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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  June 16, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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twitter and you will be seeing our adventures on facebook as well. have a great weekend. fly your flag. have a good weekend. and the fox news @ night team. >> this is a fox news alert. it was a surprise media blitz on t was a surprise media blitz on heather: this is a fox news alert, the president on the attack, on his opponents at the fbi. when night court convenes, a new lawsuits, owners said turn it over. are we talking confiscation? the new jersey lawyers land in jail? could it go nationwide? stick around for a midnight here on a mission for the elderly, disabled, single mothers and veterans coming to a lawn near you.
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welcome to fox news at night. dc buckling up as more bombshells could be looming. and teasing up question about surveillance abuses and bias in the russia investigation. the inspector general will testify before house and senate committees about his findings, kristin fisher is digging through all of this. >> reporter: it should be as partisan as they come. republicans keeping donald trump from becoming president while democrats focus on co-focusing on their candidate. and two people at the center of this explosive report. michael horowitz and christopher ray, if you want to know what he will say, listen to the press conference, he described a report as disappointing
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unexplained changes the fbi will make but defendant the bureau by the vast majority of fbi agents did nothing wrong. >> we take this report seriously and accept its findings and recommendations. it is also important to note what the inspector general did not find. this report did not find any evidence of political bias or improper considerations impacting the investigation under review. >> donald trump talked about the ig report. he also said he won't interfere with this. >> i will stay away from the justice department until it is completed. that doesn't mean i have t i can get involved but i don't want you to say i am interfering or doing anything. the report yesterday, maybe more
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importantly than anything, there was no collusion or obstruction. >> rudy giuliani, special counsel should suspend the investigation. >> it is a made up charge by someone who said i'm going to stop him and get him out of the white house. an investigation of comey, fbi agents who should be fired today and imprisoned next week. >> no surprise senate minority leader chuck schumer doesn't see it that way. >> this report contains no evidence to make any reasonable person believe the special counsel investigation is anything other than independent, impartial and just as important today as it was before the report was released. >> something else to watch for,
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questions about why that explosive text message between peter stzrok lisa page, we will stop trump from becoming president, questions about why it took this long for that text message to get out. shannon: folks on capitol hill saying you have been pressing and pushing this information, only comes now that they learned which makes you wonder what else they don't know. >> he will be before congress next weekend we will be covering it. donald trump says the report totally exonerates them, no collusion, no obstruction. advisor to bill clinton, mark penn and chairman of the american conservative union, welcome to you both. interesting piece you guys may have read, and democracy, a former federal prosecutor want to our audience has been writing on these issues for months about these investigations and he said
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it didn't seem like common sense to him that the ig walked us through everything, those by text, there was political bias and support for hillary and animus against donald trump but at the end of the day the actions that were taken were justified, they were reasonable. and the mccarthy rights that is not common sense can you can't look at things in a vacuum and of course they are connected. what do you say? >> the inspector general apply the standard of justification aside from politics and concluded by and large there was justification. you don't have to look at the report with the same standards he used because i think you have to read the whole report to see the facts here and the culture of bias that was underneath but when it does come to peter stzrok and says when it comes to the russia investigation he did exhibit real animus. hillary comes out of this pretty
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good because he basically said that investigation was justified and basically over and we won't repeat that but trump comes out of this pretty good because looks like there's real bias going into the russia investigation. >> most of the text messages raising questions pertain to the russia investigation but that is not what we are investigating and the implication in some of these text messages, particularly, quote, we will stop donald trump from being elected was stzrok my ticket for collection to influence the electoral process. he did work on the russia investigation so does it leave the door open for you? >> the biggest thing i learned is we fail to remember some basic things, the very top people at the fbi, the director and deputy director were fired, the other agents that were referred to in the ig report had very senior positions in the fbi
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and they were very aggressive by injecting politics into these decisions and what really struck me by reading and the mccarthy's piece and byron york's great writing as well is there was that one message when ted cruz drops out and there is a conversation, now we have to really get serious on the midterm review and we got to stop trump. what the russia investigation was never an investigation, never about finding wrongdoing. it was about the politics of stopping trump. it is the polar opposite when it came to hillary, clearing hillary so she could stop donald trump. it was all about getting trump -- he called it for what it was and i see why he feels this report make the idea of a
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special counsel pretty silly. >> ben shapiro writes i'm not making the case there was a broad-based conspiracy against the fbi to stop donald trump but it is evidence high-ranking actors in the fbi felt the necessity to stop trump from becoming president and acting to do so and the leading actors inside the fbi assumed he would definitionally would be president and taylor their actions based on that assumption. this goes before the senate and house. what do you think? >> as was said before democrats are going to say no bias, no bias, it was reasonable. republicans are going to do the opposite and say how could you say this was reasonable. he is going to play it down the middle just like the report does. when people try to get an advantage out of this, nobody will get an advantage except he really slams comey. we can expect them to be
