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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  June 18, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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driver loses control of a truck seconding it soaring into the other side of a busy road. wow, truck landing on three cars in australia. two women seriously hurt. the driver has not been charged. jillian: have a good day. ♪ ♪ >> the president senators about border security as the house prepares to vote on two immigration bills this week. >> democratic lawmakers say breaking up families is cruel and unnecessary. >> the zero tolerance policy means zero humanity and it makes no zero sense. >> the doj, inspector general, and fbi director will be grilled over the clinton email probe today. and now, anti-trump fbi agent peter strzok says he is ready to testify, too. >> there is going to be action on the floor of the house this week if the fbi and doj do not comply with our subpoena requests. >> angela merkel's political career now hanging in the
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balance over migration in europe. the interior minister giving her two weeks to end the open border policy. [cheers] what you a finish by brooks prescott. ♪ more than a feeling ♪ more than a feeling ♪ brian: new song from boston out today. ainsley: never heard that song. i think it's going to be a good one. steve: it's more than a feeling. brian: more than a song. ainsley: play it. and in four minutes we will tell you how it ends. brian: steve, great job on friday. ainsley: awesome interview. steve: we did not know the president was going to come out. apparently halfway through the show he saw us on tv come out and yelled at us to get off the lawn. ainsley: he tweeted out i know "fox & friends" is out there. steve is out there. i might go out and say hi to
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him. and then 30 minutes later is he out there with you and talked but to 30 minutes. steve: it was extraordinary. it goes to show you the power of the presidential tweet. because as soon as it went out. i was talking to the producer gavin. did you see the tweet i said nope i looked. i read it and i looked right over there. and the reporters were starting to gather. there were some guys over here. cnn crews. all those crews were starting to pull their cameras out so they could get a shot if he did come over. mr. president, thank very much. it was a great interview. brian: also reminds me of why the president won the election. he was available. he was available to answer all questions. the whole russia thing and lawyers right pull back, you don't want to get yourself in trouble after the les err holt. now he feels like i'm doing it anyway. nothing happened. i'm talking to people. i'm my best spokesperson for my policies. steve: he proved that on
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friday. he talked to us for half an hour. as he was going back to the white house he talked to the press corps for 18 minutes. over 45 minutes the press of the united states got a lot of answers to some questions they have had about all sorts of things, including immigration. ainsley: today is he going to be talking to senators. tomorrow he is going to be talking to house republicans about this immigration debate because it's firing up again this week. brian: got two policies. two programs out there that the president says he will support both of them. one more moderate. one is the goodlatte bill which has been out there for a while. whatever passes the house he says he wil support. if he puts his weight behind it might get to the senate. might get to his desk. in it you have about 1.8 million potential daca kids who are young adults in many cases get their pathway. 25 billion for the wall and the end of the lottery system. he might not get chain migration. we will receive about it part of the negotiation. the biggest story is in my humble opinion because the ig report was so devastating to the russia collusion, so
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supportive of the president's thought that there were forces against him. because the north korea summit put a lookout of the skeptics to bed. they had to reach for something else. and they found it with the so-called separation of kids and parents from their families at the border. steve: right. this is a policy that has been the law of the land of the united states of america for many years. they did it during the obama years as well. but the democrats have seized on it they took a tour of an immigration facility over the weekend. and the sound bites from the democrats emerging, as you would expect. listen. >> the zero tolerance policy means zero humanity and it makes zero sense. >> it's a disgrace. it's shameful. and it's unamerican. >> this is a choice that the trump administration has made. it is inhuman. it is cruel. >> president trump cease and desist because you are moving the arc of justice to
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the heap of despair. >> that is appalling and unamerican. ainsley: it's terrible to see those images, of course. no one wants to see parents. and if you are a parent could you imagine. you don't wanting to see these images. what's the solution? that's why the presint is talking with these lawmakers trying to figure out if we build the wall. maybe they wouldn't come in and do it the right w come in at checks points. they can seek asylum if they live in a dangerous area. steve: president made it clear on friday if you don't like that policy, change the law. the way it is variety now. it's pretty clear if you come into the country illegally with children, they will separate you because you are about to go through criminal proceedings. however, if you knock on the door and say i'm here with my family or these children to seek asylum, you will not be separated from the children. it's just the way it works. brian: some are brought here -- some came by themselves unaccompanied minors which you saw five years ago. others are here with coyotes, escorts there. paid toes court kids across.
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of course you are going to separate them. others are there with parents. meanwhile it's forcing some type of action. ben dominique married to meghan mccain, with the federalist, was on face the nation yesterday. said, listen, we know this issue of separating women from their kids is a problem. but, look at the big picture. >> focus on these kids while i certainly understand it from a media perspective is ignoring what is really driving these factors. wife do we have a 200 percent year over year increase in the number of people coming across? why do we have the biggest between february and march we have seen since 2011. the answer is the mexican cartels use migrants as essentially you a distraction to clog systems able to funnel things across the border. last week we saw two more political candidates in mexico murdered in broad daylight. brian: 180 politicians killed. we're getting dangerous in mexico.
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i'm not reading the mexican newspaper. steve can translate for me i took german in school. i'm kind of hamstrung. close to being a failed state. mexico fails, absolute mess; run by illegal drug car telephones. that's causing the surge at the border. border patrol is empowered to keep our border safe for americans. that is their focus. steve: it's become a political issue on this side. seems to be democrats against republicans regarding. this and this is why the secretary of homeland security came out with a series of tweets to try to clarify. ainsley: she says this misreporting by members, press and advocacy groups must stop. it's irresponsible and unproductive. if you are seeking asylum for your family there is no reason to break the law and illegally cross between ports of entry. you are not breaking the laugh by seeking asylum at a rt of entry. we do not have a policy of separating families at the border period. for those seeking asylum at ports of entry we have continued the policy from previous administrations and will only sepe if the child is in danger. there is no custodial
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relationship between family members, or if the adult has broken a law. steve: i was looking online this morning, and rich lowry wrote a topic for the national review where he explained. evidence said separation happens only if officials find the adult is falsely claiming to be the parent is a threat to the child. or is put into criminal proceedings. in other words, if somebody controls into the country illegally, breaks into the country, you are breaking the law, so you will -- you are headed for court. no warm in the united states are children kept with somebody who is being, you know, remanded boot marshals. if you went out and you robbed a bank, and you have got your kid in the car when they catch you. ainsley: you are going to be separated. you are getting arrested. steve: exactly. that's exactly how they treat the kids in this case. so, anyway, just trying to separate fact from friction on a very hot topic. brian: why rich lowry has to write about that and administration elaborate
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about that succinctly and directly is beyond me. kirstjen nielsen's tweets help but i think they have got to go out and get in fropghts of this. meanwhile the other big story happening on capitol hill today and tomorrow. michael horowitz released a 500 plus page report. now he has to answer questions in front of the senate judiciary committee along with chris wray who had an embarrassing press conference defending the attorney general last week. they have to expand on it and get direct questions. i would hope democrats are almost as outraged as republicans about the sentiment expressed in a lot of the -- that document about what was going in 2016 with the fbi behind the scenes. ainsley: also, the lawyer of peter strzok, he sent a letter to bob goodlatte. he says he is going to testify that peter strzok is willing to testify before the hse judiciary committee. he says he has been fully cooperative. he wants a chance to clear his name and tell his story, his character and actions have been misrepresented, he says. steve: sure, expect some
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fireworks. not only with wray and also the inspector general, but if that guy, peter strzok shows up, you can just imagine what the questions are going to be like. you know, when you and lisa page, your lover, were exchanging texts talking about how we will stop him regarding donald trump, or wh referre to h as an idiot or loathe some or a menace or a disaster. how did you feel you were a fair and impartial arbiter of what the truth was? meanwhile, have you got the president of the united states, he was tweeting. this why was the fbi's sick loser, peter strzok, that's his nickname for him now, working on the totally discredited mueller team of 13 angry and conflicted democrats when strzok was giving crooked hillary a free pass yet telling his lover, lawyer lisa page that we'll stop trump from becoming president. witch huntington. brian: we don't know what the insurance policy was. just in case trump won. and we don't know what the plan was to stop president trump.
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after he won. for some reason, that wasn't covered in the report. they said they didn't see any bias affecting the -- suspend disbelief. steve: i'm sure when asked what was the insurance policy, he will have the answer and it will not sound criminal. brian: i'm sure. he has had a lot of time to think about it. also unnamed people, at least three unnamed people saying things just as abhorrent. let's get their names. steve: five people have been referred for potential criminal activity. anyway, a busy monday. thank you very much for ining us. we turn now to jill who who has a fox news alert. jillian: let's get you caught up on fox news alert. three people are dead and hundreds more injuredfter a powerful earthquake rocks japan. 6.1 magnitude quake rattling the city osaka, bursting water manes knocking down walls and setting fires. a concrete wall fell on a 9-year-old and she died when it fell on top of her: we
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now know the gunman accused of opening fire at jersey arts festival was just released from prison. >> he was out on parole on homicide charges when he shot several people in a gang-related dispute. democratic governor phil murphy responding tweeting in part, quote: we cannot let gun violence tear us apart. these are not inappropriate times to talk about gun policy. these are the most important times to talk about gun policy. the u.s. and south korea expected to announce the joints military drills next week. south korean media reports it will not effect routine training. they will restart the drills if north korea breaks its promise of denuclearization. president trump pledged to end so-called war games after his summit with kim jong un. that's two for the brooks, as the first back-to-back open champ in 29 years.
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keep can a finishing one over par. the last man to accomplish the feat -- the wins marked both of their second ever major victories. talk about a lot in common. brian: the course was too tough it destroyed everybody. the numbers were terrible. so the best golfers in the world. steve: i don't know that phil mickelson is going to be going back. brian: he will be going back. ainsley: what do we know about him where he is from and where he went to college? steve: i believe down in florida. lives down there right now. congratulations. some critics comparing those immigrant shelters on the border to concentration camps. our first guest got a firsthand look and say they couldn't be more wrong. he will take us inside next. brian: our man started shooting in a walmart parking lot.
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worssevere stomach painpain; shortnesor tenderness;iarrhea; severe nausea or vomiting; extreme fatigue; constipation; excessive thirst or urine; swollen ankles; loss of appetite; rash; itching; headache; confusion; hallucinations; muscle or joint pain; flushing; fever; or weakness, as this may keep these problems from becoming more serious. these e not all the possible side effect of opdivo. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions, including immune system problems, or if you've had an organ transplant, or lung, breathing, or liver problems. a chance to live longer. because who wouldn't want...that? ask your doctor about opdivo. thank you to all involved in opdivo clinical trials. san antonio steve there has been a lot of minformation surrounding president trump's shelters for migrant children at the border. what are they really like? joel pollock is the senior editor-at-la for breitbart news. and he got a first-hand look
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at one and joins us now from l.a. joel, good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: you went to a facility about a half an hour from the border in elkahone california. what's your impression from inside one of the shelters. >> the most amazing thing for me when i arrived there i arrived with an open mind. i felt i had to see it for myself. was the care of the staff who works there. they have doctors and psycholosts and trained social workers and adminirators. all of them want to hel these children. often kids come there without any knowledge of basic hygiene. they come from. so poorest places in central america. the staff there give them toiletries, they give them new clothes. they sometimes have to teach them how to shower. how to use a flush toilet. they give them an education. this is a place where they have the welfare of the kids at place. they com there from border patrol facilities. difficult situation. the goal is to ring that reunion bell that sits at the front of the facility.
