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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 15, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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impromptu, the president staring out the window and deciding to match it up. you can say a lot about the moment we are living in, not boring. thanks for joining us. join us next week, 8:00 p.m. have the best weekend. judge jeanine. ♪ >> judge jeanine: welcome to the special edition of "hannity": trump's big week. i'm jeanine pirro intimate version on. without a doubt, this has been a momentousee past few days for president trump, his agenda, and the nation. the president kicked off the week inn singapore for a historc and successful peace summit with north korean dictator kim jong un. this is something that many analysts and pendants thought was totally impossible. but now, we have hope that the total, verifiable denuclearization of the korean peninsula as possible. next, we learned that
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successfully negotiated the u.s. to go host for 2026 world cup. remember, obama pushed hard to host the world cup but ultimately failed it would the bed. this week, we also got some very good news on the economic front. the federal reserve bank of atlanta just increased its second quarter gdp growth forecast to 4.8%. that is more than double the average quarterly growth underro president obama. and yesterday, the all-important ig report was released, and its findings indicated president trump's decision to fire comey and confirmed what we all know to be true about the deep state. take ae look. >> what they did during the election was a disgrace. it's probablyba never happened n our country before. and that is just the tip of the iceberg. what is going to happen when we
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go further? on there was total bias. >> vermont you have seen so far, should james comey be locked up? >> i would never want to get involved n in that, certainly, they just seem like very criminal acts to me. what he did was criminal, what he did was a terrible thing to the people. what he did was so bad in terms oof our constitution, in termsf the well-being of our country. what he did it was horrible. i think comey was the ringleader of this whole den of thieves. >> judge jeanine: despite everything we just showed you, it's just not good enough for their mainstream media. in fact, the press actually ramped up their attacks against president trump. l take a look at this. >> i don't want little children ripped from my parent's arms. i don't want them marched off to "showers." >> he does not seem to fully grasp or acknowledge this repressive regime in north korea. >> it does seem like this is not
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the first time we have seen him drawn to ann authoritarian figure. >> we can find a solution to this problem without putting children into concentration camps? >> obscured everything into one big miasma. >> let me go out onto a limb, everything dumb like everyone, and assume they will take this victory lap. we keep hearing these words which aren't, saying it's justified. speak of this gets tricky with mr. rosenstein during the briefing of the president. i certainly hope the president doesn't kill the messenger if he doesn't like the message. >> why the praises? i can think, we all got along okay, political communication, he is coming out like a kids butt. it's outrageous. this guy's a killer. >> judge jeanine: today south carolina senator lindsey graham want to write to the source and respondedse to the media's constant anti-trump negativity on cnn. watch this. >> i like the president.
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i trust him in terms of trying to do things that are vague and matter. here's what i've got. i got a relationship with the president at a time when i think he needs allies. >> people say this is two faced. where's the lindsey graham of standing up to donald trump. what do you say? >> i will tell him what i think he is wrong but let me just say about the critics, when i worked with president obama on occasion, i was a hero. now when i work with president trump, i am two phase two. i know hownt the game is played and i don't give a damn. i like the president, i hope he is successful, he's been a friend to me, and he says some things i don't agree with. if you don't like me working with president trump to make the world a better place, i don't give a [bleep]. >> judge jeanine: [laughs] joining us now are florida congressman ron desantis and matt gaetz. all right, good evening, gentlemen. i'll start with you, congressman
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desantis. this has been a long-term effort on your part to get to the inspector general's report. i have it right here. all 500 and whatever pages of it. i haven't had a chance to read it all but i promise you i will before my show tomorrow night. you are takes congressman desantis? >> i think what it's done as it's vindicated trump in both prongs of the mueller investigation. you mentioned you have a democrat inspector general basically saying comey should have been fired. i've always said comey should have been fired, you believe it. the idea you will have an obstruction of justice investigation because trump fired the fbi director who the ig acknowledges it had no business being fbi director is a farce. the other thing it undercuts is the whole genesis of this so-called collusion narrative. they did not give that text message to the congress rarely asked where strzok said "we will stop trump from becoming
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president." the guy that six days earlier opens up aig counterintelligence investigation against trump's campaign. this whole thing is infected with bias and it needs to stop. >> judge jeanine: congressman gaetz, with respect to what congressman desantis just said, one of the most damning text messagess had to do with strzok saying, don't worry about it. we'll stop it when asked, do you think you will ever be elected president. that information was not given to what are you guys going to do about it besides get on a show and complain about it? >> frankly, i think we need to impeach rod rosenstein and these text messages that show there was an effort not only to reflect bias but human effect that bias in a way that impacted peoples officials action as government representatives as reprehensible. we asked for these documents a year ago and this was blacked out, redacted.
