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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  June 18, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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there. it's been fun to have you. good to see you. >> bill is back tomorrow. thank you for joini u >> sandra: "outnumbered" starts now. >> harris: we begin with breaking news. all eyes on capitol hill. f.b.i. director christopher wray and the d.o.j. inspector general michael horowitz gearing up to testify publicly before the senate judiciary committee this afternoon. coming on the heels of the horowitz bombshell i.g. report on the bureau handling of the hillary clinton e-mail case. you are watching "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. host of "after the bell" on fox business, melissa francis. republican strategist and the senior fellow for the independent women's voice. i get an accent there. lisa boothe in the hse. ho of "kennedy" kennedy in the house. in the seat is jason chaffetz. glad to have you. happy father's day day.
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father day week! >> go for a week, might as well take it to the month. >> harris: first grand baby. >> grandpa. can you believe it? in addition then, all week long, happy father's d >> thank y. >> get to the news. roughly two hours from now until the highly anticipated hearing with christopher wray and the d.o.j. inspector general michael horowitz going before the senate judiciary committee. now rudy giuliani is calling for investigation of the origin of special counsel mueller's investigation. after the i.g. report revealed more anti-trump text messages before the f.b.i. officials peter strozk and lisa page. giuliani says strozk's involvement with the investigation warrants further review. watch. >> he was with it for the first couple of months mueller
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kept them on. how much did he infect the probe? i don't know. but i want to find out. this is a case crying out to investigate the investigators. there should be i.g. report and grand jury investigation of what happened here after it became the russia probe. i would like to know what they gathered. i think they gathered the same thing that the "washington post" trying to regurgitate no collusion by the president with the russians. all the things were dead end. >> harris: president trump tweeted yesterday. "witch hunt. no russia collusion. oh, i see. there was no russia collusion so now they look for obstruction on the no russia collusion. the phony russia collusion was a madeup hoax. too bad they didn't look at
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hillary clinton like this. double standard." what say you? >> the inspector general is 562 pages shows the animus and the bias at the senior ech of the f.b.i. there was to serious investigation of hillary clin or the e-mails. no way they were going to prosecute here. there are two aspects of this. number one is look in the probe for the hillary clinton e-mails. the same cast of characters is involved in the fisa abuse and the russia investigations. that is where the investigators are looking and why nunes and gowdy and why they want to see underlying documents. >> harris: can i ask you a followup because something happened last week and the republicans said the report had no teeth in it and it's been scrubbed. you can't have both ways. >> this is as damming and it will get. there were also referrals.
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inspector general can't prosecute anybody and neith can congress. there were a number of referrals. some people you have never heard their names yet. something that will come out of the senate or the house will be the names of the new people you haven't heard with some of the most unbelievable texts. >> harris: incendiary texts. >> but they have to go through office of responsibility and federal prosecutor. >> harris: kennedy, i want to ask about the further scoop. they call them agent one through five in the report so we don't know who they are. but we know what they were text messaging about. in part people supporting the president calling them, quote/unquote, "retarded." >> kennedy: they used explicit language. maybe you have private conversations but these are work phones. any of that information can be accessed asowitz showed because he stumbled on the strozk and the page texts. it was naive for everyone who believe page and strozk were the only two people in the
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f.b.i. exchanging this kind bias. a lot of people have bias, everyone does, but it's whether or not it affects what you do. there are people who didn't like president trump. they couldn't press people there. i don't want to see this in a document of trey gowdy or devin nunes. we have to have more power back. >> we know that james comey punished or had some sort of punishment i guess you could say for strozk and page. they still had jobs. >> senator paul was chasing down how long they had it and how broad clearances were. but i want to ask you, lisa, about the situation.
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i understand where it came from. you didn't want to taint the entire force of the f.b.i. right? so you kept hearing people at the higherrer listen so iing it was just these two. apparently it wasn't just these two. >> itasn't. on the text messages not just car bias in the text messages. what i'm concerned with is in regard to peter strozk the willingness to take official action to impact the presidential candidate electoral prospects. that's what i'm concerned about. that is what i hope they drill in with michael horowitz. for christopher wray, i want to know will there be accountability if for five agents who are recommended for the further investigation? >> kennedy: do you think he took responsibility the press conference? >> lisa: i didn't. so i think they should do more and i want more on the f.b.i. action -- >> harris: you want christopher wray to weigh in heavier on this part?