3:19 am
every time a child rings that bell they are reuniting a family with a family or sponsor. everybody wants to get to that point. it not about politics. it's just about caring for the kids. stev reason they are taking from the adults is becahe adults hav broken the law. if you have come into the country seeking asylum, you are not separated. one of the very incendiary terms is that inside these things are cages. and i have seen some of the images and there are some chain link fences is it appropriate to call them cages? >> what those images are describing the temporary detention facilities at the border patrol. the border patrol often rescues these familfrom the backs of trucks from, from gang land safe houses from the middle of the desert where they could be dying of dehydration. brings them there. have to separate children from adults. they don't know if the adults are their parents. they can't put people together in one common space. this is what they do there.
3:20 am
those kids are there for a few hours, maybe. a day or two at most. then they are transferred to the shelter where they are cared for. those border patrol facilities are not ideal. but they do receive medical attention. they receive food. they receive some kind of shelter, which is better than what they had on the long arrested yu arduous and ofn dangerous trek south america to the border. steve: joel pollack, thank you for telling us what it's like inside because we have heard disturbing descriptions over the last week or so and now we have a better idea. thank you for joining us from l.a. >> you are welcome. steve: what do you think about that. email us at angela merkel opened country open arms. this morning that move can actually cost her her job. plus the obamas are getting ready for next big netflix debut. next guest has a few suggestions for tv shows they could create like the
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asylum elsewhere. the minister says he will do it himself. the move could clasp merkel's governmen the cry behind the anti-trump dossier will be in the hot seat. christopher steele will be. part of the civil suit filed by russian technology executive against buzzfd
3:25 am
which published that verified report. brian in. brian: all right. now that the ink has dried on president obama's mega deal with netflix. next guest has programming ideas to are the hollywood debut. what kind of stories can we expect from the couple's eight years in office? here are some ideas michael levin. deal comes down, over 100 million subscribers the president could make some real impact. what are some of the titles? >> sure, the first thing is if you are obama. the easy thing is to get the deal. the hard thing is how do you transform your presidency into must-see tv. so, one of the stories -- and when something is based on a true story, that's hollywood gold. i thought why not do something like take a bow, mr. president. this is where he goal around the world in the style of the late great anthony bourdain and he goal to -- not go to restaurants, instead he will go to foreign dictators, despots, hereditary rulers and take deep bows to them he's did
3:26 am
in his first year with the emperor of japan. brian: i'm not sure is he going to do it. you say the very, very very thin line. >> that's right. this is sort of a tragic story about the middle east where he tells assad no more chemical weapons on your people. assad does it anyway. and obama basically says oh, it's okay. it's sort of house of cards meets schindler list. very high concept. brian: we will see how that lasts. the little library on the prairie? >> this is the heart warming story of a president who builds a large monument to himself in the shape of a library. presidential library. the only problem is that he builds it in a neighborhood in the south side of chicago where the rents go up so much that the neighborhood gentrifies, the poor people have to leave. fiddler on the roof meets boy in the hood. i don't know how long that will last either. brian: we will see if they get it done. santa obama coming to town. >> this is heart warming christmas story about how the president takes much of the $700 billion of tarp
3:27 am
money back in 2009 and gives it to the government employee pension funds as a way of thanking those folks for helping him get elected. the people on wall street who cost millions of americans their homes, their live live hoods, they walk scott-free and instead obama gives the american public a lump of cool. brian: these ideas are not going to give you the rights to his life story. and wheelbarrow of fortune. >> wheelbarrow of fortune highly dramatic. here have you usama bin laden treasury employees to push $100 bills in wheels boroughs treasury building to the air force base air lifted 1.7 billion in cash to the iranians to thank them for signing onto the iranian nuclear weapons deal. this way the money is actually seen by taxpayers on the way to andrews instead of the whole thing happening in the dead of night without any congressional oversight. which is how the whole thing really went down. i think that's must-viewing, brian.
3:28 am
what do you think? brian: we have to see. we will put it up to our viewers and see if they have i will different titles. michael levin, just having fun. thank you so much. >> thanks for having me. brian: 27 minutes after the hour. congressman gowdy send ago warning to the doj and fbi. >> we're going to get compliance or the house of representatives is going to use its full arsenal of constitutional weapons to gain compliance. brian: dan ino says gowdy should fire away. he's up next. the "new york times" planning presidenplanblaming prr the world's economic problems. where is the headlines about the booming economy around the world and here at home. blake shelton turns 42 today ♪ the boys around here ♪ sending up a prayer to the man upstairs ♪ back woods ♪ don't take no lip ♪ chew tobacco, ♪ chew tobacco ♪ spit
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♪ ♪ give a little bit
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♪ give a little bit of your love to me ♪ steve: that is how i celebrated father's day weekend. my three children across the three branches of government, peter there at the white house. the executive branch. mary in congress, the legislative branch and sally as you can see right there the court system. we played tennis yesterday. and there i am out on the veranda drinking my dollar mcdonald's iced coffee reading some of the cards. brian: that was my father's day. i'm playing myself in that picture along with all of our children. the women took the picture in this case. we had to make a decision at my mom's house. that's brian outside right. james the oldest of the next generation. then my jim with his arm around james. that's me from the show. my two girls kirsten and caitlin followed by jack who just got his drivers license so no one is safe and devin
3:33 am
and mary is in 9th grade. there you go. ainsley: i'm sure you all had a lot of fun. you are a family of hilarity. that's my daddy coach earhardt. the grand kids call him coach. my mother, i haven't talked about it on the air. but my mother had a stroke on february 1st. she is having to learn to walk and talk again. that man right there has not left her side. is he a special man. i have seen the true power of honoring your vows and doing the right thing and that is what that man does every single day. is he a saint. a wonderful guy worked really hard to put us all through school. brian: how is your mom doing. >> doing so much better. broke her record yesterday in walking. with assistance has her walker and someone standing behind her. she climbs a few stairs yesterday. and we got to witness it and we have it all on video. she has come so far. she almost -- she ha she has ha- we thought we were going to lose her a few times. we is so blessed. brian: getting to learn a
3:34 am
lot about insurance and coverage. ainsley: it's expensive. if you don't have healthcare, wow. steve: it's a problem. what you don't know is almost every weekend ainsley goes home. ainsley: i do. she is in a facility in charlotte. dr. vijraj is her doctor. without him i don't know what we would do. she definite live would not be here. he accepted her into the program when no one else would because she was so severely injured and we just love you dr. raj. steve: dan bongino our friend down in florida good morning to you. how did you spend your father's day? >> doing what i love to do. which is eat steak. i went through a steak house with my wife and kids. and i tore that steak up like you wouldn't believe. so, that is my favorite. that's all i like is steak and trucks. that's it. brian: dan, the other thing do you. for real fun you hop into an octagon and start fighting people. >> actually i do on saturday
3:35 am
morning i do that too. arthritis is kicking in. brian, you are not making up. it's actually true. i love mixed martial arts. ainsley: best part about being a dad? >> watching your daughters succeed at something. that look she gives when she is seeking that approval from you. you know when you make that e contact first and you don't have to say anything. it's just magic. it makes you believe in the existence of god right there alone. ainsley: amen. steve: goes to show that you and your wife are doing a good job. meanwhile talk about the news of the day. very clear from republican lawmakers on the sunday chat shows, dan. the republicans are sick and tired of waiting for the department of justice and the fbi to give them documents that prove how this whole russia collusion, trump investigation started. the department of justice is stonewalling. and unless they start doing some stuff like revealing things in the next couple of days, boom. they are going to lower the boom on them i you want to
3:36 am
applaud jay after that interview with martha maccallum w easy on the fbi but this is great. here's the problem. when i was a federal agent right, steve, and you put together a report describing what happened in the case that you are going to use to estarrants, search wa going to bring to a priewmplet i call it paragraph one. right? there is always a paragraph one that paragraph one describes how a case started. whether it was a phone call from a bank that had a fake charge or received counterfeit money. what is paragra one in this case, steve? nobody the story has changed multiple times. now we find out this weekend from "the washington post that there may have been another approach by someo connected to the fbi at some point to a trump team member before paragraph 1, the date in paragraph 1? very strange. steve: dan, why won't the department of justice and the fbi let us see paragraph 1? >> steve, i suspect because paragraph 1 is so loose and contains so little evidence
3:37 am
of actual criminality or evidence worth worthy of investigation. we were pressured by certain members of the government to start an investigation should have never happened. brian: roger stone claims he was approached by someone who claimed they had information, dirt on hillary clinton for president trump. they sai for $2 million i'll give it to you. roger stone says i don't ha2 million. he said i want it from you. and he goes i don't want it from you, trump has it then he said michael caputo reminded roger stone. remember that gay came up to us out of nowhere because he came up to michael caputo, too. do you think that's part of the program cambridge professor approached carter page and papadopoulos? >> brian, every person so far, every person that has contacted the trump team, with suspicious ties is connected to either the
3:38 am
clinton foundation, the clintons, fusion gps through the clintons, a british spy working for the clintons or russians or russians that are working through fusion gps working for the clintons. now we find out there are two potential ties that may have been connected to the fbi. this new guy, greenberg and the other guy who shall not be named like the harry potter character. i mean, this is unreal. this is the most clear cut case of entrapment i have ever seen in my life. just take the blirnsdz blinders off. steve: framed. ainsley: peter strzok fbi agent working on the mueller team to investigate president trump. all of his emails surfaced turns out he is having an affair and writing all these anti-trump emails. now his attorney is sending a letter to the house saying he wants to testify in front of the house judiciary committee saying he wants to clear his name and cooperate and wants his stories to be told because he feels his character has been maligned through all of this.
3:39 am
brian: through facts. ainsley: exactly. >> most overused term is explosive. this has the potential to be sear uselessly explosive. this is the number two guy in the counter intelligence division who just to be clear sometimes people forget how important he was. this was not a rank and file fbi agent. i love and respect those guys. this was a senior level manager i want matily involved in the clinton email investigation, the hillary investigation. and he actually interviewed mic flynn, trump national security advisor. this guy has the goods on everybody. if he decides to come clean, this could be a really bad day for senior people at the fbi and their decision-making if he decides to fess up. brian: i don't know why he was protected to begin with. why didn't need a subpoena. wants to come out. put him in human resources. there are so many mysteries here. steve: hung out to dry. he wants to try to clear his name. good luck.