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there is no national security reason not to share this information with congress. it's just embarrassing to the fbi that they have these swamp alligators crawling around and doing everything they could to be destructive. >> judge jeanine: was frustrating, congressman desantis, is that really american people, when the viewers watch this, and last night, i was on sean's show when he was hosting, and i said, you know what is so sad, i have always believed in the system. can americans believe in the fbi based upon the fact that it seems that long-term damage has been done to the institution? >> i don't think there is any question about that, judge.nd it's not just strzok and page. there were other fbi agents. one was a said after trump won, part of the hillary investigation, part of the mueller investigation, he said, "we've all our assistance." that is what his response was. a guy working with mueller? givegi me a break. you also have all the leaking in the report, showing just the
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cascade of leaks. you have agents getting gifts from reporters, so that they in broad problems in the headquarters there, the press conference, -- >> judge jeanine: everyone is frustrated. we know it's wrong, we know that joe schmoe would be in jail right now. but it's not happening. >> here is what i would say. this text message, either rosenstein knew that that text message had been produced. if that's the case, he needs to go. or he wasn't competent enough to get us the information that we requested. to me, he should go. his continued position there is really untenable at this point for this point. >> judge jeanine: all right, congressman gaetz, i heard everybody say, rosenstein should be going for a long time. what are you going to do about it? >> i think we need to file articles of impeachment. this is the same route rosenstein who said, i think we need to do it immediately. i'm ready to go. >> judge jeanine: what do you
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need to get it done? talk to me. >> 218 votes. people who have the courage to stand up against a deep state that is actively working against our president today. why does peter strzok still have a job? why is this guy still in alligators crawling around in the swamp in washington, d.c.? we gotta get rid of him and the fact that we haven't yet it shows a lack of leadership on the top done my part of the fbi and department of justice. >> judge jeanine: or with all due respect, the prosecutor in me tells me he might be cooperating. then i say to myself, self, who is he cooperating with? what do you think, congressman desantis? who he, could he be cooperating with? >> i'm not getting all that matt is saying. what i would say is, you hold these people and contempt, and if they don't produce what we want, you move toto impeach him and remove him from office. that is the power we have. if we are not going to use that power we will have continue having the same stuff, we come on your show, we complain, we
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don't get any results. we have to use the power we have have. >> judge jeanine: congressman desantis, what congressman gaetz said was that we need over 200 votes for an actual impeachment ofch rosenstein. every time something himself, we say it's another reason to impeach him. >> you know this, judge. if you have a speaker of the house exercising leadership, the majority leader, and they say rosenstein has gotta go, they can marshal the support of the congress, and yes, it wouldn't even come to an impeachment because when you lose the support of the congressional leadership and you are in a position like that, you probably can't go. if we put a resolution on the floor saying rosenstein should go, and that past, he would be done. it could happen. we just need people to exercise leadership. >> judge jeanine: why isn't paul ryan doing it to either one of you? >> have them on your show. >> judge jeanine: [laughs] you know what, i will call him to be in my show tomorrow nightl
