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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  June 18, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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because that's absolutely right. making america great again by passionately disagreeing. that's what matters. thanks to all of you. we are back here tomorrow at noon eastern and now, here is harris. >> harris: we begin with is fox news alert. a president from speaking out for the for first time in the last hour on a very tense day amid all the uproar over his administration and zero-tolerance policy on illegal immigration. we go out numbered over time. i'm harris faulkner. the president and top officials responding to growing controversy over an illegal immigration policy that involves separating children from parents who are suspected of illegally crossing our southern border. president from pointing the finger at democrats saying their view has put americans is that this situation. >> immigration is the fault and all of the problems that we are having.
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we cannot get them to sign legislation among we cannot get them even to the negotiating table. and i say, it's very strongly to democrats fault. there obstruction, really obstructionist and they are obstructing. the united states will not be a migrant camp, and it will not be refugee holding facility. it won't be. you look at what's happening in europe, you look at what's happening in other places, we can't allow that to happen to the united states. >> harris: kevin corke live at the white house with the latest. >> good afternoon. the homeland security secretary spelled out quite frankly in plain language when she said there's no reason to sneak into this country. if you're seeking asylum, you have remedies of getting into this country the right way. she said if you're sneaking in, it's unlawful first of all and second of all, it skips the line ahead of people who did it the right way. to say nothing of the fact that
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if you're seeking asylum, you can go to a port of entry and you can be processed there. let me take you to twitter. the president weighing in on this not just on the air earlier here on fox news but also onlin online. children are being used by some of the worst criminals on earth as a means to enter our country. has anyone been looking at crime taking place south of the border? it's historic. some countries, the most dangerous places in the world. not going to happen in the u.s. that sentiment was obviously echoed repeatedly this morning's national sheriffs convention over new orleans, louisiana, . most notably by kristin nielsen. >> this department will no longer stand by and tax law enforcement for enforcing laws. the job we do or for the job enforcement does for any job that the american people expect us to do. >> unapologetic to say the least. later today, the present will
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meet with members of the senate appropriations committee in an effort to get some solid footing in his effort to fund that border wall that he promised america. part of the argument made by proponents of the wall is just like the separation policy, a deterrent. that's what they're saying here in washington in some corners. but some democrats say that simply playing politics with innocent victims. >> so he's playing a game as you were saying earlier. he knows this family separation policy is very unpopular and what he's doing is trying to point fingers at others and use it for leverage for a whole set of other immigration issues but this one, this one family separation is his doing and he could ended today. >> chris van hollen of the state of maryland, don't forget, we have a press briefing scheduled for later on this hour and we will bring that to you live but for now, back to you. >> harris: thank you very much. reaction pouring it over what's
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happening there over the last few days. former first lady laura bush wrote in "the washington post" yesterday "i appreciate the need to enforce and protect our international boundaries. but this zero-tolerance policy is cruel. it is immoral and it breaks my heart. joining me now, republic and congressman of the great state of virginia. member of the congressional border security caucus. thank you so much for being here. first of all, i want to try to see if we can get real clear information on where the white house is in all of this as you understand it moving forwar forward. >> the white house has been clear along the way they want their fourth pillar plan. i prefer the goodlatte plan because it has verified. if you don't, we'll end up right back here in five years. but is not on the democrats. the politicization that's going on right now. the democrats first of all offered to take care of all kids, 700,000 kids, then trump
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says 1.8 million. then we have 25 republicans who go to offer to write a liberal/moderate bill. >> harris: what's happening? >> what's happening? where the democrats? they say no. it's just like tax cuts. not one democrat voted for tax cuts and now the atlanta fed has is growing and over for next quarter, they're hurting in on this issue, they want to say let's take care of the kids, we can do that tomorrow morning. but they show up to play ball and compromise, the republicans, the goodlatte bill is the compromise and just so people can go back check all of this, senator obama ran on that and bill clinton ran on that and the great african-american civil rights leader ran all of that. only in the last year or so when the democrats have gone all in on this identity politics, there's no rational policy. the goodlatte bill is a rational policy that will solve the problem so we don't have to go back to this, compassionate,
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fixes the problem and the rule of law matters. the folks that are coming here from guatemala, honduras, mexico, they do not have strong rule of law. that's why they're coming here. >> harris: as part of why they're coming here. >> we don't want to copy london, amsterdam, paris, italy. just google what's happening in europe. it's not pleasant. >> harris: what you're talking about is also at the president said just a short time ago. he said this won't be refugee holding facility. we will not have what they have in europe on my watch. it's echoing kind of what you're talking about. this issue of what's happening on your southern border right now that's blowing up, getting people like oprah winfrey to put out stuff on her twitter which i'm asking where all these people in 2014 when the pictures of the kids in the cages first came out? but all of that aside, what's happening is something that is separating families at the border in the administration seems to be putting out harsh messaging on that. we know because the attorney general tried to use the bible to defend it.