3:40 am
that he hasn't beenys. cooperating the entire time. it's awfully suspicious how some people seem to have exposed his text but not sought out interviews. i'm not so confident he hasn't been cooperating. brian: cooperating with, who michael horowitz? >> horowitz and others as well. steve: and mueller. >> i don't think it was just horowitz. i think people, huber maybe, huber, appointed united states attorney by sessions. brian: i don't know if mueller wants his point of view. brian: no, i don't think so. but, listen, strzok, he is the guy who sent the we'll stop them text. that text alone is devastating. steve: dan bongino, thank you for joining us from palm city. we hope later t you can drive a truck and have a steak. brian: and fight somebody. >> thanks, guys. god bless your mom, ainsley. that was really touching. ainsley: thanks. she is doing so much better. thank you. steve: 20 minutes now before the top of the hour. ainsley: how is your father
3:41 am
did you see your dad? jillia i did. thank you. get you call up with this. at least five illegal immigrants are killed trying to outrun border patrol agents. 12 people ejected from the suv and rollover crash near the texas, mexico border. the chase reaching speeds up to 100 miles per hour. official demanding tighter border security following the crash. >> every day my deputies are getting into pursuits. i think we need more boots on the ground. we need more patrol. we need -- i think we need a wall, in my opinion. jillian: the driver, a u.s. citizen is under arrest. a good guy with a gun stopping an attempted carjacker in a washington state walmart parking lot. the man tried to steal two cars. one driver was shot where he refused to give his up as the gunman approached another driver. the by stanelsder pulled out a concealed weapon and shot the suspect dead. >> he is a hero. no, he is a hero. he took action and, like i
3:42 am
said, i really think more people could easily have been shot. saved us all, probably. come on, he saved us all. jillian: before the suspect entered the walmart parking lot, he tried to car jack a 16-year-old girl. she suffered minor injuries. you break it, you buy it the parents of a 5-year-old boy may now being on the hook for a $132,000 sculpture. the boy appearing to hug it before it topples to the ground during a wedding reception in kansas. the city's insurance claiming the boy was not supervised correctly. his parents say there was no protect around the statue and may fight the bill in court. yikes that is an expensive hug. back to you guys. steve: porter barn rule you bust it you bought it. >> rule janice dean, ever go to her estate, if you break anything, you know, she makes you pay. janice: you are talking about another janice dean. steve: really? >> this janice dean is all about the hot whether and
3:43 am
plenty of it. janice: all about summertime. forecast heat index in a lot of these areas very high. 90 to 100 degrees, what it's going to feel like. we do have a front and north of that front. that's where we have got the cool early temperatures and the threat for severe storms. including parts of the midwest, the great lakes, interior northeast and new england, hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes. also want to make mention we have some tropical moisture surging towards the texas-louisiana gulf coast. this could mean the potential for heavy rainfall, flash flooding over the next couple of dates. so this is going to be a big concern. this is the area, of course that was hit hard by harvey. quick look at your forecast today. again, the heat is going to be "the big story." make sure that you are taking care of your kids, and the elderly, bring in your pets as well. steve: good advice. brian: my dogs take care themselves. not going outside, too hot. steve: brims blaming president trump for the
3:44 am
world's economic problems. where are the headline us but the booming economy at home? stuart varney, come on um. you're next. brian: he worked saturday. ainsley: you worked saturday. how are you doing? ♪ ♪ thanks to new tena intimates overnight with proskin technology for two times faster absorption so you can have worry free nights, and wake up feeling fresh and free for a free sample visit
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side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. change the cours of your treatment. ask your doctor about victoza®. steve: well, the "new york times" asking you to shed a tear for the glo economy, blaming president trump for the world's problems. ainsley: just the fear of a trade war is strange the global economy. why isn't america's booming economy getting more of the media spotlight and should would he be taking all of the blame? brian: most of the column antidotal information not about hard facts. here is join success stuart varney host of varney and company 9 to noon. what do you think the role of world trade in reality is. >> wait a second. can we just get right at this? the u.s. economy is booming. get it straight the economy
3:48 am
in america is absolutely booming. the media is going to ignore that. because any success by president trump is regard dollars as a plus north november elections and a plus for 2020. the media hates president trump and never, ever mentiong truly positive about the u.s. economy. just hold on for a second. my contention is that america has now returned to prosperity. define prosperity. this is where we are. a surge in consumer spending. a job for everyone who wants one. confidence in the future at historic highs. unemployment at a generational low and just about achieved 4% growth. that is prosperity and you will not read about that on the front pages of newspapers or in the broadcast news headlines. you're not going to hear it. steve: i quoted you to the president of the united states on friday. and he was touting the economy as well. why doesn't the names, why don't they say look,
3:49 am
americans, do you feel good because times are good? >> it's a plus for president trump. here comes the elections four months away. the economy showing prosperity. that's a plus more the presiden the "new york times," "the washington post," abc, ntsb, cbs, you name it, all of them, they detest president trump and they are determined not to give him one ounce of substance. ainsley: even bill maher said. do you remember when he said i want the economy to crumble so the president doesn't get reelected. >> that's extreme example. brian, to your point, i will admit this trade dispu is negative for america's economy. and if it gets worse. it will be a real negative. i got it but, why can't you also point out that we have an extremely strong economy. brian: absolutely. >> we are almost 19 trillion-dollar a year economy. and these tariffs won't have a huge impact on us. steve: that's a negotiation. >> thank you. brian: get democrats with him on china. schumer says i'm with you on china. president taking advantage
3:50 am
of the opportunity, have the democrats because they know this is the last chance to stop that economy. >> well, i think the president is taking a hard line. is he waiting for the other side to respond. they responded this morning with more tarif and problems for american products going over there. it's an ongoing negotiation. that's what it is. brian: one of the rare times with the president, take advantage of that. >> do you think the democrats are going to come out and say mr. president trump is right? >> no oner said on friday i'm with the china.ent when it comes to ainsley: for that one issue. steve: he has something um his sleeve. stuart, we are going to be watching you this morning on fox business. >> thank you, sir. steve: tourists visit san francisco to see alcatraz and the golden gate bridge. also getting a front row seat onto see homeless people screaming at walls and drug addicts shooting um on the street. next guest says can you thank liberal politicians for what's going on there. ainsley: president trump making america great again. next up, the moon and mars.
3:51 am
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♪ ainsley: san francisco is one of the most iconic cities in the country. recently tourists saying they are shocked wh by the conditions on the streets citing homelessneshomelessnesslessnes , thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. ainsley: if we were tourist the and went to san
3:55 am
francisco, what would we see on the streets. >> recently what you are going to see is a real spike of homelessness on our streets. you will see human excrement, because these homeless people are going in the streets in fancy neighborhoods. piper dehyper der mick needles. in the middle of the day in san francisco. not only scary for the tourists actually scary for those of us who live here. we pay the highest rents in the nation. we have the highest property crimes of all. getting worse. politicians are creating this problem with crime. catch and release in our city. giving outs needles and coddling and encouraging people to come maybe it will make it better for them. obviously it is making it worse for everybody. ainsley: i read one of the tv stations went out and surveying they walked 153 blocks in downtown san francisco and reported on what they found. they found trash littered on
3:56 am
every block. 41 dots dotted with niddles and 6 blocks soiled with piles of feces. it's disgusting. why is this happening in san francisco? >> well, it's happening for a combination of reasons. number one, i call san francisco the utopia and petri dish in america. we try out every crazy liberal idea there. and spread to other. >> like giving out free needles you said? >> yes. some of those addicts are getting 18 needles a month. that's been going on for over 20 years. really spiked. we had a doubling of the number of homeless people living on the street in the top tourist neighborhoods in our city. overall in california, we actually have had a spike. a quarter of the homeless people in america live in california. but, we have warm weather, as you showed in your pictures there. it's a very beautiful city. and it's a very, very liberal city. gavin newsom trying to become the governor he was our mayor. they give out cash and benefits to homeless people and guess what? when you subsidize people
3:57 am
people come and there is more of it. ainsley: enabling people. thanks harmeet for joining us. >> my pleasure. ainsley: hogan gidley, jonathan turley and alan dershowitz all live coming up. i could feel the barb wire was just digging into the paint. man: two bulls were fighting, (thud) bam hit the truck. try explaining that to your insurance company. woman: another ding, another scratch. it'll just be another chapter in the story. every scar tells a story, and you can tell a lot more stories when your truck is a chevy silverado. the most dependable, longest-lasting, full-size pickups on the road. where we're changing withs? contemporary make-overs. then, use the ultimate power handshake, the upper hander with a double palm grab. who has the upper hand now? start winning today. book now at bp is taking safety to new heights.
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-collapsing in 226 -- [ ding ] -the colossus of rhodes. -[ sighs ] louise dustmann -- [ ding ] -brahms' "lullaby," or "wiegenlied." -when will it end? [ ding ] -not today, ron. ainsley: today he is going to be talking to senators. tomorrow house republicans about this immigration debate because it's firing up again this week. >> the democratic lawmakers say breaking up families is cruel and unnecessary. >> the zero tolerance policy means zero humanity and it makes zero sense. >> michael horowitz going to answer some questions in front of the senate judiciary committee along with chris wray. ainsley: peter strzok is willing to testify before the house judiciary committee. >> this guy has the goods on everybody. if he decides to come clean, this could be a bad day for people senior at the fbi and decision-making. steve: angela merkel
4:01 am
welcomed 1 million refugees into our city. this morning that move can actually cost her her job. [cheers] what a finish by brooks koepka. ♪ we're just getting warmed up ♪ just getting started ♪ already piled up ♪ party. brian: i can't imagine a more appropriate song o than this it is getting warmed up. we have a lot of tv to do. thanks for the globe the world for spinning because we have a lot more news coming our way as a dizzying rate that we almost can't keep up with. steve: we can don't worry, folks. we can keep up with the good stuff. ainsley: so grateful for the globe. brian: yes, we are and for gravity. ainsley: oh my goodness. what's going on in there? steve: thanks for joining us on this very busy antigravity monday.
