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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  June 18, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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to go after the cartels and not each other. >> jesse: stay with fox news for continuing coverage of this issue. the senate's ig report hearing. "special report" up next. >> bret: this is a fox news alert. i am bret baier in washington. president trump blaming democrats tonight for the uproar over the separation of children and their who attempt to illegally enter the u.s. at the southern border. while the penetration maintains it something following the law, congressional democrats are flocking to the border to speak out about the issue. some republicans saying they are all trying to exploit and embarrass republicans. democrats saying they are trying to force action, that they insist the president could take on his own in time. this comes as the head of the fbi and justice department inspector general of pure before a republican-led senate judiciary committee wanting answers about bias in the hillary clinton email investigation. chief white house correspondent
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john roberts start us off tonight. busy day tonight. >> we wouldn't have it any other way. late today, the homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen appeared at the white house and pointed to a dramatic increase in the number of people crossing the border illegally. more than 50,000 a month for the past three months. 400% increase in the number of so-called family units. but the new administration practice of criminally prosecuting people who come across the border illegally has created a very large political problem for the white house. with a storm of outrage growing over the separation of children from illegal immigrants, president trump today laid the blame squarely on the democrats. >> i say it very strongly. it is the democrats' fault. they are obstructionist. and they are obstructing. >> democrats outraged at the zero tolerance policy at the border were people who cross illegally are held for criminal
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prosecution and separated from any children they may have brought with them. even some republicans are critical. in a "washington post" op-ed, former first lady laura bush wrote "this zero-tolerance policy is cruel. it's immoral, and it breaks my heart." president trump insists he was forced to implement the policy after a dramatic increase the number of people, some criminals, crossing the border with children. >> the united states will not be a migrant camp and it will not be a refugee holding facility. we can't allow that to happen to the united states, not on my watch. >> administration officials say they are merely enforcing laws already on the books, something they say previous white house is failed to do. but the political firestorm has heated to the point that the dhs secretary handled a late day briefing at the white house. >> congress and the courts crated this problem and congress alone can fix it. until then, we will enforce
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every law we have on the books to defend the sovereignty and security of the united states. >> the white house calling on congress to change the laws and reduce if not eliminate altogether the need to separate children from their parents. across the administration, officials will keep up the pressure on lawmakers this week. >> members of congress on the democratic side say you are using children as a lever to try to get them to take legislative action. what do you say to that? >> i say that's a cowardly response. it is within their power to make the laws and change the laws. they should do so. >> president trump also weighed in on than a trick of inspector general's report that the fbi clinton email investigation. as a set up today the president tweeting "why was the fbi sick loser peter strzok working on though totally discredited mueller team of 13 angry and conflicted democrats when strzok was giving crooked hillary a free pass yet telling his lover
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lisa page that "we'll stop" trump from becoming president? witch hunt! "the fbi director says the report doesn't address it. democrats accuse the president of using the ig report as a bludgeon to discredit the mueller investigation with tweets like "comey gave strzok his marching orders." >> he is distorting the report. he's weaponizing it to discredit the special counsel. and undermine the rule of law and the united states of america. america. >> fbi director said today he does not believe that special counsel robert mueller is on a witch hunt, asked about it late today, press secretary sarah sanders said the president's firm in his belief that the robert mueller investigation is indeed a witch hunt. >> bret: john roberts, thank you.
