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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  June 19, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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administration refuses to back down on their 0-tolerance policy, making moves to reach an agreement, live at the southern border. jillian: michael horowitz ready for round 2 amid a new bombshell. is ousted fbi director james comey a leak or? rob: videogame addiction now a mental condition was the world health organization think so but the industry does not agree. comments pouring in on this one. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪ yesterday so far away ♪ today is the only day ♪ don't ever let me take down
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♪ i never want to go home ♪ jillian: good tuesday morning, you are watching "fox and friends first". of it looks different it is. welcome to our first day in our brand-new studio. it is fancy. rob: thanks for getting up early with us. the battle over border policy reaching a boiling point. the head of domestic ready hammering democrats for crying foul over family separations and refusing to make an immigration deal. jillian: griff jenkins from texas as the president prepares to meet with lawmakers. >> rio grande valley one of the heaviest tracks, $50,000 per month of illegal crossings in the last three months and that
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is why kiersten nielsen is at the white house defending the policy and what they are doing here. >> this entire crisis is not new. it has been occurring over many decades but currently it is the product of loopholes in federal immigration laws that prevent illegal immigrant minors and family members from being detained and removed to their home country. >> reporter: those loopholes are important, the first is a traffic convention act, george w. bush, the second, the asylum policy, claims are up 1700%, the third going back to 1997 by bill clinton and that is why the president says this is in the name of safety and he points that the democrats to blame. >> it is very strongly the democrats fault.
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they are obstructionist. the united states will not be a migrant camp and it will not be a refugee holding facility. we went safety and we went security for our country. >> reporter: the images we see our heart wrenching, many as families were separated, the processing center behind me, democrats like nancy pelosi, jumped to point blame at the president. >> this is so heartbreaking, challenges the conscience of our country. it must be changed immediately. but the president said not my fault, i didn't do it. you did do it. you did it to the dreamers and doing it to the children, you can resend this action in a moment. >> reporter: we hope to look inside this center and speak
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with the chief at the border patrol sector. rob: it is not as simple as it seems. we will dive into it later in the show. >> the trump administration firing back is democrats go into a frenzy over the child migrants held at the border. rob: acting ice director tom homan says the blame belongs with parents of these children because they are knowingly breaking the law and putting families at risk. >> the misleading of the american people by politicians is the trump administration was to use them as political ponds. the trump administration is not having political sideshows for these children to talk about this issue, the trumpet ministries want congress to fix this and what no one is talking about is the reason for this argument. are these families really
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escaping fear and persecution? the immigration court has said 80% are frivolous. these parents are using these children as ponds to gain entry to the united states knowing we can detain them. as far as separation of families are concerned you have to put blame on the parents. jillian: is a 314% increase in illegals crossing the border claiming to be a family unit, figures in the last 5 months. >> the director of the fbi and doj and inspector general back in the hot seat this time grilled by members of the house. >> james comey could be next after lawmakers learned he is under investigation for leaking. doug luzader has the latest. >> reporter: this is going to be a long day on capitol hill, inspector general and current fbi director will be at it
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facing a house hearing into how the hillary clinton email investigation was handled and the degree to which there may have been anti-trump bias on the part of senior fbi officials. this is through a partisan lens. >> director ray has a mess to clean up. >> after an 18 month investigation that included a review of 1.2 million documents and interviews with 100 witnesses the inspector general found no evidence of political bias. >> the other aspect involves former fbi director james comey who did not recommend charges against clinton, the inspector general recommending he could face legal peril over possible leaks of classified information. >> we received a referral, handling that referral and we
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will issue a report when matter is complete. >> this is the second time since he was fired that mr. comey refused to testify voluntarily. he has time for bookstores and television interviews but no time to assist this committee which has primary jurisdiction over the justice department. >> reporter: the inspection general found comey was insubordinate, this allegation of leaking classified information could be more serious. rob: right now kim jong un is in china to meet with pres. xi jinping, his motorcade driving through the streets of beijing on his summit with donald trump in singapore. south korea pushing back at
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critics saying the peninsula peace deal is coming soon. the joint statement signed by trump and kim is the bone on which flesh should be added. the wargames in south korea and the united states will come to a end, the pentagon canceling joint military exercises slated for this august and potential peace deal on the peninsula is negotiated following donald trump's meeting with kim jong un who claims that drove our practice for an invasion of north korea. heather: the president threatening a 10% tariff on another $200 billion of chinese goods unless beijing reverses course, days after the us announced the first round of tariffs and china hits back with retaliatory fees, the white house releasing a statement saying, quote, the united states will no longer be taken advantage of by china and other
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countries in the world. the us had a record $375 billion trade deficit with china in 2017. food stamp enrollment hitting all-time low under the trump administration. according to the part of agriculture participation dropped to $40 million in march, was level in eight years. usda officials say the sharp decline is due to a booming economy and donald trump's crackdown on fraud and snap programs. rob: dangerous flooding, this pickup truck was swept away in wisconsin. incredible video showing the road completely destroyed by the storm. jillian: the damage in michigan, floods washing away roads causing dozens of sinkholes and more rain on the way. meteorologist janice dean joins us in studio, we have been hit with severe weather all over. >> severe weather and heat indices will remain high today, dangerous heat, a lot to cover.