4:02 am
ainsley: last week north korea. this week a lot about immigration. immigration debate taking center staged this week. the president is going to meet with key senators today and talk about the wall. then tomorrow is he going to meet with the house republicans. steve: yep it awful comes ahead with a meeting with those house republicans that's going to happen tomorrow as they get ready to vote on two different immigration bills that the president says i would sign either. brian: that whole introduction is news to griff jenkins. he had a whole different report planned. can you change and do what we want to you do griff? ainsley: let's see how talented you are. >> today's meeting with richard shelby and shelley moore capito on the committee leading the effort on funding for the border wall. failure to do so guys could lead to a shutdown in september. tomorrow's meeting is with house republicans on two bills headed for a likely vote this week. once that consensus bill by the leadership. the other the conservative goodlatte bill. either way it appears the president wants action. >> >> the president is ready to get meaningful immigration
4:03 am
reform across the board. nobody likes seeing babies ripped from their mother's arms. this is a perilous journey for many of these children. if people really cared about them, we would figure out a way to get the funding to expand the centers and to close the loophole. >> this as tensions continue to rise over children being separated at the border and the president continuing to blame democrats, tweeting that they should get together with their republican counterparts and work something out on border security and safety. don't wait until after the election. because you are going to lose. finally, guys, there is no word on which bill the president favors or what level of funding is he willing to accept. one thing for sure you guys have it right. reaching ahead this week. brian: wonder too, griff. if they can get something out of the house and something the president wants, if they can get enough blue, red state governors, red state senators, who happen to be blue, they might feel the pressure to vote for the president's program. whether it's tester,
4:04 am
mccaskill. steve: right. brian: heidi heitkamp. steve: thank you for that report. br have to go. >> all right. >> see you. brian: what do you think about what i just said? a lot of the blue states could feel the trump pressure? ainsley: absolutely. steve: i don't know if there is going to be enough to pass something like this in the senate. all comes down to 60. this is a topic where the democrats and republicans seem to be on the same page with the president of the united states. we all agree we got to fix it it's a mess. right now part of the mess is all these stories about these children who are being separated from adults at the border. and that's what we're talking about this weekend. and the secretary of homeland security wants to make clear what is going on legal whether i that particular regulation. ainsley: she was tweeting. a number of tweets. here is some of them. this misreporting by members, press, and advocacy groups must stop. it is irresponsible and,
4:05 am
youive. as i have said many times before if you are seeking asylum for your family. there is no treason break the law and illegally cross between ports of entry. you are not breaking the law by seeking asylum at a port of entry. we do not have a policy of separating families at the border, period. for those seeking asylum at ports of entry, we have continued the policy from previous administrations and will only separate if the child is in danger, there is no custodial relationship between family members, or if the adult has broken a law. so that is a -- that's a great reminder if you are crossing the border and you do it, not in a port of entry, that is illegal. so, they are going to arrest the parent. unfortunately, the child has to be put in a shelter until they figure out what's going to happen with a parent. and then they will be hopefully reconnected and sent back to mexico or central america or whatever the situation is but, if do you have that wall, they can't cross the border. so, they are forced to go to the port of entry. and, there, they can seek asylum. and if they can prove they are in danger in theirome
4:06 am
country we will them. in judge will decide if they are allowed to stay they will not be separated from their parent or their children. brian: they know the buzz words to get. in they are not under pressure. they know when they seek asylum they did say certain things have to accept them that needs to be reformed. that is still not separating parents and kids. if people do not see the tunism of so many people now with nancy pelosi now heads to the border to look at these facilities. it is something that needs to be addressed. as all of immigration needs to be addressed. but they are absolutely blowing the whole thing out of proportion as people act president anti-children. steve: these laws have been on the books for a very long time. back in 2008, trafficking victims act that's generally which mandated that kids must immediately be remanded to the department of homeland security and then they are going to keep them. then there was something during the clinton era called the flora settlement
4:07 am
agreement, which mandated as well that the kids got to be kept as a unit. it makes them harder to send them back to their home countries. these are some of the so-called loopholes the white house says we have got to change. that's why the president says we need something going on with immigration reform. we had one the senior editor-at-large at breitbar breitbart. joel pollack went to one the facilities where the children are being held in elka hone, california, up being like where they came from in many cases. these people who are caring for them, are taking care of them like think have never seen before. >> they have doctors. they have psychologists. they have trained social workers, administrators. and all of them want to help these children. often the kids come there without any knowledge of basic hygiene. they come from some of the poorest places in central america u staff give them toiletries. teach them how to shower give them a flush toilet.
4:08 am
give them an education thuvment is a ways where they have the welfare of the kids at heart. they come there from border patrol facilities. they are in a difficult situation. the goal is to ring that reunion bell that sits right at the front of the facility. steve: put the parents, if they at the parents, back with the children and then in some casesy go into the unid states, other cases they go home. brian: other thing is, the whole points is, throuo fault of the united states of america, mexico, central america, these countries are a mess. these people are streaming into our burden. and there is a surge right now at the border. what you propose do? open it up and letting everybody in? just so you know, all your tax dollars get siphoned off and all the american citizens will be getting less and less. our working class will be getting less. medicare, medicaid, our school systems get less and less. you have to make a choice. it's not open your hearts. that's what ellis in the old days was for. america hasn't changed. there is legal and illegal
4:09 am
way to do it. they are choosing the illegal way. steve: regarding the tax dollars. do you know how much it costs the united states government per year per unaccompanied minor? do you know how much we spend? ainsley: how much? steve: $36,000 a year to make sure those kids wind up with all that stuff joel pollack is tal about. it's issue number one on capitol hill. let's hope they can come to some sort of agreement because it is a mess and it ains peter strzok the fbi agent working on the mueller team the special counsel. all those text messages between himself and lisa page, his girlfriend. they all surfaced and he was saying president trump, if he gets elected, then we are going -- no, we are going to stop it. is he not going to be elected that was such an explosive text message. he is saying he wants to testify. he wants you at home to know his story. he secretary of state that he is being vilified in the press, his character is being misrepresented. brian: really, yeah, how dare we read his words.
4:10 am
how dare we ms. represent his texts that we read theme out loud. whats that come over us. man do we owe this guy an apology. steve: bob goodlatte was going to subpoena him to come up to capitol hill. his lawyer sent a lawyer letter said i will come. i will sit down. you don't have to worry about me taking the fifth. i don't need immunity. peter strzok wants to talk. don't you want to hear from him? do. i do. ainsley: i think we already have. we know a lot about him. steve: i want to hear the explanation of all of that stuff we have seen. brian: i want to hear about the insurance plan and see all those unnamed people lawyer one and witness two and all these ueople involved in the 500 page report. ainsley: how are you planning on stopping him. brian: by the way my hope is that these lawmakers read the 500 pages over the weekend. because if they are not prepared to ask questions today to michael horowitz and others, they are wasng everybody's time and especially to peter strzok. steve: i know for a fact congressional staff members
4:11 am
and members were reading it through the weekend. brian: good. steve: i met a couple of them at the baseball game that knew all about it. were getting copies and planni spend the entire weekend reading it. because they have been talking about it for a long time. they wanted to be educated i have a feeling by now a lot of them know exactly what's in it. ainsley: hand it over to jillian who has more headlines for us. jillian: good monday morning to you guys and to you at only home as well u a gunman accuse of opening fire at arts festival was just released from prison. >> are you all right? were you hit? [shouting] >> all rht? anybody hit. >> gang member was out on parole on homicide charges when police say he shot several people in new jersey. democratic governor phil murphy responding tweeting in part quote we not let violence tear us apart. these are not inappropriate times to talk about gun policy. these are the most important times to talk about gun policy. two inmates on the run after breaking out of jail through a hole in the wall a third
4:12 am
suspect has been captured a manhunt expands for the other two to escaped the jail near the border. capturing the men inside the hours before they used a pipe to smash through the whole. deputies covering through. one of the escaped inestimates facing murder charges. moon to mars and beyond. president trump will be outlining his plan for winning the next frontier. the president delivering the keynote address at the national space council meeting which is intended to boost momentum for joint space exploration between the public and private sectors. in december the president sign you had an order directing ns nasa to send. brooks koepka first u.s. open champ in 2 years. [cheers] koepka finishing one under par tournament in new york.
4:13 am
the last man to finish the feat curtis strange seen interviewing koepka after the win. like keep carks he repeated at the open on new york course. to top it off the wins marked both of major vices. steve: good for him. ainsley you had asked where he was from? ainsley: yes. did you find out. steve: born in west palm beach. went to florida state. brian: and he likes steak. ainsley: that was dan. steve: he may. brian: if you know if he likes steak, call us. ainsley: how do you like your steak cooked? brian: i don't eat steak. a few hours christopher wray with a w in his name and inspector hike call horowitz with a w as well will head to capitol hill to testify about the report. jonathan turley went to law school he says this is bad news for roberts mueller. is he up next. steve: remember the veteran take down american flag display because it was too
4:14 am
obsessive? got an update. they added more flags ♪
4:15 am
4:16 am
with tripadvisor, finding your perfect hotel at the lowest price... is as easy as dates, deals, done! simply enter your destination and dates... and see all the hotels for your stay! tripadvisor searches over 200 booking sites... to show you the lowest prices... so you can get the best deal on the right hotel for you. dates, deals, done! tripadvisor. visit
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we just switched to geico and got more. more? they've been saving folks money for over 75 years. a company you can trust. geico even helped us with homeowners insurance. more sounds great. gotta love more... right, honey? yeah! geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. ♪ ♪ brian: fbi director christopher wray and inspector general michael horowitz heading to the hill today and tomorrow to
4:18 am
discuss the bureau's handling of the clinton probe on the heels of the 500 plus page report. what can we expect from today's senate judiciary hearing. just a review of what we all read let's ask jonathan turley a professor at george washington university. jonathan, how do we get this hearing past a review of what he wrote if you are questioning, for example, horowitz? >> i think part of the sort of narrative that's going to play out in this hearing is get horowitz to explain the difference between not finding bias and not finding actions caused by bias. i think what what horowitz said in the report is that there was bias but he didn't have any documents or no one 'fessed up to taking actions due to that bias. and that is a critical distinction. he refused to make an assumption that these actions were taken for the wrong reason. unless he had clear proof. that's a responsible threatening to do. now, by the way, that plays in the same way towards president trump, you know, a
4:19 am
lot of theories about obstruction for president trump make every assumption against the president. instead of the more likely motive for firing comey. brian: jonathan, you also bring up -- by the way, do we know if he talked to peter strzok about the so-called plan to stop him or the insurance policy? do we know if strzok cooperated? >> well, we're assuming that he did. because he is still a member of the fbi. it would be really quite remarkable if he refused. that last email came up very late for horowitz in the process. but, i assume, when that bombshell went off, he got on the phone and build him back in. brian: jonathan, you also have an interesting thing you told our producers, the ig report also makes it more difficult case for obstruction for mueller. in what sense? >> well, i have a column out in the hill newspaper on this that to me the obstruction claim involving comey was always difficult. but, after the ig, it's become virtually
4:20 am
incomprehensible because the ig said that comey was insubordinate. that he deviated from policies. he violated fbi policy. all those are a good reason to fire james comey. and so the problem that's g to come um for the critics of president trump is that this dogs just won't hunt when you have both the ig and the deputy attorney general saying he deserved to be fired you can't assume everything against him. another interesting aspect here. if comey was really going after obstruction based on comey, then rosenstein would have to recuse himself rosenstein said if mueller told him he was a witness, he would remove himself. he hasn't done that which makes me think one of two things. either mueller is ignoring conflicts of interest or not seriously pursuing that angle. brian: incredible. if you remove rosenstein. i think why go to turley. >> last remaining unindicted
4:21 am
lawyer. brian: exactly you and napolitano. coming up from the battlefield special program helping our troops teach the next you will generation of proud americans. they join us next. so i feel lighter. try metamucil, and begin to feel what lighter feels like.
