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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  June 18, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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now. have a great day, bye bye. >> nobody likes policy. if democrats are serious, they will come together again. jillian: monday june 18th, fighting irresponsible media, kristin nileson railing against reporting of immigration, border battle that's taking shape in washington today. rob: hours from now doj watchdog and head of fbi will likely face angry lawmakers in what could be a heated senate hearing and now antitrump fbi agent peter strzok says he is ready to break his silence. jillian: soldier ret home surprising girlfriend in baseball but that's n the only surprise he had planned. "fox & friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪ rob: 5:01 a.m. in the east
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coast. it's going to be a hot one from what i heard. jillian: high 90's. rob: we are ready for it. we are in the ac, we will be okay, good morning, you're watching "fox & friends first", i'm rob schmitt. jillian: and i'm jillian mele. rob: doj inspector general and fbi director will likely be grilled over the clinton e-mail probe later today. >> and now antitrump fbi agent peter strzok says he's ready to testify too. griff jenkins live in waubdz as house lawmakers demand more documents on the probe, what's the latest, griff?
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>> good morning, guys, fallout is intensifying and inspector general will defend his findings as director wray is expect today defend credibility before senate judiciary committee this afternoon as president trump applies pressure on that fbi agent that claims he would stop him from taking office. the president tweeting, highest level of bias i have ever witnessed in any law enforcement officer, trey gowdy on peter strzok, they all worked for slippery james comey and comey is best friends with robert mueller, a real sick deal, isn't it, peter strzok is indicating that he would app attorney suing thi statement. peter strzok thinks position, character and inactions have been misrepresented and he wants an opportunity to remedy that but it's not a done deal, it's how house judiciary committee bob goodlatt says he will subpoena peter strzok if he won't voluntarily and messages concerns even democrats like
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adam schiff,. >> certainly the text messages are troubling, they were on work e-mail, commingled discussing business, all of that is problem -- problematic. losing patience.y says he is >> there's going to be action on the floor of the house if fbi and doj does not comply with request, we are going get compliance or the house of representatives is going to use its full arsenal of constitution weapons to gain compliance. griff: horowitz today and tomorrow we will see if peter strzok shows up. jillian: thank you very much, griff. president trump's attorney is now callinger inspector general report the lead up to robert mueller's appointment. rob: rudy giuliani says
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investigators were blasted during clinton investigation are now tainting the mueller probe. >> i'm saying the justice department should do it. i'm not really saying the special counsel, what led up to special counsel, i don't think mueller and his people need to investigated unless something comes out of that, remember, you have a bunch of odd things that led to the appointment, first, we have the russian probe that looks like it was rooted in and turning around the people investigating trump or hillary who had, i think, completely screwed up according according s report, second, russian probe which they make a priority. i think the independent -- the inspector general is begging to investigate it including being premised on comey's illegally leaked memo. rob: the president's counsel giuliani hooned on new message that they could keep president trump out of the white house.
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however, the inspector general found that no evidence -- found no evidence that their political bias impacted their actions. jillian: we are also learning peter strzok boss, director andrew mccabe used lisa page who had direct hand in clinton e-mail probe according to ig report. page was used to bypass chain of command so decisions could not be filtered by management. mccabe kept nainl roles despite upsetting officials. page brought issues to his attention that others did not. rob: now, fox news alert, at least 3 people are dead and hundreds more injured after a powerful earthquake rocks japan, the 6.1 magnitude quake rattling city, burst water mains, knocked down walls and started a number of fires, among the victims a 9-year-old girl who died when a wall crumbled on top of her.