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paul ryan. final question. in terms of the fbi, do you believe that christopher wray, who is pretty much sitting by and watching all of it, and didn't come at too people, take much of a recognition of the serious damage that had been done by comey, do you feel comfortable, congressman gaetz, and his leaving the fbi going forward? >> christopher wray can lead the fbi in an appropriate way. he needs to do so by immediately firing peter strzok and by taking far stricter action. i believe he understands how damaging the acts of these anti-trump people have been to the fbi but frankly, i would like to see a production of the documents that get to the very root of all of this. by the way, the root of this is russia. these people wanted to get rid of the hillary clinton investigation, they wanted to launch a phony russia investigation and i want to have confidence in anybodyig until te documents are turned over. >> judge jeanine: okay. all right. excepttu the problem with not getting rid of strzok is if he is cooperating, then no one is
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going to get rid of him. or maybe there is a thinking that, let's make him think he is cooperating and keep them here because there is no reason to keep him. congressman desantis, i'll see you tomorrow night on my show, "justice, and congressman gaetz, thank you so much for joining us. joining us now, the authors of the book, the great guys who wrote "let trump. trump," fox news contributor david bossie, and former trump campaign manager corey lewandowski. all right, guys, the inspector general's report, to me, it was very sad. i had seen and followed very closely for so many months all of the wrongs, all of the biases that were so obvious, and then in the end, after this huge report, we've got, okay, they kept their personal biases of the door. i don't want to spend a lot of time on this because i want to talk about the good stuff the president is doing. david bossie, what is your take on it all? >> first of all, this guy, agent
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of strzok, needs to be fired immediately. let your member. he was involved in the hillary clinton interview. he was involved in general mills and huma abedin's interview. he was involved in michael flynn's interview. this is outrageous that he is the center of this. he is clearly biased. somebody who hated this president and still does to this day. it is outrageous that he is still employed by the fbi, but more importantly, did the judge who issued the fisa want to know he was involved? was this man involved with leaking the paul manafort information? this information has been going on for two years in august and he was involved 11 days later. we know that there was a leak of the paul manafort information. this isth a very incestuous, vey bad group within the fbi that has given them -- >> judge jeanine: we all know this. the corey lewandowski, what
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david says is nothing that isn't obvious, and yet tonight, paul manafort has been all know mike ordered to jail. that guy didn't work for the fbi. he was not biased, he was not handling hillary clinton and the anti-trump, exposing his biases. now manafort is going to jail, a $10 million bond. how do you level this out in your mind, that we've got such a great system? >> judge, here's the problem we have. the inspector general's report was very clear about one thing, the mainstream media refuses to coverage. hillary clinton took classified emails, put it on an unclassified server, and those emails were hacked or at least accessible by a foreign entity. why is there not a criminal referral for hillary clinton for not protecting classified information? think of whatever you want about paul manafort. paul and i are the best of friends. the fact that paul manafort went off to jail today when
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hillary clinton continues to walk free, when the ig says that she took classified emails come up with them on an unclassified server, and it says in the report that someone access to that server from a foreign country. why is that not of criminal referral? >> judge jeanine: i'm going to tell you why. okay? because i don't think it would make aecon darn bit of differene because i want to know who is going to prosecute her! let me go now to david bossie. okay. we got the world cup. the president had a great week. kim jong un is a agree to denuclearization. obama was saying, i'm going to get to the world cup, and i'm going to get the olympics. he didn't do anything! >> he's had a great week. the president had one of the great weeks of his administration. the job numbers today, unbelievable, lowest in 44 years, the economy, humming. the president got elected because he said jobs, jobs,