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house minority leader nancy pelosi leading a democratic delegation into the heart of the immigration storm tonight. they're visiting a border facility where children are being held. national correspondent will loom large in s is in san diego. >> this is not about immigration. it's about humanity. it's about family. it's about who we are as a country. >> for days, democrats fanned out across the country to hammer president trump's zero-tolerance immigration policy. >> it is appalling. it's not american. it's unnecessary. >> it is also not new. the decision to prosecute any and all who cross the border illegally actually began as a pilot program under president bush in 2006. >> this zero-tolerance policy is intended to deter people from breaking the law. >> chief agent in tucson. advocates claim help reduce
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illegal immigration. the trump administration makes the same case today. >> we cannot and will not encourage people to bring their children or other children to the country unlawfully by giving them immunity in the process. >> the administration hopes zero-tolerance will reduce fraud. >> we do not have the luxury of pretending that all individuals coming to this country as a family unit are in fact a family. >> homeland security claims illegal immigrants fraudulently using children to pose as family increased 315% this fiscal year, exploiting a loophole to escape deportation and prosecuting those cases, the department separated some 1200 children from an adult. >> the smugglers and traffickers know the loopholes better than congress. >> critics say trumpet separating children not to change the law but as a bargaining chip to fund his wall. >> how is it possible that we
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don't have a president who would rescind this zero inhumanity policy immediately? >> moments ago, the administration stressed that entering the u.s. without permission is a crime. basically, the problem is when you detain women and children, the courts have said that you have to release them within 20 days through the administration wants congress to close the loophole so families can stay together. what we heard from democrats today is they want to ban the practice and they believe families should be handled administratively, not criminally. >> bret: william la jeunesse in san diego. thank you. which side will blink first on zero-tolerance? let me know on twitter. @bretbaier. use the hashtag #specialreport or on facebook at g.o.p. leaders hope to take action on immigration reform legislation this week.
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and put an end to an issue that threatens to turn into a public relations disaster. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is on capitol hill tonight. >> the zero-tolerance immigration policy is making some republicans on capitol hill uncomfortable. >> it's clear this is a sympathetic, tugs at your heartstrings picture and narrative, but i think it's more complicated than that. >> it is inconsistent with our american values to separate these children from their parents. >> arizona republican senator jeff flake sent this letter to the secretaries of homeland security and health and human services. " there is pressure from the le. dianne feinstein has offered a bill to ban separating families. big i never thought the united states of america would be separating children from their parents, infants from
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their parents, nursing mothers from their infants. it's terrible. we've got to stop it. >> president trump met today with rob within senators richard shelby and shelley moore capito, with mr. trump wanting funding for the border wall and shall be trying to pass funding bills in a bipartisan fashion. across the capital, house lawmakers expected to consider two different immigration reform plans this week. a conservative measure from judiciary chairman bob goodlatte and a carefully crafted compromise based on president trump's four pillars. >> border security in there. it's got funding for the wall that the president really wants. it's got the technology boots on the ground. >> the president is expected to meet with house republicans tomorrow night to personally make the case for addressing illegal immigration. mccall says lawmakers must get it done. >> as i get briefed, the threats of potential terrorists and drug cartels and all the other stuff, israel. >> on the issue of separating
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children from the parents, texas senator ted cruz has introduced emergency legislation that calls for hiring more border immigration judges, building temporary shelters to keep families together, and for families determined that should not get asylum, deporting them within two weeks. >> bret: what about the pending showdown between president trump and the senate were chinese telecom firm z te. >> president trump has a plan. the senate, the president's allies looking to block the deal. it's included language inside a giant defense authorization bill coming up for vote this evening. lawmakers are not interested in reviving the company that's been alleged to have worked with both iran and north korea. definitely a showdown between the u.s. senate and the president on the zte issue. >> bret: will follow it. thank you. the man who wrote last week's report about the fbi's investigation into the hillary clinton email scandal
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was on capitol hill this afternoon to answer questions and defend his conclusions. along with him, the fbi director who is promising to change things and hold people accountable. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge shows us what happened. >> i want you to reopen the investigation. >> senior republican senator drill down on the anti-trump text messages between fbi agent peter strzok and fbi lawyer lisa page. the 2016 meeting was about a "insurance policy" discussed in then fbi deputy director andrew mccabe's office. strzok texted about the meeting. >> you asked mr. mccabe. >> he said he did not recall. >> senator graham said it reeked of political bias and the inspector general's conclusions are off-base. >> i'm glad you found what you found. i'm not buying that the clinton email investigation was on the up and up. >> first public testimony from inspector general michael horowitz and fbi director
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christopher wray divided along party lines. >> director ray has a mess to clean up. i think he probably knows that. >> the inspector general found no evidence of political bias in the fbi's investigation. of secretary clinton or in the decision not to pursue criminal charges. >> horowitz testified he's been asked to investigate james come comey. >> we received a referral on that from the fbi. we are handling that referral and we will issue a report when the matter is complete. >> democrats pressed on leaks in the fall of 2016 former new york city mayor rudy giuliani. >> can you assure the american people there are no ongoing leaks from any office of the fbi to rudolph giuliani? to go i'm aware of any. we are aggressively investigating a number of leaks even as we speak.