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consistent and the actual story of comey writing what he was going to do from the atty. gen. is incredible. i can't break that out for a movie script that he will rush to the microphone, never tell the atty. gen. who he reports to, that is more than insubordination. >> is not come out well. >> the other point it makes is for all the democrats who have been saying the fbi is isolated by itself is a fourth branch of government it reminds everyone that the fbi reports to the doj which reports to the president, it is called the executive branch and the president was right to fire jim comey. >> we will see what happens on monday. former trump campaign manager paul manafort behind bars after a judge revoked his bail setting charges he tried to influence the testimony of two government
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witnesses. >> paul manafort's weekend begins with a very uncomfortable process entering federal custody and he will be in jail through his trial. important to remember he hasn't been convicted of anything. prosecutors are upset that he allegedly contacted potential witnesses, they called it witness tampering and the judge said while she didn't like locking them up she was done with it. >> she had reprimanded manafort before. we heard about priors, tried to help manafort and she took him to task on that a couple weeks ago saying you are violating the gag order. >> the former trump campaign manager is the biggest fish so far, up in the special counsel's next. manafort faces a litany of felonies for his work in ukraine and laundering the money. not directly related to the
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russia probe experts seeded a tactic to pressure manafort into cooperating. roger stone talking about the same. >> pressuring him to plead guilty so the government doesn't have to go to trial. the government refuses to turn over to manafort any information gleaned through surveillance. they insist he was never under surveillance. prior to the trump campaign, not during the trump campaign. >> the pres. distanced himself from manafort, someone who was with the campaign for a short time. there was the sweet of support. what a tough sentence for paul manis a before. didn't know he was head of the mob, what about comey and cooking hillary and all the others. very unfair. the pres.'s lawyer went a step further offering this to cnn alluding to a presidential
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pardon. >> after the investigation is over it has to be considered a governmental matter not by me and what the history has been is these things get cleaned up. >> giuliani admits the presidential suite leading to speculation they are both communications meant for manafort encouraging him to stay strong and not turn states evidence against the president. >> a lot of time to think about it now. thank you very much. in today's media blitz from the president he called north korean leader kim jong un a strong head of state and then this comment raised eyebrows. >> he speaks it is people sit up and attention. i want my people to do the same. >> what did you mean when you wished americans would sit up at attention? >> i am kidding. >> let's break it down with more highlights, great to have you with us.
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he got a second bite at that question when someone asked him about it. he does speak in hyperbole and sarcasm. >> he does and had a chance to answer that when he was asked about it and said he was joking but it hasn't sat well with some people because he does often make comments that are positive or praising of dictators and hardline leaders and the context of just having gotten back from the g7, where he said the opposite about us allies. >> there is now talk about whether he will sit down with vladimir putin for a face-to-face meeting. here is what he said on that. >> this all started because one of you asked should vladimir putin be in the g7. he should be in the g-8. a few years ago he was in the g-8. it is better to have russia in than out. >> seems to be his theory, what
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i infer from that, they are major players and everything happening from syria to north korea, the middle east and if you're going to work on solving those problems, your negotiating in vain. how did you take it? he has taken a lot of heat for that. >> he has but he has taken a lot of heat for the relationships with russia. he has the russia investigation going on at the same time so there's a lot of political risk for him anyway and vladimir putin was kicked out of the g-8 which became the g7 because having annexed crimea. there are a lot of reasons from both sides of the political aisle the russia not to be at the table but the president as you said, his view is the wants to have a relationship with b and kim jong un and these leaders because he thinks it will be productive. >> he does talk about these
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different relationships even when asked about going to north korea and sitting down and being criticized for not doing -- he was briefed by amb. bolton and mike pompeo but kept talking about how it is about a relationship. i want to sit down face-to-face with this guy and see if we can connect and he says we did. >> he was a leader before he became a politician and now in the white house he operates very much on instinct and building that relationship. nobodies in the white house, not everyone thinks that is good enough but a lot of where his confidence comes from. >> we surprised? he said he was going to be on the white house lawn. >> didn't get much warning about that. >> everyone is scrambling to get him on his way back in but he prefers off-the-cuff and you get good stuff from him, at least interesting stuff. >> he likes to surprise people,
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likes to surprise reporters and he does come and talk to reporters often whether he what he did today which was unusual for sure or the helicopter. we get a chance to ask questions and he makes news with them on russia or anything else. >> even as handlers are saying that -- he likes to do that. thanks for joining us tonight. at the same time north korea pledging peace during the historic summit with donald trump they -- the escalating cyberattacks in south korea, details tonight. >> we are entering the most dangerous country on earth. >> four years after hollywood movie prompted north korea to a louche a devastating cyberattack on the united states the hermit kingdom remains one of the most dangerous nations on earth. in the wake of the summit cyber security experts are again ringing alarm bells.
