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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  June 17, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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if you have a hit or miss be sure to tweet it to us. that's it for this >> a new development to tell you about in the battle over immigration.the president said he had to capitol hill on tuesday. we'll talk policy with house republicans. this is the white house faces a growing backlash of anger over the separation of families at the border. hello everyone and happy father's day, of course!this is a new hour of "america's news headquarters". quick the presidents meeting will happen just days before the house is expected to vote on two competing immigration bills. one is moderate and the other is more conservative. both measures are addressed to critical issues. daca and funding for the border wall. the house judiciary committee
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chairman making the case for his conservative bill. >> we also as you know, in that bill, move from a terrible visa lottery system to a merit based immigration system that not just daca recipients, but other people who are lawfully in the eye states young and do not have -- and we will go a long way towards ending chain migration for extended family and moving toward a merit system. >> gillian turner has more from washington. >> a congressional delegation of democrats toward a facility in new jersey say where parents are being held after separate from the children. >> on father's day, we speak to others whose children have been ripped from their arms. who have no idea when or if they will receive their children again. it is a policy that is
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unacceptable. it is unjust, un-american, and unconscionable. >> they also call the policy quote - inhumane and vowed to bring democratic legislative fix to the house floor on tuesday. in the meantime fox news confirms that the president will head to capitol hill late tuesday to rally republicans around one of two immigration bills paid on the agenda for this meeting of the presidents big-ticket policy priorities. most notably, border security funding, including his multibillion-dollar request for the wall. >> i think this is a historic opportunity to advance conservative agenda that we've been trying to do for the last 25 years. to structurally change the way we do immigration. make it more merit-based. >> steve bannon jump into the presidents defense this morning. >> we have a crisis on the southernorder. >> they say in spite of this the president is playing the long game. hopefully force the democrats
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hand and have a broader compromise which will curb legal border crossings with something he believes in the best security interest of the nation. >> thank you gillian turner. >> more on this, republicans can finally seal the deal after negotiating less bring in an associate editor at the wall street journal and fox news contributor. john, the president goes to capitol hill on you think they will be able to hammer out the bill? >> this is to give it more momentum. the president is there, he does nogoo capitol hill often. this is giving him a chance to get into this. among that being funding for a border wall per sufficient funding where he can say to constituents, the people that voted for him in the pridential election, upon which he based this is one of his pillars of his platform. i delivered for you. that is what we will see. the bills right now, they
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compete in various ways. one has a little bit more funding for the wall and the other has tighter requirements for the dreamers. >> the good bill. more conservative so to speak. >> that's right. one of the bills says it will give six years for the dreamers and they can get into the process of competing for citizenship. how mu funding will be for the border wall. again, the difference between the two bills. this gives them an opportunity to shape that and also to do with the presidents due on capitol hill. which is twist some arms to get policy through. >> twist some arms and make some deals.
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what bill do you think you'll go for predominately? the white house said he would support both. would he be able to basically, mold the clay during those meetings? >> yes i think last week we saw confusion. he said i'm not going to the moderates but then he backtracked. i think he wants a bill and he want to say going into the midterm elections, i did something on taxes, i did something on immigration and on the wall. he wants to be able to declare those victories. i'm not sure he will necessarily recede from any momentum. he will also have to address what's happening on the border right now. the separation of children from parents. >> that has caused a lot of outrage and anger. critics say it is cruel and heartless taking children away. supporters say families are breaking the law. how do you see that playing out? >> is kind of hard not to think of it as heartless no matter where you are on the political spectrum. this is something that previous administrations had considered and rejected.saying that it was just not something they could do on the border. the president feels differently. he feels that zero-tolerance on the border again, whether or not you agree, it is complicated. previous a ministrations had
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considered this. because in the past, parents were kept with the kids. the court said you cannot jail kids. >> that was 1997.the agreement came down so you cannot jail adults and children together. they have to legally put children someplace else so what do they do? >> what you are seeing is right now what they do. which is pretty traumatic. you put the kids in detention of some sort or whatever you want to call it, shelters. andy put the parents in jail. that is what previously often what happened was, parents and kids will be allowed in the country, there will be surveillance of that may be an ankle bracelet or some other way to keep track of parents. there would be a long backlog before the cases came up. very often they would disappear in the country and that is with the administration, many in congress feel has been inadequate. >> so-called catch and release. >> yes and what to do about that? and is what we are doing now palatable to the american people?