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>> based on the findings, fbi director said half a dozen employees could be disciplined but he emphasized the mistakes and bad judgment were limited. >> this report is focused on a specific set of events back in 2016 and a small number of fbi employees connected with those events. >> one republican was not satisfied. >> let's remember who that small number of employees was, the director of the fbi, deputy director of the fbi, leader of both the clinton email investigation and the russia investigation. >> inspector general will testify for a second day in front of two house panels tomorrow in a separate development after months of pressure, the lawyer for fbi agent peter strzok has confirmed that he will voluntarily testify before the house judiciary committee and any other congressional inquiries. that will be interesting. catherine herridge, thank you. let's get some analysis from legal scholar jonathan turley of george washington university. thanks for being here.
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what struck you from today's hearing? >> what was really interesting was the different narratives, the fact is the ig was not likely to find that decisions were based on bias. but also it's not true that he didn't find bias. he actually found a lot of bias. it's just that he's not going to assume that the bias he found was the cause of decisions taken by the fbi. >> bret: not his mandate. >> that's right. unless someone was going to confess or help out with an email detailing some conspiracy, there wasn't going to be a finding that bias drove the decisions. but the republicans were correct. the report is heavily laden with very disturbing bias, including from the chief investigator. the question is that wasn't his mandate. he's not going to make those assumptions, so where do you go from here? the answer in the constitution as you go to congress. congress has an oversight duty to look into this. some of these questions are simply not answered. for example, lindsey graham was
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correct to raise the issue of clinton's i.t. expert who was accused of lying repeatedly to the fbi, scrubbing her server after being told it was part of an investigation and something congress was looking for and took all these actions that would have justified, and most of our view, an actual criminal charge. instead they give him immunity which at the time left all of us as dumbfounded as to why you would possibly do this. those questions aren't answered because that's not the mandate. >> bret: after reading the ig report and seen the testimony, the case for the obstruction of justice. >> this ig report makes it difficult obstruction claim based on the comey firing virtually inconceivable. you have the inspector general saying that comey was insubordinate. 50 deviated from policies, that these were serious violations. fbi director echoed that. good reasons to fire him. unless you're going to make assumptions that trump acted for every wrong reason instead of
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the obvious right ones, it's going to be real hard to make out a criminal case. >> bret: there were other teases of things to come, another ig report. sounded like several leak investigations and even an investigation into comey's personal use of email and whether there was classified material there. >> if i was comey, i would hear a whistle on the track. we are looking at his removing these memos from the fbi which i've said from the beginning is clearly fbi material. the fbi has indicated that. one might of had classified information in it. i can imagine the inspector general saying okay, that's fine. feel you can remove any files you want and lick them to the media. that train is going to come and it's not going to be good for comey. >> bret: the first story and the one that's gotten a lot of attention, with the administration is doing, what democrats are doing, what congress can or should do on this case with separating parents and children along the border. >> it's a sad story because as usual in washington, there is truth and falsity on both sides.
