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tv   Fox and Friends Sunday  FOX News  June 17, 2018 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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of course the legislation we need to defeat ms-13 once and for all. we have a great country. i want to keep it that way. >> president trump heading to capitol hill on tuesday to meet with house republicans on immigration. the president calling out democrats tweeting they can stop the separation of children if they work with republicans. >> if you do not want to be separated, do not cross the borders illegally. >> some republicans want to know why fbi agent peter strzok still has a job. >> peter strzok should be prosecuted. >> comey has been fired, mccabe fired. why is peter strzok still there? michael horowitz will go in
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twont of the you dish rare committee on tuesday. >> it's a wild day at the u.s. open. dustin johnson still leading. phil mickelson, he took a shot, a ball started rolling. >> he hit it back while it was still going. >> whoa. ♪ ♪ . today is all about the dads. and i am surrounded by two pretty amazing dads this morning. i feel pretty lucky. if i can't sit next to my husband, one of the best fathers in the world, i'll be with you two. >> just purple ties. she likes purple ties. >> purpose sl a real purple is l color. >> i hear you have rules.
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>> there's five rules for father's day. you'll get them later as we wake up. >> griff has five rules for fathers on father's day. >> simple, easy to understand. >> one involves beer. but if you're a father or at least if you're a son, it means you have a father, i guess everyone has a father, right? >> i'm going to make this simple for you. send us photos of you dad or if you're a dad, send us photos of your family. let us know what you're doing today. what do you do that helps you relax. accepted it to friends at and to washington where i will go back, republicans getting ready for a busy week in washington. immigration is front and center. the president is going to meet with house republicans on tuesday. there are two bills that are under consideration. one is put forth for the house leadership, another conservative
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one by chairman bob goodlatte. he is going to be on the program later. and it is going to be quite a week on this issue that's become so passionate. >> as you said, the president is going up on tuesday. this has really come to the forefront because this is what everyone is talking about. you go online or look on twitter and you're seeing what's happening at the border. yes, it is heartbreaking what you're seeing happen with these children. but the bigger story here is what do we do overall with immigration. how do we figure this out. how do we make this right. and the president has talked about this from earlier on. but he's also talk about dealing with these children as well. let's take a look back at what the president has had to say about this. >> the children can be taken care of quickly, beautifully and immediately. i hate to see separation of parents and children. they are here illegally. i do have a big heart. we're going take care of everybody. but you have some absolutely incredible kids. i would say mostly.
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they were brought here in such a way -- it's a very, very tough subject. we are going to deal with daca with heart. can we do that properly, daca. you're not so far away from mprehensive immigration reform. and if you want to take it the further step, i'll take the heat. i don't care. my whole life has been heat. i like heat in a certain way. >> he has said i will take the heat. this is a toug tough issue. you've got a policy that's gone on in previous administrations, approaching a zero tolerance approach believing that you have to do that to disincentivize illegal border crossings. he says give any your wall, i'll give you a daca deal. chain migration doesn't make sense, the chain migration doesn't make sense. the goodlatte bill addresses those. he added confusion to it saying maybe i won't support the
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moderate bill. he's meeting with house republicans on tuesday. we'll see where it goes. he's ready to go. where are the democratic partners. where are the good faith people saying if you don't like child separation, let's find a siriuss approach to get it done. the wall has to be a part of it. >> this has been a challenge for administrations well before donald trump. they have faced how cop complex this is at the be border. you can look up articles this morning and read about under the obama years and how he put a team together specifically to handle what was going on at the boarder. and at one point they actually talked about this zero tolerance policy and what it would mean to separate these families. and after five minutes they realize thd would be a disaster for us. we can't go through with it. but it gives you a sense that we've been dealing with it for quite some time now, further than that. >> it goes all the way back to
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1997 under bill clinton, and president george w. bush tried to tackle this and now we're dealing with the fallout from the obama administration. but it's significant in the obama administration. while the past presidents found it too political perilous, too difficult to take this tough stance that president trump has made, president obama, this occurred under them. even democrat congressman, henry quay lar, says and admits this happened. take a listen to what he had to say. >> large numbers of people coming in, the obama administration was trying to keep this quiet and release some phos that we have of the kids kept there. and keep in mind when they talk about putting the young kird kin those centers, not all of them are being separated. it's not a matter that every single child that we have in the
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centers are being separated because some of them are coming alone. >> it's one thing to keep it quiet, which is what the obama administration tried to do. it's another thing to take it what he had on. give the trump administration credit for saying we have a crisis, we have a problem. we're going to confront it, try to deal with it. and the rhetoric coming out about what's being done on the border to deal with the problem that's existed for many generations. >> people are being called nazis, they're comparing it to concentration camps. >> it's unbelvae. >> that takes the conversation to a whole another place where we need to deal with immigration head on. the president is right to go up to the hill on tuesday night and work this out with republicans. they're in a unique situation. they are in control. and he campaigned on being the negotiator in chief saying i can do things differently on the hill. i know, as you know, it's very very challenging to deal with on the hill. >> the rhetoric as you mentioned coming out, they're not just
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side, back bench flame throwers, you have michael hayden. >> former head of the cia. not a devout leftist. >> put this tweet out there, other governments have separated mothers and children. younow, that's a picture of a concentration camp that exterminated 1.1 million expwreujews atthe hands of the . we're saying because we're enforcing laws on the books temporarily separating kids from their parents -- the parents who broke the law by the way by coming here illegally. and while the kids are in temporary custody they're getting school and soccer and video games and three squares and two snacks and plenty of sleep and lots of good -- that's the same as exterminating 1.1 million jews in gas chambers -l michael hayden, you're an it
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yot. idiot. that's the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard. that's the debate. let's talk about th the policy f separating kids. when you talk about concentration camps, you're derailing the conversation. >> the united states has always been the good guy. >> we're still the good guy. >> but that's why we need to figure this out. just to put some context, about 70% of the kids that come over the border, they come by themselves. they know they're going to end up in these facilities. 30 osar tf kids there are the ones separated from their parents. and over the past weeks, it's been 2,000 of the kids. the president says that he want. >> but again the parents know they're breaking the law. this is a temporary separation. they're not separating never r . a month, two months. they're going to be okay if they parents care for them. and our government, while not -- it is a shelter, they're being
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cared for very well. it's not sustainable, you're right because we don't have enough facilities. find a solution, congress. that's what trump has said. i'll take the heat. this is not the only story -- this is the conversation that the country is having. it's what big problem we've got to solve. >> the rhetoric is inflammatory, the images are heart wrenching and the president is walking into a hornet's nest. but the other store v story youg to hear about is the inspector general report. we're going to be fbi director wray as well as inspect general horowitz testifying tomorrow before senate grassley's judiciary committee and then on tuesday before chairman goodlatte's judiciary. but what's going to be the takeaway is will anyone actually be prosecuted, will there be criminal referrals. there were not any in the
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inspector general's report but we're going to hear a lot more about that today. as we know, the president has said he would like to see the investigators investigated, particularly, i would think it would be people like peter strzok that fbi agent in charge of the clinton and russia investigations that said he would quote, stop the president from becoming president. >> they will be in the hot seat. we'll talk about that throughout the morning as well. a lot going on today on the father's day. you.ave other headlines to bring one person is now in serious condition after a taxi plows through a crowd during the world cup. the driver accelerating onto a sidewalk while at a traffic light in moscow. bystanders ripping the door open and chasing him across the street. russian media claims he's from asia and accidentally hit the gas. no word yet on if the driver will face charges. and the candle light vigil
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set for tonight to remember two fallen deputies, teresa king and patrick roher shot and killed. king was a mother of three kids, rohrer had served seven years and the father of two. so sad. investigators believe inmate fielder grabbed one of their guns as he escorted them into a hearing. he was shot and expected to survive. president trump taking his pick to lead a major government watchdog agency. he plans to nom nam nominate ca. democrats are expected to fight her confirmation following strict conservative reforms at the burr reenacted by her current boss. the final round of the u.s. teeing off in hours. dustin johnson stumbling into a feur-way tie, along with daniel
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berger web toni finau and brooks koepka at 3 over par but everybody is talking about this. >> whoa. whoa! >> phil mickelson chasing after his putt hitting the ball while it's still moving resulting in a two-stroke penalty. live coverage today beginning at 10 a.m. eastern. >> i do that when i golf i've never seen a professional golfer do that ever. i'm a terrible golfer. >> don't forget, e-mail us your father's day pictures at friends at how do president trump's border policies compare to president obama's? we're celebrating father's day the best way we know how with classic dad jokes okay r of course.
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>> with a sore throat? a little hoarse. >> we're sharing your best ones. better than that withi one, just ahead. more. more. that's why i switched to the spark cash card from capital one.
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what we saw over the last hour demonstrate that the trump bureau tolerance policy makes zero sense and shows zero understanding of american values. >> democratic lawmakers in oregon furthering the narrative on theeft that trump administration policies are to blame for the problems at the border. and that migrant centers are in poor conditions. >> but take a look at this center for migrant children on the border in el cajon, california, which provides
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lodging, meals, medical care, education, recreation and oer services. >> what is it really like in those shelters and how does the president's policies compare to those of obama. >> here weigh in, mark cricorian. this season a issue as you know well. an emotional one, the topic of every conversation around the country right now. you have been to some of these centers. walk us through what you saw. i think he's having some problems. but as you can see there, we're showing you video and footage of inside these facilities. mark, do we have you with us? >> yes. good morning. >> we're looking at some of these images. you have been to some of these centers. walk us through what you saw. >> well, i've been to an actual detention center for adults. the ones for minors are actually
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not detention centers, they're shelters. nobody is detained from leaving. they can just leave. sometimes they do. even the regular detention center for adults, while, some place if you were an american living in a modern society you wouldn't want to live in, frankly for a lot of the folks from rural el salvador wob, honduras, it's a step up. they get dental care for the first time in their lives. i didn't hear it in the detainees themselveses but some of them actually asked to be returned if they get arrested somewhere else along the border. they're like, hey, that is a good place. can i be sent back there. the ones that the children are in, these are teenagers mostly, not all of them, are, like i said, shelters. and they're doing the best they can and they frankly do a pretty good job of taking care of the kids. the problem is the policy that
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forces the government to splait parents fro --separate parents s if they're being detained. >> the imagery of the defendant is that we're literally only ripping kids from their mother on the border every single day. and zero tolerance is heartless. talk to us about what zero tolerance means. >> for people who are caught illegally crossing the border, if that's a federal crime, they're being prosecuted now for them. in the past having a kid with you was basically a get out of jail free card. you were exempt from prosecution for the federal crime as long as you had a kid with you. essentially bringing your child served as kind of a human shield against immigration enforcement and that's what this administration has said is not going to happen anymore. and remember, the only reason we're seeing this is because the previous administration basically said bring a kid with you, we let you go into the u.s.
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with a summons to come back years from now and, you know, if you don't, we're not going to look for you. when wherwhen you reward that, t more of that. >> no one wants to see this happening. no one wants a family to be separated. where do we go from here? what's the answer? >> we need legal changes so when we detain people, they can be detained as a family until the case is decided. on the illegals who sneak across and are prosecuted, the answer is hook the kids and parents up as soon as they finish their brief sentence, send them back together. the issue is people are using their kids as a ticket into the united states. that has to stop. >> absolutely. mark, thank you for your time this morning and the facts. appreciate it. well the media hammering the president saying he has dictator envoy. but are theenvy. but are they making the art of
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the deal negative. ted cruz squaring off in a basketball game for the agents squarinagentsagentsagainst jimm. . and for you to pick up the check.
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. welcome back. couple of quick headlines for you. a graduation party turns deadly after a stampede inside a nightclub packed with nearly 500 people. 17 unfortunately killed after panic set in when a tear gas canister was set up during a fight. seven people, including several minors and the owner were arrested following the incident. and the eiffel tower getting a new edition. bullet proof glass walls. the panel panels panels are 10 d
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two inches thick designed to prevent a terrorism attack. paris went on high alert after a series of attacks in 2015 including one that left 130 dead in 2015. griff, over to you. >> thank wu you, pete. comments from president trump about north korean dictator kim jong-un sending the media into a total tail spin. >> he's the head of a country. i mean he's the strong head. don't let anyone think anything different. he speaks and his people sit up at attention. i want my people to do the same. >> the president said it with us a joke but that doesn't stop the headlines bike the washington post calling it dictator envy and politico saying donald dreams of dick caters. is the media making this for something negative? here to debate, antwuan seawright. good morning, antwuan, let me
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start with you. is the media blowing this comment which was intebde intena joke according to the president, are they blowing it out of proportion? >> we don't know what to make te serious and what not to take serious with this president. we tend to respond to what he gives us. and the truth of the matter is this president has the history of flirting with the idea of process of some dictatorship behavior, for instance, wanting to jail his political opponents speaking to hillary clinton. we don't know what to take serious and what to take not. what i've been taught is there's always an element of seriousness to every joke. >> morgan, would you like to respond to that? >> yeah. so i think it was clearly a joke. and i actually think there's a strategy behind the flattering words that the president has had for kim jong-un recently. most of this presidency, president trump has been tough on kim jong-un. in fact the same media now
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criticizing him for what i think is a joke, said he was on the brink of leading america to the brink of war. what you saw for a full year of his presidency was very tough rhett tick on north korea. now that he's met with him, he's trying to get to a deal. he's playing good cop in this administration and letting secretary pompeo and ambassador bolton, they've had tough words for north korea. until they see a good act on north korea to denuclearize. my assessment is what you're seeing in the administration, the president is playing good cop trying to get a deal done and letting his deputies take on the tougher role. >> morgan, that is very unstable and it is a different style of behavior when it comes to foreign policy. and even the u.n. ambassador nikki haley spoke to the unstable ps and unpredictability when it comes to this man in
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north korea. i think that sets a dangerous precedent for future leaders. this is bigger than mr. trump and future leaders. >> is this not the president path of diplomacy. this is his whole plan. we saw president obama, controversial leaders, castro comes to mind. is this not, morgan, i want you to respond to this. is this not part of a loornlgerr plan? >> i think the people have used the example of president obama meeting with the leaders which is a legitimate comparison. however the difference is in those negotiations, those countries lik cuba, theyere criticized at the time because sanctions were relieved and penalties were taken off of the table before you saw the other side come to any sort of a deal. the difference is in north korea, sanctions are still in place, the threat of force is there wu ththere but the presids
3:29 am
backing off saying i'm willing to make a deal. >> the biggest difference is the hypocrisy we see from the right of the idea of speaking to or talking to dictators. i'm old enough to remember the right exploding when president obama. >> quickly. >> here's the difference. north korea has the capability. they have some of most sophisticated cyber warfare in the world. this is a different case than what we've seen in the world. the chickens finally came home to roost in north korea. >> it's father's day. we got to move on. thank you. we did have an early morning fight. thanks very much for being here, guys. still ahead, from jeopardy to jail, how a seven-time champion went from game show royalty to prison silence. we're celebrating father's day the best we we know how with
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dad's jokes. we're sharing your best ones. that's coming up. prepare to laugh. i like chillaxin.