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you see we have the radar, moisture streaming in from the gulf of mexico dealing with potential of flooding across texas and louisiana and severe threat today exists from the midwest through the great lakes toward the northeast and cold enough for snow across the northern rockies. severe threat across the plane states stretching towards the mid-atlantic a large hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes and all of this tropical moisture surging in from the gulf of mexico. the flooding threat is ongoing throughout the day into tomorrow across portions of texas. this is the area hit hard by harvey. one other thing i want to mention is extreme heat across the central us, southern us and
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the southeast as well. jillian: 10 minutes after the hour, watchdog unleashed, the men behind the investigation into hillary clinton's email scandal feeling the heat on capitol hill. >> we found in the inappropriate political messages we uncovered cast a cloud over the mid year investigation. jillian: what did we learn from his bombshell testimony? our next guest says it is coming back to bias from the obama administration, live next. rob: boldly going where no man has gone before, how donald trump looks to dominate space and get to mars. ♪ remember sleep before smart phones? new! zzzquil pure zzzs is here to help. with a drug-free blend of botanicals with melatonin ...that supports your natural sleep cycle... you that head start in the morning. new at walmart and
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>> welcome back. michael horowitz getting ready for round 2 of questioning on capitol hill after fiery exchanges about his report into
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hillary clinton's email scandal. >> we found the inappropriate political messages we uncovered cast a cloud over the investigation so doubts about the credibility of the fbi handling of it and impacted the reputation of the fbi. rob: here to react is former doj official hans pickcowski. a lot of people can't believe the inspector general doesn't think bias affected the outcome of the hillary clinton investigation after such a long report the talks about bias. >> i agree with that. the bias, the political partisanship permeates the report. it reminds me of a prosecutor who finds a guy with the smoking gun standing over a dead body and saying we can't charge him
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with murder because nobody saw it happen. >> talk about how people can't fathom the fact that they are claiming no bias was used in look at these text messages, november 22, 2016, fbi attorney number one, is it making you rethink your commitment to the trump administration? no, and another example hear from fbi agent on november 8, 2016, asian number 5, hillary better win or i'm walking around with both of my guns. agent number 5 and likely quitting on the spot, asian number one, you should know i am with her, agent number 5, i shouldn't say that, expletives trump. and we don't know who some of these people are.
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>> every one of these individuals should have been fired, the fact they haven't been tells me the head of the fbi doesn't take this as seriously as they should. this was the biggest most sensitive investigation the fbi was doing, and careful to make sure they are objective and not partisan and yet they didn't and none of these agents feel any kind of embarrassment or fear that their leadership at the fbi would be upset about the messages they were giving. this went from the agents to the leadership. rob: christopher ray inherited a real mess. he tries to say this is just a few people, and orin hatch jumps all over that and says the
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director, these are the top brass of the fbi and the guy running the hillary investigation, that did not come off well, if anyone can matter more i can't think of it. >> i talk to retired fbi agent i know who told me the line agents have no confidence in the leadership in washington dc. they see the problems that the ig reports are too. >> 18 after the hour, out of surveillance business and the petition in the civil rights group list launched. >> who is more popular? the north korean leader known as little rocket man or the woman who called donald trump's tax cuts crumbs? the brand-new paul and the
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jillian: google is using artificial intelligence to predict whether a hospital patient will live or die. according to a study in the journal nature google's algorithm is 95% accurate in predicting whether hospital patient will pass away within 24 hours of admission compared to traditional methods which are 86% accurate. dr. mark siegel says it is an absurd idea. >> no treatments coming down the pike every single day the change that equation. i don't want to take away patient's hope by saying according to google you have a
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day left. jillian: the next step would be moving their system into clinics. rob: playing video games is as addictive as drugs and gambling. >> people start playing these games and find himself through no fault of their own -- >> i'm about to level up here. >> the world health organization classifying gaming disorder as a mental health disorder, impaired control over gaming and increasing priority given to gaming that can impact sleeping patterns, diet and job performance. 3% of all gamers have the disorder. is this rationalizing a real problem? thomas says it is a selective problem, not medical. ryan says get off your butt and do something productive. jillian: the american civil liberties union once amazon to stop doing business with the police was the organization calling on the tech giant to cut
