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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  June 18, 2018 6:00am-8:59am PDT

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and watch tv. >> or listen to brian on the radio. >> we'll see what's going on. [♪] >> the trump administration firing back at critics as outrage grows over reports of children being separated from their parents after crossing the border illegally. all this as the white house works with congress to try and get immigration legislation nailed down this week. good morning, i'm sandra smith live inside "america's newsroom." >> i'm in for bill hemmer this morning. the outrage is growing over 2,000 undocumented children being reportedly held in detention centers after illegally entering the country. some are arguing the separation
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cruel and un-american demanding an end to the policy after touring a detention fit in southern texas. >> the zero-tolerance policy means zero humanity and means zero sense. >> it's a disgrace, shameful and un-american. >> president trump, decease and desist because it's appalling and un-american. >> sandra: the homeland security secretary saying she is fed up with the irresponsible seag we don't have a policy of separating families at the border, period. kevin corke is live. how is the white house responding that the president is responsible from the policy. >> reporter: first, they remind us this from their vantage point, is just the latest example of democrats spinning their political capital and
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energy on people who don't belong here. people who are not legally here versus taking care of american citizens. the other way they're looking at this is this is in congress's court. the ball is theirs. they can fix this with specific legiat the president has demonstrated he's open to that. on twitter the president saying this not long ago, why don't the democrats give us the votes to fix where's the outcry for the killings and thugses and ms-13 coming in illegally. former first lady, laura bush, writing this an op-ed over the weekend saying i appreciate the need to enforce and protect our international boundaries but this zero-tolerance policy is cruel and immoral and it breaks my heart. exactly how or for how long and for what reasons the separations
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may be happening sup for debate. secretary of home land security think the democrats and media are misleading folks at home and the secretary said the misreport from members and press and advocacy groups must stop. it's irresponsible and unproductive. if you're seeking asylum for your family, there's no reason to break the law and illegally cross between ports of entry. on the capital they're talking about immigration. >> they're using the grief and tears and pain of these kids as mortar to build their wall. it's an effort to escort a bill to their liking in the congress. >> it's not the law. it's the president's policy. in fact, he has stated -- and it's been report to the press, he's using it as an negotiation
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tool and using it to intimidate families so they don't come across the border. >> reporter: you'll hear people ask the question, is it the law or not? is it merely the enforcement of existing law. that's what the white house is arguing. >> sandra: meanwhile, kevin, where does the president stand on the mccall-goodlatte bill that's getting so much attention? >> reporter: no firm commitment, to be blunt. we heard him talk about it positively and share reservation. for the folks at home, it's getting buzz on capitol hill because it does a lot of things it ends the visa lottery and chain migration and has funds for the wall and border security and provides a solution for daca but the latter is the most controversial because the critics don't want amnesty for more people regardless of their status. for now the white house says it's listening.
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>> the psident is ready to gets meaningful immigration reform across the board. no one likes to see babes -- babi babies ripped from their mother's arms. we need to get the funding to close the loopholes. >> reporter: kellyanne conway over the weekend on "meet the press" and a couple senators, shelby and others coming to the white house. this say conversation that will only get more head as we go along. it's a circumstance the white house is hoping to solve. >> sandra: we have chairman goodlatte later this morning. kevin corke live at the white house for us. thank you. >> eric: two are set to testify
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this afternoon appearing before the senate judiciary committee on the fbi mistas and handling of the investigation and the apparent anti-trump bias on the part of several lead investigators. >> peter strzok, you name it, the highest level of bias i've ever witnessed in any law enforcement officer and comey, in the words of my grandma, has explaining to do, he's having a hard time having this stories match up. >> every page you find evidence ofolitical bias against donald trump. it calls into question the work that was done here with respect to the two highest profile investigations in recent times. >> eric: and andrew jenkins joins us live from washington on what we can expect. we'll hear a lot today, sir. >> reporter: i think so, eric. i think we'll hear lots of fire works on both sides of the aisle
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and the i.g. horowitz found no evidence of bias inis decision making. director wray is expected to look at his agency's credibility and find a way to regain much lost trust in the instance of anti-trump bias referring five fbi agent for administrative action is expect the democrats are saying are concerning and the ranking member, adam schiff, talking about just that. >> certainly the text messages are very troubling. the fact they were on work e-mail and commingled with e-mails discussing business. all that at -- that's problematic and the i.g. saying it doesn't effect decision making. >> reporter: and they'll be pressing whether the actions
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hurt hillary clinton and may have cost her the election. >> eric: they're going to the hill for more hearings tomorrow? >> reporter: they're headed to a hearing that is a joint house judiciary and oversight and government reform hearing where we can expect wrey to face a subpoena for documents and they're vowing serious consequences if the doj and fbi fail to comply. that's something the house chairmen say they won't put up with and i know you have chairman goodlatte on later and said peter strzok said he is willing to testify voluntarily. perhaps we'll find out more today. >> eric: we'll ask chairman goodlaat when appears in a couple hours. >> sandra: and the anti-trump agent pulled off the mueller investigation says he is willing
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to testify before congress. peter strzok as lawyer said he's willing to testify before a house judiciary or any other committee about the bureau's investigations during the 2016 election. this of course is coming after the president blasted strzok on twitter over the weekend saying yesterday, why was the fbi sick loser peter strzok working on the discredited mueller team of 13 angry and conflicted democrats whe strzok was giving crooked hilary a free pass and his liz lover, pisa page will stop trump. witch hunt. let's talk to our fox news contributor. byron, good morning to you. what's it mean we can potentially hear from peter strzok. >> what a difference an i.g. report makes. members of congress have been trying to hear from strzok for a long time.
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the first reports of strzok being demoted because of his anti-trump texts was back in december of 2017. members of congress have been trying since then to get the fbi to allow him to speak. and better late than never category, this is something a lot of republicans are going to want to hearrom stroke. >> sandra: his attorney said the chairman's pursuit of a warrant is not needs because he intends to voluntarily appear and testify before a committee. what do you expect we will hear from him? i think the thing members of congress will want to find out is certainly there's just no question of the bias in the texts between strzok and lisa page saying we will stop donald trump from being president and
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will want to see if there's connections from the bias he made and decisions made. in particular, a series of events in october of 2016 at the height of the presidential campaign in which the hillary clinton e-mail question came to the fore because of the anthony wiener e-mails found on the laptop and strzok decided he had to keep going with trump russia and did not want to touch the hilary e-mail issue. is that because he doesn't want to disrupt the campaign? what was that because of? in the inspector general report that's one thing he said we cannot conclude there was no bias i that decision. >>andra: the president took a step further in the twitter storm over the weekend saying the highest level of bias ever witnessed in any law enforcement officer quoting trey gowdy on
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the fbi own's peter strzok. and remember they all worked for slippery james comey and he is best friends with robert mueller. a sick deal isn't it? you wonder what this all means, a few seconds left, byron, ultimately for the investigation. >> on fox news they wer scathing about strzok and page. heai if you're a prosecutor in court and presenting evidence gathered by these biassed people, good luck to you. i think the president latched onto those comments quickly. >> sandra: the president make it clear how he feels about peter strzok. >> always does. >> sandra: exactly. byron york, good morning and thank you. >> eric: and we of course will go in deeper with all this, former white house president secretary sean spicer joins us live at 10:30 eastern. that's just over one hour from now. >> sandra: lots of questions for
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him and welcome to the new studio. >> eric: these are fancy digs. >> sandra: this morning it sound like you were impressed. >> eric: great new home. >> sandra: g t have you. a strong earthquake rattling a city and what we're hearing with the damage caused. >> eric: and new information on the suspects at a shooting at an all-night art festival where more than 20 people were injure. >> sandra: and two bystanders disarming suspect in the middle of a carjacking. >> he's a hero. he took action and like i said, i think more people could have easily been shot. he saved us all probably. come on, he saved us all. i'm to your bumper, cause....
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we're going get compliance or the house of representatives is going to use its full arsenal of constitution constitutional we have we have -- weapons to gain compliance. >> if documents don't begin to be turned over and a clear path is not demonstrated in the next couple days there'll be hell to pay. >> eric: devin nunes and trey gowdy and oth republicans threatening action against rob rosenstein and doj officials if they don't turn over document on the russian pbes. we have judge andrew napolitano. they can stonewall en getting information. >> they're seeking documents in an active criminal trial.
6:18 am
if it's been present ed to a grand juror it's secrete and if it's from an informant it's secret and the lawyers on the house intelligence committee know this. i don't know how this will serve out. they serve a subpoena on rob rosenstein and gives it to his litigators and said move it to quash the subpoena and then the federal judge says show me the documents they're looking for and tell me why they can't be released and if i agree with you, you can keep them, if i agree with you i'm turning them over to the house. that's the way it works. they'll have to invoke the judicial branch to resolve this impasse. >> eric: do you think that's the appropriate method to resolve this? >> do i because the president is conflicted since he's the subject of this investigation. if he were not he'd call up his
6:19 am
attorney general and said you work for me and they're our people, give them what a want but he can't do that in this case and the attorney general is conflict and has recused himself. >> eric: besides the legality do you think they don't trust them? >> yes. because he's a friend and a respect his work and the chair of the committee the fbi and doj are afraid if the documents show the origin of the investigation of alleged russian involvement in the trump campaign get in the hand of members of congress who are allies of the president they'll get in the hand of the president's lawyers and these are things the president's lawyers, while he's a subject of this investigation, are not permit to see until they charge the president or exonerate him. >> eric: so finally, how will and when the american people find out exactly how the investigation started?
