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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  June 18, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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heather: monday june 18th and this is "fox & friends first". happening right now 4:00 a.m. headed to hot seat michael horowitz hours away from testifying in front of congress over scathing report over clinton e-mail probe. what republicans hope to uncover? president trump pushing congress to pay for his long promised wall. what stands in his way as law makest kick negotiations into high gear. kathy griffin strikes again. first this disgusting picture of president trump's severed head and now attack on america's
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first lady. "fox & friends first" starts right now. ♪ ♪ heather: were we have been waiting for you join us at "fox & friends first". love a little tom petty in the morning to get the day started. live shot of new york city there for you. thank you very much for joining us on monday morning. i'm heather childers. top stories for you, live look at capitol hill. lots of things happening today. the doj, inspector general and fbi director will be grilled over the clinton e-mail probe today. and now antitrump fbi agent peter strzok says he's ready to testify too.
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griff jenkins live in washington, d.c. as lawmakers demand more documents on the probe, good morning, griff. griff: good morning, heather, we have not heard the left, horowitz heading to senate judiciary committee this afternoon as president trump applies pressure on the fbi agent that claims he would stop him from taking office. the president tweeting, the highest level of bias from any law enforcement. they all worked for slippery james comey and comey is best friend with robert mueller. peter strzok is willing to appear but not done deal. attorney goldman issuing this statement. peter strzok thinks his posi, character and actions have all been misrepresented and he wants an opportunity to remedy that but house judiciary chairman says if he's not willing to appear, he's prepared
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to subpoena peter strzok. nunes says he's losing patience with doj over losing documents. >> they'll be hell to pay by wednesday morning. if they don't have good reasons why they haven't provided information, the america's people's patience have run out. my patience has come out. griff: adam schiff says peter strzok's messages are concerning. >> they were troubling, they were on work e-mail, commingled with emailsssing business, all of that is problematic. >> here is where we are, judiciaryommittee 20,morrow joie house side, we will see if peter strzok joins director wray and inspector horowitz. heather: he says he's willing to. we will see if he follows through on that. despite showing blatant
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antitrump bias, peter strzok is still on the fbi's payroll. harvard law professor alan dershowitz calling out the department saying there's no excuse for that. >> the fbi agents are allowed to be bias and support political candidates, that's part of the law. when i draw the line, they will stop him, that's not saying who they will vote for, that sends message to the american beam that the federal bureau of investigation is going to interview in effort to interdoor in election one way or the other. i don't know how peter strzok remains fbi agent after him saying we will stop him from being president. that was when red line was crossed. heather: peter strzok was
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reassigned to fbi human resources division and lisa page resigned, we are learning that peter strzok's boss used lisa page to have direct hand in clinton e-mail probe. according to ig report, page was used to bypass chain of command, mccabe says he kept page in the role despite upsetting officials. page brought issues to his attention that others did not. so lots to go over. well, now to other fox news alert. at least 3 people are dead and dozens injured after powerful earthquake in japan, bursting water mains knocking down walls, among victims 9-year-old girl who died when a wall fell on top of her. it was the strongest registered quake in the city's recorded history which is scheduled to hold next year's g submit by the
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way. third suspect has been captured, a manhunt expanding for the other two who escaped the illinois jail near indiana border, security cameras capturing the men inside the cell hours before they usede to smash through brick walls, deputies covering with metal plate, one of the escaped inmates is facing murder charges. attempted carjacker stopped with a good guy with a gun. he shot least one person and try today steal two cars, that victim hospitalized in critical condition. the bystander who took down the gunman is described by police as good samaritan. today the president will meet with key senators about the border wall as the house prepares to vote on two immigration bills this week. tensions are now rising over children being taken away from their parents but the head of the homeland suiter says that we