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>> lisa: he is now the head of the f.b.i. so he has to answer for it. >> harris: the president says he is the man to clean it all up. i want to bring in melissa. >> melissa: what disturbs me the most is not how they talk about the president but how they talk about a huge group of americans who are supposed to be safeguarding law and order for. if they have open disdain for americans and everybody who vote for president trump, they are supposed to be safeguarding their law and order and they don't respect them. i wouldn't trust them to enforce the law for or around the group of people they degrade as a whole. >> we talk about the upper echelon and the d.o.j. and the f.b.i. some look bladder if there were more people how does it affect how they treat supporters? how deep do you see it going?
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there are thoughts that people lose their job. >> melissa: what if you had the new york police department that discovered texts talking about a group of people in this way? do you imagine the outrage and how they would say how can you possibly take care of and enforce the law around and be fair to this group of people when you talk about them like that? >> kennedy: that is the argument when you talk about criminal justice reform. if you feel targeted and you don't have a voice -- >> harris: great example. >> kennedy: we concentrate more power within the agencies like the f.b.i. >> harris: you point to the nugget that i like to talk to you. diversity is diversity, whether it's skin color, or thoughts. >> peter strozk engaged in the text messages was not in charge of the fish and wildlife. he is in charge of the counterintelligence for the f.b.i. it doesn't get more serious
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than that. >> harris: as kennedy said if they discriminate against one group no matter what box you check is problem mattic for everybody. we move on. trump is getting glowing review from economic growth from unlikely source. who i arguing the issue to ep the commander-in-chief in the white house come 2020 and whether that person is right? we talk about it. growing controversy surrounding the trump administration zero tolerance immigration policy. which political policy is to blame for the fallout? can congress pass a bill the president will support on >> where is outcry for the permanent separation in country for the american families? when people come to the country illegally and the american citizens are forced to bury a loved ones, democrats don't come near that conversation. they just want to grand stand and use this for political gain to get re-elected w years. it's grotesque.
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>> melissa: president trump gearing up to meet with top lawmakers on immigration reform at the white house this afternoon. they are expected to discuss potential options f funding the president's long promised border wall as congress tries to hammer out a bill that the president will sign. this is amid growing controversy over the administration zero tolerance immigration policy.
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that separates illegal immigrant families at the border. president trump tweeting this morning, "white why don't the democrats give us the votes to fix the worst immigration laws. where is the outcry for the killing and crime caused by the gangs and thugs including ms-13 coming in the country illegally." homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen had this to say earlier. watch. >> there has been much outcry, consternation and misinformation for many in the press and the congress and ad vo cassy groups for the last few weeks at d.h.s. that are doing things unhumanitarian, l, immoral and disgraceful. we are doing none of those things. we are enforcing laws passed by congress and we are doing all we can in the executive branch to protect the community. it's time that congress asked to fix the broken immigration
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system. >> melissa: a group of the ngressio democra travelin to the southern border to tour a facility housing undocument immigrant children after a -- undocumented immigrant children a detention center housing immigrants yesterday. and the democrat feeling out this morning. >> we feel strongly about this. i want to reverse the term, the term they have used. that is "zero tolerance." we have zero tolerance for this. i want you to know. those of us who were there. zero tolerance. we will use that over and over again. we cannot allow this to go on. president has to step up to the plate. he has to do his job for a change >> melissa: mike emanuel is live with the latest. nt trump continues to vent his frustration writing on twitter it's the democrats' fault for being weak and ineffective for border security and crime. tell them to start thinking about the people devastated
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from crime coming from illegal immigration. change the laws. the attorney general jeff sessions weighed in a short time ago. >> we the not want to separate children from their parents. we do not want adults to bring children in the country unlawfully either. >> first lady melania trump trump office out a statement over the weekend and it says mrs. trump hates to see children separated from the families and hope both sides of the aisle can come together and have success immigration reform. she needs to be a country to follow all laws but governs with heart. and first lady laura bush wrote i live in a border state and i appreciate the need to prote the international boundaries but the zero tolerance policy is cruel, immoral and it breaks my heart. some democratic lawmakers went to the facility in new jersey to draw attention to the issue. >> today, father's day, we