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carjacker stopped by good guy with a gun, that victim now hospitalized in ctical condition, the by standard who shot and killed criminal is described a goo samaritan. jillian: we know now the person released from prison. >> are you all right? anybody hit? anybody hit over here? jillian: according to police, out on pa parole for homicide charges when he shot several people in new jersey, he was killed by police. another man was arrested on weapon's charges, police say the shooting was gang related. today the president with key senators about border security and house prepares to vote on
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two immigration bills this week, tensions rising over children being taken away from their parents but the head of homeland security says, quote, we do not have a policy of separating families at the border, period. steve, rob has the latest. >> members of congress conduct investigation, lawmakers visiting facility sunday housing illegals, some of the children among 2,000 kids separated from participants while trying to cross over. it's part of the trump's administration zero tolerance policy announced back in april, democratic lawmakers say breaking up families is cruel and unnecessary in. >> the zero tolerance policy means zero humanity and makes zero sense. >> the administration argues it's trying to deter future illegal border crossings adding the separation of family is result of existing law. nobody wan to be ripped from their mother's arms or
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mother's wombs frankly. we have to make sure laws are understood. >> the president could change policy today, he could change it right now. >> border patrol itself is even weighing in pointing out the separations are consistent with how the u.s. handles plenty of unrelated cases. >> that's no different from a states citizen parent that is going through a judicial process prosecuted for violing the law and separated from his or her children. >> border patrol the kids are getting cad for provided with hot meals and medical services, the u.s. house expect today vote on package this is week. they will include border funding and restructuring of several visa programs. steve, fox news. rob: secretary of state mike pompeo making first public appearance since returning from south korea and china today. pompeo will speak at the detroit economic club about america's
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economic revival and returned to states last week after discussing the north korea summit in singapore with neighbors of the north korean regime. jillian: u.s. and south korea expected to announce the end of joint military drills next week. south korean media reports it will not affect routine training, they will restart drills of north korea breaks promise of denuclearization. president trump pledged to end so-called war games after his summit with kim jong un. rob: all right, it's t u.s. open repeat for brooks koepka. jillian: first back to back open champ in 29 years. [cheers and applause] jillian: finishing 1 over par in new york. rob: tough course. the last man to accomplish this of back to back was curtis strange, seen interviewing koepka for fox after the big win. jillian: that's cool. rob: that is cool.
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talk about strange like kopka strange repeated at the open on course here in new york, to top it off the wins mark both of their second ever major viories. two in a row. i was out there on friday. it's a very, very tricky golf course out there in south hampton. doesn't look easy. a lot of wind and those greens are like ice. a lot of people were complaining, they said it was ridiculous what the u.s. ga and pga did this year. they said it was outrageous the conditions. a lot of players were angry. jillian: ten minutes after the hour, the left making border separation rally and cry but with so much focused on the border, what about parents who lost their kids at the hands of illegals? her son would still be alive if our lawmakers would enforce the safety and security of our citizens. she joins us live next rob: the united states isn't the only country dealing with open-border crisis, the european migrant problem that could cost german
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chancellor an intlee merkel her job. jillian: and the out of control truck that went airborne over a busy highway, you have to see this. how do you win at business?