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>> this is becoming a political issue. nancy pelosi going to the border and meeting with families. and democrats are using this and campaigning on it. they had kids in a cage, they were with parents but they were literally fenced in, inside, a tight cage environment. how come there wasn't such political blowback under >> i think there was d there was a lot of consideration on this. they had all sorts of meetings at the white house on going about what to do about the problem. they kind of dog to the administration for years. there's a big surge of kids coming and unaccompanied by they are saying sometimes a kid are being used as, maybe the parents aren't really parents coming with them they are just claiming to be. as a way of being able to get into the country, get deeper into the country and disappear into the country. that is why there is suspicion is that something will happen.
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there will be legislation passed. paul ryan talked about he is very much against what's going on at the border. others have discussed whether or not legislation needs to pass. that would supersede with this decision was that perhaps you have to detain families in some together.etting but keep >> that is legislation being considered right now. to basically keep the family together but the president can change that. >> yes i do not think his argument is that this is democrats doing this is accurate. it is zero-tolerance policy initiated by the president. it was happening before and it's happening now onto president trump 's watch. >> final point. when he has meetings and here's some of the memos of congress about the issue as well as the whole immigration issue, do you expect them to come out and next week, finally -- you finally have legislation that will address this issue that has bedeviled administrations
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for years and years. >> the broader immigration issue likely, this particular issue on separating kids from their parents, probably also transfer the present will say to those who criticize him on this that what was done over the last two years, five years, 10 years, 15 years? these are poles that have been building for years.and whether or not you agree with his approach on this, i think if there is momentum in congress. >> thank you for coming in.on a sunday afternoon. >> eric and john, new reaction to the doj watchdog extensive report on the fbi handling of the hillary clinton email investigation. as the inspector general prepares toes this ek before lawmakers. on capitol hill. his report uncovering more text messes between the fbi
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officials, peter strzok and lisa paige. here is congressman adam schiff, the ranking democrat on the house intelligence committee. >> these text messages are very troubling. the fact that they were on work email, that they were co-mingled with emails discussing business. the ig concluded none of this affected decision-making but nonetheless it was mpletely inappropriate. >> ellison barber is live from washington with the latest. >> republicans want to talk to the fbi agent, peter strzok. the "washington post" is now reporting he is willing to testify between any congressional committee that asks some republicans say he needs to lose his job. the top democrat on the house intelligence committee did not go that far but says the text messages are troubling. congressman adam schiff says there's been questionable behavior on both sides of the political spectrum. >> the report shows that they talk to an anti-clinton bias in
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the new york office. >> sa james comey failed to follow established protocol and made serious errors in judgment over the course of the investigation into the use of a private email server by hillary clinton appeared to fbi officials, peter strzok and lisa paige exchanged thousands of text messages. many are anti-trump. and the president said discredits the investigation. his attorney is calling for an investigation into the special counsel. >> there was no collusion, no obstruction, the ig report yesterday went a long way to show that. i think that the robert mueller investigation has been totally discredited. >> i believe the investigation should be investigated, not because so much robert mueller but because of the nesis in this very, now completely, almost illegal or unethical probe. the russian probe that began with peter strzok in charge.
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>> they say the ig report completely exonerates the present. rudy giuliani says it dramatically supports donald trump position. and that people in the clinton program for clinton and against trump. >> ellison barber, thank you. the next chapter in the justice department watchdog report is the ig set to testify on tuesday. what can we expect on the rhetoric? will take the substrate ahead. >> the holiday cease-fire in afghanistan took a deadly turn over the weekend. two separate suicide bombings have happened in the past two days. dozens were killed, isis now claiming one of the attacks. we are live in the middle east puree with connor.