9:17 am
spoke to the fathers whose children have been ripped from their arms and they have no idea if and when they will see the children again. >> a policy unacceptable, unjust, un-american and unconscionable. >> this is the president of the united states in the east room talking about immigration. we will tell you what the event is after. let's watch. >> president trump: i would say it's strongly the democrats' fault. they are obstructionists. they are obstructing. the united states will not be a migrant camp and it will not be a refugeeolding facility. it won't be. you look at what is happening in europe and other places, we can't allow it to happen to the united states. not on my watch. for the rest of the world, you look atthing that is
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taking place. pick up the newspapers this morning and you see. we want safety and we want security for the country. if the democrats would sit down instead of obstructing we could have something done very quickly. good for the children, good for the country, good for the world. it could take place quickly and have an immigration bill. we could have the child separation. we are stuck with the horrible laws. they are horrible laws. what is happening is so sad. it's so sad. it can be taken care of quickly, beautifully and we'll have safety. this could be something special and it could be thing maybe for the world to watch. just like they are watching the great economy and how it is soaring. they could watch this. we have the worst immigration
9:19 am
laws in the entire world. nobody has such bad, sad and actually in many cases horrible and tough. you see about child separation and what is gng on there. just remember a country without borders is not a country at all. we need borders. we need security. we need safety. we have to take care of the you t a look at the death and the destruction that caused by the people coming in to this country without going through a process. we want a merit-based immigration system. so that boeing and lockheed and all of the premiummond all the people here today, the heads of every company could hire on a merit-based. you know they are coming in.
9:20 am
they are people that came on merit. not based on a lottery or people that snuck across the border. they could murders and thieves. we want a safe country. and it starts with the borders. that is the way it is. now i'd like to -- thank you. [applause] again we can do this quickly if the democrats come to the table. everybody wants to do it. we want to do it more than they do. if they come to the table instead of playing pom ticks we can do it -- politics we can do it quickly. so welcome to the third meeting of the national space council. i want to recognize our great vice president mike pence who is so involved. thank you for the incredible commitment to american leadership in space.
9:21 am
>> so you heard the president talk about the fact he is getting ready to deliver the ote address at the national space council meeting. moon, mars and world beyond winning the next frontier. they are live in the east room. we had known about the event anticipated it. they have panels for the rest of the day on science and exploration. where the president started with the remarks today is where the country is right now in terms of news. and the incendiary issue of families separated at the border. he said, "we want democrats to come to the table. we want this perhaps more than they do." talking about the separn the families at the border. congress could reach a solution quickly, beautifully and with the safety in mind. it would be good for children
9:22 am
and the country and the world. the president of the united states talking about what needs to get done fast on immigration. congressman what about the remarks tell you we are moving forward or not at all? >> jason: over the 24 hours we have had a convoluted message out of the white house. i believe the president when he says what he says. the other members from everything we don't do that to we have zero tolerance to we have to fix it. we have had the full spectrum. we legally bring people in the country but if you have people crossing the border make a case we need a border wall. do what you are supposed to do. >> melissa: this is frustrating to hear the finger pointing. there is blame for everybody involved. sorry, jason. >> jason: no progress. >> melissa: every person in office noween the past. democrat, republican, whatever. there is plenty of blame to go
9:23 am
around. it's infuriating to hear them message the right thing from the white house then they are doing a terrible job. democrats are doing a terrible job, republicans are doing a terrible job. with the pressure, sit down and get something done. this is unacceptable. >> harris: so kennedy, what is interesting about the whole thing with the president calling on the democrats to come to the table. you have two republican bills that are making their way through congress right now. one more conservative than the other. this has been a battle with the republican party. >> kennedy: absolutely. it shows how emotional and difficult this is when you try to do something comprehensively all at once. there is the argument to do one thing at a time and you build consensus for each issue. you can speak to that more eloquently than i could having been in the seat of power. but the republicans are losing on this issue. and the president is as well. look at what happened in north korea last week. and democrats will do whatever they can to move that off the front page.