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. it is father's day. of course we're wishing every single dad out there a big happy father's day. we want to show you some photos
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of the people that make this show go on, the magic that makes it happen. this is our producer with her family yesterday celebrating father's day for her mom richard. they're also celebrating her mom's birthday. >> here's her dad joe at her ball state university graduation. the day everyone in her family became ball state grads. >>.>> and booker taylor flemingi bug her way too much for favors. she's amazing. her father bill escaping the island when a hurricane hit long island. she's wonderful. happy father's day. >> this is rick's dad bob. today is his first father's day since he retired a few weeks ago at 81 years old. unbelievable, rick. we could all live his life, right? >> few father's day. >> he said all of them since rick. >> since my sister.
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>> and that last photo showed, he just stopped his profession of being a barber. >> been a barber since 1960 in my hometown. >> does he miss doing that every day? >> he was actually kind of bummed to give it up. >> really? >> especially for somebody like that, it's part of being in touch with the community, all of the people, he cuts their hair, he was their friends, get together to talk about life, politics, hiking, all of the important things. >> what do you get your dad? >> that stopped a long time ago. >> it's true, right? >> pretty much like i can't get you ooh tie. i just love you. >> exactly. or maybe give him a bad joke. what is it with dad and bad jokes, right? we've had yo asked you to send n dad jokes. this comes from elaine who says why did the football player go to the bank? to get his quarter back. >> i love that one. >> you're lifn up t living up t.
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this tweet from ed, why are pirates so mean? i don't know, they just argh. >> all right. one more. this tweet from colleen, what did the horse say when he stumbled? help, i've fallen and i can't giddy up. [ buzzer ]. >> he's distracted right now but these are his kind of jokes mple you don't know this because you're watching this on the screen but he's constantly feeding us jokes all morning long and they're quite funny. >> they're funny in some pendulum of funny paul ryan who is also a dad himself, he had an interview recently and he tried to make a couple of dad jokes to see if they could make each other laugh, along with representative patrick mchenry. listen. >> what does an angry pepper do?
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>> tell me, please. >> it gets jalapeno in your face. >> the french fries weren't origallyked in france. no. they're cooked in grease. what do you call a pony with a sore throat? a little hoarse. you fell for that one. >> i could just hear it. dad, stop it. >> the corny factor. >> the awkwardness. >> the silence right after is the best part. what are we supposed to do with it. they're trying to figure it out. >> you have daughters, griff. i know you you have a whole list of dad jokes. you need to be celebrated today. what do you want? >> children, pay attention. these are griff's five rules for father's day. they're simple. here you go. number one, beer.
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this is a preferred beverage. it shall be served cold in abundance and with a smile. two, steaks. it shall be served grilled perfection, also in abundance and without judgment. number three, dog. this is the patriarchs preferred companion. she shall be pampered. >> this is important, children, pay close attention to this all burden of provin burpis shall be permitted. and number five, in case you were not paying attention, see one through four. >> well done. >> griff jenkins, you nailed it. >> how many are you going to get? >> beer, steak, doug, immunity. two or three out of five. i'm not sure about the fourth one. >> you have a great family. >> one day of immunity. >> that's hilarious.
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>> if you have rules on far's day. e-mail them to us, friends at we want to know about them. >> keep sending us you bad dad jokes, please. >> rick, can you come up with a good joke before the show is over? >> i'll work on it. >> one. >> google. >> i do want to bring you some other headlines we're following this morning. japanese prime minister shinzo abe jumping on the kim jong-un bandwagon. abe want his own summit with the north korean dictator days after president trump's meeting in singapore. abe would likely address north korea's kidnapping of japanese citizens. a meeting between the two could happen in pyongyang as ecia ears august. remember the woman who spit on an off-duty police officer? penny hawthorne is her name,
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turning herself in to chicago police and charged with misdemeanor battery assault. authorities say if the officer had been in uniform she would have been hit with a felony. the heinous act happening at a propolice demonstration in chicago last month. >> this seven-time jeopardy winner facing a sentence after pleading guilty to hacking. >> this term for elementary schools sounds like a good place to learn the word. >> what is glam mar school. >> that is stephanie, now admitting into breaking in to student and staff mails. she shared some content with a coworker. she'll be sentenced next month. look at ted cruz taking jimmy kimmel to school. beating the late night host 11-9 in a game of one on one, kimmel
3:41 am
taunting cruz before tipoff. >> did you spend more time this week practicing basketball than trying to get those kids out of the detention center? >> this coming after kimmel poked fun at cruz forupporting the houston rockets. cruz got some pregame advice from former duke standout grayson allen. he won though cruz won. >> did you watch it? it wasn't funny. >> to do that in front of a crowd, if that's not what you do. >> it is. he clearly has played some basketball in his life but he's clearly not a basketball player. >> that's clear. >> that's clear. good for him. good win. >> a win is a win no matter what. coming up, a wild story harvard actually accused of discrimination against asian americans because they wanted more diversity. wouldn't all of this be solved in political correctness was eliminated. we went by merit.
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coming up next. netflix and apple securing multimillion dollars deals with barack obama and oprah. are they alienating a big audience in the process? we're going to tell you. stay tuned.
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. listen to the story, asian americans whamericans who applyd university had some of the highest academic grades on their résumes. but admissions officers were not impressed with their personalities, according to a study of admissions records filed friday by a group that's suing the school over alleged discrimination. quote, students for fair admission says this is putting the students at a disadvantage and giving them some of the
3:46 am
lowest admission rates. wouldn't this all be solved if we went by merit. jason riley, the author of the book "false black power ?" thanks for being here. appreciate it. >> morning. >> so harvard is looking at the admission of asian americans saying, well your test scores are great but some of the other attributes we don't like so much and that's what they're taking into account. >> right. and harvard has been denying that they've done this for decades, even though it's pretty clear that they do. as the asian population of america has grown in recent decades, at schools that use race blind admission admissionse seen asian enrollment go up. at harvard it's stayed the same. they're saying it's a coincidence. they've been caught here and they're nervous about what might
3:47 am
happen in the lawsuit. >> so they gave asian americans lower rating on things like positive personality, likability, courage, kindness and being widely respected. they're looking at the whole world through the lens of race and as a result one race gets discriminated against. >> asians are competing against asian to get into these schools and it's not fair. when you advantage one group you necessarily disadvantage other groups. there are only so many slots to go around. and harvard is trying to racially balance its student population. and to be fair to the school, the supreme court has given them a lot of wiggle room to do this. the supreme court keeps punting on this issue. can you use raced a missions or not or how much can you use it. if supreme court is saying it can be a factor as long as it's not the decisive factor. schools don't have hard barriers
3:48 am
as to where to go here and it leads to situations like this. we need the supreme court to issue a definitive ruling about whether race can be used in this process or not. >> h says this in sprons, the analysis of the data and evidence makes clear that harvard does not discrimination against asian americans, whose rate of admission has grown 28% over the last decade. but the schools can interpret the amount of race they want to factor in. >> yes. but originally affirmative action was supposed to address what whites has historically done to blacks. why asians should be disadvantaged in order to address that is a mystery to me. this is not the way the system should work. these policies are not only discriminatory, they're harmful. and we know that from the evidence. so i think that a race blind admission process is the way to go. and i think that would be the fairest course for everyone. particularly asians.
3:49 am
they should not be punish for excelling academically which is what harvard is doing to them. >> jason, it's father's day. you've got a bit of a message for folks. what is it. >> i try to follow my father's example which is not only to be present in the lives of children but to be involved. there are a lot of heroic single moms out there, we all know that. but the odds are stacked against them statistically cli. if w.if we want to provide bettr outcomes for children, keep them out of poverty and so forth, a father in their lives can go a long way to doing that. that's the example i try to set. stunning news out of yowrp thieuropethis morning where angl could lose power any day now because of her open border policy. we'll explain. big tech companies striking
3:50 am
deals with president obama and oprah but the next guest says they're alienating a big chunk of americans in the process. it took guts to start my business. but as it grew bigger and bigger,
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3:53 am
. we are back with this.
3:54 am
apple announcing a multiyear deal with oprah to create original content for their streaming service. this as the obamas struck a producon deal last month with netflix. but aren't these companies alienating a big chunk of their audience by striking deals with big liberal names? here to discuss, a former deputy press secretary. great to have you withs this morning. >> good morning. >> this sounds great if you're an obama and oprah fan and like their policies. what about everyone else? >> oprah is a big name, an entertainer and a proven money maker. but the obamas, the risk that they run is they're alienating a huge fan base that has proven to draw names as wo we've seen with roseanne, as we've seen with "last man standing." to people want to tune in to see a former e president -- a former president who is not very poplar
3:55 am
popular anymore? i don't know. do they want to see that? roseanne an "last man standing" they've drawn names and abc, they got rid of "last man standing" on friday ns in the 8:00 hour. fox has picked them back up again. they got rid of them at 8:00 in the time slot. fox picked them back up. "last man standing" drew 6.4 million viewers. >> could you see this happening, a netflix deal with a former republican president or do you feel they've made it clear what their politics are. >> they've absolutely made it clear. and maybe we'll see it in the future. i don't know. maybe we'll see anytime the it e future. >> a lot of the folks in the country say their voice is not being heard enough. good to have you on with us this morning. a big show still ahead, mike
3:56 am
huckabee, cory le corey lewandod david bossie, all here coming up.
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. of course the legislation we need to defeat ms-13 once and for all. we have a great country. i want to keep it that way. >> republicans getting ready for a busy week in washington.
4:00 am
>> immigration front and center. the president is going to meet with house republicans. >> family separation, a policy that has gone on in previous administrations >> if you do not want to be separated, do not cross the border illegally. follow the laws, follow the process. >> fbi director wray as well as inspector general michael horowitz testifying tomorrow before senator grassley's judiciary committee. will anyone be prosecuted? some republicans want to know why fbi agent peter strzok still has a job. >> comey has been fired, deputy mccabe fired. why is peter strzok still is there? >> i'm expecting for the inspector general horowitz to do the same kind of tap dance. it's not a swamp, it's a sewer. >> the final round of the u.s. open teeing off in hours. dustin johnson stumbling into a four-way tie but everybody is talking about this. >> phil mickelson took a shot, a ball started rolling.
4:01 am
he. >> whoa. >> he hit it back while it was still going. >> whoa. ♪ .♪ >> welcome in. forgive us for that graphic. you don't have to get your dad a tie on father's day. that's what the graphic showed. >> that is the classic gift, though. >> standard dad gift. >> it's not a bad gift. >> double purple. >> get your dad a purple tie. >> happy father's day to all of the kids out there, including these two gentlemen. griff needs a new set of socks. he's worn the same socks on the show multiple times. >>l i will confess that we havea hole on what is not a fashionable sock. and the hole here matches the hole on this sock. >> at least they're matching. >> oh, we have a dad joke.
4:02 am
so anyway i may need some socks. >> we need some socks for griff. >> and he's sitting by griff who has the best socks. >> they're l. those are dad socks. dads wear socks forever. my dad, the socks in his drawer have been there for decades. why would you replace socks when they're perfectly good. that is dad logic. >> nothing wrong with these socks. >> my dad has had the same comb for 25 years, it has two bristles left and it's still the only thing he uses. he says he wants it buried with him. that's how attached he is to his comb. >> i love it. if that's your husband, i respect that. i love that. >> this is dad wisdom. this is what we're asking for all morning long. e-mail us at friends at fox news. com. >> coming fromken saying his dad
4:03 am
is an air force vet. he writes a few years back he had the chance to lay wreaths at arlington and while he did that the president flew by. what a great memory. >> this from a lieutenant, along with his fellow firefighters hard at work this father's day. see a lot of fathers out there doing their jobs this morning diswh.>> as are you two. >> good job. >> send us your photos and jokes. >> firefighters do their jobs. >> we've got to cover some news. and that is what's going to happen in washington this week. the president heading to capitol hill on tuesday trying to talk with house leadership and gop members about two bills that are under consideration. one from the house leadership in a more conservative one put forth by judiciary chairman bob goodlatte who will be on the program a little later. it's coming at a time when we see so much emotion and such
4:04 am
rhetoric over what to do about immigration. >> and of course the president has said, i want a wall. it was his huge campaign issue. mocrats have said w want amnesty or a path to citizenship or a path to legalization for the daca kids. the president says i want the visa lottery system gone, chain migration addressed. all of that should be ingredients on a deal. capitol hill has a chance to do that. if you don't like the policies on the border right now, change the law. and the president has said that i'll sign that. that's the debate ongoing and tuesday at 5:30 p.m. on capitol hill, the president will meet the house republicans as they determine the route they want to see. kelly and conway was on this network yesterday answering questions about this policy. this is what he said about the president's vision on immigration. listen. >> the president, as he's wanting to do, is trying to bring everybody together to come up with a common sense plan. he could not be more clear about what his vision on immigration is.
