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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  June 18, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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was going. most-watched, most trusted, most gratefully spent the evening with us. we'll see you on tuesday. i'm shannon bream. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." a spectacle of illegal immigrants separated from their children has ceased to be a news story in any traditional sense of the term. it is now an event, a kind ofea competition in which leads by to see who can reach greater heights of rhetorical excess and self-righteous posturing. it is performance art really. congress of aor nancy pelosi and even hillary clinton took an early lead in the contest by bypassing public policy questions entirely and moving straight to theology. here's part of their sermons. >> hypocrisy of all people are safe and our people, not to
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clamber for what the administration is doing to end. >> those who selectively use the bible to justify this cruelty are ignoring a central tenet of christianity. jesus said to suffer little children unto me. he did not say let the children suffer. >> tucker: so the same people who support a third term post-viability abortion for purposes of selection are now lecturing youec about god and satann and the of children. feel chastened? but wait, there's more. so much more. on facebook, senator ben sasse called the administration's policy wicked, as an immoral and devilish. former first lady laura bush likened it to the internment of the japanese during world war ii, ah moral stain upn this nation. former cia director michael hayden went all the way. he breathed out a picture of auschwitz, a death camp coming. the u.s. government to this. 23s. after a sobering up, he walked
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it back a little bit on television but not much. >> i know we are not nazi germany, all right? there is a commonality there. i've lived in germany for three years, a more civilized people you cannot find. so i was trying to point out, we need be careful not to move in that direction. >> tucker: oh, we could go on. there is so much mark. just like that. the rich and powerful reminding you just how virtuous they are. you think any of these people really care about family separation? if they did, they'd be worried about these collapse of the american family, which is measurable and real, but theyth are not worried about that. in fact they welcome at collapse. they strong families are an accredited and meant to their political power and that is why they are lecturing you about the patriarchy and the evil of the nuclear family. millions a and millions of american kids are growing up with one parent at home, parent separated things to their policies, and that's part of
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them. many kids have a parent behind bars. it is not just illegal immigrants who are separated from their children. the majority of americans are citizens and children have minor kids they have left behind. their families have been separated by forced by her dresses addressing system because they committed a crime. so wouldn't tell him that way, that is just like a kid you've been watching on television today. the differences, they are american, so nobody is spending 35 grand a year apiece to make sure they are okay. democratic politicians and cable news anchors don't visit their foster homes to highlight their plight. they are ignored. this is one of those moments that tells you everything about our ruling class. they care far more about foreigners than about their own people. you probably suspected that already. the other thing you may have noticed is that they are not especially interested in solutions to anything. they are great at yelling and preening, not so great at fixing and building. we could to a strengthen our borders to keep illegals out. we could fund for immigration courts to process those who sneak there anyway. we could even build more housing facilities at the border holding facility is to allow families to
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stay together while they are asylum claims are processed. but the left is not interested in any of that. their only solution is immediate amnesty for anyone who crosses our border with a minor in tow. of course, that is the same as no borders as all, not to mention a powerful incentive for child smuggling. they don't care. no matter what they tell you, this is not about helping children. other people yelling you on tvlo don't even have children, so don't for a second lead them take the moral high ground. their goal is to change your country forever, and they are succeeding, by the way. since 2014, one example among many, at least half a million central americans who came here illegally haveea been released back inside our borders. did anyone vote for that? four to the point, who is going to pay for that? other people you been watching on television today. there could go to private school if they have them. their neighborhoods look exactly like they did in 1960, no demographic change at all, just like they like it. there is no cost to them. the cost is entirely on you. but don't complain or else they
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will call you hitler. we wanted a closer look at the facts behind this story, so we spoke to the acting i.c.e. director thomas hume on home iw minutes ago. >> tucker: how do you respond? >> i think it's an insult to the brave men and women of the border patrol and i.c.e. to call law enforcement officers nazis. for simply enacting the laws c created by congress. i wish there was of much outrage, when we met with mothers and fathers whose children were killed by illegal aliens. your citizen children killed and separated from their families forever. i've never heard of this outrage. i think people on the hill need to straighten themselves out. let's protect american citizens as much as you are fighting for the illegal aliens. >> tucker: we are about to speak to the parents of one of those children killed in the way you described. did you notice cable news
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anchors or democratic politicians swooping in to come for those families when their kids were killed? >> no, i didn't. the media the last few days, i've been incensed by the purposeful, the intentional misleading of american people by politicians. they see the trump administration wants to reduce these children to political pawns by the trump administration isn't down there having political sideshows for these children from talking about this issue. the trump administration wants congress to fix this and congress has the authority tomi fix it but what no one is talking about is that the underlying reason for this whole argument, are these families really facing fear w persecutio? the immigration court has set in the last year and a half, over 80% of these are criminals. first of all, we got to attack the very foundation, they are arguing these people are coming to this country. these parents are using these children as pawns to gain entry to the united states know who we can detain them. as far as a separation of are concerned, you have to put the blame on the parents. they are choosing to enter between the ports of entry.