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do not have a policy of separating families he border, period. steve has the latest. >> members of congress conduct theiwn immigration investigation, lawmakers visiting a texas facility sunday housing hundreds of immigrants detained at the border, some to have children are among the 2,000 kids separated from their parents while trying to cross over. it's part of the trump's administration zero tolerance policy announced april, breaking up families is cruel and unnecessary. >> the zero tolerance policy means zero humanity and it makes zero sense. >> the administration argues it's trying to deter future illegal border crossings adding separation of families is a result of existing law. >> nobody like to see kids ripped from mother's arms, from mother's womb frankly. >> democrats counter what the administration is not law, it's
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policy. >> a president could change policy today. it could change it right now. border patrol itself is even weighing in pointing out that separations are consistent with how u.s. handles plenty unrelated cases. >> that's no different from a united states citizen parent that's going through a judicial process prosecuted for violated the law and separated from his or her children. border patrol notes the kids are getting cared for with hotls and medical services, the u.s. house vil to vote this week and include border funding and restructuring of visa programs. fox news. >> well, the u.s. and south korea expected to announce the end of joint military drills next week. a south korean media reports that it will not affect routine training and restart the drills if north korea breaks promise of denuclearization. president trump plans to end the so-called war games after summit
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with kim jong un. first daughter ivanka trump two big fundraisers today joining kevin mccarthy in fresno and los angeles, they are fun raising for protect to house, action led by mccarthy and vice president mike pence and celebrations all over the world cup and apparently they got to wild it registered as an earthquake. >> looking lozano. méxico wins. [cheers and applause] heather: here is what happens, thousands of fans bouncing up and down after the score setting audiotape sensors in méxico city, well, officials say that a false earthquake was detected south of the border likely triggered by mass jumping, the mexicans holding onto win 1-0, shocking the defending world
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champs from germany. now, i call that commitment. nothing like that happened here but it was a big win, a u.s. open repeat for brooks, the world's ninth rank golfer becoming back to back open champ in 29 years. [cheers and applause] heather: well, finishing one over par in new york, the last man to accomplish that was curtis strange seeing interviewing koepka for fox during the win. like koepka he repeated on new york course. marked both second ever major victories. it was a tough course this past week for all the golfers out there. well, the time now is about 10 minutes after the top of the hour and off the rails, shocking moment a freight train goes on fiery explosion and pushing for wall, president trump heading to
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capitol hill head to make case for protecting the american people. what does congress have to do to make good on the president's promises? immigration expert jessica vaughn live with answer. keeping up with oval office, is kim kardashian running for t, what she said that's fueling 2020 rumors. you won't see these folks at the post office
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heather: welcome back to "fox & friends first". immigration taking center stage on capitol hill this week as president trump holds critical meeting with senate decision makers today where the big issue will be the border wall. >> that's the democrats' law. we can change it tonight, we can change it right now. we need a wall. we need border security. we have to get rid of catch and release. you take his name and release, he never shows up again, he goes
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into our society. heather: several major pieces to the puzzle still needing to fall into place, where should the president chart, joining me now director of policy studies for the center of immigration studies, jessica vaughn, thank you so much for joining us, appreciate it. >> glad to be here. heather: okay, you say this is a pretty stick situation for the president and the house republicans, why so? >> well, you've got this one bill that house republicans have been working on for years now, the so-called goodlatte bill that accomplishes the president's agenda and more. what the majority of republicans in the house want to see happen, fictions the border security problem, interior enforcement, sanctuaries, addresses illegal employment through e-verify, it reduces chain migration and does an amnesty for the people with daca. then paul ryan enters the