4:05 am
he wants to have a sovereign nation with physical borders. he wants to build the wall obviously but he also wants catch and release to end, he wants a merit based immigration system. democrats refuse to provide the funding necessary so that you can expand the detention centers. immigtion issue, incding at the border, has gone on for a very long time and two presidents before him tried to deal with it. already. the big reason why this is the forefront is because of what we're seeining happening at the border. and what the president campaign on early on in the campaign days, they're going to crack down at the border on immigration. you've seen in the headlines kids separated from their parents. and a number of the kids, the majority come over knowing they're coming over by themselves going directly to these facilities. there are currently 10,700-plus my grant in hh custody. in 2013 under the obama years,
4:06 am
they had as many as 25,000 kirn i,000children in custody. i was reading a "the new york times" article today about the obama team got together, they were struggling with this for a while and they talked about a zero tolerance policy and game to the conclusion it would be ba politically. and what you have now is president trump saying i'm going to put that aside. i'm doing what i feel is the right policy. he wants to make it right for the kids but we've got the get the bill. >> he disagrees. he doesn't like these images. the president is tackling a difficult issue that hasn't just been ignored and not handled under the obama administration, it goes back to 199. 1997, billclinton dealt with thn under george w. bush, they chose not to deal with it, it was too politically perilous.
4:07 am
and the obama administration wanted to sit on it. now the president saying i'm willing to take the heat and i'm going to face this. >> what are the images that we don't like. >> we're talking about a temporary separation. your parents broke the law. they came here illegally. we're a nation of laws. temporarily we're going to put children in a shelter as the legal process is ongoing because their parent is a lawbreaker. we're going to take really good care of them, three squares, snacks, video games, soccer fields, plenty of safety and then as the legal process is resolved, we reunite people. yet you have the left saying these are concentration camps. it's nonsense. let's have a conversation about the policy. but i love the fact that this president is willing to say i'll set aside all of the noise and at least do what i think is right based on disincentivizing people from breaking the lews of our country. but to impugn the motives of
4:08 am
trump saying he's opening up concentration camps drive people nuts. look at the facts. obama hadore kids at certain levels in these facilities than trump has that doesn't make obama a guy who opens concentration camps. it means policies are hard things. >> the majority of the kids coming ohe border, they're coming by themselves and any know they're going to end up in these facilities. 30% of them when they come over with their parents, these younger kids, that is when as of now they're separated. it's hard for people to see. anyone who is a family -- look, it is an emotional issue where r you're on the side of donald trump's policies or the other side. it doesn't mean that we can't figure out a way to fix this. >> that is the key. they know. this is about rule of law. the president is choosing -- the administration believes the president is showing leadership in this case. while we're america, the hope
4:09 am
and beacon for the globe, the president says it's also about rule of law. and you look at what's happening in other countries. if you look at germany, angela merkel may be out of office soon soon. she has a problem there with migrants. you see what happens when you don't deal with this issue. this is contrast that we can look at and see. we have president trump trying to deal with what is an influ on his border. it happened under the past four previous administrations and now what's happening in germany, the result of what you do when you ignore it. >> angela merkel is the queen of open borders. the center piece of eu. the prime minister of germany. and the reality is she's facing a contest within her own party. she's in her fourth term there but it's a coalition government. if you don't have the support of your party, you don't remain in power. there's a big contest against her and she may lose her
4:10 am
position. eafn a loand a lot hick hinges e fact they've let 1.6 million migrants and refugee refugees io germany which has changed the complex of the country. a lot of the germans say wait, you're opening up the border and the people coming here, we don't know if they're assimilating, we've got big questions here. ultimately voters get a choice. >> it's interesting when you see the photo from the g7 summit as angela america sl starin is stan at president trump. she's been critical of president trump's policies and america first. here she is, as you're saying, there's a lot of infighting going on and who knows what her future looks like. germany is facing a lot of challenges when it comes to the board earn anborder and how thee forward. >> voters get a vote. >> voters get -- i guess vote is part of voters >> voters get a vote is the most
4:11 am
redundant thing i've ever said. but they do. >> it's going to be a interesting week >> a lot of news this morning. i want to bring you other headlines we're following. a candle light vigil set tonight to remember two fallen deputies, teresa king and patrick rohrer shot and k king a 13-year veteran of the county sheriff's department there, the mother of three kids. rohrer had served seven years, the father of two. investigators believe inmate antwuan fielder grabbed one of their guns as they escorted him into a hearing. he was also shot and expected to survive. an historic three-day cease fire coming to an abrupt end in afghanistan. an isis fighter blowing himself up. at least 26 people were killed. more than 50 wounded. about 100 miles south of kabul.
4:12 am
this marked the end of ramadan. james comey feuling rumors of a run for president in 2020. tweeting this picture of himself stand in a corner field in high. really? this after sharing a photo with america's tallest gnome. but his tweets go back to last here. comey denies that he'll run for office. boy, those pictures. >> he's either going to run for president and be a crack pot philosopher. >> he did this before when he had another twitter account. it reminds me of the website his king young un's father had that website, looking at things. >> you realize when he's looking off in the distance, someone is taking that photo and he's like, take the photo of me now. i'm stoic. attorney general jeff sessions using the bible to
4:13 am
defend the administration's immigration policy. >> i would cite you to the apostle paul and his clear and wise command in romans 13 to obey the laws of the government. >> but now sessions is facing an onslaught of criticism for those comments but can a person of faith still believe in the law? our panel of religious exports here to weigh? skepticism over north korea's nuclear tensions starting to ease. is the historic summit already having an impact? we'll ask mike huckabee live. that's coming up on this father's day. ♪
4:14 am
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4:17 am
. welcome back. well a new poll revealing americans are becoming more optimistic about north korea giving up its nuclear weapons. following the president's summit. last week 41% now say it's likely up from 30% in april. >> here to react, former governor of arkansas and fox news contributor mike huckabee. happy father's day. >> thank you very much. please tell your dad happy father's day from an old friend, and i mean old friend. >> i will. you both are great men. both of your daughters, myself and yours are lucky to have you in our lives. i want to get your take on the way the country is feeling about north korea. i feel like there's a disconnect between what you're hearing in the media and how much of america feels and how optimistic they are about moving forward and dealing with north korea. you look at the poll numbers. people seem like we're in a good
4:18 am
place right now hoping for t best. >> well it's certainly moving in that direction. and i think the fact is people saw what happened in north korea. they saw the difference of kim m jong-un's attitude of stopping the tests that had been going on. and the singapore summit was historic in that it brought the two sides together. nortko i not going to have this. nuclear weapons in the future. they're going to give them up one or two ways. they're e very going to volunteerlvoluntarily give themr they're going to have them taken away. i believe they do understand, donald trump is not barack obama, george bush or bill clinton. and he's not going to just say, okay, we made a deal, you didn't keep it. nothing happens. i think something will happen and ki kim jong-un understands t if he wants to continue to be
4:19 am
the leader of north korea, he gives up nuclear weapons. if he doesn't give them up, they'll be taken from him and it will not be pretty. >> governor, any concern that the administration is getting ahead of itself, that they haven't -- you know, take the steps to denuclearize, the rhetoric is saying hey they're going to. any concern there or are the leaders strong enough they'll make sure that we follow through? >> i've sean donal i've said thp has played this differently than anyone else. here's the difference. his is so far working better than all of the conventional and traditional approaches. let's let this play out. and he has proven time and again to be right when everyone, even the people around him thought he was wrong. so one thing we are seeing is that donald trump has decided to throw convention out the window, not just do the things that have always been done, which have
4:20 am
been ine tec ineffective. which that is the definition of insanity. >> have you heard from a particular press secretary of this father's day? >> i'm sure i will, but i'm guessing -- let me put it this way. now that i'm shaming her on national television, i'm pretty sure i will hear from her at some point. >> it's early. we'll give her a mulligan on that one. >> i'm just going to give her a little lit of slack. but if i don't hear from her in the next couple of hours i'll be back on fox and friends and i'll share photos and secrets that will make her wish that she had called me either way. >> we want that either way. thank you. happy father's day. still ahead we've got cory lecoreylewandowski, david bossid david sebastian gorka all here live. >> and median leslie jones wants
4:21 am
to cut political jokes from "saturday night live." so can the show find other things to joke about besides president trump? next. (director) cut! nice, candace, but this time bold.
4:22 am
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4:24 am
time now for your father's day news by the numbers. first, 75 million, that's how many dads are currently living in the united states. about six in ten americans, men over t age of 15 are fathers. next, $15.3 billion, that's how much american consumers are projected to spend on father's day gifts. the average person will spend $133 on dad this year. and finally 47, that's the
4:25 am
percentage of people who plan to treat dad to a special outing as a gift, that includes concerts, sports events or dinner. >> we love our dads. thank you, rick all right earlier on t show we showed you griff's five rules for father's day. he's the nicest guy we know and a nice dad. how about advice from a mean dad. >> he's a good guy but tom shillue is a fox news contributor and the author of the book "mean dads for a better america." a great book and a great guy. thanks for being here. >> thank, pete. >> give us the mean dad's perspective here. >> dads aren't mean enough anymore. >> i agree. >> i was raised by a mean dad. people say, oh, your dad -- your book is about abuse? i'm not no. wlike no.we did what we were suo do. my dad used to reach for the belt. he never had to pull it out.
4:26 am
as long as the kids are scared -- that's why you think, instill fear. as long as you're afraid, my dad never had to punish me. there was no punishment because iz was so scaished i never did anything wrong. >> don't play fair. if you're playing chess or something you don't pretend to lose to make your kids happy? >> no. i'm in the process of beating my daughter at chess right now. we paused the game. do not let them win. the world is not fair. when they say dad, that's not fair. the world is not fair. life is not fair. >> look at your two girls. >> look at that. that looks like a mean dad right there. >> i'm not mean o father's day. >> look at that wonderful swag expwhr loo>> look at that visor. >> that's like an i love dad visor. i saved them. that's all i need. what did you say $130 on dad? i get none of that. i don't need it. i get this. >> and you talk about patriotism
4:27 am
too. teach it. >> my dad taught me to be a patriot. he used to drag us around to the revolutionary war sites, the battle of bunker hill, the freedom trail. my dad is raising me to be a proud american or maybe he was trying to fill the afternoon with activities. does it really matter? >> before we run out of time, you are a great comedian, that is leslie jones talking about cutting jokes from "snl." what jury thoughts ? -l. >your thoughts ?-l. >> she's smart. at this point it's politics all of the time. it used to be comedy was an escape from politic politics. i would watch my cable news and get the news and then i would go to the comedy shows open laugh. leave the news to us. we can handle it. bring back "seinfeld" the show about nothing. it's the only thing we have in common. >> the jokes are just all the
4:28 am
same too when it comes to donald trump. it's boring to watch. >> you know, observational humor. let's make jokes about life. it bring us together. >> here's to mean dads. may there be more mean dads. tom shillue. >> happy father's day. you can't be pro-life and against immigrant children. that's one of the headlines attacking attorney general jeff sessions for using the bible to defend the administration's immigration policy. our panel of religious experts are here to weigh in next. candidates ramping up the rhetoric as they make their pitch to voters. but what message are they sending? >> it will stop anyone in their tracks. >> wow. hey! we didn't have a homeowners claim last year so allstate is giving us money back on our bill.