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>> the politics, the democrats lose on the issue itself. on immigration. they wave a shiny object by the day on whatever the topic of the day is. don't look over there, just do rational immigration policy. that's called the goodlatte bill. the four pillars of trump are good, but is missing e-verify. without it, that ends the chain. if we pass the moderate bill, it will give amnesty to 2 million folks. our folks in dhs will be working on processing those two to 3 million people full-time. we won't have any officers left to do immigration and border control. so the whole thing is comes back, he announced the world and guess what happens? you're going to get another surge in the right back here in a few years doing this debate again. >> harris: congressman, that really makes it simple for both of these plans coming from republicans have some amnesty in them but the way that you spelled out that, it really makes sense because in the president also doesn't get what
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he wants and he says it's about dealmaking. you've got to give something to him to sign. tell me about amnesty and the wind that you think he would sign. what does that look like? >> the goodlatte bill specifies all of the kids that have daca confirmation, so it's not guesswork. the weekend bill has guesstimates based on prior amnesties, there's a handful, not enough to do good science or whatever but you're just making guesstimates and then you're going to have tons of people who are qualified say i got paperwork. how many people from guatemala and honduras have paperwork? very few. everybody gets it. so that the kids that signed up for that special status, we are willing to compromise. the republicans compromised on this and has plenty of other compromises. we've made compromise for the agricultural workers and typically, people don't want to make compromises on that republican side that we like crazy.
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the democrats are awol on everything. on the democrat bill, we went to work with 200 democrats and now they won't even vote on their own bill. >> harris: headed they go back to their constituents and say that they walked away from the table this time? do you think this is as close as we'll get for a long time to getting something done? you think this is going to be hopefully not but potentially a missed opportunity for everyone including democrats? >> i hope it's not. we do need action to put an end to the chaos at the border. it just example, one of my colleagues, 43 million will lethal doses of fentanyl came across the border in the last few months. let that sink in. 43 million lethal doses. then you've got human trafficking, we have to solve this. the democrats are nowhere. if you say how many folks did we let in? they will not have an answer. which we do on border security? no answer. the press doesn't hold them
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accountable to answer the tough questions. i'm sitting here in the hot seat asking all the questions. they're hiding behind glossies and pdfs and they're not at the table making good legislation. >> harris: you put something on the table for everybody. i heard that shout out to the media for us to do our jobs and to really press in. i was on the hill on thursday talking about this issue with walden and some others just trying to get clarity on all that's out there. a wealth of information. some specific way. appreciate your time today, thank you. >> you do a great job, keep it up. >> harris: fox news chief political anchor and executive editor of special report bret baier is here. the president talking today, there seems to be this running around of the issue of whether or not there separating families at the border. he certainly made it clear that it's happening.