6:20 am
predate the dossier and find out what strzok was doing and who in the fbi said we'll look at this whether it was legitimate and proper or not. >> if the doj subpoenas, which i don't think they will for the reasons i told you will we'll out with the origin, dossier, fisa, seasons they want to re -- seasons they want to release it if, they're going to court it will be a month before we get to the bottom of this before the court rules and who loses appeals to a higher court. >> eric: you can rule on it. >> a pleasure to be with you. >> sandra: eric, stay tuned to "america's newsroom" for more reaction on all of this from capitol hill. house committeehairman goodlatte will join us in the 11:00 hour. lots of question to ask him. >> eric: and more to tell you about this morning. heavy rains and intense flooding
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>> as warm temperatures begin to move through much of the country the upper midwest are getting hit with severe weather. heavy rain causing flash flooding making travelling dangerous and there's been sinkholes from northern minnesota to upper michigan. look at that. today the storm system is expect
6:25 am
to bring hail and winds of more than 60 miles per hour. it's a tough beginning to the week. >> sandra: this fox news alert from a shooting at a new jersey artestiva the person was just released from prison on homicide-related shooting. the injured 22 people appears to be a result of a gang dispute. >> eric: one suspect was killed. sadly, a lot of folks in trenton saying the art festival which went 24 hours almost all night at 3:00 in the morning there was a chance to have the community get together and achieve something positive but sadly that happened. the community there saying they will continue and try to help the city of trenton. we have live in presenton with the latest on -- in trenton
6:26 am
with the latest. >> reporter: the all-tight art festival was not the target of the attack but innocent bystanders were caught in the cro crosshairs. 22 people were injured, 17 were shot including a 13-year-old boy w whose condition has been improved. some people were wounded by police bullets in the crossfire. >> people just started running around like crazy and pushing and shoving and there were gunshots. it's had it was such a way to bring everybody together. it's ruined. >> one person is dead. he was shot by police. he was released from prison in
6:27 am
february from home sid-- homici related charges. >> members of the trenton police department informed event organizers the event had to be shut down. there was the annouement the mood had been change. >> reporter: multiple firearms were recovered at the scene. >> eric: lots of controversy and the suspect was out on parole and what are they saying? >> reporter: governor phil murphy visited a baptist church and the scene and spoke about the need of ending gun violence. tweeting in part, quote, we cannot let gun violence tear us apart. it's not appropriate times to talk about gun policy. these are the most important times to talk about gun policy. the governor is holding a press
6:28 am
conference at 11:00 a.m. today. >> eric: maybe they should reconsider who they let out on parole sometimes. sandra. >> sandra: a change with border patrol in texas as an filled with illegal immigrant flips over. details on that straight ahead. plus, outrage over the president's zero-tolerance policy ramping up. everyone from the first lady, m millania trump and laura bush reacting. >> the ball's in the court of the democrats. what's inhumanes to allow plaus in place currently on our books that promote and incentivize child smuggling.
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>> sandra: fox news alert on a deadly crash near the u.s. border. five are dead and several
6:32 am
injured after an suv packed with undocumented immigrant crashed trying to get away from border patrol agent. the driver was going about 100 miles an hour when he drove off the road. the authorities believe the driver and one passenger were u.s. citizens trying to smuggle immigrant into the country. it's a story that's becoming all too common. >> it's not usual. we've seen this in many counties along the border. it's an example where the border needs to be secure. it endangers american lives as well as the people from other countries coming. >> sandra: four people died at the scene and one person died after being transport to an area hospital. >> eric: nancy pelosi and other
6:33 am
democrats are heading down to the border in hours from now to visit a facility that houses migrant children who have been separate from their children after crossing the border illegally. this as outrage is growing over the trump administration zero-tolerance immigration policy. arly 2,000 children have been separated so far. willi william lejeunesse joins us. >> reporter: it was under operation streamline and so successful that president obama actually doubled it in size helping earn him the title deporter in chief and like president trump facing a surge of immigrant companies president obama often separated adults from children. advocacy groups at the time
6:34 am
complained he was breaking u families, democrats did not. now, however, under president trump they're calling the practice cu cruel and barbaric. >> the president is holding them as hostage to try to pass his version of some kind of immigration legislation that's not related to the need to separate parents from their families. >> so entering the u.s. without permission, first time is a misdemeanor and second time say felony. president obama felt it was a today -- deterrented a deterrent and homeland security under president trump said they're following the same policy. saying we need fewer media stunts and welcome elected official to visit facilities and
6:35 am
it is my sin -- sincere they'll he'd the call to close the loopholes that are root causes of the issues there's two court ruling that require the administration to release unaccompanied and minors to a less restrictive environment and that's driving the immigration from central america. >> eric: it's controversial. we'll have more on this in the next hour. william, thank you. >> sandra: under an hour the immigration debate will be heating up again. attorney general jeff sessions sin new orleans to address the nation's sheriffs. this as tensions grow over president trump's zero-tolerance policy. meanwhile, the immigration policy is turning ugly with liberal comedienne cathy griffen take swing at the first lady and the office saying mrs. trump
6:36 am
hates to see children separated from their families and hopes both sides of the aisle can achieve immigration reform and believes we should be a country that follows all laws and a country that governs with hear griffen then tweeted this ofanity-laced message to the first lady you can choose to read yourself but it's ugly for know read on the air frankly. let's bring in rnc spokeswoman, kayleigh mcenany. it's turning downright ugly. >> it is. cathy griffen is a hateful irrelevant provocateur and has now made a career of attacking the trump women after lotion her job on c -- losing her job on cnn. president trump called it horrible and said he doesn't want to see this either and there's a simple way to stop this. nancy pelosi, after you get done with your tour at the border get back to washington and change
6:37 am
the laws because it's on you democrats to allow this to continue. >> sandra: it's interesting, this scathing opinion piece by laura bush on the policy. many of us have had a chance to read it this morning, kayleigh. she h live in a border state and appreciate protecting the national boundaries but the zero-tolerance policy is cruel and immoral and breaks my heart, she wrote. and as our reporting led io this, it was her president, george w. bush who nicinitiatede zero-tolerance approach for immigration on which president trump's policy is modelled. >> that's exactlyright. the families were separated where the child was in danger or in the case the adult is being prosecuted. you're right, the zero-tolerance
6:38 am
policy hasn't change. people are making it an issue because it's the trump administration. we've seen a 315% increase in people posing as families to try to cross the border. those are traffickers, they're smugglers endangering children and using them and it's not safe for children and u.s. citizens being plagued by ms-13. >> sandra: on father's day i'm think of the thousands of children being separated from their parents at the board. -- border they should not be a renegotiating tl and reuniting them would show support for all parents who love their children. we heard the president and first lady even and their hearts do break for these children. do you see the president and his administration doing all they can do considering they don't like what they're seeing either.
6:39 am
>> they're doing all they can do. and rich lowry had a fantastic piece at national review on this pointing out the separation between the child and parent pically only last as a day if the immigrant choose to go back to the country they came from and they leave the country if they so choose. it's when the illegal immigrant choose to apply for asylum and demand the child be released in 20 days. nancy pelosi go back to washington, you can change the policy. the trump administration is enforcing the law. i remember the parents crying during the state of the union because they lost their children to ms-13. many have ravage the lives of u.s. excellecitizens. >> sandra: we're gathering numbers where things are today versus previous administrations.
6:40 am
during obama the increase in the number of unoccupied children arriving at the border reached a quote, crisis proportion. this is according to a report from migration policyy june 2014 with a 90% surge in arrivals from 2014. this is a problem previous administration have faced. a lot is to the table. what gets done? >> i'm glad you brought that up we saw the surge in 2014. the washington post, pretty liberal newspaper said there's been an influx of 200,000 teenagers from southern america and fuelling the ms-13 crisis ravages our children and schools. a man in texas just died as his body was burned by an uncompanied minor who got legal st status and became an ms-13 member.
6:41 am
we have to fix this and find a daca fix instead of engaging in publicity stunts let's get it done for american people and in a humane way. >> sandra: thank you. >> thank you, sandra. >> eric: did you watch golf over the weekend. you saw the u.s. open and the second win in a row. that makes him the first golfer in 29 years to successfully defend his u.s. open title and the seventh ever. he edged out tommy fleetwood by a stroke to take home the shining trophy and now moves up to a career best the fourth place in the worldwide rankings. man, it was beautiful >> sandra: do you golf there? >> >> eric: no. >> sandra: it's a difficult course but there were difficult conditions. some of the best golfers didn't even make the cut and he won it
6:42 am
two years in a row. >> eric: i'm sure he's thrilled. >> sandra: a big celebration actually triggered an artificial earthquake in mexico city. plus, did you see this from last week? >> i have solved that problem. we are getting it memorialized. >> eric: president trump hailing the success of that summit and dealing with the threat from north korea and one lawmaker call the comments, quote, preposterous. where do things stand out and is kim jong-un still a threat. that straight ahead.