4:29 am
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4:32 am
. persons who violate the law of the nation are subject to prosecution. i would cite you to the apostle paul in his clear and wise command in romans 13 to obey the laws of the government because god has ordained the government for his purposes. >> attorney general sessions citing scripture to defend the administration's immigration policy and the so-called mainstream media is having none of it. listen. >> more than 2,000 children
4:33 am
separated from their parents. >> the white house is not using policy to justify this or you know they're actually in the bible. >> would that have been the choice, romans 13, to use because that's been used before toocate slavery. >> i thought we had separation of church and state in this country. >> here to react our religion panel, fox news religion contributor father jonathan morris along with our muslim scholar, pastor of new life bishop church and the reverend of chicago's congregation. so you've got this idea that religion can never be something that underpins policy. in this case people, reasonable people can disagree about separation of children at the border. he's citing romans 13. is that something an attorney general should not do? >> i think that we are a
4:34 am
faith-based country, though our government is completely distinct from religion. many of us in this country are guided by religion. and was fascinated to hear the attorney general's quotation. we have the same quotation in the koran tha. otherwise we have anarchy. i can't really criticize him on that. and the religion is not entering the policy. these policies existed in the last ainistration as well. they're just being enforced now of course it's inhuman to separate families and we can correct that by changing a policy. but let's not forget the united states offers many myriad legal means of seeking asylum. you make a legal port of entry to this country and you can seek asylum. >> bishop benjamin, your take. >> well you know, i'm totally in agreement with attorney general jeff sessions and again happy father's day to everyone out there. this is totally what we should
4:35 am
be doing. the bible clearly says that the higher powers we're to be subject unto, which is government, but ultimately god. and so in doing so we must, we must have order, if not we'll have ti tear tyranny. i'm in agreement with president trump in building the wall to secure the borders. and we've not being dishuman to these children being separated by their parents. health and human services, refugee settlement is taking good care of these children while their parents are going through this process. because they did break the law. >> father john, i see you disagreeing. let me put a headline up here. go ahead and respond. >> couple of things. one is absolutely there's nothing wrong with a politician quoting scripture but it's no going to go well when you take one scripture to justify your policy. that same scripture as we saw in
4:36 am
one of the video clips has been used in the past to support slavery. we could say the law of the land is abortion, we need to support that. no. we have a responsibility as a government, as a nation to make just laws. does that mean there should be safe and secure borders, yes, absolutely. but let's not take one scripture saying it's okay to take a baby out of a mother's hands or a father's hands. that cannot be justified. and we can say hey, that's the law. and now maybe the legislator needs to change the law. yes. but president trump could also have an executive order like he's done so many times in the past. he has said that he totally disagrees with this policy right now. let's change it. let's not use scripture to suggest it's okay to take babies out of their parents' hands. >> there's also a "the new york times" headline that caught or
4:37 am
eye that said you can't be pro-life and against immigrant children. of course the implication here is that if you separate them, you're against immigrant children. rabbi, your take on that? >> i absolutely agree with father jonathan. i think it's -- i appreciate quoting scripture and there are jewish echos, the law of the land is the law. you should not oppress a stranger for you were strangers in egypt. you can often find different ones. i think the focus should be on valuance what are our values as americans. it's inhuman treatment. of course we have to have borders there's no question. but how to treat those who comes into our country reflects on us. a society is measured by how it treats its most vulnerable. >> you can dit disagree about te
4:38 am
policies on the border but there's some hyperbole about that. listen to this. >> we can't find a solution to this problem without harming children, without putting them into concentration camp ? -l i call this a concentrati camp for kids. that's what it's turning out to. when you give kids 22 hours of lockup time and two hours of air time, what else can it be. >> rabbi. okay. you can say a lot of things about family separation at the border. but to compare it to concentration camps -- in fact one of our former cia directors posted a picture of a concentration camp that exterminated 1.1 million jews. how do we have a rational discussion when these comparisons are going on? >> well i think it's overblown and i think -- i haven't visited the centers, but. >> they're not gassing kids, right? >> right. i think it's exaggeration and i think it reflects the polarization of the politics.
4:39 am
it's 100% against or 100% for and the other side are total enemies. that's a reflection of how our politics has evolved rather than the reality. i think it's a horrible comparison. i think we need to be human and empathetic but to call them concentration camps is out of bounds. >> i hea heard your passion the. you don't want to wrong historical comparisons. you can use scripture to justify the wrong things about the wrong times. but to talk about concentration camps how do you move beyond that when that's the way one side views it? >> that's just irresponsible behavior to be talking about concentration camps as a comparison. but what i do hear a lot, which i think we have to fight against, people are saying on social media, telling me this constantly on facebook or twitter saying no, the people doing wrong are the ones breaking the laws and coming over illegally. and i would say yes. that's true.
4:40 am
but when somebody does something wrong, like breaking the law, it does not give the government free reign to do whatever they want with them. and that's where i think we have to be better than what we're doing right now. we have over 20% increase in children being separated right now from their parents. something has to change with that. >> leon, but the policy is of course temporary. the separation is temporary. the shelters are different from cans tryings camps. >> it's not temporary for those kids. >> leon, go ahead. >> look, this is definitely a hi hyperbole of what is actually going on with our government. our president has already stated that he has no desire in separating children from their families. but we must have rule of order. we mist have process. they're being taken care of very, very, very well while their parents, who broke the law, are being properly processed. this is something where we have
4:41 am
highyperbole. have exaggerated. congress has stalemated on this. they have a chance coming up to make the policy right and the president is ready to sign anything that supports border security, bringing families back together, getting rid of this chain migration, these long overrun outdo visas and something that's going to keep america safe and prostec protecm criminals like ms-13 and all of this drug smuggling. this stuff has to stop. and congress plays a great part in this. we cannot keep blaming or government when we have those in government that want to keep per pech rate the problem. >> your response. >> pete, two things. we have numerous avenues of legal political asylum in the united states. go to a legal i por port of ent, families are not separated. this was not mean that
4:42 am
immigrating to the united states separates children from their parents. comparing to what is happening at the border to awe. >> an important discussion. i really appreciate all of you this morning god bless you, happy father's day. well, still ahead, canada is ramping up the rhetoric as they make their pitches ahead of the midterms. >> congressman hill opened his campaign by attacking me, knowing full well that i've said from day one that i won't vote for nancy pelosi. we're better than that. >> but what message are they spending to the voters ? -l we're going to break it down coming up next. plus we've got corey lewandowski, david bossie bhaib on at the same time. stick around to mind out. they're both here live coming
4:43 am
4:44 am
4:45 am
4:46 am
happy father's day to all of the wonderful dads out there. we're back with quick headlines. paul manafort waking up behind bars but with celebrity accommodations. jail records show that manafort was booked as vip after a judge revoked his bail for witness tampering. hey's waiting for trial at virginia's jail for alleged financial crimes. he had pleaded not guilty and a botched robbery ends with gunshot wounds for three would be robbers. a couple outside of an atlanta grocery store. the targeted couple was not hurt. a new element will bear the name of an ill great deal immigrant. he beat out other contenders including former president
4:47 am
barack obama. a march in the midterms is on as candidates continue to make their pitch to voters. both sides ramping up rhetoric on gun control, immigration and the establishment. what message are they sending to the voters. highwayehere with insight, the d only scott rasmussen. we've got a few i want to get to. this one involving a little bit of pepper spray. take a look. >> it will stop anyone in their tracks. >> wow. >> for less than $1 per person in the u.s. we can have a secured cister of pepper spray in every classroom in america. >> scott, i'm not sure that looks very comfortable. what is your reaction? >> every campaign commercial has to be talked about in context.
4:48 am
he's an outer ca candidate. he talks about impeaching the president and ingle payer health care. in this case he's saying common sense gun control is not enough so he wants to do something to up the debate. it's a little bit crazy. and i certainly wouldn't recommend doing it at home but i think what he's trying to do, these are all primaries. iprobably not going to work. >> this is an arkansas house democrat candidate, clark tucker taking on nancy pelosi. watch. >> congressman hill opened his campaign by attacking me, knowing full well i've said from day one that i won't vote for nancy pelosi. we're better than that. >> your reaction ? -l going to work? >> it's trump district, no more politician detested like nancy pelosi. so will it work, no. but what it does is it gives him a ticket to admission.
4:49 am
at least maybe someone will listen to him because he says he's against nancy pelosi. but he's got a d next to his name. >> that might be smart? >> it's a very smart move but a very likely republican district. >> this is the race for governor in georgia. boy is that a fascinating race to watch. that is brian kemp talking about immigration. >> i'm so conservative, i blow up government spending. i own guns that no one is taking away. i got a big truck, just in case i need to round up criminal illegals and take them home myself. yep. i just said that. >> is that going to work ? -l i think the message is quite clear there. >> you have to understand, this is a message about trust. he's running against lieutenant governor who came in first in the first round primary. he was trailing by 134 points. but the lieutenant governor was caught on tape saying, you know,
4:50 am
i only supported this one bill to prevent my opponents from getting a gain. there's a lack of trust by conservatives about a lot of politicians. and what kemp is saying here is when it comes right down to it you got to trust somebody who is a real conservative like the rest of us. kemp is an underdog but he is underrated. whoever wins this is like lig to be the next governor of georgia. >> it's fascinating to watch. campaign ads gets better and better like wine. thanks for joining us. coming up, cory le cory lewi and david bossie is here life. we're ready to roll on the plaza. a seven-time champion log roller is here to show us how to do it next. look at that. (indistinguishable muttering)
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
. it is father's day. ather's the day to all of the wonderful dads out there. i want to give a special shout out to my dad on this father's day morning. he's actually in moscow right now and watching us live from what my mom said. i love you. i hope your day is wonderful. i hit the jackpot. >> happy father's day. what dad doesn't like a good log rolling competition. our next guests are actually trying to take the sport mainstream. here with us now, seven-time world log rolling champion judy hostler. seven-time world champion. no one has ever beat you. e! oh yeah. >> i broke my shoulder six weeks ago so i'm not going to be doing this. but fortunately you and he is. >> you don't roll on your
4:55 am
shoulders, your roll on your feet. >> so talk to us. what is -- talk to us about log rolling. give us the pitch. >> log rolling is an historic american sport started 125 years ago when men moved logs down the rivers for the sawmills. they had to balance themselves on the logs. it was follow-up. they decided to turn it into a sport. >> who is this ? -l who are we watching . >> this is my wonderful husband, a shout out to the dad of my kids. we wanted to create a portable log to make this an olympic short. the wood logs were inaccessible, they weighed 500 pounds. ten years ago we hired student engineers. >> well done, sir. >> my husband, he didn't learn to roll as a child and he said we have to have not only portability, we have to have lernl about. >> can anybody do this? >> he created training wheels.
4:56 am
there are three of them. >> this is probably not what you with each other?t do you compete >> yeah, we do. >> go. >> seriously? >> here we have -- what's your name ? -l. >> james. >> we have a competition. this is father's day. this is ma tr is competition. >> you've got to give a hand. >> are you ready? >> look at this. this is fantastic. this is quite amazing. >> pete they're looking at each other's feet. >> this is strategy. >> look at the balance, though. >> i can't want anybody injured. i'm all about safety. you guys know that. >> you're talking about the seven-time world champion. >> judy! >> congratulations. >> that's true love right there diswhr how did you win ? -l what was the key there? >> it's experience actually. >> where can folks learn more.
4:57 am
>> lgbt vision?.>> more when we. everything for his well-being. ... ancedna is only $69 for fath. and with twice the detail of other tests... can show dad where he's from ...and strengthen the bonds you share. give dad ancestrydna for just $69- our lowest father's day price ever. for just $69-
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5:00 am
see me. clear skin can last. don't hold back... ...ask your dermatologist if cosentyx can help you find clear skin that lasts. president trump: support the legislation we need to defeat ms -13 once and moral. we have a great country. i want to keep it that way. >> republicans getting ready for a busy week in washington. immigration is front and center. the president is going to meet with house republicans. pete: we've got family separation a policy that has gone on previous administration. >> if you do not want to be separated do not cross the border illegally follow our laws follow the process. >> fbi director wray, as well as inspector general michael horowitz testifying tomorrow before the judiciary committee. will anyone actually be prosecuted? >> comey's been fired deputy director mccabe fired why is peter strzok still there? griff: governor quick have you
5:01 am
heard from a particular press secretary on this father's day? >> i'm sure i will. >> [laughter] abby: and it's the final round of the u.s. open teeing off in just hours and round three, dust in johnson stumbling into a four-way tie but everybody is talking about this. >> phil mickelson took a shot. >> he hit it back while it was still go l. >> wow. >> ♪ ♪ abby: sing it pete. pete: [singing hard working man] abby: this is real country music right now. that's a real piece of meat out there on that grill. pete: one of our favorites at de
5:02 am
l monico's serving up steaks and as griff: mentioned if you missed the show earlier on, takes father's day extremely seriously he doesn't just enjoy it, he has rules for it. griff: actually she texted me good morning happy father's day and i say stay tuned honey make sure the children are watching but one of them was steak and you just saw that it's on the grill. pete: the other one includes the good american beer. we'll see. we'll bring it up. abby: we're going to bring it up again because your wife and kids need to hear it and they need to know and deliver on at least one of them but we've been asking to send us in your photos happy father's day to all of the amazing dads including both of you and you guys have been sending your photos this comes in from katie pictured on top with her dad. where is this? pete: duquesne. abby: duquesne university on the bottom and the exact same spot 10 years later look at that.
5:03 am
griff: check out dana and his son jeff enjoying father's day fishing in colorado boy that's fun. pete: very cool. abby: bonding time. griff: it's a great time. pete: three generations celebrating father's day this is from james jackson iii celebrat ing with his dad and his grandfather very cool. abby: keep sending them our way we of course are celebrating dad s today but there is a lot to talk about and the focus is immigration because you're going to see early this week, potentially a bill come to the floor on the house. that is what the president is hoping for there are two being debated right now you understand this better the goodlatte bill and the one that paul rye hans been pushing forward. griff: and you have the president meeting with regulatory cans tuesday afternoon to really hash out what is possible and this comes at a time when there is so much emotion, as pete says, over
5:04 am
exaggerated rhetoric but the president we need to look at what the president has been saying from the beginning that this is what he's willing to do, this is a position he wants to take, this is a flashback of the president saying he wants to tackle this. president trump: the children can be taken care of quickly, beautifully and immediately. i hate to see separation of parents and children. they are here illegally. they shouldn't be very worried i do have a big heart. we're going to take care of everybody, but you have some absolutely incredible kids i would say mostly. they were brought here in such a way. it's a very very tough subject. we're going to deal with daca with heart. could we do this properly, daca? you're not so far away from comprehension, immigration reform and if you want to take it that further step i'll take the heat i don't care. my whole life has been heat. i like heat in a certain way. pete: of course he's been willing to take the heat.