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jobs, and he meant it, deregulation, tax cuts, and entrepreneurial spirit that he has brought to the presidency. it has been a great week on the economy, a great week and him dealing with north korea, trying to denuclearize, something that is generationally important. let me just a about the world cup, the guy who used to be the head of the american world cup said, oh, obama will be able to get this for us now that he's president, and in 2016, he said, we can't have donald trump because the cop will never come here. again, he proved everybody wron wrong. >> judge jeanine: let's talk about those people that were predicting nuclear war and that the president doesn't know how to negotiate, doesn't know what he's doing. aside from all that, i want to ask you a question. i will veer off of that. how does this guy fly back and forth to singapore, do all the
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negotiating, all the stuff that he's doing, and he is walking outside the white house today just, you know, greeting a bunch of depressed people and answering every question? he's on top of his game. how does he do this? >> judge, donald trump is a machine. i mean that. i'veat spent thousands of hours with him. he never sleeps. he just continues to work. that is why in the first 18 months of this administration, he's been so successful. hecc said we will have 4% growt. they said you'll never get there. how the fed is saying, it may be 4.8%, because he never stops, up.r gives he keeps fighting. he did that impromptu press conference with fox today and i am sure some of the staff said, oh,nf no, sir, don't do that. donald trump is the best when he's donald trump. the book that dave and i wrote, "let trump be trump" is what he is successful, because he does things outside the norm. he stayed up for 25 hours straight on the airplane, got off the plane, kept working. he didn't go to bed for a week
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like hillary clinton did.ef >> judge jeanine: she was in bed for longer than that. he doesn't drink coffee, does h he? >> no coffee. you know donald trump. >> diet cokes. >> brought adrenaline and diet coke and he just keeps on goinge wears out to staff and that is why he is successful. >> judge jeanine: [laughs] >> he has a different gear than everyone else, including the staff, whether on the campaign or white house. this guy works 20 hours a day, seven days a week, and that is why our economy is moving. that is why he can handle -- people are wondering how we can do so many different things every single day. it's because he never stops. he's a hardworking, incredibly smart, diligent guy, who is doing an incredible job as president. >> judge jeanine: not only that, he celebrated his birthday this week, too! [laughter] >> judge, you have to remember, the press never complains that this president is not doing enough. they complain that they can't
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keep up with him. it's a far cry from obama, who did nothing for eight years! >> judge jeanine: we used to talk about 24/7 news, they never really knew what it meant until donald trump came into the white house. [laughter] all right, guys, thank you for being with coming up on this special edition of "hannity," kristin fisher will have a live report from the white house on two major stories and then, gregg jarrett, tom fitton, mark penn. don't go anywhere. ♪ worx pegasus, a next-generation, all-in-one work table and clamping system. pegasus holds tight at any angle. steel reinforcement makes pegasus superstrong. a workspace anyplace.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> judge jeanine: welcome back to the special edition of "hannity": trump's big week. there are two big stories we are following tonight, starting with the paul manafort case, where
10:24 pm
the judge today actually revoke his bail and sent him to jail. also, we are learning new details on whether president trump also done with special counsel robert mueller. joining us live from the white house with more on these stories, fox news correspondent kristin fisher. >> hey, judge. things just got very uncomfortable for paul manafort. tonight, he is in federal custody, on his way to jail, where he will spend the nexts several months until his trial in september. i the president is calling it a very tough sentence for someone who's represented ronald reagan, bob dole, and very unfair. the reason a federal judge did this, revoke his bail and put them in jail is because he's just been accused of attempting to tamper withh witnesses in his federal tax and money laundering case. the special counsel robert mueller accused manafort of trying to contact witnesses by phone and through an encrypted messaging program. mueller asked the judge to either revise the terms of his bail or send him to jail until trial.
