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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  June 17, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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love him so much. and there is your dad. arthel: there is my dad right there on the porch and the marlins. for pm eastern. we hope you can join us and enjoy your father's day, everyone. leland: happy father's day, see you later. >> brinda tweet from president trump on everything from the mueller investigation to north korea from immigration to the justice department on the fbi hillary clinton e-mail investigation. live to the white house. leland: plus, president trump heads to capitol hill to his day to talk immigration reform with house republicans. i was when joe wilson from south carolina on what he wants to hear from the president. >> life, being this act did here in washington today. we will hear what republicans, democrats and the white house are saying about it and what it means to the mueller investigation.
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thank you so much for joining us on a very busy sunday. welcome to headquarters from washington. i'm elizabeth prann. leland: happy father's day to us watching. i am leland vittert. president trump hunching back this morning against the media and senate minority leader chuck schumer after the democratic called his meeting in singapore with kim jong un all cattle and no hat. garrett taney at the white house with details on that and more. reporter: that just goo show it's risky business and politicians for me or try to use idioms from the ranch. what senator schumer was meaning to say if this summit with north korea was all hat no cattle, and no and the minutwas more show. they are criticizing president trump for giving up more than he got in the initial meeting with kim jong un. the president fired back tweeting the chuck schumer said
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the summit was all cattle and no hat. thank you, but are you sure you got that right? rockets flying all over the place, he will remain coming home and much more. the big items, democrats criticizing for bringing up his agreement with kim jong un is ruining the military exercises with south korea. today, the president defended that decision tweeting holding back during the negotiations was my request because they are very expensive in a bad light during a good-faith negotiation. also quite provocative. if talks break down, which i hope will not happen. "fox news sunday" the top democrat on the senate armed service committee says they were serious ramifications for pausing those exercises, particularly in its initial meeting. >> it is a big deal. first of all a complete surprise to our allies and south koreans and japanese. they are very concerned.
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second, it is part of our determined not wargaming, that deterrence of the north koreans. also, it's interesting the chinese are among the first to report the succession of these exercises do not take a great deal of comfort for now. >> the president is spending father's day at national golf course before a busy week ahead, this time focusing his efforts on immigration. leland. leland: immigration regarding -- thank you. liz. leland: president trump heading to capitol hill on tuesday to meet with gop immigration bill padding to the house. julian turner joins us now with what we can expect the president to push for. hispanic congressional delegation a democrat who just wrapped a tour of a detention facility in new jersey where children are separated from their parents at the southern
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border were being held. the delegation had some scathing words for president trump. >> today, father's day has been ripped from their arms. no idea when or if they will risk to children again. it is a policy that is unacceptable, unjust, un-american and unconscionable. reporter: also calling the inhumane and vowing a legislative fix to the house for an tuesday. a few minutes ago, former president bill clinton echoing his sentiments on twitter, writing on fathers day he's thinking of the children operated from their parents. in the meantime, fox news confirms president trump will head to capitol hill on tuesday afternoon to rally republicans run one of two gop immigration bills. on the agenda for president trump's big ticket policy priorities, most notably border security funding including the multi-billion dollars request
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for the wall. homeland security chairman mike maccallum "sunday morning futures." >> this is an historic opportunity to advance conservative agenda that we've been trying to do for the last 25 years to structurally change the way we do immigration and make it more merit-based. >> democratic colleagues are continuing to abrupt and fury over the administration's separation policy. steve began in jumping to the esident's defense this morning telling abc news the administration zero-tolerance policy doesn't require any justification. other administration insiders insisting by enforcing the separation policy the president's playing a long game. he hopes to ultimately force the democrats and increase chances of a broader compromise on immigration that will curb illegal border crossings is sending you firmly believes is in the best security of the