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at bp, everyone on an offshore rig depends on one another. that's why entire teams train together in simulators, to know exactly what to do before they have to do it. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better. rob: president trump meeting with republican senators today in a major push to fund the border wall. this comes as the left makes border separation their new rallying cry. jillian: with so much the border, wh about the parents who lost children at the hands of illegal immigrants. thank you for joining us this morning. for those who don't know, would you mind telling us what happened to your son? >> dominic was 30 year's old. my only child and he worked at the 911 dispatch center in river side california and on his way to work at 5:45 in the morning
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on july 12th, 2012 when and illegal alien, criminal, two felonies, one deportation took unregistered an unsured truck and turned it in front of my son and hit him so hard that it killed him instantly. rob: there seems to be concern from democrats regarding the treatment of people coming into the country illegally once they get here and the separation policy. do you they they are overly concerned about these people? >> they are faking it and i'm highly offended because all americans and all legal immigrants that would commit a crime would be separated from their children temporarily while there are thousands of americans that have been permanently forever separated. i have my son's ashes right
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behind me. that's what i have left. >> president trump sent out tweet on friday, reads, quote, the democrats are forcing the break up of families at border with cruel legislative agenda, immigration bill must have full funding for the wal end catch and release, visa lottery and chain, go f it, when, do you agree with what the president is trying to accomplish? >> i agree and i hope he takes amnesty off the table and he adds the birthright, ending the birth-right citizenship. it has to stop all the magnets that bring people here and put children in danger and that's what the democrats need to put their effort in. they need to tell these people, don't come. don't bring kids, don't let your kids be used by cartels and don't break the law and you won't be separated from your
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child. rob: the president has said, the president's wife has said, daughter has s and even kellyanne conway said they don't like the idea of separating kids at the border and put up information now, almost 2,000 children have been separated from parents after they illegally crossed to come into the country at this time. the president says this is a negotiating tactic that he needed to do this to force democrats to come to to the tabe and do something about illegal immigration in the country. there are moderate democrats that say we do have to fix the problem, we can't have illegal immigrants pouring into the country, do you think this is agenda item of far-left activists within the democratic party? >> i believe so. they are using this so grand stand. i wish they would take their time and worry about 1.6 homeless children and veterans in and out the street because they would love to be in one of those detension centers for a week that would be a vacation
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for them. they are using them for the future voters, they are using this like a red bouncing ball to distract from other things and they need to get behind american citizens and not illegal aliens. jillian: thank you for your time and we are sorry for your loss. thank you for joining us. >> thank you so much, thank you for having me. 18 minutes after the hour, take a lo at this, democrats pushing their way into an immigration center. >> what we are doing as a nation inflicting enormous harm on these kids and on the parents. this is a choice that the trump administration has made. it is inhumane. >> the group of angry liberal lawmakers who think they are above the law. rob: superman hanging up cape for a bat after cane joining heros, police officers, what inspired him to help men and women in blue
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jillian: good morning and welcome back, five illegal immigrants are killed trying to outrun border patrol agents, 12 people ejected in rollover crash near tex-mex border. the chase reaching speeds of up to 100 miles an hour. officials demanding tighter border security following the crash. >> every day my deputies are getting into pursuits. i think we need more patrol. we need -- i think we need a wall in my opinion. jillian: driver u.s. citizen is under arrest. rob: democrat lawmaker show up unannounced and demand to be led into immigration detention
2:23 am
center. >> get the supervisor. >> we are entitled to come in and visit. rob: they pulled it off, they were granted access to facility in the state of new jersey. several speaking out about the practice of separating illegal immigrant border crossers at the border. >> and this administration is behaving like a bunch of thugs and gangsters, that we will not stand for and the american people should not stand for. rob: white house says it will not unilaterally end practice of separating illegal families and they blame democrats for refusing to negotiate new immigration laws. jillian: fox business alert, urgent recall on your favorite cereal this morning. rob: that's not my favorite cereal. jillian: that was one of mine. who told you that? tracee carrasco from sister network fox business is here with actually pretty serious
2:24 am
story, has gotten a lot of people sick, right? >> fda is expanding recall and now advising not to eat honey snack cereal at all. previously said they it was a certain size or certain date, you could still eat it, now they are saying don't eat it at all because of the potential of causing call monoela. 31 people, 2 people have been hospitalized. thankfully there have been no ause of this. the fda has investigated the facility where the cereal is manufactured, but just get rid of it, don't eat it. jillian: i was 10 year's old when we ate those, yes. rob will be taco bell has a new
2:25 am
drink. tracee: just in time for the summer, watermelon freeze, not only does it taste like watermelon, it looks like it too. bright pink and it has black candy like seeds, green straw for the water mel oan but the drink does come with warning. taco bell says not advisable for kids under age of 4 because of choking hazard. jillian: interesting. rob: 25 minutes after the hour gearing up for fireworks on capitol hill just hours from now the doj watchdog and head of the fbi will face possibly some very angry lawmakers in a heated senate hearing and former u.s. congressman jason chaffetz to answer questions about this. for now he will tell us about what is going to happen. good morning.