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everyone spinning this and in the middle are these kids. the fact is the administration does not have to separate the kids from their mothers. that's a choice. it's a policy choice. it's also true that this issue has been forced by a change in policy to treat these as criminal matters. something many citizens support. donald trump was brought to power because he pledged to get tough on immigration. getting tough on immigration means to switch from a civil or administrative process to a criminal one. once you do that, you have these type of separation problems. there is truth on both sides. there are some agreements and some laws that govern how long and under what circumstances you hold children. but can the administration keep these families together? i think they could. >> bret: there is a choice that's made at the border there. rich lowry indicated it in a op-ed a couple weeks ago. he wrote "u.s. marshals take custody of adults and children are held by hhs. prosecution of adults usually
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happens quickly. if the adult wants to return home, she or he is reunited with their child and they are sent back together. where it gets more complicated is if i migrant claims asylum. the trump administration was to hold migrants pending adjudication of those cases. if they are released, there's good genes they will abscond. even if cases are handled quickly, the government has to release the sooner. it's one of the distortions that makes rational policy of the border policy. when a company children from mexico across the border, we can turn them home. antitrafficking law makes it impossible to do that with unaccompanied children from central america." basically as long as migrants know they can get in, they will keep coming and bringing their children. if they claim asylum, they are essentially choosing to separate from their children. >> i think it's due to the paradigm shift. the administration was treating this as an administrative process, not a criminal one. there were fewer complications.
3:19 pm
once you shift to an enforcement system, a criminal one, it magnifies these problems. by this law does create a glaring conflict in this 20 day clock. you can release but then you have a gap, mother is moving on a different track from the kid. it's a legitimate issue that the trump administration wants to resolve. >> bret: secretary nielsen said they could go to a port of entry and claim asylum and stay together but this is dealing with illegal border crossing. >> both parties are playing chicken but there are kids in the car. i think everyone's going to have to a breather, and a rare time to get together and say let's get it off the table. it's not good for the country and not good for the kids. >> bret: the images are horrible. thank you very much. still ahead, top south korean diplomat says the country wants unofficial end to the korean war by the end of this war. and up next, with the u.s. supreme court said and does not say about gerrymandering.
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>> bret: president trump says he wants the pentagon to create a space force. the president says it will be a separate but equal branch of the u.s. military. he made the announcement and the meaning of the national space council. the president also vowed to return the u.s. to the moon and to reach mars. stocks were mixed today. dow lost 103. s&p 500 dropped 6. nasdaq gained a fraction. u.s. supreme court has decided not to decide the broad issue of whether electoral maps should be allowed to get what some consider an unfair advantage to a political party. but justices did rule in a pair of state specific cases. correspondent doug mckelway
3:24 pm
looks at what it means. >> the high court took a pass on to gerrymandering cases today, one from wisconsin democrats and the other from maryland republicans that challenged re-drawn congressional and legislative districts. the maryland case appeared to be a clear-cut case of gerrymandering or reshaping a district to benefit one party. it's rural sixth district had been represent her by republican roscoe bartlett for more than 20 years. after the 2010 census, democratic legislature and democratic governor reworked it to include heavily democratic districts. it worked. >> in 2010, roscoe bartlett won by 20 points. in 2012 after the gerrymander, he lost by 21 points. >> in a deposition, o'malley admitted "it was my intent to create a district with the people would be more likely to elect a democrat than a republican." in today's opinion, the high court dismissed the argument on narrow grounds. "a court must consider whether the the has shown he is likely to
3:25 pm
suffer irreparable harm. the plaintiffs made no such showing." in the wisconsin case, it was democrats who filed suit, complaining that the republican-controlled legislature redrew districts. chief justice john roberts rejected the argument, ruling that the plaintiffs "never followed up with the requisite proof they had standing in a personal stake in the matter." >> we were disappointed that the court did not set a standard for partisan gerrymandering. they did leave the door wide open. >> chief justice roberts noted "we leave for another day consideration of other possible theories of harm not presented here." that suggests that the court may retake up the broader question of setting limits to gerrymandering and its next session when it takes up a north carolina case. that could mean clear, nationwide guidance on how far is too far with voter maps said to be redrawn after the 2020