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leaving brad to dig in d enjothe tastiest of t-bones. super poligrip, helping enjoy the foods you love. >> north korea is a threat and
6:46 am
they have missile to deliver weapons to south korea and guam. the issue is just beginning to be dealt with not solved. >> eric: that's comments come as president slams critics on the meeting with kim jong-un. he said the regime i n longer a nuclear threat. is that true? ohio congressman mike turner joins us serving on the house intelligence and armed services committe good to see you, welcome. >> thanks for having me. >> eric: do we have anything to worry about and they still have ballistic missiles. >> the north korean regime is at the table and the put on pressure and they signed a commitment for denuclearization. >> eric: do you trust them. >> i've watched them over two
6:47 am
administrations with little confidence and i've seen the trump administration has brought them to the table we're currently in negotiations. certainly the nuclear weapons program is a threat and they use to launch missile to launch pad and threaten new york and washington, d.c. and today they're at the bargaining table. >> eric: they threatened to turn us into a sea of fire among the other threats. what about what north korea can do. what should kim jong-un do concretely pulling his weapons from the dmz. reveal a list of what he has? what would you like it see the north koreans do specifically? >> here's the time line between the iran deal which did not provide the security the united states needs in ending the program and the north korean opportunity. that is to make certain we have a verifiable disarmament and
6:48 am
delivering of the nuclear weapons of the systems that create them. this is an opportunity for the administration to step up and show what it is to have a verifiable denuclearization. >> eric: they tal about the iran deal. unbelievably, iran gets to decide whether the international insptors can go to military sites. it's a huge out. do you fear or are you confident the trump administration, unlike the obama administration would in the give the north koreans such an excuse? >> i think the administration made it clear they won't accept an agreement like the iran deal with an expiration date and continue missile programs clearly intended for weapons of mass destruction. they'll have to be flea -- to be knee -- in a deal to believe they're become partner to the united states. >> eric: the president is supposed to have that phone call soon with kim jong-un. should the president be specific
6:49 am
on dealing with what he wants to see? >> yes, and i certainly hope he's done that already. secretary of state pompeo has done an excellent job in the premeetings and laid the groundwork, especially with what they said about iran, what the deal has to include to ensure it secure the safety of the american people. >> eric: and what about this ot otto warmbier that they're prosecuted? >> you have to have things in order. the top order has to be dene denuclearization and the security of the united states making sure north korea doesn't represent a nuclear threat to new york and washington, d.c. is the top most priority and i look forward to them conclude deal we can all say this say deal that
6:50 am
has accomplished denuclearization. thank you. sandra. >> sandra: hour one is nearly in the books, next up for white house press secretary, sean spicer will be here. we'll cover immigration and the meeting with the i.g. and fbi director and more. >> eric: and two bystanders hailed as heroes after disarming a suspect. >> people are pushing their kids and saying go, go, go and head towards the nearest exit and you just start running. you do just start running but you don't know where to run to really. when did you see the sign? when i needed to jumpstart sales. build attendance for an event. help people find their way. fastsigns designed new directional signage. and got them back on track. get started at
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>> eric: lets of excitement in the world cup and there was so much cheering and stomping it may have caused an earthquake. an agency detected a small quake t the time mexico scored their goal. can you believe that? i people don't jump up and down too much and take the world off the axis. >> sandra: i guess that can happen. >> well, lots of activity. two armed citizens jumping into action to stop a carjacking suspect in washington state. police say the suspect shot and wounded a teenage girl. adam housley is live with the story. adam. >> reporter: anything but a quiet, calm father's day south
6:55 am
est of tacoma. there were reports of a drunk driver going in the wrong direction and they started receiving reports of shots fired and a carjacking and a 16-year-old girl was hurt but thankfully not seriously. the male suspect then went to a walmart and started firing there. >> i saw a person run and i started running for my life. i knew they were shots and people were being shot. >> reporter: thankfully no one was shot but then the suspect left and tried to carjack another driver and at least two armed citizens got out their guns and one shot the suspect and killed him. witnesses say they saved the day and their lives. >> he is a hero. he was carrying a concealed weapon which is great and it's legal, which is great.
6:56 am
he took action. like i said, i think more people could have been shot. >> reporter: detectives believe the suspect is the same one responsible for the wrong-way incident and shootings. no word yet on a motive and he's dead. >> sandra: thank you. >> eric: still ahead "america's newsrm," michael horowitz and christopher wray. they're set to testify on capitol hill and we'll get reaction from our headliner guest former white house press secretary, sean spicer and we'll be joined in a moment by today's a-team, steve hilton and maen marsh and gordon chang. don't go away.
6:57 am
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>> sandra: the stage is set as the inspector general face law makers on capitol hill after mistakes at the bureau and more. welcome to a brand new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith. >> eric: i'm eric sean in for bill hemmer. after the report revealed improper and unprofessional behavior. >> washington rocked. >> this was a damaging report. comey, mccabe and strzok and
7:01 am
lisa page, his lover. >> the i.g. report has heightened the need for us to undetand what hap >> if you're in the leadership bubble up there you better not be part of what comes out at the end for mule perp -- mule per perp -- mueller. >> the stories will be on capitol hill today and tomorrow. michael horowitz will answer questions in front of the senate judiciary committee with chris wray. >> they'll use the arsenal of constitutional weapons to gain compliance. >> there's a meeting between house republican leaders and officials. >> the documents do not begin to be turned over and a clear path forward is not clear in the next couple days, there's going to be hell to pay. >> sandra: up for a battle. that's go to the "america's newsroom" a-team.
7:02 am
steve hilton and mary anne marsh, former senior advise tore john kerry and gordon chang daily beats columnist and author. steve, startling with you, first. quite the battle is heating. we're expect to hear a lot from folks we haven't heard anything from. >> especially peter strzok. that's the latest is his lawyer is saying we need to hear from him not through just the biassed text have revealed what the establishment and people inside the leadership of the fbi reall thought aboutsident trump and his supporters. now they're saying we need to hear from peter strzok. the other important point is a deep one about this charge that is constantly made against president trump by his critics, which is that president trump we hear he's undermining all the
7:03 am
time the rule of law. james comey went rogue and the establishment have been f over james comey how he's the one standing up for justice against this terrible president. i think we needn apology from the establishment, all those people falling over james comey. after the report they need to say, we were wrong. he's the one undermining them. >> eric: tire not going to is a >> eric: they're not going to say i'm sorry. >> sandra: manner -- >> sandra: mary anne, you saw the reaction to the release of the report. obviously, this is not over yet. >> not at all, but what we learned from the report is there was double standard in how hillary clinton and donald trump was treated. every action james comey took hurt hillary clinton and every
7:04 am
action he did not take hurt donald trump. here's why we need to hear from peter strzo there's a bias it may be in the analysis of the text. we need to look at the textsthe because maybe he saw information of criminal wrongdoing during that investigation he w a part of to preclude donald trump and his campaign from continuing and believed it would have come out when it came to the e-mails of hillary clinton and they sat on them for a month. was it because there was no there there and she was vindicated by the e-mails. i've been a critic of james comey going two years ago the first press conference that set it in motion. that does not vacate the findings of his behavior. it was wrong and outside the law. >> possible information can justify peter strzok that trump supporters are lazy, uneducated pieces of whatever. >> it has nothing to do with the investigation. >> eric: what could he possibly
7:05 am
say when he raises his right hand and takes the oath, what could he say to say he wasn't biassed. >> three things, one, he's doing it under oath. two, he said i'm not asking for immunity and won't take the fifth which is more than many people parade before the committees. if he saw anything that might come out that we'll see in the mueller report that would implicate donald trump and/or his campaign working with russian to undermine our elections. that would be the difference. >> sandra: let's get gordon in here. >> i'm glad i'm way over here. the thing that's important from a foreign perspective is there's a lot of controversy in the united states but people in china look at this and wonder at the united states' system because have you all this playing out according to rules, laws, courts, all the rest it. in china they just k each other or do other things. they imprison each other. it's just very different. we have to be protective of our system of justice. i don't know how all this turns
7:06 am
out but nonetheless i'm proud of this is how we settle our disputts -- disputes which is contentious. >> eric: do you think the system as tumultuous as it is is working? >> it is. we have a divided country. in other countries have you oppressive rulers get their way. in our system we have all of this and it looks noisy and ugly but nonetheless this is how it should work. our system is trying to immediate conflict among two sides almost equal in size and it's working. this means we're going to have all this in public but that's what democracies do. we always put it out in public. all authoritarian states hide their conflict and that's not the way to do it. our way is a better way. >> sandra: the president is tweeting over the immigration conflict and tweeted this on the country. we've all been looking at the
7:07 am
images and the first lady saying is breaks her heart as well and we heard from the former first lady laura bush. the president said criminals have been using children and the crimes are historic with some of the most dangerous places in the world and not going to happen in the u.s. for this to be effective we want to show the tweet. it's the democrats fault, the president said, for being weak and ineffectiven crime. change the laws. steve, will they? >> i think it's very hard to see how you'll get anything meaningful on immigration at this point given the political lay of the land. look, we all agree that it's heard -- heartbreaking to see children ripped from the arms of their parents. no sensible person would say
7:08 am
otherwise but there's a humane alternative and the that's to build the wall people want because it would provide a clear solution to this. in other words, no one would bother coming. you wouldn't have the situation if it was clear to everyone there's no way you'll get in to the u.s. except through the legal process because there's a clear way to stop you. that simple promise of building a wall actually would solve this problem. >> sandra: mary anne, i see you having a reaction. >> i applaud trump and his tweet for showing us why people are coming here because of the crime, because of the violence. that's why they're seeking to to this country and appeal and ask for asylum, which is legal. it's his cynical political ploy by ripping children from their families that is wrong. there's no law that says you need to do that. that's a policy that trump has implemented. >> eric: there's a '97 court
7:09 am
decision that ordered adults and children not to be held together. >> look, that is optional. obama -- >> sandra: why the outrage now is the question people have? >> because they doesn't separate them. no one deported more people from the united states than barack obama and neither bush nor obama separate the families. deport the family together. if you want them to have a hearing, have it together. if you want a legal press, have it together but the fact is donald trump who said, i and i alone can fix all of this and mexico's going to pay for that wall, okay, the reality is he's when he runs the white house as a republican, owns the house, owns the senate and has pence to break any tie-break. >> eric: going back to the obama administration and we had a photo of chain link cages and elian gonzalez at the end of a weapon, frightened, terrorized
7:10 am
at the clinton administration and the democrats using it as a political ploy and nancy pelosi going to the border in terms of expressing outrage but how come there seemsbe double standard. >> the amecan public is th with elian gonzalez. obama took a lot of grief for how he handled immigration and defortation. but this is different separating babies and 10 and 12-year-old kids from the parents and by the way, if a father who asked to hug their child for two more minutes while they're crying was threatened with an assault child. >> the american association of pediatrics can have a life-long effect on the brain chemicals. >> there's a good response to it as well which is don't bring them then. don't put them through that situation. >> there's no choice. >> of course there's a choice.