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>> thanks, obama. thanks, obama. jillian: obama's new presidential library. stay right there.
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jillian: good morning and welcome back, doj michael horowitz and christopher wray are set for showdown on hillary clinton e-mail probe. rob: what can we expect today? juice oversight committee chairman and fox news contributor jason chaffetz. so we are going to get horowitz, we will hear from him today and there's been a lot of criticism of some of the findings to have report. >> this is 562 pages of descriptions of animus towards, you know, approach that they took. look, michael her wits has gotten closer to the truth, he extracted all of these text messages and emails but there's still a lot to learn.
2:30 am
when you have ig answer questions, talk about what steps to go next then you will eliminate a lot of things and the fbi director being there is going to take a lot of criticism, why did these people still have security clearances, when did they actually know that these things were problems and why don't they turn over documents that the rest are looking for, why don't they make the sameocuments available to ig, why won't they also show them to congress? >> we saw new text messages and one dated august where lisa payment says, trump is never going to become president, right, right? and peter strzok says no, he won't, we will stop it. peter strzok says reportedly that he's ready to testify, that's fascinating, what would you expect to hear from him? >> members of copying have been trying to get at him for months and months. i think he knows at this point that there are have been a lot of determinations and e --
2:31 am
illumination as to what he was saying behind the scenes. it's not just one text, there aretrings of texts out there. this person in charge of counterintelligence and texting these types of things. jillian: how is hexpecting to defend himself in. >> it'll be interesting to see if he follows up on that. congress will want to bring him in for classified briefing but also to bring him out before the united states of america and have this public hearing, but he's not the only one, there are other names out there that were in the inspector general report and the other thing that will come out today a senator will ask him to unmask the names of the fbi agents and attorneys that are in the report but we don't know who they are yet. peter strzos not even asking for immunity. he seems pretty confident. >> hey, bring it on. rob: there's one part of this that a lot of people can't wrap their minds around, you have christopher wray, rod
2:32 am
rosenstein, you even have jeff sessions, one of the president's earliest and biggest supporters standing behind the fbi that there was no bias and this is being b of proportion for political reasons, that's tough to get around if you're the president, sessions is his guy? >> i think the president has wants to see this thing and the other thing happening, play out by wednesday of this week, you have devin nunes and trey gowdy insisting that if they don't turn over documents, they will have to probably hold him in contempt and if not take some other constitutional remedies is the word and phrase that they use in order to compel his testimony to come out and they're going to demand that these people be prosecuted. we are talking about rosenstein and sessions, why won't they turn these documents over. jillian: you just mentioned ago christopher wray defending fbi, extremely defensive, look, there
2:33 am
are thousands of agents that are doing jobs on a daily basis, yes, they are fair. when you have what's been going on at the top, that's inexcusable in a lot of people's opinion, you have them saying that they will do new training at the top. what do you expect to hear from him today, do you expect him to come out tougher than last week? >> i don't think the senators will let him set back and just say, hey, there's going to be new training because it's not the ranking file that's been the problem, you the senior most that don't allow congress to do their oversight jobs and responsibilities, remember that text you put up, oh, you know, can become president. that was redacted. ths no classified intelligence there. there's nothing of national security, embarrassing, illuminating the bias that was inject intoed this and if you gien -- dwien that with the second phase, horowitz did investigation of e-mail probe but now also doing investigation into the potential fisa abuse going into a court and trying to
2:34 am
get a, you know, warrant to be able to surveil somebody and there's a lot of questions about that and the russia probe. those same characters that showed their animus in the clinton e-mail probe, there was no serious investigation to hillary clinton's e-mail. rob: we do have a second topic here. separation of families at the border, there's been a lot of hoopla around this and images of kids being taken away from parents. the administration coming back and saying a lot has been fake news, a lot of people spreading the news that is happening to anybody across the border, we learned that's not the case, only for illegal crossers. if you're coming here the right way, you don't get separated from families, what do you think of this? >> nobody wants to see kids separated from families. i mean, that's horrific. but they act as if this is something new that donald trump thrust into the equation. that's absolutely not true. first of all -- rob: isn't it a policy that started in april?