3:26 pm
census. >> bret: doug mckelway outside the u.s. supreme court. thank you. former british spy christopher steele gave a four hour deposition today in london. he is the author of the so-called truck dossier. his deposition was part of a multimillion dollar lawsuit filed by a russian technology guru against buzzfeed. up next, is the korean war finally almost over? we will explain. here's what some of our fox affiliates on the country are covering. fox 5 in new york. authority state appears a neighborhood beef is behind a fatal shooting that erupted in all night new jersey arts festival. one suspect was killed. 22 people, including two other suspects, were injured early sunday morning. about 1,000 people were attending the art all night trenton festival that showcases local art, music, food and film films. fox 29 in san antonio. authorities in south texas say an suv fleeing border patrol
3:27 pm
agents was traveling more than 100 miles per hour sunday when it overturned, tossing out most of the 14 people inside. at least five were killed. authorities say the suv was being chased by an agent who suspected it was involved in smuggling. this is a live look at san francisco from our affiliate fox 2. one of the big stories there tonight, apple unveiling upgrades in its next operating system that should help emergency response headers pinpoint the location of 911 calls. the company says the iphone's next software will automatically deliver quicker more reliable information to 6300 emergency response centers inside the u.s. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. no. with claim rateguard your rates won't go up just beacuase of a claim. i totally could've... (wife) nope! switching to allstate is worth it.
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♪ >> bret: former israeli government minister behind bars, charged with spying for iran.
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he was the energy minister in the mid-1990s and he's accused of giving information about energy and security to iran. he spent three years in prison for attempting to smuggle drugs into israel under an expired diplomatic passport in 2004. south korea's foreign minister says her government wants a formal end to the korean war by the end of this year. such a landmark achievement is a side issue in president trump's attempt to get north korea to abandon its nuclear weapons program. benjamin hall reports. >> across southeast asia, the push continues and that a flurry of diplomacy all in light of the historic summit between president trump and kim jong un. despite the apparent success of that meeting, the key point of denuclearization has yet to be addressed. with secretary of state pompeo saying there will be no sanctions relief until it's been completed. >> he has made very clear he is
3:32 pm
a commitment to fully denuclearize the country. not just the weapons system. everything. >> today south korea's top diplomat announced her government aims to declare a formal end to the korean war by the end of this year. saying she was in close consultation with the u.s. on the field. the announcement comes as representatives from north and south continue to meet in the demilitarized zone to discuss how to forge closer bonds. >> translator: the government will do our best to improve korean relations and recover national unity through sports exchanges. >> it's been decided that athletes from the rival koreas, some who trained together in the past, will march under a single flag in the upcoming asian games in indonesia. the two countries agreed to field combined teams and some events and will hold friendly basketball matches in pyongyang and seoul in the coming months. south korean president moon jae-in will make a state visit
3:33 pm
to russia later this week for a bilateral summit with vladimir putin. it will mark the first state visit to russia by a south korean president since 1999. on wednesday, president trump hold a rally in minnesota to celebrate what he calls his historic agreement with kim jong un. >> bret: benjamin hall and london. thank you. the world health organization says compulsively playing video games now qualifies as a new mental health condition. the affliction will be called gaming disorder. critics are already warning the designation may risk stigmatizing young video game players. the american psychiatric association is not on board, saying it might consider moving the future after more research. up next, the panel on the uproar over immigrant children separated from their parents. the explanation from the trump administration, and the politics around all of it. first beyond our borders tonight. at least four people dead following a powerful earthquake
3:34 pm
in japan. magnitude 6.1 quake rocked osaka, the country's second-largest city. hundreds of people injured. many homes without water or gas. colombia has president-elect is appealing for unity following five decades of civil war. conservative president-elect received 54% to end sunday's election. he is promising to heal divisions, attack corruption, and address a surgeon cocaine production he calls a threat to national security. chief executive of volkswagen's i will be division has been taken into custody by german authorities. the arrest is the latest development in the emissions tampering scandal that has a rocked vw. volkswagen has paid billions of dollars in fines and executives have been arrested. we will be right back.