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nation. >> certainly getting politicized we will see what happens with the president in the capitol hill. thank you, appreciate it. leland: is the president looks to get a deal in congress that is tough on the border, democrats have been blasting zero-tolerance policy for separating immigrant families at the border. >> in retreat or like using these families at the leverage. you're absolutely right. it's very difficult to get immigration bill in an election year in any year. that's not tear these families apart in the meantime. leland: south carolina congressman joe wilson joins us now. thanks for joining us. we appreciat first things first, are you okay with the administration's policy of separating families at the border? >> actually, this is the obama policy and so it is now just a made a political tool and it is
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today's political tool. leland: congressman, i appreciate that's a talking point. it's a pretty simple question. it's up to the administration whether or not they enforce this policy of not tear it are you okay with them and forcing it yes or no? >> absolutely it should be enforced. but for people violating the law in using -- it's illegal use of asylum this wouldn't occur. we need to stop people at the border and protect families in the young people of other countries. we need to enforce the borders. leland: okay. part of enforcing the border is money for border wall of them as part of either one of these bills coming before congress. either the goodlatte bill the goodlatte bill, what has been a compromise bill. are you okay with both of them are one or the other? >> actually, we need to see the details. paul ryan is trying to herd cats. we have a great leader with a
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goodlatte. also mike maccoll. good people trying to put this together. i ok forward to seeing the details of my get back tomorrow. leland: you noted it's a little bit like herding cats. why is it so difficult with a republican house to get funding for president trump's marquee issues. >> the good news defendants not the problem. as all other issues, whether it be the daca issue, the issue very important to me a temporary guest workers. the issue important to me a visa over us day. leland: clearly there's a lot of things very important folks. why has it been so difficult to get a deal when republicans control the house, the senate and the white house. it goes back to that line just like herding cats. >> it is herding cats. but there's so many issues on the sub 10 issue itself.
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enforcement of the laws, which had sanctuary cities that need to be addressed. democrats are not going to enforce any law. leland: congressman, we get that there's a lot of issues. it's complicated. that's what governing is. the question still remains, why is it been so difficult to get a deal? why should the american people of any confidence they are different this week then four, five, six times we've been down this path before. >> actually i agree with you. this can be necessarily different and i'm putting a lot of faith in president donald trump. whatever comes up, i look forward to his oversight, to his involvement and i believe whatever is achieved will have a president that will follow through to protect american families. >> you are leaving open the possibility that there is no deal. both of these fail. heading up to capitol hill on tuesday to talk to republican conference. you say you have a lot of faith
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in him. what you need to hear from him in order tget this done. >> will be best for the american families by securing our border. leland: we will hear from him on tuesday. a lot of your colleagues following not in the past times depend on this path. we appreciate it. happy father's day to you and yours. >> a big week ahead of michael or with her parents to testify on capitol hill this week. jermaine trey gowdy showing on the handling of hillary clinton's e-mail actually helps president trump. >> when you have that pervasiveness of bias come is going help the person complaining about the investigation. elizabeth: our own ellison barber is here to break it down with the latest.
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>> inspector general says former fbi director james comey failed to follow the errors in judgment in being insubordinate. they say he was not motivated by political bias. a focus for many on the right right now are two fbi officials named peter straub and lisa page. they've changed thousands of messages on august 82016. drums not ever going to become president, right? responding no he's not. we will stop it. the message will cast a cloud over the fbi's handling of the investigation, that their review did not find evidence that these political views directly affected the specific investigative decisions they review. they were poor, particularly concerned about the text messages sent to that particularly indicated or created the appearance are investigative decisions they made were impacted by bias or improper considerations.