2:35 am
>> if you want to claim asylum you can go into united states embassy of country of origin. listen to what the homeland security is saying go, to port of entry and claim asylum. it's the people that are going in between that are trying to cross the border and you know what -- rob: that's where the po comes in at separation. >> don't pretend that every one of the kids is matched up with mom or dad. that is not the case, you have way too many people that are used as drug mules and others that are being pushed and thrust across the border, you 14, 15-year-old kids that are exploited to make drug runs, again, you have to take every case individually, but, yeah, if you have a 4 or 5-year-old kid, of course, you want to be close proximity to the mom as you possibly can but there's awful a lot of human trafficking that's also going down on that border. don't be naive to that. jillian: thank you for joining
2:36 am
us, appreciate it. rob: angela merkel's political career hang lg over migration, giving two weeks to end the open-bder policy and turn away refugees that are already seeking asylum elsewhere, if merkel cannot get european suppor for this, the minister will carry out the orders himself, messy situation in europe rht. the move could collapse angela merkel's government. attorney general jeff sessions speaking at national sheriff's association annual conference, expect today address key law enforcement issues and immigration, sessions will be joined by department of homeland security kirstjen nielsen and house minority whip, house majority whip steve scalise at the event new orleans. jillian: in washington president will outline plan for winning frontier, the president delivering keynote address at national space council meeting which is intend today boost momentum in space exploration in private and public sectors.
2:37 am
in december the president signed ordered directing nasa to send humans back to the moon. rob: all right, heavy rain triggering massive flash floods, a lot of water in the midwest. jillian: roads completely washed out in michigan where people were told to shelter in place. rob: and in birmingham, alabama, streets, look at this, turning into rivers. wow. jillian: janice dean is tracking it all, what are we in store, janice? janice: you like it hot because it's happening for today and tomorrow and we will break the heat a little bit in the northeast. look at the temperatures, well into the 90's for new york and dc and chicago and st. louis whether he recollects hang onto heat across midwest but for northeast sharely short lived. heat advisories for millions, make sure you are taking care of kids and pets and bring them in air-conditioning, hydrate, hydrate. lots of moisture on the screen across the midwest, great lakes
2:38 am
and texas, we are going to be dealing with potential for heavy rain across portions of the golf coast states, there's severe threat today from midwest to great lakes, interior northeast as well as new england. we could see large hail and damaging winds, isolated tornadoes and watching tropical moisture moving into texas, parts of louisiana as well in the next couple of days, i don't think will be named storm or depression but will bring awful lot of moisture. forecast today across the northern rockies, we could see scattered showers and thunderstorms across great lakes and potential for more heavy rain across the gulf coast and it will be hot today in new york city. jillian: yes, it will be. janice: be prepared. jillian: 38 minutes after the hour, actor robert de niro has made it clear that he does not support the president. >> of course, i want to punch him in the face. >> right. [cheers and applause] >> yes. jillian: how one voter is firing back at liberal hollywood with a message of his own.
2:39 am
rob: firing back at fake news kristin nilsson against recent reporting of u.s. border policy. carley shimkus is here trying to set the record straight, hi, carley and keeps it there longer with lock-in moisture technology skin is petal smooth after all, a cleanser's just a cleanser unless it's olay.