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the ag did. my that even part of the argument right now mack >> i don't know. that is not a winning argument, this whole back and forth in the images in the focus on this issue on immigration policy because it's emotional. and it's engaging all kinds of different people. it's engaging the catholic church is weighing in and laura bush, former first lady is weighing in and you've got all these folks that are weighing in on this policy. the president has put in the onus on democrats to sit at the table and hammer out new immigration law. if chuck schumer just in the past few seconds responding to the president is everyone who has looked at this agrees as was done by the president and not democrats. he can fix it tomorrow schumer says if he wants to. and if he doesn't want to, he should own up to the fact that he's doing it. so you get this back and forth as we often see in washington some of the bottom line is both are accurate. one, you could do a piece of
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immigration legislation that collectively solves a lot of things including this issue. and the president could pick up the phone and to change the policy if he so wanted to. >> harris: so what are you hearing from the white house about why he doesn't do that? >> as part of a broader plan. i haven't talked to anybody specifically about their legislative strategy, but they're trying to get democrats to sit at the table and hammer out this funding. they have the border wall funding issued that is coming up in the funding bills as you head into the fall, the president's meeting with senators shelby today to talk about that very issue. i think that that is all part of this strategy. but the p.r. part of it is not a winning strategy currently. >> harris: the reason i ask why the president wouldn't move forth on his own on this and pick up the phone and change the policy is because that really
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makes democrats look politically impotent. they shut the government down over the issue of daca. if that's what chuck schumer did. it's odd moving forward that they wouldn't at least come to the table at this point to say we tried. >> i agree with you. of the issue of daca is huge and will be something that probably democrats are hoping to run on in the fall. as we could potentially solve it, maybe they would. the separate issue of separating families, i think you're hearing different things from different people in the administration whether it's happening, whether it is not, how they're being treated, how they're not. and that's where they have to. >> harris: the ag sessions today said this. that loophole, and i want to talk with you about this. >> word got out about this loophole and the results were predictable. the number of aliens illegally
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crossing went from 14,000 to 75,000 in just four years. a fivefold increase. this cannot continue. >> harris: your reaction? >> i think both the attorney general and secretary nielsen said today that there are more and more illegal immigrants using children to make the case that they should get through into residency inside the u.s. in both of them in their speeches made that very case saying that children are being used at the border. as tools in this loophole of policy so that they can say they are one family unit and they have multiple explanations about people using different children that are outside their family. >> harris: what's the significance? >> the emotion of this is tough to analytically get beyond. when you see the picture of the
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crying separated child, it is emotional for people and it has an effect and how they feel about it. so yes, everybody wants a strong border, i think if you ask people, they say yes, security on the border is key, but this emotional issue plays across the board. >> harris: the president said they could move very, very quickly and as you have pointed out, he could move even faster than that and that would really leave democrats in a pickle. always glad to have you on the program. happy belated father's day. if i saw your pictures on instagram with those two beautiful boys. good to see you. all eyes on capitol hill, fbi director christopher wray, doj inspector general michael horowitz gearing up to testify publicly before the senate judiciary committee. that is coming up in the next little while. we will talk about what happens before and we can expect reporting on the issue coming up. and to top g.o.p. lawmakers ramping up pressure on the justice department. hand over the russia probe
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>> harris: a fox news alert, we are awaiting your testimony on the inspector general's report on capitol hill. it is going to come from the inspector general
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michael horowitz and fbi director christopher wray. they are set to go before the senate judiciary committee over that report on the clinton email investigation shortly. as you know, that ig report expose more anti-trunk text messages between fbi officials peter strzok and attorney lisa page. they were having an affair. now he says he is willing to testify before congress. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge now with more on this is a story develops today on capitol hill. >> we are here on capitol hill and the hearing room just behind me. we are expecting that to begin in about 45 minutes from now and it will be the first time that we've heard from the inspector general michael horowitz at least and we expect them to defend the findings in his 568 page report that found former fbi director james comey was insubordinate, is significantly he said there was no testimony or documentary evidence that showed political bias at the fbi directly impacted investigative decisions
10:21 am