2:24 am
off law-enforcement access to its recognition product saying it raises profound civil liberties and civil rights concerns which amazon official surveillance system uses artificial intelligence to analyze images and videos. the aclu's as they gathered 150,000 signatures petitioning against the technology. rob: the user advisory group holding its first official meeting today. rob: a successful meeting with donald trump at the white house. kevin cork has more on the future of space exploration. >> my administration is reclaiming america's heritage as the world's greatest spacefaring nation. >> making space easier to navigate is the focus of a high-profile meeting at the white house, donald trump addressing the national space council telling lawmakers, nasa officials and astronauts the exploration is not just about science but a national security
2:25 am
priority as well. >> immediately begin the process necessary to establish a space force as the sixth branch. we are going to have the air force and we are going to have the space force, separate but equal. rob: at the meeting the president signing a document called space policy directives 3 which sets rules to manage traffic up there including preventing the debris, metallizing satellite maneuvers and providing more accessibility for launch windows. >> we are modernizing out of date space regulations. they are way out of date. they haven't been changed in many years. >> reporter: it is praised by industry leaders many of whom are members of the user advisory group that provides faster access to space traffic management through a more user-friendly interface at the commerce department making it easier for commercial
2:26 am
spaceflight companies to get off the ground. >> we don't want any gaps in human activity in low earth orbit and that means commercialization is the key. rob: you want to work for the space force? jillian: sure. rob: 60,000 daca recipient accused of crimes including murder. donald trump finding and immigration solution at the house of lawmakers, our political panel on that next. >> some of the things in this facebook account are horrible. >> i was very disappointed someone would come into the school and preach hate about the police. jillian: classroom controversy. parent outraged after a principal invites an anti-police extremist to career day. how the school is responding this morning, we are coming right back. i have type 2 diabetes.
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rob: donald trump on the hill today with lawmakers as they debate the future of 2 million dreamers. a new homeland security report could throw a wrench and amnesty revealing 60,000 daca recipients were arrested during the time in the us and 4000 had prior records. what is next for the controversial program? we will talk all things immigration today. rachelle ritchie in new york city councilman joe borelli, thanks for coming on this morning. 60,000, we don't know how many were convicted of anything. does that concern you and talking about amnesty forever 21? >> the overall democratic approach is to give blanket amnesty to 800,000 people if not the full 2 million.
2:31 am
this is in conflict with the idea donald trump ran on that we should have a secure border and he is meeting with republican gop. fixing daca is part of that but he wants to end chain migration and the visa lottery program and fund the border wall. rob: what is the incarceration rate of average american citizens? >> if you look at the numbers when it comes to americans in this country, 13% of daca recipients, one in 3 for american citizens, triple the number of daca recipients, you have a blindfold that seems to come off when it comes to people of color and my problem with reported implies people who have been arrested have been convicted and that is not the case and it is ridiculous to
2:32 am
criminalize a certain demographic of people in the country. since when does an arrest equally to guilty in the united states of america. >> a potential deal, going to work something out, visa lottery, family separation. what deal do you think could come when you put this together? >> the president is consistent since he took office, the reality is in 2017, the democrats obstructed any and all proposals to a comprehensive deal they don't want to give in on funding the border wall. rob: did they offer daca? >> a minute amount of money, not
2:33 am
fool funding. no one wants to give donald trump the thing the campaign has been honest about since the first day he took the escalator down the stairs was without doing a large deal with her the goodlatte bill over house gop, and need democrats on board. >> a jarring picture to see. >> i hope a deal, the dream act failed and it failed to pass, now we have daca. and it was a path of legal citizenship and that is the goal we should see on both sides, a bipartisan issue and republicans and democrats was on a path to
2:34 am
legal citizenship. >> they tug at the heartstrings but doesn't negate the fact there is a huge problem. how to get amnesty and how to get away with it being taught to these people by these people putting them across the border. >> we sign increase in the number of children brought illegally as children for the alleged person they are with, 10,000 children, working here alone, not part of the actual family unit and the president has acknowledged that, it will take laws in congress to change the democratic solution is to ignore the laws on the books. rob: thanks for coming.
