting month of ramadan. the prime minister's of greece and macedonia are facing political storms at home after reaching an historic deal to settle a decades-old dispute over macedonia's name. the men have agreed that a former yugoslav republic it should named north macedonia after all that. and that stephen hawking's' ashes were buried in westminster abbey today between the graves of fellow british scientist charles darwin and isaac newton.
3:25 pm
he died in march after decades of living with motor neuron disease. after that his words were beamed into space. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we will be right back. yo! we got married! honk if you like joint assets. now you're so busy soaking up all this attention, you don't see the car in front of you. and if i can crash your "perfect day", imagine what i can do to the rest of 'em. so get allstate, and be better protected from mayhem. like me.
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gentlemen, i have just received word! the louisiana purchase, is complete! instant purchase notifications from capital one. so you won't miss a purchase large, small, or very large. technology this helpful... could make history. what's in your wallet? >> bret: afghan and pakistani leaders say a u.s. drone strike has killed pakistan chief. he was the leader who ordered the unsuccessful assassination of the eventual nobel peace prize winner. the pentagon said it carried out that counterterrorism strike targeting the senior terror leader but did not confirm who. at the attack happened wednesdays just hours before the
3:29 pm
taliban and begin a three day cease-fire. we are nine days away from important national elections in turkey. voters will select a parliament and at least begin the process of determining a president. that must, it may not be as simple as one once thought. >> from a distance, turkey straw men president seemed to like i should plan to continue his 15 year rule over turkey. he controls most of the money is a countries media and has locked up most of the opponents. a closer look and in new polls show he is facing a surprisingly tough reelection that dumb like a battle and the party may lose its parliamentary majority. after years of economic growth, turkey's economy is struggling with inflation soaring at its currency, allegra, falling about 20% this year. he has vowed to fix the economy
3:30 pm
which observers say has stumbled largely due to turkey's military operations in neighboring syria. translator back i say this again, the departments in financial markets have nothing to do with our economic issues. however, that is no problem we cannot cope with. >> young middle-class turks are leaving the religion. >> i would like a change in tokyo of course, i'm not happy with the current government. >> in an apparent effort, turkey has launched a military efforts against pro-american kurdish fighters that turkey sees as terrorists. >> he is still expected to win the election but if these forced into a second round runoff, as political opponent may be able to call back some of the executive power that he has ceased for himself in recent
3:31 pm
years. >> bret: a conor powell in our middle east newsroom. please join me sunday night for a special look at the historic point in time when ronald reagan brought the message of peace and freedom to what was then the soviet union. the program is called "three days in moscow." it's based on my book, and here is a preview with the man who served as the president's press secretary at the time. >> i give a speech at moscow university where the president wanted to talk about freedom of speech. >> set the stage for that one. >> when i walked in the door, i walked into the head of the church with this huge statue of lenin and a lectern which was set up for reagan with a light in front of it. >> you were thinking it was a bad thing? >> i think it was a horrible thing. but president reagan saw it as an opportunity to deliver this
3:32 pm
message. his joke later was, how great was it to have lenin back to stare at my backside for an hour and a half? but it turned out to be the perfect forum for him to deliver his message. >> bret: the students filed in and settle down. he warmed up his audience by wishing them success in their own language. >> i know you must be very busy this week studying and taking her final examinations. so let me just say -- [speaking in foreign language] >> bret: the hour special, three days in moscow, premier sunday night at 8:00 p.m. president trump keeps hammering the fbi and the special counsel. we have a reaction from our special expanded multicity pane
3:33 pm
panel. explain to them sitting on the couch why this is such a cool thing. >> this is our national championship. it's the biggest championship i could ever play again. i grew up as the kid dreaming about this. so for all of these americans out there, and international stars as well, to when something like this -- >> bret: game changer. >> life changer. >> do you talk politics out her here? >> only in the afternoon.