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>> if at anytime they don't like where the negotiations or going with the world's reaction or they are upset about sanctions, at any point they have proven they will flex their muscle and use cyberoperations against the government, private sector businesses or individuals. >> reporter: one example claims north korean hackers carried out attacks on financial institutions as recently as last week even as the summit was underway. experts tell fox news north korea never stopped conducting warfare in cyberspace because they can't afford to. >> financial motivations are real. they have been under economic sanctions for decades, they need to fund the government, they have learned how to monetize
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anything they get their hands on digitally. >> the regime has been building up cyberweapons over the past decade and it is now more powerful than ever before. experts worry the nuclear program is sucking up the world's attention and energy. >> a much easier time spotting a nuclear arsenal or artillery or troop movements that you are elite cyberoperative so they have been creating this capability hiding in plain sight. >> the million-dollar question for the trump administration is how to respond to the cyberthread in the midst of ongoing diplomatic negotiations. >> why would they take such risk in the first place? the answer is simple. they think they can get away with it and too often they have. >> reporter: just two days ago experts issued a stern warning to journalists in singapore about the gift bags they were given at the summit, they caution it is likely either north korea, russia or both programmed those devices to hack into western systems. >> thank you very much. confusion over the immigration bill is the president sends mixed messages.
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do we have clarity tonight? we will sort it out. >> i need a bill that gives this country tremendous border security. >> does that mean a wall? >> we don't have the wall there is no better. >> sen. lindsey graham comes out swinging against critics who say he is a hypocrite for working with the president, that is up next. >> you don't like me working with donald trump to make a better place, i don't give a [bleep] the first survivor of alzheimer's disease is out there. and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen. but we won't get there without you. visit to join the fight. but as it grew bigger and bigger,ness. it took a whole lot more.