9:24 am
they finally found an issue where they have traction. because this resonates regardless of what party you are in. the people don't want to see the parents separated from the kids. >> no doubt. no doubt. >> democrats feast on that message. white house -- >> ful of it. >>te house has to figure out what the message is. >> they are full of it. senator dianne feinstein when she was on "state of the union" on cnn directly asked about the viral photo that went around in 2014 of showing children in holding cells -- >> harris: they were ces. just say it. >> lisa: cages. >> harris: talk about it for what it is. >> lisa: she said she didn't pay attention to it then but now she is paying attention to it as the trump administration. so there are democrats out there that were hypocrites. >> harris: where were they in 2014? i see everybody from oprah to the celebrities and i love oprah, don't get me wrong. i was sad i didn't get a car. i was in the audience one day. i'm joking. but my point with this is where were all the people when this was happening?
9:25 am
the policies thate us what we see as visuals today from 2014 pictures. where were all these people? twitter existed. >> a lot of them didn't care until it was an issue with the trump administration. now we care and feel the pressure. sit down and don't leave the room until you get it done. >> when you say you will enforce the law we are trying to get rid of the we ward and the incentives from the people to take the risk. they should be going to the country of origin and going to the united states embassy. >> let me ask you this. >> harris: the president moments ago said this won't be a refugee holding facility. we will not have what they have in our on my watch. >> jason: that is why he is trying to build a wall. >> harris: what do we do with the children already here? >> jason: those are difficult questions. >> harris: that is one
9:26 am
question. >> jason: vet them. >> harris: how do you vet a child? kennedy is laughing. >> kennedy: i'm sure the mini rapists all have bombs strapped to their chest. >> jason: no, no, no. >> kennedy: demonizing the wrong people and it's so logical. >> jason: you have so naive. >> kennedy: i'm far f nighave but i'm -- nighyev but i'm not an alarmist. you were in congress for a long time. you didn't fix it either. republicans can't do it and the democrats can't do it. now we have this mess and there is a visual of the parents separated from the kids. that is wrong. >> jason: more than 100,000 kids -- >> kennedy: it's fine. >> jason: it's not fine. >> kennedy: of course it's not fine. no one has the courage to fix it. what does it mean to vet them? >> jason: you have to understand if they are thechildg across. >> kennedy: doesn't that require a policy? doesn't vetting require a policy? venezuela you have to -- >> jason: you have to
9:27 am
understand who they are yet. >> kennedy: they have not proven they are good at vetting. they have not put a policy in place. >> harris: we have had a problem figuring out who is coming here. lisa, your head will explode. please speak. >> lisa: it's so frustrating sometimes. i feel like we can't have rational debates in the country anymore. people are blinded by the hatred for president trump. >> harris: or hating people on the other side. >> lisa: if you cross the border individually single or -- if you cross the border illegally you are breaking the law. is the messaging perfect? absolutely not. but the point is if you cross the border illegally, you are breaking the law as a family unit or as an individual. it's reported that some individuals are intentionally coming as a family unit because they believe they will easily released. >> harris: but not all. we saw 90,000 unaccompanied
9:28 am
minors come across the border three summers ago. i'll give you the last word. >> melissa: there is so much pressure on the issue now and i hope the focus doesn't go away. everybody has something they want. it's the perfect time g together and a deal where there is something for everyone and something everyone hates. get it done. >> harris: all right. we have a deal-maker. we'll see what happens. we're awaiting a senate panel hearing for the justice department i.g. report that exposed more anti-trump text messages between the f.b.i. officials including the original two. peter strozk and lisa page. in the clinton e-mail investigation. and runup to the trump russia probe. now peter strozk says he wants to testify, too. what we can expect. and what it could mean for all of this. stay close. liberty mutual accident forgiveness means they won't hike your rates over one mistake. see, liberty mutual doesn't hold grudges. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance.
