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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  June 16, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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>> ♪ >> ♪ [2. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> welcome to the special, decision of "hannity." trump's big week. i am in tonight for sean. without a doubt this has been a mome momentus past few days for trump. kicked off the week in singapore for a historic summit with north korea dictator kim jong-un. this was something many analysts thought was impossible. now we have hope that the denuclearization of the north
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korea peninsula is possible. obama wanted the world cup but failed to win the bid. some good news on the economic punt. the second quarter gdp broadcast was more than double than under president obama. and yesterday, the all important ig report was released. its findings vindicated president trump's decision to fire comey and confirmed what we all knew to be true about the deep state. take a look. >> what they did during the election was a disgrace. it's probably never happened in our country before. that's just the tip of the iceberg. what will happen when we go
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further? there was total bias. >> from what you have seen so far, should james comey be locked up? >> well, look, i would never want to get involved in that. certainly they seemed like very criminal act. it was terrible for the people and so bad in terms of our constitution and the will being of our country. what he did was horrible! i think comey was the ring leader of this whole den of thieves. >> despite everything we just showed you, it's not good enough for the mainstream media. the press ramped up their attack against president trump. take a look at this. >> i don't want little children ripped from their parent's arms. i don't want them marched off to showers. >> he doesn't grasp the oppressive regime in north
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korea. >> this is not the first time he's drawn on a figure. >> we can't find a solution without harming children. you know -- let me go out on a limb, everyone. assume they will take this victory lap, right? we hear the words witch hunt from the president. >> mr. rosenstein briefing the president. the hope the president didn't kill the mess anger here. >> why the praises? >> we got along okay. this is outrageous the way he talks. this guy is a killer. >> today south carolina senator lindsey graham went right to the source and responded to the media's constant anti-trump
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negativity on cnn. watch this. >> i like the president. i trust him in terms of trying to do things that are big and matter. i have a relationship with the president at a time when i think he needs allies. >> but people say this is 2 faced. where the lindsey graham standing up to donald trump? >> i will tell him when i think he is wrong, but let me tell you about the critics. when i worked with president obama on occasion i was a hero. working with president trump i am 2 faced. i know how the game is played and i don't give a damn. i will do what is best for the country. i hope the president is successful. he's been a friend to me and said some things i don't agree with. if you don't like me working with president trump to make the world a better place i don't give a [bleep]. >> congressman, this has been a
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long time effort on your part to get to the inspector general's report. i have it right here. over 500 pages. i have not had a chance to read it all, but i will before my show tomorrow night. your take, congressman? >> what it's done, it's vindicated trump on both prongs of the mueller investigation. you have a democrat inspector general saying comey should be fired. i that said and you believe that. the idea you will have an obstruction of justice investigation because trump fired the fbi director who the ig acknowledged had no business being the fbi director is a farce. and this so-called collusion narrative, they didn't give that text message to the congress when we asked where strzok said we will stop trump from becoming
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president. 6 days earlier he opened up a counter-intelligence investigation against trump's campaign. this whole thing is affected with bias and it needs to stop. >> congressman gates, with respect to what he said, one of the damning text messages had to do with strzok saying don't worry about it. we will stop it when asked do you think he will ever be elected president? that information was not given to congress. what are you guys going to do about it besides get on a show and complain about it? >> frankly, i think we need to impeach rob rosenstein. these text messages that showed there was an effort not only to reflect bias against the president but to manifest that bias in a way that impacted people's officialacs as government representatives is
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reprehensible. this was backfield out. -- blacked out. it was embarrassing to the fbi they had swamp alligators doing everything to be destructive. >> what is frustrating when the viewers watch this and last night i was on sean hannity's show when he was hosting. it's so sad. i always believed in the system. can americans believe in the fbi base upon on the fact it seems long-term damage has been done to the institution? >> i don't think there is any question about that. it's not just strzok and page. there were other fbi agents. one said after trump won who was part of the hillary investigation and part of the mueller investigation, he said, viva laresistance. this is a guy working with mueller? give me a break. you also have all of the leaking in the report. showing the cascade of leaks.