7:11 am
>> the president has been tweeted over the weekend and this morning as wellught up europe and what's going on with angela merkel saying the people of germany are turning against their leadership as crime in germany is way up. big mistake all over europe allowing people who have strongly and violently change third -- changed their culture. >> you'll probably see angela merkel's coalition fall aapart over -- apart because the people of germany wanted some asylum but not an unrestricted flow of people from syria into germany and you now have the e.u. being split. >> sandra: i'm being told kirstjen nielsen is speaking now. let's listen in. >> let's be clear, we do not need to break the law of the country by entering illegally to claim asylum. if you are seeking alile --
7:12 am
asylum go to a port of entry. for months we have been on the hill briefing members about the threat posed. you do not need to break the law of this country by entering illegally to seek asylum. if you are seeking asylum go to a port of entry. e been on the hill discussing ways to fix the broken immigration system. let me take a couple minutes to walk you through a few of these legal loopholes dhs and you and your communities must confront every day and the solutions we have requested from congress. first, under existing law, certain unaccompanied alien children from mexico and canada who enter illegallynd have no valid claim to stay can be quickly returned home but unaccompanied children from
7:13 am
every other country in the world must be transfer to the department of health and human services within 72 hours and then released to parents or guardians within the united states. this is a significant factor that encourages these children to make the dangerous journey north and belie the fairness of the system. we should be treating those from countries the same. why is our system built on treating people from mexico and canada different than any other country coming to the united states for various reasons? additionally, when a child is ended with their parents, dhs is required, due to various court rulings, to release the child within 20 days. as i mentioned earlier, this get out of jail free card for groups who pose as families has spread. the word has spread. the smugglers and traffickers know thepholes better than
7:14 am
members of congress. sad to say from october 2017 to this february, we have seen a staggering increase in illegal aliens, fraudulently using children to pose as family units to gain entry into the country. this must stop. all this doe put the children at address the asked congress to change the law to allow for the expeditious return of alien children regardless of their country of origin. we're also asking congress to allow us to keep families together while they are detained. these fixes would go a long way towards discouraging families from sending children on the journey to the u.s. resulting in fewer children in the hand of gangs such as ms-13 and more adults facing the consequences of their actions. second, our system for asylum is broken. we are a compassiona country that has taken in millions of
7:15 am
refugees and granted asylum to hundreds of thousands over the last few decade or assisted them near their home country. since 1975ted states has welcomed more than 3 million refugees from all over the world and each year typically admit nearly two-thirds of the world's settled refugees. that is more than all other countries combined. so unfortunately because we have an incredibly low standard for claiming credible fears as part of the process, our generosity is being abused. as a result, over the last seven years we've seen a number of individuals claiming asylum skyrocket. before 2011, approxima 1 of every people arriving illegally claimed asylum and there's a low standard of initial screening applicants can
7:16 am
live and work in the united states for years. this is true even for the 80% who are ultimately rejected for asylum at their final adjudication after multiple appeals. for the 20% who truly need asylum, they are mired in the years' long backlog and remain in limbo. we asked congress to adjust the standard of proof to prevent well-coached applicants from uttering the magic words indicating a fear of returning home. this change would ensure those who deserve asly um -- asylum find it quickly to to begin their new lives in the country and there's sanctuary picies. i don't need to till more about this but instead of turning criminals over in their custody to ice to face immigration proceedings consistent with our law, these communities shelter them and release the criminals
7:17 am
back onto our streets. they often refuse to cooperate with us as we attempt to enforce the law. to address these issues, and as congressman scallese mentioned, we're asking congress to fully authorize ice detainers and importantly to provide indemnification for jurisdiction who's willfully comply. [applause] removing criminal aliens from controlled environments such as jails protected the men and women of ice, your men and women within your facilities as well as the localmunities who otherwise are put at the percy of those -- mercy of those being released into community. i encourage you to reach tout members and ensure your voice heard. it is imp you also have the ability and authority to protect your communities and to work with federal law
7:18 am
enforcement. in the meantime, as ice state and local law enforcement partners are challenged in court for transfer of criminal aliens to ice, nsa has been a strong paner to address this public safety issue. for example, as many know nsa and the major county sheriffs of america worked with us at ice to develop a new process to clarify aliens held by the jurisdictions are held under the color of federal authority. this thereby affords protection from litigation for executing their public safetys. r this year, ice announced 17 basic ordering agreemented -- agreements with sheriffs. ice is instituting this process to ensure a smooth rollout but
7:19 am
intends to expand implementation with willing law officers and i ask you to reach out if this is something that may be of interest to you. >> sandra: you've been listening to homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen said if you're seeking asylum go to a port of entry, do not break the law. this is a following a series of twts saying we don't have a policy of separating families at the border responding the criticism, period, she said. i want reaction from the panel. jeff ss sup next but your thoughts, steve? >> what she said was persuasive and saying in sober and unemotional terms the problem when you're an open and welcoming country, the whole world would love to come here, you need an orderly process and
7:20 am
when people show up at the border and want to come in and exploit children to do so you it creates situation. >> she's not telling the truth. there's a policy of separating children. she's witnessing it. when she's asking for people to go to ports of entry and they're being turned away saying there's no room and being turned away. >> i'm the son of an immigrant and my wife is an immigrant. it took her 10 years to get citizenship. people are waiting in line who have done everything legally and now take a long time to get citizenship or residency. >> sandra: she said we want to keep families together. we do not want to keep them apart. >> eric: and china imposes new tariffs in the trade war with the u.s.
7:21 am
what would trade policies mean for americans? charles payne is here and more on the immigration and sean spicer all about that as "america's newsroom" continues on this monday morning. and now for the rings. (♪) i'm a four-year-old ring bearer with a bad habit of swallowing stuff. still won't eat my broccoli, though. and if you don't have the right overage,
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>> sandra: on the best music for charles payne's segment. fears of a trade war are put be pressure on commerce and threatening economic growth. with us is charles payne of the fox news network. i don't know if it's fears of a trade war. what is causing the fear and panic in the sell-off? >> we're down 200 points but from where we are now it's not really a panic and relatively orderly and it comes from the dow which reflects the global economy. remember, these tariffs, the escalation in tariffs, because every country uses them, are designed to be uncomfortable. they're designed to create pressure. that'sxactly why they're doing them. they're not designed to be pleasant. but having said that, i think they're also being used as an excuse by globalist organizations like world bank or the national monetary fund. i have the data in front of me
7:26 am
for what they say will happen. this is before the trade wars and their estimate f japan's gdp. for the eurozone which grew in 2020 they see it growing at 1.5%. this is all their own data before the so-called trade wars were escalated. >> eric: some say it's just a negotiating play. >> on friday the tariffs were broken into two trench. the first is incredible it's $34 billion into effect july 6 on things we all talk about. the second is the most compelling under section 301 and goes to china's 2025 goal of dominating the world technologically and economically. we laid it out. it's part of the negotiating process. china sees we have them on the
7:27 am
table. hopefully it will speed up the eventual resolution to this. >> eric: they gave some concessions already. >> sure. why wouldn't they? if china wants to change their economy from an export-driven to a domestic economy like ours the consumer is two-thirds of our economy. china wants the same thing and ultimately they'll want their prices lower but they want their cake and eat it too. you can't have it both ways. we certainly don't vit -- vit both ways. countries send things here with severely small tariffs, no protectionism and invest in our business. we have the fewest barriers and all we're doing is asking the rest of the world to do the same even our so-called friends. >> sandra: the dow down 200 in a single day. >> double digits raises a yellow
7:28 am
flag no matter who you are. >> "the new york times" saying a fear of a global trade war is putting fear in the economy and the des moines register, more tariff risk for iowa economy. it goes on to detail the hundreds of millions of dollars their farmers stand to lose as a result of this. >> and when i went to the election booth they understand what president trump said he'd do. none of this is news per se. this is what president trump promised on the campaign trail. i'd also say if you read the article, if it's ratcheted up, the worst-case scenarios are unfortunate because they put president trump in a worse negotiating position and dealing with leaders that don't have to
7:29 am
deal with unfair coverage. it's unfortunate. >> eric: it's interesting how that plays into the negotiations. >> i think it plays a role, a limited role but i don't know president trump cares as much as but they know they can manipulate our it doesn't take a lot for that to happen. it's all -- that's why some of the would-be retaliatory action targeted at so-called trump states. >> sandra: thank you. see you tomorrow. meanwhile, we have to get to this, breaking news coming in now. the u.s. state department -- sorry, the supreme court side-stepped consideration of partisan jerrymandering and they threw ought -- out a lawsuit challenging the congressional map challenged by the gop legislature in bipartisan gerrymandering and they said 12
7:30 am
democratic voters who brought the suit lacked standing or jurisdiction to bring the legal action and plus supreme court rules against maryland over a c district brings broader issue of redistricting. eric. >> eric: lots of voting rulings from the court in ohio dealing with the purge in ohio. a court there saying what officials did by the election officials was legal. we'll have a whole slew of decisions from the judiciary in dealing with our elections. and the separation of children controversial policy at the border. what official doing to make a positive change. former white house press secretary sean spicer will address that. there he is, sean in the
7:31 am
crosshairs. stay with us. mp summerfest is back! with lobster and shrimp together in so many new ways. ke new cedar plank seafood bake, roasted to perfection. or new caribbean lobster and shrimp. but hurr. lobster & shrimp summerfest won't last.