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>>well, at first it seemed like >> at first it seemed donald trump was in a compromise for immigration but that may not be the case. trace gallagher tracking the latest on where immigration in the latest deals stand. >> talk about bringing a rolling train to a screeching stop after gop leaders circulated draft copies of two immigration bills like yesterday on capitol hill, the plan today was for steve scalise to gauge support for various proposals. instead the president said this on "fox and friends". >> looking at both of them. i need a bill that gives this country tremendous border security. >> reporter: when jim jordan was asked if republicans could pass immigration bill without the
12:24 am
pres.'s support he replied no and republicans cheap deputy whip patrick mc henry said house republicans will not take on immigration without the support and endorsement of the president. democrats feign surprise, peter aguilar saying you mean the president complicated the situation with a comment? i don't find this shocking. he has a point. in january, hours before the house was set to vote on controversial legislation renewing the national security agency's warrantless surveillance program the president tweet the program was used to, quote, badly surveillance abuse the trump campaign but after today's confusion the white house wait in saying it was a misunderstanding in the president does support the gop immigration legislation which appears to include everything he asked for. $25 billion to build a wall, getting rid of the lottery program, allowing 1.8 million
12:25 am
daca recipients to apply for permanent residency and ending the controversial practice of separating families detained ats that on democrats. >> democrats forced that law up on our nation. i hate it. i had to see separation of parents and children. democrats can come to us as they actually are. >> except there is no law mandating immigrant families be separated though there is a 2008 policy called the alien transfer exit program which has resulted in thousands of families being split up. it was used by the bush and obama administrations. >> another factor in the immigration debate is the policy of separating children from their families when their parents crossed the border illegally. casey stieglitz in texas reporting on details on a new facility they want to use to
12:26 am
help children there. >> the department of health and human services confirming that another new shelter location has been selected to house these unaccompanied minors. tornado, texas, port of entry in el paso is a newly announced spot to accommodate 360 children in the next few days. that is 796 miles from brownsville, texas, where this spot is located. you are looking get video given to us by hhs because media have not been widely let inside this giant former walmart store turned child housing facility filled with 1500 boys. all of the and accompanied minors here are those the fed say broke the law by crossing into the us illegally. usually with a family member or parent so this controversial 0-tolerance policy now separating the kids from their
12:27 am
parents, because adult are sent into the justice system right away so us atty. gen. jeff sessions has said it is about enforcing the law and not being, quote, mean to children but a growing number of people, organizations, groups of denounced this including medical professionals like the american college of physicians and american psychological association who now say regardless of nationality the trauma and fear of these children are being exposed to will translate into physical and mental health problems for life. >> it is un-american to weapon his children to stop unlawful immigration. the separation of children from parents to deter immigration is harmful and inexcusable. >> two other military installations in the lone star state considered for additional temporary housing units, that
12:28 am
also from hhs but what we haven't been able to get a clear answer on, whether some of these new detention facilities will look more like tent cities. hhs saying some structures are soft sided with air-conditioning but wouldn't elaborate any further. >> thank you. up next to stunning message to seattle about its exploding homeless problem and unions freaking out about the countdown to the supreme court ruling on forcing public-sector workers to pay union dues. ethan bearsman joins us with his unique take. vo: gopi's found a way to keep her receipts tidy, even when nothing else is. brand vo: snap and sort your expenses with quickbooks and find, on average, $4,340 in tax savings.
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they have businesses to run they have passions to pursue how do they avoid trips to the post office? mail letters ship packages all the amazing services of the post office right on your computer get a 4 week trial plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale go to and never go to the post office again >>seattle just repealed a tax on large companies that was aimed at tackling one of the city's biggest shannon: seattle repeal the tax on large companies like amazon and starbucks aimed at tackling one of the city's biggest problems, homelessness and now the city lost out on hosting a national business convention because of aggressive behavior, open drug use and homeless
12:33 am
people defecating on streets. it is not an easy problem to solve. let's discuss it with ethan bearman. >> great to be here. >> they sent an advance team to scout seattle is a place for their 6300 people to come for the convention. they found two men urinating on the streets, one man who defecated on himself and 3 young addicts outside of major establishments looking from a pipe, one was passed out, one man aggressively pursuing a member of our team demanding cash. we lost count of the number of people walking around talking to themselves, the smell of urine, they said no thanks. the visitors group is very worried about this and sent it to city leaders and said the city is falling apart. >> these are people who need help desperately.
12:34 am
is a health issue for the rest of the community and the individuals we are talking about that were homeless, urinating and defecating and using drugs, a difficult issue that needs to be addressed and it can't just be on the city of seattle, san francisco, los angeles, this requires federal resources because not all of these homeless people are local originally from seattle, san francisco, los angeles, they are coming from other parts of the country but because you can live through winter on the west coast this is a safe place to shelter. >> seattle launched a tenure program to read homelessness and the numbers are higher than when they started the program. tent cities and areas subsidized by the city that encourage this behavior, and warning you will get more of it. what do you make of that argument? >> let's get to the root cause. cost of housing.
