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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  June 19, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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head to toe in orange and brown blotches at their home in scotland. mom says they got into the mess when she turned her back for just a moment. you have got to put that on evenly, guys. rob: that's all it takes. just a moment. jillian: thanks for joining us in our new studio. rob: see you later. >> the united states will not be a migrant camp. >> you have to put the blame on parents. they are choosing to enter between the ports of entry. they know they will be separated. >> the house judiciary committee announced they will be issuing a subpoena to anti-trump fbi agent peter strzok. >> i can't think of something more concerning than a law enforcement officer suggesting that they are going to try 20 use their powers to affect an election. >> billboard. the mayor took offense with the message. >> america is a christian nation is actually a quote from sanjay the first chief justice of the supreme court. >> this is hardly an unamerican or divisive idea. >> trade $200 billion of
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chinese goods that could be pit had a 10% stafer. >> hereby directing the department of defense and pentagon to establish a space force as the sixth branch of the armed forces. ♪ just try to break even ♪ sometimes your heart pounding down in your chest ♪ time to just beat it. steve: we are living in that town, the big town, the big apple here in new york city. welcome aboard, folks, the mezzanine level. thanks for joining us on this tuesday. we get ready all day long for these three hours that we share and we love to do it each and every morning on "fox & friends." brian: after the show we go to bed. steve: we start preparing. ainsley: a whole team down there back there here all night preparing for us. immigration probably number one on the docket today on all networks as you flip across. hopefully you won't.
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you will stay with us. immigration reform is at the top of the agenda on capitol hill. and the president is actually going to the hill. is he going to talk to house republicans and meet with them and try to close some of these immigration loopholes. >> they have two immigration reform packages ready to be voted on in the house. this as we get a new look inside. one of the immigrant detention centers at the border thanks to griff. steve: griff jenkins is live in maccallum, texas. you are outside one the detention centers. your intention is to get inside and take a look, right? >> that would be, guys. you know, we have seen the horrific images. these images we showing you now this is inside mccallen, this is the rerow grand sector, one of the heaviest trafficked and administration says they have had massive uptick 50,000 plus illegal crossings a month for the last three months. as we have certainly entered a national debate over how these families and children are being treated, the president says he will not have migrant camps. take a listen.
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>> united states will not be a migrant camp and it will not be a refugee holding facility. if the democrats would sit down, instead of obstructing, we could have something done very quickly. >> and the secretary of home land security, kirstjen nielsen teak to the white house podium yesterday to defend her policy of what's happening. here's what she said. >> this entire crisis, just to be clear, is not new. it's been occurring and expanded over many decades but currently it is the exclusive product of looch holes in our federal immigration laws that prevent illegal immigrant minors and family members from being detained and removed to their home countries. >> mows loopholes are important, guys. there is three particularly.
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first 2000 2008 trafficking victims prevention reauthorization act under president george w. bush and second is asylum system. asylum requests claims up 1700 percent. and finally 197. provided for a means for families not to be separated. and part of the reason why senator crups first republican piece of legislation offering to try to get funding, key word funding to keep some families together. but we are certainly here at ground zero in mccallen texas at one of the processing centers. we will get in there and try to speak with the sector chief manuel padilla and find out what's going on. steve: thank you griff, very much. it's clear the white house made it crystal clear yesterday they are going to continue this maximum pressure policy of separating parents from children at the border to make the point that that is the law of the land.
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you don't like it, change the law. also, it's a message to people who are thinking about coming into this country illegally, don't do it because you'll be arrested and there is a possibility your children will be separated from them if they're, in fact, your children. ainsley: the law is the law. and it was passed by congress as griff was mentioning. you can't even blame an administration u these are people, republicans and democrats that are serving in the senate and in the house, and they have to change this. if you don't like it, they need to change the plan. the tvpra law says and they are just following the law, these border patrol agents have to follow the law. when they find these children with their parents, this is what they have to do. put the parents in the custody of u.s. marshal for pre-trial determination. the child has tore be transferred to the department of health and human suspects service alien child put into shelters. jeff sessions says they are not being abused. he says the conditions are good. he says we spent $1 billion last year.
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your taxpayer dollars to make sure these kids are safe. brian: ted cruz moving through legislation. just get these numbers straight. separation is the issue first ladies past and present weighing in saying they upset. 68% of independents are not for it and 91% of dems and most republicans. i get it figure out a way to keep parents and children together. big issue is have you 30,000 kids estimated going to be here, noncitizens flooding into our borders by the end of august, by the end of the summer. 250 a day. and nancy pelosi steps over the homeless in san francisco to hop on the plane to go to the border to have her heart bleed for people other countries coming here, understand we are $20 trillion in debt. we have classrooms that are overrun. we have teachers big their own supplies. these kids come, in fantastic oprah winfrey. i'm glad you are upset about it these kids get fanned tout working class neighborhoods into our society and then they have to be paid for by english is
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a second language and then they have got to be schooled and a lot of them, sadly, in my neighborhood, turn into ms-13. so, the bottom line is, the thing is, these kids are coming across, you don't have to vilify somebody. you have to solve the issue. steve: sure, that's what happens when the kids come into the country. keep in mind, right now, the federal government, we are talking about kids separated from the parents. here's the statistic that is jaw-dropping. right now in custody, the federal government has 12,000 children in department of home land security custody. 12,000. 10,000 of them were sent to the united states alone. ainsley: without their parents. steve: they came alone. that's why tom homan says blame the parents. >> these parents themselves are using these children as pawns to gain entry to the united states knowing we can't detain them. as far as the separation of
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families are concerned. you have to put the blame on the parents. they are choosing to enter between the ports of entry. they know they will be separated. but they want to blame the government when we are forced to do that let's put the blame where it lies. not on the fine men and women of border that control. brian: i feel bad for the border patrol. we get a chance to meet them and talk about them. they are finally getting the attention and support they need. now they being vilified as the bad guys. forced to put up a day care center and put up tent cities you see in syria. convert how many more walmarts and kmarts for facilities for children. each if there is no situation, we have to warehouse people because other countries are pushing them our direction or choosing to come here. what about all those people waiting in line to come here legally. why is it fair for them to go to the back of the line as they pay the green card fees and everything else, hoping to get processed? ainsley: you mentioned ted cruz. is he introducing legislation this week going to be called protecting kids
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and parents act. he wants to keep the families together while their cases are pending. we heard from allen dershowitz yesterday. he walls saying they should be sent back to home countries together as a team. mom, dad, and the kids. and then be taught to how how to enter our country legally the right way. steve: sure. and the key word there "legal." that's what the administration says we are simply following the laws. congress, changes them. nonetheless, if you washed tv in the last 24 hours, the villain here, the trump administration. >> what is this that they are thinking? do they think these children deserve let than their children do in terms of care and love? >> those who selectively use the bible to justify this cruelty are ignoring a central tenet of christianity. jesus says suffer the little children unto me. he did not say let the children suffer. >> we are operating with a white nationalist government
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that will take children hostage to get what they want. >> all i can say after talking to the people, watching the people. listening to the people that the statue of liberty, i think, is weeping right now. >> look, nobody want kids separated from their children. ainsley: of course not. steve: something has got to be done. ben shapiro says, you know what? i'm going to say what ben shapiro is going to say. here is ben shapiro. >> i do find it somewhat suspicious that the media have decided to jump both feed on the band wagon as though this is some great human rights catastrophe brought on by the obama administration all of this started under the obama administration or at least it was happening under the obama administration. under the obama administration and under the bush administration, really, immigration surges were routed in government policy. some of the lies being told is that trump is randomly deciding to separate kids at the border. he doesn't have to do it. he does have to do that by operation of law. the only thing the trump administration is doing different solid treating everyone who is crossing the border illegally as an
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illegal immigrants for purposes of prosecution. because you are doing that the kids can't stay in custody with the parents longer than 2 20 days. brian: if democrats were looking to seriously address the problem address senator cruz's legislation. so then they would like like heroes solving an issue. president trump didn't create. this even though kirstjen nielsen mysteriously did not say, this they are trying to do what john kelly said when he was homeland security secretary. create a deterrent so people in these other countries i can't get into that country like i used to. i can't just walk across the border and get in there i have to come up to another option. or go to the port of entry and claim refugee status because it is a deterrent. we can't take in the whole world's population. it's not possible. we're already defending the free world with all of our taxpayer dollars. now we have to feed and clothe the free world? ainsley: keep in mind why we have these laws. it's to keep our country safe. to prevent the drugs from
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coming over. prevent ms-13 from coming over and coming into your neighborhood, brian. that's the reason. these people have to be vetted. it's not that anyone wants parents separated from their kids. steve: ultimately, the law needs to be changed. noble wants to see kids separated from their parents. what's going to happen tonight, is the president of the united states is going to go up to capitol hill and meet with house republicans and he is going to clarify his support for the bill that is going to address the dreamer situation. we have a busy day. ainsley: he tried to do something about daca. brian: see if something moves through the house. good morning, jillian. jillian: good morning to you guys. happy tuesday to you. dangerous weather turning deadly man was killed when pickup truck was swept away in wisconsin. road completely destroyed by the storm. state of emergency underway in parts of michigan. flash floods washing away roads and causing tons sinkholes. more rain is on the way across the country. fears of a trade war now growing. china accusing president
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trump of black male in response to his threat of more tariffs. the president says he will slap a 10% tax on another $200 billion worth of chinese goods unless beijing reverses course. it comes days after the u.s. announced first round of tariffs and china hit back with retaliatory fees. the u.s. had a world 375 billion-dollar trade deficit with china in 2017. that's a look at your headlines. i will send it back to you. steve: more maximum pressure. jillian: yeah. steve: thanks, jillian. what can we expect of day two from michael horowitz and christopher wray in the hot seat. congressman darrell issa will be coming up. brian: campaign ad setting the world on fire for all the wrong reasons. >> there is an inferno raging in washington. here in the land of 10,000 lights, we know how to put out a fire.