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who was the exact specific target of these attacks? >> this cease-fire did not stop all the violence in afghanistan. they were real was important because it was an agreement between the afghan government and the taliban. we saw the taliban goes into cities, laid on weapons and celebrate the muslim holiday. the problem with this cease-fire is it did not include isis who launched a series of attacks on the taliban fighters. both the afghan government and the caliban our enemies and isis used these cease-fires to attack the caliban in two different situations. yesterday they killed 36 people, all taliban fighters. this was really important for the afghan government and the taliban but it excluded others.
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what we saw was that they used the opportunity to attack the taliban afghanistan. >> with isis out for blood against the taliban what is the potential of the cease-fire being extended or actually potentially being held at some point? >> there is a lot in afghanistan that status will pave the way for a larger agreement between the taliban and afghan government. they said they would like to extend this for several more days at the end of the holidays which ended tonight on sunday. but the taliban released a statement today saying that they are going to return to the battlefield on monday. still, it is being hailed a really important achievement for talks between the taliban and afghan government. there's a lot of hope that the taliban will come to see isis as the real enemy and they will view the afghan government as a
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possible partner in the fight against isis and gives other militant groups. it is probably a stretch right now but the fact that the afghan government and the taliban were able to agree to some type of cease-fire toilet was not perfect, it did hold for about three days. then the isis militants use this to attack the taliban fighters there. there is a lot of hope that this may lead to some type of understanding between the afghan government and the taliban that there are much more in common of where they see afghanistan going and that their work together to battle isis that is really still a four step away from where we are today but there's a lot of hope right now that this is a stepping stone. >> thank you connor. >> the president touting his historic summit with kim jong-un. and defending his decision to suspend american military exercises with south korea.
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how the president is pushing back against critics. that is straightahead. plus, the inspector general report turning into latest washington battleground as the president claims it puts him in the clear in the russia investigation. is he right? we will take this up, next. >> michael horowitz proved what we want to the fbi and the doj to do. that you can have an investigation fact centrist and fair and -- no. with claim rateguard your rates won't go up just beacuase of a claim. i totally could've... (wife) nope! switching to allstate is worth it. (vo)is ahhhmazing!ful simple goodness meaty morsels. a tender texture. with real meat and a blend of peas and carrots i can see. a totally new kind of awesome going on here! (avo) new beneful simple goodness. tender, meaty morsels with real ingredients you can see.
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>> president trump saying the doj inector general report totally exonerates him of allegations of russian collusion or obstruction of justice. house oversight committee chair, trey gowdy as he believes it is true. this is what he had to say. >> we've got peter strzok and lisa paige, the two fbi employees. this was most important to me. those two presumed and pronounced hillary clinton's innocence before investigation ended and they presumed and pronounced donald trumps guilt before the investigation even began. so when you have that pervasiveness or bias, yes, it will help the person complaining about the investigation. >> dream and now we have robert
1:21 pm
ray former whitewater independent counsel and former federal prosecutor. very good to have you here on this sunday. >> nice to be with you. >> happy father's day. >> incorporated you very much. >> i would like your reaction from the ig report. the scope, objectivity and relativity. >> the scope is a piece of the inspector general investigation that was not the subject of this report. which of the origins of the russia investigation. on the other hand, trey gowdy and the president are correct, the report, which was done by professional career prosecutor, michael horowitz. i know him well. we served together in the u.s. attorneys office but he did a good job lending credence to the presence you about this. which is that there were certain quarters within the fbi that demonstrated bias. whether or not had an effect on the investigation i suppose is always going to be open to question. the president is correct that it was a cancer within the fbi. and steps will need to be taken
1:22 pm