4:22 am
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4:24 am
♪ steve: time for news by the numbers. first, $1.4 million. that's the street value of the isis drug stash just destroyed in syria. u.s. supported forces confiscated 300,000 narcotic pills nicknamed the jihaddist drug. next, 50. that's how many bills targeting the poited epidemic. house lawmakers are expected to pass this week. 50 of them. they address the distribution of prescription drugs, speed up research on
4:25 am
nonaddictive pain killers and make treatment more readily available. and finally, $1.3 million. that's how much one man made in fraudulent returns at walmarts across the country. he was busted in the state of arizona, that man rig there allegedly trying to return a computer that he had taken parts out of and then returned it for the full purchase price. he got busted. all right, ainsley. ainsley: from the battlefield to the classroom. the program is called troops to teachers. it provides funding to education departments helping new veterans become america's newest teachers. over 20,000 veterans have transitioned to a career in education and two of them are joining us now. they are both high school teenks in the arizona area. former army sergeant frank can trace and his brother chris contrares. thank you for welcome us and
4:26 am
serving our country. >> chris, i will start with you. tell us with this program. >> the troops to teachers program good transition program. it helps military members transition into civilian life. it's a difficult process to transition this program sits down with veterans and military members and gets them the education and paperwork to get credentials and licensed as a teacher. >> frank, how has it changed your life. >> for me, personally, i never thought i would be a teacher but as i transitioned into the classroom, i saw how many students i was touching in their lives for a positive, when i transferred to my current school where i'm at right now, i actually adopted a student that i had, she was a sophomore. three years later she was a senior. she had a rough home life. she had confided in me. and me and my wife decided to make her part of our family.
4:27 am
ainsley: what? that's incredible. >> yeah. ainsley: how is she doing now. >> she is great. she is a sophomore right now at a community college. she is planning on being an orthodontist? ainsley: what? that's awesome. i have chills. you are changing her life. this program changed your life and then now you are changing hers. chris, tell me about you. how has it changed your life? >> just getting us into the classroom. i always wanted to be part of something bigger than myself. which is why i was in the military to serve my country. and the program really helped me serve my community. and kind of the same thing as teachers we get to see all the kids, the lives that we change and just the impact on all the kids that we have in the classroom and teaching them the skills that we know from whether it's civilian careers, degrees or even in the military. being able to have an opportunity to transfer those morals down to a lot of the high school kids now. it's just an amazing student
4:28 am
atroops to teachers has allowed us to do it. ainsley: what is helping you and these students. >> a lot of skills i learned just hard work, motivation, discipline, dedication. a lot of that i turned and i use with my students. try to implement that in my classroom to they not only use that in the classroom. but as they transition into their lives outside of the classroom after they graduate. ainsley: chris, what's harder the military training or teaching high school students with attitudes? [laughter] >> you know, sometimes inspects a a toss-up. depends on the days. teaching high school is a did difficult task sometimes. i have taught everything. teaching kindergarten is harder. respect to the ones to teach the little guys i can't do it. depends on the day but the reward is worth it in the end. ainsley: troops to teacherrers, do you know the website at home. >> with ww dot proud to
4:29 am
serve and that's the national site. ainsley: proud to we are proud of y'all for serving in some different ways. you are heroes. god bless you. thanks. the video is wild. truck driver loses control and goes flying through the air on a busy highway. watch. >> wow. wait until you hear what police found inside that truck. and remember the biz ordered to take down all those american flags? well, they said it was tooics saysive. we have a big update coming up. ♪ i'm still standing ♪ better than i ever did ♪ looking like a true survivor ♪ feeling like a little kid ♪ i'm still standing ♪ your side to melt away pressure points and keep you sleeping blissfully. at 2am, this happened. so, i took care of it.
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4:33 am
ware. brian: a pair of smart siblings caught in the middle of an escape. it is your shot of the morning. ainsley: that's great. i love it little girl with a knack for ditching nap time gets assistance from brher. until she is able to hop up on the bed. steve: genius, keeps tilting it mom says they are best buddies and aays conspiring together. ainsley: wake up. i need a friend. brian: looks like a mini macgyver figure out a way. ainsley: when you are little you hate to eat and you hate to take a nap. then we get older that's all we want to do. brian: eat then take a nap. steve: brilliance of this video. rather than just tip the whole crib over which would have resulted in perhaps injury. the kid pushes it up against the bed and then can you crawl out. jail break. ainsley: is he smart. brian: he forgot that mom had a camera in the room. steve: i get the feeling mom
4:34 am
is behind the wheel of that. brian: she has to be hidden. steve: i have a feeling the kid has done that before. ainsley: nothing better than a parent to sneak in on your child and listen to their conversation or watch them without them knowing. it's so cute. brian: then later you will grab their phone when they sleep and find out what they are really doing in school. ainsley: easy. only two and a half. steve: 26 minutes before the top of the hour and jillian joins us right now and then you have got what's referred to as a bombshell. >> good morning to you guys. and bombshell investigation is shedding light on the care our veterans are receiving inside nursing homes. the statistics have been hidden until now. of the 133 v.a. nursing homes nationwide. 60 received the lowest rating. that's one out of five stars. the v.a. made the ratings public after "u.s.a. today" and boston global began asking questions. president trump has been calling for the release of the a little and blames the obama administration for keeping them secret. a driver loses control, sending his truck soaring
4:35 am
through the air onto the other side of ay road. watch this. all right. that truck landing on three carsn australia. two women are seriously hurt. the driver is under arrest. police found drug paraphernalia in his truck. look at that president trump's supporter disrupting robert deniro's broadway play with a keep america great flag. this is what happened during the curtain call of a bronx tale. audience members say the man waived the flag toward the crowd before he was escorted out of the theater. den near lowe row is the star'is thedirector. he made those remarks toward the president during the tony awards. soldier shocks his girlfriend returning home at baseball game and dropping to one knee for even bigger surprise. madison olinger said yes to marrying army specialist henley in north carolina.
4:36 am
>> really fast. i feel like just sparked really fast. jillian: the soldier had just spent nrly a year ay from home. including nine months in syria. that's a look at your headlines. and congrats to them. ainsley: that is so special. good for them. steve: as ainsly noted. it looks as if the pairing has been endorsed by the mascot. ainsley: mascot was going -- ♪ ♪ janice: hi. ainsley: hi, janice. steve: is it hot out there right now. janice: it isn't bad, actually it is going to be hot in new york city. are you ready to be on television? look at this beautiful crowd we have here today. what's your name, young lady, where are you from? >> lauren, i'm from raleigh, north carolina. janice: what's happening right here in new york city right now? >> weather. 76 degrees, sunny skies. janice: oh my gosh. amazing. fantastic, everybody. let's take a look. i love this round of
4:37 am
applause. let's take a look at the northeast right now and we have the potential for high heat advisories in place so 73 right now. going to get up to 92 but with a heat index is going to feel a lot hotter than that just be careful. we do have the potential for showers and thunderstorms across the great lakes. but, yes, it's going to remain hot for the next couple of days and then break the heat a little bit. say hi to everybody at home. hi everybody at home. >> roll tide. janice: look at this. amazing crowd. are you sure you are here to see me? ainsley: wow. look at the size of that crowd. brian: they're all around the same height. ainsley: we did notice that first thing that came to mind. brian: incredible. next hour we're going to weigh them. [buzzer]. steve: meanwhile, tell you about massachusetts, a company there called lauer relatey. they had this great idea out on our lawn we are going to put as many of measure flags
4:38 am
as we can they were able to put 200 american flags there. people loved it apparently. until they realized man for code enforcement in the town left a ♪ you have to take them down take them down because you are violating an ordnance. >violating -- ordinance u now that man has a change heart. the attempt wasn't to be anti-patriotic or anti-american. i think we are all better for it in the end. is he going to allow the flags to stay now. brian: john crandall weighed in and said he helped do it and expand the flag arsenal >> we always support our veterans and memorial is a big time for our country to support all the fallen and all the deceased. all that died in the line of duty. and in addition to all the parades that go on on that
4:39 am
day. it's a big time. we only had 200 out the previous year we had 420 out. which was a full box. this year we had 200 out. we split them up and i put some in another town. so, to besive, it was beautiful but it was certainly not excessive and i don't think you can could have 2,000 out there and it would look excessive. e: started with 200, so many people were incensed by the fact that the town was telling them to take it down, the number of flags grew to 700. and now as ainsley said the town manager says you know what? we will have a meeting. we will change the laws. we are all better for it in the end it all worked out. ainsley: reason was you couldn't have the flags in that town according to the law, rules and that law if you u a flag for advertising purposes. that's what he was thinking was happening. steve: it's a business, they are using flags. brian: how dare they. steve: come on. crazy. the flag wins. ainsley: what do you think about it?
4:40 am
steve: we have one of the guests from that company. ainsley: he owns the company. steve: political left is begging the trump administration to keep dreamers in the country. but a brand new report says many of those dreamers criminals. we have got the numbers tha nobody has seen and that is on the other side of the break. brian: disqualify them from staying. you love our friend dean cain, superman. is he hanging up the cape and joining a new group of heroes. ♪
4:41 am
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4:44 am
person he will open up to retirement is on his mind. >> i think about it more now than i used to. >> yeah. >> i think now i'm seeing thathere is definitely an end coming, sooner rather than later. brian: would have been great if you told us before we traded g. he wants to make sure he is around for his kids before they grow up. took him to 42 to realize that earthquake in mexico. >> looking, shooting. goal. mexico wins. brian: mexico wins. thousands of fans jumping up and down setting off seismic sensors in mexico city. mexico won 1-0. favored to win the cup germany. whose idea was to it tout that country together. east and west used to be beatable. steve. steve: we have a fox news and "fox & friends"
4:45 am
exclusive. the department of homeland security is sharing never before released data that gives an in-depth look at the number of daca requesters who have arrest records. new data shows nearly 13% of total daca recipients had a previous arrest. arrests did not always result in civil or criminal charges or convictions. here more the with the exclusive francis joins us from our nation's capital. francis, good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: why did you put these numbers together? >> so i run the agency that administers daca. and as your viewers may know we still have daca, it's still on the books. the courts are not letting us take it down. while we are doing that. i wanted to put out as much data as possible about daca so the public and lawmakers know the full universe of data that we have so they can make informed policy decisions now our agency isn't just putting out information about daca.
4:46 am
it's trying to put out interest in full transparency as much data about these programs as possible. we have published in the past few months, daca, data about diamondback applicants including what country they are from. what their edutional levels are what -- whether they needed interpreters. all of this sort of information. this is just the latest in a stream of information that we're putting out on daca. steve: okay. >> so the people better information. steve: some of this data is shocking. we have got another graphic to show people. the number of daca requesters, people ask for daca protection who had more than one arrest it's 55% were approved, right? >> that's right. so the rules for daca are that you are excluded from daca if you have a felony, conviction, a 3 misdemeanor convictions, three or more misdemeanor convictions or
4:47 am
conviction for -- misdemeanor. you could be arrested a whole lot of times and still get daca. steve: for instance, who came up with the three times for each of those things? i mean, you would think that if you were involved in something big, for instance, some of the people on this list were accused of murder, you would think that it would be one and done, you would be out. >> well now the data we are putting out is only arrests. so, presumably, those people who had murder arrests or rape arrests or other arrests of that type of seriousness, either got acquitted or the charges were dropped or they pled down or something i would hope there are a lot of crimes on the list that we publish of misdemeanors and they could have been convicted and still gotten daca if they only had up to two of those misdemeanors. steve: right. so it's three and you are out. >> that's right. steve: top offenses of approved daca requesters with prior arrest record
4:48 am
about 40% were related to driving, excluding dui. 22% immigration re-related. 12% theft, larceny, and about 9% drug-related. but, you did say that a number of people had arrests for murder, rape, you know, you name anything, and somebody is on the list who committed that. >> that's right. and i think what i would like people to keep in mind, in particular, policymakers on the hill who are discussing all this stuff right now, whatever they do, i would hope that we, at uscis, retain the discretion to be able to turn down somebody for whatever benefit that we are condemn plalgt for these people. if we think they are a public safety threat, even if they don't have a conviction. there are a lot of situations where you could have somebody who is a gang member or something like that. they may not have a conviction. i would like my agency to be able to deny that person the benefit even if they don't have an actual conviction.