during the clinton email case. along with horwitz, we are also going to have the current fbi director christopher wray and we expect him to defend the credibility of the bureau and to make the case over how the bureau will regain the public's trust. let me just run through what we are expecting just an hour from now. we will have opening statements from the chairman of the judiciary committee chuck grassley that will go for about 15 minutes and then the ranking democrat, then opening statements from horwitz and ended several rounds of questioning. leading expert told fox news they believe the issue of political bias at the bureau will dominate. >> i think part of the narrative that's going to play out in his hearing is to get horwitz to explain the difference between not finding bias and not finding actions caused by bias. i think that what horwitz said in the report is that there was bias, but he didn't have any documents or no one fessed up to taking action to do with that
10:22 am
bias and there is a critical distinction. he refused to make an assumption that these actions were taken for the wrong reason. >> the inspector general's report uncover new text messages between fbi agent peter strzok and fbi lawyer lisa page that indicated anti-trunk bias. as you mentioned, peter strzok has indicated to the house judiciary committee that he is willing to come up here and testify under oath without any kind of immunity deal and his lawyer told "the washington post" he believes his client, his statements had been misrepresented in his actions at the fbi character heard or misunderstood so he hopes to clarify that. it's not clear to me and i think this is a critical question for the house committee whether they will do it in public because he is not asking for any kind of immunity here or whether it will also be behind closed doors. >> harris: thank you very much. let's bring in congressman lee selden, republican from
10:23 am
new york. he introduced a house resolution detailing alleged misconduct of the fbi and doj and calling for a special counsel to look into the fbi's handling of the clinton email investigation. great to see you since all of this has been breaking news. it's what we did learn about this was that their potential was special treatment for hillary clinton. even though wrote the report says some of that bias for special treatment was not political, what is the fallout of that? what is the headline? >> increased transparency. in our house resolution which is now 32 members of congress cosponsoring details: conduct, how the email probe ended, how the tribe russia probe began, the highest levels of the doj and fbi. what you see in that report is a lot more detail of what might be one paragraph of my resolution, the inspector general did really good work, bringing in a lot of documents, we see a lot of text
10:24 am
messages, there is no applicable bias, they just haven't read the document yet. what else is interesting about the report is if you fast-forward to page 430 on this for several hundred page report what many others in the media are talking about is all the leaks. you can look at it. attachments, it has the reporters with all sorts of different fbi employees talking that singular reporter. not on the talks about so many links the ig couldn't figure out how to get to the very bottom of it, but on top of that, talks about fbi agents having free tickets to sporting events, golf outings. >> harris: let me pull you down for just a second because what you're saying is this really peeled back the curtain on some other things that were happening. and did they sit into bias or do they sit alone? >> i think the leaking issue is well beyond the decisions and hillary clinton email probe are well beyond the decision to start the trump-russia probe.
10:25 am
i think when they investigate more deeply as far as those leaks and what they're getting in return, i think it's going to be involved in cases well beyond just what we are talking about here which is the scope solely of this ig report of actions, the leaking is a bigger issue. we went i don't know if anybody has called us out. it's not just that other people looked at this report and said there was no bias. the report indicated that it wasn't for political bias, what james comey and members of his team were doing. and those texting members about how they're going to keep president from from becoming president, then candidate. he had one calling the trump supporters "retarded" and all of that. it's not anybody's overlay on what they thought reading it. those are the things that the report found. why didn't the report find bias based on everything that's in there? >> i think there are conclusions that we see in the text, page
10:26 am
420 or 421 where it talks about how peter strzok was prioritizing the rush investigation over the hillary clinton email probe. obviously, the ig report is filled with facts and the ig -- if you read deep into the several hundred page report, you will see some conclusions being made. peter strzok clearly was in a position for his bias was overcoming his better objectivity. >> harris: does anybody lose their job behind this at the fbi or the doj? >> some already have. >> harris: since this report has come out? >> peter strzok should not be working in any corner of the fbi. he should not be a water boy, coffee boy, shouldn't be a janitor, should not be in the building. >> harris: has security clearance is what rand paul and others have wanted. >> i would bet that he does. there are others as well so there needs to be a lot more transparency. now is the point where we really
10:27 am
need a lot more accountability. >> harris: very exciting to hear from the man who wrote the report coming up. i know you'll be perched. always great to see you. thank you. some top house lawmakers warning the justice department they will take action this week if the doj fails to comply with the subpoena. seeking documents on the investigation surrounding the 2016 election. we will talk with a former doj official ahead. wrong. your insurance company is gonna raise your rate after the other car got a scratch so small you coulda fixed it with a pen. maybe you should take that pen and use it to sign up with a different insurance company. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance.