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you have agents getting gifts from reporters. there are broad problems in the headquarters there. >> everyone is frustrated. we know it's wrong. we know joe would be in jail. but it's not happening. >> here's what i would say. the text message. either rob rosenstein knew that text message had not been produced. if that's the case he needs to go. or he was not confident enough to get us the information we asked. he should go. >> all right. and congressman gates, i heard everybody say rosenstein should be going. what are you going to do about it? >> we need to file articles of imppeachment. this is the same rob rosenstein who said.
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>> when? >> immediately. >> what do you need? >> 218 votes in the congress of people who have the courage to stand up against the deep state that is working against our president today. what does peter strzok still have a job? still an alligator crawling around in the swamp of washington, d.c.? we have to get rid of him. the fact we have not shows a lock of leadership for the fbi and the department of justice. >> he might be cooperating? but i say to myself, who is he cooperating with? >> exactly. what are we going to do about. i would say you hold these people in contempt. if they don't produce what we want you move to impeach them and remove them from office. if we are not going to use that power, we will have the same stuff when we come on your show and complain and don't get any
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results. we have to use the power we have. >> congressman, what gates just said was we need over 200 votes for an actual impeachment of rosenstein. every time something comes out we say this is another reason to impeach him. >> if you have a speaker of the house exercising leadership and the majority leader and they say rosenstein has to go, they could marshall the support of the congress. it would not come to an impeachment. when you lose the support of the congressional leadership in a position like that, you can't go. if we put a resolution on the floor saying rosenstein should go and that passed he would be done. we need people to exercise leadership. >> why isn't paul ryan doing this? >> have him on your show.
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>> i will call him tomorrow night. final question, in terms of the fbi, double that christopher wray who watched this and didn't take a wredamage done by comey. >> christopher wray needs to immediately fire peter strzok and take swifter action. i believe christopher wray understands how damaging the act of the anti-trump people were to the fbi. i would like to see the documents that get to the root of this. the root is russia. they wanted to get rid of the hillary clinton investigation. they wanted to launch a phoney russia investigation. i don't have confidence in anybody until the documents are turned over. >> the problem with not getting rid of strzok, if he is cooperating, then no one will
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get rid of him. or maybe let's make him think he is cooperating and keep him here. thanks for being with us. joining us with more are the authors of the book, let trump be trump, the inside story of his rise to the presidency. fox news new contributor and form trump campaign manager. the inspector general's report was sad. i had seen and followed closely for so many months all of the wrongs and all of the biases that were so obvious. then in the end, after the huge report we got. they kept their personal biases at the door. i don't want to spend a lot of time on. this because i want to talk about the good stuff the president is doing. david your take? >> well, first of all, agent
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strzok needs to be fired immediately. he was involved in the hillary clinton interview and in huma abedin's interview and mike flynn's interview. this is outrageous he is the center of this. he is clearly biassed and hated this president and still does to this day. it's outrageous he is still employed by the fbi. did the judge who should the fisa warrant know he was involved? was he involved with leaking the manafort information? 2 years ago -- this investigation has been going on 2 years in august. he was involved. 11 days later. we know that there was a leak of the manafort information. this is a very bad group within the fbi that has given them this. >> we all know this.
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what david said is nothing that not obvious. yet tonight paul manafort was ordered to jail. this guy did not work for the fbi. he was not biassed or handling hillary clinton and the anti-trump and exposing his biases. manafort is going to jail. he has a $10 million bond. how do you level this out in your mind that we've got such a great system? >> the real problem we have. the inspector general's report was very clear about one thing which the mainstream media refuses to cover. hillary clinton took classified emails on an unclassified server and they were hacked or accessible by a foreign enthit. -- entity. think everything you want about paul manafort. we are not the best of friends
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but the fact that paul manafort went off to jail when hillary clinton walks free. it says in the report someone accessed that server from a foreign country. why is that not a criminal act? >> because i don't think it would make a darn bit of difference. i want to know who will prosecute her? let me go now to david. we have the world cup. the president had a great week. kim jong-un agreed to denuclearization. obama said i will get the world cup and i will get the olympics here. he could not do anything. >> look, he had a great week. the president it's one of the great weeks of his administration. job numbers today unbelievable. lowest in 44 years. our economy is hummy.