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>> sandra: some prominent republicans are voicing concerns on illegal immigrant facing family separations at the border. and the administration is making an effort to explain the facts about the actual policy. joining us is our headliner, former white house press secretary sean spicer. good morning to you. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> sandra: the immigration debate is heating up. where do you see this ultimately going, sean? >> i think there's clearly a sense of urgency. the first lady had it right, we're a country of laws but also have a heart. we have to recognize the people coming over the border, two things are important to understand. these countries have an exception. if you come from canada or mexico we normally turn back a
7:36 am
family and because of where they're coming from we process them and give them a hearing. and what happens is because they have broken a law, this is the process by which this is handled. that being said, i think it is now incumbent upon congress to recognize we need to find a solution to the broken immigration problem as soon as possible. it's heartbreaking to watch children separated from their families but we also need to be a nation of laws and recognize people coming in illegally are not following the laws of our country. i would hope with all of these images out there and understand we just passed father's day and we watch images of children, separated from mothers and fathers they get action going on a plan to fix what's going on at the border. >> eric: shaean, do you think t administration will pay a political price or this will spur action?
7:37 am
>> there's two possibilities. one is i think and hope it spurs action on the congress' behalf. whether it pays a price, i don't know. charles was just talking about this, the president's keeping a pledge he made to be strong and tough on the borde and immigration. i don't think this is a shock anybody in terms of the president following through on what he said he'd do and this is a guy that knows how to get results and he's walked over to the cliff and looked over and demonstrated he's willing to do things other politicians wouldn't do to get a result. >> sandra: meanwhile, the former first lady, laura bush, decide to weigh in and wrote an op-ed and said i appreciate protecting international policies but the zero-tolerance policy is cruel and immoral and breaks my heart. it's bringing up the opportunity to look back at the origination
7:38 am
and it was the bush yrs and doubled down in the obama years. >> everybody's point the out, this is the law. if you break the law -- think about it, if you're a u.s. excellent and break the law and go to jail, you don't bring your kid to jail with you. as cruel and as difficult it is to watch these situations, that's the law on the books now and should give a sense of urgency to congress to recognize we need to fix the system at the border in several ways. one is to look at how we're letting people into the country whether or not that in itself needs to be wholly revised and two is the types of visas we issue but there's a need to solve the problem and the time to deal with it is now. >> sandra: meanwhile, we're expecting to hear from the
7:39 am
inspector general himself, michael horowitz today as well as the fbi director, christopher wray. certainly an opportunity after a weekend of reaction poured in to the actual public release of that i.g report, sean. what do you expect to hear? >> i think and hope by distri district -- direct questioning by congress we'll get a better understanding what they came to the conclusions they did and why they feel in the case of president trump, all of the actions we've seen the text messages, etcetereter strzok to lisa page why the i.g. determined there was no biassed. it sounds like some in the bureau clearly had it out for president trump and his campaign. >> eric: sean, how can they possibly -- how would they characterize the text messages
7:40 am
especially between, as the president says, between the two lovers and not say there was bias. saying blatantly we'll stop trump from becoming president. how do they defend that and say it's not part of the investigation? >> right. that's what i think in particular mr. horowitz will need to explain. i don't see how a text where 's very explicit, we'll do everything we can to stop him and on the other hand to say i doesn't have bias. by the nature of what he said he had it out for president trump and his campaign. i don't understand how have you that conclusion but i look forward to hearing how the inspector general can discuss that. >> eric: maybe he'll have to do some tap dance. thank you, sean. there's an outspoken critic of the critic. howe how a supporter of the president hit back against robert de niro under the brit lights of dway.
7:41 am
and president trump touting his historic summit against kim jong-un while some are skeptical on what happened and the a-team will be back to weigh in on the results next.
7:42 am
7:43 am
7:44 am
7:45 am
>> president trump is a different president. he'll negotiate and if anyone can get this durngs -- done, and he's negotiating with strength through peace because of the sanctions we put on then and kim jong-un sees our submarines and
7:46 am
naval ships and knows there's her option and it's not a pretty one. >> sandra: we're back with "america's newsroom" a-team, steve hilton and mary anne marsh and gordon chang. your reaction to gordon mccaul saying it's a major breakthrough. >> it's historic the first time an american president meets with a north korean leader and the other thing is president trump did fail to press the advantage. if you go back to the end of may, clearly president trump with brilliant diplomacy had the north koreans on the run. he didn't use all his leverage at the summit therefore the joint statement we got was a little bit vague. not saying he won't recover but we have to struggle a little bit up hill and why secretary of state pompeo are a little bit defensive. >> sandra: what would you have liked to have seen? >> get a joint statement saying
7:47 am
the north koreans agree to give up their nukes, missiles and weapons infrastructure and verification. we didn't see that in the joint statement. it's not a fatal flaw because there's no style points but we needed a little bit more. i think president trump can recover because he has the overwhelming leverage but this is going to be a little bit more difficult for them than it otherwise needed to be. >> eric: could that be coming? they're supposed to talk to each other. >> of course. as i said, this say -- is a long process it will take a year or two before a final agreement. we want to see the final agreement. just interim judgment. >> sandra: senator jack reed responding that north korea is no longer a nuclear threat. >> north korea is a nuclear threat. the president's statement was in my view preposterous. north korea has between 20 and
7:48 am
60 nuclear weapons and have missiles to deliver the weapons to japan, south korea, guam. they have an intricate structure of laboratories. the issue is just beginning to be dealt with. it's not been solved. >> sandra: the president go too far in saying they're no longer a nuclear threat. >> they're negotiating. give him a break. all the people jumping up and down carping about what the president did or didn't do, they are the people who brought us to the brink of nuclear catastrophe. it's their diplomacy and the traditional ways of doing things that failed that ended up with kim getting nuclear weapons. here's president trump trying to change that. trying to cl up the mess. >> sandra: but is the strategy working? >> it's too early to say but it's a good start and give him a chance. >> eric: mary anne? >> kim was welcomed onto the
7:49 am
world stage without conceding anything, number one. two, trump decided to stop military exercises off the coast. that's about our prepareness -- preparedness and never raised the issue of human rights. when otto warmbier was returned it wasn't discussed. other than meeting with dennis rodman, we'd never see him he was afford the world's media. >> it shows how much they hate president trump. theyerallyld rher see nuclear danger than president trump succeed. >> sandra: he tweet something like that this morning. >> eric: meanwhile, switching gears, a basketball showdown in
7:50 am
the books. senator ted cruz taking on jimmy kimmel. how they settled their differences on the court. at&t provides edge-to-edge intelligence, covering virtually every part of your manufacturing business. & so this won't happen. because you've made sure this sensor and this machine are integrated. & she can talk to him, & yes... atta, boy. some people assign genders to machines. and you can be sure you won't have any problems. exce the daily theft of your danish. not cool! at&t provides edge to edge intelligence. it can do so much for your business, the list goes on and on. that's the power of &. & this shipment will be delivered...
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7:54 am
>> sandra: let's bring in the 24/7 crew. what is the deal with this? >> i love this story of the cyber command story partially because i was watching sky this weekend, the james bond movie, and i was thinking as i was watchin like some point this is potentially going happen where you get a rogue character who gets this super fast internet connection with servers and just starts going. and if you think about how much of our lives now are dependent on the internet and interconnected computers with banking or booking plane tickets or -- the simplest of tasks, having your groceries delivered, if you're like me, it's importanttuff. i'm happy to see the government is trying to get out ahead of it or has been the last few years. we heard long about the secret internet protocol which is what the government uses to communicate like a very secure department of defense internet
7:55 am
system, this is what we need and the reality of our lives, all nations on the planet are on the internet you have to defend yourselves because we're all interconnected. >> this is in response to two things, one, president trump giving more authority to military commanders and the thinking the u.s. hasn't done enough to stop cyber attacks and there are so many real-world examples to look at even before the presidential election and the 2014 sony picture hack and how much content pours into facebook, twitter and youtube every day you have to go out there and kind of beat them on their territory, not at home before they can get you. >> sandra: a fascinating story. also this one of the basketball game that took place over the weekend. ted cruz, as in ted cruze -- cruz the senator, in a game against jimmy kimmel.
7:56 am
>> it all started poking fun with the nba playoffs and so i mean -- know, this is not the remake of white men can't jump. >> sandra: who won? >> they were supposed to play to 15 and they were so wiped out they ended the game with cruz winning 11-9. kimmel said on behalf of both of us we apologize to basketball. it was characterized as a slow motion car crash. >> eric: it was all for charity. >> thank you. >> eric:oming up, we'll have more on immigration and other issues straight ahead.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> sandra: good morning, everybody. it's 11:00 a.m. on the east coast. we begin with a fox news alert. the white house firing back against its critics and the controversy growing over the separation of children from families at the border caught trying to enter the country illegally along the border with mexico. welcome to a brand new hour of "america's newsroom," everyone. i'm sandra smith. >> eric: good to stay with you. hello, everyone. i'm eric shawn in for bill hemmer. immigration expected to be at the top of the agenda when the president meets with senators in the oval office. the administration at you know well they have been taking a lot of heat over the separation of the families. the president responding this morning.
