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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  June 16, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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see you tomorrow night. >> ♪ >> tucker: welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." the long national nightmare is over. we are happy to report. paul manafort is behind bars tonight. the 69-year-old lobbyist was dragged to prison on the order of the federal judge. the president tweeted about manafort's imprisonment earlier today. wow, a tough sentence for paul manafo manafort. what about? that's the president's view. on the other hand, with manafort
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in a cage, the rest of us can relax. unchain the door. let the kids play in the yard. take the first deep breath in decades. it's a new day america, we are safe. we have bad news as well. paul manafort's crime was violating the foreign agent's registration act passed in 1938. advancing the interest of a foreign country without registering with the u.s. is a felony. that mean many of the people in washington will head to jail. podesta and both clintons and unni-vision take money from foreign interests. the law is clear. they are headed to the big house. all of them. best of luck. manafort was also accused of
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trying to influence witnesses in the case against him. that's serious and possibly the government will prove it at trial. tonight paul manafort hasn't been convicted of any crime. he is still innocent, but now in jail. that might be justified if manafort was a threat to public safety or anyone considered him a flight risk. late middle age with no passport. let's be honest. paul manafort is in jail because prosecutors want him to testify against the president. they are sweating him. no rubber hoses or truck batteries, but the point is the same. prosecutors want to influence a potential witness in this case. as yesterday's ig report showed, there is not much in the way of professional ethices to restrain them from doing that. a long time business partner of paul manafort.
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thanks for coming. on. what is this about? >> to force manafort to lead guilty so the government didn't have to go to trial. the government refused to turn never any discovery did surveillance to paul manafort. they insist he was never under surveillance but numerous mainstream media organizations reported otherwise. that's because he was most likely subject to an illegal, unconstitutional fisa warrant. i was also subject to that reported by the times on january 20th, 2016. i just filed a freedom of information act request to get to the bottom of that. >> tucker: if the "new york times" can discover you are spied upon by the government, why can't you astertain whether that's happening? >> there is a process.
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you have to put in a governmental information request. once the government has had time to respond, you can file a lawsuit. a tort suit and a suit against individuals say john brennan and susan rice and mr. clapper. tucker, it's clear coming up empty handed of any evidence of russian collusion or any hijinks with wiki links, this special council will go through every aspect of my life to conjuror up some offense to pressure me to testify against the president. it's the police state. i am being persecuted because i supported donald trump. >> tucker: let me back up. we are often told that the bar for a fisa warrant is really
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high. you have to demonstrate someone is betraying his country. what would be the context on which the mueller people got a fisa warrant to spy on you? >> the u.s. citizen with only be subjected to a fisa warrant if they are actively involved in espionage against the united states. fisa warrants were used by the obama administration for political purposes. this is a scandal that makes watergate look like a second rate burglary. >> tucker: are the people around you drawn into this? >> that's the extraordinary thing. associates of mine have been questioned aggressively by the fbi. it's unclear what the government wants other than to find somebody who will bear false witness against roger stone.
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this is costing me hundreds of thounds of dollars on top of the lawsuits filed against me by the democrat national committee and obama-affiliated groups. i had to set up a legal defense fund because it threatens to bankrupt me which is the point. they seek to drag your name through the mud and ruin you financially. >> tucker: we can't administrate a polygraph on live television. have you ever worked on behalf of any foreign power against the interest of the united states government? >> absolutely, positively not. i am an american whose relatives were rushed in budapest in the '50s. this is an absurd notion. we have a partisan special prosecutor seeking a crime where
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none exits. >> tucker: roger stone, thank you. president trump made a surprise appearance among reporters on the white house north lawn today. during that, he spoke about paul manafort. here's part what have he said. >> manafort has nothing to do with our campaign. i feel badly about it. they went back 12 years to get things he did 12 years ago. >> tucker: john summers was communication director for harry reid. paul manafort is a 69-year-old lobbyist who poses no physical threat to public safety. he is not a flight risk. he doesn't have a passport. yet he is in jail punished for a crime that the government hasn't attempted to prove he committed. are you comfortable with that? >> let's go back and talk about what got him here. he should not be surprised. he made his bed. now it's time for him to lie in
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it. he violated the judge's gag order writing an op-ed. she said do it again and you will suffer the consequences. well, he violated -- >> tucker: you are comfortable for punishing people for writing op-eds. >> i am telling what you the judge said. >> tucker: i am asking you are you comfortable with that? the government says don't give your opinion and you do it anyway, should you be punished? >> if the judge tells you there is a gag order on the case, you don't talk about the case. >> tucker: okay. did he do that? was there a trial that i missed? >> he is not confirmed to do that. tell me the thousands of kids held in detention centers in the south including brownsville,