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they know they will be separated, but they want to blame the government when we are forced to do that. let's put the blame where it lies, not on the fine men and women of the border patrol and i.c.e. we are enforcing the law. >> tucker: funeral make the policies of course, but what would happen if we do what we are hearing we must do, and that is give immediate automatic amnesty to i anyone crossing wih a minor child in tow? >> that is what we are asking congressll to fix the agreement. under the settlement agreement, if a family comes into our custody, we can hold them for less than 20 days. we release them. most of them want to show up in immigration court, immigration court last year issued over 40,000 in orders of abstention, that means these people didn't show up. what we want to do is have congress change laws, keep these people detained, in a family setting, so their case can be heard by a judge. i would think everybody will, republican or democrat, wants their cases heard.
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it doesn't really forget about it. last year, we went and looked for these families who got final orders of a century act, gotten hundreds of letters saying, how dare you put your finite resources looking for women and children. i was like, you wanted them to have due process, because you don't like the decision, let's forget aboutut it. that's not the way it works. >> tucker: mr. homan, thank you for joining us tonight. >> i appreciate it, sir. >> tucker: don rosenberg know what knows what it's like to be separated from a child. his son was killed by an unlicensed illegal immigrant driver. just for contacts, because i don't think this is a political issue or needs to be one, i don't think you are republican or any kind of o conservative. i don't think you necessarily have a political ax to grind. looking today at the response in the media to our immigration policy, what is your reaction? >> i've been furious about the democratic response to illegal
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immigration ever since has happened to my son. they refused to talk to me, they refused to talk to anybody, they never acknowledged -- i've never heard one democrat in the last seven and half years since i've been doing this acknowledge any crime directly, except when they are sitting in a congressional hearing and it's their constituents who have been killed, and as soon as they walk out the door, they forget about it. it's reprehensible the way they deal with this issue. >> tucker: so why the concern -- i think all children are equally valuable in the eyes of god, for sure. politicians are elected to represent their people, their citizens. why do you think they've seem more interested in the children of foreign nationals in america children? >> votes and money. very simple. that's it. they don't care about them out here in california, we've got the sanctuary state, and kevinan de leon is happy when people that have "haven't
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committed a crime or departed" because it gives them something to scream and yell about. the whole thing is it so backwards, it's hard to believe. the problem is, much of the news media fails to report the truth. it wasn't until today, till they started talking about the case. all they said, they can be together, you can let them go, and obviously that is not possible, as director thomas homan just said, you gotta loveo them all go and then they never show up. >> tucker: thank you for joining us in our dumb like your perspective. i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> tucker: a democrat representing texas just recently toured a border facility and he joins us tonight. you've got a lot of american citizens in your district who have been separated involuntarily for my children. one of them is named alicia delgado, convicted of manslaughter. she said she was defending her son in self-defense.