12:35 am
we have a nationwide shortage of housing on the west coast in particular, an exceptional shortage of affordable housing so if we can't afford to live in houses even people who don't have mental health issues, maybe not fleeing abusive homes which is another subset of the homeless population, there are people who simply can't afford to live so they are on the streets, we have to address the cost of housing but we have to change some of the laws because there are people with serious mental health issues that need our help and care and the way the laws are written today, we are not allowed to infringe on what is perceived as their civil rights but we need to give them that care so they can get better and live a productive life. >> one articles a guy who worked with homelessness said other cities know how welcoming seattle is and people who have been arrested in other cities
12:36 am
get a bus ticket to seattle. we are awaiting a supreme court ruling about whether the plaintiff is a public school teacher in california, he doesn't want to be forced to join a union and pay the dues, the supreme court is ruminating on that and we could get the decision monday morning, the american federation of teachers, randi weingarten had this to say. the notion that somebody else is going to try to take away our power to have a voice has blanked off our members but the fact is that teachers is you are taking away my first amendment right by making me give you my money to endorse your message as a union. >> in this case the teachers voted to unionize and there is collective-bargaining the other teacher is benefiting from what the union has negotiated, getting a salary and benefits based on how it is negotiated. if you don't want to pay the dues, started never to decertify the union. that has happened in the
12:37 am
agricultural regions. you can decertify a union if you don't like what the union is doing but the overwhelming majority of teachers here do one the union and support the union. just a couple people are apparently unhappy with it. >> you need 5 on the supreme court to win one way or the other. i want to ask about sen. lindsey graham, frequent guest on his show. on another network he talks about people critical of the president and says i work with him. if you don't like me working with him to try to make the world a better place i don't give a blank. what do you make of that? >> lindsey graham is an interesting character especially since he sadly lost the republican primary. here's what i say about this was from nancy graham, i support you in wanting to work with people with whom you might disagree on certain topics but this is what is missing in politics, if i'm a
12:38 am
different party, don't agree with you on one topic doesn't mean i can't work with you in any other topic. americans need to find a way to start communicating and working together. i won't use the word he used either because we can't anyway but the point is without that language let's work together and find areas of commonality and move the country forward. i support him in it. shep: thanks for being with us. time for where in the world. the wall street journal reported on alleged details of donald trump's meeting with the manual macron sourced to an unnamed european union official. according to that source he told the french president he must know all about terrorism since all the terrorists are in paris. that apparently irritated the europeans in the room. white house as they spoke this
12:39 am
evening about a range of issues including donald trump's meeting with kim jong un and the future of the iran deal. they are stepping up security at the eiffel tower. french authorities are installing bulletproof glass to protect the lens work against terror attacks, the spanish port city of valencia anticipating the arrival of 630 migrants sunday in a major media event, migrants were denied entry into italy and malta, italy's interior minister says saving lives is a duty, but transforming italy, he says come into an enormous refugee camp is not, italy bowing its head. in new delhi, where air pollution is getting so bad the government ordered a today construction help to reduce the smog. world health organization labeled delhi the world's most polluted city. the governor of new jersey signed a sweeping group of gun restrictions into law and a lawsuit is filed by a group that says it will make law-abiding citizens into criminals and
12:40 am
won't stop criminals at all. our two attorneys standing by to argue both sides. day with us. with to give venture cardholders 10 miles on every dollar they spend at thousands of hotels. all you have to do is pay with this... at 10 miles per dollar? that is incredible. brrrrr. i have the chills. because you're so excited? because ice is cold. and because of all those miles. obviously. what's in your wallet? i'm not sure. what's in your wallet?
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>>time now for night court. on the docket, the new jersey democratic shannon: time for night court. on the docket new jersey democratic governor phil murphy signing gun-control laws this week ranging from background checks on all private sales
12:44 am
requiring proof of a justifiable need if you want to carry handgun in public to a ban on magazines containing more than 10 rounds and more. the law gives gunowners 180 days to hand in or modify those magazines or face 18 months in jail and $10,000 in fines. the association of rifle and pistol clubs filed suit to stop the law. let's bring in our legal eagles, david bruno and the senior counsel at first liberty institute. welcome to you both. this is what the plaintiff has to say. this unconstitutional law will be ignored by, and madmen and affect only law-abiding citizens, turns 1 million people into criminals with the stroke of a pen, limits of the fenton takes away property lawfully acquired. by yesterday, ban it today, go to jersey to our, the jersey way. boot this law which makes no one safer into the tray sheep of history where it belongs, that is rather colorful. what is your response?