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-- humming. the president got elected because he said jobs, jobs, j s jobs, and he meant it. a great week on the economic and dealing with north korea on denuclearization. the world cup, the guy who used to be the head of the american world cup said oh bob, obama will get this now. in 2016, oh, we can't have donald trump. the cup will never come here. he proves everybody wrong. >> so, cory, let's talk about those people who predicted nuclear war and that president trump doesn't know what he is doing. aside from all of that, i want to ask you a question. i will veer off for a second. how does this guy fly back and
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forth to singapore and do all of the negotiations and he is walking outside of the white house today just greeting a punch of press people and answering press people. on top of his game. how does he do? >> donald trump is a machine. i mean that. i spent thousands of hours with him. he never sleeps. he continues to work. that's why the first 18 months of this administration, he's been so successful. look at what he talked about. 4% growth. they said you will never get there. now the fed says 4.8%. he never gives up. we walked out and did that press conference with fox. i am sure the staff said don't do that. donald trump is his best when he is donald trump. the book that dave and i wrote is why he is successful. he does things outside of the norm. stayed up for 25 hours straight on that airplane. got off the plane and kept on working. he didn't go to bed for a week
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like hillary clinton did before the debate. >> she was in bed for longer than that. he doesn't drink coffee? >> no, you know donald trump. no coffee. >> diet cokes. >> it's raw adrenaline and diet coax. -- cokes. he wears out the staff. >> he has a different gear than everybody else. including the staff. this guy works 20 hours a day, 7 days a week. that's why our economy is moving. people wonder how could he do so many different things? it's because he never stops. a smart and diligent guy. doing an incredible job as president. >> and not only that celebrated his birthday this week too. >> that's right. >> judge, the press never complains that this president is not doing enough. they complain they can't keep up
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with them. a far cry from obama who did nothing for 8 years. >> we used to talk about 24/7 news they never know what that meant until donald trump came into the white house. thanks for joining us. coming up on this special edition of "hannity," christian fisher will have live reports on the white house on 2 major stories and greg, tom and mark, don't go anywhere. you won't see these folks at the post office
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>> ♪ >> welcome back to the special edition of "hannity." trump's big week. there are 2 big stories we are following tonight. starting with the paul manafort case. the judge today revoked his bail
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and sent him to jail. also new details on whether president trump will sit down with special counsel robert mueller. joini joining us live. >> things got uncomfortable for paul manafort tonight. he is in federal custody on his way to jail where he will spend the next several months until his trial in september. the president calls is a tough sentence for someone who represented ronald reagan. the reason he was put in jail is because he was accused of attempting to tamper with witnesses in his federal tax and money laundering case. last week robert mueller accused manafort of trying to contact witnesses by phone and an
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encrypted message program. the judge said i can't take away his cellphone, so she took away his freedom. rudy giuliani said when the mueller probe is over, things might get cleaned up with presidential pardon and said there is a good chance president trump will decide next week whether to sit down with the special counsel. his mind is made up the president should not agree to an interview. but the president hasn't made up his own mind. next week a huge hearing on capitol hill. on monday the fbi director and the inspector general who just should that blistering report, they will be testifying before the senate judiciary committee. judge, there has been a lot of must see tv hearings on capitol hill. but this would be towards the top of the list. >> thanks.