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ask your rheumatologist ♪ ♪ i love you baby applebee's 2 for $20, now with steak. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. >> harris: fox news alert. we're awaiting the senate judiciary hearing where christopher wray and the inspector department inspector
9:33 am
general set to testify. it's all on the e-mail report of the clinton investigation. did she get special treatment. was there biased inside the f.b.i.? it details text messages from peter strozk and lisa page who were overseeing the clinton probe and the startup of the russia probe. page texted trump is not ever going to become president, right? right? strozk replied "no, no, he won't. we'll stop it." wow! now strong *'s attorney said the -- strozk's attorney said the client is opened up to testify saying that he think his position, character and the actions have been misrepresent and caricatured and he wants an opportunity to remedy that. bob goodlatte says strozk will not testify tomorrow but he expects to see him soon. >> we have a lot of questions
9:34 am
for him but the lead one is that animus and bias and support for hillary clinton why did you allow yourself to be involved in either one of the high profile investigations of presidential candidates and the presidential campaign. it's terribly tarnished the reputation of the leading law enforcement organization. >> harris: president trump tweeted this -- why was the f.b.i. sick loser peter strozk working on the totally discredited mueller team of the angry democrats when strozk was given hillary a free pass and telling his lover lawyer page we will stop trump from becoming president? wish hunt. in quotes, "the highest level of bias i ever witnessed in any law enforcement officer." trey gowdy on f.b.i. own peter strozk also rber they all worked for slippery james comey. and that comey is best friends with robert mueller. a really sick deal, isn't it?
9:35 am
writing directly to your friend trey gowdy. >> jason: gowdy is right at almost all of this stuff. he has beene to look closely. peter strozk has a lot that congress wants answered for months. they would not allow them to come to capitol hill. now that there is an actual i.g. report suddenly he wants to come testify before congress. i will be fascinated to hear what they have to say and they should listen. >> harris: he should text message his answer then. i mean wouldn't you love to hear the man behind the text messages? >> melissa: we have never heard him speak that i know of and having read the messages what would be the first question to ask him? >> jason: i'd ask why he would think 100 million people should vote for hillary clinton. there isn't a single person that he knows of that would vote for trump. how is it that the mind set would allow him to do his job as the head of counterintelligence for the bureau of investigation. >> i wano bring up a point
9:36 am
in this. the two people weren't just anybody at the f.b.i. they were working on a presidential candidate in hillary clinton. her e-mail scandal. somebody clearly they easily could have known over the years. so they are going back and forth some 10,000 times lisa. >> lisa: what trey gowdy laid out in the statement after the i.g. report was saying he is concerned about the fact that you had many of the same supervisors and the investigators at the hillary clinton investigation versus the trump investigation. yet the tactic and the way they treated both groups were different. i hope the judiciary committee gets into that as well. i don't care tor from peter strozk to be honest. >> melissa: really? >> harris: you don't? i want to know how a man working on that investigation had time to go back and forth 10,000 times and tweet with anybody who is not part of the investigation. >> lisa: the only thing i want to see from him is fired. i don't care what he has to say. >> what if he was talking to
9:37 am
other people? what if the circle widens? we do need to know. >> kennedy: there are important questions. he had strong opinions about the hillary clinton investigation. then was essentially the impetus for starting the russia investigation and the investigation into president trump's election team. so i want to know about that intersection and why he felt he was an important pirn that one was given much more gravity than the other. by his own admission in texts he said the russia investigation was going to lead nowhere. so if he really thought that and i want to know about -- >> harris: so how are they going to stop him? what is the master plan. >> kennedy: him softening that language and the james comey menu from the gross negligence. >> melissa: that is what i would ask. what did you mean? what was your plan?what was tha? that's my number one question. >> harris: we'll move on. houseepublicans run out of patience. trey gowdy warning there will be action on the floor this week. if the d.o.j. officials fail