5:05 am
he's been willing to take the politically inconvenient stance that previous administrations have not been willing to take in order to address this issue so the president said i want a wall build the wall, we'll address daca, i want to help these kids. i want i think chain migration is stupid i think the visa lottery doesn't make any sense let's get rid of those but in the meantime we're going to enforce the laws on the books andy doesn't mean i want to separate kids from their parents that happened by the way under previous administrations. we're just going to take a zero tolerance policy because if adults break the law there needs to be consequences and in the meantime we're going to care very well temporarily, keyword, temporarily for kids oftentimes teenagers, who are temporarily separated from their parents we're going to do well by them give them combinations and then we'll reunite them after their parents who broke the law go through the legal process. it's not that hard to think through it. abby: you're making the point that president trump is willing to put the optics aside, willing to put the mega they've
5:06 am
headlines and blame he continues to get being called a nazi and everything else in the book because of the zero tolerance policy but he's been doing this and you look back at the previous administration, just most receny barack obama who dealt with the same challenges actually a higher number of children that were coming over the border and put in these facilities and if you read about it he had a moment where he put a team together and said how do we solve this problem. and there were a few moments where they talked about this zero tolerance policy. pete: they talked about it for a second. abby: but then realized the optics would be bad politics the headlines would look terrible for barack obama so now we're in the situation that we're still dealing with and we've got to figure out a solution because no one wants to see children. pete: you just hit the nail on the head because trump is focused on solutions. form your committees, have your policy talks, talk about your stuff. if you want to fix it you've got a couple options. you can build a wall or you address it and create a disincentive for parents to
5:07 am
break the law. trump said let's fix it. okay i'm going to do this. do you know what i mean. abby: but it only has so much power because he's now dealing with congress and they can't get their act together. griff: don't miss the context though about the past administration this began in 1997 with bill clinton and then went to george w. bush and then under the barbara bush you had upwards of 25,000 children in these shelters and then there's about 10,000 now, but if you listen to a border democrat like henry quair, this is what he said about the truth of what was going on under the obama administration when they didn't choose to tackle thi >> large numbers of people coming in the obama administration was trying to keep this quiet and release some photos that had gone about those young kids who were kept there and we are still seeing a number i think keep in mind when they talk about putting some of the young kids in those centers, not all of them are being separated. some of them are coming alone. it's not a matter that every
5:08 am
single child that we have in those centers are being separated because some of them are coming alone. abby: so we need to find a solution the president is saying that was well but the rhetoric has also gotten out of hand. i've heard a host the other day comparing the trump adminitration to ms-13 gang members they talked about comparing it to concentration camps, calling people nazis we don't want to get this. pete: oh, we're there. abby: that distracts from the actual conversation that does need to be had about how we do fix our immigration system and how we handle thins at the border and how we make sure that we give people that want to come here the right way give them that opportunity and give them that pathway. griff: and the optics we knew there would be difficult optics the president talked about not even liking to see this but the comparison former cia director general michael hayden tweeting a picture of a concentration camp over a million jews who broke no laws but were prosecuted to the greatest extent the planet has ever seen
5:09 am
saying other governments have separated mothers and children. that is absolutely categorically an inappropriate comparison. pete: that is a concentration camp where 1.1 million jews were gassed to death. our government has a policy where they're going to temporarily separate lawbreakers from their kids who knew what they were doing when they crossed the border and you make that comparison. michael heyden, you know better. either he's not as smart as we thought he was or he's a total partisan. one or the other. you're not making a fair genuine argument. you're throwing toxin into the water and then hoping the debate gets better. i just i absolutely don't understand. this is an opinion show. i give my opinions every day. when is the last time you compare barack obama to a nazi or the democrats to running concentration camps. the hyperbole is out of control in order to have a discussion about this president because they hate him so much. griff: stay tuned because we
5:10 am
have chairman bob goodlatte coming up later and he will weigh into this difficult immigration. abby: send us your thoughts, to some other headlines that we have this morning, a candlelight vigil set for tonight to remember two fallen deputies theresa king and see them right there shot and killedside a kansas city ce. king a 13-year veteran of the department was a mother of three kids, roar served seven years and was a father of two investigators believe antwon fielder seen there grabbed one of their guns as they escorted him into a robbery hearing he is shot and is expected to survive. and one person is now in serious condition this morning after a taxi plows through a crowd during the world cup. the driver suddenly accelerating on to a sidewalk while at a traffic light in moscow. bystanders are ripping the door open and then chasing them across the street. russian media claims he's from central asia and accidentally hit the gas. two mexicans, one ukrainian and two russians were sent to the hospital. no word yet on if the driver
5:11 am
will face any charges. and the final round of the u.s. open teeing off in just hours and it is anyone's game. dustin johnson stumbling into a four-way tie for first place. live coverage today on fox of course beginning at 10 a.m. eastern. next hour, we will be joined by a boston firefighter competing as an amateur and we'll also hear from his dad who get this is his caddy on father's day how cute is that? griff: that's great. pete: very cool. dads don't like to be called cute though abbey. abby: cute? pete: cute. abby: yeah t do. pete: [laughter] maybe they do let us know. if you're a dad do you want to be called cute on father father's day? abby: what do they want to be called? pete: maybe strong, tough. griff: it's not one of my rules but kathleen, please pay attention. these are my five rules of father's day. abby: [applause] griff: number one, the patriarch s prefer beverages with
5:12 am
a smile. number two, steak. grilled to perfection, also in abundance and without judgment and number three, the dog. this is a patriarch's preferred companion and he shall be pampered and -- pete: what about number one? griff: this one, number four, immunity, also from burping and general instances from fathers shall be permitted without reservation and number five, in case you were not paying attention see number one through four. they're simple. pete: griff i love people who take things seriously because they love it and you've nailed father's day. griff: rules. pete: he gets it. he's just like let me boil it down for you. griff: one of the rules being grilled out on the patio. abby: look at your cute girls in those photos. griff: i know i've got to tell you. pete: what is their names again? griff: madeline and mckenzie.
5:13 am
16 and 12 and the message of father's day really comes from the fathers no greater honor and greater experience than being a father. pete: absolutely super cool. abby: he's spoiled today. pete: see he's got his rules and also tearing up. he's a sensitive guy. abby: love that. pete: do you know what it is? it's cute. abby: you're very cute and a fabulous father. there's no greater joy in life than being a parent that's something i can agree with as well. griff: well and it is the challenges, the traveling, you know with this network i've been in almost every war zone, i've been in every sort of instance and that's what i do this is what i love to do and the opportunity fox has given me but it's coming home to those girls. pete: we love you griff. griff: that's what counts. abby: that's why you are the person you are because you put your family first. more to come on this show. pete: you never know what to expect. >> ♪ ♪ it's just a burst pipe, i could fix it.
5:14 am
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>> no evidence that the conclusions by department prosecutors were affected by bias or improper consideration. >> it's deeply disturbing that the republicans remain at undermining our intelligence and law enforcement agencies. abby: well democrats focusing on the inspector general's claim that bias had no impact on the fbi's hillary clinton probe but our next guest says not so fast. fox news contributor and town hall editor katie pavlich joins us right now, good morning katie thanks for waking up so early for us. >> okay. abby: so the signing from michael horowitz in this ig report says there was not political bias when it came to james comey's decision-making but you look at the big picture the early days of this russian
5:18 am
investigation just as one example where peter strzok was running that investigation. we have all read the tweets and know how he felt about then donald trump at the time. what are the big questions you think republicans need to be asng in this hearing early next week? >> yeah, so tomorrow the senate judiciary committee will hold a hearing with the inspector general for the department of justice michael horowitz and they will be asking a lot of questions about this question of bias. if you look through this 500 page report as we have done there are multiple examples of bias and sure, the inspector general as these democrats just pointed out did say that there was no "evidence" to prove that this bias impacted decision-making when it came to the clinton investigation but if you read through and look at some more of the details when it comes to specific agents like peter strzok for example,, they also say that they did not trust his judgment in handling the anthony weiner laptop situation because of all the bias text messages he had sent and one big question here too is let's not
5:19 am
forget this is not about the hillary clinton investigation or the russia investigation we're still waiting on a report from that but when it comes to a question about how this process went forward and vest it gators asking questions of clint campaign staffers, clinton in her inner circle the real thing that this comes down to is was there enough evidence found by the inspector general that proved that hillary clinton should have been prosecuted her mishandling classified information and i would say that the answer tomorrow is going to be yes. abby: and also should there be consequences within the fbi? we heard from christopher wray after this report came out and said they are putting forward bias training within the fbi. by the way, peter strzok is still employed. he's still being paid by taxpayer money to work in the hr department, the irony, katie? >> yeah, is peter strzok going to be writing the bias response? will they have peter strzok on the bias response team to the bias response team kind of thing as they do at college campuses across the country but look when it gets down to it this is a
5:20 am
very serious problem with it's the fbi being undisciplined and speaking to the press andhey produced a major chart showing the leaks proving the fbi agents were getting favors like golf and meals and drinks out. i mean that's a big problem but the other iue too abbey is we learned in this report that fbi director james comey was using a private gmail account to conduct official fbi business so the follow-up question to that is did he mishandle classified information on his private e-mail account and i think that come there will be a lot of questions about whether that was the case, and then james comey is going to be called in front just like peter strzok will in front of these committees in front of congress to answer those questions on their own. abby: we will be watching it very closely katie pavlich always good to see you. have a good sunday. coming up next corey lewandowski and david bossie they are both here live on the president's immigration plan everyone is talking about what happens next. you're going to want to stick around for this. you might take something for your heart...
5:21 am
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5:24 am
pete: welcome back couple of quick headlines president trump making his pick to lead a major government watchdog agency. he plans to nominate kathy crani nger to run the consumer financial protection bureau currently an associate director at the office of management and budget omb. democrats are expected to fight her confirmation, following strict conservative reforms at the bureau, and hundreds of washington post employees slam ming liberal billionaire owner jeff bezos for not sharing the wealth. the post guild claiming in a petition they're not being paid enough despite increased digital subscriptions and online traffic , bezos of course is also
5:25 am
the founder and ceo of amazon. we will follow that, not spreading the wealth over there. well immigration showdown this week president trump heading to the hill tuesday to meet with house republicans as two gop bills head to the floor. abby: here with a preview former campaign managers corey lewandowski and david bossie wrote the book on trump being trump they join us to weigh in happy father's day to both of you we want to get to that in a moment but first let's talk about immigration because it is going to be a big week and the president campaigned on being the negotiator in chief. corey do you think the president can get a deal done? >> well look of course the presidents going to get a deal done but he's not going to compromise what he talked about on the campaign and there is some hallmarks of his administration that he has said he's willing to not negotiate on number one, you have to end sanctuary cities. number two you have to end this chain migration problem, number three and probably most importantly you have to build a wall so that we continue to have a country which is protected from illegals crossing the
5:26 am
border. those things cannot be waiverred on and the president has been very clear. he's willing to look at the individuals who were in this country who came here either through no fault of their own or illegally but we have to do something to prevent additional individuals from coming here, and killing american citizens. pete: david you've got a couple of competing bills one seen as more strong, the other a little bit more moderate. what are the bright red lines, i mean corey alluded to it but it comes down to dealmaking here what's going to come out of lease? >> well this president wants to get this problem solved. the democrats however have offer ed no concrete steps to make this thing work and to get this bill passed so he is putting his hand out across the aisle and of course the democrat s who hate him more than anything will not work with him and that's the problem here, guys. we have a president who wants to solve this problem and democrats who want to poll lit size it and this president cannot go against what he ran against whether it's fixing the broken lottery system
5:27 am
or chain migration or funding the wall without it trickery the democrats want. abby: but david it's not just the democrats but also republicans you don't have enough votes it seems for either bill the republicans aren't in control of the house. obviously they need some moderate votes and democratic votes in order to get thinged passed but you can blame republicans as well for not coming together on something as big as immigration. >> well there's no question about it i also wonder why we're doing this right now. there's always been for the last 10 or 15 years the immigration problem, but doing it as we're leaving for the summer is very questionable to me and i wonder what the leadership is doing. griff: so corey you full well know when the president walks into the meeting tuesday those gop members will say we cannot sustain this those images are too much this is why four past presidents ignored it . can the president win this gamble and do you expect him to hold his ground? >> well he can win but the
5:28 am
issue is he needs a house leadership to support him and what we know is they have not taken up this issue in a meaningful way until now, and look, the images are very powerful and you've heard the president say he has a big heart and he does, but he also has to have a zero tolerance policy of allowing people to come to the country illegally. with er a nation of laws and as soon as you step across that border illegally you're doing a disservice to the individuals who come to this country legally and what this president has said is theres a way to come here we'll make it available to you but crossing the border illegally is not that way. abby: you remember the president gave congress back in march he said march is the deadline we're now almost in july. so unbelievable they just can't get their act together. quickly before you guys go, your dad advice a big happy father's day to both of you but david you first what's your advice today? >> oh, boy first of all, i thank my wife every day because i'm able to be a good dad to my
5:29 am
four kids i have three girls and a boy, and it is only with a strong partner that i find it's thenly way to move forward but spending time whether it's through sports or their music, its been a great ride. i have four kids, 7-17. my oldest is in austria on a high school exchange program. my sons at golf camp so it's a wonderful thing to see these four kids grow up. pete: very cool, corey? >> look, my advice to my children is never quit, never give up, never listen if somebody tells you that you can't do it. i'm so proud of you guys, i love you. griff: very sweet. well i'm proud of both of you because you didn't cry like i did. pete: corey almost did. >> [laughter] >> griff me and you. pete: corey and griff right there in the heart. abby: so sweet and genuine you guys are great fathers. >> thank you, you too. abby: i think a true man cries,
5:30 am
pete. pete: i'm cool with that. i just -- abby: we're going to make pete cry by the end of the show. [laughter] pete: not going to happen. all right, well you can keep trying though. abby: i will. we've got some time. pete: from jeopardy to jail. how a seven-time champion went from game show royalty to a prison sentence. abby: and dr. gorka and congressman bob goodlatte that is next hour you don't want to miss it. griff: it's one of my father's day rules coming up with bacon wrapped sword fish surf & turf, yummy that's coming up next. (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything so we know how to cover almost anything. even a "cactus calamity". (man 1) i read that the saguaro can live to be two hundred years old. (woman) how old do you think that one is? (man 1) my guess would be, about... (man 2) i'd say about two hundred.