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she's in prison. she's from your district, one of your constituents. i don't think she is married. her son is very young. he has no family. have you visited him? >> i have not even heard of him. otherwise i would reach out to every child. this is not -- we are talking about a c crisis that is happeng on the border of honduras, thousands of kids showing up to a border. it's not about our constituents who get in trouble, who get separated. most of the folks were coming across have no prior criminal history. they are coming here because of failed american policy, which actually i'm shocked that we are not talking about how we got here. a we are talking about the children of the border -- >> tucker: i'm sorry. you may need to speak more slowly. tell me once again why the concerns of foreign nationals are more important than those of your own constituents? we have over a million -- >> i'm concerned about every child whote needs help. my constituents --
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>> tucker: so how many children have you visited, american citizen children, separated from their parents by incarceration? >> i have. i absolutely have. >> tucker: this year? how many have you visited? >> that her parents at are in jail? >> tucker: the outcome of the children. you highlighted the plight of the children that have been separated. a lot of your constituents have been separated involuntarily from their kids. i don't think you visited any of this year, did you? >> i'm talking about children who got here with parents that are not criminals are being separated. regardless of political belief or immigration policy leading, regardless of where you are in immigration policy, i think we should all agree that children are sacred, we should take care of them regardless of where they come from. talking about part of policy, we should be talking about what got us here, which is failed american policyld in three centl american countries that i think we should be engaging and we are
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talking about the symptom and thewe result now, we should be engaging those countries and figuring out how we can boost their economy instead of continuing doing what we are doing today. >> tucker: i wouldn't i blame the united states for people sneaking in here illegally. >> i'm talking about the parents who are crossing the border that, that's a separate conversation. >> tucker: no. it's the same conversation. it's been going on for hundreds of years. americans held for crimes are separated for their minor children and people are awaiting trial. i don't think that you have spent a lot of time worrying about that. i'm just wondering why, since your job -- what have you done about it? >> these people, the kid you were talking about are pleased with family members or foster homes. we don't have the same situation. they are not put in cages and warehouses. that is not the way american
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children are being treated with parents that have committed criminal activity. we are talking about showing up the border -- he wants another solution to the central american problem? >> tucker: let me ask you specifically what we should do with someone who's coming into this country or the second or third time, that is a felony, as you know, not a misdemeanor, a felony, and has a minor child in tow. >> that's a separate issue. >> tucker: no cover the issue -- >> my answer is no to that. children who are coming here for the first time with parents, no prior criminal history, being separated for the sole purpose of punishing a parent, the term goes from coming, i think is abusive to children, regardless of what your political beliefs on immigration are. >> tucker: i'm not making a political case. what should we do? >> we should find a humane way to treat them, keep them as family units, have them attend
9:15 pm
their parents, and if we will deport them, deport them together as a family unit. not separate them. right now we have parents -- we have toddlers and babies being ripped from moms and dads who just crossed the border. they are -- >> tucker: you have that happening in your district, too. people arrested for dui's -- >> how can we -- >> tucker: why don't you take care of your own people first? >> we actually do. >> tucker: congressman, thank you for joining us. hillary clinton recently condemned the policies we have been talking about is terrific, that would surely come as news todol the hillary clinton of 15 years ago. in 2003, this is what hillary clinton said about the crisis on the border. watch this. >> i am adamantly against illegal immigrants. certainly we've got to do more on our borders, and people have to stop employing illegal immigrants. >> tucker: huh.
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nothing has changed since then except for her party's calculation that can only win by imparting a new class of voters which they are trying their best to do. mark steyn is an author and columnist and he joins us tonight. mark, i don't know if you are prepared really to take a lecture on the bible from hillary clinton and barbara boxerro and the rest, but do you feel you feel edified, as a christian and american, by the new theocrat on the left? >> it's interesting. i think that they are being rather selective in their southern biblical fervor. it's very important to the left to maintain this particular public policy, which is what it was, as you said at the top of the show, that is what immigration is. it's a public policy. yet, whenever it is treated as such, hillary and the rest of left, and i regret now an entire phalanx of folks, have decided that we have to have this sentimental way station of public policy. which is at?