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jillian: quote, fighting irresponsible media, dhs secretary kirstjen nielsen railing against the recent immigration reporting she's saying there's no policy separating families. rob: carley shimkus with fox news headlines 24/7 siriusxm 115 is here now with how she's firing back at confusing story with everything going on. carley: she's essentially pushing back on criticism surrounding the trump administration's zero tolerance policy. let's get to what she has to say, she tweeted misreporting by members, press and advocacy groups must stop, it's
2:43 am
irresponsible and unproductive, she goes onto say, we do not have a policy of separating families at the border, period. for those seeking asylum at ports of entry we have continued the policy from previous administrations and we will only separate if the children is in danger, there's no custodial between relationship between family members or if the adults have broken a law. she's trying to set the record straight here and folks on social media agree with her, glen says, if they didn't break the law, they wouldn't get arrested. if they tried to enter the correct way and go plus proper processions they wouldn't have the issue. john al says, stay tough secretary and steve also says, somehow is our fault if people did not try to enter the country illegally we would not have the conversation. there's a whole lot of outrage over the policy, some calling cruel and unnecessary including former first lady laura bush who wrote op-ed criticizing it. jillian: seems like what she's saying, they're just following policy that was in place that
2:44 am
the trump administration does not have its own new policy. rob: expanded it and made it zero tolerance and if you go to proper ports of entry, seek will not get separated from families. jillian: dean payne will become a police officer? carley: sworn in as reserve officer in idaho, he tweeted about it. it's in a reserve capacity but i love helping kids an having huge respects and appreciation for law enforcement officers, a lot of folks on social media talking, it's in a reserve capacity but also says congratulations, these kids are truly blessed to have such a wonderful mentor on the task force. another twitter user named amy coming in and said, man f he pulled me over i would write my own ticket and ask him to sign it. that could be a possibility. jillian: friend of the show. nice guy. carley: kind of what shaquil
2:45 am
o'neil did. rob: ivanka trump to california with kevin mccarthy. jillian: tha debate is coming your way next. bp is taking safety to new heights. using drones and robots offshore so engineers can stop potential problems before they start.
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steve: coming in "fox & friends" in 11 and a half minutes we will have guest hogan, white house press secretary, we will be talking about immigration showdown in dc. also alan dershowitz, one of the love birds peter strzok is willing to testify before congress. he does not want immunity. he will not have to be subpoenaed, the question is ulepeak as early as tomorrow.
2:49 am
also jonathan turley, law professor talks about doj's inspector general report is out and the inspector general and the fbi director are going to sit down before the senate judiciary committee later today and you know what, there could be some fireworks and so we have dan bongino, he will say that trey gowdy is going to -- was quoted as yesterday as saying that the republicans will hit fbi and doj with the, quote, full arsenal of constitutional weapons at their disposal unless they start coughing up those documents that they've been looking for. anyway, busy 3 hours, kicks off just about 10 minutes, rob, right here on the channel everybody trusts for their morning news. rob: that's right, steve, what did you get for father's day, any big present in. >> my son gave me a box of john roberts business cards. i have been circulating with those over the weekend. rob: heck of a weekend. lovely family, they must love
2:50 am
you very much. [laughter] rob: president trump supporter disrupting robert de niro broadway play wit keep america great flag, this is what happened during curtain call in bronx, the man escorted out of the theater, de niro also starred in that film many years ago, just last week, de niro was credit sighed for profane remarks aimed at the president at the tony awards. taxpayers being force today pay up to fund former president obama's presidential library. the state of illinois approving nearly 200 million bucks of taxpayer funds for infrastructure projects near the new center in chicago, the project anticipated to cost more than a half billion dollars in total, it cost $250 million t build the george w. bush presidential center in dallas, texas, the jfk library reportedly cost $20.8 million, jillian. jillian: protect the house, ivanka trump said to headline
2:51 am
multiple fundraisers this signaling the administration's priority to help republicans maintain seats in left-leaning state. here now to debate it is democratic strategists jill and conservative millennial, thank you for joining us this morning. joel, i will start with you, what do you think it means that ivanka trump is going out there to california? >> i'm not sure, it's actually a very good question. i don't think of ivanka trump as much of a person that's going to whip up the conservative base out there on the campaign trail, but obviously they feel that's what's going to help push them over the edge. i will say this, what i would do if i was republicans with less worry about who is going to headline fundraisers and try to do things like coming up with a policy that most californians might support, you look at the immigration policy, i can't imagine that's too popular out there in california where you have a diverse population and you've got an administration that's actually separating families at the border.