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5:34 am
pete: you're wishing your dads a happy father's day ts morning of course we recognize her that is our line producer sarah with her dad steve. abby: that is a great pic. griff: this is producer deanna and her husband steven with their kids. abby: and senior producer stephanie her dad will and sister mk in beautiful florida. and of course a happy father's day to our own pete hegseth from your family. griff: wow. pete: i mean i have a wonderful ly blended family. abby: wait, wait.
5:35 am
>> oh! abby: they're all here. pete: there they are. holy cow can you guys hear us? >> yes. pete: oh, my goodness that is my use today that i'm going back to i'm so excited about it. this is a surprise. gunner, what are you guys doing right now this morning? >> we played downstairs video games. pete: of course. abby: gunner, what do you love about your dad, pete? is he pretty cool? >> yes. pete: yeah, he's kind of cool. griff: guys what's your favorite thing to do with dad? what's your favorite thing to do with your dad, pete? >> sports. >> basketball. pete: basketball? we played wiffle ball jackson who won that game yesterday? >> me. pete: they did 7-6. were you my base runner though?
5:36 am
>> yes. pete: yes, she was my base runner where is my rexi. can you show me in the back there your muscles? show me your muscles. >> [laughter] pete: lukey, what do you have in your hand? a car in your hand? luke's not paying attention. this is our little gwenny. she's 10 months old yesterday. do you know what she likes to do blow a kiss like this so we have a wonderfully blended family i have three, jen has three, we have one together and they get along amazingly and we're having a fun summer. should we play another wiffle ballgame again today guys look at that. this is my day. they love each other they don't listen generally but they're wonderful kids. abby: i love the bed head. pete: what's that list i can't see it. put it on the camera.
5:37 am
meat menu, burgers, steaks and bacon and sausage? and beer. abby: oh, my gosh, pete. pete: they've been listening to your rules. griff: listen i want to say good job, guys, you did a great job. pete: great job all of you. griff: they do listen, pete. pete: you got closing argument boone. what do you got? >> lukes not tough. pete: that is not a clear statement. luke is very tough. abby: pete. pete: guys i love you all we'll see you soon. >> i'll play some video games. pete: we restrict video games but okay guys you can play it for a little bit. abby: in the making right there. watch out. pete: oh, boy. abby: you guys want to babysit? abby: well you guys are going to enjoy nice grilling outside it's father's day i'm going to take the headlines. griff: okay steak it is.
5:38 am
abby: prime minister justin trudeau calling and offering to the u.s. ambassador to canada after she received a death threat according to bloomberg news a letter along with white powder was mailed to kelly craft at the u.s. embassy and the substance was determined to be safe. the threats coming after a public spat between trudeau and president trump over tariffs at the g7 summit and japanese prime minister abe jumping in on the kim jong-un bandwagon and abe now wants his own summit with the north korean dictator just days after president trump 's meeting in singapore. he would likely address the kidnapping of japanese citizens and how to pay for potential denuclearization. a meeting between the two could happen in pyeongchang as early as august so stay find and prison time for five years. this seven-time jeopardy winner now facing that sentence after pleading guilty to hacking. >> score for 400 please. >> this term for elementary school sounds like a good place to learn the rules of word usage
5:39 am
stephanie? >> what is a grammar school. >> good. >> school for 600 please? abby: that is stephanie admitting to breaking into student and staff e-mails at michigan's adrienne college and then shared some of the content with a co-worker the fired history professor will be sentenced next month. let's go outside the boys have been waiting to eat meat all morning long rick how does it smell out there? rick: oh, my god, it smells good , bill is here from del moni co's what says father's day better than delicious food and today we're serving up a twist. surf & turf. pete: to honor father's day executive chef and father himself new dad, so who do we got? conor. >> what's up, buddy? >> he's 11 months almost a year pete: i remember our segment last year on father's day you were super excited about being a new father. there he is. griff: conor what's your favorite thing that dad cooks. >> sword fish, right? pete: what do you got for us?
5:40 am
>> so we have a bacon wrapped sword fish so we have a sword laid out and real cool thingeady about this, we're going to wrap it and we're going to cook it right in the foil. griff: how many pieces of bacon is in there? >> this is big. pete: can i try this? >> you can definitely try this. another thing that we have here is they're called nike ed raviol i. i had a tradition with my dad we always used to like to look for them all over the bronx and manhattan, super simple recipe. this is easy. >> this is so easy to make, and so we're known for traditions, you know, we started a bunch of tradition. pete: you invented del monico's. >> we even have a steak here, we have another one here. rick: can you talk about this? >> so it's parmesan cheese, rig
5:41 am
otta cheese, mix it with herb s, salt and pepper, some flour goes on the tray and you cover it in flour, wrap it up, stick it in your refrigerator for two days come back, boiling salted water, great to make with your kids. pete: if you come to new york city and you don't go to del mon ico's you've failed. >> and that's why we'll throw this back to you abbey and billy will cut this steak for father's day. abby: well deserved thanks guys coming up on the show the trump economy is winning so much it can't be denied. >> if by 2020 we have gdp growth near 4% we've got a market like this we've got record low unemployment. >> how do you not reelect this guy? abby: so when more people start to have this attitude we're going to discuss that next and a soldier, inspired by this music video to reconnect with this dad and it turns out that singer was his mentor and math instructor at west point.
5:42 am
it's an incredible story about soldiers, service, and of course , father's day. it is one you do not want to miss. stick with us. >> ♪ ♪ nothing says summer like a beach trip, so let's promote our summer travel deal on like this. surfs up. earn a $50 gift card when you stay just twice this summer. or, badda book. badda boom. book now at same thing with any dent or dings on this truck. they all got a story
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5:45 am
abby: we talk a lot about the economy on this show. 3.8 unemployment rate, there's a lot to be excited about. a lot of positive numbers. griff: 4% gdp. pete: i watch, mostly, not mostly but almost exclusively watch the fox business network, what you should watch but accidentally one of our producer s happened to turn the channel to cnbc, much lower rated i'll note, it was an accident and where they don't like to acknowledge oftentimes
5:46 am
the success of this economy, and one of the hosts there i don't know jane wells, but she was making commentary about how you look at this economy and it's almost impossible, regardless of what you think about president trump to deny what's happening. take a listen. >> i'm the sort of person that says you may not like this president, he has broken the mold, but if by 2020 we have gdp growth near 4%, we've got a market like this, we've got record low unemployment we've got more jobs than job applicants and maybe peace in korea? how do you not reelect this guy? abby: you don't leave that a lot because you don't hear a lot of positive it today anywhere in the news. you remember just on friday morning when president trump came out on the north lawn and spoke to reporters for about 30 minutes i didn't hear one question to him about the economy. what do you think the american people care the most about right now? the money they put in their wallets they all work so hard for. griff: when we talked to stuart varney yesterday i asked him listen why aren't the democrats using the old james clinton era
5:47 am
if the economy is stupid and the answer is because democrats want to make it about president trump and be the resistance but they don't want to focus on what the president has done well and varney also said in his assessment under a president hillary clinton, we would not have near 4% gdp rate and so it's going to be fascinating and i think a little bit of what jane wells is pointing to is that traditionally the economy and its success has helped whoever was the incumbent and now, it is a bit of irony that the republicans slogan is going to be it's the economy. abby: i wonder if there was any backlash to jane wells after making that comment. pete: well i don't know common sense pointing out the obvious? abby: criticized for ever pointing out something that is positive under the trump adminitration. it's someone from another network who is being honest because she follows these number s. pete: you can't have a blue wave if you don't have a wave so ultimately the policies are working it's really hard to run against them so they find straw
5:48 am
men and want to give medicare to all, favor ripping kids away at the border and say trump worked with the russians that's their slogan. there's no actual policy there. abby: republicans still have to get their butt in gear too. you know a lot of work needs to be done. griff: you talking about the border and immigration we have a huge show still ahead because chairman bob goodlatte is coming up as well as dr. sebastian gorka, both here live. pete: and a u.s. soldier, inspired to reconnect with his dad after seeing this music video. turns out the singer was his mentor, and math instructor at west point. both here, live to share their incredible story of soldiers, service, and father's day, coming up next. >> ♪ ♪ it was my very first car accident. i called usaa and the first thing they asked was 'are you ok?' they always thank you for your service, which is nice because as a spouse you serve too.
5:49 am
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5:52 am
>> ♪ ♪ pete: a truly inspiring story last year as one soldier, was fighting for our country in afghanistan, he happened to hear that song, "my old man" originally performed by the zac brown band it made him think about his family, his two kids and his wife back home in the states, and his dad who he hadn't seen in a while it inspired him to connect with his
5:53 am
father. he would also reach out to the vocalist, who you see in that recreation who happened to be his mentor and math instructor at west point. here now, major paul lushenko and colonel doug how do i say that? mcinvale. thank you very much appreciate your time this morning both of you. >> absolutely. pete: thank you both for your service. you were most recently in afghanistan serving our country. how did you see this video and why did it affect you so much? >> well, pete you know i've known colonel mac for 15 years i was initially a student in his math course in 2003 and find myself deployed 15 years later in afghanistan and check social media which is atypical call and saw this first struck by the talent that colonel mac had which is about sacrifice, mentor ship and love. pete: uh-huh and you decided hey , it makes me want to re connect with my dad. >> yeah, i first sent a note to
5:54 am
colonel mac to thank him for the song and second sent a note to my father as well and really kind of bridge the gap between two men in my life that had meant so much in terms of values , basic education. absolutely colonel to be apart of a song like that? >> tremendous it would not be possible without the support of the artist zach brown and his team and the west point band saw this opportunity to tell the message about love and leadership which is a lot about what fatherhood is a message in our nation that we need more than ever about love and leadership. pete: but such a personal connection did you expect something like this to resonate with one of your former students , a major deployed in afghanistan? >> it's one of my favorite students and for him to connect with me was from down range and to reconnect again has been fabulous. pete: absolutely. >> and what was really interesting about it pete was not only was there an e-mail but i'd gone back up to west point following the rotation for an event and made a point of
5:55 am
stopping by his office and explained how much it meant to me and also to a lot of other soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines who are deployed and fathers in harms way. pete: talk to us about that being a father on father's day down range overseas, what's that like? >> well, our experiences are no different from a vast majority and you know this having served yourself. american soldiers who deploy and miss holidays, birthdays and anniversaries but i think for me this song resonated at a tough time in the deployment because it spoke to sacrifice and that we were serving towards a brighter future, more secure future for our children. pete: absolutely colonel the message of the song, the message of fatherhood, it's passing into the next generation. >> it is that passing along. there's mentors in my life i think back to my sponsor as a cadet or john campbell in my career and i look at them and as a mentor to be considered one for paul is just humbling and i think about my ultimate mentor my father whose actually out of
5:56 am
the country helping my sister whose a missionary in honduras today so it's great to be here on father's day to celebrate him pete: no doubt our fathers absolutely shape who we are. major sometimes i've got to shake hands at the end of the segment because we've got the right guests at the right time appreciate you both being here this morning absolutely, thank you for service to our great country. well moving on we can't do better than this but we'll try. congressman bob goodlatte's immigration bill set for a vote this week will the president sign it? the chairman, with us here, live , next hour to talk about it , and stunning news out of europe this morning where germany's leader angela merkel could lose power any day now because of her open border policy. we're going to talk about that with sebastian gorka, next hour, don't leave us. >> [my old man] >> ♪ ♪ why did i want a crest 3d white smile?
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6:00 am
support the legislation we need to defeat ms- 1 b 13 once d for all. immigration is front and center. the president is going to meet with house republicans. >> you've got family separation, a policy that's gone on in previous administrations. >> of course the president's going to get a deal done. he's not going to compromise what he talked about in the campaign. >> fbi director wray and inspector general michael horowitz testifying tomorrow before the judiciary committee. will anyone actually be prosecuted? >> comey's been fired. deputy director mccabe fired. why is peter strzok still there? >> have you heard from a particular press secretary o this father's day? >> i'm sure i will. >> she's busy. >> i have a wonderfully blended family. >> wait a minute.