10:25 pm
today in court, the judge said, "i can't take away his cell phone," so instead, she took away his freedom for a few months. the president's personal attorney rudy giuliani responded by telling the "new york daily news" when the mueller probe is over, "things might get cleaned up with some presidential pardons." there is a good chance that president trump will decide next week if you will sit down with a special counsel. giuliani told "the hill" that his mind is paid up that the president should not agree to an interview, especially after the ig's report. but giuliani said that the president has not made up his own mind. also next week, there is a huge hearing on capitol hill. on monday, the fbi director and the inspector general, who just issued that blistering report, they will both be testifying before the senate judiciary committee. judge, i know there's been a lot of must-see tv hearings on capitol hill over the last year or so but this one will definitely be towards the top with a list. >> judge jeanine: thank you so
10:26 pm
much. joining us now to react to their report, judicial watch president tom fitton. former clinton pollster and advisor, mark penn. author of the upcoming book, "the russia hoax,." fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett. guys, i'm going to start with you, gregg. we are sending now this guy, manafort, to jail, claiming that he actually tried to tamper with a couple of witnesses. why is he in jail and the rest of these bozos are not? >> that's a very good question. the judge should be blaming herself. she is the one who failed to issue a "no" contact order with regard to any witnesses. i read through the court documents. andrew weissmann and robert mueller's "evidence" of this is incrediblyly scant. and cryptic. it is enough to revoke bail,
10:27 pm
because that's an incredibly low threshold. but they also are charging him with obstruction of justice in a superseding indictment. that is utterly preposterous of any evidence. >> judge jeanine: gregg, look. you and i both know for them to do this, they indict him, indict him again come a superseding indictment, they start threatening him, and now they throw him in jail. they must be desperate because this is the guy, who is charged with a crime that occurred 12 years ago that half the people in washington who are lobbying should be in the same lock up with him. what do they think he has on trump?n he was only with him for a few months. >> they know he has nothing on trump. n that has never stopped prosecutors from putting a documented front of somebody that they are squeezing and say, sign this. they don't care, those prosecutors, about the rule of law, and perjury. they suborned perjury by squeezing witnesses all the time, and that is a crime.
10:28 pm
>> judge jeanine: tom fitton, the prosecutor in me, and the way i ran the office, we wouldn't allow that kind of thing. the feds are a different breed of cat. tom, your take on this whole thing with manafort being in jail. what do you think he will say other than perjuring himself? >> as the anticorruption watchdog in me suggests, this is all retaliation by the mueller team for manafort's pushing back against his authority. i think it is overkill. i think the mueller operation recognizes that manafort is its reason for being. there really is no mueller investigation to speak of m substantively without this big manafort indictment, the multiple indictments. shutdown the manafort investigation and really everything slow there's a way because the trump investigations going nowhere. there is no rush or collusion. it's a nice distraction from the
10:29 pm
ig report that confirms that mueller was generated as a result of these crooked fbi agents who hated donald trump, who said this thing in motion, and were working for mueller for good. mock-up time. frankly, the whole thing has been tainted. i am thinking back to the whitehurst scandal with the fbi labs, all the cases these folks were involved with. >> judge jeanine: fruit of the poisonous tree. it's amazing to me, tom, you are the one that i've always given so much gratitude to the freedom of information, now we find out, why was this text never given to congress? the one where he says, you know, we are going to stop it. he's not going to be president is he? no, we're going to stop it. somebody's got to pay for not giving that to congress. >> you can't blame the obama justice department for that, judge. it's this justice department, this fbi, has been covering up these text messages and emails. they are fighting us in court right now on every scandal issue
10:30 pm
the ig has raised way they haven't given us one text message. they haven't given us the mccabe text messages. theyag are holding back information about doj collusion during the obama administration with the clinton campaign. this justice department, not the obama after such department. >> judge jeanine: mark penn, as you listen to this, what tom fitton said is absolutely the case.ub it's the republican justice >> >> is really estate unto its. i think what has happened here with the recusal, and the independent counsel, rod rosenstein, is they are not accountable to congress, they can be fired by the president, they've come in and created a government of their own here, which we thought when we got rid of the independent counsel statute could no longer happen. absolutely. you see what's happening with manafort, i mean, weinstein is out on a million-dollar bail. >> judge jeanine: harvey weinstein,il right. >> bernie made off, ten
10:31 pm
million-dollar bail. now tell me, what league is manafort and? he is in cahoots with independent counsel to pressure manafort to limit because he's the only guy pleading not guilty. >> judge jeanine: mark, that is very interesting. as the public has watched this whole thing proceed, who would think if manafort turned on the president now that anything he said had any truth to it given the fact they had been squeezing him for a year? i will go to you, gregg, on this whole thing with the fbi. right now, horwitz is going to testify on monday. he's going to try to may be explain why, in spite of these prejudicial statements, the report and the actions were not sufficient to call for a criminal charge against anyone. to speak of what he needs to say is, look, i could not prove that their body is influenced decisions. i couldn't prove it. >> judge jeanine: gregg, i got to show you this. this is proof.