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speak to the report yesterday more than more importantly than anything totally exonerates me. the end result was wrong. if there was total bias, when you look at peter strzok and what he said about me and when you look at comey, so it was a pretty good report but i would say the ig blewett at the end
3:38 pm
with that statement. peter strzok should have been fired a long time ago and others should have been fired. the top people were horrible. if you look at what happened, they were plotting against my election. >> of this report contains no evidence to make any reasonable person conclude that the special counsel investigation is anything other than independent, impartial, and just as important today as it was before this report was issued. >> bret: it was surreal, the president walking out on the north lawn. interview live on "fox & friends" and holding a gaggle with the press. and that's a first time that has ever happened with the president of the united states and he made a lot of news today. let's bring in our panel. joining me here at shinnecock hills, jim hammer, melissa francis, and in washington, mollie hemingway, and in new york, bill mcgovern, main street columnist for the wall street during your
3:39 pm
"the wall street journal." so that happened during your hour and continued into your hour. how about your insight? >> i thought it was remarkable. it was my sense, when he became president, that he was the one who is going to run as communications department, that he was going to be his press secretary, not literally but figuratively as commander in chief. and mueller sort of took that bag club out of his bag, so to speak. with the economy moving the way it is, i think with the singapore senate behind him and the ig report, and, i believe he would much rather hold a press conference once a week if his lawyers up to this point had
3:40 pm
allowed it. >> bret: molly, there is a lot of low-hanging fruit in this ig report if you are a trump supporter. i have people who said they were disappointed with the characterization, that it was a nothing burger from the start. >> i haven't read all 158 pages. chuck schumer is wrong about what he said about this report, it was an exhaustive detailed look at widespread corruption, bias, poor judgment, bad decision-making. the same people were involved in the clinton probe as were involved in what has now become the special counsel. and if you look at what people were saying, how they were openly conspiring against the donald trump election and how they were fantasizing about his impeachment after the election, that really called into question what could he came into the basis of the entire probe. we have no evidence of treason
3:41 pm
and collusion with russia and a lot of evidence of that behavior by the fbi. >> the other news made today was about china. take a listen to what the president said and china's reaction. >> we will do $50 billion on $50 billion of high technology equipment and other things coming into the country because so much of our secrets -- we have the great brainpower in silicon valley, and china and others steal those those. >> we will immediately respond and take necessary measures to defend our immediate rights and interests. >> bret: and melissa, what are we looking at here, it is at heading out to the trade war? >> markets went down right away on this news and at the end of the day they clawed their way
3:42 pm
back. there's one thing to keep in mind when we are listening to all this chatter about the trade war. there was a moment at the g7 when president trump said, why don't we drop all of our tariffs on everything in it it went over like a lead balloon. that's where he had said to come he understands that no tariffs are best. for consumers and workers, it's a true free market. but we haven't had that for a long time and we continue to use both the carrot and stick to get closer to that. but that's the truth of the matter and when he said that it was revealed that he doesn't believe in tariffs but he also knows it will take a lot to push other countries there. >> bret: bill, how does that play on main street? >> i would like to see a few more karats rather than the sticks. i was also hardened by the no tariffs call the president made, but if you were serious about that, i think what he should
3:43 pm
do -- negotiate with a partner like britain or even canada, find a partner that has very few trade issues with us. negotiate the ideal bilateral and then say, this deal is open to anyone else who wants the same terms. i think that is a more effective way of doing it and it's more with the carrot and the stick. >> bret: let's talk immigration. here's what the president said about that this morning. >> i'm looking at both of them. i certainly wouldn't have signed them. i need a bill that gives this country tremendous border security, i have to have that. >> does that mean the wall? >> if there is no wall, there is no bill. >> we are waiting for the president to clarify his comments. >> the president asked this house to act. everybody said to the public, we want to work in a bipartisan way. well, you have the opportunity to do it.
3:44 pm
and you have retreated. >> bret: there is some heart failure on capitol hill today and the white house put out a statement this afternoon. the president supports both bills and in this morning's interview he was commenting on the disk charge position in the house, not the package. so straightening that out, it is important. >> i have half an eye on a a midterm election that is five months from now and it's my sense that none of this moves until then. perhaps depending on the outcome in november, we get more movement on this. i think the talk right now is just that. but we are looking at balance of power. i think that's where this attention is. >> he said the moderate bill would make sense so why give up leverage? walk back from the white house was curious and they are saying that this does have the the four pillars that trump sought but it doesn't water down chain
3:45 pm
migration, and it also expands amnesties in a way that is really dangerous, in a much where people who are children of foreign workers will be able to apply for amnesty. that's an uncontrolled program and i think the white house should look a lot about why they are really truly onboard with this, or whether they are giving up way too much and losing their leverage. >> both sides are saying, the other side is preventing them from getting bill down i bill across the finish line. it seems like it may push past election day.
3:46 pm
>> i think that has been the history. i'm old enough to remember, i was in the bush administration with a bipartisan deal fell apart. it's very hard to get immigration through and i think some people would rather have the issues and have it resolved. there should be a pretty easy path at least on daca or something to give the president his wall, which he won't back down on, in exchange for some of the things that democrats want. >> last thing, where we began. he took over the news cycle, he owned the day by that hour on the north lawn. >> can you imagine any other president doing that? you made the point earlier today that it hasn't happened. you said it's the kind of presidency we will have to have, and they look like a frenzied team of, i don't know what, yapping puppies. others said he looked like the crazy one. >> bret: up next, winners and losers of the week, and our predictions for the winner of the u.s. open. >> 60 plus hours of coverage, that's like an election for us. over many days. >> i wish it were longer.