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texas. >> tucker: those are not americans. that's a separate debut. here we are talking about american citizens. because he did something the government didn't like. but they haven't proved he did. as a democrat, are you comfortable with that? >> the judge's concern was that he had been contact witnesses using the phone. there is no way to monitor him at his home. >> tucker: you are comfortable with that? even though there is no trial, no opportunity to have his lawyers speak for him, it's okay for the government to imprison someone? that's what you are saying? >> every day -- >> [overlapping talking]. >> the process relating to
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illegal immigrant. >> tucker: hold on. i wonder why you make it a racial issue. let's not engage in that here. >> [overlapping talking]. >> tucker: this is not race related. >> [overlapping talking]. >> people of color are not treated the same way. >> tucker: i am against that. this is someone who is not been convicted or tried for this crime and he is in jail as punishment. i don't want to live in that country and you do. the next question: the new standard is if you act on behalf of a foreign power without registering you are charged with a felony. are you comfortable with that? >> that's not a new standard. if you are a lobbyist you should be familiar with it. >> tucker: no, you don't need to
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be a lobbyist. this law passed in 1938 saying you are acting on behalf of the foreign power. that's something half of the population of washington, d.c. including every one of our prominent political figures. they are never charged with this. >> take a look at the website. the rules are different. >> tucker: i just read them 6 minutes ago. >> it's directly related to lobby. >> tucker: lobbying is a subjective term. every day politicians and lobbyists in d.c. push the agendas of foreign government. you know this to be true in harry reid's office. he didn't register. he should live up to the standard paul manafort is held to? >> when members of a foreign delication come in to visit the senator, they are lobbying the
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senator. that's not the senator lobbying them. >> tucker: it's the senator taking the will of the foreign government and applying to to the rest of our country. it's the same thing and none of those people are in jail right now. the republicans do it too. >> it happens all of the time when members of congress hold congressional delegation trips across the world. >> tucker: i am aware. maybe we should get real about this. thank you. great to see you. what do we know about the prosecutor who petitioned for manafort's imprisonment. we are joined by trace gallagher. >> hi. he is known as special counsel legal pit bull who filed the 18 page motion of accusing paul manafort fev of witness tamper
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and that landed him in jail. he contributed thousands to president obama and hillary clinton and the dnc. weissman said i am proud and in awe. thank you very much. all of my deepest respects. weissman attended hillary clinton's election night party in 2016. weissman is no stranger to be tough on white collar criminals. led the enron task force in 2004 that sent a merrill lynch executive to a maximum security prison 700 miles away from his team. he spent a year behind bars before his conviction was vacated. the judge presiding over the manafort case dismissed a lawsuit against hillary clinton last year. it alleged that clinton's lack
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of email security led to the designate of americans in benghazi. >> tucker: thanks. trace gallagher, appreciate that. it's been only a little over 24 hours since the major doj inspector general was release. what is the press missing. kim is on the wall street journal board. what jumped out when you read this? >> most of the headlines today have been focussed on jim comey. no question that this was a very damning indictment of his leadership while he was there. then, again, democrats and a lot in the media would like to pin it all on him. what struck him this was a searing indictment of the entire
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fbi and its culture. the argument they live by a rule they themselves craft and impose rules on everybody else, but they don't live by them. we have examples in here of employees using their home computers and cellphones for work business. we found out that comey's entire staff was complicit in helping him conceal from the department of justices the press conference is hillary clinton. we have unauthorized contacts with the press. an assistant attorney general tipping off the hillary clinton team. he didn't abide by a recusal. andrew mccabe leaking and lying about it to the fbi agents who questioned him. this is a widespread problem. at least in the leader should be
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across the fbi. that was an important aspect of this report being missed. >> tucker: but you did not miss it. thank you for that. yesterday's report from the ig also revealed president obama had direct contact with hillary clinton on her private email address. he said he only learned of the private address when it became known to the public. that was a lie. a former secret service agent joins us now. dan, the portion of this report that is being ignored that is very interesting is on the hillary investigation. we learned that a lot of things we suspected were true are true. >> they are. the most damn iing thing is
2:17 am
president obama receiving emails from hillary clinton's personal email address. they had to white list that email address. somebody had to say put that personal email dress in barack obama's phone. who told him? are you still going to stick to this story, barack obama, you had no idea hillary had a personal email account? plausible deniability is gone and out the window. >> tucker: so obama and the people around him had to have known this was an email system outside of the government chain? >> tucker, there is no way around it. you think barack obama on his personal blackberry was getting spam emails about a flower sale for mother's day? those emails had to be white listed before they hit the blackberry.