8:01 am
he tweeted, "it is the democrats' fault for being weak and ineffective with border security and crime. tell them to start thinking about the people devasta by crime coming from illegal immigration. change the laws." meanwhile, homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen had this to say earlier this morning. >> this department will no longer stand by and watch you attack law enforcement for enforcing the laws passed by congress. we will not apologize for the job we do or for the job law enforcement does for doing the job that the american people expect us to do. >> sandra: john roberts is live at the white house with more on all of this. john, good monday morning to you. >> john: sandra, good morning to you. the president has an event on space policy this hour but as eric pointed out, immigration is the issue of the day. the president throwing into congress court the administration zero tolerance policy prosecuting anyone who
8:02 am
crosses the board illegally. that resulted in people separated from the children when they come in as a family. sparking outrage. that is as much as what would happen at any prosecution. national sheriff association conference in new orleans, you played one bitf kirstjen nielsen' speech. another where she insists that the white house is simplyenforc. listen here. >> no more free passes, no more get out of jail free cards, no more lawlessness. today d.o.j. is referring those who illegally cross the border for department of justice for prosecution. every day in communities across the country if you commit a crime the police will take you to jail. regardless of whether you have a family. >> president trump saying that s are u children to get into the country illegally. he tweeted children are used by some of the worst criminals on earth as a means to enter the country. has anyone been looking at the
8:03 am
crime taking place south of the order? it's historic, some countries, the most dangerous place in the world. not going to happen in the united states." the president is blaming democrats for stonewalling on immigration policy changes that he would like to see. tweeting three short words. "change the laws." democrats criticize the prent for using children as leverage to get congress to pass the tough proposals. here is the democrat from oregon. >> deliberate trauma on children and stress on adults to send a political message is unacceptable under any moral code, under any religious tradition. >> the administration is enforcing the same laws on the books for a number of years. other administration chosen not to criminally prosecute people two cross the border for the first time. but clearly sandra this white house sending a message to
8:04 am
people think about coming in to the united states illegally. particularly with children. that you would be arrested if you don't come in the p of entry and thehildren will be removed from you. >> sandra: the story has taken issue with this. >> melania trump made children a signature issue and yesterday her spokeswoman was politically neutral in the language but it was clearly putting the onus on congressto . the statement on behalf of the first lady reading "mrs. trump hates to see children separated from her families and hope both sides come together to achieve successful immigration reform and she believes we need to be a country that follow all laws and country that gochs with heart." the former first lady laura bush weighing in on the op-ed saying this zero tolerance policy is cruel.
8:05 am
it is immoral. it breaks my hereto. a lot of pressure for the president to break off from the zero tolerance policy but there is no indication that he is willing to do so. >> eric: for more we are joined by james freeman from the "wall street journal" and a fox news contributor. james, does the president back off or stay the course? >> he will get an earful tomorrow night as he goes to visit republican member of congress. deep red districts. people then are saying he did what they promised, you are enforcing the law and keep going. more moderate members up for re-election this fall worried about the images saying this does not look good for us. >> eric: look at the obama administration. they have the cages. with the chain-link fences. there is it in 2014. nobody basically said a peep. >> this has been an issue --
8:06 am
george w. bush struggled with it. president obama. now president trump. people looking to get into the country illegally figured out if you bring along children, it may be your children or in some cases it's not your children. you have an easier time staying illegally. we'd all as the current first lady tweet said we would all like to see a different outcome here. we don't want to see the families separated. but to say we are enforcing the law and arresting people seems reasonable. it's a consent decree that means you can't bring the children along if someone is arrested. >> eric: consent degree from 1997 says you can't house arrested adult with the children at the same time. so are the administration hands tied? or could the president say we'll stop this. >> i think you need legislation or you can go to court to change that consent decree.
8:07 am
president obama tried to detain the whole family together. not in a criminal proceeding. but there was a time limit on it. >> eric: critics say that is more fair and more generous and more charitable. >> i think w we'd like to get to and maybe this bill from house leadership on the republican side is hopeful where it says we will give the funding for the president to get the wall and have the security at the border. but we will allow a pathway for people to come in and stay here if they were brought here how do y think it will end? will the president back off or what negotiation will they have? if the democrats especially as nancy pelosi going down to the border today keep using this? this struck a chord among many people with if children separated. it's really struck at the heart at the nation. you see theepublicans questioning it. i think it will be hard for the president to hold the line. i would guess if there is an immigration deal, it's probably 2019 deal. not a 2018 deal.
8:08 am
>> eric: in terms to the two bills the conservative one versus moderate one. they both address this. >> right. you are getting the border security and the wall funding. you get solution to this i would think with either one. i think the leadership bill is the only one that might even have a hope of getting in to law. mcconnell, the senate majority leader doesn't think it's getting past. >> eric: not the goodlatte? d.o.a.? >> not to become law. >> eric: all right. this issue has to be fixed. it's tugging at the heart strings of many ameri. it will continue over the next few weeks as you are saying. >> it's tough. it's tough for everyone to watch. you have to come up with a solution that says we are a nation of laws but obviously we don't want families to be separated. >> eric: james freeman of the "wall street journal." thank you. >> thank you, eric. >> eric: coming up at the bottom of the hour we'll hear directly from the trump administration on the controversial issue.
8:09 am
white house senior adviser mercedes schlapp will be here live and we'll talk to her about what could come next. sandra? >> sandra: live to capitol hill now where we are hours away from first public system from the inspector general and the director of the f.b.i. since the release of the watchdog report on the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. the report critical of the f.b.i. and finding no evidence of the bias and decision-making. despite ap text messages from f.b.i. agents. sean spiceer was on the earlier. >> it's what they green and why they came out to the conclusion they did and why they feel in case of president trump the actions that we have seen, the text messages and et cetera from peter strozk to lisa page, why the i.g.
8:10 am
determined that the was no bias. >> and catherine herridge is live inngton. >> inspector general michael horowitz will defend his finding in the report that faulted the f.b.i. director james comey for insubordination and found no documentary or the evidenc of the bias. horowitz will testify later today. the judiciary committee has the direct oversight for the f.b.i. and the justice department and he will testify with the current f.b.i. director christopher wray who is expected to defend his agency credibility and how the bureau will regain lost public trust. he has second day of testimony tuesday. senior republican on the committees said he will press on the f.b.i. recommendation against criminal charges. >> the hillary clinton failure to prosecute was predicated on two things. her e-mails were not exposed to foreign actors. there is evidence it's not
8:11 am
true. number two, there was no evidence of intent. of course there is no evidence of intent. you didn't bother to ask her. >> on the anti-trump text messages between peter strozk and f.b.i. lisa page, a house democrat on the committee said he also sees the potential conflict and the implications. >> the text messages are troubling. they were on t work e-mail. they were commingled with the e-mails discussing business. that is all problematic. ey concluded it didn't affect the decision-making but it's completely inappropriate. >> in a separate development on friday the house speaker met with the chairman of the house judiciary, intelligence and the oversight committee with rod rosenstein and the f.b.i. director. it was driven in part by exclusive reporting by fox news earlier about alleged personal attack by rosenstein on the congressional investigators. this week they face a firm
8:12 am
decade to provide records you remembered subpoena in some cases since august of last year. >> sandra: catherine herridge, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> eric: deadly earthquake rocked a major metro area. strong tremor toppling concrete walls and knocking out power and setting off fires but the damage dis not -- does not end there. >> sandra: the man president trump called a sick loser now signaling he is willing to testify on capitol hill. will we see the infamous f.b.i. agent in front of congress as soon as tomorrow? we put the question to the chairman of the committee republican congressman bob goodlatte who joins us in moments. >> you had members of the house working friday night. devin nunes, bob goodlatte, myself and everyone you can think of from the f.b.i. and the d.o.j. we went item by item both of the outstanding subpoenas. ♪
8:13 am
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but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredientr. originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember. you're smart,eat you already knew that. but it's also grt for finding the perfect used car. you'll see what a fair price is and you can connect with a truecar certified dealer. now you're even smarter. this is truecar. >> sandra: fox news alert, peter strozk, the f.b.i. agent ousted from the mueller probe because of the anti-trump text messages now saying he is willing to testify before the house judiciary committee. congressman bob goodlatte chairs the house judiciary committee and he joins us now. chairman, thank you for your time this morning. >> great to be with you,
8:17 am
sandra. >> sandra: can we expect to see peter strozk tomorrow? >> not tomorrow but very soon. tomorrow we have the inspector general and the 550-plus page report before the house judiciary committee and the house oversight and the government reform committee chaired by trey gowdy. we expect to delve into the details of that. that will generate questions and we will carry them to strozk and rosenstein and wray who are coming before the committee next week. i expect to hear from former attorney general loretta lynch and the former f.b.i. director comey both of whom have a lot of explaining to do. >> sandra: that is a lot. a lot that i'm sure you want to ask questions of the people. the american people want the inspector general report st left unopened questions out there. mr. chairman when it comes to peter strozk and the anti-trump text messages and
8:18 am
then i.g. report which went on to reveal even more, some messages we had never seen before such as lisa page with whom he was having a relationship saying trump is not ever going to become present, right? strozk replied, "no, no, he's not. we will stop it." what is your question to peter strozk when he sits before your committee? this is the attorney general speaking at this conference in new orleans where we just saw the homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen speaking as well. we will monitor this. if you could get to it first what question will you ask mr. strozk, mr. chairman? >> we will have a lot of t one of the lead one is with that animus to trump and that support for hillary clinton why did you allow yourself to be involved in either one of the high profile
8:19 am
investigation of the presidential candidates and campaigns? this tarn anywhered the reputation of the leading law enforcement where they keep us safe and fight crime and prevent terror attacks and here is this individual and several others around him who are working overtime with the extreme bias in the investigations. that can't happen again. >> sandra: mr. chairman, bob goodlatte. sorry. we have to get to the attorney general in new orleans. but thank you for your time. we will hear more on the hearings this week. here is attorney general jeff sessions. >> you can be sure of that. it revealed a law, we passed a legislation. we closed loopholes and we won't chase the choices. the numbers will end. we will have a system for those who need to apply for asylum can do so. those who want to to come to the country will apply to enter lawfully.