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republicans want to talk to someone and some say he needs to lose his job. the text messages are troubling. >> we've been requesting him for quite some time right now. if it's not reached in the next day or so to produce involuntarily, we issued a subpoena earlier this week. i've never seen this level of bias. >> they are very troubling nonwork e-mail. the fact they were co-mingled with discussing business, all of that is problematic. again, the ig concluded none of this affected this baking, but was completely inappropriate. >> adam schiff argued questionable behavior on both sides of the political spectrum when it comes to this investigation. he told nbc there's an ongoing investigation into anti-clinton
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bias in leaking the new york field office. elizabeth: ellison barber with the latest current hot topic of the political show. let's bring in reporter inder eggert. like i said, it's a hot topic today. one of the things i mentioned before is that the president is really doubling down on this. why? >> is really not surprising to see this kind of one way or the other black-and-white rhetoric and he could take a binary view of these things. it shows a lot of at least add behavior if not corruption in things like that. obviously not surprising to say. >> take it one step further. he said it's exonerating him and in reality it is not that much to do with it. the fbi was first getting off
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the ground. and so you can see where the president might say that this is at least showing by raising investigation is.ow the leland: we'd a lot about the ripple effect within the fbi and political perception. i'm curious about who else is getting effective, sort of a ripple effect. are we seeing it impacting members of the house and investigations there as well. >> the rhetoric from the white house is one thing, but the more important impact will be what we start to see in the house of representatives. while we've seen some members of the house such as the intelligence chair devin nunes readiness hobbyhorse about how the investigation into russia for months. but he sort of inviting a one-man battle there. this weekend we started to see that much more broadly house leadership, house speaker paul ryan and trey gowdy who we just heard from with officials over
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the past couple days and making clear they need to turn over documents about how the russian investigation got the ground. elizabeth:s what i'm curi about. we heard trey gowdy and he said they have to respond. does this put more pressure on intelligence officials to respond to investigators in line. >> one thing is this has been going on in-house intel for a long time. a lot of questions about bias for them. doj has had some cover to fight back. now with paul ryan saying he will bring this back on the house floor from his going to use the constitutional weapons the house has two forced doj can never documents. absolutely a lot of pressure. >> robert mueller has to know that this is ammunition for his political enemies. that is not something that i mueller cares about, is it? he probably feels pressure but he wants to complete the
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investigation or that's what he supposed to be doing. >> is no accident we haven't seen people like ryan and gabby turned the guns i mueller because what's he supposed to do. you've carried out the mueller probably agrees with at least one of these talking points from a lot of these republicans. the last time a body shot after body shot from the president. however he comes out in the end, the quicker the better. >> my last question because you've been covering the white house and they say this exonerates me on the ig report as a separate entity. i don't suspect that we've heard the last of it. >> absolutely. as one of those tngs for a lot people want to make this like a good side, bad sightseeing and their people will of the president to hate the fbi.
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it really doesn't shake down that easily. we've seen a lot of bad behavior here and that does provide ammunition for the president to which even as you saw were sorted begrudgingly acknowledging they couldn't defend. >> i'm curious. before i let you go, from your coverage, who's the winner in his the loser in all this? >> this is maybe a copout but i agree with what trey gowdy has said that the only winner's inspector general horror at the release an exemplary report. he shows there were still people that the department of justice doing their job. elizabeth: resellers from fbi director chris ray. >> obviously comments in on santa fe to see this bad behavior at the fbi. it really hurts people's trust that their nationalist editions are working for them. hopefully something they can take away from going forward. elizabeth: andrew coming thank you very much. appreciate it.
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of course, plenty more analysis coming up on "fox news sunday." chris wallace will speak with house chairman and trey gowdy. a bit of a preview and i will be right after this program at 2:00 p.m. eastern. it's a great interview. the one i missed it. special report right there will host three days in moscow tonight. the show dives into the cold war era and how president reagan brought peace and freedom to the soviet union. that begins at 8:00 p.m. eastern tonight. leland: coming up, how can cities claim to honor two officers killed in the line of duty in the families they both leave behind. microchip with two ports, how they are dealing with their own immigration problems. shots fired in an all-night music festival in new jersey. details about the vick and then the suspects. on the ground in trenton.
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>> a vigil tonight for two sheriff's deputies shot and
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killed by an inmate in kansas city. teresa king and patrick were transporting a prisoner between the courthouse and jail when the shooting happened. both deputies for parents. king wind to repair and into young children. one suspect is dead and at least 20 people injured after shooting at an all-night art festival in trenton, new jersey. hey, brian. >> it's very much an active investigation behind me. this is the all-night festival held at a warehouse in his torah portion of trenton, new jersey. 2:15 in the morning, shots ring out in 722 people were hurt. 17 people were hit with gunfire and now we know there are four people in critical condition, including a 13-year-old voip
10:24 am
who's in extremely critical condition. this is how we know this started. according to prosecutors, the arctic night was not the target itself. they believe this was a fight between individuals and obviously going there ended up hitting in and around this venue. the 33-year-old male instead. two other suspects in custody. a tragic scene, they're looking that are in music or the next gunfire everywhere, bullets flying everywhere. 17 people have with wallets. this horrific incident within the hours. >> the fact that her cities as well as suburbs throughout america are experiencing public shooting a public unrest such as this. this is a public health issue.