2:18 am
somebody gave him the email address and said this hillary clinton personal one is okay. who is the person who did that? you think obama did not know. the media will cover for him. it's ridiculous. obama could not be telling the truth. >> tucker: no. that's why he didn't respond to my emails when he was president. the past two years have been devastating for public trust in the fbi and a lot of great people who work there. how can they recover their standing with the public. a former deputy director of the fbi joins us tonight. this is sad. you have to wonder if peter strzok still works there, what do you have to do to get fired by the fbi? >> that's what everybody is wondering. and retired fbi agents and
2:19 am
current employees, not only he is still working, but he is in hr and has access to all kinds of information. we to have be concerned about national security when you have a person who demonstrated as an fbi agent they were not to be trusted and still there in hr, one of the most critical places for hiring and recruiting and all of the information he already knows from the job he has had for many years. it's a shame. it as a lot of retired fbi agents very up set. it's not just me. just about everybody is asking: what happened to the fbi that i worked for? what happened to the fbi that we knew? kimberly was on earlier. she laid out all of those points she made, that's simply not the way the fbi culture was just a few short years ago. the leadership of the fbi, james
2:20 am
comey and andrew mccabe, are perhaps in a monetary way corrupted by their position at the top. we still have not answered the questions that need to be answered. the ig report doesn't get into what bothers 50% of the american public. we need to do that. >> tucker: it takes a long time to build a place as impressive as the fbi but only the single obama administration to destroy it. sad to watch. thank you for that. appreciate it. the coverage of the ig report, you saw it yesterday and in today. about as mis leading as the coverage of anything ever. we will break it down for you next. check out the gone fishing event at bass pro shops and cabela's. with free fishing at our catch-and-release pond this weekend. plus, great gifts for dad!
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>> ♪ >> tucker: yesterday's ig report from the department of justice was an exhaustive over 500 pages of political bias at the fbi. if you read tu know what it was. if you watched television, you would have no idea. watch. >> they found more texts from strzok that say i don't like that he will win. we will fix it. that's tantalizing. you are all over. it the bad fact is they conclude that there was no impact. there was no exercise of that bias on any of the decisions. >> there is nothing that was found in the ig report, 500 plus pages, that suggest those 7 words that strzok typed out
2:25 am
biassed the investigation in any meaningful way. >> tucker: you have no right to be upset. be quiet and believe your elders. the authorities are selling the truth. shut up and obey. on good morning america abc covered the ig report but never mentioned peter strzok or lisa page. kind of a headline! larry o'connor writes for the washington times. what did you make of the coverage of this? >> i figured it out. go back to the o.j. simpson trial. the media in d.c. and manhattan, they are the jurors. we have seen all of the evidence. we have seen the dna and the text messages and everything. it's obvious the truth here. the jurors have the glove didn't fit and he's not guilty. that's what the media is doing: looking at one little thing and
2:26 am
completes the narrative they want. the rest of us are saying what are we missing here? >> tucker: chris was one of the o.j. jurors? >> no byou they are acting that way. chris is trying so hard to make sure everybody believes there is no there, there. saying peter strzok doesn't influence the case is unbelievable for anybody observing. they are being disingenuous. what mr. horowitz said is not there was no political bias influencesing this investigation. he said he did not find any documentary evidence to prove that. in other words, peter strzok didn't write an email to all friends and co-workers saying help hillary and hurt trump and here's how we will do it.
2:27 am
he doesn't have to say it. if you are in a club or a room and everybody agrees on something, like the u.s. military, it's not like the u.s. military has to have a strategy meeting every day and say today we will defend the nation. it's the given. it's what everyone understands they are supposed to do. that's what was at play here. >> tucker: i think the press would like you to stop asking so many uncomfortable questions and mindlessly absorb what they tell you. >> i won't do that. sorry. >> tucker: [laughing]. have a great night. the conversation around immigration is getting increasingly hysterical. not only some immigrants here be safe from deportation but not be arrested. what does that mean? plus a colorado congressional candidate maces himself in a campaign ad. you must meet him. he will join us in a moment. it took guts to start my business.