4:49 am
>> i know francis right now congress this book is going to try to attempt to come up with a solution. but if lawmakers are watching, how would you give them guidance? >> i would say, like i just said, continue to give the agency, as we have right now, under current daca rules, give us the discretion to deny people this benefit, this legalization if we think that they are a public safety threat even if they don't have a conviction. steve: all right. let's see what happens. francis cecina, we thank you very much for joining us from our nation's capital and thank you for sharing these exclusive numbers with our "fox & friends" audience. thank you, sir. >> thank you. steve: it's about 10 minutes before the top of the hour. straight ahead german chancellor angela merkel welcomed 1 million refugees into country with open arms. this morning that move could cost her her job. plus, ted cruz took on jimmy kimmel one-on-one in basketball, ted cruz won. carley shimkus here with the
4:50 am
reaction pouring in on social media. she is next. first, on this day in 2009, boom, boom powy the black eyed peas was topping the charts ♪ boom, boom ♪ that boom, boom ♪ matt: voilà! jen: matt started turning into his dad. matt: mm. that's some good mulch. ♪ i'm awake. but it was pretty nifty when jen showed me how easy it was to protect our home and auto with progressive. [ wrapper crinkling ] get this butterscotch out of here. progressive can't protect you from becoming your parents. there's quite a bit of work, 'cause this was all -- this was all stapled. but we can protect your home and auto when you bundle with us.
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♪ ♪ ainsley: that got my attention because in the teleprompter it says he rips his shirt off. [laughter] he once wore a cape as superman but actor dean cain is trading it in for a police badge. steve: that's right. the actor will soon swear in as a reserve police officer
4:54 am
in saint anthony idaho in their police department. brian: wow. the news is lighting up social media. so here to react is fox news 24/7 reporter carley shimkus who we know personally. carley: it's my pleasure, always. i used to watch that show that brought me back. steve: man becoming a real police officer. >> that's true. i love what he had to say about this. he said real heroes don wear capes. real super heroes wear uniforms and badges and stethoscopes. real heros are members of litary and law enforcement and responders. steve: love that. carley: isn't that great? his grandfather was in the navy. he says he has always been able to identify with law enforcement and military members. so now he is going to become a reserve police officer. you can't hate that. brian: flying nun proved you didn't need a cape to fly that by mr. uphat whole thing. carley: okay. let's get the social media reaction. amy says man, if he pulls me over i would write my own ticket and ask him to sign it oh, boy. cindy says what a way to serve god and your community
4:55 am
and children. respect, sir. thought and prayers. and jay also says it's a good thing you are faster than a speeding bullet, dean. best of luck. you, sir, are a true patriot. how about that? ainsley: that's really cool. carr car lots of support all around. steve: is he super speedy. it was not exactly a superman like performance when ted cruz tyke o jimmy kimmel everybody is buzzing about it as to who won. carley: ted cruz won the game. brian: 11-9. carley: back story. jimmy kimmel on one of the monologues ted cruz responded by saying you want to settle this on the basketball court one op. one charity game. jimmy kimmel then responded yes, let's do it. let's do it for a nonpolitical charity. the money went to texas children's hospital and generation one. the best part was how low the score was 11 to 9. jimmy kimmel won. they were only supposed to go to 15.
4:56 am
brian: because it was going for two hours. carl: houston chronicle called it a slow motion car crash. ainsley: when can we see it they will air it tonight? carley: kimmel has to air it on his show. brian: jimmy kimmel lost to him. called him a blob fish. carley: give him credit. don't agree politically but do this for a charity. steve: good reaction online. >> michael says such an amazing display of freedom. only in america can both sides hash it out in a friendly game of basketball. my respect. praise on both sides for this. steve: great. can't hardly wait to see the video. brian: i can wait. thank you, carley. he vowed to stop president trump from winning the election. this morning disgraced fbi agent peter strzok says he wants to testify before congress. law professor alan dershowitz is here to react from his bunker. steve: plus, former president barack obama could be going back to school.
4:57 am
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♪ >> today he will be talking to senators. tomorrow he is going to talk to house republicans about the immigration debate because it is firing up again this week. >> zero tolerance policy means zero humanity and it makes zero sense. >> there has been a lost misinformation surrounding shelters at borders. what are they really like? >> they have doctors, school gifts, trained social workers. all want to help the children. brian: michael horowitz will answer questions in front. senate judiciary committee along with chris wray. >> this guy has good on everybody. if he decides to come clean, it could be a bad day for people at fbi and decision making. >> angela merkel welcomed one
5:01 am
million refugees into her country with open arms. that move could cast her her job. steve: a company had great idea. we'll put as many american flags. the man from code enforcement asked him to take them down. >> now that man has a change of heart. ♪ steve: monday, june 18th 8:00 here in new york city. you're watching "fox & friends," the world's number one cable news show. thank you to the folks that get up to watch us. ainsley: are we thankful to be alive. brian: i'm glad to survivedded weekend. steve: what happened? brian: it was hot. steve: wasn't that hot. brian:s that was a lie. ainsley: how was father's day.
5:02 am
steve: friday, saturday, sunday, saw all my children in different towns. ainsley: that sounds like a soap opera. brian: show the picture of all of us. ainsley: what did you do for father's day? brian: went over to my mom's house in the afternoon. there we gat it was great. ainsley: there we gathered. brian: right. we talked about illegal immigration how we stop it as a family. ainsley: very fitting. brian: for one thing the immigration debate is raging. two programs on capitol hill has the president's backing. one more moderate than the goodlatte bill that will make its way forward. both attack three pillars, the lottery, they want to get rid of it, the wall, 25 billion, how it will be divided up, also a pathway to citizenship. khan migration i'm not sure in the paul ryan version but they have the 1.8 million daca kids who have to sign up for it, might be eligible for a pathway to citizenship.
5:03 am
steve: those are four pillars the made it cheer the stuff he would have on his dream ticket. tomorrow night meets with two key republican senators, including shelley moore capito, the republican from west virginia, whose committee is in charge of funding the wall. brian: with senator shelby. steve: separately. one of the things if you were watching television over the weekend democrats made a political issue what is going on at the southern border where people are taken from people who try to enter this country illegally. they talk about how you can't do that well the administration now is being very aggressive making sure you understand what the law really is. ainsley: yeah. you know the president said he wants to build the wall. that way he is saying so that people in mexico, whether or not they know the law or not, they can't just walk across the border. that will prevent them from doing it. it will allow them to go it
5:04 am
check point areas. they can sit there with the border patrol agents, tell the stories, really in danger with their communities with their kids. we will let them in. a judge decides whether or not they get to stay once they hear their situation. that is what kirstjen nielsen, she is the borde patrol, what is her title? secretary -- brian: homeland security. ainsley: homeland security. she tweeted this out, this misreporting by members, press advocacy groups must stop. it is irresponsible and oductive. as i said many times before if you're seeking asylum by. we do not have a policy of separating families at the border period. for those seeking asylum at ports of entry we continued policy at previous administration. only separate if the child is in danger, no custodial relationship if the adult has broken a law.
5:05 am
steve: that lt line is important. if you come into the country illegally they have they will separate children from adults. criminals are separated from their kids every day in the united states of america. we got images in the last hour. these are from border patrol. this if a former warehouse, that has been converted to cility. ainsley: shelter. >> some likened it to them, to concentration camps or cages. you do see that they have those thermal blankets. you see some fencing. some referred to them as cages. this is a great big warehouse facility, where they built walls out of chain-link fences. brian: are you okay with another surge at our border despite what the president said to the world we'll enforce our border? all that is gone. they're coming back in droves. so our border needs reinforcements. what are you going to do?
5:06 am
what john kelly brought up homeland security secretary and stephen miller, former aide to sessions, the way to deter fure people coming to the border, if you come here illegally with your family you will be separated because your breaking our law. that is the message sent. the other thing to keep ind, mexico was failing. 3 politicians who were assassinated. cartels are overrunning the country. these people are coming here because they have nowhere else to go. honduras, el salavador is overrun with gangs. these people with problems in their country, are sending their people here, sometimes to wreak havoc on our border. steve: the question if you're in south of our border, you know the rules and attorney general made it very clear, zero tolerance. if you know the rules, are you going to chance having your family separated if you break the law by going ahead and continuing on. or are you going to say you know what? i will wait for them to change the law completely.
5:07 am
ainsley: why it is important to have immigration reform. president's wife, melania, our first lady, her spokes person said on behalf of the melania we need to be a country that follows the law but governs with heart. brian: laura bush wrote an editorial. she compared it to a what we did to the japanese in world war ii. that is unfair comparison. steve: i do believe those laws that the laws they were using were in effect during her husband's administration. i believe. joel pollak, "breitbart," he toured one of the facilities, he said the treatment these children are get something pretty darn good. >> they have doctors. they have psychologists. they have trained social workers administrators. all of them want to help these children. often the kids come there without any knowledge of basic hygiene. come from some of the poorest places in central america. the staff there give them
5:08 am
toiletries. give them new clothes. they have to teach them how to shower, use a flush toile give them an education. this is place where they have the welfare of the kids at heart. and they come there from border patrol facilities. they're in a difficult situation. the goal is to ring the reunion bell that sits in the front. facility. steve: one of the white house, the administration talked about we need new immigration reform to close the loopholes. one of the things they would like providing trouble for them is clinton-era settlement agreement where the astronauts is forced to release entire family into the interior of the united states. that is what one of the hank-ups is right now. the administration says, fix it, change the rules so that everything is fair and safe. brian: the problem is, the russia investigation is going nowhere. the it g report seems to back up a lot what the president said. economy is on a roll.