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brian: doj inspector general michael horowitz and christopher wray back on the hot seat for day two of testimony. today they will face the house judiciary committee and more. what do lawmakers want answered? a member of that committee, former oversight chairman darrell issa. congressman, great to see you, i know you watched senate yesterday. there was some legitimate
3:18 am
senators like mic lee and lindsey graham who wanted answers and others who wanted to speak. how do you build off the senate what you saw in those hours behind -- on the hot seat? >> well, you're right. a few members did ask questions that can be for the record where's the department of justice going? where has it been? where is the fbi going. and building on that, the question has to be what is the standard. under past investigations, nobody was held accountable. the irs scandal, solyndra. obviously now we are finding that they don't think they have enough, even when people conspire to have a quote insurance policy against the president. so, what is the standard for the american people to expect and then, aren't we going to have a higher standard for the department of justice lawyers, for the department of justice fbi agents for at what point is it bias? you know, yesterday you heard michael horowitz contort and try to deal with the term bias and at one point he got it's not not
3:19 am
bias trying to explain that, of course these people had clear bias. the question is do they have criminal bias. did they have bias that he could execute on? and i think we have to get the american people to understand, of course they had bias. of course they had adverse process. and, of course, they wanted to do the president in. now the question is was it a criminal conspiracy. and that seems to be where the ig draws the line. he doesn't seem to have the criminal conspiracy, but he certainly has a conspiracy built on bias. brian: right. okay. he might. because andy mccabe doesn't remember the meeting in his office. peter strzok referred to to lisa page. we don't know the identities of the other people saying horrible things about trump voters and trump himself. for some mysterious reason. are you going to drill down on that? >> absolutely. i want to know -- 23eur8, i want to know what the insurance plan was. and are we ever going to know that? i want to know why people are still working for the
3:20 am
department of justice and the fbi who clearly showed wrongdoing. you know, there's this law and it sounds terrible, but there salah that says you are not allowed to circumvent the system and hide your email and texts using private. and, yet, every time somebody does it, there is no consequence. there's got to begin to be some consequence circumventing the law to do things you are not supposed to do. brian: chairman, also, james comey using his private email for work stuff. him leaking to the "new york times" that's up for debate. and also, you have to wonder, too, why they went out of their way to make sure that hillary clinton wasn't prosecuted because you can't stop donald trump without hillary clinton. you aren't going to do that with bernie sanders. >> exactly. brian: i look forward to your five minutes that you get with wray as well as horowitz. thanks, darryl. >> thanks, brian. brian: straight ahead, can't prove you are not a citizen, the state where you don't have to prove you live in america to vote. pastor robert jeffress put
3:21 am
up this billboard in texas saying america is a christian nation. is he being forced to take it down because some people got offended. the pastor responds next. we will zoom out, bring the music um and go to break. if yor crohn's symptoms are holding you back,
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steve: it is 6:24 on tuesday. we have headlines for you. the department of justice asking the u.s. supreme court to reconsider a ban that limits funding to sanctuary cities. a lower court blocked the effort back in the month of april which would have allowed the department of justice to withhold grants to agencies that do not apply or comply with federal immigration laws. the solicitor general calling the ruling unjustifiable. a group of citizenship no longer needed to vote in the state of kansas. a federal judge striking
3:25 am
down kansas' voter i.d. law saying it violates the constitutional right to wrote. kansas secretary of state kris kobach is planning to appeal. all right. ainsley? ainsley: thank you, steve. a church in texas, celebrating america as a christian nation on billboards. there is a nation of one of the billboards. it now has to take them down because people are offended. pastor robert jeffress is the pastor of that church, first 3w57 kris church in dallas. he is also a fox news contributor. good morning to you pass tore jeffers. good to see you. >> thanks, ainsley. ainsley: you are welcome. how did you feel when you were silenced when they said these billboards are not going up. >> we were really surprised. what happened was we had these billboards to support our upcoming patriotic service this upcoming sunday. i will be bringing a special message titled america is a christian nation in which i recount the historical evidence for the christian foundation of our country. suspects the billboards went up the dallas morning news
3:26 am
wrote a scathing article about these billboards accusing me of being hateful and divisive with these words. they interviewed the mayor of dallas, who agreed with that assessment and said i was divisive and that these words do not represent who dallas is 24 hours later, we received notice from the billboard company that they were going to take down the billboards and they cited this dallas morning news article that contained the mayor's comments. and ainsley, i want to be clear about, this we support the right of the billboard company thought to put out a message they disagree with, just like that wetting cake baker. but what we don't support is the mayor of dallas and his chief communications officer weighing in on this topic showing hostility of our church and directly or influencing the billboard company. the supreme court said two weeks ago in that wedding cake case that government has to be neutral not hostile towards religion. we believe mayor mic raleigh has shown hostility towards
3:27 am
our church. ainsley: i was a little shocked when i heard that the mayor was weighing in on this and saying it was hateful. agreeing with that columnist from the dallas morning news saying it was hateful and divisive. what i do you think he is saying that? >> well, it's very liberal he'sl and it's interesting. when the american atheists put up a billboard at christian time saying skip church, christianity is fake news. we didn't hear the mayor calling that divisive or saying that doesn't represent dallas. for some reason, he feels threatened by the message that america is a christian nation. and by the way, that phrase is not something i originated. that came from sanjay, the first chief justifiable of the supreme court and that praise is alsphrase two supremet rulings 1884 and 182. ainsley: you said your message is smeark christian nation. can you tell us what you are
3:28 am
going to be preaching on. >> it's true. our nation has welcomed people of all faiths or no faiths. also equally true by and large our founders were orthodox christians who believed that the success of our nation depended upon our fidelity to god and to his word. and that's what we are going to be talking about the historical evidence for that we're going to have great patriotic music. we are going to welcome and recognize our armed forces. the american atheist group has announced they are going to be protesting at our church this sunday. we welcome them and anyone to come hear the truth and decide for yourself whether or not america is a christian nation. ainsley: pastor jeffress, thanks for joining us. >> thanks, ainsley. ainsley: you are welcome. parents are furious after principal invites anti-extremist to career day. >> he told them all the police were bad and all the police wanted to kill people. ainsley: how the school is responding this morning. and lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are fighting over how to solve the
3:29 am
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>> they could be murderers and thieves and so much else so we want a safe country. and it starts with the borders. and that's the way it is. and, again, we can do this very quickly if the democrats come to the table. steve: the immigration debate reaching a boiling point across the country as outrage mounts over family separation at the border. president trump will head to the hill tonight, ahead of the house votes on immigration bill. how can we find common ground? here to weigh in, we have got a special panel and i will introduce you to them one at a time. first of all, can i see the hands of those of you who think we have got a big
3:33 am
problem regarding immigration in this country? all right. y'all think it's a big problem. can i see the hands of anybody who thinks that separating kids from their parents is a good idea? okay. that's where we're going to start. we have got a problem. and it sounds like that big building behind you has the answer. but, chuck, it's politics. and you are a democrat. you are a strategist. the democrats and the republicans right now are far apart. >> this is a visual that nobody wants to see right now. democrats don't want to see it republicans don't want to see it as a tex-mex can that grew up in texas this is a very personal issue for my family who immigrated here. many immigrated here. no one wants to see child taken from mother. the problem is playing too much politics on both sides and what's suffering is the children and mother in between. when you have mothers coming here and turning themselves. in not trying to sneak into the country. bringing children with them saying we are fleeing for our lives. we should be doing more for
3:34 am
americans to stand up for them. steve: not just politics. it's the rule of law. we heard yesterday from the department of homeland security kirstjen nielsen and the president saying look, these are the laws on the book. we have a zero tolerance policy we are going to enforce them. >> look, nobody likes the optics. optics are bad on this. the problem is there has been a lot of solution, steve. the emotion has been played out especially around father's day ripped from their families issue played out. democrats pushed that but what about the solutions? there have been loopholes put in place, contradictory laws put in place. steve: right. >> structures and policies that have not worked. and the democrats primarily and republicans to blame for some of this on their part, have not done anything about it for two administrations now. this is not a new problem. the optics that democrats pushed was day one that president trump came, in suddenly concentration camps were built. internment camps were built. it's dishonest and doesn't go to the solution. we need real honest brokers who want to tackle the problem and fix the many aspects of it and by the
3:35 am
way, if you want asylum, there are ways to do it legally crossing the border illegally is not seeking asylum. brian: you look just at the facts, and of the 12,000 kids who are currently being held by the current government, 10,000 of them, wenty, came into the country alone. so they were separated before they even got to the united states. you are the mother of a woman who was killed by somebody who was in this country illegally. you think about this all the time. >> every day. >> how do you fix it. >> i just hope that president trump continues down the path of fixing the problem. the separation of children and moms and dads is very sad. but they wouldn't be abused. they would be taken care of. but, if your parent -- if you come into the country illegally, that's a crime. so you have committed a crime. so, and. steve: do you understand
3:36 am
what the president is doing by saying okay, we're going to enact the laws, we are going to enforce the law of the land, separate the families if they try to come into the country illegally. >> if that has to be done, my daughter was brutally murdered. and i -- it's the last thing a mother and father want to do is bury their own child. and this man was supposed to be deported three times. he had had already been in jail for attempted murder and he got out. and ice let him go that very same day and he killed my daughter five months later. steve: our heart is with you. michael wiles is an immigration attorney. friend of the show. been on a million times talking about these issues. michael, you know, we can see the problem. there are big problems with immigration. too many people coming into the country illegally. too many people are here. they don't have status.
3:37 am
how do we fix it? >> well, first, i should say it's a privilege to be here and wendy, my heart goes out to you over your extraordinary loss. thank god the overwhelming amount of people coming to our country are not murderers, are not criminals. we have to fix this system. it's an extraordinary system. and there is a disingenuousness on both sides. parents that would shield themselves with children and, yet, nations that won't absorb, you know, the citizens of the world that are in harm's way. it's really up to congress and the president to step up. the inhumanity of what we are seeing now at the detention centers with kids. steve steve michael, the two sides are so far apart. dug. in if we pass something we don't have that issue. >> they have to fix this because it goes to the onboarding of foreign students into our workforce. goes to the very ethos of what our founding fathers established a nation of immigrants. we are shooting ourselves in the foot if we don't get this right if we don't invest in those tired poor hands that will not only
3:38 am
salute our flags. >> i'm sorry, michael. we we have to put time when people coming here open land and much wider issue. we have much different issues today. the problem is mixing 2 mill us at the time of the statue of people coming here for a different reason, a different time versus today. it's completely different. steve: let's talk to a fellow on the front row jose, an immigrant resource -- legal resource center. also a daca recipient. jose, it sounds like the president is going tomb capitol hill later today to talk to house republicans about the two bills. one of the things he wants to do is come up with a bill that protects people like you who are in the country with dreamer status. >> you know, the daca recipient, being here in the country for 30 years, going to a christian baptist law school and working with 4,000 daca recipients in my similar situation through the dream u.s. we want this problem resolved. but we don't want a road map to citizenship that comes at the expense of other immigrant populations
3:39 am
drastically cuttings legal immigration. having taxpayers not mexico pay for 23 billion-dollar wall and gughts our asylum system. ending family separation by insuring that kids are incarcerated with their parents. that is what the build on capitol hill would do. congressional republicans are simply undermining president trump. we need immigration reform that doesn't gut our asylum system that recognizes people under the immigration and nationality act can come to this country fleeing persecution and legally apply for asylum. steve: chain migration. >> family migration is something this country was built upon. many of the people including lots of the people on fox news that have relatives and ancestors steve steve every time one person gets in they can bring in 30 family members as well that's a big problem. >> family reunification was a hallmark of our immigration laws. reuniting family. work hard no matter what station in life. if you are a lawyer or farm hand. if your family is there chain migration became a
3:40 am
dirt word. familyee unification is a beautiful principle. >> we ignore the economics of this. and the fact is you cannot absorb all of the world's problems. you cannot support it financially. if you bring this country down economically by importing poverty when you bring people in incapable of taking advantage of what we provia in america and the america dream and opportunities, then how do we actually sustain the nation to help other nations? we're ignoring the macroeconomic and microeconomic effects of this. if you can't afford the problem. steve: one of the problem is crime. patrick is the front row nassau county police commissioner. one of the problems is ms-13. and a lot of the people who are in your area in ms-13 came into the country illegally. >> we had six murders last year from ms-13. vicious attacks with three of those six were decapitated. four of them buried in shallow graves. almost like they were taunting us to catch them. three of those kids were 15. never had a chance.