9:38 am
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welcome back to "outnumbered." they are pushing to get officials to comply with the subpoenas on the document investigations. now trey gowdy says the lawmakers are pursuing imminent action including the possible contempt charges against deputy a.g. rod rosenstein. watch. >> there is going to be action on the floor of the house this week if the f.b.i. and the d.o.j. do not comply with the subpoena request. rod rosenstein, christopher wray. you were in the meeting and you understood him as clearly as i did. we are going to get compliance
9:43 am
or the house of representatives will use the full arsenal of the constitutional weapons to gain compliance. >> kennedy: devin nunes sounding even more fed up yesterday with the documents not being turned over. >> if the documents do not begin to be turned over tomorrow and a clear way and a path forward for everyone else is not clear in the next couple of days. there will be hell to pay wednesday morning. we can no longer -- thi is not just about the committee chairman any longer. >> kennedy: so what happens wednesday morning? >> dually issued subpoena by congress and the director of the f.b.i. on the hill monday and tuesday in the house. if there isn't the document production to the intel committee there are two constitutional remedies. one is contempt. the other more serious is to impeach either the deputy director, the director of the f.b.i., rod rosenstein and the
9:44 am
attorney general. none of them are off the table. they will provide documents reluctantly to the inspector general. yol hear testimony, you haven't heard it publicly but i think you will hear testimony they are holding documents back from the investigator who are supposed to see documents. why should we as an oversight community wait months and months and months? >> melissa: but if they impeach it becomes that they are trying to impede the mueller investigation. >> jason: this is where the democrats are so short-sighted. at some point they want to see trump documents. they are nowhere to be found in this. they should be joining to say yes, we get to see the type of documents. >> harris: i hear you saying that but it doesn't answer melissa's question. the question is how do you actually get documents? this isn't to say when it's your turn we won't give you what you want. it's to get documents. how do you do it?
9:45 am
>> melissa: there has to be something. >> jason: congress is wimpy on the topic. we held for the first time ever in the history of the united states of america -- >> harris: wimpy and congress are not two different things. >> harris: one and the same. >> the department of justice wasn't going to pursue the order because they protect holder. this has to change. this has to change. this back and forth and we are protecting our side and you want to get re-elected and it turns in the grandstanding. not only do the overseers not get clarity, the american people you represent don't get clarity. that means there has to be -- >> harris: so we don't -- >> harris: how do you do that? jairz we don't fix it. i'm -- >> jason: i'm writing a book. i'll get you a copy. >> harris: we need help tomorrow. >> jason: no doubt. congress used to enforce this. >> harris: why c't they now? >> jason: they stopped doing that. >> but what does it mean?
9:46 am
>> harris: the d.o.j. is run by republicans now. is there a discomfort because it's intraparty? >> harris: no it's the deep state. only way congress gets subpoena enforced is through the department of jusce. >> kennedy: bring in lisa. >> lisa: i was going to say i assume we will hear more voices from the republican party and growing concerns. one after the i.g. report and two after the hearings this week. look at the i.g. report and text messages that were never given to congress. that is going to spur aggression from the congress and trying to get documents and get the answers. >> jason: the most egregious one we saw were to stop the president. given to congress that was redacted. it wasn't because it was classified. it wasn't because it's a national security. it is embarrassing. >> can you physically hold someone until they turn over documents. >> they should review --
9:47 am
>> that is what they used to do. >> president trump is getting credit for the booming economy from a surprising source. unlikely media ally suggesting that guarantees the re-election next. >> economy is doing better and there are more jobs. i don't know how it gets defeated. (vo) we came here for the friends. and we got to know the friends of our friends. and we found others just like us.