6:01 am
whoa! they're all here. >> there they are. can you hear us? >> yes. >> oh, my goodness. ♪ what a father's day it has been so far on this show. we are three hours in. happy father's day to everyone that is tuning in this morning. i'm t sitting next to two of the greatest dads i know. we've seen pete's family. >> they're all there. i'm running back to be reinforcements. they outnumber us substantially. >> they took a little bit from my -- they've got the steak, the beer ready. >> cheeseburger, sausage and bacon and beer are waiting for
6:02 am
me. >> bacon! >> i'm here to help. you guys have been e-mailing us all morning long. we do this show because of you. we feel like we know you. you approach us, you say you feel like you know us. >> we're all in this thing together. i think what makes us good at what we do and happy with what we do is we get to go home to people we love. you have been sending in your photos. this comes from shawn and his baby celebrating their first father's day together. >> i like it. >> lauren sent this one of her dad, an army t vet. she writes my daddies the most proud and -- my dad is the most proud and loyal father, with five girls. >> a special place in heaven with five girls. this from sharon, honoring his
6:03 am
grandpa, sergeant first class, he writes the agreement to return our family makes me think grandpa is applauding in help. happy father's day to u.s. military coming home from korea. i get chills reading something like that. you think how this matters to families, the guys who gave everything on that peninsula. part of this deal is we're going to get these guys back. it's very, very cool. >> pretty incredible. i asked my husband what he wants for father's day. he said he wants breakfast in bed and wants to watch the world cup and u.s. open and he said no diaper changing which he has to do this morning because he's home alone and he wants time with his girls, which is very sweet. >> that's good. >> he's so cute. >> it's not cute, he's a good dude. >> he's a good guy. >> you check out my rules, the fourth one is immunity. enough about my rules. let's talk about the rules on capitol hill.
6:04 am
as soon as i go back to washington, it's going to take off. >> our country has rules. >> they do. the president is going to meet on tuesday with republicans, particularly in the house, to see if they can make some headway on immigration. there's a leadership option that says that it tackles the four pillars of the president wanting and chairman bob goodlatte has got his own conservative ones so two bills are out there. the president is coming to them to try to find a way to make progress at a time when passions are running very high. >> emotions are so high. the reason this is at the forefront is because we're seeing what's going on at the border. this has been going on for years and years and administrations well before president trump have been trying to deal with this very issue and how you handle these kids that come over the border. there was a moment back when barack obama was handling this, president obama in 2014, and his team, they got together, he hired a group of people to say how do we handle this. they thought at one point about separating kids from their
6:05 am
families. they came to the conclusion this would be bad politically, this would be bad for us, the headlines would be bad. they made that decision. for immigration, something thatg i'm very passionate about. look, he now put forward zero tolerance policies. we've heard the president talk about having a heart and that he wants to get things right and that includes handling these children. >> the children can be taken care of quickly, beautifully and immediately. i hate to see separation of parents and children. >> they are here illegally. i do have a big heart. we're going to take care of everybody. but you have some absolutely incredible kids. i would say mostly. they were brought here in such a way, it's a very, very tough subject. we are going to deal with daca with heart. can we do this properly daca, you're not so far away from comprehensive immigration reform and if you want to take it that
6:06 am
further step, i'll take the heat. i don't care. my whole life has been heat. i like heat in a certain way. >> great last comment. you talked about how president obama thought about it, talked about it, convened a council to discuss it. president trump said i got electeto do it. i'm a businessman who solves problems. either you build a wall which congress hasn't been willing to do or fund, or we're going to take the necessary steps to disincentiveize people to cross the border. if you have an adult that takes a kid across the border, we're going to temporarily -- calm down, everyone, these are not concentration camps, temporari separate kids from their parents, we take great care of these kids, i shouldn't even say this but i'm going to say it anyway, i would put my kid, my oldest kid in one of these for a week and he would be just fine.
6:07 am
totally different situation. i get it. i know they're being treated carefully, kindly, because that's what our government does and what we should do for any kid who is brought here without their own say as a minor. of course we should do that. ultimately we h toorce the laws of your country and if you won't build the wall, have you to do something serious and the president is doing that. >> you also don't want to see this happening -- >> it's happening for decades. >> you don't want to send your kids to these places, you also don't want to be separated from your kids. we need to find a solution. we may disagree on how we move forward. no one wants to see this happening at the border. we don't need to call people nazis and say it's like a concentration camp. we need to focus on the debate on hand. it's one of the biggest challenges the country has faced for a long time. it is heated. it is emotional. there are reasons for that. any parent, especially on father's day, watching this happen, we see the videos and
6:08 am
the pictures, we all feel for it. it is hard to watch. >> it's out of control. you mention father's day. look at speaker paul ryan puts out a father's day video and gets roasted by john legend. here is a tweet from paul ryan. my life changed the day i became a father. liza, charlie and sam are my highest priority. wishing all the dads out there a happy early father's day. so what do we get from john legend? there he is with his daughter liza. >> paul ryan, like so many of you is a father who loves his kids can. he's a republican. he supports certain policies, different from democrats and hollywood elites. john legend, who you may know from singing, tweeted this. he said seriously, f you. reunite the families at the border and we can talk about father's day.
6:09 am
paul ryan may not want to secure the border the way democrats do es he merit that response and how does that advance a solution? >> it doesn't get us anywhere. makes i challenging when you have tweets like that. he may not understand where paul ryan is coming from. he the more moderate bill in the house. he says he wants a pathway for these children. if anything, you have goodlatte and others who are wanting stronger border security. they're not where paul ryan is. paul ryan is working with the democrats on this. he says we need to get the democrats to get this thing passed. he may need to do research. >> i'm not disturbed by the images at the border. i'm disturbed by people being killed by gang members, killing american citizens. holding a child humanely, temporarily and theneuniting them with their parents is about the most humane border policy we have on the planet. it's absolutely ridiculous to draw the comparisons to concentration camps and all the
6:10 am
other things that the so-called mainstream media does. >> there's got to be a better lution. >> of course there's a better solution but congress hasn't found their way. without a wall, have y take temporary measures. we have to find a bet solution. >> you look back, the past administrations have not enforced the no tolerance policy. so they bring in their kids and they know that this is a way for them to come in, to get through the border. >> a child shield. >> when they come in now, i'm assuming many think that's still the case. when they're told we're going to take the children away from you, that's tough. >> the next person coming who knows that's the policy, maybe they're deterred. >> the president knew this would come to a head like this and he says this is intended to bring it to the table like he brought north korea to the table and we're going to talk to chairman bob goodlatte who has one of those two competing bills on tuesday.
6:11 am
stay tuned. we're going to make news on whether the chairman believes bringing this to a head will produce results. >> if we had this conversation as heads, imagine republicans and democrats trying to come together to fix it. that's why it's a contentious issue. >> it's a tough conversation. keep sending us your thoughts on this. we have breaking news to bring you right now, starting with a fox news alert. a woman injuring two people with a box cutter inside of a supermarket in southern france. apparently she was yelling god is great in arabic during that attack but has now been arrested. a similar attack happening back in march, if you remember, at a french grocery store that killed four people. we'll keep a close eye on that one. also, a gunman is dead and at least 20 people injured after an overnight shooting at an art an music festival, the youngest victim a 13-year-old boy who is in critical condition. four others were also critically hurt. one other shooter is now in
6:12 am
custody. the rest of the festival has been canceled. a candlelight vigil set for tonight to remember te cay therg and rohrer shot outside of a kansas city cours kansas c. investigators believe antoine fielder grabbed one of their gun as they escorted him into a robbery hearing. he was shot and is expected to survive. ted cruz taking jimmy kimmel to school on the hardwood. he beat the late night host 11-9. this came after kimmel poked fun at doctor cruz for supporting te houston rockets. as we say on the show, a win is a win. you can be bad at sport but you still win. >> i'm a fan of senator cruz.
6:13 am
his moves aren't smooth but he got it done. he got the "w." you've got to like that. stunning news out of europe. angela markle could lose -- angela merkel could lose power any day because of her open border policy. we'll talk about that next. this boston firefighter celebrating father's day in an incredible way, by i by playingn the final round of the u.s. open with his dad as his caddie. the two join us before teeing off, just ahead. ♪ hey! we didn't have a homeowners claim last year so allstate is giving us money back on our bill. well, that seems fair. we didn't use it. wish we got money back on gym memberships. get money back hilarious. with claim-free rewards. switching to allstate is worth it.
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6:16 am
so let's promote our summer travel deal on like this. surfs up. earn a $50 gift card when you stay just twice this summer. or, badda book. badda boom. book now at stunning news out of europe this morning where germany's leader, angela merkel, could
6:17 am
lose power any day now because of his open border policy. here to react, fox news national security strategist, dr. sebastian gorka. thanks for being here. >> happy father's day, pete. >> pete: happy father's day. you could call her chancellor or the queen of open borders. are there going to be consequences for the policies she's taking? >> absolutely, her coalition partner is trying to reflect the reality in the european union of disastrous immigration policies. a recent poll amongst german voters saw that more than 60% of those polled said they don't want undocumented asylum seekers even let into the country. this idea that you can open the borders for as long as you like and there won't be consequences for you politically or even when it comes to the safety of the nation, well, finally reality is giving pause for thought to the
6:18 am
politicses in germany. >> pete: -- politicians in germany. >> pete: the voices of the voters matter. people who have to deal with the consequences of the visions of the open borders elite are saying wait, you changed the contours of our country. we may not be in for this. >> if you don't have borders or if you don't control -- germany has basically said we'll accept anybody, then the concept of the nation ceases to exist. not only that, you see the attacks happening again and again and again. germany has suffered. there's been another knife attack just within minutes of this broadcast in france. so this is why events like brexit occur. they're the reality check for these elites that simply don't live in the real world and who think that you can do this without consequences. merkel, on her new year's eve statement two years ago said the biggest threat to germany is jihadi terrorism.
6:19 am
in the next sentence she said but we will not stop allowing rerefugees and asylum seekers io the country. those two things, they can't exist at the same time. >> pete: not in reality. they've welcomed almost 1.6 million refugees. another subject we've got to get your take on is of course the left, look at some of these headlines and the way they're characterizing this president, especially following his meeting with kim jong un. the washington post says dictator envy, dru trump's praif kim jong un widens his taste for author tear yum leaders. l.a. times, trump voices admiration of envy of kim. it goes on and on, donald dreams of dictators. because he cuts a deal that makes america safer, he's an autocrat. >> did they say the same thing when kennedy met with kruschef
6:20 am
in the 1960s? these people are suffering from trump derangemenrangement syndr. the singapore summit which i was honored to be there with sean hannity and his team, if that succeeds, that will be the largest diplomatic, the greatest sigh blow mattic success for any -- diplomatic success for any american president since the end of the cold war and they want to considecriticize him for it? they live in an alternate universe. >> pete: they certainly do. the general salutes him and he salutes him back and suddenly he's a dictator. great to have you. happy father's day. two major stories on capitol hill. president trump will huddle with house republicans over immigration on tuesday afternoon and the fbi director and doj i.g. will testify. bob goodlatte will be in the middle of all of it in the heart of both of those activities. first, he's right here with us on "fox & friends," coming up
6:21 am
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6:24 am
>> pete: welcome back. a couple quick headlines for you happening this week. president trump set to host the nation's top space policy council at the white house tomorrow. the public meeting is intended to boost momentum for public, private exploration of the moon and maybe even mars. and royalty heading to the white house on tuesday. president trump and the first lady set to welcome king fill philippe and queen laticia of spain. it will be the couple's last stop on a tour of the u.s. and marks the first royal visit since the president took office.
6:25 am
president trump will also visit my home state of minnesota and the city of duluth on wednesday. the rally such a big draw that organizers were forced to move it to a bigger arena. it will be president trump's first trip to minnesota and a blue state, i will note, since his election. abby, griff, down to you guys. >> abby: president trump headed to the hill tuesday to meet with house republican as two gop bills head to the floor. our nex gst is behind one of those bills. does he expect the president to sign it? >> bob goodlatte is chairman of the house judiciary committee. he joins us to weigh in. good morning, happy father's day. >> thank you very much. happy father's day to all your viewers who meet that criteria as well. it's great to be with you, chris and abby and this is an exciting week coming up. >> abby: a lot going on. we want to ask you first about immigration. as you well know it has come to forefront.