3:41 am
innocent kids growing up good, hard working parents here. out in nassau county. our problem is communities. if we lose our communities, when we go and we fight this immigration and fight this ms-13 issue, we have to still strengthen those community bonds. if we lose them, we lose our community. 17% population hispanic growing in nassau county, we have to maintain those relationships. steve: one of the problems is with all these people who come in, and if they are not properly vetted, and we have heard a million stories about that, sometimes that is a problem. it all comes down to politics. and we know that before the election that would be a great time to solve it but can i see the hands of people here today who thinks president trump honestly wants to solve the immigration problem? all right. we have got five. except chuck the democratic strategist. how many think the democrats honestly want to solve the problem? >> two. three. who think the republicans honestly want to solve the
3:42 am
problem? you got four right there. it all comes down to politics. chuck, you didn't hold up your hand for anything. you get the final word. >> i think a lot of this has to do with a lot of emotions. emotions are real people's lives. everybody had a good point. just because a brown kid is ms-13 doesn't mean every brown kid is bad. my family came here undocumented generations go. now i pay hundreds of thousands of federal income tax every year. that shows that the system can work. steve: wendy? >> i just want to say one thing. i feel sad for families that are torn apart. but, i will never be able to see casey again in this lifetime. she is permanently separated from me. it's like i'm living in my own personal hell because i can't see my daughter. i can't talk to my daughter. i can't do everything that a mom and a daughter should be doing. she is never going to get married. she is never going to have children. they talk about dreamers.
3:43 am
casey had dreams, too. and now there is no way -- no way to be able to do that. steve: it is a gigantic problem and our nation needs to address it and need to fix it ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much. this panel will return in a couple of hours for another discussion that was great. thank you for sharing. all right. come up, remember when james comey admitted under oath to leaking those memos to his pal about his meeting with president trump? well, the department of justice remembers. and now they are investigating mr. comey for a possible crime. how much trouble key possibly be in? that guy knows and he is next. we showed you this adorable video. a toddler escaping her crib with the big assist from her big brother. whole family is going to be on the show coming up ♪ cluding those with an abnormal alk or egfr gene who've tried an fda-approved targeted therapy,
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3:47 am
antipolice extremist allowed to speak at career day. suddenly retiring after ethan spoke to students at wildwood elementary school in chicago. >> he told them that all the police were bad. and all the police wanted to kill people. >> she is apologizing saying her intention was to talk about poetry and civic work. former george w. bush ethics, richard painter running for senate. let's just say his first ad is blowing up the internet. watch. >> there is an inferno raging in washington. here in the land of 2,000 lights, we know how to put up a fire. >> the long-time republican now seeking a minnesota senate seat as a democrat. that's a look at your headlines. send it back to you guys. brian: see how critical he has been of the president you knew he was running as a democrat. richard painter.
3:48 am
now time for something else. ainsley: back in the hot seat doj inspector michael horowitz and fbi director christopher wray. new legal trouble for jay comey, listen. >> are you investigating comey's handling of his memos and does that include the classification issues and should mr. comey expect a report when it is complete? >> we received a referral on that from the fbi. we are handling that referral and we will arab report. brian: wow. fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano weighs in. they also brought up the fact that he was using private email. ainsley: g mail account. >> talking about ironies investigating hillary clinton for using a private server while is he using private email himself. according to there was nothing classified in it. the inspector general didn't see everything. is he going on the basis of
3:49 am
the words of jim comey testified to under oath that yes, did i use a private email for fbi business but no there was nothing classified. that's issue number one. issue number the two referral. the fbi referred to the inspector general the idea that he needs to investigate whether or not when jim comey released the memos of his conversations with the president, he violated doj policy, probably violated the law, probably not. i'm saying probably because we don't know all the details. but that's what michael horowitz said he was investigating. what i saw yesterday that startled me the most, it wasn't the democrats getting their narrative out of this, that this has nothing to do with russia or republicans getting their narrative out of this, that the investigation of hillary was so wide of a mark, we have never seen anything like it. it was obviously motivated by politics, no matter what you say. i saw a message from chris wray, the director of the fbi to devin nunes. we are not giving up documents that are protected by privilege.
3:50 am
what's protected by privilege? the mueller documents that were shown to a grand jury that reflect the thoughts and impressions of investigators and prosecutors or where witnessewitnesses were promised confidentiality. steve: that's everything that they want. >> exactly steve. that's everything that they want. when that subpoena arrives today at the doj. they are going to go, i think, across the street to a federal court to ask that it be quashed. that means that a federal judge will get to look at all this stuff tens of thousands of pages here in private and decide what stays secret and what the congress gets. ainsley: all right. judge: meanwhile, these two are going to be testifying all day today on the house side. brian: 770 questioners today. ainsley: asked comey to testify. asked twice. spokesman says out of the country and went on twitter and shows is he in iowa. >> not the iowa caucuses. ainsley: can he do his tv and book tour but can't talk
3:51 am
to us. brian: director of strategic communications mercedes schlapp next live. that's her in the picture. for this new stepdad, caring for his daughter as if she's his own is an act of mutuality. learn more or find an advisor at ♪
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3:54 am
steve: well,he promised to make america great again. now a new poll shows americans think president trump is delivering. so how long county left deny the numbers? we are going to debate it coming up. todd piro joins us because outrage is boiling over. tell us something about what happened at a school. todd: this is really tough to sort of break down. i will try to at least break it down for you. that principal in chicago, mary beth do you know that. she personally invited antipolice activist ethan ethos to speak to kid at the chicago public school.
3:55 am
ethos is a self-described radical who routinely posts violent antipolice rhetoric online. it's really not like his platform should come as a shock. why would you invite this individual to come speak to a bunch of middle schoolers? steve: career day. >> todd: here is one of the things this individual wrote following police shooting where an individual in the chicago police department was executed, ethos writes. this blank him and his family. in an apology letter to parents before retiring she wrote that she brought in ethose to write about his poetry and civic work but things went off the rails and then apologizes. i was president when his narrative took a negative turn about policing. at which point i immediately intervene. i care about your children and never internally expose them to or endorse that type of negativity. that not sitting well with
3:56 am
parents. parents are so fired up about what's going on there. basically you might imagine what they are going to say. why is this individual in my kid's school? this is a predominantly policed community. why would you bring in somebody who is so clearly anti-cop in his thinking. obviously a lot of reaction online. people in chicago and around the country fired up about it ains some are saying she was under a lot of pressure to start having this antipolice rhetoric. todd: exactly. ainsley: having those discussions. todd: that's a whole other issue why are we forcing an educator to bring in that heightened a level of politics that is so polarizing? you can discuss the issues of the day with regard to police. that's taking it to another level. ainsley: our children need to learn if they are in danger they need to go to the police. police are their friends. steve: person who did the inviting halls now retired yosuddenly. ainsley: thanks, todd. steve: he promised to make america great again now new polls show president trump is delivering. how long county left deny the numbers? a debate is coming up.
3:57 am
ainsley: white house director of strategic communicas mercedes schlapp is here and representative mark meadows. you've got a good record and liberty mutual won't hold a grudge by raising your rates over one mistake. you hear that, karen? liberty mutual doesn't hold grudges. how mature of them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance.
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that gives you the edge you need. looks like we have a couple seconds left. let's do some card twirling twirling cards e*trade. the original place to invest online. >> it is the beginning of the unraveling of democracy when the body who makes the laws tells the enforcement body not to enforce the law. steve: who thinks president trump honestly wants to solve the immigration problem? all right. we got five. >> are you investigating comey's handling of his memos? >> we are handling that referral and we will issue a report. >> there has got to begin to be some consequence circumventing the law to do things you are not supposed to do. >> president says he will slap a 10% tax on another $200 billion worth of chinese goods unless beijing reverses course. >> the u.s. economy continues to fire on all cylinders. >> new gallup poll satisfied with the direction with
4:01 am
12-year high ♪ let's get it started ♪ let's get it started ♪ in here ♪ let's the get it started. ainsley: let's gets the second hour started, guys. steve: how musical of you. ainsley: good morning on this tuesday. steve: welcome aboard, folks. another busy two hours and plenty to talk about, brian. brian: let's begin with immigration reform. that's on top of almost everybody's agenda. the president is meeting with house republicans today. he has two plansz that he wants to take a look at and say to republicans to their face i will back both of them. ainsley: this as we get a new inside look at one of the immigrant detention centers at the border. steve: we have dispatched our own griff jenkins to mccallen, texas. is he outside one the detention centers. he hopes to get inside one of them later today and he joins us live. hey, griff. >> good morning, guys. this is one of the largest detention centers in the country. this is where the border patrol brings whether you are an adult or a child
4:02 am
immediately here. adults go on to be processed by ice and children with hhs. the photos are within this mcalen detention center. entire national dialogue over how the zero tolerance policy has been carried out. the president says what he will not stand for is having migrant camps across the country. take a listen. >> the united states will not be a migrant camp and it will not be a refugee holding facility. if the democrats would sit down, instead of obstructing, we could have something done very quickly. >> also, yesterday, dhhs secretary kirstjen nielsen taking to the podium in the white house briefing room to defend her actions. >> apprehension without detention and removal
4:03 am
♪ border security. we have repeatedly called on congress to close these loopholes. >> now, these loopholes are very important. she says there are three. one goes back to 2008, the trafficking victim prevention act. the asylum policy needs to be reformed they say the last decade risen 1700 percent as well as the flores act going back to 1997. we are going to talk next hour with the sector chief here manuel padilla. we will bring it live and get answers. back to you. steve: thanks, griff. the president is going to be meeting with house republicans tonight. he has made it very clear that he supports their immigration plans. he would like to see a bill that does protect the dreamers. he met yesterday with senators shelby and capito. i always say that wrong, thank you. both republican senators, eapsd made it very clear he wants money to build the wall and one of them said he
4:04 am
is trying to get a down payment on the wall probably in the neighborhood of $1.6 billion. but that is just barely, what, 10%, 15% of the 25 billion. ainsley: wants 25 billion. get a little more than one. brian: goodlatte has the bill that gets the 25. i think that's important and also has money to put aside to guarantee that go there and be a trigger to pay for it if, in fact, they don't actually, if congress tried to defund it i just think that there is both plans. the president says to their face i will back both these plans. they believe it will get out of the house. and maybe with all these senators in red states looking to get reelected maybe they will get up to 60 votes. meantime a provision in one of the plans that deals with separation when it comes to the flood of illegals who are coming to our border right now. staggering to think that there are 12,000 kids who have come to our border. 10,000 without parents. and if we don't do something to stem the tide, average 250 kids per day in recent
4:05 am
weeks coming to our border. and people have the audacity to blame ice? or border patrol for this issue? there has got to be a solution to this issue. but they are not the bad guys. ainsley: you know, no one wants these kids separated from their parents. we are all parents. could you imagine if you are trying to give your kid a better life and then you are put into detention center and your child is crying for new a roomful of strangers? though. no one wants that we are all sympathetic to it if you commit a crime you are going to go to prison, you will be if yopulled away from your family. this is a little different sympathy issue. these are people coming trying to give their kids a better life. they are breaking the law. we don't want ms-13 coming across the border and coming and killing our children. everyone want the same thing. it's just that he we have got to come up with a solution. our lawmakers in washington now they are holding this in heir hand. the president tried to offer them an immigration bill it even protected daca and even more than daca and the democrats didn't vote for that because the president says they were obstructing.