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this is a country that is orange alert. over half of the illegal aliens present broke into our country on orange alert, that is to say, they come here since 9/11. americans shuffle like a bull bar and heard security that demands to know the consistency of theirse pumpkin pie if they e flying home to thanksgiving from new york to cleveland but the rest of the world is entitled to walk across the rio grande if they happen r to have a little moppet in tow with them. you can't have it both ways! right now, americans are living on orange alert, if they do make make a domestic flight but the borders are order. i may be the harshest person here speaking tonight becausebei know as a legal immigrant, how heartless and ruthless the legal immigration bureaucracy in this country can be to children and
9:18 pm
the separation of families in all of that, and these democrats and laura bush never has a word to say about that. >> tucker: what would happen if showed up at the airport without a driver's license, and said, i have a moral right to get on this plane, and you are a racist for not letting me on? with that work? >> no, it wouldn't. we are bifurcating into a society where the law-abiding are subject to ever more onerous constraints while the eval would eval would leave all of us are somehow venerated and fetishize. i will say -- >> tucker: you've lived this. if i can pause, you actually are foreign born, and you have, without getting too personal, you have a family. how has the immigration system treated you i was crossing in vermont at one time, i won't go into all the details, but the
9:19 pm
ratherr guy at the border threatened to call i.c.e. and say that my daughter would be deported. he said, she'd be in canada and i would be stuck in america. i said, i wouldn't be much of a father. said, 10 minutes after you deport her, i would be in the country that you deport her tooo if the price of being in america is that i had to be separated for my children, i passed. and i'm surprised, frankly, we are told these are just hardworking people are being snatched from the bosoms of their mothers, it's awful, it's heartbreaking. why don't we just say, at the border, well, you can'tt come i, but if you do, your children wil be taken from you, and why don't these people then say, oh, i don't want to be separated for my children. can i go back across the rio grande to the southern shore? this is the differences between the lawful and the lawless. >> tucker: the only person onr: television today who is asked that question is you.
9:20 pm
mark steyn,, thank you. >> thanks a lot, tucker. >> tucker: the president surpassed even the democratic party's professional hacks with their collective meltdown over the border policies. we'll break on the hysterics in some detail next. ♪ wish we got money back on gym memberships. get money back hilarious. with claim-free rewards. switching to allstate is worth it.
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♪ >> they have no problems, taking kids and putting guns at their heads and demanding what the rest of the country want them to do. until we recognize that we are operating with a white nationalist government that will take children hostage to get what they want. just because come to the border and they put children in cages. you are a parent of young children. don't you have any empathy for what they go through? >> all i can say after talking
9:24 pm
to the people, watching the people, listening to the people, the statue of liberty i think is weeping right now. >> tucker: democratic party is all for open borders but their water carriers in the press have taken it a step farther. they are not even trying to hide their opinion, any kind of border enforcement is a nazi move. derek hunter wrote the book "outrage incorporated," coming out tomorrow. derek hunter joins us tonight. you spent a year researching and writing about how outrage is ginned up in the media landscape to create a political purpose. you see that it worked? >> absolutely. they want people to feel, they don't want people to think. i have as much empathy as any other human being. i assume you do come too, yet i am not governed by it. i understand that no matter what i feel, the law is the law, it has to be followed, very important. if we are governed by emotions, then suddenly we are a law of whims based on the particulars
9:25 pm
of any given moment or any circumstance. the law has to be applied equally, as uncomfortable as it is, congress has the ability to changege the law if they want to but instead we've got grandstanding reporters showing pictures from 2014 like they have been here yesterday, trying to gin up emotion to prevent rational thought. it's diabolical. it's brilliant marketing but it's really diabolical. >> tucker: it is marketing, though. it serves a larger purpose. a product is being sold here. i would say, it is the democratic congress that is what is being sold. it's interesting how these moments seem to come out of nowhere. these policies are long-standin long-standing. long-standing. all of a sudden as of yesterday, it's the most pressing thing that ever happened. how does this work? what are the mechanics? >> the liberal politiciansap gin it up. they needed a distraction, an issue. if you ask ten people on the street with the democrats are running on a november, i think nine of them wouldn't know and the tenth wouldn't know there is an election coming in november. so they need to keep people