12:45 am
>> former assistant prosecutor and practice criminal defense, this will be constitutional law is i say that because we have some precedent that would is not legally binding in the second circuit and ninth circuit. in those cases the circuit courts have found california, connecticut and new york laws that also been over 10 rounds is constitutional under immediate scrutiny. that is what i anticipate happening with this case and third circuit. shannon: i want to play with the governor had to say at the bill signing for these various laws. here is what he said. >>, cumberlands of, common sense gun safety laws will do much more to keep the community safe than guns on every street corner and guns in every classroom thinking of the gun lobby. >> gone on every street corner and in every classroom.
12:46 am
>> this law when it goes up on appeal is going to the third circuit and that circuit by an 8-7 vote a couple years ago struck down a federal, not just state but federal gun control law and it was exactly correct, there are 9 million people in new jersey, 1 million of them are instantly turned into criminals just because there is no grandfather provision even for firearms they are ready have. 30% of firearms use more than 10 rounds so when you are doing this, the second amendment is a fundamental right at this is argued by chuck cooper, former head of the doj office of legal counsel. these people have a ninja master team litigating this case on their behalf and it violates the second amendment, violates fifth amendment because the government is saying you have to throw away
12:47 am
this property you have and are giving you no compensation for it and equal protection violation because it treats some classes of people differently than others and provides no basis in that regard so this is a serious lawsuit as it goes up on appeal. >> a lot of folks are concerned there is no grandfathering. there would be a lawsuit of all purchases going forward i have a feeling but in this case giving you several options including turning in what you have to law enforcement. do you think that part of this law withstand constitutional scrutiny? something a lot of people would argue feels like confiscation. >> certainly, absolutely. we have talked about circuit courts. we need to hear from the supreme court just like in the heller case which says the second amendment is not absolute. interesting enough in the ninth circuit case in 2014 the us supreme court had the
12:48 am
opportunity to stay the 10 rounds law and justice kennedy's opinion did not. so that is all we heard from the supreme court on that. they need to step up and clarify this for the nation. jillian: do you think they will? they turned away a lot of appeals that would answer these questions, justice thomas writing a dissent said they treat the second amendment like second-rate or second-tier constitutional right. it should be on par with all the rest of them. >> the supreme court has not taken up any case since heller in 2008, they need to, they have turned down a number of challenges recently and potentially changing membership on the supreme court may break the logjam in terms of getting these issues there over the next couple years. shannon: i will be back monday for opinions and any announcements justices like to
12:49 am
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>>got a special guest tonight, our midnight hero >> our mid-late hero coming to a lawn near you. rodney smith junior on a mission to help alter the veterans, single mothers by mowing lawns in all 50 states. the organization is called raising men service. i saw your story on twitter, we have to get him on. you will be mowing in louisiana tomorrow. find out who need something done in you motor lawn. how do you get inspired to do this? >> a few years ago i had a conversation with god, using me as his vessel, didn't give me an answer a week later or a month later became to me, mowing his lawn and he was struggling and helped him out. i decided to move free lawns,
12:54 am
single moms and veterans. and i reached my 100th lawn and it came about where we are with elderly disabled veterans and we include kids, giving back to their community. >> some of those kids in the video are great. you challenge them to mow lawns when they complete so many. sometimes when you show up to mow they join you come of people are part of this program. >> the 50 yard challenge nationwide and worldwide in their community for elderly disabled single moms and veterans. say you have a kid in shreveport, louisiana, they make a sign saying i accept the 50 yard challenge and we will send a minimum care service t-shirt
12:55 am
with shades and protection an orange shirt, 20 are green, for your blue and once they reach 50 we find whoever they are, and the new lawnmower. kids have taken part of it. they have completed and we currently have 130 kids nationwide including one in canada and 7 in bermuda and england. >> how does it make you feel to complete these lawns? >> makes me feel good because i know i am making a difference, i have come across so many people who can't afford it. they can use those funds for medication and food and other things they need. jillian: you are an angel. i'm inspired by you, makes me think of what i can do for other people. have a great day mowing
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>> ♪ >> ♪ [2. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> welcome to the special, decision of "hannity." trump's big week. i am in tonight for sean. without a doubt this has been a mome momentus past few days for trump. kicked off the week in singapore for a historic summit with north korea dictator kim jong-un. this was something many analysts thought was impossible. now we have hope that the denuclearization of the


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