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with three rows for seven passengers. lease the 2018 rx 350l and rx 350l awd for these terms. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. >> harris: house republicans stepping up their fight to get the justice department to turn over documents to congress. house oversight committee chairman trey gowdy single lawmakers will be taking action this week if the doj fails to comply with the subpoena. that subpoena is seeking documents around the 2016 election. chairman gaudi is to let suggesting lawmakers they could hold doj officials in contempt of congress.
10:32 am
>> is going to use is full arsenal of constitutional weapons to gain compliance. this is too important. the ig report has even heighten the need for us to understand what happened in 2016. >> harris: has intelligence chairman devin nunes also vowing that lawmakers will not back down. >> documents do not begin to be turned over tomorrow and a clear path forward for everything else is not clear here in the next couple of days. they're going to be hell to pay by wednesday morning. >> harris: they have not had immediate comment. it will tell you when they do come in. robert driscoll, former deputy assistant attorney general under president george w. bush. so i next official, and is and when he used to be at the doj and it's always great to have you on the program. let's start with who wins this battle because i completely
10:33 am
understand that congress has oversight. i also completely understand that the fbi and doj have a right and a responsibility to protect sensitive information. so who wins? >> i don't think anyone wins. i think it will be a negotiated resolution, these things almost always are. it's a conflict of two valid principles. one of the things that happen, these interbranch disputes is there is no really governing the loss so to speak on it. so everyone is really worried that if they give up an inch on this matter, it'll be used against them the next time they request something. so i think they'll have to eventually negotiate a resolution in both sides frankly come out this with a little bit unclean. congress has had some issues with leaking, doj has had some issues with peers of really redacting the some have been produced when reactions have been removed, sometimes i'm saying i'm not sure why that was redacted in the first place.
10:34 am
eventually, the just have to get everyone in a room and have the documents either reviewed or reviewed by a smaller group and get it done. i don't think anyone wants to go to contempt case. >> harris: what happens in a contempt of congress case? >> nothing. eric holder was held in contempt and nothing happened because of course the only branch of government that can prosecute under contempt order is the executive branch. which is controlled by the president. >> harris: in that case. because they would not prosecute their own doj. >> harris: you don't think it would happen here either? >> i would doubt it highly. if there be a court case where they have someone bring the case. a civil matter, but i doubt contempt would have much effect. the thing former attorney general holder is necessarily been stunned or slow down by being the first attorney general held in contempt. i do think this will go that far. i think the frustration level
10:35 am
for congress about getting access to these documents. >> harris: 's what you're talking about as it was attempt at shaming with holder and i really didn't accomplish anything either. i want to press in with this idea that you say neither side has totally clean hands. you were mentioning congress has leaked documents and informatio information. >> if you look at it, and it was just the house but if you look at the senate side with the indictment of jim wolf, the security headed for the senate intel committee recently, that appears at least to be some evidence. people have always been concerned about leaks with some folks involved in the house intelligence committee. similarly, doj, there is an email that you called 70,000 conference table mentioned where the price of the conference
10:36 am
table was redacted. that's just embarrassing information. that is not any sensitive high-level sources and methods. >> harris: it's all damaged integrity, something you when i have talked about time and time again. a weaker negotiator than president obama. watch. >> it seems what we're doing with north korea is even weaker than what obama did with korea -- with iran. so far. we will see what happens, but
10:37 am
the beginnings are not auspicious. >> harris: let's bring in former counterterrorism advisor to vice president dick cheney and author of more your diplomat. first of all, thank you for being on the program. and second of all, i want to know your thoughts just in reaction to what you just heard. >> president from his critics can't have it both ways. on the one hand last fall, he was a warmonger, driving us towards armageddon and nuclear war, too bombastic, and now that he is effectively through sanctions and through maximum pressure driven us to these talks, now it's he's naive and he gave up too much and he shouldn't have had the meeting. the president of the united states just can't win with these guys. >> harris: i want to talk about what's at stake in it so different because you have senator schumer and others have compared the iran situation to the north korea situation. but militarily and that's your background, when it comes to the military, what is at stake with both these nations with
10:38 am
different? >> is incredibly different. it's not apples to apples. on the one hand, you have an incredibly heightened situation in the sense of both sides are heavily militarized on this on either side of the dmz and north korea, you do have the prospect of a major war, you do you have sold literally under the gun of thousands of artillery pieces, but diplomatically, the obama administration essentially did nothing. and kick the can down the road. so the bottom line is, north korea actually has a program that is capable of threatening the united states. that's a very different negotiation that iran which does not have a program yet and we are trying to keep them from having a program and yet the obama administration just essentially sold out the farm there on a bunch of promises and then we can't even inspect the sites that are most likely to develop the program which are the iranian military sites.