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picture. heather: compromised bill. >> right, calls it compromised bill which only handful support but they were the ones with discharge petition, small group of republicans that are kind of outliers and in favor of more immigration. they convince paul ryan to water it down and add all ofse provisions for guest workers and the employers who have literally been replacing americans for decades with guest workers. they add them to the amnesty and water down the enforcement in border provisions, so it's unclear whether they're going to be able to figure out how to satisfy all of these interests so now today the president is coming in and what he should be doing is making sure that the enforcement provisions stay in there, the amnesty is limited and frankly, this is not the time to deal with guest-worker programs at all. adding them in the last minute makes no sense. that's going to lose the
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majority of republicans, not to mention the americans who have to vote for members of congress come november. heather: we do know this is what the prent tweeted yesterday. the democrats should get together with republican counterparts and work something out on border security and safety, don't wait until after the election because you're going to lose. of course, you know in reference to a lot of folks says, not only just democrats but republicans also holding onto this to use for the elections and midterm elections specifically moving forward and democrats saying they have no other issue to stand on right now. one of the things i wanted to say to you is i guess during interview on friday, the president said he would not support this more moderate one, moving forward, being, of course, the one that is supported by paul ryan, so what do you expect in terms of what the president will do today, like why have this meeting, is there an area that he thinks they can specifically compromise
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on? >> well, i think what he's going to have to talk through with blicans and reassure them of what's needed, we still have the it'serring crisis at the border with families and children coming across illegally and these bills would deal with that and the democrats have been complaining about that, you know, for the last couple of weeks, you know, if they sign onto one of the bills, they can fix that. i hope the president is going the make clear that -- this is not the time to be throwing in all of these strenuous provisions for guest workers, stick to the four pillars that they all agreed on a few weeks ago, ending chain migration, border wall, enforcement, limited solution for the people with daca. and that's what would get them in finish line. heather: why would ryan be throwing that, guest workers, why do that as this late date? >> well, you know, he's a lame
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duck speaker now and so i'm sure that he is responding to the many lobbyists for the big employers who are constantly bombarding his office on breaks, classic back door. heather: we always appreciate your insight. >> good to see you. heather: have a great day. time now 20 minutes after the top of the hour and deadly high-speed crash, illegal immigrants trying to outlaw the law that were ejected right from suv and kathy griffin just took her attacks against the first family to a whole new level. the sick words she had for first lady that's ago -- igniting backlash, carley shimkus is here with outrage online.
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heather: well, first, she did this, this disgusting stunt, decapitating the president of the united states and now kathy griffin is setting her sights on the first lady. carley shimkus with fox news headlines 24/7, siriusxm 115 is here with vulgar tirade, another one. >> first started with first lady melania's office saying mrs. trump hates to see children separated from their families and hopes both sides of the aisle will come together to achieve successful immigration reform. she believes we need to be a country that follows the law but also a cou that governs with heart. well, comedian kathy griffin respond today that tweeting, beep you melanie, you know your
1:24 am
husband can end this immediately, you piece of bleep. she is in the hot seat among trump supporters once again. tweeter user saying, thanks for trump seal the deal in 2020. diane say this is woman has no class and robert tweets, kathy griffin is hate filled and pathetic. that's part of of the reason the left can't be taken seriously. if she did read the statement from the first lady, she would agree with that. heather: moments like that i miss a world without twitter. carley: keep thoughts to yourself. heather: kim kardashian on a new prison case she taking off. carley: appear to have interest in new case, she tweeted at the california governor jerry brown saying can you employees test the dna of kevin cooper, cooper
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was sentence today death after he was found guilty for murdering four people in 1983 but questions still remain over whether police tampered with his blood samples and also listen to this, kim kardashian not ruling out a future political run. >> would you ever run for office? >> i guess never say never but that's not going to be like a kim's run. that's not where i'm -- what i'm going for. carley: you never know, never say never. social media weighing in. thank you for being awareness to delayed can be justice denied. julian assays, real happy that you're investigating another case and another twitter user says, look at you become advocate for injustice, that's wonderful. apparently a new passion project. heather: i like her getting involved. i think that's a new thing. carley: serious side of her that we are not used to seeing.