2:35 am
>> terrorists turning to cybercash to ground on the global propaganda, experts telling the eu parliament the terrorists including isis and al qaeda exploiting bit coin. and the digital money is almost completely untraceable, to carry out attacks, and host emmanuel macr macron, discussing eu reforms casting a shadow, germany's interior manager will have the open border policy. and if they can't work out a deal with eu members, she could be out of a job. a shocking new paul, we are not sure. kim jong un is now more popular than nancy pelosi among self identified republicans. according to a poll taken by the daily beast 19% of republicans now have a favorable view of kim and slightly better than the 17%
2:36 am
who have a favorable view of nancy pelosi, days after donald trump's historic summit with a north korean dictator. rob: 35 minutes after the hour, things taking a bizarre turn during the hearing with michael horowitz. >> do you believe in the tooth fairy? do you believe in easter bunny. >> fiery questions from john kennedy, carly shimkus live with reaction. rob: girlfriend at a baseball game, that is not the only surprise he had planned, joint exclusively next to talk about
2:37 am
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jillian: a round of questioning with unexpected references during the senate committee hearing on the inspector general's report. rob: john kennedy going viral for asking this. >> do you believe in the tooth fairy? >> know. >> do you believe in the easter bunny? >> know. >> do you honestly believe that the american people are going to look at this report and those emails and not believe that there was bias? >> carly shimkus with the online reaction.
2:41 am
>> that was louisiana republican sen. john kennedy asking michael horowitz a question many conservatives have, how could his report find bias did not affect the clinton email investigation. sen. kennedy read the anti-trump text messages between peter stzrok and lisa page, a lot of people talking about this. what they think about bias in november and in 2020, another twitter user so good questioning by a decent and conservative kennedy and louisiana resident saying he killed it, proud of my sen. horwitz did answer a question, he found bias among individual fbi agents and prosecutors made a majority of big decisions -- >> we have a picture people say is staged. >> people trying to figure out
2:42 am
what you believe about the trump administration policy that separates kittens from their parents at the border at this disturbing picture went viral online. a lot of people assume it showed a child upset about being separated from their parents, turns out that is not the truth. has a antonio vargas posted it on twitter saying this is what happens when a government believes people are illegal, kids in cages. it turns out the picture was taken at an event protesting the trump administration's 0-tolerance policy so that boy is not a detainee. kevin said liberals continue to push false narratives and lies. this photo is from a protest in texas. facebook user kelly says the famous boy everyone claims is caged up, more fake news. he did not intend to deceive people, despite that picture being fake there are plenty of other images fueling anger and
2:43 am
outrage over the policy. rob: these cages have been around longer than the trump administration. >> you all read about that. >> most people are lucky if they have perfect attendance for one year. i don't think i ever -- this is impressive, a high school student in philadelphia never missed a day from pre-k to 12 grade. kevin davis attended all 2340 days of school. can you believe it? chad says great job, definitely a future leader of the community. congratulations, hard work and never quit attitude will get you far in life, you have some great jeans and jackie says you are to
2:44 am
be commended, that shows your character and your family must be proud of you. kevin wants to go to culinary school and open his own restaurant and the government the page raised $20,000 and achieve that goal. we should start -- want to start ago fund me page? >> it will go toward shoes. 44 minutes after the hour. a public elementary school sparking back lash for inviting a violent anti-police activist to speak to kids for career day. >> all the police wanted to kill people. >> todd pyro joins us with how the school is responding this morning. rob: let's check in with brian kill mead. >> that was in the prompter.
2:45 am
you have a new studio but don't have flowers. go to work and let me tell you what we have in the next 3 hours. congressman darrell isa will be here, he understands the border being located by san diego and oversight and outrageous statements made yesterday at the ig hearing with chris ray and horowitz who did a fantastic job. we will talk to mark meadows live from the freedom caucus about the ig report and what can be done on immigration and communications at the white house with miss 80s schlabach yesterday's out of control meeting with sarah sanders who is accused of refusing to going out and addressing the press with homeland security sec. nielsen by her side. why would you want an expert by your side when talking illegal immigration and border patrol? we will talk about that,
2:46 am
explosive show, don't miss a minute, there will be a quiz at the end.