10:39 am
it's not apples to apples despite what the president's critics are trying to make it seem to be. >> harris: what i've also had curiosity about is how you keep the sanctions in place or why you would want to. i know you really are supportive of that. for north korea. >> absolutely. from my perspective, the key here is keeping our foot on the neck of the north korean economy. that is their achilles' heel and i believe that ultimately why they came to the table. the president has made it clear, secretary pompeo has made it clear that the sanctions will stay in place. i served in the white house under vice president cheney and saw he was very frustrated when we gave concessions as the north koreans gave concessions, the administration, trump administration is going to have a tough task and keeping the chinese on the same page with us as the north koreans try to fight stomach drive a wedge. and gain some concessions from
10:40 am
different actors even if president trump and secretary pompeo stand firm. so that's one piece that i'm really looking at. the other very quickly is cyber. we can't enter in a situation where we reduce one threat to the united states, we should be focused on a nuclear threat, meanwhile the north korean cyber capability is very sophisticated, the very aggressive and we need to make sure that's included as well. >> harris: we need to bring you back on another day to talk about that component. we know how risky it can be in terms of our infrastructure, energy, all of that. >> they are very active. >> harris: they are poking at the bear. thank you very much for being back. president trump blaming democrats for refusing to fix immigration laws. it was live on "outnumbered" a short time ago. all amid the growing controversy over the treatment of children whose parents brought them across the border illegally. if the president speaking on it for the first time amidst the
10:41 am
controversy, power panel next. i'll take that. [cheers] 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. new ensure max protein. in two great flavors.
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>> harris: a fox news alert, the trump administration is stepping up its defense of its zero-tolerance policy on immigration. the president waited for the first time since all of this has heated up in uproar and attorney general jeff sessions said comprehensive reform is the only answer. watch. >> we did not want to separate parents from their children. you can be sure of that. we passed in legislation, we close some loopholes, we won't face these terrible choices. >> harris: tv radio host and former g.o.p. congressional candidate, from a candidate for the dnc chair and fox news contributor, great to see you both today. so i want to start with you because there have been some messaging challenges, i don't even know why. some inconsistencies out of the administration. >> i don't know if i agree with that.
10:46 am
>> harris: the president has said and others have said there is certainly something happening at the border that has families being separated. we saw secretary nielsen say that. because she said there was no policy. i think the question is zero-tolerance really just means that you're going to be prosecuted for the crime of crossing the border illegally. >> harris: that sounds like policy. because that is a policy but that only results in a separation of kids because as a nation, you're not going to have kids incarcerated with adults. so i think it's really. we don't know how many of these families are real families. we don't know that. >> harris: in any event, coming across the border even if you live in the united states already as a citizen, your children go go to jail or prison with you. >> there's a lot of semantics around this and i've always been a big believer that if you're explaining, you're losing. here's a simple breakdown of it. children should not be used as a negotiating tool just like they
10:47 am
shouldn't be used as human shields, and i think what we've seen is we are all tested in our life. he probably thought donald trump has been tested at other moments but i think this is his real big test. does he have a heart? you have evangelicals and religious leaders saying for the first time, coming out against him. and if he loses that support which i think he has a good chance of when you have families being ripped apart, that's going to be problematic. >> harris: use out with the first lady tweeted. the president saying today that we can do something in congress quickly, beautifully, and with safety in mind. good for the children, the country, and the world. he went on to say that we want democrats to come to the table. we want this more than they do. he wants a compromise. what do you say? >> it's really odd how the president doesn't take on the responsibilities that he has. the power that he has. he has the power to stop this.