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heather: have a good day. 25 minutes after the top of the hour, message from top republicans firing back at the doj. >> we are going to get compliance or the house of representatives is going to use its full arsenal of constitutional weapons to begin compliance. heather: will it scare them enough to finally get something done. political panel to debate next. another tesla bursting bo flames on a street packed with cars. how they are responding this morning
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heather: welcome back to watching "fox & friends", today president trump discussing immigration and border security at capitol hill. richard shelby and west virginia senator, tensions rise over immigrant children being taken
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away from their parents, but the head of homeland secury tweets, we do not have a policy of separating families at the border, period. the house is expected to vote on two immigration bills this week. and the president says he will not sign any bill that doesn't meet his four pillars for immigration reform. congressman has been in negotiations as the chair of house homeland security and he says he's confident that his bill has the president's support. >> the president is fully committed to both of these bills, he's put the full weight of his offe behind it. you know, mccaul goodlatte bill have four pillars. from my perspective, maria, it has border security in there, it has funding for the wall that the president really wants. i think this is a historic opportunity to advance conservative agenda that we have
1:31 am
been trying to do for the last 25 years to structurally change the way we do immigration and make it more merit base rather than random and also get the border secure because the threats as i get briefed by the secretary and ice director, terrorists is real. heather: four pillars for immigration reform, path to citizenship for dreamers, a fully-funded border wall and end to visa lottery program and end to chain migration. >> in the meantime five illegal immigrants killed in a crash trying to outrun border patrol agents, jeff paul brings us latest on high-speed chase that happened in texas. >> a fatal crash near the tex-mex border involving a car involving undocumented immigrants, suv packed with over a dozen people overturning, officials say the car was trying to escape the u.s. border patrol
1:32 am
evally running the road an flipping over at speed of more than 100iles an hour. >> the vehicle ran off the road and caught gravel and tried to recorrect and caused the vehicle to turn over several times. >> the photo of mangled chevy suburban gives you idea of forced impact. four occupants were ejected. four people died at the scene and another on way to hospital to san antonio. >> this is a perfect example of why borders need to be secured. >> anita richardson has been living there. >> they go in front of you, they want to stop you, i just keep on going and praying, lord, don't get in my way. >> the driver a suspected u.s. citizen was taken into police
1:33 am
custody. jeff paul fox news. >> the pentagon is shifting attention from boots on the ground to hac and computers, "the new york times" reporting at the u.s. cyber command is ramping up their fight against threats from other nations, command which previously focuses on stopping cyber-attacks and nuclear tests now carries out cyber raids daily. american intelligence agencies call cyber threats the greatest risk facing the u.s. and the former british spy behind the fake dossier about president trump taking the hot seat today, christopher steele ordered to appear for a video taped deposition in london. this is part of civil suit that was filed by russian technology executives against buzzfeed which published unverified report, steele misrepresented company in dossier which suggested that the kremlin influenced the president's 2016
1:34 am
campaign. well, the nypd firing back at new york city liberals who say the department gang database is racially bias. mark forced to defend the crim tools saying, quote, to dismantle criminal organization you have to understand size, scope, who its members are and what crimes each member has committed. joining me to react dr. darren porter. thank you for joining us. appreciate it it. >> always a pleasure. heather: first of all, explain to us what the gang database is. >> comprehensive overview of different members of gangs throughout the course of new york city that's been arrested, so what they have is backgrounds, modu s operendi, if that person had gang
1:35 am
paraphernalia, what they will do, the nypd will now look into the database for who has committed the similar acts and then that's what will give them the first forward in conducting investigation. heather: accusation it's racially bias. someone doesn't become member of database just base on race? >> no, it's based on your activity and prior arrest record. the truth of the matter, the minority communities are under siege and pop swluis of horrific acts are committed minority communities. granted, the gross majority of the people in this database are of minority decent but the truth of the matter is the minority communities are the communities that are being affected the most. heather: those communities are being targeted? >> right, the people who live in these communities want the database to stay up.
1:36 am
it's the city council that's -- that's countering this. it's a series of hyperbole being enacted by the city council members just for electoral votes moving forward. heather: i wanted to ask you that. >> the people on the communities wants eradication of gang members. heather: leaders who don't work in the communities, they want gang databases to help clean up communities but they are out there speaking against them but you say it's because of political gain? >> absolutely, it's the political association with the belief that they will gain more voters, but moving forward you have to keep in mind that the people in these communities that want the eradication of groups like bloods, crips, ms-13, latinos -- the torrentinos, et
1:37 am
cetera. heather: 90% of people in the database had been arrested for a felony, 11 average arrests including 5elonies for tho included in the database after one person averaged 11 arrests. >> yeah, another thing that this didn't have, 50% of the people in the database have been arrested for robbery and robbery seems to be one of the crimes that create a real problem for us in new york city culture. i just think that the database is sound and gives quantitative assessment for nypd to protect citizens moving forward 21st century police. heather: there are other databases in other communities like chicago as well that are under fire for similar complaints from people saying that they are racially bias amongst other things. >> absolutely, we have to take into consideration the primary focus is protecting the citizens
1:38 am
of this new york and other police departments have similar database to protect the citizens that they serve and this is just something moving forward that is the best quantit assessment that any police department can use to target those individuals that commit these horrific acts. heather: it would be beneficial to have cross-reference of availability among databases from different areas. >> partnership in law enforcement is always the best thing and this is something where the federal government moves in and i have to commend president trump and he's someone who has touted the partnership between federal and local law enforcements and as you mentioned, this is something that's going move us forward to produce more drops in crime. heather: well said, all right, thank you so much for joining us, great to have you with us. appreciate it. well, the time now is 20 minutes until the top of the hour and running for their lives, shocking videos showing tourists as ceiling collapses on top of
1:39 am
escalator, the investigation is happening right now to what in the world went wrong. overwhelming a red carpet rollout for veterans, a hero's welcome that will make your morning.