8:20 am
the american people are generous. who want our laws enforced. that is what we intend to do. we ask congress to be partners in the effort. it is important they help us at this time. thank you again for having me here today. thank you from the bottom of my heart. to all of you for this fabulous award >> sandra: you have been listening to jeff sessions in new orleans. he is speaking down there over the outrage over the zero policy immigration policy. chairman goodlatte is still with us. it's an important week for you and your committee as well. i want to get back to the
8:21 am
topic of peter strozk. this man america heard so much about as he worked on the investigation. he was fired over the text messages. i wonder now knowing there were the new messages revealed in the i.g. report just made public. congress got a look at that before we did. what did you think as you read those? >> again i have been shocked because i've had the opportunity to see many, many, many of the hundreds of thousands of the peter strozk/lisa page text. they have a running commentary throughout the investigations talking about the insurance policies and stopping it. referring to donald trump's presidential campaign. talking about how no american should vote for trump for president. it is shocking this would be allowed to occur. this is now incumbent on the f.b.i. director wray and the
8:22 am
attorney general to clean this up and make sure they are on track to regain the faith of the american people. there is a major house cleaning. most, not all, but most of the people involved in this are now gone and that is good. but there needs to be reformed. some outlined in the inspector general report. the director acknowledged that. we have him back again later this year with the attorney general. to talk about the changes they have made given what they have learned in the report. >> sandra: i know you met with a group of republicans with a strong message for the f.b.i. and the d.o.j. on turning over the documents and they amount to 1 million documents relating to the hillary clinton probe. trey gowdy was on over the weekend. here was his stern warning over the documents. we don't have it ready yet but
8:23 am
he said there will be action on the floor this week. here it is. >> there is going to be action on the floor of the house. this week if the f.b.i. and the d.o.j. do not comply with our subpoena request. we are going to get compliance or the house of representatives will use the full arsenal of the constitutional weapons. >> sandra: chairman goodlatte you are part of the message as well. what are you asking for? >> well, he is right. i issued a subpoena three months ago. substantial portion of it have been complied with. we now have a room at the department of justice. this is an unprecedented thing where hundreds of thousands and now over a 1 million documents in the room and the investigators can look at them unredacted and elimb they this ones we want produced. but they are not producing them fast enough. there are several items that are not complied with. we met with the deputy
8:24 am
attorney general rosenstein and the director wray and the united states attorney for the northern district of illinois who has been helpful in trying to move the process forward. he was brought in by the attorney general sessionsor that purpose. we told them then. we told them that the measures are coming forward and they needed to comply now and comply now. we expect to see things from them this week. or he will continue to be turned -- the heat will continue to be turned up. >> sandra: chairman, moving to immigration. this is something that you are dealing with in a big way this week. as the debate rages on. the, is voting on two immigration bills this week. one was written byou. favored by conservatives and the compromise bill is another one. axios writes consider the goodlatte bill dead. it never had a chance to pass.
8:25 am
but conservatives want a vote >> i'm involvedn both bills and i support yes. i'll vote yes on both. the bill with mike mccal labrador of the sub committee is a great bill. but it hasn't gotten to 218 s. this is critical to get the votes and send a bill to the senate to get to the president's desk. he needs the greater security and the loopholes closed and he needs money for this. the second bill contains that and more including closing the top ten loopholes that the department of the homeland security identified for us. it includes ending the visa lottery. crazy program where the people are brought in this country based on the pure luck. and moving toward a merit-based immigration system. moving along way toward ending
8:26 am
chain migration. and using those green cards that are eliminated to speed up the waiting list for people coming here based upon job shortages which as we know with the low unemployment rate is a serious problem. we also have a fair way of dealing with the daca population. it's not special pathway to citizenship. and it is only dealing with those people who are eligible before june 7 -- sorry, june 15, 2007. no new expansion of this program. only ones eligible to apply before will be able to apply again. they have to apply in one year. after that there is a existing pathway or the merit-based program that they and other people lawfully here can participate in. it's a great bill. we need to get behind it. i'll vote yes. sandra: got it. chairman gooe will see
8:27 am
what eventually makes it due to the president's desk. a lot you covered for us there this morning. thank you for coming on the program. >> thanks, sandra. >> eric: investigators now say that shootout at a new jersey arts festival over the weekend, well, it appears to be gang-related. police confirming a suspect was killed recently had been released on parole from prison on homicide charges. 22 people were injured in the shootings. four critically. we are live in the newsroom with the latest. >> the 22 people hurt. 17 of them were wounded by gunshots at the art all night festival earl sunday morning. four were in critical condition. including a 13-year-old boy. but some good news this morning he and two others are now in stable condition. this is a photo taken hours before the shooting. prosecutors say there were a thousand people at the festival with the shots rang out at 2:50 in the morning. investigators say the 24 hour
8:28 am
free art festival was not the target of an attack. rather the site of a gang dispute. witnesses describe peopl running for the exits while others tried to tend to the victims' wounds. prosecutors say some victims were caught in the crossfire and hit by bullets from off-duty police officers. the night took a turn for the worse when fights broke out. >> prior to the shooting members informed the event organizers the event needed to be shut down. there was report that the mood inside the venue had been changing. >> they were in the process of shutting the event down when the shooting behind. a suspect wells is dead. he was shot by police. wells was released from prison in february. on parole for the homicide-related charges. two others were wounded.
8:29 am
remarkable there weren't more deaths. >> eric: true. thank you. >> sandra: we're awaiting president trump first speech at the national space council meeting and we'll bring it to you live when it happens. >> eric: the immigration battle has been heating up over the trump administration so-called, "zero tolerance policy." and the homeland security secretary denies there is a policy of dep rating families from the border. we have reaction from the white house straight ahead. to your bumper, cause.... i don't think enough people heard about your big day. but nothing says "we got married" like a 12 ounce piece of scrap metal. yo! we got married! honk if you like joint assets. now you're so busy soaking up all this attention, you don't see the car in front of you. and if i can crash your "perfect day", imagine what i can do to the rest of 'em. so get allstate, and be better protected from mayhem. like me.
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>> fox news alert. we're awaiting remarks from president trump who will be delivering the keynote address at the national space council meeting at the white house. the first time he has attended one of the meetings and his participation underscores the president's commitment to the human exploration of the moon and eventually they say going to mars.
8:33 am
>> we need a solution. this is heartbreaking to separate people from the families and it's also a nation of laws and we need to recognize those coming in illegally are not following the laws of our country. >> sandra: that that was sean spicer on the intensifying immigration debate as president trump is meetinith sens about the immigration in the oval office. let's bring in mercedes schlapp, the white house senior adviser for the senior communications. good to see you. good morning. >> good morning. >> a strong message from the d.h.s. secretary and what does the president want us to know this morning as the debate rages on and it seems to put pressure on the republicans.
8:34 am
>> the president is fully committed to enforcing the law. this ensures that the democrats come to the negotiating table. we are seeing bil through the house of representatives that would then make sure that we are able to secure the border. what we want to see is an end to the legal loopholes and end to catch and release. this is because of the democrats wanting to play politics with the issue, using the children as the political pawns we are not able to solve the problem. we can close the loopholes tomorrow. the democrats are advocating for the open borders and advocating for the smugglers who are bringing the children over. in many of the cases it's an ms-13 gang member walking in with a 1-year-old. those are the fraudulent cases we cannot accept. with that said, i mean we have seen a release of 200,000
8:35 am
family units in the united states since 2016. that is problematic. under the current law we are not able to detain or remove the family units so we have our hands died and we need to solve the problem and solve it now. >> sandra: we had a chance to talk to chairman bob goodlatte a few moments ago. there are two immigration votes this week. one is his bill. then there is a compromise bill. whether either makes it to the president desk we don't know. he said he would vote yes for either of them. what about the president? >> the president made it clear he wants to see the full funding for the wall. he wants to close the loopholes and end catch and release. we are unable to remove the family unit from the central america. the individuals who are coming in, the illegal immigrants, the parents will be prosecuted. this is the law.
8:36 am
the way if an american broke a law you would be prosecuted. we need to move forward. if you cross the border you are committing a crime. if you bring a child it creates a big problem and it puts them at risk. you have had smugglers perfecting a business model. >> sandra: that is what the president said in the tweet. he wrote, "why don't democrats give us the votes to fix the world's worst immigration laws. where is the outcry for the killing and the crime caused by gangs and thugs including ms-13 coming into our country illegally?" does the president feel like democrats control the message now? >> at the end of the day we look at the fact that the president has taken a leadership role on immigration reform.