10:48 am
>> harris: i want to ask you just real quickly, i don't mean to ignore you. oprah and others are coming out on twitter and saying all this about the kids in the cages and everything else. those things were pre-existing to this president. and not that that's in any way a defense for what's "happening now" but those 2014 pictures where they are. where were all of these people when those children were in cages then? >> there's clearly a lot of blame to go around here. but there is a shift that has happened as it relates. >> i agree, there is a shift. the shift is that president trump unlike his predecessors doesn't lack the courage to enforce the laws. so he got elected to say i'm going to fix this immigration thing and now she is enforcing the law vigorously. and that is the only way you get any comprehensive reform. this is the essence of propaganda. you show a picture of a kid and people pull the heartstrings, people feel bad. what about all the homeless kids in new york city in l.a. and san diego?
10:49 am
their suffering a lot more than these kids in detention. were there only there because their parents brought them across the border illegally. >> harris: that's an excellent question. we'll be right back. i want to hold you to over. minutes from now, the senate judiciary committee is set to grow the doj inspector general and the fbi director. the power panel stays. i hope you do too.
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10:53 am
>> we are awaiting a big hearing on capitol hill about the ig report on james comey and hillary clinton email scandal. we will hear publicly for the first time from the inspector general himself about the report and a damning anti-text between peter strzok and his paramore, lisa page. the president has a huge meeting on immigration on the white house today. it will tell you about all of that and more on the daily briefing. >> harris: just minutes from now, the senate judiciary committee is set to question doj inspector general michael horowitz. he wrote that report. an fbi director christopher wray on capitol hill. can he fix it all? the public hearing marks the very first time they will face lawmakers since the release of the ig report on the bureau's handling of the hillary clinton email scandal. we are back with our power pane panel. your thoughts quickly about what we are about to see?
10:54 am
>> i think what we are about to see and hear again is that there was no political bias involved in the handling of the clinton campaign. and i think one of the things that republicans did not expect, certainly the president did not expect to come out of this is a very clear argument that shows he was the beneficiary of the insubordination of james comey. it benefited the tram. >> i'm that legal expert but it would seem to me it's hard to separate the text between fbi agents and attorneys saying we'll stop him referring to the president. i think there's a clear political bias. did that influence action? i don't know how it could not have influence action. if someone had that kind of mentality and you have law enforcement getting involved in politics where there was a clear push to not go after hillary clinton and then turn around and in a text say the words will stop him, i think the american people are going to do two things with this.
10:55 am
number one, ignore it because it's summer time and is beautiful outside and this is a lot of inside baseball. but the end result of this ig report, the testimony on capitol hill is going to equal out the russia probed what happened to the fbi. >> harris: does it exonerate the president when he calls it a witch hunt? >> it absolutely backs up his point saying it was a witch hunt. >> absolutely not. there was no equal to having some bad apples within the federal bureau of investigation and having a foreign country interfere in our election. those two things are apples and oranges and there is no comparison between them. the political bias did not have an impact. >> harris: does it bother you, this ig report points out to others calling them agent one through five if you will an attorney one and two, who not only showed bias but said very incendiary things about those who were supporting the president? it's one thing for you to hold a point of view.
10:56 am
we all have them, their belly buttons, everyone's got one. but can you go to work in company text messages? the ig just put it out there. >> i think it proves a point, president trump got elected to drain the swamp. and what this proves is that it is a swamp and is worse than you thought. >> the only action i had on the election was james comey. >> harris: nobody likes him especially after that book to her because he put it out there. we'll be right back. wish we got money back on gym memberships. get money back hilarious. with claim-free rewards. switching to allstate is worth it.
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>> breaking news. they just sat down. this is the hearing with the man that wrote the explosive i.g. report, horowitz on the left and the fbi director on the right. i'm harris. stay tuned. >> dana: fox's alert. we're moments from hearing from inspector general michael horowitz and chris wray. they're set to testify before the senate judiciary committee. i'm dana perino, this is "the daily briefing." horowitz and wray will be taking questions publicly for the first time since the release of the reporting into the fbi's handling of the hillary clinton e-mails. critics from both sides lashing out at the white house policy that is separating families at the border. the president earlier today placing the blame on democrats. >> we cannot get them


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