10:25 am
>> the art on a festival is a 24 hour festival free to the public at 1500 works of art were here current artists are able with a bright spot for this community down to 2:50 in the morning. it said in part, quote, we are very shocked and deeply saddened. our dedication and resolve through community, creativity and inspiration will never fade. not tonight, not ever. firearms discovered that the crime scene again. ctive situation. atf working on tracking the trajectory of the many bullets fired tear. a carjacking that happened after the shooting which could be connected. for those critically injured and he is tweeting, talking about
10:26 am
the surge of gun violence affecting these communities and how it has to stop. >> bryan llenas at the very latest. thank you so much. turned to laughter a ship full of migrants in europe. what's happening to the people on board in what it means to the immigration debate. congress takes up immigration before this week. getting funding for his wall. >> this is a congressional offer many years ago. to enter this country illegally. they don't like the law they should change it. kyle: mom! mom!
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10:31 am
>> when the appropriations bills comes up in the ruling in september. i said this for a long time. people shouldn't go home for the august recess. i would definitely shut down the wall. absolutely. >> here to discuss on this father's day, the voice of indianapolis tony cat from atlanta, georgia. good to see you. first to you. this is a pretty bold proclamation by steve banning. are you on board with that about a month before the mid-terms? >> did you see a bold proclamation by steve banning? i didn't realized there were so worried about proclamation spice event. leland: abc news is. i don't know if we are or you are, but go ahead. >> abc news can think about it all they wish. that's totally fine. the immigration conversation has to come down to whether we have
10:32 am
a border or not. it has to come down to a much greater open conversation as opposed to the partisan screaming for stealing children out of people's arms and comparing that maneuver of people having to follow the law. hold on a second. comparing it to the holocaust. leland: we are going to get to that in a minute. i promise you we'll get to all of that in a minute. in the meantime, back to the question i originally asked. good idea to do and shut down the government over border while funding or not? >> sorry. the answer is that a think that's what it will come too. the president does want the wall in the money for the wall. it is matter of symbolism. i don't think we're there yet. >> widger said representative joe wilson on the beginning of the program and despite all the good intentions, he feels as though these two immigration bills amount of good luck bill and the compromise bill are not going to get through either.
10:33 am
we will see if it comes to that. very mel might if you listen to folks. democrats have taken a constructionist view on this one. they view it as a campaign issue than salt. do you agree with the analysis? >> i do enjoy the process of watching republicans cannibalize themselves on the moderate bill an extreme right bill. what they would do is find a funding mechanism in chuck schumer said they're willing to work on the wall, find a path to citizenship for the $1.8 million. >> democrats are not willing to work together with republican on anything that would resemble a compromise that they made a decision this is better to have been a campaign issue. >> meetings between chuck schumer and donald trump earlier this year. nancy pelosi in those meetings. they attempted to work in good
10:34 am
faith on this issue. not the moderates in the center of the people who don't have to worry about october or radicalize this issue. republicans address this issue. >> speaking of radicalizing in the issue, take a listen to adam schiff this morning. >> the administration is using the grief, the tears come under pain of these kids to build their wall. leland: tony, here is your opportunity. >> with them, adam schiff has enough. this is just one more piece of it. there's no doubt that there should be a conversation with the republican party. they should have a conversation about the best ways to go forward on this. the idea of the tears are used by mortar and he's trying to build their. you are talking about the passover conversations.