10:32 pm
it's called 500 pages of proof. >> it is a compendium of bias, if you will. but the horowitz said, look, did it influence the decision to clear hillary clinton? i can't prove it through i testimonial or documentary evidence. of course he can't. nobody puts their crimes in writing.ct nobody confesses to horowitz, "we did it for political reasons and obstructed justice. >> judge jeanine: this is crazy. tom fitton, i've tried a lot of murder cases with absolutely no eyewitness testimony, it's called circumstantial evidence. this is more than circumstantial. this is what people are saying. they are describing what they are state of mind is. e thle unfortunately, inspector general, typical government bureaucrats. a set of facts, c everything that hillary clinton did, all these decisions are prosecutors made, the fbi made, that fell down in her favor, and help protect her. they all were perfectly defensible and he couldn't
10:33 pm
second-guess them. i don't buy any of that. people should read the report themselves and they will see a clinton email investigation that was a sham, that should be reopened, and a russia investigation irredeemably tainted by this anti-trumpp bia. i just can't believe we are still talking about a mueller investigation after mr. strzok said his goal was to stop trump. >> judge jeanine: mark, last question to you. what happens to jim comey's book, "a higher loyalty" now? >> i hope sales are cut off. the hallway he has acted here, in defiance really, when you look at it now, he is in defiance of everyone when he was fbi director. you would expect them to be in defiance of everyone now that he's a private citizen. look, i have thought, and i wrote a piece in "the hill," "higher disloyalty." i really think he brought down the fbi, it's clear to me that hillary was a winner in this report because they set all the
10:34 pm
actions were reasonable. i think trump was a winner because the strzok texts really show the anti-trump animas, and i think a comey in the fbi are losers. they did not operate in a remotely professional away. >> judge jeanine: that's where he ran out and got the book. time's up. coming up, they destroy trump media is melting down over all the presidents sean spicer and joe concha on that next as this special edition of "hannity" continues. ♪
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>> ♪ ♪ >> judge jeanine: welcome back to the special edition of "hannity." president trump has had an unprecedented week of success, but the s mainstream media determined to twist his accomplishments toto fit their destroy trump agenda. watchis this. >> this is donald trump's america. yes, it sounds like something we would be condemning coming out
10:39 pm
of north korea. >> he is sort of a master marketer in many ways. he wants to repeat it as often as possible, even though it's not true, so that it becomes true in public perception. that is why he declares peace on earth. >> there still a lot we don't know in this as we go forward. as of now, it appears peter strzok and the fbi did not act criminally. >> we are talking about more important to get along with north korea. my question is, where do you draw a line about not getting along with somebody? >> the policy on the border is calculated cruelty. his administration's policy, rather than beingmi family-friendly, is basically based on, let's be as cruel as possible. >> judge jeanine: joining me now with reaction, former white house press secretary sean spicer and "the hill"'s joe concha. sean, you had to work with those people for a significant period of time. you think that they are losing their credibility? the facts are the facts.