4:06 am
so, think need to sit down and come up with a solution. parents either that stay with their kids and come in the right way. steve: according to kirstjen nielsen yesterday 25% increase of unaccompanied kids in this country. of the 12,000 children that the department of homeland security is -- has in custody. 10,000 of them were brought to this country alone in other words, somebody on the other side of our border thought okay the easy pathway to get into the united states is to look like we are a family. so they bring these kids. in that's one of the reasons why tom homan, acting ice director says blame the parents. >> these parents themselves are using these children as pawns to gain entry into the united states knowing that we can't detain them. and as far as the separation of families are concerned, you have to put the blame on the parents. they ar chooses to enter between the ports of entry.
4:07 am
they know they will be separated. they want to blame the government when we're forced to do that put the blame on where it lies not on the fine men and women of border patrol or ice. we are enforcing the law. brian: ted cruz has protect kids and parents act. is he horrified by what he saw. he understands they are in impossible position. it's not our fault that people are welling up at our borders. it's a series of failed states from mexico to el salvador. boliviaia, i have no choice i'm coming here. so here is senator ted cruz. >> too many democrats right now in congress are playing politics with. this they have introduced legislation where their solution is essentially to let illegal immigrants go. go back to the failed policy of catch and release. president obama held tens of thousands of children in detention centers who came illegally as immigrants. when obama was president. the democrats didn't think it was a problem. you didn't see democrats
4:08 am
coming down there. you didn't see the news covering it around the clock. regardless, it's a problem then. it's a problem now. kids shouldn't be the victim of a broken illegal immigration system. we should keep children with their parent. steve: what ted cruz's plan is, he would ask for a lot more money to build shelters to that when families come into the country and they ask for asylum, then the parents and the children can be kept together. and there would be no separation. right now there is no money. there is no facility, and, of course, it's not the law. ainsley: it tooks forever for them such a backlog because so many illegal immigrants trying to get across our border. steve: 50,000 a month. ainsley: between ports of entry. not legally. has increased five fold. it was 14,000 four years ago. now it's 75,000. brian: all right. so, let me just ask you. where do these kids go? everyone has big hears? nobody wants to see anyone from any country. i don't care if it's from canada or ice land. they don't want to see kids
4:09 am
separated from their parents. nobody does. as people come here illegally, just so you know, everybody here doing it the legal way, you are going to wait. everyone here paying all those fees and making sure they stay out of trouble, you are going to have to step aside and so you know, all those classrooms that are so crowded and all the teachers have to buy their own supplies, it's going to get worse. what these kids do, they don't go to private school can w. oprah winfrey or other people in rich areas. they go to working class communities that are often overtaxed. and often under performing schools and they get flooded in there they don't tell the mayors, they don't tell the governors. it happened already in 2011. next thing you know, why is there 45 kids in my classroom? where are they going to go? nancy pelosi has this horrible homeless problem in san francisco just so you know our heart goes out to them but not to the people who clearly don't have enough shelters to build. steve: what are we four or five months from an election u it's a political issue.
4:10 am
it's up on capitol hill. will congress do anything about it or will they simply punt and say nope. and then will president trump ultimately have to say to his ice guys and border patrol. all right. let's back off on that. don't know what's going to happen. just know that it is coming to a head in our nation's capital because so many people are outraged. you hate to see those kids separated from their parents. something has got to be done. brian: they went to the port of call and they had refugee status they would get through and stay together. ainsley: that's right. if there is a good argument for a wall there is this. you have to go to where can you go through a wall where there is a port of entry. steve: that big beautiful door. they haven't bill of indictment the wall yet nonetheless. it's 7:11 in new york city. time to go to jillian. it's weather time. jillian: extreme weather all across the country. dangerous flooding turning deadly in the midwest a man killed when his pickup truck was swept away in wisconsin.
4:11 am
incredible video showing a road completely destroyed by the storm. a state of emergency underway in parts of michigan. flash floods washing away roads and causing doneesens dozf sinkholes. kim jong un is in china to meet with president xi jay ping. the north korean dictator is expected to brief xi on summit in singapore. thinks his third visit to china since march. parents under arrest in leaving children in sweltering hot car for nearly an hour. police say shaw and robinson left their 3-year-old and 6-year-old inside a parked car outside an arkansas walmart. witnesses called 911 after hearing the children screaming on the nearly 90-degree day. police say they were red-faced and sweaty. the car was not running. and its windows were rolled up with the sun roof open. a state trooper is going viral for pulling over a slow-poke driver in the fast lane. and now everyone wants
4:12 am
indiana police sergeant steve stephen wheels on their roads. one person asking, quote, can you transfer to florida and patrol. another writing, quote: bless you sergeant wheels. i hereby nominated you for the nobel peace prize. drivers in indiana are required to move over for passing vehicles. that's a look at your headlines i don't. disagree with that. >> that is like one of my pet peeves. like come on. >> especially when everyone on the right in the right lane is backed up. and there is one driver that is holding everyone up on the left side. not tha. jillian: not that we have road rage. ainsley: never have the rage. you are just that hurry. steve: what's taking so lock up there. thank you, jillian. a video all parents need to see. a toddler climbing a locked pool ladder. new warning for families. brian: now a new bombshell and next week peter strzok comes to town.
4:13 am
♪ living the dream and never giving up ♪ what we believe in ♪ we're all-american i am all about living joyfully. the new united explorer card hooks me up. getting more for getting away. traveling lighter. getting settled. rewarded! learn more at ♪
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♪ i love you baby applebee's 2 for $20, now with steak. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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brian: tale of two separate
4:17 am
parties and agendas. if you watch the hearings yesterday for hours. i found interesting for democrats they were throwing out, looking at 500 page report and throwing out statements that the president has made and try to get these two gentlemen, chris wray and michael horowitz to refute them. for republicans to their credit for the most part they weren't pontificating. they were asking questions. one of the most interesting is senator mic lee. i thought he did it as a lawyer and i thought grassley was strong. graham might have been the best. ainsley: he confronted horowitz about all of the bias that he read in the ig report. listen to this. >> this was an email sent in february 2016 from page to mccabe. hey, you surely already considered this but in my view, our best reason to hold the line at 2 and 2 two agents and two prosecutors is she might be our next
4:18 am
president. how did you feel about that? >> we were concerned about it. >> one of the fbi agents in the interview said on election day to another fbi agent you should know that i'm with her. eventually very concerned enough already. i'm glad you found what you found, mr. horowitz. i'm not buying that the clinton email investigation was on the up and up. steve: so to recap the inspector general and keep in mind his report was how the fbi handled the hillary clinton email investigation, you know. did they give her preference and from hearing from mr. horowitz it, sounded like there was bias then had you christopher wray the director of the fbi we made changes and things are better and we are trying to restore the integrity and, you know, the way people feel about the fbi. but back then n 2016 it was just a few bad actors. unfortunately as was pointed out by a u.s. senator the bad actors were the person
4:19 am
who ran the department, the number two person and the person running the investigation. ainsley: person involved with robert mueller's special counsel. brian: for a while, for a short time. listen, what he is trying to say is this. you change the words gross negligence because it's criminal. you change the word when you talked about hillary clinton's actions leading up to the election when her use of a private server because you had to drill down on intent. you gave immunity to almost every major player, why in the people in charge of the investigation know to stop donald trump, which they wrote about had you make sure that she ended up the nominee and not legal problems. probably because bernie sanders wouldn't beat trump. you damage her because you have to be somewhat accurate in james comey's inexplicable speech in july identity of other people horrific things and next
4:20 am
week peter strzok peter strzok appear next week. i don't know how he defends those texts but is he going to be forced to. ainsley: his attorney says no need to subpoena him because he will be glad to talk. what i found interesting somebody else work okay the investigation one of those unnamed people asked had his son could work for hillary clinton in the campaign and givings information to john podesta who worked for hillary clinton. steve: there were some great answers, rather some great questions yesterday from both sides but very lawyerly answers as you would expect from the inspector general and fbi director. everybody feels like things are on the up and up. nice to see if peter strzok says next week what was the insurance policy again? can you answer that. ainsley: be watching that for sure. brian: i was impressed with horowitz not with chris wray who was trying to turn the page not yet. steve: that's his job. brian: he should be more outraged than anybody else because it's his agency
4:21 am
being defiled. steve: coming up, mark sanford took on president trump and lost his job. eighth arrington the woman who beat him joins us next. come on in. ♪ ne everything for his well-being. but meningitis b progresses quickly and can be fatal, sometimes within 24 hours. while meningitis b is uncommon, about 1 in 10 infected will die. like millions of others, your teen may not be vaccinated against meningitis b. meningitis b strikes quickly. be quick to talk to your teen's doctor about a meningitis b vaccine.
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4:24 am
ainsley: time now for news why the numbers. first, 40 million. that's the overall enrollment in food stamps an 8-year low. the usda says the decline during the month of march is due to the booming economy and crackdown on fraud in the snap program. next, listen to this. 10%. that is how many preliminaries don't leave tips at restaurants. that's according to a new credit survey. one in three millennials say they leave less than 15% tip. come on, be genius, guys. finally, number one that is
4:25 am
where hawaiian airlines ranks for ontime flights. according to the department of transportation 8 will 7% of flights arrive to the gate when expected. steve? steve: thank you very much, ainsley. a last-minute endorsement on election day by primary day by president trump on twitter pushed our next guest to cross the primary finish line in the great state of south carolina. katie arrington crediting the trump bump as she went 50.6% of the vote narrowly beating mark sanford, a sitting congressman in his first election loss ever what could it signal for the mid terms let's talk to katie arrington who joins us live in new york. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. thank you for having me. steve: go back a couple weeks. it was a couple weeks already. >> it was last week. time flies. steve: tell me about it so last tuesday, late in the day, out of nowhere. the president of the united states tweets don't vote for mark sanford because mark
4:26 am
sanford has not cooperated with the president vote for you. >> yes at 4:00 p.m. it was amazing. it definitely kept from us a runoff. in south carolina why had a democrat who wanted to try on a science experiment and run on the republican ticket there were three of us. i'm sure president trump's tweet kept us out of a runoff. steve: had you to get to 50%? >> 50 plus 1. steve: did you that by a little extra. what was it about mark sanford that the president did not like and wanted to campaign against? >> well, it's on what mark stood for. he would go on tv cnn especially and bash the president. steve: a republican. >> the morning after steve scalise was shot. he got on cnn to say that the president was culpable. he repeatedly went to the media to say that he thought the president was stupid or arrogant. and then of all the people in the world, the comment about the stormy daniels just mark sanford is not the
4:27 am
guy to do that. south carolina was ready for a change. something that we needed. i knocked on thousands of doors and people said it's time for a change. steve: you are unlike mark sanford he was running away president trump and you were running toward him? >> absolutely. i think our president right now is doing a phenomenal job. i think the conservative values that he stands for. he is the president with a backbone. and is he willing to say stand up, this is america first. we need to take care of home. we need to get our economy moving. we need to make sure our defense is stronger than it's been in decades, which it is. there isn't much i don't appreciate what the president is doing. steve: katie, what do you think about his immigration policy right now is zero tolerance. if you try to break the law coming into the country illegally you are going to get locked up or separated from your children. >> it's been the same thing. we went through the same thing in summer of 2014. it's congress, career politicians have not solved this problem it is not the
4:28 am
president's job. it's congress' job. they need to get the job done. daca happened because congress couldn't get anything done. 2014. you go back and look at virtually every four years we have this same predictment happening. it gets a moment and summertime flurriy. and then goes to the side. summer of 2014 we had 20,000 children in the same predicament. where were these democrats crying at that point? let's fix the problem. this has been a challenge. we have a president who is saying now let's fix the problem. steve: you've heard. you have seen the mainstream media reports that there is going to be a blue waive although there -- in november there was a story out today, i believe on cnbc about how goldman sachs was predicting whatever advantage had the democrats had over the pricks they have lost it by half. >> yes. there is no blue wave washing on the shores of south carolina. we are a strong red state we believe in the conservative values president trump has. overwhelmingly you saw this in the past primary season
4:29 am
without a doubt. steve: katie arrington the republican congressional nominee from one of the districts down in the great state of south carolina. katie, nice to hear your story. >> thank you for having me. have a great day. steve: thank you. meanwhile, democrats by nancy pelosi are calling on the department of homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen to quit over the immigration crisis. her response, do your job. >> very cowardly response. it's clearly within their power to make the laws and change the laws. they should do so. steve: she is talking about congress. white house strategic communications director mercedes schlapp is going to join us live from the white house next. and it's a video every parent needs to see. that is a pool ladder to keep your kids from getting in the pool. look there. it's not working. we have a new warning for families as we approach the summer. was wondering if an elecc toothbrush really cleans better than a manual. and my hygienist says it does but they're not all the same. who knew? i had no idea.