2:52 am
so i would focus on that as oppose to having ivanka trump headlining fundraisers. >> we did talk about immigration policy moments ago, do you agree with what he had to say? >> well, i think it shows that the republican party is taking california seriously despite the fact that the blue wave that california expected to have in the primaries is really nothing more than a ripple. we have been hearing for months how california is the path for victory for house democrats and that just doesn't look like it's going to be the case, however, i commend kevin mccarthy and republican party taking it seriously and doing what they can to solidify the seats and even possibly to win seats in orange county, it's what we need to do. jillian: you mention it's a ripple, joel, do you agree or disagree with that? >> listen, november is a long time away, anyone who could sit here and try to characterize what will happen then, i wouldn't quite do that. i have seen congressional races
2:53 am
turned within the last 3 months. i'm certainly going to be watching as anybody else would, but i would say this, democrats have performed very well in special elections, republicans are up against the wall to defend unpopular president particularly in a place like california. look at across the country in places like pennsylvania as well, the president is up against the wall and republicans and that's why you have seen record number of republicans retiring around the country because they don't want to defend the president and the administration's policies. jillian: go ahead. >> actually the president has -- the president has gotten more and more popular especially as the economy is booming and so that's one of the problems that democrats fe, are people who uld may vote democra going to say, hey, the economy is doing pretty well, i'm doing pretty well in particular california where budget was approved to keep gas tax still high despite the fact that there's a surplus in the state. i think taxpayers are going to look at that, look at president trump's policies and say, hey, we are doing pretty well.
2:54 am
i'd rather go that direction than in the jerry brown direction. jillian: let's take a look at republicans an democrats, 39 democrats and 14 republicans in the house. that's a pretty low number in comparison. what do republicans need to do to flip some of those seats? >> yeah, i mean, they have -- they do have a difficult road ahead of them. i'm not going to say it's necessarily going to be easy to keep the house come november. what they do is they have to get better on messaging. we heard secretary nileson have to defend the so-called trump policy of separating families. republicansrepublicans have to n front he policies and make sure that they communicate that we are the ones that are profamily, we are the ones t are proempowerment, proquality. >> profamily? >> exactly. we are -- >> what? >> we are the prowoman party. >> you have the profamily party? >> yes, absolutely.
2:55 am
we are against -- >> are you really? why does your president and why does this administration believe it's appropriate to tear families apart at the border? you're not profamily. profamy.efinition are not [inaudible] >> secretary is lying and the president is lying. >> i certainly don't support -- jillian: guys, we do have to go. we did have -- >> yeah, that was a lie. >> exactly. jillian: are enforcing t policy that was in place. we will leave it there with what kristin nilsson had to say. >> thank you. >> we will be right back.
2:56 am
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with prebiotics and probiotics to help support digestive health. rob: time for the good, the bad and the ugly. first the good. a soldier shocks his girlfriend returning home from baseball game and drops the knee for bigger surprise. saying yes. he had spent a year away from home including nine months in syria. jillian: next the bad. who has been ripping out veterans graves it turns out the wood chuck, the veteran first tipped off after finding a hole pieces of the flag. she saw the rodent with her own eyes. rob: that's finally. finally the ugly.
3:00 am
driver loses control of a truck seconding it soaring into the other side of a busy road. wow, truck landing on three cars in australia. two women seriously hurt. the driver has not been charged. jillian: have a good day. ♪ ♪ >> the president senators about border security as the house prepares to vote on two immigration bills this week. >> democratic lawmakers say breaking up families is cruel and unnecessary. >> the zero tolerance policy means zero humanity and it makes no zero sense. >> the doj, inspector general, and fbi director will be grilled over the clinton email probe today. and now, anti-trump fbi agent peter strzok says he is ready to testify, too. >> there is going to be action on the floor of the house this week if the fbi and doj do not comply with our subpoena requests. >> angela merkel's political career now hanging in


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