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>> dhs is no longer ignoring the law. we are enforcing the laws as they exist on the books. as long as illegal entry remains a criminal offense, dhs will not look the other way. dhs will faithfully execute the laws enacted by congress as we are sworn to do. as i said earlier today, surely it is the beginning of the unraveling of democracy when the
3:39 pm
body who makes the laws, instead of changing them, tells the enforcement body not to enforce the law. i asked congress to ask this week so we can secure our borders and uphold our humanitarian ideas. these two missions should not be pitted against each other. if we close the loopholes, we can accomplish both. >> bret: the pictures are horrible. the emotions are high. the criticism is all over the place, and the blame game has begun in earnest. >> we can do this very quickly if the democrats come to the table. everybody wants to do it. we want to do it more than they do. >> they will try to make us choose between these children and dreamers. >> our democratic friends, every time they have had a chance to vote for a solution, they have voted against it. so i hope they change their approach. >> put it on the floor and let the people's house vote.
3:40 pm
and yet they slumber still. >> bret: with that, let's bring in the panel. former ca analyst buck sexton. mara liasson, national political correspondent at national public radio. mollie hemingway, senior editor at "the federalist." seems like this is coming to a head. >> it's been confusing because this was a policy that was meant as a deterrent and described as a deterrent by jeff sessions and others. don't bring your kids here because you're going to get separated from them if you cross illegally. but it turns out i think president trump wants credit for being tough on immigration. today he says we don't want our country to turn into a migrant camp or a holding pen for refugees. but he doesn't want to take her spots ability for the unpopular part of the policy which is the separation of kids from their mothers. so he is blaming the democrats. >> it's been talked of a deterrent in parts because of what happened.
3:41 pm
in previous administrations come on people cross the border illegally and claimed after they were caught they were asylum-seekers, they would be let go and asked to report back at a later date. people figured out it was a good way to get into the country. he would be able to pass through if you brought children. it increased the number of children used as you were crossing the border. he started to see the number of cases people crossing this way skyrocket. they need to make a deterrent. people figured out it's a good way to cross. there is a moral cost cannot following the nation's laws and a moral cost to separating children from their families. it's important that they come together to respect the laws of the land and keep families together. >> bret: secretary nielsen on those fraudulent claims going out. >> in the last five months, we have a three-headed 14% increase in adults and children arriving at the border fraudulently claiming to be a family unit. this is obviously of concern.
3:42 pm
separation can occur when the parent is charged with human smuggling. under those circumstances, we would detain the parent in an appropriate secured detention facility separate from the child. >> bret: box, no matter how you exciting, they say they're going to seek asylum, they choose to separate, with their percentages three and a 1, the images and the emotion around the issue are a political dynamite. >> trump understands this has to be handled. you can't have mothers being separated from incredibly young children. i think there will be a good faith effort to solve that part. there's a legacy of lawlessness here and i think it becomes too apparent that not just the obama administration but the current democrat party would prefer a situation where essentially anybody who can get in the country can stay. at some point, they have to be willing to answer the question which illegal aliens are no longer allowed to stay in the country? they created this loophole, a massive front door entryway by bringing a child with you, than it became easy to stay in the
3:43 pm