4:30 am
so she said, look for one that's shaped like a dental tool with a round brush head. go pro with oral-b. oral-b's rounded brush head surrounds each tooth to gently remove more plaque, and oral-b is the first electric toothbrush brand accepted by the american dental association for its effectiveness and safety. my mouth feels so clean. i'll only use an oral-b. oral-b. brush like a pro.
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4:33 am
>> those who selectively use the bible to justify this cruelty are ignoring a central tenet of christianity. jesus said suffer the little children unto me. he did not say let the children suffer. >> we are operating with a white nationalist government that will take children hostage too get what they want. >> all i can say after talking to the people, watching the people. listening to the people that the statue of liberty i think is weeping right now. steve: well, there you go. some of the mainstream reaction to what's going on with the administration. let's go to somebody who is a spokesperson for the administration. mercedes schlapp. white house senior communications advisor. she joining us from the north lawn. mercedes, good morning to you. ainsley: good morning. >> good morning. steve: so for the many people who watching right now. they have heard these heart wrenching stories about children who are separated from their parents when they try to come in the country
4:34 am
illegally. what would you like people to know about that. we are looking to washington for answers and it doesn't look like anything is happening. >> i know you played hillary clinton's piece in the beginning. in 2014 in cnn interview she basically said quote just because your child gets across the border doesn't mean your child gets to stay. she pushed for border security. and now all of a sudden these democrats want to use this issue of immigration as a emotional, divisive political play as they are entering into the midterm elections which is incredibly irresponsible. president trump since last year has been proposing real immigration reform that will close the legal loopholes that will end these family separations that would ensure we secure our border. there is two messages here. the messages -- the message of the democrats pushing forward open borders and amnesty. these individuals who come into the country based on our laws are basically released in 20 days. unaccompanied children. so, it really becomes a
4:35 am
challenge when you see what's happening in that sense and so what the dhs is simply doing, the department of homeland security is simply doing is ensuring that we are enforcing the law. if we want to see significant change, we need to close those legal loopholes so that we are able to detain and swiftly remove these family units who are coming in illegally. ainsley: i understand you using the hillary clinton references many people in our country. no matter what the motive midterm elections. images are out there now parents being operated from their kids. you are right. congress has to do something about this. it's not up to an administration u what are the solutions? so that a parent can stay with their kids. >> what's also heart break something to watch those families who have lost loved ones because of ms-13 members who have used the loopholes hand have come through this country and killed not only americans,
4:36 am
latinos, individuals here in the united states. let's talk about these heart het breaking stories. thee have to understand these families that are separated. it is for a limited period of time between 5 to 10 days. it is because if you come in and cross the border it, is a crime the illegal immigrant the adult will be prosecuted it this happens in our american system if an american commits a crime they will be separated from their children it is incredibly heart-breaking and it is the law. it's the reality we have. and we can solve this problem of family separation if we close these legal loopholes that means democrats coming on board right now, this week we have two house bills going through congress. this is an opportunity that would close these legal loopholes as well as secure the border wall funding and also take care of the daca issue. the president has come up with a very strong compromise when it comes this-to-this issue and generous one in terms immigration reform. it's time for the democrats to come to the table and let's just resolve this
4:37 am
immigration problem that we're having as well as close these legal loopholes with catch and release that will allow to us detain and swiftly remove these kids and families that have come across the border illegally. brian: mercedes, the secretary of homeland security answered every question yesterday very directly. obviously knows the issue. however, in the big picture now, there is a little bit of discrepancy between what the attorney general jess says and homeland security secretary says. does the word want to get tout central south american countries that if you come here, there is -- you are not going to get in and there is going to be separation in the hope of making a deterrent? homeland security says it's not and homeland will is. >> know what the business model is their business model is they are able to bring these children across the border that these individuals will then be quickly released in 20 days.
4:38 am
i think it's a bigger and broader message which is that clearly we are simply enforcing the law. that law is if you come in as an illegal adult, you will be prosecuted as a criminal. i mean, there is no question. you will get a misdemeanor. if you come in a second time, it will be a felony. you come in a third time you will serve jail time. this is clearly the broad message that we're putting out there. clearly enforcing the law at this point. asking for real reform closing the legal loophole tone sure we are -- right now our hands are tied and agents can't do their job effectively. securing the safety and security of children crossing the border. smugglers bringing in children u there has been 315% increase from october to february where have you had these illegal immigrants basically fraud lengthily using children to pose as a family unit. that is just outrageous and
4:39 am
needs to be stopped. and these children are -- our key is to make sure these children are kept in safe environment which is what we are doing when they move over and taken care of by the hhs officials. steve: exit question, just a yes or no answer, mercedes, does something pass correct me if i acongress? >> you know, i know that the president is going to be meeting with the house conference members today. i think that there is definitely this moment we want this bill to move forward and pass the house. this is going to take extra effort and it's going to take working together with the democrats. so, let's have the democrats come on board. let's make sure we secure the border as a hillary clinton once said in 2014. let's make sure we secure the border. and what i can assure is you that president trump, he cares about these children. he is as concerned about the safety of these children. at the same time, this is a question about enforcing the law and that is what we are doing right now. brian: right. the president backs both bills, right, in the house? >> yes that is correct. he backs the goodlatte and
4:40 am
compromise bill. ainsley: thanks so much, mercedes. good to see you. so much pressure on democrats and republicans i think the answer to that is yes. steve: those images are terrible. the little kid crying. all those crying kids. heart breaking optics. brian: more on republicans than democrats. i think they are happy to think that president trump is paying a price for this. meanwhile, 20 minutes before the top of the hour jillian you have the news? >> yes, i do. incredible story. a teen believed to be dead starts breathing again after paramedics lay a sheet on him. first responders were tweeting other victims in chicago. >> we saw motion, movement, underneath the sheet. officers were present notified the paramedics this man is still alive. >> the stein now in critical condition after being shot in the head. at least nine people were killed and 45 others hurt. in shootings in chicago over the weekend. actress heather lock ler hospitalized for a psych
4:41 am
investigation after threatening to kill herself. her mother called 911 claiming she was trying to find a gun to kill herself. 56-year-old was arrested back in february for felony domestic violence against her boyfriend. she allegedly threatened to shoot officers if they returned to her home in california. a concerned father sharing video of his toddler climbing a locked pool ladder. >> all right, honey. [crying] >> well, that's exactly what the ladder is supposed to prevent. the massachusetts dad joking about the 2-year-old boy's you were body strength while reminding parents to keep an eye on their kids around pools. yikes. that's scary. ainsley: i was wondering where were the parents when we were showing video in the teases, that explains it. he was showing how it happens. >> okay honey can you get the baby. probably send it to the company and say change. this. steve: if you have one of those pool guards keep an eye on things. 18 minutes before the top of
4:42 am
the hour. janice dean outside where it is still warm. janice: it is. what is your name. >> i'm emily love grove from greenville, south carolina. >> janice: what are the conditions in new york. >> rainy and humid. janice: what do you think of new york so far. >> being on "fox & friends." janice: that wasn't planned at all by the way. 78 here in new york. it is humid my friend. absolutely. 64 in chicago. we do have a cold front moving through and with that cold front that stationary front we have the potential for heavy rain in the forecast. not only for the great lakes but also down south. also, wave to everybody at home. we love "fox & friends." right? >> yea. >> say hi to our south carolina friends out there. >> good job. >> tennessee governor. thank you very much. >> president trump promised it listen. >> we will make america great again. ainsley: now a new poll shows americans think the president is delivering.
4:43 am
how long can the left deny the numbers? we're going to debate that next. brian: plus, would you want to know when you were going to die if you could. ainsley: no. brian: google want to tell you ♪ i will fight till forever ♪ how do you become america's best-selling brand? you introduce the all-new ford ecosport and surprise people with how much they can get in a small suv. that means more standard features and more upgrades for a lot less than expected. the all-new ecosport. it's the big upgrade in a small package. from ford, america's best-selling brand. see what you can get for under 20 grand with the all-new ecosport. see what you can get for under 20 grand find thenah.ote yet? honey look, your old portable cd player.