to cleanse the cancer. >> the fbi director, said -- >> he is taken it seriously as well. >> absolutely, latest gem at the fbi work hard and they certainly do not want to have the tire department tainted by -- >> i don't think we're talking generally speaking although there were a few, peter strzok and lisa paige who had issues. i do not imagine that peter strzok was going to remain an employee of the fbi. but overall, i think the message that was disappointing and disheartening is the fact that really from the president of the united states, and president obama into the justice from there a lot of people are frankly in my view, demonstrated colossal failure of leadership. >> headed president obama fail? >> i think he prejudge the investigation early on into
1:23 pm
hillary email matter as early as october 2015. with his 60 minutes interview. it had a downside effect with regard to everyone that touched this in a political way. i think the disappointing thing where political point is from loretta lynch, the attorney general to the deputy attorney general and fbi director were all trying to react in certain ways. and overcompensate for the fact that let's leave the blame where it really should be. blame ultimately is where hillary clinton, she should not have done what she did with emails. but as a result of the visit gets to -- in the investigation people were doing things other than they should have been doing which is their job. >> so attorney general loretta lynch and obama, they were concerned about the appearance of maybe tipping the scale in favor of hillary clinton and skeptical of doing that. >> i think a lot of them were angling for positions. that they expected with the new administration. there's all the political undertow to this. >> is there anything in the ig report that can help or potentially be problematic for
1:24 pm
the president and his attorneys? they say it totally exonerates m. >> i don't know about this because this is a discrete portion. it has nothing to say about the obstruction of justice. what it does have to say is what motivated people in terms of the initial actions when these vegas stations are open it would support his argument that you might support -- >> get into that. he you are, will this report sway how special counsel, robert mueller, will proceed with his investigation? does it prove that there's a conflict of interest on his part or his integrity or impartiality? >> out the gate questions his integrity or impartiality. i do think it undermines the entire investigation. i do think it will be something he's going to take the measure of. i imagine we're going to reach a point where the president has
1:25 pm
to decide as we currently find this political situation, whether or not, big decision, does he submit to an interview by robert miller's office? i one time at that would be more likely to happen but this time i think it is less likely. i think they will issue a report to this russian collision part of the investigation. i suspect from the beginning, independent counsel, special counsel have a limited amount of time with public sentiment behind them in order to do their job. once you get to the point of 18 months into things, we will fast approach that point. it is time to wrap it up. i hope in the countries interest and in the interest of the administration, most important, consistent with public sentiment, it is time to have the benefit of the findings of the investigation.
1:26 pm
and as far as the president is concerned, i think it can be done before the midterm election. so yes, it is time to bring it to a conclusion. >> is a russian probe whitewater of 2018? >> i hope not.whatever it is, it is time to make findings available so they can make informed decisions in the midterm elections. i also think it is not in the countries best interest to have a special counsel hanging over the entirety of an administration. that really should not be the normal course of events.i k there is an investigation, there is a task. it is serious but a limited amount of time to discharge the mandate. once that is accomplished, and you can issue findings, they should be issued. >> is at safe to say it is a witchhunt? >> i do not think it is a witchhunt. i think robert moeller is a professional. i understand the present is right to push back so this does not go on indefinitely. he is correct about that it is his way of trying to move and position the investigation so it does not last forever. he is right about that point. and i do think though that robert mueller recognizes that as well. i do not think this will extend
1:27 pm
indefinitely. i think there's a fair chance we may see the conclusion of most of the investigation by october. >> by october?okay! thank you very much. for your perspective. >> thank you. >> meanwhile, a gunman opened fire at a festival in new jersey. wounding 22 people. what police are not saying about a possible motive. where live on the ground in trenton, coming up. there the first lady is now weighing in on the immigration debate. how she views the separation of families at the border. but first, here's kellyanne conway. >> the president is ready for immigration form across the board.let me tell you, nobody likes seeing babies ripped from their mothers arms. the president is saying the democrats are serious, they will come together again and try to close loopholes.