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heather: freight train packed with propane derails and then bursts into flames, you can see the aftermath there. emergency responders in indiana going door to door telling people to pack up and leave as these huge flames and thick black smoke shoot into the sky. no one was injured. that's the good news. investigators are looking into what caused the train to derail. shocking moments when the roof comes crumbling down sending people running for their lives. you can see a group of people at chinese tourist spot. they were on an escalator, they
1:43 am
look up and they realize the ceiling is about to land right on top of them. well, at least nine people in this incident were injured but incredibly none of them seriously. an investigation is now underway back at home a major court battle brewing between two of the nation's largest beer companies, tracee carrasco from sister network fox business here with major blow that pbr may soon be dealt. tracee: good morning, miller coors and pbr, miller coors, includes blue rib bone. agreement expires in 2020. right now the two are at odds trying to come up with some sort of deal, contract that works for both of them. so if they cannot, this could really hurt pbr's business, potentially what would happen to them, we are not sure, the two will head to court in november
1:44 am
to try and work this out, hopefully by then, they with work out some sort of deal. heather: in the meantime let's talk about delta cabins, sneak peek of them? >> delta 77 jet, reto fit with some new interior cabin, we mostly see with long international flights, they have about 296 seats, they are unveiling the business class seat, private suite where you can slide the door closed and have own little space. they have the delta premium select which is the seat with extra space, some recliner features and then some things that come with the premium amenities and then what's great with the delta main cabin, the economy class, they are saying that they have fewer seats in the area, they are actually wider, widest they have in international fleet of airplanes which we haven't seen many airlines do.
1:45 am
heather: yeah. opposite. tracee: exactly. heather: new seats with the door, complete privacy, that's business class. tracee: i would say first class and the business class is premium select. heather: it costs more. this looks awesome. 15 minutes until the top of the hour, handover clinton documents or be able to face consequences, the message fired at doj. >> we are going get compliance or the house of representatives is going to use full arsenal of constitutional weapons to gain compliance. heather: but will it scare them enough to finally get something done? political panel on deck to debate it up next you won't see these folks at the post office
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heather: declaring all-out war top republicans threatening to use full arsenal of constitutional weapons if the fbi and doj keep stone walling over fisa court and clinton e-mail document requests. >> there's going to be action on the floor of the house this week if the fbi and doj do not comply with our subpoena request. we are going get compliance or the house of representativs going to use its full arsenal of constitutional weapons to gain compliance. heather: but will this be enough to finally get something done? here to debate, thank you both for joining us, appreciate it. >> good morning. heather: chris, i am going to start with you, you heard what trey gowdy use, we will use full arsenal of constitutional weapons to gain compliance, will that be enough?