6:26 am
this is one of the toughest issues the country has been trying to deal with for years and years. it's an emotional one. you're seeing photos coming in at the border. you put your bill forward. where do you think this goes? will we see a deal get done, not just in the house, but passing through the senate as well? >> i think there's a great prospect of that, especially in the house. we'll send it over to the senate. when we do, i think they will feel compelled to take this issue up again and pass this bill and send it on to the president who is anxious to sign it. by the way, we have two bills and i'm on both of those bills. we have the bill that i introduced along with mike mccall, the chairman of the homeland security committee and the chairman of the immigration subcommittee and the chairman of the border security committee. we introduced that earlier in the year. we've been working hard to get to 218 votes. we have not thus far succeeded in doing that. so we've been working to get this consensus bill, the second
6:27 am
bill and in that room in addition to myself has been raul labrador, mike mccall, mark walker the chairman of the republican study committee, leaders of the freedom caucus, people who signed the discharge commission, this is a consensus bill and a very conservative bill. some have called it the moderate bill. it's not that at all. it has some conservative provision that's are not even in the first bill, especially a trigger which says that when we do stuff for the daca population, that will not continue if the funding is in any way rescinded by any future congress. we'll advance apro prat advancee funds -- apropriate these funds. he'it's really important we geto
6:28 am
218. if the second bill gets us to 218, i'm all for it. >> mr. chairman, let me ask you, because also on the hill before we run out of time with you i want to get to the inspector general repor we talked about it yesterday. it is a trove of bias, although the findings were that director comey was insubordinate but not evidence that he was affected by the bias in his decisions. you have taken the steps to subpoena peter strzok, that agent in charge of the clinton e-mail investigation, as well as the russia probe, and he's going to be subpoenaed according to you. will you also subpoena what we found and reported on yesterday, an agent, a rank and file agent here in the new york office that was looking into anthony weiner's sex investigation and found those e-mails which for a month were ignored by headquarters. >> yes, we are requesting to speak to that individual as
6:29 am
well. we have not made a determination about whether a subpoena is necessary there. we have made that decision with regard to peter strzok because we've been requesting him for quite some time now and if an agreement is not reached in the next day or so to produce him voluntarily, we will issue that subpoena early this week. >> abby: i do want to get your final thoughts on immigration because that's a big one and one that will be talked about and voted on hopefully this week. you say that yours is very much the conservative bill but critics would say you're not going to get enough votes for that. negotiating is all about compromise. you get some and you give a how much will you, the freedom caucus, be willing to give up in order to get something done? >> well, there's not a lot that's given up in this second bill. , what i call the consensus bill, because it has the funding and as i say advanced funding for not just the wall, but the security measures that go along
6:30 am
with that, the judges, the courts, the personnel, the technology, all that's needed there. but the biggest problem we have are closing loopholes in our aaluasylum laws, all of those ae addressed including president trump and the department o depaf homeland security's top 10 loophole closing enforcement measures. we also as you know in that bill move from a terrible visa lottery system to a merit based immigration system that not just daca recipients but other people who are lawfully present in the u.s. and are young and don't have a pathway forward can use and we're going to go a long way towards ending chain migration for extended family and moving toward a merit system. >> is the freedom caucus on board? the real sticking point we know is daca. this bill is a six year indefinitely renewable
6:31 am
contingent non-immigration status that people don't seem to be on board. is the freedom caucus on board with this. >> i can't speak for the freedom caucus. i suspect they would tell you that some of their members may be yes, some no, a bunch undecided. that's why this week is so important, why the president's visit is so important, so we can get into the weeds on these. i think when people see that this is a good, solid, conservative bill that unites our party and addresses an issue we haven't addressed in a long me, we have a great prospect of passing it. >> abby: we'll be watching closely. good to see you this morning. moments ago president trump tweeted that our economy may be doing better than ever. maria bartiromo is here to break down the numbers, live. >> abby: plus, this boston firefighter is giving his bad a father's day he will never forget by playing in the final round of the u.s. open his old man as his caddie. the two join us before teeing
6:32 am
off this morning. that is just ahead. i'm sharing my five father's day rules, pay attention. i'll take you through them, that's coming up next. there they are. ♪ your brain changes as you get older. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember. but as it grew bigger and bigger,ness. it took a whole lot more. that's why i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy. everything. what's in your wallet?
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6:36 am
♪ it is father's day. the staff of "fox & friends" actually have father as well. >> they're human. >> this guy in particular has a father. we didn't even know it. >> we can debate if he's human or not. >> he is our executive producer, shawn growman, with his dad jay back in the '80s and now today. we love shawn growman. if his father produced him, his father must be a good guy too. >> this one, our writer, amanda westin with her dad, tim. happy father's day. >> this is a flashback. lauren pekaw and her sister with their dad, michael. she is one of the best. >> love it. >> and here's another picture, throwback picture, this is associate producer nicholas, chris nicolet and his dad larry. look at that. that's a throwback. he's not that age as he produces the show, i can attest. >> so we've been talking all morning on the show about
6:37 am
father's day and celebrating the important role of dad and griff, who we all love to death, has made a whole list of rules for himself of how he wants to celebrate this special day. >> rules for father's day according to griff the. >> the father is the leader and must lay down some rules. let me lay down these rules. number one, beer. it shall be served cold in abundance with a smile. number two, steak. this is the preferred food. it shall be served grilled to perfection, also in abundance and without judgment. dog, the preferred companion, he shall be pampered. by the way number two applies to him as well. number one, this is tricky. it's immunity, all profanity, burden of proofing and idiotic -- burping and i idiotic
6:38 am
utterances shall be allowed. and number five refers to numbers one through four on the list. >> come in! look who's here! oh, my goodness. >> we brought the family to the father. >> wow, indeed. >> look at that. >> look at that. you need to give your loved ones a kiss, not just a dog. >> my dog is very happy to see me. >> come in. come in. >> hi, rascal. >> how are you guys doing? >> have you ever been on the curvey couch? >> we want to say happy father's day. >> thank you fo for giving us so much of his time. i know you love him so much. thank you for sharing him with
6:39 am
us. >> i learned you were here about five minutes ago. you learned five seconds ago. when did you learn you were going to sneak up on him? >> last night. we're in the same hotel as you. >> that's fantastic. was it hard not to tell him. >> yes, yes, really hard. >> she text ted med me last nig. >> i was lying. >> what do you girls love about your dad? tell us things we don't know about griff. >>ell, you all see his sense of humor. he's just a good guy. >> of course. >> what do you think of his rules for father's day? >> where are we on there? >> i believe you are part of providing the beer and providing the steak. >> oh, okay. >> number one. >> you know what? god blessed you. griff, i'll open one for you please do. >> what do you have? >> we've got a blue box.
6:40 am
>> pete, these are for you. >> these are for me? >> yes. >> you got gifts. >> you open yours first. >> this is you. >> all right, having rascal here, by the way, thank you very much. >> you got me i love nyc stuff? >> i think griff needs them, not you. >> i think kathleen gets the real prize for putting up with me for 19 years. >> they got him new socks. >> socks, oh, my gosh you were paying attention. >> were you watching the show earlier? did you see his socks? >> you like that. >> i love it. i love it. >> my good notice. >ness.>> thank you guys. >> i got good dad socks which are my favorite. i've been made fun of. both heels are fully together now. >> look at that. you guys are good with the immunity thing, all the burping and stupid things that come out
6:41 am
of my wife. >> now you get the day together, they're in new york city. >> kathleen, thank you. he is fabulous and we're lucky to have him on the show. >> and remember the dog. >> he talks about you guys all throughout the commercial breaks. we're going to let these two -- >> serious love fest. >> bring me that dog. bring me a dog, griff. when you go out with your family in new york city, i'll dog sit. >> i'll bring rascal by. >> happy father's day. >> to you too. >> is this a father's day trip to new york? >> no, it's just our vacation. >> you could have called it that anyway. happy father's day. take a look at the maps as maybe you've been up for a while already. it's hot across the plains and it's humid. it's 83 in kansas city right now. we have a lot of moisture across parts of the central gulf. that moisture is moving in across areas of texas and get ready, we could see some spots
6:42 am
around at least the eastern coast of texas, maybe up to a foot of rain this week so some very heavy showers coming in. heat index throughout the day is going to be another hot day, that moves off towards the east tomorrow. it's going to be nice and toasty to start the coming week. and we get a little bit of a break after that. guys, back to you inside. >> thank you. >> the beer is cold, i can confirm. >> i'm in heaven. i got the dog, i got beer, i got my family, i'm set. >> happy father's day. >> cheers, brother. maria bartiromo after this. brad's been looking forward to this all week, but how will his denture cope with... a steak. luckily for brad, this isn't a worry because he's discovered super poligrip. it holds his denture tight and helps give him 65% more chewing power.
6:43 am
leaving brad to dig in and enjoy the tastiest of t-bones. super poligrip, helping you enjoy the foods you love.
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6:45 am
moments ago, president trump weighing in on the booming economy, tweeting this, quote, our economy is perhaps better than it's ever been, companies doing really well and moving
6:46 am
back to america and job numbers are the best in 44 years. >> maria bartiromo joins us now to react. we've been hearing these numbers for a while now. it's a good place to be, yet you don't hear a lot about it in the media, that's what the american people are focused on right now. >> it's true, abby. you go to any station and they're talking about just crazy sideline things about this president instead of the actual policies that are changing people's lives. he's right, the economy is doing very well. did you see what the federal reserve did last week? they raised interest rates and we are expecting another three rate hikes this year. why? because the economy is doing well. it is time to take away this artificial stimulus that's been in place for so long which is rock bottom interest rates. we're seeing employment, some of the best levels we've seen in decades. so the president is right and it does have to do with the tax cut plan and the rolling back of the regulations. >> let me jump in for a second. i read a headline in the new york times this morning.
6:47 am
that is the tariffs and worries over a trade war is already impacting the global economy. what's going on? >> it's true. there's uncertainty around trade because the president did institute tariffs on aluminum and steel and as a result, you are seeing some of the companies that input aluminum and steel, car companies, home builders, their lives are getting more expensive. so because of that, that could slow things down. there's no doubt about it. the issue about aluminum and steel, even though we have a surplus with canada, the president had to institute across the board tariffs on aluminum and steel. if you have one country that doesn't have a tariff and everybody else has a tariff, everybody's going to use that done country to flow through their products through there. you couldn't do that. so the administration said to canada, we have to do something across the board for all of our friends. we're willing to just put a quota on the amount of product you put into this country, canada wasn't hearing it so they said no, we don't want a quota, we don't want tariffs. the tariffs are instituted.
6:48 am
that is the worry that trade will cut off some economic growth we've seen. most analysts are saying the bigger worry is inflation, things heating up as opposed to slowing down. economic growth is on a good trajectory right now. >> one of my worries is maria going to steal all of our stuff for her show at 10:00. >> we've got a great show coming up. >> you stole it from us. >> we have devin nunes and michael mccall, we're talking about this blockbuster meeting that happened on friday night. goodlatte was in that meeting. i don't know if you got into that about that. it was news knees nunes, goodlad rosenstein. they made agreements about documents and when the deadlines are in place. we'll find out what happened at that meeting and we want to go through the i.g. report. very few people understand the i.g. report better than john ratcliffe. he's also coming up. >> of course it's father's day.
6:49 am
>> exactly. it is. >> i want to thank your father for bringing you into this world because we all love you. >> thank you so much. >> so sweet. >> happy father's day. >> happy father's day, dad. i love you. >> you got the purple memo too. >> it's great. >> they brought my dog in. i've been crying all morning. >> see you in 10 minutes. up next, this boston firefighter is giving his dad a father's day he'll never forget by playing in the final round of the u.s. open with his old man as his caddie. the two join us live before teeing off. hey, guys. ♪ paying too much for insurance you don't even understand? well, esurance makes it simple and affordable. in fact, drivers who switched from geico to esurance saved an average of $412. that's auto and home insurance for the modern world. esurance, an allstate company. click or call.
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6:53 am
we are back with this. matt parzelli is celebrating father's day the best way possible this year by playing in the final round of the u.s. open with his dad, vic, as his caddie. >> he completed a 20-foot birde putt on friday to make the cut in the final round today, probably the biggest putt of his life. >> matt and his dad join us live from the u.s. open in new york. good morning, happy father's day, vic. what is it like for you two guys to be teeing off in moments together? >> i think it's great just being at the open, it's a special place to be and being father's day makes it extra special. >> matt, did you know when you sunk that putt, it was hinging on two more days at the u.s. open and what is it like to have your dad with you carrying your bags, being with you for this amazing experience?
6:54 am
>> when i started the day on friday, the cut was projected a little higher than what it ended up being. i saw on the leader board it was falling. so i could have 2 putted there and made the cut. i was fortunate to have it go in so there was no question. we've been doing this a long time together. this is nothing new. i just love getting to the process and trying to compete and so -- but it is good that it's father's day and i'm happy that he made the cut and was able to play yesterday and have another chance today. >> golf is not the only thing you're good at. matt, you're also a firefighter. vic, you are i'm being told a retired firefighter. tell us what service means to you, what it means to your family and passing that down, now to your own son. >> it's a great profession. you get a lot of time with your family. i never missed many of their hockey games or anything like that. you can spend a lot of time and still have a fulfilling job. >> hold on. but not -- most people who are
6:55 am
firefighters also don't qualify for the u.s. open. so matt, tell me how you were able to both do your job and become the golfer that you are. >> i've been playing golf a lot longer than i've been a firefighter. so i played in college. i turned professional after college. i love competing. but being a firefighter allows me to still compete at a high level and gives me enough time to work on my game and to play events all over the country, really. so that's why it's a great career for me, for the schedule. >> vic, your son goes back today and i guess you still give him advice as your son. now that he's a big shot golfer, does he still take your fatherly advice? >> i don't say too much. if he asks me my opinion or if he asks if i like the certain club, i'll tell him if i don't and usually we agree on what he's going to do. >> matt, any last words to your dad on this father's day?
6:56 am
>> no, at the masters i was trying to keep him upright. he's doing a lot better this week. >> [ laughter ] >> well played, matt. >> we're having fun, so. >> matt and vic, thank you for your service and thank you for sharing your story. >> good luck today. happy father's day. >> thank you. >> thank you. appreciate it, guys. >> more "fox & friends" moments away. ♪ -and we welcome back gary,
6:57 am
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of course we want to highlight our staff and their wonderful dads. here is adam with his father, mitch. >> check out will case with his dad barton. here's a throwback picture of sam konig and her dad ken and her mom and sister. we love the producers that make this show happen. >> thank you for making my
7:00 am
father's day amazing with my family and my dog rascal. >> do you want to say have a good sunday. >> where's my beer? >> have a good sun gley happy s. happy father's day, everybody. >> maria: good sunday morning. happy father's day to all of the dads out there this morning. washington rocked by the release of the inspector general's report on friday about the fbi's handling of the clinton investigation. president trump's comment about a gop house immigration bill sparked panic before the white house issued a reassurance. the trump administration is cracking down on china with more tariffs and says more could be in store if beijing retaliates. good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. this is "sunday morning futures with maria bartiromo." new reaction to the i.g.'s report as the inspector general gets ready to testify before congress about his findings. this as fox news gets word a


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