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four immigrants killed and others injured when ejected from a car during a rollover crash. we are told they are at san antonio medical center including the driver. the driver believed to be a united states citizen. the others taken to another hospital. and one currently in custody. we do not know if this is part of an immigration pushed by law enforcement or simply an accident. we will give you more information as we get it. >> fox news alert. the first lady now weighing in on her husband immigration policy. in a statement a short time ago a spokeswoman for mrs. trump saying the first lady hates seeing children separated from
1:33 pm
their families at the southern border. and that she believes quote - the country should govern with heart. garrett tenney is live from the white house now. >> is not often we hear from the first lady. particularly on policy issues. the few exceptions have been when children were involved. remember last month she launched her campaign focused on promoting the overall well-being of children. with nearly 2000 children being separated from their parents at the border, this is an issue she wanted to speak out on. today her office tells us she hates to see children separated from their families and hopes both sides of the aisle can finally come together to achieve successful immigration reform. she believes we need to be a country that follows all laws but also a country that governs with heart. some are pointing to that statement as a failed criticism of her husband but is important to point out when the president was asked about the issue on friday, he used some of that very same language.
1:34 pm
>> do you agree with children being taken away from? >> i hate it. i hate the children be taken away. >> the democrats forced that law upon our nation. i hate it. i hate to see separation of parents and children. >> the white house is starting to get pushback from its allies. including the former communications director anthony scaramucci who says the policy is not congruent with american values. and it could cause the present support with voters. if it is not fixed. >> the present will get hurt by this issue. if it stays out there very long. because unfortunately, the commander-in-chief is at the top of the food chain of the government. even if it is the democrats fault, he will -- my recommendation is to fix it immediately. we have to stand for in society is our american values. >> this weekend the president has not back down on the policy and maintains it is the democrats fault that his administration is putting this position with needs to have
1:35 pm
this policy saying that the loopholes in the immigration system are issues that the democrats have refused to address. >> the white house is also pushing back on criticism over the summit with north korea. what is the president saying about that? >> one of the main points of criticism the white house is been hearing is for the presidents decision to cancel the joint military exercises with south korea. that decision caught our allies in the region off guard. including south korea. today the president defended the move. sitting on twitter, holding back the wargames during negotiations was my request because they are very expensive instead of a good-faith negotiation. also i provocative can start immediately of talks go down which i hope will not happen. at the end of a extremely busy week the president just a little break today to celebrate father's day. playing a full 18 rounds of golf at trump national golf course. just returned to the white house this past hour. >> garrett tenney, thank you.
1:36 pm
>> from the debate over the summit with kim jong-un and what was achieved, we have an asian analyst and author of the book, nuclear showdown, north korea takes on the world. they have certainly done that. first of all, what steps should kim jong-un take for us to see that he is actually serious about denuclearization? and if this -- if he does not what will happen? >> the number of weapons he is, this material he possesses also the number of ballistic missiles. it is sort of a simple thing because it is really hard to disarm the country if you do not what they have in the first place. >> you think that will give that up? >> i guess so!this particular point is the question. of course if they do not want
1:37 pm
to do that but it's a question of how much pressure the u.s. to put on them. the president had a phone call with kim jong-un. we do not know exactly when but i imagine that something like this would be on the agenda for the phone call. >> what should the president tell him? >> the president should town the united states is willing to put this pressure back on if he is not willing to give up his weapons. it's a very simple thing. donald trump made a lot of concessions to get the summit. he laid the groundwork. kim has no excuses anymore. i think trump should say look, i will have the exercises go back on. i will put sanctions on like you've never seen before. i will go after russia and china. all of the things that kim does not want to hear. that is what he has got to save he -- >> to think that president prepared a list for him to say this is what we need to do? x, y and z. >> i hope they do that. it is very difficult to understand what's going on inside the white house and whether trump has a list and if you will follow it. he is very instinctual. sometimes his instinct are great and sometimes they're not so great. i just do not know what he will
1:38 pm
say on a phone call with kim. >> meanwhile you the issue of china and the trade situation in the background. that is beginning to blow up also. >> yes, it is. the united states needs to, first of all, go after china intellectual property. we actually have to do this because china is stealing intellectual property from the u.s. in hundreds of llions of dollars a year. we have an innovation-based economy now. if we are not able to take advantage of that we do not really have an economy anymore. >> finally, the final question which i think is fascinating on the iranian nuclear deal, it has to do with iranians have the power, for the international inspectors to inspect a military site. do you think the same thing would happen in north korea? and what would happen if it did? >> we have agreement we have to have anytime, anyplace inspections. we have to go to military bases. this was the problem.