8:37 am
he came to the table with the comprise. and daca would receive immigration but with that is the border. securing the border. there is a legal way to come in the united states. the mere fact when you have the individuals coming in, the illegal immigrants coming in through the border, they are committing a crime. we have our lands tied and smugglers have the advantage. with that said democrats are using this as an emotional issue. we need to close the legal loophole and have an opportunity to detain and remove the family units and send them back to the u.n. -- send back to the countries. >> they said you can go to a port of entry. that was a firm message for her this morning after the weekend she said this. this misreporting by the members, the press and ad vo
8:38 am
cassy groups must stop. it's unproduct tiff. as i said before if you seek asylum from your family, there is no reason to break your law and illegally cross between the port of entry. we do not have a pol of separating families at the border, period. >> is there anything the president wants to change when he sees the debate getting so heated? >> the president wants the democrats come to the table and support the bills to go to close legal loopholes. the democrats should vote to make sure they support the bill to focus on securing the border. democrats advocate for open borders. that needs to stop. to make sure we know who is
8:39 am
coming in the country. close the legal loopholes. this is common sense immigration reform. it's what the vast majority of americans agree with. >> sandra: it got everyone's attention. now with the first lady weighing in. the former first lady laura bush weighing in. we'll see where it goes. mercedes schlapp thank you for your time. nice to see you. >> eric: fox news alert. the supreme court action on a controversial election issue. the justice resolving the partisan redistricting cases. but they side step a broader issue. doug mckelway is live with the latest. >> the supreme court decided to take a pass on limit of the partisan gerrymandering but the legislature that took the form of two decisions. justice dismissed the separate lawsuit from the wisconsin voters.
8:40 am
in wisconsin they filed suit complaining that the legislature withdrew the congressional district with an eye tody -- to diminish the votes in the legislature and in so doing they had infringed the rights. but chief justice john roberts wrote the plaintiff seeking relief in federal court must demonstrate he has standing to do so. he wrote they never follow up with the requisite proof. we vacate the judgment and remand it back to lower court for thether proceedings. in maryland it was the state republicans that challenged the sixth congressional district formed by the democratic legislature in the state and claimed that the district was gerrymandered in 2011 to retaliate against them from the political views.
8:41 am
but today the justice wrote the court must consider whether the movement shown he has likely to suffer irreparable harm. the plaintiffs made no such showing. the high court has not intervened in partisan gerrymandering to any great extent. they left open the broad question of what are the limits in the partisan gerrymandering. they may address it when they take up a north korean districting case. 12th district in north carolina that narrowly tailored, along interstate 85 and in some cases a little wider than the interstate itself. that is a classic case of the high court to get involveed. what -- get involved. what are the limits of partisan gerrymandering? >> eric: doug mckelway at the supreme court. thank you. >> sandra: any minute now we are expecting to hear president trump keynote address to the national space
8:42 am
council at the white house. we will have it live. >> eric: new calls to investigate the investigators. why the president's attorney now wants a full and a complete review of the robert mueller russia probe. >> mueller has no evidence of collusion. how about this. there was none? the president of the united states did nothing wrong. we was not involved with russians. ♪ ♪ build and run apps anywhere you like, while keeping your competitors at bay. the ibm cloud. the cloud for smarter business.
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the ibm cloud. yeah! (butch growls at man).
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he's looking at me right now, isn't he? yup. (butch barks at man) butch is like an old soul that just hates my guts. (laughs) (vo) you can never have too many faithful companions. that's why i got a subaru crosstrek. love is out there. find it in a subaru crosstrek. >> sandra: a horrifying scene after freight train carrying propane derails causing a massive explosion in indiana. several cars caught fire and that forced mandatory evacuation of the nearby homes and businesses last night. the derailment cause is under investigation. no injuries were reported. >> eric: well, in the wake of last weak's bombshell report by the department of justice watchdog outlining the apparent bias against then candidate trump, at the department of justice and the f.b.i. in the campaign.
8:46 am
the trump attorney rudy giuliani demanding comprehensive investigation of the mueller ongoing russia probe. >> there should be a full and a complete i.g. report and a grand jury investigation of what happened here after it became the russia probe. what was the purpose? what did they gather? i'd like to know what they gathered because they gathered the same thing that the "washington post" trying to regurgitate, no collusion by the president with any russians. >> eric: will there be an investigation? the former new hampshire governor from the white house chief of staff to president george h. w. bush. governor, good to see you. >> good morning, eric. >> eric: good morning. giuliani's request, is it a political move or he is a former top justice department official, served in the reagan administration. number three. crime busting u.s. attorney in new york before he was elected mayor. do you think he is making the call on what a prosecutor he
8:47 am
was for so long would do? >> rudy is using the rhetoric to keep the pressure on the mueller investigation. he knows that the ongoing i.g. investigation is going to look at a lot of the areas he wants focused on. combination of rhetoric to make sure he is steering the i.g. continuing investigation to look at the issues. i don't think it's good to be calling for a new additional group to be investigating mueller but the process is in place for the review of what he has done. >> eric: what review process would you recommend? >> i think the i.g. should continue what he is doing and extend. the most important thing we realize so far is that peter strozk was in charge of the chief operating guy under mueller when mueller hired the
8:48 am
clintonite lawyers. that ought to be investigated as to whether or not strozk's involvement in that was guiding the membership of the investigating group in tt direction. that is under the i.g. charge. that can be part of the next report that comes out of the i.g. >> eric: we have had e-mail between lisa page and strozk, especially ones saying they would stop trump from becoming president. yet horowitz concludes there was no bias. do you buy that? >> i think horowitz h his cake and ate it, too. he gave us the facts to allow us to draw conclusions that there was bias. yet in a delicate parsing the statement suggested that there was no bias. in fact, i read the horowitz statement in a slightly different way. i thought he was saying there was no political bias by comey when he out wh the report on mrs. clinton. i don't think it had a direct
8:49 am
relationship, that sentence in my opinion didn't have a direct relationship to the strozk/page exchanges. >> eric: so when peter strozk appears before the hearings as he says he testify, what question would you ask him? >> i would ask why he didn't recuse himself because he had internal biases. and what he advised comey to do in any of the process before comey was fired. those are two different things i think indicate level of bias in the process. >> eric: we will see if the senators and the congressman do indeed ask him that. governor john sununu, good to see you. >> thank you. have a great day. >> eric: you too. >> sandra: almost time for "outnumbered." see what harris and melissa have coming up. hi, ladies. >> harris: hi, sandra. good to see you. we await a crucial meeting on presidentmp and the senators on the funding of the border wall.
8:50 am
the white house call democrat actions grotesque saying they are using the issue of separating illegal families for the political game. who is winning and who is losing in the controversy? >> melissa: plus the justice department watchdog and the f.b.i. director both testify in congress today and now the f.b.i. agent who sent the anti-trump texts says he wants to testify, too. what it could mean for the russia probe and the president's claim that all of this is a witch hunt. >> harris: all this testifying. testify to testify. okay. plus the #oneluckyguy. we'll see who is in center. >> sandra: see you in ten minutes. civilians take down a it shooing suspect at a walmart. how they did it next.
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
>> sandra: there was a rampage in washington state and one of the bystanders took down the suspect. we have more on the story. >> this is quite a chaic afternoon for father's day. carjackings, shootings and all in tumwater, washington, south of olympia and 35 southwest of tacoma. it started 5:00 on sunday with report of a drunk driver going in the wrong direction. police got there and couldn't find the car. they started to hear report about the shots fired and a carjacks. they got to that location and 16-year-old girl was hurt. not seriously. a male suspect went to the walmart and started to fire a gun there. >> i saw a person run and another person started to run. i ran for my life. i knew thoseere shots before being shot. >> he wasn't a good shot and no one was hit. but the suspect left the
8:55 am
walmart and tried to carjack another car. shooting that driver. attempted another carjacking two armed men in the parking lot got out the guns. one shot and killed the suspect. theay the saved the day and saved their lives. >> i think more people could have been shot with what he was doing. there were several shots. inside and outside the store. i he saved us all. sponsible for the wrong way indoesn't and both shooting. no word on the motive blue two good samaritans took him down and saved lives. >> melissa: he did. >> sandra: thank you. inute thedent will walk in the east room to speak at the national space council meeting. you can see the top of the heads for people waiting for the president of the united states to appear.
8:56 am
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technical issues at american airlines regional carrier at charlotte douglas international airport. they had to cancel regional jet flights. this comes days after the airline had to cancel nearly 700 flights for the same reason. >> melissa: how about ending on a heart-felt moment in china. >> sandra: newborn cubs are wiggling at a panda nursery. they are getting extra attention. there are two sets of twins. the first panda cubs born this year. >> wow! they have incubators. >> sandra: my goodness. that is truly -- >> really -- are you grossed out or cute? >> sandra: cute.
9:00 am
no hair, no fuzzy creature there. it's been fun to have you. good to see you. >> bill is back tomorrow. thank you for joini u >> sandra: "outnumbered" starts now. >> harris: we begin with breaking news. all eyes on capitol hill. f.b.i. director christopher wray and the d.o.j. inspector general michael horowitz gearing up to testify publicly before the senate judiciary committee this afternoon. coming on the heels of the horowitz bombshell i.g. report on the bureau handling of the hillary clinton e-mail case. you are watching "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. host of "after the bell" on fox business, melissa francis. republican strategist and the senior fellow for the independent women's voice. i get an accent there. lisa boothe in the hse. ho of "kennedy" kennedy in the house. in the seat is jason chaffetz. glad to have you.


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