country. you want to fix the issue of separating parents and children while being processed. but you also do have to enforce the law by people coming here illegally. in many cases, claiming asylum in bad faith. they are saying with a bundled essay. the word is out. secretary nielsen has been addressing that. young people unaccompanied, they are in jeopardy. many thousands of on the company of minors are so short of the border with anybody. that is dangerous for them too. the incentive put in place by the obama administration has to stop. it has to end. >> bret: prospects of forcing a bipartisan solution, does it change? last week the prospect of immigration law getting into law, bill getting into law, was pretty small. >> it looked bad. they have been so many attempts over the past year. one was the deal, we will give you full funding for the wall if you legalize the dreamers. now it is something akin to that but also we want to do something about separating kids from their families. donald trump is asked for a 44%
3:44 pm
decrease in legal immigration which the democrats have balked at. i think if you've got it down to a pretty skinny bill, wall, dreamers, kids and family policies, maybe you could get something but i don't know if that's where congress is heading. >> bret: the dreaded "skinny bill." >> senator ted cruz introduced legislation that would deal with this. the big issue is that you can't detain children for more than 20 days. it takes long to deal with adjudicating the illegal border crossings that then claim asylum then ends up in family separation. his bill would require that you adjudicate this within two weeks and if you fail to pass test, you're deported as of family and otherwise you can be reunited at that point. >> bret: we should say secretary nielsen made a point to save you go to a port of entry, then you can claim asylum and stay together as a family if there's room. >> and if they think you are a real family. >> bret: here is a blast from the past, if you will. hillary clinton on this issue. >> the president's attempt today
3:45 pm
to stoke fear of immigrants not only an hour country but around the world by claiming that migrants in germany are causing crime. in fact, crime in germany is at its lowest level since 1992. nor are these policies rooted in religion. in fact, those who selectively use the bible to justify this cruelty are ignoring a central tenet of christianity. >> bret: it's been a long time on this issue, as you can imagine, touching all elements. >> very dishonest in terms of what mrs. clinton is presenting as what is happening in germany. since 1982, what has happened doesn't matter. what has happened since the massive migrant wave and it's clear you had a 10% increase in violent crime, homicide, rape, the crimes people care about and
3:46 pm
notice. one slow start to hit the airwaves. there is a hesitation in the european countries to speak openly about these crimes. we see it in sweden and germany. the press doesn't want to deal with it. she's wrong on the facts. rather, she is misconstruing the reality of what's happening, picking what happened since 1992. they do have serious problems in germany with the migrant wave. serious problems in other parts of europe as well. mrs. clinton knows that but right now it's better to play to the emotions. >> bret: when you have hillary clinton and laura bush on the same issue, does it create a bigger force? >> laura bush was an extra ordinary entry into the debate. she doesn't ever comment on things like this, and she did. the other aspect of the tweet, he went after angela merkel. suggesting that her hold on power was teetering on the brink because of this. it was like he was issuing his ambassador to germany, encouraging conservative parties to take over.
3:47 pm
the kind of meddling i don't think you would like if a foreign leader did. >> angela merkel is having political trouble. in part because of how she's handled it. >> bret: fbi chief and justice department inspector general testified before congress about the ig report. say no to this because of my bladder, not today thanks to tena intimates with proskin technology designed to absorb so fast, it helps to protect and maintain your skin's natural balance so you can feel fresh and free to get as close as you want all day, and now all night for a free sample visit we just switched to geico and got more.
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3:51 pm
significant about the prejuly 5 decisions was that strzok, page and others were not the sole decision-makers. they were team decisions. >> bret: michael horowitz talking about his report, sitting alongside the fbi director christopher wray. back with the panel. >> it's interesting to see horowitz sitting next to wray. he's going through what he discovered in his report. talking about how disconcerting it was. the lack of professionalism, bad judgment and decision-making. breathtaking bias he came across. and then wray says it's not really a big deal. it's just a few people. we couldn't -- we could solve everything with a little bit of training. people concerned about the problems at the fbi, wray downplaying it made it seem like the problem is much worse and he wasn't taking it seriously.