1:39 pm
the iranians that we were not able to do that. the international atomic energy agency, which was doing the inspections, was very reluctant to talk to the iranians against this and expect military sites. this is critical. >> that is unbelievable to have that power of the international committee.gordon, thank you. >> thank you eric. >> meanwhile the new book 3 days in moscow purebred bear takes a look at the role played by president ronald reagan. and the cold war and the inevitable end and the collapse of the soviet union. in the book he zooms in on the fourth and final summit in moscow held between present reagan and mikhail gorbachev. here's part of the one-hour special that will be on the fox news channel later tonight that highlights those historic days. >> the trip to moscow road itself. the great cold warrior, ronald reagan, in the heart of the evil empire. literally, in red square. he knew this was going to be
1:40 pm
very special. >> i distantly remember the president reagan getting on marine one and somebody question, what are you hoping for?he said something like, sometimes the final act is the best act. -- >> looks like very special program later on tonight. just a few hours from now. three days in moscow, a fascinating behind-the-scenes look of course hosted by brett bear at eight and 11 pm eastern right here on the fox news channel.>> very good. several firefighters rushed to the hospital as a five alarm fire ripped through several buildings. plus, the trump administration feeling the pressure to stop the separation of families at the border. can lawmakers come together for a solution? a bayer aspirin regimen is one step to help prevent another stroke. so, i'm doing all i can to stay in his life. be sure to talk to your doctor
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arts festival injuring 22 people. the gunfire happening earlier this morning. right now, four victims in critical condition fighting for their lives. bryan llenas is live in trenton. what you learning about the suspects? >> about the suspects, we are about to learn more. a press conference is about to start any moment now. there is one suspect a 33-year-old male who was shot dead by police in this incident that started at 2:50 am. another suspect was taken into custody. this is what we know. at this festival about 2:50 am. 17 people injured by gunshot, four people are in critical condition including a 13-year-old boy who was said to be quote - extreme critical condition. this all happened really police say this was an altercation between individuals. the festival was not the target
1:46 pm
of an attack.rather, they were caught in the crossfire with an altercation between several suspects. i will find out more details in a few moments. listen to what some witnesses said about really the chaos of this. >> people just started running around like crazy pushing and shoving. then i heard gunshots. >> it was such a way to bring everybody together and it is ruined. >> this art all night festival is a community event. it allows people to come here for free to look at about 1500+ pieces of art. there were about a thousand people inside the venue at the time of the shooting. the event was canceled, obviously, after this horrific incident. the mayor said quote - we are very shocked and deeply saddened, our hearts ache in her eyes are blurry but dedication resolves to building a better transit through community creativity and inspiration will never fade. not tonight, not ever.
1:47 pm
again, one suspect dead, another in custody. this all happening at 2:50 am this morning. a 13 year old boy is an extreme critical condition. will find out more about this. again, there was a carjacking immediately after the shooting in the back alley. we will also find out more about the potential connection to that. >> bryan llenas, thank you. >> quite a scene last night on staten island, new york.a massive five alarm fire that quickly expanded to engulf for nearby buildings. thick black smoke in the air, 20 firefighters injured. four listed in serious but stable condition, thankfully. investigators are trying to figure out what exactly sparked the flames. oh meanwhile the scathing inspector general report on hillary clinton email investigation takes center stage this repair the senate hearing and one at the house, what will the author, the ig michael horowitz, say? i've always been about what's next.