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brian: brand new polls revealing that the country satisfied with the country's 38% 12 year high. will president trump's policies get the credit or be casual somewhere along for the ride. kayleigh mcenany and john hopkins professor wendy
4:47 am
osefo. wenty, those numbers are strong. if the economy is stupid, does the president get credit? >> yeah, can he get credit. we have to look at this in context, brian. what we know from this poll is out of the all registered voters we have in this country the poll only exams 1500 people. it's kind of skewed as researcher and professor i would say is not statistically significant. what we do know here is what i found very interesting is that of those individuals who said that this is satisfactory only 13% of them were democrats. that's what we need to focus on. we want a president who is not divisive. who when we say satisfaction guaranteed we mean that for both people on both sides of the aisle. again, if we look at this great is he able to have that poll number. again, let's make sure we are inclusive of all parties. brian: yeah. you know what? that's a great point. independence is something the president shoots for but maybe a greater effort to get democrats. economic numbers pretty
4:48 am
strong 3.8% stunning. 62.7% labor participation rate could be better. but, kayleigh, the numbers are strong. the president still under 50. but getting closer in terms of approval. >> it's huge. and democrats are running scared from those numbers you just saw up on the screen. and they should be for good reason. you know, this president his economic successes are spanning. most under reported number of the trump presidency, that's millennials. zogby poll 50% support among liberals. that's extraordinary. cnn poll showed 10% shift in millennials towards the president. why, you ask? because this generation has been shut out of the job market and another poll, reuters poll showed a 12% shift towards trusting republicans on the economy. democrats need to be scared because those numbers are guaranteeing him a second term. brian: wenty, real quick, if immigration is bipartisan
4:49 am
solution. do you think democrats would be afraid of giving him that, even though it would be good for the country? >> we're not going to give him anything because he is the president and he needs to have a seat at the table in this conversation. what we know is that there are children being held in cages. what we know it's not a law it's a policy. >> not true. >> excuse me, let me finish. this is a policiened at trump administration has every power right now if he wants to to stop what's going on. and just to underscore something. brian: kayleigh, real quick. second answer. >> went yrkts stop be disingenuous. >> don't tell me what to stop doing. >> came from the obama administration. >> they are from this government. >> this president is winning and succeeding you guys are desperate. >> we are not desperate. we are winning. [laughter] brian: five stories a day we are looking at. major stories. just a few hours, michael horowitz and christopher wray will be back on the hot seat in front of 70 lawmakers. congressman mark meadow also be there. has a lot of questions. he promises to tell us what is he going to say next. plus, google is working on a new program to predict when you will die.
4:50 am
should the search giant really be playing god and tell us when to log off for good? dr. mic is next ♪ ♪ somebody get me a doctor ♪ my mom washes the dishes... ...before she puts them in the dishwasher. so what does the dishwasher do? new cascade platinum lets your dishwasher be the dish washer. three cleaning agents dissolve, lift and rinse away food the first time. new cascade platinum. i am totally blind. and non-24 can make me show up too early... or too late.
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♪ ♪ ainsley: would you want to know when you were going to die if you could find out that information. google now wants to make it a reality. new algorithm claiming to be 95% accurate when predict going a patient is going to die within 24 hours of being admitted into the hospital versus 86% accuracy in traditional methods. family medicine physician doctor mchale joins us now also known as dr. mike, which is easier. i will go with that thanks for joining us is this a good or bad thing.
4:54 am
>> depends how look at it data in hospitals has been tremendously under utilized. we are lit littlely in the dark ages. half of the information on table and half on systems that don't talk to each other. what my patient experiences in one hospital what tests they undergo doesn't always come back toe movement there is a lot of duplicates. a lot of bad mistakes happening because data is not connected. i'm glad google is making an effort to try to connect some of that data. thing that's worrying with me is what happens to this data and who owns this data. patient's health information is a protected asset. that's really important. on top of that, what do you with that information matters. i hope, as a doctor, that these companies use the information that they get to benefit patients not just the companies themselves. ainsley: what worries me is if your mom had some sort of an illness, she goes to the hospital and google says she has a 5% chance of survival are the doctors going to focus more on other patients because they don't think she is going to live? >> you are talking about free age and hopefully we are never in a situation where we have to make those
4:55 am
kind of calls. what's important is that when this algorithm spits out a decision and saying well, this person has only 10% chance to live, i want know why it's making that decision. and then that decision needs to be valuated by a human being. pause, machines make mistakes and sometimes they make mistakes based on faulty data. when i look through a patient's chart right now, they are a mess. i have diagnoses that have been resolved 10 years prior and they just carry over, carry over because of the electronic health records and i don't want the machine trying to make a decision on the patient's life when it's not accurate. so there needs to be human oversight of what these machines do. and the fear that ai is going to replace physicians is not coming any time soon. because medicine is really as much as it is a science it's an art. ainsley: don't doctor does that anyway? if someone comes in with a car accident and something major has happened, aren't they already triaging in their mind? aren't they saying the chances of survival not so good but i'm still going to
4:56 am
try. >> that's why hearing google is getting better results with these percentages, 96% vs. 86%, whatever the anybody's were. it doesn't change my management, right? so, yes, for insurance companies maybe there is some importance there. the way i look at it is i take a patient that has pneumonia, right? and i look at them and say well, do they have to be hospitalized? having some data from a program like google to tell me well, you know, if you hospitalized them, you increase their rate of getting an infection by x percentage but if you send them home, they can do just as well and the percentages show they can flourish at home on oral antibiotics. that kind of information is crucial for me as a doctor. ainsley: what type of doctor. >> family medicine. ainsley: thank you so much. thank you for what you do. doctors have so special. james comey admitted under oath to leaking memos trump. now the doj is investigating him for possible crimes. how much trouble is he really going to be in? it's the basketball game that everyone is talking about. ted cruz beating jimmy
4:57 am
kimmel one-on-one and we have the highlights coming up next. ♪ see what i mean ♪ might as well jump ♪ jump ♪ isn't that great news? yes! noooooo! no! noooo. try directv now for $10 a month for 3 months. more for your thing. that's our thing. visit . .
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(vo) you can never have too many faithful companions. that's why i got a subaru crosstrek. love is out there. find it in a subaru crosstrek. ♪ >> it is the beginning of unraveling of democracy when the body to makes the law, tells the enforcement body not to enforce the law. >> we can solve the problem of family separation if we close the loopholes. >> glad you found what you found. i'm not buying it that the clinton email investigation was on the up and up. >> of course they had bias. of course they had adverse process and of course they wanted to do the president in. now the question is, was it a criminal conspiracy. >> the president says he will slap a 10% tax on another $200 billion worth of chinese goods unless beijing reverses course. >> new "gallup poll," satisfaction with the u.s.
5:01 am
direction at 12-year high. >> this president, his economic successes are standing his base. democrats need to be spared. those numbers are guarantying him a second term. ♪ brian: andy grammer. ainsley: don't you say to your kids, fine by me if you never leave. brian: i would be fine with that. if they live close. there was time in which america you always lived near your family or you went to the wilderness. steve: that is typical new yorker. if you didn't live in new york, go to the wilderness. brian: went to the wilderness. never saw them again. steve: fine by me. this busy tuesday, president. united states met with a couple of senators. they come up with a idea how to get a down payment on the wall.
5:02 am
they will meet with republicans to night. going forward there are two bills, the goodlatte bill and a more moderate bill. up on capitol hill the conventional wisdom they will not pass. now what they're doing, they're taking a look at the big disaster, the big optical story right now and that is the story at these detention centers where children have been separated from their families. that is why a number of congressman and senators have idea how to fix just that right now. ainsley: they will have to act because everyone, republicans and democrats, you see the images, you have sympathy for those children, for the parents they're trying to give them a better life. you understand the idea why the president wants to put up a wall. you want to make sure everyone coming in is vetted so ms 1 is not coming in with moms and kids and murdering our kids, these taxpayers. brian: it is amazing these democrats in many cases even
5:03 am
though every first lady is -- people say you shouldn't separate parents and kids, i get that. now every democrat realizes there is problem at the border. maybe because the russian investigation is not turning out to be anything. ig report is embarassment and backs up the president's story. maybe the economy is on a roll. or maybe they're legitimately concerned. you can decide at home. make it the "fox & friends" home game we might market. here secretary of homeland security kirstjen nielsen, she came to answer questions for sarah huckabee sanders. she is this thing called an expert. even though some people in the press were upset she showed up to answer their questions specifically. listen. >> this entire crisis just to be clear is not new. it has been occurring and expanded over many decades. surely it is the beginning of the unraveling of democracy when the body who makes the laws instead of changing them, tells
5:04 am
the enforcement body not to enforce the law. i asked congress to act this week. clearly within their power to make the laws and change the laws. they should do so. it's a problem. let's fix it. brian: now they're building tent cities. converting wal-marts and k-marts there is flood of illegal immigrants coming into our country. maybe the big picture, working together what is going on in ecuador? what is going on in el salavador. what is going on in all the nations people are flooding this direction? one thing about joe biden, they dispatched joe biden when all the unaccompanied miners h h -- minors came to the border. you need to stop this what is going on here. maybe they need to -- steve: we need a plan. there is zero tolerance policy. essentially maximum pressure. we're sending a message. if you come to the country
5:05 am
illegally. you might have your children separated from you. ainsley: you're following the law. steve: same time maximum pressure on congress. do something about it. two bills out there, slim to none are probably are the chances. ted cruz came out with a suggestion, that he wants to try to do something about these families, these kids, keep them together. more money for shelters. brian, about five minutes will talk to mark meadows. i heard he has a bill that will come it. it doesn't deal with daca. does not deal with the wall. in other words very narrow. it deals with these particular children, keeping the families together indefinitely. brian: yeah. allow the children to stay with the families indefinitely but raise the threshold in which you can get here saying i'm seeking asylum. but steve, i am somewhat more optimistic than you for the second bill, not the goodlatte bill, but for the second bill i'm somewhat more optimistic. ainsley: why is that? brian: i believe there is some momentum in the house to get it through on a simple majority
5:06 am
because i do think, but i have a good idea when mark meadows comes forward, because the freedom caucus can make-or-break it. steve: in the house. but the senate is the problem. brian: to get it through the house, that would be one thing. you see where we'll be at in the senate because as you mentioned we have six senators who happen to be democrats in red states and might be worried about voting against it. but my fear is, not looking for the best interests of the country, democrats feel as thoughth making traction on this. they don't want to hurt, they don't want to stop the hurt on the president. ainsley: don't you think, brian, it would pass if it were making sure that parents and kids stay together or sending them to their country, giving them a path to citizenship. brian: part of a bigger story. ainsley: that is the problem. republicans want to throw in chain migration, the lottery, the wall, democrats won't vote for that. brian: just to be clear, before this happened, this had two plans, pushed by moderates who
5:07 am
shade, will herd, if you don't do something, republicans i will team with democrats, and do a moderate plan you will hate. steve scalise talked about this. we have two plans, put it up for a vote. the other crisis took place, let's add to that to of so the other things with it. steve: i'm not confident in those democrats who now suddenly might vote with republicans. they have had chances over last year-and-a-half. none of that has happened. we all want, we all know that this is a big problem. we have been talking about the immigration problem in this country as long as this program has been on the air. now we have this crisis as well going on down there, with the children being separated from their families, when it is their family. ainsley: they can't use those images and be up in arms about it as we all are, then not vote for a bill. then they're using them to try to win the elections and use these images to try to win the election.
5:08 am
steve: right. ainsley: parents and kids are separated. steve: why the lawmakers up on capitol hill. a couple of republicans are trying to do something, democrats as well, something more narrow deal exactly with this will it pass? stay tuned. brian: i don't know how many of you out there, 2:00 in the afternoon. many have jobs or listening on siri russ radio and could stop and listen to michael horowitz and chris wray answer questions from the senate judiciary committee. after 514 pages along with a executive summary of 15 pages it was time for lawmakers to do reading over the weaken and be prepared to ask questions. i can not tolerate the speeches or people that want to play politics there is legitimate investigation with questions that go over. mike lee was fantastic. senator lindsey graham was able to piece it together and pressed michael horowitz on this question. it was this, when they referred in these text messages to a plan, an insurance plan, they mentioned andy, who is it? andy mccabe.