10:35 am
in a second here, there should be a conversation about what you do with people who come to the country illegally. are you going to apply the law or not apply the law? if the president wants to change policy committee can. if congress wants to work to change the law, you can. the meeting between schumer, pelosi and president trump. this president wants the wallet is going to get the funding or really there's not a movement. you're going to compromise or you're going to get nothing. you can't change the way president trump is on the subject. >> in 15 the 22nd, is it worth it for democrats to keep denying the president funding for his wall? >> the president has articulated where the funding will come from for the fiscal conservatives. how are you paying for the wall? 25 billion could be going towards supporting poor
10:36 am
families. >> i support the troops 100%. >> robert, you have been consistent on that. i will give you that. we appreciate you being here. happy father's day, my friend. take care. elizabeth: great conversation there. i migrants spent a week sailing across the mediterranean the is now arriving in spain and document the spanish port of valencia with 100 migrants on board. the migrants arriving have 45 days or for they must start to resolve their legal situation in europe. they have denied entry to the rescue ship last week. >> the fallout continues for the inspector general's report as lawmakers on both sides record the hearings with the ig this week.
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leland: president trump doubling down its criticism of james call me and the fbi based on the justice department inspector general's report. his claims against his administration. here is more insight, former justice department official robert driscoll. thank you for joining. i want to play a sound bite quickly from rudy giuliani. he's been on a couple networks. it's about investigating the molar investigation. i want to get your reaction. >> i'm saying the justice department should do it. i'm not saying special counsel. what led up to the special counsel. elizabeth: we are getting bogged down with the investigations. >> i'm not shocked he's doing it, but i think at the end of the day, it is time for all this stuff to just get wrapped up and have mueller make his findings.
10:42 am
is there elizabeth: is guaranteed that thought? >> i think the president lawyer wants to make the same partisan on all sides whenever the end of the report is. he just wants to say this is political. >> .mueller and his team to care. there's so much pressure to wrap up the investigation. they don't care. they know that they'll eventually lay out a case o not. they have to prove it if they lay it out. they are not politically motivated. they will do what they're going to do. from what we know publicly, there may not be much there. again, who knows. elizabeth: trey gowdy has been pretty vocal. he was on "fox news sunday." he's never seen this level of bias as a result of the ig
10:43 am
report from last week. are people allowed to have their opinions? >> i've got to say as a former doj, i was stunned by the breadth of the misconduct shown in the report and by some of the bias. i think it. there's way more people than were involved in it. the average doing their job in the field has nothing to do with dinner this because of what was in there. i do think the partisanship aside at the level of kind of snarkiness in disrespect of people you're investigating with something no one wants. >> from your standpoint, there are a lot of losers from this report and a lot of innocent people who don't need to be classified as losing simply because of the optics and the trust. going forward, when there's a
10:44 am
whole another parallel investigation. >> a cloudless cast over the whole clinton investigation. a similar cloudless cast over the russian investigation and molar investigation which was earned because of all this. whether connected or not, public perception will be -- it's kind of like everything back to doj case, and mark fuhrman can be a racist and o.j. can still have done it. but it helps cast doubt on the other. elizabeth: the president, he's not shy when it comes to branding. no one is denying that. if you're christopher wray, director, how do you write that? >> is doing what he can do. he has an institutional response where he focused on the whole agency and most of the agents would try and do more training and things like that. if i were him, what would
10:45 am
concern me is the leaking described in the report. they couldn't find out who leaked. there's there so many leaks they couldn't identify them all and there were tickets going back and forth with reporters and concert tickets and meals. things like that seem to be part of the culture and that is more concerning than a road agent to enough the rail with some kind of -- >> we sure learned a lot. >> if anyone hasn't read it, if you take the time to read it, it standing. >> thank you so much. happy father's day. leland: the trash talking before this basketball match was pretty stunning, too. jimmy kimmel for senator ted cruz good five grand for charity on the line. we will tell you how it ended up . wish we got money back on gym memberships. get money back hilarious. with claim-free rewards.
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>> soccer fans in mexico city showing the love will break in the guinness book of world 363 mexican soccer fans wearing green shirts yesterday. he's got a green over sure. i'm not allowed to tell the score. i can't not tell dealers..