1:48 pm
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1:50 pm
1:51 pm
were five immigrants were killed. several others injured. when they were ejected from a vehicle during a rollover crash happening just north of laredo. this is chevy suburban there. in which those victims and the driver were in that vehicle. police say that they were speeds of up to 100 miles an hour. the driver is believed to be a
1:52 pm
united states citizen. another person in the vehicle also expected or is in custody and is a u.s. citizen we are told. it is not clear what caused the crash or if it was part of an immigration operation or pursuit. we will bring more formation on thistragedy in texas as we get it. >> the house preparing to vote this week on two immigration bills. i made outrage over the policy of migrant children being separated from their parents at the border. policy sparking heated debate on capitol hill. joining me now we have teresa cardinal brown director of immigration and policy for the bipartisan policy center. and former department of homeland security official and it is good to have you on this issue. let's get right to it. in your opinion, how you see it, what is the biggest irritant of the issue right now? >> well, i think there are a couple of things. the push in congress started because many members really wanted to see a solution for the daca program. the program that the president tried to terminate last fall.
1:53 pm
that started the push. but what was happening at the same time is the president saw that there was still a large number or increasing number of families of children arriving at the southern border. these two issues have somewhat merged in the congressional debate. what started out as a push to address the dreamers and daca population is now being merged with efforts the president wants to see to change the law in way that he hopes will deter further immigration and stop the order. >> do take issue with the way they are proceeding at the moment with the policy, the zero-tolerance policy? do you have any options in mind? >> certainly, the administration has said and they believe that being harsher on those who arrive, they intend to deter people from arriving. but the real issue is that the case is that they come and claim asylum, it takes about two years right now because the
1:54 pm
immigration courts have cases the issue is what happens while people are waiting? the current policy means parents and children are likely to be separated and that the children will be placed in some sort of care and parents will be in detention. during the entire two year period. i think that's were seeing as problematic. >> what should be done instead? >> another way to deal with it is instead of putting resources toward prosecuting individuals coming over the border or additional detention, how about we double or triple the immigration judges and immigration courts to clear out the backlog? send them to the border and allow the cases to be heard. due process, the process to work. it can be done fairly quickly in a matter of weeks or a couple of months. people will know whether or not they can stay and if they will be sent back. >> what happens to migrants while they are waiting for the hearings? even if it is weeks or months?
1:55 pm
are they being held or will they flee into the u.s.? >> their different ways it can be done. detention alternates can be ankle braces, regular monitoring. those are things that were done in previous administrations and it worked to get people back to the court. but in the time it takes to hear your court if it is shorter it's easier for the goment to keep trk of you. if it is two years, it's a lot harder. that's why they're pushing for detention to request the present is meeting with white house republicans tuesday. what should he tell lawmakers? >> i think you need to be very clear about what he wants and will support. there were two bills put out there appear one by the house judiciary committee and another negotiated by speaker ryan with moderate and conservative members of the republican party. the president was kind of unclear at the end of the week about what he really wanted. we know that his negotiators were up on the hill working with republicans negotiating the bills. if he is not on board with his people are saying then they need to hear very clearly what he wants.
1:56 pm
they want to pass somng with just republican votes but that will be hard because they are on very different places with this. and they have not talked to democrats to see if they can negotiate with them. >> we have to leave it there, thank you very much. we will be right back. thank you so much. to an unborn baby. don't take entrest ao withn ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. entresto, for heart failure. so allstate is giving us money back on our bill. well, that seems fair. wen't use it. wish we got money back on gym memberships. get money back hilarious. with claim-free rewards. switching to allstate is worth it.
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2:00 pm
he says when he looked up the sky he could clearly make out the silhouette of president trump. e nfirmation was spotted on june 14 which happens to be the presidents birthday. >> unbelievable, look at that! >> is that photoshopped? >> i would go up and see my dog or but not the president! thd you see that? >> happy father's day! night. >> when i worked with the president obama and i did on occasion i was a hero and now when i work with president trump i'm two-faced. i know how the game is played and i don't give a damn. i want to do what is best for the country. how like the president i want to help him and i hope he is successful. he's been a friend to me and he says something i don't agree with. if you don't like me work with president trump to make the world a better place, i don't give a [bleep] [laughter] greg: i second that [bleep] [laughter] two. [laughter]


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