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joining us now to reaction to her report, tom, former clinton advisor. and guys, i will start with you, greg. we are sending now this guy manafort to jail claiming the -- the judge is saying he tried to tamper with witnesses. why is he in the jail and the rest are not? >> that's a good question. the judge should blame herself. she failed to issue a no contact heard with regard to the witnesses. i read through the court documents. weissman and robert mueller's evidence of this is scant. and cryptic. it's enough to revoke bail
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because that's a low threshold. but they also were charging him with obstruction of justice in an indictment. that's preposterous given the evidence. >> you and i both know that for them to do this, they indict him again. they threaten him and now throw him in jail. they must be desperate. this is a guy who is charged with a crime that occurred 12 years ago that half of the people who are lobbying should be in the same lock up with him. what do they think he has on trump? he was only with him for a few months. >> they know he has nothing on trump. that never stopped prosecutors from putting a document in front of somebody that they are squeezing and say sign this. they don't care those prosecutors about the rule of law and perjury. they subborn perjury by
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squeezing witnesses and that's a time. >> tom, the prosecutor in me would not allow that kind of thing. the feds are a different freed of cats. your take with manafort being in jail? what do they think he will say other than perjure himself? >> as the anti-corrupt watch dog in me suggests this is retaliation by the mueller team for manafort's pushing back against authorities. >> yes. >> i think it's overkill. i think the mueller operation recognizes that manafort is the reason for being. there is no mueller investigation to speak of without this big manafort indictment. multiple indictments now. you shut down the manafort investigation. everything flitters away because the trump investigation is going nowhere. there is no russian collusion.
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a nice distraction from the ig report that confirms the mueller operation was generated as a result of the crooked fbi agents who hated donald trump and set this thing in notion and were working for mueller for a good period of time. the whole thing is tainted. i was thinking back to the whitehurst scandal with the fbi labs. throw out all of the cases. >> you know what is amazing to me, tom. i have always given you credit for your information. now we find out why was this text never given to congress? the one where he said, we are going to stop it. he won't be president? no, we will stop it. somebody has to pay for not giving that to congress. >> you can't blame the obama justice department for that. it's this fbi covering up all of
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these emails. they are fighting every scandal issue the ig has raised. they have not given us one text message. they are holding back information about doj collusion with the clinton campaign. this justice department and not the obama justice department. >> all right. mark pence, as you listen to this, what he said is the case. this is the republican justice department. >> well, but it's really a state unto itself. what happened here with the recusal and the independent counsel and rob rosenstein they are not accountable to congress and can't be fired by the president. they created a government of their own which we thought could no longer happening. manafort. weinstein is out on a million dollars bail.
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>> harvey weinstein. >> right. >> tell me what league is manafort in? the judge here is cahoots with the independent counsel to pressure manafort to the limit because he is the only guy pleading not guilty. >> i got to tell you something, mark, that's interesting. as the public watches this proceed. who would think if manafort turned on the president now if anything he said would have any truth to it given the fact they are squeezing him. right now horowitz is going to testify on monday. he will try to explain why in spite of the prejudices he stated and the report and the actions were not sufficient to call for a criminal charge against anyone. >> he needs to say, look, i could not prove their biassed influenced decisions. >> correct. >> i have to show you this. this is proof.
1:32 am
500 pages of proof. >> oh, sure. it's a report of bias. did it influence the decision to clear hillary clinton? i can't prove it true. of course he can't. nobody puts their crimes in rect. nobody confesses to horowitz.wr. nobody confesses to horowitz. >> a tried a lot of murder cases with circumstantial evidence. this is more than circumstantial. people are describing what their state ever mind it. >> the inspector general is a typical government bureaucrat. everything that hillary clinton did. all of these decisions that the prosecutors and fbi made, that fell down in her favor and helped protect her, they all