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heather: outrage boiling over after an anti-police extremist is invited to speak to kids for career day. rob: the principal retiring, why was this person invited in the first place? >> reporter: that principle personally invited anti-police activist ethan e so's to speak to kids, self-described radical who routinely post anti-police rhetoric online which is not like the platform should be in a
2:50 am
shock to anybody. after a police commander was shot and killed execution style in february, he posted online blank him and his family. and an apology letter he wrote she brought in fo's to talk about policy and civic work that things went off the rails, i was present when his negative to the negative turn. i care about your children and would never intentionally expose them to or endorse this type of negativity. the explanation did not sit well with parents. >> can't believe she didn't let him properly, look at his facebook account, some of the things there are horrible. >> that all the police are bad and all the police want to kill people. i was very disappointed someone would come into the school and preach hate about the police. >> some parents brought him in
2:51 am
because she was really pressure to introduce, quote, anti-police philosophies to students. got to be kidding me. jillian: i'm sure people who don't even have a relationship with that school or that town. >> said that we have to report the number of officers dying in the line of duty has reached ridiculous proportions. what kind of school system allows someone to bring in a cop killing proponent to speak to their student? on facebook, antilock enforcement culture is instrumental to perpetuating the crime culture in chicago. middle schoolers are impressionable, not good. the person that invited this guy is obviously anti-police and wants to brainwash students into hating the police also. disturbing on so many levels. jillian: let's lighten the mood,
2:52 am
bring a story that is pretty amazing, army specialist hitting a home run returning home from deployment to surprise his fiancée but a bigger surprise on the baseball field, got down on one the end asked madison to marry him and the newly engaged couple join us now, thank you for joining me this morning, congratulations, how are you feeling now that this is gone viral throughout the country? >> i didn't think it would get this much publicity. >> i didn't inspect it. jillian: tell me about your deployment. you were overseas the last tween 9 months, where were you? >> out of the area. >> you knew you wanted to do this once you got home? >> it had to be planned before i was home.
2:53 am
at the ballgame, started talking about the engagement. jillian: how long have you known each other? >> since her freshman year in high school. jillian: tell me when you got to the game that night what you were expecting to happen? >> i thought i was going to a regular baseball game but they had something saying i would be an honorary manager. i didn't want to do it. had to be forced by his mom to go out there. jillian: what were you expecting that to entail? >> they told me i just had to hand apart to the referee and shake hands with the coach.
2:54 am
jillian: at what point did you realize this was happening? >> i didn't realize the crowd was cheering and i heard them announce it over the intercom? jillian: what are your plans going forward, when do you plan to get married? >> we are looking at not this december but next december. not an exact date yet but it works out. >> there is rumor of another deployment. if that happens we are not sure. jillian: what does it mean to you to serve and serve this country? >> something i always wanted to do. i grew up playing sports and in the military, the middle of it. jillian: thank you for your
2:55 am
service and wish you wonderful marriage and congratulations, thank you for being with us, appreciate it. 6 minutes until the top of the hour. a circus goes off the rails when a bear attack to tandler in front of a packed audience, terrifying seen caught on camera. that is not chocolate on these kids faces, the hilarious story behind this viral photo.
2:56 am
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>> good morning time for the good, the bad and the ugly. as always start with the good. off duty corrections officer hailed a hero for rescuing a woman moments before her car erupted in flames. the officer pug the woman out of a car in new jersey after watching it crash and noticing a fire under the hood. the car exploded two minutes later when police arrived. the driver will be okay. rob: that's okay. next the bad. a circus bear taking matters into his own paws. i don't like seeing this either. the angry animal one of the. audience watch in horror. finally one of the stood up. can't blame the bear. >> break into their mom. the boys covering themselves
3:00 am
head to toe in orange and brown blotches at their home in scotland. mom says they got into the mess when she turned her back for just a moment. you have got to put that on evenly, guys. rob: that's all it takes. just a moment. jillian: thanks for joining us in our new studio. rob: see you later. >> the united states will not be a migrant camp. >> you have to put the blame on parents. they are choosing to enter between the ports of entry. they know they will be separated. >> the house judiciary committee announced they will be issuing a subpoena to anti-trump fbi agent peter strzok. >> i can't think of something more concerning than a law enforcement officer suggesting that they are going to try 20 use their powers to affect an election. >> billboard. the mayor took offense with the message. >> america is a christian nation is actually a quote from sanjay the first chief justice of the supreme court. >> this is hardly an unamerican or divisive idea. >>


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