9:26 pm
angry and afraid, so they gin up this controversy. the willing participant in the media go immediately and pair the talking points, rolled would be a role, spew the emotion, they were all the made-for-tv scientists to spew their studies, and then the hollywood celebrities come rolling in, like the final running back at the end zone push, to try and drive it home. it is all about emotion. nobody's talking about what has happened in the bush administration or in the obama administration. it's not even mentioned. if you want to address the problem, one of the things you have to do first and foremost ie be honest about it, and they aren't doing that because they don't really want to address the problem. they want to gin up emotion around the problem, so that people are motivated too vote. they are afraid that the government will come and get you. michael steele on msnbc said that if we don't stop this now, your children could be next. that is insane. he should know better. i know michael steele. normally, the rational person. but he swept up in this or a
9:27 pm
willing participant, i don't know, i don't care. but that is the mentality, it is all pure emotion. no rational thought. the same thing on race. there are more people who attend the wnba games, which is of the least popular sport on the planet, then are members of the ku klux klan in the country. 330 million people, according to the southern poverty law center, a 1920, tucker, they were 106 million people in the country, and formerly members of the klan, if you don't call it progress, nothing is progress progress. >> tucker: which they are. i detail at all in the book. your book is out tomorrow. thank you. more evidence of the fbi spying on the trump campaign bore
9:28 pm
fruit. brand-new thread on-n that stor. we'll dig into it next. ♪
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>> tucker: former donald trump advisor roger stone says there was possibly another case of the fbi meddling in the trunk and be in a 2016 in may of that year. he says he was approached by a man who went by the name of henry greenberg. he wanted to sell the trump campaign damagingg. information about hillary clinton, connected to russians. stone says he said togn the man, trump never pays for anything, and that was it.
9:32 pm
greenberg was apparently an fbi informant for some number of years. stone now says he believes the entire scheme was an effort by the fbi to set up the trumphe campaign. what is the truth? a former assistant u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york on the contributing editor of "national review," a very close observer of this story, and he joins us tonight. what do you make of the story? >> tucker, i think it is yet another one of these stories where there is a russian ruinvolved so there must be collusion or at most of it into the narrative somehow. but it really doesn't -- there ises no linear connection anymoe to me at least, to all these stories and what the original allegation was, which was that there was a conspiracy between the trump campaign and the kremlin, not just assorted russians, the russian governmen government, to commit espionage to overturn the election, or to change the result of the
9:33 pm
election. i thinkn. if there was anything to this particular story, we'll have to wait to see if all the facts come out, but why arehy people in handcuffs? why haven't -- how many people has he charged, and there is no one been charged with any kind of occlusion? >> tucker:r: o that is right. what's odd about this, though, what would be the odds of a guy who apparently really had worked for. the fbi before, he cited te fbi and listed the cell phone number of an fbi agent in a number of his immigration applications. apparently he was on their payroll in some capacity. coming to the trump campaign, offering secrets from the russian government, unlikely the russian government was employing a guy who worked for the fbi, and that mueller would know about this, and seek out the texts that prove it happened. what are the odds that that is not an fbi operation? >> this guy apparently worked in the fbi for 17 years, according to the reporting that we heard,
9:34 pm
and had supposedly, according to his version of it, just ended that relationshipus in 2013. in my experience, for what it's worth, there are, like, officially signed up informants, and then there are informants who, you know, skulk around, listen to stuff, and report back, and suddenly there informants. i think there's an awful lot we are to find out about this. when i was a prosecutor kurt, i learned not to believe in coincidences. >> tucker: i stop believing in those longco ago. this guy seemed like a skull car. andy mccarthy, thank you. a trustworthy man on this topic. good to see you. a chicago public school decided that career day was the perfect time to lecture kids, so they brought in a self-proclaimed cop killer. that story next. ♪ stay at laquinta.