5:09 am
they can't get traction on anything else. a lot of democrats are using this as opportunity to grandstand, nancy pelosi sometime today. congresswoman, debbie dingell from mississippi. >> michigan. brian: michigan i should say. >> shouldn't be democratic or republic. we need t as americans start to deal with somef these issues. these young babies are being separated from their parents, at what point do we say, okay what wi you do? i said i think a wall is stupid. i think a wall of division. if you work with us and we can do something i will support the wall to do something morally about this issues. brian: answer might going to the countries to straighten them out. ainsley: i mean, like she said though, the wall could prevent people from breaking the law. if they don't know the law in mexico, then they can't cross that wall, they women be forced to go to the port of entry. we can find out who they are, hear their stories. if their stories, if they are in dangerous communities. haven't broken the law. they aren't criminals we'll let
5:10 am
you in. we'll explain how to do it the right way to keep our country safe. steve: look at mexico, look at honduras, looked at el salavador. we talk to the countries. we're having a problem. they keep the people coming. it is up to us. that is what the president says. ainsley: if they come over the border with children and arrested and separated. >> break the law. ainsley: they go to a detention center. they get booked. they get the paperwork. they go through all that. i assume they are reunited with their kids and get on the list to come in the right way? steve: not necessarily. criminals are separated from their kids every day in this country. if you rob a bank. ainsley: you make a choice, you're choosing to be separated. steve: it is not extraordinary. the headline is, if you watch a lot of channels, they're talking about how these children are being rd from their families. the part that is troubling is the conscious decision parents
5:11 am
are making, okay, it is wor it. i will try it because i will have a better life in the united states. same time just know there is zero tolerance policy. the kids and families will not be kept intact if they break the law. ainsley: we do have sympathy for the parents. who wouldn't? yo don want parent separated from their child. they make the choice to do it, there are consequences. that is why the wall would prevent it. brian: maybe in some cases. steve: wouldn't hurt. brian: jan. jillian: good morning to you at home as well. a fox news alert. two people under arrest in the 2012 stabbing death of a u.s. marine. major george anankot killed in fight near his home in the philippines leaving a wife and two children. i congratulate the mbi for their arrest of two of the perpetrators in the violent death of george anico, bringing
5:12 am
a measure of justice to this senseless crime. five illegal immigrants are killed trying to outrun border patrol agents. pple e from a suv in a rollover crash near the texas-mexico border. speeds up to 100 miles per hour. officials are asking for more border security. >> every day my deputies are getting into pursuits. we need more boots into the ground. we need more patrol. we need, we need, i think we need a wall, in my opinion. jillian: the driver, a u.s. citizen is under arrest. secretary of state mike pompeo will discuss america's economic revival in his first public appearance since returning from asia. pompeo will speak to the detroit economic club at ford field this afternoon. he had been overseas discussing the north korea summit with neighbors of the rogue regime. that is a look at your headlines. i will send it back to you. steve: thanks very much.
5:13 am
coming up he vowed to stop president trump from winning the election. this morning disgraced fbi agent peter strzok says he wants to testify before congress. al been dershowitz reaion coming up next. ainsley: former president obama could beoi to school. we'll explain. ♪ ♪
5:14 am
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♪. steve: outrage over illegal immigration reaching a fever pitch. former cia director mike -- michael hayden tweeting this photo, comparing treatment of the kids to holocaust. ainsley: here is alan dershowitz. thank you, professor for being with us. >> thank you. aiy:ha your reaction to that tweet, that picture, comparing the shelters here to concentration camps? >> michael hayden is a great man. he was a great public servant, making comparisons to death camps and concentration camps is a form of holocaust denial. but i would like to take one minute and just say something directly to president trump. look, he watches the show.
5:18 am
president trump, you know, i've been defending your civil liberties and will continue to do so on this show but you have to end this policy of separating parents from children. not because of the parents but because of the children. it impose as trauma on the children. it is just unacceptable. it is just not proper. there are other ways of this you can send parents and children back together. you can do other things, but separating parents and children, no matter where you put them. no matter how the facilities may look, my former student, joel pollak says, they look like decent facilities. it is not the facilities, the act of separating parents from the children. mr. president, it just has to stop. there are better ways of doing this you're better than that. the american people are better than that. the american government is better than this. i'm more you to stop it now. then we deal with the ways of focusing on the serious problem of immigration. stop it now. steve: it is a serious problem.
5:19 am
this week, mr. dershowitz, sounds like congress will present a couple of bills to see if they can do something about it. ultimately they need to change the laws that the books because regulations are what the regulations are. >> agree with you, but the president has the authority to stop it. he can, this morning after watching this show simply say, no more separating of parents from children. when you have a child with you, you're sent back immediately. sure that means they're not prosecuted for the crime. but that is a lesser evil than wrenching a part parents and children. i don't want to exaggerate it. it is bad enough the way it is. i think if the president listens to his wife, hissens to others in the administration, there are many people in this administration who think this is a dangerous and immoral policy. and i think it has to stop. then, once we stop it, we can introduce bills in congress. we can take care of the more general problems but today, the idea of separating parents and
5:20 am
children have to stop. brian: we'll see about that. peter strzok, real quick, testifying, what would alan dershowitz ask him. he wants to clear his name. >> first question,hen you said you intend to stop the election of president trump, you, an fbi director, said you were going to stop the election, how could you stop the election legally and what does it mean when american people hear an fbi agent saying he is going to interfere with an american election? how do you explain that term, stop it from happening. he can't explain that. he is wrong. he should be fired. brian: why he is still has a job is unbelievable. he says he has a point to make. alan, thanks so much. ainsley: thank you. >> thank you. brian: coming up straight ahead, the video is insane. a roof collapsing on to tourists riding an escalator. the shocking moments caught on camera. steve: you remember this picture
5:21 am
of angela merkel trying to show her power over president trump? she could be losing her power, all thanks to the open border policy. thanks to "fox & friends." just call geico. geico helps with homeowners insurance? good to know. been doing it for years. that's really good to know. i should clean this up. i'll get the dustpan. behind the golf clubs. get to know geico. and see how easy homeowners and renters insurance can be.
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♪ ainsley: we have quick headlines for you. today a california father will become the first cancer patient to go to trial against monsanto. over 1000 people are suing that company, claiming the popular weed killer roundup, gave them cancer. johnson's case is the first to go to trial because they say the 46-year-old is nearing death. punishment on "game of thrones" could soon be brought to life. new york state assembly hopeful steve sapper steen, drawing inper race from this scene.
5:25 am
-- inspiration. the republican wants politicians convicted to take a public perp walk. brian. brian: i'm over here. remember the photo of angela merkel trying to show her power oaf president trump during e summit? they were waiting for paperwork. the german chancellor is facing open rebellion from her power within her own government because of her own open door policy started in 2015 when it comes to immigrants. joining us right now, tom rogan, "washington examiner" commentary writer. how much trouble is she in, tom? >> brian, she is in a lot of trouble. the issue the chancellor faces a very mainstream, conservative rural-based party, bavarian conservative party which is the partner in her coalition government, is really putting its foot down saying we are not
5:26 am
going to allow for these refugees or migrants to be able to come into germany. we control the interior ministry. merkel is saying you have to. so she fires the interior party, looks like the of that coalition will collapse and merkel will really be heading home as a private citizen. so she is in big trouble. brian: wow, this is about a politician whonks they they more than the people. if you look at some polling, german poll shows that 62% of their citizens believe refugees without papers should not be allowed in. the problem is she doesn't believe it. >> right. d i do think it is important to emphasize here that in the demographics in terms of the german population which is more centert t the united states electorate, for example, this widespread concern about migration and the levels of
5:27 am
migration is really apart from the left-wing parties in germany, across the board from the center to the right. chancellor merkel is out on a fringe in terms of her own position with conservatives. brian: right. >> what you see here is quite sort of significant populist pushback. brian: you also bring upoo that people responded in europe, in austria, for example, they a anti-immigrant candidate. italy, the same thing. they are reflecting the people want that is not anti-immigrant but pro their citizens first. >> exactly. there is a context here of criminality which to a statistical degree is part of the migrant problem. germans saying we're allowing a lot of people in without necessarily enough time to integrate. there are obviously economic considerations. much of the same issues you see here that mostly with president trump and hillary clinton and
5:28 am
some democrats neglected that to their peril in the presidential election. chancellor merkel has neglected that in the last few years. now the whirlwind is comin home to reap its hard rendering. brian: i see that most of the 1.6 million migrants since 2015 that poured into the germany, from africa, asia and the middle east. we'll see. the european union certainly has a say in that. when will we actually know if the people of bavaria will speak up and change course maybe for the country? >> i think within the neck week. probably actually today, tomorrow, because they have crisis meetings and i think, one way or the other either the merkel accepts the interior ministerosition and or she fires him and there will be crisis mode. brian: tom rogan, thank you very much. two minutes before the top of the hour, democrats like nancy pelosi have been slamming the trump administration. today they're heading to the border to get a first-hand look.
5:29 am
we're live next. economy is booming under president trump. you will not see that in "the new york times." they are blaming him for the world economic problems because of trade. depu press secretary hogan gidley is here to react to that next. ♪ has the perfect conditioners for everyone. from air-light foam, to nourishing 3 minute miracle, to the moisture-infusing gold series. we give more women great hair days - every day. pantene.
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so they can analyze trends and stop potential problems in their tracks. because safety is never being satisfied and always working to be better. ♪ brian: the house miny leader nancy pelosi, another democrats visiting the southern border today. steve: more than a dozen lawmakers touring a facility housing children separated from their parents or adults who have illegally crossed the border. ainsley: william la jeunesse who is live in san diego with we can expect. good morning, william. reporter: good morning, ainsley. i'm actually at a processing facility along the border. many of them here, california,
5:33 am
texas, arizona. speaker pelosi or former speaker pelosi will be at a shelter nearby in el cajon. i think this is controversy is part policy, part politics. both presidents, obama and trump, expanded zero tolerance policy, if you crossed the border without permission, prosecuted first time. second time, a felony. both presidents facing a surge from central america from families and mine norse separated children from adults who brought them here. advocacy groups at the time complained, democratic leaders at the time did not when president obama earned that title of deporter-in-chief. now however democratic congressman, texas, new jersey, california, calling this practice cruel and barbaric. >> this is inhumane. i would like to say it is un-american but it is happening right now in america and it is on all of us, not just the trump administration. this is on all of us.
5:34 am
reporter: so the policy that brought us here is known as operation streamline t was initiated in 2006 by president bush and greatly expanded by president obama bause it was so successful. nearlycross tder he increased prosecutions for criminal reentry by 200%. now as a deterrent, secondly he expanded alien relocation program, if you're arrested in texas, you're deported from california. that separated adults from children. finally like president trump, children are often separate interested the adults who brought them here under anti-trafficking statute. yesterday, dhs secretary kirstjen nielsen basically said that is what they are doing, quoting, for those seeking asylum at ports of entry we continued policy of previous administrations will only separate a child if it is in danger, no custodial relationship between family members or if the adult has broken the law. the bottom line you either have catch-and-release or catch and
5:35 am
hold. when you try to hold families or children, you can't do that because of two court decisions. so president trump, basically charging them criminally is separating the adults, some of the children in some cases, to try to achieve that to try to have some deterrents from those coming from central america. back to you. steve: there y go, william la jeunesse. it is collision of policy and politics. brian: he ended catch and release. right now up to hogan gidley to explain. white house press secretary, special assistant to the president. hogan, do you think the message from the media is correct that your administration is separating parents, moms and kids? >> it is completely false. this is all the democrats doing. let's be clear what they're asking us to understand and believe. democrats are saying you can't deport them. you can't detain them. you can't prosecute them. the only thing you can do per a democrat is to release them into the interior without any
5:36 am
ramification for what they have done by breaking our laws. that is absolutely incredible. only one of two things can happen when they come here. you have to release them into theio of the united states to family unit or separate the families. that is what the law says. this is up to the democrats. they could fix this right now. if you close the loopholes, we do do this humanely. quite frankly democrat policies put drug cartels in business, they're raking in money hand over fist sending people to the country, and smuggling drugs. democrats create incentives note we have to stop this. we have to protect this country and we have to do this humanely. steve: hogan, let's talk about the human part. we got images from the border patrol of images inside detention facilities. some likened them to concentration camps. some refer to these as cages. i can understand that point of view. look, i'm from farm community. to me, i see the chain-link
5:37 am
fences, more like a security pen to me. nonetheless whether you call it a cage, call it a pen, the images are stark. >> yeah, absolutely. it is heart-wrenching you see what is going on out there. listen, steve, you stood here last week wh the president, i was standing five feet behind you. you heard what he says. he doesn't like this. but he also understands it is the law of the land. you have to enforce these laws. the situation at the border is a crisis. it is put there because this president quite frankly tried to fix it over, nine months ago. he put out a 70-point immigration plan to fix all of these issues, to cure all the woes facing this country as it faces immigration. democrats balked at it. you see the "schumer shutdown." democrats decided to stand with people here illegally, unlawfully by hundreds of thousands as opposed to hundreds of millions of american citizens. they're doing it again. they're playing politics with people's lives.