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2:32 am
writes for city journal and joins us tonight. what haven't we heard about this story? >> the most important thing to know about this story, this is a man who came from ecuador to deliver the pizzas that americans won't deliver over can't deliver. >> tucker: [laughing]. i wish i had thought of that. >> a good point, right? this guy was entering an army base. he didn't have a driver's license. what no one is pointing out, he drives without a driver's licenses. new york didn't give driver licenses to illegal immigrant. but his job is deliverying pizzas every day. >> tucker: how did he have insurance? >> he didn't have insurance. an unlicensed and uninsured guy
2:33 am
driving around. but the only thing you are supposed to know about him is he is a hard working immigrant. nobody mentions the fact that this was the case. i don't know. it seems to me -- >> tucker: had he interacted with federal immigration enforcement previously, in the country illegally? >> he had a deportation order from 2010. he was supposed to leave 8 years ago and never did. he got married. he had some children which are now used as the basis for his claims to stay. the fact he has an american wife and children. that sounds like the definition of having an anchor baby. >> tucker: he had kids here. i hope the next time i get pulled over without driving without a license, you can get arrest. i hope christian will defend me. >> and chuck schumer and
2:34 am
governor are up in arms about it. what he used to identify himself when he was entering the army base was a new york city i.d. card. but he is not a resident of this city. >> tucker: that doesn't work either. seth, thanks. great to see you tonight. politician maced himself in the face hoping to get a seat in congress. what else is he willing to do to win? thankfully he joins us next to tell us. man: i got scar tissue there.
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2:39 am
himself. >> trust me. this will stop anyone in their tracks. >> ♪ now i can't see anything. >> tucker: don't try that at home. what else is this man willing to do to become a member of congress? thanks for coming on. people made fun of this. i found this inspiring. people have a dream. they will do anything to get it. i thought this showed total commitment to getting elected. i admire that. would you shave our eyebrows to get elected to congress? >> [laughing]. thanks for having me on the show. i appreciate it. the truth is the response has been huge to this video. the only criticism came the far left who think if he stop selling guns the 300 million guns already in the united states will disappear.
2:40 am
on the far right, you have people who want to play cowboys and indians in our schools and class rooms. they imagine that every school shooter is a trained commando and every teacher should be as well. this is meant to solve a real problem. >> tucker: if you are going to get elected to congress and you make a fair point, you need to learn to answer the question at hand. would you save your eyebrows? are you that committed? >> i want to have a real discussion. >> tucker: i am having a real discussion. >> i came on to talk about serious issues. >> tucker: you maced yourself in the faith. >> [overlapping talking]. >> tucker: i don't understand. >> school shootings happen at a range of less than 8 feet. this is well in the range. >> tucker: you maced yourself -- hold on. you are almost in congress just
2:41 am
with the speech patterns. i am impressed with that too. >> i am impressed with you too. >> tucker: is there anything you would not do to get this job? >> that's not a relevant question. >> tucker: how committed are you? >> i wanted to discuss school safety. the department of homeland security has 3 things -- >> tucker: no, you just staged a reality show. >> [overlapping talking]. >> this is the last line of defense. >> tucker: hold on. >> [overlapping talking]. >> there is a gunman coming into the classroom. >> tucker: rubber bullets? you are not answering the question. you are qualified for congress already. you are like everybody else up there. >> [overlapping talking]. >> this is a serious policy issue. we will discuss serious policy. >> tucker: you are unbelievable. saying the man who maced himself
2:42 am
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>> tucker: final exam. we pit 2 noted news experts against one another to find out who is paying attention to the news. our defending champ and her challenger is fox correspondent
2:47 am
peter ducy. welcome to you both. you both know the rules. hand on buzzers. i ask the question. the first one to buzz in gets to answer the question. you have to wait until i finish asking in order to answer. every correct answer is worth a point. you get it wrong, you lose a point. best of 5 wins. are you ready? >> ready. >> how much more time could i get? >> tucker: no more time. we roll forward. question 1. doctors say they are working over time to treat kitchen injuries. people are cutting themselves slicing a certain fruit. what is the fruit? peter, what is the fruit? >> avocado. final answer. >> tucker: final answer. [laughing]. let's go to the tape. >> i stabbed myself in the hand with a knife.
2:48 am
i was trying to open up an avocado. there is a syndrome called avocado hand. we get this all the time. >> tucker: you were correct. the judge said it sounds as if i finished asking the question so you get the point. >> all of those years of watching the "view" -- >> paid off. >> tucker: but you lost 30 iq points. a dare devil animal stocale a 2 story building and made it to the roof without falling. which 4 legged nocturnal nammal was this? >> a raccoon. >> tucker: a raccoon. go to the tape. >> a daring raccoon scaling a
2:49 am
building in saint paul, minnesota. >> a wild life drama. 20 stories in the air. >> oh god! >> tucker: it was a raccoon. one of the most impressed and under-rated animals. you are decisive. bam. they are great animals and don't get the credit they deserved. if you are sick of poll holes one pizza chain is fixing roads the government won't fix to make sure your pizza delivery goes shootingly. -- smoothly. some chain is doing this? >> dominos. >> tucker: role tape. >> dominos. >> fixing one pot hole at a time.