5:09 am
what did an did i mccabe say what is this plan? he said he didn't remember. peter strzok remembered to lisa page. one of them is lying. that is moving an investigation further. steve: so, you know there were some great questions but there weren't such great answers although this was a stunner. remember when james comey on the way out, he delivered to a friend the professor, up at columbia who is also a lawyer and had special status with the fbi some documents regarding memos he had taken and his meetings with president trump, he leaked them to try to get them in the paper to get a special investigator. there was some really secret stuff on those memos. are they going after comey? listen to this. >> are you investigating comey's handling of his memos and does that include the classification issues and should mr. comey expect a report when it is complete? >> we received a referral on
5:10 am
that from the fbi. we are handling that referral and we will issue a report. steve: he is in trouble. ainsley: did he violate the rules, the laws? we'll be finding out. brian: the other thing just been brought up, if you wanted to create a plan that donald trump not get elected, you have to make sure hillary clinton remains the nominee. maybe that explains why gross negligence was taken out in july and other words were in there that reprimanded here did you don't have any legal ramifications. >> we learned, one of those unnamed people within the doj that was part of this investigation, investigating hillary clinton, mind you, was asking hillary clinton to get his son or her son a job and was leaking information to podesta who worked for hillary clinton. steve: remember this ig report is about the investigation at the fbi into the hillary clinton email investigation. was it done properly? it is not about the fisa application, what started the russia collusion investigation. that's going to be on our plate
5:11 am
in about year-and-a-half. brian: right. who knows if robert mueller will be done by then. steve: hope so. ainsley: some people want that investigation discontinued. steve: sounds like it could be done about it end of the summer. fingers crossed. ainsley: jillian has more headlines. jillian: good morning to you. talk about dangerous flooding a lot of country has experienced. this is in in the midwest. a man was killed when his pickup was swept away in wisconsin. a video shows the rhode void by the storm. emergency underway in michigan. flash floods washing away roads, causing dozens of sinkholes. a hospital evacuated in illinois after downpours flood the building. more rain across the country. former cia employ charged with leaking classified information. the worst in the nation's history. joshua shutt.
5:12 am
that he leaked government hacking tools. those tools appeared on wikileaks last year. he worked for a cia group that designs computer spy codes. supreme court sidestepping issue whether partisan gerrymander something unconstitutional. declining to weigh in whether gop lawmakers in which is and democratic lawmakers in maryland unconstitutionally drew apolitical -- basketball game between senator ted cruz and jimmy kimmel did not disappoint. >> ted cruz! jillian: the basketball challenge for charity after kimmel poked fun at cruz for supports the houston rockets. between baskets the two discussed what else, politics.
5:13 am
>> millions of people would be angry at obamacare where average family premiums go up $5,000 a year. >> that is not true. those are facts. >> i voted for hillary? >> how did that work out? jillian: in the end senator cruz won the game 1 1-9. steve: i like what you say, between baskets. brian: they cut it off at 11 because it was two hours long. 1 minutes after the hour. what is really happening on the border. what it is like to to be on the border. >> campaign ad setting a fire for no good reasons. >> there is inferno raging in washington. here in the land of 10,000 lakes, we know how to put out a fire.
5:14 am
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5:18 am
men tasked with keeping our border safe. griff. reporter: this is the largest processing center. the rio grande river is the busiest sector. the chief of the sector, manuel padilla joins us. the chief, the nation enter ad passionate debate what is happening here. why is it happening and is it accomplishing the goal of securing our border? >> griff, thanks for being here. i want to talk with two areas, border security and immigration and those two areas present a challenge to us. they're really in total control of congress to do something about. let me start with border security. the busiest sector along the southwest border is rio grande valley. 40% of all the apprehensions made in the southwest border happen here. 44% of all marijuana seized happen in the rio grande valley. those are just numbers. when you have the level of activity and limited personnel,
5:19 am
technology and infrastructure, it creates a chaotic environment. this chaotic environment manifests itself in tractor-trailer loads. it manifests itself in stash hours where people are crammed in and in very dilapidated conditions. a lot of sexual abuse, robbing of people being smuggled. also manifests itself in rollovers. just over the weekend we had a rollover, five people died. two months ago -- reporter: chief i want to quickly get you to images of the children, family separations that are happening. >> yes. reporter: are the children in here being treated well? there is much debate over that. >> yes, immigration is a second piece. this facility here we built this facility in 2014. 2014 was a crisis of unaccompanied children and migrant families, family units together. at that time we did not have the facilities to deal with this influx. that is when this facility was built. we're walk you through there to see the operation inside of this
5:20 am
facility. reporter: can't wait to take a look. quickly before we run out of time, is there another way? is is it necessary we separate these families? >> in 2014 and 2015 we started detaining families until the point of hearing because they were at such high levels that we needed to do something about it. at that time when we detained families for a long period until they saw the immigration judge, this started a downward turn, or trend in that traffic. so in 2014 these levels were unacceptable. we're going to be reaching those levels absent any action on our behalf. reporter: chief, we're running out of time. i appreciate the opportunity. steve, ainsley, brian, the chief will take me, our cameras can't go. we'll go in this facility. we'll go down to the border to see this problem that is exploding. chief, thank you. >> thank you so much. reporter: guys, back to you. ainsley: we want to find out where the kids go, are they ever
5:21 am
reunited with their parents, that kind of thing. brian: only 20 days, they're back with their parents. mark meadows has a plan to solve this problem, so much more. don't move. do it. ♪ come on. this summer, add a new member to the family. at the mercedes-benz summer event. lease the glc300 for $429 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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♪ ainsley: here is some quick headlines for you. president trump's pick to lead our nation's troops in afghanistan is heading capitol hill. lieutenant-general austin miller will appear before the senate armed services committee for a hearing to consider his nomination. if he is confirmed he will become the ninth top commander of america's longest war. president trump will welcome in spain's king phillip vi. they will head to san antonio and new orleans. both cities and former spanish
5:25 am
territories celebrating try centennials. brian: we want to talk with mark meadows, member of the freedom caucus. we wanted to talk about the ig's report and questions you were asked and you saw the what is happening at the separate race at border and you have a plan to solve it. >> brian we'll introduce later today a piece of legislation that is actually more narrow that the two pieces the president will be talking about with members of congress this afternoon. what it does, it deals with this issue that we're having at the border with the separation of children from their parents. it also deals with some of the asylum issues at the border, but it takes out some of the more controversial issues like sanctuary cities, the wall, daca. keep is it very narrow. 77 pages focus just on this much hopefully to get both democrats and republicans come together to actually solve the problem. we shared that with the administration. shared it with our leadership. so hopefully it provides a path
5:26 am
forward if the other two bills we have do not go anywhere. brian: you're saying this is a third offer or those two bills are impervious to this? because it's a separate issue really? >> this is a stand-alone bill. brian, one of the things not talked about, this issue of family separation is actually addressed in both of the republican bills. brian: okay. >> we actually did that. but, this takes away some of the more controversial things that would, affect the vote total. so hopefully we can introduce that today and get some real help. brian: i know you like the goodlatte bill. would you vote for the compromise bill? >> we're still reviewing it. obviously a lot of that depends what the president says today. there are some that believe that it is light on enforcement and heavy on amnesty. so it really is going to be what, my constituents back home in north carolina say, we're putting out surveys to them. because really it is not my voting card. it is theirs. brian: got to be a quick answer.
5:27 am
why are you at the white house? >> you know, i have a meeting later today on foreign policy. so i just happened to be here. we had this, instead of having a capitol hill hit, we're here on white house lawn. brian: cheaper for us. we're saving money. got to be good for the budget. let's talk about the ig report. you will have a chance to ask questions today, 70 lawmakers will. what did you glean from the senate judiciary hearing that might alter what you asked today? >> obviously they hit on some of the issues. really questions i have, brian, are very different. why were their two standards, one for the hillary clinton investigation and one for donald trump? why did they put off some of the investigative things on hillary clinton but yet were full force against donald trump? why were some of the investigative issues brought up and actually changed to create a different scope? so those questions, i have over 120 questions, well-prepared. i think you will find jim jordan and i have been following this
5:28 am
from day one. you will find new information comes out from the house today. brian: peter strzok, didn't need a subpoena, but subpoena to go see him. he could be up there as soon as next week. one of the things you told our producers is, why is peter strzok still at the white house? why was andy mccabe fired days before and peter strzok still have a job? have you heard a explanation for that? >> there is no explanation even if we got one from doj and fbi there wouldn't be a good explanation. when you have seen as much information as i have, even the ig report is very damning, time for peter strzok to go home, it is time for transparency at doj. hopefully we get that this week. brian: good luck in your meeting. good luck with your legislation. it is an intense time in washington. mark meadows, thank you. >> thank you, brian. brian: straight ahead, as congressman meadows just explained lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are fighting over how to solve the immigration crisis. is there a solution we all can agree on?
5:29 am
we have a huge panel, prestigious one, to discuss, in same outfits. richard painter revealed his first campaign ad. it is settings some on the internet on fire. >> there is inferno raging in washington but here in the land of 10,000 lakes, we know how to put out a fire. ♪ you shouldn't be rushed into booking a hotel. with expedia's add-on advantage, booking a flight unlocks discounts on select hotels until the day you leave for your trip. add-on advantage. only when you book with expedia. add-on advantage. i mwell, what are youe to take care odoing tomorrow -10am? staff meeting. noon? eating. 3:45? uh, compliance training. 6:30? sam's baseball practice.
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enjoying a slice of pizza. now it's as easy as pie. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? ♪ >> president trump since last year has been proposing real immigration reform, that will close the legal loopholes, that will end these family separations, that would insure that we secure our border. we are sim isly enforcing the law, that law is, if you come in as an illegal adult you will be prosecuted as a criminal. ainsley: the immigration debate reaching a boiling point as
5:33 am
outrage mounts over family separation at our border. president trump heading to the hill made of crucial house votes over immigration bills. how can we find common ground? we're back again with our panel. thank you all for being here. i want to see a show of hands, who wants to make sure these parents and children do stay together. all of you. five of you. you don't feel that way, sitting on the front row is wendy. you lost your daughter. she was 25 years old, three years ago, anniversary was four days ago. >> yep. ainsley: we talk about the families being separated but you're separated from your daughter forever. what happened. >> she, she was a great girl. she, she was stabbed 15 times by and a acquaintance and then shoved in a closet. and for no reason. there was no reason. ainsley: this was an illegal immigrant deported three times. >> he was supposed to be deported three times.
5:34 am
he spent 17 years in jail for attempted murder. he got acquitted for murder of the boy. and he got attempted murder for the girlfriend. and one of his cellmates told, during the trial, said that he said, i got away with it before. i'm going to get away with it again. ainsley: why don't you want families reunited? >> that is not literally what i mean. i don't want to see them separated you about if they do it the right way they wouldn't have to be separated. of course it makes me very sad to see those children in those refugee camps, whatever you call them. ainsley: of course. >> you about there is a right way to do it. ainsley: okay. chuck, sitting behind you, chuck, your grandparents were immigrants to this country. you're a democratic strategist. you're from texas. you see ted cruz. he wants to reunite these families and make sure that the parents and kids are together.