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>> melissa: more outnumbered coming. but first here is harris faulkner on what is coming up on "outnumbered overtime." >> harris: the immigration policy is getting hotter and the top officials are pushing back over serious allegations. chief political anchor bret baier will be here. and we are awaiting a hearing with the justice department injector general who is on capitol hill now to explain and defend his report on the handling of the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. congressman lee zeldin is here with me from new york. he has cooled for the special counsel to investigate the entire agency. has this report changed his mind? we will talk with him. much, much more. "outnumbered" at the top of the hour. "overtime." >> melissa: thank you. economic growth is up and unemployment is down at an
9:52 am
18-year low. the economy under president trump continues to boast impressive stats. the president reserve raising the benchmark interest rate for the second time this year. thanks in large part to a surge in consumer spending. cnbc special correspondent jane wells saying the strong economic showing could make president trump unbeatable in 2020. >> i am the sort of person that says you may not like this president. he has broken the mold. but if by 2020, we have the g.d.p. growth near 4%. we have a market like this. we have the record low unemployment and more jobs than job applicants. how do you not re-elect him even if you think he is a buffoon? people say i don't like him. misogynist and poor illegal immigrants but i'm doing better than i was four years ago, america is safer than it was, the economy is better and there are more jobs. i don't know how it gets debt feeted. >> melissa: she is a smart
9:53 am
cookie. i have known her for a long time. what do you think? >> kennedy: she is right. a lot can change between now and 2020. we don't know who is in the massive democratic field but if people have jobs and they are able to spend and save money like they have been able to do for the last ten years they may when a pollster call say yes, i'm voting for democrat "x" like in 2016. the reality is if your personal economy is doing better you are more likely to vote for whoever is in office right now. much can go wrong. we see it happen. we saw it in 2008. i am unlike bill maher and hope and pray we do not go in a massive recession and continue the upswing for everyone. >> melissa: it's the economy, stupid. what is what she said and everyone said it. >> jason: i think president trump is unbeatable. there isn't a person on the planet that beat him right now. you have to couple with the
9:54 am
strong economy it's going better overseas. there is progress in north korea. people have a sense of safety and security and that is the one-two punch that the president brings to the table. >> melissa: you hear democrats even say you may hate his style or hate what he has to say but it's hard to argue with the results when he has a fair bit to point to. >> exactly. i wonder how long it will take for her to walk back the comments. anyone that says anything positive about him they immediately walk it back. >> melissa: i don't know. she is a tough cookie. >> lisa: i take your word for it. i agree with what she said on the economic front and what you said on the couch. but all the criticism that she laid out were the same things said in the 2016 election. he did better than mitt romney did than the hispanics with the african-americans. he won the suburbs. think about the coalition he is able to cobble together. i can't think of a single republican that ran to pull together the working class voters to win michigan, pennsylvania, ohio with,
9:55 am
wisconsin and simultaneously winning the suburbs. i can't think of any of the candidates that would be able to have done that. i think right now he is in great shape. >> especially as they run as far left as they are threatening. >> which could happen. >> melissa: all of that said, what is going on with the tariffs. the xy could falter -- the economy could falter. it's predicated on the economy staying strong. >> kennedy: absolutely right. there is a lot. that is why it's difficult for the president to take credit for the stock markets but there are so many issues. especially when it's whether you like it or of the, it doesn't matter how much of a protectionist you are, it's a global economy. you have to see stability for our g.d.p. growth to improvement -- improve. ment hopefully it will stay at 4% and hopefully the tariff are a negotiating tool. >> jason: he became president trump because he got the blue collar democrats to
9:56 am
vote for him. >> melissa: thanks, guys. more "outnumbered" in a moment. don't go away.
9:57 am
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>> i think the congressman jason chaffetz, got a little heated but we are all friends. because she is wrong on the issue. >> i hope people know that it is good spirited and we do get along and it's okay to passionately disagree.
10:00 am
because that's absolutely right. making america great again by passionately disagreeing. that's what matters. thanks to all of you. we are back here tomorrow at noon eastern and now, here is harris. >> harris: we begin with is fox news alert. a president from speaking out for the for first time in the last hour on a very tense day amid all the uproar over his administration and zero-tolerance policy on illegal immigration. we go out numbered over time. i'm harris faulkner. the president and top officials responding to growing controversy over an illegal immigration policy that involves separating children from parents who are suspected of illegally crossing our southern border. president from pointing the finger at democrats saying their view has put americans is that this situation. >> immigration is the fault and all of the problems that we are


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