3:47 pm
i can't believe i call this a job or work. >> you have had eight pj wins. you are an amazing powder. when you look at the greens here and the challenge that these guys have to go through, what do you say? >> if they are treacherous. he saw how much hope there is and then the wind compounds everything. yesterday the 156 players combined for over a thousand strokes over par. it was the worst round ever. but the players love playing there and they know once a year they will get beat up by the usda. >> and then the average golf lawyer can say, i can do that, too. ce max. it's just a burst pipe, i could fix it. (laugh) no. with claim rateguard your rates won't go up just beacuase of a claim.
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my winner is the raccoon that scaled the building, and my loser is peter strzok who was both top dog on the email probe and the donald trump probe and has shown in his oig report to exhibited extreme bias and poor judgment and decision-making. and anyone who told us that any skepticism about the fbi and how it was handling these probes was inappropriate, that's also a law loss. >> bret: okay. >> my winner is mike pompeo. his abstention was pretty awesome from single in singapore to seoul, south korea. and at my loser, i don't like to
3:52 pm
pick losers in life so i will just say everyone who is not here with us at shinnecock hill hills, at this fantastic event. >> bret: all right, well played. phil? >> i would say the winner was steve scully's. one year ago he was gunned down at a baseball game in alexandria, virginia. thursday night he took the field in the same game, democrats against republicans. the republicans lost the game but i think it was a moment of triumph for steve scalise. my loser, i have a family disagreement, i would say james comey who prided himself on being sort of above the law. this report is a scathing indictment of his leadership. find him guilty of deceit, insubordination, and of straying from long accepted policy to substitute his own personal preferences and i think it's a tremendous indictment. >> bret: melissa?
3:53 pm
>> my winner is tiger woods. everyone who has talked to him around here is that he's back in terms of attitude and spirit, happiness. we love to see someone get back out on the course. my loser, i think our market investors. i think it will be a tumultuous ride as we go through all of this. but europe is slowing, it's only temporary but i think it will be bumpy. >> bret: all right, thanks for the u.s. open winner. >> i have to go for it dustin johnson. i'm very happy that the american is doing that well. >> excellent. bill? >> i have the same pick for three reasons. one, i know nothing about golf. number two, he is in the lead and all the people in my family who do know something about golf tell me he's going to win.
3:54 pm
>> bret: all right, bill? >> make it three. >> bret: melissa, can you pick somebody else? >> i will default to one of the other two. >> bret: i'm picking russell henry. he was my partner at at&t pebble beach. we played together, and father's day this sunday, i'm feeling good about that. when we come back, "notable quotables . . l over doozeldorf, doozles are dozing.
3:55 pm
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♪ welcome back to golf club home of the u.s. open see it on fox sports 1 over the weekend. it is friday. and you know what that means, "notable quotables." >> canadians we're polite, we're reasonable but we also will not be pushed around. >> there is a special place in hell for any foreign leader that engages in bad faith diplomacy with president donald j. trump. >> or trump. >> i'm not sure what activity he is asking me to undertake in either. >> he's happy. >> biggest showoff of the 21st century. go viral on social media. >> we developed a very special bond. >> kim jong un. >> he's a butcher. >> working with him.
3:59 pm
>> he is a killer: executing people. he has done some really bad things. >> yeah. but so have a lot of other people. >> negotiate with donald trump. it pays to have a nuclear bomb in your pocket i think he may be going the extra mile. >> you can attack me all you want. i'm used to it i enjoy it however, when it comes to attacking staff, that's when you have gone too far. >> get a good picture of everybody so we are nice and handsome, thin. >> i got a lot of nice good kisses. >> not today or tomorrow or at any point ever going to comment on rudy giuliani's love life. >> i will say makes me feel very uncomfortable. >> if it was vaudville it would be a lot better speech. [laughter] >> bret: that was all one week. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. the site of the u.s. open. fair, balanced and unafraid.
4:00 pm
don't forget this weekend special three days in moscow. it runs sunday 8:00 p.m. eastern time. worth checking out. right now "the story" hosted by martha maccallum up in new york, here in new york i should say starts right now. >> martha: good to see you, bret. thank you. and breaking tonight, the president says that if they pass it on the hill, he will sign it. that as of this evening and that on the heels of this media gaggle that could happen in the trump white house and the heat today was on the border. >> do you agree with children being taken away from -- >> -- no, i hate it that's. >> the battle intensifying though this evening as the president now says that he would sign either of those competing bills right now hoping to move past exchanges like this. >> the democrats have to change their law. that's their law.