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♪ >> tucker: career day in elementary school was a great chance to get kids dreaming about their futures, when they can grow up, and become teachers, doctors, and apparently, cop haters. one elementary school in chicago enraged parents,on understandab, after its principal invited an activist or the school who routinely posts violent anti-comp rhetoric online. fox's matt finn was contacted about this, reported about that's, and has all the details. >> chicago elementary school principal suddenly retired with just weeks left in the school year. it happened after she invited a police extremist to talk to students at wildwood elementarye school in chicago. that extremist on social media calls himself a a radical. in february when a chicago police commander was shot and killed execution-style, he posted online, "f him and his family." he also posed the term "cp dk,"
9:40 pm
chicago police department killers. he refers to cops as pigs and posted about killing all the rich people. heed has aged for police because he alleges a chicago police officer killed a friend with a taser. she says she brought me man to talk about his poetry and civic works.nt thing once off the rails. we talked to one mother whose children listen to him on career day parades because we told them that all the police were bad and all the police wanted to kill people. i was very disappointed that someone would come into the school and preach hate about the police. or even if he was talking about anyone else, it would have upset me. >> she wrote of a letter of apology before resigning. at which point, i intervened. i care about the children and would never intentionally expose them to or endorse this type of negativity. some parents dispute that she
9:41 pm
immediately intervened saying, he spoke to a few classes without interruption and that the principalct has recently ben pressured by some parents to introduce antipolice philosophies to students. nearly every parent. spoke to, said their principal is doing an excellent job ated made this grave mistake. we talked to one chicago police officer whose children went to the school. he says w the career day speech was indoctrination and the syrians have been exposed to these online accounts. >> insulted, angry. i can't believe that she did in fact improperly. look on his facebook account. some of the things on his facebook account are absolutely horrible. >> either was declined the request for interview. the chicago school district said he they were not aware of him and did not approve of him speaking to students. i spoke to the principal on the phone and said she suddenly resigned. >> tucker: matt finn from chicago. thank you. a jogger in oakland finally had
9:42 pm
enough of the city's enormous homeless population, took matters into his own hands to clean up the city. he's being treated of course as a criminal ratherr than as what he is, a victim of a failed we'll ask an oakland lawmaker about that next. ♪ you're turning onto the street when you barely clip a passing car. minor accident-no big deal, right? wrong. your insurance company is gonna raise your rate after the other car got a scratch so small you coulda fixed it with a pen. maybe you should take that pen and use it to sign up with a different insurance company. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance.
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♪ >> tucker: wealth, for decades, the bay area has let itself become a haven for vagrants at the expense of the few people who live there. finally someone had enough. earlier this month, a man was gathered videotaped videotaped gathering a homeless man's belongings and throwing them in the trash.. the man has been charged with
9:47 pm
second degree robbery. and it remains the hive of needles and human ways it has been. rebecca joins us tonight. >> thank you for having me. >> tucker: my pleasure. if i showed up far north or antoine with a sleeping bag in the case of s vodka, and moved into day, which i may do, would you be arrested for trying to make mete leave? >> i would welcome you can be happy to have that conversation with you, and hope we can have dinner sometime. more to the point, the person who through the belongings, in this case of a homeless man, into the lake, and stole somebody else's cell phone, that person would be prosecuted whether the person may did that to was homeless or not. however, as to the deeper solution, tomorrow, the city of oakland will be debating our budget and i will be fighting for better solutions to homelessness. we need to be helping people live in situations other than our streets and sidewalks, even
9:48 pm
while i condemn this assault, and would condemn it no matter who it was done too. >> tucker: it seems like the cards are stacked against normal people, married people with kids, who have jobs, the backbone of america, people who build the country. they are having a tougher time living in states, they are leaving, people get arrested for taking homeless tetris trash out public property but they don't get arrested for in public? what is the thinking behind that? >> people want to volunteer to clear up our public spaces, we have volunteer opportunities, ways that people can clean out. i welcome that. this was stealing someone's belongings and throwing them into the trash. >> tucker: we have a ready-made group of people, a lot of them young with tons of time on their hands, we call them "the homeless," why don't they clean up their crap?
9:49 pm
why are they cleaning up? >> it's predominantly not the homeless people that are littering. we did a study, about 85% of the illegal dumping is coming from a variety of illegal sources having nothing to do with the homeless. so the illegal dumping -- >> tucker: i know where some of its coming out from. illegal is the word. i'mm glad you are doing that. so you're getting to the cause. >> we need to provide better places for the homeless to be, in other words, it's not enough to say where we don't want people to go, we need to provide thet places, and i am fighting for us to use public land, churches that have offered to volunteer their sites, to allow the homeless to have places they can become aware they can get assistance, where they can get matched with the social services, and turn their lives around, while living in places better than the sidewalk. in the meantime, robbing them is
9:50 pm
unacceptable. the last time i came on, we try to talk about scripture and you didn't want to, but i'd be happy to remind us all -- >> tucker: a lecture from a lefty. i agree with that, let's ask the deeper questions, i know you want to. why is it, california's so-called homeless problem was often blamed on housing cost and as in most liberal cities, they are really high because it is all rich people who live there. tokyo house even higher housing prices and it has no homeless problem. what does tokyo know that oakland and san francisco don't know? >> most other democracies in the world to devote a significantly share of their public fund to helping the homeless, to providing social services, -- >> tucker: that's not true in tokyo. no, nope. not true. they don't have a ton of broken families and drug problems in japan. do you there is a connection between the total disintegration of the american family and the fact that a lot of people are living outside on heroin?