1:33 am
were defensible. he could not second guess them. i don't buy any of that. people should read the report again. the clinton emails investigation wa sham and the russian investigation was tainted by this anti-trump bias. i can't believe we are still talking about a mueller investigation after there strzok said his goal was to stop trump. >> right. mark, last question. what happens to jim comey's book a higher loyalty now? >> i hope sales are cut off. the whole way he acted here in defiance. you expect him to be in defiance now that he is a private citizen. i thought and i wrote a piece a higher disloyalty. i think he brought down the fbi. hillary clinton was the winner
1:34 am
in this report because they said the actions were reasonable. i think comey and the fbi were losers. they didn't operate in a remotely professional way. >> all right, gentlemen. i have to go. coming up. the destroy trump media is melting down over the president's successes. sean spicer and joe on that next as "hannity" continues.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back to "hannity." president trump has had an unprecedented week of success but the mainstream media twisted his accomplishments to fit their destroy trump agenda. watch this. >> this is donald trump's america. yes, it sounds like something we would be condemning coming out
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of north korea. >> he is a master marketer. he wants to repeat it as often as possible even though it's not true so it becomes true in public ser -- perception heechl. he declares peace on earth. >> talking about it's more important to get along with north korea. where does he draw the line about not getting along with somebody? >> the policy on the border is calculated cruelty. rather than being family-friendly it's based on let's be as cruel as possible. >> joining me now with reaction former white house press secretary sean spicer and the hill's joe. sean, you worked with those people for a significant period of time. don't you think they are losing
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their credibility. the facts are the facts. we were supposed to have a nuclear war with norpth. -- negotiate. -- north korea. now there is a promise of denuclearization. we got the world cup. instead talking about concentration campus for kids. is this working to donald trump benefit? >> i think so. i would argue they lost their credibility. it's not that they are losing. it i think yet president's numbers are ticking up. the american people understand the president is fighting for them and getting results for them. when it's the economy or north korea or isis, the president is getting things done. people understand their lives are better and safer. these journalists are exposing their personal biases against conservatives and him. it will never be good enough.
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there will never be a bar high enough that donald trump will hit that they will give him the credit he deserves. half what have he has done would have been heralded as a huge triumph. matter how good the economy does, it will never be good enough. >> joe, what about comparing these kids whose parents are being separated them from as the children in nazi concentration campus? >> any time you bring up nazi or hitler, people's eyes glaze over. it's so based on hyperbole it's not a winning argument. the president is having a pretty good week. i don't think too many people would disagree. objective ones. i would argue he is having a pretty good year. the tax bill passed in late
1:42 am
december and what just happened with north korea and isis 98% destroyed. the polling numbers. at 37% in an average of 8 poles. that went up 7 points which is a lot to this point. i made this point a couple of days ago. 90% of the pundits in terms of north korea was negative. then a poll today shows 7 in 10 thinks it's a good idea. you want talk about a contrast about what we are saying in new york and washington and what america is thinking in terms of polling you can't see a better disconnect than that. the sentiment on the grounds and the sentiments in newsrooms by pundits who are biassed because they got nothing done with north korea talking bush or obama. >> sean, the president came out and i think is one of the things
1:43 am
that most americans love about him. he said look, with north korea, i could be wrong. maybe in 6 months i will say i was wrong. it's that kind of honesty. he just says, look, right now i have every reason to believe there will be denuclearization. every reason to bring back the tens of thousands of troops over there. you think people would support him. not a chance. >> this president is a disruptor. he is not following the nowhere else of washington. had this been the previous administrations, they would not have done it but they would have circulated power points to undersecretaries to have 14 meetings. donald trump said i want to meet with this guy face-to-face and make a deal and explain the benefits his country and people will wield and i can make the world a safer place.