10:40 pm
there is good news, we were supposed to be havingct a nucler war with north korea, now there's a promise of denuclearization. we've just got the world cup. you think they'd be happy about that. instead, they are talking about concentration camps for kids. is this working to donald trump's benefit? >> i think it is. i would argue that they in many cases lost their credibility. it's not that they are losing it. that is why the president's numbers continue to take up. the american people are smart enough to understand that the president is fighting for them. more portly, he's getting results. whether it is the economy, north korea, isis, et cetera, the president isdo getting thins done, people understand their lives are better, safer. i think what you continue to see exposed is these journalists and so many cases actually are exposing their personal bias against conservatives and him. they continue to throw roadblock over roadblock in front of them because it will never be good enough. there will never be a bar high
10:41 pm
enough that donald trump will hit that they will give him the credit that he deserves. so in most cases, half of what he's done would have been heralded as a view to triumph but no matter how good the economy does, no matter how safe we continue to make this country under his leadership, it will never be good enough. >> judge jeanine: joe concha, what about comparing these kids, whose parents are being separated from them, as likened to children and nazi c concentration camps? >> any time you bring nazi, hitler, the third reich, peoples eyes glaze over. it's an argument so builds on hyperbole that it's not a winning. argument because you want to argue on the facts and policy. you mentioned the president is having a good week. i don't think too many people would disagree with that. i would also argue that he's having a pretty good year, when you think about the tax bill that was passed in late
10:42 pm
december, you think about what just happened with north korea, obviously, the isis caliphate that sean mentioned, 98% destroyed. then i look at the polling numbers. he was at 37% in the realclearpolitics, average of eight polls. he's gone up seven points, which is a lot considering how polarized we are to this point. i made this point a couple of days ago, worth repeating. 97% of the punditry, in terms of north korea, was negative. then i look at the polls today and it shows that seven in ten think it was a good idea. reuters, the majority approved. you want to talk about a contrast we do what we are staying in new york and washington in the media capitals on the w with the rest of americans are thinking andou polling, you can't see a better disconnect in terms of the sentiment in the ground on aro sentiment in newsrooms by pundits who are experts from former administrations who probably are a little biased to the situation because obviously they got nothing done with north korea, bush or obama. >> judge jeanine: sean, the president actually came out, i think this is one of the things
10:43 pm
that most americans love about him. helo said, look, with north kor, i could be wrong. maybe in six months i'll say i was wrong. it's that kind of honesty, where he just comes out and say, look, right now, i have every reason to believe there is going to be denuclearization, every reason to bring backea the tens of thousands of troops that we have over there. and you'd think that people would be supporting him, not a chance. >> this president is a disrupter. he's not following the norms of washington. the previous administration's number one, they wouldn't have done it.ou number two, they would have circulated 18 power points among 42 assistant secretaries that would have passed it onto the under secretaries, who would've had 14 meetings. donald trump said, let's get it done, fly over there, i want to meet with this guy face to face and cut a deal. i can look into his eyes, figure out whether he wants to make a deal, explain the benefits of his country and people will yield if we can do this in a constructive way. i can make the world they say safer place. he did it.
10:44 pm
the problem is, everyone's head is spinning because he didn't do it the way he was supposed to. the reality is -- this is the irony of it --oe alluded to it, everyone who has come before him got nothing done. they might have followed all of this amazing process that was supposed to happen in washington but that process has not yielded results. donald trump did it his way, as he has with so many other things, and gotten results that the american people can see are very, very tangible. >> judge jeanine: joe concha, do youo think at some point, as the numbers continue to rise, that the polling numbers on the president's behalf, that the media will ever come around? >> no. i have a new theory on this, judge. i think there is a peer pressure at many quarters of our media. if you see anything positive about this president, in any sustained way, just being objective, issue to issue, he did well here, not so well here, if you do that, it's like a scarlet letter in the media. the default is always to
10:45 pm
criticizebe because you want toe accepted among your peers and maybe you think your audience wants to hear something negative about the president instead of just reporting the truth and being honest about how you feel about a particular issue. >> judge jeanine: the only reason i say it, joe, it seems that dennis rodman, who was very complimentary of the president at his actions with north korea, didn't seem that he got a blowback. i said, gee, maybe this is the beginning of something good. i was probably wrong, right? >> he's an outstanding rebounder. >> judge jeanine: [laughs] >> joe is right. there is a massive pack mentality. they are soal afraid of being ot of their pack mentality mainstreamam mind meld that they will never do anything that upset that apple cart. i write about it in my book. it's unbelievable. >> judge jeanine: all right, guys. thank you so much. still to come on the specialha edition of "hannity," we have an all-star panel but it's going to weigh in on president trump's historic stomach with