5:35 am
we had one guest on earlier who is, who is director of i.c.e., mr. hoenig, he says it is the parents fault. do you agree with that? >> i don't. i think a lot of parents are coming from war-torn areas and see us a beacon of hope. everybody would love to do right way. they want to seek refugee status. i see ted cruz worried about re-election happening in six months and betsy o'rourke giving him race of his life. turning into politics. we've been waiting for ted cruz to fix the problem. republicans told the house of senate and white house. democrats don't control in nothing. don't put it on democrats. ainsley: we all have a heart for kids. we heard the president saying earlier, murders, some of them r some are thieves he said. patrick i will go to you. you live in long island. nassau county police commissioner these girls, those girls were brutally murdered by ms-13, young teenagers walking
5:36 am
home. their parents couldn't barely recognize their girls because they were attacked with a machete. so why are these laws so important to you? >> well immigration, it is not an immigration issue as so much an ms-13 issue. we look at nassau county, there are 500 ms-13 members. 250 are active. you go out to suffolk county, there are larger numbers. the problem you have these kids like unaccompanied minors, drop them into these homes, i understand they're trying to protect the children, what they're not doing including us in the process. if we were there, we would vet the homes out, to make sure homes they're putting kids into are safe homes. we can also monitor their care to make sure they're taken care of, not pulled into the gangs. ainsley: michael wild is sitting behind you, immigration attorney. you represent melania trump. you helped her get into this country. her parents and sister as well. what exactly does happen to these kids? how do we insure they're safe until they're reunited with
5:37 am
their parents and when are they reunited? >> first. thank you for having me, inhumanity separating goes against ethos of our founding documents and fathers. children are separated because this president has decided that he is going to hold the letter of the law. he is going to put people first into the federal criminal system. when a parent is introduced to the federal criminal system, by certain consent decrease children have to be placed in the health and human service division and they're quarantined until parents come out. if they're given credible interview for asylum, if they have remedies, reentered the united states after being deported, there are different kinds of dispositions. in the end really a matter of priorities. when our founding fathers fought the pirates on the high seas, we didn't lose the moral compass what it is to be american. when we're dealing with this challenge, we should not be quarantining our children from parents. the inhumanity what we see is
5:38 am
reminiscent of detention centers of nazi germany, of slave trade. we can do better when we try to figure out this problem. let's not forget this problem needs to be fixed because the greatest risk-takers and greatest entrepreneurs historically have been immigrants this country. ainsley: david, fox news contributor, shaking your head. >> i am offended, okay, michael, you actually sat here and pulled a michael hayden wish kin -- be are. kinau, concentration campps and go to the slave trade? really? this is the problem that we have, democrats largely, republicans to blame in their own part, play the emotion, over the top and hyperbole game and draw this rather than talking about how we solve. this is facet after much larger issue. and this is where you choose to go with it on national television? it is disgusting frankly. talk about solutions when you're
5:39 am
ready, ainsley. ainsley: go to jose sitting in front of you. he is a daca recipient and managing policy attorney. congratulations. what a degree. that is wonderful as a daca recipient, my gosh, you're great. president had a plan for daca and it didn't pass. democrats, he says obstructed. do you agree with that? and what is the solution? >> you know i think president trump has his heart in the right place and want as solution. 76% of the american public, including 63% of republicans want a road map to citizenship for dreamers but we don't want that at the expense of family immigration. you know president campaign being pro-legal immigration. he wanted to big a beautiful wall at our nation's border. legislation in congress right now would drastically reduce family immigration. both panelists next to me are biproducts of family integration. we were talking about earlier. i want people like them to continue to come to it country and make america great. ainsley: i'm wondering why, why
5:40 am
these families, knowing that they're going to be separated that is a possibility if they get caught, why they are going that way instead of the right way and going through and seeking asylum? you want to answer that, michael? >> of course. again the visual is what really offends me, david. the truth is, that people have options but the broken laws that we have are so dated, to get asylum a refugee status you have to to through the u.n. it will take you years to go through that process. and it doesn't, license somebody to come to our border and come in illegally but the truth is that circumstances have not improved. look, if people resettle in neighboring countries from he will salvador, go to mexico rather than the united states, there are arguments that the united states should be working with other neighboring countries to avert the families coming on u.s. soil. but the crisis we have whether employment-based immigration, whether investment based, your usual family migration takes
5:41 am
years. they call it chain migration, but really the beautiful concept of family reunification, it can take 15 years for somebody to come to the united states through the lawful process. i'm not saying that the unlawful process is short-circuit but our laws are dated. even president reagan, rest his soul, years ago gave amnesty to 3 million people that were unlawfully present in the united states. we're well beyond 12 million and we have to fix this. our homeland is at risk because of those 12 million people that are in the united states as well if we don't get this right. ainsley: commissioner, give you the last word. what is your ad views to everyone on -- advice. capitol hill making a decision this week or next week? >> politics aside. there are good communities. when we look at ms-13, very violent, violent group, a small percentage of our communities. we have good thriving communities, especially hispanic community growing in long island. it is more than just the laws of, and strict interpretation.
5:42 am
we have to look at these families what they are. and a lot of them are good, hard-working people. ainsley: chuck, david, michael, wendy, jose, patrick, thank you so much for being with us. today is june, what is today's date? this says june teent this. a holiday most people never heard of. i'm asking the question. next vet says all americans need to know about it. playing videogames just as addictive as crack cocaine. am new warning coming up next. l and rx 350l awd for these terms. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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5:46 am
believed to be affected. richard painter is running for senate. let's say his his first ad is blowing up the internet. >> there is an intern know raging in washington but here in the land of 10,000 lakes, we know how to put out a fire. jillian: the long-time republican now seeking a minnesota senate seat as a democrat. steve? steve: jillian, thank you. today marks the 153rd juneteenth day, commemorating the day southern slaves were informed of their emancipation. it is op ed, our next guest explains the importance of the day, however it's a holiday most of americans have never heard of. here with more is writer and commentator, jeremy hunt. joins us from his house. good morning to you. >> good morning. great to be on with you. steve: what is juneteenth mean to you?
5:47 am
>> today is opportunity to reflect on the pact and the struggle and commit to american values that brought us to where we are today, liberty, justice, equality. those are the values that held us forward as a nation. the great thing about juneteenth. we think about the past and think about the great contributions of abolition its at that came before us and great frederick douglass, celebrating his by centennial and think about his contributions and that we might still be at the friction of some of the those values he espoused. a very important day and also a day for celebration. steve: when you talk about how we today might be at loggerheads at with some of the things that happened in the past. what are you talking about? >> i mentioned in the article, there is still modern slavery going on around the world and even in our own country. just a couple weeks ago near my hometown, a 160, children, youngest of three years old
5:48 am
rescued from sex trafficking. applaud the fbi for the sting, arresting those people that were trafficking in children. reef minding us there is still evil in our own country. important we remember those values, our american values, we seek to make ourselves a better society. but i'm thankful we're a much better country today than we were 153 years ago. it is because of our values we are where we are today. that is why it is important to recommit ourselves on this day and every day. steve: i like the summary line in your op ed at, let the juneteenth be reminder where we are in country, address the areas where we fall short and address the values and ideals that open the door to an american dream to a people long locked out. >> exactly. that is what we have the as a country should try to do. we are, we have always talked about being that city on a hill. i believe in our nation. i believe that the best is yet
5:49 am
to come. important we have the dialogue and have those discussions about what are the policies, what are the things we can do as country to make ourselves a better nation. i'm so happy to be in the great united states. we know that we are, our exceptionalism comes from our values. steve: there you go. if you would like to read his op-ed on juneteenth, go to it is great. jeremy hunt, thanks for joining us today. >> great to be on with you. steve: one of the top places to go for summer fun. we're live at legoland on the west coast. she is coming up next. but check in with bill hemmer what is coming up at top of the hour. >> it looks like fun. the man who investigated the fbi a year, about to answer questions about what he found. this could be must-see tv on the russia matter. see you live. what to do about immigration. the issue is red hot. the president goes on the hill. tariffs growing larger, markets don't like it. what will it do to the dow?
5:50 am
we'll watch that. selling a tax plan to americans five months before the election. america's a-team joins sandra and me. see you at the top of the hour, guys. see you then. while i was overseas serving. it was my very first car accident. we were hit from behind. i called usaa and the first thing they asked was 'are you ok?' they always thank you for your service, which is nice because as a spouse you serve too. we're the hayles and we're usaa members for life. see how much you could save with usaa by bundling your auto and home insurance. get a quote today.
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♪ steve: summer break is here for a lot of people and our next guest has great ideas how to keep the kids busy and not bugging you. ainsley: we've all been there, right? joining us live from legoland in california is our toy expert, meredith sinclair. we're all jealous of you right now, meredith. >> it is a gorgeous day here. i'm at legoland california resort and i'll tell you i got the biggest treat yesterday, i got to see a sneak-peek of their brand new ride. it is lego city deep sea adventure a submarine ride. check this out. you get into the submarine and
5:54 am
you are transported into an ocean habitat where you will see like 2,000 different types of sealife, including rays and sharks. it is actually so stunning. it is really beautiful ride. i think parents and kids are going to love it. plus it is also really interactive, which i love. kids can look for treasures as they go. when they find them, so it is really fun for kids to check out all the different life. not only is there sealife. of course it is legoland, so there is lego octopy and deep sea divers. it is gorgeous. i got to stay at the new castle hotel last night. you feel like you're in a lego castle. my room has dragon themes. leg goes for kids to play with. a dragon on the wall. it is off the main entrance.
5:55 am
they wan walk right in, enjoy all the attractions and even the water park. speaking of water, kids love water in the summer. we want to make sure it is really safe for them. i want to show you a new product from swimways. this is baby infant float. it has really cool features a three-point harness to keep babies nice and safe. it has a sun shade to protect them from the sun. it has really great handles on it, so parents can keep it nice and sturdy. great for littlest swimmers. they will love that. we want to get kids outside playing. i'm a big proponent of that. my next three products will help you do that. the first one is the american ninja warrior obstacle course. it comes with 33 different components. hopping bags, balls to jump on and chalk to make your own course. i love kids will create their on courses over and over again. keep them busy all summer. i have another one, you will like this.
5:56 am
kids and parents will totally dig this. this is from duncan. these are flyers. flip them on. give them a little bit of a shake. they can fly all the way the length after football field. they even have a automatic turn-on, makes it simple. charge it up to 20 minutes. it flies for a whole hour. next, oh, my gosh, kids love slime. slime is super, super popular with kids. this is the nickelodeon slime drencher. check this out. you literally make the slime. you put it in the slime, the automatic slime drencher. you play fun game of hot potato. when it slimes you're the winner. there is all the slime. steve: thank you. legoland. been there. kids love it. ainsley: great ideas for toys. thanks so much. steve: we're stepping aside. thanks so much.
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>> good news, talked to the boss. we get to do this again tomorrow. >> i still need a second source on that. >> the boss says you aren't allowed brian. run to the radio. i'll be on. >> bye. >> bill: and there is breaking news. michael horowitz set to face another round of questions today on the clinton email investigation matter. family separation at the border reaches a boiling point. where do we go from here. ? how are you doing? >> sandra: good morning to you, bill. i'm sandra smith. horowitz set to appear before a joint hearing of the house judiciary and oversight committees in what we likely be a tense marathon session. the hearing comes one day after he surprised a surprising


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