1:50 am
>> were you know, with this particular they have documents, theyre running the agency, so to speak with the quote, unquote, heart of james comey, obviously he is gone but his employers and staff, people who understand the inner workings of fbi still working now. the individuals are working as they are running own squad in america. it's ridiculous and insult to the american people. president trump won the election fair and square and it's time to start acting like it. heather: you know, mustafa, it was back in late march that attorney general -- i'm sorry, fbi director christopher wray was going appoint 54 different fbi agents to get process rolling and release documents but yet we are still here, if you don't call that
1:51 am
stonewalling, what do you call it, not doing their job? >> christopher wray is a life-long republican, hand picked by the president, senate confirmed by this republican senate, if he's pushing back maybe we should realize that there's nothing there and this is manufactured controversy against hillary clinton, let me talk about doj. the doj is run by jeff sessions, life-long republican appointed by the president, campaigned with the president, confirmed by republican senate, rod rosenstein a life-long republican, confirmed by the republican, hand-picked by the president, these are the president's men that are pushing back, trey gowdy is not functioning as representative of the people, he's functioning as if part of the royal court of king donald trump and that has to stop. heather: what does have to be whether you're a republican or democrat, they are not getting the job done and the documents have been requested and there's this like backlog of, you know,
1:52 am
reasons that they haven't been released up to this point, chris? >> that's right. you have individuals who are insubordinate and jeff sessions runs and obviously we have other republican who are in leadership positions. that's not the point. they cannot control each of the individuals -- employee wise and fbi and doj, these are individuals, some who are there and loyal to comey and others who haveersonal vendetta, that's what we have to stop. look, we will come at you with the full extent of the law, contempt of congress, whatever need to be done to get this done effective and make it happen. that's what this is about. >> why can't the different sides get along? you have doj, rod rosenstein threatening to, you know, subpoena and we are going to do this to you and threatening the house of representatives and then you the house republicans, you know, threatening doj and
1:53 am
the fbi, shouldn't they all be working together in the best interest or best interest of the people here in the united states? isn't that the bottom line and don't well deserve to know what's in these documents if there was in fact, no bias? >> well, the bottom line is trey gowdy is not acting in the interest of people. he's trying to create, manufacturing controversy that doesn't exist. they have been given every document they've asked for, what they want is some kind that can't happen because the oig, eryone that's looked at this said that there's nothing there. so this is an ongoing effort to create some type of hysteria against hillary clinton. she's not the president, the president is donald trump and she's being investigated by the department of justice for the crimes that he's potentially committed. so we need to let those investigations go forward. heat -- >> not the side show that there's something going around hillary clinton. heather: chris, final word. trey gowdy said himself that
1:54 am
they don't want drama, they want things done and get results, this is what this is about getting results. if everyone would cooperate and work together we wouldn't have hysteria going on today? heather: very good point. chris, mustafa, appreciate it. we will see what happens. we will be right back. stay with us ahh... summer is coming.
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become the first cancer patient to go to trial against chemical giant monsanto over 1,000 people are suing the company claiming that it's popular weed killer round-up gave themr. first case to go to trial because doctors say he's nearing death. round-up 20 to 30 times a year working as manager for county school system. shedding light over care of veterans receiving in nursing homes. statistics that have been hidden until now. out of 133va nursing homes, 60 with lowest rating. the va made ratings public in boston globe began asking questions. president trump has been calling for the release of the ratings an blame it is trump or the obama administration for keeping them secret. >> and finally, the good and the bad and the ugly, up first the good, 12 utah veterans getting
1:59 am
warm welcome home after honor flight to nation's capitol. orrin hatch touring with veterans during 3-day trip. it's always a good trip for them. up next, the bad actress sharing shocking video on special media of husband tesla model s bursting into flames. she says that it started out of the blue and the company calling extraordinarily unusual. five accidents involving tesla this year, three of those have been deadly. and the ugly finally, a man busted for making more than 1,000 fake returns to wal-marts all across the country. man was eventually caught in arizona trying to return a computer with missing parts. in 18 months he made $1.3 million in returns. that's a lot of money. that rap -- wraps up this hour of "fox & friends first", "fox & friends first" continues right
2:00 am
now. have a great day, bye bye. >> nobody likes policy. if democrats are serious, they will come together again. jillian: monday june 18th, fighting irresponsible media, kristin nileson railing against reporting of immigration, border battle that's taking shape in washington today. rob: hours from now doj watchdog and head of fbi will likely face angry lawmakers in what could be a heated senate hearing and now antitrump fbi agent peter strzok says he is ready to break his silence. jillian: soldier ret home surprising girlfriend in baseball but that's n the only surprise he had planned. "fox & friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪


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