5:38 am
brian: republicans have the majority in the house and senate hogan. >> right. but you have to change the law, brian. the only way you change the law with 60 votes in the senate. we don't have that. republicans are together in this. united in this, trying to stop child smuggling. protect the family unit. mocrats don want it because they want it as a political issue. ainsley: hogan, when they're arrested and separated, moms and dads could go to jail and babies, children, go to these shelters. is there any way we could keep them together, send them back to their country and teach them how to get on the list so they can come to our country legally? >> that's the problem. i heard alan dershowitz say you can send them back together as family unit. you can't. the law doesn't say that because you have a minor involved, it makes it much more difficult, meaning minor has to stay potentially, via the law. you have to deport the parents. that's the problem. there is a separation that occurs because the law exists that way. it is a farce to believe you can
5:39 am
keep them together. remember, as i said at the outset of this segment. democrats say you can't detain them. so if you can't detain them, you can't deport them, you have to release them into the interior of the country. it is a complete false choice. but it can be so simply if would close the loopholes. let's be honest, if people come into illegally and unlawfully, released without documentation, every crime someone like that commits is 100% preventable. i understand the democrats are upset about temporary separation of families who come illegally. where is the outcry for permanent separation when one of these people come to the country, commit a crime, kill an american citizen with their own hand or via drugs they distribute, no one comes to their defense. the permanent separation is the biggest abomination. no democrat is decrying that at all. steve: seems like a perfect time, because you have the democrats talking about these security pens or these cages being used to house these children. you've got the issue of the
5:40 am
dreamers. you've got the republicans, many of whom wan to end chain migration. the diversity lottery program and build a wall, seems like everybody wants something. so this would be a great time for some sort of a gigantic grand bargain. i think a lot of people will be disappointed unless this is fixed. >> look axe absolutely. this is what the president has been pushing more than a year. we want a permanent, lasting solution to the daca problem. we want to end chain migration. you remember the four pillars. all these things cane to the protect the american people and stop this problem immediately. if you put a wall up across the border it, forces immigrants to come to the country coming to the importance of entry. if they come to ports of entry, a muchafer and better situation. brian: hogan, real quick. there are two house plans going to get voted on, does the president back both of them, goodlatte plan or ryan compromise plan? i heard the president backs
5:41 am
both? >> he does, he supports efforts brought by t leadership and by congressional republicans. they are only ones coming to the table with solution. they're not running to cameras. ainsley: what are the solutions? >> they're not running to cameras to sell this, to get reelected based on poor images of children in cages. what republicans are trying to do, come to the table honestly, openly, we will fix the problem, because we have to close the catch-and-release loopholes. people who come from the other countries know the loopholes. drug cartels know them. international child smugglers know them. they are so adept asking for asylum, they know that is what they are told on the back side of international smuggling rings. come to america, use this verbiage, these claims, you will be let out for free because democrats refuse to the close the loopholes. it is dangerous situation. all on backs of democrats. steve: fast forward, what are the chances, if you were a
5:42 am
betting man, hogan, i know for a fact you are, what are the fact they get something through congress the president signs? >> i hope it's good. i don't want tet intopercentaam. we've seen images. we know there is a lot of blame flying around this city and it is a shame. the facts are on the side of the republicans. the facts are on the side of this president who has been trying to fix this he has been the champion. you know it was a good plan right down the middle, because he got attacked from the right and left. you knew it was bipartisan plan. that is telltale sign, when both sides are angry with you, it is clear he stands with the american people. 80% want a fix, they deserve a fix, they need one right now. steve: there you go. hogan gidley from the north lawn of the white house. >> thanks for the time y'all. ainsley: 42 minutes after the top of the hour. much of the focus is on the migrant children but what about american parents whose children were killed by illegals.
5:43 am
our next guest has a message everyone needs to here. steve: business was ordered to remove display of 200 flags was excessive. that company won. those proud workers will join us live. ♪ [ doorbell rings ] janice, mom told me you bought a house. okay. [ buttons clicking ] [ camera shutter clicks ] so, now that you have a house, you can use homequote explorer. quiet. i'm blasting my quads. janice, look. i'm in a meeting. -janice, look. chuckles ] -look, look. -i'm looking. it's easy. you just answer some simple questions online, and you get coverage options to choose from. you're ruining my workout. cycling is my passion. you're ruining my workout. ♪
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5:47 am
entered the walmart parking lot he tried to carjack a 16-year-old girl. she suffered minor injuries. shocking moments when a roof comes crumbling down, sending people running for their lives. a group of people at a popular chinese tourist spot look up and realize the ceiling is about to land on top of them. nine people hurt. inedibly none seriously. an investigation is now underway. a look at the headlines. downstairs. steve: thank you very much. democrats, some of them, are focusing on the separation of migrant children and parents or adults at border. while those lawmakers are focusing on the treatment of illegal immigrants, who is talking about the american parents who lost their children at the hands of people who are in the country illegally? mary ann mendoza's son, sergeant mendoza was a police officer who was killed in a collusion with the illegal who was drunk
5:48 am
driving. >> good morning, steve. steve: you've been listening. we were talking about hogan gidley, these images are stark, from the border patrol. it shows inside these detention facilities some refer to them as cages, and i can understand why they would refer to them like that, because they do have the chain-link sides. where i come from, i call it a security fence, nonetheless, you hate to think about kids being in something liket. at the same time you know what the president is trying to do when he says that he is trying to have zero tolerance. >> these migrants have direct from the people in south america, mexico, how to get into america easier. kidnappings are up in south america and mexico. they know that if they have a child when they arrive at the border, even if they cross where it is not a port of entry, they feel they will be shown more leniency because of these children. people need to start looking into what the fate of these
5:49 am
children would have been had they been left with the people that they crossed the border with. i think large percentages they are not the biological children of these adults coming over our border. so the facilities that they're in, and the character that is being taken after they have been drug across the desert and across mexico for how many days and miles and maybe not having enough water, food, whatever, it is not inhumane treatment. what would a homeless american child or a homeless veteran do to have those kind of facilities and three square meals. these are the people and, that americans and our politicians are forgetting b those are the people need to be cared about. there is rape epidemic going on in north carolina of young, young children, by illegal aliens. i haven't heard one politician stand up for american children who are being raped and tortured by these illegal criminals who cross our border. steve: okay. marianne, the reason i mentioned it in my lead-up question to you
5:50 am
about what the president says he is trying to do, he sent out a new tweet. it reads, why don't democrats give us votes to first the world's worst immigration laws, outrage and killings being called bygs and thugs including ms-13 coming into our country illegally. that is exactly what you're talking about right there, isn't it? >> i'm a part of aviac, advocates of victims of alien crime. we sent a press release out, this is extortion to the american people what these politicians are doing trying to cam all of this immigration bs down our throats. you know, not providing e-verify. not getting proper funding for border walls. allowing the daca people to stay. chain migration, all these things they want, where is the concern for fellow americans, over 4300 american citizens are killed every year by illegal aliens. >> steve: right. >> when have you ever heard our stories on liberal media or you heard one liberal politician
5:51 am
talk about us? >> we're telling your story right here. marianne, mendoza, who lost her son. >> thank you very much i appreciate it steve. steve: we'll step aside.
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
>> good morning, everybody. hours from now the ig and the fbi director set to testify just days following the release of that watchdog report. so what will we hear from them? the debate over children separated at border ramping up. laura bush and bill clinton weigh in. we await the president. he is set to speak a short time from now on winning the next frontier in mars. sean spicer, chairman bob goodlatte, mercedes schlapp from the white house. big monday morning. join us. "america's newsroom" begins in moments. ainsley: thank you, sandra. remember this story?
5:55 am
a realty company in massachusetts displaying 200 american flags to honor our veterans. they were slapped with a violation of town laws, for quote, excessive flags. the company fought back by displaying even more flags, totaling about 700 flags on their front lawn. now town officials have now changed their minds. here is more the realty employee who helped place those flags, john crandall, the ceof the company, stacy alcorn. we thank you for being with us. >> thank you. ainsley: how did you fl when the town manager said, you know what i have a change of heart, i let you keep your flags? >> i was thankful. i felt like they should have done that the five minutes after they even got word we have been served with a notice but in the end we got what we felt was right, which is that we could keep our flags out. ainsley: john, why did you put the flags out in the first place? you were one of the ones sticking them down on the ground? >> well it is basically, the memorial day weekend we start,
5:56 am
flag put them out. it was because of our veterans and all the soldiers and fallen veterans to honor them. ainsley: now, stacy, when you're told you got to take these national down, you had a problem with that. so you said, you know what? i'm going to buck the system. i will put even more flags out. why did you decide to do that? >> so, we originally put the flags out just to honor local veterans. my grandfather was a vet. so when we got the notice, john texted it to me, a photo of it, i texted him back. i think we need to dig our heels in on this one thing. i said, i'm going to buy more flags. we just felt that we were going to double down and do even more to honor our local veterans and peel who served. >> we are so thankful. we support our military here at fox news. there is a veterans event you're hosting on july 7th. where can we find out more information about that? >> correct.
5:57 am
it is laer our event is on july 7th to honor local veterans. ainsley: thank you. god bless. more "fox & friends." ♪ look how beautiful it is... honey, we need to talk. we do? i took the trash out. i know - and thank you so much for that. i think we should get a medicare supplement insurance plan. right now? whether you're new to medire or not, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. it's up to you to pay the difference. so think about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, they help cover some of what medicare doesn't pay.
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and watch tv. >> or listen to brian on the radio. >> we'll see what's going on. [♪] >> the trump administration firing back at critics as outrage grows over reports of children being separated from their parents after crossing the border illegally. all this as the white house works with congress to try and get immigration legislation nailed down this week. good morning, i'm sandra smith live inside "america's newsroom." >> i'm in for bill hemmer this morning. the outrage is growing over 2,000 undocumented children being reportedly held in detention centers after illegally entering the country. some are arguing the sio


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