10:46 pm
kim jong un, and his other triumphs from this huge week. stay right there. ♪ -here comes the rain.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> judge jeanine: welcome back to the special edition of "hannity." earlier today, president trump joined "fox & friends" where he talked about the ig report on the fbi's investigation into the 2016 election. take a look. >> the headline right now from "the wall street journal" "wall street journal," doj granted report blasts comey and agents but finds no bias and conclusion. >> the end result was wrong. there was total bias. you look at peter strzok and what he said about me, when you look at comey, i guess it's interesting, a pretty good report. and then i say that the ig blew it at the very end with that
10:51 pm
statement because when you read theou report, it was almost like comey. he goes point after point about how guilty hillary is and then he said, but we are not going to do anything about it. the report, the ig report, was a show. i thought that one sentence of conclusion was ridiculous. >> apparently the lovebirds talking about "we will stop it." >> they said they will stop me. in the meantime, the economy hit an all-time high this morning. never been better. jobless rate, the best in 44 years, just came out. >> judge jeanine: joining ring out, attorney and author david limbaugh. gopac chairman david avella, and doug schoen. i will start with you, doug. you are the democrat. what you want to give the president credit for this week? >> you have to give him credit for stopping the nuclear arms race in korea. i think you have to give him credit for starting a process that we have to go forward with
10:52 pm
and see ultimatel where we stand. i think we have to give him credit for the economic news. that explains why in fact his poll numbers are growing up. i think the question of a trade war starting, what he did at the g7, all to me as a democrat, are troubling, but to me, the larger question is can the president bridge theri divide in the country, start to bring people together with, say, a compromise on immigration, the wall for daca? if we can get there, then his numbers go from the 44, 45 to over 50. >> judge jeanine: david limbaugh, what we've got is the ig report, and it seems that, you know, as the president chose to side, it was like, james comey announcing, here's all the evidence of her criminal activity, but no reasonable prosecutor would prosecute. we have the same thing with borowitz.ho we've got all this evidence but we'll give the fbi the benefit of the doubt and all criminal
10:53 pm
referral. does that make sense to you? >> and all. but it's the same pattern that is going on, whitewashing pattern by comey, horowitz, and christopher wray at the fbi. the same thing, specifying specific misconduct and then at the end of saying we want to anything about it. d director wray, at the audacity of spending about 2 minutes saying that the fbi did some bad things, and using this as an opportunity to glorify the fbi and shame us, patronize us about how wonderful the fbi's, and not talk about how terrible this is, talking about sensitivity training for fbi people to biased when they are supposed to not be biased in the first place. let me just say this, judge jeanine. people talk about this bias and that there was no nexus between the bias in the decision, there was pervasive bias. don't make any mistake about it. there wasde widespread, other people have set on the show, it's all through the report, regardless of what horowitz says at the end because he's afraid,
10:54 pm
he's giving the benefit of that out of the fbi instead of the american people they are supposed to be protecting. this is a just a question of bias. this is a question of, these people in the upper echelons of the fbi, charge of this investigation of -- stopping drum, promoting hillary. it's outrageous. >> judge jeanine: david avella, no question about it. they said, will he ever be president, and strzok says, we are going to stop it. now you have christopher wray out there, and david limbaugh makes a great point. he says, we are really a great team, but we'll have some hr meetings at this point. should christopher wray go? >> there needs to be firings at the fbi. one. two, f we are now about to see e obama stooges all start going after each other as they all tried to protect their own reputations.
10:55 pm
they thought this report showing as competent as trying to influence an election as they were at running a justice department that was fair and impartial. >> judge jeanine: all right. more of the special edition of "hannity" after the break. gentlemen, thank you so much for being with us tonight. ♪ this weekend. plus, great gifts for dad! like flag t-shirts for only $5. and an igloo 120 quart cooler for under $50.
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>> welcome back to the special edition of that's all the time we have left. don't forgete to tune in tomorw night at 9:00 p.m. for justice. don't forget, buy a copy of my book on amazon and barnes & noble, the case against the anti-trump conspiracy, it's all in there. thanks, see you tomorrow night.
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>> laura: i'm laura ingraham. this is the ingarage angle. we come to you tonight le from beautiful san francisco. so much fallout on the day after that bomb shell ig report. we have complete coverage from every angle. also, raymond arroyo explains why msnbc hosts look like televangelists. why whiningg about the cult of trump? we beginin with broad sides from team trump after the