9:51 pm
>> we actually have a very sad situation of families living outside. we have people living on the street to get up and go to work every day and come back and sleep -- >> tucker: that's true. >> housing is so scarce and so expensive, and that is why in our budget putting in place tomorrow night, i'll be fighting for us to do more to protect affordable housing and to do more to help the homeless. >> tucker: have you thought more about the tokyo thing?e they don't spend more money on the homeless. there housing prices are higher. maybe there is a solution. i don't know if we will solve it on the show because we are. almost out of time. have you thought about that? will you think about it? >> most ofar the countries with this problem have universal health care so people don't get posted to financial dire straits from health care costs. but i also know that we don't -- >> tucker: we are out of time. rebecca, thank you. i hope you'll come back anytime. it's great to see you. "the new york times" just came after this show for daring to
9:52 pm
question that newspapers accuracy. we'll slowly unpack that next. ♪ had a coach in high school. really helped me up my game. i had a coach. math. ooh. so, why don't traders have coaches? who says they don't? coach mcadoo! you know, at td ameritrade, we offer free access to coaches and a full education curriculum- just to help you improve your skills. boom! mad skills. education to take your trading to the next level. only with td ameritrade.
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and see how easy homeowners and renters insurance can be. >> tucker: on friday's show we made a point that much of the news that americans are told is in fact turns out to be propagand a. journalist who have the power to shape perception are especially vulnerable to dishonesty. there's nothing controversial about that observation but it is obviously true. yet not surprisingly, a lot of reporters found it deeply offensive. a reporter at "new york times" called it "repugnant." he said it is literally damaging to our democracy that anyone would doubt the accuracy of his
9:57 pm
newspaper. that is pretty funny. carrier announced it is immoral not to use our air conditioning. don't use it you are going to hell. as so often is the case it is the opposite that are true. and the people in charge don't like to be second guessed. they would like you to swallow your medicine and without complaint. accept what you are told and get back to work. that is a lot to ask especially coming from the "new york times". there is a lot of interesting detail day-to-day. but there is a lot of lying about the big things. remember the "new york times" spent an entire year that saddam hussein had weapons of mass detrukz. we went to war over that.
9:58 pm
and obama's toppling of gaddafi would be a partner with the west. now what does the families sold in the open slave market think of that prediction. and when the kumerrouge took over cam boddia. for most a better life. the times has yet to issue a correction. now a day the times is telling us moscow was the greatest threat to the country when it is not. and in syria, saying that assad gassed his own people. once again they are lying. the "new york times" is hardly the powerful institution that
9:59 pm
distorts the truth. the republicans in the house may announce a amnesty. and letting foreigners ignore the laws is good for america. they are lying. our country is changed a lot. the divide is not between republican and democrats. it is between competence and everybody else. a small amount of people are mismanaging. it is called ship of fools and you can order it now if you want. remember you don't reflectively owe anyone your allegiance outside of your own family. and that includes the news media. stay skeptical. they lie a lot. that's it for us tonight. what a great hour that was. tune in to the show sworn enemy and especially group think.
10:00 pm
my word. have a great night. and we'll be back tomorrow. and great sean hannity is back in new york state and they let him back in. >> sean: it is 9:00 in our nation's capital and thankfully i am home. we are leading with two major stories. house judiciary committee announced they will issue a subpeona to anti- trump agent peter strzok. the deep state being held accountable is just beginning. all of this as the inspector general horrowitz and michael wray appeared to explain the ig report. days after the findings were released and we are uncovering shocking abuse of


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