1:44 am
he did it. everyone's head is spinning because he didn't do it the way he was supposed to. the reality is and this is the ir irony of it. everyone who came before him got nothing done. they may have followed this amazing process in washington. that hasn't yielded results. donald trump did it his way and got results that the american people can see are tangible. >> joe, do you think at some point the numbers continue to rise, the poling numbers, that the media will ever come around? >> no. i have a nknenew theory on this judge. i think there is peer pressure in our media. if you say anything positive about this president, you say he did well here and not so well here, if you do that let's like a scarlet letter in the media. the default is to criticize
1:45 am
because you want to be send among your peers and maybe you think your audience wants to hear something negative about the president instead of just reporting the truth and being honest about how you feel about an issue. >> the only reason i say it, it seems like dennis rodman was complimentary of the president and his actions with north korea. he didn't get a blow back. maybe this is the beginning of something good. i was probably wrong, right? >> he is an outstanding rebounder. >> [laughing]. >> joe is right. there is a massive pack mentality. they are so afraid of being out of their pack mentality mainstream mind melt, they will never do anything that upsets that apple cart. i write about it in my book. it's unbelievable. >> all right, guys. thank you very much. still to come on "hannity," we have an all-star panel that will weigh in on president trump historic summit with kim jong-un
1:46 am
and his other triumphs from this huge week. stay right there.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> welcome back to "hannity." earlier today president trump joined fox and friend talking about the ig report on the fbi's investigation into the 2018 election. take a look. >> doj and clinton report blasts comey and agents but finds no bias. >> the end result is wrong. there was total bias. when you look at peter strzok and what he said about me and comey and all of his moves. it was a pretty good report. i say the ig blew it at the end
1:51 am
with that statement. when you read the report, it was like comey. point after point about how guilty hillary is but we don't do anything about it. the ig report was a horoshow. that one sentence of conclusion was ridiculous. >> talking about you: we will top him? >> they said they will stop me. the economy hit an all time high this morning. never been better. jobless rates the best in 44 years. that just came out. >> joining me now is reaction with attorney and author and former clinton pollster, doug. doug i will start with you. you are the democrat. what do you want to give the president credit for this week? >> you have to give him credit for stopping the nuclear arms race in careera.
1:52 am
crkore korea. you have to give him credit for the economic news. that explains why his poll numbers are going up. the question of a trade war starting with the g-7 as a democrat are troubling, but the largest question: can the president bridge the divide in the country and start to bring people together with a compromise on immigration, the wall for daca? go we get there, his numbers from from 45 to over 50. >> david limbaugh, what we have is the ig report. it seems that the president just said it was like james comey announcing here's all of the evidence of her criminal activity but no prosecutor will prosecute. the same thing with horowitz. we have all of this evidence but we will give the fbi the benefit of the doubt and no criminal
1:53 am
referral. does that make sense to you? >> no, but it's the same pattern going on, a white washing party by comey, by horowitz and by wray of the fib. specifying misconduct and saying we won't do anything about it. director wray spending 2 minutes using this as an opportunity to glorify the fbi and not talking about how terrible this is talking about sensitivity training for fbi people to not be biassed when they are not supposed to be biassed. judge, people talk about this bias and there was no nexus between it and the decision. the bias was widespread. it's all through the report.
1:54 am
regardless of what horowitz says. he gave the benefit of the doubt to the fbi instead of the american people they are supposed to be protecting. this is not just a question of bias. these people in the upper ranks of the fbi charged with this investigation, steering an investigation to a desired result. stopping trump and promoting hillary. it's outrageous. >> david, there is no question about it. they said, will he ever be president? strzok said we will stop it. now you have christopher wray. david made a great point. we are a great team and we will have some hr meetings at this point. should christopher wray go? >> there needs to bode firings the fbi. and two, we are about to see the obama stooges going after each other trying to protect their own reputations based on this
1:55 am
report, showing they were as incompetent at trying to influence the election as running a justice department that was impartial. >> thanks for being with us my name is jeff sheldon, and i'm the founder of ugmonk. before shipstation it was crazy. it's great when you see a hundred orders come in, a hundred orders come in, but then you realize i've got a hundred orders i have to ship out. shipstation streamlined that wh the order data, the weights of , everything is seamlessly put into shipstation, so when we print the shipping ll everything's pretty much done. it's so much easier so now, we're ready, bring on t. shipstation. the number one ch of online sellers. go to
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>>welcome back to this special edition of "hannity." but unfortunately, that's all the time we have left this evening. don't forget to tune in tomorrow night at 9:00 pm eastern with me. and don't forget, buy a copy of my book on amazon and barnes & noble. you want to read the real truth, liars, leakers and liberals. it's all in there. thanks for being with us. have a great night, and we'll see you tomorrow night.
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>> ♪ >> tucker: welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." the long national nightmare is over. we are happy to report. paul manafort is behind bars tonight. the 69-year-old lobbyist was dragged to prison on the order of the federal judge. the president tweeted about manafort's imprisonment earlier today. wow, a tough sentence for paul manafo manafort. what about? that's the president's view. on the other ha,


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