2:50 am
>> tucker: okay, wow. 3 questions and 3 correct answers. it's 2-1 peter. question 4. the summit we watched between the president of the united states and the leader of north korea. kim jong-un. traveled to singapore with an unusual item. was it a bed, porte potty or a pet peacock. >> porta-potty. >> tucker: says katie. to the tape we go. >> north korea leader kim jong-un brought his own toilet to the summit with president trump to prevent people to get information on his health. the intelligence agent said we will just guess bad then.
2:51 am
>> tucker: that was weird. so impressive. now moving into the final question. the decisive question number 5. sudden death overtime. >> i am not ready. >> tucker: okay. i am not ready either obviously. the last question: last week, we talked about ihop changing its name. it will be call ihob with a b. what does the b stand for? >> international house of burgers. >> tucker: burgers? we will find out if you are right. to the tape we go. >> the b stand for. not beer, bacon or breakfast. it's burgers. you can get pancakes with your burg so you don't have to choose. >> tucker: katie, you win again.
2:52 am
before you collect your prize. peter, you buzzed in. did you know the answer? >> i did know the answer as burgers. i was very, very surprised after all of the build-up that it was buggers. >> tucker: it's so out of the category. congratulations to you. great came. katie, you are getting the coveted mug that commemorates his famous appearance on. peter, great to see you. >> thanks tucker. >> tucker: that's it for this week. tune in on thursdays to beat our hardened news experts. we'll be right back.
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>> reporters had a surprise encounter with the president this morning on the white house north lawn. they seized a chance to ask him about the news of the past week. first the president talked to fox and friends. here's part television. >> doj clinton report blasts comey and agents but finds no bias. >> there was total bias looking at peter strzok and what he said about me and comey all of his moves. it was a pretty good report. then i say that the ig blew it at the end. when you read the report.
2:56 am
comey point after point about how guilty hillary is but we won't do anything about it. the report, the ig report was a horror show. i thought that one sentence of conclusion was ridiculous. what they did during the election was a disgrace. it's probably never happened in our country before. that's just the tip of the iceberg. what will happen when we go further? there was total bias. >> should james comey be locked up? >> well, look, i would never want to get involved in that. they seemed like criminal act. what he did was criminal. a terrible thing to the people. what he did was so bad in terms of our constitution and in terms of the will being of our country. it was horrible. should he be locked up. let somebody make the determination. look at all of the disconest things crooked hillary did.
2:57 am
>> tucker: then a lively discussion between the president and reporters on many different issues. here's a election. >> james comey was unfair to the people of this country. what he did was a disgrace. i think he goes down as the worst fbi director in history. there is nobody close. i did the country a tremendous favor about firing him. >> in the same breath you are defending now kim jong-un's human rights record. how can you do that? >> because i don't want to see a nuclear weapon destroy you and your family. >> you said you wished americans would sit up at attention. >> i was kidding. you don't understand sarcasm. >> who are you with? >> cnn. >> cnn! i have a good relationship with kim jong-un. that's a very important thing. wait -- i can now say well, we have a problem. i gave him a very direct number.
2:58 am
he can call me if he has any difficulties. i can call him. we have communication. that's a very good thing. people are shocked -- they thought trump would start throwing bombs all over the place. it's the opposite. a few years ago putin was in the g-8. it's better to have russia in than out. like north korea and somebody else it's better if we get along with them than if we don't. >> tucker: keep in mind all of that was unplanned. the president staring out the window and decided to mix it up. not boring. thanks for joining us. join us [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪
2:59 am
[national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪
3:00 am
[national anthem] ♪ ♪ >> the president taking something of a victory lap in the wake of the doj watchdog scathing report on the clinton probe it? >> totally exxonner rates me. there was no collusion there was no obstruction. if you read the report, you will see that. >> president stays on the attack on what he calls his opponents fbi. >> i think james comey was unfair to the people of this country. i think what he did was a mistake. >> we make a mistake, we are going to confront it. >> putting the touches on plan for immigration reform. >> i hate the children being taken await a minute the democrats have to change their law. it's their law. >> using children, whether they are dreamers or whether they are little children, at the border now for political purpose. it's shameful.


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