10:50 am
in the world cup, the kickoffs at the top of the hour on fox sports one. >> earlier work. impressive. texas senator ted cruz now has bragging rights over late night host jimmy kimmel after a charity basketball game was dubbed the blob fish. if you're wondering why come you can find out on twitter and i encourage you to. trash talking before this game is far better than the athleticism of this game. the loser had to donate $5000 to charity. crusading kimmel 111093 senator cruz first challenge into a game of one-on-one after the talk show host like and cruise to eight, you guessed it, block fish. it was funny to watch. still ahead, we will take to a
10:51 am
duo whose advocacy is helping veterans across the united states who don't want to miss it. stay tuned.
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only remfresh usesody's ion-powered melatonin to deliver up to 7 hours of sleep support. number one sleep doctor recommended remfresh - your nightly sleep companion. available in the natural sleep section at walmart. >> as we celebrate fathers day,
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you can check it out on his grandma and twitter as well as we've posted pictures throughout the day. one father-son duo are helping the families of fallen u.s. service members. alan michael canetti got involved in the foundation. some good friends of the show named after marine first action in afghanistan.led in >> alan is that michael got involved about answering a call to service and they join us both now. we appreciate it. >> and for having us. >> was spoke to you especially when he wanted to bring your son in? >> it was actually my son who brought me in. he inspired me to get involved in the bond they had in the characters they have throughout their time his friends at the naval academy. elizabeth: michael, what made you bring in your father in what are your goals?
10:56 am
>> well, i read the book when i was in sixth grade for a book report and i told my father immediately after it had a profound impact on me and as for my goals for the future i wish to attend the united states naval academy one day. elizabeth: what you want people to know? >> i want people to know that this foundation gives back the families of the fallen heroes. something the foundation does is help the community. something i've tried to do in my fathers tried to do and we try and make everyone around us better by helping now. >> it is a great book and we've had them on to talk about it as well. what in that book spoke to you? did you want to go to the naval academy before you read the book? give us a sense of the timeline of what you took from the book. >> always wanted to attend the
10:57 am
naval academy, but this pushed my passion for service. i want to demilitarize my whole life. it's really how it had an impact on me. elizabeth: i bring u.n., powell, are you starting to see it spread really your message and is there ripple effect? >> yes, this message of character and leadership in giving the nation is what it's really about. able to get out there and spread this word of integrity and seice to younger members to bring them forward, get them out in the community and honor the legacy of the fallen. not only travis and brennan, but other service members who sacrificed at all. >> we definitely need more about. watching the video right now if you in your uniform with the new jersey state police. we thank you for your service as
10:58 am
well. michael, good luck. let us know how things progress. to be a man to follow for time to come. leland: right there, if you want to help out with that. they also sponsor a team for the marine corps merits in. about a year ago we talked about the marine corps marathon. take a listen. >> joining us next year? >> elizabeth prann will, too. >> we've got griff jenkins running with us. >> i am ready. i don't think that was me. leland: there will be a poll on twitter in terms of whether you thought that was liz's voice. >> this is what we call spin. there was no spin in the interview you're about to see us who want to say happy father's day to all the dads out there including elizabeth's husband.
10:59 am
great debt in so many ways. their 3-year-old daughter, claire. >> that's a tough one because there's so many good part. it's probably seeing how excited you are that i'm around. that means a lot to a dad. hanging out with you, teaching you things and watching you learn and grow a. leland: there were discussions of diapers and other things. elizabeth: there was. in all seriousness you so excited every time she walks in the door. and then dad walks in the door and mom really no longer exists, which is the way it should be because it's pretty sweet. happy father's day to my husband and dad and i was so your wonderful father. >> on or off is happy fathers day out there. there will be more about interview as well is your reaction on social media.
11:00 am
hope you're having a great father's day. that is all for us here in washington. "fox news sunday" coming up with some great interviews as well. elizabeth: thank you for joining >> i think comey was the ringleader of this whole den of thieves. they were plotting against my election. >>reporter: we will discuss the fallout of what it means for the mueller's special counsel investigation with congressman trey gowdy. chair of the house oversight committee. it's a "fox news sunday" exclusive. then president trump with words of praise for kim jong-un after the singapore summit. >> he speaks and his people sit up at attention, i want my people


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