3:52 pm
senator hatch said you say it's a few people but one of them was the fbi director. another was the deputy director and the guy in charge of the investigation. it would be good for wray to pretend to take the issue more seriously. >> bret: a lot of questioning about the president's tweet where he says: "the ig report totally destroys james comey and all of his minions including the great lovers, peter strzok and lisa page, who started the disgraceful witch hunt against so many innocent people. it will go down as a dark and dangerous period in american history!" he essentially says it clears him, and there is no rush of collusion, which is what he always says. but he is pointing to the bias that's found in the report. >> no doubts the bias found animus on the part of these fbi agents against him. the report also gave him a lot of ammunition to use against james comey but it did not deal with the issue of collusion. it's just not true that this report exonerated him. it was an evenhanded report, gives them plenty of ammunition
3:53 pm
against james comey and others. >> you're asking about the predicate for the investigation. strzok and page were not the people who investigated. >> you have them sing we will stop trump from getting elected. then they talk about an insurance policy against him being elected. the idea that it isn't exonerating for donald trump -- >> so you reject that as an evenhanded, fair, good investigation. >> horowitz said this was just looking at the clinton probe. >> that's right. >> the same people were working on the clinton probe as the trump investigation. if you read through the report, you say they are talking about their desire to stop donald trump. >> bret: which is laying the groundwork for another ig report and more things to come. >> it is tough to take a report seriously that says as its fundamental conclusion that there was no important bias when it was essentially a few hundred pages talking about bias and missteps and failures. i think today from the hearing,
3:54 pm
every time there was an opportunity to find out was the fbi forthcoming with information? were they able to share the text messages in a timely fashion? quite the opposite. they were trying to slow roll or if not entirely hide informatio information. >> democrats feel that's why she's not in the white house today. >> anyone working in law enforcement would say were normal people do that, they would go to prison. when the fbi doesn't, it's just that it's slow and a bureaucracy. it undermines the premise we can take them at their word going forward when they do look into the rush of collusion aspect of the probe which i think it's going to be a lot worse in terms of bias and everything else than what we've seen so far. >> bret: sounds like this is one piece and we are going to get a very detailed piece about the early days of the trump administration. >> yeah, i think we will. talk to democrats and they believe james comey and the things he did in the email investigation cost her the white house. >> it is stunning how much we need to learn about what the fbi was doing. i think would be helpful for the
3:55 pm
fbi to realize they need to start being honest about what was going on. apparently they had a meeting friday with congressional leaders where paul ryan laid down the law that they need to comply with these subpoenas that have been issued. >> republican members of congress are talking tough on the issue. i would like to see the follow-through. they are saying there are going to use the constitutional weapons to get answers. seems like that would be up first. i would like to see them do it they can to get the information in a timely fashion. we will follow it all. when we come back, one senator weighs in the whereabouts of a key figure in the ig report. prevagen is the number one selling brain-health supplement in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember. you shouldn't be rushed into booking a hotel. with expedia's add-on advantage, booking a flight unlocks discounts on select hotels until the day you leave for your trip.
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with claim-free rewards. switching to allstate is worth it. >> finally tonight, at tonight's senate hearing, one name came up a lot. a former fbi director james comey, who is out of the country, currently. you may have seen his twitter account which shows him posing with the world's tallest concrete noma. he's very tall himself, and he is also on iowa chuck grassley noted his absence from the country but questioned his true whereabouts. >> attorney tells us he's out of the country, although i saw he was in iowa over the weekend. according to his twitter feed, he seems to be having a wonderful time.
4:00 pm
>> that's just the picture on his twitter feed. anyway, thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. fair, balanced and unafraid of, the stories dumb like a story hosted by sandra smith tonight starts right now. >> fifa a breaking news on the border battle and the policy to separate immigrant children from their parents. >> the united states will not be a migrant camp, and it will not be a refugee holding facility. it won't be. >> the trump administration doubling down tonight insisting it is simply enforcing immigration laws already on the books and a calling on congress to fix it. good evening everyone, i'm sandra smith. late this evening, christian nielsen appeared in the white house briefing room to clarify the mis